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Posted: 12 Mar 2011 02:25 PM PST

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IS UMNO-BARISAN Radicalizing of Muslim in Malaysia The Muslim in me would like to know the “Claritin clear” intent behind these ?

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 11:54 AM PST

Rep. Peter King's congressional hearings Thursday on the radicalization of American Muslims reminds me of the TV commercial, "There's clear, then there's Claritin clear."
My eyes are not itchy and my nose isn't running, but my mind is foggy about the true goals and objectives of these hearings.
This is what I mean.
The Muslim in me would like to know the "Claritin clear" intent behind these hearings. Is it to demonize Islam as a faith? Is it to broad brush all Muslims in America? Is a separate line for Muslims at the airport security checkpoint a possible outcome of these hearings? Will these hearings lead to a ban on hijab? King has to remove the fog for Muslimericans (a word now becoming a phenomenon) like me.
You might argue that King has repeatedly said that these hearings are not about singling out Islam. But I am having a hard time understanding why someone like King — who in 1985 said that "If civilians are killed in an attack on a military installation, it is certainly regrettable, but I will not morally blame the IRA for it" — would conveniently ignorereports that 48 of 69 individuals who plotted against U.S. targets were arrested at an early stage of their activities largely due to the cooperation of Muslim Americans. Or the fact that Muslim Americans provided tips in 48 out of 120 terrorist cases in the United States.
But despite such cooperation by Muslims, why did 32 percent of Americans say they believe Muslims to be less loyal to the U.S., according to a 2007 Newsweek poll? And why did 52 percent of Americans say they were worried about "radicals within the U.S. Muslim community" when surveyed, again, by Newsweek in 2010?
So let's put the Muslim Americans to the "Claritin clear" test. Our job is not to simply cooperate with authorities to foil a terror plot. We, Muslimericans, are also responsible for instilling the peaceful core teachings of Islam in our children.
We must preach and practice Islam in its most pristine form, the way Islam was revealed by the Holy Quran and championed by Prophet Muhammad.
The Quran does not mention the word stoning even once, yet we see the so-called Muslim scholars defending this barbaric practice.
The Prophet expressed loyalty toward his homeland despite severe persecution, yet we see Muslims hesitating to talk about their loyalty to the United States.
The Quran offers no punishment for blasphemy, yet we hear no condemnation of these practices by American Muslims.
And the Prophet never sanctioned anyone to be killed for apostasy, yet we see the Muslim clergy mute when it comes to defending such dogmas on prime-time television.
And these flawed interpretations of Islam are penetrating the minds of Muslim-American youth via the Internet and dinner table conversations.
Let's be "Claritin clear" on this question: Is Islam a religion of love, or hate?
I just came across the latest attack on former Suhakam Vice Chairman and former Sabah State Secretary Tan Sri Simon Sipaun for his completely innocuous and patriotic statement recently that "life in Sabah before Malaysia was very pleasant and good".
Earlier, two Umno Tawau divisions had lodged police reports against Sipaun for the grave crime of sedition for making such an innocuous and patriotic statement when plumbing his memories of life today, 47 years after formation of Malaysia, and before.
Umno has now escalated its campaign to demonise and criminalise Sipaun for his statement, as the Sabah UMNO Youth leader, Azman Ruslan, has intervened alleging that Sipaun's remark was "tantamount to questioning the wisdom behind Sabah's decision to join the formation of Malaysia".
Nobody except the most politically jaundiced could come to  such a ridiculous conclusion. There is nothing wrong for Sipaun to give his views, based on his own memories,  that life in Sabah was better and  more pleasant before the formation of Malaysia in 1963.
No rational person would jump to the baseless conclusion that Sipaun was being unpatriotic or disloyal in opposing Sabah's decision 47 years ago to form Malaysia or is now advocating Sabah's secession from Malaysia.
It is the persons who make the irrational leap to such a conclusion as to make such baseless accusation to criminalise Sipaun who are really guilty of sedition, and against whom the police should take action and not against Sipaun.
The only real question at issue is whether there is any basis for Sipaun to make his statement comparing life in Sabah today and the times before formation of Malaysia.
Let us consider what Sipaun had said, viz:
"Life in Sabah, in those days called North Borneo, as I remember it, before Malaysia, was very pleasant and good, to say the least. Admittedly there was no development that we see today, but even Malaya at that time was no better. There was no racial problem, mixed marriages were very common, and that is why we have so many Peranakan in Sabah. If Sabahans are now conscious of racial and religious divide, it has been imported from Semananjung. There was no illegal immigrant, there were no cases of Sabahans losing citizenship status while foreigners get it without much difficulty. There were no repressive and draconian laws, such as Official Secrets Act; Datuk Dr. Jeffrey is very familiar with this, Internal Security Act, sometimes referred to as ISA or "I Simply Arrest",  the Printing Presses and Publications Act, the Seditious Act, the Police Act, and the four Proclamations of Emergency; we are still under emergency as of today even though the conditions for having emergency proclamation is no longer there, there was not quarrelling over dead bodies, the composition, and I spent three years of my career in the civil service before Malaysia, the composition in those days of the civil service was reflective of the racial makeup of society. It was multi-racial, meritocracy was practised. Corruption and ketuanan Melyau, we never heard of it. And the thing continues. How not to miss Sabah before Malaysia."
Can the above statement by Sipaun qualify as sedition?
If so, it will be the best proof that life in Sabah today is even worse than life in the state before the formation of Malaysia in 1963 – to the extent that innocuous and patriotic comparisons of life today and what it was 47 years ago could be classified as criminal and seditious!
Sipaun had made the comparison not to advocate secession or oppose Sabah's decision on the formation of Malaysia in 1963 but to advocate change, reform and good governance in Sabah and Malaysia.
Azman alleged that Sipaun's statement was "a blatant disrespect to the founding fathers of
Malaysia", especially to the late Tun Mohd Fuad, the first "Huguan Siou" or paramount leader of the Kadazandusun.
The Sabah Umno Youth leader cannot be more wrong.
Firstly, what Sipaun's said represented the voice of all genuine Sabahans, and not just Kadazandusun community.
Secondly, I have no doubt that if Tun Fuad is still alive today, he would have fully endorsed Sipaun's sentiments and embraced him as a great son of  Sabah and a patriotic Malaysian.
The only question is why the present Huguan Siou, Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, has not come forward to fully endorse and embrace Sipaun for his truthful, courageous and patriotic sentiments.

- Lim Kit Siang is the DAP adviser and MP for Ipoh Timur
I say that Islam is absolutely a religion of love. It expects believers to love the Creator and love His creation. The Muslim-American scholars can support this answer by sharpening their condemnation of the above-mentioned hateful innovations within peaceful Islam.
The true aim of these hearings should be to pinpoint the root causes for why a very tiny minority of American Muslims has grown radical or violent. Such an aim is also in the interest of the American Muslim communities at large to help isolate such individuals who bring Islam in disrepute.
Last year, I saw a banner at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the United States' annual convention in Virginia where many non-Muslim guests were invited. It boldly stated: "Love for All, Hatred for None."
For me, a message like that is Claritin clear.
Faheem Younus is an adjunct faculty for religion/history at the Community Colleges of Baltimore County and a clinical associate professor at the University of Maryland. He can be reached at This article originally appeared on AOL News
Many have criticized Rep. Peter King'shearings on radical Islam, but, at least judging from a New York Times video, his constituents have his back.
Residents spoke in support of the hearings lead by the Nassau County Congressman.
"Statistically speaking, Muslims are the number one source for terrorist attacks in the world," said Physical Therapist, Jennifer Petrakis. "That's been since the beginning of time."
Winston Churchill famously said, "It is better to jaw-jaw than war-war." Clearly, it is only when dialogue has ceased that the fighting can begin. But it is equally true that two sides — nations, religions, tribes — are either on the path to peace, or the path to war. There is no third way — none


Posted: 12 Mar 2011 11:14 AM PST


On 1995 March 12, A. R. Rahman got married to Saira Banu, sister-in-law of the Tamil actor Rahman and the daughter of a Madras based businessman. It was a arranged Marriage. Now they have two daughters Kathija and Raheema and a son Roomi.
There is something — well, everything, really — about that spiritual experience that is ineffable and eternally elusive. It's no wonder, then, that an integral part of virtually all major world faith traditions is music. It is the language of the soul, after all. What can't be said in words can certainly be expressed in melody and felt in rhythm.ENGAGE CHITTARKOTTAI JAMATH has compiled here a series of photos and videos of timeless musical devotion. While this collection is woefully incomplete, it is intended to be an introduction to the world's major sacred music traditions, as well as a peek at some of the modern permutations of that spiritual practice. In the future, we hope to delve more deeply into the songs and sounds of specific faiths. But for now, enter the melody and see what is revealed.
A R Rahman lives in his joint family. The family consists of himself, his wife Saira Banu, his 3 sisters (Raihana, Talath and Israth), hismother (Kareema Begum), his two daughters (Kadhija and Raheema) and a son ( Khwaja Mohammad Roomi Rahman ). 

His sisters Raihana, Talath and Israth are professionally trained musicians. They often sing for him, and appear on stage performances as well.
Sister Raihana's son, GV Prakash is a born talent, and he's into music. He has sung songs for Rahman and now is an emerging music director.
Rahman's mother and wife do play the most important part in his music – they are his critics.


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Qawwali is the devotional music of Muslim Sufis, practiced predominately in Pakistan and having Persian and Indian roots. It developed at the same time as Hindustani music and features incredible vocal acrobatics, repetitive and emotive harmonium, as well as infectious tabla-charged rhythms.

Sufi poetry, used in Qawwali music, is devotional in nature and speaks explicitly in a language of love and longing. A group of Qawwali singers is called a party. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997) certainly threw the most illustrious parties. In the next slide is a video Nusrat and his crew.readmore ISLAMIC and Sacred Music Traditions Of The World (VIDEOS) by ENGAGE CHITTARKOTTAI JAMATH



This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

ISLAMIC and Sacred Music Traditions Of The World (VIDEOS) by ENGAGE CHITTARKOTTAI JAMATH

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 11:10 AM PST

A. R. Rahman with his wife Saira Banu

On 1995 March 12, A. R. Rahman got married to Saira Banu, sister-in-law of the Tamil actor Rahman and the daughter of a Madras based businessman. It was a arranged Marriage. Now they have two daughters Kathija and Raheema and a son Roomi.
There is something — well, everything, really — about that spiritual experience that is ineffable and eternally elusive. It's no wonder, then, that an integral part of virtually all major world faith traditions is music. It is the language of the soul, after all. What can't be said in words can certainly be expressed in melody and felt in  rhythm.ENGAGE CHITTARKOTTAI JAMATH has compiled here a series of photos and videos of timeless musical devotion. While this collection is woefully incomplete, it is intended to be an introduction to the world's major sacred music traditions, as well as a peek at some of the modern permutations of that spiritual practice. In the future, we hope to delve more deeply into the songs and sounds of specific faiths. But for now, enter the melody and see what is revealed.
A R Rahman lives in his joint family. The family consists of himself, his wife Saira Banu, his 3 sisters (Raihana, Talath and Israth), hismother (Kareema Begum), his two daughters (Kadhija and Raheema) and a son ( Khwaja Mohammad Roomi Rahman ).

His sisters Raihana, Talath and Israth are professionally trained musicians. They often sing for him, and appear on stage performances as well.
Sister Raihana's son, GV Prakash is a born talent, and he's into music. He has sung songs for Rahman and now is an emerging music director.
Rahman's mother and wife do play the most important part in his music – they are his critics.

A.R.Rahman rare pictures

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Qawwal is Beautiful

Qawwali is the devotional music of Muslim Sufis, practiced predominately in Pakistan and having Persian and Indian roots. It developed at the same time as Hindustani music and features incredible vocal acrobatics, repetitive and emotive harmonium, as well as infectious tabla-charged rhythms.

Sufi poetry, used in Qawwali music, is devotional in nature and speaks explicitly in a language of love and longing. A group of Qawwali singers is called a party. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997) certainly threw the most illustrious parties. In the next slide is a video Nusrat and his crew.readmore ISLAMIC and Sacred Music Traditions Of The World (VIDEOS) by ENGAGE CHITTARKOTTAI JAMATH


Semua orang tidak ada jasa kecuali Dr Mahathir.

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 11:11 AM PST

Ada beberapa rakan-rakan komentar dalam blog saya ini menuduh saya tidak tahu mengenang jasa Dr Mahathir semasa menulis sedikit komen tentang buku memoir beliau. Mereka meminta saya jangan memberikan komen negative tentang Dr Mahathir kerana jasanya banyak dan beliau tidak patut di kritik oleh sesiapa yang tidak berjasa seperti saya ini.

Mereka membayangkan kepada saya bahawa Dr Mahathir terlalu banyak jasanya dan beliau tidak boleh di kritik jika ada kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh beliau. Bagi mereka hanya Dr Mahathir sahaja boleh mengkritik orang lain. Jika Mahathir mengkritik itu teguran ikhlas tetapi jika sesiapa yang mengkritik beliau orang itu ialah manusia yang tidak mengenang jasa namanya.

Dr Mahathir boleh memusuhi sesiapa tetapi tidak siapa pun, termasuk yang beliau musuhi itu memusuhinya. Dr Mahathir boleh mengkritik semua orang tetapi semua orang tidak boleh mengkritik beliau. Apa sahaja yang dilakukan oleh Dr Mahathir itu jasa namanya termasuk membunuh UMNO dan memusnahkan telapak perjuangan bangsa saya (kita) sendiri.

Dr Mahathir sewenang-wenangnya menuduh pemimpin lain berbelanja RM20 juta untuk membeli undi semasa perhimpunan agung UMNO (asal) pada tahun 1987 dahulu tetapi ada orang (pemimpin) yang menggunakan wang rakyat yang berbillion untuk menyelamatkan perniagaan seorang anaknya itu juga di anggap jasa.

Menggunakan ratusan billion untuk membina projek raksaksa yang tidak penting itu jasa dan mengambil balik pembiayaan pelajaran dan biasiswa untuk anak-anak kita untuk belajar itu juga jasa.

Merugikan wang BNM dalam perniagaan mata wang asing sebanyak 30 billion lebih itu jasa dan sesiapa yang mengkritik isu ini tidak mengenang jasa namanya. Itu dikatakan fitnah.

Banyak lagi yang telah merugikan rakyat yang dilakukannya semuanya jasa. Sesiapa yang mengkritik itu adalah pembawa fitnah dan orang yang pendendam namanya.

Sesungguihnya semua orang ada jasa mereka: tidak banyak sedikit. Jasa tetap ada bergantung jasa itu kepada siapa. Botak Chin adalah perompak yang di tembak oleh penguat kuasa undang-undang lebih dari 20 tahun dahulu. Botak Chin tidak ada jasanya. Tetapi wang rompakan itu digunakannya untuk membantu peniaga-peniaga kecil di Jinjang dan di Kepong. Kepada peniaga-peniaga kecil yang dibantu oleh Botak Chin itu, mereka menganggap perompak itu adalah seorang yang berjasa setidak-tidaknya kepada mereka.

Semua orang berjasa. Tidak ada orang yang tidak berjasa, termasuk pemimpin-pemimpin kita. berbillion ringgit yang diperolehi secara haram itu digunakan untuk memperkayakan anak-anak dan keluarga dan itu adalah jasa setidak tidaknya kepada anak-anak dan ahli keluarganya.

Anggota tentera dan polis banyak jasa kepada negara. Petani yang besar dan kecil ada jasa mereka kepada negara. Pengayuh beca di Melaka banyak jasa mereka kepada industri pelancungan negara kita. Pegawai-pegawai dan penjawat awam ada jasa mereka. Negara perlukan jasa pemandu teksi. Begitu juga pemandu bas dan keretapi.

Ada yang bertanya apa jasa saya selama ini kepada negara. Mungkin saya seorang di dalam dunia ini tidak ada jasa tetapi kita mesti akui selain dari saya seorang semua manusia yang lain dinegara ini ada jasa mereka.

Imam-imam dan bilal-bilal banyak jasa mereka kepada masyarakat. Pendeknya semua orang ada jasa. Menabur jasa ini bukan 'privilege' Dr Mahathir seorang. Malahan ramai yang menabur jasa kepada Dr Mahathir akhirnya di kecewakan oleh beliau sendiri.Mungkin Dr Mahathir patut berfikir dan mengenang jasa-jasa orang lain terhadap beliau sehingga beliau boleh memimpin negara selama 22 tahun.

Kita mesti ingat Muhammad saw lagi besar jasanya kepada dunia dan alam ini. Jasa Baginda pun selalu di lupakan umat sekarang ini. Kalau semua orang ingat kepada jasa, masakan ajaran Muhammad supaya jangan mengambil harta rakyat dilakukan dengan sewenang-wenangnya oleh setengah-setengah pihak yang mempunyai kuasa?

Tetapi yang orang ramai persoalkan itu ialah tentang kesalahan yang dilakukan terhadap rakyat. Rakyat tidak mahu menerima segalanya itu sebagai jasa kerana wang mereka diambil oleh pihak-pihak yang bertaraf tinggi melalui rompakan kolar putih melalui rasuah dan sebagainya yang dilakukan secara sistematik itu.

Teringat pula kepada satu kata perbidalan; 'jika kita duduk di dalam rumah kaca jangan membaling batu ke rumah orang lain'.

Itu sahaja setakat ini.


Posted: 12 Mar 2011 08:49 AM PST

It is apparent that Datuk Johnny Mositun has either not comprehend Datuk Yong Teck Lee's recent statement or chose to be ignorant of the facts presented.
It is the common belief in Sabah that PBS leaders as well as the other leaders in BN component parties may be in office, but not in power. The vehement denial by Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan as PBS President and Deputy Chief Minister that he is simply a 'Pak Turut' to UMNO leadership shows his concern and fear that this sad truth be known to Sabahans.
The PBS Youth police report against the Atama sketch, which incidentally was definitely a viewpoint shared by many Sabahans, reinforces this line of thought.
PBS was once undeniably a formidable opposition in Sabah until it decided to rejoin BN. The excuse given by PBS leaders then was that to effectively rid Sabah of all problems plaguing the State, one needs to be in BN. Sabahans remembers that this act of rejoining BN was rewarded with high positions in both State and Federal governments.
But despite these high posts, have the problems really been solved? Have the leaders in Kuala Lumpur even bothered responding to any PBS demands in solving Sabah's problems? In fact, what has PBS achieved for the people of Sabah since rejoining BN?
The PBS President had stated during PBS 24th Congress that the PTI issue must be resolved by 2012. It is interesting to note, though, that Tan Sri Pairin stopped short of what he will do if it is not resolved by the deadline proclaimed. After the announcement of the NKRA's was made by the current PM, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
There was uproar when the newly appointed Minister in charge of NKRA, Datuk Seri Idrus Jala admitted that the PTI issue was not listed. It was deemed not important enough to be included in the Federal government's list of priorities. As an afterthought, the setting up of a new Special Laboratory was hastily announced with the sole intention to pacify the Sabahans but alas, to date, still no results.
This 'Mother of all threats' issue have been attributed by many to be the main contributing factor in Sabah's abnormal population increase in the years 1970 to 2000 from 636,431 people in 1970 to 2,449,389 in the year 2000. Or an increase of 285% compared to the nation's increase of 113% or even Sarawak's 106%.
This highly irregular upsurge has meant that the indigenous natives have been displaced as the majority community in Sabah. Stories of how many natives, mainly KDMs lost ancestral lands, suffer forced evictions from forest reserves etc are becoming regular features in the news. Always proclaiming to be championing the KDM community's cause, what has PBS leaders done to assist them?
The continued silence by PBS leaders on this and other pertinent issues affecting especially the KDMs has left them feeling hopeless and abandoned. To many in the community, their being left out to dry is tantamount to an act of betrayal. The saying that "it is worse to witness a wrongful act and do nothing than the act itself" is most apt.
For the record, Datuk Yong was only a full Cabinet Minister for a period of 9 years and that was 12 years ago when compared to Tan Sri Pairin's 25 years. 2 years as the Chief Minister compared to Tan Sri Pairin's 9 years. So, it is natural for one to assume the longer one holds on to important posts, the more one is expected to achieve.
The question now of whether PBS leaders like Datuk Johnny Mositun or even Datuk Herbert Timbon Lagadan may still wish to remain as UMNO stooges or not is of little consequence. But we urge the other BN members to reflect on the facts, to fight for Sabah's autonomy and for what rightfully belongs to the people of Sabah. Edmund Burke once said that" All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing".
Issues such as the PTI issue may be an old issue but it is one that is close to the hearts of Sabahans. Therefore, SAPP will carry on pressing this as well as other issues until they are resolved, unlike PBS leaders like Datuk Johnny Mositun who will happily dance to any tune played by UMNO leaders. - Sabahkini

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has issued a press statement which he posted on his Facebook regarding the Bahasa Malaysia Bible issue. He has shown his blatant ignorance of Christianity.
First of all, he said: "It is used in the study of the Bible." For his information, we do not study the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God to us Christians and not a textbook.
Next, he proposed the Bible "be allowed to be circulated to churches with proper supervision." As a Catholic, I take offense that a non-Christian like him has the knack to suggest that our sacred text be treated like some illegal book that needs to be supervised.
Further, he also said "we can be sure that the use of Bahasa Malaysia in the learning and teaching of Christianity would not be abused with proper supervision by the churches themselves." Again, I am aghast that he has repeatedly used the word "supervision" again.
Has God died and made Chua Soi Lek the almighty to ensure that we Christians are being under constant supervision of the government and our churches? May I remind Chua Soi Lek that he has no right to put on his self-righteousness to call for "supervision" on us Christians.
Lastly, I can see how pretentious his press statement is. He ended his statement with "the issue should not be allowed to be turned into a political issue during the Sarawak elections." So, as we can all see, it is just a matter of political survival for Chua Soi Lek and his BN counterparts. It is not his sincere, earnest hope to help us Christians to resolve this issue of the Bahasa Malaysia Bible ban.
So, Dr Chua, thanks but no thanks. We can do it on our own. We do not need politicians like you to be our champion of Christianity.


Kuota Perumahan Bumiputra Masih Kekal di Selangor

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 08:41 AM PST

NOTA EDITOR: Antara siri fitnah terbaru tajaan UMNO pimpinan Najib Tun Razak adalah kononnya Kerajaan PR Selangor telah atau akan membatalkan kuota perumahan Bumiputra.

Hakikatnya, perkara tersebut tidak pernah berlaku dan hanya fitnah UMNO semata-mata.

S'gor nafi hapus kuota perumahan Bumiputera
Thursday, 24 February 2011 | Ruangan: Berita

SHAH ALAM, 24 Feb – Kerajaan Negeri Selangor menafikan dakwaan bahawa ia berhasrat untuk menghapuskan kuota perumahan sebanyak 30 peratus yang dikhaskan untuk bumiputera.

Sebaliknya, Menteri besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berkata, kerajaan negeri membantu memudahkan proses untuk pemaju menjual rumah yang tidak laku kepada golongan bukan Bumiputera.

Proses itu dipermudahkan kerana jumlah perumahan yang tidak terjual itu, telah memberi kesan kepada aliran tunai syarikat pemaju terbabit, kata Abdul Khalid.

Katanya, pemaju sebelum ini perlu mendapat kelulusan untuk menjual rumah berkenaan kepada bukan Bumiputera.

"Walaupun setelah rumah itu dia siapkan dan tak ada orang hendak beli, dia kena tunggu (hingga) dapat kelulusan untuk jual kepada bukan Bumiputera.

"Tapi sistem yang kita buat kali ini adalah automatik," katanya lagi.

Melalui sistem itu, 20 peratus daripada rumah berkenaan boleh dilepaskan selepas 50 peratus siap, kata Abdul Khalid.

Tambahnyai, sebanyak 30 peratus lagi boleh dilepaskan jika masih tiada pembeli setelah 75 peratus siap.

"Hingga peringkat mendapat CF, barulah boleh dilepaskan kesemuanya (jika tiada pembeli)," katanya.

Bagaimanapun kelulusan itu mesti dibuat melalui jawatankuasa kuota perumahan Bumiputera yang dipengerusikan oleh Exco perumahan, Iskandar Abdul Samad, kata Abdul Khalid lagi.

Keputusan akan dibuat dalam tempoh tidak melebihi 14 hari, tambahnya.

Sementara itu, Iskandar pula berkata kuota untuk bumiputera itu bukan hanya 30 peratus tetapi sehingga 70 peratus, mengikut kawasan yang ditetapkan.

Iskandar berkata kerajaan negeri juga telah menubuhkan syarikat Perumahan dan Hartanah Selangor Sdn Bhd bagi membantu pemaju memasarkan stok perumahan yang tidak dapat dijual pemaju.

Melalui usaha itu, tambahnya, kerajaan negeri berharap ia dapat meringankan beban pemaju.

Bercakap dalam sidang akhbar yang sama, Iskandar berkata, langkah kerajaan dalam melicinkan proses pelepasan stok yang tidak dapat dijual pemaju, tidak bermakna pemaju dapat jual sewenang-wenangnya.

"Ada laporan bahawa pemaju boleh jual hingga 80 peratus daripada kuota, tanpa memberitahu kerajaan Selangor.

"Ini tidak betul. Mereka perlu memberitahu kerajaan selangor tetapi proses itu dipercepatkan dan dilicinkan," katanya.


Posted: 12 Mar 2011 07:55 AM PST

Today is Day 7 of my mother's hospitalization. She had an angioplasty done on her last Tuesday. She's doing fine, eating well and enjoys being pampered by her visitors and the nurses. Still, she is impatient to go home. She has been lying in bed 24/7, unable to move much as her right leg is in traction. The doctors are waiting till her heart is strong enough for the hip surgery. Although she is generally cheerful especially when she has visitors, I know she feels depressed sometimes. That's when she talks about joining my younger sister who has passed on. We haven't told her about the hip surgery scheduled for next Tuesday, or she will worry no end about it.

Blocked arteries are not the only setback that my mother has. Dr Tiang suspects she also has early signs of dementia. She can't differentiate between night and day. She sleeps more during the day than at night. Her room-mates have complained that she keeps them up during the night. She's either snoring loudly or pleading with the nurses to allow  her to go home. Having a family member stay the night with her compounds the problem, as she keeps up a running conversation with whoever is by her bedside. Mom just loves to chat.

To solve the problem, every night at about 11pm, the nurses move mom to the treatment room next to the reception counter. She has the room all to herself, and the nurses are close enough to hear her when she calls for assistance. In the morning before the doctors make their rounds, the nurses move her back to her 2-bed room across the hallway. I have told the nurses I am not too happy with this arrangement.
Mom says the smile is to let family and friends know that she's fine except for her immobility.
It didn't surprise me at all to hear that mother is in the early stages of dementia. In the past two years, I've noticed she's become increasingly confused about dates, faces, and places. She can't remember where she leaves her things, and accuses people of stealing them. She is easily suspicious.

To understand my mother's ailments better, I have been reading books on caring for elderly parents, in particular, parents with Alzheimer's Disease. Looking back, I wonder if in my sub-conscious mind I was perhaps preparing myself for a time when my mother would be needing specialized care-giving beyond what I am able to provide on my own.

If you are looking for an insight into the ageing process, and how to cope with elderly parents with special needs, I would recommend the above books. I am not sure if "You and Your Aging Parent" is available now. I bought my copy years ago. "The Alzheimer's Caregiving Puzzle" is on loan from the National Library Singapore. I'm still reading it.

I shall be sharing what I've gleaned from my readings in future posts on this blog.

Janna Syariza on Saifool Sexual chemistry from agony to ecstasy Ezam, Shahrir, Najib Mustapa Mohamed ,Rodwam part of football team created by Rosmah

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 04:13 AM PST

Rosmah's involvement with Saiful exposed: Will she be called to testify?


Few will forget July 17 2008, the date when investigating officer Jude Pereira said he took a statement from the First Lady Rosmah Mansor over Saiful Bukhari Azlan complaint's that he was allegedly sodomised by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in June 2008.

No doubt, Saiful denies he ever met Rosmah. And government prosecutors solemnly assure us this 'fact' is correct - he never met her!But then, Saiful and her husband Prime Minister Najib also once said they never met each other. But later, they admitted they did – i.e. Najib did meet Saiful and Saiful did meet Najib!

Will Saiful and Rosmah later recant? After all, why should the police take her statement if she is not involved?

The sorry plot thickens. This time the First Lady is implicated in this most farcical of trials in Malaysian history. She is like the rabbit which is caught in the headlights of a car. Her involvement which was disclosed via Pereira's admission, adds a new twist to this sorry saga.

Is Pereira foolhardy or simply doing his job in telling the truth so that he will not commit perjury? Others before him have lied through their teeth and been awarded inducements behind the scenes. Is this the first breakthrough in Sodomy II?

Those who have been following the trial will agree that Saiful sounds like a person who should be put in a straight jacket, then committed and have the key to his padded cell thrown away. He seems to revel in telling the whole world that he has been sodomised and conveniently points his finger at Anwar.

But when the medical examinations are done, his own semen is found in his rectum along with a whole load of other people's semen. Apart from the distasteful disclosures of ejaculate being found on the outside of his clothes, does this guy have hair-trigger problems?

The First Lady's statement must mean her involvement is damning. It is puzzling that someone who is nothing more than a teaboy in the office can be whisked straight away to meet the First Lady. And her husband.

Saiful who claims to have been sodomised was reported to have run into the arms of the First Lady. She may deny it but is her home that accessible to members of the public who have something to complain about? Is she the mother of all compassionate counselors? Otherwise what is so special about Saiful then? Is she his protector or has she designs on younger men?

Few people believe that Saiful can be sodomised by a man with a bad back. Never mind the ludicrous plot, even the actors are wrongly picked.

Is there anything that the First Lady does not involve herself in? She has been criss-crossing the globe and covering all those events that do not need her presence at all. Even her specially dedicated team called the F.L.O.M. attracted criticism that her hubby had to withdraw it from his website.

The First Lady went to the Middle East and talked about all the talented children but ignored all those girls who had been raped in the Sarawak rainforest.

She stood in for her husband when he had chicken pox and met the Australian premier and the US Secretary of State.

Now that we are told the First Lady has some sort of involvement in Sodomy II, perhaps Prime minister Najib Abdul Razak was never ill with chicken pox. Perhaps she told him to be isolated in the ICU so that she could have an excuse to meet the Julia Gillard and Hillary Clinton.

The odd appearance at the last round of by-election campaigning to ask the public if she had the "face of a liar" is a stupid act. If she accepted the crowd's silence as an agreement, then she is more foolish than she looks. Of course no one will admit that to her face.

The First Lady has been involved in some dicey scams before – who is to know she actually phoned up her so called buddy the King of Saudi Arabia? All this name dropping is so pat as we have no means to verify if this is true or not. Perhaps it was done to make us think she is important, with friends in high places.

Other incidents like making the Hollywood actor Robert De Niro come into the country incognito is another publicity stunt. It is to increase the First Lady's popularity ratings, principally among the rural voters.

How many other pies has the First Lady got her finger in?  And will this First Lady score a first by being asked to appear in the witness stand?



All eyes are on Monday's resumption of the Sodomy II trial, where defense lawyers acting for Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim are likely to ask the court to call on both DPP Farah Azlina Latif and complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan to take to the stand over allegations they had an affair – which could jeopardize the fairness of the trial.

"I believe the defense team is still weighing the best way to move forward. But an application to probe the extent of Saiful's relationship with the DPP may be the first step," PKR vice president Sivarasa Rasiah told Malaysia Chronicle.

"The Attorney-General cannot expect us and the world at large to take his word as good that she had no access to the Investigation Papers or any information that could help Saiful."

Case also hinges on Saiful's credibility

Apart from possible unfair advantage, the sex scandal also casts a question mark on Saiful's credibility as a key witness. This is an important point because the government's case against Anwar hinges on Saiful's testimony.

If the allegations are true, then Saiful would have cheated on his fiancee. Experts said such unreliability of character not only adds to the doubt already surrounding his testimony, but should render it void in the interests of justice and fair play to the person he has accused – Anwar.

"Saiful is accusing Anwar of having sodomized him. No one saw them – we only have Saiful's word for it. And despite his having taken an oath in the mosque, Saiful has been found lying before. It is not the first time," Siva said.

"So the question of morality cannot be evaded. There are serious questions about his character and his credibility as a witness especially with this latest affair. Before that, he denied meeting Prime Minister Najib Razak prior to lodging the police report against Anwar. Najib also denied meeting him, but when photos started to appear, both he and Saiful admitted to meeting in Putrajaya."

Did Saiful cheat on his fiancee?

Both Saiful and Farah were already engaged to be married to respective partners. News has emerged that Farah broke off her engagement and allegations are rife it was because of Saiful.

Nonetheless, despite the possibility of gross misconduct, Anwar's defense team led by Sankara Nair can expect to face tough resistance from both the court and the Najib administration.

In fact, many prominent civil society leaders, including lawmakers from United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, have already labeled the case a sham trial.Their criticism splashed all over cyberspace and the international press has shamed the country.

"The Najib administration will surely fight Anwar all the way. It is clear they want Anwar to lose. They want to lock him up and throw away the key," PKR strategic director Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

"From day one, there was mala fide. They insisted on the trial even though there was no evidence of anal penetration, and till now, they are denying the defense access to key information in the case."


The Great Malaysian Sex Opera

My friend, Martin Jalleh wrote an interesting piece which unfortunately has been spiked by the online publications he's sent it to. I thought you might like to read it. So here it is…

Sodomy circus turns into a sex opera!

By Martin Jalleh

It seems that for the past few days the Attorney General (AG)'s Chambers have become somewhat like a boiler room after being hit by one steamy story after another. The AG, Gani Patail, has been going bonkers, berserk and ballistic, as a result of an unexpected hard blow below the belt by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

The famous whistleblower, lid-blower and blogger had dropped a bombshell by alleging that the AG has been bonking the head of one of his divisions.Such news blew many away but RPK said their sexploits were nothing new. Many in the AG's Chambers have chosen to turn a blind eye to their boss' bonking.

The AG and partner have allegedly saved the nation's taxpayers money, as they would blissfully bunk, bonk and bond in the same hotel room during their frequent trips abroad.

We should not be bogged down by who is bonking whom, but when such basic or base instincts are allegedly displayed by the nation's top legal officer it becomes the rakyat's business!

This is especially so when the AG has been bonking from high moral ground of his Office whilst trying hard to banish Anwar Ibrahim into political oblivion with a bull-loaded sodomy charge.

Bonking Binge

The sex opera began with RPK alleging that the prosecution's star witness in Anwar's Sodomy II trial, Mohd Saiful Bukhar, was bonking Farah Azlina Latif, a deputy public prosecutor (DPP) involved in the case.

Was RPK bluffing? The AG begged not to comment but instead bundled Farah off to another division. Saiful and Farah bound themselves in silence, though Saiful could not stop babbling about the truth finally prevailing (and it really did!)

Anwar lodged a police report alleging that the "bonkers" had breached the law, especially the OSA. Karpal Singh, Anwar's lead lawyer, said the couple, if innocent, should be bold enough to verify what they have been accused of. The Court was duty bound to allow him to question them in Court.

Karpal also blasted the AG's Chambers: "Never before in the history of the country or in the Commonwealth has a DPP had an affair with the star witness". The brave legal tiger forgot for a moment that he was in Bolehland, where everything is beyond human comprehension!

The AG betrayed himself when he passed the baby on to Solicitor-General (SG) II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, who told the court that the prosecution was totally blur on the bonking. He accused Anwar of making "bare allegations" and insisted there was no miscarriage of justice!

Karpal countered that Anwar had "bare facts" and "hard evidence" that the two had bared and bonked. He urged the Court not to go soft on the prosecution. The naked truth they could stand no more — is that their absolute lack of integrity has been exposed and credibility stripped to the very core!

The SG who was in the best position to respond to Anwar's affidavit seeking the dismissal of the case, or require Saiful and Farah to file an affidavit, bewildered everyone by passing the buck to his subordinate DPP Hanafiah Zakaria and Investigating Officer (IO) Supt Jude Pereira.

As expected, the Court, which has been perceived by the general public as subserviently doing the bidding of the political masters, bowed and bent backwards, much to the pleasure of those in the AG's Chambers.

Judge Zaibidin Diah found Anwar's allegations of the Saiful-Farah's sexual affair to be true but he ruled that the relationship did not compromise the case. He based this solely on the affidavits of the DPP and the IO. He rejected Anwar's application to strike out the sodomy charge.

We are asked by the Court to believe that Farah, a qualified lawyer, chosen to be on the high-powered prosecution team, to assist in such a high-profile case, was merely a note-taker and beyond reasonable doubt was not privy to crucial information on the case!

Further, surely the learned judge knows that great empires have fallen when forbidden secrets were released by a lover during pulsating and passionate bonking moments and pillow talk. From the charge sheet and on to the bed sheet surely much would have been spilled!

As for DPP Hanafiah, Karpal told the Court that the DPP's very own credibility was in question, alleging that the latter had had a second marriage in Thailand, and had tried to "legalise his marriage in Kota Bahru" and is therefore "guilty of committing an offence under the Syariah law"!

The IO had said that all investigation papers were strictly under his control. But who can trust the police nowadays? Even the Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court had described Jude Pereira's boss, IGP Musa Hassan, "an incredible witness whose evidence is not to be believed"!

Monsters & Masterminds

The rakyat's heart goes out to Janna Syariza, the fiancée of Saiful. Once when referring to the sodomy case, she had very bravely declared that she will stand by her man through the "monstrous battle that is looming ahead", not realising that a "monster" was standing next to her.

RPK has also alleged in a blog posting "Just when you thought it is safe to go into the water", that Saiful is also bonking Khairil Annas Jusoh, an aide of Najib. The man had proudly posed with the sodomy accuser outside the PM's office when the latter went there "to apply for a scholarship"!

RPK revealed that after a one-month marriage, an on learning about the affair, Khairil's wife left him and "divorce is certainly on the cards". Will Janna Syariza, the fiancée of Saiful, be able to stomach and survive this third "storm"? She can be assured of the sympathies of many Malaysians.

One cannot but feel also for the fiancé of Farah who according to theMalaysian Chronicle is the assistant head of the prosecution unit in a northern state. They were engaged last year. Their marriage was due to take place on July 9.

A day before the marriage was due to be solemnized she asked for a cancellation, leaving her fiancé who had already sent out all the invitation cards stunned and heartbroken. Farah must have realized that she had gone too far!

Before we could even recover from the revelations of the shocking sex scandals of those who allow themselves to be used by the masterminds to destroy Anwar politically, RPK serves yet another sex sizzler and it involves the Attorney General himself!

Gani Patail must not remain silent. He must speak up and reveal whether it is just a spin (just like when almost everyone first thought that the Saiful-Farah sex liaison was one?). Not only his credibility and integrity is at stake, but also that of the Office of the Attorney General…and even the government!

Strangely enough the country's self-appointed moralists and religious authorities have also been very silent on the sex fest that has taken place. There have been no screams or shouts of zina or khalwat or interviews and investigations to be conducted. Perhaps they have all grown up?

If such secret sex trysts are really going on amongst those in the Chambers of the AG what would be left of the public's trust!



As someone said elsewhere, Shahrir, you've 'mutated'. I'd rather say that you have evolved like the rest of us. You are now caught between the real you and the need to show love and loyalty for your party.'

It has been hotter than usual in Malaysia this past month. The temperature has soared to 38 degrees Celsius and most of us are cowering in our air-conditioned offices, going out only when we absolutely have to.


Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed admits that he considers himself as a heterosexual, he has been sleeping with Saiful Bukhari lately and enjoyed with him






Well En Latif, your daughter's courier tumbling down forever. To make it worse, Saiful may say that your daughter is the one to rape him! just like DSAI case. Be a good dad to do the right thing; make a police report now before your family name tainted. Unless you're as cool as Saifool's dad!my sympathies for Farah … poor girl (woman?) is either a pawn or a love-struck whatever! so, i would not hasten to cast doubts on the DPP's case. but there's nothing to prevent the powers that want DSAI finished throwing all … including "innocent" people. so, DPP, open your eyes, stiffen your spine, tighten your kidneys … and do the right thing.

there's no sodomy, there's only political power abuse. don't increase malaysia's already bad image on the international stage — as if the submarines, the Paris hiltons etc are not enough to make me, at least, feel shame and hesitate if ever asked: ARE YOU MALAYSIAN? Saifool is like a wild male cat during mating season and one who has been caged and hidden for months like criminal ….. (detained in the house of Mumtaz J) at TTDI. So when he is out, he just grabs a

What is most surprising is that the accusations made so far is so general without any specifics. The AG has already blinked his eyes and jumped!!

Does the AG knows more than us the public and it took the allegation for him to jump? Is she going to come out with the statement that she was ordered to do be "Witness Relations Officer" so that the witness does not turn hostile?

Can we expect Chapter 2 and 3 and 4 to come from those who have made the allegations? Is the AG considering withdrawing the case? For if he does not, may be he may also become directly implicated in the affair?

Is this why the PM has decided to take a quick holiday to be far out of Saiful's sight, in case he comes back fro more advice?

All these are quite intriguing for us concerned rakyat. We do not want to see a miscarriage of justice. Perhaps the poor sweet looking DPP girl is also a victim? Who knows? . We are all anxiously waiting for answers!!.


PBB “Musuh di luar….”

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 01:00 AM PST

audie61 on a quiet  saturday afternoon received a number of smses. We are anticipating the much talked football game the Quarter finals of the FA Cup tonight at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Arsenal.

Surprisingly we received this sms about a "Majlis kesyukuran and  Perjumpaan Pemuda PBB" from a blog www.sebanaku2u We also received a tweet on the "air asia crash" which turned out to be "false news" The news spread very rapidly..

So who do we believe now..? 

Not to be hoodwinked into believing we decided to check with some PBB members close to the Youth Chief Fadillah Yusof. One youth member who goes by the nickname"semalam" said it's good and according to the blog he said the blog did mention,"PEMUDA PBB, MUSUH KITA DI LUAR SANA. MASA UNTUK KITA MENGHANCURKAN PIHAK PEMBANGKANG!!!

'semalam' even went on to say its time to 'Bantir PKR kuat kuat. He heard also that the PKR one day convention in Batu kawah area is also drumming up support to defeat BN. Its now time and we must be united to fight a cause. No time to pick fights. We also checked with the Setiausaha Kerja  who said,"let me check and if there is its very good. This will dispel all doubts that PBB youth not united"

Even PBB Youth Chief N7 agreed and he said its time to fight the enemy outside. A few PBB YBs when contacted for comments said it seems that this blog is very much pro-BN and he does go an attack the PKR boys which is very good for us as we are defending our turf. Of course mosts of them had kind words for the blogsite but they too know that the blog will turn anytime if its they do not perform. We have to be careful with the blogs and they are highly sensitive.

Our earlier posting did create some small waves and it was misunderstood by some. They have since seen clearer skies and are not so touchy.

Oooops.. did we just say that..!!!


The mindset of Dr Mahathir?

Posted: 11 Mar 2011 11:21 PM PST

Though he has 'retired' (wakakaka) for seven years, he has managed during that time to destroy the political 'life' of a PM (his politically short-lived successor Abdullah Badawi) and is perceived to be controlling (and helping) that of another, his protégé PM Najib Razak. We're naturally talking about the one and only Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia's longest serving PM.

Since the recent release of his memoirs, 'A Doctor in the House', there has been a flurry of both praises of wonderment and criticisms of the severest order about his side of the story – also see my previous posts
Ku Li losing UMNO's presidency - a different story? and Dr Mahathir - Malays, Mamaks & Malaysians.

Now Josh Hong adds to the range of articles commenting on Dr M's memoirs, though Josh qualified his piece in his Malaysiakini column as only a preliminary comment as he hasn't yet finished reading Dr M's book.

Josh wrote succinctly in his MKINI essay
Mahathir's colonial mind, the title encapsulating Josh's impression of Dr M's mindset, as follows:

Most importantly, when the Malays finally found the bravery for change in the wake of the judicial crisis and police violence in 1998/1999, it was Mahathir that was shocked and terrified. Since then, he has been denouncing the people that he claims to love for their "betrayal", "ungratefulness" and "rebellion".

I never dispute that all colonial powers prefer timid, submissive, simple and changeless subjects because to rule over them would be a no-brainer. It just so happens that, after years of "racial engineering", more and more people now find Mahathir's mindset is no different from that of the colonialists. The only thing is that the old man will perhaps never want to admit that.

Ironically, as Josh averred, Mahathir chastised the colonialists because they "liked the idea of a simple and changeless Malay world", which was responsible for Malay backwardness. But if Josh assertion of Dr M having a mindset which is no different from that of the colonialists, then we have to draw the conclusion that both Dr M and his depised colonialists had shared the same preference for "timid, submissive, simple and changeless subjects" to easily rule them.

If such had been the case, then wouldn't his accusation of the colonialists be a reflection of his own confused attitude?

There were several other criticisms of Dr M but the one meriting a mention here as well is Josh's mention that:

Mahathir was right to observe that the lack of a good education had been a bane for rural Malays, but failed to see significant segments of the non-Malay communities were equally in need of it.

In his early years as education minister, his immediate concern was to reach out to poor Malays. For some bewildering reasons, he was persistently unable to identify indigenous, Indian, and Chinese children living in abject poverty. Their numbers might have been comparatively small, but it was nevertheless unjustifiable to overlook their needs.

In my earlier post, I stated that I admire Dr M most for 3 issues. In this post I need to criticise Dr M most for an equal three, namely:

(a) He left the poor nons (especially the Indians) by the wayside,

(b) He failed to apologise to Lim Guan Eng for the injustice done to the latter who was jailed (during his time as PM) for defending an underage Malay girl against the rapacious lust of an UMNO man, and

(c) His current divisive emphasis on race and why we cannot be equal Malaysians (without ignoring the need for affirmative action BUT on a needs basis).

Earthquake and Tsunami devastation in Sendai ~ My condolences to Japan

Posted: 12 Mar 2011 08:35 AM PST

It's like dejavu! I am reminded of the horrific loss of life and destructive Dec 26, 2004 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Banda Acheh in Northern Sumatera, Indonesia and other parts of the world such as Phuket in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, etc.

My tears still flow and I choke up with emotion everytime I watch the horrifying images in the video above. I have been at Banda Acheh in person with a team of Malaysian Muslim lawyers on a study tour of their Syariah system last year and saw signs of the tsunami still there. 

The roads stripped off the tar are still as it was and there are still buildings destroyed by the Dec 26, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in ruins as a permanent reminder of what can happen to us if we are still oblivious to Allah's warnings to us since Time Immemorial?

That is one major natural disaster in our recent times that we won't ever forget!

More than a quarter million lives were lost on that fateful day and the worst was in Banda Acheh, Northern most Sumatera where the photo besides shows the bodies of victims strewn amidst the debris and flotsam from the tsunami. Its a sight that will never be forgotten by those who were eye witness to the disaster!
Even I felt the tremor in the apartment we are living in here in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Scores of terrified neighbors screamed and wailed as they fled down the stairs to the open spaces below in fear of our apartments collapsing. Luckily, we were all spared and our apartment stayed firm with only minute cracks appearing on some walls of the residents.

Yesterday, we learned of the devastation that has taken place in Japan especially around the city of Sendai, Fukushima Province, Northern Japan.

We have yet to learn of the total number in loss of life's from this earthquake and tsunami but the pictures here tell a story that is synonymous with what takes place after an earthquake and the tsunami that is unleashed soon after!

One of my colleagues at work, Encik Zulkafly spoke of the San Andreas Fault in California, USA and wonders as to whether we might hear of 'The Big One' that most Californians have been fearing all these while taking place in these Last Ages where the prophecies of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam with regard to the natural disasters preceding the coming of the Doomsday have been taking place exactly as he prophesied! 

I am sad to see all these happening but we are just humans and have to accept the inevitable where our lives and existence here on Earth is just temporary and we will face the consequences of our destroying Mother Nature and disturbing the natural balance of the ecological state of what Allah the Almighty has bestowed our planet with.
Best we can do is to help the Japanese rebuild their lives and carry on with surviving the remnants of our lives here on Earth. Insya Allah! 

Once again, I humbly extend my condolences to the people of Japan!

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Equality is a right, not a favour for Muslims Does Justice matter after 17 Years?

Posted: 11 Mar 2011 11:08 PM PST

A special bench of the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court hearing the Ayodhya title suit yesterday rejected revision petitions filed by one Dr Mohammad Ismail Farooqui urging the court to review its judgement of September 30, 2010.

The special bench comprising Justices Mohammad Rafat Alam, Sudhir Agarwal and V K Dikshit rejected three petitions of Dr Farooqui for the review of the judgement in the title suit.

The court today ended the contempt petitions against a national news agency and a daily newspaper for reporting on the Ayodhya title suit trial in 2006. However, the court had imposed Rs 1000 each as cost on the editor and reporter of the news agency along with the Chief Editor of the newspaper.

The special court also ended the contempt proceedings against two authors and a printer for their controversial book on the Ayodhya excavations. The three were let off after the court penalised them with Rs 1000 each as cost. (United News of India)

The first inquiry into the demolition of the Babri mosque on December 6, 1992 was completed within seven days. On the morning of Sunday, December 13, Sharad Pawar, then defence minister, invited a group of friends and colleagues to the home of an associate MP. He watched a film – live footage of the whole episode, taken by some government agency, possibly intelligence. Those antique reels should still be somewhere in the archives. There was little that any inquiry committee could have added about the sequence of events on December 6 that ended with the fall of the mosque by the evening.
The causes of this historic event were also a matter of public record. L K Advani's rath yatra was not a surreptitious journey. Indeed, extensive media coverage may have been part of the purpose, since he wanted to create mass momentum for his political project. Neither was there any secrecy when Congress laid the foundation stone of the temple to Lord Ram in the middle of the 1989 polls. Babri was a central theme, along with Bofors, of those dramatic elections. The 1989 BJP versions of Varun Gandhi were full-throated, not muted, in their slogans as parties sought votes with a rhetoric that has been subsequently banned: Mandir wahin banayenge! and Mussalman ke do sthaan, Pakistan ya kabristan! No one hid anything: We shall build a temple on that precise spot! Muslims have two options, either Pakistan or the graveyard!
Democracy is a volatile game played in the open. What was there left to inquire into?readmore  Equality is a right, not a favour for Muslims Does Justice matter after 17 Years?


Ku Li Calls Dr M a ‘Political Liar’ - By Leslie Lau.

Posted: 11 Mar 2011 09:52 PM PST

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said tonight that as Allah was his witness, he had never engaged in vote buying as alleged by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the latter's autobiography out earlier this week.

The veteran Umno leader also accused his old foe Dr Mahathir of engaging in "political lying" in his recollection of what transpired during the contentious 1987 party polls.

"I never steal. I never cheat," he said in Ipoh tonight when launching an unrelated book.

"Again, I am accused of bringing the party to court. I am also alleged to be involved in money politics during the 1987 party contest. I do not have that sort of money. I have no cronies. In fact, I am against money politics. As Allah is my witness, I have not done all those things. Yet I have always been returned every time I stood in Gua Musang."

Dr Mahathir had written in his book that Tengku Razaleigh would have become prime minister if he was more patient.

The former prime minister also accused the Team B faction led by the Kelantan prince of a dirty campaign to unseat him as president in the fractious Umno elections of 1987, resulting in the High Court declaring Umno illegal.

"Had Tengku Razaleigh been more patient, he would probably have taken Tun Musa (Hitam)'s place as deputy prime minister and eventually become prime minister," Dr Mahathir wrote in his book titled "A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad".

Malaysia's longest-serving prime minister claimed in the book that Tengku Razaleigh's Team B had resorted to money politics in the campaign.

"We also heard that Team B spent about RM20 million on their campaign, with most of the money provided by Tengku Razaleigh himself," he wrote.

"Voting had to be halted halfway for members to attend Friday congregational prayers, but Team B supporters used the interval to campaign. They were seen following targeted delegates to their hotels, even into the toilet, and I was told that a lot of money changed hands," he said of the party polls that took place on April 24, 1987.

"They also circulated a photograph of me with a Chinese lady who they alleged was my Singaporean wife. In fact, she was the wife of an old university classmate, and the picture had been taken at their daughter's wedding," he added.

Responding tonight, Tengku Razaleigh also mocked Dr Mahathir's book, calling it comedic.

"Political lying comes through the media and sometimes by writing so-called books of memoirs. One book was recently launched under a pseudo title called 'Doctor in The House'. I say 'pseudo' because it is a copycat title of a famous British comedy film of the 1950s based on a novel by Richard Gordon. Perhaps it was deliberate, as it does reflect some comedianship, apart from political lying. The 'Doctor in The House' makes allegations against me which are not new," said Tengku Razaleigh.

In the aftermath of the 1987 Umno elections, Tengku Razaleigh was not willing to accept defeat and challenged the results in court on the grounds that 53 Umno branches were not properly registered.

High Court judge Tan Sri Harun Hashim eventually dismissed the suit but ruled that the existence of unregistered branches meant that Umno itself was an illegal party.

In 1988, Dr Mahathir registered a new party, Umno Baru, that exists up to now, although it is now simply known as Umno.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Fury of Mother Earth

Posted: 11 Mar 2011 09:45 PM PST

Earlier saw a news flash from Kyodo news agency that 88000 people are missing. Hope that most of these are just stranded people and can be found and reunited with their loved ones. But as the Japanese quake cum tsunami unfolds, the death toll is going to rise above what is reported.  My condolence to the Japanese people, especially those affected by this natural disaster.

This quake is reportedly few hundred times more powerful than the Acheh quake on Boxer's Day 2004. But fortunately, Japanese people are much  better prepared and hence the final death toll should be much lower. Some scientists estimated that the force unleashed by the quake is equivalent to 11000 atomic bombs.

What is most worrying is there may be a nuclear leak which will cause immediate and long term effects on humans, animals  and plants if not contained well. I have always been very wary of nuclear plants because no matter how careful we can be, if something goes wrong, like in this case, nuclear leaks can be very harmful and toxic. It is in this regards that we should not allow rare earth plants to operate in Malaysia, like what was planned  near Kuantan. Most countries are wary of setting up Rare Earth plants, and Australia itself does not want to have such a plant in their own country; are we Malaysians so poor that we have to become a 'rubbish dump' of a developed country?

I will post some photos taken from the net: (courtesy from Atlantic)







The Courage to Sin:The Sexual Future of Women Those Queen Latifah Lesbian Rumors Might Be True

Posted: 11 Mar 2011 08:38 PM PST

We know some of you have been waiting with bated breath for Qatar's Sheikha Mozah to step out and we stumbled upon this picture — the only one, apparently — from her meeting with Dutch Princess Maxima during a state visit on Thursday.

And we'll take it! The photographers caught the two ladies mid-embrace, of course looking very stylish from what we can tell, decked out in some serious jewelry.

Take a look:

my question: what is it to be a woman in the fullest sense?

As I consider the ramifications of Daly's statement, that to fully be this female human being that I am is "to sin," I wonder, does this point to the most basic premise that we, as women, are already sinners simply by being, by breathing, by existing? Basically, this is the whole Eve complex, the fall from grace, the idea that we women are responsible for sin.

This blog comes with a lot of questions — questions about how we can raise a generation of girls to be comfortable and confident in their sexuality and sensuality as they develop into women.

I attended a talk by The New York Times bestselling author Peggy Orenstein, whose latest book is called "Cinderella Ate My Daughter." The book takes a look at the "princess-mania" that has taken over a new generation of little girls (including her own daughter) and what this could mean for their identities and futures as young women. In the discussion, Peggy brought up the entanglement of sexuality and sexualization of girls.

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At the same time, I have been taking an eight-week class aimed at helping me, a 40-year-old woman, become comfortable with my own sexuality and sensuality. It's called "S Factor." Have you heard of it? Many people think it's just about pole dancing, but actually, it's much more than that. Sheila Kelley, the founder of S Factor, created it as a way to help women take back their sexuality by feeling beautiful in their sensuality without it being for anyone else — just for themselves. Imagine that.

As I've taken the Level I series, I've had some personal challenges surface — in particular, the fine line between feeling sexy and feeling "slutty."

Slut. There's that word that stings a woman, young or old.

I had my first experience with that word in the sixth grade. An eighth-grade girl from my school shouted "slut" at me in a shopping center in Flourtown, Pa. She was apparently upset that I "broke up" with her best friend's younger brother. Even though I had never even kissed a boy at this stage of my life, let alone held hands, that word stung and I somehow believed it to be true.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Girls today are taught that they need to be "sexy" in order to be popular. But if they are toosexy, this can quickly cross the line into "slut" territory. The problem with all of this is girls aren't being encouraged or supported to explore their sexuality from an empowered place.

So how can a girl naturally develop into a sexually-realized woman when she's got the world "slut" hanging over her head?

As Peggy Orenstein pointed out, girls like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears went from wearing purity rings one day to dancing on the pole the next. I get her point, but does the pole have to be seen as a negative thing for a woman? Can't a woman (young or old) explore her curves, her hip swirls, her cat crawls and the playful freedom of swinging on the pole without being considered a "slut"?

We, as women, are divine creatures. We have the potential to give birth to new life. Yet, the elements of ourselves that are so integral to this new life — our sexuality, our feminine body parts, our juicy sensuality — are also what cause us so much shame. How can this be?

As a grown woman, I have struggled with owning my sexuality and sensuality in a way that is true and empowering to me. I have struggled with feeling comfortable in my own skin because of a latent fear of being too sexy — "If I let that side of me out there in the world, surely I will be admonished by other women." If these are the thoughts going on in my mind, I imagine there are other women who have these thoughts, too.

How do we foster healthy sexual development for girls and women? I think that as a society we need to discuss this more — and particularly, as women, we need to discuss this more. It's our voices that reflect the pain and shame that run rampant in our society. If we give voice to this in honest reflection, instead of continuing the cycle of shame, there is an opportunity for healing.

The wound that is being created and perpetuated by our cultural distortion and commercialization of female sexuality needs to be — and can be — stopped. We have an opportunity today to hold the space and teach girls and young women that their bodies are special, sacred and beautiful. We have an opportunity today as women to use our voices to express our questions and doubts about the direction our culture is taking girls and initiate public discussion on the topic, just at Peggy Orenstein is doing.

A friend told me today that her seven-year-old daughter asked if she could run through the backyard naked. My friend said yes. Her daughter gleefully peeled off her clothes and ran through the yard leaping, twirling and shouting, "I feel so free. I feel so free!"

That's what I'm talking about.

It then follows that if we do something to minimize our fullness, meaning we learn how "to be" in the "not-fullest" sense, then we mitigate our sinning potential, so to speak. We minimize how much of a sinner we are.

I have to admit, when I am really honest with myself, that many of my 54 years here on this Earth have been filled with an underlying, nauseating sense of something being wrong with me, solely because I am a woman. I know I have minimized myself in order to not feel this.

If I could somehow be less "womanly," less "seen," heck, just "less," then I would feel less, meaning I wouldn't have to "feel" being a woman.

To see it in this raw form, though, to see it so bluntly equated as woman=sin, felt sickeningly true, not intellectually, but somewhere in my psyche. Some part of me believes this. But, where did this come from? Where did I learn this?

Love knows who we are and where we live. It needs no introductions. Our names were written in the book of love before we came to earth and will remain there forever after. No one comes to earth without the capacity to love, be loved and be transformed by love. No matter how many times love betrays us, hurts us or abandons us, something within us is more determined than ever to go to battle and win the coveted war — love.

It is astounding to see the number of people taking such an active role in pursuing love. It has become a career path of sorts. Cyberspace has become the new playground for singles to meet and connect — all from the comfort of home. Magazines and media bombard us with an endless stream of advice on dating and mating, finding and keeping, and all the other techniques and methods of forcing love to happen. Yes, forcing love to happen. The mystic and poet Kahlil Gibran reveals, "And think not you can guide the course of love. For love, if it finds you worthy, shall guide your course." Love is a mystery, not a methodology.

Love is a human obsession and nobody is more obsessed than a single person in search of the perfect one. When single people get together it is no surprise that the conversations always revolve around love and relationships. Being privy to these conversations myself, it has gotten my inner detective working over time. For example, if all of us have a complimentary half/soulmate — where are they? Why are some people love magnets while others seem to end up in the desert Sahara? Is there a reason for all this and if so — what is it?

I once heard a quote that intrigued me: "Being single is nature's way of forcing you to love yourself"– this quote has so many layers of meaning and depth. I'll go one step further and say that being single is a profound opportunity for self realization. An opportunity to determine your worth and value, to define your boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not, to understand that the highest expression of love is to become more of who you are, to realize that love does not require you to compromise your self respect, dignity or self worth, to reflect on what you believed you had to give up in order to get what you thought was love, and to know the depth of your capacity to love deeply, truly and completely.

Being single is not a permanent condition but a preparation. You are in the most profound initiatory and adventurous phase of your life — building a relationship with your soul. Be willing to stop moving, talking, planning, searching, looking. Instead honor and embrace the path you are on even if that means being alone for a while. Love will come at the appointed hour and whisk you off your feet, doubt not, for the divine person you are preparing for is also being prepared for you.

Finally, we do not decide when or how or who we fall in love with, because there is more to our journey to love than meets the eye. The wisdom of Rumi tells us: "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

Adyashanti, a teacher of awakening, speaks of the word sin and its meaning, which in his words means "to miss the mark." Upon researching this, I discovered this:

In the Aramaic Language and culture that Jesus taught in, the terms for "sin" and "evil" were archery terms. When the archer shot at the target and missed the scorekeeper yelled the Aramaic word for sin: it meant that you were off the mark, take another shot. The concept of sin was to be positive mental feedback. Sin is when you are operating from inaccurate information and thus a perceptual mis-take. When you become conscious and aware of the results of your inaccuracy, you have the option to reconsider what you have learned and do as they do in Hollywood, "do another take." By the way, where the arrow fell when it missed the target was referred to as evil.

So, this derivation of sin would have been about the time of Jesus.

Diving further into the etymology of the word, I found this definition of the word sin, one that comes from more recent times:

Definition of SIN

1 a : an offense against religious or moral law

b : an action that is or is felt to be highly reprehensible [it's a sin to waste food]

c : an often serious shortcoming : fault

2 a : transgression of the law of God

b : a vitiated state of human nature in which the self is estranged from God

Origin of SIN

Middle English sinne, from Old English synn; akin to Old High German sunta sin and probably to Latin sont-, sons guilty, est is — more at IS

First Known Use: before 12th century

This is the etymology that Mary Daly referred to, a derivation of the root that means "to be."

If we move forward in time, forward to where the patriarchy as world paradigm has become firmly entrenched, in most of the world it is believed, either overtly, or covertly, that women are the lesser gender. It is here, within this worldview of male supremacy, that sin has moved from missing the mark to simply being human, to simply being a woman.


Now, granted, we can toss this whole thing out if we don't believe in this strictest sense of what it means "to sin." Or can we? We learn to make meaning through what we are taught. We are taught with words, and we are taught through behavior. We are taught through culture. We learn to make meaning within the culture we swim.

Things have changed greatly in how women perceive the idea of sin and sinning. Or have they?

Perhaps on the surface of life, in this culture, much has changed. Intellectually this just doesn't make sense; but what do we believe, somewhere down in the shadow?

What about our emotional beliefs? What about our deepest conditioning? What about the stories we made up as young girls? Not so much the stories about what we could grow up to be or do, but the stories about our core worth? Stories we began to tell ourselves about our nature as girls, and as time progressed, as women? What about the feeling of being a girl, then a woman, in a culture that is based on domination?

I know that, until recently, I have lived my life with the unshakable sense that there is something less valuable about me, simply because I was born in a female body. While intellectually I knew this wasn't so, somewhere in the recesses of my psyche lay hidden beliefs and fears that this body is sinful, that my womanhood is somehow bad. I see it reflected in the media, in quasi-pornographic programming showing women being beaten and tortured, raped and abused. I see it reflected daily in the myriad ways women are objectified, repeatedly, to sell everything from hamburgers to beer to cars to razors.

It is my experience, and in the experience of many of the women I have worked with, that we swim in this notion that to be a woman in the fullest sense is to sin. We swim in the cultural sea, and we swim in our own internalized pool of it. It's a deep and dark pool that lies in the shadow, far from the light of Spirit, far from the light of the Goddess, far from the light of the God I know. We carry this pool around inside us. That's the kicker. If we hold conditioned beliefs that are unconscious, we swim in our own little pool of perceived sin.

This pool is the only pool that really matters, for it feeds the negative, compulsive, shadow thoughts that keep the inner-patriarchy in place. And it's the only pool one can change. But when we do clean our own pool, the big pool becomes a little clearer and cleaner.


Sitting with Mary Daly's statement, I have read it and re-read it. Writing this post has been like a long labor. I've written and re-written until I could wind my way around to something I already knew but needed to see in a simpler form, for anything true is really, really simple at its core.

For a woman … 'to be' in the fullest sense is 'to sin,' when she is trapped in patriarchy.

For a woman … 'to be' in the fullest sense is 'to sin,' when she is trapped in patriarchy, which is the religion of the entire planet.

And, when she's not trapped in patriarchy?

Ah, woman ≠ sin.

As you can see, I'm a lover of logic. And, I'm even greater lover of the Mystery, which is the Mother of logic. This Mother is the heart of existence. This Mother holds us all in her womb, the womb of truth. If we're willing to hang out here, the truth will be revealed.

As I sat in the Mystery with Mary's wisdom, this oh-so-young part of my psyche cried out with very familiar mantra:

"To be small and silent and agreeable is to be safe and loved and wanted."

Here was the part that keeps me believing, even when I know on so many levels that this simply isn't true.


I know this. I know it is only the stories I tell myself. But, when the stories are woven into the fabric of the culture, into the belief systems that keep the patriarchy in place, it can be so hard to step back far enough to see the obvious. I had to see the equation woman=sin, I had to feel it, I had to sit with it, I had to open my heart to the part of me that believes this seductive lie.

It is seductive. It seduces us with its promise of safety. It beguiles us with the promise that if we give ourselves away, we will be wanted. In believing this lie, I can settle down into the sickeningly comfortable, familiar arms of "I will safe."

Of course, the mantra is different at different times for different women. Sometimes, it looks like:

"To be like a man is be safe and loved and wanted";

Or, "To be asexual is to be safe and loved and wanted";

Or, "To be youthful, sexy and beautiful as hell so that every man will want me is to be safe and loved and wanted";

Or simply, "To be silent is to be safe."


I have done a ton of work to disengage from this cultural story and familial story. We, all women and men, learn our story of illusion at a young, young age, from parents who also were taught these seductive lies.

Much of what I've done has allowed my mind to once again trust my heart and my body.

When I drop down into this sensuous female body I exist in, I can feel the dark richness of the feminine, the dark loveliness. This is so different than the darkness of the shadow.

From my own experience, I know that this is the place from which my own internal power flows forth. This place within the depths of my body and my heart is the place where I am the fullest in every sense. It is the place where I feel wholly holy female.

Here, in this wholly holy female place, I am no longer trapped in patriarchy. It has no power. It does not exist.

In reality, the only thing that is real is what is here, now.

The patriarchy is an illusion, a story, albeit a powerful one because so many minds have agreed to uphold it, thereby granting it power. Somewhere I agreed to the story, and as I see through the conditioned beliefs I hold, I can choose to no longer hold this agreement. I can break it, and instead choose to live from what I know to be true through my own experience.


In considering Mary Daly's life, we can focus on truth — our truth as women. This truth stands alone from academic philosophy and theology, cultural conditioning and gender differences. This truth is free to question. This truth is to know, and to be, oneself in the fullest sense.

Thank you, Mary, for your fierceness and your courage. You certainly weren't perfect. You were controversial. You didn't ever shy away from stating your beliefs wholeheartedly. You stirred things up. You angered a great many. And, you blew the conversation wide open. You shined not just a light but a high beam on the shadow of this culture, a shadow that only harms women, men, children and everything that is living.

Who knows how history will hold you and your ideas, but I do know that you have added to the conversation, a conversation of possibility where all women and girls might one day know, relish and celebrate the fullness of what it is to be female, while also coming to know the healthy masculine side, and where all men and boys might discover the beauty of their feminine side, so that we all might live in true gender respect and harmony.


This post has been the most difficult I have written. It felt as if I were giving birth to something so much larger than my own understanding, and I was. I have been giving birth to the raw courage to sin by being a woman in all my fullness in this paradigm we swim in, the paradigm of patriarchy.

We don't live in the time of Jesus, when sin meant to miss the mark. We live in the patriarchy, where women are seen, down deep in the cultural shadow, as being sinful, simply by their nature.

To me, having the courage to sin does not mean to spew anger and hate at those that hold power. It means to do the work it will take to come to know myself through experience, not by way of what I have been told I am. It means to question what I have made up about myself, my worth, and the world itself and my relationship to it.

It means to be fully female, to embody the divine feminine, to disentangle one's being from the powerful structures that keep us believing in our own powerlessness. It means being that which we are, divinely female, embodying the life principle that, by design, created us to bring life into life.

It means to step into this power, to stand and speak, and to give my wholehearted support to other women and men who are willing to stand, speak and step into their own personal power.

As it turns out, it is only my own knowing, my own courage I can birth, but by sharing this knowing, I hope to help crack apart the tightly held beliefs about the prevailing structure we hold so tightly to.


Look out your eyes onto the world. There is nothing written on it. There are no words. There is no etymology.

It is empty of all that we attempt to make of it, and it is here in this emptiness that the mind can rest.

It is here, in this emptiness, that we can know the simple elegance that we are.

It is here, in this emptiness, that we can know our divine inheritance.

It is here, in this emptiness, that we can know the goddess, not as story or image but as the coming and going, the birth and death, the dance of light here in the world of matter.

It is here, we are safe, loved and holy whole, simply as we are.


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