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UMNO Puchong Cuba Gadai Tanah Rezab Melayu

UMNO Puchong Cuba Gadai Tanah Rezab Melayu

UMNO Puchong Cuba Gadai Tanah Rezab Melayu

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 03:57 PM PDT

Pakatan Rakyat terutama PAS sering dituduh UMNO menjual hak Melayu kerana baik dengan DAP.

Malangnya, bukti di bawah menunjukkan sebaliknya. Sebidang tanah rezab Melayu di atas nama UMNO Bahagian Puchong telah cuba digadai/dijual kepada sebuah syarikat milik bukan Bumiputra.

Mujur kerajaan Selangor diperintah Pakatan Rakyat menjadikan percubaan UMNO Puchong ini digagalkan. Terselematlah sebidang tanah rezab Melayu walaupun ianya di bawah nama UMNO Bahagian Puchong.

Klik di atas imej dibawah untuk melihat imej dibawah dengan lebih jelas.

UMNO Puchong pula dipimpin oleh Dato Satim Diman, yang sekarang ini adalah Ketua Pembangkang di Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor.

Tak sangka. Ku ingat panas sampai ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari.

Bayangkan. Ni dalam keadaan UMNO tidak memerintah Selangor. Kalau ditakdirkan mereka masih memerintah, habislah tanah rezab Melayu di Selangor ni tergadai demi mengkayakan kroni dan UMNOPUTRA.

1st Malaysian -ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 10:16 AM PDT

I attended the 1st Blog House Malaysia organized ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference today which was held at the Intercontinental Hotel ( former Hotel Nikko) near the KL City Centre.

Many of my fellow Malaysian Bloggers were there. I first sat in a discussion about regulations and authority which was conducted at a room moderated by a fellow blogger.

Most of the attendees were all for no regulations to be imposed by the respective ASEAN governments upon bloggers. I guess I was the lone blogger who didn't agree with such a demand. 

Blog as one pleases, shoot 'em down and get away with whatever one blogs without considering the implications of one's cybersniping? 

I thought the theme of the conference was 'Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly'?

Here were some bloggers especially those from Thailand represented by a Canadian born journalist who wasn't too happy about the way things were in Thailand who was calling for no regulations to be imposed on bloggers there by the Thai Government. 

He was referring to the way the Thais were very particular about anyone committing 'lese majeste'. Insulting the Thai Royalty. One who does that can face severe punishments. So, he was stating his point of view that he didn't agree with the way things were over there in the 'Sawadee Kap' land. 

Then there was a blogger from Kampuchea. She was also for no regulations to be imposed on bloggers. :)

There was also an American born blogger speaking on behalf of Vietnamese bloggers. Same old demand again. No regulations.

Wishful thinking.....

After the break at 10am, I adjourned to join friends from among the Malaysian blogging fraternity who were present.

Will be uploading several short clips of speeches by Syed Akbar Ali, Blog House Malaysia President, Former PM Tun Dr M, PM Dato Seri Najib and blogger Kounila from Kampuchea when I get the opportunity to do so.

At the end of the day, I still hold firm to my point that bloggers must be responsible for what they publish.

The truth must be told no matter what so that justice may live but one shouldn't blog irresponsibly and expect to get away with whatever untruths one unleashes unto the reading netizens.

Always stick to the truth if you don't want to have your blogging ass whupped!

Figuratively speaking! :D Of pun intended at anyone...:)


Congratulations to Blog House Malaysia for successfully holding this 1st Malaysian - ASEAN Bloggers Conference and graced by the current Malaysian PM and also by our 4th PM Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad who has consented to be the patron for the BHM.

Well done Syed Akbar Ali & team!

All the best to you guys n lone lady! Dato Nuraina Samad!

I wish you all success!

BN Promises – Nothing But Bounced Cheques!

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 09:26 AM PDT

FROM Sarawak Report  BN's Joseph Mauh has been caught red-handed on a double election cheat.  He not only promised a poor Headman RM 10,000 to gain his vote, but then the cheque bounced!  In this way Mauh cheated his constituents twice.  Firstly he cheated them of their right to a free vote by bribing the Headman, which is an exceedingly serious crime. Secondly, he didn't even carry out his promised payment to a poor community.  You could say that a person who takes a bribe in exchange for their most precious freedom, the freedom to choose their rulers and lawmakers, deserve what they get. But, of course such communities agrees to these bribes because the treacherous BN government has kept them so poor and desperate.  The police must act to arrest election criminals  Sarawak Report assumes that now this incontrovertible evidence has been placed before them, the police will move immediately to detain and question Joseph Muah. Likewise, the Election Commission should suspend the result of the election.  If the evidence is proved (and it should be done quickly) then there should be a re-election.  In the light of this abuse, other similar claims across the length and breadth of Sarawak should also be investigated.  We are not talking about 'opposition troublemakers' we are talking about a respected and appointed Headman, who voted for BN!  Joseph Muah, if found guilty faces the most serious criminal charge of election fraud.  This is the testimony of the Headman against him:  "My name is Kuching ak Moyan and i am one of the headmen in Tamin constituency. In the just concluded State election, i was given three cheques, one for RM2,000, another for RM3,000 and the third for RM5,000 by the Barisan Nasional candidate, Joseph Mauh.  I have cashed out the first two cheques, both for a total RM5,000 but the last one, for RM5,000, was bounced. So i sent it back to him and he promised that he will bank in the amount instead into my account. Up till today, i have not received the RM5,000. The three cheques were given to me on the 13th of April so that we will give our support to the Barisan Nasional. In the year 2006 State election, each voter here was given only RM20 but in this election, the amount was increased to RM50 per voter. There are 15 voters in this longhouse and all of them were given RM50 each. I think all of us have voted for Barisan Nasional. Ofcourse I know that the money the Barisan Nasional give to us would amount to nothing if the government grabbed our land. But what to do, we still have to vote for the government as the government has given us the money. Yes, i know we can just accept the Barisan Nasional money and vote for the opposition but since everybody else voted for Barisan Nasional this time, i decided to follow suit."  Time to stop Sham Elections in Sarawak  This is just the beginning of the evidence about this election.  No wonder BN in KL was so worried about the election and so relieved at the outcome.  But likewise, no wonder Taib rushed in the middle of the night in the middle of the weekend to the Governor to get sworn back in before anyone could shout "Stop Thief!"

The myths of S’wak polls results

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 08:48 AM PDT

From Malaysiakini, written by Bridget Welsh
The dust has begun to settle on the 10th Sarawak polls with the BN touting its retention of the two-thirds majority as a victory, while Pakatan Rakyat points to the more than doubling of its seats. This was the most competitive state election in Sarawak's history and was hard fought by both sides.

BN, led by Prime Minister Najib Razak essentially camped in the state for 10 days to assure the two-thirds, while the opposition also focused is national machinery in Sarawak, bringing in the top guns from Peninsular Malaysia and thousands of party workers.

A closer look at the results show that the opposition has made impressive ground, despite its failure to break the two-thirds threshold. Sarawak is no longer BN's fixed deposit, and trends in mobilisation and support suggest that it is even more likely not to be so unless Sarawak BN radically changes how it governs.

Myth of Chinese-only swing

The spin on this election reflects a similar tone of 2006, focusing on the gains in urban seats and Chinese voters. The implicit threat in Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's statement that the Chinese will pay for their lack of loyalty highlights the perception that the losses are the product of continued Chinese support for the opposition.

In terms of sheer number of voters for the opposition, this is correct. In all the Chinese-majority seats – from Padungan to Bukit Assek – the level of support for the opposition increased, both in number of votes and share of the vote.

NONEThis reflected the dynamic – almost electrifying – opposition campaign in the urban areas, especially in Miri where voters experienced the political awakening that their counterparts in Kuching had experienced in 2006, and in Sibu at the 2010 by-election.

No question about it, a growing number of Chinese supported the opposition in Sarawak. The interesting finding from the results, however, is that they are not alone, and in fact the Chinese swing toward the opposition is comparatively less (yes, less) than the changes within other communities.

By comparing the 2011 results with those of 2006, I trace the changes in voter turnout and share of support (percentage of majority among voters who turned out to vote) for the opposition at the seat level and, when appropriate and with available data, the polling stream level.

azlanThe preliminary findings highlight that the movement is greatest in mixed constituencies, and significant movement occurred across the ethnic communities, even the Malays.

Let's begin with the mobilisation of voters across ethnicities. The 2011 polls show an impressive increase in voter turnout, in keeping with the increased competitiveness of the election. The greatest turnout increase was among the Malays, where the PBB machinery was well-honed, as more voters were brought to the polls, followed by increased participation of Chinese and Iban voters.

What this impressive increase in mobilisation across groups reveals is that Sarawakians recognised their power as voters and came out to vote in an unprecedented manner. This highlights the growing appreciation of political power in Sarawak and engagement with politics, which is in keeping with the unprecedented crowds at ceramah across the state, even in the rural areas.

azlanThe table (left) also highlights that the change in voting across the ethnic communities. The greatest movement compared with 2006 was in mixed seats, followed by movement in the Orang Ulu community in places such as Ba'Kelalan (where Baru Bian won his seat) but also places such as Telang Usan.

The share of movement in Orang Ulu-majority seats is large, a 20 percent swing. These numbers can be a bit deceiving in that the actual numbers of voters in Sarawak are small and 20 percent can reflect a small number of voters in the small constituencies, yet nevertheless, the swing is significant.

Ibans and Bidayuhs too change loyalities

Why then, given the swing, did the seats not move into opposition hands? The reason is simple – before 2011 opposition support in some of these areas was minuscule. In many constituencies, the opposition needed more than a 40% change to win. Yet there has been a very large swing, which is much larger than the swing in Peninsular Malaysia in 2008.

From my perspective, the most interesting ethnic changes occurred in the Malay/Melanau, Iban and Bidayuh areas. A look at the seat tally suggests that Malays are squarely in the BN camp. The PBB won all 35 of its seats and PAS failed to win a single seat, even in the close contest of Beting Maro.

The Malay/Melanau seats are interesting in a number of ways. First, the pattern towards the opposition varies, with a few of the seats moving even more strongly toward the BN, such as Sadong Jaya, and as such, the pattern is uneven.

Yet the Malay/Melanau ground was more competitive, with more straight fights and more contests, such as in Daro and Dalat. PAS, in particular, made inroads. To suggest that the Malay/Melanau community is firmly behind the BN is wrong. Their support is changing as well, in spite of the ethnic campaigning and use of the racial card.

The Iban and Bidayuh majority seats also followed the pattern of opposition gains. In Iban areas, there was less movement in the share of the vote and like the Malay/Melanau seats the pattern was not consistent across seats toward the opposition, with some increased support towards the BN in Engkilili, but overall, the Iban have also changed loyalties.

azlanAs is shown in this table (right), this occurred most starkly in semi-rural areas.

The Bidayuh seats were seen to be those that would have determined whether the opposition broke the two-thirds or not. Pakatan hoped to pick up at least three of these Bidayuh seats, as sentiment on the ground toward the BN had shifted due to the religious issues and persistent exclusion of this group from economic benefits.

Higher education among the Bidayuh had increased awareness and exposure to political issues. The opposition failed to win a single seat, but here too the gains in the share of majority were impressive – an estimated 17.9 percent swing.

The bottom line is that the view that this election was the product of a bifurcated pattern of support – Chinese with the opposition and other groups with the BN – is wrong. Every group expressed serious concerns with the BN, and this was driven primarily with angst toward the long tenure and perceived excesses of the chief minister.

The urban voters myth

It is thus not surprising that given the changes across the board among the ethnic communities, another myth needs to be shattered, namely that the opposition support is only in the urban areas.

Much has been made that the opposition won two very rural seats, Ba'kelalan and Krian. Yet, the most significant gains in terms of seats were in the semi-rural areas – for example, Batu Kawah, Dudong, Piasau (which has a large semi-rural area). The close fight in Senadin is also illustrative.

My preliminary analysis at the seat level shows that the gains in semi-rural seats were more than in the other areas, 19.7 percent compared to 14.8 percent in the rural areas and 13.4 percent in the urban communities.

NONEThe 'safe' seats in the urban periphery are no longer 'safe'. The change in voting pattern reflected not just Chinese support for Pakatan, but Iban and Bidayuh support as well. In fact, what is especially interesting is that the movement in support in rural areas is more than the share in urban areas (although it is important to note that the urban areas have more voters).

More than anything, these findings illustrate how much the 'fixed deposit' is no longer secure. Semi-rural and rural cracks in support for the BN are part of the new Sarawak, a more competitive polity that has become increasingly receptive to a stronger two-party system and critical of BN governance, especially in the areas of corruption.

The growing youth revolution

The election of young candidates in the opposition, a few of them fresh out of university, may come as a surprise to some, but it highlights the final important dynamic in this election – the massive movement among young voters away from the BN.

Chong Snr ceramah in kuchingDrawing from the study of 'saluran' results in seven seats so far, from the Miri, Kuching and Bidayuh areas (semi-rural and urban seats), the findings suggest that a youth revolt has occurred.

In the lower polling streams, where new voters are concentrated, more than 70 percent of voters opposed the BN. Given the largely young crowds at rallies, especially in Kuching and Miri, this is no surprise.

We see two patterns – higher mobilisation of younger voters, an estimated 16 percent increase in turnout compared with older voters, and an overwhelming level of support for Pakatan among younger voters in the lower streams, with a change in trend of more than 25 percent. In 2006, there was already stronger support for the opposition among the youth, but this appears to have significantly increased.

azlanWhen one considers the high number of younger voters that did not register, estimated in the 100,000s in Sarawak, and the large number of younger voters working outstation, these results should be quite worrying for the BN indeed. The fact that the election was timed well before Gawai (the harvest festival in June) is also important: had it coincided, the impact of younger voters returning for the holiday would possibly result in greater losses for the BN.

Many a younger voter in my exit interviews highlighted the fact that they convinced their parents (and grandparents) to change support. The youthful composition of voting this election, compared with 2006, shows that indeed a revolution among younger voters has occurred in Sarawak.

Rise of a new Sarawak

These results are preliminary and need to be further confirmed with the official results at the 'saluran' (polling stream) level. This analysis is drawn from the newspaper publications of results and 'saluran' results that have been made available immediately after the polls, so the numbers should be seen as indicators of trends, rather than absolutes.

azlanThese findings collectively show that there is indeed a new Sarawak, that voters across races, across geographic areas and especially the state's future are no longer supporting the BN to the same degree. While the two-thirds may not have been broken, profound political change did come to Sarawak.

It remains to be seen whether the opposition can continue the momentum, or whether BN will address the root causes of the discontent. Irrespective of this, Sarawak remains critical for the political direction of the country – now more than ever.



DR BRIDGET WELSH is associate professor of political science at Singapore Management University and she can be reached at She was in Sarawak to observe the state election.

Nak Ikut UMNO atau Nak Ikut Al Quran?

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 07:48 AM PDT

Saya membaca komen Dr Badrul Amin di bawah:

Umno kata 'Kalau Anwar tidak mahu bersumpah maka dia bersalah'. Quran kata 'Jika yg menuduh tidak bawa saksi maka sebat dia 80 kali' (Surah an-Nur ayat 4). Nak ikut yang mana ya?

Pilihlah wahai saudara saudari sekelian.

Kita tak tau mana UMNO dapat ajaran bersumpah dalam kes Jinayah Islam ni, tapi rasanya dia mungkin dapat masa diorang bertapa dekat kubur Cina mana ntah.

Yang jelaslah, ajaran sumpah diorang ni tiada dalam Al Quran mahupun dalam Sunnah ataupun Ijma pada Sahabat.

Ia cuma ada dalam agama UMNO.

Tulang Besi

Son of Han

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 06:46 AM PDT

A blogger called himself son of Han
He thought he might have some fun
As he has the hots for Hanna
With her he dreams he wanna
But she laughs as his was only a wee 'un


On Eli's sarong he is deeply fixated
Just to grope beneath it, he's excited
He feels something wet
But poor bloke didn't get
That's because he had masturbated


How could he hope for any headway
With PR sweeties in his disgusting way
He reeks of terrible B.O
And haven't I told you so
For all his lust, bloke's a closeted gay


So he rings up dear Teresa Kok
Ask to borrow her yellow frock
Saying he wants a date
With Saiful his soulmate
Who's 'clean' as a whistle for a knock


RCI exposed MACC's poor investigation techniques

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 09:59 PM PDT

Story to follow
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Malaysia: The Country With A One-track Mind

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 03:29 AM PDT

Sex scandals obsess Malaysia: the country with a one-track mind

Some days its media can talk of little else

By Sholto Byrnes

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's opposition leader, tomorrow faces the resumption of one of the less edifying cases to have been heard amid the colonnaded formality of the Kuala Lumpur High Court: his trial for allegedly sodomising a 25-year-old aide named Saiful Bukhari.

It is not the only scandal with which the former deputy prime minister, whose dismissal and first trial for sodomy made world headlines more than a decade ago, is dealing.

The man once feted as Newsweek's "Asian of the Year", whose supporters include Al Gore, the former US vice-president, and Paul Wolfowitz, a former World Bank president, is also accused of being the star of a 21-minute sex tape featuring a Chinese prostitute (by way of variation, female), a clip of which was briefly posted on YouTube.

But these are only two instances of the sexually related incidents that fill the country's papers and gossip sites every day. So numerous are stories of physical misdemeanours in this conservative, Muslim-majority but essentially easygoing country that the question is being asked: are Malaysians obsessed with sex?

Within the past few days, it has emerged that the education department in the eastern state of Terengganu has set up a boot camp to which it has sent 66 schoolboys to deal with their "effeminate tendencies".

"The severity of the symptoms vary. We understand that some people end up as homosexual," said the department's director, Razali Daud, "but we will do our best to limit the number. If left unchecked, it could become a problem for them, their families and society."

Earlier this month, a well-known MP, Ibrahim Ali, the leader of the Malay rights group Perkasa, asked in parliament if wives truly "understand their roles". "Husbands driving home after work see things that are sexually arousing and seek their wives to satisfy their urges," he said, complaining that sometimes women pretend to be busy with other matters. "They will say, 'wait, I'm cooking,' or 'wait, I'm getting ready to visit relatives'." They evidently required a "proper explanation" that "in Islam, wives are supposed to stop everything to fulfil their husbands' demands."

Although now an independent, Ibrahim was once a luminary in the governing Barisan Nasional alliance, which cannot appear too overbearing in matters of personal morality given that it includes non-Muslim Chinese, Indian and indigenous components as well as Muslim Malays.

The Islamist opposition party PAS, however, is less constrained, as its youth leader, Nasrudin Tantawi, made clear in February. "We have identified favourite spots where lovebirds mingle," he said, warning that his organisation would be helping to check "immoral activities" in the run-up to Valentine's Day. "We are deploying our members to preach and distribute pamphlets promoting sin-free lifestyles."

The action was certainly necessary, he said. "Last year there was a campaign to promote a no-panties day."

Such remarks do not go without comment. The country's Women, Family and Community Minister, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, has already condemned the Terengganu state government's boot camp, and Ibrahim's antediluvian views have provoked widespread condemnation.

"Ibrahim must apologise and submit himself for gender sensitivity training," said Teresa Kok, of the opposition Democratic Action Party. Nasrudin's Valentine's Day campaign, meanwhile, led to PAS's youth leader being slapped down by more senior members of his own party.

Anwar's sodomy trial, which has been dragging on since February 2010, is widely thought to be politically motivated. So is the sex tape, which was produced by a trio collectively known as "Datuk T" (Datuk being a Malaysian honorific all three bear), one of whom is a former Barisan state governor with a personal axe to grind against the opposition leader.

But while many dismiss the allegations, what Ziauddin Sardar calls "the seeds of doubt" have been planted in the minds of others. Sardar, a prominent scholar of Islam and cultural critic in this country, was an adviser to Anwar when he was deputy prime minister in the 1990s and warned him then that his enemies would seek to destroy him through manufacturing allegations of homosexuality.

"One can always fudge the evidence," he told me. "And in Malaysia it carries a heavy penalty" – both a prison sentence (Anwar's initial conviction for sodomy was later quashed) and, even before any verdict, the suspicion of the rural and religious Malays that he had been up to something "abhorrent and unnatural".

Why, however, the torrent of other stories, whether they be the Chief Minister of Malacca urging council workers to look out for couples indulging al fresco at heritage sites, police raiding hotels to uncover Muslims committing khalwat (close proximity), or international pop singers being warned to cut back on risqué moves and outfits if they want to appear in the country?

"This phenomenon isn't limited to Malaysia," said Nik Nazmi, the communications director of Anwar's party PKR, on the Malaysian Insider website recently. "But Malaysians seem to be possessed by an insatiable curiosity about what happens in other people's bedrooms."

“Independants Tales of Sarawak Elections 2011…”

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 02:43 AM PDT

41 independants took the field in the last Sarawak State elections and only one(1) came out tops to stand tall. One had a dream to be a GIANT SLAYER while the other took the chance to swap seats at the very last minute and the GODS were smiling towards him.

Tedewin Ngumbang and George Lagong are two very close friends who knew each other from the earlier years in PBDS to PRS. One of them was unceremoniously kicked out from PRS as he was one of the many so called "recalcitrants" who challenged James Masing as the President of PRS and who seconded the motion to "censure" the President using Article V111,clause 19(a)of the Party Constitution . (copied letter to Penolong Pendaftar of ROS on 15th June 2006) The reason for the action taken was to prevent  the party from deregistration.

Would you believe that James will take back George Lagong.This statement,""Yes he (Lagong) can apply and like the normal process anybody who applies to join PRS we will consider, the Supreme Council will consider…it will be the decision of the party not that of the president,"

George Lagong was once a campaign and operations manager for James Masing in the earlier years in PBDS. In a last minute twists he opted to stand in Pelagus as Independant  instead of in Baleh against James Masing as a SNAP candidate. 

Is there a CONSPIRACY here?

Tedewin meanwhile saw the opportunity that as an independant he could and might have been a power broker in this election.He left PRS as deputy information chief and had everything going in PRS but he blamed 'Taib's bullying PRS' as one of his reason  for him to resign.

He was also known to Jabu as the "gangster' for being very vocal in the appointments of PRS members in various government agencies and in the portfolios given. He was always holding an 'invincible sword ready to slit Jabu's throat"

Tedewin was putting his plans in action looking at some (6)six constituencies where he felt the independants might just have a chance to win. He saw the change in the world order in some developed countries like Australia and New Zealand where independants had a field day.

He pointed out to an article by the STAR on 8th April 2011 where the headline 'Independants daydreaming" got his heart pumping doubly fast. His wife even told us at audie61,"Tedewin's got to do what he has to do or else he would have been termed a 'coward" In the political circles he was even being touted to be financed by James Masing(PRS) and even Awang Tengah(PBB) to see the end of Jabu who has helmed Betong for a good 37 years.

Why was George victorious while Tedewin was humiliated at the polls..?

We know that independants are opposition in their own right and mosts have no clear view and some join in because they strongly oppose a party or a candidate.  Some are even planted to be "vote spoilers" Surely George winning was no freak result and also Tedewin losing so badly when he was termed a giant slayer comes as more than a surprise. There were even smses received from Tedewins friends "believe kah Tedewin only received 170 votes? Your comments please"

We met Tedewin at 9898 coffeshop his favourite haunt where we wanted to "tahpow-takeaway"our "ayam penyek".Tedewin said in this constituency of 8109 N31 Layar the turnout of 5934 voted for BN Alred Jabu 3703,PKR Stanley Embat 1787,SNAP Joe Unggang  183 and Ngumbang @Kibak Datu (ind) 170.

He said his sources said Jabu was so afraid that he capitalise on the government machinery and also his personal wealth to ensure that the pulls through. Tedwein said he can 'walk tall" as before the 6th of April he was informed by his sources in Betong that Jabu has called him to come infront of many "tuai rumahs and penghulus "and take Jabu on. He came to the nomination centre and Jabus face was even darker than charcoal.

There was also a dispute on the nomination form where Jabu put his profession as Deputy Chief Minister. Technically this is wrong and Stanley,Joe and Tedewin voiced their dissatisfation with the returning officer. On another day Jabu would not have made it and he could thank his lucky stars he stands to serve another day in the cabinet says Tedewin.

Tedewin had nearly 200 working for him voluntarily and even had funds from supporters overseas to assist him in this campaign. Its not cheap he said to us and everyone needs to be paid especially the fuel and food. We also have to pay for accomodation to house our supporters from outside. He said he must have spent in totality close to nearly 300K. Imagine what Jabu would have spent? Your guess is as good as mine. One person even said,"Jabu must have spent nearly close to 20 semi detached houses and thats hell of a lot of dough you know."

Jabu's campaign manager has the Accurate and Precise Information right.??

 170 votes for the amount spent could sent any sane man thinking its not worthwile but for Tedewin it was money used and spent to exorcise the ghosts as if it could have been a "penalty miss" We went down fighting and he said he only returned yesterday and he thanked his supporters with a dinner function.

He meant well but it was a distant too far and to come fourth after all the promises by the people who voted Tedewin can anytme return back home to Betong with his head "held high".He said it was a good move to see who your friends and relatives are or by your side.

George he said," slayed both PRS and PKR candidates and he secured 5740 beating Stanley Nyitar @ Unja Malang of BN/PRS 2903 and Edward Sumbang Asun (PKR) 1171 with a mjority of 2837 in Pelagus with a voter strength of 15322.  The turnout was 9986.  

George made used of the "hidden hands" which was very instrumental in getting him into office. Of course the recent spat with some personalities which James has openly gone against did assisted George more than he could have imagined. James has also said the amount of money flowed into and used by the independant was something which must be investigated. 

George had also used his experience in the last parliamentary elections to good use. He knew some friends betrayed him openly in the lasts elections and knew that only family which are close can be trusted. He used the connections which he has built through the years being with the Assemblyman of Pelagus Larry Sng to his greatest advantage.

Larry's nomination which was thrown out by PRS was the trump card. He knew the people of Pelagus is still very much a favourite with the voters and Larrys workload and dedication to the constituency was second to none. They saw in George something similar and George even had "cheques" drawn out "some reliable source" to assist minor immediate problems during campaigning.

Both the independants have different task at hand and George after failing but coming so close in the last parliamentary knew he had to break his duck. Tedewin had a different agenda and he was using his grandparents past history to assist him.There was too much negative talk about him in the political circle for him even to dream of not standing. 

Their own personal agendas plus substancial backing from behind was enough for them to go for it.After the 16th of April George was elected as the New Peoples Representative for N54 Pelagus  while Tedewin lived to fight another day for a seat in N31 Layar. Both of them have been badly bruised but the Gods smiled at George for reasons which the constituency will  find out in due course.

We are keeping QUIET…. 

A Very Blessed Resurrection Sunday

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 01:24 AM PDT

The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is believed to be the burial place of Jesus. 2,000 years after his death, followers of Christ still flock to see the empty tomb, one of the strongest proofs of the resurrection.

By Admin

There is a lot of confusion regarding what Easter Sunday is all about. For some, Easter Sunday is about the Easter Bunny, colorfully decorated Easter eggs, and Easter egg hunts. Most people understand that Easter Sunday has something to do with the resurrection of Jesus, but are confused as to how the resurrection is related to the Easter eggs and the Easter bunny.

The Bible makes it clear that Jesus was resurrected on the first day of the week, Sunday (Matthew 28:1; Mark 16:2,9; Luke 24:1; John 20:1,19). Jesus' resurrection is most worthy of being celebrated (see 1 Corinthians 15). While it is appropriate for Jesus' resurrection to be celebrated on a Sunday, the day on which Jesus' resurrection is celebrated should not be referred to as Easter. Easter has nothing to do with Jesus' resurrection on a Sunday.

As a result, many Christians feel strongly that the day on which we celebrate Jesus' resurrection should not be referred to as "Easter Sunday." Rather, something like "Resurrection Sunday" would be far more appropriate and biblical. For the Christian, it is unthinkable that we would allow the silliness of Easter eggs and the Easter bunny to be the focus of the day instead of Jesus' resurrection.

By all means, celebrate Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday. Christ's resurrection is something that should be celebrated every day, not just once a year. At the same time, if we choose to celebrate Easter Sunday, we should not allow the fun and games to distract our attention from what the day should truly be all about—the fact that Jesus was resurrected from the dead, and that His resurrection demonstrates that we can indeed be promised an eternal home in Heaven by receiving Jesus as our Savior.

MarGeeMar The Scribe and The Blog Team wishes everyone A Very Blessed Resurrection Sunday.

Sikap perkauman dalam pengambilan Guru Sandaran Terlatih (GST) oleh Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 01:00 AM PDT

Nama saya Sritharan a/l Arumugam. Saya berkelulusan B. Ed (TESL) dari UPM. Saya berbangsa India. No. K/P: 790917-04-5323. E-mail saya ialah , H/P: 010-5475899 & nombor telefon rumah ialah 06-3176314. Saya pernah memohon jawatan Guru Sandaran Terlatih (GST) dengan Kementerian Pelajaran pada awal tahun ini. Saya tidak berpuas hati dengan kerajaan Malaysia terutamanya Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia kerana permohonan saya telah ditolak atas alasan bahawa saya telah memohon terlalu awal. Pegawai tersebut, seorang perempuan Melayu berkata demikian. Saya telah pun mengambil peperiksaan Inventori Sahsiah Keguruan (INSAK) pada hari Jumaat itu.

2. Kenapalah pihak Kerajaan Malaysia mengamalkan diskriminasi perkauman sehingga menyekat peluang kaum lain untuk mencari rezeki yang halal? Saya berasa sangat marah dan kecewa dengan tindakan pihak kerajaan Malaysia terutamanya Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia kerana menutup pintu rezeki saya! Semua jawatan kerajaan diberi keutamaan kepada Orang Melayu! Adakah ini ajaran Agama Islam? Adakah Allah menyuruh kamu semua mengamalkan diskriminasi perkauman yang tebal sehingga menyekat rezeki kaum lain? Manakah keadilan sosial dalam negara ini?

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,

Sritharan a/l Arumugam

No. K/P: 790917-04-5323
No. 19, Jalan M37, Taman Merdeka, Batu Berendam, 75350 Melaka, Malaysia.

Nombor Telefon:


Azmin dakwa tidur malam Rosmah tak lena

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 08:29 PM PDT

Tidak dapat dipastikan bagaimana timbalan presiden PKR Azmin Ali mengetahuinya tetapi dakwanya Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, isteri kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak mempunyai masalah untuk tidur malam sejak kebelakangan ini, terutamanya selepas pilihan raya Sarawak.

NONEAzmin, yang juga ahli parlimen Gombak mendedahkan bahawa Najib pula bergelut dengan dilema sama ada untuk membubarkan parlimen ataupun terus menunggu sehingga tahun 2013.

Justeru, katanya, penyokong Pakatan rakyat perlu bersiap sedia sama ada pilihan raya umum ke-13 negara diadakan tahun ini ataupun tidak.

"Sama ada awak adalah rakyat Malaysia, ahli parti, ADUN ataupun ahli parlimen, bersiap-sedialah," katanya kepada kira-kira 500 hadirin pada majlis makan malam bagi mengutip derma di cawangan PKR Bukit Gelugor di Pulau Pinang, malam semalam.

Azmin berkata beliau yakin jika rakyat bersiap sedia, maka menjelang pilihan raya umum akan datang, Pakatan Rakyat akan menguasai Putrajaya yang kini diduduki oleh BN.

"Ada orang kata pilihan raya umum akan ditangguhkan… tetapi ramai pula kata jika tangguhkan keputusannya mungkin lebih teruk kepada BN," katanya.

najib and rosmah 250608 01"Sebab itu Najib dalam dilema dan Rosmah pula tidak lena tidur malam," katanya.

Azmin berada di Pulau Pinang bagi mewakili Anwar yang tidak dapat menghadiri lawatan dua harinya ke negeri itu kerana masalah kesihatan.

Beliau kemudiannya bergegas ke ceramah perdana 'Ubah Sekarang, Selamatkan Malaysia' bertempat di Dewan Sungai Tiram, Batu Maung.

Antara yang berucap selain Azmin adalah Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng.

Isu yang disentuh ialah pembaziran emel 1Malaysia yang menelan kos RM50 juta, muslihat slogan 1Melayu, 1Bumi' yang dibangkitkan Utusan Malaysia, sebuah akhbar milik Umno-BN dan banyak lagi.

NONEDalam ucapannya, Azmin menyelar sikap sikap hipokrit Najib dalam isu 1Melayu, 1 Bumiputera yang dicanangkan Utusan Malaysia yang konon untuk menyatukan semua Melayu sedangkan akhbar itu sebenarnya memecah belahkan perpaduan Melayu.

Azmin berkata Najib secara tiba-tiba semalam menafikan hubung kait antara Utusan Malaysia dan pimpinan Umno BN yang selama ini menjadi lidah rasmi parti itu.

"Inilah hipokrit Barisan Nasional pimpinan Najib. Najib kata: 1Melayu, 1Bumiputera pandangan editor Utusan Malaysia.

"Wahai Najib dan Rosmah, kita tahu Utusan Malaysia disokong Umno. Kita tahu Utusan Malaysia surat khabar milik Umno. Kita juga tahu Utusan Malaysia hidup kerana Umno yang memainkan politik perkauman," kata Azmin

10 Kejayaan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor Melalui Program MES

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 08:48 PM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Tak sampai 4 tahun memerintah, Pakatan Rakyat telah menampakkan kejayaan gemilang di dalam membantu golongan yang miskon dan tidak bermampuan di Selangor. Kejayaan ini JAUH LEBIH besar berbanding UMNO yang memerintah lebih 50 tahun.

Kerajaan Selangor Umum 10 Kejayaan Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor
Saturday, 23 April 2011 | Ruangan: Berita

SHAH ALAM 23 April - Kejayaan Selangor berjaya melaksanakan 10 program pembangunan dalam dasarMerakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor (MES) dari tahun 2008 sehingga 2010.

Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berkata, program Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor tidak menjadi penghalang Kerajaan Negeri mengekalkan status pilihan pelaburan nombor satu dengan bilangan projek perindustrian tertinggi.

Antara kejayaan adalah seramai 27,000 orang menerima bantuan Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor ( Tawas ) dengan perbelanjaan lebih RM 2 juta.

Satu Pusat Dialisis Rakyat juga telah dibuka di Sementa, Taman Medan, Hulu Klang, Ampang dan Jalan Kebun, manakala sebanyak 500 buah rumah ibadah bukan Islam juga menerima sebanyak RM7.35 juta sejak tahun 2008.

Sebanyak 60 peratus dari 236 ribu warga emas mendaftar di bawah Skim Mesra Usia Emas dan seramai 16,000 orang sudah mendapat bantuan tersebut.

Kerajaan Negeri juga mewujudkan program pemeriksaan Mammogram percuma untuk kesihatan kaum wanita dan seramai 3,000 orang sudah menggunakannya bagi mengesan tanda-tanda awal kanser payudara.

Kerajaan Negeri juga sudah berjaya menyelesaikan 23 projek perumahan terbengkalai yang melibatkan 9,000 unit rumah dan tujuh projek melibatkan hampir 4,000 unit rumah sedang diselesaikan.

"Dalam isu perumahan Bukit Botak yang gagal diselesaikan kerajaan terdahulu juga sudah berjaya diselesaikan dan memberi faedah kepada 1,400 orang peneroka bandar," katanya.

Sebanyak 350 buah rumah sudah dibina untuk golongan fakir miskin dan 400 buah rumah lagi masih dibaiki di bawah Program Kerajaan Prihatin.

Kerajaan Negeri juga memperuntukkan 3 juta kepada lebih 700 orang rakyat miskin untuk pelbagai kegiatan.

Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR), sekolah Cina dan sekolah Tamil sudah menerima agihan RM16 juta setiap tahun, manakala gaji guru KAFA turut dinaikkan kepada RM1,300 setiap bulan.

Happy Easter

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 07:09 PM PDT

Wishing all Malaysians of the Christian faith


May the Lord's blessing and love be upon all

Pandangan Husam itu betul - PAS perlu diperkuatkan bukan dengan mengganti Hadi

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 11:02 AM PDT

Husam Musa ,ahli jawatankuasa PAS Pusat berkata yang PAS tidak perlu melakukan perubahan dengan menggantikan Tok Guru Haji Hadi sebagai Presidennya. Sebaliknya PAS perlu memperkuatkan diri dengan menambah elemen kekuatan tambahan sebagai persediaan menghadapi pilihanraya umum yang akan datang.

Husam mengambil pendirian untuk mempertahankan ketuanya apabila ketuanya itu dikritik oleh Aziz Bari penyarah terkemuka dari sebuah institusi pengajian tinggi negara kita. Husam berkata Haji Hadi hanya perlu diperkasakan, bukannya untuk diganti.

Pendirian husam ini sedikit sebanyak boleh melenyapkan khabar angin yang mengatakan beliau akan menawarkan diri untuk menjadi ketua kepada PAS dalam muktamarnya yang akan di adakan tidak lama lagi. Jika Husam jujur serta ikhlas, maka PAS akan menghadapi pilihanraya kali ini tanpa banyak masalah dalaman.

Tetapi jika diambil kira pengalaman yang lalu PAS mempunyai kelebihan dari segi disiplin dan susah hendak berpecah seperti yang dialami oleh banyak parti yang lain. Kalau berkocak di dalam PAS kocakannya tidak memercik keluar.

Kenyataan Husam ini merupakan ucapan yang bijaksana dan beliau menunjukan kematangan dengan bahasa politik yang baik. Di samping mempertahankan boss besarnya Husam sempat juga menyatakan apa yang patut Hadi perbaiki dalam mentadbir parti. Husam meminta Hj Hadi memberikan sedikir ruang kepada professional Islam bagi memperkasakan PAS untuk menjadi parti yang jika diizin tuhan akan memerintah negara.

Husam berkata lagi yang PAS telah dan sedang disertai oleh ramai cendiakawan dan professional Melayu Islam dan mereka boleh menjadi kekuatan kepada PAS sebagai sebuah parti alterntif yang diyakini orang ramai.

Ramai di kalangan orang Melayu sekarang ini ingin melihat PAS menjadi parti yang teratur dan tersusun siap dengan pemimpin lapisannya. Sekarang ini PAS juga adalah seperti UMNO yang tidak ada pemimpin pelapis yang viable. Yang dimaksudkan viable di sini ialah pemimpin pelapis yang mempunyai kekayaan 'politcal spiritualism'; tidak semata-mata pemimpin yang pandai berkempen dan mendapat undi. PAS perlukan perubahan ini dengan cepat kerana parti itu merupakan parti yang akan menjadi pilihan alternatif yang otomatis jika UMNO tidak berupaya untuk berubah.

Setakat ini hanya PAS dan DAP sahaja yang mempunyai disiplin kepartian yang kuat. DAP dan PAS merupakan parti yang berseni dan ada sedikit sebanyak nilai politik yang diperlukan oleh rakyat yang serba maju sekarang ini.

UMNO mengaku sebagai parti untuk orang Melayu tetapi parti ini tidak tahu apa yang ingin dilihat oleh orang Melayu selain dari keinginan untuk melihat pembangunan material yang ekonmi yang baik untuk mereka. UMNO lupa kepada nilai serta budaya orang Melayu. UMNO lupa yang walaupun orang Melayu telah menempa pembangunan mereka masih mempunyai tata susila yang wujud dengan bangsa kita sendiri.

Misalnya orang Melayu tidak akan memberikan sanjungan kepada pemimpin yang di belengu dengan persepsi yang dia seorang yang selalu mengadakan 'bed-side briefing' misal kata. Tunku Abd Rahman, Tun Razak, Husein Onn dan Dr Mahathir sendiri dipandang sebagai seorang pemimpin macho dan tidak nampak segelumit isteri mereka kedepan dengan begitu nyata. Itu lah sifat orang Melayu dan juga kepada mana-mana bangsa di dunia ini.

Nama isteri Lee Kuan Yew hanya di kenali semasa beliau meninggal dunia tahun yang lepas. David Cammeroon tidak nampak di bayangi oleh isterinya walau pun beliau adalah seorang pemimpin kuasa besar dunia. Untuk membuat teguran seperti ini bukanlah suatu yang mudah untuk dilakukan tetapi oleh kerana keadaan sudah terlalu jauh tersasar maka mahu tidak mahu terpaksa juga ditulis dan diperingatkan mana-mana pemimpin kita yang mereka sedang menjaga amanah rakyat.

Tugas yang diamanahkan rakyat ini bukan tugasan yang kecil. Ianya memerlukan pengorbanan peribadi yang tinggi. Lagi besar amanah yang diberikan lagi besar pengorbanan yang diperlukan. Lagi besar tanggungjawab dab jawatan yang diberikan rakyat lagi banyak nafsu dan kemahuan peribadi terpaksa dikorbankan. Lagi tinggi harapan rakyat lagi banyak perkara dan pantang larang yang wajib di ketepikan.

Kita tidak boleh membawa sekali keinginan peribadi seperti berglamor dan sebagainya itu yang mungkin merosakan kepimpinan, apatah lagi jika ianya dilakukan oleh isteri dan ahli keluarga kita sendiri.

Jika hendak berglamor lakukanlah setelah bersara. Saya menyebut isu ini kerana saya mendengar di mana-mana rakyat bercerita tentang isu 'sampan dikemudikan dari belakang' ini. Isu ini amat mempengaruhi situasi politik, terutamanya politik UMNO dan BN itu sendiri.

Di sinilah lebihnya PAS dan DAP. Pemimpin-pemimpin mereka tidak atau jarang-jarang bersama isteri mereka di dalam majlis-majlis. Kalau ada pun ianya amat berpadanan dengan keadaan dan situasi majlis-majlis tersebut. Sampai ke hari ini ramai yang tidak kenal dan mendengar nama isteri Nik Aziz, Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang serta nama isteri-isteri Haji Hadi Awang.

Maka pengakhir bicara Husam telah membuat kenyataan politik yang betul. PAS perlukan kesatuan yang kuat di antara ahli-ahli dan pemimpin nya. Setakat ini PAS yang sudah berusia lebih dari setengah abad ini sudah melalui berbagai keperitan untuk mengekalkan kewujudannya. Maka perbalahan di antara pimpinan itu amat wajar dielakan.

Ingatlah kepada bermacam-macam dugaan yang di alami oleh pemimpin-pemimpin mereka. Puluhan di antara pemimpin mereka telah terperosok dalam penajara kerana hendak menegakan parti ini.

PAS amat wajar menjaga perpaduan kerana ini sahajalah parti yang berkedudukan sebagai 'the closest alternative' kepada BN sekarang ini.


Posted: 23 Apr 2011 07:18 PM PDT

Source: The Star 23 April 2011
Take a leaf from LKY's book of Never-Say-Old quotes. To this statesman, the word 'old' doesn't exist. Not in his life, and certainly not in the coming general elections. The former PM of Singapore and current Minister Mentor is seeking another term in his Tanjong Pagar constituency. He has held the seat for 56 years, and is aiming to be around for the next five years. If he wins, as predicted, he will retain his record as one of the world's longest serving (and surviving) leaders.

The Straits Times 24 April 2011
Addressing a 2000-strong crowd at a rally yesterday, he said, "Every general election is a serious choice of the people whether they want to move forward, sideways or backwards." He also has some advice for the elderly citizens of Tanjong Pagar.

Click on the video to listen to LKY. Do you think he has the physical and mental capabilities to carry out his official duties for another term? Or should he retire from public office and spend the rest of his sunset years writing another book perhaps?

As he has so famously said in another interview back in January 2008,

"As you get old, you withdraw from everything and then all you will have is your bedroom and the photographs and the furniture that you know, and that's your world.

I'm determined that I will not, as long as I can, to be reduced, to have my horizons closed on me like that. It is the stimuli, it is the constant interaction with people across the world that keeps me aware and alive to what's going on and what we can do to adjust to this different world.

Doesn't sound like LKY will retire from public life as yet. Another five-year term will mean he'll be 92 when he finally hangs up his MP name tag for good.

Will he last the distance? What do you think?

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