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A Springtide Into A Democracy of Faith?

A Springtide Into A Democracy of Faith?

A Springtide Into A Democracy of Faith?

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 12:41 PM PDT

Is it a springtide what happened at the Pas' 57th general assembly and party supreme council elections?

Party president, Abdul Hadi Awang, after he summarily cast the suggested Unity Government with the Barisan Nasional (BN) into the cesspool in his policy speech on Friday June 3, was greeted by a major change of the guards, leaving him and his ulama leadership substantially injured.

When observers pressed home the point that it had been a sweep of the progressive ("Erdogan") grouping in the party which had the ulama (religious scholars) pressed against the wall, Hadi feebly resisted the popular perception.

He said all of the elected guards belonged to party supremo, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, and to himself, the duo held as the highlights of the ulama leaderhip that sprung the coup which ousted Asri Haji Muda from power in 1982 and is now quite clearly being wished out.

How shall the inroad of the progressives express itself in the party is a question that is already disturbing the Malay psyche that's needing a point to regain coherence, cohesion and a collective perception of the recall in the Sino- and Indo-Malay stresses in this prodigal plural society British imperialism made as a lasting testimony of divide-and-rule.

Did Hadi Awang produce an answer to the racial and religious tensions that have already combusted twice in the past several years and causing the tensions to stretch stiff like hide dried in the sun?

Hadi had this time gone to great lengths to appease the DAP and other non-Muslims in his experimental tahaful siyasi (political alliance), reciting this verse from the Holy Qur'an,

"…those who have been driven from their homelands for no other reason than their saying. "Our Sustainer is God!" For, if God had not enabled people to defend themselves against one another, [all] monasteries and churches and synagogues and mosques - in [all of] which Gods name is abundantly extolled - would surely have been destroyed [before now]…" – Q. 22:40

It's a well-chosen verse, of course.

But when he said this showed Islam acknowledges the plural society and provides for the freedom of beliefs, the scholar-president tripped on his toob and would not have been able to keep his posture if he had been confronted with his wanting different laws and separate judiciaries for the Muslims and for the others.

He wanted different taxes for the Muslims and for the non-Muslims as well.

Hadi had not the guts to wire his Islam to an all-inclusive party, nation and world-vision, something the younger among the progressives have grown into and are ready to live by.

While in neighboring Indonesia the Islamic Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) had openly dropped the Islamic State and become inclusive, the Pas under Hadi and Nik Aziz has merely provided non-Muslim members with a wing worth a handful of votes in the general assembly.

This could be a wracking experience in the Malay psyche, a disjointed remark in the historical evolution of a people that had been serially colonized and living within a political, economic and social compute they had no hand in its making.

Are the progressives in the party ready to take the high road into a cultural revolution of the kind that has made a quest for universal Islam in the sprawling island archipelago of Muslims, Hindus, Hindu-Buddhist, Christians, Taoists and animists?

It's a sprawling archipelago much larger than Europe and keeping to a Unity in Diversity cast upon an idea of Tantular, the poet-saint of Jawa, a visionary of the distant past whose heritage it has been the life-blood and the breathing of this Indonesia, this marvel of island clusters of the Gods.

If Hadi has a problem with that, it should do him good to remind himself the Filipinos are mostly Christians but are all Malays, among whom was Sandokan, the swashbuckling buccaneer who is a legend in South America Kabir Bedi cast himself into on the wide screen several decades before.

How are we to resolve the division of a family by language, color and culture by the sectarian partitioning of a legalistic religion?

This legalism had divided the world into the Abode of Islam (Darul Islam) and the Abode of War (Darul Harb) while it maintained in its books that society must be seen stratified by gender, with men first and women a step below and followed by the slaves captured, bought and sold, and sometimes prostituted for a gain in the glitter of the gold on the dinar.

Is that at all Islam for this time?

Is that a recall of the human primeval condition fashioned by a God Who is Mercy and Compassion?

This is a statement of human ill, a medieval exposure to the nature of the wicked and the oppressive.

This warranted remark of the differences in time, of outlooks and values, of civilizations, is in the minds of the generations long liberated from the captivity of the religious mind, long severed from the writings on the papyri and long distanced from the superstitions imposed by clerics of one nature or of another, of the breeding by a mentality rendered null by substantial progresses of civilization.

Having failed to stump the progress of women, who are now in the Pas an array of blatantly successful professionals (how unbecoming!!), will you not consider to tolerate for the rest of us a simple confession of freedom of conscience, and not beat about the bush like in a medieval orgy of people in the lusty sensualism of satyrs and nymphs Umno couples want to become?

There is an injurious growth in the Malay psyche, perhaps an abscess of faith issued from a standard refusal to admit Islam itself is an imperial system that has, since the 17th century, become the lordship in six extant monarchies in Sumatra, Riau-Lingga and the Malay Peninsular.

What these conjure is a simple but critical conflict in the Malay psyche.

The Malays, as Hindu-Buddhists, had developed among the largest empires in the world, leaving monumental structures like the Borobudur, Angkor Wat and Muara Takus.

The Muslims ruled over trading-states instead, like Malacca, or Brunei, and after many centuries they left as monumental structures and histories…..what?

What did they leave behind that were self-made, self-built, that were of self from self around which can be developed the pride and the historical mission for the existential sense to adhere by and become adhesive leading to a certain and formidable destiny?

Could the monumental have been the ulama? Like Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi Awang?

And therefore, starting a new page of history, there was and is the revolt in Pas on June 3 that has caused an exuberant sense of hope and once again shall live in high expectation on the road to a new Malaysia. Will the progressives have the guts to do it, I wonder.

Will Tengku Razaleigh be stepping in to help? -----a. ghani ismail, 8 June, 2011

PAS new non ulamak leadership ~ does it signify the realizing of Hadith # 187?

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 11:41 AM PDT

Sahih Bukhari Volume 009, Book 088, Hadith Number 187.
Sahih Bukhari Book 88. Afflictions and the End of the War
Narrated By 'Abdullah : The Prophet said, "Near the  establishment of the Hour, there will be the days of Al-Harj, and the religious knowledge will be taken away (vanish i.e. by the death of Religious scholars) and general ignorance will spread." Abu Musa said, "Al-Harj, in the Ethiopian language, means killing," Ibn Mas'ud added: I heard Allah's Apostle saying; (It will be) from among the most wicked people who will be living at the time when the Hour will be established."
Sadaqa Rasulullahi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

The recent change of leadership amongst the ones calling the shots in PAS ~ the Pan Islamic Party of Malaysia comprising those who are non religious scholars somehow reminds me of the realization of the authentic hadith of Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam as published above.

Whether we like it or not, we are living in the Age of Fitan @ Trials where all that the Blessed Final Prophet of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala prophesied has come to pass and in our current life we see, each of his authentic prophesies being realized right before our very eyes.

The gradual passing away of religious scholars of our times signals the truth of what our Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam's prophesied in saying that religious knowledge will be taken away pending the establishment of The Hour @ Yaum al Qiyamah.

This hadith by the Blessed Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam is now being realized by the truth of what Allah's Final Messenger warned us about with regard to the consequences of the religious scholars passing away and in a way of them also losing their standings in society due to the loss of their positions in our social hierarchy ~ by way of losing whatever leadership positions they were holding in the political parties or social organizations!

When Muslims are no longer being led or ruled by the ulamaks in important matters concerning their daily lives, then what Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam warned us about has then come to pass and we as Muslims having faith in Allah Azza Wa Jalla and His Final Messenger ought to be prepared for what is coming next?

There might be those who'd accuse me of being an alarmist by saying so, but then isn't this sidelining of those who might be considered as being the ulamaks of our time signify what the hadith above relates to?

I am referring to PAS because it is the only party that claims to be led by religious scholars ~ all these while whereas UMNO isn't!

That's a fact. UMNO is led by nationalist politicians and those who are considered to be the religious scholars of UMNO do not hold sway over their party's political direction.

The Religious Bureau of UMNO is there just as a namesake. They do not have any direct authority over what the UMNO Supreme Council decides and even if they did propose anything to the said council, chances are that they might get vetoed or told that their views have been heard and it is now up to the UMNO President and Supreme Council to decide as to any matter concerning their proposals? 

The significance in power or position of any such ulamaks in UMNO varies from what their counterparts in PAS possess? That was until lately when the tide changed for the ulamaks in PAS after the latest General Convention!

The new lineup of those who call the shots in PAS are now made up of almost entirely non religious scholars and the retaining of Dato Seri Abdul Hadi Awang as the incumbent PAS President is in my opinion just as a symbolic gesture on the part of the decision makers of the evolving party. Evolving from being once an Islamic based party to one that no longer has an agenda to form an Islamic state as its main mission.

The voices of the ulamak in PAS are gradually being stifled and from what I have been reading from the various PAS associated blogs and web portals, there is now a concerted effort to gradually ease off PAS conservative ulamaks such as Prof Dato Dr Harun Din Al Haj, the Deputy Spiritual Head from having any say in its policies.

Frankly speaking, I am quite concerned to see this scenario unfolding before us for the future of Malaysia's Muslims depends on the presence of bona-fide ulamaks in the mainstream of our society as a check and balance measure to correct any injustices committed against the ummah of this land by any governments whether state or federal?

I pray that the current political upheaval affecting the roles and position of the religious scholars in PAS does not abode of an imminent demise and sub-sequential erosion of their standings in this nation.

The eventuality will be just too disastrous for this ummah!


Muhyiddin still wants to talk with PAS?

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 01:09 PM PDT

Despite of the rebuff and repulsion by PAS on the call by UMNO for the party to work hand-in glove with them, Muhyiddin still maintains that UMNO is always keeping its door open for PAS to come forward to join the proposed unity government. Muhyiddin said that the call was not political in motive but purely for the sake of Islam and the Malays.

However PAS on the other side reiterates that the party will remain loyal to the loose coalition in Pakatan Rakyat (PR). The party is going head-on with UMNO and its ageing coalition BN in the forthcoming General Election (GE). Its President in his message to the party's annual general assembly firmly rehabilitated the party's stand to remain as a loyal partner in PR until they achieve the goal of putting UMNO/BN at the opposition bench after the coming GE.

It's saccharine for Muhyiddin to come out with his sincere suggestion that UMNO is real in his call for the two Malay based party to move forward hand in hand to achieve the eternal and perpetual Malay and Muslim unity for the present and the future. Muhyiddin said that UMNO is always open for organic discussions with PAS despite of pitiful reactions from its component parties within BN.

Muhyiddin wants both UMNO and PAS to discuss the issue of unity government. The UMNO Deputy President's move was taken by some quarters that UMNO is in desperate attempt to hang on to power. UMNO has of late feels that the forthcoming GE is set for tough encounter to remain in power.

PAS however rejected Muhyiddin's notion that our country has already a welfare state under Barisan Nasional which has surpassed that was proposed by PAS in the party's muktamar which ended yesterday. What we have achieved is far behind the claim by Muhyiddin that Malaysian is already living in a welfare state.

I still maintain that nobody would take a rain check to discuss with UMNO for Malay and Malaysian unity and that includes DAP. PAS once upon a time even joined the Barisan Nasional. Gerakkan was formed as an opposition party but subsequently joined BN for the sake of national unity. There is nothing unworkable in politics as long as the workings are done by someone magnanimous enough to command respect from everyone.

Why do PAS, DAP and other opposition parties having hesitation to compromise with UMNO? The answer is simple. They don't trust the present line of leadership up to the core. "We need fresh UMNO line of leadership like those we used to have in the seventies" said one of DAP local leaders in my neighborhood.

"DAP is not interested to become the PM because we are not fielding enough seats in any GE. We want a Malay leader to be the PM but there is nobody we can trust within the current line of leaders. You want us to support you? Then you change everyone in the line up. We suspect everybody and trust no one in present UMNO supreme council. You change and we change." said a former local MCA leader who now active in DAP. "I left MCA because there are a lot of nonsensical and ludicrous leaders impregnating the party. UMNO should change all their leaders and please change the party's image. If there is no change PAS will be the representative for the Malays. We need Malays but not the one in present UMNO lineup. Why don't you all change them? We are waiting for that change within you people" looking serious.

This sort of reaction is a normal encounter from my Chinese friends and associates who say things very frank and clear to me as a friend they trust talking to. Obviously they perceive our leaders as stumbling block for progress and they just could tolerate the pranks of BN leaders. They perceive our leaders as vandals to this beautiful nation that is blessed with wealth by nature.

When I asked them whether there's any leader with a PM material within PR, he swiftly answered, "Once we win we are prepared to talk to any sensible leader within UMNO to start a new politics. Then we talk about special Malay rights and what ever the Malays are unhappy with. That leader we choose can be from UMNO but certainly not anyone within the current supreme council."

When we hears this loud and clear,please be reminded that this blog has been writing umpteen of time suggesting that we have to start this nation politics anew. I am sure we can find someone experienced enough to take the edge off these complexes of politics.

We need structural changes that suit the current needs of the people of different races, cultures and faith. The world has changed, we have to change too. Whatever changes done must be a straight path towards national unity and talking about racial issues has to be taken as a punishable offense.

I believe that the current leaderships do not have sufficient reliability to work on the new facets of the nation's politics. Let us all find that natural leader to save Malaysia and to find the perpetual political sanity that we frantically need. Let's do away with leaders who come along with heavy baggage.

Muhyiddin must now accept that by mere having talk between PAS and UMNO does not go anywhere and does no good to anyone. Malaysian politic is not a game between just UMNO and PAS only. It has to be more than that…much more.


Posted: 06 Jun 2011 09:29 AM PDT

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Kickdefella: Blogger Picisan yang Sudah Tiada Kegunaan

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 08:33 AM PDT

Bayangkan, perkara yang berlaku pada 2009 di dedahkan sehari sebelum pemilihan PAS 2011. Tujuannya adalah supaya sokongan kepada Husam Musa menurun. Percubaan yang sungguh berani dan berani pula si Syed ni mencabar Husam menyaman beliau.

Sayang seribu kali sayang. Serangan si Kickdefella tiada siapa kesah. Husam tetap dipilih menjadi Naib Presiden PAS menduduki tempat kedua. Kumpulan "Erdogan" menguasai kepimpinan PAS Pusat dan geng PERPADUANG rata-rata tersunggkur.

Keputusan pemilihan PAS 2011 membuktikan KICKDEFELLA ni bak ubat yang sudah luput tarikh. Kalau saya jadi UMNO, saya berhenti bayar "elaun" atau "gaji" pada si Kick ni sebab apa dia tulis sudah tidak memberi apa-apa kesan lagi.

Boleh dikatakan tiada siapa yang waras akal mahu mempercayai tulisan Kickdefella ini.

Saya pun rasa mesti ada orang buat siasatan betul atau tidak dia ni dari keturunan Syed. Ntah-ntah nama Syed ni pun bohong.

Akhir kata, Allah SWT Maha Besar. Pembohongan si Kick terdedah akhirnya.

Tulang Besi


Posted: 06 Jun 2011 06:36 AM PDT


Sesungguhnya kita dapat melihat pimpinan Umno masih tidak dapat membuat pengakuan yang Umno sudah lemah dan kebanyakan dari mereka masih belum dapat menentukan atau mempastikan Umno akan berjaya mempertahankan kubu-kubunya.

Keresahan pemimpin-pemimpin kita amat jelas dan di antara yang ramai-ramai itu saya nampak Muhyiddin sebagai pemimpin yang paling prakmatik dalam semua andaian beliau. Beliau mengakui yang kali ini BN akan berhadapan pilihanraya yang amat sengit dalam sejarah demokrasi kita.

Saya sendiri mendapat kritikan pedas kerana secara peribadi saya tidak memusuhi pemimpin-pemimpin dan ahli parti-parti pembangkang. Ada di antara pembaca tulisan saya telah meminta saya supaya menyertai DAP kerana saya berkawan dengan beberapa orang pemimpinnya sejak dari dulu. Fahaman politik tidak akan memisahkan saya secara peribadi dengan pemimpin yang berlainan parti.

Yang penting bagi seseorang itu ialah mempunyai jiwa besar yang hidup. Kita biarlah ibarat ikan di dalam laut. Walaupun ikan itu hidup bertahun tahun di dalam laut tetapi jika kita keluarkan ikan itu dari lautan itu, ia tidak akan menjadi masin kerana ikan itu berjiwa dan hidup. Ikan itu tidak akan terpengaruh dengan keadaan sekelilingnya.

Di sebaliknya jika ikan itu mati dan tidak berjiwa ia akan menjadi masin jika direndam dengan air garam yang masin dan jika dijemur ia akan menjadi ikan masin. Itulah sebabnya ikan masin amat menyelerakan untuk dijadikan santapan mereka yang lahap dan sentiasa lapar.

Umno sedang menakut-nakutkan orang ramai dan menganggapkan PAS sudah menjadi parti yang liberal dan itu salah pula kepada Umno. Tetapi jika PAS dikuasai oleh kumpulan ulamak seperti dahulu Umno juga akan menjadikannya sebagai isu besar dan menuduh PAS sebagai parti yang mengikut rentak taliban dan sebagainya.

Bagi Umno apa juga yang dilakukan oleh PAS itu semuanya salah dan usaha menakut-nakutkan rakyat tetap menjadi senjata mereka walaupun senjata itu kini sudah tumpul dan tidak berbisa lagi. Rakyat tidak boleh dipermainkan dengan sentiment yang tidak laku itu lagi.

Hadi juga telah menjawab isu perbezaan perjuangan PAS dan DAP di dalam muktamar parti itu baru-baru ini. Kerjasama di antara dua parti itu adalah di dasarkan kepada perbezaan-perbezaan itu. Jika tidak ada perbezaan maka tidak timbul isu berkerjasama kerana sudah tidak ada perbezaannya.

Maka PAS telah menjawabnya dengan baik dengan menyatakan kerjasama hanya akan berlaku jika ada perbezaan di antara dua pihak yang berbeza. Jika kedua pihak itu tidak ada perbezaannya apa yang hendak dikerjasamakan?

Saya berpendapat Umno perlu menumpukan kepada kelemahan sendiri. Jangan bersusah payah untuk menjaga kelemahan orang lain.

Jika kita sudah perbaiki kelemahan kita maka kita tidak perlu takut dengan perkembangan pihak lain atau pun menakut-nakutkan orang ramai.

Muslim can become PM if he is capable: Rahul
Religion does not matter when it comes to becoming the prime minister and a Muslim can get the top job provided he is the most capable person for it, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in Aligarh on Monday.
Rahul Gandhi"It is not about what religion or community you come from, it is what you bring to the table, what capability you have," he said in an interaction with students of the Aligarh Muslim University.He was replying to a question that having come a long way after Independence how much more time will it take for India to have its first Muslim prime minister.

"Today, Manmohan Singh is not the Prime Minister of India because he is a Sikh. He is the Prime Minister because he is the most capable person to do the job.


Michelle Obama Bizarre Fashion Fails – Best of the Worst Collection

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 02:55 AM PDT

Truly, the Vogue best dressed, MoonbatteryMaxim 100 hottest women, top 12 hottest politician's wives, First Lady of Fashion.

Mo' like, First Lady of Fashion Faux Pas! As the joke goes, "That was no lady, that was Michelle Obama!"

Above Clown Layer Cake Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Evil Fairy Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above 'Maxim's 100 Hottest Women' Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Octopus Fashion™ via myself.

Above Grinch Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Upholstery, Dark Nun and Romaine/Sea Slug Fashions™ via Pop Hangover -Michelle Obama's Top 12 Fashion Fails.

Above Black Widow Spider Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Oil Spill Dress While Visiting Gulf Oil Spill Fashion™ via Moonbattery. Variations mockery here!

Above Class vs Crass Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Gaudy & Garish at Solemn Posthumous Ceremony Fashion™ via I Hate The Media.

Above Dusty Old Jedi Master Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

And more:

Above Patchwork Plaid Fashion™ from Huffington Post which also covers her fashion disrespect towards royalty.

Above Scare-mazon Fashion™ via Moonbattery.

Above Granmama Is Not Happy Fashion™ via Moonbattery. Check out the excerpted comments too!

Above Words Fail Me Fashion™ via Moonbattery.


See also comparisons of liberal vs conservative women.

Is the general election that near?

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 03:02 AM PDT


By the Administrator

Is the genral election that near?

Well, sooner or later it will come, and whenever it is, preparation is always a must.

With that belief, the Bukit Gelugor Division of Parti Keadilan Rakyat organised a one day PRU 13 Election Workshop at Sunway Hotel George Town on 5th June, with the attendence of about 80 Division members.

In his welcoming speech, Lim Boo Chang, the Division Chairman, emphasised on the importance to maintain the present supporting base, and venture into winning over the hearts and minds of the traditional or conservative BN strongh-holds, so far as election is concerned.

DSC00340f 050620112404DSC00360


Dato' Mansor Othman, Keadilan's Vice-President and Penang State Chairman, who is also the First Deputy Chief Minister of Penang,officiated the Election Workshop. He advised that there are 4 elements in any general election that one must be aware of, 1stly, it is the issues at hand, 2ndly, it is the candidate, 3rdly, it is the election machinery – which is the main purpose of this Workshop, and finally, but not least, money or the expenditures incurred, where BN seems to have the upper-hand thus far.

Senator Dato' Mustafa Kamal or popularly known as Pak Muss, the Director of Election of Keadilan Penang, spoke on the Preparation for the PRU 13. He also stated that whilst BN leader said they would defend Putrajaya at all costs, they forget that Putrajaya does not belong to anyone, but the people, and Pakatan Rakyat is ready to assume power if so granted by the people through their popular votes in the next general election.

YB Haji Maktar, the Secretary of Keadilan Penang, advised members to identify their respective duties and try not to cross the line to avoid duplication. He wanted to see a stronger Keadilan in Pakatan Rakyat.

Jamil bin Mohamed Noor, who represented the State Election Bureau, illustrated on Sis-Map and Management for Election. He quoted many example in the recent bye-elections to educate the members. Whereas Haji Mohd Kamil bin Abul Bakar (Haji Wan), the Co-ordinator for Sungai Acheh state constituency, shared his invaluable expereince on Organising Programmes for the Election Machinery.

Later, the Division Committee, Wanita and AMK (Angkatan Muda Keadilan) also held their respective meetings to herald a new era in the reform politics of Malaysia.




Pemilihan PAS: Doa Tulang Besi di Arafah dan Kaabah Dimakbul Allah

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 03:43 AM PDT

Syukur alhamdulillah. Doa Tulang Besi sewaktu di Arafah di waktu Wuquf baru2 ini dimakbul Allah SWT. Kumpulan Perpaduang hampir dibersihkan dalam AJK PAS Pusat.

Begitu juga doa Tulang Besi di hadapan Kaabah sebanyak beberapa kali, termasuk sekali Tulang Besi mencium kaabah sambil berdoa.

Tulang Besi telah mendoakan kepimpinan PAS Pusat bersih dari pengaruh serta cengkaman puak2 pro perpaduang bersama UMNO. Syukur alhamdulillah. Doa Tulang Besi dimakbul Allah SWT.

Inshalaah, bukan setakat itu sahaja yang didoakan Tulang Besi. Ada lagi banyak lagi yang didoakan Tulang Besi sewaktu di tanah haram.

Antara doa Tulang Besi adalah supaya Allah SWT menurunkan bala pada blogger2 UMNO yang giat menyebarkan fitnah dan kata-kata kotor berkaitan kepimpinan PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat.

Inshaalah, Tulang Besi yakin doa Tulang Besi yang lain akan dimakbulkan Allah SWT

Tulang Besi

Mainstream Media Dizzy About Crime Rate

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 03:13 AM PDT

Bernama and The Star cannot agree.

Both claim that the crime rate has dropped, but they cannot agree with
each other on whether the public perception of the police force has
improved or not.

Bernama has Muhyiddin complaining that the public is still not

Meanwhile, The Star, in a fit of optimism thinks that public perception
of the police force has improved.

Seriously, how could public perception of the police force improve when
a) kidnapped children have not been found?
b) police stations in dodgy parts of town are closed down because it is
deemed "too dangerous for the policemen"
c) there are so many deaths in custody
d) even the acid-splasher who made numerous visits hasn't been caught

How could people take the police force seriously when it busies itself
instead with investigating the personal life of Opposition politicians?


Posted: 06 Jun 2011 03:11 AM PDT


Erdogan leaders — a reference to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan who is close to Anwar — swept the deputy and vice-presidencies and all but six central committee seats in Friday's party polls.

Analysts and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders are now expecting a "more dominant" PAS in the tripartite opposition pact. Once the junior partner in Parliament, it is now geared to take over from PKR in leading the charge to Putrajaya.

"It is a leadership that is ready for a more dominant role in Pakatan. A stronger PAS in Pakatan is good for Hadi, not for Anwar," central commitee member Dzulkefly Ahmad(picture), himself labelled an Erdogan, told The Malaysian Insider.

President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang was swift to address the notion that PAS would be under the influence of PKR's de facto leader.

"A lot has been said about the party's leadership and that this time it is dominated by the Erdogans. I would to say here that this is not the Erdogans but the leadership of Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi Awang," he said when closing the 57th PAS muktamar yesterday.

Spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is seen as the most influential PAS leader who backs Anwar's leadership of PR.

But the Kelantan mentri besar himself called newly-elected deputy president Mohamad Sabu the engine, Hadi the driver and "we are all the passengers" in the quest to take over Putrajaya.

DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong said Hadi's opening address, pushing for a welfare state that aims to redistribute wealth to the poor, would gel with a larger Malay audience than its Islamic state agenda.

"For the past 12 years PAS has struggled to mainstream itself," the Bukit Bendera MP toldThe Malaysian Insider, likening PAS's move to the centre to Britain's Labour Party introducing its "New Labour" movement that brought the party in from the left in 1997.

Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng also agreed that PAS was now more credible to Malays than PKR.

"PKR needs to do something. Non-Malays now look to DAP and Malays to PAS," he toldThe Malaysian Insider.

Dzulkefly, who is also Kuala Selangor MP, acknowledged that there is always the problem of "encroaching whenever we try to enlarge."

"But it is time for us to be a mainstream national party," he said.

It is really incredible that a mosquito party (a common description of PAS, once upon a time) has been getting so much attention in the mainstream media and from Umno@Perkasa. Of course, most of the attention is negative and derogatory.

According to The Malaysian Insider, Nazri Aziz has called PAS a pseudo-Umno party, lashing it for abandoning its Islamic principles.

Should we take his comments seriously since it is being made by a pseudo democrat, pseudo liberal, pseudo intelligent politician. These men and women have ruled Malaysia for more than half a century but yet they are so insecure by the so-called rise and moving to the centre of the mosquito party.

They have the police in their pocket, have friends in the Election Commission, control the mainstream media and have tonnes of money (can someone explain to me how exactly 1MDB, the provider of endless scholarships, is making money) and yet the Umno government is quaking because someone they ridiculed as a public orator and jester, Mat Sabu, is deputy president of PAS.

It seems like Umno politicians have many names and labels for PAS. So let me add to the discourse by stating what PAS isn'.READMORE














Abetting ex-MB charge: Director acquitted

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 12:31 AM PDT

The Shah Alam High Court today acquitted and discharged Ditamas Sdn Bhd director Shamsuddin Hayroni on a charge of abetting former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo in a land deal. Judge Mohtarudin Baki made his ruling after deputy public prosecutor Abdul Wahab Mohamad withdrew the charge. Abdul Wahab however told the court that the charge against Mohamad Khir would continue. Full story: Camera / Editing: Arvind Raj Narration: Hazlan Zakaria
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PAS melakukan perubahan - UMNO pening-pening lalat

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 03:10 AM PDT

Heboh di kalangan pemimpin kita dalam UMNO mengeluarkan komen tentang hasil muktamar PAS yang baru selesai semalam. Isu yang paling popular ialah isu pemilihan Mohamad Sabu sebagai Timbalan Presiden PAS yang telah mengalahkan Nasharudin Mat Isa dan Uztaz Tuan Ibrahim.

Yang terakhir ialah komen dari Nazri Aziz yang telah mengadakan sidang akhbar semata-mata untuk membuat komen dan seperti pemimpin lain Nazri juga adalah di kalangan yang runsing dengan perubahan yang berlaku di dalam PAS. Runsing mereka ialah kerana mereka merasakan yang perubahan yang agak besar di dalam PAS itu mungkin memudharatkan UMNO/BN didalam pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Bagi saya pula, saya baru sahaja menulis tentang keperluan kita untuk berubah dan itu tuntutan Islam. Saya ulangi yang kita wajar berubah mengikut waktu dan zamannya. Islam itu progressif, dan Islam itu hidup di sepanjang zaman. Islam itu universal dan ianya merangkupi semua bidang kehidupan. Jika PAS melakukan perubahan maka ianya sedang mengikut kehendak agamanya supaya melakukan perubahan untuk menyesuaikan mengikut waktu dan zamannya.

Ramai orang boleh membahaskan mengikut selera politik masing-masing tetapi yang yang penting sekali untuk kita sedar ialah perubahan itu menakutkan UMNO yang masih statik dan tidak berupaya untuk berubah sedangkan rakyat yang dipimpinanya sudah jauh berubah. Perubahan yang dilakukan oleh PAS itu tidak semestinya mereka lari dari asas perjuangannya. Kita boleh berijtihad tetapi kita tidak lari dari asas Islam yang sejati.

Nazri telah mengandaikan yang perubahan di dalam PAS itu ialah untuk menjadikan Hadi Awang sebagai pemimpin alternatif kepada Pakatan Rakyat dan jika ini benar Nazri berpendapat yang Hadi sedang berangan-angan untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri selepas pilihanraya nanti. Komen Nazri itu membayangkan yang apa yang di takuti oleh UMNO bukannya siapa yang berkuasa di dalam PAS.

Yang ditakuti oleh Nazri itu ialah 'consequence of events' yang mungkin boleh mempengaruhi rakyat untuk meninggalkan sokongan kepada UMNO dan mengalihkan dukongan mereka kepada PAS kerana kesediaan PAS untuk melakukan perubahan kepada yang lebih baik. Apa yang sebutkan oleh Nazri itu merupakan seratus peratus 'political statement' semata-mata untuk menimbulkan perasaan curiga PKR kepada PAS.

Pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan BN menumpukan usaha untuk memisahkan gulungan ulamak dan yang liberal dan bermacam-macam jenama yang diberikan terhadap masing-masing kumpulan dalam PAS. Itulah sebabnya ramai yang memberikan persepsi yang UMNO itu sebuat parti yang 'desperate' kerana sudah tidak mampu melakukan perubahan seperti yang dilakukan oleh parti-parti yang mereka musuhi.

UMNO seperti dulu juga mahu mengambil kesempatan di atas perpecahan pihak lawan Itulah sebabnya sokongan yang di dapati oleh UMNO bukannya sokongan yang legitimate tetapi meraih sokongan di atas perpecahan pihak lain. Itu tidak memeranjatkan sesiapa kerana wujudnya UMNO yang didaftarkan pada tahun 1988 dahulu itu adalah berlandaskan kepada perpecahan di kalangan UMNO dan parti baru ini mengambil perpecahan pihak lain sebagai senjata ampuh untuk memenangi pilihanraya.

Nazri cuba menakut-nakutkan rakyat yang Hadi akan menjadi PM jika Anwar tidak dapat mempertahankan diri di dalam banyak isu peribadi beliau. Saya ingin bertanya, jika Hadi menjadi PM apa salahnya? Apakah seorang yang berserban tidak layak menjadi PM? Apakah salahnya jika pemimpin PAS menjadi PM?. Kenapa ada 'preconception' yang orang seperti Hadi tidak boleh menjadi PM jika betul pun beliau mahu mencubanya?

Sedangkan kaki rasuah dan penyalah gunaan kuasa pun boleh menjadi PM apa salahnya pemimpin yang belum ada rekod menyalah gunakan berbillion-bilion ringgit wang rakyat menjadi PM? Adakah jawatan PM itu hanya untuk perasuah-perasuah sahaja?. Bukankah perlembagaan negara tidak membataskan yang jawatan PM itu hanya untuk orang UMNO sahaja.

Sesungguhnya kita dapat melihat pimpinan UMNO masih tidak dapat membuat pengakuan yang UMNO sudah lemah dan kebanyakan dari mereka masih belum dapat menentukan atau mempastikan UMNO akan berjaya mempertahankan kubu-kubunya. Keresahan pemimpin-pemimpin kita amat jelas dan di antara yang ramai-ramai itu saya nampak Muhyiddin sebagai pemimpin yang paling prakmatik dalam semua andaian beliau. Beliau mengakui yang kali ini BN akan berhadapan pilihanraya yang amat sengit dalam sejarah demokrasi kita.

Saya sendiri mendapat kritikan pedas kerana secara peribadi saya tidak memusuhi pemimpin-pemimpin dan ahli parti-parti pembangkang. Ada di antara pembaca tulisan saya telah meminta saya supaya menyertai DAP kerana saya berkawan dengan beberapa orang pemimpinnya sejak dari dulu. Fahaman politik tidak akan memisahkan saya secara peribadi dengan pemimpin yang berlainan parti.

Yang penting bagi seseorang itu ialah mempunyai jiwa besar yang hidup. Kita biarlah ibarat ikan di dalam laut. Walaupun ikan itu hidup bertahun tahun di dalam laut tetapi jika kita keluarkan ikan itu dari lautan itu, ia tidak akan menjadi masin kerana ikan itu berjiwa dan hidup. Ikan itu tidak akan terpengaruh dengan keadaan sekelilingnya.

Di sebaliknya jika ikan itu mati dan tidak berjiwa ia akan menjadi masin jika direndam dengan air garam yang masin dan jika dijemur ia akan menjadi ikan masin. Itulah sebabnya ikan masin amat menyelerakan untuk dijadikan santapan mereka yang lahap dan sentiasa lapar.

UMNO sedang menakut-nakutkan orang ramai dan menganggapkan PAS sudah menjadi parti yang liberal dan itu salah pula kepada UMNO. Tetapi jika PAS dikuasai oleh kumpulan ulamak seperti dahulu UMNO juga akan menjadikannya sebagai isu besar dan menuduh PAS sebagai parti yang mengikut rentak taliban dan sebagainya. Bagi UMNO apa juga yang dilakukan oleh PAS itu semuanya salah dan usaha menakut-nakutkan rakyat tetap menjadi senjata mereka walaupun senjata itu kini sudah tumpul dan tidak berbisa lagi. Rakyat tidak boleh dipermainkan dengan sentiment yang tidak laku itu lagi.

Hadi juga telah menjawab isu perbezaan perjuangan PAS dan DAP di dalam muktamar parti itu baru-baru ini. Kerjasama di antara dua parti itu adalah di dasarkan kepada perbezaan-perbezaan itu. Jika tidak ada perbezaan maka tidak timbul isu berkerjasama kerana sudah tidak ada perbezaannya.

Maka PAS telah menjawabnya dengan baik dengan menyatakan kerjasama hanya akan berlaku jika ada perbezaan di antara dua pihak yang berbeza. Jika kedua pihak itu tidak ada perbezaannya apa yang hendak dikerjasamakan?

Saya berpendapat UMNO perlu menumpukan kepada kelemahan sendiri. Jangan bersusah payah untuk menjaga kelemahan orang lain. Jika kita sudah perbaiki kelemahan kita maka kita tidak perlu takut dengan perkembangan pihak lain atau pun menakut-nakutkan orang ramai.

Nasha buat temujanji klinik

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 01:37 AM PDT

Pagi Isnin ini merupakan pagi yang begitu poanjang buat Nasha. Sekurang-kurangnya masih ada sahabat yang datang menjenguk semalam mengucapkan kata-kata semangat. Hadi ini semua sudah pulang ke kawasan.

Lepas sembahyang subuh, dia tak tahu nak buat apa. Nak ke pejabat, pejabat sudah tiada lagi. Malah dengar-dengar bilik pejabat Timbalan Presiden PAS yang diduduki di tingkat 9 sudah dipindahkan dengan segera ke bilik 121 di bangunan Jalan Raja Laut.

Dia ingat nak talipon doktor gigi untuk membuat temujanji yang telah lama ditangguh kerana sebuk.

Trananet Trananet Trananet!!!!

Bunyi eloktronik talipon pejabat doktor gigi Nik Radziah berbunyi. Setelah beberapa kali berbunyi, pembantu doktor, Rahimah angkat.

"Assalamualakim," Rahimah menjawab.

"Mualaikum salam ... Ini YB Nasharuddin, doktor Nik ada?'

"Ada, sekejap saya sambungkan ke biliknya."

Rahimah letak on hold dan salurkan ke bilik doktor Nik, "Doktor ... YB Nasharuddin talipon."

"Ok OK saya ambik.

"Assalamualaikum YB, maaf atas kekalahan. Betul tak patut. Takkan Mat Sabu jadi Timbalan Presiden."

Nasha menjawab, "Takpa ... adalah himahnya. Mat Sbau pun kelebihannya tersendiri. Kehendak ahli. Saya tidak ada masaalah."

"Syukur YB bersikap positif demikian. Apa saya boleh bantu?

"Itulah Doktor, nak tanya berapa harga cabut gigi"

"Sebatang RM120 sahaja!"

"Takder ke yang murah lagi doktor? Saya dah takde jawatan ni." Nasha komplen.

"Kalau nak murah, cabut guna pliar RM50 saja! Nak ker?" Dr Nik tanya.

"Masih mahal lagi doktopr! Ada tak yang paling murah?"

"Hmmm ... oklah YB, ada. Apa kata saya suruh anak buah saya yang cabut? RM20 saja!"

"Cantik!!! Terima kasih!"

Nasha suka betul.

"OK bubuh temujanji pukul 10 pagi untuk Haji Hadi dan 2:30 tengahhari untuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man. Semua untuk hari esok."

American Riders: Sarah Palin vs Barack Obama

Posted: 05 Jun 2011 11:18 PM PDT

PM Najib: Don’t Fan Racial, Religious Sentiments (‘cos UMNO Has Dibs on That)

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 03:01 AM PDT

From The Star 5 June 2011:

PM warns against fanning racial and religious sentiments

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will not compromise with groups acting for their own interests without regard for the consequences of their actions as they are playing with fire by fanning racial and religious sentiments.

"Shouldn't we learn from what's happening elsewhere, such as in the Balkans in Europe?

Najib said the Government would be cautious and adopt corrective measures without hesitation.

Bla bla bla…

Just see here for list of why he needs to seriously clear out UMNO first. Before they clear him out.

Speaking of the Balkans, I don't suppose he means the al Qaeda involvement?

Oh, and without hesitation except when it comes to Ibrahim Ali (UMNO-offshoot Perkasa, no ISA), Ahmad Ismail (UMNO, no ISA) and Utusan Melayu (UMNO owned, no ISA despite multiple offenses).

Kota Tinggi is Main Entry Point for Illegal Immigrants in Johor

Posted: 05 Jun 2011 10:01 PM PDT

I posted before that Johor is a gateway for illegal immigrants who are likely involved in criminal activities.

Here's more on that from The Star June 4 2011:

More cops to patrol Kota Tinggi

JOHOR BARU: The marine police unit will increase its presence in Kota Tinggi which has been regularly used as the landing point of illegal immigrants.

The district has nine of the 27 routes – locally known as laluan tikus (rat trail) – in the state which are used by human trafficking syndicates to bring in or take out illegal immigrants. The most popular spots are in Tanjung Ayam and Penawar.

Up to June this year, the unit has arrested 299 illegal immigrants of which 230 landed in Kota Tinggi.

The new Marine Police Region 2 commander Asst Comm Zainul Abidin Hasan said that the syndicates' modus operandi was to constantly change their landing spots.

"The syndicates, which are usually headed by Malaysians, will use rivers or coastal areas along these routes," he said at a press conference.

ACP Zainul said that apart from illegal immigrants, the syndicates also smuggled contraband cigarettes and liquor.

Tales from home and a broad

Posted: 05 Jun 2011 09:51 PM PDT

Desi's been struck down by a strange virus recently -- no, it's not because I consumed copious amounts of fruit juice from Taiwan! OR took too many cuTEcumbers from Spain or/and Portugal. OR sprouts from home. OR from a broad.

You haven't heard that Malaysia is becoming more progrssive -- first the Datuk T stooges trio showed a select audience some blue film at a high class hote, got away with it. Not only that, the de facto Law Minister in the progressive UMNO regime under Najib Razak declared it was okay -- he said no offence had been committed. Tell me under which section of the Penal Code had these three Datuk gentlemen broken the law? In fact, they were motivated by love for Malaysia, fearing that NegaraKu - kuchiao, namewee, remember? -- would head down the slippery slope should Mr Opposition Leader take over Putrajaya..." were his rationalisation on behalf of the 3 stooges! Generous Nazri! (Did someone whisper Nazi?)

Later the Inspector-General of Police and his obedient deputy also challenged the press people who pressed them with the Q on every thinking Malaysian mind except the PDRM's -- wasn't it an offence to possess pornography material, distributing it, or showing you for public view under the Malaysian law?

The IGP gave an emphatic "NO" even after more than one month of investigations-- and that gave a blanket AP to some smartalecks -- methinks there are UMNO peeping toms left from the Malacca Sonnpers Squad -- you've forgotten? -- who posted uo the entire 21-22minute-long porno movie for the typical Malaysian living room entertainment.

Okay, that's the end of the talesfrom home.

Now you dare aRsEk about that broad?

Here-lah, you no read the Star's headlines yesterday -- when all of Desi's troubles seem'd here/hear to stay! --ah?You lazy BUM, BUMmer, here's Cut&Paste from Star Online:)

Sunday June 5, 2011

Obedient Wives Club to offer sex lessons


RAWANG: Sex lessons to help wives "serve their husbands better than a first-class prostitute" will be among the classes provided by the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) to help promote harmonious marriages and counter social ills.

Mahaguru58 goes mountain biking ~ Staying fit in my 50s.

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 12:11 AM PDT

Just about to leave home on a biking trip
Living in the city and driving a motorcar for all these years surely takes a toll on an aging body. Turning 52 going on 53 also brings on a whole lot of aches and strains on a body that once was tough as nails. 

I have by now developed a paunch and started noticing a gradual reduction in body mass especially in the lower body muscles especially my thighs. I wanted to go join a gym nearby but don't seem to have the time to do that.

So, I decided enough is enough and bought myself a mountain bike. Bought it from a RODALINK outlet at Desa Sri Hartamas. Transported the bike with the front wheel off in our Proton Wira and reassembled it when I reached home.

Have started to buy all those cycling apparels and stuff including a bike helmet when I went to Kuantan recently. The prices for cycling gear is quite steep in KL and noticeably much more affordable in other areas. It also depends on what type and brand one is looking for?

I shy away from wearing those usual cycling shorts for it will expose my aurat and opted to wear my track pants which are more around of the same stretchable material. I just bought a couple of Cheetah exercise pants which suits my needs.

I can't afford to go for high end gears and slowly but surely am getting myself all what I need? 

Being safety conscious, I had two motorcycle rear view mirrors modified and installed on my bike handle. 

Now I get to see what's coming from behind and not have to turn my head and look behind every time I need to take a turn or change lanes.

One thing I notice after having started cycling is that I get to sweat more profusely nowadays and noticed a gradual strengthening of my entire body muscles. Alhamdulillah! 

Decades old accumulated body fats starting to get burnt off! I should have started bicycling earlier...:) Its quite a healthy sport and I am starting to love it. 

Equipping oneself with the right gears and outfits is quite expensive I must say but it is worth it. 

The cycling jerseys are not cheap. They cost RM259 each but I got to buy them half price through my Rodalink membership. One of those who works there at Rodalink Hartamas is a 3 time world triathlon champion @ Mohd Hafiz Wong Abdullah.

The proper cycling jersey worn by a cyclist gives absolute comfort and protection from the environment when we are riding along the roads and outdoors. Quite cooling and easy to dry.

Now I have to start deciding whether I really need to buy myself a pair of cycling shoes? As I have found out, they are only sold at the specialist cycling shops and not elsewhere.

There are lots of useful info online about cycling and one of those sites is this one. Another good site is here.

Shown here is a video showing tips on mountain biking for beginners like myself :

Here is a photo of myself about to enjoy a bowl of cendol prepared the traditional way at Bt.9 Hulu Langat. This was before I got to buy my cycling helmet at Kuantan. 
Cendol Bt 9 Hulu Langat
Mudguards fixed at Bt 14 Cycle Shop
Old Mahaguru58 gets a rush of adrenaline riding downhill and really have to huff and puff my way up a steep hill or road gradient. I cycled from my home in Bandar Tun Razak all the way up to Hulu Langat. I reached Bt.14 old town and fitted my bike with a pair of mudguards.

I don't bother about the aesthetic appeal or what of my bike? I don't wish to be splattered with water or mud from whatever trail or route I ride through. I have also installed front and rear lights and also a bell. Slowly but surely my bike is starting to morph into something that fits my needs and I just love it.

Cycling is quite an enjoyable form of exercising whilst sight seeing. The only thing I hate whilst doing it is the deafening noise pollution one has to suffer on the roads and the dust and dirt pollution caused by endless smoke belching motorcycles, lorries and all other kinds of heavy vehicles when I cycle to my destinations out of KL and back.

Driving comfortably all these years in our Proton Wira, cocooned from all such noise and grime made me forget that out of the car, it is a whole different world full of city pollution that many non automobile users have to suffer on the roads when travelling to wherever they wish to go to?

Malaysian authorities are amongst the most lackadaisical when it comes to enforcing the road traffic laws and they only do a halfhearted job when it comes to stopping polluters and lawbreakers.

Often we hear of 'coffee money' changing hands and the perpetrators getting back on the roads causing harm to other law abiding road users and prolonging environmental devastation!

DBKL is notoriously inefficient as a local authority and they simply do not bother to keep the roads in shape and do not carry out road sweeping tasks as they are supposed to?

You can see debris collecting on the roadsides which I believe has been there for months if not years. Weeds and shrubs grow to quite some heights due to the lack of upkeeping by the DBKL sweepers or maintenance teams.

Such unswept debris and rubbish can also be a source of danger to cyclists and motorbikers who have to use the roadsides when travelling along the roads. The debris might have broken shards of glass and other dangerous objects which can cause tires to be punctured and in turn cause road accidents and maybe fatalities.

I sure hope that DBKL rises to the occasion and really goes out to clean up our city streets and roads that are in their jurisdiction. Our safety and lives are at stake! Don't just belch out rhetorical slogans one after another but fail to upkeep the infrastructures of our capital city and outlying suburbs.

Don't let it be said that DBKL stands for Dewan Baloq' Kuala Lumpur. Baloq' as in Bengap and Basai. Please buck the hell up!  

Cycling can be such a healthy pursuit provided we do it the right way and in the right environment
You are the capital city's main authority damnit! Please prove me wrong and show us that you can do better! Thank you!

In the meantime, I wish that there will be more oldies my age taking up cycling around Bandar Tun Razak and perhaps join me in my mountain biking trips around KL and Selangor especially to Hulu Langat where nature still seems to be not that polluted as in downtown KL and its surroundings.

Any other Bandar Tun Razak 50 plus resident cyclists out there?

As Malaysia’s Assets Wane, Umno Scrambles For Wealth Control - By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal.

Posted: 05 Jun 2011 09:35 PM PDT

The fight is on for the country's diminishing resources and assets, and leading the charge to secure rights to projects and land ownership are Umno warlords and politically-connected individuals.

As Malaysia grapples with imminent tariff hikes and a subsidy bill that could double to RM21 billion this year, individuals within the ruling Malay party appear to be wasting little time in demanding that the Najib administration award them immediate rights to government and commercial projects.

This is evident in the current tussle surrounding Umno's attacks on UDA Holdings Bhd's sale of prime land in downtown Kuala Lumpur, where despite the agency's assurance that the sale to Mutiara Goodyear would benefit Bumiputeras, Umno leaders have attacked the agency, saying RM215.5 million deal would hurt Bumiputera interests.

"With the government announcement of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and projects, these people want to take advantage of the situation, they want a share of the pie," said Merdeka Center director Ibrahim Suffian.

"There is an expectation that for continued political support, Umno needs to be economically secure, and what we are seeing now is a scramble for diminishing assets, properties," Ibrahim told The Malaysian Insider.

UDA has also come under fire recently from Malay hardliners in Umno and Perkasa as well as Utusan Malaysia for allegedly abandoning the Bumiputera agenda after it chose not to appoint Bumiputera joint-venture turnkey investors for the proposed Bukit Bintang City Centre, located on prime land in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle.

Umno leaders have alleged that there are several Bumiputera companies that were more than capable to be part of the redevelopment project, but were overlooked by the agency.

Another project that has come under fire from Malay hardliners is the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit project where they have won a concession to allow consortiums to pre-qualify for the country's most expensive infrastructure project.

Project owners Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad had earlier restricted the tenders to construction companies with higher capital and longer experience but acceded to demands led by Perkasa, the Malay rights group.

Merdeka Center's Ibrahim said that the trend in Umno's growing demands in acquiring government and commercial projects showed a continuation of an oft-clich├ęd practice of money politics within the party. According to Ibrahim, Umno still used political connections to maximise its own profits.

"We can see that there's even a scramble within different factions of Umno for projects, assets... but the thing is the scramble for assets is not as lucrative as it used to be, perhaps that is why this is happening," the polls analyst added.

Universiti Sains Malaysia lecturer Dr Sivamurugan Pandian feels the government should only award projects or business deals to those who were deserving, saying that the continuation of "patronage politics" could backfire on Umno.

"They (Umno) need to adapt to the current environment... an individual or company should only be awarded a project or sale of land if they are fully qualified, it has to be based on those who fulfil the best criteria," the political analyst told The Malaysian Insider.

The DAP's Tony Pua blames the current situation as the biggest flaw of the New Economic Policy (NEP), resulting in "race" being the main criteria to lobby and secure lucrative contracts, which leaves powerful and politically-connected Bumiputeras benefiting while leaving the "Bumiputera masses" with very little gains.

The DAP national publicity secretary charged that as a result, competitive and competent firms will shift their resources overseas as they find their expertise better valued and in demand in places other than Malaysia.

"The UDA, Mass Rapid Transit system, Sungei Besi airbase, Rubber Research Institute and other projects will serve as a key marker as to whether Najib's administration is serious about transforming Malaysia's economy. Should the political will be lacking, and the government continues to slice bigger chunks of a shrinking pie to these connected entities on the basis of race, Malaysia will remain trapped in the middle-income group, and slowly but surely decline in its competitiveness relative to the rest of the world," Pua told The Malaysian Insider.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

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