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Ulama Muda UMNO Sokong Injil Bahasa Melayu (tapi tolak Syiah)

Ulama Muda UMNO Sokong Injil Bahasa Melayu (tapi tolak Syiah)

Ulama Muda UMNO Sokong Injil Bahasa Melayu (tapi tolak Syiah)

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 02:58 PM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Nampaknya Ulama Muda UMNO sudah menyokong Injil Melayu yang mengandungi ribuan perkataan Allah di dalamnya.

Use of Bahasa Bible is fine, says ulama

PETALING JAYA: The usage of Bahasa Malaysia Bible is perfectly fine both in the eyes of Islam and the Federal Constitution, said Umno ulama Fathul Bari Mat Jahya.

He said people must not confuse the fact that a language did not represent a particular religion.

"Arabic is the original language used in the Al-Quran. But Prophet Muhammad had never stopped or forbade others in using Arabic to spread their own religions," he said.

Fathul said although the Federal Constitution forbade the preaching of other religions to Muslims, the AlKitab (Bible) did not contravene its spirit.

"It should only be for Christians. If the Bahasa Malaysia Bible is not used to preach to Muslims, then there is nothing wrong," he said.

Fathul said it was also perfectly acceptable for Christians to use the word "Allah".

"However, I made it very clear that this can only be used in a Christian context, and not to mislead Muslims," he said, adding that most Islamic scholars in the Middle East thought the same as well.

PAS ulama council chief Datuk Harun Taib said Christians should not be denied the right to use the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia as it was the country's national language.

"Will the faith of Muslims be affected by a translation of the Bible? No, it is just a Bible read by Christians, that is all. Why must there be any opposition?" he told an online news portal yesterday.

Harun also said Christians could use the word "Allah" as long as it was within the confines of their religion.

"If Christians want to use the term 'Allah' for their God no problem. If they are convinced that 'Allah' is their God, let them be," he said, explaining that this was different from Islam's 'Allah s.w.t.'.

It was also reported that PKR information chief Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty said Muslims need not worry about the use of the word "Allah" and the Bahasa Malaysia Bible.

"This is the right of religion and Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of the country so we cannot restrict other religions, including Christians from using it," he said, urging Muslims to be more open-minded and not take matters in their own hands.

Malaysian Ulama Association president Datuk Sheikh Abdul Halim Abdul Kadir had earlier agreed that everyone should be allowed to read and worship in the language of their choice.

He had said that even the Quran had been translated into many languages such as Chinese, and that every person had the right to use Bahasa Malaysia.

However, he added that "Allah" should be exclusive for Muslims.

A commenter at People's Parliament rebuts MCLM Prez pretty well

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 11:22 AM PDT

YES, I surfed the Internet late into the still of the Seremban night; I visited's too -- just to listen from the horse's mouth how he put up his defence of his idol, RPK, also often a partner-in-shenanigans blatantly demonstrated during Zaid Ibrahim's campaign to become Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat late last year.

I hope the Commenter named Don Ricardo won't mind my copying his well-articulated views in rebutting the People's Parliament and MCLM mover's stance in defending his idol RPK. Yes, de Prez is subservient to de Chairman in MCLM -- furthermore, RPK is from Royalty what!

********************************** Extract of Don Ricardo's starts here:~~ YL, Desi with grateful acknowledgement from Seremban.
Don Ricardo Alhambra Says:

April 15, 2011 at 7:33 pm

MCLM made a "press conference" to defend RPK today.

I wish to refute the things that Haris said in the "press conference":

1. Haris said: "the mainstream media… presented Raja Petra's interview completely out of context", "This interview was done in February. RPK just told me that this morning".

My response — The few long sentences that RPK spoke, even if shown separately, has enough context for us to understand what he meant. We can read. We are not that stupid such that we always won't "get the context". What RPK said is out there in black and white, even if it's the full thing. So who are you trying to fool?

Also, RPK rarely gets interviewed by any major news media. So if he got interviewed by something as big as TV3, why he only told you this morning only?

2. Haris said: "I challenge TV3 to put up the full, unedited video of the interview on YouTube or whatever medium (on the Internet)".

My response — Knock, knock! Hello Haris! You of all people should know that this is TV3, one of UMNO's mouthpieces! Challenge to put up full video? Forget it! As if they're gonna listen to you. It's too late. It's also besides the point. The damage is done. The objective has been accomplished.

3. Haris said: "that no one in MCLM was aware that RPK had done the interview, nor could he give a definite answer on the latter's motives for agreeing to speak with TV3. Haris, however, rubbished talk that Raja Petra, who is also MCLM chairperson, had been "coerced"".

My response — Wow, your best friend left you in the dark about such a big interview with such a big media outlet! Some best friend! You said here that you don't know what RPK's motive was. It could be a "mistake" just as it could be RPK doing "BN a favour so BN will do him a favour". How can you say so confidently say RPK was not "coerced" when you just admitted that you are uncertain about RPK's motive? Are you taking us for a ride, Haris? We request that you please be honest with us.

4. Haris said: "Haris also brushed aside claims that Raja Petra was paid to do the TV3 interview".

My response — Haris, how do you know? You just said you don't know the reason why RPK did the interview. How come you can confidently say RPK was not paid in any way? How would you ever know? I know RPK is your "best friend", but even best friends can hide things from each other. There is just no way you can confirm that RPK didn't take a single sen. So can you please stop clutching straws to defend RPK and be more less biased please?

5. Haris said: ""If you listen carefully, Raja Petra said, 'Saya tidak lagi terima cerita itu, sebab saya rasa mungkin mustahil kut'. He is saying that 'I do not yet believe this story, because it's quite incredible'.When you read the Star, they quoted him as saying, 'I no longer accept the story. I think it's quite impossible'. The mainstream media has distorted (his statement)."

My response — Hello Haris! There is no distortion there also! That is an exact and accurate translation from BM to BI! What "distortion" are you talking about, Haris? Why does it appear you are so desperate to defend RPK on his behalf?

6. Haris said: "Haris added that the mainstream media had insinuated that Raja Petra drew the information that he put down on his statutory declaration in 2008 from several sources, when in fact it only came from one source – Nik Azmi Nik Daud, a former aide to Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Haris said Raja Petra had then contacted blogger Din Merican…"

My response — Haris, why name names in an interview with such a dirty mainstream media? Is RPK trying to detonate Pakatan Rakyat and PKR by doing this? It's just a TV interview, not a confidential police statement. So why whistleblow your own informer? All this makes us think that RPK is trying to "pretend" that this is all mainstream media "spin" but in reality, RPK very cleverly has achieved his purpose in terms of altering "perception". He has succeeded in tarnishing Pakatan. He has also forever tarnished his reputation as a "defender of the rakyat".

7. Haris said: "while there is no denying Raja Petra had been critical of Anwar and the opposition in the TV3 interview, he stressed that it is nothing that the outspoken blogger hasn't said before."

My response — Hello, it's the perception strategy again. Even if he has attacked Anwar Ibrahim so many times before, why must RPK give Barisan Nasional so much ammunition on a gold platter like this to use on such a wonderful television media to be aired left and right, night and day on TV? Something cannot be right.

Also, in my view:

*RPK is like a bull in a china shop, he just goes ramming everywhere, and he uses this tactic to taint Pakatan Rakyat and pretends "that's just his style". We don't by it.

*RPK is a big talker, more of a big talker than a doer for most of the while, and people who talk like a hero are usually suspicious characters who screw us up in the end.

*RPK is no god. He relies on the rakyat's power so tell him not to fool us around. Who asked him to given an interview to TV3? If he is such a big talker and so damn smart, who asked him to talk to TV3? This is the major mystery and the key to RPK joining the devil's side.

*We should also listen other people's views to understand RPK, not just Haris's views alone. There is a damning Letter To The Editor in Malaysiakini that was just published, which will tell you who RPK really is. Check this out:

After reading this Malaysiakini bombshell letter and Haris's statement about RPK, make up your minds about RPK.

Let us decide for ourselves whether to trust RPK or not.

Also, RPK is no god. I don't want to have faith in him.

I also don't want to give my full faith to MCLM.

I will only give my faith to the truth, to justice, to real reform, to real friendship with the rakyat.

If MCLM achieves this, then good. If Pakatan achieves this, then good.

But no one should ask us, the rakyat, to give blind faith to any one.

Haris, you should have just told us "think and use your hearts to decide" rather than ask us to blindly "keep the faith".

I wish you were more objective and impartial, Haris.

DAP in Sri Aman

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 08:59 AM PDT

Video courtesy of DAP Sri Aman
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TBH's family members undergo psychiatric interview

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 04:52 AM PDT

Story to follow
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Karpal receives a rousing welcome in Miri

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 04:33 AM PDT

DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh gets a warm and rousing welcome from the Miri crowd numbering over 10000.
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Pembela: 'Don't politicise Al Kitab issue'

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 04:05 AM PDT

The government's solution to resolve discontent of the Christian community in releasing the Malay-language Bible was a "political move" without consideration to the legal provisions in light of tomorrow's Sarawak state election. Pembela, the coalition of Muslim groups, protested against the action to release some 35000 impounded copies of Al Kitab, the Bible in the Malay language, after Friday prayers in Masjid Negara this afternoon. Full story:
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RPK's TV interview heavily spinned, says MCLM

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 03:48 AM PDT

The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) today lambasted the BN for spinning a two-month-old interview TV3 conducted with blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who is widely referred to as RPK. In throwing its full support behind RPK, MCLM president Haris Ibrahim (left) said the timing and "spin-doctoring" by the mainstream media clearly showed that the BN was using any means it could to stop Pakatan Rakyat's advance in the Sarawak polls. Haris accused the mainstream media of having presented Raja Petra's interview completely out of context, describing it as a bid to "distract" voters from the key issue of "bringing change in Sarawak". Full story:
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DAP's campaign goes on despite rain

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 03:17 AM PDT

DAP's campaign in Miri were brought inside the corridor of a shop due to the rain.
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BN Show us …….

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 09:11 AM PDT


We are always with you…….

This MCLM wants to be a father figure to the Opposition...

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 09:09 AM PDT

Its President was speaking on April 15, two weeks too late for the best 2011's April Fool's joke!

Just launched less than a year ago, MCLM's self-anointed President Haris Ibrahim says his supra-governing body called Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement, initially flagged off as a Third Force, then a cndiadtes' selection body to the Pakatan Rakyat, then an Auditor of all Parliamentarians, you name its chameleonic forms, dear EsteemedReaders!, now MCLM wants to be a "father" figure to the Opposition parties. Hey Haris, DAP and PAS are in their fifties quite close to your age and Raja Petra's while PKR under Anwar Ibrahim is in its teens of 12 or 13 years, but Anwar has been an activist starting as ABIM chief, then as a politician, for at least four decades!...).

Hey. why don't you go "fly a kite" in the UK or Australia -- join thy Chairmanlah well endowed by some philanthropist's funds -- whose name I won't even deem worth while mentioning in full here because he has fooled enough Malaysians longing for a two-party/coalition system for along time. As I said about six months ago, MCLM's only clear-cut role is to put spanners into the wheel of Pakatan Rakyat now running quite smoothly except for some "Trojan horses" who entered PKR house as guests and tried to burn the house down (Thank the good Lord our God who's smarter than Zaid Ibrahim, John Soh CW and Jeffrey Kitingan and all their cronies combined ..., they did NOT succeed! ~~ Amen).


Partial extract from the Malaysian Insider's report:

MCLM sees itself a father figure to Opposition parties

By Melissa Chi
April 15, 2011

MCLM president Haris Ibrahim said the organisation criticises the Opposition in the hope that it will bring about improvements. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, April 15 — Fledgling group Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) justified its criticisms of Opposition parties and its leaders, saying today it was only hoping to see them improve and did not wish to discredit them.

MCLM president Haris Ibrahim stressed they wanted to see Opposition parties improve in the future when commenting on the outrage over the organisation chairman Raja Petra Kamarudin's criticism of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that was broadcast by the pro-government TV3 television station.

"We do this almost like how a father would chastise a child whom he loves because you see something wrong and you set it right.

"If you go through this entire video clip, you will not find once where Raja Petra says Anwar has lost complete credibility. He was critical over efforts by the Opposition to form a shadow Cabinet, as he has said several times before in his blog," Haris told reporters at the organisation's headquarters here.

The MCLM was formed last October in London.
(Go read the report in full at!)

I will now just copy six samples of the comments to this report sighted just before midnight Friday, the close of campaigning in the Sarawak state elections. Thanks a million MI! ENJOY!-- YL, Desi

Tahir Nisa
· 2 hours ago
Whether spinned or not. It was a pure stupid action by RPK to agree to be interviewed by TV3, when it was this same guy (RPK) that categorised mainstream media's as unethical and spinners. Now it what circumstances did you RPK agree to be interviewed by TV3 and don't tell us here in Malaysia that it is none of our business on who interviews you. Bear in mind RPK you partly survive with money donated/paid by fellow Malaysians that oppose BN and its cronies....and if you had forgotten RPK, TV3 is one of them (cronies of BN).

bonnie · 4 hours ago
This must be the joke of the century. RPK and MCLM by association is worse than Mr Anwar Ibrahim. Talk about hypocrisy, lies, deception, arrogance, and ambitions. Your image and reputation now is so tarnished one sees u as no more than a pile of cow crap. Stinking and yucky and totally undesired. At least AI did not betrayed anyone or any principle.

michealvernon ·
3 hours ago
Be careful of MCLM. Two turncoats , RPK and Zaid, are prominient members of this organisation. Please folks read between the lines. The MCLM is a TROJAN HORSE which will destroy the opposition. Like a Trojan virus which infects the computer, the MCLM has been planted by "you know who", to destroy the opposition.

· 3 hours ago
Whatever MCLM says here in mitigation is inconsequential.Harm has already been done to opposition efforts and a big boost given to the BN.A lot of questions are in readers' minds like why your chairman chose this timing to make his "revelations" and the use of mainstream media knowing very well they will twist,turn and spin every word he says.Do you really think readers will believe you or the opposition will accept such a two timing father ?

Gerard Samuel Vijayan Lourdesamy
· 3 hours ago
Harris, since when did the MCLM become the "father" figure for the Opposition parties in Malaysia? Most of these parties were formed well before MCLM. A father does not chastise his children in public when he is fully aware that his comments or actions would be distorted. RPK's interview with TV3 was the height of stupidity. Since when did the mainstream media become the friend of civil society? If RPK has a bone to pick with Anwar do it elsewhere and some other time. If he wants to cut a deal with Najib and return home, so be it. But RPK should not try to make fools of the rest of us. He is not that smart.

menj · 2 hours ago
With people like Haris Ibrahim heading MCLM, who needs enemies?

Yes, dear MENJ -- I had also written an article last October I reprised two days ago titled: "With friends like RPK and Haris Ibrahim, PKR doesn't need enemies"!

(Gambar) Ceramah Hari Terakhir Pakatan Rakyat

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 09:03 AM PDT

Ceramah Gergasi Hari Terakhir Pakatan Rakyat!

Sibu - 20,000 orang
Miri - 25,000 orang
Kuching - 30,000 orang

RM36,736 donation in Miri!!!

DUN Sarawak = 71 seats
Simple Majority = 36 seats
1/3 = 24 Seats

Result: starting from 8pm onwards...

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Jatuhkan Taib. Jatuhkan Najib. Jatuhkan BN

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 08:20 AM PDT

Sekiranya BN terus menang dengan 2/3 besok, maka Taib Mahmud akan terus memerintah Sarawak sehingga pilihanraya seterusnya. Tiada sebab beliau berundur kerana jelas rakyat masih memberi sokongan kepada beliau dgn majoriti 2/3.

Namun, kalau BN kalah besok, ertinya Pak Taib akan tersunggkur. Maka, Sarawak akan mendapat kerajaan dan Ketua Menteri yang baru.

Ia juga bererti Sarawak bukan negeri selamat untuk BN. Ia berpotensi untuk menyebabkan Barisan Nasional itu sendiri tersunggkur menyembah bumi.

Maka, haruslah semua pengundi Sarawak keluar mengundi besok dan mengundi Pakatan Rakyat demi masa depan Malaysia dan anak cucu kita.


Tulang Besi

Epistle To The Church In Malaysia — By Thomas Lee Seng Hock.

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 07:57 AM PDT

Dear sisters and brothers in the faith,

Greetings in the name of our beloved Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. His love, grace, peace, joy and blessings be upon all of you who love, honour and obey him.

I write this open letter as a fellow believer and as a humble servant of the Almighty God to make a clarion call to my sisters and brothers in the faith to unite in solidarity of vision and mission to bring about a moral and spiritual transformation of our beloved nation, by our individual prayers and united corporate intercession, and through our vocal articulation and visible demonstration of our life and faith beyond the walls of our comfort zone within our churches. The time has come for us to wake up from our spiritual slumber, and stand up, without fear or favour, and be counted for the Lord Jesus.

Most, if not all, of you are surely aware and concerned that our beloved country is currently going through a very critical and uncertain time, during which various delicate and sensitive matters are being exploited and abused by the evil forces out to destroy the peaceful and harmonious co-existence of our multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-ideological and multi-lingual nation. It is during such a time as this that we as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ need to go on our knees before the throne of grace to seek forgiveness, mercy and divine intervention to save our nation from disintegration and destruction.

The church and state

One of the most heretical deceptions that the Christian community has been infused with by misguided western missionaries is the so-called separation of the church and state, meaning that Christians should not be involved in matters of the state, or take any stand on political issues. This teaching is based on a distorted exegesis of the statement by the Lord Jesus on the issue of paying tax: "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's" (Matthew 22:21).

The traditional church community has always used this statement to mark a demarcation between what is supposed to be "spiritual" or sacred, and what is considered "secular" or worldly. Hence, a broad boundary exists today between the church and the world outside its walls, with Christians having two distinct spheres of lifestyle.

Such a compartmentalisation of life into "spiritual" and "secular" is certainly bad theology, and is, in fact, contrary to the biblical doctrine of man with its emphasis on the whole person, with the involvement in the whole of life in every area and sphere of life and thoughts. Unfortunately, many Malaysian pastors and church leaders still have such misconceived and mislaid socio-political conscience, and are even paranoid over anything political. Many are also living in fear and trembling of such harsh and draconian laws like the Internal Security Act (ISA), which provides for indiscriminate detention with trial.

Hence, there is much reluctance of the part of the pastors and church leaders to preach, teach and articulate on socio-economic and political matters, even though the Bible is full of such stories and teachings of social ethical values and practices. For example, the story of the Exodus in the Old Testament is a narration of a political liberation movement led by Moses to free the Hebrew slaves from the despotic Pharaoh of Egypt. In the New Testament, the beheading of John the Baptist was the result of the prophet's moral-political campaign against the immorality in high places. The Lord Jesus himself was crucified for his challenge to the corrupt religious leaders and the oppressive Roman authorities.

In the Malaysian Christian community, there are many, especially pastors and church leaders, who are sincere and anxious to preserve and protect the fundamental faith without compromise and condensation, and are faithful and obedient to strive for the fulfilment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus. However, due to the shallow theological education they received at local seminaries, which are mere clones of the western seminaries, many of them have developed unbalanced and narrow views and attitudes, especially in relation to socio-economic and political matters. This is why many pastors and church leaders are perceived as docile and submissive, and are easily frightened, bullied or placated by the bureaucracy outside the church. This can also be observed when a VIP government personality visits their church. They dress up in their formal best and get so excited like little children getting gifts from Santa Claus.

And over the years till even now, the pastors and church leaders who represent the Christian community in negotiations with the governmental authorities over matters of dispute have used the so-called soft diplomatic approach, meeting behind closed doors, without press coverage, although the issues are of public interest and concern. However, all these meetings seemed to end with meaningless conclusions, with the pastors and church leaders apparently at a loss over what had actually transpired, and what had been pledged, since all the so-called agreements were never ever implemented.

I expect the so-called instant 10-point plan proposed by the federal government to resolve the current controversy over the Bahasa Malaysia version of the Bible to similarly become a political mirage that will disappear as soon as the current Sarawak state election and the impending 13th general election are over. Basically, the 10-point plan, amazingly formulated instantly within a few days, is an expedient tool to deal with the impounding of the Bahasa Malaysia Bible, to provide a convenient political diversion for the Sarawak state election. The pastors and church leaders who agree to endorse such an illusive and delusive "solution" to the Bahasa Malaysia Bible controversy certainly lack wisdom and are short-sighted. Thankfully, the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) chairman Bishop Ng Moon Hing is a wise leader who is able to discern the real situation. He made the following media statement on the issue:

"The 10-point solution deals with the impounding of the Alkitab but not with the prohibition of publications containing the word 'Allah'. The root cause of the problem of the impounding of the Alkitab lies in the following:

(a) The 1982 prohibition of the Alkitab and the 1983 prohibition of the Perjanjian Baru under the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) on the grounds that the Alkitab is prejudicial to national interest and the security of Malaysia.

(b) The 1986 administrative order prohibiting the use of the term 'Allah' in Christian publications on the grounds of public order and prevention of misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians.

(c) The Garis Panduan of the Bahagian Kawalan Penerbitan dan Teks Al-Quran of the Ministry of Home Affairs prohibiting the use of the word 'Allah'.

In this regard we refer to item 9 of the 10-point solution which reiterates the government's commitment to address religious issues. The government, therefore, should take immediate steps to remove the root causes by revoking the orders made under the ISA and the administrative order and to amend the Garis Panduan to remove the prohibition.

The 'one country two policies' approach is confusing and unacceptable. We look forward to working with the government to address other long-standing issues affecting the Christian community including the relevant provisions in the state enactments."

Syabas, Bishop Ng. We stand firmly in support of your stand.

Time to take a firm stand

At such a time as this when our nation is immersed in such serious controversies involving the question of human, civil and constitutional rights of Christians to freely profess, practise, promote, and propagate our faith without constraints and restraints, Christians of all denominations and differing theological inclinations should stand in solidarity to preserve and protect our rights from being diluted, deprived, and severely undermined.

There is also the increasingly dangerous moral decline infesting the soul of our nation, with corruption, cronyism, nepotism, and immorality fast becoming a way of life among some of the elites of the nation.

English historian Edward Gibbon, in his famous six-volume "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", has shown us that it was the immoral behaviour of the Roman emperors, politicians and rich people that led to the decay and eventual fall of the Roman Empire.

According to Gibbon, the Roman Empire succumbed to external invasions because of the gradual loss of moral values and virtue among its political leaders, who were enjoying the luxurious comfortable life and lifestyle, with nary a concern about the country, its future, and posterity. The emperors and the political leaders were immoral, corrupt, weak and lazy. They outsourced their responsibilities and duties to develop and defend their nation to foreign migrants, who later became so numerous that they were able to overrun the country and take control of it.

If we are not to go the way of the Romans, surely we need to protect our children and progenies from the current onslaught of the destabilising and destructive sensually self-indulgent hedonistic culture invading our nation from the West, transmitted directly to our homes via the globalwide cyber network connection and by satellite television.

The horror of such a moral incursion into our society should not be simply dismissed as scaremongering, or as spreading ominous reports or rumours of impending disaster.

The moral decay is fast descending upon us. Truth, righteousness, justice, fairness, love, equality and basic human rights are being compromised too. Then there are the racists with their insensitive, offensive and outrageous attitude and actions. The horror of such a scenario cannot be ignore, and we need to act fast to arrest the increasingly fast moral decline in our nation.

Need for electoral revolution

Hence, we need to initiate an electoral revolution, by going all out to vote en bloc for candidates who have impeccable integrity, blameless character, irreproachable moral and virtuous immaculate lifestyle.

As Christians constitute 10 per cent of the nation's population, and nearly 45 per cent of the Sarawak population, we are a formidable force with tremendous electoral clout to bring about a transformation of the political landscape in our nation. We should exercise our civil and constitutional right to vote for the best possible candidates to lead our state and nation.

The fate of our nation and the future of our children are in our hands. We must not waste this opportune kairos time to bring about a moral transformation in our nation, so that righteousness will exalt our nation (Proverb 14:34).

As we pray the Lord's Prayer, saying "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:19), let us allow the Lord to do his will through us when we exercise our right to vote.

May God bless all you real good, and may he also look favourably upon our homeland and bless it with peace, harmony, and prosperity.

Your servant in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

OMEGA REVELATIONS: Will the real old dogs please stand up

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 07:02 AM PDT

This is the disrespectful banner that they Opposition and their crass politics are putting up on Kuching roadsides, they rudely compare the Chief Minister and some senior members of the state assembly as asuk tua or old dogs....

Well, let us look at some of the old dogs in Pakatan, or as my friend likes to say it, Babi tua

OMEGA REVELATIONS: Haris Ibrahim spinning like a top trying to defend RPK

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 06:33 AM PDT

There are those who believe so completely in something that even if they see clear as a day a white ball, they will still say it is a purple octopus.

It seems that this is the case with Haris Ibrahim and Raja Petra....

Haris is so desperate to defend RPK that he said the blogger's interview has been chopped up to misrepresent the Opposition's premier mouthpiece.

I am to privy to what has transpired between RPK and Datuk Ashraf Abdullah of TV3 and how long the interview actually lasted  but all I wan to say is that RPK has access to the internet and/or has access to a telephone and can tell one of his MalaysiaToday writers to rebut

In fact he also gave a 13-minute interview to Radio Australia today, giving his assessment of what the Sarawak state election has to offer to the Opposition, and not even once did he say that his interview was edited to misrepresent him

RPK's interview with Radio Australia is HERE 

So I guess what I am saying is this, it is time to start thinking and and examine the evidence in hand rather than just listening to one side of the story

In case you missed it, part one of RPK's interview with TV3 is here

(Gambar) Ceramah Pakatan Rakyat Kuching Telah Mencecah 30,000 Orang

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 06:31 AM PDT

Menurut laporan merdeka review, Ceramah Pakatan Rakyat di Kuching kini mencecah 30,000 orang. Ramai yang berpakaian warna merah yang menandakan gelombang perubahan.

Menurut SPR, keputusan pilihanraya negeri Sarawak akan diketahui mulai jam 8 malam sehingga jam 11 malam.

Informasi DUN Sarawak:
Jumlah Kerusi: 71
Simple Majority : 36
Target PR: 24 (1/3)

Tips untuk mengundi, sila layari:

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Malaysian Main Stream Media is the Worst Public Enemy

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 06:28 AM PDT


Posted: 15 Apr 2011 06:04 AM PDT


Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful rendition of I Will Always Love You from Ziana Zain. Rosmah Mansor cannot match or pegang lilin to Ziana vocal prowess la. Maybe should take singing lessons from Ziana
Nazri, in taking a swipe at Najib, said those who are prime minister must have high moral standards. "caught in the act of adultery" with Zaina Zain in Port Dickson, which is actually a smokescreen!! Najib had indeed been caught with that actress, but not in Port Dickson but in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Najib's special Branch officers had inserted the story of it being in Port Dickson in order to lay the ground for his alibi and it has now been conveniently covered up and the blame place on his underlings in the Army!!




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  the ghost Altantuya is after deepak BY KIM QUEK Raja Petra Kamarudin's  interview by TV3 last night is undoubtedly a piece of political propaganda aimed at cleansing Prime Minister Najib Razak's taint with the Altantuya murder case ahead of the Sarawak elections two days from now. Raja Petra's interview was centered on an affidavit he signed on … Read more


Pakatan Rakyat (PR) remains disunited as a coalition due to differing ideologies between its three parties as well as having an incapable leader, Raja Petra Kamarudin said in an interview aired by TV3 tonight. A leader is a person who inspires, by her actions, her followers to dream and do the impossible. A leader is a … Read more


DEEPAK SING ROSMAH  Inviting – exciting – emotion with power I had never known, a world of unchained devotion because you were my very own. I had fallen in love with you. Together we sailed in springtime to an isle beyond seas of blue, and when we returned, a new life was waiting, in a … Read more



 Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin insisted today he is still behind the opposition cause and denied that he has sold out after giving an interview to TV3.
He caused a stir two days ago when he said on the national television station that he never accused Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife of being behind the gruesome 2006 murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shariibuu.
The editor of the Malaysia Today news portal explained his actions in an email interview withThe Malaysian Insider. The full text is reproduced below.
TMI: You were recently in Australia, meaning you have a passport to travel. Where are you now and where are you based? Will you be coming back to Malaysia soon?
RPK: I am currently in Bali. And no, I will not be going back to Malaysia, at least not until the government changes. If Barisan Nasional remains the government then I shall have to be buried in Brookwood beside my mother when I die.
Why do you ask whether I am coming back to Malaysia? Because of my TV3 interview? If I do a TV3 interview and then return to Malaysia (which would mean I can't if I did not do that interview) would that not be too obvious that the interview was a sell-out? 
Stupid move don't you think?
TMI: Why did you give the interview to TV3? You have attacked the press, especially mainstream, in Malaysia before. Why trust them? Are there no other avenues?
RPK: Do I need to trust them to give an interview?
I don't trust you or Malaysian Insider either. I think you are tools for Khairy Jamaluddin and Kalimullah Hassan. Yet you send me this interview and yet I respond. 
You came to me. I did not go to you. TV3 also came to me. I did not go to them.
(NoteThe Malaysian Insider is not owned by or connected in any way to either Khairy Jamaluddin or Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan.)
TMI: Now PKR are calling you a turncoat for what they say is an attempt to discredit Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Is this true, or are they overreacting?
RPK: Anyone who whacks Najib, (Datin Seri) Rosmah (Mansor), (Tun Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad), (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin (Yassin), Khairy (Jamaluddin), (Datuk) Mukhriz (Mahathir) and so on is a patriot, Godsend, loyal Malaysian, and reincarnation of Gandhi and Mother Teresa both in one, as far as the opposition is concerned. 
Anyone who even mildly criticises the opposition or its leaders is a traitor, a turncoat, has been bought, has sold out, is doing it for money, and much more. 
This is typical opposition mentality. 
They accuse the government of not allowing freedom of speech. They mean, of course, freedom to criticise the government. But when you criticise the opposition that is not freedom of speech. You are a Judas.
Show me one thing I said in my TV3 interview that I have not said before. Is there anything new I have said in the TV3 interview or am I merely repeating myself?
People say: I merely write in Malaysia Today. How many people actually read Malaysia Today? How many Malaysians access the internet? Very few! Television, however, reaches 97 per cent of the population, they say.
But when I finally get on television they get upset. Why? Do you think TV3 is going to air my interview if I whack Najib and condemn the government? They give me airtime because I criticise Anwar.
You mean I have never criticised Anwar before? Anwar even criticised me in his talk in Sydney, Australia. You can see the video on Youtube. So we have been criticising each other for a long time. 
In 2004, I resigned from Suara Keadilan in a huff during the PKR Ipoh convention due to a conflict and concentrated full time on Malaysia Today. So the "feud", if you want to call it that, is seven years old, not something new.
The only difference between then and now is that, then, my criticism was confined to the Internet. Now it is on national television. That is the only difference. And that is the real issue here.
If I had said what I said on Australian radio and television (which I have) then people would not get upset. But when I say the same on TV3 they get upset. This is because TV3 is owned by Umno. But if TV3 happened to be owned by Anwar Ibrahim they would not mind. It is because it is owned by Umno that they are upset.
The trouble is they associate the opposition with Anwar. I am Rome and Rome is me! We need to change that. Anwar is Anwar and the opposition is the opposition. Anwar is not indispensable. We can't put the entire future of the opposition just on Anwar. 
What happens if Anwar is sent to jail? And there are reasons to believe he will. Does the opposition close down? We must be able to look beyond Anwar. This is not about Anwar. It is about the cause, the fight for change. Sometimes we may need to criticise Anwar to save the opposition.
And have I not said this many times before? So what am I saying now that I have never said before? I am just repeating myself here. Only this time it has gotten onto national television. 
Incidentally, what I am saying is what many are also saying. The only difference is: they whisper behind Anwar's back and praise him to his face. I tell it to his face. That is the only difference.
When Anwar was in jail from 1998 to 2004, how many of these Anwar "diehards" came to Anwar's house every Thursday night. I used to go to his house on Thursday nights and the "crowd" was only about 100 or so.
Today, many people are Anwar diehards. Let's see when the government again sends Anwar to jail whether these same people will be in Anwar's house every Thursday night or whether the "crowd" will dwindle, yet again, to a mere 100.
Nurul Izzah (Anwar) and I went before the Australian Foreign Affairs Committee last month to brief the Parliamentarians about what the government is doing to Anwar and to ask for the help from the Australian government. One month before that I did this TV3 interview (although it just came out).
So, on the one hand I ask foreign governments to help Anwar. On the other hand I also criticise Anwar. Anwar and the cause are two separate issues. I may support one but I may criticise the other because they are two different issues.
TMI: Some have interpreted this as you saying DS Najib and his wife are not involved in the murder of Altantuya. Is this what you're saying? Or are you still convinced they are involved?
RPK: Have you read my statutory declaration, which is the focus of my first interview? Did I allege they are involved in the murder or did I say that Lt-Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin made that allegation and, therefore, this has to be investigated? What I signed in that June 2008 SD is what I am still saying today.
TMI: People are speculating, as Malaysians do, that you gave this interview for reasons such as money or a deal to allow you to return to Malaysia without being charged or arrested. Your response?
RPK: Malaysians always and only think about money. So they try to read into everything you say or do as being about money. If I praise Anwar and the opposition, it is not about money. It is about the struggle, the cause, ideals, and so on. 
Why don't they also say that you were paid by Anwar to support the opposition? Only when you criticise the opposition and/or Anwar is it about money.
When a person is a thief, he imagines everyone else also as thieves. So when people only think about money, they always think that what you are doing must be about money. It can't be for other reasons.

The Secret Service shares secrets

The men who guarded JFK talk about their experiences on Nov. 22, 1963

by Bill Castanier

For Doug Roberts, director of the Michigan State University Institute for Public Policy and Social Research and a former state treasurer, Nov. 22, 1963, is etched in memory. He was a 16-year-old in the 11th grade at a suburban Maryland school, and he remembers the day vividly. He should: His dad, Emory Roberts, was at the site of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Emory Roberts was the Secret Service agent in charge, riding in the passenger seat of a car right behind the limousine carrying Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Texas Gov. John Connally, his wife, Nellie, and two Secret Service agents.
Doug Roberts said his teachers withheld the news of the assassination until last period.
"They knew there would be pandemonium," he said. "When they gave us the news, they said a Secret Service agent had also been killed (the victim was later identified as Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit). "I thought I lost a president and a father. I jumped up and ran down the hall to a phone."
Doug Roberts called his mother: "Is Dad OK?" 
Without hesitating, she said, "He's OK." 
Three days later Doug Roberts found out that at the time of the phone call his mother had no idea if his father was safe or not. "When I asked her, she said we would've dealt with it then."
Yet, that same day, Emory Roberts returned to Washington on the flight with the new president, Lyndon Johnson. His mother drove to the White House with Robert's older brother to pick him up, just as she done many, many times after a day on the job.
Doug Roberts remembers his father coming home and going to the Underwood Upright to type up his report, which he would give to Doug to read that night.
"In all due respect, my father was a Joe Friday — ´just the facts.´ He wrote that he had heard two or three shots. When I asked him why he didn't know the exact number, he said, 'The brain is not a tape recorder.'" 
Doug Roberts said immediately after the shooting, his father had made the decision to move the rest of the detail to protect Johnson; Emory Roberts was the one who informed Johnson he was president.
These are the types of recollections and records that former Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine used in compiling his account of the assassination for the recently published book, "The Kennedy Detail."
"Detail" delivers a point-by-point personalized account of the assassination, using details drawn from the men who were charged with protecting President Kennedy.
Blaine — who was in Austin at the time of the assassination, advancing the next leg of the Kennedy trip — said that after the agents gave their reports to the Warren Commission, "nothing was ever discussed."
Blaine went on to a career in private security consulting after serving three presidents over a five-year period. He said he was motivated to set the record straight by the many conspiracy books and movies that have been produced over the years, including director Oliver Stone's 1991 film "JFK," and such books as Jim Garrison's "On the Trail of the Assassins" and Mark Lane's "Rush to Judgment."
"They made such a mess of history," Blaine said, "and this book dispels their conspiracy theories."
The author, who co-wrote "The Kennedy Detail" with Lisa McKubbin, said the most difficult aspect of writing the book was the "renewal of old memories."
He recalls sitting down with a number of agents and going over every detail of the day.
"It was quite a healing. They didn't have trauma counseling then, and we were totally dedicated to the president."
Blaine knows that the book won't satisfy conspiracy theorists: "They've spent 47 years trying to hang on to their theories and they will always find an enemy." But Blaine said agents who were on the site that day firmly believe Lee Harvey Oswald was the single gunman, operating alone.
Doug Roberts is sponsoring an appearance by Blaine and McCubbin at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Parlor C of the MSU Union; RSVPs are required; call (517) 353-1731. Also in attendance will be former Secret Service agent Cliff Hill, who was the first agent to reach the presidential limousine following the shooting, and former Secret Service agent Rad Jones, an MSU graduate and now an MSU Criminal Justice professor.
At the time of the assassination, Jones was the youngest agent to have served on a presidential detail.

The Unending Haunt of Altantuya

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Why is no one investigating Najib and Rosmah?

Why did two unknown commandos with absolutely no motive get charged and convicted? Can someone answer these questions?

This is the best piece I've read on the Mongolian model fiasco so far.


Raja Petra Kamarudin's interview by TV3 last night is undoubtedly a piece of political propaganda aimed at cleansing Prime Minister Najib Razak's taint with the Altantuya murder case ahead of the Sarawak elections two days from now.

Raja Petra's interview was centered on an affidavit he signed on June 18, 2008, in which he claimed he was reliably told by his informant that Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor was at the scene of the crime to witness the blasting of Altantuya Shariibuu's body. But Raja Petra now claims that he no longer believes what he believed then.

Let us be very clear on this issue at the very outset. The veracity or otherwise of that affidavit as well as whatever belief or disbelief Raja Petra may have over the Altantuya case does not add to or subtract one bit from the dark clouds that persist in hanging over Najib with regard to this murder case.

Failure of institutions

Such negative perceptions of Najib do not arise from so-and-so says this or that. Rather, they have accumulated over Najib's own failure to conduct himself appropriately as well as the effort by our law-enforcing institutions to keep Najib out of bounds from due legal process. The overtly protective shield provided Najib is to the point of dereliction of duty and borders on criminal collusion.

It is these flagrant institutional failures as well Najib's own clumsily evasive conduct that has deepened public suspicion. These instances are too many to enumerate, but we will mention a few to refresh public memory.

Starting with the police, there is no reason whatsoever why the police should have left Najib and his aide-de-camp Musa Safri out of its loop of investigation, when all the three accused were closely linked to the prime minister.

Police failure was even more glaring when it failed to act on all three of private investigator P. Balasubramaniam's affidavits and video interview by three senior lawyers.

The information provided by Bala in these documents not only incriminated Najib (in first affidavit) but also accused Rosmah and Najib's brother Nazim of forcing Bala and his family to flee the country with bribes and threats (recorded in video interview and submitted via the third affidavit). The third affidavit was in reply to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) written questions, and submitted in July 2010. There has been no response from MACC, despite written reminders by Bala's lawyer.

What possible reason is there for the police and MACC to remain silent over these serious accusations, backed by details, against the Prime Minister and his family? If Najib and family are innocent, wouldn't these law enforcing bodies have sprung to action in the first instance to clear the PM and family of such a horrible stigma?

Bizarre irregularities

The scenario in the court is even more bizarre. Revealing and critical evidence exposed in court was quickly smothered, instead of being pursued in the cause of truth and justice. The extraordinary part is that the attempt to bury these new evidences was not engendered by one or two parties but by all the three parties acting in concert - prosecutor, defence and judge.

One piece of evidence is the missing immigration record of Altantuya, and its erasure which hints at providing a lead to some high-powered involvement in the case. The other piece of evidence is an alleged photograph of Najib, Altantuya and the third accused having a meal in a restaurant, which if tendered, would have nailed Najib who repeatedly swore that he had never known nor met Altantuya.

This grotesque phenomenon of confluence of interest of all the judicial players in not pursuing the evidence can have only one explanation - Najib must be kept out of this case.

That justice might not have been fully served through the sentencing of the first two accused to death should be obvious, when the court never bothered to probe into the motive of executing the girl - and in such cruel fashion. It is not difficult to fathom why motive of murder was never mentioned in court. The simple answer is: there is none.

The two convicted killers, who were bodyguards to Najib, and trained to execute orders rigidly without question, had no motive on their own to kill someone they had never met. And since the third accused, who was accused of instigating the killing, was set free due to lack of evidence, then the remaining question must be: Who ordered the killing? Is it conceivable that the bodyguards had killed without order and without motive? Isn't it logical to deduce that the mastermind and real culprit may still be lurching somewhere beyond the realm of the court?

It is clear that major questions and swirling doubts over the handling of the case are still unresolved. Until these are satisfactorily answered through a just court and an honourable police force, which can only be brought into existence through a complete change of political leadership, it is naïve to hope for the return of justice to the Altantuya family and the nation.

And until such time, Premier Najib Razak cannot expect to be free from the haunt of Altantuya's murder.


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No...this is NOT an Omega. This is Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic...

Tag watches are world famous, worn and endorsed by celebs, sportsmen and politicians.

Whereas Omega was only made famous by Mr Sleuth James Bond 007. Omega was the official timepiece for Mr Bond, as much the Aston Martin was his ride in the pre-Millennium Bond movies but the honour is now with BMW.

Jaguar was the official ride for British sleuth Simon Templar's tv series while Volvo S40 was the sleuth's ride in The Saint, the movie. The was no official timepiece.

Recently Omega was suddenly a well-known brand so much so a longhouse chieftain (tuai) in Sarawak had asked a certain politician of a his watch reported missing (or was it stolen?) from a certain hotel room. That means the tuai was a well-informed person, especially on the brand.

In fact the whole country is overwhelmed by this Omega brand, i.e. a certain specially-designed model said to be a gift from a certain Arab kingdom.

The problem with the politician was that he is an Omega, not a Tag Heuer.

For guys (yours truly included) with Tag, we are just like the brand, "Tag Heuer: Don't Crack Under Preassure"...

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