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World Bloggers Social Media Summit 2011 - My Events Sdn Bhd were simply outstanding!!!

World Bloggers Social Media Summit 2011 - My Events Sdn Bhd were simply outstanding!!!

World Bloggers Social Media Summit 2011 - My Events Sdn Bhd were simply outstanding!!!

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 10:27 AM PDT

The Minister, The Chairman and the Media Adviser
I have been to many blogger related events and seminars since I started blogging way back in 2006. Some were great, some just so and so due to the kind of event management companies organizing them ; and maybe due to the financial constraints of those who handled such occasions before.

Today's 2nd World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 held at the Dewan Tun Ismail at the Putra World Trade Center here in Kuala Lumpur was just nothing but an outstanding job by My Events Sdn Bhd who had some of the nicest people I have met and had the pleasure to deal with so far.
Dato Seri Rais applauding, Dato Sohaimi reading and Dato Ibrahim Tiger looking at me. :P

First there was a Miss Ainnur who was simply a wonderful person, who handled the registration of our MBA delegation in the best professional and courteous manner. She is the one to the extreme left. A professional event manageress.

Then there was a Miss Sumitra who was equally a splendid person to deal with.

Its good to know that there are such quality Malaysians around, who were very well mannered and handled the summit's participants and delegates in a way that can just be described as first world standard. 

I'm glad to have come into contact with such splendid people today after having almost given up on the idea that Malaysians can actually be on par with the best there is in the world.

Great job ladies! Keep up the good work! You made this blogger believe that there is still much hope for Malaysia with quality citizens like your dear self's around. 

Ribuan Terimakasih! Thank you so much! :)

I was also happy to finally get to meet Tuan Haji Maarof Kassim, a fellow MBA member who travelled by KTM Komuter all the way from Seremban to attend the summit today.

It felt good to finally meet him in person. We have come to befriend each other online for a couple of years now and we have mutual respect for each other's views and perspectives on social-political and religious issues.

Another MBA member who managed to make time to attend the summit was Dr.Norshinah Kamarudin, a medical doctor attached to the Prince Court Hospital. Dr. Norshinah is an ardent blogger and quite an active emailer who always keeps me up to date with the latest news and views worth sharing. Thanks Doc!

To be continued..

RM1.8m for tourism drive, not just Facebook page

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 09:03 AM PDT

Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen clarified today that her ministry has allocated RM1.8 million for a full social media branding campaign, and not just to set up a Facebook page. (The money) is for responding, informing, interaction and monitoring (work on the Facebook page), evaluation, data collecting, content development and advertising on Google, Facebook, etc...
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'Police won't take sides in July 9 rally'

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 03:15 AM PDT

The police will take action against anyone found to flaunt the law and compromise national security during the planned Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9, said Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. Law and security will take priority, he said, and the police will not differentiate between protesters who are for or against the rally. Hishammuddin however declined to confirm whether or not the police will make a pre-emptive move to stop the rally, saying only that it depends on the police assessment of the situation. Full story:
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Anonymous Unleashes 'Operation Malaysia'

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 09:55 AM PDT

These hacktivists are pretty good in what they do. So when they announce that they're going to hack into some site, I fully believe them.

After all, these guys have done in Mastercard, PayPal and the rest of the big leagues for refusing service to Wikileaks.

Speaking of Wikileaks, I was shocked to note that I no longer can access their archives. Only a couple of weeks ago, I was happily browsing for new bits of information about our idiotic government.

Then, work started picking up and I didn't have the time to look through Wikileaks.

So I support the effort by Anonymous in hacking into the official portal and dishing out a denial of service (meaning that no one can access that site).

However, I can't see it being a big deal. I don't think many people log on to that site anyway!

If you're curious about whether it will really happen, feel free to check it out yourself.

Date/Time: 16 June 2011 at 1930 GMT (or 3:30am Malaysian time on Thurs, 17 June 2011)

And let me know! :-)

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ARSEtro sucks!

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 09:53 AM PDT

Issues on Astro - being a blood sucker for a poor and recycled-content satellite TV provider - was brought up at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday. And for the first time ever (since the amendment to the Constitution in 1990s to limit the Rulers immunity), MPs from BN and the Opposition shared equal views.

Being one of the world's most expensive providers for such a service, Astro is getting complacent. With some much revenue against lagging in service quality, the government was urged to review the monopoly license issued to the company.

Not to blame Ananda Krishnan (as he doesnt really runs the show), the company seems to be well-protected for that monopoly, untouchable to the extent that nobody, especially the customers - had ever taken it to court.

Unlike customers in other countries, Malaysians are very 'forgiving' in accepting the serious interruptions on Astro channels.

And despite the issue being raised at the Parliment, Astro has already issued out new rates for its various service 'packages' without even trying to improve on the existence.

So, who to blame? Rais Yatim's ministry or the MCMC? The Information Communicating a supplementary question from Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) (here). He said the new package price effective July 11 is not final but many believed it will be imposed on customers' next bill.

I think the government should consider issuing another license to another provider. Without competition, Astro can toy around with its customers, 'cheating' them out of better services being offered in other countries (and without interruptions, too).

In Cambodia, the flat rate for its satellite TV service is not more than RM20 per month compared to Astro's 'different-price-for-package' offer. Even its after sale service is very poor. Its agents will charge you RM75 for just 'a visit' to rectify your problem. Upon a second visit to repair whatever defaults, they will charge you triple.

So, this Astro is really a leech!


Posted: 15 Jun 2011 08:45 AM PDT

It's been three weeks since the first semester started at the University of Third Age (U3A), Malaysia - a non-academic 'university' for older adults aged 50 and above. My friends and I are enjoying all the classes we have signed up for. Not only are we learning new skills, but also making new friends.

Here's a pictorial account of the classes I've attended so far.

(Above): At the beginners' swimming class. Instructor Syaizalah Kamarudin taught us the correct breathing techniques, as well as how to float and move forward in the water. It must have been quite a challenge for him to teach a group of seniors many of whom had never stepped into a pool before. By the end of the second class, he had built up our confidence, and we are now well on our way to becoming water babies!

(Above): Instructor George Wong showing us how to take good photos. There's so much more to photography than just point and shoot. He took us through all the features in our digital camera and shared useful tips on what to look for when buying a camera. This Saturday we shall be going to Sekinchan for a day's outing to practise what we have learned in our photography classes.

(Above): Nutritionist Dr Rosita Jamaluddin's class on healthy cooking is another much-in-demand course. It is easy to see why. Not only did we learn better methods of food preparation, we got to taste all the dishes at the end of the class. There was also much camaraderie during the two and a half hours of hands-on cooking session.

(Above): Sabariah, Catherine and SP giving the thumbs up for their dish of Nasi Hijau Iran or Iranian Green Rice - an exotic alternative to plain white rice, and definitely much more nutritious and tasty.

(Above): A healthier version of the much-loved nasi lemak using a mix of brown and white rice. The sambal is cooked with less oil and sugar. The side dishes of kangkong, cucumber, eggs, nuts and fried anchovies make this a balanced meal that's easy and fast to prepare.

According to Dr Rosita, healthy cooking is all about reducing the fat, sugar, salt and oil in your cooking and opting for healthier alternatives like brown rice for white rice, yoghurt for coconut milk and lime juice for mayonnaise. You can still enjoy your favourite dishes without worrying too much about your cholesterol or blood sugar levels. Think of the long-term health benefits for your family when you switch to healthy cooking.

(Above): Dr Rosita demonstrates how to toss salad without leaving half of it outside the bowl! Commercial salad dressing is packed with calories. So if you don't want to pile on the pounds, try making your own dressing.

(Above): The groups take turns to share healthy cooking tips about their dish. After the presentations, it's chow time with everyone tucking into the healthy spread. A virtual feast for the eyes and tummy!

I can't wait for my Traditional Chinese Medicine class to start in July. My friends are absolutely delighted with their Mandarin class and ICT class. I've also heard positive feedback from those taking home gardening, oil painting and seal engraving. There are 39 courses on offer for this semester and the next which begins in September. The instructors are either highly qualified academicians, or industry experts with years of experience.

At this stage in our lives, we have the leisure to pick and choose courses that appeal to us. We enjoy the learning process because there are no exams or assignments. So there's no stress or pressure. That's how life-long learning should be - fun, hands-on and immediately applicable. Let's also not forget the mental stimulation of acquiring new skills and knowledge.

If you are interested to register for any of these classes or just want to find out more, visit the U3A website at or email

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A University For Senior Students

Perjumpaan 37 NGO NGO Anti-BERSIH di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 08:48 AM PDT

Saya turut hadir semalam di perjumpaan 37 pelbagai NGO-NGO Melayu dan lain lain di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur. 
Nak dikatakan mesyuarat tertutup, segala macam media perdana, media maya termasuk stesen stesen TV rasmi dan swasta siap menghantar wartawan masing masing dengan jurukamera untuk merakam keputusan mesyuarat dan deklarasi bantahan terhadap perancangan demo besar2an oleh pihak pembangkang dan wakil Majlis Peguam.

Saya sampai kesana selepas Isya. Mesyuarat dikatakan bermula jam delapan. Tak kisah lah. Janji dapat hadir mendengar intipati perbincangan.

Dari hujah hujah para peserta yang rata rata terdiri dari wakil wakil persatuan persatuan dan pertubuhan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan semalam, kesemua mereka merasakan bahawa kedudukan orang orang Melayu serta umat Islam yang menyokong Kerajaan Malaysia sedang menghadapi ancaman tercetusnya nanti huru hara dan pertumpahan darah rakyat jelata sekiranya dibenarkan anasir anasir subversif dan pihak pihak pencetus kekacauan sepertimana yang berlaku semasa protes BERSIH 1.0 pada tahun 2007 lalu.

Mereka juga menyuarakan bahawa terdapat maklumat penganjur BERSIH 2.0 tahun ini merancang membawa puak puak pencetus kekacauan dari negara jiran untuk menimbulkan huru hara serupa apa yang berlaku di negara negara Timur Tengah didalam perancangan mereka untuk mengganggu gugat proses penghakiman terhadap Ketua Pembangkang yang akan dihadapkan ke mahkamah diatas kes tuduhan ia meliwat bekas pembantu nya Saiful Bukhari!

Sepertimana kita semua sedia maklum, setiap protes dan demo yang dilakukan pihak pembangkang didalam usaha mereka untuk menggagalkan perjalanan proses undang undang bilamana ianya melibatkan ketua parti pembangkang terbabit.

Protes protes seperti ini selalunya mengakibatkan pelbagai kesusahan dan bencana kepada orang ramai serta menjahanamkan harta benda awam dan menyebabkan kerugian besar kepada negara dari impak terhadap sektor pelancungan, perniagaan dalam negeri dan juga kehilangan punca pencarian rezeki para pengusaha teksi, bas dan peniaga peniaga runcit dan yang lain.

Agenda pihak pembangkang yang mahu menganjurkan protes jalanan secara besar besaran tanpa mengambil peduli akan seribu satu kesusahan yang akan menimpa pelbagai lapisan masyarakat dan pencemaran maruah negara di mata dunia menunjukkan bahawa pihak penganjur BERSIH 2.0 berniat jahat terhadap negara ini demi mahu mencemarkan nama baik negara ini dengan menuduh bahawa sistem pilihanraya Malaysia ini tidak adil dan korup!

Hairan juga kita bilamana disebalik seribu satu tuduhan oleh pihak pembangkang bahawa sistem pilihanraya umum negara ini kotor, mereka tidak pula mahu bersyukur dengan kemenangan mereka di 5 buah negeri di Semenanjung Malaysia?

Jika benar bahawa SPRM itu condong terhadap BN, bagaimanakah didalam PRU ke 12, boleh mereka membiarkan pembangkang memenangi 5 buah negeri?

Kelantan, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak dan Selangor?

Perak jatuh semula ke tangan BN bilamana ada 3 Adun PR berpaling tadah!

Makanya dakwaan bahawa SPRM itu tidak telus dan adil terbatal dengan sendirinya.

Begitu juga dengan tuduhan pembangkang bahawa Kerajaan BN ini kejam dan sebagainya.

Jika kejam, macamanakah segala pemimpin pembangkang termasuk Anwar Ibrahim masih bebas kesana sini malah sering terbang keluar negara memperlekehkan pentadbiran negara kita ini dihadapan ketua ketua kerajaan asing?

Tak masuk akal bukan?

Sebusuk busuk Kerajaan Malaysia ini, bebas bukan main pula puak puak ini yang dibiarkan bermaharajalela mencaci cerca, mengutuk mengata semua pihak yang tak seia sekata dengan mereka?

Ganjil sungguh!

Setahu saya sekiranya pihak pemerintah ini memang sebegitu jahat sepertimana digambarkan, sepatutnya setiap seorang pihak yang dok riuh tak sudah ini sudah lama hilang dilenyapkan pemerintah yang dituduh terlalu kejam dan tak berhati perut itu?

Tak munasabah lah kerajaan kuku besi ini membiarkan semua anasir anasir berkenaan seronok sebegini siang malam pagi petang dok huha sini huha sana ikut suka?

Diktator kelas apa macam ini?

Macamana boleh kita terima bahawa Kerajaan Najib Razak ini dikatakan penindas dan penipu, tak adil, berat sebelah yang tu yang ni tetapi boleh pulak bebas merewang merata rata puak puak pencaci cerca ini keserata negara?

Ada yang tak kena ni!

Makanya pihak pihak NGO NGO didalam negara ini sudah tak boleh tahan lagi dah.

Cacing kerawit dah mula naik ke mata.

Ular lidi sudah mula hendak jadi naga?

Mahu tak mahu, semangat pejuang sudah mula naik meresap, membakar jiwa dan merangsang minda pihak pihak yang masih ada segenggam maruah.

Darah pendekar sudah mula menggelegak. Maka mereka sudah mula menyahut cabaran dan bersumpah akan mempertahankan kedudukan pribumi didalam negara ini dari terus menjadi mangsa adu domba puak pengkhianat terhadap negara.

Langkah langkah sedang mula di atur untuk menentang usaha puak yang mahu mencetuskan kekacauan didalam negara tercinta.

Sebagai warganegara bekas Tanah Melayu ini, mahu tak mahu kita semua akan turut terkesan dengan sebarang kemungkinan yang akan berlaku beberapa hari lagi?

Manusia cuma boleh merancang; Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala yang menentukan!

Saya hairan dengan sikap manusia kat Malaysia ni. 

Orang lain sibuk berusaha mencari jalan untuk menambah rezeki dan memperbaiki kehidupan masing masing tetapi ada sebilangan besar penduduk negara ini yang tak sedar diri di untung?

Warga warga asing mempertaruhkan nyawa masing masing, berusaha mengembara beratus atau beribu ribu batu, meninggalkan anak isteri, kaum keluarga tercinta, berhijrah mencari rezeki mereka didalam negara ini tetapi ada pula beratus ribu kamjat tak sadar diri berusaha memudaratkan tanahair kita ini dengan memberontak tak sudah sudah!

Ape punya perangai lah malaon ini semua?

Saya rasalah kalau negara lain, dah lama sadaqallah hal azhim riwayat mereka ini.

Tapi nak buat macamana?

Ini Mamluk al Malaisie.

Dimana kebanyakan para penguasa dan pemerintah dah kena penyakit. Sindrom Si Luncai Terjun dengan Labu labunya.

Asyik dok ..'Biarkan! Biarkan!

Macamanalah segala malaon dan yakpursalam tak naik tocang???

Now blogging at Jihad Watch

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 08:20 AM PDT

I'm pleased to report that Robert Spencer has invited me to join the contributor team at Jihad Watch. Have a look at my first post as part of the Jihad Watch team.

From this point forward, I will be putting most of my efforts into Jihad Watch and other ongoing blogging ventures. I will attempt to post new material here at my 'original' blog, Pedestrian Infidel, from time to time, as the opportunities present themselves.

My special thanks goes to the Malaysian government, who by blocking this site, 'encouraged' me to take my writing and blogging efforts further afield.

And thanks again, Robert!

100 protest against new wage panel bill

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 04:45 AM PDT

About 100 protesters representing various workers NGOs gathered outside the Parliament today to oppose the tabling of the National Wage Consultative Council Bill. Workers rights group Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit) and Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), together with 11 other non-governmental organisation, led the demonstration which lasted for 30 minutes. The protesters rejected the setting-up of the consultative council, and instead demanded the enactment of a minimum wage bill, outlining the basic workers salary at RM1,500. Full story:
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Hisham: Immediate inquiry into Nude Squat II

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 03:28 AM PDT

The Home Ministry has ordered a multi-agency inquiry into the nude squat complaint involving two Singaporeans last week. Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the inquiry will involve at least the Immigration Department and the police, and expects that it will start today. "We have to get to the bottom of it," he told a press conference at the Parliament lobby today. Full story:
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Pesta Chow Kit Kita..

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 10:47 AM PDT

Story to follow
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Christian Leader Wants Putrajaya Tested Over Alkitab Vows.

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 07:10 AM PDT

The leader of the country's evangelical churches has asked Christians to hold the government accountable to its promises during the recent Sarawak elections by importing more Malay bibles.

"Go and import more Bibles and see if the [Home Ministry] stops us. Print the Bibles and see if the [Home Ministry] harasses us again. Being polite and positive does not mean we are naive," National Evangelical Christian Fellowship chairman Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng wrote in the umbrella body's quarterly newsletter published this week.

The import of the Alkitab — as the Malay-language bible is called — is among a laundry list of Christian woes that have piled up over the years

"The government has said they want to work towards the religious aspirations of all. Find out what that means. Can our Bibles be declassified as they are now considered 'prejudicial to the security of the country'? Be proactive. Saying 'thank you' does not mean we have accepted the 10-point resolution in totality," wrote Rev Eu.

He pointed out that ultimately "we all want the same thing — religious freedom we all enjoyed when Tunku shouted the first Merdeka."

"Let's do another common sense thing. Hold our government accountable. If the offer was indeed an election ploy, the government can expect to face an angrier and more unforgiving electorate. So, the sensible thing to do is to prepare for the next GE today!"

Faced with an unyielding Christian community ahead of the April 16 Sarawak election, Datuk Seri Idris Jala, on behalf of the government, offered a 10-point solution to the Alkitab impasse, which allowed the bible to be freely distributed across the country in all languages.

Jala, who is from Sarawak, offered a new list of suggestions to put an end to the month-long stand-off in a bid to head-off a possible backlash against the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition by Christians who make up half the population in the state. However, the government insisted that the front cover of Malay-language bibles in the peninsula be marked with a cross and the words "Christian Publication."

This was despite a pending appeal by the government over the High Court's decision to allow non-Muslims to use the term Allah in their printed publications.

But Malay group Pembela has threatened to challenge the legality of the "Idris Jala Formula".

The controversy was sparked by the seizure of over 35,000 Malay language bibles by the home ministry.

Following the recent controversy over Utusan Malaysia's Christian Malaysia claims, Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali also threatened Christians that he would wage a crusade or holy war should they proceed with what he said was their agenda to usurp Islam.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Yen Yen Claims Facebook Pages Free, Contradicts Reply In Parliament - By Shannon Teoh.

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 06:59 AM PDT

With Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) both demanding an explanation for the tourism ministry's RM1.8 million Facebook campaign, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen denied any wrongdoing today and accused DAP of twisting the truth.

"The opposition just goes around saying it's for Facebook. They are twisting the issue. The Facebook pages do not cost a single sen. This is a social media advertising, promotions and branding campaign and also data collection," the MCA vice president told reporters today.

However, her contention that the Facebook pages were free appeared to contradict her ministry's detailed account of the cost for each page.

Yesterday, Deputy Tourism Minister James Dawos Mamit had replied in Parliament to Anthony Loke (DAP-Rasah) that each Facebook page had cost RM293,072.

Dr Ng also added today that the RM1.8 million would cover the cost of six different campaigns across seven months and includes the cost of contests and advertising on Google and Facebook.

"It is important for us to reach the high-spending market. 'We use Facebook as the vehicle because you can run campaigns there. Twitter is not visual," she explained.

DAP Youth chief Loke had said that unless Ng explained the reason behind the "exorbitant" costs for the "social media branding" exercise by her ministry, he will lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Citrawarna 1Malaysia, the most popular page, has so far attracted 20,292 Facebook fans since it was launched on May 21.

The ministry had said that the RM1.8 million included costs for designing, flash programming and coding, testing and debugging, uploading and launching the application, system server deployment and campaign management.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Utusan Comic Strip Insulted Islam, Say Muslim Scholars - By Syed Mu’az Syed Putra & Debra Chong.

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 06:42 AM PDT

Persatuan Ulama Malaysia (PUM) has accused Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia of insulting Islam with a comic strip published today, which the society said was based on an incorrect reading of the religion's laws.

The 4,000-strong Muslim scholars' society demanded the authorities charge the cartoonist and the publisher for insulting Islam, saying the publication of the misleading cartoon had portrayed in a negative light the religion of the majority in multicultural Malaysia at a time when Muslims were seen to lack religious knowledge.

PUM was referring to a two-panel comic strip on page 15 of the Malay daily today titled "Kekeliruan kes rogol" ["Confusion in rape cases"] depicting a tudung-clad woman seeking advice after being raped.

"I only managed to record the incident with a handphone," the sobbing woman is depicted as saying to her serban-clad village head in the first panel.

"You were raped? Were there four witnesses?" he replies, adding, "The recording device cannot be a witness because it has no ears and eyes. It's only steel ... enough, it's better for you to drop the case."

The woman's same complaint in the second panel to a figure resembling a police officer draws a different response.

"Superb … the tool can be used as evidence!" the moustachioed man informs her while appearing to type out a report.

PUM secretary-general Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor explained to The Malaysian Insider when contacted that under Islamic laws on adultery, four witnesses are required to prove the offence happened; video recordings are not accepted as evidence.

But in cases of rape, there is no requirement for four witnesses to testify and video recordings can be used as proof, he explained.

"Which means Utusan Malaysia is wrong and has insulted Islam," said Mohd Roslan.

PUM urged the National Fatwa Council to make a stand on the issue.

It also called on the government to hold more national conventions to resolve issues within the Muslim community at a time when Muslim society is seen to lack solid religious knowledge.

PUM challenged the muftis to condemn the Malay daily for the cartoon, which it said "appears to weaken the views of the scholars and gives a negative impression of Islam."

"A newspaper should be a tool for unity and the creation of awareness, not add friction and split the community," the society reminded Utusan in a media statement.

"Such a thing should not happen; they should get the views of the experts on religious matters before releasing such material," it added.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Wikileak shows What US thinks about the Perak Constitutional Scandal!

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 06:12 AM PDT

The notion that the Malaysian judiciary is not independent has been reinforced by rulings delivered in the legal saga that followed thePerak constitutional crisis in 2009, according to US diplomats.

It was also noted that well financed political coalition like BN could persuade members of parliament to support the other side, thus shifting power through undemocratic means.

azlanThese views were revealed in a WikiLeaks cable made available toMalaysia Today.

The cable quoted comments from a US embassy official that questions had already been raised on the independence of the judiciary in connection with the Anwar Ibrahim trials and other cases.

"This Federal Court decision in BN's favour (in Perak) raises renewed questions about the independence of the Malaysian judiciary," the cable said.

"Before the Federal Court decision, the (Perak state) assembly would have instead been dissolved for fresh elections but now the sultan can legitimise the takeover without voter input."

The diplomat noted that, while the government argues that the decision was based on a sound interpretation of the Perak constitution, the opposition had criticised the verdict as legitimising illegal political manoeuvering to change the outcome of democratic elections.

"This sets a dangerous precedent by implying that the (Agong) could remove the prime minister, without a no-confidence motion in Parliament," the official said.

The Federal Court's 5-0 decision on Feb 9, last year ruled that Pakatan Rakyat menteri besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin could not continue to govern Perak when he had lost majority support in the state assembly.

arifin zakaria 01Chief Judge of Malaya Justice Arifin Zakaria (left), reading out the 41-page judgment, said that to allow Nizar to do so would be against the principle of democracy. However, Arifin said this is by no means the end of the matter.

"It is always open for the appellant (Nizar) to bring a vote of no confidence against the respondent (BN's Zambry Abd Kadir) or make a representation to the sultan at any time if he thinks the respondent does not enjoy the support of the majority of members of the legislature," he said.

The bench, led by the President of the Court of Appeal Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff, then declared Zambry the lawful menteri besar.

The other three judges were Justices Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin, Mohd Ghazali Mohd Yusoff and Abdull Hamid Embong of the Federal Court.

Spotlight on royal powers

The cable further noted that the powers of the sultan had come under scrutiny because replacing a chief minister or menteri besar is not mentioned in the Perak constitution.

sultan azlan shahBy virtue of the unanimous court ruling, Sultan Azlan Shah (right) of Perak would have the authority to appoint a new menteri besar if he believes that a different political coalition commands the majority of seats in the state assembly.

The diplomat noted that the only way to fairly resolve such a crisis would have been to hold snap election, as Nizar had sought to do in seeking an audience with the sultan.

Diplomats who interviewed some of Nizar's lawyers over the Federal Court verdict described the decision as a "political decision" rather than a "constitutional decision", and said such a verdict would result in it rewriting its past decisions and the constitution.

Nizar was also quoted by the diplomat as saying that the ruling would result in a "dangerous precedent" where the prime minister or chief minister holds office at the pleasure of the Agong or sultan.

While Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had appealed to everyone to respect the court's decision, Anwar was quoted in the diplomat's report as saying that Umno and BN "do not have the courage to face the people" in elections.

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang was quoted as calling it a "legalisation of BN's coup d'etat."

Malaysiakini does not exist!! Wow!! Stupid Judgement!

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 06:07 AM PDT

One of the most ridicules and blatantly bias judgement!!

The Shah Alam High Court has affirmed the coroner's decision not to cite Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz for contempt during the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

Justice Akhtar in his judgment today acknowledged that the Malaysiakini reporter's affidavit was based on a telephone conversation with Nazri.

However, he said there is total lack of evidence to prove Malaysiakini is an electronic media, resulting in the court viewing the appeal as problematic and frivolous.

"Following this, the court dismisses the application," he said.

azlanTeoh's family had sought to cite Nazri(left in photo) for contempt for calling Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand (right in photo) "a liar" in relation to her claim that she had beenthreatened by the Malaysian authorities not to testify at the inquest.

Outside the court, Karpal said "A minister's utterance of such words of contempt is a serious offence before the court and hence, action should have been taken by a court of law,"

'Surprising finding'

Karpal also expressed amazement that Justice Akhtar did not find evidence that Malaysiakini is an electronic media.

"The court took judicial notice that it cannot find proof thatMalaysiakini is an electronic media, and we are perplexed with this finding," he said.

"Malaysiakini is a recognised electronic media and for the court to state this as a finding is certainly surprising."

NONEKarpal (right) also hopes to clear this issue with the court.

On May 21, last year coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas had escaped contempt proceedings when he ruled that the remark made by Nazri was "his own opinion".

The coroner, however, said it was not acceptable for Nazri to accuse Pornthip, an expert witness, of lying.

Don't shoot the Tourisim Minister...

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 05:21 AM PDT

I mean don't shoot the Tourisim Minister only!

The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister is just as bad!!!

The RM1.4 million website, which had been marred by technical glitches and a security breach, has been fixed and improved, according to the domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism minister.

NONEFor all Ismail Sabri Yaakob's assertions, however, a subsequent check of the website has revealed that some of the problems and weaknesses persist.

The website was launched last week to allow consumers to check and compare the prices of products sold at hypermarkets, supermarkets, wet markets and convenience stores nationwide.

But users have complained that the price list is incomplete and that the user interface is nowhere near worth the RM1.4 million invested in it.

Following complaints from readers, Malaysiakini browsed through the website and found several shortcomings:

1. Users can only compare prices offered within specific localities, while a comparison across different districts is not available.

For example, no comparison is available of retail prices within Petaling Jaya. Instead, consumers have to select one of three localities - Damansara, PJ Old Town or Seri Setia - and find comparisons within that locality.

2. Users can only compare prices under the same category - hypermarket, supermarket, wet market or convenience store. So, they cannot compare prices at Jusco with those at Tesco because one is a supermarket and the other is a hypermarket.

3. No search engine is provided. Users have to select the state, district and area from a list, followed by type of retailers, name of retailers, then browse through a long list to select the product before checking the price.

Asked about these problems, Ismail admitted that the website does not allow users to compare retailers of different categories.

"Cannot, you can only compare apple with apple," he told a press conference after he launched the Malaysian Consumer Law Journalin Kuala Lumpur this morning.

On the absense of comparison among retailers in different localities, he argued that users can do this by checking the product price in a particular locality and repeating the process in other localities.

Expensive modification?

Users have also poked holes in the website design, claiming that it is not original but modified from a free template provided by an open source social networking portal.

A user has uploaded a short clip on video-sharing website Youtube to show that the 1pengguna portal is constructed based on a free website theme named 'Seashells'.

Tazlanhis is easily verified by checking the page source of the website.

The user also discovered from the ministry's home page that the contract for construction of the1pengguna portal was awarded to Sands Consulting Sdn Bhd on Dec 21, 2010, at RM1,478,000 a year.

Many questioned the exorbitant cost after the website crashed due to high traffic. It was hit by a security breach last week, which allegedly led to the leak of personal data of over 2,000 users.

But the ministry has denied that any information is missing from the website.

So what is the KPI on this?

Komen/Maklumat Berkaitan Perlantikan Terbaru Kabinet PAS Pusat

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 05:13 AM PDT

Berikut adalah komen Tulang Besi berdasarkan beberapa maklumat yang Tulang Besi dapat dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai berkenaan kabinet baru PAS Pusat:

1.0 PJ Melaka - Pertukaran kerana Ustaz Ghani Abdul Rahman uzur. Ustaz Ghani dikatakan pergi untuk dialisis 3 kali seminggu kerana kedua-dua buah pinggang beliau telah rosak. Mari kita doakan kesihatan Ustaz Ghani yang banyak berjasa kepada Islam. PAS Melaka menjadi begitu giat berkembang di bawah pimpinan beliau.

2.0 PJ Terengganu - Faktoir keuzuran juga sehingga nak baca Ucapan Dasar pun tak larat. Seharusnya beliau berundur sepenuhnya kerana jelas beliau sudah tidak layak memegang apa-apa jawatan. Tulang Besi dapat membaca kritikan2 Tulang Besi kepada PAS Terengganu selama ini didengari oleh mereka. Kalau dahulu mereka tuduh Tulang Besi mahu kempen untuk Dr Syed Azman, syukur sekarang ini sudah mula ada kemahuan mahu berubah. Tak payah terus buat fitnah pada Tulang Besi kerana memfitnah Tulang Besi tidak akan memenangkan PAS di Terengganu.

Namun, Tulang Besi tetap tidak yakin PAS Terengganu akan berjaya merampas Terengganu. Ini kerana semangat membenci Pakatan Rakyat masih menebal di kalangan pimpinan peringkat pertengahan dan atasan di Terengganu.

3.0 PJ Negeri Sembilan - Lebih kepada menyelesaikan masaalah dalaman di Negeri Sembilan. Tahniah YB Taufik. Membetulkan semula PAS Negeri Sembilan bukan tugas yang mudah. Percayalah.

4.0 PJ Selangor - Dari sumber Tulang Besi sendiri menyebut kes beliau sudah tidak dapat dipertahan lagi. Kalau tak tukar, imej PAS sendiri akan terus rosak. Maka, pertukaran dilakukan untuk menyelamatkan imej PAS.

5.0 SU Agung - Atas permintaan Presiden

6.0 Ketua Penerangan - Atas permintaan Presiden kerana mahukan representasi "ulama"

7.0 Bendahari - Atas permintaan Presiden

Tulang Besi

Facebook Tourism! What really happen!

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 05:09 AM PDT

Did the Ministry of Tourism really spend 1.8million to create and maintain 6 Facebook account?

The answer is Yes!

The 6 FB account is...
  • Citrawarna 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia Malaysia Mega Sale/Malaysia Year End Sale
  • Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism contest
  • 1Malaysia Green and Clean Campaign
  • Fabulous Food 1Malaysia
Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen using her FB page to accuse DAP of completely twisted the truth.Actually it was Ng Yen Yen's own Deputy Tourism Minister James Dawos Mamit that told Parliament that the ministry spent RM1.8 million on the Facebook site, including expenditure for six Flash applications, development and maintenance work and advertising.

So actually it is Ng Yen Yen that is twisting the truth!

So what does the 1.8 million buys you??

According to the Cuti-cuti Tourism Malaysia page...

The RM1.8million budget is used for:

1. Technical

1.1 Dedicated hardware deployment

1.2 Software licensing

1.3 Front end applications

1.4 Application Server engine

2. Development of six (6) campaigns which requires:

2.1 Flash games engine

2.2 Flash programming & coding

2.3 Creative Development and Design

2.4 Campaigns Ideas and Concept

2.5 Front-end Flash Design

2.6 Testing and Debugging

3. Campaign Promotions

3.1 Digital advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook

3.2 Contest, Page Wall and Tourism Fanpage Content Management

3.3 Collection and management of Database

The Fanpage sets as its KPI and aims to achieve the following targets:

  1. An average of 20,000 fans per campaign
  2. Minimum 120,000 fans by the end of December 2011
  3. To increase traffic and encourage domestic and international tourism
  4. To act as a promotional tool to disseminate information for Tourism Malaysia, Ministry of Tourism and Government.
  5. Tourism Malaysia and the Ministry of Tourism will be able to communicate directly with at least 120,000 fans (Malaysians and foreigners) by the end of the year through the Fanpage and Database compiled from the applications.
KPI is suppose to be objectives that are quantifiable. So only the 120,000 fans is the only realistic objective that can be measured.

Is this value for money?
Is this 1.8million expenditure only for 1 year or less and how much more do we have to spend maintaining it?!
Would this have been a big deal if the govt didn't raise sugar,petrol and electricity prices?

If we need to be more careful in the way we spend the money, shouldn't the govt do the same and not simply blow their budget!? (see here to see how much the govt has overspend this year)
The big joke is that I hear many stories of JPA graduates who have Computer software degrees from top universities around the world who stayed overseas because the govt failed to employed them!!

Govt blows their annual budget! Its only June!!

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 05:04 AM PDT

The federal government's attempt to secure a RM13 billion supplementary budget only shows that it is not prepared to tighten its belt when it expects the public to do so.

NONEIn a statement today, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said this request is unfair as the public has been made to bear the burden of subsidy cuts for sugar, fuel and electricity tariff.

"Fishermen and consumers are asking why there is no improvement in government finances when they have to pay more now for diesel, sugar and other basic commodities.

"Has the government not said that subsidy cuts are necessary to cut down expenditure that (it) can no longer afford?"

Yesterday, the government tabled the Supplementary Supply Bill in the Dewan Rakyat for an additional RM13 billion to cover operating expenses for the first half of this year. If passed, it will raise the Budget 2011 estimate to RM176 billion.

Of the funds sought, RM6 billion will be for the Finance Ministry to pay an estimated RM5.6 billion in subsidy claims for petroleum products; RM150 million for electricity bill exemptions for usage below RM20 monthly; and RM100 million for skills training programmes nationwide.

A total of RM1.5 billion is allocated to the Education Ministry and another RM1 billion to the Health Ministry. An extra RM11.3 million is also required to finance maintenance work at Parliament House.

'Worst of both worlds'

Lim, also the Bagan MP and Penang chief minister, argued that the supplementary budget was sought without first addressing factors that bleed the coffers, such as the RM19 billion gas subsidies from Petronas to independent power producers (IPPs).

reza zamhari"Up to end of 2010, Petronas had extended about RM 131.3 billion in gas subsidies to both the power and non-power sectors.

"The greatest beneficiaries of the gas subsidies are IPPs who also benefit from a guaranteed buyer through the compulsory Power Purchase Agreement signed with TNB."

Lim said Malaysia is currently experiencing the "worst of both worlds" because the government is contributing to inflationary pressures and failing to improve on efficiency and competitiveness at the same time.

"The only losers are 27 million ordinary consumers who are not IPPs. Perhaps the BN needs a strong reminder whether it is the IPPs or ordinary Malaysians that determine the direction and destiny of the country," he concluded.

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