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And in response to Zahrain's linking him to the blogger, Zaid Ibrahim retorts: So what?
show that blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin and Pakatan Rakyat secretariat coordinator Zaid Ibrahim had checked into the same hotel in the UK last year.This has raised the eyebrows of Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, who quit PKR in February and declared himself an Independent lawmaker.

"I have here their hotel bookings. Raja Petra made a booking from Oct 1-4 at the Britannia Hotel (in) Manchester and Zaid made a booking at the same hotel from Oct 1-3," he told journalists at the Parliament lobby today.

He questioned the "coincidence" and called for an investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to probe if there is link between the duo.

"I am asking MACC to (find out who is funding) Raja Petra's stay in London. What was (Zaid) doing with a fugitive in Manchester?" asked Zahrain.

Asked if he was accusing Zaid of providing the funds, Zahrain denied this but said he wants MACC to get to the bottom of the matter.

He also claimed to have a copy of an email from Raja Petra to his daughter, stating that he had received RM470,000 from Amarjit Singh.

Since Amarjit is a lawyer for both Raja Petra and PKR, said Zahrain, the money may have come from the party.

"I know that there is a relationship between the PKR right-hand man with Raja Petra, based on the hotel booking. Therefore I want (de facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz) and MACC to investigate," he said.

Zahrain (left) added that he would hand over his information to Nazri after the press conference.

Raja Petra was charged with sedition and criminal defamation last year but was given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal in both matters, as the prosecution could not serve the warrant of arrest on him despite several postponements.
Missing from Malaysia since May last year, he now lives in self-imposed exile.
In an immediate response posted on his blog, Zaid stayed true to character and appeared unpertubed by the accusations.
'I met RPK. So?'
He instead expressed 'pity' for Zahrain for being "so pathetic".

"Parliamentarians should be proposing ideas for national policy and be brave in criticising government decisions… this is their job, especially "Independent" MPs who are favoured by the PM.

"That is why I am surprised that this has been made an issue. (Zahrain) has become like a member of the Special Branch," he said in the posting.

Zaid also admitted to being friends with Raja Petra and his wife Marina that he had met with them during his trip to Manchester last year.

While Raja Petera did indeed make the bookings for him, the former did not stay at the hotel as it was only 15 minutes from his home, said Zaid.

"Meeting Raja Petra is not a crime, dear YB. Even you have been to his house in Manchester," he said, turning the tables on Zahrain.

Unlike others, he suggested, he does not believe in abandoning friends in times of need and would visit them everytime he is in London.

"I will be in London again next week and God-willing, I will meet with Marina and Petra.
"I also hope to meet with Bala if MACC does not want to meet with him," he said, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the anti-corruption agency's decision to cancel its much awaited interview to record private investigator P Balasubramaniam over the Altantuya

What goes round comes round. Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK, Raja) was always about his self-centered narcissistic person. He was destined to fall on his own sword when the extent of his far fetched allegations against the Prime Minister and his wife began to take a life of its own out of the Raja's control.
Added to his circus was one Balasubramaniam (Bala) the former policeman turned private investigator turned internet media sensation appearing with his lawyer Amarick Siddhu Singh. Siddhu admitted on the record that he had assisted Bala with his Statutory Declaration, that he had taken instruction from Bala about its contents. That document it so happens turned out to be another complete fabrication of inconsistencies and lies in the mould of the Raja's own.
 There were those video taped interviews of a Raja so contrived, complete with  feigned emotions of a "father who had looked into the eyes of  the grieving father of the late Altantuya Sharibuu and knew what it felt like".
This RPK followed up with even bolder claims that he had control over a police officer at Bukit Aman who would do his every bidding. Not quite satisfied with his epiphany of lies to outrage a nation he offered them the ultimate insult by claiming that he was possessed of firsthand information, from a military intelligence officer who he claims was present at the disposal of Altantuya's body the day it was allegedly blown up with C4 explosives tied to her corpse.
Speculation was rife that Altantuya may have been alive when blown up adding to the gruesome fiction created and disseminated by RPK. RPK had become addicted to the reactions, the feedback to his lies, his fictions and fantasies.
RPK began to  feel the embrace of fame and popularity. Having fallen for the seduction of fame and public recognition he immersed himself in his new found passion of playing "the boy who cried woolf".
He called out woolf time and time again and the gullible and the opportunists in his midst answered his call each time. It was fun. It became  addictive. He became a prisoner of his vanity and cocooned himself in that web of deceit he had spun around others engulfing and entrapping himself in the process.
Then there was the Raja supported by the Malaysian Bar and its driver one Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan who paraded as champion of the anti ISA and of RPK's cause at its core.
In tow were the many lawyers turned overnight sensations courtesy of the RPK sensation and circus. They coveted his fame and adulation riding on his coat tails out of the obscurity of their otherwise incompetent unprofessional existence into a spotlight that has turned into a destructive furnace likely to consume each of them in due course.
RPK's campaign it appears was endemic in the milieu of his generation of Malaysians who saw it as a quick fix alternative to honest argument supported by fact and reason.
The Malaysian Bar on the other hand willingly went hand in glove with RPK. The assumption behind the ethos of the Malaysian Bar, RPK's shield against the law,  was that they would use the law to change society from their lofty perches. An expression of self conscious elitism as some would suggest.
To some extent Raja Petra Kamaruddin could be said to be a victim of circumstances. Not highly educated, certainly not well read or informed the Raja was culitvated so readily and so shamelessley by an otherwise educated elite of the fragamented opposition to government in Malaysia.
 A careful examination of events that led to the ascendency of RPK as the focus of dissent in Malaysia will reveal the hand of the Malaysian Bar and those elements within it who have relentlessley used RPK and to some extent Anwar Ibrahim as stalking horses for their own covert political ambitions. They after all presented the ideal opportunity to Malay bashing by the largely Chinese dominated opposition with their minority Indians and sprinkling of confused Malays in the mix. No one could now accuse them of racism. These were Malays bashing Malays. readmore Raja Petra Kamarudin Are You a Frog in Boiling Water?

Rakyat Service Advertisements

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 03:06 PM PDT

One of the main initiatives of the Constitutional Law Committee's MyConstitution campaign is to produce a series of Rakyat Service Advertisements (RSAs) to visualise 9 main themes of the Federal Constitution.

All 9 short videos are now up on Youtube.

1. What is the Federal Constitution?

2. Constitutional Institutions and the Separation of Powers

3. Federal - State Relations

4. Parliament

5. The Executive

6. The Judiciary

7. Sabah & Sarawak

8. Rakyat and Fundamental Liberties

9. Elections and Democracy

The first 5 RSAs were directed by Mien Ly whilst the last 4 RSAs were directed by Khai Bahar.

What did Mustafa say that so irked Azmin?

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 09:26 AM PDT

PKR has hit out at PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali's remarks to the media over the sex video allegedly featuring PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, saying they were "hurtful" to PKR and Anwar. Anwar's right hand man and party deputy president Azmin Ali in his Twitter page today demanded an explanation for Mustafa's statements. "Is it true that Mustafa Ali made those statements to hurt the feelings of PKR and Anwar? The people demand an explanation," wrote Azmin this afternoon.
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When minister is Chinese, no job for Bumi contractors!

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 11:23 AM PDT

This is about 1Malaysia and its administration. A short posting which demands long and solid answers. I want to believe it because it came from a few senior sivil servants. As to whether their allegations can be established, I hope the respective ministers and authorities can give a downright explanation.

1. No Malay contractors were awarded with any jobs by the Tourism Ministry over the last two years. Why? Its minister is a Chinese. This is the worst case, they claimed.

2. Only a few non-Bumiputras managed to get contracts with the Works Ministry. Why? Its minister is a Malay.

3. Only a few 'Melayu' got contracts (small ones) from the Ministry of Human Resource. Why? Its minister is an Indian.

Let's not touch Sabah and Sarawak as the general saying is that, Sabah is for Sabahans while Sarawak is only for Sarawakians. However, contractors from both States are living comfortably in 'Malaya', the Peninsular.

This is serious. But on second thought, I dont see anything wrong with it. Banks and finance companies are more keen in giving out loans to non-Malays. Aahhh... let them.

But I demand some answers for the three cases. The minister in-charge must come up with records and tangible evidence to rebut it. Thank you.


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 From Malaysiakini

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Azmin: Rosmah unable to sleep o’nights…

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 08:52 AM PDT

Susan Loone wrote for Malaysiakini
It is uncertain how PKR deputy president Azmin Ali knew of the matter, but Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak has a problem sleeping these days, especially after the recent Sawarak election, he claimed.

NONEAzmin (left), who is Gombak MP, revealed that Najib was wrestling with a tough dilemma these days, finding it difficult to decide when to call for snap polls, not due until 2013, but can be held at anytime now.

The Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyperson called on Pakatan Rakyat supporters to be prepared whether the coming election, Malaysia's 13th, may or may not be called in the near future.

"Whether you are a citizen, a party member, an assemblyperson or a parliamentarian, you better be prepared," he told the 500 participants at the party's Bukit Gelugor division fund-raising dinner in Penang yesterday.

Azmin, however, was confident that if Malaysians were all geared up, come the next election, Pakatan would make it to Putrajaya, the country's administrative capital, now occupied by BN.

NONE"People are saying that the snap polls may be delayed… others are saying if it is delayed, the outcome may be worse for the Barisan Nasional," he added.

"That is why Najib is in a dilemma and Rosmah is finding it difficult to sleep nights," he quipped.

Azmin was in Penang to represent Anwar who could not attend a two-day tour for health reasons.

Before rushing off to another ceramah in Batu Maung, where he was expected to repeat his talk, Azmin spoke at length about the recent Sarawak polls, where Pakatan made gains, claiming 15 seats, and earning itself close to 45 percent of the popular votes.

He reminded Penangites that Sarawakians did not vote along racial lines but on a firm principle that they wanted change and rejected corruption.

BN hit from blind side

They also rejected cruelty and wanted in place a clean, trustworthy leader to lead the state, he added.

"They say that only the Chinese voted for Pakatan, and Malays for the BN. This is Umno's metality… they continue to use racial issues (to explain everything)," he said.

"For us in the Pakatan, the election's outcome was not due to race, but to those in the urban areas who abandoned the BN," he added.

"Those in the rural areas may not have water of electricity, but many have principles and they had voted for the Pakatan," he stressed.

Still on the subject, Azmin explained that the BN and the DAP may have won many seats, but PAS, which lost all five seats contested also managed to attract 9,700 or 26 percent of the voters.

PKR, which won merely three out of 49 seats it vied for, garnered about 117,000 votes, while support for the BN saw a dip from 63 to 55 percent in the popular votes.

"BN won the polls with corruption… we simply cannot continue with this agenda".

1Malaysia email gets hammered again

Meanwhile, Azmin called on all Malaysians to totally reject the free-email project recently announced by Prime Minister Najib Razak as it is a mere propaganda tool of the Barisan Nasional.

NONEHe said signing up for the e-mail account was 'dangerous' as the powers that be could easily intercept and encroach on anyone's privacy.

He added that Malaysian citizens, after signing up for the project, could no longer be ensured of their privacy or security.

"The database (of all the information collected) would then be used by the BN to spread its propaganda," Azmin told the 500 participants.

"What we want is free-WiFi and not a free e-mail account," he added, reiterating Penang chief minister's response to the free e-mail controversy.


Azmin also criticised the pointlessness of the e-mail account, saying that most Malaysians already owned one without having to wait further for the premier's project.

He added that even his eight-year-old son had an e-mail account and was familiar with the usage.

"He doesn't need to wait for Najib's e-mail… why do we need to spend so much money on it?" he asked.

Sg Pangsoon, Hulu Langat revisited.

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 09:57 AM PDT

I went to Hulu Langat yesterday and was able to take some photographs of the still pristine area over there at Sg.Pangsoon.

Hope you like the slideshow of the scenes I managed to capture above.

Not Picked Up, Just Asked To Present Himself

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 07:58 AM PDT

My apologies over the false alarm about RPK being picked up by Malaysian authorities.

I realise that it is probably illegal for Malaysian authorities to make any arrests in a foreign country. The closest they can get is to have their Thai counterparts cooperate and make the arrest on their behalf.

However, he has been asked to present himself at the Malaysian embassy in Bangkok to make a statement.

His lawyers have advised him against, for VERY good reason.

Walking into an embassy of one's country is to gain diplomatic immunity - wherever in the world one is. But in RPK's case, walking into the Malaysian embassy is tantamount to flying back home to Kuala Lumpur and walking into Bukit Aman.

It is enough to get him extradited back and sent right back to jail.

PETALING JAYA: Popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who is presently in Bangkok, has decided not to go to the Malaysian embassy in the city as was asked to do so earlier today.

Instead he has informed the Malaysian embassy officials that he was willing to meet them at his hotel in Bangkok tomorrow.

Earlier today embassy officials have approached Raja Petra, popularly known as RPK, to be present at the embassy at 9pm tonight.

"He was asked to make his way to the embassy in the Thai capital to have his statement recorded," said Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement president Haris Ibrahim.

Haris said that Raja Petra was personally informed by Malaysian embassy officials to make himself present tonight.

"However we (his lawyers) advised him not to go and he has agreed to listen to us," Haris told FMT.

"We have informed the embassy officials that Raja Petra was willing to cooperate with them and the police.

"He is ready to meet the officials tomorrow at his hotel, not at the embassy," he said.

RPK is in Bangkok to attend an MCLM event. He is the president of the civil liberties movement. He met up with Malaysians and launched the Thailand Chapter of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement.

"Embassy officials told him in person just before this afternoon at the MCLM event at the Florida Hotel in Bangkok to be present at the embassy right after the event," said Haris.

Haris also stressed that RPK was not arrested by the embassy officials.

"The officials told him that there were two police officials waiting to take a statement from him. We told them he will cooperate with the police, but not at the embassy.

"We are now waiting for the embassy officials to revert to us after discussing with the police officials," he said.

Read the rest on FMT.

Like I said, it is a smart decision to avoid the embassy altogether.

But being the law-abiding citizen that he is, he has decided to give his statement in his hotel room - in true RPK style :-)

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Azan is called out in a New York Church! Allahu Akbar! Praised be Allah!

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 09:50 AM PDT

This calling of the Azan in the Marble Collegiate Church located at 275, Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan, New York City, USA was made during a recent inter faith dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims living there.

Friends ask me about the permissibility of calling out the Azan in a Christian Church?

Is it allowed in Islam?

Well, frankly speaking, I think one has to take the prevailing circumstances into account before responding to comment on  such an action?

Why was the Azan being called out in the first instance in that church?

From what I gather from the blog reports coming concerning the calling of the Azan in the particular church on that event was that the organizers of the interfaith dialog wanted to give respect to the attending members of the Muslim congregation and asked them as to how best to accord to them the respect and recognition of their presence in the gathering?

From this blog, it states that the head of the Muslim delegation, Imam Muhammad Syamsi Ali, Chairman of the Masjid Al Hikmah at 48-1, 31st Avenue, Long Island City in New York responded by saying that the calling of the Azan would be best.

It states here that a Christopher Herbert, a baritone artist took up the task of calling out the Azan in such a beautiful manner and with his pleasant baritone voice as witnessed above in the video.

From my follow up study as to the person by that name here, it states that he is an opera singer.

I do not know if he is a Muslim or what but the way the person said to be him has called out the Azan correctly and in such a beautiful manner can only make folks like me wish that he is a Muslim or will soon become one. Insya Allah.

Now, if you ask me as to what is my opinion with regard to the calling of the Azan by one who might be not a Muslim in the true sense of the word, I can only state my opinion being that all Children of Adam Alaihis Salam @ mankind are by the state of 'Fitrah' originating from Adam and Eve who were the first Muslims. What more being our Parents for we who are Muslims believe in the Creation of Adam Alaihis Salam to be the first Man and from him henceforth came all the generations of humankind who eventually returned to their origin of where their essence were taken from Mother Earth?

So, if you were to ask me whether it's right or wrong for a Non Muslim to call out the Azan as what this Christopher Herbert is said to have done, I find no fault in such an action for the occasion was unique and was an interfaith dialog between Christians, Jews and Muslims living there in New York, a melting pot for humanity in the USA.

It all depends on one's intentions and the circumstances that led to the man volunteering to call out the Azan and in the beautiful manner that he did.

It could be a one off incident but we need to appreciate the prevailing circumstances that led to the wonderful moment where the Azan was called out in such a manner that it reverberated throughout the church interiors in a splendid acoustic environment!

I wonder as to how those gathered there at the event would have been moved by the experience?

Listening to the azan in such surroundings would surely have a profound effect in those whose hearts seek God!

I have always believed that devoted Christians would be the closest in faith and inclinations towards seeking True God Almighty just as we Muslims do!

We are the closest in faith towards the Almighty. The only thing that differentiates us Muslims and the Christians are the concept of God.

Muslims worship only One True God ~ Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala whereas Christians go on and worship their Trinitarian Concept of God, the 3 in 1 godhood they say is their god the father, god the son and god the holy ghost.

It only takes a Christian the courage and clarity that there can only be One God and that Jesus that they claim to be God's Son is but a noble messenger of God who was sent only to the Israelites as even what is said to be their bible claims as such :

<< Matthew 15:24 >>
New International Version (©1984)
He answered, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel."
New Living Translation (©2007)
Then Jesus said to the woman, "I was sent only to help God's lost sheep--the people of Israel."
English Standard Version (©2001)
He answered, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
New American Standard Bible (©1995)
But He answered and said, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
International Standard Version (©2008)
But he replied, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the nation of Israel."
GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)
Jesus responded, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the nation of Israel."
King James Bible
But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
American King James Version
But he answered and said, I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
American Standard Version
But he answered and said, I was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Bible in Basic English
But he made answer and said, I was sent only to the wandering sheep of the house of Israel.
Douay-Rheims Bible
And he answering, said: I was not sent but to the sheep that are lost of the house of Israel.
Darby Bible Translation
But he answering said, I have not been sent save to the lost sheep of Israel's house.
English Revised Version
But he answered and said, I was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Webster's Bible Translation
But he answered and said, I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Weymouth New Testament
"I have only been sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel," He replied.
World English Bible
But he answered, "I wasn't sent to anyone but the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
Young's Literal Translation
and he answering said, 'I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.'

Even though it is so crystal clear in the verse above no matter as to how many versions of the Bible the Christians have come up with, the answer that Eesa Alaihis Salam is said to have given them that he the Messiah is sent by God ONLY TO THE LOST SHEEP (PEOPLE) OF ISRAEL and not to other tribes and people of the world, such a clear statement escapes those whose hearts and minds are sealed by their own volition or choice!

All we can do as Muslims is to share with them what we have come to learn about the truth with regard to Isa ibnu Mariam to be but another noble messenger of Allah and not the 'son' of God as he is made out to be by the Christians. Na'uzubillah! God Forbid! 

Allah clearly states His Being free of any such association here in the Surah Al Ikhlas

So, to me, the question as to whether it is alright for a Non Muslim to have called out the Azan in as beautiful a manner as what this Christopher Herbert is said to have done, I can only wish him well and that eventually he will really believe in the Kalimah Syahadah that he has called out so perfectly and well in the Azan.

As for the Catholic Church here in Malaysia wanting to be allowed to use the term 'Allah' for their Church publications to refer to their concept of Trinitarian 3 in 1 'Godhood', its entirely a different matter.

It is blasphemous to claim as such for Allah the Eternal, the Absolute is truly Unique and must never be associated with what they claim Him to be!

Such calling of the Azan in a Christian Church is not the first. There have been other instances. Here's one that took place in Rome:

There have also been instances where Christians visit the mosque to learn about how Muslims pray to and worship Allah our True God Almighty :

Have these Christian visitors become Muslims?

No. They have just learned about the Islamic manner of worship. Faith is a different matter. They now know the meanings of the Muslim prayers. Its entirely up to each person to study and investigate about Islam if they so wish on their own.

Here's a video showing a Swiss Artist by the name of Johannes Gees who is a Non Muslim man who so loves the Azan that he goes on a mission to set up sound bombs playing out the Azan in church steeples and valleys of Switzerland. I think he is also quite a gifted  sound engineer. So creative. :) Johannes Gees has a mission to change the Swiss's attitude against Islam.

I feel that such an action isn't right for it sort of violates the sanctity of those buildings of another faith and its occupants!

The fact that these actions are but the work of a Non Muslim has probably not sparked off a chain of events and caused friction between Christians and Muslims there in Switzerland but it has happened way back in 2007 and we can only watch such actions here on You Tube as to the connection that the Azan has to us human beings regardless of faith. The man simply loves the sound of the Azan and in this instance it is the Azan from Masjidil Haraam in Makkah al Mukkarramah, Arabia.

Just imagine the impact it must have made on those unsuspecting people who were suddenly assailed by the broadcasting of the Azan in a country not known to have such Azans being called out loud in such a manner? 

One old lady is even caught on video here saying it doesn't disturb her at all and prefers listening to the Azan instead of the Pope! :P

How would we respond if the others were to pull the same stunt unto us? World War 3 would be unleashed! God Forbid!

Here's another Non Muslim lady who accords due respect to the Azan : 

May Allah bless her with His Guidance and Blessings. Ameen.

Here's an Azan from one of my favorite Callers to Islam, the beloved Allahyarham Al Ustaz Mohd Asri bin Ibrahim, lead vocal of Malaysian Nasyeed champions Rabbani :

May Allah shower him with the best of Jannahtul Firdaus. Ameen.

Let's now listen to the real deal straight from the holiest spot here on Earth :

May we all be blessed and guided by Allah the Most Merciful to live a life free from harm and to be showered with His Mercy and Blessings.

Is Dr Mahathir a racist?

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 07:29 AM PDT

Utusan's '1Melayu 1 Bumi' is not recent nor as it may sound. It existed earlier by another rallying call, 'Malay unity'.

The only difference is Utusan couldn't make up its mind whether it wants to be 1Melayu or 1 Bumi when it has been obvious its call was to Malay political parties and organizations. It's also known that as far as UMNO is concerned, the term 'bumiputra' means only Malays or more specifically Peninsula UMNO Malays, and doesn't in practice include Ibans, Kadazans, Muruts, Bidayuh, etc.

Thus I wonder why Utusan included '1Bumi' to the more important '1Melayu'. Maybe it sought some degree of justified rights under the official description of Malays as bumiputeras.

Anyway, 'Malay unity' was touted when the March 2008 tsunami hit Malaysia and dramatically changed the political landscape. PAS was immensely attracted to the clarion call for Malays (from both sides of politics) to unite to ensure Malay supremacy in federal and state government.

In Selangor the sweetener for PAS was the MB's post. Recall also the UMNO-PAS meeting at the Terengganu palace, though Nik Aziz stated that he was ambushed by UMNO. Indeed it was only Pak Haji Niz Aziz who out a stop to Pak Haji Hadi Awang and his deputy president Nasharuddin's keenness to take up UMNO's appeal for ethnic unity.

It's not an unusual UMNO tactic when they are in political retreat, that of instigating fear among the Malays of the Chinese taking political control of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and hatred of same yellow skin peril by reminding the Malays of (true or otherwise) Chinese aggressive economic prowess, avarice, arrogance, rudeness and disrespect to the Malay rulers, etc. Dr Mahathir had taken this path several times.

Both Dr Kua and Josh Hong have called Dr Mahathir a racist, though I wonder whether the old man (confident, intelligent and politically astute as he continues to be) could well be suffering from some form of depression, where he ta'boleh tahan the very thought of Chinese millionaires walking this 'Malay' land while Malays are only chauffeurs to those Chinese in their own land. This imagined picture depresses him as no other scene does.

Stuff like the recent DAP victory in Sarawak fills him with dread and nightmare scenes, perhaps worsening his depression.

I fear his 'illness' could be a result of him trapped in a time zone of the early 1940's, 50's and 60's. He can't, won't believe that under Tun Razak and him in particular, the Malays have done very well, very well indeed, benefitting enormously from official affirmative policies and programs.

Corruption and unaccountability helps too. The Auditor General's annual report has year after year brought out horror stories, which have never been effectively addressed. These make you wonder what other atrocities in government programs, contracts and whatnots the Auditor General was not able to put in its annual reports.

There has also been the continuous bleating and wailing about the as yet unattained 30% equity, when we know from Malay sources that their equity has passed the 45% mark. Dr M himself frequently laments about this issue, to justify why the NEP must continue. Of course there are still overwhelming statistics of Malay poverty, just as there are of Indians, Aborigines, non-Malay bumputeras (Ibans, Kadazans, etc), and to a lesser extent, Chinese. But Dr M won't admit the NEP benefits only his UMNO boys and girls, and have marginalized the non-UMNO Malays and bumiputeras, and the Aborigines.

Sometimes I wonder whether he has been traumatized by the failures of his blue-eyed boys, people in Renong, MAS, Bank Bumi, Bank Negara and various other money mills that he had entrusted to them in the hope they'd churned out Malay millionaires and billionaires to walk the land as those Chinese ones do. I wonder whether he resents the Chinese for his blue-eyed boys' failures.

Sometimes I wonder whether due to above failures, he can't trust his UMNO boys and girls to succeed, fearing that without his strong guiding hands they will regress to being chauffeurs and laundry maids. I bet he must have grouped Pak Lah under these failures. Is he doing so with Najib?

Sometimes I wonder whether he is over insuring, that he wants to see a Malay equity of 99% before he can rest assured that the millionaires who walk this land will be mostly Malays.

Sometimes I wonder whether he's really a racist, or just someone who's depressed just thinking, imagining the worst things could happen to the Malays without his leadership against an economically aggressive yellow skinned horde. And there's no knowing what a depressed man could say.

Sometimes I just wonder … why the f* I am wondering?

RPK Picked Up By Msian Authorities In Bangkok

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 04:34 AM PDT

Raja Petra Kamarudin, who is in Bangkok today with Haris Ibrahim, is being picked up by the Malaysian authorities and will be taken to the Malaysian embassy in Bangkok at 8pm tonight.

Raja Petra, the Chairman of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM), and Haris, the President of MCLM, is currently giving a talk to Malaysians in Thailand.

A Malaysian official approached Raja Petra just before the start of the event to inform him that he is required to go to the Malaysian embassy immediately after the talk.

It is believed that this involves the police investigation on the Statutory Declaration that Raja Petra signed in June 2008.

It is not known if Raja Petra is being arrested to be brought back to Malaysia or whether they will hold him in Thailand until proper extradition procedures have been completed.

Yesterday, another Blogger, Din Merican, was summoned to Bukit Aman and was interrogated by the police for three hours from 3.00-6.00pm.

The police wanted to know about his relationship with Raja Petra and other matters regarding the June 2008 SD. The police also asked Din about Raja Petra's recent TV3 interview.

Welfare Of Policemen

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 04:23 AM PDT

I have no objections whatsoever to the welfare protection of our Law Enforcement.

The last time I checked, they were so lowly paid, and I really couldn't blame them for trying to earn extra money through taking bribes.

This is one issue that the public continually ignores for more pressing issues like bad governance and draconian laws.

But I think the welfare of the policeman is very important. This is the security and future of our country that we are talking about here.

A policeman who is worrying about how to make ends meet is hardly going to be putting all his efforts into bringing criminals down. He has other issues to think about.

This is where dirty politicians also come into the picture. Take Hishammuddin Hussein for example, who is doing his best to win the hearts of the police force.

Being the only one who has championed the cause of policemen, he is now going to have them eating out of his hands while coming out smelling like roses (even if he slips his hand into the national coffers while he's at it).

And we wonder why the ruling coalition, BN, have their backs covered by the police.

We do have some serious issues in this country, but someone also needs to spare some thought for the men in blue.

Someone is lying! This 1 M'sia email stinks of corruption!!

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 04:04 AM PDT

DAP publicity secretary and Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua slammed the '1Malaysia email' project, saying that government statements surrounding the plan are tied up in contradictions.

Describing it a 'fiasco', Pua said the bluff was called when a representative from the National Key Economic Area lab disclosed that government agencies will pay private company and email provider Tricubes Berhad about 50 sen per email.

This revelation came just two days after Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak personally wrote on his Twitter account: "Let me clarify that the 1Malaysia Email is a private sector project. No public money is involved, and it's entirely voluntary."

dap 2010 budget rocket cafe 071009 tony pua 01"It is almost comical the way Najib and Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) officials are heaping layers of misleading and contradictory statements in an attempt to cover up the 'Malaysia email project' fiasco," said Pua (right).

"First, Pemandu had to take the trouble to edit the description of the project from a 'government initiative' to a 'private sector initiative', despite the fact that Tricubes had announced on Bursa Malaysia that it was awarded the email project by the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (Mampu)," he said.

"However, in a radio interview with BFM (business radio station) yesterday, business services NKEA communications content and infrastructure director Dr Fadhlullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek disclosed that government agencies will pay Tricubes Bhd to use the company's 1Malaysia e-mail database," said Pua.

It was reported that Fadhlullah Suhaimi had said he expected agencies to pay Tricubes about 50 sen per e-mail, which he claimed was still "cheaper than the RM1 printing, stationery, postage and dispatch cost of sending a regular letter."

'Scheme to fleece tax payers'

"This disclosure comes as a complete shock to Malaysians because the PM had assured us that the government will not be paying a sen for the project!

"And yet, it is now obvious that the '1Malaysia email project' is a scheme designed to fleece tax-payers monies with a service that is completely unnecessary," Pua said in a statement today.

He said that banks and telecommunication companies send monthly statements to email accounts for free.

The creation of an 'official email' account, on the other hand, is "absolutely unnecessary" in official dealings with the government giving rise to suspicion on the possibility of money being channelled into certain pockets.

"The signing up of a '1Malaysia' account is not only a hassle, it is clearly a barrier created specifically for certain parties to profit.

"Clearly the design and nature of the '1Malaysia email' project is to create an artificial need for a concession to provide rent-seeking opportunities for companies which may find it difficult to provide real value-added services in a competitive environment.

NONE"Given that the prime minister and Pemandu officials have been tripping over each other to provide flip-flopping explanations which repeatedly contradict each other, Pemandu must do the right thing and disclose in full the contract awarded to Tricubes Berhad so that the public can know the full truth," he said.

It was first reported that local IT player Tricubes would invest RM50 million of its own money to launch the 1Malaysia Email service, available for all Malaysians above 18 years old as part of the most recent 12 entry-point projects as announced by Najib.

However, it was later revealed that Tricubes was classified as GN3, or a company in need of debt restructuring by Bursa Malaysia. The CEO had later explained problem as being caused by "heavyinvestment in research and development".

"The failure of Pemandu to do so will only make a mockery of its own Government Transformation Programme (GTP) which calls for the elimination of rent-seeking while increasing transparency and accountability.

"Pemandu should protect its reputation by calling a spade a spade, and call for the withdrawal of the project which has without a doubt, become an international embarrassment for the Najib administration," said Pua.

List of BN's sins during the 2011 Sarawak Election!

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 03:56 AM PDT

Written by Dr Tan Kee Kwong email

Sunday 17/4/2011

Dear Najib & Pa Mao,

Shame on you for the just concluded elections in Sarawak.

Even for BN standards, it was the most corrupt & dirtiest elections ever!!!

It was very evident that BN played very dirty & was very scared

a. Blocked at least 4 NGO activists from entering Sarawak

Includes well respected head of Bersih 2.0 Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan

plan to give Sarawak control of immigration is to prevent mass migration of people from

West Malaysia to take up jobs in Sarawak, not to be abused politically

b.Outright bribery

our calon in N51 Balingan (won by Pa Mao) was a brave woman Suriati Abdullah

she was approached 3 times to pull out for a big ang pow

c. Ceramah disrupption

despite permit approvals, the Police disruppted ceramahs on many occasions

d. on 12/4/11, hacking & jamming of blog sites like Sarawak Report, Malaysiakini,

Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Chronicles etce.

e. Jamming of hand-phones in many areas

f. Radio Free Sarawak

an agent in Europe paid to jam their broadcasts

Elections Commision (SPR)

Not neutral. not professional

Extra voters many brought in from West Malaysia

On 8 April I flew to Sibu, Saw at least 30 soldiers not in uniform on my flight

Voters assaingned to different polling stations at the last minute

Many, many reports made of giving money for votes

some even caught on video tape, NO action taken

After counting at polling stations, SPR officers refused to give our agents Form 14

according to SPR rules, this is a criminal offence, Sentence up to 2 years jail


Battle cry of the BN in Sarawak but the people in Sarawak are smarter now.

They ask Pa Mao, you have been Ketua Menteri for 30 years!

What have you been doing all these years

Where have all the riches from oil, gas, timber , oil palm etc gone???


well known that Pa Mao & his cronies are so corrupt

Includes oversea investments, NCR land stolen away

Just for the record, the late Teoh Beng Hock died after he was investigated of allaged

corruption of less than RM3,000/-

In the case of Pa Mao & his cronies, sums of Billions have been mentioned

yet BN/Najib/ MACC turn a blind eye


Sarawak rain forests is said to be 180 million years old

a. In May 2010, in Rejang River near Sibu, a massive log jam on the river for 10 kms

navigation on the river was stopped for one day

yet in early 2010, when Pa Mao visited Oxford, UK he claimed he was the Protector

& Father of Environment in Sarawak!!!

b. I travelled by boat to Song & Kapit

Also went by boat from Dalat back to Sibu

ALL the river water was muddy & polluted, colour of tea tarik

even in the small rivers & tributaries

c.Alum Smelter plant in Mukah

this is located 25 kms from Mukah Town

Part of Pa Mao constituency Locals complain of massive environmental damage

plants & trees near the factory are dying, Swiflets ate not coming back to their

"hotels" to nest & make birds nest


Why is Najib & the BN so scared of DSAI???

They are going all out to discredit him but their efforts are back-firing

a. On the day that Pa Mao annnounced the dissolution of the Sarawak State assembly

ie on 21/3/11, by a strange coincidence the Sex Video was shown to a select group

of journalists in Carcosa Sri Negara in KL

b. The IGP is most unprofessional

even when the Police investigations are not complete,

he says the video tape is genuine

he also says the identidy of the man is known but who is he???

c Raja Petra

On the eve of polling in Sarawak, an interview of RPK with TV3 was revealed

RPK made a 360 degree U turn

Now he says now he is ready to return to Malaysia to face charges

some people allege that he was promised a lot of money to say all these things

some even say a sum of GBP10 million was promised

who knows, please ask the middle man & RPK

please remember, honesty & integrity has NO price


a. Role of ACS, Sarawak

ACS(Association of Churches, Sarawak)

their actions in the days just before polling shiow very clearly that the are very biased

First the met Pa Mao, many photos were taken

The next day, the had breakfast with Najib, also many photos were taken

On Thursday 14/4, ACS had breakfast with the Pakatan leaders

strict instructions to be closed door meeting NO press or any photos to be taken

Why may I ask the very obvious double standards????

b. 10 point solution to the Bible Issue

As the CFM Head has pointed out this is an adhoc solution, not acceptable to CFM

Guidelines differentiate between West Malaysia & Sarawak, Sabah

Dear Najib, why is this the case, Why no ONE Malaysia for the Bible & Allah issue?

If the BN government is really serious, it should drop the Appeal case against the ruling that

the High Court made that Christians ca n freely use the word Allah in ALL their



Both a warning & a challenge to Najib & the BN

IF the BN is so strong, please dissolve Federal Parliament NOW to pave the way for GE 13

Pakatan Rakyat is ready to challenge you in the Felda schemes, Perak(which you stole from us)

and in rural Johore & Pahang

I quote from todays Star Page 4. George Chan said" One thing is very clear. Barisan Nasional cannot go on like this"


What has sex video to do with bomb-making?

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 01:52 AM PDT

Down the road from swanky condominium blocks in the newly-christened Bangsar South is a house of plywood and zinc walls, with Arabic written in black marker across its entrance . And in it lives, according to the authorities, a threat to national security; or at least until several days ago. Full story:
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Time: 07:51 More in News & Politics

Cikgu Pa Nafi Mahu Nilai Semula Kedudukan Parti

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 12:55 AM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Syabas Cikgu Pa. Sememangnya akhbar UMNO tidak boleh berhenti dari memutarbelit kenyataan orang.

Mustafa nafi laporan media, gesa mohon maaf
Apr 23, 11 11:55am

Setiausaha agung PAS, Datuk Mustafa Ali menafikan laporan beberapa media termasuk Utusan Malaysia hari ini, yang mendakwa beliau berkata PAS akan menilai semula kedudukan parti itu dalam Pakatan Rakyat selepas siasatan video seks selesai, lapor Harakahdaily.

Sambil kesal dengan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab akhbar-akhbar milik Umno dan BN itu, beliau berkata, laporan berkenaan berniat jahat dan sengaja memanipulasikan kenyataannya.

NONEMenurut Mustafa, dia sama sekali tidak pernah mengaitkan isu video seks dengan kedudukan PAS dalam Pakatan Rakyat pada sidang media di Pejabat Agung PAS, Jalan Raja Laut, semalam.

"Saya ditanya berhubung saranan bekas Mufti Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin yang mencadangkan (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) melakukan sumpah mubahalah.

"Jadi saya jawab, perkara itu tidak timbul kerana kerajaan sekarang ini menggunakan undang-undang sivil, polis siasat sahajalah.

"Kalau ubah kes ini ke Mahkamah Syariah, baru kita (PAS) tengok kembali apa pendirian kita dalam isu tersebut," katanya.

Utusan Malaysia hari ini menyiarkan laporan sidang media Mustafa semalam itu dengan tajuk 'PAS tunggu siasatan selesai'.

Laporan itu menyebut bahawa PAS akan membuat ketetapan baru mengenai masa depan parti itu dalam pakatan pembangkang, apabila siasatan mengenai rakaman video seks yang pelakonnya dikatakan mirip Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim siap sepenuhnya.

Selain Utusan, beberapa media lain termasuk Berita Harian dan The Star turut melaporkan perkara yang sama.

Sehubungan itu, beliau mahu media-media yang terlibat agar memohon maaf serta memperbetulkan laporan mereka sebelum tindakan perundangan diambil.

And here is the rest of it.

The Chairman of MCLM Wants to Pick GE13 Candidates for PR

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 08:43 AM PDT

But he's writing all sorts of nonsense (I observed from one year ago...) about Parti Keadialn Rakyat and its leaders -- see how he lambasted Opposition Leader DS Anwar Ibrahim in his recent interview with TV3, aired so conveniently just before the Sarawak state elections.

And RPK, resident in UK -- the incorrigible liar -- and his stooge, MCLM President Haris Ibrahim, resident in Malaysia but travelling lots here -- always twisting and turning about what the new creature MCLM is all abuot. The height of ludicrousness was declaring their seven-month-old Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement -- as if their initiative has been around for decades! -- that they want to play "Father" to the opposition parties", quoting Haris, trying to defend the indefensible on RPK's behaviour at TV3's interview.

But do these two fella and their acolytes like Zorro, Hawkeye, shanghaifish-- know what "Civil" and "Liberies" mean? Giving them absolute right to demean others with derogatory monikers? To defame fellow writers?

Here's an extract from the raving-madhatter's Raja Petra Kamarudin -- I read the site just for monitoring sake as a newsman -- just the opening paras from~~

The opposition media lies as well


Thursday, 21 April 2011 Super Admin
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Raja Petra Kamarudin

This was what the President of PAS, Ustaz Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, said, as reported by their party newspaper, Harakah:

Issues related to Raja Petra such as the one spun by the media with regards to his statutory declaration, will be futile to be commented upon by PAS. It is a waste of time to respond to such things. (Read more here: or see the video recording here:

And this was what Wong Choon Mei of Malaysia Chronicle, Tian Chua's mistress, said:

PAS president Hadi Awang said it was a waste of time to comment on the shenanigans of blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who just days before the Sarawak balloting on April 16 appeared in a recorded TV interview, telling the nation that people close to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Kelantan prince Tengku Razaleigh were responsible for the smearing of Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife in the Altantuya murder case....." ends extract ~~ Desi

DESIDERATA: Here the duo want to offer 20 to 30 "men of integrity" to contest under DAP or PKR banner, but look at this almighter selector-- I presume he has integrity" -- slyly inserted into the post, as highlighted by Desi ..." Wong Choon Mei of Malaysia Chronicle, Tian Chua's mistress, describing Wong Choon Mei in passing as a mistress of the PKR Vice-President.

RPK has already committed many FITNAH against his enemies, and he has just added on another leader from PKR to his seemingly endless litst. The little I know of Islam, I believe "fitnah" (bearing false witness?) is one of the most base "sins" a Muslim can commit, yes? I humbly stand corrected.

Anyway, I had called RPK a "liar and a coward". Good enough for my assesment.


UPDATEd @11.39PM:

"FLASHBACK" to my post of 31 Jan 2011:

To put into CONTEXT the subject at hand, I recap, from my own "relevant" posts here (including TYPOS and all) as follows, with only the relevant extracts I wish to focus on:

(Post 1)

Thursday, December 30, 2010
FOR THE RECORD wrt to RPK's highly inaccurate acusations of Desi

I had sent off an email just past midnight to raja petra kamarudin and/or web admin of to straighten out "totally false and inaccurate" points about my role by RPK in his latest column. I don't look for fights with anyone -- I believe in civil engagement with fellow writers and readers/commenters whether here or at certain, very selective websites I read.

Following is the official email I sent FOR THE RECORD:


Below is what YL Chong wrote about me. It appears like he is going out of his way to try to bring me down for whatever reason only he knows. I don't know what I did to him to make him so full of vile. Anyway, if it is a fight he wants then it is a fight he is going to get.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Maybe YL Chong has forgotten that when he got his hands on those Official Secrets Act documents from the MACC regarding the investigation of Khir Toyo and other matters his portal, Malaysia Chronicle, was too scared to run the story.

Chong then contacted me and I agreed for Malaysia Today to run it while assuring him I would protect the source of the documents -- which was Malaysia Chronicle and himself.

Anyhow, now he and Malaysia Chronicle have declared war on me and have decided to fight dirty and take no prisoners. In that case, since they have decided on the rules of engagement, I am only too happy to take them on...


I'm reprising only the above paragraphs, and if I need to comment further on other parts of your post, I reserve the right to, and I will keep posted CC malaysia chroniclesince you have made allegations that I had acted on behalf of malaysia chronicle.


WRT: "Maybe YL Chong has forgotten that when he got his hands on those Official Secrets Act documents from the MACC regarding the investigation of Khir Toyo and other matters his portal, Malaysia Chronicle, was too scared to run the story."

How can I forget something that I never did with respect to your reported OSA incident?

WRT: "Chong then contacted me and I agreed for Malaysia Today to run it while assuring him I would protect the source of the documents -- which was Malaysia Chronicle and himself."

WHEN HAD I EVER CONTACTED YOU regarding following up on "documents" -- I had never received any documents I had to refer to you RPK!

WRT: "Anyhow, now he and Malaysia Chronicle have declared war on me and have decided to fight dirty and take no prisoners. .."
I thought we bloggers read each other's writings and have the right to exchange views based on the principle of "Let's be agreeable in our disagreement."

Signing off: YL Chong, Desi

(Post 2)

Monday, January 03, 2011
FOR THE RECORD 2: I have just sent RPK an email demanding a retraction of an offending article he published ...



Dear Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), and webadmin of

I further refer to your posting of my response to RPK's FALSE ALLEGATIONS against me (relating my personal role and also my role on behalf of, the article of which was subsequently also published by the New Straits Times (NST).

I waited a few days to see if you would retract these false allegations against me and to tender a PUBLIC APOLOGY to me, but thus far,I did not sight any.

From now about 2.40PM Monday January 3, 2011, I am giving you notice to RETRACT THE SAID OFFENDNG ARTICLE and TENDER A PUBLIC APOLOGY TO ME, in both your web portal, as well as in the NST, WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.

Your failure to abide by my request may see legal action being taken against you -- and/or other parties lending weight to spreading such allegations flowing from your offending article against me.

YL Chong, Desi

posted by desiderata




After a few days of waiting for a response from RPK, and there was none that I know of, I posted up the DEMAND for a RETRACTION of said allegations against me by RPK accompanied by a PUBLIC APOLOGY from him in my post dated January 3, 2011.

I am hence calling Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) a "liar" because of the "false allegations" he made against me which I rebutted as HIGHLIGHTED above in my blogpost dated December 30, 2010 and his failure to provide evidence to his allegations means these allegations had been deliberately "manufactured" by RPK, and I believe, for sinister reasons, including getting me into trouble with the government authorities.

He's a "coward" for not being brave enough to admit "wrong" to making "false allegations" against a fellow Blogger who once held him in high esteem from his days as Director of "FreeAnwarCampaign"(FAC) going back more than a decade.Just by the way mention, in the early days of Reformasi, starting early Jan 2000, I was then News Editor at for a year, and hence followed writings at FAC regularly. (This esteem of RPK as an iconic blogger began to wane from mid-2010 after I noticed a "change of character" in him,highlighted in my article published by "Malaysia Chronicle" titled "Why is RPK acting so out of character?" dated October 14, 2010, also reprised at my blog on the same day.)

Back to the current issue: since the deadline for RPK to withdraw his false allegatons and tender a public apology has long passed, today I place on record that my opinion of him is that he has lost all credibility as a blogger, once hailed by many as a key fighter for a Better Malaysia.

I would like to now refresh RPK's mind that the last time I interacted with him was in Seremban at a candle-light vigil held to protest against the Internal Security Act at Dataran Seremban (which I am proud to state for the record I helped to co-organise for three consecutive Saturday evenings...) as recorded in my post Saturday, November 08, 2008 titled: "JUBILATION at Seremban Vigil Last Night!"

Soon after, RPK self-exiled himself to the United Kingdom -- enjoying the benefits of a writer living the high life, on donations from diehard fans? -- writing with lots of consistencies and contradictions (as contrasted with RPK's lieutenant in Malaysia, Haris Ibrahim's, at People's Parliament, on the MCLM for instance...) and in the past year, many readers including my own reading, RPK's no more championing the cause of a change in government at Putrajaya which he advocated for a long time, evidenced by his constant attacks on Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) the better part of 2010! Yes, now I deem him a coward for running away from NegaraKu -- for a real Malaysian fighter would return to the homeland to carry on the fight for a BetterMalaysia, not "and like many other Malaysians including an MCA Minister holding Australian PR, playing safe by having one foot here and another foot there!" I don't know IF a Chines saying is apt here: Having one leg in two boats?

So RPK's allegations against me could not hold water as the "alleged actions" by me were supposedly very recent i.e. in the course of last year (2010) and were in association with which was only started by its founder-editor, Ms Wong Choon Mei, on June 1, 2010. And I was not, am not, a shareholder or staff at the online web portal.

What worries YL Chong more is also what some readers have commented about, is that editor had breached the ethics of secrecy by "exposing" whistle-blowers' identities, like mine just because we differed on several current issues. Worse yet, how can anyone trust RPK anymore when he's capable of cooking stories up and he had indeed threatened to do so to those who had passed on "classified government documents" to him in good faith but now stand the risk of being exposed just because of differences of opinion on issues that cropped up later. (In my case, the sin of RPK is compounded because the allegations against me were unfounded and false, and yet he "threatened" my safety with his unfounded allegations. I believe that bearing false witness against a fellowman is a "great sin" for Muslims, and I trust Raja Petra remains a follower of the Islamic faith, yes?)

Last, but not least, I was heartened to read from an anonymous reader at who posted a comment on my "Demand for retraction of allegations and tender an apology from RPK", as many of his sentiments struck a chord with me, a freelance writer who has been a member of PKR since January 2005, and my writings are focused on committing my fight for the birth of a two party/coalition system. I will continue my quest to ensure Pakatan Rakyat's efforts to replace the 54-year-old Barisan Nasional government, undeterred by RPK's false stories about me.

I close by reproducing the said Commenter's views in full:

* Comment Link AN Monday, 03 January 2011 19:38 posted by AN

RPK is a ruthless liar. Many time what he wrote is absolutely rubbish lies. At one time he wrote about this Sarawakian Yb for Ngemah who got many wives and that he is running out of money so he jump back to BN. This are all lies as I'm a personal friend of the YB's family.
RPK, with the setting up of this MCLM shows he is a opportunist. He desperate wants attention after making the wrong move of going into exile to run away from all the false allegations he made against some top umnp guys.
RPK was at his best when he went to ISA and everyone treat him as their idol. But not now as he have shown his true colors by taking on PR to show that he is the kingmaker.He can't be what he think he want to be. He is just like you and me except that he have a Petra in his name.
RPK must not try to be the people's leader. We have Anwar and he is the true champion for all the people of malaysia. If RPK wants to steal that title with the help of Zaid, Jeffery or anyone else then he is absolute wrong. He will only earn the hatred of the people in Malaysia.
RPK must repent and come back to show he can contribute to the change of gov't and to make the road to Putrajaya smoother, not rougher.
RPK 's MT was a MUST read blog in those days when he was hot after the Altantuya's murder. All malaysian follow his posting 7/24.He make us all cry when he posted Anwar's daughter speech at UN, makes us all us when he posted 'Dear Pete', makes us all hate umno when he posted all the corruption in umno,particularly Khir Toyo broad daylight robbery of Selangor coffer.He was indeed my icon if not yours. But today I seldom visited his blog and to be honest I don't care much whether he survive or not.I have practically lost all interest in this man . I hope he just fade into sunset.
When he was in Kamunting I also help to keep his blog alive and entertaning by writing hilarious posting about Altantuya's murderer. I was so glue to MT that I could have die for MT.Even after the police raided my house and took away all my computers, I still adored RPK. I even took a doctored photo from Zorro's blog showing RPK been handcuffed and escorted by former IGP Musa Hassan, Najib and Badawi.That photo was placed right infront of my computer to act as a rallying point for me to blast umno/BN. The police took that best doctored photo away but I made another one.
But after the RPK fire die down, I'm back to earth and seeing my former idol belittling PR and using MCLM to open up another front, I lost all hopes in this man,RPK.
This will be my last criticism of RPK and I shall kept my hate in my heart and my mouth shut."

I updated the post with some slight amendments @9.39AM 31 Jan 2011

Qazaf: Dua lagi pemimpin PKR beri keterangan

Posted: 22 Apr 2011 11:26 AM PDT

Dua pemimpin pemuda PKR semalam memberi keterangan kepada Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (JAWI) berhubung laporan qazaf yang dibuat oleh Ketua AMK Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin awal bulan ini. Laporan qazaf itu dibuat ekoran pendedahan video seks yang dikaitkan seorang pemimpim pembangkang yang didakwa mirip dengan Ketua Umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Full story:
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Time: 04:30 More in News & Politics

It is not about race!

Posted: 22 Apr 2011 07:01 PM PDT

A developer patient of mine came a few days ago. Since it was in the afternoon, I was relatively free and after consultation we chatted for awhile. He read about my resignation news in the papers, and he congratulated me for making the decision.

I asked him how he rates the PR government in Selangor since his projects are mainly in Selangor.

He told me that under PR, it is now getting very difficult for housing projects to be approved. Because of this, there is a short supply of houses, and demand which exceeds supply has forced the house prices going to sky-high level. A link-house in SS2 now cost about 700,000.

He said that in the past, he could always seek 'jalan' to get his project passed. Now it is difficult because everything has to follow the book since the Big Brother is ready to pounce on any wrong doings.

But having said all these, his parting words were: despite getting less income and businesses, he will vote for a 2 party system for his future generation's sake.

This is from a businessman who has extensive link with the former state government especially some of CSL's exco members. He got his datukship from their recommendation too, and yet he has come around and said that we must vote for better governance and more check and balance. It has nothing to do with race and religion, for during the whole conversation that I had with him, like with many others, not a single word about race or religion was raised.

I recall some of the hawkers who were former branch chairmen of MCA in cheras and who were my patients and friends have quit that party. (BTW, I have been an adviser to the hawkers and RT in Pudu since the 80s, long before i joined a political party).

So the sentiments in urban area is now almost across the  board, for a 2 party system.

Contrary to the Big Brother's propaganda that only the Chinese is against the government, I view this as an urban-rural divide.

IN fact, many Chinese and Indian voters voted for Malay candidates in areas where PKR or even PAS stood in the last General Election, and many Malay voters voted Chinese candidates.

With inflation rearing its ugly head, and prices of foodstuff going up and up, there will be more discontent in the urban areas. Unlike their rural counterparts, where life is easy and expenses relatively low — and income good due to the high prices of the commodities- the urban people are finding it more and more difficult to survive.

When people are finding it difficult to survive, and yet they see their own tax money being misused, how are they supposed to feel? It is natural that they feel disgusted and that translate to a vote against the power that be.

This is across the board, as I have said, and not confined to any particular ethnic group. So the urban revolt is not like what the Big Brother painted.. It is not really racial.

It is more about corruption, abuse of power, misuse of funds, lack of transparency and accountability, distrust of institutions which are supposed to safeguard the interest of the people, not the power that be.

Only a racist would have labelled this urban rural divide as racist.  And to label as ungrateful those who voted opposition is an insult to the principles of democracy.

I have often stated that the world today is a different world altogehter, and all of us need to use different approach,  to our own family, our children, our friends, in our work and so on. Political parties should learn to adapt too, and looking around the world, it is obvious that corrupt and dictatorial regimes are falling like bowling pins.

When urban people vote for a coalition whose platform and manifesto is for fairness and equal opportunities for all, rather than the coalition that emphasizes on race, can you call them racist?

If they want to win back votes, they have to do better than just labelling others being racist.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2011 06:54 PM PDT

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