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How de ice is turned into sculptures!

How de ice is turned into sculptures!

How de ice is turned into sculptures!

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 09:36 AM PDT


Bersih 2.0- Emergency motion filed by independent MPs

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 04:42 AM PDT

Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Hashim said the caucus of independent MPs has filed an emergency motion to get the House to debate the upcoming Bersih rally. He said it is important for Parliament to debate the issue, as the independent caucus believes it is necessary for the authorities to take pre-emptive measures to stop the rally. "We disagree with the rally on the ground that street demonstrations are unhealthy and pose a threat to national security. "This should be discussed in Parliament and a decision should be made to urge the home minister to launch a pre-emptive strike to stop the event."
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BERSIH 2.0: PERKASA lawan habis-habisan

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 04:32 AM PDT

Kumpulan pendesak Melayu, PERKASA memberi amaran bahawa mereka akan menganjurkan protes bagi menghalang rancangan Gabungan Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH 2.0) untuk mengadakan perhimpunan aman yang didakwa mereka sebagai "mengacau". azlanKetuanya, Datuk Ibrahim Ali berkata PERKASA akan "lawan habis-habisan' bagi menghalang perhimpunan itu jika penganjurnya berkeras untuk turun ke jalanan di Kuala Lumpur pada 9 Julai ini.
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Mayor: Consultant tasked to inspect OUG steep slope

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 12:59 AM PDT

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Blaming Rais again...

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 09:19 AM PDT

Looks like Rais Yatim is so vulnerable to attacks by blogger (including those of the pro-BN) and anti-government media, so much so everything that he or his ministry does will not get a good spin. In fact, all is wrong to them.

I am not sure what is the motive behind this 'knive sharpening' on the minister. If it has something to do with cronyism and nepotism of politics, then Rais shouldnt have been the prime target.

I wonder why didnt any 'pro-BN' or 'pro-Umno' blogger lash out at a senior minister for letting his son-in-law to monopolise the bio-matrix card project with the Home Ministry - which is valued at RM1 billion - or the RM70 million allocation to refurbish Seri Perdana, and other matters of 'political irregularities'?

When Rais launched the Hari Seniman on May 29, the anti-govt media and blogger were fast to attack him, accusing the minister of spending RM100 million in a single day. These writers, apart from not doing their homework to establish the details of the expenditure, were happy enough to ride on sentiments.

They couldnt care less whether their allegations were founded or not. What's important to them is to jump onto the 'anti-Rais' or 'anti-wheover' bandwagon. Just because their mentor blogger write nasty, they will just write nastier.

I have nothing against Rais. And I believe he doesnt know me that well as I have been avoiding 'invitations' to luncheons and dinners. But he is an Umno veteran. Najib needs him, and so is the Cabinet. We dont have the likes of Ghafar Baba anymore to play arbitrator to domestic issues.

I was shown the proof that the tag for Hari Seniman is only RM97,665 and not RM100 million as alleged by this website. One may ask what prompted the writer to sum up the exaggerated figure when the event was not so grand at all.

And then, the dissent showed by PBS deputy president Yee Moh Chai against Rais, whom he accused of 'breaking his promise' to find solutions to the low-penetration Internet broadband rate in Sabah.

I am not surprise by such statements, especially when it came from a BN component party leader in Sabah (here). PBS used to leave Barisan Nasional over the '20 issues' during the 1980s and then made a comeback. Its leaders were known to be 'bigger frogs' in jumping from one party to another.

And so, their words too contain no merit.

I have been in Sabah a couple of times with a telco provider. The problem with Sabah, apart from logistic, is the attitude of some of its politicians and local leaders. They government cannot just be seen as introducing something new to the State without being imposed some 'tolls'.

Yes, a year has passed since the ministry pledged to achieve a minimum 30 per cent penetration of broadband by the year 2010 but the government was not getting enough cooperation from local leaders to facilitate the efforts.

I wonder whether Yee is aware of the bureaucratic problems in the State. As Rais is not a Sabahan either, his ministry officials, including from the MCMC found it difficult to work there without being hassled. As the nation gets into more sophistication, such problems get more complex, it seems.

And Yee himself is so fond of avowing 'Sabah is for Sabahans', a maxim used by his party a long time ago to champion the '20 issues'. This mentality still remains domain among most Sabahans.

It is easy to criticise but when your yourself is given the mandate to carry out projects for the people, you will see it for yourself. As politics of individuals and race still thrive in the country, such problems may take a longer time to subside, even beyond the year 2020.

Lips service is so common among politicians. I believe that Yee himself is also good at it, and so are other leaders, be it in the government or Opposition. But to blatantly accuse someone of wrongdoing without realising the actual situation, is uncalled for. And for others to hitchhike on the issue, too is very unprofessional.

Rais doesnt give me anything, neither had I asked anything from him. He is still a BN minister. If he fumbles, it will also spell disaster for the BN in the next general election. Its the Opposition job to find faults in the government but if our pro-BN writers too are taking the cue from them, something is probably not right there...

also read Dunia Tiger and Jebat Berkokok...


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Would you pay Rm10 for this plate of nasi bryani with one measly piece of fried fish? I did, at an Original Kayu restaurant in Ampang Point. When I complained, I was given an earful of the high price of fish, rice, cooking oil, etc, etc..
If your wife asks you for more money for groceries because Rm1000 a month just isn't enough to feed the family anymore, she's giving you a taste of reality. Unless you do the marketing yourself, you probably won't realize how fast and how much food prices have risen.

A loaf of wholemeal bread is now Rm3.20, bananas are Rm5.65 for a bunch of five. Add coffee or tea, butter or jam. Breakfast at home no longer comes cheap.
It wasn't that long ago when a loaf of wholemeal bread cost Rm2.10. Now it's gone up to Rm3.20. I don't eat meat. You would think I spend less on a fruit and vegie diet. I wish. My favourite Fuji apples were Rm1.19 each only a month ago. I was already complaining then. Now it's up by almost 30 sen. And you won't believe how expensive apple jambus are, especially the imported ones.

Rm14.75 for six apple jambus. That's about Rm2.50 each or 85 sen a bite.
Rm8.94 for six Fuji apples at a hypermarket. So much for eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away! Probably cheaper to fall sick and see the doctor at a public clinic.
Prices are also creeping up at hypermarkets like TESCO and Giant. Whether it's meat, beverages, cereals, sugar, garlic, vegetables or eggs, Rm100 doesn't buy as much as a year ago. With no income coming in and money flowing out, retirees are digging into their piggy banks to pay for food.

Why is the government so reluctant to disclose the agreements signed between Tenaga Nasional and the Independent Power Producers (IPPs)? Is there something the public should not know?
Now that the electricity tariff has gone up by 7.12%, expect another round of price hikes. Don't be taken in by the government's assurances that this increase will have 'minimal impact' on consumers. Neither should we commend the 2500 members of the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association for their promise not to raise food prices. Not yet anyway. Talk is cheap. Let's see some action.

Mahathir Mohamad - Riz Khan One on One Talk Dec 4th 2008 ~ Flashback

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 07:33 AM PDT

Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia's 4th, longest serving and most vocal Premier spoke frankly to Riz Khan of Al Jazeera on Dec.4th 2008.

No other Malaysian PM had it in him to give as good as he gets as shown in this interview.

He may have his faults but to date, he remains as an icon in our Malaysian history.

Riz Khan handled himself quite professionally in the talk show and should be congratulated unlike the BBC's Hardtalk Stephen Sakhur who often rudely interrupted Tun while he was responding to the latter's questions.
Let's watch what Najib Tun Razak had to say then when it was his turn to speak to Riz Khan :

From what we can clearly see, Najib spoke articulately but he had to do a lot of damage control after the mess Abdullah Badawi had allowed to take place after Tun Mahathir left office.

Najib has been trying his best to cater to most Malaysians but he seems to have a major problem by way of his spouse's actions who has become quite a liability to his image as the country's 6th Premier and would probably also be an issue which the Opposition would definitely use to run the BN down?

We all have to take notes from history and Najib would do well to chart his course with such lessons from the past or risk losing the mantle of power to those who would waste no time in selling us out! 

It is gonna be a litmus test soon for Najib as the Opposition are preparing to stage another major protest come July the 9th this year. How will he handle it?

'We should not forget that our tradition is one of protest and revolt, 
and it is stultifying to celebrate the rebels of the past
...while we silence the rebels of the present.'

Businessman Says Gave Khir Toyo Discounts Out Of Fear - By Boo Su-Lyn.

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 05:19 AM PDT

A company director told the High Court here today that he sold his mansion and two plots of land to Dr Mohd Khir Toyo for RM3.5 million despite buying the properties for RM6.5 million as he feared for his business in Selangor.

Ditamas Sdn Bhd director Shamsuddin Hayroni testified in the corruption trial of the former Selangor mentri besar that Dr Khir had rejected his offer of between RM5 million and RM5.5 million, insisting instead on buying his properties in Section 7 here for just RM3.5 million.

"We have projects in Selangor, businesses in Selangor and a mentri besar wants my house for RM3.5 million," said Shamsuddin at the High Court here today.

"So we agreed. I was worried about my position as a businessman and I was afraid that my business would be threatened," he added.The 55-year-old construction and property developer said he was involved in ongoing property projects with state subsidiaries Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) in Bangi and Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd (PNSB) in Sungai Long, Cheras.

Shamsuddin, who wore a black coat, said he bought the house and two plots of land in 2004 for RM5 million and spent RM1.5 million on renovations.

"Datuk Seri Khir Toyo asked me to buy (the properties)... he was interested in the house," Shamsuddin told a packed courtroom. I'm a businessman in Selangor. I have projects. So I felt I had no choice and I just proceeded," he said.

Shamsuddin added that Khir had engaged landscape artist Nasir Ismail to design the Umno politician's Balinese-style mansion.

Nasir testified last Thursday that he was paid more than RM6 million for the job, saying that he received five payments from Shamsuddin and eight from Khir of RM500,000 each.

Shamsuddin said today that he sold his properties to Khir, who previously helmed the country's wealthiest state for almost eight years, in 2007.

"I just wanted to give a small discount," said the businessman, when asked why he offered a selling price of RM5 million to RM5.5 million.

Shamsuddin pointed out that he had engaged a property valuer who estimated the value of his properties at RM5.5 million.

Khir, a former Selangor opposition leader, was charged with obtaining the two plots of land and the bungalow, which are located at No. 8 and 10, Jalan Suasa 7/1 L, Shah Alam, for himself and his wife Zahrah Kechik.

If found guilty, the Sungai Panjang assemblyman faces two years' jail, a fine, or both under Section 165 of the Penal Code.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Hisham: No Action Against Ibrahim Ali For ‘Jihad’ Call -By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal.

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 05:12 AM PDT

The government will not take any action against Datuk Ibrahim Ali for threatening Christians nationwide with a holy war against any move to usurp Islam with a Christian state.

"Action will only be taken if investigations find that the said act really contravened the country's laws," Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said in a written reply to Lim Lip Eng (Segambut-DAP) in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Lim had asked the Home Ministry to state whether it was a punishable offence for a person to declare "jihad" in the name of race and religion.

"I would advise that all parties be careful in making an accusation when its validity has yet to be verified," said Hishammuddin.

The Perkasa president's threat to Christians was based on Utusan Malaysia's recent allegation that church leaders were in a plot with the DAP to turn Malaysia into a Christian state and install a Christian prime minister.

Christian leaders and DAP members have denied the reports which have sparked protests but the Home Ministry has only slapped Utusan Malaysia with a warning letter for publishing the unsubstantiated report.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was forced to meet with church leaders to clear the air but Umno vice president and Home Minister Hishammuddin later said that there was "some basis" to the reports.

The police in Penang have completed an investigation into Utusan Malaysia's claims and have handed over the case to the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Utusan Malaysia had published a report entitled "Kristian Agama Rasmi?" (Christianity the official religion?) where it was alleged that DAP leaders and Christian clergymen were conspiring to take over Putrajaya, abolish Islam as the religion of the federation and install a Christian prime minister.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Justice for Hanafi, Hafiz, and Hairul!

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 05:10 AM PDT

Will probably not happen because of Police involvement in this shooting! Sad! Very Sad!

Post-mortem evidence of the fatal shooting of three youths last year showed that they were gunned down by cops at close proximity and in a kneeling position, claimed civil rights NGO Lawyers for Liberty (LFL).

Muhammad Hanafi Omar, 22, Muhammad Shamil Hafiz Shapiei, 15, and Mohd Hairul Nizam Tuah, 20, were gunned down by the police after a reported high-speed car chase in the early morning of Nov 13 in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

The police had previously stated the youths had charged at the authorities with machetes, and were shot during the purported attack.

rights group on shooting deaths 041210 n surendran"The post-mortem contradicts the police version of the incident that they acted in self-defence and shot the boys, which means they would have been shot in the front," said lawyer N Surendran (right).

"However, the post-mortem report says the angle of the bullet was 45 degrees entering the forehead and exiting the back of the neck, and for the chest shot, (the bullet) similarly entered at a 45-degrees trajectory through the body.

"This indicates the victim was kneeling or in a lower position than the shooter," he said, referring to the autopsy report on Muhammad Syamil.

Surendran said he received post-mortem reports conducted by Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah's forensic pathologist Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim on Muhammad Shamil and Mohd Hairul on Tuesday, but Muhammad Hanafi's is not ready yet.

He reiterated the cops were "lying" about acting in self-defence and lambasted Selangor acting police chief A Thaiveegan for labelling the youths as "seasoned criminals", who were allegedly involved in several armed robberies in the state.

An autopsy on Muhammad Shamil concluded that he died from two injuries consistent with gunshot wounds.

According to the forensic report, the first injury mark was on Muhammad Shamil's forehead, and the second, on the right side of the chest.

"Both gunshot wounds were from 45 degrees penetration into the back and right side of the body.

'No injuries to indicate self-defence'

"There were no injuries to indicate self-defence," said the report.

It added that 46milligram (mg) of ethyl alcohol - usually found in alcoholic beverages - was found in per 100mg of Muhammad Shamil's blood and that there was gunpowder residue on the chest wound.

The chemist's report further asserted that there was also gunpowder residue on the victim's jacket.

Similarly, in Mohd Hairul's autopsy report, the pathologist indicated that the cause of death was gunshot injuries to the head and chest.

"Post-mortem examination showed that he received two shots, one at the left side of the head and (exited) at the right side of the head.

"The other shot was on the front part of the left side of the chest and (exited) at the back of the right side of the chest," stated the report.

The report indicated that the bullets wounds came from "a single-fired rifled weapon such as a pistol".

"There was no evidence to show that the weapon was fired during contact or at a near distance," it added.

The youths were executed in cold blood, said Surendran, as the medical evidence showed that there could be no other conclusions.

"In (Mohd) Hairul's case his right eye is bruised, which shows that he was arrested and beaten because there is no reason for the police to beat up a dead body, so they must have hit him when he was alive," said Surendran, which conflicted with the police version of events.

The cops could have acted in such a way as to incapacitate their assailants since they were said to be rushing at the cops withparangs (machetes), he said.

Muhammad Shamil's mother Norhafizah Mad Razali, who was unable to hold back tears, burst out that her suspicions that her son was "mercilessly killed" were true.

"He is only 15-years-old, he is not a murderer nor a criminal," she pleaded.

"One shot would have been enough to stop an elephant, but no, they used two, and aimed to kill, instead of aiming for the legs or shoulders," said Surendran.

'Did the bullet bend in mid-air?'

Although they have not obtain the post-mortem report for Muhammad Hanafi, from visual identification of the body, there were two shots to the right side of his head and one at his torso, described Surendran.

"The police said they shot from the front. So the bullet bent and hit the boys heads at the side of the head? It's totally inconsistent," he said.

Backed by the forensic reports, Surendran is confident that the "three youths were arrested, taken into custody, made to kneel and executed".

Following the evidence they have, Surendran said that Attorney-General's Chambers has to act on it by charging the cops involved with murder.

His call was backed by PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar and the party's political bureau member R Sivarasa, with the latter also demanding that a royal commission be set up to probe the shooting.

"We are giving them (AG's Chambers) unprecedented evidence so I don't understand why if they don't charge (the police) with murder," said Surendran.

According to human rights group Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), 88 people were killed in police shootings last year, compared to 2009 when there were only 13 such cases.

Chua Soi Lek’s Girlfriend Stripping and Teasing on Camera.

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 04:09 AM PDT

What's most amazing to me is that anyone in politics in this age could still be stupid enough to think that the cover up won't be what kills them. That's not just a matter of the age of publicness and the net that I write about. It is perhaps Richard Nixon's most important legacy. I gave Weiner too much credit when I thought he must have figured this out
MCA President Chua Soi Lek has taken pains to stress that the Chinese voters must be careful in performing what he termed as the 'Chinese Balancing Act' which is maintaining MCA's voice in a strong manner in the BN coalition while at the same time also voting in a strong Opposition.

This will guarantee the Chinese community the best of both worlds, according to Chua, as doing that will enable the Chinese to have a say in government and at the same time have a watchdog to voice its displeasure should the government step out of line pertaining to Chinese issues.
related article
But in the 12th General Election in March 2008, Chua continued to opine, the Chinese miscalculated and have overdone it by giving too much power to the DAP, thus rendering MCA ineffective in the Cabinet.
The MCA president freely admitted this and said the imbalance needed to be corrected by the Chinese in the coming 13th General Election so that MCA can regain strength in the Cabinet.
And if they didn't and the MCA continues to perform poorly in the polls, then Chua warned the MCA will itself withdraw from the Cabinet by not accepting any positions.
Blackmail doesn't jive in an era of New Politics
But few people agreed with Chua. Many have in fact accused him of trying to "blackmail" his community.
"This is all rubbish as in the era of New Politics, the Chinese need not perform any so-called 'Balancing Act' because Pakatan Rakyat is capable of looking after Chinese interests," PAS MP for Tumpat Kamaruddin Jaffar told Malaysia Chronicle.
"Whether MCA is in government or not, it makes no difference due to MCA being incapable of making any demands, which they themselves have admitted."
MCA has had problems making headway in Chinese issues because each time they attempt to do so, they will be shouted down by UMNO leaders and told to shut up.
The latest incident was in the PSD Scholarship fiasco where Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Aziz berated Deputy Education Minister, MCA's Wee Ka Siong, for 'trying to be a Chinese hero' when he tried to champion the request for scholarships by Chinese students.
After his initial outburst, not a further squeak was heard from Wee after Nazri's public rebuke.
This shows that it is immaterial whether MCA is represented or not in the goverment, said Kamaruddin.
Chua has also been plugging the line that the MCA was the one and only party responsible for championing the cause of Chinese Education by highlighting the building of Chinese schools, UTAR and KTAR (Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman).
For this, he has drawn fire from the Chinese community for speaking "gibberish".
"He needs to be reminded that providing schools is the duty of the government whereas the Chinese community paid for UTAR and KTAR and its fees are still more costly than those of public universities," MP for Gopeng Lee Boon Chye told Malaysia Chronicle.
Gauging from the slew of brickbats, Chua has not been able to prevent the slide in the MCA. The more he talks or reveals of his aspirations for the community, the more they get upset and reject his party.
Perhaps, the time has come for Chua Soi Lek to face the truth. As far as the Malaysian Chinese are concerned, his are empty words and he has become known as a "kong sam, kong sei' president or 'talk 3, talk 4′ (meaning he speaks gibberish).
I just want to get this on the record and off my (fully clothed) chest: I was wrong about Anthony Weiner.
I'd said nothing about the whole hoo-ha because I didn't think it was worth the attention. Then I got a call from Howard Kurtz'Reliable Sources to come on last Sunday and talk about it. My wife said, Why are you doing that? I said, I'll be on the right side. As always, she was right. On the show, I said that media were using this as an opportunity for sophomoric jokes and that the fuss over a penis was a symptom of American Puritanism. What's the worst that happened here? I asked: So what if he had a stupid picture on his phone and accidentally tweeted it, so long as he wasn't sexually harassing anyone? But that's not the worst that happened.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now


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大马人民绿色联盟(The People's Green Coalition Malaysia)针对国际原子能机构(IAEA)小组,











前国际原子能机成员福勒医生(Dr. E.E. Fowler)针对红坭山的报告(1986年):

1986年9月22日22 :红坭山的亚洲稀土 (Asia Rare Earth)提炼厂邀请美国原子能专家福勒医生造访该厂。福勒医生宣称,亚洲稀土 厂邻近的辐射水平符合国际辐射防护委员会的标准,而可安全操作。(参阅6)

但有别于福勒医生的报告,红坭山居民面对着日益增加的流产、先天残陷、健康不佳和白血病等惨痛遭遇,8名白血病患中更有7名不幸死亡。其他国际专家在法庭上供证,有关病症是因亚洲稀土厂的辐射废料所致。日本三菱化学公司最后关闭了 亚洲稀土厂,并耗用3亿令吉清除余留下的辐射废料。








1…WHO issued forthright statements on radiation risks such as its 1956 warning: "Genetic heritage is the most precious property for human beings. It determines the lives of our progeny, health and harmonious development of future generations. As experts, we affirm that the health of future generations is threatened by increasing development of the atomic industry and sources of radiation … We also believe that new mutations that occur in humans are harmful to them and their offspring."
Dangerously Wrong on Nuclear Radiation : Attack of the Nuclear Apologists ; By HELEN CALDICOTT

2…On 28 May 1959, at the 12th World Health Assembly, WHO drew up an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); clause 12.40 of this agreement says: "Whenever either organisation [the WHO or the IAEA] proposes to initiate a programme or activity on a subject in which the other organisation has or may have a substantial interest, the first party shall consult the other with a view to adjusting the matter by mutual agreement." In other words, the WHO grants the right of prior approval over any research it might undertake or report on to the IAEA – a group that many people, including journalists, think is a neutral watchdog, but which is, in fact, an advocate for the nuclear power industry.
Dangerously Wrong on Nuclear Radiation : Attack of the Nuclear Apologists ; By HELEN CALDICOTT

UN's nuclear watchdog IAEA under fire over response to Japanese disaster: IAEA and Japanese secretary-general accused of ignoring lessons of Chernobyl and letting firms cut corners at Fukushima.
Japan's woes, world crisis

Lynas panel revealed: Independent, you say?

Consumers' Association Penang comments on IAEA Panel.

Consumers' Association Penang website : Chronology of events in the Bukit Merah Asian Rare Earth developments.

The Middle East Turmoil & High Oil Prices

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 02:01 AM PDT

I was struck by this simple juxtaposition: As the people in the Middle East become unhappy because of the difficulties of earning a good living and high cost of living, Iran, with the help of Venezuela, Iraq, Algeria, Angola and Libya, fought against the Saudi's efforts to increase output by 1.5 m bpd and soft the price of oil in Vienna on June 9. Apparently, the opposition comes from those without the capacity to pump more and are thus unlikely to benefit from the scheme. Saudi has the capacity and it can unilaterally do it and gain extra revenue, while helping to bring down the price of oil.

This is quite interesting. That governments do see a difference in the budget and the welfare of the people. The Middle East is in a position to try to lower the price of oil and in effect reduce some inflationary pressures from high commodity prices and hence the cost of living. If their region is in turmoil as people take to the streets, lessening retail prices may help to cool those pressures on the ground.

But this is not going to happen. Governments need a good budget to spend and they do not appear to be spending in a way that will directly benefit the people. The people can suffer and it is none of the business of the governments - so long as the governments can be elected or re-elected into power through strong party membership that takes care only of party members. The people can take to the streets and the governments are quite happy to shoot their own people - just to stay in power.

All this is interesting only if my assumptions are correct. Some may argue that the general uproar in the Middle East is a product of technology and that people are taking to the streets because they now know that can congregate in the streets at the same time. I would not confuse the means with the ends.

There could be another argument that says that people are simply fed up with the same old people in governments and they want new faces with fresh ideas, and they are making these protests with great distress to the physical body as well as the mental anguish and hence no amount of cheap prices will help to quell that unrest. This must be really tough then.

The upshot of all these is that the problem in the Middle East is something that the Middle East itself can solve, by itself. Whether it will or not depends on how cohesive the Middle East communities are among themselves, or they are simply bitter enemies among themselves to the bitter end. If they are enemies, then they are ripe for manipulation from outside the region, and there is great incentive for causing unrest especially when the control of resources is concerned.

There is a lack of intellectual leadership in solving the Middle East problem. If the Middle East is uniquely different from the West, it should strive to exert its own uniqueness and identity. If not, then, the Middle East is no different from anywhere in the world, where sectarianism seems to rule the day with the inability to see the sameness in all human beings to the chief cause of trouble. There could even be animosity among brothers. If this is the case, the problem is pure greed and the scramble for power. We just need one or two evil men (and women).

Belated REPORT on BUM2011 FORUM last Saturday...

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 01:42 AM PDT

Can bloggers be in solidarity with the media?

Dr Lim Teck Ghee

bum-speechIn Malaysia, bloggers have been engaged in a battle to correct the spinning and political bias which has become part of the normal business and deep culture of the media. Since Independence, the majority of the media has been a willing partner in the Barisan Nasional's one overriding pursuit: that of self-promotion, self aggrandizement and opportunism. In the process, the old media has contributed to the corruption, injustice and bad governance that are the hallmarks of BN rule, especially during Dr Mahathir's administration and continuing today.

The reason why journalistic ethics and principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability are in short supply is not difficult to fathom. When these qualities do exist especially amongst younger and idealistic media practitioners, the calls from the Home Affairs Ministry, Special Branch, and the political bosses are quickly there to remind them of the Printing Presses and Publications Act; the ISA; the Sedition Act; and the major roadblocks to career advancement should they offend the authorities with their writing.

We salute the journalists and media practitioners who have retained their integrity and want to get the truth out to the public. We salute Saudara Hata Wahari for his stand on not just mouthing the rhetoric of compliance with journalistic ethics and good practice but on practicing them and in pushing his colleagues to higher standards. Shortly after being elected NUJ president last September, Saudara Hata called on "all mainstream journalists, especially of Utusan Malaysia, the New Straits Times, Berita Harian and The Star to return to their true function as deliverers of objective information to the public, and not as tools of propaganda for the government, or any political party or individual, for their personal gain." He has paid the price for standing up for his principles but let not his sacking be in vain.

On the possibility of not being used as tools of propaganda for the government, I have little faith that the old media is capable of the change to an honest and truthful profession on their own volition. Too many have "been kissing up to the regime" – and have been too well paid off for them to be able to make that change. With the death signs of the old regime increasingly visible, the mainstream media are acting as the cheerleaders and fear leaders of the government with an increasing vengeance – hence the frenzied playing of the racial and religious card by certain papers.

Change will eventually come but it will not happen on its own accord. It will happen though if we have a more conscientized and engaged public joining in the fight for media freedom. Bloggers have a key role to play in this 'reclaiming the media' and 'restoring dignity and respect' exercise.

Today, we see a superheated and hotly contested political environment which needs truthful reporting and analysis more than ever. Bloggers can provide that fair and objective analysis because they are generally their own masters. The great majority of activist bloggers have taken to blogging not because they are paid to do it but because of disenchantment with the system and the desire to share with fellow Malaysians their ideas on how to bring change to the country.

How long can this idealism last? A recent study of motivations for blogging in the United States provides guidance. The researchers found the three strongest initial motivations for blogging — "to let off steam," "to keep track of your thoughts" and "to formulate new ideas" — were all based on the bloggers' personal emotional or intellectual needs. In our case in Malaysia, it has been mainly a response to perceived injustices and the bad governance of the establishment that have pushed bloggers to put aside their time and resources to write. For most, it is a solitary undertaking with few rewards except the emotional and intellectual satisfaction that comes with exposing abuses.

But when asked why they're blogging today, those three foundational motivations either decreased in importance or increased very slightly. In contrast, the extrinsic motivations — notions such as "to serve as a political watchdog" and "to influence public opinion" — saw significant and sizable increases.

"As they continued to blog, and their blog posts reached wider audiences, they realized they could extend influence out to their audience, the media and political parties," the researchers write (see While their initial motivations did not fade away, this newfound influence provided additional motivation, leading these bloggers to be even more enthusiastic about what they do.

What has been noted in the US is also happening in Malaysia. Reaching out to the larger public and acting as a political watchdog are natural developments. In the process, bloggers have also built a community of bloggers and supporters who share similar values and ideologies – at least in terms of the need to protect and widen the space for democratic values and expression. This community is a precious seedling in Malaysia. It needs nurturing and patience especially since there will be strenuous efforts to divide and destroy the community. Make no mistake about it – winning the internet war has been the priority of the BN since March 2008 – and they will engage in whatever trickery necessary.

For the internet to be free and for the community of activist bloggers to continue as leaders against spinning, fear mongering and outright lies, the community will have to close ranks. Sometimes though, bloggers are their worst enemies in their rush to quick judgment especially in relation to those within the community.

With regard to this negative tendency of turning against their fellow activist bloggers, I have full confidence that Raja Petra Kamarudin has not cut a deal with the government on coming back to Malaysia and nor has he sold out on his principles. Knowing this man personally – more important – going by his record of standing in the frontline in fighting for truth, justice and good governance, it is a sorry reflection of the state of our bloggers' community and mindset that so many have jumped onto the bandwagon of criticism against RPK for giving the interview to TV3.

We can fault him on the timing of the interview; we can contest him on what he disclosed or failed to disclose; we can reject his critical views on the opposition but let's not question his integrity and his commitment to a just and better Malaysia. In his campaign for transparency, accountability and justice, and his whistle-blowing on corruption, racism and money politics, RPK exemplifies the best of blogging activism: independent, idealistic, unwavering and telling it as it is. RPK literally puts his life on the line with every major column he writes exposing what no one else dares to put out in print. Let's recognize and appreciate his service to the nation.

Know your friends from your foes; close ranks and go back to the basics which are to focus on the priority problems and issues in the country, and expose and bring down bad governance, wherever that may emanate. This should be the bloggers' creed for our tumultuous times.


The above is a summary of Dr Lim's speech to the Bloggers' Universe Malaysia (BUM) forum, delivered on June 11, 2011.

It was a smallish crowd of 25-30 people who attended BUM2011 Forum themed "Bloggers' Solidarity with the Press?" -- but the discussion was spirited and interesting, and although the forum was scheduled to end at 10.30PM, it stretched on by more than 30minutes, yet with a few more Qs from the enthusiastic audience pending. Thinking Aloud&Aloowed in blogospheretaiko JeffOoi's tradition -- HOW ABOUT CONTINUING AT A BUM2011 DINNER TWOMONTHS FROM NOW?

YES, note the theme ended with a question mark, while OC chair YL originally stated it as a fact and ended it with a full-stop. You read Dr Lim's delivery and appreciate the diff!:)

Desi is steal/still recovering from exhaustion, so will give his take on the goings-on later, K... InsyaAllah! Meanwhile, God bless my ER (esteemedreaders for first-timers here/hear!:), and take carexz-- Amen

UMNO VP Whines That UMNOphilic Netizens Not Spewing Bile Fast Enough

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 07:29 PM PDT

First, be prepared to hold in your vomit as you read this announcement from The Star 13 June 2011:

Umno cybertroopers told to act

BENTONG: Umno's cybertroopers must play an active role to counter issues played up by the online media.

Party vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the new media had put a negative spin on many issues causing the public to receive wrong information.

Dr Ahmad Zahid said what was more worrying to Umno was fencesitters who were not members of any political party as they could be influenced by wrong information provided by the online media.

"There has been a hate culture propagated by irresponsible groups against Umno.

"This hatred of Umno has influenced the people, so we need to do something drastic to regain their support," Ahmad Zahid said after opening the Bentong Umno division delegates meeting here yesterday.

Also present was the division's chief and Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob.

Ahmad Zahid said the pro-Umno cybertroopers had to create something that could attract the masses.

"The information we put out is mainly limited to Umno members and does not reach fencesitters and other members of the public.

"This puts us at a disadvantage," he said.

He added that Umno should not ignore fencesitters who could make a difference in an election.

First, let me say that if there is a 'hate culture against UMNO', well, they started it first and gave us good reason to 'hate' them.

Second, of course they would be negative towards alternative media (they've even whined about Facebook not being their minions). After all, not everyone is a leashed, rabidly racist lapdog like Spew-tusan. See past examples where traditional new media reporting truthfully and factually got them banned and ISA detained.

Third, as to the content put out by UMNO-cybertroopers being attractive only to UMNOphiles… Who else do they expect to be willing and eager to read seditious bile-istic lies in their own free time?

How to Deviously Hide Your CRAAAAZZZYY When Commenting Online

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 08:50 PM PDT

Via AoSHQ from Pajamas Media, just one excerpt:

Tips for Not Appearing Crazy on the Internet

If you can actually read and understand what non-crazy people are saying and still keep your own crazy, that's a really advanced state of crazy you've achieved. Be proud.

"Negara Berkebajikan" Wujud Sebelum PAS Bekerjasama Dengan DAP Lagi

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 09:51 PM PDT

Media-media UMNO dalam beberapa hari ini beriya-iya menuduh PAS mengorbankan prinsip kerana mengkedepankan konsep "Negara Berkebajikan".

Sedarkah mereka "Negara Berkebajikan" ini adalah polisi yang PAS pegang sebelum Pilihanraya 2008 lagi.

Yakni, sebelum PAS menjalin hubungan dengan DAP di dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

Jelasnya, tidak timbul soal PAS menggadai prinsip kepada DAP atau PKR. Ini kerana polisi "Negara Berkebajikan" telah pun PAS kehadapankan sebelum Pilihanraya 2008 lagi.

Di bawah adalah kenyataan akhbar Presiden PAS Pusat bertarikh 27 Februari 2008 yang diambil terus dari Laman Presiden PAS Pusat:


Ditulis oleh DATO' SERI TUAN GURU HJ ABD. HADI AWANG Rabu, 27 Februari 2008 03:30
Setiap kerajaan mempunyai falsafah pentadbiran dan pemerintahannya masing-masing. Ia menjadi asas kepada semua keputusan dan tindakan yang diambil. Kerajaan Malayia sekarang ini menggunakan falsafah Negara Pembangunan (Development State) yang meletakkan pembangunan untuk kecemerlangan fizikal sebagai keutamaan. PAS menawarkan sebuah pemerintahan menggunakan falsafah Negara Berkebajikan yang mengutamakan pembangunan untuk kebajikan rakyat awam. Bagi Pilihanraya Umum ke 12, PAS memperteguhkan tawarannya kepada rakyat untuk bersama-sama bersatu dan berjuang menegakkan sebuah Negara Berkebajikan.
Konsep dan definisi
Negara Berkebajikan didefinisikan sebagai:
"Sebuah Negara yang mengutamakan kebajikan dan keselesaan rakyat sebagai agenda utama pembangunan negara". Negara Berkebajikan mementingkan pembangunan, tetapi matlamat nya ialah kesejahteraan rakyat kebanyakan.
Ciri-ciri Negara Berkebajikan
Negara Berkebajikan:
1) Tujuan utama pembangunan adalah bagi manfaat dan kebajikan rakyat awam
2) Kerajaan adalah "guardian" atau Penjaga (ibu-bapa) kepada rakyat
3) Penekanan kepada kecemerlangan moral dan nilai keinsanan (Ethic and human centric)
4) Kebendaan adalah modal, pembangunan insan adalah matlamat
5) Kesaksamaan asas di kalangan semua rakyat dipastikan, kecemerlangan individu di galakkan
6) Kebajikan rakyat adalah tanggungjawab negara
7) Rakyat sejahtera, negara makmur
Negara Berkebajikan PAS selaku "ibu-bapa" kepada rakyat tidak akan menganggap program kebajikan dan subisidi rakyat, yang tidak mempunyai pulangan keuntungan (dalam bentuk wang ringgit) sebagai satu bebanan atau kerugian, bahkan ia merupakan satu tnaggungajawab. Kerajaan UMNO/BN pula menganggap program kebajikan dan subsidi sebagai satu bebanan yang seboleh mungkin mahu dipertangungkan ke atas bahu rakyat.
Dari segi sejarah, model Negara Berkebajikan sebenar yang menjadi rujukan dan panduan PAS telah dilaksanakan di sepanjang peradaban manusia. Ia termasuklah pemerintahan Mesir dari seerah Nabi Yusuf a.s, kerajaan Nabi Sulaiman a.s, dan pemerintahan Rasulullah saw, sehingga pemerintahan Khalifah Umar Bin Abdul Aziz. Kesemua ini menjadi asas kepada Negara Berkebajikan yang diperjuangkan PAS. Walaupun negara-negara Eropah seperti Jerman, Belanda, Perancis, Sweden, dan United Kingdom mengenengahkan Konsep "Welfare State" selepas Perang Dunia Ke-2, namun ianya hanya bersesuaian dengan sebahagian daripada konsep Negara Berkebajikan PAS.
Konsep Negara Pembangunan yang dibawa oleh UMNO/BN terlalu mengutamakan pembangunan dan kemasyhuran fizikal. Ini dapat disaksikan dengan projek-projek mega seperti Monsoon Cup, Masjid Kristal (bukan tempat ibadah tetapi untuk tarikan pelancong semata-mata), Pertandingan Formula 1, Pesta Philharmonic Malaysia, 4 jet peribadi pemimpin tertinggi, dan Kompleks Bunga Raya di KLIA. Ini adalah antara banyak projek mega kerajaan UMNO/BN yang jelas tidak memberi manfaat secara langsung kepada rakyat kebanyakan.
Bagi Negara Berkebajikan PAS, bukannya imej negara tidak penting, tetapi kebajikan semua rakyat lebih diutamakan

Tawaran PAS menjadikan Malaysia sebuah Negara Berkebajikan
Sebagai memenuhi agenda pemerintahan PAS untuk Malaysia Negara Berkebajikan , PAS menawarkan kepada semua lapisan rakyat Malaysia pelbagai program berkebajikan berkonsepkan perkongsian sumber dengan kaedah perkhidmatan rakyat. Antaranya ialah:

1. Pendidikan percuma dari peringkat asas sehingga pengajian tinggi (penghapusan semua yuran pengajian)
2. Skim Pembiayaan Kesihatan Nasional bagi setiap rakyat yang tidak mempunya perlindungan kesihatan majikan
3. Mengembalikan semula pemberian biasiswa seperti yang dijamin Perlembagaan Persekutuan
4. Menurunkan harga petrol dan gas.
5. Merapatkan jurang agihan kekayaan antara golongan kaya-miskin
6. Melaksanakan akta gaji minima
7. Memperkenalkan cuti bersalin 90 hari dan cuti kebapaan 7 hari
Penegasan dan Gesaan
Berdasarkan fakta-fakta di atas, PAS dengan ini membuat gesaan dan rayuan kepada rakyat Malaysia agar memulakan perubahan daripada pemerintahan UMNO yang mengutamakan pembangunan untuk kemegahan imej negara, kepada Pemerintahan PAS yang bercirikan Negara Berkebajikan yang mengutamakan pembangunan bagi kebajikan rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya.

21 Febuari 2008

Pengajaran Kepada Hasan Ali dan Ustaz NAsa

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 08:37 PM PDT

Pengajaran terbesar kepada mereka adalah:

Bila buang kawan untuk berkawan dengan musuh, alamat buruk padahnya

Ustaz Nasa, Hasan Ali dan Ustaz Harun Din tidak pernah disukai oleh Geng "Ulama"/Terengganu sejak zaman dahulu lagi. Tulang Besi mempunyai maklumat secara terus dan pengalaman pribadi.

Mereka sentiasa di kutuk, diumpat dan diburukkan kepada sekelian ahli-ahli PAS dengan berbagai-bagai fitnah dan dusta.

Namun, keputusan pilihanraya 2008 menukar segalanya. Secara tiba-tiba, agenda PERPADUANG telah menyatukan mereka semua.

Tiba-tiba Ustaz Nasa, Hasan Ali dan Harun Din menjadi siulan dan percakapan golongan "Ustaz"/Terengganu ini.

Secara tiba-tiba Ustaz Nasa dinaikkan taraf kepada taraf "ulama" dan Hasan Ali mendapat sokongan padu dari ketiga-tiga Dewan di Negeri Selangor.

Secara tiba-tiba semua ahli PAS dikempen untuk member wala' kepada Ustaz Nasa dan tidak boleh ada ahli PAS yang melanggar arahan serta kata-kata Ustaz Nasa.

Yang menghairankan, kempen dalaman ini dilakukan oleh mereka-mereka yang satu masa dahulu hebat menyebarkan fitnah serta dusta terhadap Ustaz Nasaruddin Mat Isa, Hasan Ali dan Harun Din.

Mereka yang pernah menjadi kawan dan pendokong Hasan Ali dan Ustaz NAsa telah dibuang ke dalam tong sampah. Malahan, mereka ini telah dilabel dengan berbagai-bagai label seperti tak wala', geng Anwar, anti ulama dan sebagainya.

Secara mudahnya, agenda perpaduang dengan UMNO telah menyatukan Hasan Ali, Ustaz NAsa dan Harun Din dengan musuh-musuh tradisi mereka. Agenda Perpaduang telah menjadikan kawan mereka yang azali menjadi musuh.

Malangnya, selepas pemilihan 2009, segalanya berubah. Kalau masa pemilihan 2009 majoriti ahli masih tidak mengetahui berkaitan dengan "geng perpaduang" dalam PAS, selepas itu maklumat berkaitan dengannya tersebar luas.

Majoriti perwakilan telah sedar mereka ditipu pada Muktamar 2009 kerana mereka sangkakan mereka mahu melindungi Kepimpinan Ulama. Rupanya, mereka telah mengundi calon yang akan membawa mereka ke mulut buaya (yakni kea rah perpaduang dengan UMNO.

Maka, setahun sebelum Muktamar 2011, Ustaz NAsa telah dilawati rombongan dari bekas musuh beliau (Geng Ulama/Terengganu). Rombongan tersebut meminta supaya Ustaz Nasa menarik diri dari jawatan Timbalan Presiden. Malahan, pada masa itu lagi nama Dato Tuan Ibrahim telah disebut sebagai pengganti beliau.

PAda masa itu, barulah Ustaz Nasa sedar beliau keseorangan. Musuh yang telah menjadi kawan baru beliau, sudah pun mem"fail"kan fasakh terhadap beliau. Kawan yang beliau khianat dahulu tidak mungkin akan menerima beliau balik.

Maka, dalam pertemuan dengan rombongan tersebut, Ustaz Nasa menyatakan sikap degil dan menolak permintaan mereka.

Dan mengikut sumber-sumber yang sampai pada Tulang Besi, ustaz Nasaruddin amat gembira apabila Abang Mat Sabu diisytiharkan menang. Beliau bukan gembira kerana Abang Mat menang, tapi beliau gembira kerana Dato Tuan Ibrahim telah kalah.

Beliau puas hati calon pilihan kumpulan "Ustaz"/Terengganu tidak berjaya mengganti beliau.

Dato Hasan Ali pula cuba untuk mempertahankan "status quo" dalam Mesyuarat AJK pertama selepas Muktamar 2011. Beliau yang pertama menyatakan betapa perlunya pemegang jawatan yang dahulu dikekalkan.

Namun, permintaan Dato Hasan Ali ditolak mentah-mentah. Dan akhirnya, Dato Hasan Ali tercampak dari kerusi Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor.

Maklumat yang Tulang Besi dapat, walaupun ada usaha untuk mengekalkan Dato Hasan Ali sebagai Pesuruhjaya, namun kes beliau ini sudah terlampau berat.

Dikhabarkan, aduan disiplin Tulang Besi yang diserahkan kepada SU Agung juga menjadi salah satu "hujjah" mengapa beliau harus ditukar dari menduduki kerusi PJ Selangor.

Itulah pentingnya menjadikan segalanya dalam bentuk hitam putih. Kalau tidak puas hati dengan pemegang2 jawatan dalam PAS, buat aduan secara hitam putih kepada mereka yang berkuasa di dalam PAS. Jangan hanya mengomel di belakang semata-mata.

Yang masih tinggal keseorangan sekarang ini adalah Dato Harun Din. Saya tak yakin Dato Harun Din akan mampu bertahan lama. Beliau sudah tiada kawan dan beliau tidak mungkin lagi mendapat sokongan dari kumpulan yang pernah menyokong beliau.

Syukur pemilihan baru2 ini menjelaskan kepada kita sikap sebenar mereka yang beriye-iye menggunakan label ulama untuk mendapat jawatan.

Mereka sedar mereka tiada "modal" untuk dipilih. Mereka menjaja label ulama bagi mendapat jawatan secara mudah tanpa dipersoal oleh sesiapa sahaja.

Kesilapan ini harus menjadi tauladan kepada semua ahli2 PAS. Jangan sekali mengkhianati kawan yang selama ini menjadi penyokong dan pendokong kita secara ikhlas. Hanya kerana jawatan MB Selangor dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri yang dijanjikan UMNO, buta semua mata. Buta akan jasa dan sokongan yang diberikan oleh kawan kita selama ini.

Tulang Besi

Snakes & Ladders game of our Malaysian politics

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 10:17 PM PDT

When rising politicians suddenly get cut down from their high standings and return to what they once were, I can't help but equate their circumstances to a very popular childhood pastime that is known as the Snake & Ladders game.

If we are to look at how many of those who once made the headlines of our newspapers due to their prominence in Malaysian politics, we can see the similarities of how top politicians are now reduced to being mere has been's or the also ran's?

People who once held court and ruled like roosters are now ignored as a new cock crows its best from a high perch.

Those who once languished at the bottom of the heap are now high up in the rungs of political power on both sides of the political field because their turn came and they got pushed up the proverbial political ladder. 

Take the case of the new PAS Deputy President, Hj Mohamad Sabu or Mat Sabu as he is popularly known. 

From being out there in the political wilderness, he is today being celebrated and given accolades as the next generation to lead PAS and achieve what the old school missed out? 

Even he himself never dreamed that he will eventually reach such a pinnacle in his years of struggling as a grassroots leader in the PAS political party.

Such are the trials and tribulations of those who choose to enter politics. They win some and lose some. Its the name of the game. 

Only thing they need to watch out for are the venomous snakes out there ever ready to bite and sink their fangs unto them and cause them to slide all the way down back to the starting point.

The recent PAS Central Committee shakeup displayed exactly what I am referring to here?
Dato Dr Hassan Ali, who was once seen as a rising star in PAS and well known for his oratory skills is today no longer the PAS Selangor State Commissioner. He has been bit by the proverbial political snake in the former Islamic party and back to square one.
YB Dr. Hj. Abd. Rani Osman, the PAS State Assemblyman for Meru, Klang has now been appointed to replace Dato Dr Hassan Ali and has shot up the political ladder in PAS Selangor as the new PAS Selangor State Commissioner.

Same game goes on in UMNO and the rest of the Malaysian political parties.

The biggest Snake & Ladders game will soon be played out in the coming 13th General Elections.

The question now is who gets to climb up the ladders to Putrajaya and who's gonna get stung and slide down to the bottom this time around?

Whilst the opposing politicians hiss and strike out at one another in the Malaysian political cess pit, we the citizens ought to tread with care and not end up as another victim of the slithering, sliding ones out there.

Have you got your anti-venom ready? :)

Syurga tapak kaki ibu dan syurga ayah

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 08:00 PM PDT

Semasa Husin kanak-kanak, keluarga kami ada satu amalan masa cuti sekolah. Ayah akan kejutkan kami pagi-pagi untuk solat jemaah subuh di masjid. Balik dari Masjid, dia akan ajar bab-bab ugama sampai siang hari.

Ayah Husin bekas guru besar sekolah ugama dan kemudian menjadi seorang Imam. Dia biasa mengajar, baik kanak-kanak mahu pun orang tua. Cara ayah ajar mudah dan menyeronokkan, maka kami tidak ngantuk.

Jadi lepas subuh, kami tak ada can nak tidor dan bangun tengahhari.

Ada satu pagi tu, ayah mengajar rukun Iman. Salah satu rukun Iman adalah mengenai percaya pada hari kiamat. Bab hari kiamat memang seram dan naik bulu roma bila bincang hal syurga dan neraka.

Kata ayah, Allah sudah janjikan ganjaran syurga yang luar biasa untuk hamba yang disayanginya dan taat pada perintahnya.

Syurga digambarkan sebagai tempat yang penuh kesenangan dan kenikmatan. Ia adalah tempat tinggal yang berhiaskan cahaya, tumbuh-tumbuhan yang wangi aromanya, sungai yang sentiasa mengalir air yang jernih, buah-buahan yang matang, isteri-isteri yang cantik jelita, pakaian yang berlimpah luah dan istana yang tersergam megah.

Padanlah orang mudah terbeli dengan janji syurga dari Tuan Guru Dato Nik Aziz kepada mereka yang mengundi dan menyokong PAS. Bagi rakyat marhaen, ia menjadi escapism untuk melarikan diri dari realiti kesusahan harian. Dengan syurga sebagai janji, ramai sedia berkorban.

Pada bulan lepas, Dato Husam Musa meningkatkan tawaran syurga dalam suatu ceramah di Kota Baru. Bukan saja orang Kelantan yang mengundi dan menyokong PAS masuk syurga, mereka akan masuk syurga sama-sama dengan Rasulullah sebab orang Kelantan hidup sezaman dengan Nik Aziz.

Pelik pulak gitu. Ayah kata ganjaran syurga dan neraka ditentukan Allah.

Berbalik cerita ayah, masa itu ayah kata nak masuk syurga kena baik dan penting sekali baik dengan ibu kerana syurga terletak di tapak kaki ibu. Masa itu Husin tidak faham Mutashabiha atau sesuatu yang maknanya tidak boleh diambil secara literal kerana ia satu metafora.

Seronoklah kita tahu di mana letaknya syurga.

Maka pada petang itu, Husin balik dari main rumah kawan dan nampak ibu sedang tidor kepenatan di kerusi sofa dengan kakinya terlunjur atas alas stool.

Husin duduk di hujung kaki ibu dan membelek-belek kaki kanannya. Kalau syurga terletak di kaki ibu, mestilah di kaki kanan. Lama dibelek kaki ibu yang sedang tidor, tak nampak apa pun. Takda pula sebarang ruang pada kaki yang menunjukkan ada syurga tersembunyi.

Tak jumpa di kaki kanan, Husin pun lihat pada kaki yang kiri. Mana tahu, tak ada di kaki kanan, jumpa di kaki kiri pula?

Tak juga jumpa. Mana dia syurga yang ayah cakap?

Tiba-tiba ibu menggelisah dalam tidor, lalu terselek kainnya dan ternampak tompokan gelap di celah kaki ibu. Husin tutup mata terkejut takut. Apa ini? Kenapa syurga ibu gelap gelita?

Esok hari lepas subuh, Husin tanya ayah sekali lagi, "Betulkah syurga di tapak kaki ibu, ayah?"

Ayah jawab, "Betul."

"Semalam masa ibu tidor petang, Husin dah tengok kaki ibu."

Ayah main trick kat Husin. Dia kata, "Kenalah tengok betul-betul."

"Ayah tahu masa ibu bergerak, nampak di celah kaki ibu tompokan gelap. Tak macam syurga yang ayah ajar kita ...."

Cepat ayah memintas. "Oh ... itu bukan syurga kau, itu syurga untuk kaum bapa."

Terus dia terangkan dengan panjang lebar dan lebih jelas apa maksud syurga di tapak kaki ibu hingga lupa kisah tompokan. Baru Husin faham maknanya syurga di tapak kaki ibu bukan betul-betul di kaki ibu tapi orang yang menyayangi dan taat pada ibunya dijanjikan ganjaran syurga.

Satu lagi ada orang kata, sapa suka cium tompokan gelap itu, tak bau syurga. Apa maksudnya pula?

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