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More evidence on alleged vote-buying in Sarawak

More evidence on alleged vote-buying in Sarawak

More evidence on alleged vote-buying in Sarawak

Posted: 26 May 2011 02:04 AM PDT

Although the Sarawak state election was over more than a month ago, election watchdog Malaysian Election Observation Network (MEO-Net) claims it had found more evidence to show that vote-buying was rampant during the campaign period. Full story:
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Posted: 26 May 2011 09:49 AM PDT

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad (born on 12 December 1950),[1] professionally known by his stage name Rajinikanth (Tamil: ரஜினிகாந்த்; Kannada:ರಜನೀಕಾಂತ್; Marathi: रजनीकांत), is an Indian film actor. He received India's third highest honour, the Padma Bhushan, for his contribution to Indian cinema.[2] He is best known for his mass popularity and appeal, largely drawn from his mannerisms and stylized delivery of dialogue in films. Other than acting, Rajinikanth worked as a screenwriterfilm producer, and also a playback singer. Apart from his film career, he is a philanthropist and also serves as an influence in the politics of Tamil Nadu.
Rajinikanth debuted as an actor in 1975 under the direction of K. Balachander in supporting roles. He was later favoured in portraying antagonistic characters and gradually rose to acting in lead roles. After the release of his 1978 film Bhairavi, he became known as the "super star" of Tamil cinema, which was the title given to him by film producer S. Thanu and till this date used by many people to refer to him.[3][4] He also appeared in the cinemas of other nations, including American cinema. He was paid Rs. 26 crores (approximatelyUSD 6 million) for Sivaji, making him the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan.
Dust storms gather in full fury sucking up everything in it's path, gale winds scurry in a hurry, inclement weather moves in tempestuously, eerie shadows reverse at break neck speed as the camera zooms in to capture the image of one man (from bottom up) to the beat of reverberating drums and bellowing trumpets. And to the deafening and ceremoniously grand background score, the silhouette of one-man lights up the silver screen, the silhouette of one that now flicks gum high up in the air instead of a cigarette. This is how Rajni illuminates the silver screen quite literally with his screen presence and he has been doing so ever since he flung the gates open in K Balachander's " Apoorva Raagangal" in 1975 in an iconoclastic fashion.
The name Rajnikanth (or Superstar as he is more popularly known) zips across a cross section of age groups and societal stratums and brings together a collective reverie of the eidolon. Rajni's popularity in Tamil Nadu can be only compared to the late MG Ramachandran who too had previously used the Robin Hood philosophy to score brownie points with an adoring audience that in turn deposited him straight into the heart of Tamil Nadu's vote banks. Akin to an equation with fixed variables that has been chalked into Tamil Nadu's popular culture, Rajni is greater than or equal to MGR and Kamal Haasan is greater than or equal to the thespian Sivaji Ganesan. An equation that is not likely to change for a long time to come. Even if Indian cinema is by and large a make believe world of fantasy, Rajni's movies tend to redefine fantasy at an altogether different level. Every level of escalation is well accepted by a doting audience, despite however rational they may otherwise be. This reconciliation is reserved only for their Superstar. Any body who dares to attempt or mock Rajni's style, mannerisms, punch dialogue delivery, walk or talk, faces the risk of being at the receiving end of generous flak by a non forgiving and emotional public.
An average looking man who now wields the entire Tamil Nadu as his mirror, has risen from the most ordinary of circumstances to become one of the most extraordinary personalities that India has seen, coupled with an envious fan following. He was even rated as one of the most influential Indians in Forbes and amongst the influential persons in South Asia by Asia week. He is the highest paid film star in Asia after Jackie Chan. Rajnikanth's off screen presence is far removed. The man is known for his simple living and simplistic approach to life, minus the strut, glitz and swagger. He tends to spend a fair share of his time in meditation at the Himalayas and engages in philanthropic services. He is known to lead a life minus the paraphernalia and remains in touch with those who supported him in his early days in Bangalore where he was a bus conductor.
Rajni's humility is probably most luminescent and holds him in good stead with the starry eyed public. He has managed to maintain good relations with both the DMK and the AIADMK and has diplomatically kept himself away from the crossfire over the years (one way or the other). Rajni has the ability to influence public opinion like no other in Tamil Nadu and can create a formidable third front if he wishes to. But, for now, he chooses to remain apolitical despite his participation in the recent years over the sensitive Cauvery issue and in the protests against killing of innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Rajni's popularity can stupefy the senses. He is a cult figure and even if lofty attempts have been made to reduce Rajni to a caricature via Rajni jokes, Rajni one liners, Rajni impersonations, this is but a miniscule price to pay for colossal levels of popularity. Rajni's recent health issue is a worry for his fans, me included, and I hope he gets better soon. I have witnessed the Rajni phenomenon far away from Chennai, in Melbourne, at the Palais theatre where I watched the first day first show of 'Sivaji'. The celebrations for the movie had begun a kilometre away from the venue and this is how far the line snaked on the roads of St Kilda. And when the man came on screen for the first time, coins were whizzing past my head, streamers were gushing, to the sound of shrill whistling and amongst hundreds of lighters of "aarthi", I jumped with glee. Dust storms gathered in full fury sucking up everything in its path, gale winds scurried in a hurry, inclement weather moved in tempestuously, eerie shadows reversed at break neck speed, heralding the arrival of Rajnikanth. Mind it, he is here to stay.


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Once a sly old fox is forever a sly old fox,

"The Prime Minister is the number one public servant in this country, and he is answerable to us."

One certain Aunty Rosy said that is his God-given right to become the PM. Well, as much as God gave you the "right" he has as much right to remove it. And that day shall come.

Beside human biological DNA, there is a virtual humanity DNA which pushes some of us to lead. The urge to lead is propelling humanity forward under the giant force of current (be it called evolution, god design, or other names). Portions of human society which happen to lack the urge to lead are simply disintegrated in the wider flow of humanity. I cannot see how we can stop that urge without self-defeating the community where we live.

I would like to claim the solution is to provide a proper channel for the "urge-to-lead" to release, and that proper channel is the democratic system, in which "alpha" leaders will compete in a way beneficial to the rest of the community. Under a democratic system, we reward those "alpha" leaders who beat his/her rivals in open and transparent arena.

I think the Abraham religion system with the emphasis of fear-of-god is ill-suited for a real-world political system. Those capable leaders with strong sense of fear-of-god will shy away from the arena, leaving those with no sense of fear-of-god but with strong "urge-to-lead" in the arena. Under this setting, we could only expect low grade community leaders, who will bring calamity to the rest of the community.

Having say that, the Abraham religion system may not necessary needs to emphasize the fear of god when it comes to real-world political system. Fear of god is originated from spiritual sphere of humanity and, I think, it is valuable for its original scope.
When Prophet Muhammad died, the Medina community was embroiled in a heated debate as to who should succeed him as the community leader. For three days they argued and finally it was agreed that Abu Bakar would be the successor. The Arabic word for successor is caliph. Abu Bakar was now the new Caliph of the Medina community, although there were some from amongst the community who did not agree it should have been him.

Human Rights Party (HRP) leader P Uthayakumar has been accused of being a Barisan Nasional agent out to destroy Pakatan Rakyat's chances of taking Perak and Putrajaya in the next general election.
Perak DAP state vice chief A Sivanesan told FMT that HRP just wants to be a spoiler and they do not have the numbers to win the state and parliamentary seats that they have demanded.
"Uthayakumar's political aim is always focused on attacking Pakatan and its elected representatives but not BN. Why doesn't he ask BN for the 15 parliamentary and 38 state seats? His political moves and actions indicate that he is a BN agent," he added.
Sivanesan said he cannot make sense of Uthayakumar's logic of taking seven state seats and three parliamentary seats in Perak with only Indian votes.
"He is a racist by only talking about Indian rights and will not get the support of the Chinese and Malay voters," added the Sungkai assemblyperson.
Sivanesan said while Uthayakumar always degraded Pakatan's Indian elected representatives as being "mandores", these "mandores however do not betray the people like him."
"He does not have the numbers (voters) to win the seats and he wants to threaten us by demanding to ride piggy-back on our support to win the seats. If they are so sure of getting all the votes of the Indian community then let them stand on their own and lose their deposits," he said.

'Money bait for Hindraf rally'
As for the Hindraf rally in 2007, Sivanesan said the huge turnout was because Uthayakumar and his brother Waythamoorthy had baited the Indians with the promise of monetary rewards.
The brothers promised to file a Four Trillion British Pound law suit against the British government at the British court and claim US$1 million compensation for every Indian residing in Malaysia.
"So, why was the lawsuit not filed to get the so-called compensation as promised. So, it was all a sandiwara on their part to get the support of the Indian community and now Indians have realised the ulterior motive of the brothers and have boycotted all their road shows," said Sivanesan.
The DAP leader demanded that the brothers show all the accounts for the public funds collected in the name of Hindraf from 2007 till now.
Uthayakumar had wanted to contest in 15 parliamentary and 38 state seats in the coming general election to safeguard the interests of the marginalised Indian community. He had also warned Pakatan that the coalition would lose Perak if it did not come to the negotiation table with HRP.
PSM: What has he contributed?
Meanwhile, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) also saw red over Uthayakumar's labelling of Indian representatives as "mandores".
PSM national coordinator K Kunasekaran said: "Uthayakumar is only good at calling Pakatan leaders as mandores and making media statements but what has he done to improve the socio-economic welfare of the Indian community?
"What are his programmes to improve the social status of the Indian community and can he produce his track record of services rendered by him for this marginalised community?"
"HRP is taking a racist stand as a short-cut for political mileage but in the long run it wont get the support of other races and will die off like other mosquito Indian-based parties," he pointed out.

"Amma is my god," said the IT minister who was elected from Sattur constituency.(PTI Photo)

The new information and technology minister R B Udayakumar never wears footwear. He doesn't have Gandhian leanings nor wish to feel the ground beneath his feet. Udayakumar's reason is simple and sycophantic: Walking whereAIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa has tread with shoes would make him feel like a heel. "Amma is my god," said the minister who was elected from Sattur constituency. "I can never wear footwear and step where she has walked," he said.

Udayakumar cuts an unusual figure sitting barefoot in the secretariat, holding meetings with officials and corporate honchos who wear polished leather shoes, and discussing policy on the IT sector, one of the drivers of the state's growth. "I have been going without footwear for about a decade. No one noticed earlier. Now that Amma has given me a chance to work for society, people are looking at me differently," said Udayakumar, a law graduate, who was appointed college secretary of the AIADMK students' wing in 1997.

"I have been Amma's devotee since then," he said. Obsequious behaviour is not uncommon in the AIADMK. During her first term as chief minister from 1991 to 1996, senior party leaders and MLAs lined up to prostrate before Jayalalithaa at party and government functions. When she returned to power in 2001, the sycophantic behaviour was reined in but vestiges of it remain.

Udayakumar's barefoot devotion seems to surprise many. Party cadres from across the state who come to visit him walk in with their slippers and then rush out to remove their footwear. But going barefoot seems a natural state of being for Udayakumar. "I am from an AIADMK family. My father has been serving the party from Puratchi Thalaivar's (MGR) period and is now the Avaniyapuram unit secretary. I grew up with devotion to Amma and used to offer prayers at temples for her," he said. Udayakumar is quick to brush aside any criticism of his actions. "My devotion does not affect anyone. So there is no necessity for criticism."

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Posted: 26 May 2011 07:57 AM PDT

SUARAM had on behalf of Malaysian taxpayers filed a suit against DCNS in December 2009 at the courts in Paris for "active and passive corruption, trading of favours and abuse of corporate assets".
The civil rights group had been concerned there was 'hanky-panky' in the deal, the cost of which would ultimately have to be borne by Malaysian taxpayers. SUARAM suspected kickbacks worth hundreds of millions of ringgit had been hidden in the transaction and called on the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission to investigate, but to no avail.
Also, despite constant grilling, Najib has kept the details of the transaction top secret while other members of his administration have provided only fuzzy details, even to Parliament.
"The lawyers are due to arrive and brief their client on the latest ahead of the hearing which will take place in open court. Once that happens, you can imagine what is next. Everyone will be very busy and the international media will be all over the place," the source told Malaysia Chronicle.
A Parisian court is due to hear the case and a hearing date was initially slated for May-June, but that may now have to be slightly delayed as SUARAM is applying for an investigative judge to preside.
Briefings at various venues
It is not clear if the lawyers coming to KL will include Joseph Breham who came last year. But according to the source, the French team will also give several briefings to concerned citizens at various venues throughout the nation.
There is enormous public interest in the case, not only because intertwined into the submarines acquisition was a murder most foul, but because the purchase was deemed to be extremely overpriced. There is also concern that the 2 Scorpenes do not work properly as in the weeks after arrival last year, they failed to dive. The third submarine is a second-hand Agosta.
Apart from that, when Najib first mooted the purchase in the early 2000s, Malaysians had protested, arguing that the submarines were not suitable for guarding the nation's shallow coastline and the cost was also unjustifiable.
But the BN government hammered the deal through, and so far, it has cost Malaysia at least RM6.7 billion ringgit, excluding add-on service fees which could push the total acquisition package to above RM10 billion in the next few years.
The deal had been sanctioned by Najib – who was then Defense minister. He was accused of benefiting his close friend Razak Baginda with a 114 million euros commission.
The Malaysian prime minister and his wife Rosmah Mansor were also accused of being involved in the murder of a Mongolian translator, who had helped in the communications with DCNS. The 28-year old Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered in KL by two former bodguards of the Malaysian first couple.
Both men, who were members of an elite police squad, have been sentenced to hang but the nation is unconvinced as they had no motive to kill her. The question still raging in Malaysia is, who ordered the killing?
The Parisian hearing will not dwell on the Altantuya murder but DCNS is likely to be grilled on her role in the deal.
Altantuya, who was shot in head and exploded with military C4 explosives, has become an international icon symbolising the ruthlessness and desperation in the murky world of international arms wheeling-and-dealing. She is also a reflection of the level of debauchery amongst the Umno elite. Umno is Najib's party and has ruled Malaysia for 5 decades.
Under the 2000 OECD convention of which France is a party, anyone French individual or company found to be involved in corrupt deals with foreign governments can be punished with 10 years imprisonment and a Euro 150,000 fine. This ruling provided the impetus for the SUARAM move to try and recover taxpayers' money lost through improper transactions.




Give UMNO enough rope ...

Posted: 26 May 2011 06:21 AM PDT

There's a saying 'give a man enough rope and he'll hang himself'.

I believe this has applied most appropriately to UMNO. Mind you, not that the anti UMNO people (not necessarily only from the federal opposition) were giving out the rope, but by virtue of UMNO controlling the government and all its apparatus such as the police, MACC, Felda, civil servants, and I'm sad to say, the judiciary, etc, they have free rein of such a rope.

For years the not-so-mysterious deaths of many detainees in police custody were largely brushed aside or arrogantly ignored, sadly as I suspect, because the victims were mainly Indians.

Then there was a high profile Chinese case in Teoh Beng Hock. The authorities dug in, bunkered down, and every man jack pahlawan marshaled around the clarion call of Utusan to defend 'Malay institutions' against the untermensch ('under-people' or inferior race).

At that time, a 'Malay institution' in Utusan's rabid terms meant a government organization such as the police, MACC or civil servant, who was criticized or condemned by the opposition or non-Malays for questionable conduct.

Of course if the government organization had not been criticized or condemned, that term 'Malay institution' would not have been necessary because then there would be no requirement to rally the heartland troops to prevent any further criticism, condemnation or investigation into the conduct which might even be criminal in nature.

So, the use of emotionally charged ethnocentric terms had been more to deflect, prevent or neutralize not just public condemnations but official probes, investigations etc (such as RCI) into the conduct of these 'Malay institutions'. Jaga orang kita, the standard mentality of most Malaysians, not just UMNO's.

Then, sadly, we have the drastic killing of Aminulrasyid Amzah, a mere 14 year old boy driving around in a car without a driving licence. As we had read in the newspapers, Aminulrasyid in his joy-ride was not only pursued by a number of police cars but machined gunned down as if he was Chin Peng or a feral armed drug dealer.

As I had posted in
Home Minister must sack an unrepentant Selangor CPO is it police standing order to shoot at licence-less drivers?

Or perhaps even one with say, 250 gm of heroin to peddle? Question to ask in the latter scenario would then be, would such a drug peddler be deserving of being gunned down?

What kind of training have the police received with regards to discharge of firearms? What kind of values such as respect for the lives of even unarmed and non-hostile criminals have they been indoctrinated in?

The CPO (he disgusts me so that I can't bear to allocate him a human name) urged: … all parties to "stop talking about the matter" as it has "gone to court. Let the court hear the case and decide what is appropriate."

Yeah right!

Consider, if people had not talked about the matter, would the authority (not the police) have taken the investigation to this point when a police corporal is now charged with manslaughter, when originally, according to those police, Aminul was an alleged wannabe cop-killer for attempting to mow down innocent cops with his reversing death machine?

But it was typical of his variation on the Utusan's hordes besieging a 'Malay institution', and by the nature of the sad tragedy, a necessary variation because the criticizing horde in this sad case were no longer just Chinese or Indians but Malays, and the victim a 14 year old Malay boy. The bigoted term 'Malay institution' could no longer work – ta'laku lagi ler!

That unrepentant a$$h*le was also grossly insensitive to demand that the victim's parent apologize to the police for allowing the boy to drive around without a licence.

I wrote:

It's shocking that the CPO has the unmitigated gall to argue that Aminul's family should apologize for allowing Aminul to drive without a licence, thus endangering the lives of the people of Shah Alam.

Did he mean that driving without a licence was a bigger injustice compared to killing someone for driving without a licence?

I wonder how such a person gets to become a CPO of one of the most important states in Malaysia? And I wonder when the Home Minister will finally find his backbone to sack this man!

And we know how useless the Home Minister has been, is and will be.

As I said, give a man enough rope …

Sadly, the idiots took it up and we see another not-so-mysterious death at the MACC building, this time not of a Chinese DAP member but an assistant director in a Custom department, a Malay man by the name of Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed.

So everyone learnt of a Malay man being killed in a building run by Utusan's 'Malay institution'!

Then there was Johari Abu Bakar, not yet 17, shot dead by police on May 13th. Malaysiakini reported in Body of teen left for hours before 2nd post-mortem that:

Police claimed that Johari, a secondary school drop-out turned odd job worker, was shot dead after he opened fire at police.

Just like Aminulrasyid attempting to mow down police with his reversing killer machine?

They also claimed that the teen was hiding out in a budget hotel in Dengkil after stealing a Toyota Alphard in Kelana Jaya on May 7. His family is, however, suspicious of the circumstances of his death, claiming that the boy's body showed signs of bruising and that his arm was broken.

How do the tragic deaths of Aminulrasyid, Sarbini and Johari, and hitherto their lack of explanation affect the thinking of the Malay community? What do they now think of Utusan's 'Malay institutions'?

Give a man enough rope ...

Now we read Sakmongkol's erudite article on how UMNO had sat on and crushes its own balls by not immediately distancing itself from the smutty attempt to smear Anwar Ibrahim's reputation with a very dodgy sex video, and worse, by people of dubious characters – read Sakmongkol's article in The Malaysian Insider titled
Umno and its farcical morality.

He wrote: Now it's too late The media frenzy that accompanied the revelation of the trio turned what initially could have been an advantage into a general rejection of the veracity of the story.

Surely logic alone would tell us whether a man like Thamby what-his-name could be trusted in such a salacious revelation.

Now even if we can prove that it was indeed Anwar who is the actor in the porn clips, general distrust and cynicism would destroy any balance of truth in the sex scandal. [...]

The public cannot find the stomach to tolerate the injustice forced on Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her family. What the government has done as a result of its own sluggishness and mental blockage is to allow itself to be regarded as a tyrannical bully.

Sweet justice? But let's face it - it's not just UMNO's inertia or, as Sak put it mildly, sluggishness or metal blockage, but actually its eagerness to embrace what it thought was a political winner, but which has since turned out to be a poison chalice.

Yup, give a man enough rope ...


Posted: 26 May 2011 05:36 AM PDT

"Siasatlah dengan betul, tapi jangan kaitkan orang itu (Abdul Ariffahmi) kerana (dia) menantu saya atau ada hubungan kekeluargaan dengan saya, itu tak betul," katanya.
KOTA BAHARU: Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat meminta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah tidak mengaitkan beliau apabila menjalankan siasatan berhubung dakwaan rasuah terhadap menantunya, Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman, bekas Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan (PMBK).
Katanya beliau tidak mahu siasatan terhadap Abdul Ariffahmi, 38, berhubung dakwaan penyelewengan dan penyalahgunaan kuasa semasa menantunya itu bertugas di PMBK, disensasikan oleh pihak lain untuk menjejaskan kredibiliti beliau sebagai Menteri Besar dan Mursyidul Am Pas.
"Siasatlah dengan betul, tapi jangan kaitkan orang itu (Abdul Ariffahmi) kerana (dia) menantu saya atau ada hubungan kekeluargaan dengan saya, itu tak betul," katanya kepada Bernama ketika ditemui di rumahnya di Kampung Pulau Melaka dekat sini.
Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditanya mengenai kemungkinan Abdul Ariffahmi dihadapkan ke mahkamah berhubung kes dakwaan penyelewengan dan penyalahgunaan kuasa semasa bertugas di PMBK.
Kes berlarutan
Nik Abdul Aziz berkata adalah berdosa jika pihak berkuasa sengaja membiarkan sesuatu kes berlarutan dan disebarkan secara meluas sehingga boleh mengaibkan seseorang untuk muslihat tertentu.
Beliau berkata siasatan SPRM hendaklah hanya melibatkan Abdul Ariffahmi sebagai individu dan tidak kena mengena dengan dirinya.
Pada akhir 2009, SPRM membuka kertas siasatan dakwaan penyelewengan dan salah guna kuasa dalam PMBK membabitkan Abdul Ariffahmi yang dilantik sebagai CEO pada 20 September 2009.
Pelantikan itu mencetuskan kontroversi berlaku amalan nepotisme dalam PAS selain kemelut dalaman PMBK yang dikaitkan dengan soal salah urus tadbir dan kewangan sehingga menuntut SPRM membuat siasatan.
Susulan itu, Abdul Ariffahmi dinasihat melepaskan jawatannya oleh Nik Abdul Aziz.

- Bernama

Mutfi Juanda Jaya is also a traitor of islam, when he becomes a political tool mufti to Umno, hoping to be appointed chief mufti of Perak above mutfi Harussani. Juanda Jaya mufti, you better don't spend time talking on political issue, concentrate on your religious teaching in the mosque that is what you appoint and paid for to do. statement by Perlis Mufti Dr Juanda Jaya, accusing those against the merger proposal as "traitors of Islam"."The merger (between Umno and PAS) is in fact compulsory, particularly for the strength of Islam and Malaysia in general. All parties should make efforts in that direction," the scholar was quoted as saying.about umno going after muslim leaders with fitnah and false acussation were you sleeping when all thiswere going on To join UMNO is to partake in corruption and its immoral ways. God does not create mankind for everyone to scorn and to be proud of your skin colour. Everyone should accept, share and educate the wrong to walk the right path. Utusan is encouraging Muslims (and Malays for that matter), to go astray.Umno,Utusan and the ulamaks are not fighting for Malay unity per se.They are running scared for their survival is fast fading away.Come GE 13,many will be jobless. You racists will never be able to compete with the others in this globalised world.Keep living under the coconut shell ! utusan and the people behind it? the owners are umno ..doesnt it mean anything if there cant try the soft way they use utusan to pressure pas..on the pretext of malay unity..? when people are doing well econimically, good edcuation with prosepct, human being treated with dignity ..people will support the government /53 years of abuse, corruption is bad enough..the worst is they get so arrogant . we are poorer, because of umno and b n using threats .enough is enough UMNO is extremist, self centred and racist. How can they join Pakatan Rakyat? Would the People accept them after all the evil that they did?? And how can moderate PAS the true Islamic Party join UMNO the Infidels?? Allah will not allow it to happen.

EAST Malaysia Under Siege!!

Posted: 26 May 2011 04:38 AM PDT

By a dictator!! East Malaysia has their own Gaddafi who is blocking good people from Sarawak!

Taken from Malaysiakini
Bersih 2.0 chief Ambiga Sreenevasan has filed a suit against Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud challenge the latter's order to deport her from Sarawak during the last state election.

The suit, filed in the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Monday, named Taib, the director-general of the Malaysian Immigration Department and other relevant authorities as respondents.

Ambiga, who is former Bar Council chairperson, told reporters today that a date had been fixed to hear the application for leave in July.

She chose to file the suit in the peninsula and named the Immigration DG as respondent because the Immigration Act stipulates that the latter has overall responsibility over immigration affairs in the whole of Malaysia.

"He can't just wash his hands off," she added.

"I request the court to quash the deportation order because it was an abuse of my constitutional rights and it constituted an abuse of power," she said.

Ambiga was the fourth activist to be barred during the course of the 10-day Sarawak election campaign last month, after activists Steven Ng, Wong Chin Huat and Haris Ibrahim were similarly stopped at the Kuching Airport and sent back to Kuala Lumpur on the next flight.

NONEThe latest victim was Malaysian Election Observation Network coordinator Ong Boon Keong.

Ong was detained by Kuching Immigration officials during his visit to Bengoh on Tuesday and deported to Kuala Lumpur the same night.

Both Ambiga (second from left) and Ong (left) were present during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur this morning to address the deportation issue and the coming Bersih 2.0 mega-rally on July 9.

Ong said he was in the process of filing a similar suit in Sarawak to challenge his deportation.

"I'm talking to some lawyers in Sarawak who are keen to take it up, but I have no written document on my deportation. Everything was just conveyed to me orally (by the immigration officials).

"They have never made a charge against me or justified their actions. There was no reason, no accountability or whatsoever," Ong added.

Sheer arrogance of the Sarawak government

Ambiga lamented Ong's deportation as a total abuse of power and sheer arrogance on the part of the Sarawak state government.

"None in the government has made comment on this matter. None of them think there's anything wrong with it."

She said the fact that 10 Immigration officials had been deployed to detain Ong showed how they used the power that they thought they had.

The Bar Council's human rights committee chairperson Andrew Khoo, who was also present at the press conference, demanded that the Sarawak government answers how the five activists had threatened the security of the state that led to their deportation.

"In the context of the federal constitution, the power of deportation is to protect the security of the federation.

"National security is not not keeping the government in power... maybe the Sarawak government thinks keeping itself in power is part of Sarawak's security," Khoo said.

Meanwhile, across the South China Sea, the Sarawak-based NGO Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS) expressed support for Ambiga's legal action against Taib.

NONE"These NGO activists from the peninsula have every right to enter Sawarak.

"The deportation is another desperate act of Sarawak chief minister to prevent concerned citizens coming to the state to educate the people on the corruption and abuses of the chief minister and his administration," MoCS leader Francis Siah (above, left) told Malaysiakini.

"Ong has been working very hard in Sarawak during the election. His only concern is to ensure free and fair elections. He has no other personal motive, so why should a good man like Ong be deported from Sarawak?

"Ambiga, Wong, Steven and (the human rights lawyer who was barred from entering Sarawak) Haris (Ibrahim), are all forthright Malaysians who care a lot about the country. They have every right to enter Sarawak," Siah added.

The reason why they are block from coming into Sarawak is because they are digging out dirt from the last Sarawak election!
Here is some prove!

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Is Sarawak Immigration Dept another of Taib's minions!??

Posted: 26 May 2011 04:21 AM PDT

COMMENT When I arrived in Sarawak through Bintulu on May 21, I was given the usual 90-day entry permit.

I waNONEnted to pay a visit with two friends to the villages in Bengoh, about an hour's drive from Kuching, because the area was considered a hot seat in the April 16 state election.

Four villages will be submerged by the Bengoh Dam and the villages are unhappy about being moved from their ancestral homes. However, the polling results did not seems to reflect the much feared electoral backlash from the dam issue.

As election observers, we want to ascertain if the villagers voted with clear understanding of their choice at the polling stations. For example, did they know that their vote for the incumbent would be interpreted to mean that they endorse the party which had caused them to be relocated?

We felt that clarifying the thinking of the villagers would make a good reference to all parties concerned. However our intention was not to be realised.

NONEUnexpectedly, about 20 officers of the Immigration Department arrived in five vehicles and picked me up about 11am, but allowed my friends to leave. They claimed that I was not allowed to enter Sarawak because I had 'immigration records' that disallowed my entry.

But what records were these? About a dozen officers could not inform me of any offences that I could have committed. They took a statement from me at the Immigration enforcement office in Pending - but no offence was mentioned let alone investigated. I was simply told that the state government wanted me sent off by that evening.

They were all just following orders, but from who? My being deported was not important - after all six others had been deported during the state election campaign last month.

But if people who bring voter education to Sarawakians are deported, it gives an extremely negative impression that the state government wants to keep their citizens uninformed about their voting rights and, worse, disenfranchised.

Super-efficient Immigration

There is a clear contrast between how the Immigration Department has been slow and inefficient to nab illegal immigrants which flood Sarawak's towns and plantations, and the speed with which they managed to track me even when I was so far from town.

Most of the time, the 'blacklisted' person arrives at the airport before being blocked and sent back. Five of the six persons barred from Sarawak during the state election had been dealt with this way. The sixth was told to not come again, at her exit from the immigration post. If the department can be as efficient in dealing with illegal immigrants, then Sarawak would be a lot better off.

Modern democracy demands accountability and transparency. Thus the state Immigration Department should be made accountable and transparent as well.

The days when the 'top guy' makes a ruling to bar someone - with the decision not subject to any judicial review - should end. It would therefore be a good start if some of those barred last month mount a legal challenge to the arbitrary use of power.

There has been quite a bit of debate over 'insiders' and 'outsiders', with some Sarawakians taking a hard-line position on all 'outsiders'. Certainly there are plenty of 'outsiders' who have played a negative role in the state - for instance, by 'squeezing' it of its oil resources.

But there are also 'insiders' who are squeezing state resources like timber, to enrich themselves. The policies of these people are probably are more crucial to the interests of the people.

By deporting 'outsiders' now and then, the Sarawak government tries to appear that it is the champion of the people, but succeeds only among those who do not understand the chief minister's political games.

It may be time for Sarawakians to identify their own allies, instead of leaving it to the 'leaders' to do the job for them.

ONG BOON KEONG is the coordinator of Malaysian Election Observation Network.


Posted: 26 May 2011 02:02 AM PDT

Damn it, nobody seems to get it, or the BN government pretends NOT to get it. Petronas remains elegantly silent.

Let Desi repaet his main premises that the Government should in fact be reducing oil prices at the pump. This talk about "rising subsidies" is just HALF THE STORY as I argued inmy post yesterday...:(



BOTH THESE FACTORS MEAN THE NATION HAS BEEN ENJOYING A WINDFALL FROM RISING WORLD OIL PRICES THE PAST FIVE YEARS! But the greAt Najib regime thinks the Rakyat owe him a great gratitude now that he has kindly "handbraked" on raising oil prices, especially that of RON95. His ministers had been hinted at such a price increase,and "Hail to the Fire Chief-cum-PM, he come thin like knight-in-shiny-armour to decide there will be a hold on any price rise, FOR THE MOMENT!" as decided at the Cabinet meeting yesterday.

I sighted a news report at "Malaysians Must Know the TRUTH" and will comment on it later.~~ YL, Desi

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
BN can still survive fuel price hike

Analysts believe any increase in the price of RON95 may have an impact on the coming general election but it will not lead to the downfall of the BN.

KUALA LUMPUR: Any move to raise the price of RON95 petrol or increase the power tariff would dent Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's hope of a stronger electoral mandate but will not be strong enough to unseat his ruling coalition, analysts say.

Barisan Nasional (BN) could also scrape through the 13th general election, tipped to be held year-end, unscathed by its unpopular subsidy rationalisation policy if the increase in RON95 or power tariff is kept minimal.

"You have to wait and see to what extent it would be raised. If the increase is marginal, the public would complain but it won't be too much," Ibrahim Suffian, director of independent research and polling house Merdeka Centre, told FMT.

The RON95 price has been raised twice since Najib took office in April 2009, but the increases were relatively low enough to avoid any voter backlash, said Ibrahim.

The sharp rise in global oil price following the Arab and North African unrest, however, has forced the government to reconsider its subsidy policy on RON95.

The Najib administration is expected to spend RM18 billion, or RM10 billion more than 2010, to foot the subsidy bill this year amid stringent efforts to reduce its record-high public debt.

Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said yesterday that the government will not increase the prices of RON95, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) but did not specify how long the Najib administration would maintain current prices.

BN in a fix

Najib's government has already announced the removal of the super subsidy for diesel for nine categories of key commercial vehicles effective June 1, a move that will force consumers to bear the brunt.

AmResearch had predicted that RON95 will increase by 20 sen or to RM2.10 from the current RM1.90 per litre as early as next month.

Ibrahim noted that an increase of 20 sen a litre would affect BN's electoral performance severely, given that voters are already struggling to cope with high food prices. This would worsen when the super subsidy cut on diesel takes place in a week's time.

He said that BN is now in a fix. "I believe that while it won't raise the price of RON95, the opposition is ready to use the 13th general election as a referendum against the BN, especially on the subsidy policies."

Pakatan Rakyat claimed that subsidy cuts are unnecessary and that there are plenty of alternatives to reduce Malaysia's deficit like trimming bloating government operating expenditures and tightening fiscal discipline.

The opposition bloc claimed it will not remove subsidies in its alternative policy, saying it is workable if the cuts are compensated through prioritised spending and transparent governance.

Leaders from within the government and Najib's own party like Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin have voiced similar opinion on the matter.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaya (UKM) political analyst Professor Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff believes that any significant increase in fuel price would erode the support even of the majority Malays.

Public anger

With non-Malay support towards BN steadily declining, Najib's Umno is betting on the popular notion that the majority of the Malays would remain either sympathetic or staunch Umno backers. But this will be shaken by any plan to remove subsidies on basic goods.

"The Malays in the rural areas will be affected," Agus told FMT, referring to Umno's power base. "When it comes to price hikes, public anger would transcend race," he added.

The UKM lecturer pointed that the government would also lose significant support from the fence- sitters but noted that fuel price hike alone would not pave the way for the rise of a new government.

"There are many other factors like loyalty and unity within the ruling coalition, candidates and media warfare before you consider the prospect of a BN's fall," he said.

BN, then under Najib's predecessor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, recorded its worst electoral performance in four decades at the 2008 national polls. The ruling coalition maintained its rule with a simple majority and lost five states.

One of the major factors behind the dismal BN performance was public anger towards the rise of fuel price at the time, according to a Bloomberg report.

Bank Negara Malaysia governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz said, however, she is confident that the country can withstand increases in fuel prices due to a stronger economy than that of 2008.
Posted by Malaysians Must Know the TRUTH

Why I Left For Our ‘Poorer’ Neighbour — E.

Posted: 26 May 2011 01:52 AM PDT

Contrary to most Malaysians who work overseas, I chose a less popular destination. I have been based in Jakarta for the past year and a bit. Most people look down on Indonesia as the poorer neighbour, much like the way Singapore looks at us. However, after living here, there is much to like, and below are some of the reasons why I prefer life here and do not plan to return anytime soon:

1. Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world. However, you will find that most Indonesians are very open about their religion and respectful of the rights of others. Muslims here have no problem with patronising outlets that sell alcohol or non-halal food, even if they choose not to have any. In Malaysia, the Muslims make a big fuss over small things which they claim are not halal. You may argue that there are fanatics here, but the number is small relative to the population. Just look around Malaysia. Everywhere you look, you get fanatics.

2. The work ethic and culture here is better than in KL. People here are less racist. In Malaysia, you identify companies as Bumi companies, Chinamen companies, Indian companies and so on. Here, it is easy to work with people no matter what ethnic group. Again, you may mention the race riots during Suharto's era, but the problem is practically non-existent in everyday life nowadays. People here respect talent and ability no matter your background, religion and skin colour.

3. There are unlimited opportunities here for those who want to do business. No such thing as Bumiputera quota, etc. If you see an opportunity, you are free to pursue it. Where Malaysia could once boast of being a strong regional player, our government is now coming here to woo Indonesian investors. I have dealt with local Indonesian companies for a number of years and all dealings are reasonably fair and transparent. This is unlike Malaysia where Bumiputeras are highly favoured no matter how incompetent.

4. Free and open press. It's no secret our mainstream media is heavily self-censored, and Utusan is openly inciting racial hatred. Here, the Jakarta Globe and Jakarta Post are two publications that are highly regarded for their unbiased reporting and open criticism of the government. We are able to keep ourselves informed without having to log onto alternative news portals.

Of course, Indonesia shares some of Malaysia's current shortcomings including widespread corruption, and the country is still very poor, but they are on the way up and it is only a matter of time before Malaysia is the one exporting maids to Indonesia.

There are those who will criticise my points above, but I believe the majority have never set foot in Jakarta and understand very little about the place. If you feel proud to be a Malaysian citizen, and look down on Indonesians, just remember that internationally, especially in the US or Europe, people generally put us on a similar standing as other Third World countries regionally.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Comparing the Maybankcard 2 Gold Card – American Express + MasterCard

Posted: 25 May 2011 11:56 PM PDT

The following may contain inaccurate data due to the vast amounts of calculations, choices and terms/conditions involved. If you spot any error, please inform me.

The Maybankcard 2 Gold Card provides one American Express (AmEx) and one MasterCard (MasCa) credit card. Hereafter referred to as the 2card.

Among the extolled advantages, the two cards share one statement and – attractively – one Government Service Tax (GST) of RM50/year. This means that you can flexibly wield two different credit card lines without paying extra GST – although in Malaysia this is something of a moot point, as the question is more of where does accept AmEx and where doesn't accept Mastercard. See bottom of post for a list.

The AmEx gives you 5x Maybank TreatsPoints which can be collected to redeem for products, cash vouchers – or even to negate the RM50 GST. Meanwhile, the MasCa only gives 1x TreatsPoints. So avoid using the MasCa whenever possible.

Using solely on the AmEx, you have to spend just RM2000 a year (RM166.67 a month) to get the 10,000 TreatsPoints needed to waive the RM50 GST. I'm quite certain anyone eligible for the card will spend more than that already on basic unavoidable expenditures such as petrol and grocery shopping,.

Furthermore, using AmEx on weekends gives '5% cash back' in the form of a discount off your bill for the respective items. Limited to RM50 a month though. You'd have to spend RM1,000 each month on weekends alone to reach the cash back limit, so it's really more of an occasional small bonus.

Membership is also free for life.

Altogether, looks pretty attractive right?

So the question is, are the 2card's benefits better than alternatives?

For this exercise, I'm going to use my own ad hoc unit of measurement, PBR (Pay Back Ratio) which is a measurement of how fast each Ringgit of expenditure through a credit card pays back in the form of vouchers, rebates or etc.

The following calculations will exclude the weekend 5% cash back bonus which is limited to RM50/month for ease of comparison.


VS. Citibank Gold Credit Card

Citibank's gold cards give 3x Citi Reward Points that can be used to redeem stuff. Now obviously this seems much lower than Maybank AmEx's 5x points – but when you average out the 5x AmEx and 1x MasCa, it comes to 3x anyway. Simple solution, use AmEx whenever possible.

So let's go to the actual benefits in terms of cash. For ease of comparison, let's use two basic items that anyone will be able to use – shopping vouchers and rebate on GST.

The best points-to-rewards ratio Jusco voucher from Citibank Gold is worth RM100 for 21,000 points. That's a ratio of 100/21000 = 0.00476 PBR (higher PBR is better as it shows how much each reward point is worth). But don't forget the 3x rate. The actual ratio is then 0.00366 x 3 = 0.01428 PBR (meaning you get back RM1 in vouchers for every RM70 you spend thru Citibank). Note that other versions of the card are different, for example AirAsia Gold card needs 27,300 points instead of 21,000! Laaaaaame.

The best ratio Tesco voucher from Maybankcard AmEx Gold is worth RM50 for 11,000 points. That's 50/11000 = 0.00455 PBR, but the AmEx 5x rate makes it 0.00455 x 5 = 0.02275 PBR (meaning you get back RM1 in vouchers for every RM44 you spend thru Maybank Amex.).

So purely on shopping vouchers, Maybankcard AmEx is clearly the winner at 1.75x faster money back speed than Citibank Gold. Without factoring in 3x and 5x, Citibank Gold's base voucher ratio is marginally better (and the AirAsia Gold is worse!).

Moving on to GST rebate, Citibank lets you waive the RM50 tax for 10,000 points. That's a ratio of 50/10000 = 0.005 PBR, factor in the 3x rate makes it 0.005 x 3 = 0.015 PBR (you get back RM1 in rebate for every RM66.67 spent). Again, note that other versions of the card are different, for example AirAsia Gold card needs 13,000 points instead of 10,000! Boooo!

Meanwhile, Maybank GST rebate is exactly the same ratio of RM50 tax for 10,000 points. That's a ratio of 50/10000 = 0.005, factor in the 5x rate and it's a stunning 0.005 x 5 = 0.025 PBR (RM1 rebate for just every RM40 spent)!

So again, the AmEx's 5x again makes it 1.67x the money back speed as Citibank Gold's 3x.

And don't forget the weekend 5% cash back that AmEx offers you!

Furthermore, the number of Citibank branches seems much lower than Maybank ones. This comes into play when you want to pay your credit card bill. Without easy access to a Citibank branch and without a Citibank account, you either have to mail the cheque to Citibank (60 sen now) with risk of interception or getting lost, or else pay RM2 to GIRO transfer via online banking.

Using your likely existent Maybank account to pay your Maybank 2card online means zero fees. A small saving even over a year, but it contributes. Together with Maybank AmEx's other benefits (5% cash back and 5x points), it's overkill.

And finally, Citibank charges annual membership fee of RM195 and RM100 for supplementary, against Maybank AmEx's free for life!

In practise it should be easy to get waived with points or plain old begging/threatening the customer service desk… But why add that hassle?

WINNER: Maybank AmEx


VS. Tesco RHB Credit and Debit Cards

Since we're on the shopping=necessity theme, RHB has two contenders – Tesco Credit Card and a Tesco Debit Card.

First, the Tesco Credit Card. It gives you 2% cash back at Tesco at any time (0.02 PBR, get RM1 back for every RM50 in spending).

You also get 1 Tesco Clubcard point per RM2 spent at Tesco or 'anywhere else' (that is, 0.5x points earning ratio). Each Clubcard point is auto-converted into 1 sen (RM0.01) worth of Tesco vouchers by Tesco itself. The end result is a ratio of 0.01/2 = 0.005 PBR (get RM1 back for every RM200 in spending). You have to have the Tesco membership of course, which is like BonusLink or J-Card.

Apart from the Tesco stuff, you then also get RHB points at a 1x rate that can net you an RM50 Tesco voucher for 12,200 points (0.004098 PBR, RM1 vouchers for every RM244 spent) or the usual RM50 GST rebate for 10,000 points (ratio of 0.005).

Altogether, the Tesco Credit Card's three benefits of 2% cash back, Clubcard points and RHB points means that you get a money return ratio of 0.02 + 0.005 + 0.004098 = 0.029098 PBR (get RM1 back for every RM34.37 spending).

It however charges a RM88/year fee after the first free year! So you need to spend 34.37 x 88 = RM3,024.56 yearly just for your savings to break even with your annual fee! Whatmore if you have a supplementary card at RM20 per year (another RM687.40 spending needed).

And don't forget the usual RM50 GST, which can be waived for the usual 10,000 points as with the other card brands.

Moving on…

Second option is the Tesco Debit Card. This baby gets you 5x Clubcard points at Tesco and presumably 1x anywhere else. With the ordinary ratio being 1 Tesco Clubcard point per RM2 spent, 5x rate means 1 point per RM0.40 spent. Not being a credit card, you don't get RHB points to redeem I think.

So we're working with just RM0.01 vouchers for every Clubcard point, calculated to 0.01/0.4 = 0.025 PBR (get RM1 back for every RM40 in spending). Looks good by itself, but loses out to the combined three benefits of the Credit Card version.

And even the Debit Card has a fee! RM20 per year means you must spend 20 x 40 = RM800 annually for your savings to break even with the stupid fee. Throw in another RM400 spending for each supplementary card's RM10 fee.

So what if we compare the two RHB Tesco Cards' ratios against Maybank AmEx's ratio?

First, we need to add in Tesco Clubcard ordinary points earnings to the AmEx, because you still get Tesco Clubcard points for your Tesco membership no matter how you pay the bill! So AmEx's usual ratio of 0.02275 + 0.005 = 0.02775 PBR (get back RM1 voucher for each RM36.04 spending).

Now the comparisons:

RHB Tesco Credit Card = 0.029098 PBR
Maybank AmEx (Tesco vouchers) = 0.02775 PBR
Difference = 0.001348 PBR

To make up for the RHB Tesco Credit Card annual fee = 88/0.001348 = RM65,281.90 needs to be spent per year, after which the RHB Tesco Credit Card starts saving you money compared to Maybank AmEx

RHB Tesco Debit Card = 0.025 PBR
Maybank AmEx (Tesco vouchers) = 0.02775 PBR
Difference = -0.00225 PBR

RHB Tesco Debit Card NEVER saves you money compared to Maybank AmEx

And once again, this isn't counting in AmEx's 5% cash back which trounces the RHB Credit Card's 2% cash back at Tesco only.

WINNER: Tesco RHB Credit Card if you're hardcore Tesco-reliant and spend tens of thousands of Ringgit on groceries/electronics/furniture/etc every year. AmEx for normal people. If you plan on getting Maybank AmEx, the savings from having a Tesco RHB Card as well are almost impossible to realize!


VS. OCBC Titanium MasterCard

The following is excerpted from My Credit Cards which has in-depth looks at various cards.

Comparison between Maybank 2 American Express Card and OCBC Titanium MasterCard

MBB 2 Amex gets 5X Reward Points Everyday, Anywhere and Anytime vs. OCBC TMC Nothing, Nil, None, Zero;

MBB 2 Amex Free Lifetime Annual Fees vs. OCBC TMC need to swipe 12 times;

MBB 2 Amex GST must pay (but with 5X points only need to spend RM2K to get 10,000 Treats Points to offset GST ) vs. OCBC TMC must pay but auto waived if spend RM10K annually;

MBB 2 Amex 5% cash back on weekends anywhere vs. OCBC TMC 5% cash back anytime but not everywhere;

MBB 2 Amex offers Travel Insurance vs. OCBC none; and last but not least

MBB 2 Amex overseas transactions are subjected to 2.5% Admin Charge but with 5X maybe this is acceptable vs. a lower overseas conversion rate with OCBC TMC (do note again that the RM50 cap which may limit the usefulness of OCBC Titanium MasterCard for overseas spending).

BOTH MBB 2 Amex and OCBC Titanium cash rebate is capped at RM50/month :(

So does the above comparison conclude that you should not get the OCBC Titanium? Not necessarily. It depends on your spending pattern.

If you don't spend more than RM1,000 per month with credit cards then maybe no point getting the OCBC as Maybank 2 Cards consists of 2 in 1 i.e. you get AMEX with Visa or MasterCard. Therefore, in the event a particular merchant does not accept AMEX, you've still got the Visa or MasterCard as standby.

For the Maybankard 2 AMEX card, on weekends it's like you get something equivalent to about 7.5% cash back for anything including Petrol (for your information if you spend your money at ESSO you get another 1.5% with Smiles Points and at 1U another 1% with the One Card). Click here to read my post – Cards to compliment your CC.

How did I get 7.5%? The 5X Treats Points (TP) you get for every Ringgit can be said to be equivalent to approximately 2.5% cash back based redemption of voucher(s). For example, 2,000 TP gets you a RM10 McD voucher, 10,000 TP gets you a RM50 Metro Jaya voucher and 20,000 TP gets you a RM100 Jaya Jusco Voucher. Click here to see Treats Points Catalogue for vouchers.

Before you go saying AMEX is not widely accepted, let me repeat here again that AMEX is accepted at ESSO/MOBIL, Guardian, Watsons, Caring, OTO, GIANT, Carrefour, Harvey Norman, Courts, All IT, DELL, TESCO, JAYA JUSCO, TGIF, FOS, Poh Kong, PappaRich, Pasta Zamai, Canton i, Air Asia, JetStar, Malaysia Airlines, DiGi, Maxis, Celcom, Assessment Tax (Cukai Pintu) and many other places and not necessarily only at high end luxury outlets.

I'm not going to delve into the minutia of rewards points or PBR (yet).


Where American Express is Accepted in Malaysia

Do feel free to comment with your first hand accounts of where else AmEx was accepted.


Where American Express is REJECTED in Malaysia

Do feel free to comment with your first hand accounts of where else AmEx was NOT accepted.


In conclusion, for a responsible and fiscally aware person, annual membership fee-less and high PBR cards like Maybankcard AmEx are actually profitable rather than sinking you into a hole of constantly increasing debt.

And that's all I got for now. Feel free to comment.

Tantawi, Idris Ahmad dan Pemilihan Pemuda PAS

Posted: 25 May 2011 11:43 PM PDT

(PERHATIAN: Tulisan ini tiada kaitan dengan sokongan kepada mana2 calon Timbalan Presiden. Tulang Besi tidak suka cara bagaimana politik kepuakan dalam PAS lebih diutamakan dari kepentingan parti dan perjuangan Islam.)

Maklumat yang Tulang Besi terima, beberapa bulan yang lepas selepas Ketua Pemuda PAS pulang dari umrah, beliau telah memberitahu rakan-rakan yang rapat bahawa beliau tidak bercadang untuk mempertahankan jawatan Ketua Pemuda.

Rupanya, ibadah umrah yang beliau kerjakan itu telah memberi kesedaran kepada beliau bahawa beliau tidak berapa berkemampuan memikul tanggungjawab sebagai Ketua Pemuda PAS Pusat.

Pernyataan Nasruddin Tantawi ini telah mengejutkan Geng Terengganu dan geng "Ulama" di dalam PAS.

Rombongan telah dihantar menemui beliau supaya beliau menukar pendirian beliau untuk tidak bertanding itu. Rombongan itu memberikan alasan2 seperti berikut:

1.0 Tantawi masih diperlukan untuk memastikan penerusan fikrah dalam PAS (tapi tak tau apa yang dimaksudkan dengan fikrah tu)

2.0 Kepimpinan "ulama" dalam Pemuda mesti terus dipertahankan kerana semakin ditolak oleh ahli-ahli Pemuda.

3.0 Sokongan dari ahli2 Pemuda terutamanya pelajar2 kampus kepada fikrah "ulama" semakin lemah. Kepimpinan Tantawi diperlukan untuk memastikan memastikan pelajar-pelajar universiti kekal dengan "fikrah" Pemuda yang ada sekarang ini.

Maka, atas alasan-alasan di atas Tantawi telah mengubah fikiran dan telah membuat keputusan untuk mempertahankan jawatan Ketua Pemuda beliau.

Tulang Besi mendedahkan perkara ini lantaran pengumuman Ustaz Idris Ahmad untuk bertanding jawatan Naib Presiden.

Ini kerana Ustaz Idris Ahmad adalah antara ahli rombongan yang memainkan peranan begitu penting di dalam mengubah pemikiran Tantawi untuk terus mempertahankan jawatan Ketua Pemuda.

PAra perwakilan PAS wajib tahu bahawa mengundi Ustaz Idris Ahmad bererti mengundi wakil kepada geng Terengganu dan kumpulan "ulama" dalam PAS.

Geng Terengganu dan kumpulan "ulama" ini juga adalah mereka yang telah dan masih menyokong agenda PERPADUANG dengan UMNO di dalam PAS. Agenda perpaduang inilah yang telah melemahkan PAS sepanjang 2 tahun kebelakangan ini.

Semalam pun MUBARAK telah isytihar sokongan kepada Ustaz Tuan Ibrahim dan Ustaz Nasa sedangkan MUBARAK ini adalah UMNO.

Habislah tanggungjawab Tulang Besi di dalam menyampaikan maklumat yang sebenar kepada para perwakilan sekelian.


Tulang Besi

ps Mereka juga menghantar rombongan berjumpa Raja Ahmad Al Hiss supaya menarik diri dari bertanding Naib Ketua Pemuda untuk memberi laluan mudah kepada Din Ayam (menantu Presiden). Ini juga satu maklumat yang perlu diketahui semua perwakilan.

Abang Mat Memikul PAS Waktu PAS Ditolak dan Dihina

Posted: 25 May 2011 10:23 PM PDT

Jangan sekali-kali kita lupa bahawa Abang Mat Sabu sudah aktif dan bergiat cergas dalam parti di waktu PAS lemah dan sedang kesakitan. Di waktu PAS tiada duit dan pengaruh, Abang MAT memegang panji-panji PAS di dalam masyarakat Malaysia. Di waktu PAS terasing dan dagang, Abg Mat terus menerus menjunjung nama PAS di dalam masyarakat.

Di waktu calon-calon PAS biasa hilang wang deposit dalam pilihanraya, Abang Mat dengan rela hati mengharungi tangkapan, ISA dan penindasan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.

Di waktu PAS tiada tempat dalam masyarakat Malaysia, Abg Mat terkehadapan melawan UMNO dan BN yang sebegitu gagah.

Saya ingat lagi Abang Mat satu masa dahulu, hendak pergi ke tempat ceramah pun tiada duit tambang. Penghabisan beliau buat MOU dengan penjual2 keset menumpang kenderaan mereka kerana penjual2 keset dapat peluang menjual keset di ceramah2 Abang Mat yang sentiasa dipenuhi pendengar.

Abang Mat tidak kenal penat dan lelah. Terus istiqamah di dalam PAS mengharungi setiap onar dan duri tidak kira PAS menang atau kalah.

Abang Mat adalah simbol istiqamah dan tahan uji dalam PAS.

Apa salahnya beliau diberi satu peluang untuk membuktikan kepimpinan beliau dalam PAS. Kalau tidak puas hati, dalam dua tahun beliau boleh ditukar lagi.


Tulang Besi

Bukit Merah Revisited: The Same Time Our Judiciary Lost Its Independence (With Malay Subtitle)

Posted: 25 May 2011 09:44 PM PDT


Posted: 25 May 2011 09:40 PM PDT

There can only be one No.1 says a political observer. Is that what the SPDP Group of 5 are trying to push for their No.1? Someone musts have pushed the envelope further for their own personal gains. It seems the "HIDDEN HAND" is again involved to push the President of SPDP William Mawan to the edge of the corner the only one left.Hehas Wong Judat as State assemblyman with him only.

In  the last state elections Mawan losts his allies in the same group 2 YBs one Peter Nyarok Deputy President who losts to PKR candidate Ali Biju in Krian while SG Nelson Balan was not renominated to defend. An SPDP insider asks," When is the next AGM? Are they going to move a vote of no confidence or have they checked up on the party's amended constitution to move their plan forward? They have a right to sound it out but going public is like opening old wounds.

Anything and everything is possible in politics and the Separatists group should have used the avenue for them to speak and express in the Supreme Council instead of publicly washing dirty linen again. The Deputy Secretary General when contacted by phone this morning by audie61 have this to say,"let them reflect on their actions and we will deal it in the Supreme Council. Post- mortem for public consumption will depend very much on the election committee to reveal it. 

As for the silence of the President he said,"Is that so..Really /Benarkah..?" The President have attended/spoken at State official functions and as for party matters he will deal with it in his own time and he knows best when to do that."

The political observer added."Mawan is very much his own man and he can be just like Louis XIV a man of very few words. Mawan with few words is showing his power and with his silence as with life,the less you say.the more profound and mysterious you appear.Thats why the group is saying,"The silence is deafening."

Mawan would not want to be in a situation where he would be caught to have spoken something which might be detrimental to the party and be even termed,"foolish" by his own members.

Mawan has learnt through time and his strategists must have told him this,'Never start moving your lips or teeth before you subordinates do.The longer you keep quiet,they will move their lips and teeth.Exactly the point that the Separatists 5 moved first.They have shown their intentions and they want to take over at the earliest possible opportunity available. They are turning the pages and seekeing political manouverings to oust the President and questioning the Presidents SILENCE is just an excuse the kickstart needed.

Mawan also knows that there are times when it is unwise to be silent. He knows that the timing is absolutely crucial to put a stop to all the infighting and distrusts which appears to be penetrating into the party. There musts something BIGGER which Mawan is looking towards which only a select few are privelege to be associated with for now.

For now it seems Mawans silence is the norm and he will just blow you of the ground soon.


Bila Mamak membela Melayu! Musuh Islam seMalaysia sakit hati bukan main!

Posted: 26 May 2011 01:35 AM PDT

Assalamualaikum. Selamat sejahtera warga seTanah Melayu nan tercinta ini.

Hari ini saya terpanggil untuk membuka cerita yang kebanyakan kita segan nak berbicara kerana takut dituduh tak prihatin akan tersentuhnya jiwa sekelian mereka yang bergelar diri sebagai 'Melayu' padahal salasilah diri berpaksi kepada tanah asal masing masing yakni dari benua India.

Bilamana saya memeriksa 'sitemeter' blog saya pagi ini, saya terlihat pautan kepada blog ini yang sejak azali memang menentang keras terhadap perjuangan orang orang berketurunan India Muslim seperti saya ini. 

Blogger harami ni ada memautkan cacian terkininya pada seorang blogger 'melayu' lain yang mempersoalkan ahlul politikus berketurunan India Muslim seperti Dato Azeez dan Dato Reezal, orang orang kuat UMNO! Tu tak kira lagi Ketua Wanita UMNO sekarang Dato Seri Shahrizat Jalil, orang senegeri dengan saya. :) Hidup Dato Shahrizat!!!

Puak puak Hindu dan Kaffir lain dah lama menaruh dendam terhadap satu satunya Blogger 'Mamak yang Terlampau' seperti Mahaguru58 ini. 

Parti parti pembangkang seperti DAP, PKR dan PAS turut 'bengkek hati' bilamana saya menulis memperjuangkan 'Ketuanan Melayu' dan seringkali berani menegur Duli Duli Tuanku Sultan Sultan Melayu yang saya amat hormati dan kasihi. 

Daulat Tuanku! Allahu Akbar!!!

Saya tegur kerana saya kasihkan Duli Tuanku sekelian dan mahu Baginda Tuanku berkenaan kembali berdaulat didalam ertikata sebenar benarnya dan membela nasib umat Islam seMalaysia dari serangan perang saraf harami harami sekelian yang dok menghuru-harakan Tanah Melayu ini!

Tak ada maknanya saya lahir, membesar dan terus hidup di Tanah Melayu ini sekiranya saya tidak menghiraukan akan nasib bangsa Melayu yang mewarisi Tanah Semenanjung ini!

Saya anak jati bumi Negeri Pulau Pinang. Membesar di perkampungan Melayu, Jelutong Timur.

Dari kiri : Wan Ali, Tok Mamu, Abdul Hakim
Bersampan, memancing ikan diperairan Selat Pulau Pinang bersama sama kawan saya Wan Ali di persisiran pantai Jelutong.

Membesar bersama sama Arwah Che Mat Sabor, Nordin, Abu, Ali Fatah, Lan Chandu, Din Korek, Uzair, Iqbal, Pawanteh dan ramai lagi.

Mengorat anak anak dara Melayu yang kami 'dok ushar dan pedor' sejak meningkat remaja pada zaman tahun 70an dan menjelang dewasa. Saya mengaji dengan Tok Guru Tok Guru Melayu seperti Arwah Tok Hawa dan Tok Achi. Turut mempelajari ilmu pertahanan diri di Perguruan Persilatan Pasak Padang. Zaman 70an.

Kami masyarakat Pulau Pinang memang tak berbeza sangat diantara satu sama lain. Ahli ahli keluarga kami ramai yang berkahwin campur antara Melayu dengan Mamak.

Mamak ni adalah satu gelaran terhormat sempena ujudnya dahulu kaum India Muslim yang menjadi Bendahara di zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka!

Gelaran kehormat 'Mamak Bendahara'. Tun Muhammad Tahir @ Tun Mutahir berketurunan India Muslim. Bukan 'cokia' punya pangkat dan kedudukan tu.

Bendahara zaman itu adalah sama taraf dengan Menteri Besar atau Perdana Menteri zaman lani.

Jadi puak puak yang dok sakit hati, hasad dengki macam nak mampos dengan kami berketurunan Mamak jangan dok buat leceh, syeikh!

Mamak bukan sembarangan Mamak! Kami tak lorat jadi 'Haruan makan anak' macam sebilangan besar penjenayah perogol Sumbang Mahram yang nama sahaja 'Melayu' tetapi perangai mengalahkan Jin Ifrit dan Iblis Laknatullah Wal Haram Jadah!!!

Jadi sebelum dok menghina keturunan Mamak, bawa bawa muhasabah diri masing masing yang berasal dari keturunan lanun musibat mana entah???

Saya bersabar sudah sekian lama memerhatikan pencacai pencacai bersifat Dajjal Harami asyik memperlekehkan kaum Mamak sepanjang zaman.

Puak puak pencaci ini tidak mulia tara mana syeikh jika kita semak dan kaji salasilah diri masing masing yang 'hidung tak mancung; pipi tersorong sorong!'

Nak terasa sampai ke ulu hati, aku peduli apa??? Ada aku kisah??? :P

Pulang paku buah keras beb!

Kalau Dato Aziz Putera UMNO boleh lah dia bersabar, sanggup terima penghinaan mangkok mangkok hayon yang ada kat Kota Bahru tempohari ~ 'Melayu' Kelantan yang buta adab, tak ada sopan dan santun, perangai mengalahkan Yahudi Laknatullah, tak reti bahasa menghina tamu yang datang bertandang ke negeri mereka!

Kalau Dato Reezal Naina Merican, boleh dia telan sebab tak nak menyentuh jiwa jiwa Melayu haprak yang sanggup menghina Sultan Sultan Melayu dengan menggelarkan Baginda Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin dengan gelaran 'Natang' semata mata berebut kuasa politik di UMNO Terengganu tidak berapa lama dahulu!

Tetapi daku 'Mamak yang Terlampau' menyayangi warisan Melayu sebab aku tak kenal dan tak tahu akan apakah itu budaya India Muslim kerana lahir dan membesar di Tanah Melayu ini tak akan berdiam diri, memekakkan telinga, membutakan mata melihat segala kemungkaran dan kemaksiatan yang 'sebilangan kecil' ataupun besar 'Melayu' tahi kucing yang sanggup mencerca, menghina, memaki hamun sesama Muslim dan sesama Melayu hanya kerna berebutkan kuasa politik, pangkat dan kedudukan duniawi yang terlalu bersifat sementara ini!

Daku berkata berani kerana benar! Daku menulis kerana tanggungjawab ku sebagai seorang Muslim demi Allah dan Rasul.

Aku tak hairan dengan manusia manusia yang didalam hati sanubari mereka bersarang penyakit mazmumah dan PHD!

Bukan PHD dari hasil pembelajaran akademik mereka di universiti tetapi dari Penyakit Hasad Dengki yang memakan jiwa, menggelapkan minda dan menjahanamkan saki baki rasa sedar diri bahawa ia hanya seorang makhluk biasa! Dah sebati dengan jiwa mereka yang mengaku diri sebagai 'Melayu'.

Hello brader! Bilamana dah mati dan sudah dikebumi, Malaikat Munkar dan Naqir Alaihis Salam tak akan ambil 'port' samada u ni Tengku ke Tuanku?

Dato Seri ke Tan Sri?

Professor Tahi Kucing ke atau Pak Mat YB Kedai Kopi?

Mereka tak akan tanya akan berapa u simpan dalam akaun ASB?

Mereka tak akan tanya tentang u Dato ini ke Dato itu?

They don't give a shit about whoever the hell u are or claim to be!!!!

Munkar dan Naqir akan bertanya , 'Maa Rabbuka?'

Faham ke tidak syeh?

Bukan 'Mat! Rabunkah?

No! No! No! Brader...tadi tu soalan..

Maksud soalan adalah 'Siapa Tuhan kamu?

Mereka tak akan peduli samada u ni keturunan Bugis ke atau Banjar?

Jawa ke atau orang Minang?

Melayu asli ke atau Melayu istilah?

Awatlah lorat sangat harami harami ini bila tengok sesama Islam ada pangkat dan kedudukan sedikit, maka menggelegak sakit hati, dengki, hasad, kaudu tengok orang lain maju dari depa?

Hello syeh! Segala pangkat, kedudukan, harta benda, pakaian indah indah ni semua tak boleh bawa masuk ke kuboq wahai yakpur salam!

Nasib le kalau sedaq diri sebelum mampoih! Jika tidak sumbat saja pangkat dan gelaran duniawi kamu kedalam liang tubuh kamu yang ada sebelum kebumi, no..

Yelah, kot kot lah Malaikat Munkar dan Naqir nak peduli tentang Dato'ship u ke hape? Kan? Kan? Kan? Tiu.....

Cuba baca apa yang mantan Mufti Perlis tulis di bawah ini:


Melayu Dan Mamak Penang(Sempena Sambutan Maulidurrasul) oleh: Prof Madya Dr. Mohd Asri bin Zainul Abidin 


Isu perarakan maulid di Pulau Pinang menjadi kecoh. Ramai wartawan menghubungi saya bertanya tentang hukum perarakan maulid Nabi s.a.w itu. Ia sangat menarik. Sejak sekian lama orang Melayu berarak barangkali mereka terlupa bertanya asal-usul perarakan tersebut.

Banyak isu-isu yang akhir ini menjadi universiti terbuka untuk rakyat. Ya, seperti mana yang kita tahu bahawa sejarahwan Islam sepakat baginda Nabi s.a.w lahir pada Hari Isnin, cumanya mereka berbeza pendapat tentang tarikh lahir baginda s.a.w. Kita biasanya mendengar disebut pada tarikh 12 Rabi'ul Awwal. Namun ramai pengkaji yang menyatakan bahawa tarikh sebenar maulid baginda ialah pada 9 Rabi'ul Awwal.

Antara yang berpegang dengan tarikh ini al-Syeikh Safiyy al-Rahman al-Muabarakfuri iaitu penulis kitab Sirah terkenal Rahiq al-Makhtum. Di samping di sana ada beberapa tarikh lain yang disebut oleh pengkaji sejarah yang lain. Kegagalan untuk memberikan tarikh yang disepakati itu antaranya berpunca dari para sahabah, tabi'in dan tabi al-tabi'in atau disebut generasi salafus soleh tidak merayakan Maulid Nabi s.a.w.

Al-Imam Ibn Kathir (meninggal 774H) mencatatkan bahawa cadangan agar tarikh Maulid Nabi s.a.w dijadikan tarikh kiraan tahun Islam pernah dibuat kepada 'Umar bin al-Khattab. Namun beliau tidak menerimanya.

Kata seorang pengkaji Sirah yang juga merupakan tokoh politik dan Ahli Parlimen Jordan, Dr Muhammad 'Abd al-Qadir Abu Faris:

"Pada pendapat kami –Allah lebih mengetahui-, hikmah di sebalik penolakan Umar itu kerana beliau mempelajari dari Rasulullah s.a.w agar kita berbeza dengan Yahudi dan Kristian. Orang Kristian menentukan tarikh berdasarkan kelahiran Nabi Isa bin Maryam a.s. Mereka berlebihan dalam memuji dan membesarkan baginda sehingga sampai ke peringkat ketuhanan. Mereka kata: dia anak Allah, kadangkala "dia Allah" dan dia satu dari yang tiga.

Tujuan 'Umar itu agar orang Islam tidak terjatuh seperti Kristian dalam berlebihan membesarkan Nabi s.a.w. Rasulullah s.a.w sendiri telah memberi amaran agar tidak berlebih-lebihan dalam memuji baginda. Sabda baginda: "Jangan kamu memujiku berlebihan seperti Kristian berlebihan memuji Isa bin Maryam. Aku hanya seorang hamba Allah. Katakanlah: "Hamba Allah dan rasulNya" (al-Bukhari). Maka Umar tidak menjadikan maulid Nabi s.a.w sebagai permulaan kalendar Islam untuk mengelakkan generasi kemudian menyeleweng" (Abu Faris, al-Hijrah al-Nabawiyyah, m.s 16, Jordan: Dar al-Furqan).

Inilah ulasan Dr Abu Faris dan pendapat ini dikongsi oleh ramai pengkaji yang lain.

Tanpa syak umat Islam berbangga dengan kedatangan Nabi s.a.w. Kelahiran yang membawa kebahagiaan dan rahmat kepada dunia sejagat. Cumanya, dalam proses mengelakkan persamaan di peringkat itu mereka tidak mengadakan sebarang perayaan khas. Bukan bererti mereka tidak menghargai. Sebaliknya generasi Salafussoleh merupakan zaman yang paling menghormati, mengikuti dan menghargai Nabi s.a.w.

Mereka terjemahkan itu semua dalam tindakan dan perbuatan mereka. Mereka mengamalkan sunnah baginda dan menegakkan prinsip-prinsip kebenaran yang ditegakkan oleh baginda. Hakikatnya, mereka merayakan pengutusan Nabi s.a.w sebagai rasul sepanjang hayat mereka. Namun apabila muncul zaman Kerajaan Syiah Fatimiyyah di Mesir, perayaan Maulid Nabi s.a.w secara besar-besaran diadakan. Sebab itu dalam Fatawa al-Azhar diakui bahawa ahli sejarahwan Islam tidak mengetahui sesiapa pun yang memulakan perayaan Maulid Nabi s.a.w melainkan Kerajaan Syi'ah Fatimiyyah di Mesir yang mengadakannya secara besar-besaran. Mereka turut meraikan hari kelahiran tokoh-tokoh Ahlil Bait dan kelahiran Nabi Isa a.s.

Kemudian pada tahun 488H dihentikan oleh Khalifah mereka al-Musta'la billah. Kemudian ia dihidupkan oleh beberapa pemerintah yang lain. Para ulama pula berbeza pendapat tentang hal ini. Ada yang membantah habis-habisan. Ada pula yang mengizinkan dengan bersyarat tidak mengadakan sebarang ibadah baru sempena Maulid, iaitu seperti solat Maulid, atau puasa maulid, atau seumpamanya. Sudah pasti mengingati maulid dengan mempelajari Sirah baginda, berdiskusi mengenainya dan mengingatkan tentang kepentingan menghayati perjuangan baginda, tidaklah salah.

Adapun Kerajaan Fatimiyyah, mereka mempunyai agenda politik yang tersendiri. Mereka ingin berkempen kepada kekuatan aliran syiah mereka. Beberapa pemimpin sunni kemudiannya mengadakannya juga atas berbagai tujuan yang lain. Ia berlangsungan dalam kebanyakan negara sehingga dibawa ke negara kita ini.

Melihat kepada sejarah perayaan maulid, maka jelas bahawa isu perarakan bukan isu pokok dalam ajaran Islam. Ia sangat sampingan. Bahkan perayaan itu sendiri antara amalan yang menimbulkan pro dan kontra sepanjang sejarahnya. Tidak mengadakan maulid tidak menjejaskan sebarang akidah atau amalan Islam. Tentu pasti, tidak berarak maulid tidak memberikan apa-apa kesan kepada kehidupan seorang muslim.

Cumanya, kita agak terkejut mengapa soal Islam dan umatnya cuba diuruskan oleh seorang pemimpin yang bukan Islam. Ini menimbulkan berbagai persoalan. Saya tidak fikir Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang sampai ke peringkat perbahasan ilmiah seperti yang disebut kebanyakan sarjana tentang amalan maulid ini. Maka, apakah tujuannya? saya tidak jelas.

Namun masalah umat Islam Pulau Pinang lebih besar dari tidak dapat berarak maulid. Tidak berarak maulid bukan masalah. Apa yang menjadi masalah mereka terpinggir dan seakan ada usaha ingin menghalau mereka keluar dari pulau itu sejak sekian lama. Keadaan yang dicipta yang menghimpit kehidupan mereka di pulau tersebut sehingga mereka yang berkerja di situ lari mencari penempatan di Seberang Perai, atau Kulim dan Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Lonjakan harga rumah dan pengkhianatan sesama agama dalam pengurusan tanah dan harta telah bermula sejak sekian lamanya. Sebahagian yang bertempik sakan hari ini kononnya membela melayu Pulau Pinang, tangan mereka juga tidak lebih bersih daripada tangan-tangan kotor yang ada pada hari ini.

Bukan baru, atau setahun dua Melayu terpinggir. Sudah lama. Malang sebuah negeri yang pernah dalam satu masa Perdana Menteri dan Ketua Pembangkang berasal darinya, tetapi umat Islam negeri tersebut sedang dihambat oleh suasana, rencana dan pengkhianat 'orang lain' dan sesama bangsa.

Sultan Muhammad Jiwa telah menjual Pulau Pinang kepada Inggeris. Di situ segala bermula. Cumanya, disebabkan suasana yang lebih bebas dari kongkongan pemikiran feudal, negeri ini sejak dahulu terkenal dengan melahirkan atau memberi ruang kepada tokoh pemikir dan orang yang petah berbicara.

Saya puji bukan kerana saya orang Pulau Pinang. Semaklah sendiri. Namun ternyata, hambatan kuasa ekonomi lebih kuat dari ketajaman fikiran dan kepetahan lidah. Pemikiran-pemikiran yang baik pun tidak mampu menghadapi kekuatan dan pengkhianatan sesama bangsa atau agama. Bukan perarakan maulid yang menentukan survival 'melayu Pulau Pinang'. Ya, 'survival melayu'. Itulah bahasa yang sering mereka gunakan "melayu Pulau Pinang". Saya antara orang kurang selesa dengan perkataan perkauman yang seperti itu. Sebutlah 'umat Islam Pulau Pinang'. Dada agama jauh lebih luas dari kesempitan bangsa. Insan boleh menjadi muslim walaupun dia dilahir tidak muslim.

Namun, seorang bukan Melayu tidak boleh bertukar menjadi Melayu. Isu bangsa sentiasa sempit. Isu Islam sentiasa luas dan memberi rahmat untuk semua. Hakikatnya, yang mengangkat sedikit sebanyak nama orang Islam di Pulau Pinang bukanlah Melayu tetapi 'India Muslim' Pulau Pinang. 'Depa panggil Mamak'.

Kedai Mamak nasi kandar dan kedai emas 'keling' (India Muslim) yang menyebabkan kita dapat melihat orang Islam berniaga di Pulau Pinang. Bukan tiada peniaga Melayu tulen, tetapi tidak begitu banyak. 

Alhamdulillah, Mamak Penang sudi untuk mereka dipanggil 'orang Melayu'. Maka, masih terdengarlah kewujudan Melayu Pulau Pinang.

Sudah lama isu bangsa cuba diangkat. Cukuplah wahai Melayu semua parti politik. Kekuatan kita ialah Islam. Berjuanglah atas semangat Islam. Ia lebih merangkumi setiap individu dan lebih adil untuk semua insan. Melayu Pulau Pinang tidak akan bangkit sekadar perarakan maulid. Sudah sekian lama kita berarak, apa hasilnya?! Dapat kita beli tanah, lot kedai dan rumah di Pulau Pinang lebih banyak?!

Kembali melihat isu dengan kefahaman Islam yang tulen dan merancang sebagai seorang muslim, bukan sekadar seorang melayu. Orang lain merancang, kita juga mesti merancang. Kita mengharapkan kekuatan semangat Islam dan pertolongan Allah, bukan sekadar semangat bangsa dan keris Hang Tuah.


Frankly speaking mate, we don't give a hoot about being regarded as this or that!

It makes no bloody difference as to whether any of you dumb shits wanna acknowledge us or not?

We don't rely on this or that bloody government subsidy.

We are mostly financially independent unlike some of the so called Malays who camp outside this Dato Seri or that Tan Sri's Ministry and wait for some scraps in order to survive to the next day or resort to prostituting themselves so that they might be considered as a potential candidate for the next GE!

Now, that's a fact and you can take it to the bank, you dimwit!


Siapa termakan cili ; dia le yang terasa pedas sampai ke lubang j....r, kan?


Apsere na pete yakpur salam!

Semoga menggelegak luar dalam! Cargas!!!

"The Truth must be told no matter what so that justice may live!!!"

Dominique Strauss Kahn and Anwar Ibrahim: Two Men Who Hate the Development of DNA Testing!

Posted: 25 May 2011 08:15 PM PDT

One of the powerful sexual predators of the world!
They must be stopped!

We've all had one of those days. You know, where you get into work late and tell your boss it was because traffic was awful, not noting that he was right behind you the whole way into work. Or where you tell your wife you raced right home from the office, only to have her inform you that the bar called because you left your wallet there.

Or the kind in which you tell the police that you never touched that chambermaid, or if you did, it was consensual, and then your DNA turns up on her dress. Such is a day in the life of Dominique Strauss Kahn, a man whom the great and the good defend even to the point of parody, as his continued fall from grace continues its slide into the mud. (The man did himself no favors with his behavior as he was trying to leave New York after the alleged assault.) His defense lawyers have settled on the proposition that their best angle of attack is that a random, attractive chambermaid was so overcome with the sexagenarian's flabby looks that she allowed him to sodomize her, and then told the police it was rape. The DNA evidence, we are assured, will be used as proof of a consensual encounter, presumably on the theory that rapists tidy up after themselves after they finish. Read further here!

Arak Tiada Lagi di 7-11 Kawasan Melayu

Posted: 25 May 2011 07:01 PM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Kalau UMNO terus memerintah, jangan haraplah arak akan dikurangkan di kawasan Melayu macam ni. Padahal, sepanjanng 50 tahun UMNO memerintah Selangor, DAP berada di luar kerajaan.

Namun, UMNO gagal untuk membersihkan 7-11 di kawasan Melayu dari menjual arak. Sampai 7-11 dekat Masjid Negeri pun jual arak.

Bagi Tulang Besi, jangan haraplah UMNO nak benteras Arak. Presiden UMNO yang kedua pegi rasmi kilang Anchor (sekarang GAB) di Sungai Way (sila lihat gambar di bawah):

Hakikatnya Islam cuma bahan jualan untuk UMNO. UMNO tidak pernah mengamalkan Islam. Sekadar alat untuk memancing undi.

Arak tiada lagi di 7-Eleven kawasan Melayu
Hazayani Zakaria

SHAH ALAM, 25 Mei: Januari 2011 lalu kecoh tentang isu penjualan arak di Selangor dan ekoran itu, kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat pimpinan Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim berjanji akan menyelesaikan isu ini dengan cara yang baik.

Kini, penyelesaian yang dikatakan secara baik itu mula memberikan hasil apabila kedai-kedai serbanika khasnya 7-Eleven di kawasan Melayu tidak lagi menjual minuman keras di kedai mereka.

Tinjauan Harakhdaily di Seksyen 8 Shah Alah, minuman keras tidak lagi dijual di kedai 7-Eleven kawasan itu. Begitu juga di Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang. Kedai 7-Eleven kawasan ini juga tidak lagi menjual minuman keras.

Ketiadaan minuman keras di kedai ini mula dirasai sejak awal tahun ini iaitu tidak beberapa lama selepas kerajaan negeri memaklumkan pihaknya akan berbincang dengan rangkaian kedai serbanika tentang hal ini.

Namun di Jalan Pahang Barat, kedai 7-Eleven yang bersebelahan dengan pejabat Harakah sendiri, minuman keras masih dijual di situ. Ini kerana kawasan ini bukan dikira kawasan penduduk Islam.

Pada tahun 2000, berlaku satu demonstrasi di Bandar Baru Bangi. Demonstrasi itu membantah penjualan arak secara yang berleluasa di kedai serbanika khasnya 7-Eleven di kawasan penduduk Islam itu.

Pada tahun 2006, Penduduk Taman Melati, Gombak juga membuat bantahan yang sama apabila mereka membantah jualan arak di kedai rangkaian 7-Eleven itu. (gambar bawah)

Bagi mereka, kedai serbanika yang beroperasi 24 jam itu telah menjadi punca ketagihan arak di kalangan remaja apabila mereka membeli arak di situ selepas tengah malam, ketika tidak ada ramai orang.

"Kita tidak mahu gunakan kekerasan atau undang-undang dalam hal ini," kata Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor selepas mengadakan pertemuan dengan para pengusaha kedai serbanika ekoran isu peraturan jualan arak di Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MBSJ) berbangkit Januari lalu.

Usaha ugar jualan arak dikawal telah dibangkitkan oleh PAS sejak tahun 1990 apabila parti Islam itu mula memenangi Kelantan.

Ketika umat Islam tidak mahu didedahkan dengan minuman keras, hak penduduk bukan Islam dijaga untuk terus mempunyai hak itu.

PAS Pusat sendiri pada 2009 menggesa Kerajaan Selangor menguatkuasakan larangan penjualan arak secara terbuka sepertimana dilaksanakan di Kelantan dan Terengganu kerana melibatkan sensitiviti orang Islam.

Setiausaha Agung PAS, Datuk Mustafa Ali berkata, mengikut garis panduan penjualan minuman keras di Kelantan dan Terengganu, ia tidak boleh dibuat secara terbuka di kawasan berpenduduk majoriti Islam.

"Setakat ini, kedua-dua negeri itu melaksanakan enakmen melarang penjualan minuman keras secara terbuka di kawasan yang majoriti penduduk Islam dan kaedah ini berjaya," katanya pada satu sidang media.

Sementara itu, Ketua Pemuda PAS Selangor, Hasbullah Mohd Ridzwan berpandangan, situasi tiada penjualan arak di kawasan majoriti Islam ini hasil rundingan dan persefahaman kerajaan negeri dengan pengeluar dan penjual minuman keras.

"Setakat yang kita tengok memang di 7-Eleven kawasan majoriti Islam tak jual arak.

"Pemuda melihat ada persefahaman di antara kerajaan negeri dan pihak yang terlibat dengan pengeluaran arak ini," kata beliau ketika dihubungi Harakahdaily hari ini.

Menurutnya, Umno BN di bawah Dr. Khir Toyo dahulu tidak prihatin terhadap sensitiviti umat Islam apabila membiarkan arak dijual secara terbuka di kawasan majoriti Islam.

"Pemuda melihat kerajaan BN dahulu tidak mengambil perhatian soal sensitiviti masyarakat setempat tapi Pakatan sekarang mengambil berat soal itu dan melarang penjualan arak secara terbuka.

"Kerajaan negeri hanya membuat pengawalan kepda orang Islam sahaja, orang bukan Islam tak ada masalah," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, beliau turut bersetuju dengan langkah kerajaan negeri yang menitik beratkan soal pencegahan dan kesedaran mengenai bahaya arak.

"Pemuda menyokong segala program kesedaran mengenai keburukan arak dan semua pun tahu dalam keadaaan masyarakat kita, banyak keburukan berpunca daripada minum arak," katanya.

Dalam pada itu kerajaan negeri pada Januari lalu juga mengumumkan peruntukan RM10 juta bagi membantu umat Islam yang terbabit dengan urusan arak mencari pekerjaan alternatif.

"Menerusi Jawatankuasa Tetap Pembangunan Usahawan, wang tersebut akan digunakan untuk menawarkan mereka latihan keusahawanan dan bantuan modal bagi memulakan perniagaan.

"Antara sektor perniagaan yang ditawarkan bantuan modal adalah kecantikan, jahitan, masakan, membaiki telefon bimbit dan lain-lain," kata exco kerajaan negeri, Yaakob Sapari.

Langkah ini sebagai satu cara membantu orang Islam mengelakkan diri daripada terus bekerja di premis pembuatan arak secara berperingkat-peringkat.

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