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Zulhazmi: Hanya mahkamah boleh menghukum pesalah bukan kerajaan

Zulhazmi: Hanya mahkamah boleh menghukum pesalah bukan kerajaan

Zulhazmi: Hanya mahkamah boleh menghukum pesalah bukan kerajaan

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 06:20 AM PST

Story to follow
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PKR sec-gen to stand in for Anwar.mp4

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 05:36 AM PST

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution will stand in for opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and read out his speech in the Dewan Rakyat. "I have just received a message, an pkr congress pc 271110 saifuddin nasutionemail from Anwar from court, he said 'Machang'," Saifuddin (right) told reporters in Parliament today, referring to himself, the MP for Machang, as the stand in. Full story: malaysiakini.com
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MRT Why award to Gamuda's pricier bid

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 04:37 AM PST

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution will stand in for opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and read out his speech in the Dewan Rakyat. "I have just received a message, an pkr congress pc 271110 saifuddin nasutionemail from Anwar from court, he said 'Machang'," Saifuddin (right) told reporters in Parliament today, referring to himself, the MP for Machang, as the stand in. Full story : malaysiakini.com
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Pakatan rubbishes 'political awakening' theory

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 04:07 AM PST

The Election Commission's claim that the sudden increase in postal voters in the Pangkor seat and elsewhere as due to "awakening of political awareness in the wives of soldiers" has been rubbished by PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution. Simpang Pulai assemblyperson Chan Ming Kai recently brought up the matter of the sudden 6000 increase in the number of postal voters in the Pangkor state seat. www.malaysiakini.com
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Malaysia Gambling with Toxic Industry!

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 11:40 AM PST

Cheah Kok Leong was born with severe mental disabilities that is believed
to be due to the radioactive exposure from Asian Rare Earth of  Bukit Merah

Under Construction in the industrial port of Kuantan is going to be the World's Biggest Toxic Rare Earth Refinery!

An unwanted industry by the developed world of which the Malaysian government has invited  this toxic refinery to be built, exposing the environment and the people's health to the danger of radioactive contamination.

The problem of the previous rare earth refinery at Bukit Merah, by Asian Rare Earth, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical was ask to stop and closed it's operation in 1992 after years of sometimes violent protest by local community and is now one of Asia's largest radioactive waste cleanup sites that is still in progress after almost 20 years.

In the previous Bukit Merah case, the residents blamed the refinery for birth defects and leukemia  had sued the refinery and had reached an out of court settlement.

This new world's biggest rare earth refinery is rushing to complete the plant by late this year despite an unresolved problem as to the long term storage of the refinery's highly hazardious radioactive thorium waste.

The Best Part here is that the Malaysian  government was so desperate for this Toxic Investment that they even offered the operators Lynas, an Austral;ian mining company an incentive by extending a 12 years tax free benefit!

Report by New York Times "Malaysia Makes a Big Bet on Crucial Metals" HERE
Bukit Merah - Largest Radiation Cleanup. "A Quiet US100 Million Cleanup" HERE

Apartheid Week: Revealing The Truth About The Evil Zionist Jews!

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 10:05 AM PST


From Elder of Ziyon:

EoZ posters for "Apartheid Week"

"Apartheid Week" poster #5

Peaceful UK protestors “civilly arrest” county court judge

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 08:55 AM PST

All I can say is we are living in interesting times.

Many never-before-events are simultaneously popping up all over the globe – and in our galaxy. For sure there's a wave of transformation sweeping through the universe. Tyranny and evil can no longer persist. They can try to run now; but not hide any more. The people of the world are awakened to a phenomenal vibration and reclaiming their rights. Divine intervention, surely, can't be all that bad too, yes? No need to fear. Embrace the translation that has long been promised humanity from on high.

Breaking News … (Source of report from here.)

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 10:44

Video by Jamie Drumlake

Protestors have "civilly arrested" a judge at Birkenhead county court. A crowd of several hundred people has massed around the court. Police have begun forcibly ejecting protestors from the court in chaotic scenes.

Made up of people from across the UK, the marchers say they are excerting their "ancient right to lawful Rebellion under Article 16 of Magna Carta." Around 20 police vehicles are now in attendance and several dozen officers are at the scene, some with dogs.

The crowd, although largely peaceful, is chanting "freedom" and "arrest that judge."

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Mahathir's Autobiography

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 08:37 AM PST

Numerous authors have found this man fascinating enough to write a book on him.

Tom Plate and Barry Wain are two of these authors.

But this man has decided in all his narcissistic splendour that he would write his story in his own words. And thus, the autobiography came about.

It was a bit of a shock to note that the book cost RM100 though! I wouldn't have paid even RM10 for it, and you probably couldn't pay me to place it on my coffee table.

I really don't care what race he descended from - what bothers me is that he fuels the flames of racism.

It doesn't matter that he made a lot of blunders when he was in power. What upsets me is that post-departure, he still hasn't learned to keep his mouth shut.

Oh well. Each to his own.

Eliminating the evidence!

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 08:07 AM PST

I spent about an hour with a friend, a lawyer, today. The topic of discussion is 'eliminating the evidence'. I was petrified.

He said the MCMC can do anything to protect Rais Yatim's special officer 'NA' whom I accused of getting big chunk of 1Malaysia netbook supply-and-distribution contract. They can, if they want to, especially if their boss or other senior officials are involved.

"They can cover up any scandal, if they want to. Eliminating all evidence will be just enough to let the culprits off the hook. In your case, it involves a minister's officer and MCMC's reputation. In a murder case, for instance, an alibi can be bought while evidence can be created.

"Unless you still keep copies of the evidence, it may help."

What about MACC? "You can trust them...but not 100 per cent. When the law rides on politics, anything can happen!"

However, I am banking my total trust in the MACC, in the officers whom I met on Feb 20. This NA issue is already affecting my economy. To be frank, somebody cuts off my monthly allowance and my future fixed-monthly earnings.

Its OK. In God I trust...

Anyway, additional facts about NA. A Sabahan, he cannot 'cari makan' in Sabah anymore. Even Sabah CM Musa Aman knows him well enough to the extent that he refused hiring him. He used to contest for Umno Sipitang division deputy chief but lost heavily.

Get your Facts right…!!

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 06:54 AM PST

It seems the Youth Chief of PBB absence from the rostrum is now getting a wee bit out of hand. audie61 has been receiving phone calls a plenty plus a number of emails. Some were very kind ones while others too good hahaha to be published if you know what I mean.

 It was just an innocent statement in English meaning,"Have you got a sore throat?"as we know by all accounts that the facts we put up were gathered from various sources. We are not in anyway "mercenaries" or "paid to write". By the way,don't get it wrong again…You will be paid accordingly if the masters you served thinks that you have done a good job.It's only natural and don't for once say that we imply anyone. Get it right please…! Facts.don't.lie….Really.

 However we wish to make it clear though here that this blog http://www.theunspinners.blogspot.com/ must try to get their facts right before they publish their article. Kawan check dahulu sebelum pos lah..??

They posted," Baca pula Audie 61 sini tentang Yb Fadilah sakit tekak. Tidak hairan mereka merancang YB Fadillah Ketua PBB tidak ada di Majlis BN Sarawak ini."
Is this insinuating that we are part of the game in getting to their personal feuds if there are any. Are they any.??

 The fact of the matter remains we did not want even to implicate anything on the PBB Youth Chief. It was a genuine question and he reserves the right to answer if he wishes or remains silent. No one will say he is a fool if he keeps quiet. We are humans and by nature we are very curious and audie61 is asking though…

By the way why suddenly a peninsular blog has got so much interests in Sarawak PBB Youth affairs?

There are too many "heroes' or "champions' who feels that bashing up or "hantam" all the way is the correct way. Its the Sarawak State elections soon and if there are any issues to be settled amongst the youth boys its bests they settle it at the round table. Who are we to campur in their problems?

If there aren't any friction or disagreements that would even be better. The enemy for BN Sarawak is outside and they should know where their guns are pointing. There is an avenue for each action and we have everyright to express our own opinion without fear or favour.

Isn't this a democratic country..??

It is so according to my journalist guru  a former group editor he said just posts the following sites for them to make up their minds.




 6. http://hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/15841/

Padahnya PAS Memusuhi Bloggers: Kerdau, Merlimau dsbnya....

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 06:51 AM PST

Perubahan dalam mana-mana keputusan pilihanraya bergantung kepada perubahan dalam keputusan pada Saluran 3 ke atas. Ini kerana, pengundi-pengundi Saluran 3 ke atas biasanya lebih banyak membaca, lebih terdedah dan lebih terhubung dengan internet.

Namun, semenjak 3 tahun kebelakangan ini, PAS mengambil sikap untuk MEMUSUHI blogger-blogger yang dahulunya berkempen untuk memenangkan PAS tanpa meminta satu sen pun.

Malahan, dalam ucapan-ucapan dasar PAS dua-tiga tahun kebelakangan ini, blogger-blogger telah dimaki dan difitnah secara terbuka. Oleh kerana ia masuk dalam ucapan dasar, maksudnya dasar PAS dua tiga tahun yang lepas adalah MEMUSUHI BLOGGER-BLOGER PAKATAN RAKYAT. Itu adalah hakikat.

Hasilnya, tiada lagi kesatuan serta kerjasama sesama blogger untuk menaikkan imej serta mempromosikan kepimpinan PAS kepada masyarakat umum. Yang ada hanyalah blogger-blogger mengkritik PAS serta mengkritik UMNO.

Maka, masyarakat umum TIDAK DAPAT MELIHAT kepimpinan PAS secara terbuka. Lebih malang, pengundi-pengundi Saluran 3 ke atas juga tidak dapat melihat kepimpinan PAS sebagai kepimpinan mereka.

Juga, penjualan Harakah juga merosot dan disekat menjadikan kepimpinan PAS semakin terasing dari Pengundi2 Saluran 3 ke atas.

Hasilnya, apabila tiba pilihanraya kecil, PAS tertolak dengan begitu teruk sekali. Masyarakat lebih nampak Najib dan Muhyiddin sebagai pemimpin mereka berbanding Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden PAS.

Bayangkan dua tahun kebelakangan ini tiada langsung usaha dari PAS Pusat untuk merapati blogger2 Pakatan Rakyat. Malahan, blogger Aduka Taruna telah dipukul seperti penjenayah di perkarangan Masjid Rusila dengan begitu hina sekali.


Tidak lain hanyalah kerana mereka tidak rela kepimpinan PAS membawa PAS tidur sebantal dengan UMNO dalam gagasan yang dipanggil "Kerajaang Perpaduang".

Dek kerana sikap blogger yang menentang agenda Perpaduang, maka semua blogger Pakatan Rakyat dilayan seperti kucing kurap oleh kepimpinan PAS. Mana-mana kepimpinan PAS yang dikira OK pun tak berani nak adakan hubungan secara terbuka dengan blogger-blogger Pakatan Rakyat.

Ada ke patut, Muktamar yang lepas BLogger dilayan macam sampah, manakala wartawan Utusan Malaysia dilayan macam raja. Ini kerana Utusan Meloya melayan kepimpinan pro Perpaduang dengan begitu baik maka mereka diberikan layanan istimewa.

HAsilnya, setelah 2 tahun, PAS semakin terasing dari pengundi2 Melayu dalam Saluran 3 ke atas. Bukannya PAS menjadi semakin baik tapi menjadi semakin buruk.

Tapi takpa lah. Yang penting penguasaan geng Perpaduang dan geng Terengganu ke atas PAS mesti diteruskan.

Tak penting PAS menang pilihanraya atau kalah pilihanraya. Yang penting Geng PErpaduang dan Geng Terengganu terus menguasai PAS.

Nasihat saya kepada ahli-ahli PAS, teruskanlah memfitnah dan menista blogger2 seperti kami ni. Tak jadi masalaah kerana lepas ni PAS akan kalah teruk dalam pilihanraya. Bayang2 2004 sudah semakin terserlah dan semuanya kerana kebodohan dan kebongkakan geng Terengganu dan Perpaduang.

Mereka tidak sabar mengekspot kekalahan PAS Terengganu kepada seluruh PAS di Malaysia.


Tulang Besi

PAS Tiada Kepimpinan Setanding Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden UMNO, bukan sebab DAP.

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 06:34 AM PST

Itulah yang cuba dijual oleh blogger-blogger UMNO terutamanya Kickdefella (yang terbukti berbohong pasal Tok Guru Nik Aziz melakukan rasuah).

Izinkan Tulang Besi memberi beberapa hujjah balas:

1.0 Undi Melayu pada PAS sudah sememangnya rendah semenjak pilihanraya 2008 lagi. Di waktu itu, PAS belum ada hubungan dgn DAP

2.0 Sokongan orang Cina pada DAP adalah kerana mereka membenci kekejaman UMNO, bukannya kerana mereka anti Melayu

3.0 Setelah 3 tahun PR memerintah, TIADA SATU hak Melayu yang tergadai. Malahan, DAP lebih rapat dengan Islam berbanding MCA atau Gerakan.

4.0 Dosa DAP bukan kepada orang Melayu tetapi kepada pemimpin2 UMNO. DAP lah yang telah mendedahkan skandal PLUS dimana konsesi PLUS diberikan kepada syarikat UMNO demi untuk mengelakan bangunan UMNO dari dilelong

5.0 Bukan DAP yang fitnah Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim dalam isu Liwat Saiful

6.0 Bukan DAP yang menghalalkan judi dan arak di Malaysia.

7.0 Bukan DAP yang meluluskan lesen Judi Bola. Malahan, DAP turut sama menentang pemberian lesen judi bola.

8.0 Bukan DAP yang buang kekuasaan Raja2 Melayu terutama dalam isu perlantikan SUK negeri

9.0 Bukan DAP yang gadai tanah rezab Surau di Rawang kepada tauke

10.0 Bukan DAP yang halang kerajaan Kelantan melaksanakan hukum hudud di Kelantan dan Terengganu

11.0 Bukan DAP yang rasmi kilang Guiness di Sungai Way tapi UMNO.

Tulang Besi cabar Kickdefella dan rakan2 untuk menjawab hujjah di atas.

Hakikat sebenar adalah PAS semakin menghilang undi Melayu kerana:

1.0 PAS tiada kepimpinan yang boleh dilihat masyarakat sebagai "alternatif" kepada Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden UMNO.
1.1 Masaalah menjadi semakin teruk apabila dua tahun kebelakangan ini, Presiden dan
Timbalan Presiden hanya duduk diam dan membiarkan Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden
UMNO meyakinkan masyarakat Melayu terhadap kepimpinan mereka.

2.0 Selama dua tahun ini, PAS hanya mampu mengenengahkan agenda "Kerajaang Perpaduang" dan tiada idea lain yang boleh meyakinkan orang Melayu kepada PAS.

3.0 Kebanyakan fitnah UMNO kepada Pakatan Rakyat dalam dua tahun yang lepas TIDAK PERNAH DIJAWAB oleh PAS dengan PENUH KEYAKINAN. Malahan, fitnah liwat UMNO kepada Anwar Ibrahim pun seperti tiada usaha serius dari PAS untuk melawannya.

4.0 Fitnah2 yang ditaja UMNO turut disebarkan oleh sebahagian pimpinan PAS kepada ahli-ahli PAS
4.1 rakaman2 yang didedahkan Tulang Besi jelas membuktikan perkara ini. Misalnya, Hasan
Ali berkata PAS diperkudakan DAP di Perak, Dato Harun Din menyebarkan keraguan
terhadap DAP dalam perjumpaan tertutup dengan ahli2 PAS di rumah Hasan Ali dan

Akhirnya PAS kalah, Tak hairanlah PAS kalah kalau fitnah yang ditabur UMNO turut disebarkan oleh PAS.

Tulang Besi

3 bowls of rice

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 06:15 AM PST

Sometimes, through a combination of excessive praises (perhaps of the insincere type) and an enormous conceit, a person may come to believe he is a great man. But even then, that is not as bad as a person who thinks, through such similar persuasions, that he is sophisticated, highly cultured or culturally refined … so on so forth …, because such a person would start to talk in high-faluting language and with abstract themes that the ordinary people in the kampong, villages and the more grubbier side of town won't be able to understand or appreciate.

It's not unlike those Yanks preaching concepts of democracy and freedom of speech to Vietnamese during the 60's and 70's. The insincerity (or hypocrisy) was there, and worst for the Yanks, their high-faluting language and themes whooshed straight over the heads of most Vietnamese, who only wished for 3 bowls of rice each day.

I reckon our so-called Asia's Renaissance Man, Anwar Ibrahim, has fallen into this hubristic trap. He might not even realize he isn't 'connecting' with the kampong people. Who the f* in the kampong worries about reformasi, korupsi or demokrasi when all he/she wants are just the 3 'bowls of rice' – of course the Malaysian 'bowl of rice' is a lot more than the ones the Vietnamese peasants wanted.

A few days ago Malaysiakini published
The evolution in wooing rural voters, an erudite analysis of the by-elections by Bridget Welsh, who wrote (relevant extract only):

Many voters in the Felda schemes especially see the BN as their patron, and are deeply reluctant to move toward the opposition. Some even fear the removal of their livelihood if they do not support Umno, as the unspoken message also implies a threat that goes to the core of their daily lives.

While many in the urban areas call for these voters to "wake up" and unfairly denigrate their BN support, it is critical to understand that they are making rational choices with the information they have based on life experience. They cannot be expected to give up what they perceive as their livelihoods and opportunities for their family for a by-election result.

Exactly! It's the principle of '3 bowls of rice'.

Apart from this survival attitude (which can only be changed gradually and not by mere conjuring tricks, nonsensical promises or sweet words by opposition politicians), Pakatan supporters, particularly PKR fanatics, have worsened the situation. These anwaristas have a lamentable and moronic behaviour of expecting everyone to support what they believe, or suffer vile condemnations, insults and be classified as BN running dogs.

Their despicable conduct are not unlike George Bush Jnr's "Either you're with us or against us". This is of course highly offensive to the very voters they want to win over, and counterproductive to their efforts to win 'hearts & minds'.

Pakatan has only been doing it right in Selangor and Penang, especially the latter where the '3 bowls of rice' have been served and seen to be served, such as cheaper or free water, angpows for the elderly, etc. Kelantan is of course a special case where the word of God is good enough for the religious Kelantanese, but alas, this won't work in the more secular-oriented states of Penang, Perak, Selangor, Sabah and Sarawak.

Something for Pakatan, or more correctly Anwar Ibrahim, to think about.

A new chapter

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 06:04 AM PST

I thank those who tried to reach me by phone. I had to switch it off to literally cool it down.. And also i thank those who commented in this blog or elsewhere in the cyber world,  whether they supported my decision or not.

I would also like to thank Dr Koh Tsu Koon for asking me to reconsider my quit decision.

The decision to quit is a major decision as i mentioned before. It was not an impulsive decision. I normally look at things from different angles, and then make a decision, and once a decision is made, i would stick to it. It is also not easy to leave all those good friends and conscientious members. It is not an easy decision but I have to look at the bigger picture.

There is no going back.  I can always fight for a fair and equitable society , the ideology of my former party, in my own unique way and using my pen .

Pen  is mightier than sword. It may not see immediate result. But once a writer post an idea in his writing, it is like planting a seed in the soil. The seed may or may not survive and grow into a big tree. But if we don't even plant it, it will never have a chance to grow into a big tree.

An idea is just like that. I can float an idea, and maybe people may not take it up immediately, but after numerous attempts to reinforce the idea, it may actually take roots in someone else's mind. That is the power of pen, influencing mindsets in a very subtle way.

My heart is still with those members who believe in a fair and equal society for all. As I have said, even though I quit, I am still hoping against hope that the party can prove me wrong and succeed in realising its  ideology. I hope to be wrong so that we can see a fair and equal society in my lifetime. But that reality is very slim.

I have no intention of joining Pakatan or other parties. I have always spoken out against partisan politics, and by freeing myself of any political links, I may be able to write in a more impartial manner.

We should support whatever is good and should not be partisan for the sake of being partisan. That is the folly of many a politician, too eager to please the boss.

Politics should be about the welfare of the people and the country, not about individuals.  The world would be a much better place if more politicians can subscribe to this principle.

DJ Jamal is back with new online radio station

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 03:18 AM PST

Popular Chinese radio DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim, who was sacked by MCA-owned 988FM radio station for his critical views, is back on the airwaves, albeit through the Internet. The new tri-lingual station,DurianFM.com, promises freedom of expression away from the clutches of government censors and promotion of human rights. "This is the milestone in Malaysian history to promote freedom of speech and humanity," said Jamaluddin during launch ceremony of his new venture at Petaling Jaya today. Full Story: www.malaysiakini.com
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Posted: 08 Mar 2011 01:17 AM PST


Cabinet Nod But Malay Bibles Still Held Up, Say Christians - By Melissa Chi.

Posted: 07 Mar 2011 11:02 PM PST

Christians in Malaysia are still waiting to get back 5,000 Malay Bibles confiscated by the Home Ministry since 2009 on security grounds despite the Cabinet approving their release.

The long wait has prompted National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) secretary-general Sam Ang today to ask Christians in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia to pray for the "unconditional and immediate release" of the 5,000 Alkitab together with other Christian materials as approved by the Cabinet last year.

"Since then, these detained materials have not been released despite the many calls and appeals to the government. Though, the Cabinet has approved the release of these materials, yet the Home Ministry's Publications Control and Quranic Text Division has refused to pay heed to the instructions given," Ang said in a statement today.

The Malaysian Insider had reported that Christian groups have been given conflicting instructions concerning the release of the Bibles shipped in from Indonesia and seized by Customs officers in March 2009 because they contained the word "Allah".

The matter is a touchy issue in Malaysia where Islam is the official religion and Muslim officials are against non-Islamic religious books printed in Bahasa Malaysia or containing the word "Allah", the name of god in the faith which is outlawed for use by other religions.

It is understood that Christian leaders had broached the matter with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the Christmas open house last year.

Ang said the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) imported 5,000 Alkitab Berita Baik from Indonesia on March 23, 2009, but the Malay Bibles together with 100 copies of other Christian literature were confiscated and detained by the Home Ministry at Port Klang, and that the BSM had tried to retrieve them for over a year.

BSM's repeated attempts to clear up the confusion with the ministry helmed by Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein — who oversees the Immigration and Customs departments — at its highest-level of command have been met with sympathy but not action.

Ang also asked the Christians to pray for the freedom to profess and practise their religion in peace without "undue and improper interference" from the state authorities, as well as for the civil service and enforcement authorities to honour the rights of all people as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, and comply with decisions made in accordance with the rule of law and established administrative processes.

There is also a similar incident involving another Christian group, the Gideons, which had its shipment of 10,000 Malay-language Bibles detained in Kuching in 2009; but had the confiscation order lifted after Putrajaya intervened directly.

BSM was reported as saying that it has a strong legal case.

But being a Christian organisation, it is reluctant to take legal action unless forced to, like what the Catholic Church did with its Herald newspaper case.

The group noted that the Court of Appeal's delay in hearing the controversial "Allah" suit, 15 months after the High Court ruled Christians have a constitution right to use the word, and that it had impacted on its case as well.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

CIkgu Mala Janda. Najib dan Rosmah Bukan Janda Jugak Ke?

Posted: 07 Mar 2011 09:09 PM PST

Artikel ini adalah lanjutan Doa Laknat Tulang Besi ke atas Blogger2 UMNO di Hadapan Kaabah. Sewaktu Pilihanraya Kecil Tenang, blogger2 laknat UMNO menghentam Cikgu Mala, calon PAS, dengan serangan pribadi Cikgu Mala, yakni Cikgu Mala ni dulu janda.

Apa yang kita tidak sedar adalah Najib dan Rosmah dulu pun bukankah mereka pernah "menjanda"?

Jadi, kenapa nak ulang dan main isu yang tiada faedah ini, wahai blogger2 UMNO?

Memang patutlah Tulang Besi mendoakan laknat ke atas korang di hadapan Kaabah tempohari.

Tunggulah balasan yang akan jatuh atas korang, inshaalah.

Tulang Besi

Berjuang Islam Macamana, Bini pun Tak pakai Tudung

Posted: 07 Mar 2011 08:40 PM PST

Blogger2 UMNO cuba menggambarkan Presiden mereka dengan imej pejuang Islam.

Soalan Tulang Besi adalah:

Nak Berjuang Islam Macamana Kalau Bini Sendiri Pun Tak Pakai Tudung?

Kata orang tua-tua, lidah ni tak bertulang. Bercakap memanglah mudah. Yang penting perbuatan bukan setakat cakap aje.

Minta isteri PM tu pakai tudung dulu, baru kita bincang pasal perjuangan Islam.

The end of a chapter

Posted: 07 Mar 2011 07:57 PM PST

I have made a major decision.

I have decided that on this anniversary of the March 08 General Election, I will quit Parti Gerakan. Not so much because of the party itself, which has a good ideology and many good members and many good friends, but more because of the dominance of UMNO over everything else within the coalition.

I am sick of race based politics and Gerakan is actually getting further and further away from realising its ideology of building a fair and equitable society.

My decision to quit is nothing personal and not against anyone in the party. Even though I am quitting , I am still hoping against hope that the party can eventually realise its ideology of a fair and equal society, but given the political reality, it will not be possible in any foreseeable future.

I have drafted the statements below in both English and Chinese to expalin the reason of this.

Press Statement by Dr Hsu Dar Ren  (08-03-2011)

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my resignation from all my positions in Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, including that of Central Committee member, FT state liaison committee member, division chairman, branch chairman and ordinary membership.

Parti Gerakan is a party with good ideology  to  establish a fair and equitable society in Malaysia . It too has many conscientious members who subscribe to this ideology.


Unfortunately, within the framework of BN, where the hegemonic race politics of UMNO predominates, it is  impossible for Gerakan to realize this ideal.

In fact, as a result of more than 5 decades of race based politics,  the country  has drifted so much apart that  racial polarization has never been as bad as now . Despite the many decades of trying to work from within, Gerakan is now further and further  away from  realising its ideals.

Three years after the 308 General election, I sense that  apart from rhetoric, there is little change in policies gearing towards uniting the people and providing a fairer and more equal footing for all. I feel that it is now futile for me to try to fight within the system anymore.

I have no intention of joining any other political parties, but I will continue to voice out through writing and blogging on the importance of building a fair and equitable society.


徐达人医生文告 (08-03-2011)

我 谨此宣布, 由即日起,辞去 所有在民政党内的 职位, 包括中央委员,州委,区会主席,分部主席,普通党员等等。

民政党有良好的理念, 欲在我国建立一个"公平和合理"的社会。党内也 有很多服膺这理念的党员。


可是在国阵里, 巫统一党独大和种族 主义 至上的现实情况下,民政党已不可能实现它的理念。


事实上,虽然我国立国已超过50年, 在种族 主义政策下,种族两极化的现象,已日趋严重。公平和合理化的理念, 也已日趋遥远。

308大选已过3年, 我觉得 除了口号外,种族 主义政策 至上的情况, 没有真正的改变。想在国阵内 纠正种族政策, 已行不通。

我没有加入其他政党的打算。 不过,我会在网上和blog 里,本着"公平和合理"的理念,和廉政开明的重要性,  继续我的写 作和奋斗。



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