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“Who is behind this..??”

“Who is behind this..??”

“Who is behind this..??”

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 09:32 AM PST

1998 saw the birth of Reformasi in the streets of Kuala Lumpur where thousands came out in support of Anwar Ibrahim who was then the Deputy Prime Minister. One person who remembers it very well was a founder member of PKR. He said he gathered at the place in question and it was uneventfull at first and he was with his five year old daughter.

 But in less than an hour the crowds swell after Friday prayers to thousands and his daughter was crying in the sweltering heat and the boistorous and rowdy crowd was not helping.

The FRU personnels and police forces were building up and he was pushed left and right and holding to his daughters dear life. Would he do it again? No way and he discourages these type of demonstrations and rallies. He was not at the 2007 Bersih demonstrations where nearly 40000 took part as he has already left the political scene.

Word on the ground and in cyber space today which says and reads as such" planned protest against Taib Mahmud is at 2pm Sunday 20th February at Padang Merdeka,Kuching. Please join in or avoid the area due to expected traffic congestion.Please pass this to liberate Sarawak from the corrupted CM"

Many people have not taste this type of rallies or demonstrations and it could get very UGLY. We would like to advice parents to check on their children whereabouts as they are curious and will check it out. Secondly whoever attends this function/rally/demonstration please remember to carry your identification card. If you are locked up and cry for your rights heaven help you.

 You might then be deported who knows ..??

Objects,broken glasses might be thrown and injuries too might lead to broken arms,limbs and some may just lose their eyesights. Political propaganda of this sort should not be encouraged and if its a political rally Police permit must be taken.

Whoever is behind this must have his head screwed right and be hauled up and answerable to bear the consequences. What can one achieved by going on the streets when there is an avenue to vent your anger? The State elections will be called soon and why must we in Sarawak resort to these type of gatherings.Whoever is right or wrong there must be proper channels for all this.

We are indeed concerned and we advice the parents not to let your children cry foul of the law. It is no laughing matter and we just hope that the smses should be stopped. The culprits must be brought up and charged for incitement.

Of course no one is guilty unless charged in court but we condemn this act . Dont let your children cry unnecessary as above parent found out.

Parents please double-check out your children and their whereabouts especially so this Sunday the 20th of February……

First Tunisia then Egypt then Yemen and now a GCC state

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 08:33 AM PST

Reports of protests in Bahrain. Follow the Google News link for related news.

A Familiar Story, Corruption! Police Brutality! Death in Custody! Oppression!

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 08:00 AM PST


Memo against FTAs handed over at PM's office

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 04:00 AM PST

The Coalition against Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) today handed a memorandum to the Prime Minister's Department, urging for a delay on discussions to liberalise trade with US,the EU, and other nations. A small group of 35 supporters from Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit), Malaysia Youth and Students Democratic Movement (Dema) and The Positive Malaysian Treatment Access & Advocacy Group (MTAAG), made their way to the Prime Minister's Department at 11.40am to hand over the memorandum to Azrul Apendi Abdullah, the private secretary to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. The coalition's co-ordinator A Sivarajan, stressed that all discussions should be delayed immediately and that government should make a comprehensive cost-benefit assessment between Malaysia, the US and EU.
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Dr M: Taib must not get into a Mubarak situation

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 03:59 AM PST

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamed today said that Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud should have a successor ready before he considers stepping down after three decades in power. Mahathir, himself having served as prime minister for 22 years before resigning in 2003, said it is best left to Sarawakians to decide on Taib's continued leadership, but stressed that it must be an orderly process. "It is up to the people of Sarawak to decide (when Taib should step down). I think they know best," he said at a press conference after launching the Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia in Shah Alam. Full story here:
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Defence raises doubts on medical tests

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 02:16 AM PST

The defence in Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial raised doubts in the prosecution case today, pointing out several inconsistencies in the evidence presented to the court. The first doubt was on police investigating officer DSP Jude Blacious Pereira having a hand in filling in a portion of Hospital Kuala Lumpur's pro-forma document. Full story here:
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Lawyers: Can DPPs act independently?

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 12:00 AM PST

The Royal Commission of Inquiry investigating the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock began its hearing in a packed courtroom in the Kuala Lumpur High Court today. The inquiry is being recorded by close-circuit television (CCTV) and its proceedings are telecast 'live' in the media room, located near the courtroom. Commission chairperson James Foong said the hearing is also shown 'live' outside the courtroom on the third floor. Full story here:
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This Is What's Wrong With Malaysians

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 07:14 AM PST

I was browsing through Malaysiakini when I saw this comment by an anonymous commenter (and yes, I would welcome anonymity if I regularly made stupid comments like he/she does):

"What have you all done to help your own countrymen?" he asks.

I wonder if he is referring to the citizens of India or Malaysians of Indian ethnicity.

If it was the former, he is using the wrong channels as Indians don't generally read Malaysian news sites.

However, I suspect he was referring to the latter, in which case he completely misses the point that as Malaysians, ethnicity should be of no significance when it comes to championing the rights of the downtrodden.

I ask him in return: What have you done to help your own countrymen?

Ann Coulter at CPAC 2011

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 08:49 AM PST

Via Gateway Pundit, from Freedom's Lighthouse:

And my selection of the most snarky and piercing quotes:

From her speech:

But you know, if they wanna get rid of overbearing, out of touch despots… Could we start with Janet Napolitano?

Mubarak supports US policy, used his army to fight Islamic terrorists, and he recognized Israel's right to exist. Or as liberals call it: Three strike and you're out.

In some pro-Ahmadinejad districts the voting was over 100%… Oh no, wait, I'm sorry – I was thinking of Al Franken's election in Minnesota.

But Egyptians take to the streets and start decapitating mummies, and Obama says "We hear your voices." He hears their voices? He couldn't even hear our voices and we were protesting on the streets on Washing D.C.!

For 50 years, Democrats have harbored traitors, hobnobbed with America's enemies, attacked America's allies, lost wars, lost continents to Communism… As Joe McCarthy were merely stupid, the laws of probability would dictate that at least some of their decisions served the interests of the United States.

Under mean, divisive George Bush, a nuclear sub was named after Jimmy Carter – the USS Jimmy Carter. It's a good sub, but there were some problems – its periscope works only in hindsight, life rafts are subject to hyperinflation, and whenever it's in a US port it immediately attacks the United States.

For the young people in the audience, now you know why when people compare Obama to Jimmy Carter, it's not a compliment.

[Obama] got into office and immediately turned over our healthcare to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Now, those interminable lines at the DMV, imagine you're standing in one of the lines but this time you're in one of those hospital gowns that's open in the back – that's Obamacare!

Obama says the price of health insurance will come down if only it's mandatory. It's like the guy has never ordered food from a hotel before. When you have no choice, does the price go up or down?

And now Republicans are gonna have to repeal national healthcare just so we can find out what's not in it.

I love this argument that we need a 'path to citizenship'. Path to citizenship – we have a path to citizenship, it's called legal immigration.

Bu the strangest thing was seeing Obama not on a golf course. Everytime I look up the guy's on a golf course – it's like he's trying to get his handicap down below his approval numbers.


From her question and answer session (which has more serious discussion than her for-amusement speech):

Q: What is more important though to American values – being friends with Israel still, or knowing that there are jailed dissidents and journalists?
A: ……….What do you mean, knowing that there are journalists? I think there should be MORE jailed journalists! [Said with a completely straight face!]

Ann: That's why you need an observant electorate – very bad for the Democrats, very good for the Republicans.

Ann: Don't be like a politician and take a poll and then decide what your position is – the truth is inherently appealing.

Q: Who is your least favourite Democrat?
A: Oh boy! That's like asking my least favourite disease!

Ann: And by the way, congratulations liberals, you just about destroyed the black family with these brilliant promotions of single motherhood policies.

Ann: I was always friend of the gays… Then liberals come with this idea no one's thought of for a thousand years – gay marriage. And I go to sleep one night being friend of the gays, I wake up the next day [a] homophobe! No! You can't do that – you just made up this gay marriage thing.

Ann: [Gay marriage] has nothing to do with [liberals] liking gays – they don't mind their little pals the Islamic terrorists dropping walls on gays. No, only to use gays as a cat's paw to attack the family. Because liberals want the family destroyed, they want religion destroyed, because then you have loyalty directly to the state.

Ann: God is saying to gays what He said to Abraham – give up something you love for Me. That's a tough cross to bear and I admire gays who do it.

Ann: The left is trying to co-opt gays and I don't think we should let them. They should be on our side – we're for low taxes, we're against crime, we're against the terrorists who wanna kill gays. Gays are natural conservatives.

See also two years' worth at Ann Coulter's Most Piercing and Snarky Quotes of 2010 & 2011.

Asal yang tidak PRK

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 06:11 AM PST

Husin tengok gambar Dato Mohd Said ini dan bertanya bagaimana dia kenyit sebelah mata. Tak nampak ada beza kalau dia kenyit sebelah mata.

Tetapi kerana dia pernah mengenyit sebelah mata, maka dia tidak lagi dicalunkan untuk bertanding di pilihanryaa umum 2008.

Menjelang pilihanraya kecil Merlimau, maka nama Mohd Said tiba-tiba timbul sebagai salah seorang calun.

Lalu Dato A Kadir Jasin menyuarakan pandangan bahawa UMNO tidak harus meletakkan Mohd Said. Hari ini pula, blog Kerisputra mempertahankan Mohd Said dengan hujah bahawa kes tutup mata dan balak adalah persepsi di mana perkara sebenarnya berlainan.

Ini membuat buat Husin susah hati dan serba salah.

Dato Kadir kawan Husin dan orang tua yang Husin dengar dan hormati pandangannnya. Terakhir kami sembang adalah di kedai mamak.

Kerisputra kawan Husin dan anak muda yang Husin suka bersembang, bertukar fikiran dan ketawa bersama. Terkahir kami bersembang ialah malam semalam di kedai mamak juga.

Begini sajalah ... Husin dah penat. Pilihlah sesiapa calun yang "winnable candidate" dan tidak memningkan untuk dipertahankan.

Asalkan masa pilihanraya umum kelak, Dato Najib tidak pilih calun yang umur dan/atau kesihatan boleh menyebabkan PRK berlaku setiap bulan.

Peningkatan Pengundi Melampau Di Pekan

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 06:00 AM PST

Setiausaha Perhubungan PAS Pahang Roslan Zainal berkata, untuk suku tahun keempat sahaja terdapat pertambahan sebanyak 26,000 pengundi iaitu hanya dalam tempoh tiga bulan terakhir tahun lalu...

Harakah Daily

TEMERLOH, 14 Feb: PAS Pahang menyifatkan Rang Daftar Pemilih Tambahan Suku Tahun Keempat 2010 yang sedang dipamerkan pada masa ini mengalami pertambahan bilangan pengundi yang menakjubkan terutama di Parlimen Pekan.

Setiausaha Perhubungan PAS Pahang Roslan Zainal berkata, untuk suku tahun keempat sahaja terdapat pertambahan sebanyak 26,000 pengundi iaitu hanya dalam tempoh tiga bulan terakhir tahun lalu.

Sedangkan katanya, untuk tempoh tiga penggal (9 bulan) sebelum itu jumlah pertambahan pengundi hanya sekitar 29,000 sahaja.

"Bagi PAS Pahang ini amat menakjubkan kerana bagi tiga bulan terakhir sahaja hampir menyamai pendaftaran sembilan bulan," katanya.

Menurut Roslan, paling menghairankan ialah pertambahan lebih 6,000 pengundi baru dalam masa tiga bulan itu di Parlimen Pekan yang diwakili Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"Setelah disemak kita dapati pengundi-pengundi di pos-pos Orang Asli naik mendadak terutama di Parlimen Pekan dan Cameron Highlands. Selain itu kita dapati ramai pemilih-pemilih yang beralamat negeri Kedah terdapat di Pekan.

"Bagi PAS Pahang ini amat mencurigakan. Ini ditambah lagi dengan proses semakan dan bantahan dianjakkan sehingga hampir dua minggu, sedangkan keadaan seperti ini tidak pernah terjadi," katanya.

Kata Roslan, PAS Pahang berpendapat senario ini mungkin satu agenda bagi mengekalkan Najib di Pekan setelah merasa kurang selamat.

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Tambahnya, jika ini benar ia hanya mengulangi proses penambahan pengundi pada 2003 di mana semasa persempadanan semula kawasan pilihan raya Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) sebahagian kawasan Parlimen Paya Besar dibawa ke Pekan dengan melibatkan dua buah kem tentera.

"Oleh yang demikian PAS pahang berpendapat sistem daftar pemilih SPR yang ada ini sudah lapok dan patut diganti setelah 53 tahun merdeka.

"Kerajaan pernah mendakwa mykad negara ini antara yang tercanggih di dunia jadi sepatutnya SPR boleh bekerjasama sengan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara bagi membuat pandaftaran secara automatik apabila setiap warganegara berusia 21 tahun," katanya.

Roslan juga turut menggesa sistem undi pos sekarang dihapuskan kerajaan jika benar dakwaan mereka bahawa negara ini selamat.

Batu Kawan Pakatan Leaders held a huge CNY Dinner

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 05:54 AM PST

By the Administrator

Last Sunday night, Pakatan Rakyat leaders Professor Ramasamy, Batu Kawan MP and the Second Chief Minister of Penang, and Law Choo Khiang, the State Executive Committee Member, jointly held a huge CNY dinner at a local Chinese school which attracted more than 1.200 people.

The police and local NGO's were also invited to the treat.

The Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng thanked the people for their unceasing support given to the new Pakatan Government, and wished that they could continue to give a boost by supporting the Pakatan to form the next Federal Government.


YB Law giving a welcoming speech


Lim Guan Eng thanked the people for their support


The all ladies choir showing local participation


Local NGO's also made up the number


And the hard-working police force was also invited

Keadilan Tanjong Division’s CNY Open House

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 05:14 AM PST

By the Administrator

Last Sunday, in his speech at the CNY Open House event as organised by Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Tanjong Division, Lim Guan Eng, the Penang Chief minister, hit out at the group that was out to disunite the people of all races.

He quoted the recent example of a dubbed photo of him wearing a white Muslim head gear with the caption sort of "Lim Guan Eng will do anything to entice the Muslims". That photo was adulterated from a scene of the opening of a Muslim prayer hall in Komtar during which Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian Opposition Leader, and Dato Mansor Othman were present too.

Guan Eng also reassured of the confidence of the state government by citing the highest ever investment figure in Penang last year.

Many well-wishers attended the event which was held at the Division's Office at Church Street, Penang..





Happy Sin Day — By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani.

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 05:34 AM PST

Today is the day where we celebrate our immoral urges and consummate our sins. Well, that is what our religious authorities want us to believe.

Valentine's Day has shown how narrow minded and pathetic our politicians can be and recent events should be an embarrassment to the country.

It is sad to see when our politicians are willing to use religion for political mileage. It only shows that they are not able to comprehend or debate on real issues affecting the public but instead choose to depend on religious insecurities.

Last week, PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hasan said that the state governments in Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor had directed the local authorities to work closely with the police and Rela to check on immoral activities that day.

However, if PAS Youth was serious on resolving the problem of immoral activities in the country, then why has the party not done anything to clean up the area near its headquarters?

If one has walked at the alley behind the PAS headquarters, there you can find transvestite prostitutes selling themselves during the day and sex rooms nearby.

Or is PAS Youth only willing to declare jihad against immoral acts when it is accommodating for them?

The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) also launched an anti-Valentine's Day campaign on Friday in a bid to curb youths from joining the celebration.

They feel that the Christian elements and the practice of immoral acts associated with Valentine's Day are against Islamic teachings.

I find it ridiculous that religious leaders are painting Valentine's Day as the sole cause for immoral activities among youths and that a one-day campaign will help clean up society.

Islamic dakwah is not a short-term remedy. It is not as simple as placing a cork into a leaking barrel.

If the religious authorities are serious in battling immoral activities, then they should do more in educating the public on what is sex and create more avenues for those in need.

Rape and sex have become such a stigma in society that mothers are ashamed to lodge police reports against husbands raping daughters.

Teenage mothers are also scared to seek help for fear that they will become social outcasts.

If Jakim is serious then it should do more to create awareness on rape and sex crimes in the country.

According to statistics, the number of reported rape cases since 2000 has tripled to 3,626 in 2009, while the Sexual Crimes Unit under the Sexual Crimes and Children Investigation Division had announced that about 50 per cent of total rape cases each year involve victims aged 16 and below.

Instead of pulling the same political stunt on Valentine's Day every year, our religious leaders must seek long-term solutions to the problems of sex crimes in the country.

Which Planet Nazri is from when he said wants Malott banned from Malaysia

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 05:02 AM PST


Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz will be proposing that the Cabinet ban former US ambassador to Malaysia John R Malott from entering the Malaysia.

Democracy has travelled from China's Tiananmen Square in 1989 to the recent events in Egypt's Tahrir Square 2011 with a stark difference between the two.
In Tiananmen Square – one of the largest public gathering places in the world – the repressive Chinese Government tried to subdue the protestors and even killed nearly 4000 people – as per credible estimates – thus leading to mass criticism around the world , The voice of democracy was brutally crushed . Whereas what we have witnessed in Tahrir Square has been largely a very peaceful demonstration of PEOPLE'S POWER overwhelming the Autocrat's stranglehold on his people . Although the protestors have been peaceful during the last 18 days but every effort on the part of Mubarak's regime to gain control miserably failed despite the fact that nearly three hundred odd protestors fell martyrs' to the cause of establishing a credible democracy .
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The young Egyptians have brought about this revolution and have infused a freshness in the air of Mideast invoking a sense of New Arabism in the entire region . This is a great effort which needs to be lauded wholeheartedly by every citizen who loves democracy and peace .
Though the upheaval has opened the door to political and economic reforms in Egypt , but its most lasting effect may be psychological impact it has had on the minds of Arabs in streets of Mid east whose hunger for change will invigorate even the docile among them to react against their autocratic regimes .A point to be noted here is that till 640 AD there was no sign of democracy in any part of the world.Historicall Monarchies were thriving everywhere till the advent of Islam and Prophet Mohammed advocated and established the FIRST Shura Council , thus laid the foundation for " Participatory Governance" – to rule according to the wishes of the subjects comprising various tribes which in western parlance in the present world we call it as "Democracy" – Prophet Mohammed never laid the stress on dynastic monarchies and even after Mohammed' his companions were ELECTED by the Council to lead the Islamic Empire .Much later the western world picked up the ideals of Islamic style of governance, shunned their monarchies and adopted Democracy as a new form of governance in their states / continents .Ironically , it is a pity and shame that today we Muslims have to learn the meaning of Democracy from those who learnt this method several centuries back from us and our leaders have turned out to be Autocrats clinging to power under the guise of ruling monarchies .Tunisia and Egypt have set the ball rolling and very soon the restive Arabs in other parts of the region will emulate similar revolution to bring about the required political change and economic reforms to tackle the deficits of the masses against the wealth amassed by a few , which in real terms belongs to the people .In short, DEMOCRACY in Mideast, establishing Civil States is the only solution and the Arab nations should revive the System of Governance as advocated by our Prophet Mohammed who laid the FIRST foundation of democracy for the sake of serving humanity with Justice & Peace.READMORE

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 03:47 AM PST

Cita-Cita Mat Serban

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 02:56 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

Nasrudin Hasan at-Tantawi (gambar) berkata, perhimpunan dengan tema "Masa Untuk Berubah: PAS Sedia Ganti Umno" akan diadakan di Kedah bagi memberi penerangan kepada ahli dalam mendekati pengundi terutamanya pengundi muda.

Nampaknya sikapi sikap Melayu Islam yang bersemangat ini telah hanyun dalam mimpi
Bercita cita nak gantikan UMNO. Ini lah gelagat melayu Islam yang suka berangan angan, seolah olah maca mat jenin, belum turun padang sudah penuh confident, sudah ada rancangan, baik kita tanya dulu kepada Mat Serban ini, kenapa Tenang Kalah? tak kan lah Mat Serban ini tiak kerja kuat? asyik berangan angan ?

Sekiranya menimpa apa apa rintangan, Melayu Islam ini suka divert intention, dan menghala ke arah positif supaya menyoronokkan diri, tetapi tidak menimbang setakat manakah malunya bila menghadapi kegagalan. Lhat lah Mat Serban ini nak jadi hero Islam, perjuang Islam , tidak kurang pula nak jadi Moral Polis , skondeng pemuda pemudi Melayu yang berdua duaan di hari Valentine, bila ditimpa kutukkan dan malu, hilang pula dalam press conference, di ganti oleh Ahmad Sabki Yusuf menanggung malu. Wah kah kah ...

Mat Serban ini bukan lah berjuang untuk Islam, tapi muka dua talam ini bersubahat dengan geng UMNO. supaya main kuda tiga menjatuhkan PR.sering menggunakan isu Islam , sensitiviti Islam sebagai modal, hak melayu , ketuanan Islam dan sebagainya bagi merangsangkan pemuda pemuda PAS ikut jalan senget.

Tak kan lah Mat serban ini tak faham ?? rakyat sudah muak , benci terhadap sikap UMNO selama 50 tahun menindas rakyat, tiba tiba pula Mat Serban nak berjuang ikut lunas UMNO ? nak ganti UMNO ? maknanya Mat Serban ini adalah acuan UMNO, pordah !!!

Bahayanya Mat Serban menjawat sebagai ketua pemuda UMNO. bahanya Mat Serban berjuang untuk Islam, bahayanya Mat Serban dengan rancangan meruntuhkan PR. Beliau bukan dapat majukan pemikiran orang Melayu tapi bercita cita mengislamisasikan masyarakat majmuk ini. Kini beliau dalam prosess talibanisasi masyarakat melayu kononnya. Kini berliau bercita cita meruntuhkan PAS secara diam diam.

Mat serban ini tak faham apa dia Preserving the people's freedom is more important than setting up a system of Sharia (Islamic law), even though freedom remains part and parcel of Sharia, Islam is not compatible with individual freedom. In fact, personal freedom does not exist in Islam so it's hard to believe "freedom remains part and parcel of Sharia." The frequent issuance of fatwa is just one of the proofs

Malangnya Mat serban ini akan membawa melayu ke alam padang pasir dan mengajak melayu mengagung agingkan budaya padang pasir , budaya padang pasir dan undang undang padang pasir ini lah sering bertelingkahan dengan kebebasan manusia. undang undang padang pasir ini lah yang mampun menindas manusia dengan kuasa. Selagi Melayu Islam tidak bangkit dari mimpi indah, melihat perkembangan dunia luar selaras dengan social change di pelusuk dunia, maka tunggu lah masa, masyarakat Melayu Islam akan ikut jerjak langkah Mesir, turun ke jalanraya berdemostasi.

Secara kesimpulanya, pegangan agama adalah terletak di tangan hak individu, agama tidak menjamin kekeyangan perut manusia, bila manusia menghadapi kelaparan, agama hanya dijadikan kuasa untuk menentang pemerintah, agama memainkan peranan sebagaii senjata untuk perjuangan perut.

Rakyat Mesir merayai Happy Valentine

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 02:54 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

Tahun ini ,pada 11 february Rakyat Mesir betul betul merayai gembira, seronok dan bangga atas rakyat bersatu meruntuhkan diktaktor Mubarak. Ini lah perjuangan rakyat Mesir yang mencipta sejarah dunia, mencatatkan kemegahan rakyat menentang kerajaan yang kuat korupsi, kronisma. .............

Dalam revolusi ini, tanpa kira agama , mahupun kaum kristian keluar memberontak, kaum Islam juga bagi sokongan, rakyat beragama Islam yang mati dibunuh juga disokong oleh kaum yang beragama kristian, tanpa agama, keturunan, warna kulit, rakyat bersatu atas nama keadilan. rakyat yang tanpa senjata dapat menumpuh hingga Mubarak larikan diri.

Pada 14 hari bulan Februari, adalah dianggarkan Hari Valentine, hari yang mulia akan dirayai oleh kaum muslim, kaum kristian dan puak minoriti sekaligus, Kenapa pula hari Valentine diguanakan sebagai acara menghuduhkan kaum lain atau mengaibkan dengan penganut Kristian? Adakah Penganut Islam di Malaysia ini leih superior dari penganut Islam di Mesir? Mahu tidak mahu , pandangan dunia menganggap Melayu Islam memperekehkan budaya asing adalah satu tindakan yang membuka pintu dalam fahaman Taliban, kalau tidak pun Melayu Islam lah juara memperajui islamphbia, menakut nakutkan dunia luar, bahawa Malaysia adalah tempat perjuangan extreemist.

Kenapa hendak lancarkan kempen anti Valentine? padahal melayu yang gilakan maksiat tapi tboeh menyalahi budaya asing yang mendorong mereka lakukan kesalahan yang bercanggah dengan Islam. Pendek kata apa yang dilakukan oleh kaum Melayu Islam mesti ada sebab untuk menghadapi kenyataan, mereka seolah olah boleh cari sebab menyalahkan budaya lain.

Harus diingatkan Melayu inii suatu bangsa yang kurang budaya, boleh dikatakan semua budaya Melayu adalah budaya pinjaman, dimana budaya turun menurun pun tidak ada aasal usul, semua dicampur gaul macam rojak , tetapi Melayu sendiri yang terlupa diri mereka budaya mereka, malah ingin jadikan Islam sebagai budaya, Islam adalah agama, pegangan tetapi bukanlah budaya, Melayu cuma tahu meniru buaya padang pasir, itu lah sebabnya terikut ikut dengan budaya jahiliah yang membuang bayi di merata tempat.

1. Majlis tersebut tidak disertakan dengan upacara-upacara yang bertentangan dengan akidah Islam.-

soalannya adakah fatwa di Mesir itu tidak selaras dengan fatwa di Malaysia?

Rakyat Mesir yang beragama Islam memegang lilin sambil tunjuk perasaan, adakah ia bertentangan dengan fatwa di Malaysia?

2. Majlis tersebut tidak disertakan dengan perbuatan yang boleh "menyentuh sensitiviti masyarakat Islam".

Waktu revolusi di Mesir, rakyat yang beragama islam bersatu hati dengan kristian adakah ia menyentuh sensitiviti dengan masyarakat Islam?

3. Pihak penganjur dan orang ramai diminta mendapatkan pandangan pihak berkuasa agama sebelum menganjur atau menghadiri majlis perayaan orang yang bukan beragama Islam.

Memang pun haram - tapi kenapa Rakyat Mesir yang beragama Islam tidak menghalang umat Islam mengunnakan lilin untuk demonstrasi? adakah Islam di Malaysia berlainan dengan Islam di Mesir

Pakar Melayu - Internet itu punca khalwat

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 02:51 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

(MyMetro) - Wanita dan lelaki bukan mahrim yang berbual berduaan biarpun di alam siber, melakukan perlakuan sama seperti berkhalwat kerana ia mengundang bisikan syaitan yang akhirnya akan menarik mereka melakukan perbuatan mungkar, termasuk curang pada suami atau isteri.

Sehubungan itu, penceramah dan pakar motivasi, Datuk Mohd Zawawi Yusoh, berkata mereka yang menggunakan kemudahan Internet perlu meletakkan sempadan syariat dan sempadan hati supaya teknologi itu tidak disalah guna atau menjadi alat perantaraan untuk membuat maksiat.。。。。。。。。。。


Ini lah ahli cerdikiawan Melayu Islam yang baru buat fatwa baru, Ghairah , melayu islam berupaya khalwat dalam alam siber ..... Amerika pun pening Yahudi pun jadi bahlol. ini lah teknologi Melayu Islam yang paling canggih dalam dunia. Wa kah kah kah

Melayu boleh lakukan khalwat melalui internet , Melayu ini jenis bangsa apa? UFO ? anih, pandai betul melayu boleh lakukan khalwat dalam alam internet, macam mana mereka lakukan persetubuhan pula?? tanya lah pakar motivasi, Datuk Mohd Zawawi Yusoh

Pakar motivasi, Datuk Mohd Zawawi Yusoh membuat rekod baru ,, beliau inginkan bangsa melayu bermastudin di Syurga, beliau inginkan kaum melayu menjadi kaum yang paling suci dan alim di dunia ini .Pada hal buang bayi itu tidak dipentingkan , masalah buang bayi yang bersikap jahiliah tidak penting, yang penting melayu mesti jauhkan berkhalwat,

Entah macam mana melayu ini lakukan seks melalui internet ? silap silap melalui streamyx kot? atau melayu ada sejenis alat yang paling canggih dapat menghantarkan sperma melalui internet. boleh jadikan wanita melayu hamil..... lantas mengandung anak haram. nampaknya melayu ini kaum species yang luar biasa. Klu tak boleh kenapa ungkitkan dan kaitkan internet itu dengan khawat?

Pakar motivasi ini kata: ``isteri tidak seharusnya membenarkan lelaki bukan mahrim memasuki rumahnya ketika suami tiada di rumah, begitu juga halnya dengan perbuatan isteri berbual dengan lelaki lain menerusi Internet, seumpama membenarkan individu itu memasuki rumahnya, seterusnya merosakkan rumah tangga.''

Kita tanyakan soalan kepada beliau , kalau isteri tu tak gatal, macam pakai tudung, dan tutup aurat, ehmabhyang kuat dan tunggu masuk syurga setiba akhirat, melalui internet beliau dapa menyampaikan ajaran islam kepada semua golongan , mahu pun melalui skype. Jadi apa salahnya internet ini?

Rrumah tangga Melayu ini pecah belah bukan apa. bukan salah internet , pada hal salahkan sikap melayu yang pandai kongket, nak cari lelaki yang lebih tampan , kaya dan beri jaminan hidup mewah, faktor ekonomi lah yang mendorong melayu kuat rasuah. mncari kemewahan hidup lalu lakukan curang, dan tidak semestinya berkhalwat di internet,, sebaliknya internet cumalah saluran untuk menghiburkan diri di waktu sepi.mencai ilmu pengetahun.

Pakar - nampakkah gelaran pakar , tetapi kualiti dan mentaliti sebegitu ringkas, standard sekolah rendah kebangsaan, memang ungkapan yang dikeluarkan tidak masuk akal, tak bikin logik, macam mana nak mengajar melayu jadi cerdik?

Asalkan ada kaitan dengan Islam, semua boleh disalahkan tanpa perlu hurai panjang pertimbangkan fakta, Asalkan bertentangan dengan Islam semua dijadikan haram, jadi , bilakah melayu boleh maju bila dapat bimbingan Pakar Melayu ? wa kah kah kah


Posted: 14 Feb 2011 02:31 AM PST

Anwar, 63, said the charge was part of a political plot that mirrors his dismissal as finance minister in 1998 and convictions for corruption and sodomy, something the government of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has denied.
With Anwar tied up in court, Najib's approval ratings have surged and promises of economic reforms by the government have impressed foreign investors, although they are waiting for implementation before turning bullish.
Najib does not need to hold polls until 2013, but his rising popularity and strong economic data have prompted analysts to expect the general election to be held in late 2011 or early 2012.
The trial has been slowed by frequent appeals from Anwar's lawyers seeking access to medical evidence, trying to get the case and the judge dismissed, all of which have failed. The prolonged trial has failed to generate the excitement of 1998, when tens of thousands rallied for Anwar.
Today, medical evidence related to the charge that Anwar sodomised a young male aide was heard after Anwar returned from Washington where he was quoted by the Malay-language daily Utusan Malaysia as saying last week that he had "one foot in parliament and one foot in jail."
Anwar's PKR has been hit by a wave of defections, and his leadership of the three-party opposition, which DAP and PAS, has come under question.
"Anwar has been distracted by the trial," said James Chin, political analyst at the Monash University campus in Kuala Lumpur.
Anwar in September 2008 claimed that he could win over enough defectors from the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition that has ruled this Southeast Asian country of 28 million people for over half a century. But he has seen a string of by-election successes come to an end.
The government has replaced a lacklustre leader with Najib in 2009, and Najib has seen his approval ratings rise to 69 per cent from 45 per cent when he took office, according to independent pollster the Merdeka Center.
Najib has announced a series of economic reforms aimed at winning back investor confidence in a country. Malaysia had once accounted for almost a third of foreign direct investment into Southeast Asia, but such investment has now fallen off sharply.
Investors are now more concerned about whether those reforms will be implemented than about the prospect that the government could lose power at the next general election.
The 2008 polls, which saw the government lose its iron-clad two-thirds majority in Parliament and drove the opposition to power in five of Malaysia's 13 states, caused the country's stock market to crash by 9.5 per cent the day after the results were announced.
Political analysts said Najib looked set to call elections well before the 2013 date by which they must be held, possibly as early as the last quarter of 2011, and said that with Anwar tied up in court, his PKR party could fare badly.
"The real problem with Anwar's trial is that if PKR ends up with the lowest number of seats in the next election, the (opposition) leadership will go to PAS or the DAP," said Monash University's Chin.
"That is unacceptable to both sides (PAS and DAP)," he said.
The secular, largely ethnic Chinese party DAP and Islamists PAS  have maintained an uneasy alliance with Anwar's party, with the former baulking at PAS plans to introduce Islamic laws, and PAS itself is split by arguments between the party's conservative wing and its reformers. — Reuters
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Anwar's sodomy II to resume Monday: All eyes on doctors and DNA
After almost a two-month hiatus, the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II trial resumes tomorrow and will continue for the next six weeks with the continued cross-examination of two Hospital Kuala Lumpur doctors – Dr Siew Shueu Feng, Dr Khairul Nizam Hassan and possibly other witnesses including a chemist who may testify on the DNA test performed on the semen.
However, Anwar's team may find itself hampered as two of its hired specialists – pathologist Dr David Wells and DNA specialist Dr Brian McDonald – may not be available for the earlier portion of the trial. 
The hearing resumes after Anwar's defence team had failed in their appeal at the Court of Appeal in seeking the recusal of the High Court trial judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah for the second time.
On Dec 6, Justice Zabidin dismissed Karpal Singh's appeal application on the grounds there is no threat of bias to his conduct, after the senior lawyer pointed out that the judge had not followed a Supreme Court ruling in providing the defence team access to all the doctors' notes and other forms during the examination of the victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.
At one point of time, Zabidin was seen to warn Karpal with contempt.
The hearing itself stops when Karpal tried to test the credibility of Dr Siew, who refused to look at the pro-forma notes taken when interviewing Saiful.
Anwar, 63, is charged with sodomising Saiful, his former aide, at the Desa Damansara condominium on June 26, 2008.

Doctor refused to look at notes
Dr Siew had consistently refused to look at the pro-forma notes, or other medical notes which he had taken while testifying, in a bid to prevent the defence from being given access to it.
As a result he had testified based on his memory.
However, Anwar's defence team had caught the HKL doctor in a compromising position when the witness admitted he had looked at the pro-forma notes during a short recess granted by the court.
The pro-forma notes are a set of questions and procedures which doctors use in handling cases of sexual assault.
This resulted in Justice Zabidin ordering Dr Siew (right) to provide the notes to the defence team, after he had earlier provided to them a blank pro-forma note denoting the type of questions asked to sexual assault victims.
Dr Siew is seen as a vital witness as he was the one taking the notes and also labelling the samples taken from Saiful's examination.
He had then passed the samples which were sealed in a plastic bag to investigating officer ASP Jude Blacious Pereira.
Dr Khairul Nizam Hassan, 40, was meanwhile responsible for doing the physical examination on Saiful, saying during the examination-in-chief by solicitor general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, that he found stretch marks on Saiful's back.
Dr Razali Ibrahim, the first doctor to be cross-examined, was responsible for examining Saiful's anus, where specimen retrieved by using cotton tip was found to contain semen .


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