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How come not much details about this scum of a judge? Augustine Paul. How come he is allowed to get a way with what he has done. Was his life threatened? Were his children's lives in danger? Was he black mailed? extorted? If the answer is NO, then Augustine Paul, you have been exposed for what you are – a scumbag. You will go down in Malaysian History as the most unprincipled and corrupt judge ever  sit on the bench. Don't think you can quietly slink away into your burrow to enjoy all the illgotten gains because you will one day have to face justice. Is there anyone sick in your family? is there turmoil in relationships in your family? Is there trouble in your family? Can you sleep peacefully at night? Beware, all these are a warning to you. The blood of inoncents are on your hands. 
your time has come to face god almighty and all things you did on earth will be relevant my dear judge. hope god shows you mercy. and history will remember you and your family will carry that burden. just see how people speak of your death.may god bless you. Other judges, policemen, MACC men… you will also be judged by god when your time comes. you can escape the law on earth but God awaits you. Ahmad Said try not to speak bad about the judge in Australia cos he will get more credit from god than you
Allah S.W.T says in his mighty Al-Quran Chapter No. 27 : Verse No. 50 …"So they plotted a plot: and We plotted a plot, while they perceived not. "While Mahathir and Co plotted a plot to jail and maim Anwar, Allah S.W.T had a great plan for these evil men! Subahanallah! All Praise to God!
Trial judge Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah concluded that there was a prima facie case against the 63-year old Pakatan Rakyat (PR) de facto leader, facing a second sodomy case charge in 13 years.

He was sacked as deputy prime minister and finance minister after the first case came to light in 1998.

"Prosecution proven all facts to define charge. Prima facie case made out against accused. Accused therefore called to enter defence," said Mohd Zabidin today.

Anwar's lawyers, in their submissions throughout the prosecution's case, have attacked the credibility of the star witness Saiful as well as the lab findings of the government chemists.

They had charged that Saiful had lied in open court, and charged that there were many loopholes in his testimony.

The judge, however, quashed all arguments relating to Saiful's credibility, saying that the complainant's testimony was indeed reliable.

"I found PW1 credible witness, his evidence reliable," said Mohd Zabidin.

The judge also ruled that there was nothing "inconsistent" with clinical findings by Hospital Kuala Lumpur specialists in the case.

"All three doctors testified positively, conclude there was penile penetration," said the trial judge.

Defence lawyer Sankara Nair argued against accepting the DNA samples in the trial as the samples were kept by investigating officer ASP Jude Pereira for 97 hours before being given to the chemist.

The prosecution team, led by Solicitor-General II Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, argued that the DNA samples taken from three items in a cell where Anwar spent the night on July 16, 2008 matched with the "Male Y" DNA profile.

Yusof had also said Anwar was the sole detainee in the lockup at the time when the items — a "Good Morning" towel, toothbrush and mineral water bottle — were retrieved.

Chemist Dr Nor Aidora Saedon and Supt Amidon Anan were called earlier in April  to identify the items to be marked as exhibits.

Government scientist Dr Seah Lay Hong testified last March that she had found two unknown male DNA profiles from samples retrieved from around Saiful's anus, one of which she had earlier called "Male Y".

The trial will resume from June 6 to 30.
The scope of the Attorney-General's powers in Malaysia has long been a subject of debate and controversy. He is the chief legal adviser to the government and is responsible for advising ministers involved in legal proceedings in their official capacity


By Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle There is no getting away from it. However you look at the Port Klang Free Zone debacle, all trails go back to former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who was also the finance minister. A day after his shock arrest, the charges preferred against Ling Liong Sik, the former Transport …Read more
Our AG is a useless crony being used by the UMNOist to defend their corrupted members and to persecute the innocence. He had shown he lack credibility and being bias to certain cases. Fabrication is one of his specialities. Talking cock is another. Have you read the Unholy Trinity ?


The resignation of Attorney General will brings to a close a bitter standoff between the Barisan and Pakatan lost his credibility and integrity hey you have damaged asshole time to resign The resignation of Attorney General will brings to a close a bitter standoff between the Barisan and Pakatan over the attorney general's loss of … Read more
Let's face it, the BN government has turned the juciary into a kangaroo court. Malaysians are very sceptical of the impartiality of our courts even at the highest level. Corruption is the order of the day. You have money, you can get away even with murder. And woe to those who have to face the government and those in power in our courts. Yours is a gone case for sure. Recently there are some judges who have shown some semblance of independence but these are very exceptional and probably just a show case. Nothing short of a major overhaul is needed


The Judicial Rhetoric of Morality, the mother of judicial axis of evil – Related articles A cautionary note is in order here. It has forever been the battle-cry of human rights … What of the third axis—that of the secular-religious dichotomy—as it pertains to … In either role, it is the highest judicial instance. On … Read more
The AG & the IGP must be IMMEDIATELY stood aside pending investigation by an Independent body. If found to be
CORRUPTTED and Guilty, should be charged in court.
immediately, place both of these two Malaysian
CLOWNS under house arrest.
Sex needs to be spontaneous and only then does it completely fulfill and please one. Here are three steps that will guarantee ultimate sexual pleasure.readmore Farah Azlina Latif sex with complainant
" Gani honey. If you spill on us, I'm going to tell them that you've got less meat in your pants than there is in a vegetarian dish…


Getting to the bottom of the scandal There appears to be a hell of a lot of DRILLING going on in the Palace of Justice. And with the Chief Justice illegally marrying a second wife in Thailand and then destroying the evidence to escape prosecution, like our Member of Parliament from Sabah, it makes one … Read more
In Malaysia, the more corruptted and evil you are, the
faster and higher you move up the ladder.
Malaysia BOLEH !!!
What happened to the investigation of Rompin MP who was involved in the sexual harrassment of the GRO in the five star hotel? How was the collusion between Shafee and the AG who convinced the complainant to withdraw the charges?
Very compelling arguments for a change in the role of our AG with the examples given.
But these are recent cases, what about those cases in the past with political implications where he AG had used his powers that gave rise to suspicions of bias?
The PM had missed the opportunity to show he's serious about judicial reform before he steps down when he selected Zaki to be the CJ.
The solution is to separate the offices of the AG and the PP.
the summary is : The BN government, lack of integrity, no integrity, no shame, and they are thick skin, they will go to heaven or hell ? the god know. They think there is no karma, there is no consequence, let see how this Najib and the Rosma will die next time ? high chance is that, they are taking lots of medicine, they will have lots of illness, they cant be natural and healthy, they will need all kind of medicine to keep them going…
There is no integrity, there is only lots of corruption, there is no accountibility ? they can hide, they can deny, we the rakyat can vote,
, we the rakyat, must make sure, we vote in the government,
the one that care for rakyat, not corrupt…
do you have friends suffer in hospital ? do you feel you are being fairly treated ? do you feel your money spend wisely ? the government, we must exercise our right to tell them, be a good government that take care of rakyat,
Everyone knows Pattail got promoted to AG 
For his role in Anwar's case for sodomy
Maha Shithead purposely brought him
To stop and kill Anwar Ibrahim
They now trying to do the same scenario
Najis, Musang, Pattail, bastards, the trio
Trying, again to do it all over
But round one went to Anwar's favour
The judges have become brave and daring
Saying enough is enough to your raping
Of the court and the judiciary
With your repeated cases of sodomy
Pak Lah has not only been sleeping on his job as PM during the last 5 years, he is also very deaf to what the citizens had been crying-out loudly that his AG "practises selective prosecution".
This serious perception is not only common local-coffee-shop topic but also among foreigners. So if Pak Lah really has ears, he should have heard this talk and should have taken remedial action instead of allowing him to "bermaharajalela" for too long.
So now Pak Lah, you are paying partly for his wrong-doings.
Pak lah left behind a legacy of being the most incompetent Malaysian PM. His circle of advisers and ministers shows him little respect and makes him looks like an idiot. Sad to say he lacks any leadership skills for the job.
..'The govt. must be prepared to review the presently unfettered powers of the AG'
Absolute power in the hands of AG can lead to absolute corruption just as absolute power in the hands of politicans can and will lead to absolute corruption.There must be proper check and balance if truth and justice are to have meaning and value to people who have respect for the system of rule of law.
You trust this Guni 4 Tahil? He was already a crook and a samseng during his school days. His brother was quite o.k.
Mahathir is the REAL culprit who destroyed our judiciary.Current crop of AG, DGP and the crooked police are his products! These shitheads whom are already corrupted to the core should be caught,charged and sentence in open,just and public court.These SOB's are the living dead and souless bast*rd who won't even think twice about prostituting their own mothers,daughter and country just for the sake of money! Damn!!!
Justice to Altantuya!!!


re-cap,even before altantuya's murder case went on trial,who is this AG to decide that this case would involve only three accuses ???the AG has been acting like the god of law in this bolehland.
Since 15th August 2010, Malaysia Today published nine reports on how Tajudin Ramli plundered MAS and reduced this airline company from a surplus of more than RM600 million to a deficit in excess of RM8 billion.Malaysia Today also showed documents to not only prove this but also to prove that there was collusion between the AG Chambers, MACC and PRDM to sweep this entire episode under the carpet. But that is not the whole story. Today, we are going to show you how else MAS was plundered.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Parts 1 to 9 of this series of articles (you can read them in the links below) showed how Tajuddin Ramli plundered MAS with such impunity. There were attempts by the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) and the AG Chambers — before Ramli Yusuff became the Director of the Commercial Crimes Investigations Department — to cover up Tajudin's wrongdoings.
Ramli Yusuff, however, reopened the investigation and, together with the MAS Directors, went to meet Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to brief him on the situation. Ramli Yusuff then prepared a detail report identifying how MAS was scammed. He also recommended that Tajudin Ramli be charged for various offences.
This report was submitted to Annuar Zaini, an Abdullah Badawi nominee who sits as Bernama Chairman and a MAS Board member. Annuar Zaini thus had access to all things happening in MAS.
Tajudin Ramli, however, was not the only one who plundered MAS. Abdullah Badawi himself had done the same thing back in 2002 when he was still only the Deputy Prime Minister. And what Abdullah Badawi did was: he forced MAS to give the right of privatising MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to his family company, Fahim Capital Sdn Bhd.
It appears like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad knew this but he nevertheless allowed it to happen, probably so that he had something to hold against Abdullah Badawi in case the latter reneged on his promises to the former. Maybe Mahathir thought that this would be his trump card against Abdullah Badawi when the former relinquishes power to the latter in 2003.
But, regardless of all that, Abdullah Badawi stilled betrayed Mahathir. And he also betrayed Ramli Yusuff when he (Ramli), instead of Tajuddin Ramli, ended up in the dock.
Why did Abdullah Badawi allow them to go for Ramli Yusuff instead of going for Tajudin Ramli? The reason is simple enough as illustrated by the two letters below dated 30th January 2002 and 7th March 2002.
Initially, it was quite perplexing as to why the head of the CCID was arrested and charged instead of the person he was pursuing, Tajudin Ramli. But when you see that the Prime Minister himself also had his hands in the MAS cash-box then it begins to make sense.
If the shit in MAS were to hit the fan then some of this shit would splash onto the Prime Minister. So better this shit remains buried and those who were trying to bring it to the surface get sent to jail on fabricated charges — that the courts have since ruled unfounded. And Abdullah Badawi demanded that he be made the MAS adviser in 2009 as part of his 'retirement package' so that he can continue to keep the shit hidden.
Did the court not acquit Ramli Yusuff without his defence being called? And did the judge not chide the IGP, Musa Hassan, for this unreliable and untruthful testimony? What more proof do you need that Ramli Yusuff is a victim of persecution and that one of the reasons for this is his relentless pursuit of Tajudin Ramli.
And, to add icing to the cake, they also went for the lawyer for MAS, Rosli Dahlan. They allege that he is an accomplice to Ramli Yusuff. But the court has ruled that Ramli Yusuff did not commit a crime. Can Rosli now still be found guilty of being an accomplice to a crime that the court says never happened?
Let's wait and see what happens because Rosli Dahlan's trial will be decided very soon, about ten days more to be exact (6th-8th September 2010).
Did not Malaysia Today say a couple of years ago that 'all roads lead to Putrajaya'? And some had the cheek to say that Malaysia Today was being seditious and malicious. Yes, as Mukhriz Mahathir said, only 40% of whatMalaysia Today publishes is true. Well, there are two letters below. Which 60% of these two letters are false?
Over to you, Mukhriz. Or are you going to happily allow this one to pass so that you can use it against Khairy Jamaluddin in the next round of your contest for the Umno Youth leadership?

1. Abu Kassim Mohamed, are you now going to resign?

2. The MAS scandal: what the MACC swept under the carpet and marked NFA

3. The MACC Chief can't plead ignorance

4. The MACC says thanks but no thanks

5. Eight years and still counting

6. Tajuddin Ramli enters into a contract with himself

7. How the RM9 billion 'hole' was left to the taxpayers

8. The web of deceit

9. The police and AG Chambers colluded to cover up the fraud in MAS

Apocalypse 2012?

Posted: 16 May 2011 01:42 PM PDT

Is the future ending? Or is it beginning? Religion surely does not know but certainly "God" knows...or does It? The following is a series of 5 You Tube segments of a program, Apocalypse 2012 that was on CNBC-CBC in April 2011. This is a global cultural phenomenon that will not be at the scale it is propagated if not for the Internet.

Some say it is the end of earth as we know it, while there are those who believe it is the end of the world as we know it; with a form of a global spiritual awakening somehow linked to Indigo Children and other New Age concepts. There are also those who don't want to know. Yet, the majority dismisses it as pure poppycock. Remember Y2K? Do check out this website and find out what some people are saying. You decide...

Apocalypse 2012 Part 1

Apocalypse 2012 Part 2

Apocalypse 2012 Part 3

Apocalypse 2012 Part 4

Apocalypse 2012 Part 5

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

AMAN: Police, act now against 'crusading' Ibrahim

Posted: 16 May 2011 02:55 AM PDT

Story to follow
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Putting 1st Peter 3:15 Into Practice

Posted: 16 May 2011 10:31 AM PDT

15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 16 keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. 17 For it is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. – 1st Peter 3:15-17

I've actually been mulling this for some time, and again in the past day or so. My wife tried to influence me on this issue quite a while ago as well, asking me what purpose and reason my demotivational poster mocking Elton John's homosexuality served. Recent events have served to help me finally make the decision to take this step.

I'm referring to blogging and commenting with gentleness and respect. At the very least, I'll stop the snarking and mockery aimed at irreligiousity for a start.

I've procrastinated taking this step for a long time simply because… I'll be honest… I enjoyed being snarky, sarcastic and being a standard GIFTed Netizen (anonymity notwithstanding). And seriously, at this point I still really don't want to end up like a goody-goody Mother Teresa/Ned Flanders Lite type. *Shudder*

I've often said that I'll accept and admit it if an argument or reasoning wins me over, and this is now the fourth such major concession I can recall (preceded by: an apology to Yuki regarding insinuating at a gay pastor's partner, re-opening to the validity of macro-evolution due to DNA evidence, and accepting that religious morality undergoes human interpretation which makes it relative in practice).

In any case, it's a light cross to carry compared to, say, getting beheaded in Nigeria or Ivory Coast for refusing to renounce Jesus – but to me, it's a pretty significant sacrifice.

Did comments from Ron, Sheila and others stir a sense of guilt, shame and regret in me? I'll have to swallow my pride and admit so, mostly from Ron since he's been around longest. At the very least, they pushed me closer to the edge of decision. I also found getting neutral and non-combative replies from Ron to be refreshing and welcome. My thanks to them for being God's way of making me see the light.

Do I hope that through my small sacrifice and somewhat trivial change, I might influence them towards Christ? Yes, of course – at the very least, I do not want to learn at the final judgment that my attitude was what stood in the way of their accepting eternal life. With that perspective, it's actually an incredibly small price to pay for a potentially infinite gain.

The taking up of replying to comments by Zack and Simon also helped. wits0 and hutchrun too, as well as the other(s) who occasionally stop by with ever-changing nicks. Not feeling the need to join in every discussion – in fact, actively keeping out of some debates – allowed me to step back and observe instead of leaping into the fray with guns blazing. It de-personalized the comment threads and gave me the opportunity to reflect. Thanks to you and everyone else who has contributed to this blog.

And of course, I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for helping me go through with this decision. May He give me the discipline and will to see it through, amen.

So here's to swallowing my pride and – finally – acting like the better Christian that I've known I should be.

Old habits are hard to break, so if anyone catches me falling back into them, here's my explicit permission to call me out on it.

I'll still be defending my beliefs in the meantime, of course – just that I'll try not to fall into outright mockery and insult mode, beginning with non-religious atheism and hopefully growing from there. Even if commenters make it oh so easy, and so, so richly deserve it.

Whoops… See how easy it is? This will take some practice to determine just where the boundaries are.

Sigh, turn the other cheek and all…

PS. This update will be added to all posts regarding irreligious atheism.

Ibrahim Ali Is Not The Bogeyman But A Real Threat — By Haris Ibrahim.

Posted: 16 May 2011 05:46 AM PDT

The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) is sickened by the racist and anti-Christian rants of Ibrahim Ali, the president of Perkasa.

We are equally sickened by the tepid response from the home minister and the rest of the BN government to his incessant and increasingly rabid provocations.

Most recently, Ibrahim has called for a crusade against Christians. He has said that he is ready to fight, he is prepared to be detained under the Internal Security Act, he is willing to answer to a higher power if he is wrong.

His words clearly indicate that there is nothing holding him back from initiating an attack against Christians or those parties he suspects are backing the unsubstantiated "Christian conspiracy." This makes him a dangerous threat to Malaysia's peace, stability and security.

Therefore, it is alarming to note that there has been no action taken against Ibrahim. Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has merely said that Ibrahim does not speak for all Malays. He expressly denied that Ibrahim is not an extremist, but said that there were extremists in the Chinese community.

Is the home minister confirming that his ministry practises double standards when it comes to national security?

The home minister must realise that by allowing Ibrahim to continue his irrational but dangerous pro-Malay agenda, he is driving away investors and capital from Malaysia.

Already Talent Corp has had to issue a statement urging overseas Malaysians to ignore the heightening race rhetoric emanating from the country.

The MCLM has time and again called on the home minister and the BN government to act firmly and decisively against Ibrahim and Perkasa.

They should not allow these extremists to shape the public discourse on race relations in Malaysia because that can only end in disaster and bloodshed.

If the home minister cannot or will not take steps to protect the peace and harmony desired by all rational Malaysians, we will take steps to elect a government that will.

Groups Call Ibrahim Ali Malaysia’s Osama - By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani.

Posted: 16 May 2011 05:37 AM PDT

A coalition of more than 200 groups has dubbed outspoken Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali the country's Osama bin Laden today after the Malay rights leader called for a crusade against the local Christian community.

A. Rajaretinam, who heads the coalition called Angkatan Angkatan Warga Aman Malaysia (Aman), said the Pasir Mas MP's statement was highly seditious and dangerous, calling for immediate action by the police.

"There is no difference between Osama bin Laden and Ibrahim Ali. If Osama was hunted down and killed then Ibrahim must also be arrested," he said, referring to Osama's death at the hands of US special forces on May 2.

"He has been trying to incite people to act against the Christian community and this must stop. We want him to be arrested under the Emergency Act for making the seditious statement," Rajeretinam added.

Besides September 11, Washington has also linked Osama to a string of attacks — including the 1998 bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the 2000 bombing of the warship USS Cole in Yemen. Osama, who was in hiding for 10 years before his death, had called for a jihad or crusade against Western countries for occupying Arab lands.

On Saturday night, Ibrahim threatened Christians nationwide that he would wage a crusade or holy war should they proceed with their alleged agenda to usurp Islam.

"In Kelantan, I told the security forces present that if they want to inform Bukit Aman (police) of my declarations to please go ahead. Please mark my words — if any party in Penang, especially the Christian priests who are backed by the Penang DAP, continues with their agenda which we are already aware of, I would like to offer that if they want to hold a crusade, we can too. This is in the spirit of Sultan Saladin Ayubi ... if they want to fight a crusade, we can too," said Ibrahim.

Ibrahim was referring to the recent row over a controversial newspaper report in Utusan Malaysia entitled "Kristian Agam Rasmi?" (Christianity the official religion?) where it was alleged that DAP leaders and Christian priests were conspiring to take over Putrajaya, abolish Islam as the religion of the federation and install a Christian prime minister.

The Home Ministry eventually only slapped Utusan Malaysia with a warning letter for publishing the unsubstantiated report.

Rajaretinam went on to question why the authorities have yet to take any action after Ibrahim Ali directly challenged the police to arrest him.

"The statement made by Ibrahim Ali threatening a crusade is very dangerous. He even challenged the police but action has yet to be taken against Ibrahim Ali. More than 48 hours have passed but why no action yet?" he asked.

Rajareitnam also said that Ibrahim and Utusan must be untouchable since the government has continued to turn a blind eye towards their insurrection.

"This is not the first time that Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali have made racist statements. This has become a culture of Perkasa and now they are being supported by other groups like Pembela. I do not see why Ibrahim Ali, as well as Utusan Malaysia, have such immunity. Utusan Malaysia, including the editor, should be temporarily suspended until investigations are complete," he said.

Previously, Utusan Malaysia called on its owners Umno to spearhead a 1 Melayu, 1 Bumi movement involving all Malay parties, claiming that the DAP is intent on toppling the country's Malay leadership.

Utusan Malaysia has also told Barisan Nasional (BN) to ignore the Chinese community for not supporting the ruling coalition during last month's Sarawak state election.

BN's Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) lost more than two-thirds of the 19 seats it contested in a snub by the state's tiny but vociferous Chinese community.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

LYNAS - Go Back To Australia!!!

Posted: 16 May 2011 05:00 AM PDT

I have, in the past, stated that I am a firm believer of progress and development.

But a rare earth refinery plant is not my idea of progress. Not in a small town in a small country like Malaysia. There are too many risks involved and not worth the perks.

LYNAS is an Australian company based in Sydney. Most of the material comes from Mount Weld in Western Australia, the richest known deposit of Rare Earths in the world.

So why are they refining it in Malaysia, across the sea, far far away? Why don't they refine it in Australia?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: AUSTRALIA

Enclosed by giant rats, babykiller dingos, scorpions, and scorching desert is a whole lot of ... nothing.

That, in my opinion, is a fine place to build a refinery.

Sure, it will be grossly inconvenient to have to drive up the goods there, to convince people to go and work there.

But any waste disposal in the middle of nowhere, in my opinion, would not be harmful to the people, not in the same magnitude that unmanaged waste would be in Kuantan.

At the end of the day, it is not about human safety. It is about profits. It costs far more to pay Australian labour than cheap Malaysian labour.

It would be more expensive to transport your materials into the middle of nowhere even if it is safer for human beings, in general.

Yet, I don't think the Australians would put up with it. They are much firmer with their government than we are with ours. We have given our government too much leeway.

People, we need to protest this as strongly as we can. Lynas must never go into operations in Malaysia.

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Posted: 16 May 2011 05:13 AM PDT

Solidarity Walk
May 20, 2011

Friday 2.00pm

Meet at KLCC

Walk to the Australian Embassy


The Save Malaysia Stop Lynas Group

will hand in a memorandum

to stop Lynas from exporting hazardous materials to Malaysia

Please come to support the people of Pahang to safeguard their health from pollution and radioactive waste!

Visit their Facebook Page HERE
Sign Their Petition HERE


Posted: 16 May 2011 04:32 AM PDT



The destructive avarice of UMNO

Posted: 16 May 2011 04:39 AM PDT

No point in condemning Hishamuddin Hussein for his blatant double standards in handling demagogue Ibrahim Ali.

As Haris Ibrahim
reminded us, the double standard is already so obvious in Hishamuddin explicitly stating Ibrahim Ali is NOT an extremist but that some Chinese are.

Ibrahim Ali is merely a front man for UMNO, which has been why Hishamuddin won't act; likewise in his kid gloves treatment of Utusan.

Ahmad Mustapha Hassan, who wrote 'The Unmaking of Malaysia', and also a former general manager of state news agency Bernama as well as the press secretary to both former PM Tun Razak and then-DPM Dr Mahathir, lamented in The Malaysian Insider's
A very dirty and very dangerous game that:

In sports games can be made dirty and sometimes fatal. But they only involve the players and nobody else. But in the case of politics when the game becomes dirty and dangerous, the country and the people will suffer. There are no gainers and even the perpetrators themselves will suffer.

Their aim is to destroy their opponents with no compunction as to what happens to the country. We have to beware of such political shenanigans.

The current coalition of parties in power especially the main player Umno is in a state of panic.

The length of time that they had been in power had made them flabby in their thinking and actions. They simply cannot comprehend that their actions and the actions of their cahoots are wrong and detrimental to the welfare of the people. Their blind support for the grave mistakes by their agents proves their inability to grasp the seriousness of these actions. They pass the blame on others for the blunders made by these agent provocateurs.

In his article, Ahmad Mustapha Hassan also explained why UMNO is petrified of the alliance of DAP and PAS, where more Malays have now lent their support to the Rocket. He explained how UMNO has unleashed its provocateurs like Utusan, Perkasa and Pembela to agitate against DAP and the Christians, to demonize the DAP in the eyes of the Malays.

This has led many to blame rightwing elements in UMNO for the recent unfounded accusations (sheer blatant lies) against Chinese, Christians and the imaginary Communist bogeymen.

But kaytee believes it depends on what they meant by 'rightwing' elements?

If they mean those UMNO members who are worried that Najib's liberalization of economic policies won't guarantee their ability to continue dipping their snouts into the trough, then I agree. But then, why not just call them rent seekers instead of adding a racial-political hue to those leeches, because in life behind their sandiwara politics, these bastards would be real pally-buddies with their rich Chinese towkays friends.

It's not about religion, race or ideology. It's about the economic gravy train. It's all about the avarice of some UMNO bigwigs. They have been playing with fire to ensure their personal economic-financial interests are protected. They're prepared to set the country aflame to satisfy their greed.

MT Signed MOU With WikiLeaks: And They Are Shitting Bricks Now...

Posted: 16 May 2011 04:35 AM PDT

We don't need any introduction as to what this controversial Wikileaks is all about. For those who have no knowledge, you can find out more about WikiLeaks and the controversies that Wikileaks has generated for the past 4 over years here:

I do not know what are the understandings that are drawn out in the MOU but one thing for sure is that when two controversial personalities get together, a lot of people is going to have sleepless nights.

I would have hate this look on RPK's face if I am on the opposite side. Too relax and you wont like him when he is in this mood. Hehehe.. 'You wanna go for broke, lets go for broke' seems to be his message.

Yup! RPK Is Back!
And here I wait with bated breathe.
Bring Them On, Pete!!

"When a government engages in criminal activities, it is the duty of all men to expose the crime. If a crime is being committed and silence is kept, all such are a part of the crime." - Unknown

Politik - Sudah tidak tentu yang mana hujungnya dan yang mana pangkalnya.

Posted: 16 May 2011 03:00 AM PDT

Politik negara sudah sampai ke tahap yang tidak pernah kita alami seumur hidup kita. bermula dengan isu kecil-kecilan sekarang sudah sampai kepada tahap yang membingungkan kita semua. Pemimpin-pemimpin dan penyokongnya sama sahaja; bermain dengan permainan politik yang terlalu kotor dan menjijikan.

Saya tidak nampak lagi isu yang lebih merbahaya dari isu agama yang di mainkan oleh beberapa kerat manusia 'desperate' yang menggunakan isu agama mungkin sebagai isu yang mereka anggap sebagai isu yang paling selesa bagi mereka untuk mencapai matlamat peribadi mereka. Bagi setengah pihak, rasanya yang sedang berkuasa isu ini merupakan jalan yang terakhir yang memungkinkan untuk meneruskan sokongan orang Melayu terutamanya bagi mengekalkan kuasa.

Isu ini isu yang sengaja diada-adakan. Itu pandangan saya dan saya tetap dengan pandangan itu. Seseorang yang hendak diceraikan selalunya akan bercakap tangkap muat untuk melindungi kelamahannya. Politik BN begitulah. Apabila ada rasa-rasa akan ditolak maka isu demi isu akan diperbesarkan dan tentulah mangsanya ialah parti pembangkang.

Ahli-ahli DAP yang kebanyakannya adalah beragama Buddha dituduh mahu meletakan kristian sebagai agama rasmi. Di mana lojiknya kita pun tak tahu. Apabila isu ini diperhangatkan oleh Utusan maka berderu-deru opotunis bercakap dan berucap dengan nada yang keras kononnya akan berjuang habis-habisan. Ibrahim Ali pula akan berjihad untuk Islam. Bila Ibrahim Ali hendak berjihad dalam isu ini secara langsung Ibrahim di dalam hidupnya belum lagi berjihad.

Tetapi apa pun, keadaan politik negara begitu bercelaru dengan berbagai-bagai isu tepian yang begitu ghairah diperbesarkan oleh setengah pihak. Isu sebenar yang membuatkan merudumnya sokongan ramai terhadap kita tidak dipertikaikan dan diperbahaskan dengan betul. Isu agama ini betul-betul isu untuk melarikan dari isu sebenar yang kita hadapi iaitu ketirisan kewangan negara dan nilai budaya yang sudah berubah keterlaluan sehingga kita sudah hilang identiti sebagai parti nasionalis.

Bagi adik-adik yang muda sekarang ini mereka hanya mengenggeh sahaja. UMNO kata orang UMNO kata mereka. Tetapi apabila ditanya apa dia UMNO itu, mereka akan menjawab UMNO membawa bekalan api letrik, membina jalanraya, membekalkan air bersih, memberi lembu pawah, hendak menang pertandingan ketua pemuda dan naikkan sipolan dan sipolan, mesti benci Nik Aziz, mesti tuduh DAP komunis, mesti undi UMNO kerana UMNO sahaja yang boleh menyelamatkan orang Melayu dan berbagai-bagai retorik yang lain.

Ada anak-anak yang muda sekarang ini bercakap dan menulis menggunakan kata-kata kesat seperti BABI, bingai , anjing dan berbagai-bagai lagi istilah kotor dan memanggil nama buruk kepada orang yang mereka tidak suka. Tetapi apabila ada seorang yang mereka takuti menggunakan istilah pandikutti ianya menjadi isu besar sedangkan manusia ini dipanggil dengan berbagai-bagai nama yang kotor seolah-olah manusia yang lain itu bukan ciptaan Tuhan.

Perbalahan politik memang dari dahulu kala berlaku tetapi mereka yang berbalah mempunyai bahasa politik yang lebih berseni dan finesse nya yang tinggi. Kata mengata di antara yang berbalah semasa dahulu ada sempadannya. Sempadannya bukan di adakan dengan undang-undang tetapi persempadanan kata mengata itu digariskan dengan etika dan budaya bangsa yang begitu tinggi. Begaduh, tetapi ada sempadan moralnya. Ada yang patut disimpan dan ada yang patut dikeluarkan.

Seperti kita bersolat, ada tata caranya. Dalam solat wajib ada sunatnya dalam solat sunat itu ada wajibnya. Bersolat waktu yang wajib, membaca ayat lazim itu adalah sunat, di dalam sembahyang sunat itu membaca al-fatihah itu adalah wajib. Pendeknya ada wajibnya dan ada sunatnya.

Kita lupa nasihat agama kita; apabila terjumpa perkara yang buruk, jangan terus dibuang, kerana mungkin ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Begitu juga kalau terjumpa perkara yang cantik molek jangan terus diterkam kerana mungkin ada celaka disebaliknya.

UMNO seolah-olah adalah 'the almighty'. Segala-galanya datangnya dari UMNO bukannya dari Tuhan. Takburnya tidak terhingga. Kata mereka kalau tidak ada UMNO Melayu tidak boleh hidup. Tetapi apabila Melayu yang cuba untuk membuktikan yang UMNO bukan penentu segala-galanya mereka memaki hamun dan mencerca puak ini. Kalau benar UMNO adalah penentu kepada semua bagaimana masih ramai orang Melayu yang terkapai-kapai; hanya pemimpin-pemimpin sahaja yang kaya raya dan hidup 'glamorous' yang tidak terbatas oleh adat dan budaya bangsa kita.

UMNO membawa isu rasis, tetapi yang dituduhnya membawa isu rasis itu ialah DAP. Orang Cina tidak akan ada representasi dalam kerajaan jika MCA tewas dalam pilihanraya. Tetapi orang Melayu lupa yang paling banyak menyumbang kepada kantung kerajaan pada hari ini adalah orang Cina yang telah berjaya di dalam perniagaan mereka. Merekalah yang pembayar cukai yang paling banyak kepada kerajaan.

Bangsa Cina tidak menghormati mereka kerana kita tidak berfikir sebelum bercakap. Kaum Cina hanya meminta kerajaan yang telus dan mereka tidak gemar cukai yang banyak dibayar oleh mereka ke dalam perbendaharaan kerajaan itu terlalu banyak diselewengkan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu. Tetapi apabila saya bercakap seperti ini saya akan dituduh menyokong kaum Cina dan tidak hormat kepada kaum sendiri.

Kita selalu lupa yang 'respect has got to be earned'. Itulah sebabnya ramai di antara yang berfikir tidak lagi mahu bergiat kerana kami tidak mampu untuk mendapatkan penghormatan itu dan kami mengharapkan pemimpin kita untuk mendapatkannya. Orang seperti saya yang kerdil ini sedar yang kami tidak berkemampuan untuk mendapatkan penghormatan sebagai pemimpin maka kami berundur dari awal lagi.

Tetapi pemimpin Melayu yang diharapkan untuk mendapatkan penghormatan itu tidak juga berjaya menjadi pemimpin yang 'magnanimous' dan terus sahaja mengertak kesana dan mengugut di sini dan tidak berkemampuan untuk mendapatkan pernghormatan yang sangat penting itu secara natural. DAN mereka tidak pula mahu berfikir kenapa mereka gagal untuk mendapatkan penghormatan itu. Apabila menemui kegagalan maka pihak lain pula dipersalahkan. Pihak sendiri tidak juga bersalah.

Sesungguhnya rakyat tidak banyak masalah untuk menentukan sikap politik mereka. "Yang bermasalah ialah pemimpin-pemimpin yang sudah hilang hidayah" kata seorang kawan professor dari universiti tempatan.


Posted: 16 May 2011 02:40 AM PDT

Actor Rajnikanth
 Tamil superstar Rajinikanth's condition is stable, but he has been advised two more days in the ICU, hospital sources said here Saturday.The 60-year-old, who is suffering from allergic bronchitis and fever due to exhaustion, was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of St Isabel Hospital on Wednesday night.

"His condition is stable, but he will be required to stay at least two more days in the hospital, and a decision about his discharge will be taken only thereafter," the hospital source said.

The south superstar has been hospitalised for the second time in a week. He was admitted to the ICU of the hospital after a bout of vomiting April 29, but was discharged in the evening.

Rajini checked into a private hospital in Porur for a master health check-up. "Appa is fine," Aishwarya Dhanush told TOI, "The doctors have advised him rest and he'll be in hospital for a couple for days. However, there's absolutely nothing to worry about."Earlier, on Friday, a day when election results hogged headlines, the health of SuperstarRajinikanth was a hot topic of discussion, thanks to rumours that were widely discussed and forwarded on social networking websites. Within minutes of the rumour finding its way to the Internet, it caught on like wildfire with even celebrities receiving text forwards.
"I don't know where these rumours started from," stated his wife Latha Rajinikanth in a press statement on Friday, "They are false. He is in good health and is taking rest at home."

Since the last couple of weeks, the Superstar's health has become a cause of concern for his fans. The actor looked a bit out of sorts on the morning during the launch of Rana. Later that evening, he was admitted to a private hospital in Mylapore with symptoms of exhaustion. A few days later, he was again admitted for allergic bronchitis and viral fever.

Tamil super star Rajnikanth

CHENNAI: Actor Rajinikath is back in hospital for pneumonia, renal and gastro-intestinal problems. Doctors at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Porur in Chennai, where the 61-year-old film icon was admitted on Saturday, said he was being treated for recurrent respiratory infection and a stomach ailment. His stressful schedules coupled with lifestyle habits, including smoking, could have worsened his health condition.

Rajinikanth, who had returned home after two rounds of hospitalization, was rushed back to hospital on Saturday when his respiratory problems worsened. A series of investigations including a CT scan was done by a team of doctors, who concluded that he suffered from pneumonia.

They found he had fluid accumulation between the layers of the tissue that line the lungs and chest cavity. Blood test reports also showed elevated levels of creatinine in blood showing signs of kidney disorders and other gastrointestinal problems. He is being intermittently given oxygen support and is pumped in with antibiotics to clear infection of the lower respiratory tract. A medical bulletin from the hospital said he was "not in the ICU and has been progressing well".

On April 29, the actor was first taken to the hospital when he complained of fatigue and vomiting on the first day of shooting for his upcoming film Rana. Doctors at the St Isabel's Hospital said he was dehydrated and exhausted. He was discharged the same day. On May 4, he was moved into the ICU of the hospital with breathing difficulty and discomfort. A week later, he was discharged and advised rest.

His wife, Latha, said on Friday that his health condition was improving. Senior doctors visited him at his residence. But in Saturday, the family moved him to Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre after he once again complained of discomfort.

Judge orders Anwar to enter defence

Posted: 15 May 2011 11:35 PM PDT

After 59 days of court hearing which began early last year, the Kuala Lumpur High Court has today found a prima facie case against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and ordered him to enter his defence. Earlier today, the Jalan Duta court complex was under tight security as Anwar supporters arrived as early as 4.30am and gathered at the Federal Territory mosque which is adjacent to the court complex, to show their support for the opposition leader and PKR de facto leader. Full story:
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Landmark Swak NCR land trial postponed

Posted: 15 May 2011 10:59 PM PDT

The landmark challenge being mounted by a group of natives against the Sarawak Land Code was postponed to allow the state to answer a 56-page submission and an affidavit filed by the appellants earlier this morning. "We submitted our lengthy submission on our proposal, as requested by the court, on how to evaluate and compensate for the appropriation of NCR lands if the court agrees that it is different from normal lands, as land is life(represents livelihood) to the natives. Full story:
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Wake up call

Posted: 16 May 2011 12:39 AM PDT

AN  individual who is out of his mind would imagine things that are not real at all. This is called delusion in the field of psychiatry.

Deluded person sees imaginary threats which are non existence and which exist only in his mind.  But if not properly treated, this deluded person may start attacking people as he perceives them to be his enemies trying to harm him.

Lately, in Malaysian politics, there is a  person calling for a crusade. Either he does not understand what crusade is for, or he is deluded, or he is purposedly doing this to instigate the masses.

He is a fool if he does not understand what crusade is for. He is mad if he is deluded.

We all know that this person is neither a fool nor mad.

He is a threat to national security and harmony if he is not a fool, nor a deluded person but doing this on purpose.

In which case, why is the authority not taking any action against him or his organisation?

This goes to confirm what is written in my article "Outsourcing and offshoring".

Many people did not believe me when i argued in meetings that racism has been outsourced and become more dangerous.

I hope now they have   realised how dangerous these people are playing this game.

Do they still deserve our support? Wake up, Malaysians!

Knife Stabbing Shoplifter Injured by Angry A$$-Kicking Marines and Falling Down, but Mostly by Falling Down

Posted: 16 May 2011 07:59 AM PDT


Assailant suffers injuries from fall

Orville Smith, a store manager for Best Buy in Augusta, Georgia, told police he observed a male customer, later identified as Tyrone Jackson of Augusta, on surveillance cameras putting a laptop computer under his jacket. When confronted the man became irate, knocked down an employee, drew a knife and ran for the door.

Outside on the sidewalk were four Marines collecting toys for the "Toys for Tots" program. Smith said the Marines stopped the man, but he stabbed one of the Marines, Cpl. Phillip Duggan, in the back; the injury did not appear to be severe.

After Police and an ambulance arrived at the scene Cpl. Duggan was transported for treatment.

"The subject was also transported to the local hospital with two broken arms, a broken ankle, a broken leg, several missing teeth, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions, assorted lacerations, a broken nose and a broken jaw…injuries he sustained when he slipped and fell off of the curb after stabbing the Marine," according to a police report.

From The Jawa Report, text typed by Elite '11 here.

And post title emulating AoSHQ's tongue-in-cheek style (example and example).

Razali adala Ahli UMNO

Posted: 15 May 2011 11:36 PM PDT

Razali adalah ahli DAP yang dikatakan membuat laporan polis berkaitan kesah menukar agama rasmi Malaysia kepada agama Kristian.

Laporan polis ini sungguh berharga kerana Hishamuddin Tun Hussein sendiri merujuk kepada laporan polis tersebut.

Malangnya, sehingga hari ini, laporan polis Razali tidak dapat dibaca atau ditatap oleh rakyat Malaysia walaupun dari segi undang-undang laporan polis adalah dokumen umum yang boleh dibaca sesiapa sahaja.

Selamat menonton

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Najib Razak's Lynas: Money First People Later

Posted: 15 May 2011 11:15 PM PDT

Pariah Kamal kissing Malay First DPM Muhydeen Yassin's hand. Just how low can one go?

By Admin

The voters of Hulu Selangor must now realize that they have really elected a ball polishing pariah coolie in the form of Pariah Kamalanathan as their MP. During the Al Jazeera 101 East program, Pariah Kamala kept on singing praises about PM Najib Razak when defending the RM700 million rare earth plant in Kuantan by Australian miner Lynas Corp..

Pariah Kamala, who is the Putera MIC national coordinator, claimed that an independent review has only been ordered into the plant being constructed in the Gebeng industrial zone at this late juncture as Malaysia had to show it was investor-friendly. However, The ruling BN/Umno Regime did not say when the review would begin and no further announcement on the matter has been made since then.

Pariah Kamal also made a ridiculous claim that the controversial plant would create "hundreds and thousands" of jobs and bring billions into Gebeng, which is a major petrochemicals hub in the home state of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. However, Fuziah, who first brought the issue up in Parliament soon after the project was announced in 2008, pointed out that Lynas itself has stated that it will only be hiring 350 workers. With Malaysia's ability to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) appearing to be on the wane, the plant, which Lynas says will have a multiplier effect of RM4 billion per year, will be a major boost to the Najib administration with a General Election round the corner.

Pariah Kamal, who during the Hulu Selangor by election kissed the hand of DPM Muhydeen Yassin but denied it, appeared in a segment called "Toxic Profits" on the Doha-based channel where he spent 10 minutes debating with Kuantan MP and Fuziah Salleh. PKR vice president Fuziah has been leading protests by her constituents against the plant.

Pariah Kamal also defended his political masters Umno which leads the BN Regime where Pariah Kamal's own party MIC is considered as a mosquito. The BN/Umno Regime has decided to go ahead with the project despite the plant being scheduled to begin operations just four months from now. Pariah Kamal called the decision "fair" and "better late than never."

Pariah Nathan's own stupidity and arrogance just as that of his colleagues from BN/Umno can be best summed up by this statement he made: "The government could not await approval from the various regulatory bodies — six, in the case of the Lynas plant — as it would delay projects."

This makes complete nonsense of PM Najib Razak's PEOPLE FIRST PERFORMANCE NOW slogan / propaganda. Going by Pariah Kamal's rationale, Najib should just change his slogan /propaganda to MONEY FIRST PEOPLE LATER!

Watch Pariah Kamal making a fool of himself here

Wesak Day

Posted: 15 May 2011 11:14 PM PDT

Tomorrow is Wesak Day. I take this opportunity to wish the people of Buddhist faith a Happy Wesak day.

This is a day to commemorate the birth, the enlightening and death of the Buddha.


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