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WHERE IS NAZRI HOT!!! Tiger Show by Shaila Nair a royal commission of inquiry PLEASE!

WHERE IS NAZRI HOT!!! Tiger Show by Shaila Nair a royal commission of inquiry PLEASE!

WHERE IS NAZRI HOT!!! Tiger Show by Shaila Nair a royal commission of inquiry PLEASE!

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 11:43 AM PDT

The intended proposal by Nazri Abdul Aziz to set a royal commission of inquiry to identify the actor in the pornographic recording brought about by three stooges shows that politicians have come to a stage where the political obsession to bring down a politician, has clouded the truth on the real intentions of the video recording. 

It has made the search for the truth seem manipulative and selective.

This is evident when Nazri only suggested the identification of the main protogonist in video rather than taking a broader look at the issues that involves intention and motives of those behind the recordings.

It is puzzling that major scandals that has brought about the loss of millions of ringgit in public funds such as the PKFZ scandal, and the Sime Darby fiasco, does not warrant a royal commission of inquiry.

But a pornographic recording that could bring about a political score and a negative public perception of an individual opposition leader, warrants a royal commission of inquiry.

The question is: will all politicians who get caught up with sex scandals in the future be required to be investigated by a royal commission of inquiry?

How does one draw a line about sexual morals when some act in secret and get away with it, while others get caught?

Is there going to be moral policing from now on or, on the other hand, pornographic recordings would be encouraged from now on to nab politicians?

Has the public funds required to set up the royal commission of inquiry become so available that it can be spent on the whims and fancies of politicians with hidden agenda?

The right thing that should have been done in this episode was to hand over the tape to the police for investigation which could have been resolved through professionalism in determining whether the laws of the country had been broken, instead of parading unproven allegations in public that has not only embarrassed a family but also turned the issue into a political circus.

The questionable privilege given to the trio does not benefit the nation because at the end of the day, public perception would take precedence over the real truth not only about who's the person involved in the act but also the motive and intention of producing pornography of this nature in the first place.

The central issue in this unpleasant episode is the obsession to topple Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim at all cost. The end justifies the means.

A political vendetta against an individual through hypocritical morality would not inspire public confidence.

A royal commission of inquiry should only be set up on issues of great public interest that involves governance. It is not to clear the name of political parties or to bring down individuals.

Therefore the suggestion to set a royal commission of inquiry for this episode is unwarranted because it does not meet the criteria of public interest on real issues such as corruption and abuse of power but rather a personality oriented political vendetta.

HOT!!! Tiger Show by Shaila Nair
Shaila Nair Who?
Well, she is wife of Vel Paari, son MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu …
Very hot looking wife of Vel Paari, Shaila Nair talks very dirty in this clip (in English) to her lover. He is holding the cell phone that it is being recorded on and you can hear him grunting as he plays with himself. She tells him she wants to hold his c@ck, wants to lick his c@ck and b@lls everywhere … (Oh details is too pornish to continue, please go HERE to read the rest … Actually, you can wcth it rightHERE)
Who is she really? Well, she is married to a very influential Malaysian politician and playboy. See below from the Malaysian Journal of Politics and Law. (BTW, This clip is not fuzzy and unrecognisable!)
"By Baradan Kuppusamy
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 – It was not all politics at the 63rd MIC general assembly after minor celebrity Shaila Nair, a former singer turned lawyer, mother and event manager, walked into the PWTC with husband Vel Paari, and attracted numerous stares from the delegates.
Dressed in a red saree, Shaila, who saw some controversy in 2007 after a sex video clip depicting her appeared on the Internet, sat quietly with Paari among delegates near the entrance to the hall.
"People should have a heart … they should not target people," she said when asked about the clip that had caused some embarrassment for, Paari and his father, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.
His political enemies circulated the clip widely and made political capital but for Shaila, 35, all that is behind her now.
"I am busy as a mother, wife, entertainer and event manager and, now, in politics," she told The Malaysian Insider in an interview.
Controversy continues to dog her as her election as deputy chief of Puteri MIC caused controversy last month. Apparently Shaila lost in the election but was somehow "re-elected" according to Tamil newspapers hostile to Samy Vellu.
Another urban legend, she says.
"I was elected … it is that simple," she said.
However she does not plan to develop a political career for herself although she can get significant help from her powerful father-in-law Samy Vellu who only a day earlier demonstrated his grip on the party ensuring his team of "official candidates" all won.
"It is not that I am a political greenhorn … I was a council member of Puteri for one term. But I just want to help and serve, not be a politician," she said. "The family is already in politics."
She practised as lawyer for six years before switching to singing and event management and managing a bridal house and boutique.
MIC Puteri's challenge, she feels, is to bring in new members into the wing as many are also young voters and if they enter MIC they would also be convinced to vote for the MIC and Barisan Nasional.
"This is our main challenge … to convince young people, to attract them to get political with the MIC," she said.
Her daughter Bhavya Vel, 10, is studying in Alice Smith, an elite International school, and is keen on design and drawing just like granddad Samy, who is an architect.
Shaila came into prominence as a singer when she was 16 and sang Tamil, Malay and Hindi songs. She recorded one album before she got married and moved into event management.
A search on the Internet shows various blurry unrecognisable clips under the title "Shaila" still circulating on some websites along with nasty comments.
Here are two chicks entertaining a lucky fellow and his camera with some hot girl-on-girl action. You know, I honestly thought they were going to do something awesome with that vacuum cleaner but they didn't. Hope you are not disappointed, I know I was… Anyway, remember to send more interesting pictures and videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) to GutterUncensored.comcontributor email and leave comments on the Facebook fan

CLICK HERE WATCH THE REAL TIGER SHOW WHERE IS NAZRI HOT!!! Tiger Show by Shaila Nair a royal commission of inquiry

Taib Mahmud: Kalau Nak Berhenti Kerja, Kenapa Bertanding Lagi?

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 08:12 AM PDT

Itulah soalan yang menggangu benak Tulang Besi. Kalau Taib Mahmud benar2 ikhlas mahu berhenti kerja, mengapa Taib Mahmud terus bertanding?

Mengapa tidak boleh Taib Mahmud berundur secara jelas dan menamakan pengganti beliau secara terbuka.

Apakah rakyat Sarawak mahu mengambil risiko? Sanggupkah rakyat Sarawak mengundi Taib Mahmud sekali lagi untuk melihat Taib memerintah Sarawak bagi penggal ini?

Ataupun Taib Mahmud hanya mahu memastikan adik beliau (yang bertanding di Muara TUang) menggantikan beliau sebagai "proksi" kepada beliau?

Beliau akan menggunakan penggal yang akan datang bagi menguatkan lagi dinasti beliau di dalam pemerintahan Sarawak.

Pokoknya rakyat sarawak MESTI mengubah kerajaan. Kalau tidak, Sarawak akan terus diperintah Dinasti Taib Mahmud sehingga hari kiamat. Ingat, Ketua MEnteri sebelum Taib Mahmud pun bukan orang lain. Pakcik Taib Mahmud juga.

Lepas ni mungkin adik Taib Mahmud, lepas tu sepupu Taib Mahmud, lepas tu anak Taib Mahmud. itulah yang akan terjadi sekiranya Taib Mahmud terus memerintah Sarawak.


Tulang Besi

ps Tulang Besi pernah dengar seorang veteran politik Sarawak bercerita berkenaan peristiwa "Ming Court". Beliau kata beliau yakin seluruh peristiwa itu hanya sandiwara semata-mata antara pakcik (Rahman Yaakob) dan anak buah (Taib Mahmud).

Menurut beliau, peristiwa tersebut telah mengizinkan Taib Mahmud membersihkan kerajaan dan pentadbiran beliau dari semua musuh-musuh politik beliau. Tanpa peristiwa Ming Court itu, tidak mungkin Taib Mahmud mampu mengenali semua musuh-musuh politik beliau.

Hasil pembersihan total itulah memungkinkan Taib Mahmud memerintah Sarawak selama 30 tahun lebih.

Dan tidak lama selepas itu, Rahman Yaakob pun boleh berbaik semula dengan Taib Mahmud. Maklumlah, kata orang tua-tua, air kalau dicincang tidak akan putus.

Dengan kata lain, kalau dari dinasti Taib Mahmud ni, jangan percayalah. Mereka ini semuanya cukup handal dalam bersandiwara

Itulah soalan yang menggangu benak Tulang Besi. Kalau Taib

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 07:37 AM PDT

Itulah soalan yang menggangu benak Tulang Besi. Kalau Taib Mahmud benar2 ikhlas mahu berhenti kerja, mengapa Taib Mahmud terus bertanding?

Mengapa tidak boleh Taib Mahmud berundur secara jelas dan menamakan pengganti beliau secara terbuka.

Apakah rakyat Sarawak mahu mengambil risiko? Sanggupkah rakyat Sarawak mengundi Taib Mahmud sekali lagi untuk melihat Taib memerintah Sarawak bagi penggal ini?

Ataupun Taib Mahmud hanya mahu memastikan adik beliau (yang bertanding di Muara TUang) menggantikan beliau sebagai "proksi" kepada beliau?

Beliau akan menggunakan penggal yang akan datang bagi menguatkan lagi dinasti beliau di dalam pemerintahan Sarawak.

Pokoknya rakyat sarawak MESTI mengubah kerajaan. Kalau tidak, Sarawak akan terus diperintah Dinasti Taib Mahmud sehingga hari kiamat. Ingat, Ketua MEnteri sebelum Taib Mahmud pun bukan orang lain. Pakcik Taib Mahmud juga.

Lepas ni mungkin adik Taib Mahmud, lepas tu sepupu Taib Mahmud, lepas tu anak Taib Mahmud. itulah yang akan terjadi sekiranya Taib Mahmud terus memerintah Sarawak.


Tulang Besi

ps Tulang Besi pernah dengar seorang veteran politik Sarawak bercerita berkenaan peristiwa "Ming Court". Beliau kata beliau yakin seluruh peristiwa itu hanya sandiwara semata-mata antara pakcik (Rahman Yaakob) dan anak buah (Taib Mahmud).

Menurut beliau, peristiwa tersebut telah mengizinkan Taib Mahmud membersihkan kerajaan dan pentadbiran beliau dari semua musuh-musuh politik beliau. Tanpa peristiwa Ming Court itu, tidak mungkin Taib Mahmud mampu mengenali semua musuh-musuh politik beliau.

Hasil pembersihan total itulah memungkinkan Taib Mahmud memerintah Sarawak selama 30 tahun lebih.

Dan tidak lama selepas itu, Rahman Yaakob pun boleh berbaik semula dengan Taib Mahmud. Maklumlah, kata orang tua-tua, air kalau dicincang tidak akan putus.

Dengan kata lain, kalau dari dinasti Taib Mahmud ni, jangan percayalah. Mereka ini semuanya cukup handal dalam bersandiwara

(Gambar) Biar Rakyat Sarawak Melihat Gambar-Gambar Ini!!!

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 07:46 AM PDT

Rakyat Sarawak, sanggupkah anda melihat hutan anda menjadi sebegini? Ubah Sekarang, Selamatkan Malaysia...

Aktiviti pembalakan berleluasa di Sarawak, cuba bandingkan Sarawak dengan hutan negara jiran kita...

Hutan Malaysia dengan Hutan Brunei?

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Terima kasih kepada Google Earth yang telah memberikan imej tersebut kepada Rakyat Malaysia.

Berita ini juga dilaporkan di sebuah website bernama


Posted: 11 Apr 2011 06:13 AM PDT

By the Administrator

A new dawn is awaiting Sarawak, the Land of the Hornbills, with plenty of resources being ruthlessly plundered by the BN ruling regime, leaving the people especially the Natives subject to destitution, oppression, and inhuman exploitation. Pakatan Rakyat offers some of the alternatives as follows :

@ Within one year to change the Sarawak Land Code, to return land to the people but not the timber tycoon

@ To set up a RM 1 billion Poverty Eradication Fund to give to low income families

@ To enact laws to ensure a competent, accountable, and clean government and professionalism in governance

@ To oppose to religious discrimination, all the religions be given freedom to practice, including freedom to use any language in religious ceremonies

@To assist the senior citizens who reached the age of 60 with an annual welfare aid of RM400 each














Fact Sheet On Alkitab Controversy — By Michael Chua.

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 05:17 AM PDT

The recent government offer was released to the public on April 2 evening. The headlines of the news in some mainstream media appear to imply that the issue has been resolved. This fact sheet seeks to clarify the Catholic Church's present position and future course of action.

Has the matter of Alkitab been resolved?

No. Since, this is a new offer from the government, the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) would need to meet and deliberate on this matter. In respect of the last offer from the government (March 22), the component bodies of the CFM, namely the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF), Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) and the Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC), engaged in wider consultation with their leaders, both from peninsula as well as from Sabah and Sarawak. On March 31, CFM issued a statement rejecting the offer of March 22 to have the Alkitab stamped with the words "For Christianity" and said that any solution needs to be tied to wider issues concerning religious freedom, e.g. use of religious words ("Allah"), display of symbols, places of worship.

Have all restrictions been removed in the government's latest 10-point formula?

No. No restrictions have been imposed on the import, publication and distribution of the Alkitab in Sabah and Sarawak whereas some restrictions have been imposed for the situation in Peninsular Malaysia. In other words, the government's latest proposal provides a two-standard policy — one for east Malaysia and another for Peninsular Malaysia.

The reasons cited by the press statement of Senator Idris Jala are that this two-standard policy reflects the size of the Christian community on both sides of the South China Seas. As, Muslims are the majority in Peninsular Malaysia, such restrictions have to be imposed.

What are the restrictions imposed on the copies in Peninsular Malaysia?

The word "Christian Publication" (Penerbitan Kristian) and cross will be printed or stamped on the cover.

In fact, the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) has already been stamping these bibles with the wording and cross since 2005, pursuant to an agreement between CFM and the government. After a long period of harassment, detentions, imposition of unilateral conditions by government, the CFM came up with this proposal in 2005 and presented in to the then-Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who accepted it. Subsequently, a letter from the Home Ministry was issued to confirm the government's acceptance of this proposal.

But the agreement of 2005 was only honoured by the Home Ministry in one shipment. Thereafter, additional restrictions and conditions were imposed which eventually led to a series of detentions and finally the two-year detention of 5,100 copies of the Alkitab in Port Klang in 2009.

Please note that there is no legal jurisdiction for the stamping or imposition of conditions on the Alkitab. The above detentions, proscriptions and imposition of conditions have been done at the administrative level, often citing one reason or the other.

What happens now?

The CFM would have to meet to decide on this latest offer, after extensive consultation with all stakeholders. We are not sure when this will take place.

How should the "silence" or delay in decision-making be interpreted?

The silence of the leadership should not be interpreted as a lack of action. Perhaps, the following explanation can be given:

Due to the gravity of the issue and its relation to other matters concerning religious freedom (Herald case, use of the word "Allah"), wider consultation is required. Leaders would also need to consult their own constituents, lawyers and advisers.

There is no hurry for us to come up with an answer for the government's latest offer, even thought the government seem to have a dateline (Sarawak election on April 16). We should not be dictated by the timetable set by the government but rather the prompting of the Holy Spirit in our deliberations.

Our Christian leaders and bishops are asking all the faithful to act in solidarity with the CFM's last position and keep this matter in prayer, especially before the Blessed Sacrament.

Sarawak election: Najib campaigns in Sri Aman

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 04:01 AM PDT

Video by Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
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Sarawak Conversations - Kampung Bengoh

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 02:46 AM PDT

"They took away people's farm land to build the dam, but the compensation was unsatisfactory. They don't really tell us how they tally the amount for compensation," said Akiu Nora, a 63-year-old farmer of Kampung Bengoh. Four villages, or 1600 people, have had to be resettled because of the dam, and the villagers were told to buy houses in the new Kampung Tun Razak - a name Akiu finds amusing - for RM48,000 each. Video by Aidila Razak.
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Memo served to PM on marginalization of Malaysian minorities

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 01:53 AM PDT

Story to Follow
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'Super Sunday' sweeps through Sarawak - Kuching

Posted: 10 Apr 2011 09:14 PM PDT

The mercury in Sarawak rose a couple of notches on a usually quiet Sunday night as BN and Pakatan Rakyat squared off in a show of might in the several regions midway through the Sarawak campaign. Claws were bared in Kuching, in what was dubbed by the DAP as 'Super Sunday', as about 10000 thronged their two rallies in the capital city. The largest crowd was seen in Batu Kawah, where an estimated 8000 people were on their feet for hours as they hung on every word uttered by Pakatan's superstar trio - DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat Full Story: Video by Lee Way Loon
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Christian Dilemma Not Over, Clerics Tell Putrajaya - By Debra Chong.

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 03:48 AM PDT

With six days to polling in Malaysia's most Christian state, clerics reminded Putrajaya it still has a long way to winning back trust from the religious community's voters who feel their freedom to worship has been curtailed the past 30 years.

Church leaders told The Malaysian Insider that the federal government's latest move lifting a recent restriction order on Alkitab marked only the first step forward in what they see as a laundry list of issues that have plagued Christians here for the past three decades.

Catholic priest Father Michael Chua said the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) — which represents over 90 per cent of churches here — had previously made clear that the issue of the Malay bible was only one of the problems the community had faced with the federal government.

"We had said that we leave it to the importers to make a decision based on their circumstances and context," he told The Malaysian Insider today, responding to Home Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam's statement on behalf of the government yesterday.

Mahmood said The Gideons had agreed to collect its shipment of what it had previously denounced as defaced Malay bibles from Kuching, once the ministry had invalidated the seal on all 30,000 books.

The Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM), which had its 5,000 bibles subjected to similar action has since collected its shipment, which it said would be made into reminders of the government's treatment of Christians.

Chua, who represents the Catholic Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur in ecumenical and interreligious affairs, pointed out that CFM had yet to decide on the Cabinet's 10-point initiative to resolve the dilemma on Christians.

"We are still in consultation with all stakeholders," he said in his text message reply. "The importers taking delivery does not change the status quo."

Rev Thomas Phillips who is a vice-chairman of the CFM, said the umbrella body would discuss the 10-point formula at its annual meeting on April 14.

"The Alkitab is only one of several issues," the Mar Thoma priest told The Malaysian Insider. "They must prove their sincerity."

Phillips, who also heads the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST), said the issue had been manipulated by various parties to score points in the Sarawak elections.

"They are using this to gain political mileage for Sarawak polls," he said, adding the need for CFM to proceed with caution in dealing with the government.

"We also don't know what they mean when they say they will stamp 'invalidated' on the bibles," he said.

The Home Ministry's move to seize and stamp the holy books in Kuching and at Port Klang without the importers' consent marked the tipping point for Christians nationwide, who said they were fed up after years of having their religious rights being violated.

Putrajaya scrambled for solutions to defuse the Christian anger ahead of the Sarawak state elections, to prevent a possible backlash against the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government, which has held the reins since Sarawak became part of Malaysia in 1963.

Sarawakians will go to the ballot box on Saturday, a week ahead of Easter, the most important celebration in the Christian calendar.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider


Posted: 11 Apr 2011 02:39 AM PDT

I confess I get cold feet every time I think about withdrawing a lump sum for investment purposes. My savings are for my old age and for emergencies. My mother's recent surgery and hospitalization, plus her on-going medical expenses are a grim reminder that it's always best to be prepared for possible contingencies.

My well-meaning friends have long given up trying to make me part with my money. "You need to make your money grow," they tell me. They paint rosy pictures of what my money can do for me if I invest in real estate, shares, gold, artworks, etc... They promise me guaranteed returns of 8% or more on my investments.

But I remain unconvinced. I have few needs. I live a simple life. I am frugal by nature and by circumstances. And I am quite happy with the modest interest I'm getting from my retirement funds. For good or bad, I'm adverse to taking risks, especially financial ones.

But starting a business might be a different story altogether. You are in control. You know what you want, and you make all the decisions. If you can channel your expertise, experience and passion into your first business venture, and make sure you pick up the necessary entrepreneurial skills, you might just succeed.

That's exactly what these enterprising retirees have done.

Jennifer Chung, 58, and her husband Simon Yuen, 60, sold their chocolate manufacturing business last year. With the six-figure proceeds from the sale, they could have retired comfortably. Instead they started a taichi school in January with an initial student enrolment of 300+. Participating in the recent 50plus Expo boosted their student intake to almost 1000. Their students range in age from 40 to 82. Teaching a healthy lifestyle makes good business sense as the couple have been practising taichi for 12 years.

A desire to help older men and women improve their self-confidence and image led Amy Chua, 72, to start the Age Management and Enrichment College in 2007 after attending a course on entrepreneurship. A retired senior librarian at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Chua has her days full conducting classes on grooming, etiquette and the performing arts. She took a risk when she pumped in S$83,000 of her savings to set up the education centre. But her investment has paid off. The institute will be moving to bigger premises next month to cater to a bigger enrolment of students who are mostly older folks aged 48 to 95.

William Liu, 63, former CEO of an IT and e-commerce company retired in 2007 to a life of leisure playing golf, reading and travelling. Boredom soon set in. "You can't play golf all the time or travel every day,' he says. So when two of his former business associates, aged 45 and 55, approached him to start an IT venture catalyst firm, he saw it as an opportunity to put his years of IT experience to good use. He invested S$100,000 of his savings to start the company with his partners. To date, it has mentored 15 IT start-ups and invested in five of them. "Working keeps me mentally and physically fit, especially now that I enjoy what I am doing. It gives me satisfaction to be able to offer my experience."

Last July Sylvia Lee, 53, and her former colleagues Ms Lee Pak Kheng, 60, and Ms Woon Lai Har, 55, set up a non-profit organization called Lotus Culture. It supports a Cambodian NGO in areas of education, mental health care and employment. All three gave up senior management positions in public-listed companies to do something more meaningful with their corporate skills. They are aiming to raise S$260,000 to support their projects in Agir pour les Femmes en Situation Precaire (Acting For Women In Distressing Situations), an NGO set up by Cambodian human rights advocate Somaly Mam to rehabilitate young girls sold into the sex trade. (Photos: Straits Times)

Retirees who turn entrepreneurs still remain a minority. According to Jim Then, 65, an associate trainer and consultant for retirement planning and financial literacy at the Centre for Seniors, of every 20 seniors he teaches only one shows interest in entrepreneurship.

Most older folks are adverse to risk-taking, especially if it means dipping into their retirement savings. There's always the fear of failure and of losing all the money that they have sunk into the business venture.

Then's advice for those who want to start a business: "Decide on how much funds to set aside for your lifestyle needs. Whatever is excess is what you can afford to lose. The capital outlay should not eat into one's retirement nest egg."

In other words, to generate more money, one needs spare cash to start with. No wonder, the poor remain poor, while the rich have it easy - they have the means to become even richer.

Fortunately, banks in Singapore are willing to approve capital loans to retirees planning to start a business provided they can convince the banks that their idea or product has commercial potential.

There are infinite opportunties for enterprising retirees to tap into the rapidly growing silver-haired market in Singapore. The challenge is to know the needs of this niche market and to meet these needs.

Time to do some serious research and brain-storming. You might want to check out this link for some tips on starting a small business after retirement.

Isu Taib - Tiada beban batu digalas

Posted: 11 Apr 2011 12:43 AM PDT

Seperti apa yang telah dikatakan oleh blog ini dan banyak blog yang lain serta pandangan dari banyak pihak, Taib Mahmud ini lebih banyak membawa masalah kepada BN dari membawa kebaikan dalam pilihanraya di bumi kenyalang ini.

PM Najib terpaksa berkerja keras untuk meyakinkan rakyat Sarawak yang Taib akan bersara tetapi sampai kehari dan saat ini Najib selaku Pengerusi BN kebangsaan tidak dapat memberikan tarikh yang muktamad bila Taib akan bersara dan meninggalkan politik Sarawak.

Lebih malang lagi Najib tidak lagi memberi tahu rakyat siapa yang akan menggantikan Taib. PR telah siang-siang lagi memberi tahu siapa yang akan menjadi Ketua Menteri jika PR memenangi hati rakyat dan mendapat mandat dari mereka. Setidak tidaknya rakyat sudah tahu siapa yang akan menjadi KM jika barisan pembangkang memenangi pilihanraya ini.

Situasi yang tersepit seperti ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku jika kepimpinan BN dapat merasakan apa yang berdenyut di dalam nadi rakyat kerana terlalu lemah untuk membuat keputusan yang drastik untuk meredakan perasaan marah rakyat terhadap Taib. Kelalaian pimpinan BN menyelesaikan isu ini menyebabkan keadaan begitu genting bagi BN dan jika berlaku penolakan rakyat jangan dipersalahkan rakyat.

Sentimen yang kuat dengan BN memang nyata, tetapi oleh kerana Taib masih berkeliaran dalam BN maka rakyat sudah hilang sabar kerana rakyat telah memberikan signal sebegitu lama kepada BN supaya Taib mesti bersara. Tetapi malangnya BN masih lagi meletakkan Taib sebagai calun dan ini merupakan 'spoiler' yang amat ketara kepada BN yang pada pandangan setengah pihak sedang berada seperti telor di hujung tanduk.

Kalau benar seperti yang dikatakan oleh PM Najib yang BN ada pelan peralihan kuasa belioau mesti menghebahkan kepada rakyat siapa yang akan menggantikan Taib dan bila peralihan itu akan berlaku. Kedua-dua isu ini adalah isu yang sangat penting kerana jika rakyat percaya dengan janji Najib itu, tetapi apabila sampai masanya orang yang akan menggantikan Taib itu serupa dengan sikap dan perangai Taib maka rakyat akan mengalami kekecewaan lagi.

Rakyat Sarawak ingin tahu siapa dia yang akan menggantikan Taib kerana ini isu penting. Jika beliau digantikan dengan orang yang tidak diyakini oleh rakyat maka rakyat akan terpaksa menunggu lima tahun lagi untuk menggantikannya. Sampai bila rakyat hendak diperdaya dengan janji yang tidak jelas ini.

Isu masa pun penting. Rakyat nak tahu bila kerana ini adalah isu penting. Rakyat tidak mahu pemimpin berjanji seperti menanti hari kiamat. Kita tidak tahu bila hari kiamat. Tiada siapa yang boleh memberi tahu sesiapa bila hari akan kiamat. Jelas kedua-dua isu ini merupakan isu yang di sebut-sebut oleh mereka dari Sarawak yang saya kenali.

Kalau Najib benar-benar telah ada calun penggantinya, nama pemimpin itu mesti diumumkan sekarang (sebelum hari mengundi) bagi rakyat membuat penilaian.

Jika kita serius untuk memanangi pilihanraya ini dengan senang kedua-dua isu ini wajar diselesaikan sekarang. Sepatutnya Taib tidak di turunkan lagi sebagai calun. Jika Taib tidak diturunkan sebagai calun keadaan yang kita hadapi ini tidak akan seberat sekarang.

Seperti juga rakyat di mana-mana negara, kesabaran mereka ada hadnya. Jika sudah melampaui batas sempadan kesabaran itu maka kita tidak boleh menyalahkan sesiapa lagi terutamanya pihak parti pembangkang. Kita selalu menyalahkan parti pembangkang kerana kesalahan kita sendiri. Kita tidak pernah bersalah tetapi rakyat membenci kita.

Sambutan yang diberikan terhadap perjumpaan dan rally politik di antara BN dan PR malam tadi di Bandaraya Kuching menampakkan dengan jelas betapa jauhnya perbezaan di antara sambutan kedua-dua belah pihak. Rakyat berduyun-duyun memenuhi ceramah besar-besaran PR sedangkan ceramah umum yang dihadziri oleh PM Najib tidak mendapat sambutan. Semuanya adalah kerana penolakkan rakyat terhadap Taib.

Rakyat tidak mahu lagi mereka di jadikan seperti dahan bengkok, untuk kera-kera meniti membaham buah-buah yang lebat itu. Rakyat tidak mahu lagi di perlakukan seperti kerbau di sawah; di paksa membajak tetapi hasil padinya di makan oleh tikus-tikus gemuk yang lapar di kepuk padi. Secara beransur-ansur rakyat sudah tahu yang negara ini mereka yang punya, bukan kepunyaan pemimpin-pemimpin.

Rakyat sudah mual dengan sikap kepimpinan yang menggunakan media untuk memperkecilkan pihak lain sedangkan isu yang besar tentang mereka begitu jelas dilihat oleh rakyat segenap lapisan.

PM Najib nampaknya tidak ada masa yang mencukupi untuk memberitahu rakyat perancangan beliau untuk Sarawak kerana masa beliau ditumpukan untuk mempertahankan Taib yang sudah tidak lagi disukai oleh rakyat negeri itu.Itulah sebabnya banyak negara menjadi kacau bilau kerana pimpinan yang sudah tidak diterima masih lagi bergayut kepada kuasa.

Pengakhir kata, Najib hanya mempunyai beberapa hari sahaja lagi untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini. Najib perlu melakukan tidakkan yang berkesan. Kita berharap Najib akan mengambil keputusan muktamad kerana selalunya Najib amat popular dengan sikapnya yang selalu berubah-ubah dan tidak muktamad.

Keadaan BN begitu kritikal, kalau tidak masakan PM berkubang selama enamhari untuk mendekati terus rakyat yang sudah hilang keyakinan terhadap Taib.

Memanglah, betapa berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yang memikul, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. Dalam hal Sarawak ini kesalahan datang dari kita sendiri. Jangan sekali-kali menyalahkan orang lain. Ingat, negeri Sarawak itu rakyat Sarawak yang punya, bukannya Najib atau Taib Mahmud.

Jangan di nafikan hak rakyat Sarawak untuk memilih siapa yang mereka mahu. Kita tidak boleh terus-terusan memenangi pilihanraya kerana 'intrigue' politik, tetapi mesti memenangi jiwa rakyat dengan 'merit' yang ada kepada pemimpin-pemimpin kita.

Kita perlu akui Taib tidak lulus dalam ujian NKRA politik yang dilaungkan oleh Najib. Kalau Najib luluskan juga Taib dalam NKRA itu maka elok diketepikan sahaja 'acronym-acronym' yang begitu banyak yang dianjurkan oleh PM Najib kita.

Seperkara yang wajar diakui; BN Sarawak sudah hilang hidayahnya. Jika hidayahnya masih ada masakan Taib masih lagi mengetuai BN negeri itu?

Capital: Control or Free Flow

Posted: 10 Apr 2011 11:44 PM PDT

It was not so long ago when economic theorists argue that it was OK for people and capital to flow freely around the world, in the belief that it would be favourable for economic growth as well as economic welfare. Economic growth because these people and capital have to work hard to find the extra gain from existing resources - meaning more output and more output. Economic welfare because these people and capital owners have income or extra income and that by things getting cheaper the welfare of the average consumer is improved.

With globalisation and the ICT whereby the flow of people and capital can be made almost instantaneously, the free flow of people and capital can be likened to the unfortunate but relevant image of the tsunami where an extraneous force comes strongly into the domestic system, and leaves just as quickly but in that quick second, the end result is devastation. No matter how strong or how stable, no man-made system can withstand such violent forces.

The unleashing of the manpower of the Chinese people from the grips of authoritarian control to one of a freedom to negotiate and trade has caused an explosion in the manufacturing world where there is little room for the less than competitive. Either you are competitive or not competitive. The export of competitively priced goods by China has made the Chinese people the sloggers for the whole world, with very little for themselves except for the opportunity to work. The capital owners were happy to make that extra cash and they continue to pour capital in enterprises in China. In the meantime, the costs of raw materials rise around the world because of the unprecedented prolonged of China and this is causing the cost of living to rise around the world including China. While the standard of living of Chinese workers can be adjusted by raising their nominal wages, workers in other parts of the world whose livelihoods have been devastated because of their lack of competitiveness have no choice but to look for new political leadership blaming their day-to-day difficulties on corruption of the ruling elite.

US, which has the unique privilege of unlimited printing of its paper money, solves its problem of lack of competitiveness by printing still more money. As China and other parts of Asia as well as some parts of Europe and Africa benefit from the slog of the Chinese workers, those who have managed to obtain the cash that the US is printing choose to invest for short-term gains in those investments without them sinking one cent into a real piece of machinery. These are the short-term capital investors, the investors of portfolios on the stock market. These are the ones that cause havoc on the foreign markets when they come in and out, on the stock market when they come in and out, on the property market when they come in and out.

Economists have long thought hard and long on what to do with these short-term capital flows. Most economists, if not all, have decided against them. How to prevent these short-term capital flows from having a bad impact on the local economy. Sterilisation - how to remove these short-term flows from the banking system. Rise in the reserve ratio of banks - so that banks can create less credit out of these short-term funds. Capital controls - these are the most drastic, how not to allow them to enter the economy at all.

In some countries in the past, Peru, I think - they even try to prevent the entry of long-term borrowings by private companies because eventually they will have to repay and they will chew up their foreign reserves and hence cause a decided deterioration in their exchange rate.

In Malaysia, there was an attempt to sterilise the short-term flows in the 1990s but failed because the central bank wanted to be nice and pay depositors their market deposit rates, and its attempt to recoup from the forex market failed. The second mistake was to use those short-term funds in the stock market for long-term investments. When the funds pulled out, the capital market collapsed. The third mistake was to capital controls to stop funds from getting out of the economy. This mistake was big. It removed all confidence investors has on the government to conduct policies properly. There is nothing wrong with capital controls. If you do not want funds to come in, don't let them in in the first place. If you let funds in in the first place, you cannot trap them and prevent them from leaving. There were other mistakes as well, such as taking the currency out of international trading and not understanding the sophisticated on the forex market. The short-selling that was pushing down the ringgit had to be covered later, and when that happened, the ringgit would have recovered to near its equilibrium which was fairly high because of the fundamental surplus on the trade balance. In any case, Malaysia screwed up and we have not properly recovered since.

The many discussions on the capital flows or controls are interesting but they are by no means simple. It is a sign of the times, that things have been cheapened by their apparent plentifulness - everywhere, things are piling all around us. The only thing we do not seem to have sufficient is green environment for healthy food for us to eat.

Get a Life LOH Lean Cheng!

Posted: 10 Apr 2011 11:16 PM PDT

By Tan Teik Lye Penang's Toy Museum owner Loh Lean Cheng must learn to get a life. His infantile tirade against the Penang Pakatan Rakyat Government of Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng has really made visitors to Malaysiakini nauseous with with comments that are not out of context with the subject matter. Loh appears with his infantile rantings by spamming moronic comments against YAB Lim when readers of Malaysiakini are more interested in saying their piece about the real issues such as the MACC deaths, Sarawak by Elections etc. In Anil Netto's blog there's another moron called GERAKAN K who spams his out of topic rantings about the Penang Government. These two clowns plus the likes of AKU MELAYU, DARTH VADER reminds me of the now defunct Blogger JUSTICE FOR OTK. I think it's time for Cartoon Brain to get a life and leave his infantile rantings elsewhere. Read here the crap Loh Lean Cheng smearing in Malaysiakini

(Gambar) Taib Anti Rasuah?

Posted: 10 Apr 2011 10:15 PM PDT

Poster terbaru yang dinaikkan di Pilihanraya Negeri Sarawak...

"Kita" anti rasuah...
tetapi adakah "Kita" telah menjelaskan perkara-perkara yang disebutkan dalam Sarawak Report ( bukannya Sarawak Reports ( yang ditubuhkan kerana Sarawak Report.

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Omega Anger: Anwar lost his cool when TV8 questioned him about missing watch

Posted: 10 Apr 2011 10:08 PM PDT

I was surprised when Anwar Ibrahim, a politician of some standing who has had to face tougher questions from the BBC lost his cool to TV8 journalist, Nik Suriani who merely queried about the missing Omega watch.

Anwar went completely ballistic and took on the typical persona of a cornered dictator by questioning the credibility of the journalist.

In typical cornered dog fashion, Anwar tried his best to say that the reporter was paid by Umno to ask the question.

The reporter kept her cool and continued to demand answers from the Opposition leader but in the end Anwar parroted his wife, Wan Azizah who simply said he did not have to answer the question...

Anwar may feel that he is not obliged to provide an answer but in the court of public opinion every 'no comment' damages your case.

Oh well, why am I sad? I do hope that he will hold more Press Conferences, it will give people more of a chance to learn the truth about Anwar

Ahmad Sarbani: Justice? Or “Compensation”?

Posted: 10 Apr 2011 09:08 PM PDT

That's the body of Allahyarham Ahmad Sarbani, being sent for burial.

Below is an article published today that I wrote on Friday. Today, there's some follow up news in TMI:

The main Customs union will meet the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission tomorrow to address the "controversy" behind Operation 3B and senior Customs officer Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed's death at the commission's headquarters last week.

Peninsular Malaysia Customs Union president Ibrahim Ahmad said union representatives will discuss a range of issues with MACC chief Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed following the highly-publicised swoop and subsequent death.

"The MACC chief has agreed to meet us this April 12, so we hope that this opportunity will be used to get an explanation into a few things that have been happened for the last two weeks," Ibrahim told The Malaysian Insider.

Union representatives have stated after a meeting in Kelana Jaya last Friday that they wanted to meet Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and MACC management over Operation 3B and the death of Ahmad Sarbani.

"It would not be a problem. I can meet them, at the appropriate time," said Najib yesterday.

The Customs' union remains unconvinced that Ahmad Sarbani would meet the MACC if he had not been ordered to do so.

"I welcome the Prime Minister's immediate reaction, but when this meeting will take place we do not know.

"We will bring up several issues including that of the welfare of Customs staff if the meeting were to take place," Ibrahim added.

President of the Malaysian Customs Alumni Association Datuk Abdul Rahman Manan said that senior officials have unofficially decided to ask MACC to clarify a few matters to avoid the Customs department being wrongfully portrayed.

"We are disappointed with media reports which have connected Operation 3B with illegal money transfer amounting to RM108 million.

"We want this issue explained, given the right information so that people do not view KDRM negatively," said Abdul Rahman.

Pursuant to the thoughts below, we can make a few observations.

With all these calls for talks and consultations, this is obviously a very different aftermath than Teoh Beng Hock. There is now an inter government agency dispute that is perhaps bigger and more public than anything in recent memory.

I'm no expert, but the way I read it, there are perhaps two ends of the spectrum we can look at, given the way things are developing.

Firstly, these talks fail and discontent boils over. We may see this mark the beginning of a war of attrition, where the feuding agencies attempt to hurl or uncover more dirt about each other, where Customs is filled with anger and indignity about what happened to Sarbani while the MACC really starts spilling the beans on what they supposedly have on corruption in Customs.

This of course, would be extremely costly to the Najib administration. So costly, it makes me fear the other end of the spectrum: That secret deals are made, compensation abounds (especially for family and associates), wheels are greased, individuals sworn to secrecy.

God knows Najib and gang have done this enough times to get pretty good at it.

I hope irresponsible people do not take advantage of this death to cover things up, to aid or abet corruption, or to strengthen their own 'positions'. We must remain vigilant and do our part to ensure that the focus is on getting justice for Sarbani, and never allow his death to be used as a bargaining tool.

(Even as I write, more and more conspiracy theories come to mind; but we shall wait and see what light unfolding events will shed. It will be difficult seas to navigate).

These are just very speculative thoughts off the top of my head, but the integrity of both the Customs and the MACC may be facing its toughest test yet.

Today's article:

April 11, 2011

APRIL 11 — As you already know, Ahmad Sarbani who was an assistant director at the Customs Department in Port Klang, was found dead at the MACC building in Jalan Cochrane in an incident involving a broken 3rd floor window.

I didn't make it to Teoh Beng Hock's funeral, unfortunately — but I did make it for Sarbani's.

It was my first time I think to a full-fledged government quarters (Customs, in Kelana Jaya), it was a bit of a gateway into another world. This is where they had the prayers, before burial at the Kota Damansara cemetery (which I made it to as well, but somewhat too late unfortunately).

In both venues, there were a lot of people. I do mean a lot.

I don't think I can fully process yet all the many details surrounding the death and its aftermath. I've heard a few theories, and had calls from people I have not had calls from before.

What I think we can say for now is this — this has the makings of something big. I get the sense the bust the MACC was trying to pull off runs pretty deep.

We all know that corruption is a huge thing in this country. I'm not sure all of us are fully aware of how deeply what technically qualifies as corruption is part not only of our system of governance, but also in what is basically our culture.

It's so deep, that there's no way I believe the MACC is some independent force looking to objectively and systematically battle corruption. Call me biased or cynical, but I reckon there is probably a motive and agenda behind every case the MACC pursues (I of course would not be so stupid as to paint everyone within the organisation with the same brush, but the people that matter anyway).

The question is, what was the motive/agenda in this Customs bust? How high up does it go? What house of cards was about to come tumbling down?

Maybe I was imagining things, but I get this feeling that there was an undercurrent amongst the crowds gathered to mourn this loss. That there were a lot of very unhappy Customs people, and that something's going to give. I felt I witnessed the first shot in what will soon be an all out gang war.

Maybe I was just imagining things.

I have no interest in getting involved in some government agency turf-war trying to out-corrupt one another in some race to the bottom. That said, a man died and was buried last week.

By all accounts, he was a good man, a pious man. I certainly don't have enough facts to say anything for sure, but something tells me he was not the mastermind of some corrupt operation.

I am not in possession of all the facts yet, but whatever the case, no one deserves to die the way Ahmad Sarbani did, any more than Teoh Beng Hock deserved his untimely manner of death.

Something is not right in the MACC, and something is not right in this country we call home.

We'll continue to watch closely and try to put the pieces together slowly, but in the meantime, let's make that change we all need so badly. Sarawak would be a good place to start.

Anwar: Pemimpin kita tidak curi tanah

Posted: 10 Apr 2011 05:19 PM PDT

Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim di Kampung Tunku Abdul Rahman, Miri, di mana beliau disambut dengan tepukan dan sorakan gemuruh daripada lebih 500 orang penduduk Iban. Video oleh Ong Wei Ming, Citizen Journalist
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Sarawak Conversation: Dry taps in the shadows of a dam

Posted: 10 Apr 2011 10:59 AM PDT

Located about 60km southwest of Kuching, Kampung Bengoh is a quiet Bidayuh village with two sundry shops, a small primary school, no restaurants and a close-knit community. Often, however, the tranquility of the village is shattered by the roar of lorries and trucks, for the home to about 200 sits squarely in between a RM310 million Bengoh Dam and a quarry opened to supply limestone for the project. Video by Aidila Razak
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