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Gerakan's 'Valentino' Tan ticked off for ignorance on Muslim rights

Now look at this super innocent looking chick in these private amateur pics The Grand Prostitute Shannon Teoh a NarcissistPractical Implications from the mother fucker Malaysian Insider's pantat house fucking her boyfriend Abdul Rahimand tossing salad like a pro. I think her shirt says it best,"NOTHING DRAW. Mimic Celeb Sexy Doll. NOTHING STAKE. " Now, I don't know what it means but I am betting she will never wear that top ever again. She has a full bush in some of these pictures however she is partially shaved with smooth labia regions in others so there is something here for everyone

Think of your friendly neighborhood narcissist: status-seeking, grandiose, loud-mouthed, brash and flamboyant. Have you ever noticed how he brags all the time, not only about his astronomical I.Q. and bulging pectoral muscles, but also aboutthe fact that he is narcissistic? It's as if he is proud of it.
Lots of psychologists have theorized that a lack of self-awareness is a hallmark trait of narcissists. My personal experience with narcissists does not seem to support this. It seems to me as though they are not only aware of who they are, but also embrace it.
It is clear that Mr Tan doesn't really understand the situation in our multireligion society in Malaysia. By saying that Valentines Day would be filled with sinful activities and immoral acts, PAS Youth Chief Nasruddin Hassan is generally viewing Valentine Day from the point of view of Islam. Mr Tan needs to understand that for Muslims, it is sinful even for unmarried couples to be alone together.
I would like to express disagreement towards the views expressed by Mr Tan in his post (see below). I feel Mr Tan has poor understanding of Malaysian multiracial and multireligion society and thus leading him to produce such statement.
First argument:
Quoting his statement "I regret the statement by PAS Youth Chief that implied Valentine's Day would be filled with sinful activities and immoral acts.",
followed by his other statement "This is clearly a blatant insult to those who celebrate Valentine's Day in Malaysia. It would indirectly cast doubt over the morality of all those who will celebrate Valentine's Day."
From these two statements it is clear that Mr Tan doesn't really understand the situation in our multireligion society in Malaysia. By saying that Valentines Day would be filled with sinful activities and immoral acts, PAS Youth Chief Nasruddin Hassan is generally viewing Valentine Day from the point of view of Islam. Mr Tan needs to understand that for Muslims, it is sinful even for unmarried couples to be alone together. Moreover in Valentines Day where most couples will take opportunity of this day to embrace each other in manners intolerable to Islam or in even worse condition leading to sexual intercourse between unmarried couples.
The reason for this is because Islam respect the value of women and the right of men. Value of women where women are to take good care of their chastity and good morality. This is important to ensure the 'right' for her 'future' husband is fulfilled because it would be unfair for the man to find out that his 'future' wife is no longer chaste and had been 'enjoyed' by other men due to various reasons, one of it being the reason of 'love'.
The second reason for this is to help prevent further social problems. All of us agree that abortion is immoral because it's the same as killing a soul with life. Having said this, we also agree to abandon newly born baby due to various factors is even worse. The problem is, Mr Tan, unmarried couples who get involve with sexual intercourse and then leading to the girl being pregnant, the result in most cases of unwanted pregnancy by unmarried couples is either abortion or the baby being born and abandoned. This leads to other social problems which will take another thousand of words to be discussed on so I'll leave it for now.
Second argument:
Quoting another sentence from the blog, "PAS Youth must understand the nature of Valentine's Day with an open mind and do not interpret the celebration with their "narrow mind""
Reversely, I would want to plead Mr Tan to view the issue of Valentine's Day from a 'bigger' and not such narrow perspective of celebrating love. We should see the issue of Valentine's day from a wider perspective of morality, social problems, value of women and the rights of men rather than only talking from the point of view of love. There are bigger implications from Valentine's day towards social problems and issues of morality rather than just celebrating love. Should this issue not addressed, Malaysia is in danger of being in serious social dilemma like what the United Kingdom is facing.
Having the chance to study in the United Kingdom I come to understand, among biggest social problems faced by the UK Government are 'alcohol consumption' and 'teenage pregnancy'. Even modern and developed country like UK is facing problem with teenage pregnancy which impacted them not only socially but also in many other aspects. So, why should us, Malaysia, which is still a developing country, take the issue of 'teenage pregnancy' lightly? Hence, Valentine's day play quite a significant role in contributing to unwanted pregnancy and teenage pregnancy because the day itself is used as a 'formal' platform where most teenage lovers will find opportunities to embrace each other.
Third argument:
Quoting his statement in the post, "Malaysia, a multiracial and religion country, has long been a moderate country and free of extremism." Being an active politician, Mr Tan should understand that a multiracial and religion country and society consist of people with different views and beliefs. Hence, in order to make decisions we will need to consider people of different beliefs. I would not say things on behalf of other group of people, instead I would refer to this issue from the point of view of Islam.
As a nationalist in Malaysia, Mr Tan should understand more than 50 percent of Malaysians are Muslims. The nature and teaching of Islams are such where we prohibit sexual intercourse before getting married. Having said this, it also means all actions directing to sexual intercourse before marriage should be actively discourage. Hence this is why our good Malaysian, Ustaz Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi is initiating a campaign to discourage such activities which happen rampantly during Valentine's Day.
I understand, being a non-muslim, Mr Tan might not comprehend fully the understanding and the preachings of Islam. However, there is no excuse for a politician like Mr Tan to disrespect the rights and beliefs of other group of people, in this case, the Muslims in Malaysia to discourage the celebration of Valentine's Day as this is our right.
Fourth argument:
Quoting another statement by Mr Tan: "This latest statement by PAS clearly signify more efforts by PAS (with the support of their partners in Pakatan Rakyat) to create their extreme version of Islamic State in Malaysia."
In my defence of the action, I would like to call upon Mr Tan to understand that what is done by PAS Youth Chief, is not in any sense considered as extremism. Instead we are trying to defend the teachings of Islam and at the same time will be benefiting Malaysia and Malaysian society by helping to prevent social problems from increasing.
On the other hand, I would like to point out that to disallow and disrespect others rights, in this case, the Muslims rights to practice the teaching of our religion which is to discourage the celebration of something detrimental to Islam and the society such as Valentine's Day among Muslims is a sign of extremism itself. So perhaps Mr Tan can reconsider the stance taken by yourself in this issue.
Lastly, quoting the last statement from Mr Tan: "PAS must learn to understand the culture of all Malaysians, comprising of various race and religion.". I would like to kindly urge Mr Tan to learn and try to understand the nature and culture of all Malaysians, comprising of various race and religion because if you do understand, then you'll know why are Muslims such as Ustaz Nasrudin actively discouraging the celebration of Valentine's Day. This is a friendly reminder to Mr Tan as it is important for yourself because if you want to develop your career and become successful politician, you will need to fully understand the context of pluralism in Malaysia.
Fifth argument:
Having done with my arguments rebutting Mr Tan's post, I would like to point out a statement from our Ustaz Nasrudin quoted from thestar online:
"In Penang, PAS youth is working closely with the Islamic Religious Department to check immoral activities among Muslims, he said."
Having said this, this activity of discouraging the celebration of Valentine's Day only involves the process to check immoral activities among 'Muslims'. Hence, if Mr Tan wants to celebrate Valentine's Day, feel free to celebrate. However, I would like to stress, the right to take care and monitor our own beloved brothers and sisters of Islam is still our right and I shall support this noble campaign as a Muslim.
The intention of this post is not to undermine any individual but to educate the people as to why do Muslims are against Valentine's Day. Furthermore, this post is to stress that we should have proper understanding of certain issue to make a fair judgement to it. And to our Muslim friends, we should start educating our non-Muslim friends as to why we discourage the celebration of Valentine's Day so all of us can have the same understanding. From understanding then only will come tolerance. -


I refer to the news report that quote PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan stating that Pakatan Rakyat states, including Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan are planning a crackdown on "immoral acts" during Valentine's Day as part of a campaign to encourage a sin-free lifestyle.
It was also reported that Nasrudin said PAS Youth was also launching a campaign to promote a sin-free lifestyle during the period.
[ Source: AFP - 9th February, 2011 ]
I regret the statement by PAS Youth Chief that implied Valentine's Day would be filled with sinful activities and immoral acts.
This is clearly a blatant insult to those who celebrate Valentine's Day in Malaysia. It would indirectly cast doubt over the morality of all those who will celebrate Valentine's Day.
PAS Youth must understand the nature of Valentine's Day with an open mind and do not interpret the celebration with their "narrow mind".
Malaysia, a multiracial and religion country, has long been a moderate country and free of extremism.
This latest statement by PAS clearly signify more efforts by PAS (with the support of their partners in Pakatan Rakyat) to create their extreme version of Islamic State in Malaysia.
These extreme idealogies of PAS are clearly not acceptable to most people in Malaysia.
I would advice PAS, in particular their youth section, to "mind their own business" during the celebration of Valentine's Day.
PAS must learn to understand the culture of all Malaysians, comprising of various race and religion.
Thus, I urge Pakatan Rakyat to immediately redraw any plans to undermine the celebration of Valentine's Day in Pakatan Rakyat states and not to prejudge the morality of those who will celebrate Valentine's Day.

Gerakan's 'Valentino' Tan ticked off for ignorance on Muslim rights


Ku Li slams sex video: Nobody believes it

Gua Musang Member of Parliament and former Finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has described the latest sex accusation against Anwar Ibrahim as shameful and despicable.

Saying the public would not buy the story following a pornographic clip targeting Anwar released by several UMNO leaders recently, Razaleigh said such acts of humiliating others were neither part of Islamic nor Malay culture.

"I don't think the people accept this… If we see Anwar's first case in 1998, the people did not accept. Even after bringing a mattress, pillows, no one believed. I still remember when I made a dialogue session in Gua Musang, the people asked, 'Is this Malay?'

"So shameful," said Razaleigh as quoted by TV Selangor.

Razaleigh said those behind the clip were indulging in gutter politics and had smeared the image of the country and the Muslim majority.

"Malaysian are generally civilised and have a good culture, why must we follow bad culture?

"What's the point of doing such despicable thing in public," he asked.


Meanwhile, PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi said the authenticity of the clip was not the issue if the person in the clip was not Anwar as alleged.

His reaction came following a statement by inspector general of police Ismail Omar who said the clip was authentic.

Titiwangsa MP Dr Lo' Lo Ghazali said she would not accept the IGP's latest statement because the police had yet to arrest the 'Datuk T' trio, comprising of former Melaka chief minister Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Perkasa treasurer Shuib Lazim, who confessed to possessing and screening the porn clip.

"If the party involved in playing the porn clip comes from Pakatan Rakyat leadership, imagine the response of the IGP and the police in general" she quipped.

Umno's latest sex video offensive against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in the form of a two-minute snippet (scroll below) is aimed at deflecting public attention from the Pakatan Rakyat campaign in Sarawak, where Anwar himslelf has said he has never "felt this kind of reception and sentiment on the ground" before since leaving jail in 2004.
"It is very obvious Umno is desperate. Nazri and Hisham have been tasked to fire the salvos at Anwar. They hope to take the wind from his sails but it won't work. The Sarawakians are not dumb. They welcome Anwar and Pakatan because he represents hope and a new beginning for their state," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.
Najib's Waterloo
Indeed, with the help of the Umno media and online news portals, Nazri fired the first salvo, calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the sex video that purported showed Anwar having sex with a female prostitute.
But perhaps this reflected the disconnect between Umno, its media and the majority of the Malaysian public. If Nazri and Umno hoped to create the impression that they were so confident the man in the video was Anwar, they would be badly mistaken.
Many Malaysians actually believe that it might be a good idea to hold an RCI but stressed the terms of reference must be drawn by a parliamentary committee that consisted equal numbers of both government and opposition lawmakers.
"I think Malaysians are fed up of this sort of sex politics. We want to get to the bottom of this video and also send a message to those behind it that we don't want this sort of thing to keep happening. If Umno is behind it or is seen to be behind this, the RCI will backfire. It will be Najib's Waterloo," Ramon Navaratnam, past president of Transparency International, told Malaysia Chronicle.
"The RCI must be seen to be fair. The terms of reference must not limit itself to what the government wants to accuse Anwar of but also to probe if there was involvement by government leaders, institutions and the media. Was it Anwar and was it a conspiracy and by whom."
RCI – who will ensure impartiality and fairness
Yet, head of interfaith group MCCBCHST Rev Thomas Philips said the most important thing was for the government to lead and be seen to lead in the promotion of healthy lifestyle and culture.
He expressed disappointment that past RCI had failed to come up with any conclusive findings including the Lingam Tape hearing. He warned that an RCI could be used as a platform to further smear political rivals and worried that the airing of such sordid details could negatively influence the youth in the country.
"There are pros and cons to an RCI. Most importantly, where is the guarantee for impartiality and fairness? We have made our stand very clear. We condemn the use of obscene politics – be it from any quarter – and urge Malaysians to reject such methods. We also question why the sudden focus of sex politics at a time when the Sarawak election is taking place," Thomas told Malaysia Chronicle.
"These are obviously unhealthy examples to set for our young. Do we want young Malaysians to grow up thinking that this sort of politicking is acceptable? Shouldn't we encourage politics that stimulate and breed noble thoughts and deed for the greater good and betterment of society? I think it is time that society elders make a stand and ask, have we lost our way?"
Coincidentally, PKR unveils its candidates list
Coincidentally, PKR had on Monday unveiled its list of candidates. Buoyed the warm reception it has received wherever its leaders went, PKR went after 48 seats out of the 71 available in the Sarawak legislative assembly. Nomination is on April 6 and balloting on April 16.
PKR will be the Pakatan's torch-bearer in Sarawak and the party that will take the fight directly into Taib's den. Most of the seats PKR will contest are in rural and interior regions where Taib has long commanded.
As such, it is important for the BN to run down PKR and Anwar as much as possible in the Sarawak polls, which political observers have already called the mother of all battles and predict will be the dirtiest of all elections in local history.
"Since 2004, after I left prison, I've never felt this kind of reception and sentiment on the ground. There's this mood of growing acceptance to Pakatan and no one can deny that this is the first time in the history of Sarawak that BN is facing a formidable challenge," Anwar had told a press conference announcing the candidates' list today.
Snippet edited to show shots that looked like Anwar but not his 'pot-belly'
Nonetheless, fear of Anwar succeeding has spurred his enemies to greater desperate acts. A two-minute snippet of the sex video exposed by three Umno members including former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik has started to surface in You Tube.
All 3 men were questioned by the police and had already surrendered the tape they held to the authorities. Yet it is obvious that either the police were remiss in their duty or the trio still had copies of their own.
It is also telling that on Monday, Home Minister Hishammuddin took great pains to deny that the sex video was plotted by Umno, the BN, the police and his own ministry.
But while it may cause sensation, those who got to see the two-minute snippet came away satsified that it was not Anwar, who is much slimmer and older.
Some questioned why certain Umno news portals were given leeway to publish stills of the slides that did not show the full picture of the man, and why they intentionally chose the shots that did not show the shape and size of the man's body more clearly.
"Umno supporters had asked me how I could be certain it was not Anwar when I had not watched the video. Today I watched the clip and I have been proven right seeing the shape of the main character and his prominent stomach do not match Anwar," PKR communications director Nik Nazmi said in a media statement.
"As we expected, the video was edited to show only 3 to 4 seconds that the man has a face similar to Anwar Ibrahim's, but the part where the pot belly was exposed was not included," said PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli said on Twitter.
Other PKR leaders pointed out the involvement of the Umno-controlled media and how all attempts were being made to discredit Anwar.
"The way the media is playing it up and which media is playing it up proves that it is an Umno conspiracy. But we won't be stupid enough to be blown off course. Sarawak will come first and Sarawakians can surely understand what it is like to be always given the short end of the stick after 30 years of bullying by Taib Mahmud. They will understand what oppression means and help us to overthrow the BN," Tian said.


Video Blue Rahim Terbukti Fitnah yang Amat Besar

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 11:14 AM PDT

Berikut adalah beberapa persoalan yang Tulang Besi sendiri mahu utarakan:

1.0 Hairan, mengapa adegan seks itu sendiri tidak ditayangkan oleh puak2 ni? Bukankah apabila berlaku adegan seks, maka tuala yang dipakai oleh lelaki itu akan dibuka dan menampakkan perut boroi nya dengan lebih jelas?

2.0 Mengapa muka yang dikatakan sebagai Anwar itu kabur? Mengapa tiada imej yang jelas yang boleh membuktikan lelaki tersebut adalah Anwar?

3.0 Mengapa rakaman video tersebut seperti terputus-putus. Membuktikan video tersebut telah disunting. Mengapa perlu disunting sebegitu?

4.0 Mengapa orang di dalam video tersebut lebih tinggi dari Anwar Ibrahim,

5.0 Bahunya lebih luas berbanding Anwar

6.0 Badannya lebih besar dari Anwar dan punggung orang itu lebih besar dari Anwar?

7.0 Kulit lelaki di dalam video tersebut adalah putih, sedangkan Anwar Ibrahim berkulit gelap.

8.0 Hotel tempat berlaku adegan video ini adalah hotel bertaraf Cap Ayam, berbeza dengan dakwaan Dato T yang ia berlaku di Carcosa Negara.

Terlampau banyak persoalan yang timbul dari video blue Rahim Thamby Chik ini.

Tulang Besi

And here is the rest of it.

Family demands release of disabled ISA detainee

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 07:54 AM PDT

The family of restaurant operator Kadir Hashim, who was picked up by the police under the ISA yesterday, is demanding that he be released immediately, or charged in court if there is a case against him. "I was told that my brother was arrested under the ISA, but I am not satisfied as I don't know exactly why was he picked up," said Kadir's brother Muda Hashim, 46.
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Awesome Jew!

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 09:09 AM PDT

Two Arabs boarded a shuttle out of Washington for New York. One sat in the window seat, the other in the middle seat. Just before takeoff a fat, little Israeli guy got on and took the aisle seat next to the Arabs. He kicked off his shoes, wiggled his toes and was settling in when the Arab in the window seat said, "I think I'll go up and get a coke."

"No problem," said the Israeli. "I'll get it for you." While he was gone, the Arab picked up the Israeli's shoe and spit in it. When the Israeli returned with the coke, the other Arab said, "That looks good. I think I'll have one too."

Again, the Israeli obligingly went to fetch it, and while he is gone the Arab other picked up the other shoe and spit in it. The Israeli returned with the coke, and they all sat back and enjoyed the short flight to New York.

As the plane was landing the Israeli slipped his feet into his shoes and knew immediately what had happened.

"How long must this go on?" he asked. "This enmity between our peoples..... this hatred... this animosity... this spitting in shoes and peeing in cokes?"


Posted: 04 Apr 2011 09:06 AM PDT

The smoking gun was finally revealed, but they said this was just a preliminary.

If he and his coterie of advisers, hangers-on, supporters and followers insist on not believing that the central character in the clip was Him, then the "series" or the other clips will hit the scene, one after the other.

His adversaries, both political and non-political simply wanted him out of the picture -- quit now or things going to get dirtier, as if the revelation on the Youtube today was not that heinous already.

He should, if he have any dignity and self-respet left. He should because he has been projecting himself as a pious man (to the point of being an imam), a family man, a father and husband, a great leader, the prime minister-in-waiting, the renaissance man, the fiery orator and so on and so forth.

He should seriously consider this option because the accusers are taking their time to slowly press for his departure and they were quite kind in this context. In fact they were kinder because it seemed that the accusers have some mercy left in them by telling Him and his wife to go quietly before things get uglier.

Others including Him's coterie would have it the "gentleman's" way had they have what guys on this side now have -- the smoking gun. They could have whacked the hell out of their target without any compunction.

They have indeed cautioned Him that there will be other clips to show, inter alia with more intimate moments of Him with the scandals -- including those with his anatomy exposed.

For a common man like me, as husband and father the brief clip showing a man in close proximity with not his wife is a hangman's noose around my neck and I would be damned if ever I would be in that position.

Then again, I would not be simply because extra-marital relationship is not my cup of tea.

But then again, I don't want to be Him, don't want to be in his position now and will never want to think what will be of him in days to come.

Perhaps and most probably he must be one of the most tortured souls around today, tonight and tomorrow. Time's up Brader, its time to go.

I simply don't want to be Him...

The Grand Prostitute Shannon Teoh a Practical Narcissist from the Mother fucker Malaysian Insider’s Pantat House Fucking her Boyfriend Abdul Rahim all Night Long

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Now look at this super innocent looking chick in these private amateur pics The Grand  Prostitute Shannon Teoh a Narcissist Practical Implications from the mother fucker Malaysian Insider's pantat house fucking her boyfriend Abdul Rahim and tossing salad like a pro. I think her shirt says it best,"NOTHING DRAW. Mimic Celeb Sexy Doll. NOTHING STAKE. " Now, I don't know what it means but I am betting she will never wear that top ever again. She has a full bush in some of these pictures however she is partially shaved with smooth labia regions in others so there is something here for everyone
Think of your friendly neighborhood narcissist: status-seeking, grandiose, loud-mouthed, brash and flamboyant. Have you ever noticed how he brags all the time, not only about his astronomical I.Q. and bulging pectoral muscles, but also about the fact that he is narcissistic? It's as if he is proud of it.Lots of psychologists have theorized that a lack of self-awareness is a hallmark trait of narcissists. My personal experience with narcissists does not seem to support this. It seems to me as though they are not only aware of who they are, but also embrace it. 

Luckily, I don't have to rely on personal anecdotes. To get to the bottom of this age-old mystery, Erika Carlson and her colleagues at Washington University in St. Louis conducted three very well-done studies to see whether narcissists have insight into their personality and their reputation. The results will soon be published in the prestigiousJournal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The researchers administered a number of different measures of narcissism to college students and looked at how high-scorers are seen by others, how they see themselves and how they believe they are seen by others. They looked across social contexts and interviewed new acquaintances as well as friends and family. There results across the three studies are strikingly consistent.

Unsurprisingly, they found that narcissists think they are hot stuff. Those scoring high in narcissism tended to rate themselves as more intelligent, physically attractive, likeable and funny than others. Interestingly, they also rated themselves as having higher levels of negative aspects of narcissism, such as being power-oriented, impulsive, arrogant and prone to exaggerate their abilities! Therefore, narcissists are aware they are narcissists.

There was also a strong positive correlation between narcissism and having a reputation for narcissism: narcissists were definitely perceived as narcissists. While other people didn't think the narcissists were nearly as hot as the narcissists thought they were, the narcissists were well aware of their reputation. When asked how others perceive them on the positive traits, their results were closer to how they were actually perceived than their own self-perceptions of the very same traits.

These results suggest that narcissists do indeed have self-awareness of themselves and know their reputation. This begs the question: how can narcissists maintain their inflated self-image even though they know full well how they are perceived by others? The researchers suggest a few intriguing possibilities.

Perhaps narcissists assume that others are just failing to realize how bitchin' they really are. They may think that people are just too dim to recognize their brilliance. Another possibility is that narcissists may think critics are just envious of them. Narcissists may take negative feedback and think to themselves, "Those haters are just jealous!"

This may explain why narcissists behave in arrogant ways. Instead of compensating for some deep-seated insecurity, bragging may be their way of demanding the recognition they truly believe they deserve. Narcissists score up the wazoo in entitlement. As the researchers note, this idea is consistent with self-verification theory: "Narcissists believe that they are exceptional people and may behave in arrogant ways because they are attempting to bridge the gap between their self perceptions and their meta-perceptions."

The researchers also suggest it's possible that narcissists maintain their self-image by misconstruing the meaning of narcissism. When told they are arrogant, instead of thinking they are "someone who is confident without merit," they may take it as a compliment, thinking to themselves, "Well, duh I'm arrogant, if by that you mean 'deservedly confident!'" As the researchers note, "Narcissists seem to choose honest arrogance when describing themselves and their reputation."

The results of this study as well as prior studies suggest that narcissists do care more about being perceived as superior on agentic traits (e.g., industriousness, assertiveness, dominance) compared to communal traits (e.g., agreeableness and honesty). Narcissists don't seem to care whether they are perceived as good people; they'd rather be admired than liked. So perhaps the narcissists in their study construed supposedly negative aspects of narcissism (e.g., arrogance) as desirable.

Of course, it's also possible that narcissists are fully aware of the meaning of narcissism and the negative impact they have on others, but just don't care as long as it doesn't get in the way of their goals.

The researchers also found that new acquaintances viewed narcissists more positively than well acquainted others. Those who just met the narcissists did tend to have a favorable impression of the narcissists, whereas those who knew the narcissists much longer tended to have a much more negative impression of the narcissists.

Again, the narcissists in their sample were fully aware of this! The results suggest that narcissists understand that they make positive first impressions that deteriorate over time. These results are consistent with prior research that has shown that narcissists have trouble forming long-term relationships. Narcissists tend to think they are "too good" for most people and are always seeking "better" relationship alternatives.

The results are also consistent with research showing that narcissists are masters at first impressions. As researchers have suggested, the narcissist's success at creating initial attraction may make short-term contexts more rewarding for them than longer-term contexts: "It is possible that narcissists discontinue relationships early on because they cannot bridge the gap between their positive self-perceptions and relatively negative meta-perceptions."

Practical Implications

It's well known that narcissists rarely change, mostly because they don't want to change. They love their lifestyle. Researchers trying to reform narcissists have noted that a major impediment is their lack of self-awareness. They have speculated that if narcissists received true feedback, they would change. The study by Carlson and colleagues suggests that this is not the case. Narcissists are fully aware that they are narcissistic and have a narcissistic reputation.

Instead, the researchers suggest that a better intervention would be to "emphasize the interpersonal and intrapsychic costs of being seen as narcissistic by others." Narcissists are unlikely to change unless they think changing will benefit the things they desire, such as status and power.

Are You a Narcissist?

Many of you are probably reading this and wondering whether you are a narcissist. An implication of the results I just reviewed is that if you are a narcissist, you probably already know it!

In reality, all of us are at least a little bit narcissistic. In the studies just reviewed, the researchers administered a narcissistic questionnaire to college students. Even though they found that the students scored all across the spectrum, it's not as if there was anyone who was completely non-narcissistic. All of us, throughout our day, ebb and flow in and out of the narcissistic mindset.



The Grand Prostitute Shannon Teoh a PracticalNarcissist from the mother fucker Malaysian Insider's pantat house fucking her boyfriend Abdul Rahim all nignt long

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Di antara Qarun dengan Quran - pilih lah

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 12:04 PM PDT

Dalam proses melakukan sesuatu perubahan ianya memakan masa dan terpaksa melalui berbagai-bagai dugaan dan keperitan, dan itu adalah satu fenomena biasa. Jika perubahan yang hendak di lakukan itu adalah perubahan untuk kebaikan, proses situ akan melalui kepayahan yang memerlukan kesabaran yang tinggi dan tidak berganjak walaupun mendapat himpitan dan tekanan yang besar.

Kata seorang yang muktabar, 'jalan ke syurga itu berduri-duri dan beronak, tetapi jalan ke neraka itu penuh dengan roti dan keju yang lazat-lazat'. Itu adalah hakikat dan tidak mampu dihalang oleh manusia seperti kita ini yang lemah serba-serbinya. Memang pun Tuhan telah mewujudkan elemen yang berlawanan itu bagi membezakan manusia yang mengikut yang haq dan yang bathil.

Memang Tuhan telah menjadikan umat manusia untuk berjuang dan selalu mentauhidkanNya. Jika tidak ada iblis masakan kita dapat mengasingkan yang mana yang haq dan yang mana yang bathil. Maka kita setiap masa dan saat sentiasa akan di asak oleh kedua-dua elemen ini dalam kehidupan kita. 'Wahai Muhammad, telah ku jadikan manusia dan jin untuk berzikir kepada ku', itu lah salah satu dari firmanNya.

Peringatan ini bukan sahaja datang dari Tuhan tetapi juga dinyatakan dengan jelas di dalam adat dan adab kehidupan seharian kita. Kalau dulu-dulu orang tua-tua, lebih-lebih lagi ibu dan bapa kita akan selalu mengingatkan anak-anak mereka yang akan merantau dengan berkata, "kau pergilah mencari kemajuan, tetapi biarlah kemajuan dunia dan akhirat. Selalu ingat kepada Tuhan, jangan lupa solat dan jangan lupa dosa dan pahala."

Itulah peringat ibu saya sebelum saya pergi kemana-mana. DAN saya percaya ibu-bapa saudara/i pun akan berkata perkara yang sama. Hanya di zaman sekarang jarang-jarang kita mendengar ibu bapa mengingatkan anak-anak mereka seperti yang dilakukan oleh ibu bapa dulu-dulu. Di zaman sekarang ibu bapa akan berpesan kepada anak yang akan berangkat ke luar negara dengan berkata, "my son, please try your best to earn a first class degree and make sure you come back with scroll that make us proud."

Tetapi jarang orang berfikir yang pemergian anak-anak keluar negara itu memanglah untuk belajar. Hanya yang perlu di pesan ialah untuk mengingati Tuhan dan sentiasa melakukan yang baik dan menyiahkan yang mungkar. Jika anak-anak itu sentiasa berada di dalam keredhoan Tuhan maka hajat untuk mendapatkan 'first class' degree itu akan dikabulkanNya dan sentiasa di dalam keredhoanNya.

Berbalik kepada ujian dan dugaan untuk berubah ini Tuhan telah pun memberikan kita penyaksian yang jelas malalui banyak yang telah berlaku kepada pejuang kebaikan. Nabi-nabi dan Rasul yang maksum itu sendiri tidak terlepas dari cercaan dan penghinaan dari masyarakat yang bathil.

Muhammad di turunkan untuk menyempurnakan agama kita dengan syariat serta hukum hakam yang jelas. Muhammad adalah pembawa syariat dan syariat itu adalah semata-mata untuk menjadikan penganutNya untuk hidup di dalam 'civility'. Syariat itu adalah untuk melatih kita hidup berundang-undang dan bertemaddun.

Manusia sentiasa diduga setiap saat dengan elemen kebathilan dan memang telah diwajibkan kepada kita sebelum kita lahir untuk berjuang menegakan kebasaranNya dan melawan segala kebathilan yang di ilhamkan oleh syaitan dan iblis. Tuhan juga berfirman bahawa 'syaitan dan iblis itu adalah musuh yang nyata'.

Di akhir zaman ini banyak dalil-dalil telah kita lihat. Nyata yang kita sekarang sedang hidup di dalam akhir zaman dan dalil-dalil yang nyata berada di hadapan kita sentiasa. Lagi dunia ini sampai kepenghujungnya lagi banyak dalil-dalil ini timbul dan menyatakan keadaan ini dengan terang-terangan.

Di antara dalil-dalilnya ialah manusia mempunyai persepsi yang terbalik. Manusia mengambil yang salah itu sebagai benar dan yang benar itu nampak seperti salah. Yang bathil berkuasa dan di hormati tetapi yang benar akan sentiasa dihimpit dan di tekan dan ada yang dinesta serta dicerca.

Nuh alaihissalam di nesta dan di caci oleh semua manusia di zamannnya. Semua manusia membina persepsi buruk kepada masyarakat yang Nuh adalah orang gila dan tidak boleh dipercayai. Nuh dikatakan gila bila Nuh membina kapal yang besar di tengah padang pasir yang berbukit bukau. Setiap orang termasuk anak dan isterinya telah mencerca Nuh. Noh tetap bersabar dan melakukan apa yang difikirkan baik untuk masa depan manusia yang beriman dan bertaqwa.

Akhirnya dengan kehendak Tuhan berlakulah bah besar yang tidak dapat dikawal dengan kepandaian manusia dan Nuh berasama-sama pengikutnya sahajalah yang terselamat. Selama 800 tahun dari seribu tahu umurnya digunakan untuk membawa manusia zamannya untuk mentauhidkan Tuhan tetapi Nuh hanya mempuntai 81 orang pengikutnya. Setengah ulama menyatakan Nuh mempunyai 83 orang pengikut yang bertaqwa.

Musa alaihissalam juga bersusah payah untuk membina masyarakat yang diredhoi Tuhan. Pengikutnya kecil kerana masyarakat semasa itu lebih percaya kepada Firaun. Firaun yang mengaku dirinya sebagai penguasa yang hebat di dunia ini.

Apa tidaknya; firaun mempunyai kroni yang besar dan kaya raya dan di antaranya ialah Qarun yang telah mengumpulkan harta yang tidak terhingga banyaknya dan harta yang menggunung ini lah yang membuatkan masyarakat menghormati Firaun dan kroni-kroninya. Masyarakat sudah tidak percaya bahawa rezki itu datang dari Tuhan bukannya dari manusia firaun dan Qarun tadi.

Dalam pada itu Musa terkial-kial untuk menyatakan yang benar dan Musa tidak habis-habis mendapat kutukan masyarakat yang dikuasai oleh firaun dan Qarun itu. Sesiapa yang menyebelahi Musa di anggap bodoh dan tidak tahu meletakan diri mereka di tempat yang sesuai. Ramai di antara pengikut Musa di bunuh dan dan hapuskan oleh kuasa Firaun itu.

Sejarah Qarun ini sudah kembali dan kita boleh sama-sama memerhati dan melihatnya dari jauh dan dekat. Kita mesti akui yang apa yang berlaku dahulu itu, ialah untuk kita belajar darinya. DAN apa kah pelajaran yang kita dapat dari cerita firaun dan Qarun ini?

Tidak payah kita ulas kerana manusia yang berfikir dan sanggup bertefakur barang seminit setiap hari akan mendapat jawapan yang benar. 'Berfikir sejenak itu lebih baik dari beramal sepanjang malam' kata agama kita.

Hanya yang mungkin boleh kita sebut untuk dijadikan pelajaran ialah, yang mendabik dada kerana kuasa dan menghina mereka yang cuba membetulkan yang tidak baik itu akhirnya kecundang seperti apa yang di alami olih Firaun dan gerombolannya di Lautan Merah itu.Kedua-dua contoh ini menunjukan tidak semestinya yang majoriti itu benar dan tidak semestinya yang minoriti itu tidak benar dan salah.

Jika kita berlumba seratus meter yang penting ialah siapa yang berjaya di akhir perlumbaan itu. Begitu jugalah di dalam kehidupan segala amalan dan ibadah fardhu ain dan kifayah itu adalah semata-mata untuk kita menentukan nasib kita sesaat di hujung kalam kita. Didalam kehidupan kita yang paling penting kita di hargai masyarakat semasa penghujung kehidupan kita.

'Musa smiled last but the sweetest and he laughed last and the biggest.' Tetapi di antara kita tentu kita boleh meletakan diri kita samada di pihak Firaun dan Qarun atau di pihak Musa alaihissalam.

Saya mengingatkan diri saya serta mereka yang mahu menerima pandangan ini bahawa yang rakus melakukan rasuah itu akhirnya akan kecundang juga. Qarun telah tertewas dan segala hartanya yang tidak habis-habis itu akhirnya hilang tanpa dapat di kesan.

Anwar Sex Tape ~ Without the X Rated Stuff is now online for the world to see

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 07:44 AM PDT

What can I say? Thou shall reapeth what thou soweth!

It's the end for the PKR supremo. 

Whoever edited out the sordid details from the secretly recorded sex tape has done us a favor.

The person responsible in the release of the intro parts of the much contested videotape has now given the whole wide world a glimpse into the said sex tape and from what we can easily conclude is that his accusers were right all along.

Its the man himself. There's no doubt about it. 

Karpal Singh...What do you have to say about this now?

Its a sad day for all those who have believed in DSAI all these years.

It also proves that the ones responsible in videotaping this said video have willfully entrapped DSAI. There is no way that this Dato Eskay can claim not to know about this secret recording of the adulterous affair of DSAI here.

If it is him @ Dato Eskay in the video here, then he clearly has acted as a pimp or procurer of the prostitute for DSAI. 

Surely when DSAI goes down, these Dato 'Trio' ought not be left alone or is there now a provision to allow such entrapment of persons here in Malaysia especially when they hold such high positions in the political scene?

What does the the Attorney General or the legal fraternity have to say about these?

What happens next?

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Yusmadi: "Kenapa polis turunkan bendera Pakatan Rakyat?"

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 05:51 AM PDT

Story to follow
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Family demands release of disabled ISA detainee

Posted: 03 Apr 2011 11:59 PM PDT

The family of restaurant operator Kadir Hashim, who was picked up by the police under the ISA yesterday, is demanding that he be released immediately, or charged in court if there is a case against him. "I was told that my brother was arrested under the ISA, but I am not satisfied as I don't know exactly why was he picked up," said Kadir's brother Muda Hashim, 46. Muda said if his brother had committed any crime, then he ought to be charged in court.
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ANWAR SEX VIDEO: 13 years of solat hajat finally pays off

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 07:12 AM PDT

Since 1998, Anwaristas have been led by Pas Lebais in Solat Hajat or special prayers to ask God to reveal the truth behind the so-called' conspiracy behind Anwar Ibrahim's case and up until late this afternoon, God had been reluctant to answer their prayers.

You see God had promised to be the keeper of secrets and the veiler of shame but the persistence of PAS lebais and Anarista finally succeeded in lifting one veil that would allow us to peek into the truth that is Anwar Ibrahim/

Of course there are many Anwaristas who still doubt that it is him, they cite anatomical variations and differences is his gesturing and posturing but I do wonder if they actually know what Anwar looks like without his clothes on?

People look very different without their clothes and if they all claim to know Anwar's anatomy so intimately, i think Wan Azizah may have something to say about that......... not that we would actually be surprised lah....

The provenance of this video may still be unclear and the motive behind its creation not properly explained but that is like asking why a video of a murder exists as if it would make the murder any less criminal and abhorrent.

The people who put up the video has had the good judgment to make titillating, to take it just to the verge of 18SX while opening the doors to individual imagination.

They also claim to have videos of Johari Abdul watching this video and claiming rather loudly and animatedly that the man in the picture is indeed the adviser of PKR, his boss, Anwar Ibrahim

As images from this short video begin to percolate on the back of our collective consciousness, there is no doubt that public perception of Anwar Ibrahim will begin to twist and snap out of shape, his usual persona of a religious person donning a skullcap will forever now be a caricature of an alim kuching or someone who pretends to be righteous and good in front of others but becomes a different person in private

I thank PAS for organisign so many Solat Hajat asking for the truth to be unveiled, maybe that was what inspired Datuk Eskay to come up with this video.....

If you invoke God you have to expect him to respond.

Video Seks Anwar?! Pemahaman Saya...

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 07:01 AM PDT

Akhirnya video seks yang digempar-gempurkan kebelakangan ini telah dibongkarkan di alam maya iaitu di youtube dan blog-blog politik. Maka orang ramai dapat menyimpulkan sama ada manusia yang muncul dalam video tersebut adalah Anwar Ibrahim atau sebaliknya...

Akhirnya video seks yang digempar-gempurkan kebelakangan ini telah dibongkarkan di alam maya iaitu di youtube dan blog-blog politik. Maka orang ramai dapat menyimpulkan sama ada manusia yang muncul dalam video tersebut adalah Anwar Ibrahim atau sebaliknya.

Seperti yang disebut-sebutkan oleh ahli-ahli PKR, sama ada manusia yang mempunyai buncit besar itu adalah Anwar atau sebaliknya? pasti pembaca blog dapat membezakannya.

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Pasti ramai yang tanya sebab video tersebut dikaitkan dengan ketua pembangkang kita, jawapan yang muncul dalam kepala otak aku adalah:

1) Untuk menghalang Anwar berkempen di Sarawak menjelang pilihan raya negeri Sarawak. Mungkin mereka mahu Anwar sibuk untuk menerangkan video tersebut kepada orang ramai. Anwar mungkin terpaksa berjelajah di seluruh negara untuk menjelaskan perkara yang sebenar kepada penyokongnya mengenai perkembangan video tersebut.

2) Video tersebut akan menghakis imej umum terhadap Anwar. Sesuatu perkara akan menjadi tangkapan umum sekiranya sering kali dimainkan oleh media.

Tetapi perkara yang dijangkakan akan berlaku. Hal ini sedikit sebanyak mengecewakan mereka. Anwar tidak hirau langsung tentang perkara itu namum beliau bersusah payah untuk terus berkempen di Sarawak. Kerana beliau tidak mahu perkara itu menghalang kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat di Sarawak. Selain itu, mengikut undian yang dijalankan oleh merdeka center menunjukkan orang ramai telah mengaitkan hal ini dengan unsur politik.

Pertanyaan saya mengenai video seks ini adalah:

1) Sekiranya mereka yakin video tersebut melibatkan Anwar mengapa tidak mengedarkan video tersebut seperti yang berlaku kepada Chua Soi Lek yang menyebabkan beliau jatuh dari tampok pemerintahan?

2) Mengapa mereka yang mendedahkan identiti mereka tidak ditahan dan didakwa? sedangkan orang ramai memahami bahawa memiliki dan menanyangkan video seks adalah salah di sisi undang-undang.

Video tersebut kini telah tersebar di Youtube:

Perut Buncit: Sah Orang Dalam Video Itu Bukan Anwar Ibrahim (Dengan Gambar)

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 05:33 AM PDT

Gambar di atas diambil dari video blue tajaan Rahim Thamby. Orang yang Rahim tuduh sebagai Anwar dalam video tersebut mempunyai perut yang buncit. Malangnya, Anwar Ibrahim tidak berperut buncit.

Lebih2 lagi Anwar ada bukti sedang mengemaskini akaun Twitter dan Facebook beliau pada jam 1040 malam. Adengan seks di dalam video blue Rahim tersebut dikatakan berlaku antara jam 1020 malam sehingga 1045 malam.

And here is the rest of it.

Who Speaks For The Government? — By The Malaysian Insider.

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 05:18 AM PDT

All the Christians had asked was for Putrajaya to prove its sincerity over the Alkitab issue. And the government failed the first test.

In the space of two days, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the 10-point solution announced by Datuk Seri Idris Jala last Saturday was not final.

"We're still in the middle of negotiations. Nothing is finalised yet," Hishammuddin told The Malaysian Insider.

He stressed that the government was taking a "fair and reasonable" step-by-step approach to address the Malay bibles issue, pointing out that nothing will get resolved if Christians and Muslims get bogged down by details.

"The main thing is that we have to move forward... in a reasonable, non-polemic way," he said.

While the 10-point solution itself wasn't a final solution to the myriad of issues connected with the Alkitab, Hishammuddin's remarks today showed how difficult it is for anyone to take the government seriously when it offers plausible solutions to issues that affect the constitutional rights of Malaysians.

And it begs the question, who speaks for the Government of Malaysia? Indeed, the prime minister is first among equals but what of other ministers?

Jala, who has worked actively on the Alkitab issue, has only locus standi as a Christian interested in ensuring that the government he serves takes care of his co-religionists. But is it his job? He joined the government to work on economic transformation programmes but, of late, has spent his time on the Alkitab issue with pledges that now apparently remain promises on paper.

Hishammuddin, the minister whose agencies have a direct bearing on the import and printing of the Alkitab under law, appears to be the only authority that matters when it comes to the bibles.

His pronouncements mean the issue is not solved and the Christians, who have long sought to worship in Bahasa Malaysia, will have to continue to be patient and turn the other cheek. And according to Jala who quoted the Bible, forgive at least 77 times.

This isn't a time for forgiveness as the government finds its feet and mouth on this issue. Putrajaya must decide which course it must take rather than vacillate or get two ministers to contradict each other. If this is how the government is run, what about other issues that plague the nation?

Now is the time for hard questions to the government. And for it to answer and decide on the Alkitab rather than leave the Christians to continue begging for their constitutional right to believe in God in whatever language they desire.

A response to Idris Jala — By Ng Kam Weng.

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 05:10 AM PDT

It is right that Christians should cautiously welcome the 10-point press statement released by Datuk Seri Idris Jala.

We should welcome the statement since the government has at last conceded that Christians have the right to use the Alkitab without restrictions. But we must also receive it with caution since the statement does not address the root problem of the present crisis, i.e. the Allah issue.

Unless the root problem is resolved, the government's concession will only amount to a temporary act of expediency that can easily be overridden by later administrative directives.

First, we note two points in the press statement.

4. For Sabah and Sarawak, in recognition of the large Christian community in these states, there are no conditions attached to the importation and local printing of the bibles in all languages, including Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia and indigenous languages. There is no requirement for any stamp or serial number.

5. Taking into account the interest of the larger Muslim community, for Peninsular Malaysia, bibles in Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia, imported or printed, must have the words "Christian Publication" and the cross printed on the front covers.

The government's requirement of two sets of rules, one for West Malaysia and one for East Malaysia, naturally has given rise to concerns that the government is deploying a "divide and rule" policy.

An official policy of 1 Malaysia but two separate Christian communities amounts to sowing disunity among the Christian community. This is sure to undermine the little trust that is left between the government and the Christian community.

The 10-point press statement should therefore be carefully analysed so that the Christian community can give a measured response.

It should be emphasised that the statement only partially addresses the deep concerns of the Christian community. In particular, the government's failure to address the 1981/1982 ISA gazettes, the 1986 Cabinet decision and the unconstitutional state Islamic enactments that ban the use of so-called Islamic words in Christian publications means that it will not prevent the recurrence of seizure of Christian literature by some officials in the future.

Notwithstanding the threat of disciplinary action (point 7), these officials can appeal to other circulars and guidelines (Garis Panduan) on importation of publications issued by the Home Ministry that conflict with the provisions of the 10-point press statement, to defend their action.

One may envisage the dreadful scenario in the future when the government uses the Court to issue a judgment declaring that Christians may not use the so-called Islamic words. Should that happen, the directives given through the 10-point media statement will be ruled as invalid and be rescinded. In the light of this happening, the 10-point statement will end up as a poisoned chalice offered to the Christian community.

As I see it, the only justification left to defend the government's restriction of the use of the Alkitab is the existence of some state Islamic enactments that control the propagation of non-Islamic religions amongst Muslims, enactments purportedly made under Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution which provides that State laws may control or restrict the propagation of any religion to Muslims.

It should be stressed that even though Article 11(4) allows for control of propagation of religion among Muslims, the prohibition of the use of the word Allah and other so-called Islamic terms leading to the banning of the Alkitab at best may be used to regulate propagation of faith among Muslims. When applied to Christians, it is ultra vires in relation to the Federal Constitution and amounts to a violation of the constitutional rights of Christians to practise their faith using the Alkitab.

However, until someone brings the matter to Court and obtains a judgment that rules that the government gazettes and Islamic state enactments are unconstitutional, the government can continue to rely on these legal fig-leaves to justify its policy of restricting the use of the Alkitab.

That being the case, Christians cannot cease from urging the government to repeal the ISA gazette and related guidelines that have allowed government officials to justify their harassment against Christians using the Alkitab all these years.

In particular, Christians must urge the government to separate the Home Ministry's Publication Control Department from the Quran Text Department since it is unconstitutional that the Alkitab and other Christian publications be subject to the control of Islamic/Quranic officials.

Clearly, the government is aware that it has no legal grounds to impose conditions on how the Alkitab may be used in East Malaysia since there are no Islamic state enactments that prohibit the use of so-called Islamic words.

It relies on debatable Islamic state enactments to justify imposing conditions on the use of the Alkitab in West Malaysia although a consistent policy should accord the same freedom to Christians in Penang, the Federal Territory (WP) and Melaka where there are no such Islamic state enactments.

It is obvious then that the government's proposal is only a partial and provisional solution. As such, Christians can only give a guarded and provisional response to the press-statement. That is to say, Christians will accept point 4 and point 5 of the 10-point press statement as a temporary solution.

We urge the government to work in good faith with Christians to bring about a just and lasting solution. This would mean that the government must repeal any enactment that violates the constitutional rights of Christians to practice their faith through the unrestricted use of the Alkitab, whether in West or East Malaysia.

Sex Video RCI - doing a 'Princess Diana' on Anwar Ibrahim?

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 05:08 AM PDT

It took years before the BN government would even agree to a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) for the unexplained and mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock (TBH). TBH perished in a MACC building after he was instructed to report there as a witness for an alleged corruption case involving a DAP ADUN (involving a princely sum of RM2,500).

It required both public and the Teoh family pleas, urgings and implied threats, before Najib would even agree to a watered down RCI, initially without any term of reference to probe into the cause of TBH but only on the MACC procedural process involved in the interrogation of witnesses.

Again, only after perception of political disadvantage posed by an angry bloc of Chinese voters, Najib grudgingly agreed to the terms of reference for the RCI to include a probe into the cause of the victim's death.

Now contrast the heels-dragging with a serious case as above, a possible murder, with the speedy and ready willingness to have a RCI for a frivolous case of Anwar Ibrahim's alleged but very private sexual escapade captured by a video tape, where there's no criminality involved by the 'man' in the video.

And all it requires to mature the proposal for a RCI to probe into the identity of the' actor' took nothing more than a wink and a nudge, yes, an UMNO wink and a nudge, essentially in the blinking of an eye.

The aim is ominous for Anwar.

There has been (suspicions of) a similar overseas example for such an over-eagerness by the UMNO-led government to convene a RCI, hardly appropriate and totally unnecessary for nothing more than a smut video. The objective is likely to be black propaganda.

When the British decided to have a second RCI into the cause of Princess Diana's death, amidst allegations she was murdered in a conspiracy to prevent embarrassment to the British Royal Family, the father of Dodi al Fayat was joyous, thinking he might finally receive some justice for his son's alleged /suspected murder because of his (again alleged) dalliance with Diana, mother of a future king of England.

But the whole exercise was seen by many as a demon-ization as well as a rehabilitation exercise.

The demon-ization was believed to be aimed at blackening Diana as a sleazy low-class slut who sought Muslim men as her preferred lovers. Her exalted position in British minds must be brought crashing down. During the RCI, for example, his Pakistani doctor lover provided details of their sexual liaison, bringing out salacious details for British public consumption, for example, of how the couple used 'condoms'. Well, even the British knew those weren't for blowing into balloons for children's party.

The salacious and totally unnecessary (but desired) sleazy exposure on Diana's sexual liaisons brought Diana down from the high pedestal many Britons had put her on. It helped the demon-ization when her boyfriends were the disliked Muslims. Other unfavourable aspects of Diana were also elicited.

She took a tremendous image battering from which her once-idolised personality could never ever recover from.

Perhaps poor Mr al-Fayat realized too late from the way the RCI went, he was not going to obtain the results he was hoping for. Did he for one silly minute imagine the British was going to find anything bad about their royals?

The rehabilitation component of the 'black' exercise was believed by many neutral (and certainly biased) observers to be for the benefit of both Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, turning them into an acceptable couple.

Charles would then be considered as suitable once again to ascend to the throne after his mum makes room for him, one way or another. At one time there were much talks of skipping him as unsuitable for kingship, and for the royal line of succession to go directly from the Queen to her grandson, William.

As for Camilla, at that time she was probably the most hated woman in Britain, one who was perceived by the British public as the woman who broke up a royal fairy tale, an adulteress who did an unforgiveable injustice to their beloved Diana.

To the majority of the Brits then, Camilla was like the ugly step-sister to a sweet, innocent and very beautiful Cinderella, a nasty witch who wouldn't have a snowflake's chance in hell of ever marrying Charles, let alone becoming Queen of England. But post RCI, she is now accepted, she is now qualified and she'll be Queen of England unless Charles f* up behind now and then.

I suspect the clamour by UMNO for a RCI may have a sinister objective, to serve as a demon-ization program against Anwar and by default, a rehabilitation exercise for Najib.

Yusmadi: "Kenapa polis turunkan bendera pakatan rakyat?"

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 03:44 AM PDT

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PKR Youth lodges 'qazaf' report against 'Datuk T'

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 03:22 AM PDT

PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin has today lodged a qazaf report with the Federal Territory Islamic Department (Jawi) on the 'Datuk T' trio. He said if no action is taken by the authorities, it will prove that Umno and Barisan Nasional are behind the caper. Shamsul Iskandar said they had used all legal avenues including lodging police reports against the 'Datuk T' trio - Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik and Shuib Lazim, for violations under section 292 of the Penal Code and Film Censorship Act, but no action has been taken against them. Full Story:
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Posted: 04 Apr 2011 03:56 AM PDT

In 1995, Father Cyriac Karthikapally

lured a 15-year old school-going girl to his bedroom. For the next two years, the priest entered into a sexual relationship with the minor girl that she gave birth to a female child on September 15, 1998.

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Modern popes have had their fans and detractors, but few would dispute their reputations for personal virtue. That's partly why the five most recent pontiffs — including John Paul II, who will be beatified on May 1 — are under formal consideration for sainthood. But as the new television show The Borgias is about to remind us, it was not always thus. Billed as the "sordid saga" of the "original crime family," the eight-week drama series premieres Sunday (April 3) on the Showtime network with an episode about the 1492 election of Rodrigo Borgia as Pope Alexander VI. Showtime's website calls Alexander (played by Jeremy Irons) a "wily, rapacious" patriarch who followed his "corrupt rise" to the papacy by committing "every sin in the book to amass and retain power, influence and enormous wealth." Alexander, who reigned until his death in 1503, has gotten bad press since the 15th century. A contemporary critic, the zealous church reformer Girolamo Savonarola, even claimed that the pope was doing the work of the Antichrist. Unsurprisingly, Alexander eventually had him executed. In his recent history, Lives of the Popes, University of Notre Dame scholar Richard P. McBrien calls Alexander the "most notorious pope in all of history." Even William Donohue, the pugnacious head of the Catholic League who assailed Showtime for airing its "sensationalist" show during Lent, concedes that Alexander was an "extortionist who led a life of debauchery." How bad was he? The Spaniard Borgia, the only non-Italian member of the conclave that elected him, made himself pope with the help of generous bribes, handing out offices and privileges accumulated since his uncle Pope Callixtus III had made him a cardinal at the age of 25. During his 11-year papal reign, according to historian Eamon Duffy's Saints and Sinners, Alexander "was widely believed to have made a habit of poisoning his cardinals so as to get his hands on their property." When he assumed the throne at age 61, Alexander had eight illegitimate children "by at least three women," Duffy writes, and went on to father at least one more. While still a cardinal, Borgia was rebuked by Pope Pius II — himself an author of erotic plays — for holding an orgy where married women had been invited to attend without their husbands. It didn't stop there. Alexander's son, Cesare Borgia, who led Alexander's reconquest of papal lands from Italian princely families, was the amoral model for Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince. Yet some of Alexander's shocking behavior is less remarkable in historical context. Bribery in papal elections, for instance, was a common practice. And the popes of the late 15th and early 16th centuries were all engaged in a struggle with secular potentates — especially the kings of France and Spain — to defend the autonomy of the church. In other words, cold-blooded political and diplomatic maneuvering was an art well-known to both church and state. Even so, Alexander was not a total villain. He was relatively tolerant of Rome's Jews, compared to the 33 later popes who kept them locked in a six-acre, malaria-infested ghetto for more than three centuries. He was even something of an early feminist, letting his daughter Lucrezia Borgia effectively run the papacy when he was away. Despite his reputation for debauchery, his rumored orgies seem to have been fictional, and the supposedly hedonistic pope followed what Duffy calls a "spartan and coarse diet" heavy on sardines. Even by the relaxed standards of his day, Alexander must be judged as one who put his own interests and those of his family ahead of his avowed role as leader of Christendom. Perhaps the most unambiguous evidence: he offered to prevent a crusade to free Constantinople from Muslim rule in return for 300,000 gold ducats from the Turkish sultan. As Duffy writes, "the subordination of religious zeal to political pragmatism could go no further."

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Hisham Says Alkitab Decision ‘Not Finalised’ - By Yow Hong Chieh.

Posted: 04 Apr 2011 03:39 AM PDT

The 10-point "solution" announced by Putrajaya on Saturday to placate Christians unhappy with the government's restrictions on Malay bibles has yet to be finalised, the home minister has said.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said today that talks on the Alkitab issue were still ongoing, just two days after Datuk Seri Idris Jala assured Christians that a compromise formula had been decided upon by Cabinet.

"We're still in the middle of negotiations. Nothing is finalised yet," Hishammuddin told The Malaysian Insider.

He stressed that the government was taking a "fair and reasonable" step-by-step approach to address the Malay bibles issue, pointing out that nothing will get resolved if Christians and Muslims get bogged down by details.

"The main thing is that we have to move forward... in a reasonable, non-polemic way," he said.

Hishammuddin also declined to comment on Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria's challenge to Putrajaya to abolish Islamic laws on the use of "Allah" after the government said it would allow Christians to freely distribute Malay bibles across the country.

Harussani told The Malaysian Insider yesterday that the Cabinet decision contravened the Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non-Islamic Religions Enactment, which bars non-Muslims from using "Allah" to refer to God in all states except Sabah, Sarawak, Penang and the federal territories.

"If the enactment already bans it at the national level, on what basis do we allow it? Is the enactment abolished automatically?" the mufti had said.

"If the government does this, just cancel the law. I feel disappointed with the government as the law already says it cannot be allowed."

Hishammuddin, however, said there was no point speculating on what will happen later, stressing the need to focus on ongoing talks first.

"Let the negotiations go through. Let's see what is the final outcome and then we work from there," he said.

The Cabinet over the weekend put out a new list of suggestions to put an end to the month-long standoff over the use of Malay bibles in an apparent bid to head off a possible Christian backlash against Barisan Nasional (BN) in Sarawak ahead of state polls on April 16.

Nearly half the state's one million population is Christian.

In a media statement, Jala spelled out the government's 10-point formula to pacify Christians without incurring the anger of the majority Muslims over the religious controversy.

However, he made no mention of the word "Allah", which both Christians and Muslims view as being the crux of the Alkitab row.

Jala also said the Cabinet's decision will be gazetted through the Home Ministry's secretary-general to ensure that the order is carried out and action will be taken against officials who breach these directives.

He added that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will meet the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) — which represents 90 per cent of all churches in Malaysia — to look for a way forward on outstanding religious issues beyond the Bible row.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

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