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Suttrum Vizhi Assin in full Nude VS Actress Katrina Kaif’s Sister Isabel Kaif’s Leaked Sex Scandal‎ Video

Suttrum Vizhi Assin in full Nude VS Actress Katrina Kaif’s Sister Isabel Kaif’s Leaked Sex Scandal‎ Video

Suttrum Vizhi Assin in full Nude VS Actress Katrina Kaif’s Sister Isabel Kaif’s Leaked Sex Scandal‎ Video

Posted: 02 May 2011 02:03 PM PDT

Asin Nude Boobs

Tamil Actress

It may come as a surprise to many people, but the most desirable length for sexis just 10 minutes, a survey of has revealed.

A survey of 50 members of the Society for Sex Threapy and Research, who counsel and treat couples with sexual problems, said that between one and two minutes was too short, three to seven minutes was acceptable, and anything over 13 minutes was too long.

The added that sex lasting between seven and 13 minutes was "desirable".

Contrary to popular fantasy about the need for hours of passionate activity, sex therapists say around ten minutes is perfectly satisfactory.

"Many men and women seem to believe the fantasy of all-night-long intercourse," the Telegraphquoted researcher Eric Corty, an associate professor of psychology at Penn State University, as saying.

"This seems a situation ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction.

"We hope this survey will dispel fantasies and encourage men and women with realistic data," Corty added. In the middle of a great lovemaking session, you suddenly realize your partner is not sharing your rhythm, the ecstatic pitch. You feel he isn't so into you in that moment of extreme physical intimacy.

Is-he thinking-of-someone-else or he-doesn't-find-me-sexually-attractive-anymore kind of thoughts cloud your mind instantly. Mostly women are able to sense this sudden change in their spouse's body language while in the act. For them, it is an excruciatingly frustrating experience which leads them to see sexologists, make amends to their lifestyle, and read up on how to be desirable again.

But what exactly triggers sexual fantasies while having sex? Does it spell doom for a relationship? Is dissatisfaction a plausible reason or another myth? Here are some interesting finding…

Craving for raw sex
'As dirty as can get' maybe the way your guy wants it, but is apprehensive to spell it out to you. He wants basic sex similar to that in porn flicks and thinks he would put a dampener by even suggesting the idea. Your partner may harbour fantasies about having steamy romp while doing the physical act with you. Says Dr. S.K Sharma, clinical psychologist and lifestyle advisor, "For some it is to add thrill, while for others it adds novelty value." Though he feels that lack of fulfillment in arelationship or partner's attractiveness may play a role, but mostly it is a person's own desire to feel stimulated.

Fantasizing about celebs
"I have often fantasized about having sex with Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson," reveals Prateek (name changed), a banker. But he maintains that such thoughts are only restricted to masturbation, and not while making out with his girlfriend. Agrees Dr. Sharma, "It is but natural for some to fantasize about celebrities, though there are others who fantasize about someone known." Scantily clad models or the girl from the last porn movie could be on his mind while making love to you; it excites him to perform better and feel fully aroused. "If taken in a positive sense it can enhance your sex life and the relationship as well. In fact, it is a safe way of sexual release and even emotional satisfaction," he adds.

Foreplay and a big orgasm
Foreplay may not top the chart of many. It is possible that your partner is too tired for foreplay and just wants an orgasm before retiring for the day. This happens tocouples with kids or the ones running a very stressful routine at work. In such a scenario, the more active sex partner finds a vent to his suppressed desires by way of fantasies. Lust for a bigger orgasm also drives one to indulge in sexual fantasies. Believes Dr. Rajendra Barve, psychologist, "A person resorts to fantasies when he is trying to satisfy his partner, and the partner is not sufficiently enthused. This can bring about a disconnect in their most intimate moment. However, there is no harm in fantasizing about people at random. Only when the fantasies revolve around a certain, known person is there a reason to worry."

Dr. Barve shares with us a very curious case he'd handled many years back. It was about a married lady who suspected something amiss in her sexual companionship with her husband. "And one day he cried out a name while having sex with her. It turned out to be the name of her sister, and as fate would have it her husband was having a secret liaison with the sister-in-law," says he.

Experimentation, a 'no-no'!
Often when couples have been together for a longish period, they get used to each other's sexual needs and habits. And 'experimentation' becomes a dreaded word. They follow a routine without even sparing a thought towards a revamped sex life. Some think the easiest way out is to succumb to sexual fantasies while engaged in a physical act with their partners. But Dr. Madhumati Singh, senior psychologist, thinks fantasizing is the sign of a healthy, creative mind. "A lot of them fantasize about having sex with a virgin. It is apparently a great turn on. A lot of happy couples find bliss in fantasizing," she shares. So much so, she even feels that harbouring thoughts of another person while having sex doesn't in any way strain a relationship. She is, however, quick to add, "Thoughts take you where horses can't fly, but after that it is again back to the real world."

Lingerie love
A woman's way of dressing up plays a huge role in giving men an arousal. No matter how traditional his outlook, he'd want his partner to look hot and sexy in bed. Tease him by donning sensual reveal-all, black lace lingerie, and he will not be able to keep his hands off you. It is a truly erotic, and of course, pragmatic way of getting your man's attention and not letting it waver! But there are few who take this obsession for a sexy-looking partner to a new level. Explains Dr. Barve, "I once heard from a married couple who were not able to sexually satisfy each other. Her husband was completely taken in by yesteryear dancing queen, Helen, and wanted a piece of her in his wife. He even went to the extent of dressing her up in feathery, revealing outfits before seducing her to bed. Unfortunately, such an arrangement didn't work for very long, and the wife eventually got tired of the role play."

Then, what is the right proportion of fantasy and reality in a relationship?

As Dr. Madhumati rightly sums it up, "Just reality gives you 5-out-of-10 level of satisfaction in a relationship, but fantasizing about a beautiful sexual experience can make it 7 out of 10!"

What goes on in the brain during an orgasm?

Asin Nude Big Boobs

Katrina Kaif (Hindi: कत्रिना कैफ़) (born Katrina Turquotte on 16 July 1984) is a Hong Kong-born British-Indian actress and model who has appeared in Hindi, Telugu andMalayalam films in India. Since 2007 she has starred in several commercially successful films, which made her one of the popular actresses in current Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif sister Isabelle Kaif caught on leaked sex video resulting in a scandal? Isabel, a young starlet from the United Kingdom, is a hot Indian babe hell bent upon gatecrashing into Bollywood. And she is getting help from Bollywood heavy hitters like Salman Khan and her sister Katrina. But why is Salman Khan equally bent upon helping her out? It would be natural for anyone maybe, not only for Salman, to have a sexy young thing especially if she has a striking resemblance to his steady girlfriend Katrina Kaif. But what will a sex tape scandal do to their plans to usurp Isabel Kaif pass other young starlets into the highest level of Bollywood stardom? And by the ending of this sex tape, there is a part 2 somewhere.

Download the Sex Video After the Screen Shots Below!

Here is a stunning homemade sex tape of a hot chick who people are saying is Isabel Kaif. And she does look a lot like the sister of famous and super beautiful Bollywood actress/model Katrina Kaif. In the video she is clearly seen having sexual relations with an unknown man for over 10 minutes. But others say it is probably a lookalike of Isabel Kaif, younger sibling of Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif. This video came out from UK some time ago. People are now saying that this is Isabel Kaif who recently became known for her upcoming Bollywood movies. Reportedly some people realized her from this home made sex video that began to circulated on the Internet December 2008 under the heading "Katrina's Sis Isabel Kaif sex scandal."

Katrina Kaif has been grooming her younger sister Isabel Kaif for the showbiz life in India and wanted to ensure that her younger sis Isabel gets a grand launch. But certainly not this grand with what is Bollywoods first A-list sex tape. A close friend of Kaif sisters has revealed that elder sister is sharing her experiences and is guiding what to do and what not to right from diet to workout to outfits to parties etc. In Apirl 2008 everyone in Bollywood was asking who was Isabel and by December rumors of a sex video was circulating. I will let you guys decide whether or not it's her but you must see this hot chick suck and getting fucked missionary style and getting a nice cum facial in the end. Let's just say she took it like a champ! Download the video after the pictures.

And here she is with big sister Katrina:

Here are the screen shots:


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VIDEO: Taib Azamuddin and the confession of a sodomy victim

Posted: 02 May 2011 11:20 AM PDT

I would like to hear Taib Azamuddin comment a bit about this video.... if indeed it is not true, perhaps he can recall who are in this video and what they were telling him, who made the original recording and who has the original recording

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BIN LADEN IS DEAD: But was Osama's death mask picture photoshopped?

Posted: 02 May 2011 10:52 AM PDT

This is the picture that is being repeated on all the international news networks and the story is the same, Osama was buried at sea...huh? what? and according to Muslim rites...huh what?

If he was killed in Pakistan, I am quite sure that he would have been buried there, but I guess I can believe the story that the US don't want a shrine to be built around his grave, well they gonna build it anyway even if there is no grave...

but what disturbed me about the picture are two things, the open mouth and no blood and the different discolouration of the injured top part of the head compared to the nose and below.

usually with such massive injury, the nose would also get slightly misshapen but Osama's nose looks perfectly intact

anyway the mystery is partly answered when you look at the photo explanation after the jump

My question is this, was Tian Chua contracted by the CIA to produce this hamfisted photoshop??


Income Inequality Hits Malaysia

Posted: 02 May 2011 06:57 AM PDT

From Malaysiakini
Written by Joseph Sipalan
Regional poverty remains a stumbling block in Malaysia's bid to become a high-income nation, despite the country's progress in bringing down poverty levels nationwide, says the World Bank.

Its Malaysia Economic Monitor April 2011 report said despite "vast improvements" in its socio-economic situation, the benefits did not spread out evenly with the bottom 40 percent of households accounting for only 14.3 percent of total income as at 2009.

Conversely, the top 20 percent of the population contributed nearly 50 percent of the total income calculated in that year.

"… in spite of notable reductions (in poverty) in the 1970s and 1980s, inequality remains at levels higher than Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand," the report said.

NONEReferring to an earlier edition of their report published in Nov 2010, the World Bank noted that income inequality "appears to have stagnated at internationally high levels" despite having knocked down the national poverty rate by 10 times, from an average headcount of 37.7 percent in 1976 to 3.8 percent in 2009.

The Nov 2010 report indicated that poverty in Malaysia retains "a strongly regional flavour", with Sabah topping the list where nearly 20 percent of its population are living below the poverty line.

Middle income trap crippling

The figures also show that Sabah accounts for a whopping 42.9 percent of the country's total poor, followed by Sarawak with 12 percent and Kedah at 9.8 percent.

This was partly attributed to the recent global financial crisis, when poverty rates increased in Sabah, FT Labuan and Kedah, leading to a slight increase in national poverty rates in 2009 (3.8 percent) compared to 2007 (3.6 percent).

The World Bank's April 2011 report points to Malaysia's current situation – being stuck in a middle income trap – as a major factor behind its inability to increase its per capita gross national income.

"This has manifested itself in the growing inability to remain competitive as a high-volume, low-cost producer coupled with the difficulty to break into fast-growing markets for knowledge- and innovation-based products and services.

"The implication is that, despite past growth successes, living standards as measured by per-capita gross national income could have been significantly higher.

"In this respect, the comparison with South Korea is instructive: whereas four decades ago South Korea was markedly poorer than Malaysia, South Korea's per capita income is now three times higher than Malaysia."

Going back to their Nov 2010 report, the World Bank recommended that the Malaysian government launch a three-pronged strategy to manage poverty, that includes boosting access to economic opportunities, improving human capital development and providing social protection to help those who cannot help themselves.

Osama Bin Laden dead? Who is Obama trying to kid?

Posted: 02 May 2011 06:54 AM PDT

Update: Inside Sources: Bin Laden's Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade

Osama Bin Laden had been dead much longer than what it's reported now. Go (caution: gruesome photos depicted) here and here for the real story. And don't ever believe a single word that comes out of Obama's mouth. He is a fake and merely a good VO (voice-over) talent who has been given script after script to mouth off the teleprompter. Haven't it dawned on you people, his promise of 'CHANGE' to the American populace so far has been 'CHANGE FOR THE WORSE' and NOT for the better? As had been foolishly believed and swallowed whole by most Americans? His handlers, to be honest, are good. They are good with weasel words that have inherent stock response that can milk the dumbed-down and unsuspecting and cause them to react to the way they know will happen to their advantage. The word CHANGE was one of them. "Terrorism," another. "Al-Qaeda," yet another.

Osama had been a 'convenient demon' created by the US administration during the Bush/es' days to put a face on terrorism. Otherwise the world is too dumb to recognise one.

Similarly the construct of the "war on terror" is nothing more than a scam for the western world and its cahoots led by the US (in reference to the administration and not the American people) to steal the wealth and natural resources of the poorly armed 'terrorist' nations. The irony is the US (the administration, again) is the real terrorist. They lied about the presence of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq so that they can wage war, with popular support of the sheeple in tow, to take out Saddam Hussein in the name of "liberating the Iraqis and installing democracy." When in fact what they were coveting were the gold and cash in Iraq's central bank as well as its oil. Equally, 9/11 was nothing more than a horrific demolition job. Yeah, only an absolute idiot will believe that burning jet fuel from single respective planes can melt the core steel structures of the respective 110-storey-high twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York causing them to collapse into their own footprints. If this explanation can be accepted, then how does one explain the similar imploded collapse of Tower 7 when no plane ever did slam into its side? And who was it that had taken out a huge insurance policy on the building just months before its destruction demolition and profited billions from it?

Yeah, Osama is dead. But Obama is deader. He has been and is walking upside down and gone out of his way to be unprofitable. Providence will have His vengeance, Obummer, just you wait.

But really, why the rushed announcement of Osama being dead now on 1st May (same date as Hitler was declared dead) when his body had long returned to dust? Is there no more mileage in the Osama demon? And who or what will the US demonise now? The days ahead will be interesting.

1Malaysia, 1Melayu but what about 1UMNO?

Posted: 02 May 2011 03:46 PM PDT

To say the truth, so Judas kissed his master
And cried, 'All hail!' when as he meant all harm.
- William Shakespeare (King Henry VI, Part III)

Either Najib has finally admitted his 1Malaysia was bull all along or he has succumbed to the 1Melayu drive.

The 1Melayu campaign (forget about the 1 Bumi because to UMNO, only Melayu are bumis) was initiated by Utusan Malaysia, which is owned by UMNO. For Utusan to publish such an agitating, radical and provocative policy proposal, logic tells us that it must have been ordered by the owner.

This indicates either Najib was having two bites of the cherry at the same time or he was having internal dissent (mutiny) within his own party, because Utusan's 1Melayu is the very antipodes to his 1Malaysia. Thus have been asked, how could an UMNO-owned newspaper go against the policy of UMNO NO 1, unless Utusan's 1Melayu was ordered by someone other than Najib, against Najib.

Thus, assuming Najib wasn't two-timing us with his 1Malaysia, he is suffering mutiny from very influential UMNO warlords. But who?

Whoever the dissenting UMNO warlord(s) is/are, this would mean his deputy Muhyiddin has not been playing bad cop to his good cop, but in earnest opposition to his 1Malaysia.

We know Muhyiddin is much older than Najib, and unless the younger man dies before his naturally expected time or is ousted from office, Muhyiddin is unlikely to ever be PM. Could it then be Muhyiddin was undermining Najib's position in his own party to seize the No 1 leadership spot, an aspiration which no doubt exists in his heart?

But we also know Muhyiddin is not that smart enough (he can't even direct a state election effectively, forcing Najib to personally turun padang in Sarawak for 10 long days) or has the requisite party support to act on his own. In fact, in the UMNO party election which first elected him as deputy president, if not for a timely 'convenient' revelation of Ali Rustam's sin of money politics (as if Rustam was the only UMNO leader to dabble in that) and consequential ban from standing for election, Muhyiddin wouldn't have been deputy party president nor DPM. Ali Rustam would have been.

When Najib was then DPM and playing his usual overly cautious man man lai to replace AAB, despite the strident urgings of Dr M, there were rumours of a threat by the former PM to support Muhyiddin instead for the party's top post, out of frustration with Najib's prevarications.

So the Muhyiddin's threat to Najib is not new, and could, on the basis of rumours, be linked to Dr M's thoughts/wishes for UMNO's current and future ideological, doctrinal and policy directions, as can be arguably seen in his willingness to be patron to the ultra rightwing Perkasa.

The problem with UMNO politics is that whenever Dr M's hands are seen to be or accused of being involved, the story would, as I see it, be grossly embellished to syiok sendiri category.

The current popular one is that Dr M is stacking the odds for his junior, Mukhriz, to leapfrog up to one of the very top positions. And obviously, the story suggests that there is a done deal with Muhyiddin, namely, Dr M backs him for the party president (and the PM-ship) while he (Muhyiddin) sweetly mentor (or mollycoddles) young Mukhriz upwards as his eventual successor.

But it's not a very plausible theory because Mukhriz didn't succeed in his bid to be Youth boss. No grassroot support, so how could he possibly ascend up the party echelon?

That he became a deputy minister while KJ did not must be due to Najib's concession to Dr M, to avoid the sort of disruptive and destabilising campaign against his premiership that Dr M is capable of, as witnessed in his attacks against poor AAB.

However, there is a limit to Dr M's power, because in UMNO when it comes to an individual's interests, most UMNO members would happily stab Dr M in his back, as I will show shortly wakakaka. Besides, Dr M knows he isn't exactly a spring chicken, and young Mukhriz cannot depend on papa's protection forever.

There are of course other warlords besides Dr M.

What about young KJ?

His biggest obstacle is Dr M, who hates him for several reasons: KJ is Mukhriz's biggest threat in UMNO. KJ has offended Dr M's son in more than just politics. KJ is seen as the hand behind AAB's dismantling of Dr M's pet projects and the marginalization of Dr M while father-in-law was PM. But most of all, the unforgiveable sin, KJ has blasphemously favoured that little red dot in the south wakakaka.

Bloody complicating, isn't it?

UMNO has often boasted about the Malay sense of loyalty to the liege lord (superior, boss, raja, sultan). That may be true about 'Malay' loyalty per se, but we know it's a different story altogether in UMNO.

Yup, some people in UMNO (as opposed to Malays per se), while claiming to be both Malays and Muslims, have often demonstrated their un-Malayness and un-Muslim ethics, where their so-called loyalty to their 'liege lord' and fear of the Almighty flew out of the window. There have been enough such incidents in recent times to make it unnecessary for me to provide any example.

Let's leave their religious values aside (too sensitive), though of course we recognize that religious convictions (or lack of) temper values of loyalty and its exact opposite, treachery.

Perhaps here, we should also state a truism, that loyalty can only exist long term if it is of a bi-directional quality, and not as some bosses believe, only from subordinates to superiors.

But on treachery, there has been no greater display of this universally despised behaviour than by some UMNO leaders. Foremost had been the example of how Razak politically stabbed Tunku in the back. Many of my elders believe Razak's treacherous coup d'etat against Tunku broke the old man's heart more than his suffering the loss of power and pride.

Then, equally notorious, the Kedah Wonders (Johari Baharom, Osman Aroff) whom Dr M as PM nurtured and pampered, kicked him in the guts when AAB was PM wakakaka – see my Sep 2006 post
Et Tu Baharom. This is what I meant by UMNO members willing to stab their Iconic Senior when it suits their personal interests. Loyalty? wakakaka.

There is of course Malaysia's foremost warrior-patriot Zahidi who was once Anwar Ibrahim's vanguard perwira who attacked Dr M by accusing him of graft and nepotism to drive the old man out of office as pronto as the Anwar faction had hoped. He flopped and Anwar was booted out of UMNO. But survivalist Zahidi is now Defence Minister and must be considered as one of powerful warlords. He won't even look at Anwar now wakakaka.

But note that Zahidi has recently bought into the 1Melayu camp, meaning (unless Najib is two-timing us) he like Muhyiddin is against Najib.

And on UMNO's sense of loyalty (or lack of) I've no doubt many would also want me to add on to this list Dr M's serial dumping of his deputies, like Ghafar Baba (in favour of his once blue-eyed boy wakakaka), Musa Hitam, the blue-eyed boy wakakaka again, and His Snooziness the Sultan of Somnambulance, poor bloke, even way after his deputy days.

IMalaysia? IMelayu? 1UMNO?

Can PAS trust UMNO?

Wait, more important, can Najib trust Muhyiddin and Zahidi? wakakaka!

P/S Ooops, somehow I forgot to add to the list one of the most powerful, if not the MOST powerful UMNO warlord who chooses to always work in the shadow - Daim Zainuddin.


Posted: 02 May 2011 04:19 AM PDT

The rising cost of living remains a very real concern for everyone, not just the poor. For retirees from the middle-income group, their primary source of funds is their EPF savings, FDs and share dividends. They must keep a close watch on their expenses, and adjust their lifestyle accordingly. They can't expect to maintain the same lifestyle they had when they were working and drawing a good salary.

Here are 10 tips on how retirees can stretch their savings.

1. Make ONE your magic number: for example, keep one home, one car, one credit card, one wife (no girlfriends or mistresses). That should shave off at least half of your expenses. When you keep personal possessions to a minimum, it's much cheaper to maintain them.

2. Downsize. Consider moving to a smaller house or apartment. If all your adult children have already moved out, you don't need a 5-room bungalow that's expensive to maintain. The same goes for your car. Trade in your Toyota Camry for a more economical Myvi.

3. Cut the fat. Trim the frills. In other words, buy only what you need, pay for only what you use. The Air Asia model. This applies to Astro (cable TV) packages, home decorations and renovations. Do you really need a larger kitchen? Or an LCD flat screen TV in every room? Consider also selling off your club membership if you rarely make use of the club facilities.

4. Clear your debts, mortgages and loans ASAP. This applies in particular to credit card debt. It's so easy to pay just the minimum. But that's how you can end up RM50,000 in the red. You also want to avoid paying late charges.

5. Look out for sales, discounts, and special offers when you go shopping. Practise a policy of "Ask, and you may receive". What have you to lose except a bit of pride? You can get good concessions for concert tickets, university tuition fees, meals and a host of other items.

6. Likewise, with privilege cards. Sign up for one, or more. You either get a discount on your purchases or you accumulate points that can be converted to cash or gifts. There are plenty to choose from depending on your purchasing habits.

7. Next up is transport. Save on fuel. Keep the family car for the weekends or special trips. Whenever you can, opt for public transport - bus or train. Avoid taxis at all costs unless you have absolutely no other option. For short distances, use your two good legs. Nothing like a brisk walk to the neighbourhood convenience store to get the papers or a loaf of bread. Good for your heart too.

8. Resist the temptation to acquire the latest gadgets. If your trusty old computer, camera or mobile phone is working fine, why upgrade to a newer and more pricey model? Unless photography is your passion, it's a waste of money to invest in a high-end camera that you use only occasionally for family functions. 

9. Choose generic over branded, buy from government sources rather than private. Bata shoes serve the same purpose as Clarks which can be 3x more expensive. The key word here is comfort, not name. You can purchase prescription drugs from government hospitals and clinics at a fraction of the prices charged by private hospitals and pharmacies.

10. If you love to travel, go economy all the way, from air tickets to budget hotels. Why spend thousands on 5-star hotels when you are in your room only to shower and sleep? The rest of the time you are probably out checking the tourist attractions. A decent 3 or 4-star hotel that is clean and comfortable will do just as well. Also, plan your trips for the off-peak season and save on ticket prices.

Get into the habit of keeping tabs on your expenses. That way you know how much you have spent for the month. This allows you to make adjustments for the coming months. You will be surprised at how much small expenses can add up to at the end of the month. Try it for a month. You'll be glad you did.

E & O Hotel – a Penang Heritage

Posted: 02 May 2011 03:19 AM PDT


(Pics by Collins)

Zawahri, Al Qaeda’s No.2 Leader.

Posted: 02 May 2011 01:47 AM PDT

Egyptian-born doctor and surgeon Ayman al-Zawahri is al Qaeda's No. 2 leader, likely to succeed Osama bin Laden, who was killed in a US-led operation.

Following are some key facts about Zawahri:

* Zawahri is described as the chief organiser of al Qaeda and al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's closest mentor.

* Zawahri and bin Laden met in the mid-1980s when both were in the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar to support mujahideen guerrillas fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan.

* Born in 1951 to a prominent Cairo family, Zawahri was the son of a pharmacology professor and grandson of the grand imam of Al Azhar, one of the most important mosques in the Arab world.

* He graduated from Egypt's most prestigious medical school in 1974.

* When the militant Egyptian Islamic Jihad was founded in 1973, he joined. When members posed as soldiers and assassinated President Anwar Sadat in 1981, he was among 301 people arrested. He went on trial but was cleared of involvement in Sadat's death. He did, however, spend three years in jail for possession of an unlicensed pistol.

* Zawahri has broadcast dozens of messages since the September 11 attacks on the United States in 2001. In the latest monitored by the SITE Intelligence Group last month, he urged Muslims to fight Nato and American forces in Libya.

* In January 2006 Zawahri blasted US President George W. Bush as a "butcher" in a video tape, saying a recent US air strike targeting him had killed only innocent people. Earlier in the month, Pakistani intelligence sources said four top al Qaeda militants were believed to be killed in a US air strike, which US officials say was aimed at Zawahri.

Courtesy of Reuters

Obama: Osama Bin Laden Killed In Shootout.

Posted: 02 May 2011 01:13 AM PDT

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed yesterday in a firefight with US forces in Pakistan and his body was recovered, President Barack Obama said yesterday.

"Justice has been done," Obama said in a dramatic, late-night White House speech announcing the death of the elusive mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington that killed nearly 3,000 people.

It is a major accomplishment for Obama and his national security team, and could give him a political boost as he seeks re-election in 2012.

And it was at least a huge symbolic blow to al Qaeda, the militant organisation that has staged bloody attacks in many Western and Arab cities, and has been the subject of a worldwide campaign against it.

Obama said US forces led a targeted operation that killed bin Laden in Abbotabad, north of Islamabad. No Americans were killed in the operation and they took care to avoid civilian casualties, he said.

In Washington, thousands of people gathered quickly outside the White House, waving American flags, cheering and chanting "USA, USA, USA". People in cars blew their horns in celebration and people streamed to Lafayette Park across from the presidential mansion. Police vehicles with their lights flashing stood vigil.

"I'm down here to witness the history," Laura Vogler, a junior at American University in Washington, said outside the White House. "My boyfriend is commissioning as a Marine next week. So I'm really proud of the troops."

Many Americans had given up hope of ever finding bin Laden after he vanished in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan in late 2001 as US and allied forces invaded the country in response to the September 11 attacks.

Intelligence that originated last August provided the clues that eventually led to bin Laden's trail, the president said. A US official said Obama gave the final order to pursue the operation last Friday morning.

"The United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of men, women and children," Obama said.

A crowd gathered in Lafayette Park outside the White House erupted in jubilation at the news. Hundreds of people waved flags, hugged and cheered.

Bipartisan cheer

Former President George W. Bush, who famously vowed to bring bin Laden to justice "dead or alive" but never did, called the operation a "momentous achievement" after Obama called him with the news.

Martin Indyk, a former US assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs, described bin Laden's death as "a body blow" to al Qaeda at a time when its ideology was already being undercut by the popular revolutions in the Arab world.

Statements of appreciation poured in from both sides of Washington's often divided political divide. Republican Senator John McCain declared, "I am overjoyed that we finally got the world's top terrorist".

Said former President Bill Clinton: "I congratulate the president, the national security team and the members of our armed forces on bringing Osama bin Laden to justice after more than a decade of murderous al Qaeda attacks."

Having the body may help convince any doubters that bin Laden is really dead.

Bin Laden had been hunted since he eluded US soldiers and Afghan militia forces in a large-scale assault on the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan close to the Pakistan frontier in 2001.

The trail quickly went cold after he disappeared and many intelligence officials believed he had been hiding in Pakistan.

While in hiding, bin Laden had taunted the West and advocated his militant Islamist views in videotapes spirited from his hideaway.

Besides September 11, Washington has also linked bin Laden to a string of attacks — including the 1998 bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the 2000 bombing of the warship USS Cole in Yemen.

Courtesy of Reuters

White House Correspondents Dinner: Obama Takes On Trump, Birthers, The Media, And More (VIDEO)

Posted: 02 May 2011 12:53 AM PDT

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama exercised his revenge Saturday after weeks of attacks from his would-be Republican challenger Donald Trump, joking that the billionaire businessman could bring change to the White House, transforming it from a stately mansion into a tacky casino with a whirlpool in the garden.
With Trump in attendance, Obama used the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner to mock the reality TV star's presidential ambitions. The president said Trump has shown the acumen of a future president, from firing Gary Busey on a recent episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" to focusing so much time on conspiracy theories about Obama's birthplace.
After a week when Obama released his long-form Hawaii birth certificate, he said Trump could now focus on the serious issues, from whether the moon landing actually happened to "where are Biggie and Tupac?"
"No one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than 'the Donald,'" Obama said, referring to Trump's claims the same day that he was responsible for solving the issue.
For Trump's decision to fire actor Busey instead of rock singer Meat Loaf from his TV show earlier this month, Obama quipped: "These are the types of decisions that would keep me up at night. Well handled, sir."
Trump chuckled at some of the earlier jokes, but was clearly less amused as comedian Seth Meyers picked up where Obama left off.
"Donald Trump often talks about running as a Republican, which is surprising," said the Saturday Night Live actor, entrusted with providing some of the comedy for the evening. "I just assumed he was running as a joke."

Trump stared icily at Meyers as he continued to criticize the real estate tycoon.
The two men found themselves in the same room after an intense week of attacks from Trump, who has piggybacked on the birther conspiracies and even Obama's refusal to release his university grades to raise the profile of his possible presidential bid.
And the birth certificate was clearly the key punchline for the evening, which typically offers the president a chance to show off his humorous side and a town consumed by politics and partisanship to enjoy a light-hearted affair.
Obama's presentation started after the wrestler Hulk Hogan's patriotic anthem, "Real American," played. Images of Americana from Mount Rushmore to Uncle Sam were shown on the screen, alongside his birth certificate. And then he offered to show his live birth video, which turned out to be a clip from the Disney film, "The Lion King."
On the serious side, Obama took time to thank the troops for their service overseas and noted that the people of the South, especially Alabama, have suffered heart-wrenching losses.
"The devastation is unimaginable and it is heartbreaking," he said. He encouraged the journalists in the room to help tell the stories of those who have been hurt by the storms and saluted those who lost their lives while covering the news.
Other possible Republican presidential hopefuls in attendance were former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Rep. Michele Bachmann and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. And stars such as Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson also were among the 3,000 people who attended.
The association was formed in 1914 as a liaison between the press and the president. Every president since Calvin Coolidge has attended the dinner. Some of the proceeds from the dinner pay for journalism scholarships for college students.

In releasing his full birth certificate today, President Obama finally played what my CNBC colleague, former Bush White House spokesman Tony Fratto, called his "Trump card." But was that enough to satisfy the Donald? Not by a long shot.
True to form, Donald Trump couldn't resist the glare of the spotlight this morning in New Hampshire, when he climbed off his helicopter and took credit for the White House decision to release Obama's long form birth certificate. "Today, I'm very proud of myself because I've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish," Trump told the gaggle of reporters at an airport hangar in Portsmouth. "I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully getting rid of this issue."
Notice the language. "I'm very proud of myself. I've accomplished something. I am really honored." With Donald Trump, it's always about Donald Trump.
But with Trump's biggest campaign issue now put to rest, he desperately needed something else to get attention. First, he tried to squeeze the last bit of life out of the birther controversy. The president should have released the birth certificate "a long time ago," Trump said. Never mind that no other president in memory has ever been asked to show his birth certificate to prove his American citizenship, The Donald has spoken.
Next, Trump promised to examine the birth certificate personally. "We have to look at it. We have to see is it real? Is it proper? But I hope it checks out," he said.
Then Trump, the lead architect of the biggest campaign distraction so far this year, tried to blame the president for the distraction. Instead of talking about birth certificates, Trump said President Obama should be focused on gas prices, which according to Trump, is really easy to solve if Obama just "gets off his basketball court." That's rich. The guy who won't announce his candidacy for president because he's too busy taping a reality show is criticizing the guy who actually is the president for not taking his job seriously.
But there's a deeper meaning to Trump's basketball dig. Trump was once again reminding Americans that Barack Obama is, dare I say it, black. And not one of "the blacks" with whom Trump apparently gets along so well. Obama, in Trump's eyes, is not one of the exceptional blacks like Kwame Jackson, the Harvard MBA who finished in second place in the first season of Trump's NBC show The Apprentice.
Instead, Trump suggests that Obama is one of those stereotypical basketball-playing black men who are, presumably, too lazy or too dumb to get a real job, or to inherit their father's $40 million business, as Trump did.
Just in case you missed the "race card" there, Trump drove it home with his following point at the press conference — that Obama did not deserve to go to Columbia or Harvard Law School. Although our last president was, by his own admission, a sub-par student, Trump argues that our current president, a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, has risen through his life solely because he is the beneficiary of that dreaded right-wing conspiracy theory called affirmative action. That's the code language Republicans have been using for years to win votes in the south, and it's the same language my MSNBC colleague, former GOP presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, employed just this week to describe America's first black president.
So here we are in 2011, less than three years after the Wall Street financial collapse nearly brought down our entire economy, and we find ourselves debating what happened in 1961 when Barack Obama was born, and in 1991 when Obama graduated from law school. That's a tragedy for the American voters who deserve a serious election campaign to address the serious issues we face as a nation.
But let's be honest, this distraction is bigger than Donald Trump. Despite his success in the early polls, Trump may not run for or win the GOP presidential nomination next year, but he represents exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party. Trump is a wealthy businessman, flying around in a private helicopter, flirting dangerously with racist fringe elements, and firing workers every week on his TV show to promote his self-interests. That's not the image the Republican Party wants to project in the 2012 campaign. But for a party that wants to eliminate Medicare and affirmative action, deny unemployment benefits to American workers, and give tax breaks to billionaires like Trump, it's an image that hits all too close to home.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Workd Bank’s Overview On Malaysia’s Brain Drain

Posted: 02 May 2011 12:15 AM PDT

Malaysia's economy staged a strong recovery in 2010 and is expected to resume growth at pre-crisis rates. Near-term growth is expected to develop favorably at 5.3 percent for 2011 and 5.5 percent in 2012.

Malaysia's positive growth performance was accompanied by a build-up in inflationary pressure and a surge in foreign capital flows. Inflation rose on higher food and fuel prices amidst sharp increases in global commodity prices.

The continued inflow of foreign capital saw the recovery of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows from their steep decline in 2009, yet estimates suggest FDI continues to underperform relative to potential if Malaysia were to strengthen the investment climate.

Electronic shipments underperformed, raising concerns about this sector's competitiveness particularly in parts and components.

Main risks to near-term growth are: a weak global recovery, which would dampen Malaysian growth; rising inflationary pressure, which may derail private consumption growth; and weak fiscal consolidation, which may hurt policy credibility and would limit fiscal space to deal with future shocks.

To generate skill-intensive growth, Malaysia needs faster implementation of structural reforms. Concrete progress has been made with respect to public service delivery and investment projects, but reforms targeting the cross-cutting bottlenecks need to be accelerated.

The urgency to tackle cross-cutting bottlenecks comprehensively is real. Regional competition for talent, trade, and FDI has intensified. Poverty remains geographically highly concentrated and the level of income inequality is elevated.

The prospects for skill-intensive growth will also depend on how Malaysia how it handles brain drain—the emigration of high-skilled people. The Malaysian diaspora, which is geographically concentrated and ethnically skewed, is estimated at 1 million people in 2010, with brain drain representing a third of this.

Brain drain strains Malaysia's narrow human capital base. It is not alleviated by compensating inflows: most immigration is low-skilled and the high-skilled expatriate base has fallen by a quarter since 2004.

By boosting productivity and strengthening inclusiveness, Malaysia can address the brain drain comprehensively. This will require a revamp of the education system, an overhaul of the innovation eco-system, and a reorientation of inclusiveness policies towards merit and need—policy thrusts that are well reflected in Malaysia's transformation programs but require implementation.

Policy approaches that target the flow of talent across borders directly can complement these comprehensive approaches, but cannot substitute for them.

( A full report is obtainable from )


Posted: 02 May 2011 12:10 AM PDT

Najib Yang Lulus Lesen Judi Bola, Bukan DAP

Posted: 01 May 2011 10:18 PM PDT

Geli hati saya baca kenyataan Najib. Bersungguh-sungguh minta PAS keluar Pakatan Rakyat dan masuk BN.

Kata Najib:

"Kenapa buat baik dengan DAP? Adakah DAP boleh perjuangkan Islam?

"Hadi (Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang), cukup-cukuplah dengan DAP, tinggalkan DAP, masuk BN," kata Perdana Menteri ketika berucap pada majlis Perjumpaan Mesra Perdana Menteri Bersama Rakyat Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan Manir di Kampung Pulau Bahagia dekat sini.

Kalau ditakdirkan hari tu PAS terima tawaran UMNO/BN/Najib yang disampaikan melalui Task Force2010, maka PAS terpaksa menyokong judi bola yang diluluskan Najib kepada Vinsetan?

Adakah itu perjuangan Islam yang Dato Najib hendak tawar kepada PAS?

TUlang Besi

Serangan Video Seks Kali Ini Sempena Muktamar PAS

Posted: 01 May 2011 08:55 PM PDT

TUlang Besi dapat rasa Najib dan BN tertekan. Dari satu sudut, mereka mengakui mereka tidak akan dapat undi kaum Cina. Maka, harapan Najib untuk mendapat 2/3 ataupun sekurang-kurangnya jaminan menang adalah dengan mendapat 70% atau lebih undi orang Melayu.

Najib dan juak2 UMNO sedar perkara ini adalah hampir mustahil. Ini kerana pada tahun 1986 dahulu sewaktu PAS mendapat hanya satu kerusi Parlimen, undi popular PAS di kalangan orang Melayu mencecah 40%. Maka, tidak mungkin dalam keadaan PAS berada dalam beberapa kerajaan negeri sekarang ini, PAS tidak dapat menjamin undi Melayu lebih dari 40%?

Maka, satu-satu jalan bagi menjamin undi Melayu yang solid kepada UMNO dan BN adalah dengan mengeluarkan PAS dari Pakatan Rakyat.

Percubaan pertama mereka gagal sejurus selepas pilihanraya 2008. Namun, pimpinan2 PAS yang pro kepada PERPADUANG dengan UMNO itu masih lagi memegang tampuk pemerintahan PAS.

Maka, serangan kedua Video BLue Rahim Thamby Chik dilancarkan bagi menguatkan kedudukan kepimpinan PAS yang pro PERPADUANG itu di dalam menghadapi pemilihan PAS Jun ini.

Najib tahu, PAS duduk di dalam Pakatan Rakyat hanya kerana faktor Anwar Ibrahim. Serangan fitnah Video Blue Rahim ini diharapkan dapat melemahkan keyakinan sebahagian besar kepimpinan PAS terhadap Anwar Ibrahim.

Apabila itu berlaku, maka secara otomatik fraksi UMNO akan berjaya memacu usaha mereka ke arah "Perpaduang" dengan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.

Tak hairanlah Najib Tun Razak terlalak-lalak meminta PAS masuk BN untuk melaksanakan Islam dan meninggalkan PAKATAN.

Tulang Besi seperti ingat lupa, siapa yang luluskan lesen judi bola? DAP atau Najib Tun Razak?

Tulang Besi

Osama Bin Laden Telah Mati!

Posted: 01 May 2011 08:43 PM PDT

Osama Bin Laden telah mati dan badannya telah dijumpai. Presiden Barrack Obama dijangka akan mengumunkan berita ini sekejap lagi...

Berita tersebut telah dilaporkan oleh media-media utama antarabangsa seperti:

Osama bin Laden dead: officials (Al-Jazeera)

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead (The Wall Street Journal)

Osama bin Laden is dead, sources say

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Sun-set In Penang

Posted: 01 May 2011 08:15 PM PDT


Applauding PAS' consistent stands...

Posted: 01 May 2011 08:09 PM PDT

Borrowing one from the Malaysian Insider, and the second from HarakahDaily:):)

Mind your own business, Khalid tells Soi Lek
By Debra Chong
May 02, 2011

Khalid said even Umno no longer pays attention to the MCA.
— File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, May 2 — PAS's Khalid Samad has told Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek to mind his own business and not deflect focus on the MCA's troubles onto the Islamist party ahead of the 13th general election.

The MCA president had shut the door on PAS joining the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition yesterday, ironically telling the opposition party to drop its Islamic principles even as he conceded Datuk Seri Najib Razak had extended the offer again based on the common creed.

"MCA's stand has been very clear that we will not accept PAS trying to make this country into a theocratic Islamic state. We will not accept that and PM is fully aware of MCA's stance," Dr Chua told reporters in Malacca.

Khalid, who is a PAS political bureau member, cast doubt that Dr Chua knew what he was talking about when he raised the matter.

"I doubt very much if CSL knows what he is talking about as what PAS sees as its objectives have never been presented to him before as he has shown little or no interest to find out," Khalid told The Malaysian Insider in a text message yesterday evening, using the MCA politician's initials.

"What he envisages as PAS's political objectives may not be what PAS has in mind. So before setting conditions for accepting PAS, please ensure (1) PAS is even interested being accepted by the MCA and (2) you know what you are talking about," Khalid said.

The Shah Alam MP advised Dr Chua to pay more attention to the MCA's sliding popularity among the Chinese community than PAS's need to be accepted by the MCA.

He said the first issue was a factual problem for the senior partner in the ruling coalition "while the latter is of no concern to anyone, least of all to PAS".

"If the MCA is rejected by the Chinese community, then its likes or dislikes and its preferences are of no concern to anyone except itself," Khalid said, noting that even Umno, its BN partner, no longer paid attention to the MCA.

Najib's invitation follows a call last weekend by Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia for a "1 Melayu, 1 Bumi" campaign to unite the Malays against what the newspaper said was racial politics by the DAP to stir up Chinese sentiment.

It also continues concerted efforts by Umno post-Election 2008 to get PAS to join forces in the name of Malay-Muslim unity.

The subject of unity talks between PAS and Umno had dominated the 2009 PAS Muktamar, which saw a number of leaders keen on exploring talks with Umno emerge as big winners.

More recently, top PAS and Umno leadership met at a Christmas Eve dinner, hosted by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong last year, during which the subject of Malay unity was once again broached.

Sources told The Malaysian Insider the move then to bring PAS into BN entailed both PAS president Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang and his deputy Nasharuddin Mat Isa being given a prominent role in Putrajaya if the party decides to abandon Pakatan Rakyat (PR), but spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat continues to be the major obstacle in bringing PAS closer to the ruling coalition.

Following the furore over the Christmas Eve meet, Hadi had reassured his partners in PR that the Islamist party was committed to remaining in the pact.


(Harakah Daily) - KUALA LUMPUR, May 1: Following the call by prime minister Najib Razak for PAS to leave Pakatan Rakyat, indirectly renewing his invitation to join Barisan Nasional, the PAS president has made a counter offer.

Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang (pic) invited UMNO members and leaders to join the Islamic party if they were really serious in implementing Islam and establish justice for people of all races in the country.

Hadi also said there was no question of PAS leaving the PR coalition.

"Our conscience is clear, and our cooperation in PR is based on the policy of mutual cooperation in establishing justice and fighting injustice," said Hadi.

Earlier, PAS secretary-general Mustafa linked Najib's statement to a call by MCA president Chua Soi Lek to let go the party's cabinet positions as long as it did not have electoral support from majority Chinese.

Saying PAS was committed to PR, he warned of any attempt to create a 'dangerous dichotomy' of Malay-dominant government on one side and Chinese-dominant opposition in the other.

"It is catastrophic to have a dichotomy of a Malay government on one side, and a Chinese-dominant opposition on the other. We would like to reiterate our total rejection to such an arrangement and will not be a party to it.

"We cannot over-emphasise our commitment in Pakatan Rakyat and our resolve to ensure the successful evolution of a two-party system," said Mustafa in a statement yesterday.

Semuanya sudah terbalik - Yang betul nampak salah, yang salah nampak betul.

Posted: 02 May 2011 10:09 AM PDT

Kita tidak payah untuk membuat andaian bila pilihanraya akan tiba. Akhirnya ia akan tiba juga. Masa masih panjang sehingga tamat penggal sekarang ini. Bagi PM Najib untuk membuat keputusan memanggil pilihanraya bukan kerja yang mudah apatah lagi dalam situasi politik hari ini. Sebagai pemimpin yang sedang berada di tampuk kuasa beliau lah yang akan menentukkan tarikh dan waktu untuk memanggil pilihanraya itu.

PM Najib tentunya akan melihat dari berbagai-bagai aspek sebelum membuat keputusan dan keputusan itu hanya akan dibuat sesudah beliau yakin yang rakyat sedang bersama kerajaan pimpinannya. Dalam keadaan sekarang PM Najib masih belum mendapat ilham kerana politik negara termasuk yang melibatkan parti-parti dan ahli-ahlinya yang berada di dalam BN sendiri belum lagi berada di tahap yang meyakinkan.

Bagaimana PM Najib hendak mengadakkan pilihanraya sekarang? Masalah terlalu besar yang ada di hadapannya termasuklah masalah beliau sendiri. Najib sedang berhadapan krisis kepimpinan yang sangat besar kerana beliau tidak dapat menguasai sokongan padu dari dalam UMNO itu sendiri serta tidak mampu untuk mengawal tingkah dan laku pemimpin-pemimpin di dalam komponen BN itu sendiri.

Najib tidak ada 'privilege' untuk membuat keputusan dengan tenang dan aman kerana beliau terlalu terpengaruh dengan pengaruh dari tepian parti seperti pengaruh bekas pemimpin raksaksa negara dan banyak lagi elemen yang mengganggu beliau di dalam membuat keputusan dengan sendiri.Pendeknya Najib bukan bermasalah dengan musuh yang terang, tetapi beliau bermasalah dengan harimau yang menghendapnya dari celah belukar dan semak.

Apabila persepsi ramai melihat Najib sebagai seorang yang kurang diyakini maka ramai di kalangan pemimpin yang tinggi dalam hairaki parti begitu jelas sedang mengambil 'position' politik bagi menyesuaikan dengan keadaan jika Najib mengambil tindakan untuk berhenti dan terus bersara. Oleh kerana tradisi di dalam UMNO itu memudahkan orang nombor dua mengambil alih di atas nama peralihan kuasa secara aman, maka sudah ramai pula yang sekarang menghampiri Muhyiddin kerana Muhyiddin adalah 'putra mahkota' UMNO sekarang ini.

"Bang, marilah bergiat balik bang. Nampaknya Muhyiddin akan mengambil alih dan abang bolehlah aktif balik. Muhyiddin sedang mengesut sedikit demi sedikit kepada kerusi yang diduduki oleh Najib bang" Kata seorang pemimpin bahagian dengan yakin. Saya menjawab, "Terima kasih lah bro, abang kau ni dah berehat dan menunggu mati aje. Kau bergiatlah. Abang nak tengok juga sejauh mana politk kau boleh pergi. Abang kau ni dah ramai cucu. Biarlah duduk jauh-jauh dan jadi pemerhati sahaja sambil-sambil menjaga cucu. Kalau abang nak komen abang komen melalui blog abang. Itu cukup dah!"

Kata-kata pemimpin bahagian itu, kalau dikaji betul-betul membayangkan ada pihak dalam UMNO sendiri yang ingin melihat Najib itu bersara secepat mungkin kerana ada orang yang sedang menunggu untuk mengambil alih kerusi yang di duduki Najib itu. Kabarnya usaha itu secara halus di dalangi oleh orang yang berpengaruh untuk memudahkan Muhyiddin menjadi PM dalam kadar yang segera kononnya untuk menyelamatkan UMNO dari ditinggalkan oleh orang Melayu.

Itu masalah dalaman UMNO. Masalah di kalangan parti-parti komponen di dalam BN juga merupakan masalah yang tidak boleh di abaikan oleh pucuk pimpinan BN di Kuala Lumpur. Keretakan di kalangan parti-parti di Sabah sudah mula dikesan dan sudah dizahirkan oleh LDP supaya UMNO tidak lagi menjadi ketua kepada BN di negeri itu. Mampukah keretakan ini dihalang dari menjadi pecah dan terbelah, belum lagi dapat dipastikan. Yang pasti keretakan wujud di kalangan parti-parti dalam komponen BN itu sendiri.

Oleh yang demikian saranan Najib untuk PAS bekerjasama dengan BN memang tidak salah. Tetapi masalahnya UMNO hanya mahu bekerjasama dengan PAS semasa keadaan terdesak sahaja. Semasa dalam keadaan kuat UMNO tidak melakukan usaha memperkuatkan kekuatan yang sedia ada tetapi di sebaliknya memaki PAS dan pimpinannya setiap kesempatan yang ada. Semua ulamak PAS dipersendakan kerana orang sudah ramai Melayu memilih PAS kerana parti itu mengambil landasan Islam dalam perjuangannya.

Dalam keadaan terdesak barulah UMNO hendak mencari PAS sedangkan dengungan kutukan pemimpin dan penyokong UMNO masih kedengaran di mana-mana. Apabila PAS ada 'apprehension' nya untuk menerima tawaran itu maka PAS juga yang di kutuk dan dikata dengan bermacam panggilan. Kita seolah-oleh bersikap dan berperangai seladang….kalau berjalan di hadapannya kita akan ditanduknya, tetapi apabila berjalan di belakangnya kita akan ditendangnya.

PAS mempunyai pengalaman bersama UMNO di dalam BN dahulu kerana UMNO hampir pupus semasa pilihanraya 1969 dahulu. Semasa itu UMNO terdesak maka PAS diminta untuk bersama dan PAS setuju. Tetapi apabila PAS sudah bersama maka PAS dianggap sebagai masalah pula. Dr Mahathir telah mengakui ini beberapa hari yang lalui di Alor Setar yang PAS membawa masalah kepada BN semasa itu. Itulah sebabnya PAS ditendang keluar dari BN.

Sekarang perasaan terdesak UMNO itu kembali semula dan meminta PAS kembali bekerjasama dengan UMNO. Jika PAS kali ini menolak adakah itu salah PAS lagi? Kita telah membuktikan yang kita tidak selesa dengan perjuangan yang dilandaskan agama itu dan lebih mesra dengan parti-parti liberal seperti parti-parti di dalam BN sekarang. Maka itu juga hak UMNO untuk memilih.

Tetapi apabila UMNO cuba hendak menggunakan PAS kembali maka hak PAS untuk menolaknya jangan dipersoalkan lagi. PAS ada pengalaman bersama UMNO ini. PAS pun ada juga sedikit harga diri dan tidak mahu dipergunakan oleh UMNO hanya semasa mereka terdesak. Pemimpin PAS juga manusia biasa seperti pemimpin UMNO. Mereka ada perasaan dan perasaan itulah yang perlu kita fahami.

Pemimpin kita tidak sedar yang pemikiran orang sudah membangun dan UMNO tidak pernah berusaha untuk membangunkan pemikiran selari dengan pemikiran manusia sejagat. Kita wajar sedar yang Islam itu membangun mengikut masa dan zamannya. Bukan sahaja minat terhadap Islam ini berlaku di negara kita, malahan kecenderungan manusia di zaman ini terhadap Islam memang besar, termasuk di Amerika Syarikat sendiri di mana ratusan ribu orang putih Amerika memeluk Islam sebagai cara hidup mereka sejak akhir-akhir ini.

Pemimpin kita berucap di pentas dunia menuduh orang lain memberikan persepsi buruk terhadap Islam tetapi di negara sendiri pemimpin yang beriya-iya mempersendakan agamnya dan pemimpin yang berusaha kearah mengaddinkan Islam itu. Salah benar cerita lain, tetapi usaha mereka ada sedangkan kita masih lagi tersepit dengan pemikiran sempit yang parti itu adalah lebih besar dari agama.

Melakukan rasuah tidak menjadi isu besar, tetapi mengkritik UMNO itu dosa besar. Berkata benar itu salah tetapi meminda hukum agama mengikut kemahuan kita tidak salah. Mengaibkan orang lain tidak salah tetapi pihak untuk menutup keaibannya itu salah. Semuanya diambil dari sudut yang terbalik. Sedangkan Tuhan sendiri sentiasa menutup keaiban umatnya, kita pula yang melakukan perkara yang bertentangan denganNya. Kita tidak takut mengaibkan orang lain serta berbangga pula bila mangaibkan diri sendiri.

Agaknya kita ini memang sudah hampir kepada keadaan matahari akan terbit dari barat seperti yang saya sebut dalam posting saya yang lepas.


Kalau Anwar Bersalah, Takkan Anwar Berani Solat Hajat

Posted: 01 May 2011 07:46 PM PDT

Betul jugak? KAlau Anwar benar-benar bersalah, kenapa Anwar berani menghadiri solat hajat yang juga dihadziri ribuan orang yang bersimpati dengan fitnah yang tertimpa ke atasnya?

Bukankah seorang yang bersalah sudah tentu takut untuk bersolat hajat bersama ribuan yang lain. Bukankah orang yang bersalah itu akan mendapat kemurkaan Allah SWT sekiranya beliau berbohong?

Bayangkan betapa murkanya Allah SWT sekiranya Anwar Ibrahim berbohong? Bayangkan beribu-ribu yang doa mereka didengari oleh Allah SWT. Tidak mungkinkah satu doa tersebut dimakbulkan oleh Allah SWT?

sekiranya Anwar berbohong sudah tentu doa yang makbul tersebut akan memakan diri Anwar Ibrahim, percayalah.

Hakikat ini menunjukkan Anwar Ibrahim TIDAK BERSALAH kerana tidak mungkin seorang pembohong sanggup membuat solat hajat bersama ribuan muslimin dan muslimat.

Tulang Besi

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