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Today's Nazis are Muslims

Today's Nazis are Muslims

Today's Nazis are Muslims

Posted: 24 May 2011 04:01 PM PDT

From StrategyPage:

After World War II, most Jews said "never again" (to mass murder like the Nazis engaged in against the Jews.) But here it is, all over again, except this time the Nazis are speaking Arabic, and aren't nearly as well organized.

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Posted: 24 May 2011 12:37 PM PDT

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Top 7 Reasons NOT To Vote BN Come GE13
by Damien Murphy Denis
May 24, 2011

Reading the latest happenings about our country is a pain for many of us. Seeing the kind of filth BN politicians churning day in and day out makes you think that Malaysia is in a state of anarchy.

Would anyone disagree? Politically, economically and socially our nation is sinking lower and it seems we are reaching the point of no return.

We were considered to be a model country at one time but today we are on the way to become the "Next Sick Man of Asia" or the next Somalia.

Can we re-claim our country from these corrupt and good for nothing BN politicians? I say we have too. And we need too.

And we need to do it this coming GE13. Personally, I have 7 good reasons to kick BN out of Putrajaya come GE13:-

1) When BN is voted out you vote out people like Ibrahim Ali, Dr M, Perkasa and the likes. When you vote these people out you too vote out extremism, racism and bigotry from our nation. This is something we need to do as the current regime under Najib has failed to reprimand these racist politicians. In fact, Najib and his crony has been giving tacit support and approval by giving some of the most ridiculous statements in our nations history. Let us remember that "Perkasa adalah Perkakas UMNO" (Perkasa is UMNO's tool).

2) When you vote BN out you vote against corruption. This is a curse our nation has to endure since money politics has become so entrenched in our system. Every contract and business awarded has to be accompanied by a certain cut or percentage for those who walk in the corridors of power. Heard of the 10% men and his allegedly Maika shares? Of course, you have the BMF scandal, Perwaja and the latest PKFZ issue which is the hottest topic today but the current BN government seems to be dragging its feet to take those responsible to court. Why??? We can never expect BN to provide us with good governance as this is such an alien word to this bunch of crooks.

3) When you vote BN out you vote against all that stands for freedom and justice. What justice can a man on the street find for himself whenever his NCR land is taken over by BN cronies? What good is freedom if tomorrow he gets up to find his son has been gun down by the police in the wee hours of the morning? We not only need a dedicated and corrupt free cops/courts but also cops/courts who are able to perform their duty without fear or favor!

4) Vote BN out and you vote out an education system that supports mediocrity and second or third best. Look at our education system which is tainted with racism in the form of Biro Tata Negara (BTN) & quota system for university entry etc. If you look at our schools these days we will not fail to see how the standard has dropped from, let's say 15-20 years ago to today. Our teachers are not equipped to teach English well and this is causing our future graduates to suffer in the employment market. Yet, BN leaders especially the Education Minister has been giving us excuses after excuses till today and the young ones are the most affected. So, why keep these incompetent BN ministers in power? Get rid of them to redeem our education system NOW!

5) When you vote BN out you vote against the likes of Utusan, The Star, TV3 and many other mainstream media which has been controlled, manipulated and shackled by the powers that be. These newspapers especially Utusan has been spewing lies after lies and are still doing so as their political masters are the ones dictating to them what should be the menu of the week. Responsible journalism is such a foreign word to this big time corporate liars. Their recent report on the Christian state and PM is a case in point! They must be stop at all cost and we are the ones who will do it by bringing down BN in the next GE13.

6) Under BN rule Malaysia is facing a serious brain drain in the last few years. The major factors are the lethargic country's economy, educational opportunities, lack of religious freedom, social inequality and BN's affirmative policy in the form of NEP. These factors has made many young Malaysians fed-up with the current state of affairs and this has brought about the a wave of brain drain which is already affecting our economy today. The best brains in our country feels they are not being appreciated and welcomed as most of them are not of the Bumiputera group. Between 2008 & 2009 a total of 300,000 Malaysians has emigrated overseas just after the 2008 tsunami election. We need to put a stop to this brain drain and the starting point is to get rid of BN and vote in a government which is more inclusive and fair in its administration.

7) When we vote BN out, we vote for a better livelihood for all. And I mean for all and not just for the selected few cronies or the elites. Since the Asian Financial Crisis and Anwar's sacking in the late 1990′s our ecomony has never really prospered well. The BN government is planning for another round of petrol price hike come this June 2011. And Najib has the gall to say that subsidy has become an opium to the masses. Little did he realise that corruption and money politics in his own party UMNO is the real opium and the root of all evil!

And the list goes on. I'm very sure sure you have your own reason/s not to vote BN this time around. Do add in and see how long the list goes.

I'm convinced that for our country to move forward we need to put BN in its right place which is OUT of Putrajaya. As of now, I can only imagine Pakatan Rakyat as the only viable party to take over this government.

I have made my decision. How about you?

DAP: Merger with Snap 'looks positive'

Posted: 24 May 2011 05:05 AM PDT

DAP and Sarawak National Party (Snap) representatives concluded their first rounds of talks last week on a possible merger. Sarawak DAP chief Wong Ho Leng said during the meeting, both parties discussed avenues for cooperation and "mechanics of the merger". www.malaysiakini.com
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Site of Hulu Langat landslide

Posted: 24 May 2011 01:01 AM PDT

A close-knit village on the outskirts of the Malaysian capital was grieving on Sunday for the deaths of 16 people, mostly children, after an orphanage was hit by a devastating landslide. Malaysiakini team visited the site on the night of the incident to provide assistance. More stories: malaysiakini.com malaysiakini.com malaysiakini.com Video by Arvind Raj & Oliver Kumareyan
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SUPP “Dead Man Walking.!!”

Posted: 24 May 2011 08:45 AM PDT

SUPP has had too much infighting and also the bad blood spilled has not healed and the urban voters have not forgotten the episode. Its not only the Chinese voters but also the natives who sees that their representatives are given 'raw deals" especially been so loyal to the party. From the boardrooms to the coffeshops mosts Sarawakians are already saying,"SUPP is living on borrowed time and it will not be long before it will be "wiped out". Mosts of the leaders are seen to be like "Dead Man Walking" as the party itself is directionless with the veteran leaders still hanging on and clinging on to past glories etched in history.

The news media and the internet blogs have been harping on SUPP as "Times out" but still the leaders are so persistent that they are not willing to give in to new blood. They fear mosts that they will be shown the abyss and thats the main reason for not letting go. Crying for public sympathy as much as they want to but still the fact remains the party needs to be reshaped,renewed,renamed or even re-grouped with new alliances.

It will be very much like a Phoenix and its up to the leaders to rethink what they need to do or else SUPP will surely be shown the exit especially with the Parliamentary elections very soon.

Will they be enough time to rise from the ashes.?

The Prophets of Doom are already writing the script and the President of the party knows his time has indeed been "poisoned by too much infighting which was swept under the carpet." It would have been better if they had it all out then rather than now as another component party PRS must thank their lucky stars for "fighting it out in the ring'

The toxins which has seaped into the blood of the party is beyond repair and only if the changes in  TOTALITY nothing will heal it. PRS without its bold leaders slugging it out openly and also using the ruthlessness way of "winner takes all" we would be saying PRS "dead man walking" instead of SUPP if the factions have not crossed swords. PRS chopped and reengineered from its bitter infighting to free itself to be a major component party today.

Today the instigators and detractors of the party are clearly identified and BN has really to thank the 'people" who are so instumental in getting the mandate in the last State elections. SUPP's urban losses are their own doing and nobody else and they have themselves to be blamed instead of still pinning the blame conveniently to one man "pek moh" or CM Taib Mahmud.

Of course everyone says he has overstayed and ruled for too long but have they forgotten what good he has done for Sarawak. audie61 had the pleasure to interview SAPP Information Chief Chong Pit Fah in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and he said,"Sarawakians should be proud to have a leader like Taib Mahmud as he has maintained Sarawaks 'autonomy" { 1. The condition or quality of being autonomous; independence. 2. a. Self-government or the right of self …}

Whats wrong with him being sworned in at 10.30pm on the night of the election results as he being the BN Chairman Sarawak he has the legal right to be sworn in. Why the fuss.? Chong is a person known not to beat around the bush and he said " That's autonomy too."

He also said that he knows Sarawak CM Taib as also very vocal especially when Sarawakians are pitted against each other in religious hatred or toying around with their sentiments. He ensures that religious freedom is maintained and Chong too was told of the speech which CM Taib delivered in the last BN convention in KL.

Dont just judge him for now but judge him for the whole duration and Chong does feel that Sarawakians have not been short changed by his thirty years of rule.

He will eventually go and when he does it will not be the same again for Sarawak.He does fear for Sarawak when the time comes for the change and many would be singing the same tune like what Sabahans are facing. The good old days will never come back again.

SUPP will need to address the leadership changes sooner rather than later as it is rotting from within very soon the outside will just cave in when he was asked on SUPP's losses. I would say if the veterans still hogs the limelight the second echelon leaders will not be able push forward and make their stand. The party will be very like many other political parties before them which remains but not supported by members and the public and are termed…


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Perbalahan Khairy dengan Saifuddin Nasution - Khairy di pihak yang benar.

Posted: 24 May 2011 09:55 AM PDT

Saifuddin Nasution Setiausaha agung PKR dan Khairy tidak sepatutnya berbalah dalam isu pengurangan subsidi RON95 ini. Bukankah sekarang masing-masing bertujuan untuk mendesak pihak yang berwajib untuk tidak mengurangkan subsidi RON95 itu? Kenapa sudah bersama ingin melihat tidak ada pengurangan subsidi RON95 itu, masih lagi hendak bertelagah. Kenapa dalam niat dan usaha yang sama masih hendak bertelagah. Saya tidak faham.

Dalam isu ini saya tidak dapat menerima serangan Saifuddin terhadap Khairy kerana saranan Khairy itu merupakan satu 'favour' yang sangat besar kepada rakyat yang sedang dalam keresahan sekarang ini.

Bagi saya semua pihak wajar memberikan sokongan moral terhadap desakan Khairy untuk kerajaan tidak mengurangkan subsidi RON95 buat seketika ini walaupun beliau bersetuju untuk dilakukan penstruktoran terhadap subsidi RON95 ini. Saifudin sepatutnya mengambil isu ini secara objektif dan pandangan Khairy itu sebagai pandangan yang sangat menyejukan hati rakyat.

Rakyat mahu mendengar suara-suara di kalangan pimpinan semua pihak yang menyebelahi rakyat yang berdukacita dengan isu pengurangan subsidi ini. Dalam isu ini apa yang diperkatakan oleh Khairy itu benar dan betul selari dengan kehendak ramai. Tidak timbul masalah bermuka-muka Khairy seperti yang dituduh oleh Saifuddin itu. Saifuddin sendiri ada sejarah bermuka-muka itu. Tetapi bukan waktunya untuk berbalah tentang isu bermuka-muka ini.

Mahathir bermuka-muka, Najib bermuka-muka dengan kaum-kaum yang berbagai, dan banyak pemimpin yang bermuka-muka dikalangan pemimpin politik dunia ketiga ini.

Dalam hal yang melibatkan orang ramai seperti isu subsidi ini, kita wajar melupakan siapa dari pihak mana. Yang pentingnya ialah samada kenyataan Khairy itu wajar atau pun sebaliknya. Bagi saya sebagai Ketua Pemuda beliau memang sepatutnya diberikan dukungan dalam isu ini, melainkan ada pihak samada dalam BN/UMNO atau pembangkang melihat segala-galanya dari sudut politik yang sempit dan kuno.

Tidak timbul isu Khairy sombong atau apa, ini isu yang melibatkan rakyat yang ramai. Buat masa ini kerajaan wajar mencari jalan untuk menyelesaikan isu bebanan subsidi ini, tetapi buat masa sekarang kita meminta pengurangan subsidi terhadap RON95 ini ditangguhkan dahulu.

Itu sebenarnya yang diminta oleh Khairy kalau bacaan saya itu betul. DAN permintaan itu wajar. Itu jugalah permintaan Saifuddin dan partinya PKR. DAN hanya Khairy dari kepimpinan UMNO yang berani bercakap secara tegas dalam isu ini.Yang lain bercakap berpusing-pusing.

Oleh itu, saya hendak bertanya kepada Saifuddin, kenapa nak bergaduh? Silly isn't it?


Posted: 24 May 2011 08:35 AM PDT

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 Datuk Syed Ibrahim Kader, Presiden Kongres India Muslim Malaysia *Mungkin KIMMA ada video yang membuktikan PM kata indiamuslim adalah bumiputra…kalau ada tolong emailkan kepada kami…kami masih kasihankanKIMMA walaupun ramai yang meninggalkan indiamuslim.com.my kerana menjadi "rakan media KIMMA"…
Video 1
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Video 2


Gujarat cop Sanjeev Bhatt's revelations, contained in his affidavit filed before the Supreme Court, may come as a surprise to many. But for all those who lived in Gujarat during those fateful days and were in the thick of things, the contents only provide substantiation of what they had heard then. A top police officer of the state told me a couple of days after the riots started how director general of poice K Chakravarthy was uncomfortable on being told by Narendra Modi at a meeting to allow Hindus to vent their feelings.Though perturbed, Chakravarthy, a naturally timid person, could not muster the guts to stand up to his boss. So, instead he lamented to top police officers like the person to whom I had spoken. Or at least that is what the officer told me.

images of a Genocide: Muslim burnt

We probably mix up with these two terminologies. Many a times we use 'LEADERS' where actually we should have used 'REPRESENTATIVES'. These are just two examples of our reckless use of words without much reflection. A leader, to me, is a mirror. He holds fast to the TRUTH which he has reached out to after years of hard work and (re)search. He holds that truth closest to his heart and dearer than anything else. He shows the same truth as a mirror to his people.

The people reject and ridicule the leaders for a while and after only due passage of time accept them. This is almost always the case. The leaders know their people very well and the times they live in. They have a very clear idea about what is happening and why. They are well aware of what is not happening and why not. And what needs to be done to change the situation and how. They do not exploit a situation as do the representatives.

Our leaders are those who take us from one stage to another and a tangible difference is recorded by history – unmistakably. They treat their people not as they are but as they can and should be. They remove a lot many cobwebs in the minds of their people and educate them. They give new meaning to the words. They awaken them from deep slumber instead of lulling them into sleep at the noontime. Despite all these favors they are hardly ever garlanded. And they do not worry about it either. They are more concerned about garlanding their people.

An Indian Muslim can be anyone of Indian ancestry who is a Muslim. Tamils, Keralas, Punjabis, Sindhis, Mahrattas, Hydrabadis etc are all Indian Muslims. But in Malaysia a large majority of Indian Muslims are Tamil speaking. Hence the term Indian Muslim is generally applied to the Tamil speaking Indian Muslims. In Malaysia, Indian Muslims are also known as mamaks, DKK (darah keturunan keling), Kelings and Jawi Peranakan. The last one Jawi Peranakan is a strange misnomer. There is even a recent book written about the Jawi Peranakan which actually talks about the Indian Muslims.In contemporary Malaysia Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari, Zainuddin Mydin, Siti Nurhaliza binti "Thaarudeen", Justice Haidar Mohd Noor, Ahmad Nawab, Akbar Nawab, P Ramlee, Man Bhai, Tan Sri Elyas Omar, Tan Sri Ali Abul Hassan are all Indian Muslims or descended from Indian Muslims. Malaysia's first Speaker of Parliament Tan Sri CM Yusuf was a mamak. So was the permanent Chairman of UMNO Tan Sri Sulaiman "Ninam" Shah. 'Ninam' is actually truncated Tamil for 'Naina Mohamed'. Former Sabah Chief Minister Dato Harris Salleh and present Chief Minister Musa Aman are all mamaks. They are not Pushtuns, Pakistanis or Yemenis.

Among our Prime Ministers Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the son of an Indian Muslim. Abdullah Badawi has mamak blood from his father's side. Toh Puan Sharifah Radziah Syed Alwi Barakbah, the wife of our first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman, had mamak ancestry. The Tunku himself was of mixed Thai and mamak parentage. Ex DPM Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim's father is a mamak. The intellectuals Kassim Ahmad and Farish Noor have Indian Muslim fathers while the late Tan Sri Muhammad Noordin Sopiee had a mamak grandfather. Munir Majid is a Tamil speaking mamak and Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor is a mamak too.

Here it is pertinent to note the "Syed" and "Sheikh" name. Among Indian Muslims the name Syed or Sheikh is common, its no big deal. The names "Shah" and "Khan" are also very common mamak names. Other 'Malay' names like 'Chik', 'Tamby Chik' and 'Keling' are definitely of mamak origins too.

The name 'Shah' is not common among the Malays but strangely enough it is very common among the Malay sultans, for example Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja Nazrin Shah. Shah is NOT an Arabic name. It originates from Persia and comes to Malaysia from India through the Indian Muslim influence. This is just more indication of the mamak ancestry of our Malay rulers.

But among kampong Malays the name Syed and Sheikh are supposed to indicate Arab ancestry, the name Syed being associated with 'keturunan nabi' or lineage from the Prophet. To the kampong Malays these names are a really big deal. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Another common mamak name is 'Maricar'. Actually it is 'Marikiyaar'. This has evolved into 'Merican'. Hence the thousands of Malays who bear the 'Merican' name today are also of mamak ancestry. They call themselves Jawi Peranakan. They are actually mamak.

Many smart Indian Muslims realized very early on this Malay liking for Arabic names and Arab ancestry. So they started passing themselves off, (or did not object if they were referred to) as Arabs, usually of Yemeni descent. In Malaysia too many Syeds and Sheikhs from among the Malays today are actually recycled mamaks. One good example is Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari. Among the Malay elite Tan Sri Syed Mukhtar Bukhari passes of as being of Yemeni descent. His family actually comes from India. The former mayor of KL Tan Sri Elyas Omar is also of Tamil mamak origins from Penang.

Among the Malays it is also 'ok' if a mamak is from Pakistani descent. Perhaps Pakistan is closer to Bollywood. So some clever mamaks claim to be from Pakistan. The former Sabah Chief Minister Harris Salleh and present Chief Minister Musa Aman are said to be 'of Pakistan origins' but in actual fact they are of Indian mamak ancestry, and usually Tamil speaking.

Mamaks come in all colours and complexions from the dark skinned to the light skinned, green eyed and brown eyed types. A visit to the Masjid Kapitan Keling in Pitt Street in Penang or Masjid India in Kuala Lumpur on a Friday will witness all varieties of mamak.

The Indian Muslims in Malaysia today can be classified as follows :

Those mamaks who have inter married with Malays for generations and have actually become Malays. You can only know their mamak ancestry by their mamak sounding names like Merican, Shah, Syed, Sheikh etc, by their 'Indian' appearances – prominent nose, rounder eyes etc.
Those mamaks who have not inter married with Malays but who have assimilated closely into the Malay culture. They can only speak Malay and have cut off almost all their links with India. These would include thousands of mamaks in Penang, Kedah, Melaka and other parts of the country. Only their DNA remains Indian. But practically, for all intents and purposes they are Malay.
Those mamaks who are still very much Tamil and who can only speak pasar Malay. They may not have links with India but they watch Tamil movies and do not read the Malay papers or know much about the Malays. Despite being born in Malaysia they still would not know a 'kuih talam' from an 'otak-otak'. Many KIMMA members fall in this category. That is why they still call themselves Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia after the Indian Congress Party of Panditji Jawaharlal Nehru.
Those mamaks who are still very much Tamil and who cannot even speak pasar Malay despite being born in Malaysia. They will not know 'nasi lemak' from a hole in the ground. They will have strong family ties to India. They watch Tamil movies and know more about Tamil Nadu politics than Malaysia politics. They read Tamil Nesan and Malaysian Nanban religiously everyday to find out what is happening in Tamil Nadu and India. Again many KIMMA members also fall into this category.
Before 1970 the last two classes of Indian Muslims above (no.3 & 4) were usually overtly prejudiced against the Malays. Before 1970 many of them were not even citizens of the country. Their slang term for Malays was 'valayan-katti'. This is a term invented by Tamil estate workers but which became widely used by most Tamils including Indian Muslims to describe Malays.

A 'valayan' means wire. 'Katti' means to tie something. So 'valayan-katti means 'a person who ties a wire'. What does this mean? In the early days of the rubber industry, the British tried to get the Malays to tap the rubber trees. However the native Malays had problems tapping the rubber tree in the proper manner and ended up injuring the tree, reducing the output of rubber. The British had better luck getting the trees properly tapped with the Tamils from India. Malays were then delegated the simpler job of using wire (valayan) to tie (katti) the little latex cups to the rubber tree. Hence the name 'valayan-katti'.

Another Tamil term used for Malays is 'naattu kaaran' or 'naattan' which means 'native'.

Before 1970 the type 3 and 4 mamaks above and everyone else did not see much in the Malays. But post 1970 and the New Economic Policy the mamaks realized that they suddenly depended on the Malay for everything, especially the ever precious 'Entry Permit' to get Permanent Resident status in Malaysia. Until then few mamaks got married in Malaysia. They always went back to India to get married. After 1970 and the NEP, the trend disappeared in a hurry. The Malays refused to give Entry Permits for mamak brides and grooms from India. All of a sudden mamaks realized that they were short of wives and husbands. Hence the rate of inter marriage between mamaks and Malays increased tremendously after 1970. After 38 years of the NEP, the mamaks are even more assimilated now through marriage than ever before. Today there is rarely a mamak family which does not have a Malay son or daughter in law.

Post 1970, the mamaks realized that real political power and with it economic largesse had shifted to the Malays. But many mamaks included in class 1 and 2 above had no problem with this shift in power because often they were the ones holding high office. For example the first Speaker of Parliament CM Yusuf, a mamak, was his own power in his day. It was only the class 3 and 4 mamaks described above who were (and still are) slow in assimilating into becoming Malaysians. The KIMMA represents many of these people.

Hence the present scramble among them to be recognized as bumiputras, to get Malay classification in the Birth Certificate, BIN in the IC etc.

But it is a fact that the Indian Muslims are heavily intermarried with Malays. This trend started over 600 years ago and continues until today. They and their offspring have played major roles in the history of this country. Sang Nila Utama, Parameswara, Tun Ali, Hang Kasthuri, Hang Tuah, Mani Purindan, Tun Teja, Abdullah Munshi and ALL the Malay Sultans are descended from Indian Muslims. The Perlis Royal family is almost certainly of mamak/Thai mix.

It is also true beyond any single doubt that from their earliest history here, the mamaks have had extreme affection which the Indian Muslims have had for the Malays throughout history. This could be attributed to the similarities in religion but there are also other Muslims in the country (including from India) like Pakistanis, Punjabi Muslims, Patans and also others like the Chinese Muslims.

Although the Indian Muslims are generally friendly with all races there is not as much intermarriage between Indian Muslims and other Muslims compared to the heavy intermixing and intermarriages between Indian Muslims and the Malays.

And it is an established fact (evidenced by all the names mentioned above) that throughout history the Indian Muslims have always stepped forward to defend the rights of the Malays. In the process many of the Indian Muslims have lost their identity almost completely to the Malays. Who are the descendants of the Tamil educated Munshi Abdullah today? No one knows. A DNA test will reveal Indian DNA among all our Malay rulers but which Sultan can or wants to retrace his Indian ancestry? These are the mamaks who assimilated into the Malay community from generations ago.

Fast forward to today : in UMNO there are thousands of mamaks fighting for Malay rights. In PAS there are mamaks fighting for Islam (aka Malay) rights. PAS stalwart Hanipa Mydin is a pure mamak while Deputy MB of Kelantan Dato Husam Musa may have mamak blood. In the old Keadilan 'brother' Abdul Rahman Othman, another mamak tulen, became party secretary general and then quit later – to join PAS. In the Civil Service and in the Melayu korporat sector there are thousands of mamaks helping the NEP 'social engineering' come true.

In Penang pure Malays are a rarity. As late as the 80s, they could only be found in Sungai Ara, Balik Pulau and other places where there were no roads. In all other places in Penang, mamak blood is almost a certainty. Hence words like 'chacha' and 'nana' are a part of Penang Malay. In Kedah and Melaka the mamak 'penetration' of the Malay populace is much more earlier than in Penang. Which means the mamaks in Kedah and Melaka have diluted their DNA into the Malay population from much earlier (from Portugese, Dutch and British times).

In short mamaks are a permanent feature of the Malay 'make up'. It is the karma of the mamaks that they have become kurma in Malaysia.

The leaders talk to their people in clear and understandable terms. They are never confused about their own ideas. They clearly stand for something. And that something is clearly known to all. They talk to their own people more than ever talking on their behalf to others. This is what marks the LEADERS from REPRESENTATIVES. A leader is a life-long leader whether anyone follows him or doesn't. This is not the case with representatives. They certainly need someone to represent.

A 'representative' only represents. This is his job. This is his career. He does not lead. Because he has no clear idea of the path and the destination. There are many external factors which make him a REPRESETATIVE. But he considers himself a leader and the people, too, consider him a leader. It compounds the whole situation. And it is hardly realized. Generations come and go but the confusion between 'leaders' and 'representatives' persists.

If we decide not to mix up between 'LEADERS' and 'REPRESENTATIVES' and use these two terms quite judiciously it will make a difference. A simple change of description will take away the charm from 'leadership' and it might set a few things right. Let us resolve to be very careful in the use of words like these and try our best to regain the lost meanings – a precondition for changing the discourse and moving towards rebirth.

After having established educational institutions with a VISION where our job is (or should be) to 'develop a coherent body of ideas and creatively reach out to the unknown with critical and scientific thinking in order to arrive at the whole picture' we will not need one single leader to show the mirror. We will get plenty of them from our Institutions. If we aren't getting them now it is because of an incorrect concept of knowledge and lack of the following clear VISION:

The students coming out of our Colleges and Universities should have Qur'an in the right hand, most modern scientific and technological advancements in the left hand and the crown of Laa Ilaah on the forehead. So that the Muslims regain the same glorious status of founders and promoters of science and technology as they did during the ascendance of their civilization.

It is a fact that representation of Muslims in Indian politics ever sinceindependence has been disproportionately low, ranging between 6 – 8%, as compared to their share in the Indian population which is estimated to be around 14%, but believed to be even higher. 

The reasons for such low representation vary from the lack of effective Muslim leadership to the nepotism and favoritism of Political bigwigs. The fear of political parties that non-Muslim electorates may not choose to elect a Muslim candidate, stands, perhaps, as the greatest deterrent for most of the parties to field many Muslim candidates in elections. 

These together have created an almost communal environment where Muslims have hardly any say in the ruling of the State even though they form a considerable portion of the electorate.

There are other factors such as affirmative actions in favor of Scheduled Castes/Tribes (SC/ST), which have snatched away a significant portion, roughly 22% of the parliamentary seats and over 27% of the state assembly seats, of constituencies from Muslim candidates. 

The Muslims, being nearly excluded from SC/STs, cannot even compete in the election in the reserved seats. And quite surprisingly, it has been observed that there is a deliberate attempt to discriminate against Muslim using the reservation policy.

The fact has been brought to light by media platform such as http://twocircles.net/ that on the one hand, many constituencies where SC/STs comprise the majority of electorates are not reserved for them. 

On the other hand, there are a large number of constituencies where majority or a significant fraction of the electorate is from the Muslim community and a small population of the SCs but the seats have been reserved for SCs. 

This seems to be a deliberate attempt to deprive the Muslim community of its leadership. Such moves, whether involuntary or deliberate, have further reduced the chances of Muslim candidates winning the election.

Another such apprehension, regarding the Women's Reservation Bill, seems not entirely unfounded. At present, the level of Muslim women's participation in public life has been minimal. If the Women's Reservation Bill is introduced, as it reserves 33% of the seats for women, can very well take away some more of the seats that presently elect Muslim legislators. 

Given the electoral trends in India, the prospect of the reverse happening, that is, Muslim women getting elected from an otherwise non-Muslim dominated constituency seems negligible.

Considering a total disempowerment and underdevelopment of Indian Muslims in nearly all walks of life as pointed out by the Sachar Committee report, it becomes imperative to think of enhancing the share of representation for Muslims in the political machinery. 

This realization prompts a set of questions: How can the representation of Muslims be increased? Should there be some political parties exclusively for or dominated by Muslims? Is it better if the mainstream parties provide equitable opportunities to Muslim candidates to participate in the elections?

Since the first question can be answered by answering the later questions, I would like to discuss the relative pros and cons of the later two. 

If there are parties exclusively for or dominated by only Muslims' interests, then the outcome is going to be inefficient and hence, is a loss for everyone. 

For instance, when voting is done on the basis of religion/sect caste etc., the criterion for preference is something other than the leadership quality of the candidate. So the leader elected by such a partisan process may not be the best one for the electorate.

Another demerit of such process is that if Hindus vote on religious line in favor of pro-Hindu parties and or pro-Hindu candidates, and then Muslims follow the same and vice versa. Even worse, if the game continues, then Muslims will ultimately be the biggest losers. Since in majority of the constituencies in India non-Muslims dominate the electorate, it will be difficult for Muslim candidates to win the election.

Even if the Muslim candidates win a few seats, the Muslim affiliated parties will seldom have a majority to form the Government so they will be left in the opposition. If the Muslim representatives perpetually sit in the opposition, what benefits are they likely to bring to their constituencies? So the Muslim community ultimately suffers because of the partisan politics.

Another potential, and the gravest, consequence is that such partisan politics of Muslims supporting a pro-Muslim party will give the right wing parties a sound pretext to garner support in religious lines. Consequently, suppose, Hindus start supporting pro-Hindutva parties. This may potentially lead to a complete polarization of the Indian society.

Imagine a nation inflicted with partisan politics; a few Muslim leaders from pro-Muslim parties sitting helplessly in the opposition and reckless Hindu leaders from staunch Hindutva brigades ruling the assembly or parliament! 

Can India, composite as it is, survive such a degenerate politics? How many more Babri Masjids will be demolished? How many more Gujarat Massacre will be repeated? Is there any prospect of socioeconomic development is such a scenario?

A partisan politics may, in the short run, benefit the right wing fundamentalist Hindutva parties but this is a mistake the Muslims of India can't afford to make, since their number does not favor them. Muslims cannot afford to be communal.

The recent developments leading to formation of Muslim dominated political parties and winning quite a few seats in the state elections, except Tamil Nadu, can be viewed as a positive sign of change. 

This shows the Muslim communities' stronger spirit of political participation and increased confidence in the democratic process. However, this should not be construed as Muslims' victory over non-Muslims. Rather this, should be viewed as, and in fact, is merely an indication that Muslims have not been satisfied with the policies of the mainstream political parties.

This development of Muslim dominated parties and Muslim religious organization such as the Jamat-e-Islami (Hind) joining mainstream politics is a call to the mainstream parties like the Congress,  the CPI (M), the BJP, etc. that there needs to be a thorough change in their mode of functioning, especially, policies of nominating candidates for election. 

Eligible Muslim candidates need and deserve an equitable share in the election otherwise things may go against the parties' interests, and ultimately against everyone's interests. 

The fact that given a chance, Muslim candidates can do well in the election has been proven by the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. This is an example which other mainstream parties can emulate.

So far, the Muslim community led political parties have refrained from partisanship by inducting non-Muslim members and giving them key positions both in the party as well as while giving nominations. Such a balanced policy is a must for any political party in India, not only for the sake of political correctness, but also for its own survival.

Irrespective of who launches a party, the future course of action of a political party must display the spirit of democracy and utmost secularism; otherwise these new parties will also become the victims of communalism and sectarianism from which the older parties have already been suffering.

The Indian electorate has already dumped the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its communal character, signaled the left for its covert rightist bias, and shaken the base of the Indian National Congress for its incapability to maintain a secular character in action. 

However strong the communal and disruptive force maybe, but the Indian society, except for occasional perturbations, has shown its resilience by reverting back to secular and composite values.

So it is a challenge before all the political parties, right, center, and left leaning, new and old alike – thrown by the people of the world's largest democracy that prove yourself by uniting the communities and not by segregating one from the other, by effective leadership and progressive policies or you will be thrown out of the race and out of the place. 


Posted: 24 May 2011 06:01 AM PDT

Kanimozhi's arrest won't impact Cong-DMK ties: Azad

The arrest of Kanimozhi in the 2G spectrum case would not have any impact on the ties between the Cong-DMK, Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said.

After a meeting with DMK chief M Karunanidhi, Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday said the arrest of Kanimozhi in the 2G spectrum case would not have any impact on the ties between the two parties but insisted that the government would not interfere in the case.

"All these on-goings have no effect on DMK-Congress alliance and in future also it will have no effect," the Union minister told reporters after meeting Karunanidhi.

He said Congress president Sonia Gandhi is concerned about Kanimozhi being in jail and he expressed sympathies with the DMK over the issue.

"Our leader Sonia Gandhi is concerned because Kanimozhi being a woman is in jail and it is a matter of concern and the fact is that one cannot do anything," Azad said.

He, however, clarified that the government would not interfere in the legal process.

Azad, who is also Congress in-charge of Tamil Nadu, maintained that Karunanidhi understands that the Supreme Court is directly monitoring the 2G spectrum case and the government has no role in it.

"Karunanidhi is a man of political standing and also a man of political understanding. He knows well that the Supreme Court is monitoring and a special court is looking into it. He also knows the opinion of the Government of India as it is not interfering in any cases, including the (Suresh) Kalmadi case," he said.

"I am happy Karunanidhi understands it all…. Congress has no role to play here (in the case)," Azad said, adding that Karunanidhi knows the circumstances and the prevailing situation and the role of law agencies in the matter.

Later, Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan met Karunanidhi.

She told reporters after the meeting that the ties between Congress and DMK were the same.

"The DMK has said that it will fight the case legally. I met him (Karunanidhi) as a courtesy," she said.

Natarajan said Karunanidhi told her that Kanimozhi was fine and she is prepared to fight the case legally.

Home minister P Chidambaram and minister of state in the Prime Minister's Office M Narayansamy had met Karunanidhi on Monday to discuss the issue.

Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa, finally reacting to the arrest of DMK president M Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi in connection with the 2G spectrum scam, said people's faith in judiciary has been restored.

"All that I would like to say is that finally the law is taking its course. Action is being taken according to the law. After a long time people of this country have began to regain faith in the judicial process. People's faith in the judicial system has been restored", she said, replying to queries in her weekly briefing of the press.

To a question on reports that Kanimozhi had cited her gender as grounds for bail plea in the court, Jayalalithaa said that her argument was wrong. "In politics, you cannot expect any concession to be shown because you are woman…Similarly, where criminal aspects are concerned you cannot expect leniency because you are a woman".

Reacting to a television interview of former LTTE chief arms procurer K Padhmanathan, who had reportedly said LTTE tried several times unsuccessfully to assassinate Jayalalithaa, the chief minister said "I have been living with death threats since 1991″.

To KP's remarks that the DMK ideology had influenced the LTTE to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi, she said "That has been the basic charge since a long time. We always said that the DMK was behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in an indirect way".

The Hasan Ali case gets curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say.

Every few days, the IT guys keep upping the tax dues of the Pune-based stud farm owner. Recently they added penalty and made it a nice round figure of Rs 100,000 crore. So you now have one lakh crore of tax dues and they still don't know where the money in his Swiss bank accounts came from. Meanwhile, rumours fly fast and furious. Some say the billions belong to a powerful Maharashtra politician who is everyone's pet target these days. Others say it belongs to a Tamil Nadu politician currently out of power. There are also dark whispers that it belongs to an Andhra politician who passed away sometime back. While Ram Jethmalanai alleges dramatically in court that it leads all the way to the very top. The general consensus is that it belongs to many politicians and businessmen, and Hasan Ali is just a banker for them. The list includes even Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, once touted as the richest man in the world. But whoever the money belongs to must be so powerful that Hasan Ali, even in custody, refuses to sing. No one has managed to get the slightest clue from him as to where the billions came from.

By all accounts, Hasan Ali has beaten the late Harshad Mehta to the highest tax defaulter stakes. One lakh crore is no laughing matter, particularly when it's based on conjecture and vague insinuations. For, as on date, there's nothing proved against Hasan Ali nor his charming second wife Rheema, against whom the investigating agencies are now plotting to move, in the hope they can use her to prise open the dark secrets behind their Swiss bank accounts. Even the Supreme Court last month queried the State as to why enough is not being done to find out more about his unexplained transactions. Custodial interrogation hasn't helped either. The main question remains unanswered: Does the money belong to Hasan Ali? If so, where did he get it from and for what services rendered? It's a tidy sum, $8 billion in cash in Swiss banks and no one quite knows where it came from, what it was paid for, who paid it and why.

The actual tax claim against Hasan Ali, excluding penalty and interest, is reportedly Rs 72,000 crore, enough to provide drinking water to India's six lakh villages. Yet no action has been taken to clear the mystery behind the man and his funny money. It's funny money because, till date, there's simply no evidence, certainly not in the public domain, that suggests Hasan Ali actually owns that $8 billion. The money could belong to anyone—and probably does.

The IT guys claim that any further delay and the matter can get time barred. This means the case has been going on for much longer than we know. Tax cases don't get time barred easily. They take years to reach that stage. So, probably, someone has dragged his feet in this case either to protect Hasan Ali or protect those whose money he may be shielding. The delay may also be politically inspired, if it's true that the money belongs to politicians. In fact, if it wasn't for the courts, Hasan Ali would have been by now (like Q) a free man with nothing to hold him back except a long buried controversy.

Clearly, there appears to be a cover up somewhere. Yet I also believe the man when he says he fears for his life. We saw how the key witness for the 2G case, Sadiq Batcha mysteriously died on the very day he was planning to turn approver and spill the beans. The doctor who gave his post mortem report, calling it a case of suicide, is now an election candidate. He resigned from his job the very next day. A coincidence? Possibly. Hasan Ali, whatever may be his crime, is clearly in a dangerous space ever since he sent out a small slip of paper to a news reporter saying he fears he may be killed before the actual facts of the case emerge. Does that mean he wants to sing but is not being allowed to?

Before we judge Hasan Ali, our first job is to protect him. Most such cases in India never get solved because someone or the other, the villain or the victim or the key witness, gets bumped off during investigations. There is convenience in sudden death. Those who know the facts are then too terrified to speak out and with no clearly identified villain to pursue, the media quietly sneaks away to hunt down new crimes. Let not Hasan Ali's case go the same way. He may be a bad guy. But no bad guy, however smart, however well connected, gets $8 billion from nowhere in his Swiss bank accounts unless he is protecting someone who he believes is powerful enough to rescue him or dangerous enough to kill him if he speaks the truth.


Posted: 24 May 2011 03:46 AM PDT

Persatuan Anak Peneroka Felda Kebangsaan (Anak) meminta Felda memberikan penjelasan berhubung dakwaan bahawa agensi persekutuan itu memperoleh pinjaman RM6 bilion daripada Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP), dipercayai mahu menampung masalah kewangan dialami.
Pengerusi Anak Mazlan Aliman berkata, pihaknya mendapat maklumat Felda telah berbuat demikian dan oleh itu mahu pengurusan Felda dan Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Ahmad Maslan menjelaskan sama ada benar atau tidak perkara itu.
Beliau berkata mendapat maklumat itu daripada minit mesyuarat daripada Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Rancangan (JKKR) yang menyebut "permohonan sara hidup yang dibincangkan untuk dinaikkan telah dibawa ke mesyuarat gabungan JKKR dan telah dipersetujui tetapi setelah dibawa ke mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Perunding Peneroka, jawapannya adalah dukacita, tidak dapat dipertimbangkan kerana Felda telah meminjam dari KWSP untuk pembangunan lot peneroka sebanyak RM6 bilion."
Bagaimanapun katanya, beliau tidak tahu bila pinjaman sejumlah itu diperoleh.
Justeru tambah Mazlan (gambar), pihaknya mempersoalkan tindakan Felda itu sambil menyifatkan ia tidak wajar selain menuntut penjelasan.
"Belum pun reda isu kemerosotan rizab Felda, terdapat pula laporan yang menyebut bahawa Felda telah meminjam daripada KWSP sebanyak RM6 bilion. Dakwaan Anak ini jika benar, ia satu perkara amat memeranjatkan.
"Untuk apa wang RM6 bilion ini dipinjamkan? Bagi tujuan apa? Kerajaan mesti membuat penjelasan segera kerana ia memberi implikasi sangat buruk kepada pengurusan Felda keseluruhannya," katanya pada sidang media di sini.
Sebelum ini Mazlan mendakwa Felda mengalami kemerosotan rizab tetapi telah dinafikan oleh Ahmad dan kerajaan.
"Alasan-alasan yang digunakan Datuk Ahmad Maslan berhubung kemerosotan rizab Felda yang merosot dari RM4.08 bilion pada 2004 kepada RM1.35 bilion pada 2009 ialah ia telah digunakan untuk menampung kos peneroka.
"RM2 bilion digunakan untuk pembangunan tanam semula termasuk sara hidup dan pendahuluan hasil, RM603 juta untuk pinjaman rumah, RM253 juta untuk Tabung Kemiskinan Sabah dan RM662 juta untuk bangunan baru Felda, namun laporan Felda meminjam daripada KWSP, ini amat mengejutkan dan kita mahu tahu apa yang berlaku," kata Mazlan.
Tegas ahli jawatankuasa kerja PAS pusat itu, sekiranya dakwaan itu tidak benar satu penafian perlu dibuat pengurusan Felda dan Ahmad.
"Kita mahu tahu kebenaran," kata beliau.
Pada sidang media hari ini, Mazlan meminta agar Felda menjelaskan tentang status anak-anak peneroka yang meneruskan pengajian di Pusat Latihan Kejuruteraan Penerbangan Malaysia (METC).
"Anak menerima aduan mengenai status anak peneroka yang belajar di METC, walaupun peluang belajar di sana satu langkah yang dialu-alukan tetapi ia mesti telus dan Felda mesti jawab persoalan ini.
"Yang pertama apakah status terkini program itu? Berapa kos sebenar untuk seorang pelajar? Apakah jenis lesen yang akan mereka dapat? Adakah benar dakwaan kos yang dibayar Felda terlalu mahal? Setakat manakah pelajar METC ini mendapat pentauliahan yang melayakkan mereka untuk pergi lebih jauh," soalnya.
Misteri kehilangan wang simpanan Felda semakin terungkai satu demi satu. Pihak UMNO pula semakin kepanasan dan yang menjadi juara mempertahankan Najib Tun Razak di Parlimen adalah Ahmad Mazlan.Dalam artikel di UMNO Online, Ahmad Maslan dengan bangganya berkata:
""Hari ini detik bersejarah. Saya gembira dapat berdepan dengan Anwar. Kita sudah tidak tahan dengan penyelewengan fakta-fakta oleh pembangkang. Takkanlah Felda, satu agensi terbesar untuk bantu Melayu, nak tipu Melayu…buat apa,,'' katanya kepada umno-online di Dewan Rakyat hari ini.".Antara penjelasan Ahmad Maslan terhadap "kehilangan" wang Felda adalah:
""RM2 bilion untuk pembangunan tanam semula, termasuk sara hidup dan pendahuluan hasil, RM603 juta pinjaman pembesaran rumah tanpa riba untuk membesarkan 19,546 rumah peneroka., RM662 juta beli Menara Felda, depan KLCC, di kawasan segi tga emas KL yang pada 2008 nilai tanahnya RM 935 sekaki persegi sekarang RM1,400 ke RM 1,500 sekaki persegi,'' ujar beliau,.
Namun, mengikut Pengerusi ANAK, Mazlan Aliman, setiap Peneroka dipotong gaji mereka RM40 setiap bulan untuk tanam semula. Apa ALASAN FELDA untuk membelanjakan RM2 billion untuk PROSES TANAM SEMULA?
RM40 yang dipotong dari setiap peneroka dimasukan dalam TABUNG TANAM SEMULA yang sepatutnya cukup atau kurang sedikit dari kos sebenar proses tanam semula. Angka RM2 billion ini adalah satu angka yang SANGAT GANJIL memandangkan setiap peneroka Felda dipotong gaji mereka RM40 sebulan untuk tanam semula.

Nasa Bakal Terbuang Laksana Sampah...

Posted: 24 May 2011 04:08 AM PDT

Maklumat yang Tulang Besi dapat geng2 Terengganu dan kumpulan "ulama" pimpinan Harun Taib bakal mengkesampingkan Ustaz Nasa dalam pemilihan Timbalan Presidehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifn yang akan datang ini.

Keputusan "about turn" Dato Tuan Ibrahim adalah atas desakan dari geng Terengganu dan kumpulan ulama yang mahukan jawatan Timbalan Presiden kekal kepada mereka yang berpendidikan ugama.

Tiada langsung di kepala mereka perasaan sayangkan parti ataupun memikirkan perasaan pengundi-pengundi yang mahukan PAS berwajah "kontemporari" atau "waqi'".

Bagi mereka, yang penting adalah jawatan Timbalan Presiden mesti pergi pada orang berpendidikan agama tidak kira sebelum ini orang yang berpendidikan agama telah gagal membahu tanggungjawab sebagai Timbalan Presiden.

Adapun Ustaz Nasa, beliau bakal dibuang bak sampah. Beliau telah mengkhianati kawan-kawan beliau untuk bersama dengan mereka yang memusuhi beliau. Semua demi agenda PERPADUANG dan perancangan beliau untuk membawa PAS bersama UMNO.

Apabila Nasa telah jadi liabiliti, maka mereka membuang Nasa macam buang sampah.

Sungguhlah malang nasib Ustaz Nasa. Tiada dahan untuk bertaut. Sebatang kara.

Ini juga bererti maklumat yang kita dengar selama ini bahwa beliau telah dibuang oleh Presiden dan geng Terengganu terbukti benar.

Tulang Besi

Changing Monsoons - Will Pas join BN?

Posted: 24 May 2011 03:14 PM PDT

Wrenched from the dreamscape of the old man into the stark reality of a streak of losses in the recent series of by-elections beginning with Galas in Kelantan and ending in Merlimau in Melaka, the Islamic party, Pas, must decide now whether to continue with the malfunctioning PKR and the DAP with its new outlook, or join the Barisan Nasional (BN) before the 13th General Elections.

The venerated Nik Aziz Nik Mat, after his foiled attempt to hoist his son-in-law, Ariffahmi, into the heights of Kelantan to succeed him as Menteri Besar (Chief Minister), confused party members everywhere.

Morale in the party buckled in misery.

It was behavior unbecoming of a stoic puritanical, his charisma, though only slightly injured because of his age (78), nevertheless cast him into the shadow of doubt, the injury generally reasoned as sourced in senility.

The man has been handsomely clean. The person is otherwise loaded with graceful sense of humor and political wit that have made him a rustic legend.

Until he skidded on the crest of power and his willful political ambition bloated and burst into the open last year, Nik Aziz has been an international figurine of the patriarch who had successfully mixed the traditional Islamic ideology with an astuteness that kept the Pas alive in a pact with the Democratic Action Party (DAP) that has recently taken to making it up with the Christian right.

But now there is an intruder in the tested equation, an instant put-together vehicle of Anwar Ibrahim.

But the 11 year-old Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has become some wonder.

After winning 31 seats in parliament in March 2008 it soon lost five of its lawmakers who jumped boat, citing as the reasons their disability to work with and to have faith in the party leadership, meaning Anwar and his lieutenant, Azmin Ali, formerly his confidential secretary.

Gross malpractices were alleged in the recent party elections.

Of the listed membership, which was supposed to have been more than 400,000, only about 40,000 cast their ballots, a record vanishing act the super illusionist, David Copperfield, should attempt to outdo to retain his stature in the world of magic.

In the wake of the frantic comedy a few top leaders of the Pas had agreed to talk it over with the Umno, no doubt as a safety measure to ensure the Malays will not lose all in what can be a political wind of change that may blow nobody any good.

It was something the old man, Nik Aziz, found critically adverse and he baulked publicly, then he let fly against the party president, the deputy president, the chief of the party's council of scholars (ulama) of which he is a member, and the secretary-general to boot.

He had publicly bashed the highest echelon of the party's policy-makers, declaring himself as the "ship's captain". He is the general guide (murshidul am) of the party.

When the comic tempest subsided, the combustible captain found he had grounded his ship.

But there was no mutiny.

The stoic who has been going in and out of intensive care has quite apparently become senile but was still needed for the Pas to keep Kelantan.

The Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, who had denied him the state's oil royalty worth more than RM 120 million annually, obviously fueled the fire in the belly of the sage, prompting the wonderful displays of his tremendous temper.

In the wracking tensions inside the Pas, suddenly His Majesty, the Yang Dipertuan Agong (King) hosted a dinner bringing the leaders of the Pas and the Umno into the amicable ambience of the palace on 24 Dec 2010.

Mahameru (Mount Olympus) had taken notice and the winds were meant to change henceforth.

Even if nobody in the Pas or the Umno had been willing to tell what, in fact, had transpired in the august chamber of royal diplomacy, Malaysians, as a common display of political erudition, generally expected great shifts of the political bulks to happen at any time.

The options are a matter of simple arithmetic, like if the DAP with the solid Chinese support were to win 50 parliamentary seats in the next general elections, the PKR, which is left with 26 and the Pas with 23, cannot dream of outdoing the presently Christian-friendly social democrats to provide for a Muslim Prime Minister.

The DAP, which succeeded Singapore's PAP, cannot be believed to have completely cut the umbilical.

When the PAP government in Singapore said Anwar was guilty of what he was charged in the sodomy trial, it raised doubt and caused a lot of people to demand Anwar deny the allegation by oath.

Singapore said Anwar had known it was a trap but chose to walk straight into it anyway, which was damning.

Yesterday the Pas' council of scholars' chief, Harun Taib, asked Anwar to dispel the doubt by oath.

The monsoon has swung around. It is clear the party is once again thinking of the options before it and the likelihood is it will sit in conference with Umno and decide to change the equations.

Has the stoical sage been tamed? Or has he himself finally given in to the doubt caused by the Singapore condemnation Anwar has not dispelled?

Anwar is obliged to take the oath. But it is entirely up to him.

Someone has written to say the denial by oath is all there is between him and power in Putrajaya.

While that may be an exaggerated view of the equation at present, Najib's failure to arrest the bread-and-butter price-hikes and to moderate the property bubble will finally bring the regime change in a rush.

There will be a storm soon accompanying a world currency breakdown and the accompanying economic and political turmoil. If the economic mismanagement is allowed to run uncontrolled in Malaysia, all state governments can be expected to become bankrupt in 2012, including solvent Selangor and Penang.

It is up to Anwar to bring change. The other messiah, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (with Muhyiddin Yassin in a duo) is still in need of a little time to ready himself.

All Anwar is expected to utter in the Saiful Bukhari sodomy case is "By God (Wa'l-Lah), I did not do it."

In the Eskay blue video allegation, it is simply "By God (Wa'l-Lah), the man in the sex-video is not me."

Prostitution is allowed in the Holy Qur'an (Q.24:33) some Muslims argue and hence, this grand mastery of sex video-making by Eskay can be a source of lucrative income for those of such ilk.

The sex video, therefore, is not dynamite. But alas, indelible doubt over the Saiful sodomy event persists after Singapore successfully raised it by deliberate political and diplomatic deliverances.

So, will Anwar take the oath? He can simply do it before the Press at his residence, and be done.

Doubt, in cases such as this, must be eliminated and no matter what Maulana Yusof Qaradhawi may have said or may have to say to Anwar on this matter, the venerable scholar will agree the resident traditional ideology cannot be dispelled even by the peerless such as him.

Take the oath or it would be best for the Pas to decide joining the BN and avoid the confusion of a leader whose character and integrity violate the residing ideological nuances.

Who is Anwar playing the game for? What will be the naked reality in the next chapter of the Anwar Saga and what shall be the dream unchecked?

The Pas will be in its annual general meeting and electing a new crop of leaders in the first week of June. Then, pending Anwar's choice of action or inaction, the deliberations will settle in the Pas and in the Umno a decision in the reaches of the Malay collective conscience. ----a. ghani ismail, 24 May, 2011



Posted: 24 May 2011 01:42 AM PDT

By the Administrator




























Separated at Birth? Ctopus O. and Michelle O.

Posted: 24 May 2011 03:41 AM PDT

In the best, long-running tradition of Moonbattery.com and Michelle's Frighteningly Bad Fashion :

Click for larger.

First Lady of Fashion? Mo' like Worst Lady of Fashion, zing!

Michelle on the right spotted at The Jawa Report, original from Daily Mail UK.

Wholly innocent octopus on the left from The Marine Life Index.

Abdur Raheem Green ~ Sheikh of the Central Mosque, London

Posted: 23 May 2011 11:38 PM PDT

Abdur Rahim Green talks about the purpose of life under the topic "Meaningful Mankind, The Islamic Definition". 

Born in Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania to British parents, Green's father (born in England), Gavin Green, was a colonial administrator in the then extant British Empire. At an early age he moved back to the UK with his parents. His mother is of original Polish origin. 

At the age of 10 he attended a Roman Catholic Monastic boarding school at Gilling Castle and then went onto Ampleforth College and went on to study history in the London University. However, he left his education unfinished in an effort to devote himself to Islamic works. 

He became dissatisfied with Christianity at the age of 8, with it not making sense to him. 

Green researched and practiced many religions, including Buddhism (for 3 years) before embracing Islam. 

Whilst in Britain his father got a job in 1976 working for Barclays Bank International and was subsequently sent to Cairo, Egypt, to set up a branch of the Bank there. 

His study of the Noble Qur'an immediately attracted him to Islam and he embraced Islam in 1988. He has been a Daw'ah practitioner in Britain since then. 

Green now works in the London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre as the Visits and English Dawa Co-ordinator. 

Green is seen akin to lecturers such as Dr. Zakir Naik, Dr. Bilal Philips, Khalid Yasin and Yvonne Ridley, doing many lectures on Islam worldwide and also in London's famous Hyde Park, Speakers Corner.

Special thanks to khalifahklothing for uploading the many precious lectures of Syeikh Abdur Raheem Green and other luminaries of Islam for the benefit of all mankind.

Jazakallah khairan kathiraw!

Da'wah in Hyde Park by Abdur Raheem Greene UK's # 1 Da'ee of Allah!

Posted: 23 May 2011 11:20 PM PDT

Prepare to be shocked! Prepare to be rocked to your very soul! This is Abdur Raheem Greene at his best!

He socks it to you with no punches pulled! He knocks you out with his straight to the jugular arguments and points based on the facts.

Based on the truth! The Truth of Islam!

Dare anyone heckle him, the main man of the Central Mosque in London!

Here he is preaching to the people at Hyde Park, London, England!!!

He has the tenacity of more than hundreds if not thousands of righteous, knowledgeable men who have gone out in the Way of Allah!

May Allah bless Syeikh Abdur Raheem Greene for the wonderful work he is doing over there in England and all over the world sharing the Truth of Islam as it is enjoined in our faith from Allah!

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin!


Posted: 23 May 2011 10:59 PM PDT

 Dr Puad Zarkashi
In its editorial today titled "Jangan terperangkap 'hajat besar' DAP" ("Don't be trapped by DAP's 'grand intent'"), the Malay daily said the Chinese-majority party had grand ambitions that stretched all the way to ruling Malaysia.
The paper was riding on Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's reported "expose" yesterday of a presumed systematic movement to capture Perak, Malacca amd Negri Sembilan in the coming 13th general election.
It noted some might find the allegation hard to believe because it sounds illogical as the DAP is not widely received by the majority and has been publicly rejected especially among the Malays.
But it insisted the reality remained as the DAP was planning a systematic move to "capture Malaysia as was carried out by its 'big brother', the PAP, in Singapore".
"It's not only the Malays in the three states but the entire country who must be careful with that DAP move.
"The DAP is looking for Malays as candidates only to ensure if it wins, a mentri besar or chief minister in a Malay-majority state hails from the party," Utusan said in its opinion piece that seemed for all intents and purposes to rouse racial sentiments among its readers.
It claimed the Chinese-led opposition party has never been comfortable nor honest with the Malays and Muslims in Malaysia.
"In the name of democracy and equal rights, the DAP has frequently and openly questioned the special rights of the Malays," it said, adding in order to achieve its goal to capture even more state governments and ultimately the federal government, the party was "willing to do anything including pretending to champion the Malays".
It stressed that whoever from the Malay race was willing to stand on a DAP ticket in GE 13 will become a tool that will betray his own race only to fulfil the DAP's political goal.
"Malays in the opposition parties including PAS and PKR should see and realise the DAP's honesty here," it said.
It said the DAP does not care about its partners in planning this systematic move, and that once again Malays have no excuse to allow themselves to be trapped into fulfilling the DAP's "grand desire."
"….Dear Guan Eng
I am a MALAY with a family of my own.
I shall remember you as a CHINESE father who fought for the rights of a Malay grand-mother and her sexually abused grand-daughter.
I know that when you decided to take on the case, you knew the price for your action would be heavy for you and your family, personally and politically.
Today, you are still paying the price. You languish alone in prison.
Ironically, as in Nelson Mandela's case, the longer they lock you up, the greater will be your stature, the more powerful the focus on the issues you fought for.
I also know that, all through this, you can look into the eyes of your wife, children and parents,and say, with deserved pride and honour, that "Guan Eng has not prostituted his dignity, decency and self-respect in the face of oppression and tyranny"……."
- Narmi Saila
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
The following letter was published in the December 1998 issue of ALIRAN MONTHLY.
It was written by Narmi Saila from Petaling Jaya, Selangor addressed Lim Guan Eng when he was incarcerated in Sg Buloh prison by the Govt.
Dear Guan Eng,
As you languish in prison, I have had plenty of time to reflect on you and your idealism.
Rightly or wrongly, the Democratic Action Party has long tried to have a 'MALAYSIAN' character when the vast majority in the country still perceive it to be essentially a political party for the ethnic Chinese.
I realise that recently people like you have tried hard to attract Malaysians, especially Malays, to make the DAP truly Malaysian, but not too successfully, in my view.
Then came an explosive event- the Rahim Thamby Chik case- which made a lot of Malays sit up and change their perceptions of the DAP.
That case rocked MALAY society to its very foundation.
Your conduct and role in pursuit of truth in that scandal earned my deepest admiration. The series of events following that scandal, culminating in the judicial proceedings against you, have turned out to be a classic example of how a verdict in a ' court of law' has become subordinate to the ' court of public opinion'.
Ask any MALAY mother anywhere. Few would agree that the famous grandmother in that scandal should have been abandoned by UMNO, and the under-aged girl should have been so blatantly violated and her family silenced.
By your words and deeds, you challenged the government, police, media, and the judiciary, and exposed yourself to certain incarceration and vindictive punishment by Dr. Mahathir and the political elite.
I have always believed that God works in mysterious ways.Inexplicably, He chose you to put the DAP into sharp focus. He chose you to force Malaysians to look at themselves and reflect on the abuse of basic values in our society.
To that extent, God in His wisdom made the DAP no longer just a Chinese political party, but, overnight, into a truly Malaysian one which fights for the deprived.
I am a MALAY with a family of my own.
I shall remember you as a CHINESE father who fought for the rights of a MALAY grand-mother and her sexually abused grand-daughter.
I know that when you decided to take on the case, you knew the price for your action would be heavy for you and your family, personally and politically.
Today, you are still paying the price.
You languish alone in prison. Ironically, as in Nelson Mandela's case, the longer they lock you up, the greater will be your stature, the more powerful the focus on the issues you fought for.
I also know that, all through this, you can look into the eyes of your wife, children and parents,and say, with deserved pride and honour, that "Guan Eng has not prostituted his dignity, decency and self-respect in the face of oppression and tyranny".
You have truly given new meaning to the maxim, 'Politics With Honour'.
More importantly, you have made me look in the mirror and ask, 'Who Am I?
What have I done to speak out against the evil forces which confronted two Malay kampong women? Why have I remained silent? Have I lost my decency and self-respect?'
In all honesty, I cannot say I have the guts to look into the eyes of my family members and say I have done them proud. I have kept silent.
I owe it to you, Guan Eng, for opening my eyes and stirring my conscience.
Our inaction and apathy have allowed oppression, tyranny and injustice to continue. We have to search our hearts and souls to find ways to make up for our negligence and ineptitude.
To you, Guan Eng, I offer prayers from my family.
May the blessings of the Almighty continue to give you strength, courage and tenacity to do what is right and just for all Malaysians.
Yours Sincerely,
Narmi Saila
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(This letter was published in the December 1998 issue of ALIRAN MONTHLY.)


Chrono Tigger

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Chrono Tigger

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I'm sure I've seen the original Chrono Trigger artwork with that same same pose. If anyone has it or knows the link, tip me please!

Ash and Brock, Bros 4EVA!!!

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Ash and Brock Pokemon best bros friends forever

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Mario & Sonic Go Swimming

Posted: 23 May 2011 10:09 PM PDT

Mario & Sonic Go Swimming

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Andai Sultan Melaka memerintah

Posted: 23 May 2011 08:36 PM PDT

(diterbit di Sinar Harian, 24 Mei 2011)

Menyingkap kembali sejarah saya tertanya apakah mungkin budaya politik negara dan nasib rakyat dibawah pemerintahan seorang raja yang mulia lagi beriman dan budiman?

Sekiranya Sultan Melaka memerintah, mungkinkah rasuah dibenarkan sehingga sebuah istana yang bermula dengan kos RM400 juta dijangka melebihi RM1 bilion? Apa pula dengan ketirisan ekonomi berjumlah RM28 bilion setahun berterusan sehingga hanya kelompok elit yang bertambah kaya manakala rakyat jelata terus melata berkais pagi makan pagi?

Kalau Sultan Melaka memerintah, mungkinkah laksamana angkatan laut akan membeli kelengkapan perang, termasuk kapal yang mampu timbul atau yang sengaja tenggelam dengan harga berpatutan tanpa komisen beratus juta ringgit kepada seorang baginda yang hanya pada nama dan bukan pada takhta? Bagaimana pula dengan perbelanjaan lain negara, adakah ia secara berhemah dan bijaksana atau boros membazir tanpa penghujung? Adakah jalan keretapi akan dibina dengan harga berlipat ganda dari biasa ibarat landasan bersalut emas?

Sekiranya Sultan Melaka memerintah, adakah hulubalang dan pahlawan penjaga keamanan akan mempertahankan rakyat atau menangkap lalu dikurung dan dipukul rakyat jelata tanpa sebab dan bicara kerana memelihara kepentingan puak tertentu. Janganlah penjaga aman cepat menahan reman rakyat yang mungkin di'Kugankan' atau di'Aminulrasyidkan' atau di'Beng Hockan' atau di'Sarbanikan' tanpa saksi, warna kulit, umur dan hayat. Adakah begitu murah dijual janji ikrar sumpah pahlawan untuk beberapa keping emas atau kepingan timah tanda gelaran disemat di dada baju?

Kalau Sultan Melaka memerintah, adakah rakyat dibiarkan menanggung beban hidup melampau tanpa subsidi hasil khazanah negara yang sememangnya mencukupi jika tidak diboroskan atau dikalihkan untuk projek-projek mewah maha membazir? Harga barang naik termasuk gula melaka tetapi subsidi korporat besar dikurangkan dengan begitu perlahan sehinggakan sang siput dinobatkan juara pertandingan lari merentas desa?

Kalau Sultan Melaka memerintah, adakah tanah jajahan Pulau Batu Putih, Blok L dan M atau sumber air mentah diserahkan tanpa sebarang suara pahlawan berteriak marah atau keris keramat dihunus berani melainkan di perhimpunan agung para lanun buat tontonan dicermin sendiri?

Sekiranya Sultan Melaka memerintah, adakah tata susila bangsa dan agama yang mencerminkan nilai-nilai murni sejagat menjadi pencorak budaya dan amalan rakyat?

Adakah baginda sanggup melihat martabat qazaf direndahkan dengan hanya lafaz sumpah buat selindung fitnah mengorbankan syariah akibat kerenah tiga sekawan yang buta hukum tetapi celik konspirasi berbayar demi mengaut untung sementara duniawai tetapi mengecap kerugian kekal ukhrawi?

Adakah baginda akan berjuang memperkasakan perlembagaan mensejahterakan rakyat atau berdiam saja apabila lanun politik memperkosakan janji kemerdekaan hak rakyat? Di manakah Sultan Melaka atau pemerintah Melayu yang akan membela rakyat secara jujur?

Itulah dia seribu kemungkinan perjalanan sejarah yang menjadi tanda tanya kerana tidak lama lagi kita rakyat semua dapat membuat pilihan menentukan masa depan negara dan mencorak sejarah kita sendiri yang lebih baik, lebih makmur dan lebih saksama di peti undi, itupun kalau tidak dirompak lanun politik.

Marilah kita belajar dari sejarah untuk mencipta sejarah lebih gemilang kerana sudah tiba masanya kita laksanakan reformasi politik secara berkesan dan menyeluruh.

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