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One on One with Imam Muda Mohd Fakhrurrazi

One on One with Imam Muda Mohd Fakhrurrazi

One on One with Imam Muda Mohd Fakhrurrazi

Posted: 05 May 2011 08:30 AM PDT

One-on-one with Imam Muda Mohd Fakhrurrazi Hussin
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Activists chew out cops for wrongful arrest

Posted: 05 May 2011 04:32 AM PDT

Pro-workers activists today demanded that the inspector-general of police come out with a public apology over what they claim was a wrongful and malicious charge of stealing against PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan on Labour Day. Representatives from the May 1 Committee, which organised a May Day rally in the city, said the police's conduct was unacceptable, as hardly a day later they allegedly admitted that they had mistakenly charged Arutchelvan for a case dating back to 1995. Full story:
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School director suspended over alleged assault

Posted: 05 May 2011 03:47 AM PDT

The director of a Henry Gurney School in Keningau, Sabah, has been transferred and suspended pending the outcome of police and internal investigations into his alleged role in assaulting a youth late last month. Local newspaper The Borneo Post ran a report today quoting Prisons Department secretariat and public relations chief Supri Hashim as saying that they are cooperating with the police in the investigations while also considering the appropriate punishment for the director. Full story:
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EO detainees' family conned out of RM13,000

Posted: 05 May 2011 02:14 AM PDT

The family of Emergency Ordinance (EO) detainees Mohd Rafe Mohamed Ali and Mohd Ramadhan Mohamed Ali were cheated out of RM13,000 paid as "police bail" to an "Inspector Zulkifli" who claimed to be able to arrange for their release. The two brothers were dragged out of their beds by about six police officers from their house at 4am in early March and detained. Their family was only told that they were taken away "to be investigated", and no details of any charges was given. Full story:
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History will repeat itself, says Bukit Merah activist

Posted: 04 May 2011 10:56 PM PDT

The controversial Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp) being built in Gebeng, Pahang, will not remain open for long if it starts operations as scheduled, an activist predicts. Hew Yoon Tat, who had since the 1980s championed an anti-radioactive action committee in his home village in Bukit Merah, Perak - where Malaysia had its first rare earth processing plant - believes the new plant will never gain public approval. Full story:
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Sunnah Haji Billboard and other tales from Serambi Mekah

Posted: 05 May 2011 10:14 AM PDT

Yesterday the exalted N.AZIs, the spiritual leader of PAS accused Prime Minister, DS Najib Razak of being a secular minded person in the mould of the traitor Mustafa Kamal Ataturk for questioning the glorious achievement of the Kelantan Government building two mosques in 20 years.

In typical fascist fashion of name calling and ad hominem attack whenever cornered, N.AZIs lashed out with name calling and accused the PM of not understanding the Islamic concept of Government and continued to like the PAS Kelantan government to the administration of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

If you are wondering how he draws the confident simile, it's really down to the number of mosques. The Prophet built only one mosque in Madinah while the Kelantan PAS Government built two. Whether that makes the Kelantan government twice as good as the Prophet's is not clear.

One has to wonder what sort of logic is being used here, in the early days of Islam the number of followers were just a few thousand and could fit in one mosque and besides with the prophet still around who would want to go to the second mosque.

The state of Kelantan has a few million people living in it and if they were to all converge on one mosque, it would have to be as big as the Haram in Makkah. so clearly Kelantan needs more than just two mosques to cover the entire state rather than just one town and to allow millions of faithfuls a place to call home.

Or is N.AZIs telling the world that he is on par with the Prophet and the people of Kelantan would not want to go to another mosque?

If N.AZIs thinks his admin is so close to the prophet, I want to ask him if the Prophet put up billboards of himself crying in dua and photos of his family reading the Quran?

Did the Prophet hand out projects like billboards to friends and then accepted their offer to sponsor his and his wife's pilgrimage?

As a Muslim one has to always be aware of one's weaknesses for they are many but if one cannot accept any kinds of criticism without jumping out of one's skin and throttling the messenger, then one has to take a step back and reconsider one's position with regards to the Creator

Wallahu Alam

Liwat: Bukti DNA Datang Dari Ahli2 Kimia yang Dibayar Gaji oleh Kerajaan Barisan Nasional

Posted: 05 May 2011 07:57 AM PDT

Sepanjang proses perbicaraan Liwat Saiful, tidak ada seorang ahli kimia/genetik/forensik bebas yang diizinkan melihat dan menginspeksi bukti2 DNA. Bukti DNA yang kita dengar semuanya datang dari ahli-ahli kimia kerajaan yang gaji mereka dibayar oleh Kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

Dan, tuduhan kepada Anwar ini adalah konspirasi UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Tak hairanlah para ahli2 kimia itu boleh mengatakan perkara-perkara yang sesuai dengan agenda politik Barisan Nasional.

Tak hairanlah UMNO dan BArisan Nasional begitu berbangga dengan bukti2 DNA kerana bukti2 DNA itu adalah ciptaan mereka semata-mata

Tulang Besi

Sudah Tiba Waktu Najib Menyatakan Pendiriannya

Posted: 05 May 2011 07:40 AM PDT

1Malaysia, 1Melayu atau 1Bumi? Aku rasa telah sampai waktu Najib menyatakan pendiriannya...

Free Malaysia Today

Dr M backs Najib's warning to Chinese

PUTRAJAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad today backed the warning by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak that the Chinese risk losing government representation if they keep voting for the opposition.

The former premier said Chinese voters cannot expect Barisan Nasional (BN) to pick elected leaders from DAP into the government.

"It's just not logical," he told reporters here, adding that this trend is a cause for alarm as a halt in Chinese-Malay cooperation will destabilise the nation.

Najib recently told the Chinese electorate to vote for MCA if they want representation in Putrajaya.

"I see MCA sending the message that the Chinese cannot support the opposition and at the same time expect strong representation in the government. They have to choose," he said.

While the statement led some to accuse the BN chairman of political blackmail, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek defended Najib's remarks, arguing that it was a fact.

Meanwhile, Mahathir said the same situation happened in 1969.

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Then MCA president, the late Tun Tan Siew Sin, gave the same warning, saying that the Chinese must continue to vote for the party to maintain representation in the government.

"But in any case, MCA still won quite a lot of seats so there were candidates for MCA to be represented in the government," he added.

The political tension between the Malays and the Chinese in that year led to the infamous bloody May 13 racial riots that left hundreds dead.

Observers said such statements will send mixed signals and alienate Chinese voters further, rendering Najib's 1Malaysia concept hollow.

Claims of discriminative policies have made the Chinese voters, the country's second largest electorate, to turn to the opposition.

This is exacerbated by the emergence of ultra-Malay groups like Perkasa comprising Umno sympathisers who are calling for race-based affirmative action policies to be sustained.

International bodies like the World Bank believe racial polarisation has become one of the major stumbling blocks to Malaysia's potential and economic growth.

A letter to PKR

Posted: 05 May 2011 06:42 AM PDT

Dear PKR members,

I think it's high time you guys decide whether your party is a multi-racial one, as you've often claimed, or in fact a two-tier 1Bumi 9Non political organization, not unlike the two-tier BN of 1UMNO 9Others.

I ask because your Sarawak state chief has just been pushing the 1Bumi line, arguing that the PR Sarawak state shadow cabinet
does not have enough bumis. If he is so conscious about racial equity, then please be frank and declare your party as one like BN, of 1Bumi 9Nons.

But I sympathize with you because its seems Bian can't make up his mind about his bumi status, as yesterday he challenged DAP to prove its (DAP's)
multiracial credentials. He wasn't alone in his jealous outburst because I recall that Nik Nazmi, your chief of communications or whatever, had (post-election) jealously sniped at DAP in an article he wrote in The Malaysian Insider, challenging it to stand in a Malay-Melanau majority seat.

Jealous lah. Tough, eat it, or your sour grapes pathetic jealousy will be so poisonous that if you aren't careful, you'll toxify yourself, that is, if you haven't already.

Baru Bian, hot one day on multi-racialism and cold the next when he suddenly turned sizzling on ketuanan bumi, not unlike a cacing kena abu or a kera kena belacan, twisting and turning and a hopping around, probably because he wasn't nominated opposition leader, wakakaka.

Incidentally, your royal princess has declared that PKR will not cede to other PR members any of the 49 seats it contested recently, despite losing in 46 wakakaka - what a dog in a manger. What percentage does 49 over 71 make? What percentage of bumi does Baru Bian demand in the shadow cabinet? Or, does he just want be opposition leader wakakaka? Another Zahrain Hashim in the making?

Hmmm, I wonder what other outrageous demand PKR is going to make, but whatever, I won't be surprised?

Incidentally, do you know how long PKR has been in Sarawak politics? Just a mere ten years. So don't be so easily discouraged by your pathetic results in the state election despite claiming for yourself the largest chunks of seats to contest, wakakaka. Oh yes, we remember all too well (and with disgust) the fangs you had snarled at your supposed PR allies when they asked for a fair share of the 71 seats.

DAP had hoped to get a mere 20, less than one-third, but you forced it to reduce its share to 15; SNAP asked for 20 or so, but you arrogantly declared it could have 3 as if you are like UMNO dictating to MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest of 9Non. Maybe some of you still think you're UMNO and can grab the lion share wherever, whenever, however?

Baru Bian is also now eyeing DAP's traditional grounds of Miri (and Stampin). For the next state election, why don't you demand those 12 seats that DAP won (only after they had invested 30 years of hard work in those constituencies)? Wait, why don't you ask DAP to stay out of Sarawak and Sabah altogether, allowing you to declare these two states as PKR's 'safe deposit'? Such a policy will better align you with UMNO's thoughts.

Let me remind you of an old saying, to cut one's suit according to the cloth one has. Thus there is no obligation for DAP (or you) to charge into constituencies where angels dare not thread, those it knows it doesn't have a ghost of a chance. It's just a commonsense appreciation of using one's limited resources as best as one can - no need lah for a grandstanding D-Day landing in 49 seats wakakaka.

By the way, don't panic if you now hear about DAP making man man lai inroads into Bidayuh territory. This has been based on the encouraging support it had received from the community in the last election. But fret not as it plans a lengthy five-year campaign to win the support of the people. It won't be a fantasized 916 quickie or Taiwan foray to 'political power in 7 days'. Slow and steady wins the race, as proven in its 30 years of investment. No investment (including hardwork), no gain, because there isn't and shouldn't be any affirmative action in PR politics. So keep your fingers out of Miri, please.

Now, many of you weren't UMNO rejects. Apart from the Batu martyr wannabe, why don't you see the truth and do something positive, as dear Jonson Chong has, instead of remaining silent and acting 'dunno'?

Do you know something unpleasant, you bunch of 'Confusions' wakakaka are actually witnessing and tolerating the further UMNO-ization of your party, so really, what's the difference between you and MCA? Wake up and remember your socialist roots, and don't be the PKR equivalent of Liow 'My beloved PM' Tiong Lai wakakaka.

Yours wakakaka,


p/s don't forget to read my earlier post PKR's green-eyed monster wakakaka!

Cina Singapura Sedang Bangkit Menolak PAP

Posted: 05 May 2011 03:51 AM PDT

Maklumat Tulang Besi dapat dari kawan Tulang Besi yang aktif dalam parti pembangkang Singapura adalah majoriti yang menunjukkan sikap menolak PAP secara terbuka adalah dari kaum Cina Singapura.

Malahan, yang dikhuatiri adalah PAP akan diselamatkan oleh undi orang-orang Melayu yang selama ini mengundi PAP dengan pukal.

Gambar2 di bawah diambil Tulang Besi dari web site parti SDP yang menunjukkan orang-orang Cina Singapura secara terbuka menunjukkan sikap marah dan menolak PAP.

Sukar menerima hakikat ini kerana kita sering dimomokkan dengan kata-kata kononnya PAP ini parti Cina dan mereka mendapat sokongan padu dari orang-orang Cina seluruh Asia Tenggara.

Ini juga menunjukkan kaum Cina boleh menolak parti dan kaum mereka sendiri kalau parti dan kaum mereka tidak menjaga kebajikan serta masa depan mereka.

Tidak lah benar kata-kata yang mengatakan kaum Cina ini bersifat perkauman. Pengalaman kaum Cina duduk di bawah Maharaja2 Cina mengajar mereka tidak semestinya kaum sendiri memerintah dapat menjamin keadilan dan kemakmuran.

BOdohlah UMNO yang sedang memainkan sentimen perkauman dengan kaum Cina di Malaysia sedangkan mereka itu mengundi berdasarkan siapa yang boleh menjaga kebajikan mereka, bukan mengikut kaum.

Saya yakin kalau PAS dapat menjaga kebajikan serta masa depan kaum Cina di Malaysia, tiada masaalah bagi mereka menyokong agenda Negara Islam.

Atas sebab itulah agaknya Rasul SAW sering memberi sedekah dan membantu orang2 miskin di Madinah tidak kira agama yang menyebabkan orang Madinah ramai yang masuk Islam.

Antara perkara pertama yang dilakukan Rasul SAW, mengikut Kitab "Tabaqat Ibnu Saad" adalah menjadikan serambi-serambi Masjid sebagai sekolah untuk mengajar orang Madinah membaca dan menulis. Malahan, syarat pembebasan tawanan perang Badr adalah mereka harus mengajar beberpaa orang Madinah menulis dan membaca.

Program simple dan mudah sebegitu telah menyebabkan ribuan rakyat Madinah memeluk Islam selepas Hijrah.

PAS wajib memikirkan uslub baru untuk menarik orang Bukan Islam kepada Islam, bukan dengan kaedah bersyarah dan konsentrasi kepada hukum hakam semata-mata. PAS wajib belajar uslub dakwah yang berkesan dari Junjungan Besar Nabi SAW.


Posted: 05 May 2011 03:02 AM PDT

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today that a government that was corrupt and abused its power would fall as it would lose public confidence.


The deputy prime minister said in a speech on the National Integrity Agenda that battling graft was "the main jihad for every government with integrity".

"So many world leaders have been ousted and governments overthrown as they were embroiled in corruption and abuse of power," Muhyiddin (picture) said.

Malaysia has been perceived to be getting more corrupt since 2008.

Its score in graft watchdog Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index last year dropped to 4.5 from 5.1 three years ago.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was also dealt a huge blow to its credibility after a senior customs official fell to his death at the anti-graft body's office in Cheras on April 6.

His passing came while the MACC is already in the middle of a royal commission of inquiry into the mysterious death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock outside its then Shah Alam office in 2009.

Ahmad Sarbaini, a 56-year-old assistant director, had been remanded on March 29 following an MACC-led swoop on a Customs syndicate that it said was worth at least RM3 billion in unpaid taxes, resulting in the arrest of 62 officers.

Muhyiddin was quizzed on the Customs bust by a member of the audience who said that the government should also be investigating politicians who were living beyond their means.

"They drive big cars and live in luxurious houses," said Datuk Ibrahim Saidun, director-general of the Institute of Economic Growth Research Malaysia.

Muhyiddin did not give a direct reply but insisted that international bodies had said that Malaysia showed an improvement in fighting corruption.

"Many feel we have succeeded in addressing the issue although it is still not satisfactory," Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, said.

He added that the MACC needed a "solid basis and sufficient evidence" before taking action as accusations of corruption were made all the time.

In his speech, the deputy prime minister also said that laws alone could not address corruption if "those who took public office were not dedicated and trustworthy".

Retired cop Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim wants a royal panel to probe the government's top lawyer whom he blamed for prolonging a police investigation into a controversial sex video linked to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Mat Zain has repeatedly accused Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail of having deceived the federal government and former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in several high-profile cases.
The ex-cop said the series of deception had caused the destruction of public confidence in the police.
"In my opinion, in the interest of public justice, I suggest Tan Sri raise this issue to the prime minister and suggest an RCI or a tribunal be formed to investigate this claim in a transparent and comprehensive manner for once and for all," he said in the latest of a series of open letters addressed to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar today.
"Whatever the circumstances, the police must not let Gani Patail (picture)'hold' the prime minister or anyone else as his 'hostage'," he added.
In today's letter, Mat Zain also accused Ismail's predecessor Tan Sri Musa Hassan of having conspired with the A-G in several cases, saying that this cemented the impression the police were not independent and could not be trusted to protect the public's interests.
"Personally, I find the PDRM (police) following the Attorney-General's evidence as if it is not independent. As a retiree who is familiar with the origins of the issue, I am sad and fear that history will repeat itself and the banana will fruit twice," he said in the letter.
"Their offences, whether separate or together, have created a grave and long-term impact on the national justice system. In fact, their actions have destroyed the public's trust, not only towards the police but towards the office of the Attorney-General's Chambers itself," he added, referring to Gani and Musa.
Mat Zain had headed the 1998 police probe into Anwar's black-eye case.
The former senior investigator named the black-eye case, the lack of prosecution action against former Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, and the ongoing trial into the multi-billion ringgit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal as examples.
Rahim is one of the "Datuk T" trio who have admitted to screening the sex video but who have yet to be charged.
The 21-minute video shows a man resembling Anwar having sex with a woman with Oriental features and was first aired to reporters at the prestigious Carcosa Seri Negara hotel here last month by a man who called himself "Datuk T".
A few days after the viewing, "Datuk T" was unmasked to be a group moniker used by Rahim and his two partners, businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and pro-Malay rights supporter Datuk Shuib Lazim.
During a March 24 press conference, Rahim said the video was exposed to show "a man who wants to be prime minister is not qualified."
Mat Zain, a former Kuala Lumpur CID chief, had previously linked the sex video to another, said to also feature Anwar, which had surfaced 12 years ago in 1999.
Mat Zain had asked the police to investigate any possible links between the two tapes and whether Gani could be trusted to discharge his duties professionally because of his past involvements in various anti-Anwar episodes.
The police are investigating the trio under section 292 of the Penal Code for screening pornographic material.
Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said yesterday that the probe was still ongoing but was confident the police would resubmit investigation papers to the A-G for further action.
The empire has struck back. Allegations about members of the Lokpal bill drafting committee are flying thick and fast and it looks likely that the whole movement will be seriously compromised. After all, if those entrusted with drafting an anti-corruption law are themselves accused of corruption, doesn't the whole effort get seriously undermined? And granted, that, these are only charges, but shouldn't the same standards we use to blame politicians and mentally convict them when such allegations are made be applied in this case? And even if the timing of the charges raises the question of a smear campaign, isn't the real issue whether these charges are true, whatever the reasons behind the timing might be?

Let us take the worst case situation from the movement's perspective. Let us, purely as a thought experiment and without in any way imputing any  guilt to them, assume that  the Bhushans are guilty as charged. The question is, what real difference does that make? If anything, it only makes the case for a more meaningful anti-corruption law stronger. The movement is not about any specific instance of malfeasance, but about finding a structural response to a deeply embedded social malaise. The drafting committee does not enjoy powers that can be used to any personal advantage. Membership of the committee does not give any privileges to the persons in question, and certainly none that they can misuse. They are merely helping frame a law which will eventually undergo intense scrutiny before it can be passed. The personal probity of the framers of the law has no real bearing on its effectiveness, unless it is being argued that these individuals will have an interest in softening the provisions of the law. As it turns out, the objections to this effort have been that the draft proposal will create an institution that is too centralised and powerful.

And when it comes to the timing of these charges, what is really interesting is that they are not based on any new information but pertain to alleged misdemeanours in past which have been raised today. What that means is that the accusers, even if right, have always known about these but have chosen to come out in the open only today. So even if we were accept Amar Singh's statements at face value, it would mean that till such time as the Bhushans were not posing any serious problems, their alleged actions were deemed to be perfectly normal. From Singh's perspective, it would seem that in a corrupt system, corrupt fellow travellers are welcome, it is only when they reform that their previous behaviour takes on the air of a crime. What makes this is a smear campaign is not the fact that the charges might well be fictitious but that they have been raised now. Regardless of the veracity of these claims, the campaign itself is patently designed to dismantle the troublesome effort to make the administration more accountable to the public it allegedly serves. Notwithstanding what it contains, the intent of the smear campaign makes it corrupt, for it is aimed at furthering a personal agenda rather than uphold an idea. Allegations about the Bhushans and Santosh Hegde are being made in bad faith, in order to stymie a social movement, rather than to find the best way to curtail corruption.

The demand that the Bhushans should resign is by itself not the primary issue. That we believe that the way to derail an entire social movement is by discrediting some individuals associated with it is. For the issue is much larger than the people involved. It is our current discourse which reduces ideas to people, and then assigns to all their actions motives of a personal nature, that is responsible. Of course, it helps that a movement that claims that it represents civil society finds it so hard to find representatives that it chooses two from the same family. The reluctance of the leaders of the movement to include a wider cross-section of civil society has made it more vulnerable than it needs to be.

At a deeper level, the problem is that we equate all positions with power and we see all power as a form of jagir that can be leveraged to personally useful ends. Anyone who represents themselves as guardians of public rather than personal interest are viewed with automatic suspicion; it becomes imperative to take them down from their presumed moral pedestal. Which is why we see the membership of the drafting committee as a symbolic perk of some kind reserved for saints that have earned the right to become holier-than-thou. The resentment against this movement is in part a desire to show that everyone is equally venal, without exception. It is a defining paradox of our times that the attempt to clean up public life is countered, seemingly quite effectively, by further evidence that it is even dirtier than we thought. Since everyone is corrupt, we cannot entrust anyone with the responsibility of making things better, the argument goes. The truth is that if everything that is being thrown around is true, if all the muck that is flying is as black as it is made out to be, then all it does is make the case for a concerted anti-corruption effort that much stronger. The corruption in our minds and in the air cannot be used as a reason not to something about it.

Muhyiddin Yassin that UMNO will Not Forgo its Principles of False Sex Related Charges using Attorney-General, the PDRM and Malaysian Judiciary.

Posted: 05 May 2011 01:26 AM PDT

Having power and control over your environment, or at the very least perceiving that you have that power and control, is important. Those who feel as though they have little control over their status, aspirations and wealth are prone to depression. On the other hand, those who feel that they have too much control are at risk of grandiosity, delusion and greed. Nonetheless, the striving for control is a healthy human drive, and power hierarchies are a fundamental feature of any social organization. The fact remains, however, that the more power one person has, the less power others have. The implications of this should not be understated, especially when it comes to fostering creativity and bringing out the best in the greatest amount of people.
Power relates to the ability to influence others. People can acquire power through climbing the ladder or possessing valuable cultural capital, such as knowledge and expertise. Power literally changes the way you see the world around you, influencing the way you perceive and act in the world. Powerful people process information more abstractly and flexibly, are less influenced by situational cues, take more risks, act more swiftly when facing a challenging obstacle, behave in a more goal-consistent manner and are more approach-oriented. Having power frees one from the influence from others and leads to feelings of safety and security. Because being powerful feels so good, powerful people think and act so as to maintain and increase their power.

Powerless individuals, on the other hand, tend to think and act to protect against possible threats. Powerless people avoid risky situations, focus on potential losses and tend to have a narrow attentional focus. The implications here for creativity should become obvious. The mindset of those in power promotes cognitive flexibility, set-breaking and abstract thinking. Therefore, powerful individuals also are more likely to be creative than their less powerful counterparts, who are left with little incentive to be creative.
"Unfortunately there can be no doubt that man is, on the whole, less good than he imagines himself or wants to be. Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the 
blacker and denser it is. If an inferiority is conscious, one always has a chance to correct it. Furthermore, it is constantly in contact with other interests, so that it is continually subjected to modifications. But if it is repressed and isolated from consciousness, it never gets corrected." –Jung1
 that Muhyiddin Yassin as the No. 2 man in Malaysia says that Umno will not forgo its principles. But pray tell, what are the Umno principles? It's not just "fight for the Malay cause" anymore. People want to know more because they want to be convinced and they want to believe in Umno's cause.
The Umno people I asked around don't seem able to lay down the principles other than muttering the usual stuff about Malay survival. Perhaps Muhyiddin has read a book which no others have. I hope he will share his knowledge of the principles with the rest of us. Otherwise, as a blogger friend told me once, Umno's principle is to have NO principles.
It's very important for Muhyiddin and other thinking Umno leaders to say what Umno principles are. We know Umno was formed as a vehicle to provide forceful political expression and representation to Malay causes. In the past, Umno hasn't had a serious competitor to its claim as a representative of Malay causes. It could get away with almost anything. Then, it could just say we fight for Malay interests and every Malay would cling on to every word Umno says. Not anymore.
Now it has serious competitors to the claim of representing Malay causes. Now, it has to show why it can represent Malay causes BETTER that its competitors so that upon judgment and reflection, it deserves more support from the people. It simply has to build a better mousetrap.
Just as people can't rest on their laurels of past achievements (most of them not debated anyway), so is Umno subjected to the same reminder. Sure, everyone remembers it was Umno which mobilised the Malay masses to rise up against the tendentious idea of a Malayan Union. Malayan Union wasn't just about bringing about more democratic principles, better governance, transparency, system of laws, etc. I don't think Malays are averse to that. Malayan Union would have worked if Malays were given prominence right from the start.The main problem back then was this. Malay leaders saw Malayan Union more as an attempt to black-hole them into insignificance. The condescending perception that Malay leaders are good only at managing their own religious and cultural affairs, qualified only as peons and thambys consigned forever to go around with bowl in hand,
 pleading for succour and charity wasn't lost on the minds of Malays. Fears such as these were greatly amplified by the growing emergence to dominance of recently arrived ethnic groups. As these grew to prominence, the Malays faded into insignificance.Yes, Umno put a stop to Malayan Union. Malays are indebted to that. But you can't hold people captive to this idea for an indeterminate time. People are gratified yes, but soon people realise that gratification doesn't feed families or put roofs over the heads and gratification doesn't mean unqualified surrender of rights to question or to chart a different course or take up causes different from Umno.
People just don't buy unqualified statements and sloganeering anymore. If Muhyiddin or anyone else says Umno will never abandon its principles and by that I understand to mean, the principles it lives by in giving political voice to Malay causes, then say so in explicit terms. Don't force us to fill in the gaps.We have no unified document outlining the principles of Umno. Umno people say Umno hasn't got an ideology. Umno leaders make them up as they move along. Some people say there is a pattern in madness of things. We can almost also say our principles are like case-based laws. Judges makes new laws through cases.
Let me try though. Even though they are not codified, the Umno principles can be culled up from Umno's history. Our starting point must be 1946.
What moved the first generation Umno leaders and people? The principles if I recall correctly are summed up by the letters Alif, Ba and Ta. These stand for Agama, Bangsa and Tanah Air.
They don't represent any racist supremacist idea at all. Let me begin with the imperative bangsa. It means Umno must begin with charity at home. We don't mind sharing with others. But the Malays must be given their dues.
In a way, Umno stood for Malayland Uber Alles. Malays before anyone else. When I say this, it doesn't in any way import any Nazi-like exhortations as western commentators are wont to say about the original anthem Deutschland uber alles.
The poet who wrote the anthem was himself a fugitive and when he wrote the lines Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt, he did not mean literally "over all," as in Germany "ruling over all in the world," but more of a "before all others."
The call for Agama, Bangsa dan Tanah Air was a rallying urging to the Malays in the 1940s to put national unity above local loyalties and petty rivalries over religion and regionalism. To stop thinking of themselves as Malays from different parts of the country and to start thinking as Malays one and all.So let us remind Muhyiddin what it means to put Malays before all others.When leaders talk about Malay interests, their pronouncements will probably be met with sarcasm. Because people know they are just fudging the issue when in reality, they and big Chinese business interest are like the skin and nail. People now see the call for Malays before all others as a sham.
When Umno talks about development, people no longer believe them because the portion of development enjoyed by the people is minuscule. So small that simple development needs such as decent roads to villages, provision of affordable housing, schooling facilities CAN be provided by ANY government in power. People know Umno leaders are more interested in milking the latest multi-billion projects and making hay while the sun shines.
Hence even while the PM speaks of his big business ideas — ETP, NEM, EPP, NKRA, PDP whatever — the ever so nameless and faceless people, but real people anyway, don't really give a dam. The JKKK if led by capable people bring and understand people's needs better than high-handed government officers.
Will water supply be uninterrupted? Will the bridges be built and repaired? Can we get a multipurpose hall? Can we have new suraus and mosques? Can we get welfare assistance? Will our children get educational financial aid?
People know the PM is talking to big businesses. The business of small people can be tackled by ANY government.
So I hope when Muhyiddin offers a broad-brush description of Umno principles, because he is Malay first and Malaysian second, he will be the first to understand what being Malay is all about. You can tolerate sham and hypocrisy up to a level only.
I hope Muhyiddin will further remind himself about what Malayland uber alles means in light of what he went through when visiting China. See whether the claim Malays before everyone else applies or not.
Part of his itinerary to China was to negotiate with Chinese political and business leaders and decide the rules of the game as it were when selecting the contractors for a rail double-tracking project to Johor. He found himself bushwhacked when a parallel negotiation of the project took place wheeled and dealt with by the honourable porn actor from MCA. The porn actor came highly recommended by the golfing buddy of the PM.
So the first principle that Muhyiddin must establish is to tell all Umno leaders not to be duplicitous and double faced when they deal with people. Don't brag about fighting for Malay causes and interests when what you actually do is horse around with Chinese cukongs. —
Having power and control over your environment, or at the very least perceiving that you have that power and control, is important. Those who feel as though they have little control over their status, aspirations and wealth are prone to depression. On the other hand, those who feel that they have too much control are at risk of grandiosity, delusion and greed. Nonetheless, the striving for control is a healthy human drive, and power hierarchies are a fundamental feature of any social organization. The fact remains, however, that the more power one person has, the less power others have. The implications of this should not be understated, especially when it comes to fostering creativity and bringing out the best in the greatest amount of people.
Power relates to the ability to influence others. People can acquire power through climbing the ladder or possessing valuable cultural capital, such as knowledge and expertise. Power literally changes the way you see the world around you, influencing the way you perceive and act in the world. Powerful people process information more abstractly and flexibly, are less influenced by situational cues, take more risks, act more swiftly when facing a challenging obstacle, behave in a more goal-consistent manner and are more approach-oriented. Having power frees one from the influence from others and leads to feelings of safety and security. Because being powerful feels so good, powerful people think and act so as to maintain and increase their power.
Powerless individuals, on the other hand, tend to think and act to protect against possible threats. Powerless people avoid risky situations, focus on potential losses and tend to have a narrow attentional focus. The implications here for creativity should become obvious. The mindset of those in power promotes cognitive flexibility, set-breaking and abstract thinking. Therefore, powerful individuals also are more likely to be creative than their less powerful counterparts, who are left with little incentive to be creative.
The relationship between power and creativity may depend, however, on both the stability of the power hierarchy and the potential payoff for those exerting creative effort. In an environment with an unstable power hierarchy, those with low power might become more creative when being creative is conducive to moving up the ladder. Powerful people, on the other hand, may display the highest creativity levels under conditions where creativity allows them to maintain or increase their power.
This is exactly what a recent research study conducted by Daniel Sligte and his colleagues found. Participants were told that they would engage in a task in which they had to work with another participant. Participants were told that the higher-power person would be in charge of the division of labor, monitor progress and assess the performance of the lower-power individual after completion of the task and that the rewards of the lower-power person would be based on this assessment.
Participants were then randomly assigned to a position of power or a position of subordinance. They were also randomly assigned to a stable power condition or an unstable power condition. In the stable power condition, participants were told that power positions were randomly assigned and power positions would remain unchanged. In theunstable power condition, the participants were told that power positions might be switched at some point during the experience. Before participating in the group task, subjects took a test of creativity and were told either that the test was relevant to effective functioning in a high-power position or it was not.
When power was stable, high-power individuals were more creative than lower-power individuals. The effects were particularly pronounced when creativity was relevant to maintaining power. When power was unstable, however, the pattern was reversed: low-power individuals were more flexible thinkers, were less avoidant and had a global attentional focus compared to higher-power individuals, particularly when performance was relevant to achieving power. This global attentional focus, in turn, led to higher creativity.
These results have important implications for boosting creativity and productivity in the workforce, education and society. Creativity is not just a trait that people either have or don't have; motivation plays a huge role in whether someone will apply their brainpower or not. (Recent recent suggests that IQ test performance is also a function of both ability and motivation.)
This research suggests that when we give people the possibility to gain power, they will show a boost in creativity if we make it explicit that there is a reason to be more creative. This works best in unstable power hierarchies, where it's clear that there isn't just one dominant force and everyone else is doomed to a life of subservience. As the researchers note:

For low power individuals, power instability is empowering, leading them to act and behave as high power individuals… Having unstable low power leads to feelings of confidence and self-efficacy, especially when low power individuals can gain power by being creative. They may be more confident about their abilities and also perceive that they have the "power" to change their situation.

The way most businesses and schools are currently structured in the United States, where those not in power are pressured to follow instructions from managers or teachers, and creativity is not valued or shown to be relevant to gaining power, is not allowing us to reach our maximum creative potential as a country. Educators and business leaders may want to re-think how they structure their environment so as to keep people motivated.
The danger with power hierarchies is that they are self-reinforcing. Powerful individuals are more likely to act forcefully and confidently, take more risks, display more creativity, use ideology more frequently (such as stereotyping and legitimizing myths), and choose jobs that forward their own interests — and all of these behaviors allow powerful individuals to acquire even more resources and influence. Taken to the extreme, power hierarchies can result in an environment where everyone else is left feeling powerless.
The important question is whether this sort of "winner takes all" environment brings out the best in most people. The research is clear that it does not. As for how to motivate creativity in everyone, including leaders, it might be possible to design structures where those in power feel as though their creativity will allow them to maintain their position while at the same time allowing those not in power to feel as though they, too, can eventually gain power through their creativity. There may be many different ways to implement such a system, but however it is done, the researchers make one thing clear: "when the power hierarchy is unstable, those lacking power hold the power to creativity."

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Digi “Is this your Premium Customer Service..??”

Posted: 05 May 2011 01:18 AM PDT

Sometimes it just takes a moment of ones time to answer queries or to look into matters. Mosts organisations will take pains to solve and look into problems immediately and will at all costs avoid uncalled for "bad publicity."

This customer who told us that he has more or less given up hope on Digi as he was given a merry go round (understatement of the year) to lodge the complaint. He was driven to Digi for the Tag line"Always the Smarter Choice." 

audie61 has to agree in someways that Digi has innovative and good packages but when you have problems we think nobody seems willing to give a helping hand. Just looking at this which Digi puts it so convincingly "At DiGi, your needs are at the centre of everything we do. Whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever your needs may be, we're there for you!

Wow! How TRUE but when it happens to this customer. Could this happen to you one day.?? You make your own judgement……….

In Audie61 we BELIEVE that when we pay for the bests and we also expect the bests…

Why the bull on Osama by Obama

Posted: 05 May 2011 12:55 AM PDT

Even this picture is a staged fake? Read more here.

As I continue to research on the announcement by Obama on May 1 of the death of  Osama, here are the likely reasons why he had to do it:

(Please note before he made the 'dramatic' announcement, the US administration conveniently released his "long form" birth certificate on the USG website a few days before – this apparently is to confirm the legitimacy of his presidency.)

1. To deflect attention from the expositions of his faked birth certificate

2. To shore up his popularity rating which has been at its lowest so that he would stand a chance to have another go at the US presidency – (Americans love a hero for a president)

3. To illicit the anger of the alleged extremist supporters of OBL to make incendiary remarks and carry out retaliations so that a red flag like 9/11 can be manufactured (remember Problem>Reaction>Solution?) and a new war can be launched (watch out Iran)

4. To stretch the timing further for the collapse of the US dollar which is now a fiat currency

Considering the fact the death of OBL would have been a momentous event for Obama … and he has no real, current, fresh-from-the-oven pictures or videos to show for it? Unlike the days of Bush Junior when there were pictures of an unshaven Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole underground in some backyard and a video of his hanging where we could hear the sound of his neck being snapped.

Come on, Obama, what bull is this? A quick burial at sea? How convenient and now you are really upsetting the extremists for there's no way you can ensure that the body of OBL would be facing the Ka'aba at Mecca during his 'burial.'

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Whacking Dr Azmi Sharom’s Article on Terrorism

Posted: 04 May 2011 11:31 PM PDT

Reading Dr Azmi Sharom's opinion piece in The Star today really got me peeved at the sheer wrongness of his article – wrong in its facts and assumptions, wrong in its conclusions and solutions, wrong in its hypocritical double standards.

So I took it upon myself to ruthlessly dissect and mock his proud article for all (i.e. visitors to my blog) to see.

Blockquoted excerpts from The Star 5 May 2011, my responses in normal paragraphs:

Terror threat remains

Despite my sarcastic tone, let's be clear. I think the world is a better place without Osama, mass murderer and hide-and-seek champion. He has claimed responsibility for the killing of thousands of civilians and in that he is monstrous.

I am of course aware that people like former US President George W. Bush and former British Premier Tony Blair are also responsible for the deaths of thousands with their, I submit, utterly unlawful war against Iraq. Be that as it may, Osama is still an international criminal and his demise will not see me shedding any tears.

See the smug moral equivalence here? Oh, Osama was bad because he killed thousands, sure, but Bush & Blair are just as bad because they 'killed' thousands too!

He totally ignores the different means and ends at play in this comparison – for Osama killing was the ends, for Bush & Blair it was but the means to get rid of Saddam Hussein. And by the way, the vast majority of deaths of Iraqi civilians was caused by terrorists along the lines of Osama's gang, not US or British troops. So double whammy and shot-in-own-foot for him on that one.

And speaking of Saddam Hussein… I note that he does not mention Libya's Muammar Gaddafi anywhere, although he does mention the already-deposed Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

Might this be because citing Gaddafi would cause his readers to realize that whatever atrocities Libya's psycho leader perpetrated that led to the Arab League and NATO wanting to out him, Saddam perpetrated much, much worse?

Imagine what an informed reader would be thinking if he had put the names Gaddafi and Saddam in the same article:

Soooo…. Outing Gaddafi over a few shot rebels (who commit plenty of atrocities of their own and include Al Qaeda affiliated types) is just grounds for a multinational invasion by 11 nations agreeing to military action… But Saddam's genocide of Iraqi Kurds, arbitrary arrest and torture of Iraqis, chemical weapons usage, rape rooms, invading Kuwait, warring on Iran and defying UN resolutions is NOT just grounds for a multinational invasion by 40 nations agreeing to military action? Riiiiiiight.

Yes, I can see why he would want to avoid any mention of Gaddafi which might shine a spotlight on a certain hypocritical stance.

And further to Saddam's murderousness, I continue to contend that Bush & Blair's invasion saved a net 750,000 Muslim lives (it's probably over 1 million by today).

So, Bush & Blair are just as bad as Osama? Says a lot about the kind of mentality Dr Azmi Sharom has.

The politically cynical point out that this operation has come at a terribly convenient time for Barack Obama. The killing of Osama will boost his flagging popularity, just in time for the tough upcoming presidential election.

Ace puts that theory to rest as follows:

But this stuff about him being able to to take out Osama at anytime he wanted and choosing, for maximum political impact, May 1, 2011, as the "best" month for doing this?

No, the best month for doing this is either August or September or October of 2012, taking all the oxygen out of the presidential race and showing Obama in his finest moment right before the election.

The next-best time would be August or September or October of 2010 — having the same effect, and boosting Democrats running for Congress.

But now?

Now, six months after one election and eighteen months away from the next?

So the idea that Obama chose now of all times to declare Osama dead is merely shallow analysis again.

I for one believe that he was killed by the MI6. It is all a British plot designed to keep the world's press preoccupied so that William and Kate will have a peaceful honeymoon.

Flippancy aside,

Yes, the same MI6 who killed Princess Diana because she was going to convert to Islam to marry Dodi Fayed and shame the British throne, surely. /flippancy

With Osama now dead, it does not mean that the problem he symbolised has gone. The world must still deal with terrorism and, more importantly, the causes of terrorism.

There will always be mad men in the world, those who think that violence is the method to achieve their objectives. But for these kind of people to get large numbers of followers and supporters cannot be simply explained away by saying that all of them are bad.

Terrorism is not some sort of mental problem, it is the result of political, economic and social factors.

In countries where the political process is exclusive and people are not allowed to take part in governance, either because the system followed is a dictatorship or a sham democracy, they are more likely to turn to unlawful methods to get their point across.

When there is widespread poverty and desperation, it is easier to get recruits into a cause which promises salvation, even though the promise comes with a price of mindless violence.

When people are faced with gross social injustice, men like Osama with the message that they will fight that injustice (as deceitful as he may be) will draw plenty of eager followers.

Ah, here he repeats the standard apologist's line about terrorism – it's caused by socio-economic factors like poverty and injustice and whatnot.

That the prepetrators of the Glasgow Airport bombing included multiple doctors and an engineer pursuing a PhD who were settled and accepted into Britain? *Shrug* No relevance.

That Al Qaeda's ambassador to Europe, Abu Qatada is pampered with an £800,000 house and £50,000 of taxpayer money a year even as he cannot be deported back to Jordan to face trial? *Shrug* No relevance.

That most of the 19 hijackers involved in 9/11 came from middle class families? *Shrug* No relevance.

That Osama himself came from a fabulously wealthy family? *Shrug* No relevance.

That every single suicide bomber and shooter like Malik Hassan screams a certain same phrase before carrying out their massacre? *Shrug* No relevance.

That the young fighters are promised immediate entry into heaven, with 72 virgins to cater to their every whim, and that their names will be glorified by the ummah as true pious champions of the faith? *Shrug* No relevance.

That even as Muslims across the world acknowledged Osama's death with the caveat that he was misguided and not representative of Islam, other groups were hailing him as a martyr, a holy warrior, and condemning his burial at sea as against Islam? *Shrug* No relevance.

That various moderate Muslim scholars denounce violence in the name of Islam as a misunderstanding and misapplication of 'jihad' by extremist Muslims when the latter carry out acts of terror? *Shrug* No relevance.

That millions of Christians are subjected to discrimination, ostracization, economic oppression, violence, slavery, rape, murder – especially those living in Muslim states – yet never seem to rise up and war against their governments and villages? *Shrug* No relevance, and by the way Bush & Blair are lawbreaking Crusaders didn't you know.

That history shows us 461 years of unprovoked raids, invasion and occupation preceded the First Crusade, which should be a MASSIVE CLUE as to the motivations of modern day jihadis? No relevance, and Bush… um… Crusaders… um… Zionist oppression of Palestinians something something.

Unless the approach taken goes beyond cowboy gunship diplomacy and idiotic jingoistic flag waving, and while the causes of terrorism are not dealt with properly, all that has been achieved is the destruction of a fang. The threat is still there.

Unless the real causes of terrorism are scrutinized – instead of obfuscated and misrepresented – the threat will always be there.

Dr Azmi Sharom is a law teacher. The views expressed here are entirely his own.

And here is my own view: It's been said that refusing to forgive someone who has wronged you hurts only yourself. After all, you are the one getting all angry and frustrated while the wronger is, in all likelihood, totally and blissfully unaware of his unforgiven state.

Similarly, it only harms my own peace of mind to feel frustrated over the unbelievably smug obtuseness of self-sure 'pundits' like Dr Azmi Sharom. So sure is his analysis that I doubt he's going to be persuaded by logic or proof or facts – whatmore by an inconsequential little blog like mine – so there's no point getting worked up over the sheer selective blindness I see.

All perceptions of smugness, obtuseness and etc on the part of Dr Azmi Sharom are IMHO, of course.

So instead, I'll leave people like that to curl up snugly in their little cocoons stuffed under coconut shells at the bottom of a well which acts as an excellent echo chamber to reflect his chants of La la la la I can't hear you, and be content with my utter dismantling of his worldview for him to never see.

O-MEGA Sex video scandal: Umno ulamak says its OK to shame

Posted: 04 May 2011 10:39 PM PDT

To shame or not to shame, that is the question.

In the past few weeks the country has seen chronic shortage of high horses as even more Opposition types clamour to get on one, telling Datuk T just how evil and Islamically challenged they are.
want to ask them to read
Sitting on a high horse is risky business because the people you are talking down to can easily startle the horse and it will throw the person on it and crack their skull,

but of course Opposition types are not concerned because their heads are protected by skullcaps, some even go further by wearing only PAS-approved and branded skullcap, which gives the wearer unprecedented protection against BN ideas and suggestions.

Thanks to cutting edge dogma-protection technology, Anwar fanboys now freely express their outrage against what they perceive as unIslamic act of shaming the leader of the Opposition.

They cite all sorts of religious edicts, everyone from self-proclaimed ulamaks to former airport manual labourer to former elevator engineers have come up with their own difinitive interpretation of the Quran.

Well today I just want to share with my dear readers one of the most edifying verdict on the issue of shaming political leaders who have less than decent backgrounds.

This well respected ulamak echoed the views of millions of common people who believe that it is OK to reveal the bad history of someone who is running for office, as the people had a right to know.

The argument is so compelling that the view of this 'Umno ulamak' was actually published by the opposition, want to know who this 'Umno Ulamak' is? continue reading after the jump.

I hope that this time, Anwar fanboys can accept that it is quite OK to reveal the shame of a political leader because they are putting themselves in a position where they would lead and therefore their habits should be made known to voters

Opposition supporters should know that if they are dogmatic in their support, Malaysia will never get the two party system that the country seems to want

Virtual Hajj - Now you get to practice going on Hajj first on cyberspace

Posted: 04 May 2011 11:22 PM PDT

Yesterday, in the course of my work, I came to meet Encik Mohd Fazidin Jabar, the Chief Technology Officer of Halimunan Kreatif Sdn Bhd who shared with me about his latest project ~ Virtual Haj.

Frankly speaking, I think this is a splendid idea and can really help many of us who have yet to step foot on the sacred holy grounds of the holiest spot on Earth to perform our Hajj and maybe preceded with an Umrah trip?

Technology when properly utilized such as proven in this manner can be a major positive contribution to the betterment of our human lives here in this life.

Sadly, there are some idiots out there who go on and abuse such technological advancements by resorting to be sick sordid pimps and voyeurs.

I for one would like to express my heartfelt congratulations and felicitations to Encik Mohd Fazidin Jabar or 'Azid Barja' as he prefers to call himself especially on Facebook for this wonderful virtual product.

Muslims all over the world can put this virtual Haj software to good use once it is ready for sale in the cyber market and in the real world marketing systems.

You are most welcome to check him out at his blog here.

Encik Azid works at MMU, the Multimedia University.  He can be reached via his email here.

He also showed me another innovative software that would be quite handy for those who are interior designers, architects, contractors and builders. Ask him about it. 

I guess this is enough free publicity for the guy. :P

All the best to you Azid. 

Go make us proud!

The Osama killing - another US Rambo fairytale?

Posted: 04 May 2011 09:20 PM PDT

The US Administration is a creature of its worst aspects of American culture, of which three stand out prominently, namely: (i) American avarice, (ii) vigilantism and (iii) its compulsive show & tell.

Thus when I read of its 'heroic' strike against 'cowardly' Osama bin Laden who was accused of using his own wife as a shield, I could only sigh "Oh no, not again, those lying Yanks".

I was to be proven right – read SMH's
US sets record straight on bin Laden killing which tells us that:

(a) Osama wasn't armed [was probably shot while still asleep],
(b) He didn't used his wife as a shield; she was shot in the leg by a US SEAL commando,
(c) Another woman was killed by the Americans, etc.

Obviously the Yanks wanted to demon-ize Osama beyond what he already was, perhaps to show Muslims what an arsehole he was to use his wife as a shield, thus ameliorating Muslim anger against the assassination.

Recall the story of Jessica Lynch in the invasion of Iraq, one of shameless lies by the Penatagon.

It was a story exclusively concocted by Pentagon Productions. With the aid of sycophants in the media, they told us a tearjerker about Lynch, a photogenic young private "who had been ready to fight to the death" before she was captured by the enemy.

Remember the grainy footage of her so-called 'rescue', one straight out of a Hollywood action movie script? The commandos landed (but without an Iraqi soldier in sight). They kicked in the unlocked doors of the hospital where she was being treated for injuries suffered during a vehicle accident and whisked her off to safety.

"Our brave heroes," sobbed patriotic grannies from Vermont to California.

There was only one problem - Jessica turned out to be a reluctant heroine. She spilled the beans. The Iraqi doctors and nurses had been kind to her and had been trying to find a way to hand her back to the Americans, but instead was rough-housed by those 'brave' Yank commandoes during the 'rescue' bull. And what's more, she wasn't been raped or beaten, as insinuated by the Pentagon.

For more, read The Guardian's article on
Jessica Lynch.

Then, there was the 'show & tell' bull in the early stages of its invasion of Afghanistan. It had to deliver some footage to its home audience. A paratroop drop was planned and filmed, the soldiers jumped in a very safe area of Afghanistan (of course with no local troops in sight) and were IMMEDIATELY extracted out by helicopters waiting at the drop zone (DZ).

The whole exercise was nothing more than just a nonsensical publicity stunt to show Americans at home how 'brave' American paratroopers had leaped to 'glory' into enemy territory, with the Production team ensuring there was to be no casualty by choosing a DZ with no enemy presence and that their troops didn't hang around to be shot.

I suspect the raid at Osama's home was done so stealthily that there was no firefight as the Pentagon had claimed. Osmaa and his group were sound asleep (or perhaps even drugged into sleep). It certainly was an American success, but one which didn't have any opposition – Osama was caught sleeping and accordingly killed. His wife must have just woken up and tried to stop the American soldiers, but was shot for her trouble.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Pakistani government, at least some sections of it, had helped in providing information for (and keeping a closed eye to) the raid, and perhaps even providing drugs in food and drinks to render the Osama camp into sleepiness or drowsiness, but is too afraid of its own people (Osama's supporters) to admit it.

America's murderous lies
Another Jessica Lynch Story with a Sad Ending

The parental approach must be changed!

Posted: 04 May 2011 08:26 PM PDT

This photo was taken from a discussion forum in the internet.

It is not about Sarawak election.

It was taken during one of  the opposition election rallies in Singapore recently. This will be remembered as the most heated election of the Island nation.  That so many attended the rallies is an indication of the people's wish for change, even though PAP has done a very good job  in making it one of the most developed places in the world.

Those of us up North must be wondering why Singaporeans, who are enjoying a higher standard of living than most of us, want change.

I think this is a worldwide phenomenon.

During my childhood years, I had to obey whatever my dad told me to.  I can still remember the times that I had to kneel facing the wall after doing something wrong–fortunately it was not very often– to contemplate what I did  wrong and  how I should do it the next time.

We did what our parents told us to. We never ventured out without their permission. We slept early as told. We bought only those food in schools canteens that our parents told us too. We watched those shows that our parents allowed us to watch. We dressed conservatively like they did. We never argued even when we realised that we might be right. In fact, our lives centered around our parents.

I have no complaint about the rather strict upbringing that i have. It makes me into a more principled person and the Confucius teachings make me a better human being. In fact, the habits inculcated in me lasted me a whole life time.

My parents moved down from Penang and stayed with me during their last few years of lives, and as a 40s-years old then , I still had the habit of going to their room to wish them every night i came back from work, and informed them of every place that i would go.

Try doing the same thing to the children nowadays, and you will find them rebelling/yelling at you in no time.

Younger generations are more individualistic, and pursue things very differently from us. They long to be free. They do not want to be told what to do. They  stay up late at night, and listen and watch videos over the internet. They don't even care for traffic rules; just observe how the young drives nowadays.

Extrapolate this yearning for freedom outside, and you have a society that does not want to be told how they should live their lives.

Our world is becoming borderless. We view the same information that our counterparts in US and Europe, half a world away, are viewing. We dress the same. We watch the same TV series over the internet. We listen to the same music.

Travelling overseas is no more a luxury confined to the rich. Most of us can do so now, and what we see overseas influences our thinking.

All these borderless peer-induced influence makes the people long for a life similar to what they see over the net and in their travel.

They want to have less restriction and more freedom. They want a fair and equal society as being practised in most places in the world.

Singapore's government 's parental approach in implementing policies is being resented by a lot of younger people.   Then there is the loss of jobs to skilled foreigners (estimated at a million- about one fifth of the population), the escalating house prices ( partly because of  the rich Mainland Chinese who are snapping up  properties without even bargaining), high medical costs– –all these lead to an undercurrent of discontent which have been dammed up for many years. This election may see this undercurrent surfacing and opposition may win a record number of seats, even though PAP will still emerge the winner.

By all measures, PAP is doing a very good job. But the world is no longer like our times, and even if you are good parents, children may not stand the old nagging ways anymore.  The approach must be changed.

The spirit of the occasion, of 2 billion people coming together my heart felt full, pulsing with love. Our hearts need to know that we are a part of the global human experience,

Posted: 04 May 2011 08:22 PM PDT

Catherine Elizabeth "KateMiddleton (born January 9, 1982 Reading, Berkshire, England) is the fiancée of Prince William of Wales. Since their relationship began, Middleton has received widespread media attention and there was much speculation that they would eventually marry. On 16 November 2010, the office of the Prince of Wales at Clarence House announced their engagement. On 23 November, it was announced the wedding will take place on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey, with the day declared a bank holiday in the UK.

Middleton grew up in Berkshire and, after attending Marlborough College, went to the University of St Andrews, where she met Prince William, also studying there, in 2001. They started a relationship, followed by media attention, triggering complaints by Middleton that the media were harassing her. In April 2007, the press reported that William and Middleton had split up. They continued to be friends, and later in 2007 they reunited. Since then, Middleton has attended many high-profile royal events. She has been admired for her fashion sense and has been placed on numerous "best dressed" lists.
I stayed up and watched the royal wedding. Originally, I wasn't planning to. I was just going to TiVo it, which I did, but as I turned on the TiVo I witnessed "the sea of people," as one of the commentators described it. I wanted to be a part of that sea of people. I was moved about what was taking place: 2 billion people coming together at the same time to witness love.
At a time of such global turmoil and national disasters, with earthquakes and wars, uprisings against oppressive governments and tsunamis, the royal wedding became a symbol for all of us to believe that we can still celebrate hope and love. We were all gathering to watch the wedding, but more than that, we were looking for some kind of healing. The pain we have all felt in our collective human experience from witnessing so much pain, destruction and loss of life needed a balm.
So, why not sacrifice a few hours of sleep to witness the union of two people who obviously love one another and commemorate our union as a whole?
Thirty years ago, we watched Lady Diana marry her prince in an arranged marriage, hoping that it would grow into true love, only to see it fall apart, filled with hurt and betrayal. Thirteen years ago, we all gathered to mourn the tragic loss of Princess Di. We all needed closure and healing. On the morning of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, we witnessed the good that came out Prince Charles and Lady Di's personal sacrifice.
One of my favorite moments was listening to the Lord Bishop of London's speech when he quoted St. Catherine of Siena: "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." In those words was the message of acceptance, and we could all see Kate radiating her confidence, more calm and composed in her own skin than perhaps even the Royals themselves. She is even more the people's princess, because she is of the people. The people who were a part of her life from her village were invited to her wedding in a touching gesture.
James Middleton, Kate's younger brother, read a beautiful passage from the Bible that touched upon the phrases, "Let love be genuine, hold fast to what is good," "Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering," and "Live in harmony with one another; do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly." The reading enhanced the warm and openhearted spirit of the wedding ceremony.
In the midst of all the affluence, glamor and ritual, there was a spirit of generosity. Kate and Prince William asked for no presents, and the proceeds from the wedding's broadcast (nearing $250,000) will be donated to The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry, which helps charities across the world. These gestures set the tone for the newlywed couple's values. The whole ceremony revealed a foundation upon which they can build a life of love and goodness. I heard that even the Queen said the ceremony was amazing. Now that's a breakthrough!
Watching the ceremony, I felt the spirit of all of us who want to believe that love is real and still alive, despite all the global disasters. We celebrated the experience, the beauty and our oneness. And we gathered, all of us from around the world, to be a part of that rekindling of hope.
Prince William and Kate stood as a living symbol of healing and unity. A gentle reminder that we can still celebrate. A reminder that no matter where you are from, how old you are or what generation you belong to, we all want to believe in the existence of love. Yes, we want the fairy tale, but we also want more than that. We want to experience the celebration of goodness and unity in the world. We need hope so that we can keep going in the midst of disaster and suffering, so we can still believe that love and happiness exist somewhere in the world.
When I finally woke up after drifting in and out, I had that feeling that I had been part of some wonderful celebration. The spirit of the occasion, of 2 billion people coming together, stayed with me, and my heart felt full, pulsing with love. Our hearts need to know that we are a part of the global human experience, that when we can enrich each other's lives with our different cultures, the things that separate us disappear. It is in those moments when we come together that we remember that we are not alone.

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