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S'gor launches awareness drive against illicit sex

S'gor launches awareness drive against illicit sex

S'gor launches awareness drive against illicit sex

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 10:22 AM PST

The problem of illicit sex, she said, is becoming increasingly serious, leading to problems in addition to unwanted pregnancies and births leading to baby-dumping and the spread of venereal diseases. "I myself experienced this. A baby barely several hours old was dumped right across the road from my clinic. Of course, this was way before I become an assemblyperson," said the former general practitioner. She blamed youths caught up in the 'culture' of celebrations and those parties that seek to profit from these 'celebrations'. Halimah named Valentine's Day, Merdeka Day and New Year's Eve as being the traditional days when couples meet up and engage in illicit activities.
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S'gor launches awareness drive against illicit sex

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 08:17 AM PST

The Selangor government wants to nip the problem of zina (illicit sex) in the bud rather than deal with the aftermath, which is why it seeks to prevent unwanted pregnancies rather than end up like Malacca where a school has been built specially to care for the high number of young unmarried girls. "Prevention is better than cure, as we see where a special school had to be built in Malacca to accommodate teens, victims of unwanted pregnancies, who still want to study," said state exco member for education, higher education and human resources development Dr Halimah Ali.The Selangor government wants to nip the problem of zina (illicit sex) in the bud rather than deal with the aftermath, which is why it seeks to prevent unwanted pregnancies rather than end up like Malacca where a school has been built specially to care for the high number of young unmarried girls.
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Police clamp down on HRP convoys, scores arrested

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 05:48 AM PST

At least 30 Human Rights Party (HRP) members in Selangor, Perak and Kuala Lumpur have been arrested as police came down hard on their nationwide convoys. Six were arrested at Jelapang, Ipoh police station while five more were nabbed near Jalan Templer in Selangor, as police mounted roadblocks to stop the convoy to promote an upcoming anti-racism rally. Full story :
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Growing Up in the Segregated America and living in Segregated Malaysia Politics, democracy and regimes: The Malaysian dilemma

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 07:59 AM PST

Politics, democracy and regimes: The Malaysian dilemma
Najib a failed reformer: Instead of NEM, NEP now has no expiry date
A confluence of criticisms by a member of the National Economic Action Council(NEAC), a former Minister and the former US Ambassador to Malaysia, together with an announcement by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak himself have confirmed the death and irrelevance of the New Economic Model (NEM).
Instead, the Government has chosen to extend the lifespan of the New Economic Policy (NEP) with no expiry date in sight.
Reluctant NEAC member Datuk Dr Zainal Aznam Mohd Yusof argued that Najib's administration has "insufficient political will" to implement the required reforms, and this has resulted in the canning of proposals such as the "Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)".
Similarly, the NEM Part II which was intentionally "watered down" reintroduced the NEP's 30% bumiputera equity target, which was originally rescinded in NEM Part I. Instead the NEM Part I had proposed the "deliberate shifting of affirmative action towards moving down to the bottom 40 per cent."
Helen Davey
Psychoanalyst and marriage and family therapist in private practice in West Los Angeles
Then the best part of all would be the stories we'd make up about what we saw. She encouraged my imagination, and I could make her laugh. However, when I was serious, she would always listen carefully. Elisabeth told the world's best ghost stories — just vivid enough not to scare me too much. We would entertain ourselves for hours, lying on a grassy knoll surrounded by trees, munching on the delicious green apples from a tree that my father had grafted. When I was five years old, I remember telling Elisabeth my very important secrets. I knew I could trust her to keep them. When I was older and went to school, Elisabeth went back to her old duties, but to me she was always my special person. I have written about the traumatic impact of my father's death when I was eight years old. Everything in our world changed, seemingly overnight. The restaurant and diner were sold, and my mother could no longer employ many people. Not only was my father gone, but also our extended family went away. I have no clear memory of when they left — especially Elisabeth. I can only imagine how helpful she could have been to me during this difficult time. I could have talked to her about my sadness and my fear and she would have understood. Instead of the vibrant, exciting life full of people that we had so enjoyed when my father was alive, our lives had come to a standstill; we were living on an isolated highway in the middle of nowhere. Because we had lived too far out of town for the school bus to pick us up, my father had always driven us to school. After he died, we began to ride the Greyhound Bus. I remember the first day that I saw Elisabeth from the bus window when we stopped at her little town of Brickton, where most of the local black families lived. As we pulled up beside her, I could tell that she saw me, and I felt overjoyed! I hadn't seen her for several years, and I was so excited to show her how tall I was and how long my braids were. I smiled expectantly as she approached my row. There was a seat right by me, and of course she would sit next to me. And then the unimaginable happened: Elisabeth stared right past me as she made her way to the back of the bus. Her gaze was focused straight ahead, and her body language screamed, "Don't touch me." I knew that I shouldn't follow her, but I didn't know why. I felt heartbroken. Didn't she remember me? Didn't she love me anymore? I saw Elisabeth quite a few times on the bus after that. Eventually, I gave up hoping she would talk to me, but I always suspected that she was sneaking looks at me. I don't think I ever discussed this with my mother, but it was around this time that I began to pay more attention to the bathrooms and drinking fountains "for colored only." This was North Carolina in the early 1950′s, and the rules had been made long before I was born.
There is no love lost between Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and two of his latest detractors, as he spared nothing in attacking former US ambassador to Malaysia John R Malott and National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC) member Zainal Aznam Mohd Yusof today.
In his trademark fiery rhetoric, Ibrahim called both men "sick" – Malott for undermining Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's administration and Zainal Aznam for accusing Perkasa of forcing the government to water down the New Economic Model (NEM).
The Pasir Mas MP first trained his guns on Malott, saying that the former US envoy should go and have his head checked with a psychiatrist.
"I think there are Malaysians who have asked for his help. There must be people behind him, asking him to give negative views of our prime minister," he said at a press conference at the Perkasa office in Kuala Lumpur.
"I believe Malott is backed by a Malaysian who is facing a political death, but I will not name names."
Continuing his tirade against Malott, Ibrahim said the fact that Perkasa is pushing its bumiputera economic agenda does not make the organisation racist.
He stressed that their economic agenda is strongly supported by the federal constitution, which provides special privileges to the Malays and bumiputeras.
"There is article 153 (of the federal constitution), because the Malays and bumiputeras are important. What I am talking about is equitable economic share for all races, and 30 percent is just a threshold that we would like to at least achieve," he said, referring to the 30 percent bumiputera quota provided under the 40-year-old New Economic Policy.

'FDI was good under the NEP 'readmore Growing Up in the Segregated America and living in Segregated Malaysia Politics, democracy and regimes: The Malaysian dilemma

Rais, you got the most powerful special officer!

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 07:43 AM PST

A small group of MCMC senior officials left for Barcelona, Spain on Friday night, looking for new ventures and opportunities. Back home, someone was praying and hoping that the group would not return as this will enable him to flex his muscle and dictate the Commission.

This guy has been 'controlling' almost all MCMC major decisions over the past two years. He is also a 'phantom' to MCMC board of directors. He will also barge into meetings of the tender board and got the guts to reverse its decision.

This includes reversing tender procurements and changing contracts' recipients to the extent of erasing those already inked under the Letter of Award (LA). He will then issue directive to the BOD to award it to his or his friends' companies.

By standard procedure, the BOD and the tender committee will have to oblige. Why? Because he will always produce letters bearing his boss' name, notes, directive and signature. So, what choice do the MCMC officials have?

His boss is non other Info Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim who late last year was embroiled in a cyber tussle with lead bloggers like Rocky's Bru and Big Dog over his son's purported involvement in MCMC massive contracts. Also, the accusation that he once raped his Indonesian maid.

On the other hand, this guy is his own special officer (pegawai khas), whom he employs almost two years ago. Whether Rais is aware or not, he SHOULD KNOW! However, I personaly believe Rais didnt sign any of the letters produced by this guy to the MCMC.

'NA', a Sabahan, is perhaps the most poweful special officer a minister ever had. Even special officers to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak are not empowered in such a manner, meddling into a ministry's agency business by deciding who should get what, when and how.

I know I might be sued for libel but I am calling on the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission to look into MCMC's files and contract records, especially in the distribution of 1Malaysia netbook, Phase 2, which Rocky's Bru once commented.

A total of 25 companies are shortlisted for the Phase 2 project. Out of 349,732 netbook already slotted for distribution, 135,842 (about one third of total volume) are going to 'NA' and his friends. At the rate of RM800 each, his group is given a contract worth more than RM108 million! If commission stands at 15 per cent, he is getting about RM16 million.

I just want Rais to act on this officer of his. The MACC, on its part, can start investigation. I have valid papers to support this posting.

I think MCMC's COO Datuk JJ cant do much to chase out this guy each time he steps into his office and asks him to issue LAs to at least six companies he and friends control.

To MACC, go check out on this companies, namely Juang Jaya Sdn Bhd, CQ Communications, Tirai Jitu (M) Sdn Bhd, Creative Century Management Sdn Bhd, Esmartpay Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd and Dynasty IT Service Sdn Bhd.
I humbly would also like to request YB Datuk Rais to look into this matter. If this 'NA' has been forgering his official letters and signature, then the minister is cleared of any involvement in this. Also, there is no point to keep this special assistant.

Anwar:UMNO Warlords Discussing Malaysia’s Next Top Scapegoat ROSMAH-NAJIB Booked a place in Saudi the haven

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 07:01 AM PST

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Najib need not worry about Malaysia doing an  

Saying the Egyptian people should dictate their future and not Western governments, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim warned against what he termed 'politics of ambivalence' by those who talked about democracy "while tolerating repression by corrupt and authoritarian leaders".

"The clamour for change is not dictated by Washington, London or Paris but by the people themselves," Anwar stressed in an interview with CNNon the situation in Egypt.
Saying the people of Egypt had waited "far too long and suffered immensely", he called on the international community to respect their sentiments.
"We need to negotiate with the people of Egypt, not with tyrants and authoritarian leaders.
"They have waited far too long and suffered immensely. It's time the international community looked at them and respect the sentiments of the Egyptian people," he added.
'Why can't it happen in other countries'?
Asked whether the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Egyptian cities would influence other parts of the Muslim world, Anwar said the impact will be "phenomenal" and will be felt by all groups whether they are secularists, liberals or Islamists.
"Why can't it happen in other parts of the Muslim world?" he responded. "Egypt is important. It is the centre of learning in the Muslim world."
He said it was common of authoritarian regimes in the past, including in Malaysia, to always cite 'security' of the nation in order to perpetuate their rule.
"But security under whom? These leaders do not have the legitimacy. Who appointed them in the first place? Who gave them full authority to decide for the people?" he asked.
Anwar also played down fears that the Egyptian revolution would result in chaos, and cited the example of post-Suharto Indonesia in which political reforms by then interim president B.J. Habibie were successfully implemented.
- Harakahdaily
Saying the Egyptian people should dictate their future and not Western governments, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim warned against what he termed 'politics of ambivalence' by those who talked about democracy "while tolerating repression by corrupt and authoritarian leaders".
"The clamour for change is not dictated by Washington, London or Paris but by the people themselves," Anwar stressed in an interview with CNNon the situation in Egypt.
Saying the people of Egypt had waited "far too long and suffered immensely", he called on the international community to respect their sentiments.
"We need to negotiate with the people of Egypt, not with tyrants and authoritarian leaders.
"They have waited far too long and suffered immensely. It's time the international community looked at them and respect the sentiments of the Egyptian people," he added.
'Why can't it happen in other countries'?
Asked whether the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Egyptian cities would influence other parts of the Muslim world, Anwar said the impact will be "phenomenal" and will be felt by all groups whether they are secularists, liberals or Islamists.
"Why can't it happen in other parts of the Muslim world?" he responded. "Egypt is important. It is the centre of learning in the Muslim world."
He said it was common of authoritarian regimes in the past, including in Malaysia, to always cite 'security' of the nation in order to perpetuate their rule.
"But security under whom? These leaders do not have the legitimacy. Who appointed them in the first place? Who gave them full authority to decide for the people?" he asked.
Anwar also played down fears that the Egyptian revolution would result in chaos, and cited the example of post-Suharto Indonesia in which political reforms by then interim president B.J. Habibie were successfully implemented.
This story has been updated to reflect breaking news
A tourist in Cairo spots three photographs on the wall of a restaurant: one of Nasser, another of Sadat, and the third of Hosni Mubarak. He asks the owner who the first man is, and the owner tells him it's the man who overthrew the Egyptian monarchy and served as the country's president. "Who's the second man?" the tourist wants to know. "That's Anwar Sadat, our next president," comes the reply. "He made peace with Israel but was assassinated in 1981." Next the tourist wants to know who the third man is. "Him?" says the restaurant owner. "That's my business partner's father" – A popular joke in Egypt
NEW YORK — In his first speech to the country, the new president of Egypt promised "not to commit myself to what I cannot implement, hide the truth from the people, or be lenient with corruption and disorder."
That was Hosni Mubarak in 1981, taking the reins of his proud country in the wake of Anwar Sadat's assassination and expressing a determination to steer Egypt in a new direction. During a crackdown on profiteering by politically-connected wealthy businessmen, Sadat's half-brother and his sons were jailed and handed steep fines. Several dozen prominent members of Sadat's circle were slapped with criminal charges for misusing their power and other corrupt practices. Mubarak was known for his "rigid personal probity," according to a 1990 New York Times profile, which noted that "his family has not profited from his office."
But over the last 20 years, Mubarak, his family and his close circle of advisers have enriched themselves through partnerships in powerful Egyptian companies, profiting from their political power, according to numerous reports. The 82-year-old leader and his two sons also wield the levers of the government, including the military and the country's preeminent political party, to reward friends and punish enemies.
Mubarak — who stepped down on Friday in the wake of massive protests that have gripped Cairo and Alexandria for weeks — and his family have a net worth of at least $5 billion, analysts tell The Huffington Post. Recent media reports pegging the family fortune at between $40 and $70 billion are considered to be exaggerated.
Much of their fortune has reportedly been invested in offshore bank accounts in Europe and in upscale real estate. On Friday, Switzerland froze accounts possibly belonging to Mubarak and his family, a spokesman told Reuters, under new laws governing ill-gotten gains. Last month, the Swiss froze the accounts of Mubarak's ally, ousted Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, whose overthrow inspired the first protests in Cairo.
The Mubarak family reportedly owns properties around the world, from London and Paris to New York and Beverly Hills. In addition to homes in the Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh and the upscale Cairo district of Heliopolis, they also have a six-story mansion in the Knightsbridge section of London, a house near the Bois de Bologne in Paris and two yachts.
Largely through Mubarak's two sons, Gamal and Alaa, the family controls a network of companies that earn money through concessions wrangled from foreign companies that do business in Egypt, according to prominent businessmen and "Corruption In Egypt: The Black Cloud Is Not Disappearing," an investigative report compiled in 2006 by a coalition of opposition groups. (The report, which names the companies allegedly owned by the Mubarak brothers and details multiple instance of corruption by government officials, has been cited by numerous international good government groups, such as Transparency International, but it was taken offline and is no longer available on the Internet. The Huffington Post obtained a copy, replete with rhetorical flourishes and thinly-sourced allegations, which is available here.)
"Egypt's state under Mubarak's regime is an embodiment of corruption," concludes the report, with descriptions of numerous allegations of corruption involving bribery, undue influence and nepotism.
In the 1980s, Mubarak seemed sincere in his desire to crack down on corruption in an effort to distinguish himself from Sadat, says an Egyptian-American businessman who often does business in the country. "But as time went on, the cronies around him started taking advantage of the system," he says. "And the other factor was his children got into business, taking commissions out of each and every company that comes to Egypt. The way they have amassed that money is not by stealing but by ensuring that businesses that want to operate in Egypt pay from 5 percent to 20 percent commission to a company formed by Gamal Mubarak. I know businessmen who have been squeezed this way."
Some of the family's wealth is also believed to be through partnerships with foreign companies — under Egyptian law, foreign businesses are required to give a local partners a 51-percent stake in their Egyptian operations. "According to this law, any multinational company needs to have a local sponsor, and this local sponsor usually goes through members of the family or powerful people in the ruling party," says Aladdin Elaasar, the author of "Last Pharaoh: Mubarak and the Uncertain Future." A spokesman for the Egyptian Embassy did not return calls for comment and members of the Mubarak family could not be reached for comment.
Privatization initiatives sponsored by the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. Agency for International Development have been accused of favoritism. When several historic hotels were sold by the government to friends of the Mubaraks, local newspapers complained about the "smell of corruption."
The wealth of the Mubarak family and other elites stands out in a country where millions toil as low-wage laborers, high rates of inflation make it harder for those aspiring to a middle-class lifestyle and unemployment is a persistent problem — half of all Egyptian men don't have a job and 90 percent of females remain jobless two years after graduating college, according to a recent Congressional Research Service report.
Gamal, who has been groomed to succeed his father before the recent protests, was educated at the American University of Cairo and spent six years working as an investment banker for Bank of America. He then formed his own investment advisory firm, Med Invest Partners, which helped Western investors seeking to purchase stocks and companies in Egypt.
Alaa, the older brother, is a businessman who owns a company that services most of the airlines in Egypt, according to Elaasar, though he reportedly fell out of favor when he was accused of benefiting from privatization initiatives. One persistent rumor making the rounds is that the government enacted a law in 2001 making seat belts mandatory in vehicles because Alaa has a concession to import seat belts.
Close friends of the Mubarak government also prosper. Taher Helmy, adviser to Gamal and Hosni and president of the American Chamber of Commerce, recently bought a $6.1 million apartment overlooking New York City's Central Park. Ahmed Ezz, a steel magnate and close confidant of Gamal, has been accused of using his connections to monopolize the steel market.
Several former government officials have started to go public with their allegations of corruption. Last week, former deputy foreign minister Ibrahim Yosri and 20 lawyers petitioned Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, the country's prosecutor general, to put Mubarak and his family on trial for allegedly stealing state wealth. Yosri did not return emails for comment.
In 2005, the most senior official to defect in decades fled to Switzerland and began a campaign to have Mubarak put on trial at Belgium's International Court of Justice for corruption and human rights abuses. "The Mubarak era will be known in the history of Egypt as the era of thieves," said Mohammad Ghanam, former chairman of the legal research unit in the Egyptian Interior Ministry. The unlikely whistleblower condemned the regime in a speech to a human rights conference in London, condemning Mubarak and his sons in the strongest terms: "his official business is the looting of public money, and we find that the super-corrupt, ultra-delinquents have attained state posts; extreme corruption and treachery throughout the land has caused the current condition of our country, as all of you know!"
Ghanam's case turned a strange corner in 2007. Though he was granted political asylum by Switzerland, he later claimed that Swiss authorities were trying to coerce him into infiltrating and spying on the country's Arab community. When he vehemently refused and some of his comments appeared on jihadist Websites, Ghanam was jailed for what Swiss authorities called his "dangerosite" (French for "dangerousness").
His brother, Ali, who lives in the United States, says that he has been unable to talk to his brother for more than two years and blames the Mubarak regime for his detention. "He exposed the corruption of the Mubarak family," Ali Ghanam says, "and look what happened to him."

CAIRO (The Borowitz Report) – In his final relinquishing of power today, Hosni Mubarak was stripped of his title of President of Egypt on Foursquare, the popular social networking site.
Mr. Mubarak was not available to speak to reporters, but did issue this official statement through a spokesman: "I'm being forced to go to Disney World!"readmore

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Ops Piramid pincang - Keluhan Pelajar2 yang Dievekuasi dari Mesir

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 06:04 AM PST

NOTA EDITOR: Tulang Besi dah dapat rasa perkara seperti ini akan berlaku. Sudahlah respon lambat, lepas tu kelam kabut. Baca dan buat penilaian sendiri.

Ops Piramid Pincang
Terlebih dahulu saya, sebagai pemerhati yang mewakili Kelab Malaysia Jeddah (KMJ), Malaysian Business Council (MBC), Kelab Malaysia Yanbo', Kelab IDB & Panda mengucap terima kasih kepada Kerajaan Malaysia dalam usaha penghantaran pelajar-pelajar Malaysia dari Mesir transit ke Jeddah dan seterusnya kembali ke tanahair. Usaha ini amat baik dan perlu diteruskan lagi.

Segala perancangan yang dibuat sangat bagus tetapi perlu dipantau oleh pihak-pihak tertentu kerana didapati banyak perkara yang pincang telah berlaku di Sekretariat Ops Piramid yang berpusat di Markaz Madinatul Hujajj, Tabung Haji. Didapati seolah-olah tidak ada korodinasi semasa pegawai-pegawai yang bertugas yang terdiri dari Pak Duta, Pak Kongen Jeddah, Pak Kongen Dubai, Konsul Haji dan beberapa pegawai kanan dari Wisma Putra dan Tabung Haji.Difaham mesyuarat begitu kerap diadakan tetapi tidak ada timbalbalas dan keseragaman. Antara yang ketara adalah dari segi pengurusan yang tidak efisyen dan keseragaman dan komited seperti contoh-contoh di bawah:


Daftar senarai pelajar tidak mengikut tarikh ketibaan (kerana difahamkan visa yang diberikan adalah 'emergency evacuation visa' bagi tempoh 1 minggu sahaja);

Daftar senarai pelajar yang disediakan bercampur tarikh ketibaan dan tidak dibuat penyisihan maka sukar untuk mengenalpasti pelajar mana yang sampai dulu dan kemudian lantaran ini mengakibat penghantaran balik pelajar tidak teratur dan berjadual;

Daftar senarai pelajar hanya dibuat pada hari pertama dan kedua sahaja tetapi hari berikutnya tidak ada daftar senarai daftar pelajar dibuat;

Pelajar yang datang dahulu sehingga kini masih belum balik tetapi pelajar yang baru sampai sehari dua sudah balik;

Ini menunjukkan pengurusan pentadbiran oleh MKN, Pak Duta, Pak Kongen Jeddah dan Dubai tidak efisyen;

Didapati ada sesetengah pelajar yang terdiri daripada anak-anak 'Dato' atau 'VIP' diberikan keutamaan dalam penghantaran balik. Difahamkan senarai penghantaran balik diurus kendalikan oleh Pak Duta dan Pak-Pak Kongen sahaja dan mereka inilah yang menuntukan anak Dato atau VIP yang akan dihantar balik dulu terutamanya yang ada kaitan dengan wisma putra atau kaum kerabat mereka;

Disebabkan daftar senarai pelajar tidak ada maka didapati banyak pelajaran aliran pengajian Islam telah berjaya membolos keluar dari Madinatul Hujajj pada hari pertama mereka sampai. Pelajar-pelajar ini telah mengambil kesempatan mengerjakan umrah dan tinggal dirumah sanak saudara atau rakan pelajar-pelajar mereka dari Universiti Umm Qurra, Makkah;

Sebahagian pelajar yang telah selesai mengerjakan Umrah telah balik secara persendirian ke Malaysia tanpa melalui secretariat kerana mereka mengetahui daftar senarai pelajar tidak ada;

Sebahagian besar pelajar masih lagi berada di Bukit Ajyad, Makkah menumpang di rumah saudara atau pelajar-pelajar Malaysia (dari Universiti Umm Qurra, Makkah) dan bilangannya lebih kurang 100 orang;

Dimaklumkan sebanyak 100 pelajar yang menghadapi masalah dimana visa mereka telah tamat sahlaku dan ini menimbulkan satu masalah lagi;


Urusan ticketing diuruskan oleh pihak Tabung Haji sepenuhnya dan didapati banyak kelemahan dari segi pengurusan;

Pelajar-pelajar tidak dimaklumkan lebih awal tarikh dan masa mereka akan balik, berkumpul untuk menaiki bas dan bertolak ke lapangan terbang. Maklumat terperinci seperti jenis pesawat (MAS/Charlie/Air Asia/Singapore Airlines/Royal Brunei/ Garuda/ Saudia Airlines/) No.Pesawat, destinasi, waktu bertolak/ketibaan, samada transit tidak diberitahu langsung. Pelajar-pelajar ini dibuat seperti menghalau anak kambing masuk ke reban bila tiba waktu senja. Mereka tidak boleh bertanya langsung dan akan dimarah oleh pegawai yang membuat ticketing. Arahan naik bas dan terus kelapangan terbang;

Jadual penerbangan terlalu sukar untuk diperolehi, dimana apabila ibubapa bertanya pihak secretariat mereka beritahu mereka tidak tahu kerana pihak ticketing Tabung Haji tidak berikan maklumat. Ini menunjukkan bahawa tidak ada kerjasama atau kordinasi di antara pihak sekreatriat dan Tabung Haji;

Ahli keluarga yang membuat panggilan bertanya mengenai status anak mereka tidak dilayan dimana 'pegawai-pegawai khas' atau 'jurucakap khas' ini tidak menjawap panggilan telefon dan panggilan 'didivertkan' kepada pegawai lain yang tidak berkenaan;

'Bosses" yang bertugas tidak akan menjawab panggilan telefon dari ibubapa dan panggilan ini akan diarahkan kakitangan bawahan menjawab;

Semua maklumat terlalu sukar untuk diperolehi dan banyak sangat 'red tape' dan hanya 'bos' tertentu yang boleh mengeluarkan informasi yang diminta tetapi bos-bos ini sukar pulak untuk dihubungi melalui telefon;

Didapati ada beberapa pegawai dari Kementerian Pelajaran dan MARA yang ada di markaz ini tetapi tidak ada satu program yang disusun bagi pelajar-pelajar ini untuk mengelak kebosan mereka;

Maka markaz ini boleh diumpamakan macam pusat serenti;

Pelajar perempuan dan lelaki bebas bergaul tanpa batasan dan boleh duduk berdua-dua waktu malam tanpa ada kawalan atau penguatkuasaan,

Pihak KMJ dan MBC mahu membuat taskirah tidak dibenarkan;

Banyak pelajar pengajian Islam dari Universiti Al Azhar dan Tanta yang mahu menganjurkan kuliah agama dan tazkirah tetapi tidak dibenarkan atas alasan takut ada propaganda politik;

Terlalu banyak pegawai yang berada dalam bilik operasi dan bermesyuarat setiap hari tetapi tidak tahu apa keputusan dan kesudahannya;

Seharus Pak Duta dan Pak-Pak Kongen bertugas di bilik operasi ini 24 jam tetapi dukacitanya ada dikalangan mereka yang masuk ke Bilik Operasi jam 11 pagi atau 12 tengahari. Disebelah malam setakat jam 8 malam sahaja dan sudah balik ke rumah.

Program yang paling sibuk mereka sediakan adalah program untuk mengerjakan Umrah oleh Dato' MKN. Yang pastinya Pak Kongen Jeddah yang menjadi KETUA menyediakannya dan turut sama sebagai pengiring. Masalah pelajar tidak selesai mereka sudah 3 atau 4 kali mengerjakan umrah. Kepentingan pelajar diketepikan dan kepentingan sendiri diutamakan. Malahan Pak Kongen Jeddah siap mengadakan majlis makan malam dirumahnya untuk Dato' MKN dan 'Pegawai-Pegawai Khas' Bilik Operasi. Ini bertujuan untuk bodek dan mengampu.

Pak Duta, Pak Kongen, Konsul Haji/Naib Konsul Haji sibuk menajga Dato' MKN dan ditatang dan diusung ke hulu ke hilir dengan penuh tanggungjawab. Pak Duta dan Pak Kongen Jeddah yang nampak paling terover sebab mereka ini dah terlebih tempoh untuk balik ke Malaysia tetapi masing-masing mencari kable untuk kekal sebagai Duta atau bagi Pak Kongen pulak dapat dilantik sebagai Duta. Maka masing-masing pasang pukat untuk mendapat hasil. Tugas mereka bukan membantu pelajar tetapi menjaga Dato' MKN pulak.

Kesimpulannya, kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin dari Kelab Malaysia Jeddah, MBC, IDB dan Panda yang saban malam berada di Madinatul Hujajj memberikan sumbangan material, wang ringgit dan moral kepada pelajar-pelajar ini mengucapkan terima kasih kepada PM atas usaha murni beliau tetapi dukacitanya pelaksanaan diperingkat bawahan kucar-kacir dan boleh memboleh memburuk dan mencalar Negara.

Dengan paparan ini diharap semua rakyat Malaysia mengetahui keadaan sebenar berlaku di Pusat Operasi Piramid Madinatul Hujajj, Jeddah. Ops Piramid berakhir pada hari ini, 13 Februari 2011.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Mewakili KMJ, MBC, IBD dan PANDA

The Day The Egyptians Got Their Country Back

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 05:55 AM PST

Interestingly, the word "Bloody" means "My Country" in Egyptian Arabic dialect. And blood was what they were willing to give to get their country back. The peaceful demonstrations had incurred so many debt of blood from the ranks of the peaceful protestors. The above picture is just a handful of pictures put in Tahrir Square to remember those who have fallen for the Revolution.

But, it's a small price to pay in order to get their country back. I say get their country back because all this while, Egypt and most of the Arab countries, is ruled by an American annointed dictator name Mubarak.

Not just Egypt, mind you. All of the Arab states is ruled by dictators and absolute monarch and they get their solid support from Uncle Sam.

They remained high and mighty for decades on the back of Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam kept a blind eye to all their oppressions and corruption.

I fully agree with Roger Hardy, in an article he wrote in the BBC in which he says:

The West has, for decades, made stability a higher priority than democracy and human rights.
Of course the word "stability" here means:

1.0 Maintaining hegemony of Israel
2.0 Ensuring that cheap oil flows into Western countries while getting these rulers to support
3.0 Ensuring that any type of dissent or disagreement is dealt with hastilty and by any means
4.0 Ensuring that the Arab countries elites are happy sucking away the wealth of their countries
to satisfy their whims and fancies
5.0 Complete disregard for the future and well being of the subjects in their respective country.

I was once mesmerized by this fact:

Iran is the most democratic country in the Middle East
.In spite of all that has been said by Western Media against Iran, it remains the most democratic country compared to the rest of the Arab world.

But now, Western countries are in a pickle. They have no idea what or how to deal with the "people's revolution" in the Arab world. The policy that has served them so well is now seen as a disease by the people of the Arab world.

If America continues to support all these despot autocrats and dictators in the Arab world, soon these dictators never be able to serve the interest of America anymore. These dictators will be running for cover once their subjects starts breaking down their doors and ransacking their official residences.

By then, Ikhwan Muslimin and the Islamists will be the least of their problem. They will find NO ONE in the Arab world willing to talk or even negotiate with them regardless of their political ideology.

But, I always thought the people in the State Deparment would have learnt their lesson from the Iranian Revolution. I mean, the vibration from the Iranian Revolution is felt by generations after that.

And, despite opposition to the current Iranian regime, NONE from the opposition is willing to sit down and work with the CIA for the purpose of toppling the current Iranian regime. The Iranians have had a first hand lesson of American idea of a "democratic and just" state. 30 years under the Shah taught them really well of America's version of a "just society".

They rather try their luck fighting the current regime on the streets of Iran than to replace the current regime with another regime friendlier to America.

When it comes to Israel, there is only one policy: ISRAEL IS ALWAYS RIGHT. The current crop of autocrats in the Arab world do not mind that policy. Which is why the cruel dictators of the Arab world are America's best friends.

So, coming back to Egypt, isn't it a coincidence that in Egypt, the word "bloody" means "my country" in Egypt?

Tulang Besi


Posted: 13 Feb 2011 04:59 AM PST

Anwar's sodomy II to resume Monday: All eyes on doctors and DNA
After almost a two-month hiatus, the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II trial resumes tomorrow and will continue for the next six weeks with the continued cross-examination of two Hospital Kuala Lumpur doctors – Dr Siew Shueu Feng, Dr Khairul Nizam Hassan and possibly other witnesses including a chemist who may testify on the DNA test performed on the semen.
However, Anwar's team may find itself hampered as two of its hired specialists – pathologist Dr David Wells and DNA specialist Dr Brian McDonald – may not be available for the earlier portion of the trial.
The hearing resumes after Anwar's defence team had failed in their appeal at the Court of Appeal in seeking the recusal of the High Court trial judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah for the second time.
On Dec 6, Justice Zabidin dismissed Karpal Singh's appeal application on the grounds there is no threat of bias to his conduct, after the senior lawyer pointed out that the judge had not followed a Supreme Court ruling in providing the defence team access to all the doctors' notes and other forms during the examination of the victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.
At one point of time, Zabidin was seen to warn Karpal with contempt.
The hearing itself stops when Karpal tried to test the credibility of Dr Siew, who refused to look at the pro-forma notes taken when interviewing Saiful.
Anwar, 63, is charged with sodomising Saiful, his former aide, at the Desa Damansara condominium on June 26, 2008.

Doctor refused to look at notes
Dr Siew had consistently refused to look at the pro-forma notes, or other medical notes which he had taken while testifying, in a bid to prevent the defence from being given access to it.
As a result he had testified based on his memory.
However, Anwar's defence team had caught the HKL doctor in a compromising position when the witness admitted he had looked at the pro-forma notes during a short recess granted by the court.
The pro-forma notes are a set of questions and procedures which doctors use in handling cases of sexual assault.
This resulted in Justice Zabidin ordering Dr Siew (right) to provide the notes to the defence team, after he had earlier provided to them a blank pro-forma note denoting the type of questions asked to sexual assault victims.
Dr Siew is seen as a vital witness as he was the one taking the notes and also labelling the samples taken from Saiful's examination.
He had then passed the samples which were sealed in a plastic bag to investigating officer ASP Jude Blacious Pereira.
Dr Khairul Nizam Hassan, 40, was meanwhile responsible for doing the physical examination on Saiful, saying during the examination-in-chief by solicitor general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, that he found stretch marks on Saiful's back.
Dr Razali Ibrahim, the first doctor to be cross-examined, was responsible for examining Saiful's anus, where specimen retrieved by using cotton tip was found to contain semen .
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Kalau BN tidak mendapat kemenangan 2/3 Muhyiddin akan jadi PM lebih awal

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 09:42 AM PST

Kegagalan Abdullah Badawi untuk memimpin parti dan kerajaan menyebabkan BN tidak mampu untuk mendapatkan kemenangan 2/3 didalam Dewan Parlimen dalam pilihanraya umum yang lalu. Hasilnya Abdullah terpaksa meletakkan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri dengan 'sedikit' imbuhan dalam bentuk tanah yang bernilai puluhan juta ringgit di Kuala Lumpur sebagai 'ganti-rugi' kerana meletakkan jawatan.

Orang nombor duanya Najib naik menggantikan beliau sebagai Perdana Menteri dan Presiden UMNO serta Pengerusi BN peringkat nasional. Abdullah telah mendapat tekanan yang begitu besar sehinggakan beliau terpaksa berfikir dengan mendalam yang akhirnya membawa beliau mengambil keputusan untuk meletakkan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri.

Setelah beraku sedikit 'golden hand shake' beliau meletakkan jawatan dan Najib Razak mengambil alih jawatan beliau. Apa yang penting kita ketahui ialah perletakkan jawatan itu adalah hasil dari penolakkan yang jelas oleh rakyat terhadap BN pimpinan UMNO sehinggakan BN hampir-hampir tumpas dan hanya mampu untuk memerintah dengan 'majority' yang tipis di Dewan Parlimen Persekutuan.

Lain-lain perkataan jika seseorang Perdana Menteri tidak mampu untuk mendapatkan sokongan 2/3 di Dewan Parlimen maka pada bila-bila masa sekali pun Perdana Menteri wajar meletakkan jawatan kerana 'precedent' ini telah dimulakan dengan perletakkan jawatan oleh Abdullah Badawi. Seandainya BN menghadapi keadaan yang sama didalam pilihanraya yang akan datang maka Najib akan terpaksa meletakkan jawatan sebagai PM seperti yang dilakukan oleh Abdullah Badawi 2 tahun yang lepas.

'Game plan' perletakkan jawatan bagi Abdullah Badawi dahulu adalah untuk mempercepakan kenaikkan Najib, dan usaha untuk memberikan tekanan kepada Abdullah meletakkan jawatan dilakukan oleh Muhyidin Yassin. Muhyiddin menjadi orang kuat menekan Abdullah untuk mengundurkan diri kerana jika Najib naik ke kerusi Perdana Menteri beliau sendiri menagih jawatan Timbalan PM kepada Najib walaupun beliau belum tentu untuk menjadi PM kerana Najib adalah 6 tahun lebih muda darinya.

Yang penting beliau mesti menjadi Timbalam PM kerana jika ada apa-apa yang berlaku kepada Najib beliau sudah bersedia untuk mengambil alih jawatan yang disandang oleh Najib itu.

Akhir-khir ini tidak kurang juga ramainya rakan-rakan di dalam UMNO membuat andaian yang jika Najib tidak berupaya mendapatkan kemenangan 2/3 didalam pilihanraya yang akan datang maka Muhyiddin akan mengambil tempat Najib kerana kegagalan mempertahankan majoriti 2/3 atau untuk mengembalikan kemenangan 2/3 itu merupakan satu kegagalan kepada Najib.

Malahan sudah nampak tanda-tanda dari perbualan penyokong-penyokong pimpinan ingin melihat BN untuk memenangi pilihanraya kali ini dengan hanya mendapat majoriti yang mudah bagi memudahkan Muhyiddin mengambil alih kepimpinan negara seperti Najib mengambil alih dari Abdullah Badawi dahulu.

Saya difahamkan yang ada pemimpin veteran yang berkepentingan untuk melihat Muhyiddin mengambil alih kepimpinan UMNO dan negara kerana jika keadaan itu berlaku maka mudah baginya untuk menempatkan ahli keluarganya menaikki tangga kepmpinan negara kita.

Jika apa yang saya dengar itu benar maka usaha untuk memantapkan UMNO itu sudah pasti tidak akan mendatangkan apa-apa munafaat bagi parti ini. Mengikut apa yang didengar mendesak Najib untuk meletakkan jawatan akan lebih mudah jika BN mendapat majoriti yang simple seperti apa yang dialami dalam pilihanraya yang lalu.

'Game plan' setengah pihak didalam UMNO ini sebenarnya amat merbahaya bagi BN kerana jika silap perkiraan maka UMNO dan BN akan menghadapi kemungkinan menerima kekalahan hasil dari politiking yang tidak sihat di kalangan pemimpin-pemimpin serta ahli-ahli parti kita sendiri.

Bagi pihak yang ingin melihat perkara ini berlaku telah mula bercakap tentang kegagalan Najib untuk melaksanakan pelan-pelan pembangunan yang diumumkan oleh beliau kepada umum. Kumpulan ini nampaknya lebih suka jika pelan ini gagal kerana ianya akan memudahkan usaha mereka untuk menekan Najib untuk berundur dari memimpin negara.

Baginya isu terhadap Najib itu sangat memenatkan mereka untuk mendapatkan keyakinan rakyat keseluruhannya. Selama ini saya berpendapat isu-isu peribadi Najib dan keluarganya yang heboh diperkatakan itu datangnya dari luar UMNO, tetapi akhir-akhir ini isu ini sebenarnya disuburkan oleh mereka didalam UMNO dan BN sendiri kerana permainan politik dalaman yang sangat kotor dan tidak berfaedah.

Tetapi itulah penyakit yang sedang dihadapi oleh UMNO. Kalau politiking seperti ini masih berlaku maka tidaklah mustahil UMNO akan kecundang dihadapan mata rakyat dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang. Didalam UMNO kini elemen 'orang Najib' dan 'orang Muhyiddin' nampaknya akan timbul secara beransur-ansur dan ini merupakan satu situasi yang tidak sihat untuk parti.

Jika benar apa yang dikhabarkan itu, maka Najib akan mengambil tindakkan untuk hanya mencalonkan orangnya didalam pilihanraya yang akan datang. Untuk memberi alasan bagi menggugurkan seseorang penyandang itu adalah perkara yang mudah kerana keseluruhan mereka yang sedang menyandang di kerusi Parlimen dan Undangan negeri ada masalah masing-masing.

Alasan rasuah dan salah gunakuasa merupakan alasan yang paling mudah bagi Najib untuk menurunkan sesiapa sahaja yang sedang menyandang itu.

Lagi pun Najib mempunyai hak untuk menentukan sesiapa yang boleh atau tidak boleh bertanding kerana janji beliau untuk menurunkan 'winnable candidates' itu akan tetap dilaksanakan. Najib mempunyai hak untuk memastikan yang pemilihan calun didalam pilihanraya kali ini adalah dari mereka yang setia kepada beliau.

Egypt State TV Switches Sides As Mubarak Falls will Malaysia’s RTM do the same the moment UMNOBARISAN losses the coming GE13 TV3 UTUSAN will Vanish

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 03:19 AM PST

Malaysia's new Ministry of Disinformation and Miscommunication

Watch Umno leaders, Anwar warns as Mubarak, Ben Ali escape with billions

Using the police to cling to power
As Prime Minister Najib Razak expressed wishes for a smooth and non-violent transition of power in Egypt, Malaysians are wondering if he will do the same when the crunch comes here, or if he will set the police on the people as previous administrations have done so.

"It is not unlikely given that Mahathir has finally admitted what everyone knows – the police are just a tool for the Umno elite and they will take orders, perhaps even against their own countrymen," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

Tian was referring to former premier Mahathir Mohamad, who just days ago, coincidentally pointed out that it was the police and not himself, even though he was also Home Minister at that time, who ordered a violent crackdown on political dissidents in 1987.

"Well, I would have handled it differently, except that the police wanted to do these things because they say it is necessary. I actually met all of the opposition members (beforehand) and assured them that they would not be arrested. And you know what the police did? They arrested them. My credibility is gone," Mahathir had said

Hanif Omar, the Inspector General of Police at that time, has backed him up.

"You can't blame him (Mahathir). He is right. As a matter of fact, it was entirely the police's decision. It was not his (Mahathir's) decision. Mahathir was actually opposed to it. He was against Ops Lalang," said Hanif, who has often been accused of being Mahathir's stooge.

Free-for-all in Umno

There have been a lot of comparisons between what has befallen Egypt and Tunisia and while few think that placid Malaysians would really rouse themselves to action and take to the streets, pundits say the passion that lurks within cannot be taken for granted.

Especially if Najib and Mahathir try to cling to power as did Hosni Mubarak and his son Gamal.

Their Umno party has ruled Malaysian since 1957 and Najib himself is a second-generation leader. His father was prime minister from 1970 to 1976 and it is widely believed that there are plans by his ambitious wife Rosmah Mansor to push their son Norashman to take over in the future.

However, Norashman's turn can only come after Mahathir's youngest boy Mukhriz and a few others get a chance to warm the coveted seat. Others in line or eyeing a turn in the Umno musical-chairs charade are Najib's cousin Hishammuddin Hussein and Khairy Jamaluddin, the son in law of Najib's predecessor Abdullah Badawi.

Hisham, the current Home Minister, was given direct charge of the police by Najib, whom he calls 'Jib'. Their families are very close and it was Hisham's dad who got to succeed Najib's as the third prime minister, and their mothers are also sisters.

By comparison, Khairy is an outsider, whom those in the Najib-Hisham-Mukhriz camp regard as being "not in the same class" as the "real heirs".

Egypt and Tunisia rather than Myanmar and Zimbabwe

However, what is worrying Malaysians and foreign investors is not the Umno internal struggle, which has been brewing since 2008 and turning into a real full-fledged typhoon, but Najib's increasing threats against any change to the political status quo.

"There is already a credible opposition in Pakatan Rakyat able to take over the federal government and rule Malaysia should indeed Malaysians want change. The problem is how much and how nasty a fight the likes of Mahathir and Najib will put up," Tian said.

"At risk is 50-over years of massive corruption and the people will surely demand that the corrupt leaders and their families be brought to justice and to account for every stolen sen. Do you think the Umno elite will let go so easily? But like the people of Egypt have shown, if Malaysians have courage, they can effect change. We can follow the examples of Tunisia and Egypt rather than Myanmar and Zimbabwe."

Most glaring was Najib's warning aired widely in the mainstream media last week that Malaysians should not try to emulate the Egyptians. Worst was his direct threat that he would not allow a "people's uprising" in Malaysia.

"Don't think that what is happening there must also happen in Malaysia. We will not allow it to happen here," the BN-controlled Star reported him as saying.

Setting the police on the people

Pakatan Rakyat leaders congratulated the people of Egypt for their successful ouster of dictator Hosni Mubarak after nearly three weeks strife and street violence.
Pointing to the corruption that had brought the regimes led by Mubarak and Tunisia's Ben Ali to an end, they also warned the same could happen here with leaders of the ruling regime making a last grab for the country's wealth before they fled.
"The likes of Mubarak, Ben Ali escape with their billions. Watch the Umno leaders!" Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said on Twitter.
He was referring to Malaysia's ruling party led by Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Like the case in both Egypt and Tunisia, Umno has ruled with a fist of iron for decades. Leaders including Najib, his predecessors Abdullah Badawi and Mahathir Mohamad have been accused of siphoning massive amounts of the people's money into their own accounts.
Last month, renowned watchdog Global Financial Integrity named Malaysia as one of the nations to have suffered the largest amounts of illicit outflows amounting to a whopping US$291 billion or RM888 billion during the years 2000 to 2009.
When different groups and different creeds unite
Meanwhile, MP for Bukit Bendera Liew Chin Tong (left) said the changing landscape in the Muslim world had strong ramifications for the future especially for nations where Islam played a key role.
"The world has witnessed once again the triumph of democracy. The end of Mubarak's thirty-year autocratic rule of Egypt, following the end of Ben Ali's 23-year rule of Tunisia, has ramifications beyond its shores," Liew, who is also the DAP International Secretary, said in a statement.
"All autocrats and dictators that survive on manipulating elections, controlling the media and crushing legitimate dissents with police brutality, are put on notice by the sudden wave of democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa."
PKR state assemblyman for Seri Setia Nik Nazmi (right) urged Malaysians to be emboldened by the courage shown by the people in Egypt and Tunisia. He said the new century was an era where people would get closer due to globalisation and the Internet. Racial and religious discrimination would fade so long as the people supported the rights of each other.
"It shows the demand for democracy works when the people stand up for it.It is also inspirational to watch the way Muslims and Christians, secularists and Islamists, liberals and moderates work together for change," Nik Nazmi told Malaysia Chronicle.
Liew also called the Egypt people's uprising a "Berlin Wall moment" for the Muslim world that heralded an era of democracy and greater civil rights for the people.

"It is also a clear signal to governments that have previously ignored the challenges posed by unplanned urban growth, youth unemployment and under-employment, growing inflation and inequality, as well as corruption," said Liew.readmre

Of Sin, Siti And Small-Minded Men Without Sagacity – By Martin Jalleh.

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 02:36 AM PST

Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood is a well-known Islamic motivator on local television and a popular TV personality, with "Semanis Kurma" on TV9 and Astro being her biggest hit.

As a famous personality, one would expect her to have all the facts at her fingertips in her efforts to educate, motivate and even propagate her faith! Surely her experience as a professional motivator would teach her that you can't motivate people by humiliating others!

Recently, she decided to discourage Muslim youth from celebrating Valentine's Day. It is actually quite a noble effort. I, too, do not believe in V's Day (Catholic though I be) and I think it is tragic to have to say "I love you" only once a year and with a blooming rose that costs a bomb!

But I have no problem with the rest of the world who are caught up by the commercialisation of love and romance (though now it's extended to more than just a celebration of lovebirds) and are ready to pay a crazy and costly sum, probably to make up for their neglect during the other 364 days of the year!

V's Day has become a day when, love is blind, the florists flourish, and hotels and restaurants reap roaring profits by holding the ridiculous! It has no religious significance whatsoever! As for those who wish to unleash their lust on V Day, VD (a different kind of rose) might await them!

Sadly, Siti's ignorance showed when she, in an RTM programme last week, linked V's Day to Christianity and immoral activities. She said "immoral activities, partying and unmarried couples associating in private are traditions of the Christian community"!

Surprisingly, as a motivator, Siti glaringly lacks understanding. V's Day is not a Christian tradition and all Christian traditions and tenets do not condone, in fact abhor "immoral activities", and "unmarried couples associating in private".

If only Siti would sit quietly and ponder, she will realise that vice and virtue lie in the adherents of every faith and there is really no need to make a scapegoat of other religions and pin on them the sins of the people of her own faith!


The Malaysian Insider reported on February 11, 2011 that both the KL Islamic Department (Jawi) and Selangor Islamic Department (Jais) have banned Muslims from celebrating V's Day, calling it "a Christian tradition" in a Friday sermon delivered in mosques on that day.

Alas, if Jawi, Jais or Jakim want to reduce themselves into one big Joke, it is really none of our business, but claiming that V's Day is a Christian tradition and inferring that it is part of a Christian conspiracy to "corrupt" Muslims, is to say but the least, a jaundiced view … very un-Islamic indeed!

The sermon continued with its slanderous spree: "Remember that the Jews and Christians would continue to deceive Muslims. They will do everything to undermine the Muslims' belief and personality"!

Prepared by the Selangor's Islamic authority, the sermon also said that V's Day "is celebrated in many ways, starting with greeting cards, flowers and dance parties. In fact some celebrate it with a date which would eventually lead to illicit sex"!

What about the illicit sex that takes place on non-Valentine's Days? Who is to be blamed? What about the sex scandals committed by Members of Parliament, ministers and a host of people in high places … were they all committed on V's Day? Were they the result of a conspiracy by the Jews and Christians?

Jais caused quite a jolt when it pointed out that there were 257,411 births out of wedlock between 2000 and 2008 and blamed V's Day celebrations as one of the causes. You mean to say nine V's Days could produce 257, 411 births? Is this what Najib's model of moderate Islam is all about?

Not only are they insulting the Christians but they are so condescending in how they view the Muslims in Bolehland – who have in recent times been portrayed as people who are so very easily confused, convinced, converted and corrupted! But then again, we are told that is none of our business.

It appears that Siti, Jawi, Jais and Jakim need to do a lot of soul-searching. Surely the strength of Islam does not lie in creating a "siege mentality" and in their ignorance, insulting other religions.

The different faiths in this country are often faced with many similar challenges which could be more easily overcome if we were to synergise our earnest efforts rather than creating slurs of and suspicion over the supposed salacious conspiracies of other religions to turn young Muslims into sex fiends!

May I wish Jawi, Jais and Jakim Happy Anti-Valentine's Day! And to those who celebrate it in a big way, Happy Valentine's Day – whatever it means!

To PAS Youth, instead of conducting "immorality checks" on V's Day in opposition-ruled states, why not take a break from politics and be romantic enough to spend precious time with your beloved under the moon, always conscious that God is watching you from a distance!

To the Muslims who really want to celebrate V's Day but cannot as a result of the recent ban, please do not be angry but in keeping with the spirit of the day, send a rose to Siti, Jawi, Jais and Jakim – unless the rose is deemed by them as a Christian flower used to seduce Muslims into immorality!

The Wisdom of Bapa Malaysia

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 01:47 AM PST

Tunku Abdul Rahman
1st Prime Minister of Malaysia

"In my time we had a Cabinet of 13 ministers. Even then they didn't have enough work. What they do now with 45, I don't know" - Tunku Abdul Rahman, 1983

"In the old days people never bothered about what others did, so long as they were free to do what they liked themselves. Today, one cannot sneeze without being corrected, let alone enjoy oneself. That's what politics have done to our society" - Tunku Abdul Rahman , 1975

Ahhhh...the good old days.


Police clamp down on HRP convoys, dozens arrested

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 03:00 AM PST

At least 30 Human Rights Party (HRP) members in Selangor, Perakand Kuala Lumpur have been arrested as police came down hard on their nationwide convoys.

Six were arrested at Jelapang, Ipoh police station while five more were nabbed near Jalan Templer in Selangor, as police mounted roadblocks to stop the convoy to promote an upcoming anti-racism rally.

hindraf feb 27 march against interlok 030211 posterAccording to eyewitnesses, a convoy member in Selangor had her camera confiscated and was hit in the face, while police were "very harsh" towards HRP members in Perak.

"The police raised their fists and threatened to hit (the HRP members)," an eyewitness said when contacted.

The six in Perak who were detained - Perak HRP chief P Ramesh, his deputy N Subramaniam and four other Perak HRP members - were charged with obstructing police on duty.

They were released at about 3pm under police bail.

NONEThere are similar convoys in Johor,Negri Sembilanand Kedah.

According to HRP information chief S Jayathas, who was contacted moments before he was arrested along with Selangor party chief K Selvam and three others, police also mounted a roadblock in Rawang.

"They only stopped our cars, not other road users. We staged a small protest and they let us pass.

"We have the right to use the road. They can only check our road tax and drivers' licences," said Jayathas, who is now held at the Selayang district police station.

Around 3pm, HRP activists in a convoy of three cars were taken into custody by police officers just after they alighted from their vehicles in Bangsar Utama, Kuala Lumpur.

NONETwenty activists had just arrived from Brickfields when police officers stopped them and took them into custody. They are currently in the Travers police station.

During a press conference later, Brickfields OCPD Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said that 21 people were arrested and brought to the Travers police station because they were obstructing traffic and moving in a big group.

"As we know, Brickfields is a very busy area," he told reporters at the station today.

He added that the 21 detainees will have their statements recorded and will be investigated under Section 27 of the Penal Code.

Those arrested were 15 men and five women aged above 40, and a boy aged 10.

"We hope to release them under police bail by today," he said.

NONEAlso confiscated were 55 posters, ten flags and 200 leaflets.

"We will also return their cars when we release them," he said.

There are reports, meanwhile, that arrests have also been made in Kedah, Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

This includes 32 HRP activists who were arrested in Seremban and brought to the district police station there. Negeri Sembilan HRP chief S Sivakumar was among those taken in by the police.

HRP had yesterday expressed its fears of a crackdown after Perak police warned them not to proceed with the convoy.

Planning ahead for local government affairs

Posted: 12 Feb 2011 10:25 PM PST

By the Administrator

In preparation for the next 12 months of local government affairs, the Penang Island Municipal Council organised a retreat in January involving the Council President, Secretary, 24 Councillors, Heads of Departments and some senior officers.

Below are some of the pictures on the participation.






The US Fears Muslim Brotherhood because They Cannot be Bought

Posted: 12 Feb 2011 10:54 PM PST

NOTE: The real reason for the US, Isreal and EU's fear of Ikhwan Muslimin is because Ikhwan is the most principled organization in the whole of Egypt. Having gone through everything that they have gone through under various regimes, they have managed to come up the victor.

Now, with the fall of Mubarak and his regimes, the Ikhwan is set to take power in Egypt through free and fair elections. The US, Israel and the West sees this as a major inconvenience considering Ikhwan reputation as a clean and incorruptible party.

America like corrupted regimes. They can be controlled much easier than those who are not corrupted.

Clarifying the Muslim Brotherhood As Mubarak's regime starts to topple, there is speculation whether the Muslim Brotherhood will dominate the new Egyptian political landscape. It will undoubtedly play a role in creating a new government, but is adamant in its stance that is does not seek leadership and will not field candidates for presidency. The Brotherhood is the largest, most popular, and most effective opposition group in Egypt.

Those who oppose the Muslim Brotherhood usually contrive their arguments against them saying that they represent Islamic tyranny, adding that the Muslim Brotherhood was originally an anti-system group that committed acts of violence against its opponents in the pre-1952 era. However, portraying the Brotherhood as eager to seize power and impose Islamic law on an unwilling nation is ludicrous, as the group has obviously changed and evolved throughout its history and its stances in the current crisis constitute a voice of moderation, insight and determination that can only be applauded, and which has gained the group, and protestors international sympathy and support.

Founded in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood is the longest continuous contemporary Islamist group. It was initially established, not as a political party, but as a da'wa (religious outreach) association that aimed to cultivate pious and committed Muslims through preaching, social services, and spreading religious commitment and integrity by example. It called on Egyptians to unite to confront imperialism and pursue economic development and social justice.

In 1984, the Brotherhood started running candidates in elections. The Brotherhood entered the political system to advocate for the people's will and be the voice of ethics and justice. Leaders who were elected to professional syndicates engaged in sustained dialogue and cooperation with members of other political movements. Through interaction, Islamists and Arabists found common ground in the call for an expansion of public freedoms, democracy, and respect for human rights and the rule of law.

The Brotherhood has been working for years on projects to create a civic charter and a constitution, preparing for the time when a new democratic government came to power. During the past week of protests, members of the cross-partisan groups were able to quickly reactivate their networks and help form a united opposition front. It is likely that these members will play a key role in drafting Egypt's new constitution.

Over the last 30 years, the Brotherhood has developed expertise in electoral competition and representation, and has developed new professional competencies and skills, forging closer ties with Egyptian activists, researchers, journalists, and politicians outside the Islamist camp. The leadership is more internally diverse today than ever before.

There is a new generation of Islamist democracy activists both inside and outside the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is using discretion in its function in the uprising, aware that the greater its role, the higher the risk of a violent crackdown. There is a historic precedent for this in the harsh wave of repression that followed its strong showing in the 2005 parliamentary elections. Its immediate priority is to ensure that President Hosni Mubarak steps down and that the era of corruption and dictatorship associated with his rule comes to an end. The Brotherhood also knows that a smooth transition to a democratic system will require an interim government palatable to the military and the West, so it has indicated that it would not seek positions in the new government itself.

Reformers, like the Brotherhood, will be vital among the other opposition groups when they draft a new constitution and establish the framework for new elections. The Brotherhood has demonstrated that it is capable of evolving over time, and the best way for Egypt to strengthen its democratic commitments is to include it in the political process, making sure there are checks and balances in place to ensure that no group can monopolize state power and that all citizens are guaranteed certain freedoms under the law. This is what the Brotherhood is calling for.

The Brotherhood has a track record of nearly 30 years of responsible behavior and has a strong base of support. It has thereby earned a place at the table in the post-Mubarak era. And indeed, no democratic transition can succeed without it.

SHOCKING! Bar Council membership decimated after change in qualification rule

Posted: 12 Feb 2011 08:45 PM PST

The Malaysian Legal fraternity suffered a haemorrhagic decline in qualified practitioners due to a sudden change in the organisation's qualification rule.

On Friday, the nation found out that lawyers who are also not active politicians will no longer be qualified to act. The rule also states that all lawyers must be named Karpal or Gobind Singh Deo.

This rule change and the resultant mass exclusion of nearly the entire roster of Malaysian legal profession formed the basis of Karpal and Gobind Singh's demand that the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Teoh Beng Hock's death be postponed because the two had other more important cases to attend to.

The new qualification rule had left only three people at the bar, Karpal Singh, Gobind Singh and K Ragunath Kesavan, the bar's top official and since none of them can handle the case on those dates and there are no other persons qualifies to work the RCI, they want the inquiry to be postponed until they are good and ready to properly badmouth whoever they don't like.

The new rule was put into effect to ensure that all cases are properly politicised and has roughly the equivalent drama quotient of a WWE wrestling show.

Sources close to the bar said that the move was part of Pakatan Rakyat's effort to improve the quality of the Malaysian legal profession.

"Most Malaysian lawyers don't even know how to postpone cases properly, they get one and they think they are doing a good job. We want lawyers who can psotpone a case at will. Even if the client gets a pimple on his backside, the lawyer should be artful enough to get a postponement," said our source who was on the sauce.

The bar is planning to revamp the legal profession syllabus to place much more emphasis on dramatisation, ability to find a political angle to any case and, of course, postponement.

Ultimately, the bar wants all lawyers to become politicians and change their name to Karpal or Gobind. Actually we want male lawyers to be called Karpal and all female lawyers to be known as Gobind.

"Now we make fun of lawyers but in the future we will all make fun of Karpal and Gobind. I think that is a far more satisfying situation," our deep throat added.

Many former lawyers who were excluded from the profession by the new rule are clearly unhappy with the bar and they called the media to highlight their famous grouse.

"The new rule clearly breaches the universal rule of Human rights. We demand our rights to be apolitical and we insist on keeping our names.

"As far as the postponement goes, we believe that justice delayd is justice denied,l said the representative of the disgruntled lawyers," who only wanted to be known as Anwar.

"As you know we lawyers are slimy invertebrates so we prefer to remain anonymous.

"Right now we are scheming a back door entry to the bar so we can topple the current council," said 'Anwar'.

Merlimau tamil school, 40 years in the making

Posted: 12 Feb 2011 06:03 PM PST

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MC diperlukan tapi bukan untuk suami Cikgu Mala

Posted: 12 Feb 2011 07:14 PM PST

Bukan bukan bukan ...

... bukan Makrof, suami Cikgu Mala yang perlukan

... bukan juga bakal isteri atau suami calun PAS di Merlimau mahu ambil cuti untuk kempen Merlimau yang bermula pada Mac 23hb.

... bukan mereka semua itu.
Anwar Ibrahim yang memerlukan MC untuk tidak hadhir ke Mahkamah besuk. Dia baru "pulang" dan terlalu penat untuk hadhirkan diri.

Diikutkan dia telah "lari" ke New York untuk menghadhiri satu Seminar. Satu Seminar lain di Malaysia telah dibatalkan.

Katanya Anwar sudah kata dia akan dilanggar dalam satu kemalangan yang dirancang. Itulah bakal alasan dan sandiwara Anwar untul lari ke Turki atau Australia.

Adakah Anwar akan muncul di mahkamah besuk atau tidak? Jika bukan dengan kemalangan, apakah sandiwara Anwar untuk jadi alasan lari meninggalkan negara?

Di New York, Anwar sudah kata dia ada pilihan untuk balik atau tidak. Munculkah Anwar besuk di mahkamah?

Apa pun standby MC tu ....


Posted: 12 Feb 2011 05:46 PM PST

Two text messages on my mobile phone, at 7.20PM yesterday and 3.52AM today took away my sleep.

The first was from Shila of Agendadaily about the demise of Kerdau State Assemblyman Datuk Zaharudin Abu Kassim. The other was from Sharul, Pol-Sec of Defense Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, that the minister's mother-in-law passed away at the Terendak Camp Hospital.

I dont know Zaharudin much but I am sure his family members and close friends felt the loss. However, I do know Hamidah Khamis' mother.

To both families, I would like to express my deepest condolences, 'semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh mereka'.

On the Internet, I just read how about 40 people were killed in a car-bomb blast in central Baghdad, miners died in a coalmine in China, a major bus accident in Bolivia, few Palestinians shot dead by the Israeli soldiers, and other news about 'DEATH'.

The only consolation news is from the United Nations - that there were more newborns than death last year. But still, as the world's population grows, there are people who kill each other for food and survival!

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