Friday, March 4, 2011

Anwar-Ummi ceramah face-off a hit among locals

Anwar-Ummi ceramah face-off a hit among locals

Anwar-Ummi ceramah face-off a hit among locals

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 01:59 AM PST

The much-anticipated ceramah face-off last night between PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim and Ummi Hafilda Ali was a hit with the crowd, though it may not have achieved its intended objectives. In what was seen as a tactical move to scuttle Anwar's influence on the by-election's ceramah circuit, BN announced at the 11th hour that Ummi Hafilda would be speaking at a ceramah in Rumpun Makmur - at the same time the latter would deliver his own ceramah.
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Biawak if lucky: No goodies for Merlimau poor

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 01:51 AM PST

Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam has a favourite anecdote he likes to share with anyone willing to lend an ear, throughout the Merlimau by-election campaign. In this story, Mohd Ali and Malacca MIC chief R Perumal, visit the mostly Indian village of Kampung Paya Buloh to check out a family which DAP claims is going to sleep hungry more often than not. Full story:
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Anwar Speech at Kerdau Part 2

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 01:07 AM PST

Story to Follow
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Nurul Izzah: Application for Utusan Rakyat

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 12:20 AM PST

National Union of Journalists (NUJ) president Hata Wahari is to head Utusan Rakyat, said PKR's vice-president and Lembah Pantai MP, Nurul Izzah Anwar. She announced today that Hata will head the paper after a publishing permit is obtained from the Home Ministry.
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Ummi's tales of sex, money and scandals

Posted: 03 Mar 2011 10:04 PM PST

Emerging 13 years after appearing as a key witness in former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim's first sodomy trial, Ummi Hafilda Ali is back with a vengeance, this time sitting squarely in the BN camp in Merlimau. Full story :
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Posted: 04 Mar 2011 09:56 AM PST

If you're into royal golden  then this is your lucky day! Prince William decided to take a piss, and exposed his royal penis, much to the delight of the paparazzo that snapped these pictures. Yup, Prince William got caught with his pants down. No seriously, the future King of England was photographed while peeing and now of his penis are circulating on the Internet like wildfire. Some paparazzi with long-range lenses managed to get snaps of Wills taking a piss at a polo match and have posted the photos online. I bet the queen is DYING. I have been waiting 6 hours to post these candid shots because servers cannot handle the traffic load on other sites. I really don't want to post this shit because its crashing websitesthe over. Search engines are going crazy, its like if you put together all the scandals in the history of the Internet into one. Hey ladies, this one is for you all. And all the gay dudes too… Click on pictures to enlarge.

Some lucky paparazzo got the shots of his lifetime, when he happened to stumble upon the heir to the throne, Prince William, taking an outdoor piss during a break from Polo match. I wonder how much millions he got for these photos. One thing is fore sure, some where out there a former paparazzo is driving his new Bentley. Girl, this is not a typical holding pose for us boys. Maybe Royals fingers grab differently or something like a cigar.
And now we know for sure that those rumors the United Kingdom's Prince William and Price Harry of Wales are intact (uncircumcised penis). Because Princess Diana absolutely refused to have her sons circumcised.
Prince William of Wales (William Arthur Philip Louis; born 21 June 1982 in London, England,) is the elder son of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. As such, he is second in the line of succession to 16 independent states, though he is resident and most directly involved with the United Kingdom, the oldest
Following his education at various schools around the United Kingdom, obtaining a university degree, and spending parts of his gap year in Chile, Belize, and countries in Africa, William enrolled in the military. He was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Blues and Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry – serving with his brother – and, two years later, earned his wings by completing pilot training at Royal Air Force College Cranwell. It was announced in 2008 that the Prince will transfer his commission to the Royal Air Force and will train as a full time pilot with the Search and Rescue Force.
Today, saw the return of a long lost daughter of Malaysia. A new super heroine is born.
What happened to you, and where were you all these years? Out of nowhere, you returned again to enthrall the nation with your wit. Single-handedly, you brought hope back to our BN government, and you also brought the joy and laughter back to us sober Malaysians. We missed you so much. Our country has never been the same after you left. Caught in the evil clutches of Pakatan Rakyat, our country is slowly being run to the ground.
But since your return, you've made the headlines again; fame has followed you, and hopefully fortune will too!!
Already on the lips of everyone, you have been called the saviour of the nation; while there are others who named you the Second Messiah.
Your message to everyone to piss on Anwar was incredible.
Kinky fans of yours salivate at the thought of Anwar lying on the ground and you squatted squarely over his face, while a fountain of whisky-colored liquid comes pouring forth. As Anwar screams, how therapeutic for the BN and how lady-like of you – our heroine -  to share this secret formula of yours with the rest of the nation. 

Beach TGP

  • [youtube]
  • TEMERLOH, March 4 (Bernama) — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Friday Barisan Nasional (BN) had paid businesswomanUmmi Hafilda READMORE THE ROYAL PISS FOR ROYAL WHORE PRINCESS OF UMNO-BARISAN


    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 09:45 AM PST




    The Chinese-And-Indians-Getting-Richer Spin Again!

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 08:46 AM PST

    If BTN is the main course and Interlok is dessert, then this is the aperitif.

    The six o'clock news this morning was broadcasting this bit of info.

    And then the NST took over with its spread.

    The Chinese and the Indians are taking over the wealth of Malaysia, it seems to be imploring the Malays.

    But while an exclusive group of Malaysians are indeed getting wealthier, the average Malaysian is still struggling to make ends meet - battling the traffic to work every morning and paying off bills and loans.

    That is the reality.

    Social Change in Sarawak

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 07:45 AM PST

    sarawAK ACTIVE postersarawak poster 2srawk 3sarawak design

    Interlok tak layak dijadikan buku teks

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 08:04 AM PST

    Oleh Anak Mami

    Sumbangan dari Merdeka Review

    Isu Interlok nampaknya telah menjadi isu deadlock. Kerana sama ada karya itu dikekalkan sebagai buku teks seperti dicadangkan (dengan atau tanpa pindaan) atau ditarik balik, ia juga tidak dapat mengkompromikan pihak-pihak terlibat yang enggan berganjak dari pendirian masing-masing.

    Jelas sekali isu ini sudah dieksploitasikan oleh politikus-politikus tidak bertanggungjawab dan kumpulan perkauman yang asyik bertaruhkan "maruah bangsa" dalam "zero-sum game" mereka.

    Nampak sudah tiada mana-mana pihak yang masih mampu dan cukup berwibawa untuk mengemukakan cara penyelesaian yang dapat diterima oleh pihak-pihak yang terbabit. Keadaan deadlock inilah rasanya lebih teruk dan membimbangkan daripada isu Interlok sendiri!

    Pendekatan baru

    Jika pendekatan perkauman sudah menemui jalan buntu, mungkin ada baiknya kita kembali ke isu tulen, iaitu adakah Interlok sesuai atau layak digunakan sebagai buku teks di sekolah menengah kita.

    Menurut G.L. Koster (sila merujuk "Negara Di Persimpangan: Sepatah Kata Tentang Interlok" dalam "Abdullah Hussain dalam Esei dan Kritikan", DBP, 2008), Interlok adalah sebuah novel sejarah yang melingkupi jangka masa hampir 50 tahun dari tahun 1910 hingga Malaya mencapai kemerdekaan. Malah dianggapnya ia lebih tepat disebut sebagai sebuah roman-a-these, iaitu novel yang menghujahkan tesis, dakwaan atau ideologi tertentu.

    Justeru, novel ini tidak boleh dipandang sebagai cereka atau fiksyen semata-mata mengenai tiga keluarga, iaitu keluarga Seman, keluarga Cing Huat, keluarga Maniam dan interaksi antara tiga keluarga tersebut.

    Tiga keluarga itu padahal mensimbolikkan tiga bangsa, iaitu bangsa Melayu, bangsa Cina dan bangsa India, dan interaksinya pula membayangkan hubungan tiga bangsa terbabit pada jangka masa yang terbabit.

    Sebagai bahan bacaan umum, ia hanya merupakan pandangan pribadi penulisnya Abdullah Hussain, dan pembaca berhak membaca atau tidak membaca buku itu, dan setuju atau tidak setuju dengan tesis, dakwaan atau ideologi yang cuba disampaikan.

    Di samping itu, kebebasan mencipta dan hak bersuara novelis kita juga bisa diimbangi dengan kritikan sastera jika timbul sebarang kontroversi. Selama 40 tahun Interlok diterbitkan tanpa menimbulkan apa-apa polemik tidak membuktikan kandungannya telah diterima baik oleh bangsa-bangsa berkaitan, mungkin juga kerana buku itu tidak dibaca secara luas dan mempunyai impak yang ketara, maka ia pun dianggap sepi saja.

    Kriteria-kriteria Buku teks

    Selepas Interlok dicadang menjadi buku teks bagi matapelajaran komsas Tingkatan Lima, kritikan terhadap buku itu tidak lagi bersifat peribadi antara pembaca atau pengkritik dengan novelis Abdullah Hussain, tetapi dari kriteria-kriteria yang lebih tinggi dan ketat, umpamanya enam kriteria Jabatan Sastera DBP, antara lain, karya yang terpilih sebagai buku teks mesti mampu "mencetus dan mempengaruhi nilai hidup positif", "bertahan diuji zaman" dan "sesuai menjadi acuan dan rujukan kepada generasi kemudian".

    Oleh yang demikian, jika Interlok ingin dijadikan buku teks, terlebih dahulu ia mesti memenuhi kriteria-kriteria yang amat tinggi dan ketat seperti tersebut di atas. Selain daripada nilai estetika, kesan pendidikan dan impak terhadap hubungan kaum juga harus dinilai secara objektif.

    Menurut kajian NIAT (National Interlok Action Team) terhadap buku (Bab) Maniam, dari enam kriteria yang ditetapkan oleh Jabatan Sastera, DBP, didapati hanya satu saja kriteria yang dipenuhi.

    Rasanya Jabatan Sastera perlu memberi respons terhadap kajian NIAT dengan sikap yang lebih terbuka dan berasaskan kepada penganalisaan akademik dan keintelektualan, bukan emosi atau maruah bangsa yang diada-adakan.

    Jika Interlok tidak memenuhi kriteria buku teks yang sedia ada lalu ditarik balik, atau sebaliknya dikekalkan kerana telah memenuhi kriteria-kriteria yang berkaitan, maka ia padahal tidak berkaitan dengan maruah mana-mana satu bangsa, bukan?

    Beberapa kritikan terhadap Interlok

    Dari kaca mata hubungan kaum seperti yang telah pun disimbolikkan oleh penulis Interlok, beberapa mesej, dakwaan atau ideologi yang cuba disampaikan sudah barang tentu akan membawa konotasi negatif terhadap bangsa yang berkaitan jika ia dihayati sebagai ciri-ciri bangsa yang terbabit.

    Mesej dan ideologi utama yang ingin disampaikan ialah ketuanan Melayu, iaitu hubungan imigran/pendatang/orang asing dengan kaum Melayu yang merupakan tuan kepada Tanah Melayu, dan ideologi pro-penjajah dan anti-komunis.

    Umpamanya protagonis generasi pertama keluarga Cing Huat, iaitu Lee Kim Lock digambarkan sebagai manusia yang suka berjudi, kaki arak, tahi candu, enggan membawa isterinya ke negeri ini sungguhpun dia telah mampu berbuat demikian, dan sebagainya. Sebagai individu, tak dapat dinafikan mungkin ada manusia seperti itu, malah ada yang lebih teruk daripadanya, tetapi ia pasti tidak boleh dijadikan model bagi pekerja-pekerja imigran Cina pada zaman tersebut.

    Berbanding dengan ayahnya, Cing Huat lebih jahat dan terkutuk, dia amat tamak, tidak berperikemanusiaan dan amat berprasangka terhadap orang Melayu - Di satu pihak, dianggap orang Melayu itu bodoh, malas, tidak pandai berniaga dan sebagainya, dan melarang anaknya dari bergaul dengan mereka; Di pihak yang lain, ia cuba menipu harta benda orang Melayu (melalui Pak Musa) dengan cara yang licik.

    Cing Huat, seorang tauke kedai runcit pula digambarkan sebagai wakil kelas Kapitalis yang menindas penduduk kampung orang Melayu, sedangkan kuasa kapitalis penjajah British dan kuasa feudalis yang bersubahat dengannya, yang merupakan golongan penindas utama pelbagai kaum di negara kita, sebaliknya tidak disentuh langsung!

    Hero utama kita Yew Seng juga dicipta mengikut keperluan prasangka dan ideologi penulis, umpamanya sikap permusuhan terhadap pasukan tentera anti-Jepun dan ideologi komunis.

    Justeru itu, jasa pasukan anti-Jepun yang disertai Yew Seng dan adiknya Poh Eng bukan saja tidak dikenang, malah diadakan babak Poh Eng nyaris diperkosa oleh Teck Hock, seorang komunis, pada jauh malam selepas pesta merayakan penyerahan kalah tentera Jepun dilangsungkan.

    Dan perang anti-British yang terpaksa dilancarkan di bawah pimpinan Parti Komunis Malaya juga diputarbelit sebagai ingin mendirikan sebuah negara komunis di negeri kita.

    Pengisytiharan Darurat yang bertujuan untuk menindas pejuang-pejuang anti-British juga dialu-alukan, dan perpaduan kaum diperlihatkan melalui penggemblengan tenaga antara Yew Seng dan adiknya Poh Eng (mewakili kaum Cina) dengan pemuda-pemuda Melayu (mewakili kaum Melayu) dan inspector Ramakrisynan (mewakili kaum India) dalam menumpaskan apa yang dinamakan "pemberontakan" komunis!

    Lagi lucu ialah Yew Seng dan Poh Eng telah mengaku ayahnya Cina Panjang yang dilantik sebagai pengerusi Persatuan Cina (MCA?) itu sebagai sudah berada di "jalan betul"!


    Berasaskan kepada analisa seperti tersebut di atas, sebagai sebuah novel sejarah, atau lebih tepat, sebagai sebuah roman-a-these, iaitu novel yang menghujahkan tesis ketuanan Melayu, dakwaan terhadap nilai- nilai negatif ketiga-tiga bangsa dan ideologi pro-penjajahan dan anti- komunis, kepincangan buku Interlok padahal begitu menonjol dan sukar sekali hendak dipertahankan.

    Justeru, karya ini pasti gagal memenuhi kriteria-kriteria yang diperlukan agar ianya dipilih sebagai sebuah buku teks. Maka kesimpulannya sudah nyata: Ditarik balik sebagai buku teks seperti dicadangkan dan digantikan dengan karya lain yang dapat dipersetujui oleh pihak-pihak terbabit!

    *Lee Ban Chen ialah penulis bebas.


    UMNO memang parti perkauman, mengalakkan dan memberangsangkan kaum melayu supaya anti cina, anti India , malah menaburkan semangat membenci terhadap kaum lain. Interlok sebuah buku teks yang menghina kaum minoriti di Malaysia, Dengan terujudnya buku Interlok bagai buku teks, maka suatu identiiti bangsa mulia - Ketuanan Melayu dijadikan tiang penegak supaya melecehkan kaum lain.

    Biadap Umno Biadap.

    Inilah Melayu yang malukan Islam

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 07:57 AM PST

    Oleh Anak Mami

    Ismazi@Megat Ismazi Ismail
    , 48, didakwa mencabul kehormatan dengan meletakkan tangannya di atas dada kesemua pelajar berbangsa Cina itu di dalam bilik guru disiplin antara jam 7.30 pagi hingga 8.30 pagi, 25 Feb lalu.

    Ini betul betul lanciau punya melayu
    Ini lah Melayu yang malukan bangsa melayu
    Ini lah melayu yang betul betul malukan nama baik Islam

    Nampaknya guru ini kuat sembahyang selepas memuaskan nafsunya, lalu memohon ampun supaya segala dosa dosanya dihapuskan. Ini lah sikap pendekar seks maniac yang anti cina ini , Selepas berjaya dapat cabul kehormatan anak murid, maka beliau rasa dirinyadapa pahala kerana dapat membinasakan maruah anak muridnya. --- Lanciao , balik pak chui Cheng !!

    Sebagai seorang guru displin, berani dan sanggup lakukan perbuatan serupa bangsat, sanggup lakukan perbuatan yang low morality dan tiak beretika, selaku seks manic , cara mana imej kaki tangan yang berjawat sebagai guru dapat dicayai oleh masyarakat?? kes ini bukan kes biasa, kes ini cukup luar biasa, kemungkunan guru ini sekian lama menabur semangat anti cina, semangat yang dilaung laungkan oleh Berita hairan dan Utusan Meloya, jadi mudahlah guru ini megambll kesempatan cabul pelajar berbangsa cina supaya lepas geram, Melayu ini mewar warkan semangat anti cina tidak tertahan nafsunya lakukan perbuatan jahilliah, Jadi ... cuba fikirkanlah sejauhmana Melayu Islam ini betul betul faham ajaran Islam? lanciao.... jawapannya amat sesuai untuk perlaku seks ini.

    Manusia yang bermaruah

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 07:45 AM PST

    Oleh Anak Mami

    Blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin has turned down an invitation to lunch at the Australian Parliament House in honour of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

    The blogger, one of Najib's fiercest critics in cyberspace, was invited today by Australian MP, Michael Danby.

    On March 21, Raja Petra would be appearing before the Australian foreign affairs sub-committee to conduct a briefing on the human rights situation in Malaysia.


    Ini dia Manusia yang bermaruah bukan senang di umpat , dibeli dan dipujuk

    Ini dia Raja Petra, letak najib di tapak kaki, Memang pun beliau mempunyai minda dan tahu buat keputusan yang baik dan bijak, Ini bukanlah melayu cap tin kosong, Beliau memahami sekiranya beliau hadir jamuan makan malam, maka dapat diibaratkan bagai ikan terlompat masuk dalam kuali Najib, ditunggu masak dan dihidangkan dalam mulut.

    Ini lah perjuangan yang tulin, buan sebarang perjuangan melayu auta, Perjuangan melayu auta itu belum sedia nak berjuang untuk diri, untuk masyarakat sudah mimpi nak berjuang untuk agama, bangsa dan negara !!! Melayu auta itu berjuang untuk Islam, berjuang untuk Allah hingga mulut berbuih buih, air liur mengalir macam kena asam !!!

    Jangan lah hina kaum India , jangan hina Hindraf, kalau kita celikkan mata, akan nampak mereka lah benar benar berjuang untuk bangsa dan budaya mereka, Mereka bermaruah tidak akan bertolak ansur hingga titik hayat untuk memulihkan nama baik bangsa india di Malaysia,Kumpulan Hindraf lah manusia yang bermaruah, menolak sama sekali tentang penghinaan di buku Teks Interlok, Mereka ini bermaruah dan sanggup menerima penindasan PDRM, mereka bermaruah kerana tindakan UMNO yang menghina maruah bangsanya. Mereka ini bukanlah kaum kaum India MIC, sanggup jual jubur demi untuk menjual maaruah bangsa mereka.

    Jadilah manusia yang bermaruah, sanggup berkorban untuk prinsipal jangan jadi melayu auta yang tamak duit, sanggup dijual maruah diri, jual agama, jual Islam, hingga sumpah laknat dengan al quran di masjib, ramai Melayu auta bila cakap Islam, sanggup sumpah langit dan bumi, mulut berbuih buih macam buih sabun, bila dibayar 200 ringgit terus pangka untuk UMNO. jual tiket undi...malah jual puki anak perempuan mereka, ini lah melayu biadap dan melayu auta yang tidak bermaruah, tidak sedar sehingga melecehkan maruah bangsa sendiri.

    Ini Pendatang Original

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 07:41 AM PST

    Oleh Anak Mami

    Doctor ini datang dari Mana ? India
    Keturunan apa , Hindu
    Rakyat Negara mana ? India
    Bekerja di mana . Malaysia

    Dia milik sijil kedoktoran dari mana ?

    Soalan , kenapa beliau layak jadi rakyat malaysia ?
    Pada hal dia ni pendatang juga, Pendatang Original dari India
    Kenapa dia layak lakukan bedah siasat keatas mendiang Teoh Beng Hock ?
    Pada hal sijilnya patut tidak diiktiraf oleh kerajaan Malaysia.

    Doctor ini memahami mendiang Teoh Beng Hock tidak akan bangkit semula untuk membuktikan beliau dibunuh kejam, Doctor ini juga akui Mending Teoh Beng Hock yidak akan hadir di RCI memberitahu dia bukan bunuh diri. Makan Dokctor sengaja membuat hipothisis dan membertahu teori ciptaannya secara tidak logik

    Teori doctor ini mengatakan Teoh Beng Hock mencangkung di ambang tingkap sebelum melompat hingga menyebabkan kematiannya, bila dihentam oleh Christopher Leong bahawa ambang tingkap yang hanya 3mm hingga 5mm lebarnya dan mendapat kesan calar tersebut di tapak kasutnya. tiba tiba doctor ini tidak memberi jawapan.

    Ini lah standard dan imej pakar perubatan di Malaysia, Pakar pakar macam ini lah malukan malaysia, Khasnya Pakar doktor pendatang ini memerlukan pekerjaan, status maka terpaksa ikut apa yang PDRM dan UMNO kata terpaksa ikut arahan dri UMNO, kalau tidak akan ditendang baliik India

    Pakar pendatang ini gunakan beg plastik dipenuhi air dan teddy bear untuk mengesan dan menguji cara mana Teoh Beng Hock mati terjun.... tengoklah dulu kalau beliau boleh gunakan beg plastik dan teddy bear untuk buat kajian dan mengesan Mendiang mati lompat, manalah rakyat boleh percayai standard dan kepakaran beliau. fikirkan dulu

    Anwar In Penang On Satrurday

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 07:31 AM PST

    Program Lawatan Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim ke Pulau Pinang


    5 Mac 2011 (Sabtu)


    Program 1

    3.00 ptg – Penyampaian Cek Kepada Warga Emas dan Guru KAFA SPT


    Lokasi : Dewan Serbaguna Chai Leng Park, Prai


    Turut Bersama:

         1. YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

         2. YAB Lim Guan Eng

         3. YB Dato' Mansor Othman

         4. YB Prof. Dr. Ramasamy


    Program 2

    5.00 ptg – Kenduri Rakyat dan Ceramah


    Lokasi: Masjid Titi Teras, Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang


    Program 3

    7.30 – 8.30 malam – Solat dan Tazkirah Maghrib


    Lokasi: Masjid Batu Maung 


    Program 4

    8.00 – 11.00 malam – Jamuan Makan Malam


    Lokasi: Chinese Town Hall, Pulau Pinang



           1. YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

           2.  YB Dato' Mansor othman

           3. YB Dato' Seri Chua Jui Meng

           4.  YB Tian Chua

           5.  YBhg Dr Tan Kee Kwong


    Program 5

    9.00 – 12.00 mlm – Ceramah dan Konsert Otai Bersama Ust Haslin Bollywood


    Lokasi: Dewan Mellinium, Kepala Batas


    Program 6

    9.00 – 12.00 Malam – Ceramah – Ubah Sekarang / Selamatkan Malaysia


    Lokasi: Galeri Perdana Tok Kun, Bukit Mertajam



           1. YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

           2.  YB Dato' Mansor Othman

           3.  YB Tian Chua

           4.   YBhg Dato' Seri Chua Jui Meng

           5.   Sdri Siti Aisyah Shaik Ismail

    Radio Free Sarawak

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 07:21 AM PST

    Press Release – 03/03/2011              From RADIO FREE SARAWAK

    *"Attack me if you want, but leave my family alone!" – DJ Peter John (Papa
    Orang Utan of Radio Free Sarawak) has hit back against the harassment of his
    family in Kuching*

    Peter John, who recently revealed himself as the DJ behind the pro-democracy
    radio station Radio Free Sarawak based in London, has called on the
    authorities in Kuching to stop a growing campaign of harassment against his
    family and their businesses.

    He says the problems faced by his family members started in early January,
    by which time his identity as the voice behind the daily show was becoming
    widely known in Sarawak.   The manager of a restaurant run by his family
    called him to say that their landlord, who is a known BN supporter, had
    given them one month's notice to leave.  No reason was given and they had
    occupied the premises for four years.

    Later Peter's son called to say that another landlord at a lodging house run
    by the family was also cancelling the tenancy.  This landlord is one of
    Sarawak's big timber companies, closely linked to the Chief Minister. Again
    no reason was given for the sudden eviction.

    But the real problems started, according to Peter John (whose family name is
    Jaban), after last month's article in London's Evening Standard confirming
    the names of the people behind Radio Free Sarawak.   Police have started
    visiting the premises of family members, he says, asking for his
    whereabouts.  Last night he was rung by his brother, who said the police had
    also come to his business and made enquiries from the staff.  They said "we
    are looking for him" according to the manager.

    There have also been problems from the Kuching Council which issues licences
    for his premises.  One business associate of his family was approached
    directly by the council two days ago, according to Jaban, and told that if
    they continue to sub-let to him then the council will terminate their
    licence to operate.

    Yesterday Peter's son was also informally warned by Council staff that the
    family's name has now been 'black-listed'.  He was advised to sell or change
    the name of all their business operations.

    Peter says that the effect on his family has been far-reaching.  Not only
    have their livelihoods been affected, but they have been left concerned and
    intimidated.  He says this worries him more than death threats he has
    received on his mobile phone and he says he understands the sort of pressure
    that the US citizen Ross Boyert experienced, because he feels the same is
    happening to him.

    But, Jaban remains defiant.  Today he said "no matter what they do I will
    continue my work.  The more they do the more I will say about them.  They
    can go for me, but whatever happens I will never stop barking.  If you kill
    me I will stop, but the other blogs will continue".

    Jaban says that he misses the comfortable life, the weather and the family
    and friends back home.  "I miss a lot of what I left back in Sarawak, but
    this is what I had to do" he says.  "Just leave my family out of it, they
    had nothing to do with this and attacking them only proves everything I have
    been saying about what is wrong with Sarawak at the moment".

    Contact – Radio Free Sarawak email –

    What’s happening … 2 suns in the sky?

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 06:58 AM PST

    I first touched on this possible astronomical anomaly happening on 27 August this year here.

    But it seems the 2 suns phenomenon appearing in the sky has arrived early. What is really happening? The strange thing is that none of the influential English mainstream medias has reported on this matter but are eerily silent. What are they trying to hide from us? Does anyone know the truth behind why this is happening?

    Here's a video about the phenomenon in Russia …

    Here's a video from some Chinese reports …

    Tagged: 2 suns in the sky

    Islam’s Invasion Ideology

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 04:40 AM PST

    by Martel Sobieskey

    In the same way that a fake $100 bill is not legitimate currency, Islam is a counterfeit religion and therefore does not qualify for first amendment status. It is extremely incorrect to categorize Islam as a religion when its core literature and bloody track record prove a thousand times over that it is an -- Invasion ideology, a shrewd and cunning predator -- disguising itself as a religion.

    rightsidenews_camps_02Irrefutable evidence proves Islam to be a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and a "Trojan horse" hell bent upon destroying all religions and nations worldwide. This irrefutable evidence is a book called the Koran where Allah commands that all Muslims must wage Jihad until the entire world and every single person is either converted to Islam, enslaved, murdered, tortured or abused.

    "Fight them until all opposition ends, and all submit to Allah" (Koran: 8:39)

    The Koran is a Manual of War

    It is an error for anyone to call Islam a religion, but for those who insist, it's best referred to as a "Religion of War" that has arrived on our shore as an enemy invader for the sole purpose of conquering our nation. This point cannot be overemphasized.

    The Koran vows to vanquish all religions and nations worldwide.  Allah himself is the protagonist who relishes the role of a "hit man" vowing to knock off every person who rejects Islam -- sending them to burn in everlasting hell.  For Allah, there is nothing more heinous and loathsome than those infidels (non-believers) who refuse to convert, and there is nothing he will not do to eradicate them.

    "I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore, smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off their fingers and toes." (Koran 8:12)

      "Allah wished to confirm the truth by his words: Wipe the infidels out to the last." (Koran: 8:7)

    Read the Koran for Yourself

    Don't take my word on it.  Read the Koran.  By so doing you will be outraged and ask, "Why in heavens name would any person with integrity and intellectual objectivity call such a blood thirsty and homicidally bigoted "tirade" -- a sacred and holy book?"

    Below are two sources for authentic passages from the Koran. The first is entitled   "Islamic Quotes"  taken from .  It provides a few hundred quotes organized into 30 different categories and is very "digestible" giving immediate insight into the malevolence of the Koran and related Islamic texts. The second is an article by Citizen Warrior  encouraging everyone to read the Koran, especially "An Abridged Koran" by CSPI. The advantage of the abridged version is that it eliminates monotonous repetition and provides commentary giving a comprehensive perspective and meaning to the text.

    Neutralizing Islam

    One does not need a crystal ball to foretell that Islam will turn America into a living hell if left unchecked.  9/11 was America's initiation into the so called "religious rites" of Islam. Millions of Americans are outraged that the real culprit in this attack has been given a "free pass" to continue its rampage. 

    Since 9/11, the  religion of peace website has documented 16,124 deadly attacks committed by Islam as mandated by the Koran. These prove that Islam does not deserve the status of a religion and that America has been hoodwinked by so doing. We need to face reality, and implement effective methods if we wish to protect our nation from this religious imposter.

    One writer bringing clarity to the situation is Daniel Greenfield. In his article: "Can We Ban Islam? Legal Guidelines for the Criminalization of Islam in the United States" he states in the affirmative that America can legally ban Islam because:

     "Organizations aimed at the overthrow of the United States can be banned and membership in them can even be criminalized."

    They key word here is "overthrow".  Any group that wishes to overthrow the United States can be banned. It is well past time for open debate and discussion upon this issue in regards to Islam.

    To reiterate, Islam does not qualify for religion status in the USA because it an Invasion Ideology which absolutely mandates the conquest of the United States.  Please see my related article entitled "Demoting Islam's Religion Status"  it provides the basic elements for discussion and reflection.  Also, a must see "you tube" video named "3 Things about Islam" provides a concise summary of the challenge we face.  It is imperative for all Americans to learn the truth about Islam or it will eventually destroy us.

    Martel Sobieskey has 36 years research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare.  He is greatly alarmed that American politicians, military commanders, educators, journalists, intelligence analysts, and security and police personnel have failed to comprehend the deeply entrenched jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam – moderates included.

    original URL:
    reprinted with permission

    (Gambar) Ceramah BN VS Ceramah PAS

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 04:15 AM PST

    (Gambar) Ceramah BN VS Ceramah PAS, apa pandnagan anda? nantikan keputusan pilihanraya kecil ni...

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    Dr Mahathir - Malays, Mamaks & Malaysians

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 04:18 AM PST

    Much as Dr Mahathir was (perhaps still is) feared, despised and hated by many in the opposition camp (and even some in the BN side), much more than when he was a young Turk, I personally don't; I have to admit I even admire him for three things he did. These were:

    (a) His correct and timely de-fang-ing of a certain royalty who conducted himself as if he was King Dewata Cengkar,
    (b) His promotion of Malaysia as a proud nation, and
    (c) His concept of Bangsa Malaysia.

    But alas, since his retirement, he has been perceived as having reverted to what people suspected of him when he was a young Turk.

    His strident critics have been rather feral in calling him by various insulting descriptions, with the major one persistently pointing out (wakakaka) that he is an Indian who refused to acknowledge his ethnic (Indian) origin.

    For years, Dr Mahathir didn't say a single thing in response to this particular insult heaped upon him … till today when I read in The Malaysian Insider's article
    Malays are not immigrants, says Dr Mahathir where he said:

    I would not say I am a Malay or Malaysian of ethnic Indian origin. My mother tongue and home language is Malay, my culture and tradition is Malay and I am a Muslim. The constitution defines a Malay as a person who habitually speaks Malay, practices Malay custom and tradition and is a Muslim.

    He continued that: ... it was obvious some Malays were descended from people of the Indonesian islands, India and the Arabian peninsular.

    Hmmm, what about Dr Ridhuan Tee who always writes, words to the effect: "Kita orang Melayu ..." instead of "Kita umat Islam ..."? Isn't it just hurtful to poor Dr Ridhuan wakakaka.

    It seems Dr Mahathir has limited non-Semenanjung "Malays" to only those originating from Indonesia, India and Arabia. Why not those originally from China like poor Dr Ridhuan Tee and Omar Ong?

    Anyway, I wonder whether Dr Mahathir's assertion that he is a Malay (full stop) and not one of ethnic Indian origin had been finally his ultimate rebuttal of the tons of ethnic insults hurled at him. Could it be his long-suffered hurt has finally manifested itself in his rejection that he is a Mamak?

    Then he made a very poor, in fact bad comparison when he said: Having come here they [Indons, Indians and Arabs] were assimilated after they identified themselves completely with the Malays by adopting the Malay language, their customs and traditions and by being Muslims. This is a common phenomenon. In America, Australia, Latin America the later immigrants accepted the languages of their adopted country as their mother tongue as well as the culture. After doing this they no longer think of themselves as being of their original country.

    It's a poor comparison because the languages and cultures of the Americas and Australia were imposed by foreign invaders, namely the British and Spaniards. That's why English is spoken in USA and Australia while Spanish is in South America (with the exception of Brazil and a few kutu states).

    In fact, the culture in Australia has been transformed in the last 35 years. And in the USA too!

    But then, what really is culture? Well, it's basically everything in that society, from its customs, traditions, social practice, religion(s), beliefs, language, social interactions & communication, food, drinks, politics, dress, social values and activities, entertainment, so on so forth.

    Can it be legislated? Only if you have a dictatorial bent and own a mind control machine.

    Culture is something that grows gradually and subtly, and then, having been accepted without the acceptor even being aware of his/her acceptance, settles within a society. As I mentioned, most of the times we aren't even aware of the acceptance, practice, and growth of the new values in our midst.

    Just as an example on food - today the Vietnamese pho is an intrinsic part of Australian cuisine. What about Malaysia? Are mee, meehoon and koay teow (noodles), and choy-sum (sawi) exclusively confined to Chinese cuisine? If not, can anyone tell of a date (just the year will do fine) when they were accepted/used by the other communities as Malaysian food?

    Then, do only the Malays wear sarong and eat nasi lemak? As a kid I remember my dad changing quickly into a sarong whenever he returned home from work - he felt so comfy in one.

    What about roti, capati, curry and pasembur? Are these made and eaten only by Indians? My late mum would cook mamak-style fish head curry with lots of brinjal (egg plant) and okra (ladies fingers) for me, knowing how much I love the dish and then teasing me that I ought to marry an Indian sweetheart to ensure I continue to be provided with the yummy curry.

    The above are examples of how culture evolves – no legislation, no official enforced policies, no political bull, just free acceptance, practice and assimilation. This is what is meant by multiculturalism.

    Thus I believe Dr Mahathir is both right and wrong in his attempts to define what should Malaysians do. Yes, I am aware he was describing 'Malay' rather than 'Malaysian' but his definition was meant to divide the people into Malays and non-Malays, when all of us are Malaysians. Thus I will talk about Malaysians, citizens of Malaysia.

    He is right in that every Malaysian should speak fluent Malay or if you wish, Bahasa Malaysia. It needn't be Dewan Bahasa type of Malay; colloquial Malay is good enough but the fluency should be there, especially among the younger generations. There's no excuse in this regard.

    But don't get me wrong that I am against people learning other languages including their mother tongues. In Australia and the USA, their citizens do so.

    On the issue of vernacular schools I'm personally against them as I believe they serve only to further divide us. Surprised? Never mind. However, we must examine the history of how vernacular school came about, and understand why it now has such a prominent position among the Chinese. Blame UMNO for their existence and popularity – for more, read my previous post
    A central pillar of Chinese culture.

    As my old friend Helen Ang (I hope she still loves me wakakaka) observed astutely in her Malaysiakini column: [The Chinese education] boat has left the harbour and sailed too far to turn back now.

    ... which is why we have been left with a complex, sensitive and difficult legacy.

    But then, when we read of the racist conduct of some headmasters in national type schools and one or two VCs of universities, it shows that national type schools alone do not, cannot guarantee unity when unrepentent racists exist in out midst.

    Many Chinese parents are so glad that they have vernacular schools to minimise their children's exposure to such blatant cruel racism by people who dare to call themselves teachers.

    But Dr Mahathir would be wrong if he prescribes being Muslim as a condition. Since he mentioned Australia and USA as examples of what he saw as citizens accepting the nation's principal customs and traditions, I would like to inform him that there is absolute freedom to practice any religious beliefs in those countries.

    In Australia the authorities even fund some non-Christian religious activities (and ethnic festivals), including Islamic ones. Incidentally both Australia and the USA are secular nations, even though the Christian faith is widely practiced and is the principal (but not official) religion.

    And that is the reason why, other than Dr Ridhuan Tee and his like-minded friends wakakaka, we cannot call ourselves "Malays" but Malaysians, because to be a Malay one has to be a Muslim. Thus religion, not language or customs, separates us.

    The customs and traditions of Malaysia, needless to say, are dominated and thus based on mainly the (majority) Malay customs and traditions. Non-Malays don't have any issue with that. But we have to recognize our nation's customs and traditions would not be exclusively Malay customs aand traditions, as I've demonstrated by way of the food we eat.

    Let me reveal something to be proud of - whenever I informed a new Aussie acquaintance that I'm a Malaysian, the usual reaction I received would be: Wow, you Malaysians are really renowned for your multi-linguistic abilities. Now, wouldn't that be a reflection of our unique and proud Malaysian culture?

    I am very disappointed that Bapak Bangsa Malaysia had in recent times written a number of divisive and provocative articles, with his emphasis on Malays and non-Malays, reminding us of our differences rather than our similarities.

    He also has a disingenous propensity to (or attempt to) turn the tables against his critics. They described his or Perkasa or Utusan's articles as racist but he'd then claim to the contrary, that those critics were the actual racist in criticising UMNO policies and Perkasa/Utusan concerns.

    But, just as an example, isn't an UMNO government with a known, undeniable and unabashed policy of reserving all top civil and military positions for only Malays racist in nature?

    While I can appreciate affirmative action for Malays, I do not see such ethnocentric exclusivity for those positions as an intrinsic part of affirmative action. It's nothing more than racial marginalization of non-Malays from positions such as Chief Secretary, IGP, Chiefs in the Military, VCs of universities, etc.

    That's a fact, and a very sad one!

    Anwar's Speech at Kerdau Part 1

    Posted: 04 Mar 2011 12:38 AM PST

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