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In pleading guilty, Rahim claims moral victory

In pleading guilty, Rahim claims moral victory

In pleading guilty, Rahim claims moral victory

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 02:25 AM PDT

Despite pleading guilty for abetting a sex video screening, former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik is claiming a moral victory. He said the court charge was part of a larger effort to expose opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, whom he accused of hypocrisy. Full story: Camera: Amir Abdullah Editing: Arvindraj
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Malays Discussing Malays

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 01:54 PM PDT

The following are interesting perspectives in a posting to my Tigers eGroup by Tiger-Putera Colonel M. N. Taib. It contains email exchanges that began with a forwarded Malaysian Insider 24th May article, The Malay Nuisance by Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani.

I have abbreviated the names for privacy reasons and it suffices to state that SA is a Tiger-Putera; Tan Sri Z was a top civil servant and another, a Dato' Z. The exchange begins with the article forwarded to SA by his Chinese friend, PH (Ha! who else could it be!). Please read:


--- On Sat, 6/18/11, SA wrote:
From: SA
Subject: Re: FW: The Malay nuisance — Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
To: "ph"
Date: Saturday, June 18, 2011, 7:28 PM

My perspective.This belongs to the genre of Malay origin writers gazing at their navels. Goody- two shoeish, perhaps?

Thanks for sharing.

Warm regards,


On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 12:36 PM, ph wrote:

The Malay nuisance — Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
May 24, 2011
MAY 24 — After 54 years of independence, the insecurities faced by the Malay community is no longer a dilemma but becoming more like a nuisance, hampering the country's growth and well-being.
It is utterly irresponsible for middle class Malays to continue harping about self righteous Malay or "Muslim" agenda while the poor are still struggling with bread and butter issues like unemployment and proper education.
Having graduated from a local Islamic university, I am well aware of the conspiracy theories that continue to bog down the Malay psyche with self defeatist mentality.
The vicious cycle of hate and animosity will not benefit anyone and certainly not the Malays. It saddens me when prophecies of hate are being professed by so called "intellectuals" of the community.
What is even more sickening is their answer to an intellectual discourse of blaming others instead of trying to find real solutions that will solve real problems.
Despite being a majority in the country, why are we still obsessed with this siege mentality?
Our country did not gain independence yesterday. We should not be questioning the patriotism or rights of our fellow Malaysians but question what our "Malay" government has done to help elevate the dire economic situation of the poor?
Why blame the Chinese or Indians when the leaders of our country have always been a Malay? What has "ketuanan melayu" or the Malay agenda brought to the villages or urban villages after Merdeka?
Yes, the government has brought us development but that is our right as citizens of the country. That is the right of every community in the country, not the Malays alone.
Why talk about hudud or implementing syariah law when we cannot fulfill the basic tenant of Islamic jurisprudence which is justice.
Why cut the hand of a man that steals bread when leaders continue to swindle our riches?
Is the objective of Islamic law to only punish? I think not.
Islam is not a about grand mosques or prayer rooms but the people.
Where were the so called Muslim or Malay NGOs when the Lynas plant was announced or more recently the landslide that killed so many innocent children?
The call for an Islamic state is a luxury when the poor continue to beg for mercy.
We should stop questioning other races but start questioning ourselves and what have we contributed the country.
* Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani is a reporter with The Malaysian Insider.


--- On Sat, 18/6/11, SA wrote:
From: SA
Subject: Re: FW: The Malay nuisance — Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
To: "Tan Sri Z
Date: Saturday, 18 June, 2011, 6:10 AM
Dear TSri Z,

My comment was an attemt to highlight the phenomenon of Malay writers playing the liberal card without questioning the assumption of their statements. The Government, for which you and I served, had achieved much for the Malay constituency. Without the interventionist policies the economic disparity between the different political constituencies would be disastrous to our political stability and daily peaceful existence of everyone.

I agree with you that physical infrastructure s are meaningless for enrichng human development, materially, intellectual and emotionally. What's important was the lack of strategic direction in the policies towards making the Malays robust and independent thinkers. Anecdotal stories indicate that our shools do not attempt to promote  the equiring approach among their students. I hazard to say that's in the main that's where we Malays lack the wherewithal to advance vis-a -vis other races. Ah, you say, the Chinese are also part of the system. But their mercantile culture puts a premium on logical and creative thinking.

Generally our culture puts a premium on subservience and duplicitous methods to attain current satisfaction, defined as foreseeable future.i.e of the moment, for our local environment and cohorts(for people near and dear to us), until the crisis has passed. "kais pagi, makan pagi, kais petang makan petang' sums it aptly.

Salam Sir, Sorry for a longish statement to explain my one sentence throwaway line. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify.



On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 8:08 PM, Tan Sri Z wrote:
En SA, the writer Asrul Hadi did indeed touch on a much avoided subject. we must look beyond what the government had done, i.e perceived doing good for the Malays, the real thing that need to be done has very little political value. You can point to a mega mosque yet you cannot point to a better health or education etc. A mosque benefit the Muslims but the others benefit everybody, so the political weighting is lost. Thats why you have big mosque which are empty most of the time.
Thank you.

Yours truly,

Tan Sri Dato' Z


Dear Dato' Z,

On the eve of your departure for London you must be busy. I'll try to be succinct in response.

Your analogy of the race is graphic and valid. But it assumes that there is a Malay tendency to blame our Chinese sojourners for our malaise. It's an easy target but my perception is that Malays generally are not in the same arena, race if you may.

We Malays and our earliest power owners, the sultans, have always been rentiers not producers of wealth. The Chinese are predisposed by nurture and culture to wealth creation and have been practicing this habit in Malaya  since their arrival here. They have fine tuned their ability to understand Malay frailties and exploit them from the top to the bottom of the Malay polity to create wealth and status for themselves. The manifestations of this capability are clear. I need not belabour the point. Asa race they are awesome in their willingness to go to the last mile to be wealthy and to achieve worldly status. In this context one can only appreciate their drive.

We Malays have never entered the race of your analogy. We are in it by default.

Our leaders and ourselves too have never imbibe the Socratic injunction to examine ourselves to make our lives worthwhile. I hesitate to say that we have never as a homogeneous entity ever develop a soul building philosophy. That is because Malays are heterogeneous and thinking about who we are and what we are, are foreign to our culture. We have Islam, yes. but in general only the practices, the orthopractice not imbibed and live the philosophy. The philosophy of life as enshrined in the Quran has never been discussed across our society and to become an ingrained habit of thought and action of our selves and our young. We hear our Ulamas voicing the philosophy but as another writer says( I forgot him for now) the words never got past the throat.

We Malays, titular persons, elected leaders and the electors ' fail to realize that much of the reality we want to change is due to things within us; in other words, we lack consciousness of our own roles in perpetuating our outward reality."

That is a quote from Yusuf Al- Qaradawi's book(1991) " Islamic Awakening- between rejection and extremism where he discusses injustices from the Quranic perspective.

Al- Qaradawi in fact was quoting Syrian Scholar, Jawdat Said in his book, in Arabic ,entitled(trans)- "Until they change what is in their hearts". Said said . " ... that the core of our problems is not an external injustice but, rather, the injustice that we bring on ourselves by virtue of what is inside us. This is the  law of history and society which the Quran affirms. Failure to realise this plain truth blurs our vision and generates philosophies which are either pessimistic and passive, or despotic and anti-Islamic".

I have no solutions to the malaise of the Malays. The Malay middle classes are growing, shukur to Allah and alhamdulliLah. I believe that its this middle class that must coalesce to  lead that strong optimistic and Socratic mental set at the human level. Finally Allah is the Arbiter and Granter of fulfillment.

Sorry it's long. Salam to you and Datin and have a refreshing holiday in England.


On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 2:11 AM, Dato' Z wrote:

Dear SA,

Salam. Thanks for the forward. I am all the way with viewpoints of the original writer, as well of those of yours. There is a very 'Malay group'  who claim that after so many years, and despite the years of pro-Malay govt policies and myriad of Malay-biased programmes implemented, "Melayu masih ketinggalan/keciciran", in the economic, educational and social fields; so they say.

The question is: "Melayu masih ditinggalan/dicicirkan itu, disebabkan siapa?" Obviously, the answer they would give or imply would be: by the Chinese in the country. Therefore, the group's answer or solution to this Malay dilemma is: Give the Malays more of the same;and must continue giving more of the same...presumably, until the we Malays can catch up with the Chinese.

Another viewpoint is: What could have our Chinese compatriots done that have made the Malays being left far behind in all those fields?  Have the Chinese put obstacles/halangan  along the way to the govt policies and to those Malay-biased programmes all these years?

What have the Chinese done to check the advancement of Malays. An analogy of a 100 meter race may help: Three Malays and three Chines take part in the race. All start at the same starting line. At the end of the race, the position is: first, second and third go to the Chinese. All three Malays are left far behind. Who do we fault?

Now, let us say these three Chinese agree to give a handicap to the three Malays, and that the Malays would start from 30 meters ahead of the actual staring line.

When the whistle is blown, all six run at the same time. But, at the end of the race, the Chinese still take up the first, second and third positions. The Malays runners are still left behind (but this time may not be to far behind).

In the above two imaginary races, the the Chinese racers have made the Malay racers left behind. This is the fact. But,the pertinent question is: Do the Malays racers put the blame on the Chinese competitors, for making them lose the race, each time?

I think, in the above analogy, the Malay runners should accept the fact that their loss is due to the fact that Chinese competitors are faster, stronger, better trained and have more determination than themselves. And through no fault of themselves. Who then, are in default?

Supposing, another race is organized. This time, no Chinese will take part. Only just three Malays compete among themselves. The outcome is predictable, isn't?: the first, second, and third would Malay. But, when compared the times performed by the victorious Malays and against the Chinese, which group has run faster for each position?    

In the above case, should the three Malays ask for more handicap, say up to 60 meters ahead from the starting line? Rather than to ask for more handicap, I think they should undertake very hard training, imbue themselves with steadfast determination and motivation to succeed; infuse themselves with the highest confidence, be prepared to face all challenges.

And if need be, the govt shall design such exercise in disciplines and programmes for them, and make sure they will swear to follow and execute with diligence, until each can become as strong, and as fast a racers as the Chinese.

As for the slogan "Ketuanan Melayu", I would borrow from the slogan that Tun Abdullah Bedawi had once introduced. I suggest, therefore, that "Ketuanan Melayu" be changed to: "Kecermerlangan, Kegemilangan dan Keterbilangan Melayu". Terima kasih.

Dato' Z

Remembering the late Fadzil Noor by Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 02:30 AM PDT

June 23,2011
Exactly nine years ago, PAS president Fadzil Mohammad Noor, who was the parliamentary opposition leader, died after a heart surgery. The following is an obituary first published in Harakah and also appeared in London-based Muslim current affairs magazine Crescent International.Fadzil Mohammad Noor, president of the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) and parliamentary opposition leader, died on June 23, two weeks after undergoing heart-bypass surgery.

His death comes at a time when the party he led is struggling against accusations of militancy since the crackdown on 'Islamic terrorism' by the Malaysian government. But his departure also comes at the height of PAS's prominence; under his leadership the party has become a force to be reckoned with.

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Muslim Trial Run for 30 days - Dave Stacey of America tries it out!

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 02:27 AM PDT

A provocative experiment by Morgan Spurlock to film a practicing Christian pork eating, beer drinking All American white church going guy who agrees to try out a 30 day stint living life as a Muslim in America.

After agreeing to adorn Muslim attire and go through the usual hassles that a Muslim has to go through in Islamophobic America, Dave Stacey gets an immediate hostile reception when he goes through the airport. For the first time in his life, he gets stopped by airport security, is frisked thoroughly, gets the magnetic wand treatment, asked to remove his shoes and his luggage fine combed by the suspicious airport security.

Things that most Muslims go through almost every day throughout the American cities and other parts of the Western world suspicious of anybody who is a Muslim, looks like one and dresses as one opens up Dave to the realities that Muslims have to suffer day to day for the rest of their life's?

I think this documentary is an eye opener for those who wish to know how it must be for Muslims in different countries and as for Dave, in America itself?

I'm sure that such a trial period will definitely open up Dave to a roller coaster up and downs moments that will sure rock his own faith to its very core.

I'm gonna be checking up on what Dave went through and what he ended up as after the 30 days were over?

I'm as excited to know the ultimate end of his story just like you. Gotta run now but will be happy to get feedback from those of you who get to watch this video to its very end. Keep me updated. Thanks. Peace be to you folks!


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MP doubts PSD will implement Najib directives

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 04:02 AM PDT

A DAP parliamentarian has lauded Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's announcement of granting highly-coveted Public Service Department (PSD) at pre-university level. In welcoming the move, Tony Pua (DAP-Petaling Jaya Utara) described it as a way to "resolve the perennial scholarship conundrum". Every year many top ranking students complain of double standards in the awarding of PSD scholarships to students excelling in their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exams. Pua said the party's youth leadership under Anthony Loke (DAP-Rasah) had been pursuing the matter since 2009. Full story: Camera: Amir Abdullah Editing: Tan Jiun Wuu
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Mahfuz: Tukar Menteri Kerja Raya dan KSN

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 09:23 PM PDT

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Open letter to Lim Guan Eng by Anas Zubedy - The Malaysian Insider

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 11:54 PM PDT

JUNE 24 — Dear Lim Guan Eng,

Peace be with you.

Let me state my position very clearly. I am a centrist. I do not work for Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat. I do not belong to any political party. I am a rakyat. I am a voter. I vote for the best person for my constituency, not which party the candidate is from.

I firmly believe that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, no matter who does it. I care about unity and work to promote unity. I will render my service to any party that will work for unity.

I am one of those people who were glad to see the growing co-operation between the DAP and PAS. I see it as the best gift March '08 has given to our nation. When two Malaysian blocs who have avoided each other for decades can now sit down together and share a meal, it is reason to celebrate.

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“The Hit Group”

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 09:50 PM PDT

Idris Jala is a person I respect, even though I do not necessarily agree with his views, especially in the past year or so.

I have written an article praising him some time back: Success story of a Bumi CEO.

He is also one of the few that warns that Malaysia can be a bankrupt country in a few years time, if we do not do away with subsidies. Indirectly, by saying so, he actually hinted that wastages and leakages may lead this country to bankruptcy, hence there was so much of reaction against him then..

Today, he was quoted to say that the economy can absorb an official inflation of 5%.

In the Malaysian context, a 3% inflation is already very high, since i have a feeling, and a lot of people agree with me, that the CPI does not really reflect market prices.   Whenever there is a 3% increase in CPi, you can be sure that many things go up more than 3%.  Food prices, house prices and rentals, electricity tariff, transport costs and entertainment costs (Astro for example) are among some of the things that have gone up a lot. A lot of other things have gone up too.

An example is that medicine prices have gone up;  even colds medications have gone up 300% in the past year, because of the Ministry's directive to restrict import  , sales and production of a component called pseudoephedrine , and thus there was an artificial shortage of colds medicine containing pseudoephedrine in the market, and thus prices went up almost 3 times. It is a drug that can be abused of course, just like any other drugs, but because of the abuse of a small group of patrons at certain night spots, the ministry imposed restriction of import and production of a drug that is being used by so many others..

This is a mentality that sounds similar to that of banning file sharing sites. Just because some info in these sites infringes on copyright, there is a blanket block of these sites… The correct things to do is to inform these sites of those materials that infringes on copyright and ask that these materials be deleted, as many sites have done in the past.

The correct things to do,  with regards to colds medication, is to have strict law enforcement, and not by restricting a medicine which is used by so many for relief of colds and nose blocks. Nab the culprits that abuse the drugs by all means and let others who need them have access .

Now, back to inflation and the economy!

The 7% rise in electricity tariff is said to affect only a quarter of users.  But many of these quarter of users actually run the retail businesses and manufacturing businesses, and hence these increase will be translated as increase costs for goods and services.

I realise that all the increases actually hit at the same  group, which I would like to called " The Hit Group",  more than anyone else. This is also the middle income group.

While the rich has plenty of reserve to cushion them of any ugly  inflation, and the poor are sometimes helped by some of the government programs, it is this group that are worst hit in any inflation situation.

This group is among the one million who pay income tax to support the other 26 millions. Majority of this group stay  in urban areas, and are also the group that is hit by increase in electricity tariff. This group, because of its work nature, is also the group hit most by increased hawker-food prices since because of the nature of their work, they have to eat a meal outside..

This group is also among those who subscribe to  internet, astro and hence are hit by increase in Astro fees (I concede that Astro  can actually be done without). This group is also worse hit by house prices or rentals, and rising bank interest and petrol price increment.

This group, unfortunately is also the group that does not qualify to apply for a low cost home, or study loan for children.

Now, back to Idris Jala's figure of 5% inflation that we are going to face.  The econmy can withstand this 5% increase, says Idris. Our experience tells us that a 5% increase in inflation rate means that most things will go up more than 5%. Many things will go up more than 10– 20%

If things go up more than 5%,   I doubt that this middle income group can withstand anymore .  As I have mentioned in another article " when belts cannot be tightened anymore", their belts have already be pulled to the limit and cannot be tightened anymore.

I suspect Idris is trying to prepare the populace for another subsidy cut.

What this group of people hopes is that the government be more understandable of their woes. Have more incentive and tax break for this group, too.

Money can actually be found if there is less wastages and leakages. There is really no need to squeeze this group any tighter..

Bersih pt 2: What are the real motives?

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 08:16 PM PDT

And Jelas really is back this time :P

Here is part 2 to my article "Bersih: A government gripped by paranoia?". Would appreciate your help in spreading it, in the off chance it resonates. Thanks!!

Amidst the posturing and chest thumping, let's try to think objectively about how July 9th might play out.

To understand this, we need to understand the key players as well as their potential interests, motives and motivations.

To be fair, let's begin with the Bersih steering committee – what kind of people seem to be leading the way?

The individuals in question are: Dato' Ambiga Sreenevasan (Chairperson), Andrew Khoo, Arumugam K., Dr Farouk Musa, Haris Ibrahim, Liau Kok Fah, Maria Chin Abdullah, Richard Y W Yeoh, Dr Toh Kin Woon, Dr Wong Chin Huat, Datuk Yeo Yang Poh, Zaid Kamaruddin, Dr Subramaniam Pillay and Arul Prakkash.

The profile of the fourteen steering committee members seem to indicate individuals who currently demonstrate zero political ambitions and zero political affiliations. Many members have been as critical (if not more) of Pakatan Rakyat as they have been of Barisan Nasional, and I reckon none of them suffer the view that changing the government will solve all of Malaysia's problems and render civil society useless.

Google these individuals – do they look to you like people who crave power for themselves? Do they seem to you the type of people liable to be manipulated, or take kindly to being told what to do – least of all by politicians?

Ibrahim Ali

One of the chief antagonists of the Bersih saga is noted "frog", Ibrahim Ali. Let's take a look at his record and attempt to ask the same simple question: what does he want?

At best, Ibrahim Ali has proven to be an ignorant racist. At worst, he is a devious political animal of the same class as Slobodan Milosevic and Theoneste Bagosora, who took ethnic hatred to unimaginably brutal extremes.

I read Ibrahim Ali as a pompous, self-important man who seems to exhibit signs of having a Napoleon complex. Notoriously unable to abide by any firm political principles, he has instead begun to revel in the great amount of attention to himself quite simply by spewing the most extreme racist incitements as sensationally as he can.

This strategy is not misinformed per se – his relevance in Malaysia, insofar as he has any, is built entirely on his bigoted views; views that are as morally wrong and misguided as they are sexy looking on headlines.

So, for my money, Ibrahim Ali wants in on July 9th because he's clamouring for the spotlight – both on the day itself, and every day before. He is content to surround himself with rabble rousers who use racial ideology to mask a lack of ability to make it on their own merits – anyone who is not a bigot like them just becomes a target for venting childish frustrations. (I would be more worried about reprecussions of writing this if I thought those Perkasa guys could understand all the words in the last few paragraphs. Malays and Malaysians can find much better role models out there).

Despite Ibrahim Ali's every effort to draw attention to himself by wielding the sceptre of riots and violence, I ultimately think he is not the one who will be making important decisions in the first ten days of July. How July 9th goes down will, I think, depend instead on others.

Khairy's sandbox politics

Next let's examine the other big group who seems to want in on the party – Khairy Jamaluddin's Umno Youth.

Discussing what makes Khairy tick would take an article onto itself. He is clearly a man of some intelligence, though exactly how much would seem to not always be apparent.

He has commendably criticised Ibrahim Ali's inciteful remarks, and I for one do not believe he is a racist at heart, or is possessed of any outdated, misguided notions about what makes for a sustainable social fabric.

Despite all this however, Khairy seems to still want to take his Pemuda boys down to the streets come July 9th. This truly beggars question as simple as it is burning: Why?

The stated reason Umno Youth will be gathering is to "strengthen the democratic system".

It is hard to articulate the disbelief reading this inspires. They want to strengthen the democratic system by refusing to support a movement to clean electoral rolls, provide free and fair access to the media, strengthen public institutions, stop corruption and end dirty politics?

As if that wasn't enough, they want to bring tens of thousands of people to march through the streets of KL on the same day as a large crowd of people they have accused of being political enemies?

Bringing such a crowd to the streets KL on such a day can only mean one of two things: a) that you are so stupid as to be unable to see the likely negative consequences, or b) that you have put your pursuit of other selfish interests (self-aggrandisement, personal fame, and acting like the angry small boy who doesn't want to be left out of the party) ahead of the likely consequences of your actions.

Confucius say that man who bring angry youth to rally of perceived enemies can only be looking for trouble.

For all his many faults, I think we know what to expect from Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa (Pekida?) boys – the man is a raving lunatic, we hardly expect any less. But Khairy? I think we all expected Khairy to know better, and act with more honour and decency.

If he was trying to make some point about being able to rally numbers, or suck up to the Electoral Commission and the Prime Minister, surely a rally on the 8th or the 10th of July would have been just as effective? Why risk explosiveness by showing "strength" on the same date that was decided by Bersih first months ago?

I don't expect Ibrahim Ali to know or want any better – the man is a fool who will gladly stir up trouble in pursuit of deluded goals. Khairy on the other hand? I can only hope his own sense of self-importance will not put the welfare of others at risk.

Crossroads for BN

Of course, theory has it that only one man really calls the shots. So, what is PM Najib going to do?

We start again by historical analysis. Najib is notoriously indecisive. From the days of when Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh were duking it out, right through when Abdullah was at his weakest, Najib simply bides his time to the very last moment – sacrificing principles for the politcal expediency that waiting for the very last minute allows.

This is greatly unfortunate for Malaysia, because we sure could use some principled leadership right about now.

I believe that a Prime Minister with integrity would respect the rakyat's right to assemble peacefully, and stop viewing this rally through a lens of paranoia that is concerned only about possible negative implications to his own political fortunes.

A statesman would know that what is at stake here goes beyond any one man's career or party. A statesman would understand that there is no democracy whatsoever without a free and fair electoral system. A statesman would have nothing to fear from a gathering of the people he was entrusted to lead.

Is Najib anything like a statesman? I guess we'll find out by July 9th.


At this point of time, three major scenarios seem possible.

Firstly, Najib and gang sees the light of day and actually lets the rally go peacefully, with each group being separated in an orderly fashion.

Secondly, the government decides to use all this talk of violence as an unjust excuse to commence an Ops Lalang style crackdown, and throw a large swath of activists into detention – probably without trial.

Thirdly, on July 9th, Perkasa and Umno Youth refuse to rally on another day or venue, and people with sinister intention cause all hell to break loose on the streets of KL. The implications of this are almost too horrible to ponder.

I can't help but recall Dr. Kua's thesis that the May 1969 riots were in fact orchestrated as part of a political ploy to seize power. I think we remember who replaced the more liberal Tunku Abdul Rahman as prime minister.

I think in the days to come, we will see heightened demonisation where Bersih is responsible for everything from website hacking to the occupation of Palestine. I think we will see Ibrahim Ali continue to spew nonsense, and we will see – perhaps once and for all – what the likes of Khairy and Najib are really made of, beneath their 1Malaysia veneer.

I hope, for all of our sakes, that reason and justice will prevail. I hope as well that Malayisans from all backgrounds and walks of life will see July 9th as a day to restore integrity and decency to the heart of our nation. It is a day to be fearless; a day to demonstrate that you love Malaysia enough not to let it slip away into the darkness; a day when we bring back a Malaysia we can be proud to pass on to our children.

Troubling delay in autopsy of alleged abused woman

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 08:16 PM PDT

Pakiam Subramaniam was only married for five months when her family heard the news of her untimely death in the wee hours of Feb 12. Her father, Subramaniam Manappen, was informed that the 23-year-old, who was living with her in-laws after her marriage in Padang Serai, Kedah, had died from a stomach ailment after consuming wrong medication. However, upon retrieving her body from the hospital, Subramaniam noticed striking bruises on her body, particularly wounds on her arms, cigarette burns on her body, fingernails prised off, a swollen head and missing teeth.
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GERAK AMAN the Video ~ Ucapan2 berapi Jeneral Perang Tok Zul & Tok Him

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 09:00 PM PDT

Kata orang, kalau tak riuh bukan lah namanya Dato Zulkifli Noordin dan Dato Ibrahim Ali, dua tokoh politik semasa yang diberi gelaran pelbagai macam oleh lawan dan kawan!

Memang jika kita hendak mencari baik buruk seseorang itu, mesti kita boleh jumpa apa yang kita cari namun didalam suasana menghadapi pelbagai kemungkinan yang boleh menjahanamkan ketenangan suasana kehidupan kita semua di Malaysia Darul Raplah ini, makanya watak watak seperti Zulkifli Noordin dan Ibrahim Ali tetap penting didalam mengupas karektor karektor pihak lawan yang berkokok bagaikan insan insan maksum tetapi ekor masing masing belengas berdesiung macam bangkai mereput meloyakan tekak!

Saudara saudari seperjuangan sekelian,

Datuk Khalid Yunos dan saya
Saya jemput sekelian yang mahu tahu akan apa kah dia yang berlangsung semasa pelancaran GERAK AMAN pertama di perkarangan Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kampong Baru, Kuala Lumpur untuk membuka mata, memasang telinga mengikuti intipati ucapan ucapan Jeneral jeneral perang GERAK AMAN ini secara teliti?

Yang dok sembang deraih padahal tak turun ke sana, molek tonton sekali untuk memeriksa akan isi video ini!

Saya tak menyunting barang sedetik pun dari rakaman secara terus video saya ini. Demi memberikan tuan puan 'rasa' bagaimanakah yang para peserta melalui semasa pelancaran mukadimah GERAK AMAN tersebut berlangsung?

Sila edarkan melalui blog anda jika mahu.

Salam 1Perjuangan! 

Demi kesejahteraan negara kita yang tercinta!

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PukiMMA - These Malays Are Fake's!!!

Posted: 23 Jun 2011 07:03 PM PDT

Najib presenting an award of excellence to Mahsa Universiti Kolej pro chancellor and executive chairman Prof Datuk Dr Mohamed Hanifa Abdullah.. Looking on is Kimma president Datuk Syed Ibrahim Kader.

Courtesy of Malaysia Today

The Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) a.k.a Mamak Association has asked the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, to revoke the datukship of former Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan for planning an illegal gathering on July 9.

Kimma Youth chief Amir Hamzah Abdul Rajak said the action should be taken against Ambiga for defying the authorities by planning to go ahead with the rally.

Kimma' call for the withdrawal of the state award was made in a memorandum submitted to Comptroller of the Royal Household Datuk Shamsul Baharin Hasan at Istana Iskandariah here today.

Speaking to reporters after handing over the memorandum, Amir Hamzah claimed that that Ambiga tried to instigate the people, especially youths to take part in an illegal assembly, which could cause chaos and threaten public order.

Yesterday, Perkasa, a Malay right wing group also called for Ambiga's datukship to be stripped.

Admin Note:

The Indian Muslims who are a part of KIMMA (some refer to it as PukiMMA) are nothing but a disgrace and an insult to not only Indians but also to Malays and Islam itself. These 'weeds' that leans which ever way the wind blows, will call themselves Malays at moment then call themselves Indians whenever it suits their needs. The Scribe just don't understand why Malays still accept these insincere Fake Malays as Malays and even appoint them as their leaders. Can't they see it in the faces of these Fake Malays that they are actually INDIANS in disguise? The Umno Malays lament about the Pendatangs (read Malaysian born Chinese, Indians etc.) as grabbing their land and opportunities but yet allow these Fake Malays, some of whom convert to Islam to enjoy Bumiputera privileges, to dilute the identity of the Malays.

The Scribe is afraid that the Malay legendary warrior Hang Tuah (some now believe that he was actually Chinese) was known to have said "Tak kan Melayu akan hilang di dunia ini?" Well brother Hang Tuah, The Scribe says that with the Mamakization of the Malay race, the Malays will eventually disappear from the face of the Earth. Now we have Bangladeshis and Pakistanis marrying Malay girls and becoming the Neo-Bumiputeras.

The Scribe hopes that the 'Genuine' Indian Muslims will make their voices heard and be proud of their Indian heritage and rebuke the Fake Malays in Umno and Kimma. The Scribe invites our Indian Muslim Brothers and Sisters to join
BERSIH 2.0 on July 9, 2011.

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