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Sex business is booming in Singapore 

"World Flirtation League," which ranked cities by the number of online flirtations initiated per month on the popular social networking and dating site Officials analyzed 12 million "flirtatious" contacts made on the site over the course of a month, Standing outside a harmless-looking two-storey terrace house, a middle-aged man with a balding pate and wispy white goatee greets people walking by with a constant refrain.

"You want to see my girl? Come in, come in!" he exhorts every man in sight, pointing to skimpily-clad Asianprostitutes waiting in a softly-lit sitting room along a back street in Geylang, Singapore's red-light district.
The tout says more than 50 customers patronise his business daily.
"Our customers are international, anybody can come as long as they can pay," he says, brushing aside a reporter's suggestion that the police might not approve of his operation.
"We're legal!" he scoffs loudly.
Here is some Singaporean exhibitionist MILF putting on public titty shows for her husband or lover in the back seat of a car and in parks on several different occasions. I personally love the photo with 'The Decline of Singapore's First Golden Age' plaque in the background because it is kinda ironic with the topless modern Singaporean chick in the foreground. I guess she and the photographer realize the joke when they took the pic. Hopefully this public nudity pic (and all the others) doesn't signal a decline of a current golden age. And while it was a pretty bold and daring move, they may have forgotten that they live in Singapore despite the huge sign in the background. Lucky for her, no name or any other identifying info was attached to these racy photos. 

This lady have a lot more nude pictures of herself in public but unfortunately we could only recovery about ten from the set. So send the rest of her pics in via email or give us a download link for them in comments so that they can be added to this post if by chance you have them saved on your PC. Anyway, remember to join the Gutter Uncensored fan page on Facebookat and feel free to leave a suggestion or comment there. And remember to send more interesting pictures and videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) ASAP. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Despite its prudish reputation — the government still bans magazines like Playboy and Penthouse — Singapore allows prostitution to thrive in strictly designated areas, and Geylang is the largest and most famous.
Brothels operating out of houses — one calls itself "Heaven on Earth" — operate in the district alongside budget hotels, sidewalk cafes, community associations and even Buddhist temples.
Despite the presence of legal prostitution, foreign women on short-term visitor passes also ply their trade on the streets and lanes of Geylang, and there seems to be enough business for everyone.
More than a fifth of the island state's population of five million are foreigners, the majority of them blue-collar and manual workers.
And one million tourists a month now visit Singapore thanks to a booming casino industry.
The local sex trade came under the spotlight in June last year when the US State Department downgraded Singapore in its Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report.
The report said some women from China, the Philippines and Thailand were tricked into coming to the city-state with promises of legitimate employment and then coerced into the sex trade after arrival.
Singapore authorities issued an indignant reply, saying their efforts to curb trafficking had not slackened and asking the US government to look at its own immigration record before commenting on other countries' situations.
In Geylang's licensed brothels, customers pay an average of Sg$50 ($38) for sex inside cramped cubicles, according to operators who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Their primary customers are the masses of testosterone-driven guest workers from China, Bangladesh and Southeast Asia.
Business is best on weekends when hordes of foreign men on their day off throng its narrow lanes looking for fun.
Like other businesses in Singapore, the sex trade has clear rules.
Brothels can only hire Malaysian, Thai and Chinese girls between the ages of 21 and 27, said one tout.
Prostitutes are also required to make customers wear condoms and report for monthly medical check-ups, he added.
Streetwalker Dan Dan, a Beijing native who refused to disclose her real name, said an increased presence of plainclothes police was deterring customers from taking up her 100-dollar "guaranteed good" service.
Foreign women like Dan Dan who work freelance in the sex trade and bring customers to motel rooms cannot be arrested unless they are caught offering their services out in the street, or violate immigration and other laws.
For a first offence, Dan Dan faces a fine of up to Sg$1,000 if she is caught soliciting in public, with subsequent convictions carrying higher fines and potential jail terms.
But Dan Dan, who has been working Geylang's alleys since she came to Singapore three months ago, said she was willing to brave the consequences.
"The money's good on busy days," she said.
Local women's rights activist Braema Mathi advocates protection of prostitutes in Singapore and closer regulation of the industry.
"All we want is for the women to be protected and not judge them for the work that they have decided to take on," she told AFP.
"We believe that one of the better ways to protect women is to ensure that they work in licensed brothels, where there is a fee structure and condoms," Mathi added.
"This way the women can be protected from exploitation and from succumbing to diseases."
With a regulated sex industry, Singapore authorities can turn their attention to women forced into prostitution, she said.
"We see more women in the trade and definitely not all of them are willing."

The mugshot of Gary Ng

Singaporean wild-man Chen Guilin better known as Gary Ng was sentence yesterday to 50 months imprisonment and received a $20,000 fine. He admitted to four charges of forgery and one count each of housebreaking and theft, criminal breach of trust and unlawfully having another person's identity card. The 28-year-old also pleaded guilty to charges related to having 507 homemade sex videos, most of which were of him having sex with various women. Some of them were willing to be filmed, while others were not. He had hidden a video camera in bag with a slit in it to film his acts like the video below.

Download the Sex Video After the Screen Shots Below!

Gary Ng titled the 5 minute long video available for download "Sg 32C Accountant" when he first uploaded it to a popular amateur porn site. But this is only one of about 500 sex videos he made in his short sex-blogger career before he was arrested in Singapore. He was useing his blog and videos to hookup with dozens of women. Apparently, a lot of Singaporean women wanted to check out Gary Ng's skill in bed after seeing what he was capable of. LOL… But all good things must come to an end. The Straits Times report:

Gary Ng, the man dubbed Singapore's Edison Chen was sentenced to 50 months' jail and fined S$20,000 (RM46,400) on Wednesday for a series of offences.

Gary, whose real name is Chen Guilin, 28, had admitted to having 507 obscene films, mostly of himself having sex with other women.

Some of the women were willing parties for the filming while others were not. He had hidden a video camera in a plastic bag with a slit to film his acts and uploaded some on the Internet.

The former property agent had also pleaded guilty to four charges of forgery and one count each of housebreaking and theft, criminal breach of trust and unlawfully having another person's identity card. He committed a total of 21 offences from 2006 to June last year involving property worth S$171,770 (RM398,506).

The prosecution had earlier urged the court to impose a heavy fine and at least four years' jail in view of the severe aggravating factors.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Paul Wong said Chen was a recalcitrant offender, and that all the offences were dishonest involving pre-planning and scheming.

Chen's lawyer, Savliwala Din had told the court in mitigation that his client made no excuse for his wrongdoing.

Chen turned to crime when he could not earn enough money from his commissions as a real estate agent, his lawyer added.

Damn, so it was the rescission that caused the fall of the legendary Gary Ng…. and made him turn to a life of crime. Anyway, Gary Ng was arrested after his 27-year-old girlfriend lodged a police report against him. A female lawyer, who represented his girlfriend, had worked with the police to trap Gary Ng by pretending to be eager to sleep with him. The 32C accountant chick in the video below is not that female lawyer but it can't hurt to pretend. Enjoy! The Screen Shots:

Here Gary Ng is fucking a chick I think he is claiming to be his cousin. I don't believe that claim but the interesting about this video is the chick kept covering her face and always try to avoid eye contact with Gary. You would think she was aware she was being recorded or perhaps she is really Gary's cousin. LOL… 

Download the Sex Video After the Screen Shots Below!

Gary Ng titled this video "Sg My Cousin" when he uploaded to a popular amateur porn site way before he became famous. Lets hope my theory hold true about all these women Gary is fucking in these videos and they are mostly prostitutes. And most importantly, this chick is not his cousin but rather a cheap freelance hooker off the streets of Singapore. Or else this video is pretty disgusting…. Enjoy! The Screen Shots:

Here Gary Ng tearing up some pussy in the shower with his camera running as always. The dude actually took a good bath even soaping up and all while fucking this skinny chick.




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When Your Spouse Comes Out

When a Spouse Comes Out of the Closet

Pakatan posing as Wanita Umno members, Shahrizat warns Kerdau
One Muslim marriage was dissolved every 15 minutes in 2009, according to a recent study by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).
Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim said the figure was rising over the years due to the couples' lack of "religious piety".
She added that Jakim would introduce more programmes to educate the public on how to strengthen their family bonds, Sinar Harian reported.The Mars versus Venus duel often comes to the fore between the sheets.

She needs lots of foreplay, while he needs to go for it straightaway. It is one of the common problems faced by couples, and if not tackled with care, this sexual incompatibility inevitably starts affecting relationships at every phase. Also termed 'discrepant libidos', it has been observed as the most common cause for dissatisfaction in a relationship.

Reasons for incompatibility

After teaching one of The Smart Divorce Workshops two years ago, a participant confided that she left her marriage because her husband declared he was gay. Since that time I have heard from a number of my divorce consulting clients about the same reason contributing to their divorce. And, I have had several colleagues share variations of the same story–a husband coming home mid-day from work, only to find his wife in bed with another woman–and then, their subsequent divorce. While in all the cases the straight spouse felt alone and confused upon learning this revelation that their spouse was gay or lesbian, this situation is not as uncommon as you might think.
When a Spouse Comes Out of the Closet
When discussing these circumstances with my clients, their stories were not dissimilar. In some instances they were blindsided by the revelations, and astounded by the question friends would ask "How could you not know?" because there weren't always obvious signs that their partner is struggling with his or her sexual orientation. They experienced loving, sexually fulfilling relationships.. Then there were others who had some inkling, but never really confronted it until finally a declaration of sexual orientation was admitted.
Conservative estimates indicate that roughly two million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals in the United States have married someone of the opposite sex. When these partners come out of the closet, one-third of these relationships break up right away, a third stay together for a year and then separate, and another third commit to making it work–although three years later, only half of this last group of relationships are still intact.
In an effort to better understand what my clients were experiencing, I spoke with Amity Pierce Buxton Ph.D., the founder of Straight Spouse Network(SSN), whose husband declared he was gay after over 20 years of marriage. Buxton says that "a spouse's coming out within a marriage is not an individual event. It impacts everyone in the family circle. The straight husband or wife and their children go through their own struggle to understand and accept the revealed information from their perspective. They, too, are affected by the social stigmatization and heterosexist expectations that helped influence their partners to marry." Buxton has researched the impact of a spouse coming out on the family; her research is 
extensive and spans 24 years. She found that "disclosure and its aftermath within a family occurs in waves, starting with the act of coming out (or being discovered) after an internal struggle to acknowledge his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. Once an individual is "out", the second wave begins, as the straight wife or husband deals with what it means. As the two spouses deal with the revelation, each from a different viewpoint, a third wave of coming-out begins when they tell their children or they find out."
Responses to each stage varies. Some straight spouses feel that this is a nightmare. They become very confused, and can come to question the reality of the entire relationship. Some experience a sense of relief, if they had wondered what was wrong with the relationship.
Buxton suggests that there are three issues that arise that need to be dealt with right away when a spouse discloses his or her sexual orientation: sexuality, the marriage, and the children. Alongside these immediate concerns, three deep crises emerge in: READMORE Shahrizat Warns Saifool mania and don't Ape Rosmah the Husband Snatcher One Muslim marriage dissolved every 15 minutes in M'sia




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Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Saturday vowed to defend party president Najib Abdul Razak to his last breath.
"If anyone wants to topple Najib, they would have to cross over the body of this person in front of you.
"We will have to defend him. The blood that flows in his veins is the (second Prime Minister) Abdul Razak (Hussein)'s blood, the blood of a warrior who defended us, Umno, the BN and the rakyat," he said.
Ahmad Zahid, who is also defence minister, delivered his stirring pledge at an event hosted by BN Merlimau Pasir to a dismal turnout of about 100 people.
He was speaking alongside Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Ahmad Maslan.
They are part of a large entourage of cabinet ministers and top BN leaders who have come to Merlimau in the final lap of the campaign in a state seat which has been a BN stronghold.
Merlimau Pasir is also where a multipurpose hall named after BN candidate Roslan Ahmad's father stands and where his family home is located.
Zahid: We'll defend Najib to death

abdul razak baginda najib altantuya murder 201108

According to Ahmad Zahid, Najib, who is also prime minister, did not "rock the boat", and is currently continuing and improving the policies of former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after taking over two years ago.
As such, he said, it is ridiculous for Pakatan Rakyat to say that Najib should get the boot like the ousted leaders of Tunisia and Egypt.
Like others who spoke on the BN side in Merlimau, Ahmad Zahid went on the offensive against PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, this time roping in the Turkish government.
The minister said that Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan called Najib his "brother", instead of the usual protocol address of "your excellency" during Najib's recent visit to the European country.
najib first sixth pm speech 040409
He said that Anwar had misled the people into thinking that the Turkish government is on his side, as the Turkey foreign minster, whom the PKR man said he is close to, said he last spoke to Anwar was more than a year ago.
He said the government also corrected Ankara's perception that the ongoing case against Anwar is a continuation of Sodomy I.
"I explained to them that it is a different complaint and it is sexual harassment against an employee," he said.
Poor turnout alarm for BN
Ahmad Zahid was expected to share the stage in Merlimau Pasir with Ummi Hafilda Ali, a witness in Sodomy I who has hit both the campaign trails in Merlimau and Kerdau on behalf of the BN.
helicopter military eurocopter cougor ec 725 troop transporter
However, Ummi, who attracted about 200 people in Chinchin on Thursday, was said to have chosen to spin her yarns about Anwar's wild scandals at the Ayer Merbau event instead.
PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu in ChinchinAbout 500 metres down the road, PAS attracted about 600 people who stood, squatted and sat on the dirt in the dark to listen to popular former PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu.
Speaking in his trademark deadpan humour style, Mohamad drove home the message that criticising Umno does not mean criticising the government nor is it about going against development.
military malaysia fighter plane sukhoi su 30 mkm 290507 02
The marked difference in crowd size may indicate higher support for PAS candidate Yuhaizad Abdullah at the polls on March 6.
It also raises questions about the strength of the Umno machinery, which early into the campaign faced hurdles with several factions of Umno Jasin threatening a boycott as they were unhappy with the candidate selection.
A DAP event featuring Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng drew what looked like a larger crowd than the pro-BN 1Malaysia NGO free dinner-and-dance show, despite the party charging RM30 per head for dinner.
However, it was unclear how many of those in attendance were actually Merlimau voters as several who spoke to Malaysiakini said that they were from neighbouring constituencies.
amin shah omar sshah and malaysia naval ships
Parti Keadilan Rakyat has strongly condemned violence displayed last night during a visit by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to Kerdau, where his vehicle was surrounded by some 30 UMNO supporters who shouted obscenities and threw objects.
PKR's Temerloh chairman Ahmad Nizam Hamid said the men, carrying Barisan Nasional banners and flags, threw stones and nails.
Earlier, Nizam said nails were deliberately strewn on roads leading to Felda's Jengka 22 settlement, where Anwar's speech had been widely anticipated by locals, causing more than 50 motorcycles and cars punctured along the way.
"They also uttered lewd words against Anwar. This is a new culture, because in Pahang, we have never seen this before," said Nizam.
It was however not the first time a by-election in Pahang has been marred by obscenities during campaigning. On March 21, 2000, during nomination day for the Sanggang by-election which pitted PAS's Hishamuddin Yahaya against UMNO's religious scholar Redzwan Harun, the Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob created a storm when he showed lewd gestures at Opposition supporters.
Pictures of his hand gestures were immediately published in opposition papers and widely distributed on the internet. An unrepentant Adnan however refused to express regret, blaming PAS supporters of provocation.
Stooping to a new low
Nizam said an election campaign should have been a "celebration of democracy", not "this nonsense and uncivilised behaviour of UMNO-BN supporters". 

"UMNO is growingly becoming immature and have stooped to the lowest point," he added.

Nizam however reiterated that Pakatan Rakyat supporters had managed to avoid the provocations, and praised police personnel who had taken immediate action to disperse the unruly crowd from hurting passers-by.

The crowd listening to Anwar's speech last night gathered only few metres from a smaller event organised by UMNO which starred Ummi Halfida, the woman who was instrumental in levelling vile accusations against Anwar in 1998.
Ummi had earlier this week addressed UMNO supporters in Merlimau, Melaka, where she indulged in her trademark name-calling and abuse of Anwar.
HOENIX (AP) — A photo taken of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shortly before a shooting rampage erupted in Tucson shows the congresswoman listening intently as she talks with two of her constituents, one of whom also was injured.
Giffords is wearing a bright red coat and bold red necklace, and has her hands clasped in front of her as she speaks to Jim and Doris Tucker of Tucson. Shortly after it was taken, a man walked quickly up to the group, shot Giffords in the head and then shot 18 others at the "Congress on Your Corner" event. Six were killed in the Jan. 8 attack, including a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl, and 13 more were injured, including Giffords.READMORE Zionist Baptized Paraian Ahmad Zahid will rather share bed with UMNO'S Prostitute Ummi Hafilda Ali then break the Walls of Muslim Division



If U dun help us, we won't help U! This is our strategy!!!

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 11:00 AM PST

This is how a senior BN leader treats the people of Malaysia!

NONESarawak United Peoples' Party (SUPP) president and Deputy Chief Minister George Chan told some 5,000 delegates at the state BN convention that if voters refuse to back BN, the ruling coalition will not help them when it returns to power.

He recounted the bitter lesson from the Sibu by-election in which Najib had given RM15 million to Chinese schools, but BN "tetap mati" (still died).

"I always believe in 'you help me, I help you', and that it is not right if 'I help you, you makan (eat) me'. I don't believe our people are like that."

Then he issued his warning.

"If you don't help us, when we are back (in power), we don't help you. That's our strategy."

Chan said this when debating the keynote address delivered earlier today by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Chan's session was closed to media but his speech could be heard through a loudspeaker set up outside the convention hall.

I can understand if this statement comes from the leader of a gangster but isn't it the duty of the state govt to help all it's people regardless of political affiliation?!! The resources of the State belongs to all Sarawak people!
But this clearly reflects the mentality of the BN leaders who treats the resources of the Malaysian
people as their own piggy bank and distribute it among their own cronies!

Defer unpopular policies

Meanwhile, Chan also called on the federal government to defer unpopular policies until BN is done with the state election.

"For example, stop the increase of petrol prices. We hope the federal leaders will not increase it in the next two to three months," he said.

During today's one-day convention, held to consolidate the ruling coalition before it faces the state election expected to be called next month, BN leaders from the component parties called on each other to enhance coalition unity.

This again reflects the insincerity of this BN leader who are prepared to be nice to the people before the election but don't care about the people after the election!!

I just hope the people of Sarawak are not as dumb as what the BN leaders think they are!

What An Australian Journalist Thinks

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 07:38 AM PST

A tale of two Malaysian aristocrats

This has been a week of Malaysia in foreign policy circles, though you'd hardly know it from the news. We've had both the Malaysian Prime Minister and his most stinging critic here at the same time.

Najib Razak and Raja Petra Kamarudin look like peas in a pod: amiable, worldly and articulate members of an aristocratic elite which has long included Australia in its stamping ground, its tuns and tunkus familiar faces at our racecourses and going off the radar in Kings Cross.

On Thursday, Najib, 57, was getting a 19-gun salute outside Federal Parliament and a welcome from Julia Gillard. Scion of Pahang state nobility and son of a previous prime minister, he has been Malaysia's Prime Minister for nearly two years and heads the dominant United Malays National Organisation, or UMNO, in power since independence in 1957.
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Petra, 60, has been working smaller, less formal gatherings of expat Malaysians in Sydney and Canberra. He's another Malay aristocrat, from Selangor's royal family, but has been a political exile for two years, fleeing repeated detentions without trial under the draconian Internal Security Act, and running his critical website, Malaysia Today, from London.

Of the two, though, I suspect the Prime Minister lies abed more uneasily.

The dutiful but lukewarm welcome in Canberra, reciprocating a two-day visit by Gillard to Kuala Lumpur, reflects the scandals and political question marks that hover around Najib.

When he was defence minister, signs of huge kickbacks arose from military equipment deals. After the purchase of French submarines, a young Mongolian model involved in the negotiations, Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa, turned up in Kuala Lumpur seeking money and was murdered by two of Najib's bodyguards. She was the lover of a senior Najib aide, who escaped conviction in the case.

Petra says he was told by the "No. 2" in Malaysia's military intelligence that Najib's wife was "at the scene of the crime". He filed a statutory declaration about this to the court, but it was not followed up. Instead, Petra himself was arrested. Hit with sedition and criminal defamation charges, he fled when he could. "I am not accusing him of being involved in the murder," Petra said this week. "I do accuse him of not answering a lot of questions that have been raised."

In Canberra Najib would have also been aware that 60 of our MPs signed a petition urging him to drop what they see as a fabricated sodomy charge against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, brought after his coalition sharply cut the UMNO-led government's majority in 2008.

He would know, too, that Malaysian policies do not impress here. John Lee, at Sydney's Centre for Independent Studies, has just written of the "enduring cancer" of the pro-Malay affirmative action instituted 30 years ago by Najib's father, Abdul Razak, after race riots. While lessening the income gap with Chinese Malaysians (25 per cent of the population) and Indian Malaysians (10 per cent), it has created a rent-seeking Malay elite. Public sector jobs and subsidies for Malays add to persistently large budget deficits, funded from oil and gas reserves that will run out in 15 years.

Australian visitors to Malaysia soon get the sense of a dumbed-down country, with insipid media controlled by UMNO or the government, a pervasive fear of the huge Special Branch, a debased judiciary, and mediocre universities where entry is by racial quota rather than by merit.

Hal Hill, an economist specialising in South-East Asia at the Australian National University, wrote this week that Malaysia was now struggling to lift its economy out of low-skill activities, with the difficulty worsened by the pro-Malay policies that have created a "culture of entitlement" and pervasive "institutionalised leakages".

Anwar's challenge to UMNO has renewed fear of unscrupulous politicians stirring racial conflict. Behind the official multiculturalism of "Malaysia, truly Asia" lie suspicions and stereotyping, surveys show – "lazy" Malays, "greedy" Chinese, "untrustworthy" Indians. A lot of parliamentary "debate" is just racial abuse, Petra says: "You shutup-lah, you don't belong in this country."

Record numbers of ethnic Chinese and Indians are leaving, along with vast amounts of capital. In one of the WikiLeaks cables, a senior Singapore diplomat, Tommy Koh, worried about race riots causing a flood of Malaysia's minorities into his small island.

Najib is smart enough to know he has to address the rising sense of corruption and privilege that has diverted support from UMNO and its Chinese and Indian-based coalition partners. A year ago he announced his "New Economic Model", emphasising growth instead of redistribution.

But Lee says actual changes have been "piecemeal" and don't yet amount to significant reform. Najib's UMNO colleagues enjoy the "vast and deep network of rent-seeking and patronage" built up over the past 30 years. Malay voters might hate their cronyism, but not affirmative action itself.

Petra says his ginger group, the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement, is prodding Anwar's opposition into spelling out its plans for reform. As well as his court case, he says, Anwar has baggage: as a former UMNO minister, he helped build the existing system; he is suspect in the mostly Christian states of North Borneo for his Islamist outlook. "We don't want to remove one monster and find ourselves with a bigger monster," he said.

In Malaysia a Middle East-style mass uprising isn't needed, Petra says. With only half the 15 million eligible voters actually casting a vote, just 300,000 more opposition votes in the right places could have tipped UMNO out in 2008. With 5000 Facebook friends, 20,000 Twitter followers, and half a million unique visitors to Malaysia Today, Petra is hoping to wake up the middle class – "the satisfied class, the ones who live in bungalows and drive BMWs" – and persuade them Malaysia could be doing a lot, lot better.

Najib is expected to call an early election this year, possibly after the likely verdict on Anwar in August, to obtain his own mandate and entrench his power. Petra thinks it will be the last chance for major change for a very long time: "Either we do it this time or we'll never do it."

Taib “A Place In the Sun”

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 07:02 AM PST

At the one day BN convention Taib was at his element. There was a swagger about him and his delivery set the tone for the rests of the speakers for the convention. The main stream media will be covering the speeches of the various BN leaders in full and we will be getting it at our breakfast table.

Taib hit hard at the opposition with their brand of politics which consists of a lot of propaganda and perception, BN he says practises the "politics of reality" wherby the people can judge for themselves the services provided by the government for the lasts 45 years. The BN Government has not left out anyone and they have brought tremendous development to all Sarawakians at all levels.

What he said and how he put forward his version of democracy and explained it in detail with no stones left unturned was very inspiring and captivating. He moved the BN component members by saying that the opposition need to know that Sarawak practises democracy of the highest order with of the people,by the people and for the people. He asked the opposition not to provide lip service only but to know their facts first and don't only shout at the top of their voices.

Taib touched on education and he knows with education Sarawakians can hold their own in the world. He really dug deep on how Sarawakians can stand proud in the field of education. We need to uplift the educational standards in our schools and our children will have a place in the sun.  He spoke about Unimas,Technical college,Lodge school and also St.Joseph's school. Its very clear that he is pushing for standards to be uplifted in the state to prepare the future generation to be able to stand proudly as highly qualified Sarawakians. In other words he is saying,"we must project Sarawakians to be above the rests in the academic and technical world."

I asked SPDP Pending Information chief and he said ,"CM memang pandai' Its a song and a movie and we checked it out and how he came about this. CM always uses examples which he holds close to his chests and will unleash it at the right time and proper avenue. This BN convention and the one held in KL he has delivered the speech that the people want to hear and will leave the convention saying,"that will stay with me for a long time." 

He used the film title of 1951-A place in the sun and Stevie wonders song 'A place in the sun" as examples. CM gave a thunderous blow to the hearts of the opposition in his speech today and many internet blogs are already posting it up.

It has been a long day and Taib today is sending a clear message to all his detractors and the opposition. We would like you all to hear this song and sing it together with the lyrics and tell us whether Taib has got it right again.    

Like a long lonely stream
I keep runnin' towards a dream
Movin' on, movin' on
Like a branch on a tree
I keep reachin' to be free
Movin' on, movin' on

'Cause there's a place in the sun
Where there's hope for ev'ryone
Where my poor restless heart's gotta run
There's a place in the sun
And before my life is done
Got to find me a place in the sun

Like an old dusty road
I get weary from the load
Movin' on, movin' on
Like this tired troubled earth
I've been rollin' since my birth
Movin' on, movin' on

There's a place in the sun
Where there's hope for ev'ryone
Where my poor restless heart's gotta run
There's a place in the sun
And before my life is done
Got to find me a place in the sun

You know when times are bad
And you're feeling sad
I want you to always remember

Yes, there's a place in the sun
Where there's hope for ev'ryone
Where my poor restless heart's gotta run
There's a place in the sun
Where there's hope for ev'ryone
Where my poor restless heart's gotta run
There's a place in the sun
Where there's hope for ev'ryone…


Utusan Untuk Encik Roslan bin Abdul Shukor / A Message For Encik Roslan bin Abdul Shukor

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 06:52 AM PST

"Kamu budak Cina dan India jangan sombong. Jangan ingat kamu hebat dan pandai sangat. Rekod jenayah polis – yang merompak, yang membunuh semuanya Cina, yang menculik, yang rampas kereta semuanya India. Melayu – satu pun tak ada. Kamu jangan fikir kamu punya agama bagus sangat, ini Tanah Melayu, ingat baik-baik."

Wahai Encik Roslan bin Abdul Shukor,

Begitulah bunyinya kata-kata cikgu sewaktu saya di Tingkatan Satu.

Cikgu mungkin lupa memandangkan insiden tersebut sudah begitu lama.

Namun, saya tidak.

Saya ingat, saya ingat dengan jelas sekali.

Begitukah kelakuan dan pemikiran seorang guru disiplin sekolah kebangsaan?

Begitukah cara cikgu mendidik dan membimbing budak-budak mentah?

Pernahkah cikgu berfikir tentang kesan dan ekoran kata-kata kamu yang begitu menghasut dan penuh kebencian?

Sebenarnya dan sememangnya jelas sekali, kamu sebenarnya tidak berminat untuk memantapkan sifat berdisiplin dalam sanubari pelajar-pelajar kamu.

Kamu hanya berminat untuk mematuhi arahan tuan kamu iaitu Pemuda UMNO.

Kamu hanya bertujuan untuk memastikan kami yang berkaum bukan Melayu akan senantiasa akur pada konsep dan bohong Ketuanan Melayu.

Itulah sebabnya kamu begitu jelasnya berat sebelah dalam keputusan dan tindakan kamu.

Namun, kamu bodoh dan rabun jauh.

Minta maaf la sekiranya kata-kata saya kurang sopan tetapi kebenaran tetap kebenaran.

Kamu tidak pernah berfikir dan mempertimbangkan kemungkinan pelajar-pelajar bukan Melayu yang dulunya diracuni propaganda UMNO kamu akan kembali menghantui kamu sebagai doktor pakar perubatan dan pembedahan.

Ya, cikgu – saya bukan dalam kejahilan.

Cikgu Roslan yang dulunya begitu sombong dan penuh perkauman kini diserang pelbagai masalah kesihatan.

Saya juga sedia maklum bahawa Cikgu Roslan tidak lama lagi perlu menjalani rawatan dialysis.

Jangan bimbang cikgu yang tersayang, saya sebagai doktor tetap akan memberikan rawatan yang sewajarnya.

Saya hanya berharap, sewaktu kamu terpasang ke mesin dialysis untuk empat jam tiga kali seminggu, kamu imbas semula kata-kata kamu yang penuh kebencian dan insaf dengan seikhlas-ikhlasnya.

Sebagai penganut Kristian, satu agama yang pernah kamu caci dengan sewenang-wenangnya, saya memaafkan segala kesalahan kamu, termasuklah semua perkataan dan tindakan kamu yang penuh kebencian kepada kaum dan agama saya.

Walau bagaimanapun, ingin saya luahkan isi hati saya yang mungkin terpendam dalam minda rakan-rakan saya di Tingkatan Satu dulunya itu.



Yang Ikhlas,



"You Chinese and Indians, don't be so cocky. Don't think you are so great and brilliant. Police records show – armed robberies and murders are all committed by Chinese, kidnapping dan hijacking are all by Indians. Malays, not even a single one. Don't think your religion is so great – this is Tanah Melayu – remember that."

Dear Encik Roslan bin Abdul Shukor,

Those were your words back when I was in Form One.

You may have forgotten them since they were so long ago.

I have not, however.

I remember them well, very well in fact.

Are those the appropriate words of a disciplinary master in a national school?

Is that the way to teach and guide innocent children?

Have you ever thought about the consequences of your hate-filled words of slander?

Actually it is clear and obvious even then, you were never interested to enforce discipline among us students.

You were only concerned about fulfilling the wishes and directives of your masters in UMNO Youth.

Your only intention was to ensure that us non-Malay kids would forever subscribe to the falsehood that is Malay Supremacy.

That is why you were always biased in your decisions and actions.

However, you were stupid and short-sighted.

I bid a casual sorry if my words are blunt but the truth needs to be told.

You never weighed the possibility that your previous non-Malay students previously poisoned by your hatred and racism would one day return to haunt you as physicians and surgeons.

Yes, indeed Encik Roslan – I am not in the dark.

Cikgu Roslan the previously arrogant and racist bastard is now afflicted with multiple health problems.

I am also aware that your kidneys are now failing to the extent that you will require dialysis soon.

Don't you worry my beloved teacher – as an ethical doctor I will still offer you the appropriate treatment.

I hope that when you are connected to the dialysis machine for four hours three times a week, you will remember your hate-filled words of yesteryears and repent with sincerity.

As a Christian, a religion that you criticized at your whims and fancy, I forgive you for your wrongs – even those that were filled with hatred towards my ethnicity dan spiritual beliefs.

Nevertheless, allow me to express something which has been entrenched in my mind and those of my then Form One classmates.





The Seeds of 'Jasmine Revolution' in Malaysia

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 05:48 AM PST

By Admin

Has anyone else felt as if they are watching everything fall apart around them right now? As those of us in Muscat drink our third or fourth Starbucks of the week, complain about the traffic and contemplate whether we spend the weekend by the beach or driving up in the mountains, people in the world are fighting for what they believe in. People assume that those living in the Middle East deal with protests, suicide bombers and crazy dictators on a daily basis. But for me at least, in Oman, the restrictions are not so obvious – except pork, alcohol and media related. I have found it fascinating watching the events in Tunisia and Egypt unfolding – one of those real "watching history unfold" type moments .

So The Scribe is wondering about the state of affairs here in Oman and indeed in Malaysia. We are now hearing a kind of paranoia gripping the BN/Umno Regime in Malaysia. It's leaders such as the Prime Minister Najib Razak and Deputy PM Muhydeen sre talking about a 'Coup D'Etat' in Malaysia while Defense Minister Zahid Hamid has declared that he is willing to die to save the Prime Minister. The Big Question here is "Are we gonna have the 13th General Election in Malaysia or are we gonna have a 'Jasmine Revolution' in Malaysia. Whatever the case, regime change in Malaysia in whatever form is now ripe.

Just as in Egypt and Tunisia, Malaysians can't have a Free and Fair Elections when the Police, Armed Forces, the Election Commission, the MACC, the entire Civil Service are at the behest of the BN/Umno Regime. To add to this, we have a biased and manipulative media that is pro-BN/Umno. All these should suffice to create another Jasmine Revolution in Malaysia. One must remember that the Jasmine Revolution was not orchestrated by any political party or foreign government but by simple patriotic citizens who simply got fed up by the arrogance and abuses by the ruling regimes.

Coming back to Oman,inSalalah, Sohar and Muscat there has been significant protests over the last week as we all know. There have been Royal Decrees issued all week. The picture above is from the very well written blog by Dan & Jillian Kearney, who are teachers based in Sohar. Go and read their blog, there are some excellent insights and images there. I hope they don't mind I pinched the picture above!

The main demands (10 in total) have been posted on the Al Harah web forum, and I've posted them here (as best as I can tell after Google Translate has had a go):

1. A formal and explicit apology from the Omani Government, in various media, to the families of martys, wounded, prisoners. And that there is just compensation for these people.

2. Removal of the Inspector General of the Royal Oman Police because he is responsible for deaths in sohar

3. The Resignation of the Attorney General because he used to report to IG of Police, and the new AG to be an selected from the Judges.

4. Determination of a group of judges of the Supreme Court to oversee the Commission on the Truth The current problem of the public prosecutor on the events of Sohar, with an emphasis on the Committee's deliberations to be open and published in the media first hand.

5. The dismissal of cabinet ministers who said the people by refusing to, and not assigned to any position, official or ceremonial; Ali bin Majid Al Ma'amari, Ahmed bin Abdul Nabi Macki, Maqbool bin Ali bin Sultan, Khamis bin Mubarak Al Alawi, Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Rashidi, and Chancellor Abdul Aziz Bin Mohammed Al Rawas.

6. The formation of the Government of competencies and a national at the earliest opportunity, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister appointed by the Sultan for a period of two years, so that you are the government - in addition to her duties - reviewed all of the popular demands that emerged from the demonstrations and sit-ins in various regions of the Sultanate, carried out the following priorities:
1 - the formation of economic committee composed of experts Omani economists the task of putting packs economic urgency, to address the claims of economic made by the protesters, with a focus on the problems of unemployed workers and the poor classes in society, and the low salaries of public and private sectors, military, retirees, and to develop radical solutions to the national economy, particularly acquisitions and the crisis of economic monopoly.
2 - to form a committee of experts from the field of education to review the various stages of the educational system, including higher education and its institutions.

7. The formation of an independent judicial commission to investigate cases of corruption and financial security and administrative support.

8. Establishing a National Council for the drafting of the Constitution of Oman, that the ends of his works, to present the draft constitution to a popular referendum in a maximum period of two years from the date of the establishment of the Council.

9. The establishment of a constitutional court separate and apart from the Supreme Court.

10. Expanding the powers of the Shura Council in Legislature and Regulatory matters, and held accountable to the Council of Ministers until the adoption of the Constitution of Oman.

And today, in what is been seen as really big news, HM has acted and removed the following people from office:

Ali bin Majid Al Ma'amari, minister of Royal Office, oman's security apparatus. He's been replaced by General Sultan Al Nu'mani, presently head of Royal Court Affairs.

Nasr bin Humood Al Kindi takes place of Sultan Al Nu'mani at Royal Court Affairs

Ali bin Humood Al Busaidi, minister of Diwan has been replaced by Khalid bin Hilal

EC on Election Offense

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 04:23 AM PST

Story to Follow
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Green light for 1M'sia logo on polling day

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 03:47 AM PST

The Election Commission today said there is no problem with anyone putting up the 1Malaysia logo tomorrow when voters in two state constituencies go to the ballot box. EC deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said as long as the logos displayed are not directly related to BN or PAS, they is permissible. Wan Ahmad said the commission will not allow either side to display their party logos, particularly on vehicles used to ferry voters to polling stations. "In the past, they used flags and logos. We've discussed this with the police, and it is considered campaigning," he said at a press conference in Temerloh. To replace the flags and logos, Wan Ahmad said political parties can use A4-sized coloured paper to identify the vehicles that they will use. "BN will be blue, and PAS will be green," he said.
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Posted: 05 Mar 2011 05:38 AM PST

The Academy Award for Cowardice must be shared.

A prominent 19th century preacher knew how to spark the flame of violence against immigrants with different religious beliefs: Portray them as part of an international conspiracy against America's way of life.
Lyman Beecher's fiery tract in 1835, "A Plea for the West," ignited fears of a Catholic plot to empty out on America's shores "the sweeping of the streets" of Europe "to lay their inexperienced hand upon the helm of our power." Shortly after one of the Presbyterian minister's anti-Catholic sermons in Boston, a mob burned down an Ursuline sisters convent in Charlestown.
His voice was not an anomaly in American religious history. Similar rhetoric stripping individuals of their humanity and indiscriminately grouping them together as the cause of a nation's fears would contribute to generations of Jewish immigrants encountering virulent anti-Semitism.
We have long feared what we do not know. And we still do, new research suggests.
The good news: It doesn't have to be that way. Getting to know evangelicals, atheists, Muslims and Buddhists as individuals leads to greater acceptance of people of diverse beliefs, Robert Putnam of Harvard University and David Campbell of the Univeristy of Notre Dame indicate in their book, American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.
The proof: Catholics and Jews today are held in the same warm regard by other Americans as mainline Protestants, Beecher's tradition, according to the research.
"Jews are the best liked religious group in the country," Putnam and Campbell write.
Yet the nation still has a long way to go to embrace religious diversity.
Putnam and Campbell found that other groups such as evangelicals and nonreligious Americans were moderately unpopular relative to mainline Protestants, Catholics and Jews, and Muslims and Buddhists were among the least liked religious groups in the nation.
Familiarity Breeds Acceptance
In their Faith Matters Surveys, Putnam and Campbell asked participants to indicate how warm they feel toward different religious groups, with zero degrees being as cold as possible and 100 degrees as warm as possible. They took a random sample of 3,108 Americans in the summer of 2006 followed up in 2007 with a survey of 1,909 of the earlier respondents.
Jews, Catholics and mainline Protestants ranked at the top of this "feeling thermometer," above the mean score of 55 degrees for all groups.
Evangelical Protestants and nonreligious individuals fell below the average, but slightly above a neutral score of 50 degrees. Three groups that were among the least popular with scores below the neutral level were Mormons, Muslims and Buddhists.
Various factors contributed to the results, including a long-term decline in anti-Semitism related to increasing awareness of the Holocaust. What keeps emerging from the research, however, is the value of relationships in bridging religious differences.
Consider how Americans' ties to one another appear to be reflected in their attitudes toward religious groups other than their own:
• Twenty-one percent of respondents to the Panel Study of American Religion and Ethnicity said Islam was the religion they least respected; just 2 percent said it was the faith they respected most other than their own. In the same study, 71 percent of respondents said they never had a conversation in the last year with someone who they knew was a Muslim. By comparison, more than half said they did not talk to someone who does not believe God exists and 41 percent said they did not have a conversation with an evangelical. Only 18 percent never talked to a Catholic.
• In the 2002 to 2003 Religion and Diversity Survey, 90 percent of respondents said they would welcome Christians becoming a stronger presence in the United States, but fewer than six in 10 said they would be as supportive of Hindus, Buddhists or Muslims. In the same survey, less than a quarter of respondents said they have had more than a little contact with Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims.
• When people met across faith lines, the experiences were mostly positive, according to the Religion and Diversity Survey. About two-thirds of respondents said their contacts with Muslims were mostly pleasant; 6 percent said they were mostly unpleasant. Three-quarters said their contacts with Buddhists were mostly pleasant, with 3 percent saying they were mostly unpleasant.
And therein lies the hope for the future.
The More You Know…
The effort to bring together people of diverse backgrounds "actually works," Campbell said.
You might think people just want to be with others like themselves, but Campbell said, "Our evidence suggests that it does go the other way," that the more people build relationships with people of different beliefs, the more accepting they are of other faiths.
For example, the authors found that the "feeling thermometer" score for evangelicals rose seven degrees among those people who gained an evangelical friend.
The increased civility did not stop there. Putnam and Campbell also found convincing evidence of a spillover effect, that "as people build more religious bridges they become warmer toward people of many different religions, not just those religions represented within their social network."
There are enough individuals today who are willing, like Beecher was more than 150 years ago, to paint members of religious groups from evangelicals to atheists to Muslims with the broad brush of being part of an unquestioning "army of soldiers … spreading over the land" to do the bidding of anti-American leaders.
But they do not have to have the last word.
America's ability to foster and create webs of interlocking personal relationships among people of many different faiths is the key to solving the puzzle of religious pluralism, Putnam and Campbell write.
"This," the authors conclude, "is America's grace."
David Briggs writes the Ahead of the Trend column for the Association of Religion Data Archives.


Where are our cows?

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 09:41 AM PST

Merlimau Melaka, March 5,2011 Story to follow.
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Don't incite people to revolt, DPM warns Pakatan

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 03:37 AM PST

Muhyiddin Yassin has warned the opposition not to play with fire by instigating the people to topple the government similar to the uprising taking place in some Middle Eastern countries. The deputy prime minister said the attempt by opposition leaders to compare Malaysia with the situation in the turmoil-hit countries was smacked of irresponsibility. "This act of provocation by the opposition, to me, is irresponsible, undemocratic and deliberately done to create chaos when everyone knows the actual situation is peaceful and the country is prosperous and progressing rapidly. "The people are also enjoying a higher level of development compared to those countries," he told reporters after attending a get-together with the people in Kampung Badok, Temerloh.
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TPM kata penduduk Kerdau menyampah pada Anwar

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 02:56 AM PST

Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin berpendapat, insiden Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dikasari di kawasan Felda di Kerdau mungkin disebabkan penduduk kawasan itu menyampah dengannya. "Itu (terjadi) kalau orang Felda tak boleh menerima Anwar. Kerana itu kampung mereka sendiri, itu hak merekalah," kata Muhyddin yang juga timbalan presiden Umno. "Mungkin kerana mereka dah menyampah, (dan) tidak hendak dengar lagi cerita karut-marut dan berdosa lagi. Jadi lebih baik (Anwar) jangan masuk."
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Islam - A False Religion of Lies, Hate and Violence, Part 4

Posted: 05 Mar 2011 01:22 AM PST

by A. Sayer

*Muslim Brainwashing*


"Say": = used 303 times (Used in the context of instructing someone to "say" something)


"Say" is most often used in an "if" > "then" context; if someone says such and such, then reply like this:...


Example: [11:35] IF they say, "He made up this story," THEN say, "If I made it up, then I am responsible for my crime, and I am innocent of any crime you commit."


In other instances, the "say" instruction is part of textual conversation that attempts to speculate what others will (might) say in any given argument, so Muslims are rehearsed in what they should respond.


This shows how the Quran is a book of argument and rebuttal to other religions. It is an after-the-fact response TO other religions; a knee-jerk reaction, NOT a book that has been actually inspired BY God, nor is it in harmony with God's Scriptures. It seeks to brainwash and "program" it's followers to be contentious, not inspire them to free thought and emotion,much less peaceful intentions. Is there any wonder why Muslims have trouble thinking for themselves, but rather, always flock to some kind of (radical) Muslim leader?


By the way, for the record, the inspired Scriptures of God do NOT attempt to refute other religions so, nor do they attempt to brainwash or program people in what they should "say" to other religions, as the Quran does. The Scriptures stand on their own and do not depend on the Quran (or any other religious writing) - the Quran draws heavily upon the Scriptures, but, ironically, contradicts most of the Scriptures it attempts to quote, particularly where atonement for sin and salvation by Jesus are concerned.

*A First Hand Experience with Muslim Violence*


Some Muslims today HATE free thought and expression, particularly when it comes to exposing their religion and "prophet" (Muhammad) as false. They simply can't stand it when someone questions Islam or implies that it's not all that it's cracked up to be. Anytime someone does dare cast a negative light on Islam, their first and only thought is getting revenge (to silence any voice that speaks disparagingly of Islam) by KILLING them. They can't solve it by prayer, faith or turning the other cheek, nor can "Allah" silence a challenging voice - they MUST attempt to DO something vicious and lethal themselves.


As a number of writers, like Salmon Rushdie, can attest, speaking out against Islam can be very dangerous. Many anti-Islamic writers have become prime targets for Muslim terrorists, and, over the years, a number of them HAVE been successfully killed (usually in countries other than America).


*This* writer was once such target. One Muslim, who couldn't deal with the hard questions and pointed observations about Islam and Muslims, declared, "Ins Allah ("God willing") - I'll be seeing YOU in __~__ !" (my town). Naturally, this threat was more than enough evidence for the FBI to (swiftly!) pick him up, and he hasn't been heard from since (he used to be quiteprolific on Islamic news groups, posting from ""). Good riddance - the world is a better place without 'im.


Beyond the fact that it was REAL DUMB for him to publicly make such a threat (he had NO business coming to "see me" at all), there's the fact that Muslims think that, because they are not FREE to question Islam, no one else should be. In Islamic countries, even the simplest questions about Islam and the Quran can lead to serious punishment and suffering. I have read several accounts of such punishments, for nothing more than a slight suspicion of Islam voiced in a simple question. If you're a Muslim child, you don't DARE ask about any of the countless contradictions, impossible "logic" or inconsistencies you are certain to encounter!


But, the rest of the non-Muslim world IS free to question Islam, think about it and speak their minds on the subject. This bothers Muslims greatly. It irks them that things like the Scriptures, which the Quran relies so heavily upon, Due to gross incompetence on Muhammad's part, can be used SO effectively AGAINST their false religion. It is a shame and

embarrassment to them, and one which they can't answer by any other means but with the violence called for IN the Quran.

Malaysia’s Deadly Sinners of Islam. Rule of law Humamity and Devastating Dysfunctional Election Institutions

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 10:54 PM PST


Indonesia freed itself from the grip of dictatorship more than a decade ago to become the world's third largest democracy. Corruption and violence remain serious issues, but the country also has a vibrant civil society.
And as the world's most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia offers an example of how Islam and democracy go hand-in-hand.
Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen reports from Jogjakarta on what analysts have called a success story.

Indonesia's flourishing democracy
Thirteen years after Suharto was brought down, country blossoms into open society.


Only 140,000 members can vote Over the weekend, Home Minister and Umno vice president Hishammuddin Hussein had announced the party would hold "mock" elections or practise runs in March to prepare for the new system of party polls scheduled to be held next year.Hisham, who is also Najib's cousin, had said the dry runs were … Read more

You ask for it, and your wish will come true.
Needless to say, these expenses, which range from a few million to hundreds of million ringgit for each constituency, come from the pockets of taxpayers. 

And, of course, during the handing out of these goodies, residents never cease to be reminded who they must vote for. In fact, some of these promises are conditioned upon their electoral support and a Barisan Nasional (BN) (ruling coalition) win.

You may ask: aren't these bribery?
Of course they are. In fact, they are serious breaches of our election laws.readmore UMNO-BARISAN's Bitterest Brews Nothing Immoral About Devastating Dysfunctional election institutions

    Posted by muslimmalaysia786     my response to "OutSyed the Box: Is The DAP A Chauvinist Party?", a reader who signed off as Paul Warren left the following comment (at Hartal MSM): You just wasted a some bytes writing a crtic on this guy SAA. He's an idiot to have thought that his opnions mattered. Just as … Read more

    (Video) Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim Di PRK Merlimau

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 10:31 PM PST

    Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim di pilihanraya kecil mendapat sambutan hangat telah menakutkan BN sehingga BN menyerang peribadinya secara menyeluruh di sana...

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    Storm in a tupperware

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 09:17 PM PST

    Apparently my last few posting about Tabung Tupperware caused rumbles in the interior but last week there was a full-blown storm.

    It looked like the mention of the company's property arm in Saudi did the trick

    You see all of this is rather perplexing to me because I am just given hints and clues about how bad things are in Tabung Tupperware

    If things are really bad I hope the PM will take action...

    We need revolution INSIDE our institution not OUT on the streets

    If we have the revolution inside our institutions there will be no need for revolution in the streets

    If we do not clean up our rotten institutions the people will rise and demand better from their leaders and if it comes down to violence then everyone loses

    I do hope that this storm in a Tupperware will catch the PM's eyes and he will sort it out, the country doesn't really care if the person running it is linked to some corrupt former Finance Minister II or whoever, they just want a good clean, well run and not corrupt fund managed for their benefit

    And I heard that Tabung Tupperware's chief has even called MACC boss Datuk Abu Kassim because MACC came visiting recently..........I honestly don't know why the call was made or whether it was actually made but if it was then the MACC boss should know that people like me will always find out...

    Datuk Abu Kassim was ranked the fourth most influential person in enforcing ethical business practices, I dearly want him to prove his worth so he can be third or second of even first on the list next year

    Syed Ibrahim pertingkat usaha temui pengundi

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 07:18 PM PST

    TEMERLOH -  "Saya tak fikir soal menang atau kalah, yang penting saya mahu berjumpa pengundi. Itulah menjadi keutamaan saya".

    Itu kata-kata calon Barisan Nasional (BN), Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad yang terus mempertingkatkan usahanya menemui pengundi pada saat terakhir kempen hari ini bagi memastikan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kerdau terus kekal milik BN.

    "Setakat ini, ada pengundi yang sudah empat kali saya jumpa dan tidak pernah rasa bosan atau penat berbuat demikian kerana yakin cara itu saja dapat memenangi hati mereka dan memilih BN," katanya kepada Berita Harian.

    Bagaimanapun, momentum kempen pembangkang yang kelihatan suram dengan kehadiran pemimpin mereka berkempen sekadar 'suam-suam kuku' sejak hampir seminggu lalu, tidak melalaikan jentera BN untuk berusaha keras sehingga tempoh berkempen tamat tengah malam ini.

    Syed Ibrahim berkata, kebanyakan pemimpin tertinggi parti pembangkang hanya datang berkempen sekali saja di sekitar DUN Kerdau, sekali gus keadaan itu mencerminkan tahap keyakinan mereka yang rendah terhadap peluang di DUN ini menjelang hari pengundian esok.

    Beliau berkata, situasi yang dihadapi pembangkang itu memberi petanda baik kepada BN untuk mencapai kemenangan pada pilihan raya kecil itu, tetapi ia bukan alasan untuk jentera BN memperlahankan gerak kerja meraih undi.

    "Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim datang berkempen di Rumpun Makmur malam kelmarin, manakala pemimpin PAS, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat juga setakat ini hanya datang sekali saja.
    "Kurangnya sokongan pemimpin tertinggi pembangkang ini seolah-olah menunjukkan mereka mengetahui peluang rendah di sini tetapi ia bukan sebab untuk kita.

    Roslan yakin terus kekal mandat

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 07:16 PM PST

    MERLIMAU – '."Saya sudah melakukan yang terbaik dan hanya tawakal serta berserah kepada pengundi untuk membuat pilihan," kata calon Barisan Nasional (BN), Roslan Ahmad menjelang hari penentuan Pilihan Raya Kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Merlimau, esok.

    Roslan, 44, bagaimanapun yakin kemenangan berpihak kepadanya berdasarkan sambutan dan maklum balas pengundi sepanjang tujuh hari beliau berkempen dan atas faktor BN sememangnya mendapat sokongan pengundi di kawasan itu sejak sekian lama.

    "Momentum itu akan memberi kelebihan kepada saya. Insya-Allah ia akan diterjemahkan kepada undi, Ahad ini," kata bekas Pengurus Bahagian Pembangunan Bisnes dan Sosio-Ekonomi, Perbadanan Melaka Hol-dings Sdn Bhd itu ketika ditemui di Permatang Serai, semalam.

    Selepas solat Jumaat, Roslan ditemani isteri, Zalifah Omar, 38, meneruskan kempen ke Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Tun Syed Zahiruddin menyertai program ramah mesra bersama nelayan muda di Jeti Merlimau Pantai dan veteran UMNO serta menyertai Sukan 1Malaysia di Taman Muhibbah.

    Sehingga semalam, beliau sudah menemui lebih 80 peratus pengundi DUN Merlimau dan akan menggunakan kesempatan pada fasa terakhir kempen untuk melakukan tinjauan mesra di seluruh DUN, manakala baki 20 peratus lagi pengundi menetap di luar yang didekati melalui laman sosial Facebook.

    Sementara itu, Pengarah Pilihan Raya PAS bagi DUN Merlimau, Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman, berkata parti berkenaan memperoleh 41 peratus pengundi Melayu, 75 peratus Cina dan 30 peratus India, sekali gus optimis merampas kerusi itu daripada BN dengan mengharapkan undi protes secara senyap.

    Calon PAS, Yuhaizad Abdullah, pula berkata beliau mengenal pasti 20 masalah yang dihadapi pengundi di kawasan terbabit, antaranya tiada lampu isyarat di beberapa persimpangan, kekurangan lampu jalan, masalah perparitan dan kadar cukai pintu yang tinggi.
    Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub, menuduh kira-kira 750 orang di luar daerah Merlimau ditawarkan pihak tertentu menjadi pengundi hantu dengan habuan lumayan selain mendakwa pemimpin PAS menerima SMS berbaur ugutan daripada pihak yang menggelar diri mereka 'Geng Jebat Derhaka'.

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