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"The Conspirator" centers around the aftermath of the and the country's search for justice at any cost. Directed by malaysiakita786.,

A PKR leader urged the police today to reveal the perpetrators behind a 1999 sex video purportedly involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim which was unveiled recently by a retired senior police officer.

Referring to The Malaysian Insider'sreport today, Subang MP R. Sivarasa said former KL CID chief Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim's revelations should be verified, in view of how quickly the police had moved to investigate the latest sex video, also allegedly featuring Anwar.
"We note that that police have actively and uncharacteristically revealed details of this latest sex video at several junctures.
"PKR urges the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar to inform the public who was identified in the 1999 scandal as the perpetrators and what action was taken," he wrote in a statement today.
In an open letter to Ismail last week, Mat Zain said he had investigated the first sex video scandal 12 years ago and suspected it was linked to the latest video.
He called for an investigation to uncover any similarities between the two cases, alleging there could be a possibility that the trio behind the latest scandal had played a role in the first video.
"Are the trio involved or played any role in the production or distribution of Sex Video I in 1999, seeing as they have been identified as having a relationship with Anwar?
"More so (Former Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Abdul) Rahim (Tamby Chik) who is believed to have cause for revenge as Anwar had accused the former Umno Youth chief of corruption just three months before Sex Video I was made public on November 24 and 25, 1999," Mat Zain wrote in the letter.
He was referring to the "Datuk T" trio behind the latest video, namely Rahim, Perkasa treasurer-general Datuk Shuib Lazim and businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, who took responsibility for the 21-minute recording, stating that their aim was to "show that a man who wants to be prime minister is not qualified."
The mysterious "Datuk T" had first screened the video purportedly showing the opposition leader having sex with a Chinese prostitute on March 21.
Sivarasa pointed out that police reports had already been lodged on the 1999 video, which was released several days the 10th general election on November 29, and Mat Zain himself had declared that the police had identified "the source" of the video but failed to find the persons responsible for distributing it to the public.
The police said last weekend that they have wrapped up investigations into the latest video after verifying that it had not been doctored. Ismail said yesterday the Attorney-General's Chambers has sent back the investigation papers as it needed "to be re-worked".
"Some areas have to be re-looked at and re-worked. This is normal," the IGP said.

On 20 September, masked men invaded a press conference at his home and took him into custody under the ISA – Internal Security Act – a hated legacy of British colonial rule. His wife Azizah, also threatened with arrest, shifted the movement she 'inherited' into a higher gear. A video made by Anwar before his arrest was widely circulated and his case went world-wide on the internet.In spite of a ban on meetings of more than five people, huge crowds gathered at his home and often moved defiantly onto the streets or into the mosques, where banners were unfurled demanding an end to Mahathir's corrupt regime. When Anwar appeared in court with a swollen face, black eye and bruises, and later with a neck brace, Mahathir claimed the injuries were self-inflicted!
After years of isolation from public opinion, surrounded by flatterers and toadies, a virtual dictator like Mahathir can totally misjudge how far he can stretch credulity. Outrage was universal. Protests grew larger and noisier. A High Court judge has now scheduled Anwar's trial to re-start from 2 November, with a recess that conveniently coincides with an APEC conference in Kuala Lumpur involving Asian heads of state.
But how far can a movement go that is based largely amongst professionals and business people, whose main aim is to break down cronyism to advance their own interests? Azizah said: 'We are not trying to set up something new. The basic structure is there. All you have to do is remove the oppression'. Yet the cracks opened up by this public spat inside the ruling layers – brought about by economic and social stagnation – can open the way for other layers of society to lay their claims to a better deal.Anwar, though a campaigner against poverty in his student days (for which he was imprisoned), has since been in the camp of the enemies of labour. No one should be fooled by his populist messages from prison, 'we must save the country from being exploited by a handful of individuals out to manipulate the economy to amass wealth for themselves'. Anwar is a firm supporter of capitalism in Malaysia – of massive profit-making and the gross exploitation of the mass of the population. He participated in a cabinet that ratified the arrest and harassment of even the mildest dissidents and which used the very ISA his supporters now demand should be abolished.

Last December he displayed his orthodox neo-liberal credentials by pushing through a programme of austerity measures. They were, inevitably, an attempt to rescue the Malaysian economy at the expense of the working class and other oppressed layers. These failed to stem the disaster of an economy moving rapidly into decline. Mahathir has been able to blame Anwar, along with all free-market enthusiasts, for the continuing financial disaster. He has taken over as finance minister and, with the 'protection' of monetary controls, has reduced interest rates, introduced budget deficits (8% of GDP this year), and pumped $3.4bn into infrastructure projects.Some analysts think these measures could lift the economy temporarily and give Mahathir a little respite, but the political opposition to his rule may have already reached a point where it will be difficult to contain. Critics note he is still authorising expensive measures like the $2.63bn government 'bail-out' which amounts to a form of nationalisation for Renong Bhd. Once the 'investment arm' of the ruling UMNO party, Renong "has nine listed companies in its stable and interests in toll-road operations, construction and engineering, property development, telecommunications, financial services, oil and natural gas" (Wall Street Journal, 9 October).
Towards the middle of this year, Mahathir denounced foreign speculators and a 'new form of colonial domination', using his own brand of populist anti-imperialist rhetoric. After the mass movement in Indonesia had brought down Suharto towards the end of May, voices were raised in UMNO, warning Mahathir to clean up his corrupt administration. He claims he was considering standing down. Now, after arresting his own protégé, he claims he cannot step down because there is no successor!Mahathir's decision in September to break with the IMF's conditions caused panic amongst the world's financiers. Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore said 'developing countries' were watching to see which economic model – free market or capital controls – succeeded in overcoming the immediate problems: 'I feel we are going to have a backing away from a globalised financial system' (International Herald Tribune).

Whatever the outcome of this ugly power struggle, it already means that the country will never be the same. If millions of workers have had difficulty combating the pro-government stance of the main union federation, a breach in the regime's authority, especially the winning of democratic reforms, will give them the confidence to develop their own independent unions.Politically, two new overlapping party and NGO alliances were announced on 27 September. The People's Justice Movement (GKR) involves 17 organisations including the Islamic PAS. And the Coalition for People's Democracy (GDR) has 18 predominantly secular organisations, including the People's Party (PRM), Socialist Party, Democratic Action (DAP) and PAS. These will probably be temporary formations pushing the demands of the 'reformasi' movement.
Socialists will support the democratic slogans – for the abolition of the ISA, the release of those detained under it, for basic rights and the freedom of the press, assembly, elections, etc. But, to begin to solve the problems confronting the mass of workers, they will have to go further than the movement around Anwar is prepared to go. As in Indonesia and elsewhere, middle-class fighters will content themselves with a first victory over despotic rule and try and open up ownership and control in society for themselves.
The working class, by developing its own organisations and fighting strength, must do the same – but that means breaking with all forms of capitalist rule, not just today's cronyism. Without eliminating private ownership of the major conglomerates and of land, the massive crises of capitalism will never be overcome. The traditions of socialist struggle will be revived in Malaysia under the impact of events. Not only will more tyrants fall. The system they have held together by brute force will be replaced, through victorious revolutionary movements, leading to the victory of socialism in Asia and beyond.
Elizabeth Clarke


LETS attack MAHATIR dirty-tricks departmentGET HIM CONVICTED NOW

This study will review cases of heads of state accused of committing crimes under their national laws and examine the responses of national governments, specifically, the decision to prosecute or not to prosecute an errant head of state, to convict or not to convict those who are prosecuted, and to punish or not to punish those who are convicted. Using data culled from various sources, the study will use a two-stage, mixed-method, sequential exploratory strategy. In the first stage, a qualitative analysis of data will be conducted to identify patterns in the decision-making processes of succeeding regimes. Attempts will be made to create generalizations and/or formulate theories explaining the phenomenon. In the second stage, a quantitative analysis using appropriate statistical technique will be conducted to validate generalizations created and/or theories formulated using a larger sample. Policy implications of the results will then be discussed.


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The first offering of the 


., "The Conspirator" centers around the aftermath of the  and the country's search for justice at any cost. Directed by malaysiakita786., the film chronicles the trial and conviction of Anwar Ibrahim,

"The Conspirator" If anyone had any doubts as to the political and biased character of the legal proceedings against former Malaysian deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim then the events of the week should have been enough to dispel them..The trial restarted on Monday after a break of more than a week to allow defence lawyers time to prepare the case in light of substantial last-minute amendments by the prosecution to the four charges of corruption. The first defence witness to take the stand was Anwar himself who gave evidence and was cross-examined by prosecution lawyers.
The nervousness of the government of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad over Anwar's testimony was underscored by the decision of Attorney-General Mochtar Abdullah to turn up unexpectedly in court on Monday to take over the leadership of the prosecution team.
Mochtar told the court that he had not done so earlier only because he had previously expected to be called as a witness. But the real reason was all too evident. The Mahathir government had to have one of its own in the court room in order to prevent Anwar from revealing too much about its internal operations. At one point, Mochtar pointedly warned Anwar about divulging "state secrets".
Anwar, who was sacked from his positions last year and expelled from the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), is charged with having used his position to influence police to compel two people to withdraw written allegations of sexual misconduct against him. He is also facing a further charge of corruption and five charges of sexual misconduct.
Since he was seized under Malaysia's draconian Internal Security Act (ISA), Anwar has maintained that he is innocent of all charges. In the course of the prosecution case, his defence lawyers effectively undermined the credibility of the two people who had made the allegations and began to link them to a high-level conspiracy against Anwar involving Mahathir's private secretary, Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin and Consumer Affairs Minister Megat Junid.
At the end of its case, the prosecution lawyers made a highly unusual application to the presiding High Court judge Augustine Paul to change the wording of the charges so that it was no longer necessary to prove that the original written allegations were true. Not only did Paul agree to the prosecution motion but he also expunged evidence of sexual misconduct from the record. Anwar's lawyers are now unable to challenge in court the lurid sex stories that have been splashed through the Malaysian media for weeks.
In the course of the last week, Paul has made a series of highly political rulings making it virtually impossible for Anwar to present evidence of a high level plot against him, and thus severely restricting the defence case.
On Monday, Anwar testified that he had encouraged police to look into the allegations even though they were made in letters that were written by his enemies. He stated that he had not asked police to arrest the two who had made the accusations or to force retractions from them.
He explained that as chairman of the committee on government management and corruption he had been privy to many allegations against ministers and state officials. He had been involved in investigating the alleged waste of billions of ringgit in the Department of Public Works and the Ministry of Defence.
The prosecution challenged the testimony, claiming that his position as chairman of the committee was irrelevant to the case. Anwar has alleged that one of the reasons for the conspiracy against him was that officials and ministers feared the committee would expose them. Justice Paul upheld the prosecution objection, thus preventing any details of corrupt activity from being aired on court.
On Tuesday, Anwar gave evidence that in August and September 1997, Special Branch police officers had informed him of a high-level political conspiracy involving Zainuddin and Junid. Earlier in the day he explained that he had met on August 31, 1997 with Mahathir who said the allegations were baseless.
But as the defence lawyers sought to pursue the issues, Justice Paul intervened to block the line of questioning. In a sweeping ruling, he stated: "Evidence of political conspiracy, if any, is irrelevant…the issue of political conspiracy is too remote." He insisted that Anwar should stick to proving that he never abused his powers to cover up alleged sexual trysts.
Even within the strict terms of the case, the decision is deeply flawed. Senior police claim that Anwar ordered them to extract confessions. He denies it. If Anwar is to prove the police are lying then he has to be able to adduce evidence to explain how and why. By ruling that the defence cannot enter any evidence of a high level conspiracy between the police, government ministers and officials, the judge has denied Anwar any active defence.
Taken within the broader political context of the trial, the judge's decision directly serves the interests of the Mahathir government both by preparing the basis for a guilty verdict, and preventing his inside knowledge of its activities from being aired in court.
This was confirmed the following day when Justice Paul placed a ban on the press reporting Anwar's statements concerning discussions he had held with Mahathir or the former chief of police. He also ordered the media not to report what Anwar had said about the International Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz.
According to Anwar, the conflict with Mahathir arose as sharp differences emerged over economic policy. The decision to lay the charges was made after a confrontation with Mahathir on the day of his dismissal–September 2. The prime minister had delivered an ultimatum to resign or to face charges of sexual misconduct.
The conduct of the Anwar trial has broad political implications for working people in Malaysia. If, in the glare of the international media, the rights of a former deputy prime minister to mount a legal defence to politically motivated charges can be flagrantly violated, the same anti-democratic measures can be used with impunity against workers and young people

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Shahrizat likes 'pondan'?

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 09:48 AM PDT

Take a look at this picture. Physically, they are men. Are they pretty? What drove them to put on such outfits, God knows.... and we should too! I wonder how many of them are on this planet, and how many are around us.

They are human, of course but many believe they can be 'restructured'. Men are men still. I have seen them, few are my friends; some can change while others find it difficult to.

So, when Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Jalil showed her displeasure over an action taken by Terengganu Education Dept to send 66 'feminine' schoolboys to a special camp (read here) in order to 'make them true boys', I believe she was being unrealistic.

I am not against this people. However, most of them were not born with such femininity. The people whom they mingled with, their surroundings and the way they were brought up are contributing to it.

I know a few real male journalists who turned into such a character when they changed desks - either from a crime reporter to entertainment or from a sports writer to entertainment. You want me to name them?

The state Dept had sent 66 secondary schoolboys, who had exhibited effeminate characteristics, to the four-day camp in Besut to help address the "problem". Its director Razali Daud maintained that the department had acted "correctly".

He stressed that the boot camp has been designed to "prevent the boys from developing feminine traits which could hamper their future... and if such tendencies were not curbed at a young age, it would lead to bigger problems for them in the future."

Yeah, why not? What would they be when they are matured enough or after they left schools? Please bear in mind that they are MALAYS! We want to see them getting married, have family and kids.

Unless the ministry of some NGOs already have good places and jobs for them. Will some of them turn into a 'pondan' minister one day?

I dont want to write more. Each and everyone of us deserves the rights to opine but in this issue, I support such a move by the Dept. Anything to say, Muhyiddin?

How does Islam define a 'pondan' or 'khunsa'? I know, what about you, Madam Minister? Would you personally prefer to see more of them in the near future?

OMEGA DENIAL: That one looks like him, this one sounds like him

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 08:58 AM PDT

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Lagi Bukti SPR Melacurkan Diri Mereka Kepada UMNO

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 08:06 AM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: SPR tidak mahu mengadakan kiraan semula di DUN Senadin walaupun majoriti BN kurang dari 2%. Lagi bukti SPR adalah pelacur kepada UMNO.

EC stands by RO's decision not to hold a recount

KUCHING: The Sarawak Election Commission is standing by the decision taken by its returning officer in not ordering a recount of votes for the Senadin seat in the state polls on Saturday.

Sarawak EC director Datuk Takun Sunggah said the decision taken by Chai Ko
Het in rejecting a request by Parti Keadilan Rakyat for a recount was the right
decision and was in accordance to the procedures and rules.

"Dissatisfied parties can file an election petition with the High Court
within 21 days after the election results are gazetted," he said in a statement

here today.

The Barisan Nasional's candidate Datuk Lee Kim Shin defeated PKR's Dr

Michael Teo Yu Keng by a majority of just 58 votes for the Senadin seat. Lee polled 7,334 votes while Teo 7,276 votes. -- Bernama

And here is the rest of it.

Today Is Chinese Language Day at the UN!:)

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 07:50 AM PDT

Desi just discovered it while watching CCTV past ten minutes, and the United Nations, Geneva celebarted the day with dance and music performances and a special calligraphy exhibtion by Prof Zhao Bin. Visuals show that more and more Westerners are learning Mandarin though, according to the featured language teaher, the Chinse language is difficult to learn. But with China now as the world's second largest economy in the world after the US, and China just having beaten Japan less than a year ago into third place, this growing trend of earning Chinese will grow. A happy reciprocation in kind as more and more mainland Chinese alsp take to mastering the English language, growing increasingly importance at the international workplace and the world of politics and diplomacy.

Desi is still trying to be a Malaysian S'akespeare', drinking lots of Japanese wine and apeing Elvis rockNroll! And even reviving the ancient art of war using arrows and spears. But no more yelling "Paleface is king, Injuns are bad"! as he ran around semi-naked in Mambau -- just 7 miles out of Furong on the olde road to Port Dickson if you wanna no!:(

From PJS1 longhouse to?

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 01:18 AM PDT

Story to follow
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Baru Bian's brain baffling bullxxxx

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 05:43 AM PDT

Malaysiakini reported in its news article Baru reveals why PKR vied for 49 seats that:

PKR state chief Baru Bian firmly believes that the party and Pakatan made the right decision.

Speaking to Malaysiakini recently, Baru said the Pakatan principle was that all seats must be fought for because the electorate must know that the coalition is serious about taking over the state government.

"We cannot give the other side a free ride. If we did, it would demoralise us. This was the strategy."

I have never heard such self-serving BBB (brains baffling bullshit).

Let me tell you why I don't believe a single word of Baru Bian's explanation above.

(1) He talks about "the electorate must know the coalition is serious …..", yet he avoids mentioning the fact PKR had persistently denied SNAP the seats the latter wanted, showing unmitigated arrogance in dictating to SNAP that it could have only 3.

(2) PKR even quarreled with DAP over a couple of seats, repeating its treacherous behavior in 2007, when it even claimed M Kulasegaran's seat in Ipoh Barat. That's the nature of the beast.

(3) PKR preemptively announced its decision to contest in 52, not just 49 seats way ahead of SNAP and DAP, leaving a miserly 19 to be shared between DAP and SNAP.

(4) If it was concerned that the coalition, presumably Pakatan, should show the Sarawakians its serious intention in taking over the government, why didn't PKR share out all 71 seats with SNAP and DAP? Leaving out the vexing question of whether PKR had treated SNAP respectfully as a valued coalition member, isn't DAP a member of coalition? Why seized 52 out of 71 seats available in such a Pearl-Habour-like preemptive manner?

Thus when Bian moaned about "... this strategy came with a heavy cost. The party was severely stretched because the rural campaign was resource-intensive" he doesn't deserve any sympathy but rather a padan muka.

The truth is that PKR is a party with leaders who are greedy, selfish, uncooperative, treacherous and dictatorial – just look at its internal mess in both Sabah and during its party election.

It went for 52 initially, then (after intense negotiations with DAP) 49, because it wanted/expected to emerge from the election as the Pakatan member with the most number of seats. Post-failed strategy, its claimed altruism is so unbelievable that even kaytee cringed at Bian's audacity in suggesting it.

No mate, PKR has not been a sincere coalition member, but one which has been fond of dictating to its allies rather than negotiating cooperatively behind closed doors.

SNAP complained that each time it got together with PKR to negotiate, PKR would refuse to tell which seats it really wanted (well, PKR wanted all 52), making negotiations impossible in the way peace talks between Israel and Palestine have been impossible ...

... because (PKR like) Israel has no sincere intention of negotiating for peace and was only using so-called peace talks as a heel dragging exercise to prolong the negotiation process for years and years while its religiously fanatical settlers gobbled up Palestinian land with the support of its government and the benevolent tolerance of the USA.

Having lambasted Baru Bian (and the man behind him, Azmin Ali) I know there are good people in PKR, but certainly not those UMNO rejects.

PKR is like a ripe nangka with one side rotting away, infested by fruit flies. We Malaysians are familiar with such a fruit and know what needs to be done - the rotting part should be sliced cleanly away, allowing the rest of sweet fruit to be still enjoyed.

That's what PKR requires, the amputation of its gangrenous portion, the ex UMNO people like Azmin Ali and coterie. In my earlier post
RPK and the necessary destruction of Anwar Ibrahim? I wrote:

Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and their innermost coterie belong better in UMNO, though some UMNO members might take umbrage at this suggestion.

Anwar Ibrahim is more than just 'damaged goods'. As he's a biological creature, let's use the term that I believe Peter sees him as being. Anwar Ibrahim is now 'gangrenous' to Pakatan, and thus, must be amputated off before his presence poisons the entire body and life of the coalition.

… I believe Peter [RPK] sees the (political) destruction and removal of Anwar Ibrahim (and his like-minded coterie) as a necessary step to the continuing life of Pakatan and in its fight against BN.

Likewise with Azmin Ali and gang, or PKR will never ever progress to the level of DAP, and may even drag Pakatan down.

Smelling Tanjung Sepat

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 04:14 AM PDT

There are hundreds of pig farms in the Tanjung Sepat area of Banting. The smell for the infrequent visitor is horrendous, but people of the former Tumbuk estate and surrounding areas seemed to have gotten used to the smell. The stench comes from inland where the farms are and from the beach where the wastes end up.
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Ladang Bukit Jalil folks seek 'Political Solution'

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 01:47 AM PDT

Around fifty residents of the beleaguered Ladang Bukit Jalil gathered in front of the Prime Minister's office in Putrajaya to hand over a memorandum to state their case for a four-acre land allocation, today. The memorandum, which included a detailed plan on how the four-acre land will be used by the remaining 41 families of former estate workers, was handed to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's secretary at the guardhouse of Perdana Putra at 11.00 am. "This memorandum is unlike any other memorandum we have submitted before because it includes a detailed plan of the four-acre land that we are asking for," said Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) secretary-general S Arutchelvan. Full story:
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Selangor granted land permit to school

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 09:54 PM PDT

Story to follow
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Selangor support junk food ban in schools

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 09:36 PM PDT

Story to follow
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S'gor restores public cleaning job to local govts

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 09:19 PM PDT

The Selangor government has decided to restore to its nine local authorities the management of public cleansing, leaving only solid waste disposal to private company Alam Flora Sdn Bhd. Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the state government felt that the two tasks of public cleansing and solid waste disposal were too heavy for Alam Flora to handle. Full story:
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Posted: 21 Apr 2011 04:56 AM PDT

WATCH HOW  eventually  ANWAR loses  patience with  UMNO

A retired senior police officer has said Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was linked to a sex video in 1999, and is asking for an investigation to uncover any
connection with similar allegations last month.
Former KL CID chief Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim wrote about his suspicions in an open
letter to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar this week, saying he had investigated the first case 12 years ago.
"Several comparisons and questions arise regarding the two sex videos. I am of the opinion that the investigation into the 2011 Sex Video II must take into account the circumstances surrounding the 1999 Sex Video I.
"There is a 'nexus' between the two," he wrote in the letter that was made available to The Malaysian Insider.
A mysterious "Datuk T" had first screened the video purportedly showing the opposition leader having sex with a Chinese prostitute on March 21.
Former Malacca Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, Perkasa treasurer-general Datuk Shuib Lazim and businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah later took responsibility for the 21-minute recording, stating that their aim was to "show that a man who wants to be prime minister is not qualified."
The police said last weekend that they have wrapped up investigations into the video after verifying that it had not been doctored. Ismail said yesterday the Attorney-General's Chambers has sent back the investigation papers as it needed "to be re-worked".
"Some areas have to be re-looked at and re-worked. This is normal," the IGP said.
But Mat Zain called on the police to investigate seven possible links between the two videos, namely:
1. Is Sex Video I also authentic now that Sex Video II has been officially declared authentic?
2. Are the contents of Sex Video I the same in full or in part with Sex Video II?
3. Is the identity of the man in Sex Video II that police have declared can be determined positively the same as the man in Sex Video I?
4. Does the voice of the man in Sex Video I belong to the man who is said to be identifiable in Sex Video II?
5. Does the voice of the woman in Sex Video I belong to the woman who is said to have been identified in Sex Video II?
6. Is the recording location of Sex Video I the same as Sex Video II?
7. Are the trio involved or played any role in the production or distribution of Sex Video I in 1999, seeing as they have been identified as having a relationship with Anwar? More so Rahim who is believed to have cause for revenge as Anwar had accused the former Umno Youth chief of corruption just three months before Sex Video I was made public on November 24 and 25, 1999.
Mat Zain, who was the investigating officer in the case involving the assault of Anwar in police custody, said that the sex video was distributed in Kuala Lumpur just a few days before the 10th general election on November 29.
"I believe a large segment of the public and even some police officers themselves are not aware and will be shocked to know of the existence of this first sex video that supposedly involved Anwar," he wrote.
He said that several members of the public had found the video left in front of their homes or offices and made individual police reports, surrendering the copies as evidence.
As the city criminal investigation chief at the time, Mat Zain said his department had investigated the video.

"I myself saw the videos at least twice. The first time with senior Kuala Lumpur criminal investigation officers to classify the investigations and the second time with the former Kuala Lumpur mayor.

"To the best of my memory, the contents of the 1999 Sex Video I included recordings of phone conversations between a man said to be Anwar and his girlfriend," he wrote.
Mat Zain said that the investigations identified "the source" of the video but failed to find the persons responsible for distributing it to the public.
"However, it is believed that the distribution was politically motivated as it was done just a few days before the 10th general election," he said, adding that some of those who made police reports were members of Anwar's PKR.
Mat Zain said Sex Video I should be screened to the people so that the public, especially the Malays, could make their own decision over whether the former deputy prime minister really lacked the morals to become prime minister as claimed, or if the video was created by his enemies to destroy his political career.
"Or even revenge due to Anwar exposing the abuse of power and corruption of certain leaders as mentioned," said Mat Zain, referring to a segment of his letter where he named the Datuk T trio.
He said that the film was not pornographic and more like a documentary which would not fall foul of laws banning obscene material.
In his letter, Mat Zain also cast doubt over Rahim's credibility as the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) had recommended he be charged for making a false statutory declaration in 1999.
"The question that arises is whether Rahim's testimony in Sex Video II can be accepted fully, seeing as he was willing to make a false declaration to the prime minister and government to hide criminal offences as reported by the ACA," he said.
Will there be a national life after Anna? The Gandhian's satyagraha against rampant corruption has evoked a countrywide response unmatched by anything in the history of independent India, not even perhaps by Jayaprakash Narayan's 1974 movement against the increasing authoritarianism of Indira Gandhi's government. 

JP's 'swarajist' campaign – initially spearheaded by students in Bihar but later spreading to include citizens from all walks of life, across the nation – caused the biggest political earthquake the country has ever witnessed when Indira Gandhi, backed into a corner, declared her infamous Emergency and overnight turned democratic India into a totalitarian dictatorship. 

But though shrouded, the torch of freedom was not extinguished. And it burned brighter and fiercer than ever when in the general elections following the lifting of the Emergency, the collective wrath of the people voted Indira Gandhi out of office and brought in the Janata government. 

The new dispensation, which got into internal wrangles almost from day one, was to pose its own challenges of cohesion. But the 'spirit of '77′ made one thing clear: no one would again dare to try and stifle India's irrepressible democracy. The powers-that-be today will attempt to derail Anna's runaway movement at their own peril. Some critics have tried to put a verbal spoke in the wheels of the anti-corruption juggernaut by suggesting, among other things, that such extra-parliamentary forms of legislative activity would eventually derail democracy by encouraging irresponsible copycat movements which could be wilfully subversive of the rule of law. 

Such sceptics, however, have been swiftly silenced by the overwhelming support that Anna's cause has generated, targeting as it does what is universally seen to be the nation's single most baneful affliction. Public disgust with all-pervasive graft has reached a pitch where corruption is perceived to be the root cause of all our myriad social, political and economic ills. The groundswell of opinion seems to be that if we can somehow exorcise the demon of corruption we will be freed of all the other evils that daily bedevil us. 

Such a single-point agenda would be dangerously short-sighted. Corruption, in all its many manifestations, is without any question one of the most harmful of the toxins poisoning our body politic. But it is by no means the only one. Anna himself has already identified electoral reform as the next banner around which to rally his growing legions of followers. The criminalisation of politics, and the open use of muscle- and money-power to capture votes has made such reform a vital necessity which has been far too long delayed. Some of the electoral changes debated have been the right of recall and the voter's right to cancel their ballots in case they find all the candidates unsuitable in a particular constituency. 

Such much-needed political reform, however, presupposes that the voter is free to make a truly informed choice. Illiteracy and the deep-rooted patriarchal system by which women voters are no more than rubber-stamp extensions of the male head of the household are only two of the major obstacles in the path to making the electoral process more truly representative. 

Indeed not a few would say that to the extent – and it is a very large extent – that gender discrimination in effect disenfranchises the female half of the population India is at best a shambolic democracy. The progressive disempowerment of women is revealed by studies of sex-selective abortions which indicate that in 20 years' time India will have 20% more men than women. A clear case not of genocide, perhaps, but certainly of gendercide. And perpetrated, largely, by the urban middle class which is the most visible in championing Anna's cause. 

Let's get rid of corruption by all means. But let's not forget the other – and far worse – monsters which lurk within us.

Orang Sarawak di Kuala Lumpur

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 01:50 AM PDT

Blog ini telah agak lama tidak dikemaskini kerana husin berada di Sarawak selama dua tiga minggu. Mengambil iktibar dari pengalalaman di PRU Sarawak, Husin ada satu cerita yang sesuai.

Ini mengisahkan mengenai nak empat orang anak muda Sarawak yang belajar di Kuala Lumpur. Seorang itu anak muda Melayu Melanau, seorang anak muda Cina, seorang anak muda kaum Dayak dan seorang anak muda kaum-kaum pendalaman yang dikumpulkan sebagai orang Ulu.

Ini kira satu persahabatan yang menggambarkan keharmonian kaum di Sarawak.

Sebaik mereka selesai belajar, mereka berempat bersetuju untuk bekerja di Kuala Lumpur untuk menimba pengalaman.

Anak muda Cina itu dari anak orang kaya. Dia menawarkan rakan-rakannya duduk bersamanya di kondominium kepunyaan ayahnya di tengah bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

Mula-mula masing tidak selesa untuk duduk di tengah bandar. Ada yang nak rumah sebuah dan bukan kondominium yang terletak di tingkat 35. Ada yang nak kawasan yang lebih hijau. Setelah dipujuk anak Cina agar mereka lebih pragmatik, semua setuju dan mahu duduk sama-sama.

Masing-masing dapat kerja dan kedudukan kondo itu sangat sesuai untuk mereka pergi balik kerja. Masing-masing pula selalu balik malam. Setelah enam bulan, masing-masing punya kereta pula.

Satu hari mereka balik dan lift pulak rosak. Susah untuk mereka balik ke kondo. Setelah menunggu beberapa jam, lift masih belum dapat dibaiki dan anak muda dayak mencadangkan mereka semua naik tangga.

Mula-mula rakan-rakannya enggan naik. Kata mereka jauh sangat ke atas.

Anak Iban itu memujuk mengatakan dia biasa panjat bukit di dalam hutan. Untuk hilangkan rasa takut dan hilang semangat, mereka selalu bercerita mengenai benda baik-baik hingga sampai ke atas.

Semua setuju untuk cuba. Mula-mula anak Melayu Melacau menceritakan mengenai riwayat hidupnya hingga berjaya dapat belajar Universiti dan kerja sebagai exksekutif.

Kemudian anak orang Ulu pula cerita riwayat hidupnya di Tanah Tinggi bario dan kesusahan masa zaman persekolahan.

Anak cina menceritakan kesusahannya untuk belajar di Kuala Lumpur saja kerana ayah ibunya mahu dia ke Australia.

Akhir sekali dan hampir ke tingkat 30an, anak muda dayak pula patut cerita. Dia kata dia tak da cerita baik sebab dia ada khabra buruk untuk beritahu.

Rakan rakannya tertanya dalam panik, "Apa khabar buruk itu?"

"Rakan-rakan, saya dah tertinggal kunci rumah dalam kereta. Nampaknya kita kena turun balik ke ground floor...."

Itulah dia. Asyik cakap benda baik saja, akhirnya terlupa bersedia.

Melayu Mudah Murtad? Benarkah?

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 12:48 AM PDT


Sejak kebelakangan ini, ketenteraman dalam negara kita di ganggu gugat dengan isu pihak Gereja Kristian Katolik yang dikatakan dengan sengaja menimbulkan kontroversi melalui usaha mereka membawa masuk Bible yang diterjemahkan didalam Bahasa Melayu.

Antara suara suara bantahan yang kita dengar adalah bahawa ini ternyata satu usaha untuk memurtadkan golongan orang orang Melayu Malaysia yang dikhuatiri tidak akan dapat membezakan diantara ajaran suci Al Islam dengan dakyah Kristian kerana mereka juga mempergunakan istilah 'Allah' sebagai gantinama Tuhan 3 dalam 1 @ Trinitas dan boleh membawa kepada kekeliruan ummah.

Saya sangsi akan kesahihan atau kewajaran pendapat ini.

Gambar seorang Melayu yang dikatakan murtad. Lihat salib yang dipakainya.

Kenapakah Melayu Muslim boleh terkeliru tentang yang mana satu Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, Tuhan Sekelian Alam yang kita sembah dan beriman dengan Nya dengan tahyulan 'tuhan tuhan Trinitas 3 dalam 1 sembahan Kristian?

Tidak wajar bagi seseorang Muslim begitu mudah sekali terpedaya dengan apa yang dibawa ajaran Kristian Katolik kerana asas akidah kita adalah begitu jelas sekali.

Bilamana dipertanyakan kepada Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam akan siapakah Dia Allah Tuhan yang Maha Esa sembahan baginda oleh kaum kaffir Quraisyh, maka Baginda Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam menerima wahyu dari Allahu Rabbi didalam bentuk penurunan Surah Al Ikhlas yang menjelaskan dengan terperinci dan sebaik mungkin akan hakikat tentang sifat sifat Allah?

Qul huwa Allahu ahad
Sahih International
Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One,
Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "(Tuhanku) ialah Allah Yang Maha Esa;

Allahu assamad
Sahih International
Allah , the Eternal Refuge.
"Allah Yang menjadi tumpuan sekalian makhluk untuk memohon sebarang hajat;

Lam yalid walam yoolad
Sahih International
He neither begets nor is born,
"Ia tiada beranak, dan Ia pula tidak diperanakkan;
Walam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad
Sahih International
Nor is there to Him any equivalent."
"Dan tidak ada sesiapapun yang serupa denganNya".

Tak ada ruang bagi sebarang kekeliruan untuk timbul didalam hati sanubari setiap Muslim Melayu atau bangsa apa sahaja untuk terpesong dari landasan Iman yang sejati tentang Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, satu satunya Tuhan Maha Suci yang kita Muslimin dan Muslimat seluruh dunia sembah.

Barangsiapa Melayu Muslim yang mengadu keliru tentang perbezaan ketara diantara Allah yang Satu dengan 'Tuhan Tuhan Trinitas 3 dalam 1, perlulah pergi belajar lebih mendalam lagi tentang Fardhu Ain dan Bab Tauhid didalam ajaran ajaran asas Agama Islam.

Jika keliru, jangan terus tenggelam punca akan yang mana satu ajaran sebenar tentang siapa Dia Tuhan kita dengan ajaran ajaran ciptaan manusia yang tersasar dari apa yang dibawa oleh nabi nabi dan rasul rasul Allah kepada mereka.

Mana mana Muslim baik lelaki ataupun perempuan, muda mahupun yang tua perlu berusaha belajar tentang asas asas kepercayaan kita berpandukan ajaran ajaran Islam sebenar yang berteraskan kebenaran akidah dan manhaj bawaan Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam dan bukannya apa apa ajaran yang dibawa oleh mana mana individu lain dalam dunia ini.

Hanya Nabi Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Penghulu sekelian rasul rasul dan nabi nabi yang di utuskan Allah Tuhan kita bagi segala isi langit dan bumi untuk segala zaman.

Kemungkinan peluang untuk sesorang yang berbangsa Melayu dan lahir sebagai seorang Muslim membesar tanpa panduan dan bimbingan agama didalam negara kita Malaysia adalah amat tipis sekali peluangnya melainkan individu Melayu terbabit hidup secara bukan kelaziman Melayu lain.

Ianya mungkin boleh berubah sifat dan sikap sebagai Melayu Muslim yang biasa sekiranya sejak kecil lagi ia dibesarkan didalam suasana yang bukan berteraskan kesempurnaan tatacara hidup sebagai seorang Muslim didalam Malaysia.

Teristimewa macam mana pun kehidupan dan keadaan bagi seseorang individu Muslim yang membesar didalam segala kemewahan dan hidup seharian dikalangan golongan elit yang jauh dari penghayatan sebarang amal ibadat yang dituntut pelaksanaannya didalam ajaran ajaran agama Islam, selagi ianya berada didalam Malaysia, ianya tetap akan terdedah kepada maklumat yang berkaitan dengan Islam, satu satunya agama yang diwahyukan oleh Allah, Rabbul Alamin kepada sekelian manusia. 

Bermula dengan apa yang diperturunkan Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala kepada satu satunya manusia yang pertama sekali diciptakan Allahu Rabbi secara zahir yakni Ayahanda sekelian manusia, Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam.

Cuba tuan tuan dan puan puan berfikir sejenak akan ajaran apa kah yang diperturunkan secara terus dari Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala kepada Adam, manusia pertama yang diciptaNya?

Apakah ada kemungkinan Tuhan Semesta Alam kita ini akan mengajar Adam untuk sembah sesuatu selain dari Ia sendiri?

Saya dengan sepenuh hati dan jiwa saya ini ingin menyatakan buat berulang ulang kali bahawa satu satunya agama yang di ajarkan Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala kepada Adam Alaihis Salam tidak lain tidak bukan hanya Islam!

Hanya Islam!!!

Tidak ada apa apa agama lain yang di ajarkan Allah, Tuhan Sekelian Alam kita ini, baik yang zahir mahupun yang ghaib selain dari ISLAM!!!

Segala kefahaman selain Islam ini timbul setelah anak cucu Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam mula tersasar, terpisah dari pengawasan Nabi Allah Adam Alaihis Salam setelah mereka diperintah oleh ayahanda mereka untuk berhijrah, berpindah dari semenanjung Arab dimana ayah dan ibu mereka Sayyidatina Hawwa Radhiallahu Anha berkediaman iaitu di Makkah al Mukkarramah.

Lembah suci dimana Baitullah @ Ka'abah didirikan buat pertama tama kalinya oleh Adam Alaihis Salam untuk beribadah terhadap Allah seperti diperintah kepadanya.

Dari Makkah, sekelian anak cucu Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam berhijrah ke segenap pelusuk muka bumi ini dan bermastautin dimana mana bumi yang mereka berkenan.

Ini sudah masuk ke bab kefahaman spiritual berasaskan tasawwuf kerana melibatkan keyakinan saya terhadap segala apa yang telah berlaku dizaman zaman dahulu sebelum ada sebarang usaha merekodkan segala peristiwa peristiwa bersejarah itu.

Sudah tentu akan ada pihak pihak tertentu mempersoalkan pendapat saya ini tetapi terpulanglah kepada kemampuan masing masing untuk mentelaah dan merumuskan tentang lipatan sejarah peradaban manusia zaman lampau.

Sebagai seorang Muslim, ini keyakinan saya bahawa beginilah yang telah berlaku dikala itu berasaskan apa yang ditinggalkan Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam melalui intipati hadith hadith sahih Rasulullah Rahmatulil Alamin.

Tidak ada asas bagi mana mana kefahaman selain Islam untuk mendakwa bahawa apa apa yang mereka sembah itu adalah sebenar benarnya Tuhan yang wajib sekelian manusia sembah didalam ertikata seorang atau sesuatu yang telah diciptakan Allahu Rabbul Alamin untuk tersasar pergi menyembah ciptaan Allah yang lain atau sebarang khayalan mereka sendiri.

Maka saya tak nampak macamana seseorang Melayu Muslim Malaysia boleh terjebak didalam kerja kerja khurafat dan sebagainya sehingga sanggup dirinya untuk murtad dari perjanjian setiap Muslim dengan Allahu Ta'ala?

Kalau diri individu itu jatuh gila atau sewel, hilang pertimbangan dan merapu meraban angkara melayan tekanan perasaan dan seribu satu alasan berdrama swasta konon dah tak siuman, terpulang lah kepada sipolan terbabit untuk menanggung akibat dan natijah berpaling dari Allah Azza Wa Jalla.

Si polan terbabit mungkin boleh menipu orang orang disekelilingnya dengan mengaku sudah tak percaya kepada ujudnya Allahu Ta'ala sepertimana kita yang Muslim semua ini yakin dengan sebenar benarnya tetapi bilamana ia menghadapi saat dan ketika ajal mautnya nanti, maka bersedialah untuk berdepan dengan Malaikat Maut Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam!

Kemudian ruhnya akan disoal siasat oleh kedua Malaikat Malaikat Allahu Ta'ala didalam Alam Kubur, Sayyidina Munkar dan Naqir Alaihi Salatu Wassalam.

Ketika itu si polan akan menyaksikan segala janji janji Allahu Ta'ala terhadapnya.

Jangan ambil mudah bab murtad ini tuan tuan dan puan puan.

Azab siksa Allahu Ta'ala bagi mereka yang semberono menidakkan Nya amatlah dahsyat!

Kita kat dunia ni bilamana kena luka sedikit bukan main menggelitik mengadu sakit!

Bayangkan nanti segala azab siksa dan api neraka yang disediakan bagi mereka yang dengan sengaja dan waras memilih untuk mendua atau mentigakan Allahu Ta'ala?

Ini belum di ambil kira fahaman fahaman karut ciptaan manusia lain yang melibatkan tuhan tuhan dan dewa dewa khayalan yang berjumlah beratus mahupun beribu ribu jumlahnya?

Ada tuhan dapur, tuhan kandang, tuhan itu dan ini!

Mana mungkin adanya Melayu Muslim yang bengong tahap gila babi mahu memilih menyembah tuhan dongengan ilham kepala kepala otak manusia yang ada mata tetapi hakikatnya buta?

Ada telinga tetapi pekak macam nak mampos?

Ada otak dan akal tetapi diserabutkan dengan seribu satu macam tuhan rekaan yang dia sendiri menjadi tukang penciptanya?

Adakah Melayu yakpursalam yang mahu nak murtad dari agama Allah?

Kalau ada, maka bersedialah beb untuk merasai akibat dari kesesatan anda itu!
Gambar contoh wanita Melayu minum arak secara terbuka.

Ada dikalangan orang orang Melayu sekarang sudah tak segan silu melanggar perintah Allah dengan meminum arak secara terbuka, perempuan perempuan Melayu berpoya poya ikut suka tanpa segan dan rasa malu pada masyarakat umum. 

Bagi mereka yang rajin benar nak jadi pembela kepada usaha mubaligh mubaligh Kristian ini memurtadkan sesama umat Islam dari kalangan orang orang Melayu, maka mereka ini hanya menempah kesudahan yang tak akan menjanjikan keselesaan baik di dunia ini sendiri mahupun di alam barzakh dan seterusnya di alam akhirat nanti.

Silap haribulan, tak sempat mengucap beb!

Sementara itu, saya ingin menyeru akan sekelian blogger Muslim di Malaysia supaya menulis demi kerna Allah dan Rasul!

Usahakan supaya setiap artikel karangan anda akan ada manfaatnya nanti bilamana kita sudah tidak bernyawa lagi nanti.

Setiap patah perkataan yang kita taip dan kita karang demi memartabatkan Agama Islam sudah pasti akan di ambil kira dan dihisab sebagai usaha dan amalan kita buat membantu sesama manusia dan sesama Islam mengenali dengan lebih mendalam lagi tentang apakah dia agama Islam yang kita anuti ini?

Tak payah tunggu sampai diri itu menjadi sarjana dan professor madya itu dan ini untuk mula menulis dan berblog untuk kepentingan Allahu Ta'ala dan Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Nabi telah bersabda supaya kita menyampaikan daripadanya walau hanya sepotong ayat!

Kita dok mengarang gitu gini setiap hari bercerita tentang segala hal ehwal duniawi ini takkan tak sanggup untuk berdakwah melalui blog masing masing?

Azalina Jailani @ Lina Joy bersama peguamnya. Baca disini untuk maklumat lanjut.

Tentang dua tiga kerat Melayu yang tak sedar diri gatal bebenar nak murtad tu maka jawablah nanti bilamana Malaikatul Maut datang singgah. Contoh diatas.

Pemerintah kerajaan orang orang Melayu yang tak sedar sedar diri akan tugas dan tanggungjawab membendung usaha usaha puak kaffirin untuk meracuni pemikiran dan mencemar minda dan akidah orang orang Melayu yang terbiar disogok dengan segala macam bentuk hiburan hedonisma yang merugikan perlu bersedia pula untuk di panggang di atas bara api neraka diatas kelalaian dan kealpaan mereka untuk memelihara kesejahteraan iman dan amal umat Islam yang berada dibawah penguasaan sementara mereka ini.

Ketika itu segala pangkat dan kedudukan istimewa dunia ini tak akan membawa apa apa erti lagi bagi sipetualang dan pengkhianat amanah berkenaan.

Tak boleh dah nak pakai 'cable' besar tara mana pun atau nak tunjuk kad id VVIP ape ke benda pun!

Makanya setiap Melayu Muslim yang sedar diri hendaklah berwaspada akan cubaan pihak gereja Kristian Katolik nak menjalankan apa apa sahaja agenda mereka untuk membawa lebih ramai lagi bangsa Melayu menyertai mereka didalam menyembah Isa Alaihis Salam sebagai 'anak Tuhan'!


Saya menyeru setiap pendakwah Muslim Melayu supaya melipatgandakan usaha dakwah masing masing dan belajarlah segala bahasa kaum kaffirin yang boleh untuk membantu menerangkan akan apakah dia sebenarnya agama Islam ini?

Bagi yang makan gaji di jabatan jabatan agama Islam, tolonglah sedar diri sedikit bahawa tuan puan sebenarnya ditempatkan Allahu Ta'ala disitu dengan tujuan dan matlamat untuk berdakwah dan menegakkan hukum hakam Syariah Allah yang sebenar.

Bukan hukum syariah cap ayam terjemahan manusia.

Mudah2an tak akan ada dah mana mana Melayu yang gatal nak murtad selepas Azalina Jailani @ Lina Joy dan mangkok hayon si Badrul Hisyam @ Benjamin Stephen itu yang keduanya kini menjadi pelarian.

Ada pula yang mengugut nak murtad sebab dibelenggu kemiskinan dan menjadi bahan cacian. Sanggup ke dibakar api neraka nanti?
Segelintir orang orang Melayu Malaysia seperti di laporan akhbar di atas ini rapuh sangat ke iman dan akidah mereka sehingga berani mengugut nak murtad sekeluarga kerana tidak tahan dihina warga setempat kerna miskin?

Mat mat Bangla, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia dan pelbagai negara lagi berduyun duyun datang kemari mencari rezeki ada pula puak Melayu seperti ini yang eksyen drama swasta nak memurtadkan diri? 

Hairan bin ajaib sungguh!!! Cari makan lah tuan puan! Jangan cari pasal!!!

Melayu seMalaysia hendaklah belajar dari segala kesilapan dok bercakar sesama sendiri dan belajar merapatkan jurang perbezaan ideologi politik penghabis beras masing masing.

Yang kenyang adalah puak puak Kit Siang, Karpal dan sebilangan politikus Melayu beragama Islam yang sanggup bersekongkol dengan parti parti tajaan syaitan syaitan dan iblis laknatullah yang berupa manusia tersebut diatas.

Faham faham lah akan siapa yang saya kiaskan ini?

Takkan le Melayu sudah tak reti sindir pesan?

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Pemimpin PAS tidak perlu risau jika dicabar ketika pemilihan: Abdul Fatah

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 12:04 AM PDT

RANTAU PANJANG: 21 April – Pemimpin PAS tidak perlu berasa risau atau bertindak terburu-buru apabila diuar-uar akan dicabar pada pemilihan parti yang akan berlangsung pada Jun ini.

Pengarah Pilihan Raya PAS Kelantan, Abdul Fatah Harun, berkata mereka sebaliknya harus menilai sendiri sama ada mereka berjuang untuk parti atau kepentingan diri.

"Pemimpin tertinggi PAS termasuk presiden sendiri tidak perlu kalut apabila menghadapi keadaan sama ada dicalonkan atau mempertahankan diri dalam sesuatu jawatan," kata Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Bukit Tuku itu di sini, hari ini.

Beliau berkata, pemimpin PAS yang matang juga tahu bahawa mereka yang benar-benar berwibawa tidak perlu menonjolkan diri supaya dicalonkan, sebaliknya menunggu pencalonan daripada akar umbi.

"Malah, pemimpin tertinggi sendiri sedia berundur jika mereka merasakan tidak berkemampuan untuk terus memimpin atas sebab-sebab tertentu, termasuk faktor usia atau kredibiliti dipersoalkan. Sebab itu tidak pernah berlaku perebutan dalam PAS," katanya.

Abdul Fatah diminta mengulas mengenai kenyataan Presiden parti, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang yang dilapor berkata, beliau sedia ditentang bagi jawatannya itu.

Sebelum itu, Ahli Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat, Datuk Husam Musa dicalonkan PAS kawasan Bukit Bintang untuk bertanding merebut jawatan presiden parti. – BERNAMA

“KJ 1st, Now Gan,Next..?”

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 11:42 PM PDT

KJ seems to have ruffled a few feathers with his statement just immediatedly after the BN coalition has received a fresh mandate in his tweet. It was enough to draw a direct reaction from Aziz Adenan PBB Youth Information Chief on how KJ should justs "handcuffed his fingers" as he is an MP and UMNO youth Chief". He should have left his BB in his pocket. 

The result,"He has not taken into account the sensitiveness of stepping on SUPP's shoes and maybe facing the wrath of the party as a whole.

We tweeted today against MCA Gan Ping Sieu Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports,"1st KJ made statement now MCA Gan parroting same tune on CM Taib.KEEP OUT AND STAY OUT. Pbb knows what to do.Both of you go help SUPP"

Tweet you are only afforded 140 words but this is the actual perception of what we intended to deliver across..

"What we meant is that if both of you KJ and Gan sincerely meant well stay in Sarawak for 3 months or more temporarily and see how you can assist SUPP in their hour of need or whether SUPP needs your help. A big question mark (?) here.

Don't jump on the bandwagon and harp on the single subject of "Taib is the cause of the loss of Chinese seats." Well what happens if MCA losses badly again and UMNO wins more you call for Najib to step aside too?

The main problem is within the party itself and all arrows should be directed towards the party SUPP.Why Taib..?? 

The Chinese electorate has a way of passing the message across to their leaders and they must realise that all is not rosy and well.

The Dewan Undangan speaker Wan Junaid Tuianku Jaafar also called detractors of CM Taib to leave him alone. He was asked on KJ views and he said," He believed the transition of power must be planned properly and that the process for a new leader to take over was 'now in progress." The process of grooming the new CM has to go through the party(PBB) itself because our members need to know if he is the favourite (leader)

Views from the grassroots are also important to ensure that the succession plan can run smoothly."

Wan Junidi said KJ had no right to speak or to give suggestions on this matter for two reasons.Firstly,he was 'just an outsider" and secondly he did not have in depth knowledge of politics in the state." 

Now the political game gets murkier and there are rumblings on the ground that some BN YBs are working out a coup to detrone CM Taib as played out by a blogger rajahmas in his blog and also another alternative which some billionaires are working on are the 36 v 35 equation which  had written.

We do live in interesting times and Aziz Adenan the Youth Information has every right to issue this Press statement on the night it was tweeted,"We are dissappointed and hurt by the comment of Khairy Jamaluddin in Tweeter about Barisan National election performance in Sarawak Election 2011."



Free email or not free email?

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 11:19 PM PDT

Yay! Free email account for all Malaysians. Only cost RM50million. 
No, no, no...I mean won't cost anything cos it is a private sector initiative.

First of all I must apologise for not following the comedy about free 1Malaysia email accounts as closely as I should have la. But I woke this morning and read the news reports about it and I got very confused leh. Okay, let me try and list what I remember about the comedy show as chronologically accurate as I can.

1.   Najib announces that as part of his grand scheme of things every Malaysian aged 18 years and above will receive a free 1Malaysia email account.

2.   All sorts of shit hit the fan. Thousands of Malaysians came online and protested. Free? We already have free email accounts. Gmail. Yahoo. Hotmail. Et cetera.  We've had them for years. So why do we need this 1Malaysia email?

3.   It's just a way of Big Brother wanting to keep track of us. What we're up to and to make sure that we don't get "urges" to support the Opposition.

4.   Then it was announced that the whole business is going to handled by a company called Tricubes Bhd. which is a GN7 (or something number la) company. Meaning that it is in danger of being de-listed by the BSM because of poor performance or something. At the time the shares of this company were worth only RM0.05 each.

5.   Another piece of turd hit the fan when they said the whole exercise was going to cost RM50million. People started screaming. Waffor? Why waste money? Free email account without internet connection or computer for what? Give la free WiFi. Or 1Malaysia laptops to every Malaysian over 18.

6.   Then garmen explain that it is not only free email but also a way of communicating with the garmen on all sorts of things. Can ask questions. Can pay bills. Can make life easy when dealing with the garmen la.

7.   Then garmen also explain that it is a private initiative and money is not coming from tax-payers.

That last statement really made me confused la.

So this company that is really in the shit house financially decides one day to do this free email and multi-tasking portal because it realised it wanted to do its duty and give Malaysians something free before they go bankrupt ah?  No. Today they explained that the company plans to generate revenue from the 1Malaysia Email project via advertising, an online marketplace, and the online delivery of government bills and notices. Oh. this is an example of the company's brilliant business strategy in the face of impending TUTUP la.

And the latest report in The Malaysian Insider discovers that Pemandu, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit, has changed details of the 1Malaysia email project on its website between the day it was announced and yesterday, and now calls it a private sector initiative when it was previously listed as a government initiative. Not something that will reverse public perception of the project nor instil much needed confidence in the garmen's transparency, right?  But here comes the best bit so far from this near to bankrupt company.

"...the government is neither funding nor underwriting this project" and it would be financing the RM50million require over 10 years by reinvesting revenue from the project.


They plan to finance the project by re-investing revenue from the project??? When the project not yet start or just started where got revenue to re-invest? Got ah?  Must be some kind of new business strategy.

I don't know about you but as a lay Malaysian all I am thinking is that the government must have said to these flers. Ok la since you in deep shit we help you out. You go invent this thing and we will announce a new BN garmen initiative and buy whatever you make la. We'll pay to connect all our payment stuff to you. All notices. All sorts of things la.

But wait...sorry, sorry it is YOUR initiative ok? Not ours. Make that clear ah! (pssst...Najib, you cocked up. Again.)


A crab telling others to walk straight

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 08:11 PM PDT

CSL's call to SUPP not to accept appointment into the Sarawak cabinet may seem sound on the surface.

He is a a very shrewd person, and he is using this to achieve several aims.

He is trying to  create a 'scare' mentality in some of the not-so-well informed Chinese people that if in the next GE, they do not choose his party, the Chinese will have no more voice inside the government.

Anyway, even with representations inside now, the actual fact is there is also very little voice inside, but being a person with an agenda , he would not divulge this, of course.  (please read one of my recent posts of how i argued that ineffective representation is worse than no representation).

The message he is trying to convey to the Chinese community is akin to  a husband telling the wife that if she does not listen to him, he would abandon her and the children.

In the first place, if the husband has neglected the wife and the family,  why should the wife and family listen to him again? If he has failed their trust before, why should they trust him again?

By the tie of matrimony, a husband has certain responsibility to his wife and family.

Similarly, by being a political party, the party has a certain obligations to the people even if the people reject them.

The people, in a democracy,  have the right to choose whom they think is their best representation .

By an act akin to a child throwing a temper tantrum when he cannot get certain things he wants, CSL is actually going against the principles of democracy.

A responsible party would instead seriously go down to the ground and find out why the people has rejected it, and take step to win back what it has lost.

The problem with the component parties is that the component parties actually know what is the main reason they lose. It is the reason stated in my resignation statement –  none of the component parties dares to challenge the hegemony of the Big Brother, and when such hegemony leads to unfair policies,  none has really objected to it.

It is the unfair policies and the rampant corruption and abuses that lead to the revolt of the urban people, turning against all the lackeys that put their own interest above all else.

I think what CSL has suggested is really wrong and when he puts the blame on MCA's cabinet positions on his predecessor OTK, he is also misleading people –trying to kill 2 birds with one stone perhaps– because at the time of 308, the president was OKT and not OTK; both has the same English alphabets, but in different sequence..

If he really believes what he preaches, I suggest he should take the lead and ask his son to resign from the deputy minister post. Otherwise, he is only playing politics; not clever politics, but a kind that has already long been obsolete and no longer apply to the current situation.


Posted: 20 Apr 2011 07:13 PM PDT

I think it's great that companies are now featuring seniors in their print advertisements. About time too. After all, seniors make up an important sector of the market, but have often been neglected in marketing campaigns.

Above: Proton
Above: Singapore's Ministry of Manpower & NTUC
ING Insurance
Amanah Hartanah Bumiputra

Time for the beauty industry to feature older women in their ads especially those promoting anti-ageing products. Enough of using women in their 30s to promote anti-wrinkle creams. There is no shortage of beautiful women in the 50s or above who look youthful enough to lend credibility to the skin product they are using.

How credible is this ad?
Or this

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