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Bukan Setakat RPK Sahaja yang Tuduh, Akhbar LIBERATIONS Pun Tuduh Sama

Bukan Setakat RPK Sahaja yang Tuduh, Akhbar LIBERATIONS Pun Tuduh Sama

Bukan Setakat RPK Sahaja yang Tuduh, Akhbar LIBERATIONS Pun Tuduh Sama

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 03:34 PM PDT

Tuduhan penglibatan Najib dan Rosmah di dalam pembunuhan Altantunya bukan terhad datangnya dari RPK sahaja, ia juga dibuat oleh Akhbar LIBERATION yang berpengkalan di Paris.

Artikel tersebut bertajuk "The Altantuya Shaaribuu's Case : How and why she was killed?". Ianya pertama kali diterbitkan di sebuah akhbar Perancis bernama The Liberation pada 5 March 2009.

Artikel tersebut ditulis oleh seorang wartawan bernama Arnaud Dubus yang berpengkalan di Thailand. Di dalam menulis artikel tersebut beliau telah pergi ke Kuala Lumpur, Ulan Batoor serta Paris.

Beliau juga menemuramah beberapa orang di tempat yang beliau pergi termasuk kawan baik Altantunya serta ahli keluarga Altantuya.

Terdapat banyak tuduhan dan pendedahan yang dimuatkan dalam artikel tersebut.

Soalnya sekarang adalah:

1.0 Wartawan tersebut membuat tuduhan yang agak sama dengan tuduhan Raja Petra tetapi beliau melakukan kajian dan siasatan beliau sendiri

2.0 Sehingga hari ini Kerajaan Malaysia tidak berani menyaman Akhbar Liberation kerana menerbitkan artikel tersebut.

3.0 Penulis artikel masih lagi bertanggungjawab terhadap kandungan artikel tersebut.

Maka, bukan Raja Petra seorang yang menuduh akan keterlibatan Najib dan Rosmah di dalam pembunuhan Altantunya.

Kenapa masih teragak-agak untuk menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja menyiasat pembunuhan Altantuya?

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I give RPK not an iota of benefit of doubt...

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 01:33 PM PDT

THAT HE HAD NOT "SOULED" OUT TO THE DARK SIDE, after watching the second part of his interview with TV3 broadcast at prime time over Buletin Utama.

I specially stayed home to watch the segment -- the body language and his words with strong emphasis on running down DS Anwar Ibrahim relating to his role as Opposition Leader and heading the "infant" (three years qualify this description NO? as compared with parties in their 50s like UMNO, MCA and MIC...?) Pakatan Rakyat aiming to form the alternative federal government cometh the 13th General Elections.

I shall return to enhance my arguments after reading the NST and The Star's reports -- RPK had written a post alleging that the TV3 and MSM were guilty of "spinning". But hey, RPK, you were NOT BORN YESTERDAY! You have been consistently attacking PR, especially Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and de facto leader Anwar the past 12 months. It was this "change" which led to my first article asking my readers here last year -- "WHY IS RPK ACTING SO OUT OF CHARACTER?" (bear with me, I will reproduce the article for your benefit if you have not archived it, you lazy BUMmers!:( OR :) ~~ Desi

As they say in TV, STAY TUNED... (as Desi has to go back to 42 winks. I had forty winks the day before Yesterday, and 41 winks YESTERDAY -- when all our troubles (especially PR in Sarawak!) seemed so far away. UNTIL RPK AND TV3 APPEARED ON THE SCENE TO SPOIL OUR (read the RAKYAT's) PARTY!

Oky, within five minutes before I hit the hay (it's now @4.19AM), here cometh the article wit' Desi THINKING ALLOWED featured at the Malaysian Chronicle that started the "FACE-OFF WITH RPK" that won me three stretches of 15-minutes-of-fame, but RPK became the "MSM Flavour of the Month" for several months last year, and will contnue into this year, especially if the PM calls early for the 13GE... which he would not -- the coward he is like RPK -- if PR taketh over Sarawak cometh April 16, 2011, which has been my prayer every night(include the day!) the past week! The Tsunami is in the air, report my PKR colleagues campaigning there, with just less than 24 to go, they can't have their 40 minus some winks! I'll buy ye endless rounds of tehtarik at Temiang Corner OK next week!

****************************** REPRISED, or should it be REPRISAL?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why is RPK acting so out of character?
YL Chong

Prominent blogger now in exile in the United Kingdom Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) caught this writer by surprise with an overly critical reaction to Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah's failure to obtain at least two nominations to contest the party's deputy presidency. My commentary here is not to go into the "technicalities" involved in the nominations process, but to focus on RPK's uncharacteristic reactions for someone sympathetic to the only viable alternative coalition led by PKR to replace the BN government.

RPK titled his latest "No Holds Barred" column yesterday (Oct 13, 2010) "Umno is beginning to look better than PKR" and his scornful look at the current PKR party elections in progress seems totally out of character with the writer that I know.(Digressing a bit but I feel perinent in my claim that I know this writer at close range, Raja Petra was the key speaker for the first two annual outings called Bloggers Universe Malaysia (BUM) which I was proud to serve as organising chair.)

And knowing that Nurul herself has never stated she would want to contest the second highest post in PKR, why would an Opposition fighter, swing so ballistically into putting long nemesis UMNO in such good light, as compared with 12-year-old Parti Keadilan Rakyat?

And the real rat is ...

Reacting to a FMT report stating that Nurul did not qualify to contest the deputy president's post after getting only "one nomination" at the close of nominations on Sunday, RPK wrote, and I quote at length:

"And when did they decide that Sunday is the closing date for nominations? Was this decided the following day, on Monday, after two more nominations for Nurul Izzah came in? In other words did they decide on the Sunday closing date on Monday when they realised that Nurul had received an additional two nominations and that this would therefore qualify her to contest the party deputy presidency?

"I smell a rat here, a dead rat. And the smell stinks to high heaven. It appears like PKR is even dirtier than Umno. Now, even Umno is looking better than PKR," he added.

But sad to say, the smell may be emanating from RPK himself. If he did his checks before making such serious allegations, a quick look at any of numerous articles on the PKR direct elections by Malaysiakini would invariably have shown this chart*** (dear ER, please check the ori at MC; my copying not up to par lah as I hail from Jurassick Park...~~ YL Chong:(OR :), which I first noticed in an article dated Sept 5.

October 10 was very clearly defined as the date for which nominations for Supreme Council would be closed. If there are any doubts about the authenticity of chart, do check with Steven of Mkini.


Posted: 14 Apr 2011 12:50 PM PDT

France has now officially outlawed the Islamicniqab or burqa in public. French President Sarkozy said in 2009, "The issue of the burqa is not a religious issue, it is a question of freedom and of women's dignity … The burqa is not a religious sign; it is a sign of the subjugation, of the submission of women. I want to say solemnly that it will not be welcome on our territory."

This statement by Sarkozy isn't going to save any Muslim woman's self-respect or free her from her oppressor by forcing her indoors and out of public life.




If a woman is being forced to wear the burqa or niqab by a dictatorial husband or father, the French have just made it more difficult for her to break free from her oppressor. However, most Muslim women choose to wear the niqab of their own free will, and with this ban France has just pushed another segment of their Muslim population further from the mainstream. France outlawed the hijab, or the simple headscarf in public schools and institutions in 2004, and it has forced girls who want an education to either compromise their religious values, or compromise their academic and professional future. Where's the liberté in that?

A small minority of Muslim women in certain parts of the world wear what is known as theabaya (black cloak) and the niqab (face veil). It is known as a burqa in South and Central Asia and seen most often as the blue full-body veil worn by Afghan women. This form of covering is the manifestation of the strictest interpretation of modesty in Islam. Women who choose this practice consider themselves seriously observant Muslims and believe this form of dress allows them to move about the outside world while protecting their dignity.

People get nervous around these women. I have often heard the refrain, "You need to see a person's face to judge their character." I disagree based on my own experience with Muslim women who wear the niqab. I have always known them as highly disciplined, and solid in their faith convictions despite society's derision. They believe in keeping their physical attributes out of the public conversation by covering. While I don't subscribe to this strict interpretation of Islamic modesty, I respect the woman who does.

Case in point: I had been corresponding with a young woman in regard to a part-time position on the behalf of one of my clients. The job would include conducting various marketing events within her local Muslim community. Because she lives in another city, I had no chance to meet her until this weekend when I traveled there. Because I am familiar with this city's Muslim community, I was not surprised to meet her wearing a black abaya and black headscarf. She and I had coffee in a café, and as the interview progressed she proved to be everything her emails and our previous phone conversations led me to believe about her without the benefit of a face-to-face meeting. She is an extremely enthusiastic and professional young woman filled with exciting ideas for marketing my client's product. Toward the end of the conversation she mentioned that she usually wore the niqab face veil but she decided that she would not don it for our meeting in case I would be uncomfortable. I told her I wouldn't have been bothered by it in the least. I felt sorry she had come out without her veil on my account — but to be fair, she didn't know me. While she knew that I'm also a Muslim, she couldn't be sure I wouldn't discriminate against her on behalf of my client. After I assured her that her faith practices are her own business, and that my client has great respect for Muslims, she visibly relaxed and we continued our conversation. Her character, personality and professionalism were evident long before I saw her clothing, or her face. In her American city she happily moves about her neighborhood dressed the way the French have now outlawed. She told me the Muslims are an integral part of her city's greater community, and she is very comfortable wherever she goes in her graceful, black garments. I will recommend that my client hire this young woman; I'm completely confident that she is going to far exceed the expectations we had for this position.

As I've written before, if you strip a woman of what she feels is her dignity, you'll have a lot of indignant women. We all know American women can become pretty indignant if someone tells us what not to wear.

When angry mullahs and oil despots want to stir up anger against the West, "Crusade" is an inflammatory term that comes automatically to their lips. The memory of Christian knights invading the Arab world is very long. The height of the Crusades ended seven centuries ago. But it's not history that is at stake. Embedded in the worldview of many devout Muslims is a defensive and hostile attitude toward Christianity. The burning of the bible by a mullah somewhere in Iran wouldn't incite mob action in the West, but a single extremist in Florida with a following of less than fifty led to violence and murder in Afghanistan.

Distasteful as it is, religion remains a major element in all three Arab conflicts that the U.S. has ventured into. The memoirs of former President George Bush are rife with religious motivations. There is little doubt that when he gave speeches about a "conflict of civilizations," he meant a conflict between two religions. Such a conflict doesn't exist, not inherently. Jesus is worshiped as the Prince of Peace; one definition of the word "Islam" is peace. But history has created its own dogmas, and when human nature wants to justify aggression, any rationale will do, including God.

This issue is facing us again because the uprisings that are revamping the Arab world include a strong Islamist influence. In some places the specter of new hostility between the Shia and Sunni is boiling up. In other places the Muslim Brotherhood has a strong voice, and almost everywhere the populace looks to their traditional leaders, the clerics, for guidance. Crowds consider Friday, the chief gathering time for the faithful going to mosques, as a significant day for protest. There is a real possibility that fundamentalist Islam will loom in the future of many states.

The direction of history will be decided by another faction, one that has proved stronger than religion in Egypt: young people who want a future in the modern world. Like the student uprisings in the West in the Sixties, a youth movement in Islam isn't likely to seize power after expressing its discontent. In every Arab country an entrenched military, traditional clerics, and explosive extremists hold the spotlight. Protests aren't equal to organized, empowered elites.

What's important is that the West doesn't repeat Bush's doctrine of fighting for God. If we honestly asked what Jesus would do about Islam, it's obvious that his solution wouldn't be war. He might even apply the Golden Rule. So far, President Obama has been more Christian than his predecessor, not by applying Christian principles but by treating Muslims with common humanity, tolerance, and understanding. These uprisings are part of a global phenomenon, the rise of the dispossessed. People don't emerge from political repression as model citizens, much less saints. They are angry and resentful, so they lash out. They have been deprived for generations of education, so they follow demagogues. They know little of the world beyond what religion tells them, so they see others through the lens of religion.

We have a reactionary wing in this country that shares the same traits, but they have much less excuse. They haven't been oppressed, and for the most part every benefit of prosperity and education has been available to them. The jihadis and extremists of the Arab world have served well as bogeymen for the right wing, as they have served the Gaddafis and Mubaraks whose vested interests are just as reactionary. I doubt that Jesus would appreciate their values, and his response to religious intolerance would not be to praise it.

Bersedialah untuk Pendedahan Baru Berkaitan Video Blue Rahim Thamby Chik Besok

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 10:44 AM PDT

Secara mudahnya, ada kemungkinan besok berlaku pengesahan:

1.0 Jam OEMGA tersebut adalah jam Anwar. Anwar memang tinggalkan jam tersebut di bilik hotel.

2.0 Pelacur tersebut tampil dan mengaku mengadakan hubungan seks dengan Anwar

3.0 Video tersebut adalah asli dan tepat

4.0 Orang di dalam video tersebut adalah Anwar.

5.0 Bilik hotel ayam tersebut adalah di Kuala Lumpur dan bukan di Siam

6.0 Perut pelakon video blue Rahim itu buncit kerana "aspect ratio" diubah

dan bermacam-macam lagi

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Raja Petra Tak Ingat Apa Dia Tulis?

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 10:11 AM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Dalam temuramah Raja Petra terbaru di TV3suku, Raja Petra menafikan yang beliau menuduh Najib dan Rosmah terlibat dalam pembunuhan Altantuya.

Namun dalam SD beliau sendiri, Raja Petra menulis:

Raja Petra had confirmed in his SD of 18.6.2008 that he had been "
reliably informed " of these matters.


Raja Petra telah mengesahkan di dalam SD beliau bertarikh 16 June 2008 bahawa beliau telah dimaklumkan dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai.

Maknanya, sekiranya beliau mempercayai sumber-sumber beliau itu, maka beliau juga mempercayai semua tuduhan-tuduhan yang diberikan oleh sumber beliau.

Yakni, beliau mempercayai tuduhan yang Najib dan Rosmah terlibat dalam pembunuhan Altantuya.

Lagi mahu putar ke, Raja Petra???

Hakikatnya, kesan dari temuramah TV3suku tersebut adalah percubaan mengaitkan Anwar Ibrahim di dalam tuduhan pembunuhan Altantunya kepada Anwar. Dengan kata lain, seolah-olah Anwar yang merancang segala usaha menuduh Najib dan Rosmah sebagai pembunuh Altantunya.

Hebat RPK ni. Berapa agaknya UMNO dah bayar dia ye?



I refer to Raja Petra Kamaruddin's interview published on TV3
yesterday which attempted to qualify and explain away his own
Statutory Declaration dated 18.6.2008. The statutory declaration had
made serious allegations against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib and
his wife Datin Seri Rosmah. Raja Petra's statements made now almost
three years after that SD had been affirmed, are unimportant and carry
little weight. A statutory declaration must be read and interpreted on
the contents thereof. Subsequent television interviews have no bearing
on the contents or veracity of an SD, unless there is evidence of
duress which is not the case here. It is also crucial to note that
Raja Petra had confirmed in his SD of 18.6.2008 that he had been "
reliably informed " of these matters.

More importantly there remains no satisfactory explanation from Prime
Minister Najib or the Government to the allegations made by French
newspaper Liberation on the links between murdered Mongolian model
Altantuya Sharibu and the sale of three submarines by French company
Amaris to Malaysia. At the material time, Najib was Defence Minister
and was responsible for the purchase. This question is of immense
public interest. There is also no reasonable explanation yet as to why
Malaysian company Perimekar received payment of Euros 114 million out
of the submarine deal. The whole deal is now the subject of an ongoing
Fench corruption investigation. It is disappointing that whereas the
French have actively pursued an investigation into the matter, in
Malaysia the matter seems to have been swept under the carpet. The
allegations and the surrounding issues are so serious and of such
wide-ranging impact as to merit a Royal Commission of Inquiry.



Saya merujuk kepada wawancara bersama Raja Petra Kamaruddin yang
disiarkan di TV3 semalam yang bertujuan untuk memesongkan fakta di
dalam Akuan Bersumpah beliau bertarikh 18 Jun 2008. Akuan Bersumpah
tersebut telah mendedahkan dakwaan seri us terhadap Perdana Menteri
Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Razak dan isterinya Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor.

Kenyataan Raja Petra semalam yang dibuat tiga tahun selepas Akuan
Bersumpah tersebut kelihatan tidak begitu penting dan kurang bernilai.
Satu-satu Akuan Bersumpah perlu dibaca dan ditafsirkan berdasarkan
kandungan sepenuhnya. Wawancara televisyen tidak sedikit pun
menjejaskan isi atau kebenaran kandungan Akuan Bersumpah, melainkan
wujud bukti berlakunya tekanan yang mana ianya tidak berlaku dalam kes
ini. Adalah penting untuk dinyatakan bahawa Raja Petra telah
mengesahkan Akuan Bersumpah beliau pada 18 Jun 2008 di mana beliau
telah dimaklumkan oleh "sumber yang boleh dipercayai" berkenaan
perkara ini.

Apa yang lebih mustahak adalah tiada penjelasan yang memuaskan dari
Perdana Menteri Dato' Sri Mohd Najib atau pihak Kerajaan berkaitan
dakwaan oleh akhbar Liberation yang berpengkalan di Perancis tentang
kaitan pembunuhan model Mongolia Altantuya Shaariibuu dan penjualan
tiga buah kapal selam oleh syarikat Amaris dari Perancis kepada
kerajaan Malaysia. Pada ketika itu, Najib merupakan Menteri Pertahanan
dan bertanggungjawab ke atas pembelian tersebut. Persoalan ini adalah
sangat mustahak dalam konteks kepentingan awam.

Juga tiada sebarang penjelasan yang jelas tentang mengapa syarikat
Perimekar dari Malaysia menerima bayaran €114 juta dari urusan
pembelian kapal selam. Urusan pembelian tersebut kini di dalam
siasatan di Perancis kerana dipercayai melibatkan unsur rasuah. Adalah
mengecewakan manakala pihak Perancis giat meneruskan siasatan ke atas
perkara ini, namun di Malaysia ianya kelihatan 'disapu ke bawah
permaidani'. Dakwaan dan isu yang menyelubunginya adalah sangat serius
dan sewajarnya ditubuhkan satu Suruhanjaya Diraja untuk melakukan

Naib Presiden
Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Undi Yang Ada Harga?

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 09:13 AM PDT

N Dijangka Tabur Jutaan Ringgit Pada 4 Hari Terakhir Kempen

Dari Keadilan Daily

Barisan Nasional dijangka akan menabur jutaan ringgit bukan sahaja kepada pengundi, malah kepada calon-calon KEADILAN yang bertanding pada 4 hari terakhir kempen Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak.

Pengarah Strategi KEADILAN, Rafizi Ramli mengulas laporan mengenai calon KEADILAN bagi kerusi DUN Baleh, Bendindang Manja yang ditawarkan sejumlah wang supaya menarik diri daripada bertanding dalam pilihan raya itu, 16 April ini.

"Kita menjangkakan wang akan digandakan dan ia diluar kawalan kami. Pihak lawan sememangnya menggunakan taktik ini, bahkan hanya satu hari selepas penamaan pun ada diantara calon KEADILAN yang ditawarkan untuk menarik diri. 

"Tapi, syukurlah setakat pemantauan kita, calon-calon masih bersama dengan rakyat. KEADILAN akan mengawal supaya tiada anasir Barisan Nasional yang akan mendekati untuk membeli calon kita," kata Rafizi pada sidang media di Bilik Gerakan Utama KEADILAN, dekat Satok hari ini.

Beliau menjelaskan, sehingga kini tidak ada tanda yang menunjukkan calon-calon KEADILAN akan goyah walaupun tahu bahawa tawaran tersebut akan datang dari pelbagai pihak.

"Agak sukar sekarang ini bagi mereka menarik diri dan mengkhianati melihatkan kepada gelombang sokongan rakyat," kata Rafizi.

Dalam pada itu, Rafizi mengingatkan kepada pengundi di Sarawak bahawa jumlah ribuan ringgit yang ditawarkan adalah terlalu sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan 30 tahun penderitaan rakyat Sarawak.

"Mereka beri seribu kita minta dua ribu. Mereka beri dua ribu, kita minta tiga ribu.

"Justeru saya ulang kepada para calon untuk turun bertemu dengan rakyat dan beritahu mereka untuk ambil wang itu, sebab ia memang wang anda.

"Tetapi undi adalah rahsia. Jangan lepaskan peluang, kerana hanya masa inilah sahaja kita mampu buat perubahan. Jika mahukan perubahan, undilah Pakatan Rakyat," ujarnya

Pakatan braces for BN’s trump card in rural seatsPosted

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 09:03 AM PDT

From  malaysiakinicom

The opposition takes on its toughest challenge yet in the final hours of Sarawak's most competitive state election. 

Moving into the final 36 hours of the most competitive state election in Sarawak thus far, Pakatan Rakyat is bracing itself for its toughest challenge yet in the 10-day campaign – money politics in the rural constituencies.

It is open secret that the resourceful BN will dish out election goodies to the rural voters at the eleventh hour of the campaign, a tactic that Pakatan has no means of countering.

A kapitan from an Iban-majority constituency in the Sri Aman division claimed that BN campaigners would distribute money to voters in Iban longhouses on the night of April 15.

"I heard that this time they will give RM50 to each voter," he told Malaysiakini today, adding that the amount would be enough for many Iban voters in his area, who only earned RM100 to RM300 a month, to bend to the BN.

"I compiled the voters' list in my area last month and gave it to the BN agent. They will distribute the cash according to the list, either today or tomorrow. I still need to do some updates to the list," said the kapitan, who requested anonymity, fearing reprisal from the authorities.

A kapitan is the Chinese community leader appointed by the state government on the recommendation of the BN's elected representative, and enjoys a monthly allowance of RM850. In the Iban community, this person is referred to as the tuai rumah.

The kapitan also revealed that personnel from various government agencies, including the police, those in its Special Branch and the military, would station themselves in the longhouses from today and tomorrow, until the polling day.

"Usually they will be stationed at longhouses that have more voters and those with stronger anti-government sentiments. They will stay until polling day and take the voters to the polling stations.

Using both carrots and sticks

"They use both carrots and sticks to fish for votes, including intimidation, persuasion and money. They also stop the opposition from entering longhouses. The Chinese call this the strategy 'shut the door to beat the dogs'," he said.

Pakatan Rakyat appears powerless in this situation.

"Is is not easy to counter money politics. We can only hope that the voters will change their attitude this time," said PKR Kajang assemblyperson Lee Kim Sin, who has been campaigning in Batang Ai, an Iban-majority seat contested by Sarawak PKR election director Nicholas Bawin.

Lee said PKR would continue with its normal campaign, and continue to visit the longhouses that party campaigners have still not done.

On its part, the DAP is said to have sent "spies" into Iban longhouses in constituencies the party is contesting in order to collect evidence of vote buying.

Besides doubling their efforts in house-to-house visits and monitoring money politics, opposition party members campaigning in many of the seats are also said to be struggling with "different kinds of challenges".

However, the opposition found that the strong momentum created in urban constituencies has spread to the Chinese voters in semi-rural areas, especially regarding the alleged corruption of long-time Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud. The 1,000-strong opposition ceramah in Sri Aman town last night, the biggest since nomination, was a testimony to the anti-Taib sentiment.

The opposition is hoping the swing among Chinese voters could nullify the surge of BN's support among the residents of the interior. 

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin denied all allegations of vote-buying by Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian who claims that votes are being bought for several thousand ringgit per voter in Ba'Kelalan, saying that the BN has always stuck to the rules.

"Biasalah you (That's typical of you to ask that), I think people here won't buy these kinds of allegations. The BN has never done so, and I don't know if the opposition is doing so out of desperation, although I'm not accusing anyone. We never break the rules," he said.

Website recovers, but cyber-attacks continue

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 08:50 AM PDT

Published on April 14, 2011 by malaysiakinicom

Malaysiakini has remained online despite unrelenting denial-of-service attacks, with its new servers able to ride out the cyber-assaults – for now. 

Malaysiakini has remained online despite unrelenting denial-of-service attacks, with its new servers able to ride out the cyber-assaults – for now.

Nevertheless, Malaysiakini will continue to use WordPress and Google as alternate platforms should our site go down again in the run-up to Saturday's Sarawak election.

The attacks, which began on Tuesday, crippled Malaysiakini's 24-server infrastructure in TM and Jaring data centres.

The attack has also been extended to new servers Malaysiakini brought online in the United States and elsewhere.

Given the heavy traffic, Malaysiakini is running on a 'lean mode' with a stripped-down, graphic-free frontpage.

In the wake of these attacks, Malaysiakini has received a wave of public support.

"We've been receiving numerous phone calls and emails urging us to persevere," said Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran.

"Readers have also been very generous in making donations to Malaysiakini and we thank them for their support," he added.

Over the next few days, Malaysiakini will be deploying more servers to cope with the increased traffic.

"We expect more than one million people to follow the Sarawak election results live on Saturday. We are preparing as much capacity as possible to support the traffic,' said Premesh.

He said some Malaysiakini services remained unaccessible, such as the popular Comments section.

"We apologise to all our subscribers for their inability to express their views to Malaysiakini through the Comments section. As a temporary measure, we are allowing our Facebook fans to post comments."

Sarawak Report suffers further attacks

In a related development, Sarawak Report, a website critical of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, has encountered further attacks after it was brought down on Sunday.

'The attack on Sarawak Report has been 'unprecedented', according to one of the largest hosting companies in the world, which has been forced to drop our site in order to continue operations,' lamented website founder Clare Rewcastle.

'We suffered yet another distributed denial of service attack last night. It happened around 8pm UK time after a build-up over a number of hours. This was far larger than the previous attacks over the weekend, and separate to a hacking attack the day before.'

Rewcastle said the website host, a major company in the US, said this was 'something that went above what they know'.  

According to her, a senior engineer from the hosting company said it was an unprecedented denial-of-service attack against the website, which was 'so big that it was affecting their whole server infrastructure'.

'Therefore, we were kindly asked not to host our website with them again because they cannot handle such levels of attack,' she told Malaysiakini.

'We are now up in a number of capacities, including WordPress. It is noted that WordPress, which is considered the world's rock-solid hosting site, reported that for the first time yesterday they were nearly brought down by a hacking attack.'

(Gambar) Apa Dah Jadi Dekat Ceramah BN Ni...???

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 08:39 AM PDT

Apa dah jaid dekat Ceramah BN? Kenapa kosong saja?

Angin Perunbahan kian meniup di negeri Sarawak...

Jawapannya 16 April 2011 malam...

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Posted: 14 Apr 2011 08:39 AM PDT

Asked, however, on the likes of Umi Hafilda Ali, the witness in Anwar's first sodomy trial, who along with several other former PKR members have in the past week been zigzagging Sarawak campaigning and delivering speeches in crude language, Muhyiddin said that she was only telling the truth. 
"She could be telling the truth, but for those who have not heard it is rather unusual. For those in the peninsula it is quite usual, although some still don't know about it. She is talking about her experience with Anwar and (Umi Hafilda's brother and PKR deputy president) Azmin (Ali), so voters can make the right judgment about PKR leaders ," he said.
However, he said, Umi Hafilda is not an official BN campaigner and had come on her own accord.
BN never buys votes
He also said that it is not a stretch to expect the opposition to fly in members of the youth wings from PAS and PKR to create trouble on polling day, especially for constituencies where the opposition is not confident of winning.
Muhyiddin also denied all allegations of vote-buying by Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian who claims that votes are being bought for several thousand ringgit per voter in Ba'Kelalan, saying that the BN has always stuck to the rules.
Today, saw the return of a long lost daughter of Malaysia. A new super heroine is born.
What happened to you, and where were you all these years? Out of nowhere, you returned again to enthrall the nation with your wit. Single-handedly, you brought hope back to our BN government, and you also brought the joy and laughter back to us sober Malaysians. We missed you so much. Our country has never been the same after you left. Caught in the evil clutches of Pakatan Rakyat, our country is slowly being run to the ground.
But since your return, you've made the headlines again; fame has followed you, and hopefully fortune will too!!
Already on the lips of everyone, you have been called the saviour of the nation; while there are others who named you the Second Messiah.
Your message to everyone to piss on Anwar was incredible.
Kinky fans of yours salivate at the thought of Anwar lying on the ground and you squatted squarely over his face, while a fountain of whisky-colored liquid comes pouring forth. As Anwar screams, how therapeutic for the BN and how lady-like of you – our heroine -  to share this secret formula of yours with the rest of the nation.
Beach TGP

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"She could be telling the truth, but for those who have not heard it is rather unusual. For those in the peninsula it is quite usual, although some still don't know about it. She is talking about her experience with Anwar and (Umi Hafilda's brother and PKR deputy president) Azmin (Ali), so voters can make the right judgment about PKR leaders ," he said.
However, he said, Umi Hafilda is not an official BN campaigner and had come on her own accord.
BN never buys votes
He also said that it is not a stretch to expect the opposition to fly in members of the youth wings from PAS and PKR to create trouble on polling day, especially for constituencies where the opposition is not confident of winning.
Muhyiddin also denied all allegations of vote-buying by Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian who claims that votes are being bought for several thousand ringgit per voter in Ba'Kelalan, saying that the BN has always stuck to the rules.
NONE"Biasalah you(That's typical of you to ask that), I think people here won't buy these kinds of allegations. The BN has never done so, and I don't know if the opposition is doing so out of desperation, although I'm not accusing anyone. We never break the rules," he said.
Another incident to make Malaysia a "laughing stock"
a religious teacher, just before he died, wrote an open letter to the Harakah detailing the reasons he had disowned her and, in no uncertain terms, implicated her as the prime mover behind Azizan."Ummi's father died broken-hearted without ever forgiving his daughter for the role she played in framing Anwar of sodomy charges," related Fernando.
Fernando had earlier read out Azmin Ali's (Ummi's brother) testimony in court that proved she played an active role in the whole conspiracy.
The prosecution never called her to testify in court to rebut this allegation, added Fernando. Instead they expected the defence to call her. The judge, in fact, even mentioned this point in his written judgment. "But Ummi would have been a hostile witness so it should have been up to the prosecution and not the defence to call her," argued Fernando.Fernando said that the court should have invoked Section 114 (g) of the Evidence Act on the prosecution for failing to call a most crucial witness to testify in court.
Fernando then took the court through the testimony of Raja Kamaruddin Raja Wahid, a.k.a Raja Komando, who had, in fine detail, revealed how the conspiracy against Anwar originally unfolded and the role he was given in this whole conspiracy.
"The evidence of this witness will show he was invited to join the conspiracy with a view to topple the Deputy Prime Minister," said Fernando.
"The meeting was held in the office of Aziz Samsuddin, the Prime Minister's Political Secretary, on 26 June 1998."
In the meeting, revealed Fernando, Aziz confirmed that Ummi and Azizan would pose no problem as "Ummi is a prostitute".Raja Komando then asked Aziz whether there was any other way to bring Anwar down.According to Raja Komando, "Aziz replied sodomy would be the best way. Other ways would have no affect.""Raja Komando's role was to manage the political assassination part of the exercise," added Fernando. "The sodomy allegation was assigned to Ummi and Azizan."
"Raja Komando was to disseminate the allegation as far and wide as possible. He was also to spread word that Anwar is a CIA agent."From what Fernando told the court today, it was clearly established in the meeting Raja Komando had with Aziz Samsuddin that he (Aziz) was the Chief Conspirator and that, while Ummi had written the purported "Azizan" letter to the Prime Minister accusing Anwar of sodomy, Aziz was the one who had edited and redrafted it.
The letter, Fernando said, was based on the book "50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot be PM" – which somehow found its way into the attaché bags of almost 2,000 delegates at the Umno General Assembly that year."The judge did not give this evidence the weight it deserved," argued Fernando. "He erred, grossly.""If he had given the evidence the weight it deserved, would he have arrived at the judgment he did?"And what about the tragedies befalling the rest of the gang of conspirators? Remember what happened to Aziz Samsuddin, Dr Ristina Majid, Megat Junid, Mohtar Abdullah, Ummi Hafilda Ali, Azizan Abu Bakar, Hamzah Zainuddin, Rahim Thamby Chik, Daim Zainuddin, etc.?
The only two remaining yet to hit the dirt are the AG and the IGP. These two are still awaiting judgment on earth. And when it comes it will come hard and brutal. So stay tuned to see how the remaining scumbags find their faces hitting the shit in time to come
Sex and RM100 million – could anyone ask for more!
The 44-year old sister of one of Anwar's staunchest assistants Azmin Ali has been going around the nation badmouthing the Opposition Leader, her own brother, sister-in-law and niece.
Yet Umi sees nothing wrong in slapping a suit on her ex-business partner when he threatened to do the same to her – which is to tour the country and wash her dirty linen.
Datuk Najib Altantuya and Nor Azman tell-all would be a sell-out tour
If both were to set up stall at side-by-side venues, few Malaysians have any doubts that the crowds would throng Nor Azman's "ceramah" rather than hers.
After all, he can be counted to talk about how it was like to sleep with her in 1998 when she was just 31 years old, while she can only hope to draw fresh laughter with her protestations of virginity.
Nor Azman is also bound to rehash what he told the court in 2001 that Umi had offered to give his ex-wife RM200,000 so that Umi and him could get married and elope to London. Nor Azman was not only married but also had two children at that time.
Umi has previously denied Nor Azman's allegations, which also included a RM10 million advertising deal from a Tourism ministry unit.
She is once again denying his allegations and is seeking an injunction to stop him and Malaysiakini from repeating or publishing further 'defamatory' statements about her.
"Baginda is merely a tool used by Anwar to defame me," she told reporters on Thursday.
She also denied she was taking legal action because she was afraid Nor Azman would smear her with his proposedceramah tour.
Coincidentally, PKR is finalising a D.N.A or Datuk Najib Altantuya tour and there has been talk about combining it with the Nor Azman tell-all.
Fears have run high in the Umno camp that with such a star-studded lineup led by the PM himself, his alleged but murdered ex-mistress Altantuya, his current and overly ambitious wife Rosmah Mansor, a still-virile Nor Azman and a still pretty Umi, the PKR ceramah might become too popular and lift Anwar off onto a new wave of mass popularity.
Meanwhile, in her 18-page statement, Umi claims Nor Azman and Malaysiakini's March 15,2010 article implied:
  • that she was a desperate businesswoman who wanted more business opportunities
  • an immoral woman
  • a woman with many scandals
  • a lady who practises pre-marital sex
  • a person who cannot be trusted
  • a woman who is not truthful
  • a cheap woman who could be paid to do anything
  • a liar
  • a person who is willing to lie in court
  • was a person responsible in bringing allegedly present victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in the present sodomy case.
Ummi confesses to being the architectthe Anwar sodomy allegation; a purely fabricated charge
During the earlier trial, it was revealed that the Special Branch tried to convince Anwar to "take action" but that Anwar refused, until pressed further by the Director who said it was "for the sake of national security" before Anwar agreed that action be taken.
In a new twist to the Anwar Saga, it was revealed that Ummi Hafilda Ali was the architect behind the accusation that Anwar had sodomised Azizan Abu Bakar. And, for this, she was disowned by her father just months before he died of a broken heart.
Christopher Fernando told the Kuala Lumpur Appeal Court that Said Awang, the Director of the Special Branch, went to meet Azmin Ali, Ummi's brother, who was then Anwar's Chief Private Secretary, to solicit his (Azmin's) assistance to persuade Ummi to retract the allegation that Anwar had sodomised Azizan.
What is most interesting by this revelation is that:
1. Said Awang went to meet Azmin BEFORE he met Anwar. Therefore, the allegation that Anwar had abused his position by summoning the Special Branch, and that he asked them to force Ummi and Azizan to withdraw the sodomy allegation, is a fallacy. In fact, it was not Anwar who summoned Said Awang to see him, but the Special Branch Director who took the initiative to meet Anwar.
2. The idea to persuade Ummi and Azizan to retract the sodomy allegation came from the Special Branch and not Anwar. During the earlier trial, it was revealed that the Special Branch tried to convince Anwar to "take action" but that Anwar refused, until pressed further by the Director who said it was "for the sake of national security" before Anwar agreed that action be taken.
3. The Special Branch was fully aware that it was Ummi who was behind the sodomy allegation and that Azizan was merely the instrument to the whole thing. That was why they wanted Azmin, her brother, to try to persuade Ummi to retract the allegation.
This sheds light on the previous day's proceedings where Fernando revealed that Azizan testified three times, under oath, that Anwar never sodomised him – an admission that took even the trial judge aback.
Fernando related how Said went to meet Azmin to request a meeting with Anwar Ibrahim. In the meeting with Azmin, Said asked him whether Ummi is his sister and Azmin confirmed so.
Said Awang then asked Azmin whether he was able to persuade his sister to withdraw the sodomy allegation against Anwar but Azmin replied that would be impossible as he no longer talked to his sister since the allegation surfaced.
The Special Branch was aware that Ummi was behind the accusation and was, in fact, the plotter of the whole thing. And, the period when this discussion with Azmin was going on, the Special Branch had not met Anwar yet.
Azmin then called the family together to discuss the issue. In all, three meetings were held that included Ummi herself.
Ummi at first denied she had written the letter to the Prime Minister accusing Anwar of sodomy. Azmin then advised his sister to steer clear of the conspiracy, and that was when she admitted this would be impossible to do as she had been promised money and contracts for her role and, in fact, money had already changed hands.
Ummi later confessed to her father her involvement in the conspiracy and that it was actually she who had written the letter to the Prime Minister. The father, a religious teacher, then disowned her and, soon after, died of a broken heart, never forgiving his daughter for what she had done.
A defence witness in the sodomy trial of jailed former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim told the High Court today that he had sex with star prosecution witness Ummi Hafilda Ali.
"I had sex with Ummi in London," said Norazman Abdullah @ Baginda anak Minda to the murmurs of those seated in the public gallery.
The 40-year-old Iban told judge Arifin Jaka that he had known Ummi since 1992 but their relationship only became close when they were in London in June 1998, together with businessman and former MP S'ng Chee Hua (who was Norazman's boss then) and another friend.
"When we returned to Malaysia, Ummi told me that she would give my ex-wife RM200,000 so that we (Ummi and I) could get married and elope to London," Norazman said, adding that he was then married with two children.
"Ummi also told me that I would have a 25 percent share in a RM10 million advertising project," he added.
Ummi, who made court appearances during Anwar's corruption trial last year in designer attire and matching accessories, had told the press that she "is still a virgin".
She, together with former driver of Anwar's wife, Azizan Abu Bakar, wrote letters to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad alleging Anwar had committed sexual misconduct.
They later retracted their allegations and said they wrote the letters under coercion and on "mere suspicion".
"In the beginning, Ummi told me that the sodomy allegations against Anwar were true. But later, after our relationship became closer, she confessed that they were all fabricated," Norazman said.
He also told the court this morning that Ummi told him she "forced" Azizan to confess that he was sodomised by Anwar.
"Ummi told me that she did it because she hated Anwar and her brother Azmin Ali as they both did not give her any business projects.
"She also said that when Anwar was toppled from power, she will get an advertising project at Kuala Lumpur International Airport worth RM10 million from Tun Daim Zainuddin (business tycoon turned finance minister)," Norazman said.
He, however, added that he did not ask Ummi how she forced Azizan to make the confession.
Norazman, who is now a farmer, also told the court that while they were in London, Ummi had told him that Mahathir was the man behind the "50 Dalil: Mengapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Jadi Perdana Menteri" ("50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister") book.
"She also told me that Daim, (former Malacca chief minister) Rahim Tamby Chik and (Umno executive secretary) Tengku Adnan Mansor were involved in the fabrication of the sodomy charges in the book," he said, in response to a question from defence counsel Gurbachan Singh.
According to Norazman, Ummi also told him that Khaled Jeffri was the writer of the book while (former finance minister) Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Daim and Tengku Adnan were the sponsors.
He added that Ummi called him one night in August 1998, and said that her father had disowned her because she had given false information for the contents of the book.
"Ummi called one night and said that she could not sleep and wanted to meet me as her father had chased her out of the house," he said.
Ummi's brother Azmin Ali, who was also Anwar's former private secretary and now state assemblyman for Hulu Klang, had testified earlier that Ummi is not the person she portrays herself to be and was disowned by her father in late 1998 "for running away with a married man overseas." ("[#1]Ummi eloped with a married man, says Azmin[/#]", April 7.)
Norazman also told the court that Ummi told him that she had written a letter to Mahathir but the contents (of the letter) were later amended by Aziz Shamsuddin, who was then the political secretary to the Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, the prosecution refused to cross-examine the witness, saying that his evidence was merely hearsay.
Lead prosecutor Abdul Gani Patail told the judge: "Unless and if Ummi is called to testify, this evidence is all useless."
The court will resume on Friday as Anwar's lawyers said that the rest of their witnesses, including Daim, deputy education minister Aziz, former consumer affairs minister Megat Junid Megat Ayob and his wife Ziela Jalil would only be called in if Mahathir was allowed to testify in the trial.
Arifin yesterday said that he would announce his decision on the application for Mahathir's testimony in court on Friday. The defence and prosecution had argued over the relevance of the prime minister's evidence for more than three weeks.
Anwar, currently serving a six-year jail term for corruption, is on trial for sodomy and sexual misconduct.
He and his adopted brother Sukma Dermawan are charged with sodomising Azizan at Sukma's apartment on "one night at 7.45pm, between January and March, 1993″.
Anwar has repeatedly denied all charges and said they were fabricated by political rivals to end his political career.
It was clear, from the testimony in court, that Azizan's letter to the Prime Minister had been written by Ummi. Ummi had confessed to this. Azizan, in turn, during the course of the trial, admitted that Anwar did not sodomise him.
However, when the defence tried to bring up this very crucial bit of evidence during the trial, the trial judge disallowed it. The judge refused to allow the letter to be admitted as evidence or to allow Ummi to be called to court to testify.
Ummi's role in this whole thing was clear and indisputable. The fact the sodomy accusation against Anwar was false was apparent. Just before he died, Ummi's father wrote an open letter to Harakah, an opposition newspaper, explaining the whole matter and, in no uncertain terms, accused his daughter of involvement in the conspiracy to frame Anwar and of being the person who wrote the letter to the Prime Minister.
Had the judge allowed this crucial bit of evidence to be admitted, argued Fernando, it would have changed the entire complexion of the case and the judge would have been hard-pressed to find Anwar guilty.
Attempt after attempt was made to frame Anwar of sexual misconduct charges; and Pak Lah is involved too
"There was an evil plot to secure a conviction through devious means," said Christopher Fernando on the second day of Anwar's appeal hearing in the Kuala Lumpur Appeal Court.
Fernando then told the court that attempt after attempt was made to frame Anwar on sexual misconduct charges.
One such case was Dr. Munawar Ahmad Anees, then one of Anwar's speech writers, who was arrested and subjected to physical and mental torture to force him to admit he had a homosexual relationship with Anwar.
Fernando then took the court through the lengthy Affidavit signed by Dr Munawar on 7 November 1998 that detailed the experience he went through at the hands of the Malaysian police.
The torture he endured finally broke him and he admitted to the 'crime', which he later retracted in his Affidavit.
Fernando then brought the court's attention back to the Manjeet Singh Dhillon matter that was raised in court yesterday to emphasis his point of yet another attempt to frame Anwar.
At this point, Fernando called upon the court to recommend a Royal Commission of Inquiry be established to investigate Manjit Singh Dhillon's serious allegation against Abdul Gani Patail and Azhar Mohamad as this is a most serious matter affecting the administration of justice and the rule of law.
"If they are found not to be involved in extorting fabricated evidence, then their names will be cleared," said Fernando. "It will be to their benefit."
"If they are involved, then they ought to be brought to justice. That is the only way to resolve this pressing problem and to restore public confidence."
Clearly there was a concerted effort to frame Anwar. But these attempts were not confined to Malaysia. It also extended to the shores of the US as well, argued Fernando. One case in point was an incident involving Jamal Abder Rahman.
"We are trying to show a pattern, how witnesses were approached to give fabricated evidence and these efforts extended beyond the shores of Malaysia to the US," said Fernando.
Jamal is an American citizen of Arab descent who operates a limousine service in Washington DC and had a contract to provide limousine services to the Malaysian Embassy in Washington.
In September 1998, soon after Anwar's dismissal and subsequent arrest, a Malaysian Diplomat, Mustapha Ong, asked Jamal to declare that he had procured women and young boys for Anwar.
"A witness who constantly changes his stand means he is lying," argued Karpal. "And yet the judge declared that Azizan's testimony is 'as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar'."
Raja Petra Kamarudin
"The prosecution not only wanted their pound of flesh, it also wanted a pint of blood"
Karpal Singh continued where he left off on Wednesday, 26 March 2003, by emphasising that Section 402A of the Criminal Procedure Code is mandatory and there is absolutely no discretion in the matter.
The Kuala Lumpur Appeal Court was told that the date on the charge against Anwar was amended twice; from 'May 1994', to 'May 1992', then to 'one day from1 January 1993 to 31 March 1993'. The defence had asked for a postponement to allow it time to file its notice of alibi but the court did not grant this ten-day grace that it should have under the law.
"This violated Article 5(1) of the Constitution," argued Karpal. "Dato Seri Anwar was deprived of his right under the law."
Karpal said the trial judge had acted prejudicial and irredeemable and he ought not to have sanctioned the prosecution of Anwar.
Karpal then asked the court to consider setting aside the judgement against Anwar.
On the credibility of the prosecution's star witness, Azizan Abu Bakar, Karpal said Azizan gave five conflicting statements at different points of time.
Azizan's statement was recorded under Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code and, under this section of the code, a person whose statement is being recorded:
1. Must answer all questions posed to him. (He/she cannot refuse to answer any question).
2. Must tell the truth. (He/she cannot lie).
3. Anything he/she says can be used against him/her. (Including cited for perjury if he/she lies).
Azizan, who had his statement recorded over five different dates from August 1997 until June 1999, however, kept changing his stand.
"A witness who constantly changes his stand means he is lying," argued Karpal. "And yet the judge declared that Azizan's testimony is 'as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar'."
"Far from it!" said Karpal.
"The duty of the prosecutor is not to obtain a conviction but to administer justice."
"The role of the prosecutor should exclude the notion of winning or losing."
Karpal said that since Azizan made five conflicting statements at different points of time, this "made an improbability of what actually happened."
As for the fact that Anwar was charged in 1999 for an event that was alleged to have happened in 1993, the six years delay would have reduced his opportunity of preparing a proper defence.
"Memories fail with time erasing the ability to recollect happenings six years ago," said Karpal. "A fair trial could not be achieved with such a long time lapse."
"Under section 402A, Dato Seri Anwar's trial should never have taken place. This is a serious miscarriage of justice."
"Your Lordships are bound to rule that Section 402A has been infringed."
The Bench and Karpal then engaged in a debate as to the notice of alibi which, according to the Bench, is to the benefit of the prosecution.
Karpal argued that it did not matter as to whose benefit the notice of alibi may be. It is something mandatory and not something the judge could use his discretion to rule. The defence had made a request for a postponement but the trail judge denied the request.
"The judge did not do his duty. He should have stopped the trial and all the evidence should have been ruled inadmissible."
Karpal then related how the defence had applied for a postponement to allow the investigating officer to investigate Anwar's alibi. The Attorney-General then, Tan Sri Mohtar Abdullah, stood up to say he had no objections to the postponement.
"However, after lunch, the AG turned turtle and raised an objection."
Even the judge had declared that the police should investigate the alibi. "Then, later, he turned round and said that it is their choice, that it was their discretion if they choose to do so.
"The judge said that it was the prosecution's own funeral if they do not challenge the defence's alibi."
Karpal then told the court that the judge had stated that corroboration is necessary. He then turned around and said he was prepared to accept Azizan's testimony without corroboration though Azizan was an unreliable testimony who perjured himself many times.
"Corroboration is necessary. But, if a witness is unreliable, then, even if his testimony is corroborated, it still cannot be accepted and should be rejected."
Karpal then took the court through Azizan's close proximity (khalwat) case in the Alor Gajah Syariah Court. Because of this case, Azizan's credibility as a witness had been destroyed.
Azizan said he had revealed the alleged sodomy incident because of his "duty and honour as a Muslim."
Karpal said the defence then requested to recall Azizan as a witness to reassess his credibility. The judge, however, would not allow it.
"You can put a label of a thoroughbred on a horse," said Karpal. "But a donkey is still a donkey."
"The judge was not only scraping the bottom of the barrel. He was scraping the outer bottom of the barrel."
The investigation officer had testified that Azizan's testimony had no contradictions. "Then why amend the date on the charge?" asked Karpal.
"Was the judge judicially honest in arriving at the decision that Azizan is a reliable witness who did not perjure himself?"
Karpal then said that medical evidence is prime evidence. "Why was Azizan not sent for a medical examination? This could have corroborated Azizan's testimony."
"The investigation officer admitted that there was still time to send Azizan for a medical examination."
"The judge swallowed the evidence hook line and sinker."
"Allegations of sodomy can easily be made but are very difficult to prove. The evidence therefore must be very convincing."
In any trial, there is the prosecution's case and the defence's case. But Dato Seri Anwar was denied his constitutional right to a proper defence. Anwar, therefore, had only half a trial – which means he had no trial.
Karpal then asked the court to allow Anwar's appeal and set aside the conviction.
"Anwar's prosecution, in fact, ought not to have commenced right from the word go. No man properly trained in the law would have done what the AG (then) had done."
"The prosecution not only wanted their pound of flesh. It also wanted a pint of blood."
"Azizan's evidence has turned to stardust."
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rpk, it looks like you’re an idiot

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 07:59 AM PDT

RPK has explained his TV3 drama in his blog:

RPK's explanation distilled into a nutshell:

1. He was stupid enough to believe the story of one Nik Azmi Nik Daud aka Bul that a classified military intelligence document existed, which allegedly has proof that Rosmah was at the murder scene.

2. This Nik Azmi Nik Daud aka Bul believed that one Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin had the document in question, and will reveal it if and when RPK gets arrested or if the police, upon investigating RPK's statutory declaration, ask the Lt. Kol about it.

3. When RPK was arrested for criminal defamation and under the ISA, the document was then said to have been "shredded" – and RPK wonders if there was such a document in the first place.

4. So he goes on TV3 and suggests that the police go and ask this Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin "to tell the truth" whether the document had existed or if he knew of its contents.

End of his explanation.

Now what do you think the Lt. Kol will say?

What about: "Gua ta tau apa-apa tentang ini punya dokumen … itu RPK bodoh punya gila punya orang".

Therefore proving nothing but the fact that RPK is an idiot for sticking his neck out and repeating second-hand hearsay regarding a document which now does not and may never have existed.

In short, itu RPK bodoh punya gila punya orang.

At least that's my conclusion based on RPK's explanation in his blog, which thenceforth is bereft of the little credibility it ever had.

Unless of course there IS such a classified military intelligence document implicating Rosmah …. and Julian Assange has a copy of it!

More shall be revealed … ?


Posted: 14 Apr 2011 07:25 AM PDT

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) remains disunited as a coalition due to differing ideologies between its three parties as well as having an incapable leader, Raja Petra Kamarudin said in an interview aired by TV3 tonight.

A leader is a person who inspires, by her actions, her followers to dream and do the impossible. A leader is a person who makes extraordinary things happen. A leader is a person who is very influential and has a high degree of influencing skills. A leader is inspiring by his thoughts, his deeds, his words, his actions. A leader by definition, makes things happen and does not stand by on the side while things happen.Take any leader and you will see that this is so. If these things are not happening, then I would doubt very much if the said person is a leader.A leader takes responsibility for the actions of the persons he supposedly leads. A leader does not say, "I don't know". The leader knows that the buck stops at him and takes full accountability for the same. Two examples from Indian history stand out in my mindREADMORE
The once-villified blogger said that PR's inability to operate together in Selangor, coupled with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's infamous September 16 failed takeover of the federal government had resulted in voters losing faith in the opposition.
Raja Petra (picture), who operates the Malaysia Today news portal accused Anwar of having failed to fulfil the "empty promises" proposed during the 2008 general elections.
"So if as the opposition we cannot prove our worth, how then do the voters expect to believe that the opposition can form the government, because being the opposition is easier, when we are the opposition we oppose we do not have to implement.


"But when we are the government, we need to implement what we have criticised when we were the opposition..that is not easy," Raja Petra said in the second part of an exclusive interview by pro-government news channel TV3.
PR is a made up of PKR, DAP and PAS and was formed shortly after the last general elections in 2008.
"But if you fail as the opposition party, of course people will not be confident of you to form a government.
"Many people have told me that they are disillusioned…they have lost faith in the opposition," he said.
The blogger cited the failed PR takeover bid in September 16 2008 and PR's failure to form a shadow Cabinet as contributing factors to the loss of public faith and support in the opposition.


"And because of the September 16 issue where many people believed in Anwar's promises including me, at the time I was under arrest via the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Kamunting.
"Anwar came to see me in court…he told me not to worry as "you will be out soon because we will form the September 16 government," said Raja Petra.
The former editor of Suara Keadilan accused Anwar of denying party members the right to voice concerns, saying that anyone found criticising party leaders would face disciplinary action.
Raja Petra also said that the clearest example of PR's inefficiency to govern together as a stable government was the handling of the beer ban issue in Selangor back in 2009.
"In Selangor Datuk Hasan Ali comes out with a statement that differs from the state government's policy..Hasan Ali says its PAS's policy, but PAS says its a private view..even in PAS they cannot agree.
"One says can, one says cannot..people are confused..what is the policy? Anwar is supposed to be economic advisor, has he ever come out with a statement saying that this is the policy? He keeps quiet while those below fight.
"This is not an example of good leadership..a leader knows how to control his soldiers," said Raja Petra.
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Malaysiakinicom :28 hot seats to watch in Sarawak

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 06:31 AM PDT

Posted on April 14, 2011 by malaysiakinicom, whilst Malaysiakini is still hacked

Of the 71 seats up for grabs, BN is expected to take 43, with 28 seats hotly contested with Pakatan, said to be leading in 19, and the other nine seats still too close to call. 

Out of 71 seats up for grabs in Sarawak on Saturday, BN is expected to have 43 seats in the bag, while 28 seats are hotly contested with Pakatan Rakyat leading in 19 of them, and another nine seats said to be still too close to call.

This is based on inside information from Umno, the key party in the BN campaign machinery.

Pakatan needs at least 24 seats to deny BN from its much-coveted two-thirds majority in the state assembly.

Out of the 19 BN 'black' seats, 16 are contested by SUPP – five in Kuching, four in Sibu, three in Miri, two seats in Sarikei, and one each in Sri Aman and Bintulu.

It is predicted that SUPP will lose all the 13 seats it is contesting against DAP – Padungan, Pending, Kota Sentosa, Batu Kawah (all in Kuching), Repok, Meradong (both in Sarikei), Bukit Assek, Dudong, Bawang Assan, Pelawan (all in Sibu), Kidurong (Bintulu), Piasau and Pujut (both in Miri).

PKR is expected to pick up five seats. Among them are two Chinese-majority seats – Batu Lintang (Kuching) and Senadin (Miri).

The other three are Engkelili, an Iban-majority seat, while Lingga and Saribas are Malay-majority seats.

In total, DAP is expected to win 13 seats, PKR five seats and PAS may make a major breakthrough by winning its first Sarawak seat – Beting Maro.

It is not expected that SNAP will win any of the 27 seats that it is contesting.

SUPP faces wipe-out, may lose 18 out of 19 seats

With just one day to go before polling, there are nine 'grey' seats that aresaid to be still too close to call.

Iban-majority Simanggang and Bidayuh-majority Bengoh are both contested by SUPP, and they may go to DAP and PKR respectively.

If that is the case, SUPP may face a similar fate suffered by Gerakan in Penang.

It could lose 18 out of the 19 seats contested, leaving the party with one seat, the Bidayuh-majority Opar.

All party heavyweights, including SUPP boss George Chan and Sibu chief Wong Soon Koh, may be put out to pasture.

Meanwhile, PBB could well lose three seats (Tarat, Nangka and Bukit Kota Limbang), while other BN components SPDP may lost three seats (Ba'Kelalan, Tasik Biru and Batu Danau) and PRS may lose one (Belaga).

Tip Mengundi Kepada Semua Pengundi Sarawak!!!

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 06:25 AM PDT

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Diingatkan, pada hari pengundian:
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Christians Want Permanent Solution For Alkitab-Allah Row - By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal.

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 05:56 AM PDT

The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) remains unconvinced with the government's 10-point solution to the Alkitab row, calling it "ad hoc and short term" and pointing out that it still did not address the impasse over the use of the word "Allah".

The Najib administration had come up with the solution on April 11, ahead of elections in Sarawak, the state with the most number of Christians.

"We consider the 10-point solution to be an ad hoc and short term solution to the two consignments of Alkitab which have been impounded at Port Klang and Port of Kuching," CFM president Ng Moon Hing told reporters here.

Ng explained that while the 10-point solution had dealt with the impounding of the Alkitab, it had failed to address the root cause of Christian discontent – the prohibition of publications containing the word "Allah".

He then cited three laws which were the root cause of the "problem":

• The 1982 prohibition of Alkitab and 1983 prohibition of "Perjanjian Baru" under the Internal Security Act on the grounds that the Alkitab is prejudicial to national security interests of Malaysia;

• The 1986 administrative order prohibiting the use of the term "Allah" in Christian publications on the grounds of "public order" and prevention of misunderstanding betwen Muslims and Christians;

• The Home Ministry's guidelines of publications on the control of Quranic texts (Garis panduan bahagian kawalan dan penerbitan buku teks Al-Quran) prohibiting the use of Allah.

"The 1country 2 policies is confusing and unacceptable," said Ng today.

Faced with an unyielding Christian community days ahead of a crucial state poll in Sarawak, the government offered early this month a 10-point solution to the Alkitab impasse which will allow the Bible to be freely distributed across the country in all languages.

The Cabinet offered a new list of suggestions to put an end to the month-long stand-off over 35,000 Alkitab seized by the Home Ministry in a bid to head off a possible backlash against the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) during Saturday's vote by Christians who make up half the population in Sarawak.

However, it insisted that Malay-language bibles in the peninsula be marked with a cross and "Christian Publication" on the front cover.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak also gave his assurance yesterday that his administration would never again impound bibles.

But Muslim groups and leaders have accused the government of capitulating to pressure from Christians and failing to uphold Islamic laws and dignity.

The Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non-Islamic Religions Enactment bars non-Muslims from using Allah to refer to God as is done in the Alkitab.

The law applies in all states besides Sabah, Sarawak, Penang and the federal territories.

"We reiterate that the Bible is our holy scripture and it is our right to read study and pray with it in the language of our choice, as freedom of religion is enshrined under Federal Constitution," said Ng today.

He then referred to item 9 of the 10-point solution which "reiterates the government's commitment to address religious issues."

"The government should therefore take immediate steps to remove root causes by revoking clauses made under the ISA and the administrative order and to amend the garis panduan (guidelines) to remove the prohibition," the CFM chairman added.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Sg Siput MP, 11 protestors arrested in Ipoh

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 04:59 AM PDT

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Church Group Says Not Fighting Just For Alkitab But Rights Of All - By Shannon Teoh.

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 05:39 AM PDT

The Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) said last night that the church is not merely making a stand in the Alkitab row but it is also concerned for the rights of all Malaysians.

Speaking at a prayer meeting here, its general-secretary Rev Dr Hermen Shastri said that the position of the church should not be viewed as "us versus them" but for the "full expression of every human being to seek, live and practise the faith inspired by their holy books."

"The elections are not being used just to push on the Alkitab issue but on all other aspects such as oppression, greed, poverty and even the damage to our natural environment," he told The Malaysian Insider later.

Faced with an unyielding Christian community days ahead of a crucial state poll in Sarawak, the government offered early this month a 10-point solution to the Alkitab impasse which will allow the Bible to be freely distributed across the country in all languages.

The Cabinet offered a new list of suggestions to put an end to the month-long stand-off over 35,000 Alkitab seized by the Home Ministry in a bid to head off a possible backlash against the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) during Saturday's vote by Christians who make up half the population in Sarawak.

However, it insisted that Malay-language bibles in the peninsula be marked with a cross and "Christian Publication" on the front cover.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak also gave his assurance yesterday that his administration would never again impound bibles.

But Muslim groups and leaders have accused the government of capitulating to pressure from Christians and failing to uphold Islamic laws and dignity.

The Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non-Islamic Religions Enactment bars non-Muslims from using Allah to refer to God as is done in the Alkitab.

The law applies in all states besides Sabah, Sarawak, Penang and the federal territories.

A CCM Youth leader, Yoshua Chua, also told about 50 Christians who attended the night service that standing up for "our brothers in Sabah and Sarawak" to use the Alkitab and the word Allah to refer to God was "the least we can do."

"The church should remain non-partisan but we cannot ignore the plight of the oppressed. We cannot shut our eyes or turn a deaf ear to what is happening in society," he said.

Shastri also touched on the "unimaginable devastation" of the forests in Sarawak by "those in power" who were oppressing the poor.

"When necessary for the good of society, we will exert the influence that God wills for his church," he said.

The CCM is one of three organisations representing different Christian denominations that make up the Christian Federation of Malaysia, an umbrella body for over 90 per cent of churches in the country.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Respect All Religions, MCCBCHST Tells Putrajaya - By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal.

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 05:35 AM PDT

The government must prove that every religious community can freely practise their belief without being forced to conform to the rules of other religions, the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) said.

The council, an umbrella body of all non-Muslim religions in Malaysia, said that despite "verbal assurances" by the Najib administration, the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom have been "infringed" in recent years.

The strong reminder by the council today comes as Sarawak prepares to go to the polls this Saturday.

In a statement today, the council urged Sarawakians to vote wisely and offered a joint prayer for a fair and clean election come polling day, saying that a strong ruling party and opposition are needed to ensure proper governance of a state.

"Arbitrary actions in blatant contravention of the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom must stop. No religious community should be subjected or forced to conform to the religious rules of another religion. Religious freedom is the very essence of justice and fair play, and forms the very foundation of any great democratic nation," said the MCCBCHST.

The council warned that national unity and integration will be "adversely" affected if no proper regard was given to matters of religious freedom.

"The religious communities within MCCBCHST are in earnest prayer that whichever side wins or loses in the coming electoral process, may the people of Sarawak be the real winners when their concerns and aspirations are addressed and resolved and election promises are kept to the benefit of all," said the statement.

The council's strong reminder comes as the government is locked in a row over the distribution of the Alkitab, or the Malay Bible.

Faced with an unyielding Christian community days ahead of a crucial state poll, the government offered early this month a 10-point solution to the Alkitab impasse which will allow the Bible to be freely distributed across the country in all languages.

The Cabinet offered a new list of suggestions to put an end to the month-long stand-off over 35,000 Alkitab seized by the Home Ministry in a bid to head off a possible backlash against the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) during Saturday's vote by Christians who make up half the population in Sarawak.

However, it insisted that Malay-language bibles in the peninsula be marked with a cross and "Christian Publication" on the front cover.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak also gave his assurance yesterday that his administration would never again impound bibles.

But Muslim groups and leaders have accused the government of capitulating to pressure from Christians and failing to uphold Islamic laws and dignity.

The Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non-Islamic Religions Enactment bars non-Muslims from using Allah to refer to God as is done in the Alkitab.

The law applies in all states besides Sabah, Sarawak, Penang and the federal territories.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

part2 of the mother fucker spin By Rosmah Order Altantuya was murdered and because she “had slept with Najib too many times ”

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 04:14 AM PDT

the ghost Altantuya is after deepak

By Kim Quek

Raja Petra Kamarudin's  interview by TV3 last night is undoubtedly a piece of political propaganda aimed at cleansing Prime Minister Najib Razak's taint with the Altantuya murder case ahead of the Sarawak elections two days from now.
Raja Petra's interview was centered on an affidavit he signed on 18the June 2008, in which he claimed he was reliably informed by his informer that Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor was at the scene of the crime, witnessing the blasting of Altantuya's body. Raja Petra now claims that he no longer believes what he believed then.
Let us be very clear on this issue at the very outset.  The veracity or otherwise of that affidavit as well as whatever belief or disbelief Raja Petra may have over the Altantuya case does not add or subtract one bit to the dark clouds that have persisted to hound Najib over this murder case.
Such negative perceptions of Najib do not arise from so-and-so says this or that. Rather, they have accumulated over Najib's own failure to conduct himself appropriately as well as the overtly protective shield provided by our law-enforcing institutions to keep Najib out of bound to due legal process – to the point of dereliction of duty, bordering on criminal collusion.  It is these flagrant institutional failures as well Najib's clumsily evasive conduct that has deepened public suspicion of his involvement.
These instances are too many to enumerate, but we will mention a few to refresh public memory.
Starting with the police, there is no reason whatsoever why the police should have left Najib and his aide-de-camp Musa Safri out of its loop of investigation, when all the three accused were closely linked to Najib and it was Musa who instructed the first two accused to tackle Altantuya.
Police failure was even more glaring when it failed to act on private investigator P. Subramaniam's all three affidavits and video interview by three senior lawyers.  The information provided by Bala in these documents not only incriminated Najib (in first affidavit), but also accused Rosmah and Najib's brother Nazim of forcing Bala and his family to flee the country with bribe and threats (recorded in video interview and submitted via the third affidavit).  The third affidavit was in reply to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) written questions, and submitted in July 2010.  There has been no response from MACC, despite written reminders by Bala's lawyer.
What possible reason is there for the police and MACC to remain silent over these serious accusations, backed by factual details, against the Prime Minister and his family?  If Najib and family is innocent, wouldn't these law enforcing bodies have sprung to action in the first instance to clear the PM and family of such horrible stigma?
The scenario in the court is even more bizarre. Revealing and critical evidence exposed in court was quickly smothered, instead of being pursued in the cause of truth and justice.  The extra-ordinary part is that the attempt to bury these new evidences was not engendered by one or two parties but by all the three parties acting in concert – prosecutor, defence and judge.
These evidences included the erasure of immigration record of Altantuya and her Mongolian companions, and an alleged photograph of Najib, Altantuya and the third accused having a meal in a restaurant.  The former evidence would have yielded important lead to some high power involvement in the case, while the latter would have nailed Najib (if proven) who had repeatedly sworn that he had never known nor met Altantuya.
This grotesque phenomenon of confluence of interest of all the judicial players to suppress new evidence can have only one explanation -  Najib must be kept out of this case.
That justice might not have been fully served through the sentencing of the first two accused to death should be obvious, when the court never bothered to probe into the motive of executing the girl – and in such cruel fashion.  It is not difficult to fathom why motive of murder was never mentioned in court.  The simple answer is: there is none.
The two convicted killers, who were bodyguards to Najib, and trained to execute order rigidly without question, had no motive on their own to kill someone they had never met.  And since the third accused, who was accused of instigating the killing, was set free due to lack of evidence, then the remaining question must be: who ordered the killing?  Is it conceivable that the bodyguards had killed without order and without motive? Isn't it logical to deduce that the mastermind and real culprit may still be lurching somewhere beyond the realm of the court?
It is clear that major questions and swirling doubts over the handling of the case are still unresolved.  Until these are satisfactorily answered through a just court and an honourable police force, which can only be brought into existence through a complete change of political leadership, it is naïve to hope for the return of justice to the Altantuya family and the nation. And until such time, Premier Najib Razak cannot expect to be free from the haunt of Altantuya's murder.

Anwar Ibrahim urged the police to interrogate current Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak on the murder case of Altantuya Sharribuu and the submarine deal.
Anwar further urged Najib to cooperate with the police on the matter.
He did not know who murdered Altantuya, however there were many questions which needed answers.
He (Najib) needs to be asked: how can a person assigned and worked under you commit or alleged to have committed such a heinous crime?.
Is it true that Altantuya only knew Baginda, and she did not know Najib personally? Or is it true that the DPM did not know about the murder case until the taxi driver lodged the police report? He must be called up for both accounts.
Anwar said from his own experience, a UTK?s job?was to protect the DPM and follow the instruction of the DPM.?
There are some nagging questions on why would the Special Forces personnel currently charged want to murder the victim and then take such a drastic action in an attempt to destroy the evidence? Were they acting on their own volition or were they really carrying out instructions? Who authorized the use of the C4 explosives???
He stated that it is vital that whilst those who pulled the trigger are brought to justice, all those who were responsible for directing the killing must be made known.
In fact, such persons bear greater responsibility for the crime.
Besides, Anwar also mentioned that there was the very disturbing issue about the sudden disappearance of travel documents regarding Altantuya's movements in and out of Malaysia.
This was also reported in my story here .
Are the immigration authorities aware of this? Were there instructions from persons higher up to have these records deleted???
He said it was too early a date for the prosecution to suggest that there was no other accused to be charged on this case.
Who?do these prosecutors take orders from???
Anwar said, it is certainly unbecoming, clearly irresponsible, not transparent of the prosecution, who with malicious attempt condemn the junior officers – poor and downtrodden – but seem to immediately protect the rich and powerful?
Anwar also expressed his feeling of disgust at the conduct of investigation directed against a few junior police personnel.
There is no transparency of the investigation conducted and it is not healthy and worrying for a country that respects the rule of law.
Anwar alleged that the entire conduct of investigation of Altantuya murder case is to protect a very important personnel.
He said unless those questions were answered, no one can deny that there is an attempt to cover up the matter.
Anwar said that the public and media called upon the government to put an end of malicious prosecution and attempt to cover up the murder case.
We are appealing to the authority to change it, you can't fool the public on this matter.
It was established that Altantuya Shariibuu was appointed or assigned by Baginda in the submarine deal, he said.
Anwar said there were questions over the role of Altantuya in the government?s purchase of the Scorpene and Agosta submarines from France in a deal costing nearly 1 billion euros (RM4.6 billion).
According to a report,last December, the Defence Ministry denied having paid a Malaysian-owned company US$100 million (RM370 million) as a commission for a multi-billion ringgit deal involving submarines.
However Anwar said:
We find it totally unacceptable the reasons given by the government that there is no question of corruption or accountability because the commission that was paid was between the seller and a third party, and did not involve government funds.
Anwar called it a blatant lie because no manufacturer would give such a huge commission unless?it has already been factored into the pricing of the purchases of the submarines.
He described the payment of commission of 114 million euros (RM530 million)?as exorbitant by any standard.
The public has the right to know who are the real beneficiaries of this massive payout?
Far Eastern Economic Review has reported in 2002 that Perimekar Sdn. Bhd would receive 8% of the total contract value over the next six years. Review also reported that Perimekar is owned 100% by Ombak Laut, a company wholly owned by Baginda and his associates.  Later Ombak Laut sold 40% of Perimekar to LTAT and a sister company.
How could a relatively unknown company secure such a major weapons procurement deal?
The fact that Baginda of a think tank linked closely with the DPM and Defense Minister raises a great number of questions.
Anwar said massive corruption had happened but people are reluctant to report, due to?the climate of fear and harassment, people are not able to speak up.
Why didn't the relevant authorities such as ACA and the Commercial Crime Division begin the investigation on this matter???
He said he has waited for a long time to deliberate the murder case of Altantuya, as he felt compelled to speak out.
?I speak to the people, I look at the record from Mongolia. I don?t want to be irresponsible or to turn it into a purely political thing. It involves people?s live and future. I?ve gone through the malicious prosecution or persecution.? I don?t want it to happen to the rest.?

readmore part2 of the mother fucker spin By Rosmah Order Altantuya was murdered and because she "had slept with Najib too many times "


NUJ President Found Guilty of Breaking the Laws of Reality and Logic

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 03:51 AM PDT

Malaysian Insider headline: NUJ president found guilty of tarnishing Utusan.

Seeing as 'tarnish' means 'to make people think that someone or something is less good', I contend that this is an impossibility on the scale of 1 = and = 1 simultaneously.

From Malaysian Insider, via Malaysia Today:

NUJ president found guilty of tarnishing Utusan

By Melissa Chi, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, April 14 — National Union of Journalists (NUJ) president Hata Wahari was found guilty today of all eight counts of tarnishing the image of his employer Utusan Malaysia.

He told The Malaysian Insider that the "punishment" will be decided by the Umno-owned newspaper's top management and he will be informed in a fortnight.

"I am prepared for the worst," he said, referring to the possibility he might be sacked.

"I will leave it to the top management to decide but I don't know what to say," he said when asked what he thinks the punishment might be.

The senior journalist said he was still an Utusan Malaysia employee until notified otherwise, although he has been suspended since January 11 pending the disposal of the domestic inquiry.

The decision on the inquiry was read out this morning by committee chairman Mohd Basir Abdul Rahim, with NUJ-Utusan chairman Taufik Razak and its executive councillor, Hayat Sueet, present as well.

Hata had been accused of insulting Utusan's management and tarnishing Utusan's image through statements he issued to various news portals between September 21 and October 14 last year.

He had caused a stir when he urged the authorities to act against Utusan's editors for stoking racial sentiment in its reports.

He had also blamed the drop in the national daily's sales on the editors for pushing what he called racial rhetoric.

Hata was issued with a notice on December 27 last year, ordering him to appear before the domestic inquiry, which was scheduled to begin on January 6 at the company's headquarters in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

He was later issued a suspension letter on January 11, stating that the senior reporter would be denied entry into any Utusan office throughout the course of the inquiry unless given permission from the company management.

The inquiry was first postponed from January 19 to January 25, and was postponed again because Hata was hospitalised for chest pains.

It was postponed yet again from February 9 because of his medical check-up and finally held on March 1 and March 10.

The Malaysian Insider reported that Hata had announced he would start a new newspaper if he was sacked by his current employer.

Hata said he had presented the newspaper called Utusan Rakyat to both PKR and Umno, adding that the newspaper would be non-partisan.

However, PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar had also come up with the same name for a similar project of her own, naming Hata as its chief editor.

Hata said he then decided to rename his project Harian Malaysia and turn it into an online paper.

He said he was working on it with his brother, a graphic designer, but said that it was still in its infancy.

Utusan Malaysia had also dismissed in 2009 its NUJ branch head Amran Ahmad, who said the newspaper had accused him of being a DAP agent.

Umno took over ownership of the Malay-language broadsheet in 1961. Hata said that before that, it was still credible and objective.

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