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Money Can’t Buy Equality An Antidote for A-G Gani Patail his Corruption and Cronyism

Money Can’t Buy Equality An Antidote for A-G Gani Patail his Corruption and Cronyism

Money Can’t Buy Equality An Antidote for A-G Gani Patail his Corruption and Cronyism

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 11:42 AM PDT

South Asia has been one of the world's success stories in terms of rapid economic growth. With India leading the way, South Asia's poverty rate has fallen from 60 percent in 1981 to 40 percent in 2005. However, during the same period, the number of poor people — those living on less than $1.25 per day — actually increased from 549 million to 595 million over the same period. What's more, social indicators such as gender parity, secondary education enrollment, and health have not improved in line with growth.

So how do we account for this apparent paradox? Conventional wisdom suggests that growth is sufficient for poverty reduction and social progress, but is this the case in South Asia? Perhaps not, says Ejaz Ghani, Economic Advisor in the World Bank's South Asian region and author of The South Asian Development Paradox: Can Social Outcomes Keep Pace With Growth, the most recent in the Economic Premise research series.

"The paradox of South Asia is that growth has been instrumental in reducing poverty rates, but poverty rates have not fallen enough to reduce the total number of poor people," explains Ghani. And as the total number of poor people expands, he is quick to warn, "Human development, particularly education and health, has not kept pace with income growth. And growth has not been gender inclusive."

Resolving this paradox is crucial since South Asia has more poor people than Africa. In fact, the geography of poverty means that more than 70% of the world's poor live not in low-income countries, but in middle-income countries — a concentration pattern that is likely to continue into the next decade.

we have political leaders swearing blind that corruption is evil. They, by any standard, even if you want to be charitable, cannot in all honesty be described as morally upright where corruption is concerned.

The same applies to corrupt civil servants: They would dearly love you to believe that they are all valiant corruption fighters.

So, it seems logical to ask why do we rate so poorly in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, year in and year out? Corruption is not just about money changing hands. That is common bribery. Corruption is about abusing entrusted power for private gain.

The latest to join the serried ranks of the country's star-studded corruption fighters' gallery is Daim Zainuddin, who, in my humble view, is the last person to lecture us about probity and rectitude.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, with his oversized baggage of religious credentials and other feel-good paraphernalia, had me fooled completely and the experience was all the more unpalatably galling because I genuinely like him as a person.

Whether he likes me or not, I dare not say. His intentions were I am sure very good, but then as we all know, the road to hell and moral damnation is paved with good intentions.

One lesson we should never ever forget is that politicians as a breed are pathological liars. There are naturally one or two who are reliable and decent.

But seriously, you would probably be better off trusting a cat with a plate of fried fish. Opposition politicians are no exception to this universal truth. So keep an eagle eye on them too, including me, just to be on the safe side.

They cannot abuse power because for now they have no power to abuse. Many will find the temptation irresistible. Name me one honest politician; I will name you 10 wayward Yang Berhormat, together with a clutch of even more crooked Yang Amat Berhormat.

Malaysia cannot achieve wholesome, ethical developed nation status by 2020 or 2099 if Barisan Nasional politics remains stuck in the same groove of careless indifference to basic values and value systems that Malaysia desperate lacks and needs.

Knuckle down to basics and the rest will fall in place. At present the transformation plans sound like so much noise and nothing more because it is inconceivable that they will ever be carried out in a prudent and accountable and sustainable way for the benefit of the long-suffering people of Malaysia.

Discerning Malaysians are not blind to the fact that all the public money being so generously doled out on a daily basis in Sarawak and Selangor is nothing less than advance vote buying.

Money cannot buy the nation's burning desire for change and change there will be. Try another tack, and save the country from more

Money Can't Buy Equality An Antidote for A-G Gani Patail his Corruption and Cronyism

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The ugly, arrogant and corrupt Najib as a perfect replica of and the Hindu hypocrisy of worshipping the Devi in stone but murdering her in the womb

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 09:47 AM PDT

Sex video: Truth matters most, says Najib
shows and accumulating angst in the hearts of people wearing
a pregnant silence.The ugly, arrogant and corrupt Najib as a perfect replica of and the Hindu hypocrisy of worshipping the Devi in stone but murdering her in the womb should have taken precedence over the crazy rush to .It appears that the political survival and demise of politicians and or their parties is now being force-wedged into the stinking gutter of sex and porn
A nation deeply in a black hole of hopelessness and rudderless at the leadership level tries to find moments of relief only through such escapes.The media has no right to paint the rival opposition leader as Ravana. Ravana and all of his sinful fraternity live here more than in any other abode, and those who depict our opposition leader as Ravana must apologize to to his family.A nation can"t survive on the daily doses of bubblegum press statements and using strong language for an immediate clap of the crowd. The fact that Malaysia is losing its core values of strength and the dynamics to sustain a society are nowhere on the radar of our leaders. We want immediate results, immediate solutions and immediate successes. Everything that nature abhors.


Malaysians were rudely awakened and shocked when they were fed with the titilating stories of Sodomy I. If that was not sedating enough, a sequel re-appeared called Sodomy II.

The tides of sex and sin did not stop there. It went on with one lady threatening that she would not hestitate to expose it all even if it meant severing ties with kin and family.

And now, the topping on the ice cream – for the time being, is the stellar Datuk T & Trio porn stuff. Even school kids are eager to watch it given the senstional peddling by certain political machineries.

Well, since sex, porn and sin are the favored ammunitions of political battles as expressly marketed by BN and or their compatriorts these days, why not have a no-holds-barred spill into the public foyer of all such incidents of similar sins these past two decades.

The new media for example has been repeatedly talking about some encrypted sagas of sex and sin. Some of these are The Port Dickson affair; An Underaged girl's rape; The Mongolian beauty episode; the ministerial extra-marital affairs; and many others.

So since this is the season for Sins of Sex in the Open, let us have all of it out for all to read and finally decide what future they want for themselves and their children's children.

Let us take an inventory count of which political party has produced the largest number of sex and sin incidents. And let the public know what happened to all these sinners till this day.

That will be very interesting and most edifying for all citizens who want to take a more responsible role in ensuring the future of the nation. At least they can then vote with a clear conscience come the GE or even in the Sarawak Elections.

Any new media operator willing to take on this responsibility of providing a no-holds-barred researched effort to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and tell all accounts of sex and sin these past two decades or so?


shows and accumulating angst in the hearts of people wearing a pregnant silence.



A nation can"t survive on the daily doses of bubblegum press statements and using strong language for an immediate clap of the crowd. The fact that Malaysia is losing its core values of strength and the dynamics to sustain a society are nowhere on the radar of our leaders. We want immediate results, immediate solutions and immediate successes. Everything that nature abhors READMORE The ugly, arrogant and corrupt Najib as a perfect replica of and the Hindu hypocrisy of worshipping the Devi in stone but murdering her in the womb


Govt-Petronas CON CONtinues...

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 08:45 AM PDT

The BN gomen and the national oil corporation CONtinue to treat the Malaysian people as either kindie kids or nincompoops, viz:

RON97 Petrol Up 20 Sen

Saturday, 02 April 2011 07:20

KUALA LUMPUR -- The price of RON97 petrol went up by 20 sen to RM2.70 per litre effective midnight last night, according to the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM).

PDAM deputy president Datuk Zulkifli Mokti said the increase was due to the rise in the price of crude oil toUS$114 per drum this week from US$105.

"This is due to the crisis in the Middle East," he said when contacted by Bernama.

Zulkifli said the price was likely to increase in the future due to the situation in the Middle East which he added could prolong.

On Jan 31, the price of RON97, which was floated according to the prevailing oil market price, rose by 10 sen to RM2.50 per litre.
RON95 petrol remains at RM1.90 per litre.


I've lamented again and again that the BN idiots are pulling wool over our eyes, in cahoots with PETronas.

Malaysia is a NETT producer of petroleum, furthermore,our petroleum is of premium grade and hence commands a higher price over the imported petrol.

For common senSE will tell you that each time the world crude rices rise,our country will get higher revenues and profits. By right if Petronas truly holds the nation's black gold resource in trust for the Rakyat, the pump prices, whether RON95 or RON95, should go down now that their world prices recently have gone to above USD100per barrel.

So how now, people?

Desi: Get rid of the BN gomen-lah at the forthcoming Sarawak State Elections, for starters.

For the main menu, throw the BN gomen out from Putrajaya at GE13, can or knot?

Why MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek likes to have with ‘bitches’ because ‘bitches’ don’t…ask him how many he Fucked

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 05:39 AM PDT

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said Dr Chua lodged a police report after being informed by a colleague on the distribution of envelopes containing two DVDs in several areas in Batu Pahat, Johor, which was intended to smear his image.

Following the report, police conducted an investigation and the investigation papers submitted to the Attorney-General's Chambers, before the Attorney-General ordered for further investigation, he said in a written reply to a question by Hee Loy Sian (PKR-Petaling Jaya Selatan) in Parliament Tuesday.
Hee wanted to know the rationale Dr Chua was not charged in court.
Hishammuddin said the case was investigated under Section 292/509 of the Penal Code.
In January 2008, Dr Chua resigned from his cabinet post and as MCA vice-president after admitting that the man in the sex video was him.
Malaysia's top cop has revealed that the sex video which purportedly shows Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a female prostitute was not 'doctored', drawing criticism that he was trying to help Prime Minister Najib Razak's administration turn tide of public sentiment against Anwar as the Sarawak election got into full swing.
"What the IGP has said is nothing shocking. It can easily be guessed because last week itself, Najib in his clumsy fashion aready gave their game away when he urged Malaysians to judge not Umno'role in the sex conspiracy against Anwar but whether the tape had been doctored," PKR dirctor for communitcations Nik Nazmi told Malaysia Chronicle.
"Najib's comments are not commensurate with the intelligence that a Prime Minister of a nation should have. What we have been saying is, does it matter whether the tape is authentic or not? What matters is whether the man inside the tape is Anwar or not? It is grossly unfair for the IGP to make such a statement that contains half the truth. This is another terrible slander against Anwar and it will continue to backfire."
Ismail Omar, the Inspector General of Police, had told national new agency Bernama that local experts had come to the conclusion after examining the 21-minute clip.
Aimed to sway the middle ground
The video surfaced last month soon after Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud had dissolved the state assembly to pave way for the much-anticipated polls. While the BN is expected to retain power, Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat is expected to hammer through an electoral beating that will shake public confidence in Najib and his team.
"Yes this is very much tied to the Sarawak state election. It is of course a smear campaign against Anwar but those who believe in his innocence will take the IGP's comments as further proof of the Umno conspiracy. For those who hate Anwar, they will continue to tarnish him and for those in the middle ground, this is meant to turn them against the Pakatan," PAS MP for Kota Raja Siti Mariah Mahmud told Malaysia Chronicle.
Three men calling themselves the Datuk T trio – namely former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay and Perkasa treasurer Shuaib Lazim – have confessed to 'discovering' the video which is believed to have been shot at a hotel room in Thailand using four cameras.
Instead of handing over the tape to the police, they took it upon themselves to book a conference suite at swanky Carcosa Seri Negara Hotel and invited reporters and senior editors to watch the clip.
They insisted on anonymity but quick checks by Anwar's supporters revealed that Rahim, who is Risda chairman, had booked the room through the government agency, while Shuaib paid the bill. The men were forced to make a public confession.
The trio have claimed that their objective was to expose Anwar's immorality so that Malaysians would not be duped by him.
Meanwhile, they had also invited several PKR MPs to watch the tape. PKR MP for Sungai Petani Johari Abdul was the first to expose them. Johari has also said it was 100 per cent confirmed the man was not Anwar, adding that it could be Shazryl who bears a distinct facial resemblance to the Opposition Leader.
The Sungai Petani MP also said Rahim had asked him to leave PKR after showing him the tape, and also offerd him 'financial security' if he did so.
Another PKR leaders is Badrul Hisham Shaharin, who was also shown the tape and asked to defect. He too has said it was not Anwar.
Despite the massive effort by the Umno elite, which also roped the mainstream media into their conspiracy against Anwar, the de-facto Pakatan and PKR chief has been riding on a wave of popular support.
The perceived injustice against him drew a crowd of 30,000 to the Shah Alam stadium last week to pray for him and condemn Najib for slandering him.
Ng Yen Yen's poor performance boomerangs back to haunt her
MCA a subsidiary of Umno?
A new study from University of Puget Sound explains why contrary to most cases,femalelizards of Arizona's south-eastern mountains are more colourful than males.

The female striped plateau lizards are more colourful than males – displaying an orange patch on their throats during reproductive season – and the more colourful the female, the more robust are her offspring.

"In the female striped plateau lizard the orange-coloured patches they develop during the reproductive season are based on pterin pigments, not on carotenoids, so this trade-off between ornaments and eggs may be eliminated," said Stacey Weiss.

The study shows that the more colourful the lizard, the more yolk antioxidants there are in her eggs.

"Thus, in S. virgatus, female ornaments may advertise egg quality. In addition these data suggest that more-ornamented females may produce higher-quality offspring, in part because their eggs contain more antioxidants," said Weiss.

The colouration also suggests that more colourful females produce healthier eggs and attract more and/or higher-quality male mates, ultimately producing high-quality offspring.

The study is published in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Animal Ecology .

Love can happen at any age. And it's never too late to tie the knot. When actor Suhasini Mulay got married at 60, her story became an example for many lonely hearts. For Mulay kept her heart open and went online to meet her Mr Right, the 65-year-old physicist Atul Gurtu. "I never thought of getting married, but we clicked. When I broke the news to my family nobody believed I was getting married," said Mulay in a recent interview.

This summer, Playboy king Hugh Hefner, 84, will be tying the knot with his fiancée Crystal Harris. Many celebs and ordinary people are finding love later in life. Actor Marcia Cross got married at 44, while news maven Diane Sawyerwas 43 when she tied the knot. Is age just a number when it comes to finding love? Says Kishwar Desai, who married economist Meghnad at 47, "Falling in love is not something you plan. Yet, I know so many young and beautiful people who are unable to find love or even the right partner. Age, in fact, gives you the wisdom to value many things that make a relationship truly significant."

"I was very lucky to have met Meghnad, quite by accident, editing his book on Dilip Kumar. I was 47-year-old, well-settled in Delhi, till Meghnad arrived, quite like a summer storm and completely unsettled my life! He was very sure that we could have a wonderful life together and said he had fallen in love with me. It was all during the heady conversations we were having that I realised what I had been missing my entire life — someone I could talk to, and share everything with. The important thing is, when you are older, you want your man to treat you as an equal partner and I found that Meghnad is a feminist who gives enormous respect to all women. This was and is very crucial for me. He has already achieved so much in his own life, he is a very relaxed man, who has no ego hassles. It was the start of a lovely romance, which we enjoy till today," adds Desai.

In her book, Find a Husband After 35 (Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School), dating coach Rachel Greenwald writes how the chances of getting married at 60 are still bright. "Your chances are as strong as the effort you put into meeting someone." Life coach Rajini Woodhouse says, "Age is no barrier for love. More people are walking out of their comfort zones and reaching out to find love." According to Psychology Today, simple things matter in love and marriage, rather than age. And grown-ups tying the knot have better chances of making happy marriages. Says Uma Trilok, author of Amrita-Imroz: A Love Story, "Love can happen anytime. We are witnessing a rise of marriages amongst the older age group as everyone wants to find a companion. Urban cities have increased the need to be with someone; being alone is lonely. Everyone craves for those bright moments of romance. Amrita Pritam was 42 when she met Imroz and fell in love. Kamala Das found her love at 65. People should keep their hearts open because love can happen anytime."

Experts say that older couples have less chances of getting divorced. Says Mumbaibased author Ahmed Faiyaz, "Our attitude towards marriage has changed. Acouple of generations ago, a good proportion of young women went to college so that they could get an education that would help them get good proposals. Today, they study because they want to do their own thing and be successful. We've seen both men and women put off marriage because of their careers. Despite that, everyone has a choice to find their partners at any age and there are so many opportunities to meet like-minded people."

Older people are making their own rules. Mature love can be powerful and accepting. US-based author Maggie Scarf tells The Economist that older marriage is full of unexpected pleasures. "Older couples, compared to middle-aged couples, express lower levels of anger, disgust, belligerence and whining and higher levels of affection. Hence, they have more success in love."

Says Raksha Baradia, author of Me: A Handbook of Life, "There's no age for falling in love. Everyone has their own rules. When I go for a morning walk, I often see senior citizens over 70, complimenting graceful older women who also walk with them. Whenever the lady gets a compliment, she lowers her eyes. The attraction of the other sex never stops."

Psychiatrist Dr Avdesh Sharma agrees, "When people marry late, the emotional challenges are different. Yet, couples feel they can deal with the situation as the connection is stronger and they're confident. There's a realism in mid-life relationships that makes the success rate higher. There's nobody who wants to live alone forever." It's truly never too late to find love!

1 Malaysia, 2 Bibles – By The Malaysian Insider.

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 06:02 AM PDT

Just two weeks ahead of state elections in Christian-majority Sarawak, Putrajaya gave in today to demands that citizens there can have their Alkitab without the Home Ministry-generated phrase "Christian Publication" or serial numbers.

Christian residents who worship in Bahasa Melayu in the Malay peninsula, however, have no such luck.

But under a 10-point plan released by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Seri Idris Jala, a Christian is free to criss-cross the country with his Alkitab.

Which begs the question – Why the need to regulate the Alkitab in the Malay peninsula, ostensibly due to a greater Muslim population, when the Christian holy book sans stamped words can be brought in still?

1 Malaysia, two bibles, perhaps, so as to take care of sensitivities? Or just until the 'Allah' case is finally solved in the courts of law?

If so, why the long wait? Why can't the Court of Appeal hear the case, after all, it has been 15 months since the Kuala Lumpur High Court handed down its ruling only for it to be stayed pending appeal.

Never in the history of Malaysia has any community had to beg for its constitutional right and put to anguish over what happened to its holy book. And hopefully, never again although today's decision appears to be prompted by the Sarawak polls.

Yet, today's good news by Jala is not good news at all, as it does not solve the fundamental issue of all, that the Alkitab is a proscribed book under the security law, the Internal Security Act 1960 – the same law that allows detention without trial.

Christians can thank the government for solving the current problem created by its own policies but in the long run, any Malaysian government should put right what is wrong by allowing anyone to practise his faith in any language without any restriction whatsoever.

Is that so hard in a country that prides itself as Malaysia, Truly Asia?

In his statement today, Jala said, "I hope this 10-point solution will be received positively by the Christian groups as being fair and reasonable,", adding that the government was committed to a peaceful way out of the impasse.

He added that the government recognised it handled the bible issue poorly and "I hope the Christians would find it in their hearts to forgive us."

"The Bible says in Matthew 18: 21-22, 'Then Peter came to Jesus and asked: Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?" Jala said, quoting from the Christian holy book.

"Jesus answered, 'I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times," he concluded.

Great. The Christians are asked to forgive as that is what is prescribed in the Bible.

How about the government?

Will it follow the Bible and forgive everyone, by allowing the Alkitab in every part of the country as it is, and not just in Sabah and Sarawak?

Cult Practices And Elements Of "Christian Rituals"

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 04:58 AM PDT

I had plans to ignore this entire issue on grounds of its frivolous nature.

But then I wanted to know what a poco-poco dance is. One thing led to another, and I ended up watching this youtube clip.

And then I thought of the religious police and what they say:

A top Islamic official in a Malaysian state has outlawed a popular line dance, claiming Friday that it contained cult practices and elements of "Christian rituals" unacceptable to Muslims.

Harussani Zakaria, mufti of the northern state of Perak, told AFP the "poco-poco" dance violated Islamic law.

"The poco-poco dance is actually a cult dance," he said.

"Our research indicates that the dance really originates from Jamaica and there are many Christian rituals to it as the moves reflect the making of a cross and so is unacceptable in Islam," he added.

"The dance is also practised in the Philippines and parts of Indonesia which have a Christian majority and so the dances have many Christian influences, which clash with Islam," Harussani said.

And then I discovered that I was right in the first place - I should have ignored this issue (for more than one reason).

But the dance was fun :-)

Al-Kitab: No more issue

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 04:48 AM PDT

I hope the 10-point statement issued by Minister at the PM Dept Idris Jala on the al-Kitab (Bibles in Bahasa Melayu) today is able to defuse any confusion among Malaysians and foreigners (read here).

The Christians, too could sigh in relief that the 'Muslim-controlled' government is a level-headed one and is not what they accused of previously.

As for the Malays who are Muslims, there is nothing to worry unless there is an additional demand for the al-Kitab to become another subject in Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Menengah.

I dont think the al-Kitab should be an issue anymore. Our al-Quran comes in many languages, including the Hebrew to suit Muslims all over the world. Malaysian Muslims too need not worry that their children' faith will be affected.

What's important is for Muslim to give adequate Islamic teaching to their children. And I dont think the Malays would be interested to buy or even read the al-Kitab if some of us are not even keen to read the al-Quran!

On top of that, please stop accusing the govt of trying to woo Christian votes for the Sarawak state election.

(Video) Bagaimana Melindungi Undi Anda Dari Dikesan?

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 04:36 AM PDT

Ketahui hak anda sebelum anda mengundi! Sebarkan video ini untuk pengetahuan umum...

(Video) Bagaimana Melindungi Undi Anda Dari Dikesan?

(Video) Bagaimana Melindungi Undi Anda Dari Dikesan? (Chinese Subtitles)

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Youths go 'Jingga what?'

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 02:18 AM PDT

It looks like Pakatan Rakyat have their work cut out for them in promoting their 'Buku Jingga', or Orange Book, as PKR's youth wing launched its 'Jingga Month' campaign today to promote the opposition coalition's economic manifesto should they take over federal power. Full story:
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Time: 04:48 More in News & Politics

Sarawak true story this song ‘We will win, because we are right, and because reason is on our side.” by A.Rahman is spreading like a wildfire

Posted: 02 Apr 2011 01:25 AM PDT

by Mariam Mokhtar

UMNO has served up a red herring in the shape of a sex video which was meant to make us take our eyes off the ball. They wanted us to forget aboutSarawak and its chief minister,Abdul Taib Mahmud.

The end game of the latest sex video is not an attempt by UMNO to hide its failures or an attempt to bring down opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. The true intention of UMNO is to preoccupy us and bombard us with the details of this sex scandal so that we lose our focus – Sarawak.

UMNO's attempts to discredit Anwar are getting clumsier and cruder by the day. It is a deliberate attempt at character assassination by people whose own reputations are themselves sullied.

Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik is one of the people behind this sex video. He was allegedly involved with an underaged girl. He is sore that in 1994, his ticket to millions was cut short by allegations of his sexual indiscretions.

Instead of being prosecuted, UMNO kept him firmly in the fold, possibly as a "sleeper" to do its dirty work in the future. Perhaps this is what that sex video is all about.

It was Lim Guan Eng, a DAP MP, who was jailed for sedition when he tried to seek justice for the girl concerned. The girl's grandmother had pleaded with Lim to help her family. She did not go to the UMNO Malays to help her. That must say a lot about what ordinary Malays think of the political party which is supposedly theirs. UMNO Malays maintained an unhealthy silence to protect one of their own.

We do not know if Rahim was put up to this latest scandal by Prime MinisterNajib Abdul Razak. Two decades ago, Rahim is said to escaped a heavy jail sentence by doing a deal with Mahathir. Now, perhaps, it has come time to return the favour and come to the defence of UMNO.

It is quite possible that if Rahim had refused to help UMNO, new incriminating evidence of the alleged links with the then-14 year old girl in 1994 would have materialised.

Who says new material cannot be unearthed at such a late stage? They did it forTeoh Beng Hock, didn't they? The supposed 'suicide note' appeared months later, when the inquest into his mysterious death was nearing its conclusion.

This plan is only one of several that surfaced in the last few months. We had Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's personal 'sperm bank' and we've been entertained by Ummi Hafilda Ali's and her virginity test. Now we have this sex video.

Getting the people titillated

This red herring, the sex video, has been planned with little games in place. It has got the people titillated. Is it Anwar in the movie or is it not? Is it Anwar's doppelgänger or is it the despicable Shazryl Eskay Abdullah? Why was the Carcosa hotel selected? Why were the police slow to act?

This is what UMNO wanted – to distract us from Sarawak. The reality is that Najib wants to hide the problems of Sarawak from us.Taib Mahmud is in trouble. He is suffering from a two-pronged attack by Clare Rewcastle Brown and her weapons of mass deliverance (WMD) – the Sarawak Report website which details all of Taib's corrupt and crooked business dealings, and Radio Free Sarawak which broadcasts interviews with ordinary people who have suffered at the hands of Taib.

The white-haired Taib, dubbed 'The Termite', has attracted much criticism over his unwillingness to step down or to groom his successors. He has also been hit by successive waves of accusations of corruption and nepotism. The anti-graft body Transparency International Malaysia has added its voice in asking the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the allegations.

The problem that Najib faces in Sarawak is Taib's reluctance to hand over the reins. There are some who believe that Taib should not contest the polls; others feel that only he is capable of holding the coalition together and delivering the resource-rich state to Putrajaya, which considers Sarawak and Sabah as its "fixed-deposit" vote bank.

UMNO-BN are afraid of Anwar and Pakatan. There is no doubt about that. One has only to see the police intervention when Anwar spoke at a gathering in Gombak last Friday. The more Najib sends the thugs to silence Anwar, the more moderate Malaysians will end up supporting Anwar.

Anwar has become a symbol of oppression – his own, and ours. He has been pilloried and punched by the police before. And yet he has managed to drag himself up from the floor and become stronger.

Anwar being preoccupied with defending himself against this sex video was so that he would not be able to concentrate on Sarawak.

Taib running scared

Taib is running scared. He has attempted to enter the cyber-world with disastrous results. One victim of his foray into this cyber-war was the proofreader at the Borneo Post.

He corrected what he thought was a spelling error and inadvertently directed online readers to the original 'Sarawak Report' of Clare Rewcastle Brown. He has been sacked. This is Taib's desperation and ruthlessness at work.

The battle-lines in Sarawak are already drawn. A few days ago, Snap was exposed as a potential political frog and would have damaged Pakatan in Sarawak, just like the political frogs which damaged Pakatan in Perak three years ago.

Sarawak is causing sleepless nights in Putrajaya and for Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Even former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, who milked Malaysia dry, has now come out of the woodwork to defend UMNO-BN and Najib.

Sarawak has never experienced a more formidable opposition. In the past, Taib would have been able to intimidate, imprison or eliminate his opponents, if necessary. The sex video plan has backfired but there will be other dirty tactics up BN's sleeves.

Anwar has galvanised Pakatan to such a degree that trying to topple him has become an impossible undertaking; a string of bounty hunters will get their shoulders to the task, to repay favours owed to Mahathir. We can expect more fireworks in the run-up to Sarawak polling day

I hear from reliable sources that MickieLeaks has got hold of a confidential mail I had sent to two top leaders of Tamil Nadu. Before some newspaper publishes it, I am baring it all here.



Subject: Why I will not vote for you

Dear Mr Karunanidhi, Ms Jayalalithaa,

I am a 40-year-old male, working as a journalist in Chennai. This is to tell you that I will not be voting for you. If you are interested in the reasons, please read on. If not, press Ctrl+Alt+Bye.

Dear Karunanidhi, do you know how much I've longed to vote for your party? Especially after I voted against your party in the last Assembly elections and you swept to power. In Tamil Nadu, I have always voted for the party that lost the polls. No, it's different from saying the party I voted for have always lost the polls.

Let's not get into those differences. Let's talk business. The day before you came out with your manifesto, I had tucked away my plasma television set, buried my Playstation and locked up my iPad, hoping that these would figure in your freebie list. That was not to be. You offered a wet grinder or a mixie. Yes, my wife would've voted for you, had Jayalalithaa not offered both, plus a fan for the kitchen.

Ms Jayalalithaa, please don't grin so much—my wife's name is missing from the voter's list. Anyway she is unhappy that she is already married (yes, really) and hence can't get the Rs 50,000 wedding assistance and that lovely four-gram golden pendant with two leaves you have promised. Though she would like to have six months leave, she has no plan to get pregnant to avail of that maternity vacation and Rs 12,000 allowance you have promised expectant mothers.

Ms Jayalalithaa, my 12-year-old son is not amused either, for you have promised laptops only to Plus-1 and Plus-2 students. The four pairs of uniforms sound good, but if only Stalin delivers that washing machine he has added to his father's gift box. That pair of school shoes, my son suggests, make it size 9, preferably Nike. He loves his dad, you know. Anyway why should you pamper a schoolboy who is too young to show his finger to the guy with the indelible ink?

As a child myself, I was good at fishing in Kerala's backwaters, but now I regret not pursuing it as a career. Had I bought a net instead of books then, I would have become a fisherman, at least for the four lean months of fishing when I could sit at home and take the Rs 4,000 you've promised. Cattle I love, especially when they are well done, but I don't think I qualify for that too. As for the free bus pass, I have to wait for 18 more years!

Mr Karunanidhi, Ms Jayalalithaa, don't feel bad that I've marked a copy of this mail to Mr Vijayakanth. That's because I don't want him to repeat your mistakes and lose such a valuable voter. Going by my track record of voting for the party that loses, you may hope to win since I am not going to vote for you. But then, remember I am not going to vote for your rival either.

Mr Vijayakanth, call this blackmail or whatever, I will vote for you if you don't give me my share of freebies. By the way, Captain, I heard Ferrari Enzo is a good car

Has Tramatised
chief minister,Abdul Taib Mahmud.

the true story this song by A.Rahman is spreading like a wildfire READMORE Sarawak true story this song 'We will win, because we are right, and because reason is on our side." by A.Rahman is spreading like a wildfire


Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh said Trust me thousands Malays in Pekan will Perish just to Safeguard the RM700 million Lynas Investment

Posted: 01 Apr 2011 11:16 PM PDT

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh said Trust me thousands Malays in Pekan will Perish just to Safeguard the RM700 million Lynas Investment

if thousands of politicians, or their cousins, the nouveau riche, had died on that apocalyptic night in Bhopal, Anderson would still be in an Indian prison, rather than in America, protected by his company, and the company that his company keeps. But only the poor died in Bhopal. We treat our poor as dispensable chattel whose death is meaningless in the economic calculus, since there is no shortage of supply. Bhopal is class war.

Cynicism is never irrational. The irrational, often wrong, sometimes right, are impelled by instinct, heart or even conscience. Cynics are morality-proof. They prefer data to truth.

Delhi has set the gold standard for cynicism. It operates on four axioms: public memory is a dwarf; anger is effervescent; media can be massaged at the appropriate moment; any public crisis can be assuaged with crumbs, while the promotion of private interests continues off-screen.

Jairam Ramesh's promise of a Green Tribunal in Bhopal is a classical instance of a crumb dipped in the pickle of hypocrisy. Where was this or any other tribunal in the last 26 years when the dead, the deformed and blind babies and the stillborn fetuses were a reminder that justice must be done? Or is this tribunal meant for the next onslaught by the dogs of chemical war upon the sleeping slums of Bhopal? Who was Veerappa Moily trying to fool when he claimed that the case against Warren Anderson had not been closed? Why doesn't he keep the case open for a few more years, until God closes the chapter by taking Anderson away to whichever destination has been allotted to the butcher of Bhopal? A Group of Ministers has been appointed — merely to buy time until the return of amnesia.

The true Bhopal verdict was delivered within four days of the tragedy, in December 1984, not on June 7, 2010, when Anderson was smuggled out of Bhopal on a state government aircraft and then put on a plane to America. Since then we have witnessed a pretend-justice farce played out by government, police and the judiciary, including the Supreme Court. The last is most culpable, since we hold a Chief Justice of India like A M Ahmadi to higher standards of probity than we do politicians or policemen. Ahmadi got his proper thank you note after he retired.

Chief judicial magistrate Mohan Tiwari's judgment served only one useful purpose. The sheer scale of its magnanimity towards the accused lit a fuse under the volcano of collective guilt. The lava is spewing from myriad crevices, scorching and burning many-layered masks that have hidden deceit for a generation. As memories were stoked, officials, some perhaps frustrated by the fact that their silence had not been rewarded, revealed how successive governments had intervened to slow down the judicial process and sabotage any chance of Anderson's extradition. Union Carbide and its collaborators, including Indians of course, have sustained themselves with a lie, that it was an Indian disaster since the plant was built and run by Indians. The design is an exact replica of an American plant, and an American who was terrified of being tried in India was in charge of management.

The political establishment assumed that June 7 would be just another day in a long calendar, possibly punctuated by an occasional, futile scream. The court was fortified, and entry denied to petitioners, victims and media. My one memory of this courtroom, gleaned from television, shall be of the smug grin of an obese policemen laughing at two old women, their faces contorted by rage and frustration, who knew that the system which had stolen their lives had also cheated their children in death.

Trust me: if thousands of politicians, or their cousins, the nouveau riche, had died on that apocalyptic night in Bhopal, Anderson would still be in an Indian prison, rather than in America, protected by his company, and the company that his company keeps. But only the poor died in Bhopal. We treat our poor as dispensable chattel whose death is meaningless in the economic calculus, since there is no shortage of supply. Bhopal is class war.

Is it surprising — or not? — that while even the Obama administration jumped in with some gratuitous advice, Dr Manmohan Singh had nothing to say? Perhaps the Prime Minister would have been repetitive. In essence, the signal from Washington and Delhi is the same: forget the dead, get on with multinational life.

Barack Obama was not elected to ensure justice for the Indian victim. He is in the White House to protect American business, and defend the two-laws theory that motivates American international relations, whether in war or peace. When 11 American workers were killed in an oil rig blow-up in the Gulf of Mexico, Washington demanded $1.5 billion from BP. Nearly 20,000 dead in Bhopal, half a million affected, and the total compensation is $470 million. Do the math. Obama has promised to penalize BP for the current oil spill to the extent of many billions of dollars. Magistrate Manoj Tiwari wants only Rs 5 lakh as reparation from Carbide for mass slaughter.

When Exxon was fined $5 billion for the Alaska oil spill, nearly $40,000 was spent on the rehabilitation of every affected sea otter. The victims of Bhopal are, so far, entitled to $200 each.

Don't do the math. It may turn you into a cynic.
A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order. When Anderson was smuggled out to safety, the authority of state abandoned the responsibility of state. Excuses, evasions and lies have shifted over 26 years; this central truth has not.

It is odd that the government should have chosen law and order as its final alibi after some exhausting self-laceration in its search for a credible explanation for the escape of Union Carbide's Warren Anderson on December 7, 1984.

Why do we say "law and order" rather than "order and law"? Simple. Law comes before order. Law defines the nature of order. Law is the difference between civilization and chaos. Law is evolutionary: the edicts of tribes, chiefs and dynasties lifted human societies from scattered peril to structured coexistence. The laws of democracy have vaulted us to the acme of social cohesion, for they eliminated arbitrary diktat and introduced collective will. The divine right of kings is dead; it has been reborn as the secular right of an elected Parliament.

A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order. When Anderson was smuggled out to safety, the authority of state abandoned the responsibility of state. Excuses, evasions and lies have shifted over 26 years; this central truth has not.

Unsurprisingly, Anderson sneered at the establishment that knelt before him; contempt is the umbilical chord of the colonial, or neo-colonial, relationship. The crux of the Bhopal tragedy is summed up in a few sentences uttered by Anderson as he was escorted out of India on December 7, 1984: "House arrest or no house arrest, or bail or no bail, I am free to go home…There is a law of the United States… India, bye bye, thank you."

'House or no house arrest': he could not care a damn about those funny-looking policemen (in lathis and khaki shorts?) who had dared to arrest a pillar of the American corporate establishment. 'Bail or no bail': what was a rotten piece of paper signed in an Indian court worth to a lord of Wall Street? Not even the decency of silence. Anderson was publicly, even proudly, contemptuous of those who did not have the courage to interrupt his freedom for a mere industrial disaster in which a few thousand semi-slave Indians had been gassed to death within hours and thousands more would die over years.

'There is a law in the United States': Anderson had twigged on to a basic truth that the law is a malleable reality for those who are "well-connected" in India. How could Anderson have respect for India's law when those entrusted with its sanctity had defiled it? Anderson laughed at Indian law, and jeered at the Indian state. Compare this with the fact that his company was scared witless at the prospect of an American trial. Carbide fought hard, and successfully, with predictable help from a comprador Indian establishment, to shift the trial from America to India. Their subsequent collusion with Indian courts touched Supreme heights.

British Petroleum knew the perils of entanglement with American justice and shelled out within six weeks of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Big Oil (which is far bigger than Big Chemical) has been forced to put aside $20 billion for the repair of the environment after an ecological disaster that has not killed a single innocent human being. Technically, BP need not have paid more than $75 million. The first demand on Carbide, 26 years ago was for $15 billion. It has paid the equivalent of just one billion dollars (at today's prices) for the death of nearly 20,000 people and the horrific maiming of over 100,000.

Barack Obama slipped on a bit of oil himself when the spill began. He thought playing to the gallery would subdue the clamour, while BP contained the damage. He upped the ante (it became an environmental 9/11) even while his National Guard helped BP by hiding affected bird-life from media cameras. Obama began to taunt the British in British Petroleum, perhaps because he found it easier to attack a nation than a multinational; but public opinion was not to be mollified by rhetoric.

BP paid America out of fear, not because of a demand order from its conscience. Carbide had nothing to fear, and never possessed a conscience. QED. BP will not pay a dividend this year. Carbide paid a dividend even after Bhopal.

'India, bye bye, thank you': those famous last Anderson words. Bye bye; this is a divorce, not a separation. There might be some alimony in it, but don't start shopping until the cheque is in the bank.

Accusation is the easy exit route from Bhopal. Introspection will take us back to the beginning. Betrayal is impossible without trust. We did not trust Carbide to be honest. We trusted our political class, and it continues to search for new and inventive ways to betray us again.
A Pahang MP has suggested that the state mentri besar grossly overlooked key health and safety concerns in his eagerness to safeguard the RM700 million Lynas investment there — a move she said may harm its residents in the long run. 

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob should have formed an independent panel of experts instead of relying on a single federal agency to properly evaluate the risks involved before approving the plant — touted to be the biggest rare earths refinery in the world once complete — in the coastal Gebeng industrial area.

She further said the briefing Adnan received from the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) was not comprehensive because the rare earths processing industry involves expertise from many sectors and also includes policy-making from several ministries — not just the ministry of science, technology and innovation.

"The Pahang MB should also ask the neighbouring Terengganu MB about the state's stand over Lynas Corporation's application to build the same plant in Teluk Kalung in 2007," she said in open letter to the fullstory  Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh said Trust me thousands Malays in Pekan will Perish just to Safeguard the RM700 million Lynas Investment



Taib “Hardened Politician”

Posted: 01 Apr 2011 09:16 PM PDT

What else is there not to write about Taib Mahmud?

 He has been in office for 30 years as Chief Minister of Sarawak eventhough he announced the dissolution of the DUN before the 26th of March which would have seen him serving as Chief Minister for 30 years. 

According to the infamous Sarawakreport portal  he was forced into submission by both PM Najib and DPM Myhiddin who were by his side at the airport when he said that the dissolution of the DUN would be on Monday and he was giving the PC on Saturday. Strange don't you think..??

Even now there are vicious rumours saying that no one really cares about the CM Taib except his family and his cronies and he has even been given an ultimatum openly by Francis Siah a former Editor of Tribune and a politician to be ready to relinquish his position by August at the latest.

Why is that? Who is behind him? How come CM Taib is bending to the calls? It seems there are more powerful "HIDDEN HANDS" pushing the button for Taib to step down or being given a more respectable position.(no need for audie61 to tell you what it is)

Taib will want to show the detractors from within and outside his family circles that he has what it takes to fight his last "WAR". He has indicated to his party PBB that he does not want to lead them for this 10th elections. But when his able Lieutenants and Generals in PBB and the component parties swore allegiance for him to  lead the charge against a 'formidable alliances of opposition" he tasks himself and focussed all his might and political knowhow to show his mettle.

 He does not need to prove anything but he knows that he cant leave his friends behind. He has shown to those who don't value true political friends to learn a thing or two from the man himself.

We have received a number of calls from a number of seasoned analysis/politicians that Abang Johari Housing and Urban Development Minister is the most suitable man listed to be the Chief Minister of Sarawak. The push now is being used by SNAP political campaigners that they are 'sanctioned by some Federal leaders.." to help end Taibs rule by denying him the 2/3rds. How far this is true you will have to look at the following blogs. Is it coming true.? 

Coincidentally this blogsite was entrusted by a very hardened and stauch supporter very early this morning to inform Sarawakians that there are indeed HIDDEN PUPPET MASTERS helping in to see the end of Taib Mahmud and his regime.

 The blog got the news from his relevant source and after much persuasion our Burung Kenyalang 2011 ( no $$$$$$ involved) we agree and and decided to run this article to give the credence to his point of SARAWAK for Sarawakians.

It justs proves that Taibs man are with him and he will not be left alone to fight his "WAR" Taib has shown time and time again that when the chips are against him he comes up with the answers.

Taib a truly Hardened Warrior in his  own right.

DSAI on IGP's statement of sex video being "authentic"...

Posted: 01 Apr 2011 07:12 PM PDT

Press Release on IGP's Statement On The Sex Video Case
post info
By Anwar Ibrahim
Categories: Analisis, Anwar, Demokrasi, Hebahan, Isu Semasa, KeADILan, Mahkamah, Malaysia, Media, Pakatan Rakyat, Parlimen, Pilihanraya, Politik and Umno


Today the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar rushed to make a statement that the ' Datuk T ' sex video is allegedly authentic. This announcement in no way proves that Opposition leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is the person appearing in the sex video. From the very first instance, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has stated categorically and unambiguously that he is not the person in the sex video. The issue of the authenticity of the video is a red herring,and a politically motivated attempt at confusing the issue so as to smear and tarnish Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim's reputation.

What is of real public concern is why the police and A-G's Chambers have yet to institute criminal proceedings against the three persons who have publicly confessed to being guilty of possessing and publicly exhibiting the obscene video which are offences under s.292 Penal Code and s.5 Film Censorship Act 2002. Why the special treatment meted out to these particular offenders? Unusually, the IGP made his announcement on the aspect of the authenticity of the video despite admitting also that the probe on the sex video is not yet complete. We call upon the IGP not to dance to the tune of the BN and to carry out police investigations fairly, impartially and professionally. We call upon the IGP and AG to stop the delaying tactics and to take action against the real criminals in the sex video fiasco immediately.



DESIDERATA: The above Press Release is copied from

(Video) Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim Di DUN Pantai Damai, Sarawak

Posted: 01 Apr 2011 06:36 PM PDT

Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim di DUN Pantai Damai, Sarawak. Ubah Sekarang, Selamatkan Malaysai!

ceramah anwar dun pantai damai part 1

ceramah anwar dun pantai damai part 2

ceramah anwar dun pantai damai part 3

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BN government punish victims, defend culprits!

Posted: 01 Apr 2011 05:19 PM PDT

Malaysiakini - Sex video not doctored, says police chief

Wow, isn't just wonderful? What should we now do? Gasp in admiration at the police marvellous forensic findings? Clap our hands to show our appreciation of their fantastic detective work?

I wonder at the IGP's f* sense of relevance. Is the authenticity of the pornographic video important? How would the issue of whether such pornographic material was 'doctored' contribute to public security?

Dei IGP, instead, what are you going to do with those three men who admitted to ownership and production of the pornographic material and showing it to several political leaders? No wonder the crime rates in Malaysia have shot through the roof when the police have been wasting its efforts on useless activities which do not benefit, let alone enhance, public safety, while peddlars of pornography walk around freely with state and national titles to their names.

IGP, it's high time your police force stop focusing on the victim and get those pornography-peddling pariahs.

Incidentally, for those anwaristas, who the f* cares whether the man in the sex video is allegedly Anwar Ibrahim. Even if it was him, it would then be a private bonking session, something he has to acquit with his wife and family, and not for the police, public or politicians to stick their noses into.

The Malaysian Insider -
Muhyiddin says government will not revisit 'Interlok'

... Muhyiddin Yassin said today the federal government will not bow to fresh demands from Chinese groups to remove the controversial "Interlok" novel from the school syllabus. The deputy prime minister said that as far as the government was concerned the issue had been resolved. He also described groups raising the issue again as irresponsible.

Wrong on two counts, YB Tan Sri.

Firstly, the 'Interlok' issue has not been resolved. Proof? People affected by its seditious libel against Indian and Chinese Malaysians, a witch's brew of poison in its narrow focussed tales as if those reflect general and typical characteristics of Indians and Chinese Malaysians, continue to condemn such libellous story telling. So mana dah resolved?

Secondly, so in your ultra-kiasu mind (thanks to Dr Ridhuan Tee for borrowing his fave word wakakaka), people being insulted have been 'irresponsible' in raising objections to such libellous poisons of untruth. You should look into the mirror to see who has been f* 'irresponsible'.

While the author might have chosen to write such stuff, and it's his democratic right to do so, the 'irresponsible' party has been the Education Ministry in deliberately choosing such a regrettable piece of poison as a textbook for young Malaysian minds, and for obdurately defending the indefensible, the continuing use of 'Interlok' as a school text.

Who is the victim? Who is the culprit? Please don't f* twist the blame around, from the sickening racist culprit of a BTN-ish Education Ministry onto the legitimately aggrieved victims.

Your mentality is akin to those Arab and Pakistani authorities' who jailed raped victims.

Greatest Conman king conman Bung Mokhtar and the Devil in the House

Posted: 01 Apr 2011 04:51 PM PDT

King conman Bung Mokhtar and the Devil in the House
The pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is the only animal that invites its friends to have sex with its mate. In America, most people consume pork. Many times after dance parties, they have swapping of wives; i.e. many say "you sleep with my wife and I will sleep with your wife." If you eat pigs then you behave like pigs. We Indians look upon America to be very advanced and sophisticated. Whatever they do, we follow after a few years. According to an article in Island magazine, this practice of swapping wives has become common in the affluent circles of Bombay.(emphasis added
Of Bung Mokhtar and the Devil in the House
Bung Mokhtar, BN MP of Kinabatangan, Sabah is certainly a comical character. After having fun labelling women drivers as being inferior, his standard has gone from bad to worse and he has labelled fellow Parliamentarian, albeit from the other side of the divide, Khalid Samad of PAS as 'setan besar'.
Translated into English, literally it is 'big satan' but as as there is no such thing as 'big satan', the more suitable translation will be 'big devil'.
But Bung's words are unparliamentary. There are rules and guidelines for usage of words and language in Parliament and BN MPs have continuously flouted the law. In this instance, even the BN's own Speaker of the House admitted it and admonished Bung.
Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, BN MP for Pasir Salak, is also notorious in Parliament. He achieved his notoriety 2 years ago for calling DAP MP for Ipoh Barat M Kulasegaran 'bastard' a few times in the space of 10 minutes, while former MIC chief Samy Vellu was well-known for accompanying ladies to the loo.
BN MPs have achieved infamy with their sexist and racist remarks, not forgetting Chua Soi Lek, MCA president (though not an MP now) who used the four-letter 'F' word multiple times on Twitter just last month.
Ong Boon Piow, DAP state assemblyman of Tebing Tinggi, Perak wasted no time twisting the knife into his BN rivals.
He commented that many BN elected representatives are giving a very bad example to school children and students when they have to be examplary role models due to the fact that they are leaders. He added that school children and students were present in Parliament to observe the proceedings.
Incidentally, Bung was also the one who had made a sexist remark attacking DAP MP for Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan in 2007 when he said that not only was the Parliament roof was leaking but the same goes for Ms Fong every month. He was referring to the female menstrual cycle.
Despite such boorishness, he was still picked by the BN to contest in the 2008 General Election and he was voted in!
Khalil Idham Lim, PAS state assemblyman for Titi Serong, said all elected representatives must use proper language all the time.
"The Speaker should have gotten Bung to retract the words 'setan besar' but as usual BN representatives always get away with very rude, crude and vulgar language," he told Malaysia Chronicle.
The question has now arisen, is it BN culture to use coarse language as it is BN culture to be fixated on pornography and obscene politicking?
Khalil agreed with DAP's Ong that students who were present at the Parliamentary sittings will get a bad impression from what is going on and may think that this type of behaviour is acceptable and the norm for everyone.
Cavemen MPs
BN MPs' uncouth behaviour has made the Malaysian Parliament the world's laughing stock.
Bung's recent remarks that women were "slow" and "oblivious" drivers were carried by most of the major foreign newspapers. They depicted him not as a role model lawmaker but more as a caveman.
Bung on his own did not even deem it fit to retract his statement although he was reprimanded by the Speaker and instructed to retract.
Khalid Samad, the Shah Alam MP who was the subject of Bung's attack told Malaysia Chronicle that BN MPs have been attacking him lately and this shows that he must be doing something right.
Perhaps he is right in that even the Devil himself will not want to associate with such an unsavoury character as Bung or other equally uncivilized politicians, many of whom have recently crawled out of the woodwork. One of these include a former Mentri Besar!


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