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Rumination Wordhy: ex-Justice NH CHAN on Change

Rumination Wordhy: ex-Justice NH CHAN on Change

Rumination Wordhy: ex-Justice NH CHAN on Change

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 02:36 PM PST

People's Call for Regime Change - Part 1
17 February, 2011
By NH Chan

The People's Judge reflects on the turmoil in the Middle East - a people's revolution inspired by the power of the new media on the internet such as Facebook and Twitter - and the lessons for us in Malaysia. He ends with a personal note of his own political awakening, and a call to action for all of us who care for this country.

The uprising in Egypt, the uprising in Tunisia,the uprising in Yemen and even in Jordan there are rumblings in the kingdom. The message is clear. The people do not want their dictators.

And what is the difference between kings, dictators and oligarchs? They are all totalitarian regimes - this means a system of government consisting of only one leader or party and having complete power and control over the people.

But the people do not want that kind of government; they want democracy - this word means a form of government in which the people have a say in who should hold power; they do not want despotism. And this wish of the people could only mean that they want a government of the people, by the people and for the people which is what a true democracy actually is.

In other words, they do not want repressive rule in any shape or form. They want human rights. They do not want draconian and oppressive laws.

In short, they do not want to live under a perennial state of emergency because all emergency laws are only excuses for tyranny. They also want freedom of speech and a free press.

In other words they want a government which is accountable to the people. They want change from authoritarian - this word, which is an adjective, means demanding strict obedience of authority - rule.

And what is the antithesis of totalitarianism? It is democracy, which is what the people really want. In a democracy, the people can choose their own representatives in government. If the people's choice did not perform up to their expectations they could be replaced by the people.

In a true democracy, there will be no such thing as intervention from an illegitimate source to hijack the people's choice of representatives in their government.

The foreboding of a dictatorship

What has happened in Egypt and in the Middle East was a people's call for regime change. The dictators there who have clung to power should have seen the writing on the wall; it was time for them to leave. The people, especially the young people because they are educated and well informed, did not want them. They have overstayed their tenure.

They became corrupted by power; there is a well known adage which says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Any dictatorship is tyrannical - the word means 'using power in a cruel and oppressive way' - as was seen in Egypt under Hosni Mubarak who had clung to power for 30 years. In recent events there, we have seen water cannons and tear gas being used on peaceful protestors by the regime. Mubarak's Gestapo like police have tortured and killed dissenters: I saw a peaceful protestor exclaim on TV "They have shot me! What am I? The enemy?"

In this country we have been governed by the Barisan Nasional (BN) for some 53 years. This country is supposed to be a democracy. But it is not. Guided democracy is nothing more than an excuse for tyranny. We still have draconian laws. People are still being incarcerated under the ISA which is detention without trial. There is police brutality which seems to be endemic in the force. The people's fundamental freedoms have been muzzled; they have even used the Sedition Act against the country's citizens.

Respect cannot be forced. If you are good respect comes naturally. The people do not want their legitimately elected state government to be hijacked by the autocrats. What happened in Perak and in Selangor are the clearest examples of governmental wrongdoings. So that if these autocrats are not careful, the tyrannical happenings in this country could easily turn into a catalyst for change.

But we do not want to follow the trend as played out in the Middle East. It is necessary, therefore, that we earnestly take steps to make the change from the BN regime at the next general elections by replacing it with a democratic one.

We do not want autocrats - the word means 'rulers or persons with absolute power who expect obedience' - to tell us with supercilious arrogance what is good for us, for that is another excuse for tyranny.

We want our rulers to be answerable to us, the people. Despots are not needed to run this country because they will always be corrupted by power - that is the reason why the Prime Minister and members of his Cabinet should not be allowed to stay in office for more than two terms. The same should apply to the Menteri Besars and the Excos.

George Orwell Animal Farm All Animals Equal
Animal Farm

If you have read Animal Farm -a novel by George Orwell, published in 1945 - you will know what I mean. The book is a satire in fable form. The pigs (whose leader is Napoleon) become corrupted by power and a new tyranny replaces the old. The ultimate slogan runs 'All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others'.

The BN has been with us for 53 years and on each succession of the BN government a new tyranny replaces the old. I say this because nothing has changed since the BN came to power. We have the same repressive laws. But there is now a new tyranny. The new evil is the hijacking of a legitimately elected state government in Perak and this, in my estimation, is the last straw for the people of Perak to tolerate. For the rest of the country, remember this, if it can happen in Perak it could happen again elsewhere in this country.

This was mainly the reason that made me change my mind from being apolitical to decide to vote for the underdogs because what the BN had done to Perak was wickedly unfair and unjustifiable.
NH Chan, the People's Judge

NH Chan, the People's Judge

After reading the book Perak: A State of Crisis I realized that these people do not even know right from wrong. They even gloat in their wrongdoings. We do not want the oligarchy - this word means a country governed by a small group of people - to be more equal than us.

I don't have to tell you who they are - even in the BN some 'animals' are more equal than others. Look at their opulence.

It is a good thing if every member of the Cabinet and every member of the Exco are investigated as to their financial status and assets before they can assume office. And when they leave office they are to be investigated again. They are to be accountable if they are found to be richer than what they could have earned while in office when they leave.

That is why democracy requires the representatives of the people to be accountable to the people. Look atMr Lim Kit Siang, he has been in politics for as long as I can remember andhis son is currently the Chief Minister of Penang. Another was the lateDr Lim Chong Eu. The Perakians and the Penangites know that they are not rich.

One should be in politics to serve the people, not to get rich.

Part 2 will be published tomorrow.

NH Chan, a much respected former Court of Appeal Judge, is a gavel of justice that has no hesitation in pounding on Federal Court judges with wooden desks for heads. Retired from the Judiciary to become the People?s Judge. Wrote the explosive "Judging The Judges", now in its 2nd edition as "How To Judge The Judges". Once famously hinted at a possible "case match" between lawyer and judge by remarking that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" (see Ayer Molek Rubber Company Berhad & Ors v Insas Berhad & Anor [1995] 3 CLJ 359). We need more people like NH Chan. That?s why you should buy PASOC and his book.

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People's Call for Regime Change - Part 2
18 February, 2011
By NH Chan
Photo Credit: Wan Eijas

Photo Credit: Wan Eijas

The People's Judge continues his call to the young to use the tools of modern communication to effect change in Malaysia, pointing out how we are stuck with a government using 19th century British colonial laws to further repress us. Read Part 1 of this article here.

The Sedition Act as applied in this country

The sedition legislation is the most oppressive law ever devised by a colonial power to subjugate the natives by the colonialists who took over the land they had colonized. In this country the Sedition Act 1948 is typical of such colonialism - this word means 'the practice of acquiring and controlling another country and occupying it'. If you read on you will know that this is the true picture of how our Sedition Act 1948 migrated from 1870 British India to Peninsular Malaya in 1948 when the country was a British protectorate except for Malacca and Penang which were colonies.

There is an excellent article in the Star, Wednesday, 9 February 2011, titled Sedition law's overreach by Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi. It says:

Definition: Section 2 and 3(1) of the [Sedition Act 1948] state that any act, speech, words or publication are seditious if they have a tendency towards any of the following:

To bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or government.

Dissaffection does not mean absence of affection but refers to disloyalty, enmity and hostility: PP v Param Cumaraswamy [1986] 1 MLJ 526

Application of the law: In Param Cumaraswamy it was held that intention to incite to violence, tumult or public disorder is not a necessary ingredient of the crime.

As long as the words were intentionally published and they had a tendency to cause ill will, etc, the offence is complete.

The Professor also alluded to the acquittal of Mr Cumaraswamy:

But in PP v Param the defendant's criticism of the Pardon's Board for not applying uniform standards in considering applications for mercy was held not to constitute sedition.

I was the judge who tried Mr Param Cumaraswamy. At the conclusion of the trial, I acquitted him.

As pointed out by Professor Faruqi 'As long as the words were intentionally published and they had a tendency to cause ill will, etc, the offence is' established. I had to acquit Param Cumaraswamy because I made a finding of fact that the words when uttered by him, who is a mere lawyer without any following, could not possibly have any tendency 'to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or government'. The Public Prosecutor, who in this case was the Attorney-General - he was Abu Talib - did not appeal.

Source: Malaysiakini

Source: Malaysiakini

Just think how repressive this law is. You can't even say that the powers that be were practicing double standards. If Param had been tried before another judge he could have been convicted. For example, in Lim Guan Eng v PP [1998] 3 MLJ 14, HC & CA; [2000] 2 MLJ 577, FC an opposition leader who complained that justice was selectively administered was convicted of the sedition charge. Even members of Parliament can be convicted of sedition for words spoken in Parliament: see Mark Koding v PP [1982] 2 MLJ 120.

Mahathir when he was Prime Minister spoke in Parliament to remove the powers of the rulers yet nothing happened to him. But if anyone were to point out there is selective prosecution he can be charged for sedition and most probably he would be convicted.

At the end of his article, the Professor pointed out that:

The concept of sedition in Malaysia is much broader than in the UK, Ireland, India and Australia.

On ideal democratic standards, the law is open to many criticisms for its breadth and for its far-reaching implications on political life in the country.

For this reason it is ripe for review. Whether the technique for law reform will be legislative or judicial remains to be seen.

We are stuck in the 19th century

Source: Wikipedia | Alexander Bassano

Source: Wikipedia | Alexander Bassano

The professor is quite right. The Sedition Act 1948 is an archaic piece of legislation. It migrated from 1870 British India to Peninsular Malaya in 1948 (Sabah in 1964 and Sarawak in 1969). While other countries of the Commonwealth, of which Malaysia is a member, have advanced into the modern age, in this country, time stood still. We are still back in the time of Sir James Stephen in 1870 British India. This was pointed out by Sinha CJ in Kader Nath v State of Bihar [1962] AIR, SC 955. In fact section 124A of the Indian Penal Code was the work of Stephen J.

Sir James Stephen was the judge (he was Mr Justice Stephen in England) whose definition of sedition appeared as Article 93 of the Digest of the Criminal Law. I said this before I called on Mr Cumaraswamy to enter on his defence, "Although it may appear to be in English case law that incitement to violence or inciting others to public disorders is an essential ingredient of sedition, it is not so in a criminal code which has as its model Stephen's definition."

Article 93 of the Digest was used as the model for the crime of sedition in the Criminal Code of the Gold Coast.

So that when we look at section 124A of the Indian Penal Code or at the Criminal Code of the Gold Coast on Sedition, or our own Sedition Act, we are looking at the definition of sedition as apprehended by Sir James Stephen back in the year 1870. The English common law on sedition has developed separately from Stephen's 1870 definition. As pointed out by Professor Faruqi other nations like the UK, Ireland, India and Australia have moved on to modern times. The modern law of sedition is no longer repressive in other countries but not so in Malaysia where our sedition law is the same law as applied to the colonies of Great Britain back in the year 1870. For us Malaysians we live in a retrograde - this word means moving backwards to a worse state - country where our clock had stopped in the year 1870.

DN BN People's Parliament
Using the ability of the internet for change

Now, I trust you will realize that we Malaysians are in dire straits. Don't you think it is time for us to move on to a better Malaysia. Like the people of Egypt we can use people's power to change from tyranny to a true democracy. Use the power of your vote to unseat the oppressors.

We have been under their yoke for 53 years.Enough is enough!

Use facebook and twitter. Use your email and if every reader of this article emails it to his friends we will be able to persuade a whole generation of young people to vote out the BN and replace them with a new government.

It doesn't matter that the new are inexperienced but at least we have a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It took the English peoples 700 years to get rid of their tyrannical kings. The American people took 250 years to get to where they are today.

I don't think we will take that long because we are resilient and we have the benefit of hindsight. And above all we have our young people whose young minds will be able to meet the challenges ahead.

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* Sedition under the law of this country
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* LoyarBorak #1: Is Twitter Useless at Social Activism - Part 1 and Part 2

NH Chan, a much respected former Court of Appeal Judge, is a gavel of justice that has no hesitation in pounding on Federal Court judges with wooden desks for heads. Retired from the Judiciary to become the People's Judge. Wrote the explosive "Judging The Judges", now in its 2nd edition as "How To Judge The Judges". Once famously hinted at a possible "case match" between lawyer and judge by remarking that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" (see Ayer Molek Rubber Company Berhad & Ors v Insas Berhad & Anor [1995] 3 CLJ 359). We need more people like NH Chan. That's why you should buy PASOC and his book.

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CSM: Anwar Ibrahim on the Malaysian Economy

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 02:28 PM PST

press release



The growth rate of 7.2% registered by the Malaysian economy in 2010 requires a closer scrutiny to understand its full ramifications.

The 7.2% growth should not be viewed in vacuum and must be compared with what our neighbours had achieved in 2010. Singapore and Indonesia registered a growth of 14.5% and 6.1% respectively in 2010. Both outperform Malaysia's growth by miles especially considering that Indonesia's 6.1% growth was calculated on a higher base as Indonesia did not face economic contraction in 2009 unlike Malaysia or Singapore.

In the case of Singapore, the 14.5% growth was achieved on the back of a strong rebound in manufacturing sector which recorded an annual growth of 29.7%. Our performance pales in comparison on both accounts – the growth is half of what Singapore achieved while the growth in manufacturing sector was only 11.4% for 2010, nearly a third of Singapore's manufacturing growth.

There was a big contrast in the way each government explains this in spite of the fact that both countries are export oriented and highly dependent on the global economy – while Singapore cites a strong external demand for its manufacturing products, Malaysia claims the opposite. The reality is our manufacturing products are steadily losing its competitiveness in the global market as we are relegated to the lower rung of the value chain while competitors like Singapore upgrade higher and higher on the value chain. This was pointed out a decade ago, yet nothing effective has been put in place to stem this decline apart from continuous rhetoric paid for by taxpayers' money.

The relatively lower manufacturing growth is compounded by contractions in the fourth quarter of 2010 in two fundamental sectors of the economy. Both mining and agriculture form a significant revenue earner for the Federal Government in the form of income from oil and gas extraction and palm oil. Mining and agriculture sectors registered contractions of 1.3% and 4.3% respectively in the fourth quarter. The annual growth of only 0.2% and 1.7% in mining and agricultural sectors respectively is another symptom of stagnation plaguing the economy.

This is correlated by key indices used to gauge the sentiment of business community and the public on the direction of the economy. The Business Condition Index published by the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) loses 5.4 points quarter-to-quarter in the last quarter of 2010, to settle below 100 points for the first time in nearly two years. In fact, the business community's confidence on the overall outlook of the economy had been on the decline since the beginning of 2010. As for the public sentiment, while the Consumer Sentiments Index did improve to 117.2 points in the fourth quarter, it has not recovered to the level of 2007 prior to the fuel price hike of 2008.

YAB Dato' Seri Najib should have been more forthcoming with the public to admit that there is a big disconnect between his economic grandstanding via ETPs and the reality felt by the business community and the public. There is a high degree of scepticism that the series of announcements made are only a smokescreen that will benefit the same type of ruling and business elites while the fundamental problems of the economic are left unhealed.

The fiscal management of the economy also reveals a stark difference between Malaysia and our neighbours, especially Indonesia.

Unlike Malaysia, Indonesia has managed to avoid recession in 2009 and continued to register a strong growth of 6.1% in 2010 in spite of the higher growth base, making it one of the best performing economies among the world's top 20 rich and developing countries. United Nations Global Investment Trend Monitor (published by UNCTAD on 17 January 2011) recorded Indonesia's foreign direct investment inflows at USD12.8 billion in 2010; only second to Singapore in this region in terms of attracting FDIs. New investments contribute 32.2% to the country's economy while government expenditure only contributes 9.1% to the economic growth. This sterling performance was achieved on the back of moderate government spending – Indonesia's fiscal deficit and public sector debt was only 1.1% and 28.3% of its GDP respectively in 2010.

Malaysia's economic story is the opposite of Indonesia's. The total Federal Government debt has ballooned to RM407 billion as at the end of 2010, representing 53.1% of the GDP. The stagnation in private investments had caused the government to rely on pump priming to fuel the economic growth, so much so that fiscal deficit remains one of the biggest economic problems the country is facing. Fiscal deficit peaked at 7% in 2009 and only moderated to 5.6% in 2010, above the government's own target of 5.3% as set out in 10th Malaysian Plan. Malaysia only managed to attract USD7 billion worth of FDIs in 2010 compared to USD37.4 billion achieved by Singapore.

Against this backdrop, the 7.2% growth is yet another proof that our economy is sliding downwards relative to our neighbours. We are losing our competitiveness and our fiscal position is in a lot worse shape compared to the neighbours.

No amount of glossing and public relations campaigns can confuse the public of the urgent need to institute vital economic reforms to reverse the slide. Economic reforms can only be effective if complimented by an equally strong set of political reforms. Unfortunately, this government is incapable of embracing political reforms as proven time and time again, so any reactionary new economic policies will not be able to address the malaise of the Malaysian economy.



19 FEBRUARY 2011

Melaka Weekend Trip ~ Jalan Jalan Cari Asam Pedas!

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 01:00 PM PST

Its that weekend urge to get away from it all again! So, I asked my missus to pack our suitcase for an overnight escapade to Melaka! 

It is just a 2 hours drive from KL using the PLUS highway. We left KL at 6pm and arrived in Melaka around 8.30pm because we stopped over at the Seremban R&R for a short break.

After checking in to our hotel room, we explored the area around the Pahlawan Walk and had our Asam Pedas Melaka at one of the Malay restaurants there. 

There was also a street market tonight. Here are some photos that we took during our walk through the night market there.
Doting dad.
Dataran Pahlawan
Colorful Scarves
Malaccan child
Chick peas
Cap Ayam Tees
Harimau Malaya Tee
Malaccan baby
Alarm clocks


Posted: 19 Feb 2011 09:35 AM PST

High Cholesterol

A friend forwarded this e-MedTV website that has video channels covering health-related topics ranging from high cholesterol to knee arthritis. No medical jargon, and no promotion of health supplements.

Definitely a must-add to your favourites or bookmarks if you are looking for information on health topics.

Here are two more that would interest older adults:

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure

These medical video presentations are posted here to provide useful information on health problems. If you have a specific health problem, it is advisable that you consult your family doctor.


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Posted by muslimmalaysia786 on February 19, 2011

Behind every successful man, there's a woman, but is it applicable the other way around? We explore …
this way out on the way Behind Prime Minister Najib Razak, there's a evilwoman newly discovered First Lady of Malaysia
Anifah mulls place in Shadow cabinet and placates Rosmah
ps- is it just me, or is that photo of her like SUPER Photoshopped? :P :)
Rosmah, who has been active in social activities, including the Permata Negara programme, was awarded the International Peace and Harmony Award by the United States Business Council for International Understanding in recognition of her extensive charity work, and to celebrate Malaysia-US links 

*Excellent* investigative reporting by Koh Lay Chin @ The Nutgraph! I reckon this is an excellent example of the media playing its most pivotal role, and I've reproduced most of the article below.

But do check it out. An ad agency (read:APCO probably :P ) placed the ad on behalf of our government, and then made it sound like it was done by adoring fans of Rosmah (the very thought of such fans makes me geli!!).
To top it all off, who paid for this deception? You and me :P :P
I also love the part where the ad is to congratulate Rosmah on an award that no one knows or cares about.
I note with great interest how the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU) was not mentioned in the ad. Theirwebsite also makes no list of their awards and awards recepients.
I strongly suspect this is because organisations like the BCIU make up awards from thin air, and give them to gulliable third world 'leaders' desperate for Western recognition – usually of course, *for a price*. Lelong lelong!!
According to some interesting Google results, no one else has ever received this prize, and there isn't even a single mention of it on BCIU's website.
Clearly, we are dealing with a meaningless "off the shelf" award, most likely bought and paid for through agents like APCO.
And for this, Malaysians probably forked out over RM 1 million (RM 10 million??) to glorify our 'treacherous' "First Lady". Contrary to the last line, I assure you that Malaysians are NOT proud of you, or of any of this :P
What a shameless attention ho!
Highlights from the article:
recent two-page spread in the New York Timescosting thousands of US dollars and featuring the prime minister's wife, was placed on behalf of the Malaysian government.
In an e-mail response to questions from The Nut Graph, the New York Timessaid: "The advertisement was placed by an ad agency on behalf of the Malaysian government."
The response from New York Times executive director of communityaffairs and mediarelations, Diane McNulty, reveals that the ad was not placed by private individuals, as suggested by the last line in the ad's congratulatory message.
However, research on previous full-page ads taken out in the New York Timessuggests that the cost of such advertisements ranges from US$180,000 toUS$230,000. This amounts to between RM580,000 and RM740,000 for a one-page ad.
two-page colour spread such as the one featuring Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor is expected to cost far more.
"Friends and family"
The ad was placed on 16 April 2010, on the last day of Prime Minister Datuk SeriNajib Razak's visit to the US, to congratulate Rosmah on her being conferred a little-known International Peace and Harmony Award.
The ad welcomed Rosmah as Malaysia's "First Lady" to New York, and carried the message: "In recognition of your effort to promote peace, harmony and understanding among the people of Malaysia and your courageous acts in making a difference to the lives of people and children around the world. Malaysia is proud of you."
It was signed off: "Best wishes from family and friends in USA and Malaysia."
The ad did not name the Business Council for International Understanding, the outfit that gave Rosmah the award.
Against a backdrop of controversies surrounding the hiring of mediarelations firmApco Worldwide Sdn Bhd, and Rosmah's alleged interference in government matters, the two-page ad has stirred up gossip and blog postings about who paid for it.
It has also been noted that while Rosmah was prominently featured in the ad in a respected and established newspaper, US media coverage of Najib's visit and meeting with President Barack Obama was scant(nat: the only way N/R can get p its functions
Hours after the Harakahdaily report, the link to FLOM's directory went missing.
Besides FLOM, Liew said the directory had also listed several advisors the positions of whom were not mentioned in Budget 2011.
This included Dr. Abdullah bin Md Zin as advisor for Islamic Affairs, Shahidan Kassim as advisor on North Corridor Economic Region (NCER), Jalaludin bin Bahaudin as the media advisor, Mohammad Kamal Yan Yahaya as advisor for International Relations, and Dr ZakriAbd Hamid as the Science advisor. Each advisor in turn has been allocating their own staff, said Liew.
Liew reminded that the PM's Department was the biggest spender among the various ministries, receiving some RM15.8 billion this year which excluded the allocations for the Attorney-General's Chamber and the Public Services Department.
"With a record setting amount compared to past years and had been more than doubled from the RM6.87 billion allocation in 2007, I press on the Prime Minister to present a truthful reply on this issue and to remain accountable to the people.
"The people of Malaysia deserve to know how their money is spent."
Is the Cabinet, in between its various flip-flops and U-turns about to undergo another reshuffle? Or are some ministers contemplating their futures and jostling for inclusion in the Shadow Cabinet after the general election?
Foreign Minister Anifah Aman was all praise for 'The First Lady' Rosmah Mansor when told that Prime minister Najib Abdul Razak's wife had taken advantage of her husband's position to make worldwide travel her favourite pastime.
Rosmah has also been criticised for adding that extra bit of sparkle to her dinner guest list by inviting celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood, all at our expense.
Anifah described Rosmah as a smart woman whose contribution towards bilateral ties was invaluable. He said her credibility was recognised by many foreign governments and this was proven from the various invitations she received to deliver keynote addresses at various international conferences, particularly on early childhood education as well as onwomen and social development issues.
Anifah needs to realise that NOT all Malaysian children are gifted and talented.
Anyway, Malaysia cannot afford to support two foreign ministers. There cannot be a 'His' and 'Hers' in our Cabinet, like the towels that we give newly married couples.
Anifah needs to know that everyone who wants to speak on behalf of the Malaysian government, has to be elected, unless he knows something that we do not know.
My mailbag is full of women asking for help in resolving problems of divorce in Syariah law where the law favours the men. Others ask for to help in cases of domestic issues where wives are punched and threatened but get no help from the police or the religious authorities.
Recently, a few mothers related how the system had failed them. They asked what sort ofjustice Malaysia practices. Their daughters, some as young as seven years old, had been sexually assaulted but both the police and the judiciary had failed to dispense justice. After a trial lasting on average five years, the offenders were set free. Who else were they to turn to? They did not consider appealing to the Attorney-General a viable option.
Where was Rosmah then? She can easily claim that the police and the judiciary are there to help these women and children. She should refrain from reading the papers like Star, NST or Utusan which only sees Malaysia through their own rose-tinted specs.
Or perhaps she was away, overseas, promoting Malaysia's success with women and children.
We are aware that these abused and discriminated women and children do not add that touch of glamour to women's and children's issues. They are the forgotten wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of our society.
Anifah said, "Datin Seri Rosmah is indeed clever and smart. Behind the prime minister, there is a very supportive wife".
He also praised Rosmah for her efforts and initiatives to help the government with ideas and solutions to people's problems, thus promoting Malaysia's image in the eyes of the world.
If Rosmah is doing such a marvelous job in foreign relations, and is often called upon to deliver keynote addresses at various international conferences, then he should do the manly thing and resign. Can we afford two of them flitting all over the world?
Malaysia does not need two foreign ministers. Three, if one were to include Ng Yen Yen. Moreover, Anifah should know by now that Malaysian women can be just as capable, or are more efficient than some Malaysian men.
And if Anifah thinks that she is good at her job, then why not persuade her to stand for election. That way, she can justify her F.L.O.M. department, which incidentally has disappeared from the Prime minister's website.
Many of us have tried to phone and ask the person at the end of the phone numbers listed in F.L.O.M. what the acronym means.
The usual civil service response is "Saya pun tak pasti lah. Pn. XXX yang sepatutnya tahu, sudah keluar sekejap. Sila talipon sekali lagi."
Some months ago, some ISA demonstrators outside the Malaysia High Commission in London's Belegrave Square, told him that Malaysia needed to allow freedom of speech, assembly and peaceful protest if it was to be prevented from spiralling towards a police state, like that of Zimbabwe.
Anifah's response: "Why is Malaysia being continually compared to countries like Zimbabwe and not the UK or US?"
If Anifah wants to make a useful contribution to Malaysian politics, then he and his Cabinet colleagues, including Chief Ministers should stop making all matters of state, including the treasury and any investments and projects that it attracts, a family affair.
What the rakyat sees is that BN people, principally Umno cosy up to each other and keep all the perks and privileges 'all in the family'.readmore  Behind Prime Minister Najib Razak, there's a evil woman newly discovered First Lady of Malaysia

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(LIVE) Ceramah Ubah Sekarang, Selamatkan Malaysia di Pulau Pinang

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 06:18 AM PST

(LIVE) Ceramah Ubah Sekarang, Selamatkan Malaysia di Pulau Pinang, boleh ditonton di TV Selangor sekarang!!!

Live >

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Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim even uses the US for his dark and somewhat evil purposes...with a bit of help from the Muslim Brotherhood!

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 06:17 AM PST

BABI with Qardawi, a very prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood!

Mallot, an honourary member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his handler!

Other esteemed members of the Muslim Brotherhood!

The name Muslim Brotherhood to some of the ignoramus may sound very attractive, but then there is more to it then meets the eyes. Read Seth Mandel here for some comprehensive insight on what Muslim Brotherhood really is all about!
For those who are spellbound by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's (BABI) suave and charismatic ways may think that he is a friend of the United States of America please read on BABI and his connection with the Georgetown University, please read Claire Berlinski here for more understanding on the subject.
And the present US administration must beware and to think more than twice before embracing BABI, thinking that he is the archetypical of a perfect moderate Muslim. Read Benjamin Domenech here!
But here in Malaysia, for a very short history lesson to the ignoramus, Muslim Brotherhood has been responsible in destroying legitimate governments in the past and today and in the Middle east, responsible in planing and assassinating many heads of states including, such as Egypt's Anwar Sadat, and members of the Arab royalty.
Overthrown governments by the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle east were replaced by much worse dictators, like in Iran, Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia, Algeria to name a few!
Muslim Brotherhood seems to hate the west but their members and leaders, like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim like to wear expensive Armani suit and have expensive taste! In Malaysia, Muslim Brotherhood under the guise of Abim, International Islamic Youth Movement are all sponsored by Muslim Brotherhood's money. Here in Malaysia they are trying to Arabised the Malays, and want the Muslim women here to be covered from head to toes, and pretty soon women will not be allowed to vote, in spite of woman being the majority in this country!
Those are some of the reasons why we, the real moderate Muslims must be weary of Muslim Brotherhood and why they must be checked!
BTW the non-Malays should stop the idea of supporting a Malay-based opposition parties they are being set up with Muslim Brotherhood's money! So there!

A date with MACC tomorrow

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 10:57 AM PST

The MACC has summoned me to its Putrajaya HQ tomorrow. Public holiday but I also gave my statement for three long hours at the MCMC in Cyberjaya on Tuesday Feb 15, also a public holiday. It doesnt matter.

I was having dinner in Kuching when an MACC officer rang me up. No excuse, whether its a public holiday or not. I was expecting the call sometimes next week but was told it was an urgent case. I will be there.

Looks like my exposure on YB Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim's special officer last week - that he and his friends get a big chunk of the 1Malaysia netbook distribution contract, Phase 2 - is getting immediate attention from 'detectives' of both sides.

And thanks to my blogger friend Jebat Berkokok for a nice commentary in his latest posting, refuting my allegation and 'accusing' me of trying to tarnish Rais' and the ministry's good name. It is his job. It was just his personal opinion.

I also heard the Info Ministry's arm for new media which is based in PJ was trying to engage a few bloggers to produce rebuttals to my stories.

However as at today, only Jebat Berkokok did it. Why must they resorted to such an approach? A cover up? I think I understand.

As a journalist for almost 30 years, rookies like Jebat Berkokok and others would do anything to keep their job, especially when they are government servants. I believe some of them will lick their boss' shoes if asked to. I dont know what Jebat Berkokok does but i sometimes read his writings.

And being a veteran journo, I wont simply post any 'bull' on my blog without substantial or tangible evidence. I hope Jebat Berkokok understands me.

And to Datuk Rais, I didnt accuse him of anything. It was 'a very unfortunate coincidence' that this NA works for him. In fact, I was quite defensive of him when lead bloggers like Rockybru, Big Dog and others hammered him last year. I was even asked to play an 'arbitrator' role between him and Rais.

Had PM Najib's or other ministers' special officers are involved, I will also do the same thing.

To YB Rais: "Maaplah tok. Den sikit pun takdo niat nak burukkan namo atok dan kementerian. Cuma bilo den dah dapek info dan bukti yang den pecayo datang dari SKMM sendighi, den tulihlah pasal ni. Kebetulan pulak, pegawai ni kojo dongan atuk. Kalau nak maghah, maghahlah tapi den cumo mintak botokan mano yang silap, kalau ado. Tu yo. Kalau ado peluang, kito jumpo."

Tanda-Tanda Awal PRU Semakin Hampir

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 05:02 AM PST

Pilihanraya umum ke-13 makin hampir.Tanda-tanda kearahnya makin jelas, apabila parti-parti politik kelihatan sedang bersiap sedia mengatur stratiji dan mengemaskini organisasi bagi memenangi hati nurani rakyat terutama para pengundi bagi menentukan untuk menerajui kerajaan selama lima tahun akan datang...

Detik Daily

Pilihanraya umum ke-13 makin hampir.Tanda-tanda kearahnya makin jelas, apabila parti-parti politik kelihatan sedang bersiap sedia mengatur stratiji dan mengemaskini organisasi bagi memenangi hati nurani rakyat terutama para pengundi bagi menentukan untuk menerajui kerajaan selama lima tahun akan datang.

Umno-BN sibuk melakukan baikpuleh setelah mengalami kemerosotan pengaruh dalam pilihanraya lalu yang bermula Mac 2008.Ini diperjelaskan lagi apabila kerajaan mengumumkan pelbagai galakan kepada rakyat untuk memenangi hati mereka supaya mengundi Umno-BN.

Umno-BN juga mendapat galakan dari keputusan-keputusan pilihanraya kecil yang memihak kepada nya dan dengan itu berminat untuk segera mengadakan pilihanraya sebelum pengundi mengubah pendirian untuk menolak parti yang memerintah sejak merdeka hampir 54 tahun lalu.

Penyataan-penyataan politik untuk memujuk rakyat, antaranya yang terbaru mengurangkan kadar tol di Taman Medan dari RM 1.60 kepada RM 1.00.Lebih banyak lagi pengumuman- pengumuman untuk mengula-gulakan rakyat akan dilakukan sebelum pilihanraya ke-13 diadakan.

Semua tindakan dan langkah kerajaan yang diambil mutakhir ini bermotifkan politik termasuk operasi piramid bagi menyelamatkan pelajar-pelajar Malaysia di Mesir yang dilanda revolusi kebangkitan rakyat yang menyaksikan tumbangnya pemerintahan diktator Presiden Hosni Mubarak.

Pengangkutan pulang pelajar Malaysia di Mesir yang diangkut berperingkat-peringkat selesai sebaik sahaja keadaan di Mesir mulai puleh.Kerajaan menangung belanja kepulangan dan kini apabila keadaan mulai puleh pelajar-pelajar ini mahu pulang semula keMesir, tetapi kerajaan tidak lagi mahu menanggung belanja kepulangan mereka.

Pengangkutan membawa pulang pelajar-pelajar ini adalah bertujuan untuk mendapat mileage politik bagi meraih undi dalam pilihanraya tetapi berkemungkinan tindakan ini akan menerima kesan balas yang tidak mengembirakan Umno-BN,kerana pelajar-pelajar ini bukanlah gulungan yang mudah
dipergulakan dengan daayah-daayah Umno-BN.

Apabila pelajar-pelajar ini akhirnya terpaksa pulang dengan belanja sendiri pula,setelah mereka digalakkan untuk pulang oleh kerajaan dengan belanja yang ditanggung,sedang sebahagian darinya terpaksa berkorban untuk tidak menghadapi peperekasaan yang dijadualkan ,maka kepulangan mereka lebih menimbulkan kesulitan dari kelegaan.

Beberapa pertimbangan akan dibuat sebelum pilihanraya umum diadakan.Umno-BN kini giat menyelesaikan kemelut politik diperingkat negeri-negeri. Umno menghadapi masaalah hampir di semua negeri-negeri.Percubaan Umno meletakkan kepimpinan di negeri-negeri bgaimanapun tidak banyak menyelesaikan krisis kepimpinan yang wujud dinegeri-negeri.

Pertimbangan lain termasuklah kes perbicaraan Ketua Pembangkang, Anwar Ibrahim, keputusan pilihanraya kecil, pemulihan parti-parti komponan BN, semuanya diberi pertimbangan sewajarnya sebelum ketentuan tarikh pilihanraya diputuskan.

Ketika menjelang pilihanraya ,kerajaan Umno-BN selain mengumumkan ' hadiah-hadiah' untuk rakyat dari belanjawan negara sehinggalah kepada peruntukan kepada ahli-ahli dewan rakyat dan sebagainya untuk projek dikawasan masing-masing,Umno-BN akan mengunakan jentera kerajaan
dalam pilihanraya untuk merasuah rakyat bagi memilih calun-calun mereka.

Inilah demokrasi berparlimen yang dibangga-banggakan oleh Umno-BN,kononnya berlaku pilihanraya yang adil dan demokratik selama Umno-BN memerintah negara, tetapi hakikatnya pilihanraya yang diadakan bukanlah pilihanraya yang adil dan telus.

Penghakisan demokrasi berlaku setiap kali pilihanraya diadakan yang telah berjalan selama 12 kali dinegara ini.Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya tidak dapat memberi jawapan-jawapan yang menyakinkan setiap masaalah yang ditimbulkan oleh parti-parti politik pembangkang terhadap peraturan –peraturan
pilihanraya yang diadakan.

Sewajarnya pilihanraya diadakan secara adil dan telus tanpa ancaman menakut-nakutkan pengundi dengan pelbagai akta yang mengongkong rakyat untuk bebas memilih calun dan parti yang mereka berkenan.

Setelah 12 kali pilihanraya,sepatutnya pengalaman –pengalaman pilihanraya yang telah diperolehi menjadikan demokrasi dinegara ini lebih matang dan sihat, lebih dari beberapa buah negara-negara jiran yang baru sahaja mengamalkan demokrasi dan pilihanraya.

[ADS] Terima Email Dan Dapatkan $$$ Setiap Kali Membacanya !!!
[ADS] Malaysia Online Contest, Promotion & Earning Blog!!!

Pilihanraya dibeberapa buah negara jiran adalah lebih adil dan telus berbanding dengan pilihanraya di Malaysia. Ini sangat memalukan, apabila Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya yang diamanahkan untuk menyelia pilihanraya dengan adil tidak mampu untuk menjadi badan bebas sebebas-bebasnya.

Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya kelihatannya dibawah penguasaan dan pengaruh kerajaan walau bagaimana sekali pun percubaan suruhanjaya itu untuk kelihatan bebas. Ini tidak memberi suasana sihat dalam proses demokrasi.

Pilihanraya ke-13 merupakan pilihanraya paling bersejarah dan kritikal dan kerana itu keadilan dan ketelusannya perlu dilihat berlaku. Jika tidak wujud cirri-ciri itu maka konsekuannya sangat besar yang memungkinkan pilihanraya itu dianggap telah menyeleweng dan sebagainya yang nanti akan menimbulkan kesan buruk selepas pilihanraya seperti yang berlaku dibeberapa buah Negara.

Suruhanjaya pilihanraya perlu bertindak bijaksana bagi menentukan pilihanraya yang adil dan telus dan tidak kelihatan memihak kepada parti kerajaan. Inilah cirri-ciri pilihanraya bersih,adil dan telus yang ditagih oleh rakyat.

Penyelewengan pilihanraya akan membawa padah buruk yang lebih besar implikasinya. Beberapa buah negara berada dalam huruhara selepas pilihanraya, apabila berlaku penyelewengan dan masing-masing pihak, parti kerajaan dan pembangkang mengistiharkan kemenangan masing-masing.

Bagi mengelakkan keadaan ini dari berlaku,Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya perlu dari awal lagi melaksanakan pilihanraya bersih yang menepati proses demokrasi tulen. Kredibaliti Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya berada dipersimpangan dan sedang diuji rakyat dalam pilihanraya ke-13.


Posted: 19 Feb 2011 04:27 AM PST

19 Februari 2011

Kami merujuk kenyataan Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (Bernama, 18 Feb 2011) yang menyatakan pihak kerajaan pusat "akan berunding dengan pihak pengurusan ladang syarikat milik kerajaan (GLC) untuk mencari langkah terbaik dalam menimbang semula kadar gaji pekerja di ladang masing-masing."

Pakatan Rakyat mengalu-alukan usaha kerajaan persekutuan, walaupun ianya kelihatan serupa panggilan Pakatan Rakyat supaya pekerja ladang GLC dibayar gaji yang lebih baik. Pada 16 Feb 2011, Pakatan Rakyat telah meminta Barisan Nasional menunjukkan kesanggupan politik (political will) yang serius mengenai isu gaji minima ini dengan melaksanakan serta-merta dasar gaji minima untuk setiap GLC, terutamanya bagi pekerja-pekerja di peringkat paling bawah seperti pekerja estet.

Pakatan Rakyat juga mengingatkan kerajaan persekutuan agar memastikan perbincangan-perbincangan isu gaji minima bersama pihak-pihak yang berkenaan hendaklah dijalankan dengan adil dan saksama, dan kami mengambil pendirian bahawa perbincangan-perbincangan tersebut haruslah bersifat terbuka dan telus.

Akhir sekali, kenyataan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin ini dengan jelas menunjukkan bahawa dasar-dasar Pakatan Rakyat seperti yang dinyatakan dalam Buku Jingga benar-benar mesra rakyat  dan amat mudah dilaksanakan.

YB Abdullah Sani (Ahli Parlimen Kuala Langat)
YB M Kulasegaran (Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat)
YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai)
YB Liew Chin Tong (Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bendera)
YB Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa (Ahli Parlimen Parit Buntar)


Posted: 19 Feb 2011 04:25 AM PST

Don't worry Yen Yen, there is always 'political' tourism
Responding to a claim by Tourism minister Ng Yen Yen that discouraging Muslims from celebrating Valentine's Day would cause a decline in tourism arrival in the country, PAS vice president has suggested a novel way of boosting domestic tourism: political tourism.
Tongue-in-cheek for this may be the only sort of response Yen Yen deserves, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said a main ingredient of this new breed of tourism is by-election.
"After the 12th general election, we have had 15 by-elections, with the 16th coming to Kerdau. These by-elections have generated many activities to stimulate the local economy, and this is a new attraction to develop economy," quipped the PAS commissioner for Pahang.
Ng had recently cited PAS Youth's move to counsel unmarried Muslim couples against immoral activities as being the reason for drop in the tourist arrival. She however did not substantiate her worries with facts or statistics.
Locals' death wish
Tuan Ibrahim further remarked that such has been the lure of contracts worth millions that locals in areas affected by by-elections "wished for their representatives to die earlier". 

Unlike Ng however, Tuan Ibrahim backed his claims, however sarcastic it sounds, pointing out to rental rate which skyrocketed in Galas, Tenang, Batang Ai, as well as in Kerdau where a by-election is looming, which saw monthly rate shooting from about RM200 to some RM4000.

"Similarly, the food industry, restaurants and printing companies will also benefit during a by-election. Not to mention political running dogs who will reap rewardd from the people's money during that time," he added.

But short of murder, how does one ensure that by-elections are called for every now and then to boost "political tourism"?

Tuan Ibrahim has prepared the answer: new election rules can be introduced, including a requirement that candidates must be above 70 years of age, suffer serious medical illness as well as fraught with financial problems.
- Harakahdaily
No-pants riders hit Taiwan this week. Though it might be more accurate to say panty riders for the lack of photos or videos of boxer wearing men.
There's plenty of photos of the panty wearing subway riders (click link for photos) of course.
No-pants riders have previously taken overNYC subways and Chicago subways andImprov Everywhere has a list of global no-pants rides planned for 2011.
The female to male ratio seemed a bit more even in the New York and Chicago versions compared to the panty-focused (read: non-boxers) Taiwan event; we're wondering what the ratio will be in those cities listed by Improv Everywhere.
Check out the video of Taiwan's no-pants riders. Maybe turn the sound off as it comes with music straight out of a porno.


Happy Birthday Lim Kit Siang

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 09:59 AM PST

Besok, 20hb Februari adalah hari jadi YB Lim Kit Siang (LKS), maka genaplah umur beliau 70 tahun. LKS merupakan seorang pemimpin politik veteran yang telah menempuh segala onak dan duri di dalam mengharungi politik tanahair yang telah banyak memberikan sumbangan kepada perjalanan siasah negara sejak lebih dari 40 tahun dahulu.

Itulah hakikat pengalaman bagi seorang ahli politik yang memperjuangkan ketelusan dan keunggulan demokrasi dan dalam perjalanan itu LKS telah dan akan berhadapan dengan berbagai-bagai dugaan peribadi yang jarang-jarang dialami oleh pemimpin pembangkang dalam sejarah perjalanan demokrasi di negara ini.

LKS tetap mendapat sokongan yang besar dari rakyat negara kerana keberaniannya untuk memperjuangkan apa yang beliau anggap benar. Kalau dahulu LKS mendapat sokongan dari kaum Cina sahaja tetapi kini bellau telah benjaya mendapatkan sedikit sebanyak sokongan dari kaum lain termasuk dari kaum Melayu yang merasa kecewa dengan tahap rasuah dan salah guna kuasa yang berlaku didalam negara ini.

Walaupun saya seorang ahli UMNO saya wajar mengakui yang LKS adalah pemimpin yang mempunyai 'consequence' yang besar dalam politik tanahair apatah lagi dalam keadaan dan situasi politik negara pada masa ini. Mungkin ramai akan mengkritik saya kerana memberikan pengiktirafan kepada LKS tetapi saya tidak boleh berbohong dengan menyangkal hakikat yang LKS adalah seorang pemimpin yang terkenal bukan sahaja di negara ini tetapi juga merintasi 'geographical boundaries' sehingga ke merata dunia ini.

Akhirnya saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan 'selamat hari jadi yang ke 70' dan diharap sdr LKS akan terus berdaya untuk memberikan sumbangan untuk politik tanahair dan berusaha terus untuk memerangi rasuah yang besar yang sedang dihadapi oleh negara yang kita kasihi ini.

Walaupun saudara akan terus menghadapi dugaan besar dalam perjalanan politik saudara tetapi saya percaya saudara tidak akan mengalah dalam matlamat untuk mewujudkan demokrasi yang sebenarnya dan membersihkan negara dari penyakit merbahaya, iaitu rasuah yang keterlaluan sekarang ini.

Umur 70 tahun adalah umur yang masih muda bagi seorang pejuang yang terhindar dari melakukan kesalahan rasuah yang keterlaluan.

Akhirnya saya mengucapkan sekali lagi, 'Selamat hari jadi kepada saudara Lim Kit Siang semoga saudara tidak berhenti dari menghidupkan politik negara kita yang kita kasihi ini.

Dear Kit — By Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 03:08 AM PST

After a long journey in your political career, weathering the often rough and tumble of Malaysian politics, you somehow managed to survive and carve a popular name, an icon among your admirers and a 'political bug', so to speak, among your opponents.

So, you are now 70 years of age — not too young but not too old either — to go on treading the political journey.

You have consistently upheld and stood your ground on matters relating to the fundamental rights of all the rakyat, irrespective of race, to free and responsible speech, the rights to enjoy a just and fair distribution of the economic and social wealth of the nation, and to political, judicial and legal justice.

You have consistently and courageously spoken up against the corruption and the various misdeeds and defaults of the government and demanded actions, both in Parliment as well as outside it, depite the possible reprisals, the threats and even possible punitive actions that might be taken against you, which in fact you have suffered in the past.

But you have not kept your silence; you continue to grow bigger and speak even louder.

In the end, it seems to me you are the winner because, despite what your opponents say about you, as long as you know and believe what you stand for is good for the poeple and the country, you are on the right path.

Politicians, and especially those who have been given the mandate to 'rule' or 'govern' the country, must be honest, trustworthy, clean and efficient.

They must have PRINCIPLES and be consistent in their upholding and promotion of the principles for the good of the rakyat and the country and not be swayed or swerved by their personal interests and greed.

The rakyat look up to a Wakil Rakyat or to a government leader not because he or she is a Malay, a Chinese or an Indian, an Iban or a Kadazan; they look up to you because of your principles — principles that they can respect, trust and emulate.

On this auspicious day, may I quote Georges Pompidou who once said:

"A statesman is a politician who places himself at the service of the nation. A politician is a statesman who places the nation at his service".

Let me now say "Selamat Menyambut Hari Jadi Yang ke-70", in other words "Happy Birthday to You".

Wishing you good fortune, good health and long life. May you continue to tread the rough and tumble of the Malaysian political road with even greater tenacity and thrust in the years ahead until we can all together ensure that no one in the country is allowed to create a situation of disaster of the type we have just seen in Tunisia and Egypt.

The Majority Malaysian Race

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 02:52 AM PST

The Majority Malaysian race in Malaysia are Malaysians.

Accordingly there are 28.96 million of us. Many minority groups also reside in Malaysia. They are mainly those who came here to secure a job – sending money home to their families. While they are here to make money, at the same time they contribute to our growth and well being. The largest amongst them are those from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc and the smallest groups would be the Caucasians.

This 28.96 million majority race in Malaysia can be subdivided into many sub-races that represent like a rainbow, colours of people with the brown shade representing the largest spectrum. This rainbow of people consists of the Malays, Chinese, Indians, natives of Sarawak and Sabah, Eurasians, etc. This rainbow was formed in 1957 and later enhance in 1963.

Many Malaysians, including scores of respected leaders from both sides of the political divides are still trapped in the past, stuck to pre 1957 psyche. They still carry a colonial mentality and make the mistake of seeing one of the sub-races as the main race and some of the others as the minorities. This translates into public and party policies and also the base for opposition.

So instead of working to assist the weak and needy among the majority Malaysian race, that is the poor among the 28.96 million, they place more emphasis towards a particular sub-race. Those who oppose too, work within the same myopic framework.

Thinking Malaysians like you and I need to help these leaders see things with more clarity. We need to give them a gentle reminder that we are first and foremost a Malaysian :)

CBS reporter flubs and speaks gibberish at the Grammy?

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 12:02 AM PST

Or did she have a 'meltdown' and spoke in her native alien language?

Many explanations had been offered for this seeming 'screw up.' You will have to figure it out which has the truth …

Here's one point of view …

A CBS reporter has what they are calling a meltdown on the air when she starts to speak "gibberish".

They were at first worried it was a stroke but doctors have said it was not.

I personally think that this is the first we are seeing of the veil being lifted and that this is a reptilian who's ability to "blend in" is wearing down… I expect we will see much more of this kind of thing in the near future….

CBS is pulling this video everywhere to cover this up so if it is gone just google her name and you should find the video….

Here's another …

My family has an inherited unique blood vessel structure in our brains. This peculiar structure leads to lots of migraines and transient ischemia (like a cramp in the brain). People in my familiy have had severe attacks that caused speech affects.

I have had these attacks. I have seen plenty of them.

That is NOT what that reporter has. One of these attacks is preceded most of the time by weird symptoms like odd smells, visual distortions. When I got them, I would actually see a crescent-shaped area of flashing rainbows in one side of my eye. I could not see THROUGH this object only around it or on one side of it. It pulsed. Then, my eyelid would begin to droop on the affected side.

It would be obvious that something was wrong with me to anybody seeing me during one of these events.

When words get scrambled coming out, they would be accompanied by these other symptoms simultaneously. Additionally, I would be so exhausted etc. that I would have to lie down. Everybody in my family has had these same things for our entire lives.


They just don't look like that. It also wasn't a stroke because those have even more dramatic symptoms.

And here's the 'official' explanation …

An entertainment reporter at the local CBS station in Los Angeles alarmed viewers when she flubbed her words and started speaking gibberish during a live broadcast from the Staples Center after the Grammy awards Sunday night.

KCBS-TV's Serene Branson was reporting on "highlights and backstage coverage" from the award ceremony when her delivery devolved into a series of nonsensical words.

Many viewers were concerned that she had possibly suffered a stroke during the live broadcast.

British newspaper The Telegraph reported that Branson had been hospitalized following her broadcast, noting that "strokes can cause speech problems in different ways, either by interfering with the brain's ability to recognize and construct words."

But other reports said Branson was examined by paramedics outside Staples Center after she was cut from the airwaves. Edward Lawrence, a KCBS reporter, was concerned enough to tweet last night that "station is looking into if there was a problem."

Monday morning, KCBS released a statement saying: "Her vital signs were normal. She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home, and she says she is feeling fine this morning."

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Cuti Sebelum Pilihan Raya

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 12:00 AM PST

UM deputy VC meets pro-M students

Posted: 18 Feb 2011 06:07 AM PST

Universiti Malaya students from the pro-Mahasiswa faction today met the university's deputy vice-chancellor in charge of student affairs Prof Rohana Yusoff to discuss issues concerning the state elections. NONEThis follows complaints by the pro-Mahasiswa faction that three candidates, who include one who is considered "independent", had been unfairly barred from contesting. Appeals from two other students were accepted yesterday. "We discussed about the Universiti Malaya elections rulebook, which most students do not agree with. The handbook was the cause of the unwanted events and drama that took place here yesterday," said the group's spokesperson Mohd Sabri Jamaludin.
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Jika Umno bela Melayu kenapa perangi Kelantan ???

Posted: 18 Feb 2011 10:28 PM PST

NOTA EDITOR: Selama lebih 21 tahun Kelantan disiksa dan ditindas. Itu sahaja sudah cukup untuk membuktikan bahawa UMNO parti anti Melayu.

Tulang Besi nampak, artikel di bawah sudah cukup untuk membuktikan sifat talam dua muka UMNO dan mengapa kita tidak boleh percaya dengan agenda UMNO.

Selamat membaca.

Jika Umno bela Melayu kenapa perangi Kelantan
Hazayani Zakaria
SHAH ALAM, 19 Feb:
Mursyidul Am PAS, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat menyifatkan serangan mantan Presiden Umno, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sebagai tindakan terdesak parti itu yang bimbang dengan pengaruh PAS terhadap rakyat.

Beliau mempersoal tindakan pemimpin Umno menyelar PAS yang berpakat dengan DAP demi kepentingan politik, sedangkan Umno sendiri memusuhi PAS sejak dahulu lagi.

'Riak-riak kemenangan (PAS) sudah hampir tiba, justeru mereka (Umno BN) perhebatkan serangan melalui pelbagai cara.

"Kita dituduh berpakat dengan DAP hanya untuk menang pilihan raya. Soalnya PAS sudah dimusuhi sejak sekian lama oleh Umno, sebelum PAS berpakat dengan DAP dan PKR lagi.

"Umno berusaha menjatuhkan PAS di Kelantan sejak hari pertama saya mengangkat sumpah sebagai Menteri Besar lagi," kata beliau ketika berucap merasmikan Konvensyen Nasional Pengupayaan Bangsa-Jaminan PAS, di Auditorium Dewan Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) hari ini.

Menurut Nik Aziz juga, tiada salahnya jika PAS bermatlamat untuk memenangi pilihan raya kerana Umno BN sendiri dilihat menggunakan pelbagai cara untuk matlamat yang sama.

"Saya juga dituduh hanya ingin menang pilihan raya. Jika demikian apa salahnya menang pilihan raya?

"Bahkan Umno sendiri guna pelbagai cara tidak kira halal atau haram untuk menang pilihan raya," katanya di hadapan hampir 500 hadirin.

Tambah beliau lagi, Umno ternyata gagal membela nasib majoriti Melayu di negara ini apabila mereka sendiri yang menggagalkan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB).

"Umno jaga Islam pun tidak, jaga Melayu jauh sekali. Ini dapat dibuktikan dengan fakta yang didedahkan bahawa tanah rezab Melayu di seluruh negara susut daripada 3 juta hektar pada tahun 1957 kepada 1.7 juta hektar pada tahun 1990. Apakah ini satu pembelaan Umno terhadap orang Melayu?

"Dasar DEB digagalkan pemimpin Umno sendiri dan hanya mengkayakan kroni mereka sahaja," katanya.

Menteri Besar Kelantan itu juga mempersoal tindakan Umno BN yang mendakwa mereka pembela Melayu yang sejak dari dahulu lagi memusuhi Kelantan sedangkan majoriti rakyat Kelantan ialah orang Melayu.

"Jika benar Umno membela Melayu, untuk apa kami di Kelantan diperangi sedangkan majoriti pemimpin dan rakyat berbangsa Melayu dan beragama Islam? soalnya.

Ujarnya lagi, PAS sebagai sebuah parti yang mencontohi pemerintahan Rasulullah SAW wujud bukan untuk memperjuangkan nasib Melayu sahaja, tetapi tidak sama sekali mengenepikan Melayu.

"Jika Rasulullah S.A.W. diutuskan ke dunia tidak dengan misi ketuanan Arab, begitu jugalah dengan PAS yang mencontohi Rasulullah, datang bukan dengan agenda memperjuangkan Melayu, tetapi tidak sesekali mengenepikan Melayu kerana Melayu bangsa domninan di negara ini.

"Namun PAS sering dtuduh mengenepikan Melayu dan seolah-olah orang Melayu akan mati tanpa Umno. Inilah yang sering ditanam dalam pemikiran rakyat," katanya.

Sementara itu, konvensyen hari ini diteruskan dengan pembentangan kertas kerja sehingga jam 5 petang ini.


Posted: 18 Feb 2011 09:08 PM PST

Egypt's chief prosecutor has ordered an investigation into the death of Khaled Saeed, a young man allegedly killed by police in the coastal city of Alexandria.
Activists and family members say the 28-year-old was tortured to death for possessing video material that implicates members of the police in a drug deal.
The allegations of Saeed being brutally murdered by police triggered protests in Alexandria and Cairo, the capital.
Al Jazeera's Rawya Rageh reports on how police brutality has once again put the country's emergency law under the spotlight.

Wael Ghonim, symbolic leader of the Egyptian revolution, gave an interview to 60 Minutes on Sunday night. His message is clear and compelling. Dictators of the world who oppress their people, you should be freaking out now. Watch here:

For three weeks the world has been awaiting a face that would personify the determination and anger of the 'jasmine revolution' in Egypt. For all their accomplishments, neither Nobel Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei nor Arab League secretary-general Amr Moussa quite fitted the bill: they were too stuffy and detached from the passions on display in Tahrir Square.
Last week, many Egyptians found their symbol in the boyish, bespectacled, 31-year-old Google employee Wael Ghonim. Better known by his Facebook nom de plume El Shaheed (the martyr), he could well be mistaken for another dishevelled but trendy techie with a trademark black computer bag—someone likely to be naturally awkward in the perfectly tailored suits that make Hosni Mubarak and Omar Suleiman appear so distinguished. To middle-class Egypt, the backbone of the Egypt uprising, Ghonim is the archetypal boy next door.
It is Ghonim's ordinariness and modesty that enthralled Egyptians last week when he appeared on Dream TV after his release from 12 days of incarceration. His message was sincere and touchingly innocent: "We did this because we love Egypt", "these are our rights", "this is not the time to spread ideologies" and, "we deserve much better than what is happening to us." There was no bitterness and no call for recrimination—he actually praised the patriotism of his tormentors — just a plea for life with dignity. He ended with a tearful apology: "I want to tell every mother and father who lost a child, I am sorry, but this is not our mistake. I swear to God it's not our mistake. It's the mistake of every one of those in power who doesn't want to let go."
By the time an emotionally distraught Ghonim abruptly concluded the interview, leaving the channel to sign off with mournful music and photographs of nameless boys felled by bullets in the prime of their lives, it is said there was not a dry eye in Egypt. The spurt in the numbers in Tahrir Square last Tuesday, particularly of women, could be traced to the Ghonim interview.
If Ghonim's charm does indeed prove a game changer and Egypt persists in its determination for a new order that is democratic in both form and spirit, it will be a spectacular development. Since the June 2009 protests in Tehran against a blatantly rigged election, there has been growing interest in the role of social media as a catalyst for change in authoritarian societies. As the creator and administrator of the "We are all Khaled Said" page on Facebook, which attracted some 3.5 lakh followers before the uprising, Ghonim personified the new cyber activism. The Egypt uprising was triggered by an improvised protest rally on January 25 convened by the April 6 movement, a group that was forged primarily out of social media linkages.
This is not to go along with the facile description of the Egyptian troubles as the Facebook or Twitter uprising. Had the anti-Mubarak stir been merely a middle class revolt of the well-off, under-35s, it would have had an impact but it wouldn't have either shaken an entrenched regime or forced a grudging shift in US policy. The demonstrations have attracted mass support, well beyond the relatively small group linked by social media. It has seen the participation of the bazaars, the working class and a Muslim Brotherhood that is ideologically disinclined to share the liberal values of the likes of Ghonim.
Where Facebook and Twitter have played a seminal role is in drawing a very wide swathe of the educated, middle class youth. In her interview with Ghonim, the feisty TV presenter Mona el-Shazly spoke about a curious facet of the movement: the participation of the sons and daughters of Establishment figures in the Tahrir Square protests. The Egyptian revolution is also a babalog revolt against the lack of personal and creative freedom.
It is this facet of the uprising that has contributed to the muddle in US policy. Hitherto, Washington viewed the global spread of the social media as both a success of US enterprise and a vehicle for the spread of American values. Each tirade against a Google or Twitter-inspired ideological contamination by Iranian clerics and Chinese commissars was seen as a triumph of US soft power. In Egypt, the earnest boys and girls spouting the virtues of democracy in American accents to CNN and BBC were also upholding the spirit of freedom the US always showcased. Tragically for Washington, this idealism was at odds with American geo-political interests.
Like the Egyptian youth who have outgrown the traditional culture of deference but yet remain passionately committed to Egypt, Twitter and Facebook are also setting their own norms. If social media helped liberate Egypt, Egypt could trigger the liberation of the social media from its American origins.

Although economically different, Malaysia and Egypt have striking similarities in their systems, said Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim

T. Ananda Krishnan, who is currently given by MAHATHIR a monopoly of satellite channels subscription, is said to be worth RM45.78 billion.
Anwar said in Egypt, the ruling party's system ensured that Hosni Mubarak's wife, Susan and his son, Gamal became extraordinarily wealthy, while in Malaysia, such a system of patronage also allowed family members of the country's leaders to own huge amount of wealth.

"The economies may be different, but the system is the same. A party which is powerful and arrogant, and enriches the wife and kids. Who's the richest in Egypt? Mubarak. Then Susan, his wife and his son, Gamal.

"Here, among the Malay, who is the richest? Mahathir's son, Mokhzani, Najib (Razak)'s brother, Nazir and the third, Syed Mokhtar," Anwar explained.

According to a recent report in Malaysian Business, Mokhzani Mahathir who heads Kencana Petroleum occupies the list of top 20 richest persons in the country.

While businessman Robert Kuok retained his position as the richest individual in Malaysia with assets worth some RM50.04 billion, and well-connected tycoon T. Ananda Krishnan, who is currently given a monopoly of satellite channels subscription, is said to be worth RM45.78 billion.

On Najib's comment that Malaysia would go bankrupt should Pakatan Rakyat implemented its policies as spelt out in its 'Orange Book', Anwar said Najib did not make any sense.

"Which country will go bankrupt for helping the people… it will only go bankrupt if it suppresses the people," he shot back.

Consider this: Hosni Mubarak dies and meets Anwar Sadat and Gamal Abdel Nasser in the afterlife. They ask him: poisoned or shot? He replies: 'Facebook-ed.'
Facebook, Twitter, MySpace other prominent social networking sites, coupled with the world- wide internet at large have sparked a revolution in the Middle East and around the world. Thanks to social networks, people are being exposed to different thought processes like never before. It is the opium for the masses and raison d'ĂȘtre in our generation.
And yet we are not the first generation to be moved by technology! Technology has been at the root of political revolution.
Modern press, radio and telephone are few of the many technologies that have increased our connectivity and consequently our likelihood to demand political change.  Because of these innovations, the masses have had the opportunity to see the unseen and recognize the opportunities that they have not been given.
To the disappointment of economists, it is not the wage-income disparity, or tipping poverty rates that awaken the masses. Instead it is technology!
An early example comes from the period following the start of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution had not only created a more efficient way of product creation but also improved our connectivity through better transport and communication devices. People were traveling across Europe to learn techniques and improve trade.
In the process they were exposed to new ideas and thoughts. The enlightenment thinkers emerged during this time period. Before long, there were a group of angry women marching to Versailles, who knew better than to support a dictatorial king. The wind of revolution soon spread as constituents of Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal started to demand a change in government.
Then, at the turn of the century, there came not one but several technological breakthroughs that increased our connectivity. The telephone was invented by Graham Bell in the late 1890s and the first radio announcement was made in 1922. Not coincidentally, political ideologies started spreading at this time as well.
Karl Marx's concepts of communism and socialism began to gain traction throughout the world. To rival these concepts, a rough sketch of democracy also emerged. People started to think and talk about politics even more. Increased connectivity allowed for more conversation and conversations started leading to political unrest.
Eventually, ideologies clashed in World War I and the World War II. Undoubtedly, politics had a critical role to play in the events leading up to the war, but we cannot dispute the role that technology played in mobilizing the masses. In India itself, speeches given by Gandhiji in Delhi could be relayed to Chennai and vice-versa. In Europe, the rise of fall of Nazism and Stalinism came and went because of innovations and human exposure to possibilities.
Human passion was leveraged by innovations that exposed people to events in the country and beyond.
In the cold war period, the arrival of television strengthened the virulence of political ideologies. The West represented the ideals of capitalism and the USSR represented socialist thought. Revolution invariably took place in the USSR and the territories broke apart when they saw how free market economy brought a better lifestyle to the United States.
That brings us to the internet. In the 1990s, the storm of innovation in technologies was brewing in the Silicon Valley and other IT hubs of the world. The turn of the century saw it became all-pervasive. People could connect with each other instantly through email and instant messaging. Finally, a decade after as the tentacles of technology have spread across the world, we see political revolution. Now in Jordan, Syria, Iran and Algeria tension is building up.
In the countries that opened their doors to innovation, we see revolution taking place like in the Arab world. But in countries that successfully control the internet and the media, there is no indication of political tension yet, like in China.
The pattern of innovation and political revolution is simple: every time there is a technological breakthrough that provides people the opportunity to be exposed to different mindsets there will be political revolution.
Now, that Mubarak, Sadat and Nasser have exchanged notes, the question remains, which government will go down next?


Solat Ekspres ~ Kesilapan golongan yang tak menghayati ibadah.

Posted: 18 Feb 2011 06:13 PM PST

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. 

Semalam, saya menunaikan solat Jumaat di Surau Ar Raudhah, INTAN, Mont Kiara. Sebaik selesai Solat Jumaat, semasa Imam sedang membaca dhikr dan diikuti dengan bacaan do'a, saya terpandang kepada seorang warga Iraq yang saya kenal di surau tempat saya bertugas sekarang sedang mengerjakan solat sunat.

Orang ini bergelar diri sebagai Sheikh sekian sekian dan semasa saya berkenalan dengan beliau, ia mengaku sebagai seorang pakar didalam bidang tasawwuf, ilmu kerohanian dan pengubat spiritual. Juga mendakwa dirinya sebagai seorang pakar merawati segala macam penyakit wanita. :P

Bilamana saya bertanya beliau akan asal usul beliau dan dimana beliau bergraduat dari universiti mana di Iraq, beliau tidak memberikan jawapan khusus dan di-dalam kad bisnes yang beliau serahkan pada saya tidak tertera akan latarbelakang dimana kolej atau universiti tempat pembelajaran beliau.

Biarlah. Saya berbaik sangka sahaja terhadapnya. 

Bilamana saya terpandang akan diri beliau mengerjakan solat nawafil sesudah fardhu Jumaat, cara beliau mengerjakan solat sama seperti yang dilakukan hamba Allah didalam video yang terpapar diatas. :(

Solat Ekspres. Laju semacam je.

Tak ada tu'maninah langsung! Tak mungkin beliau dapat melaksanakan bacaan didalam sujud dengan lengkap dan sempurna sebanyak ulangan 3 kali didalam tempoh 2 saat!!!

Sama sebiji seperti yang kita dapat tonton didalam video diatas. Perkara kelam kabut dan tergesa gesa didalam beribadah ini memang lazim saya lihat dikalangan para jamaah.

Cumanya tertakluk kepada keadaan. Samada dapat ke tidak kita sempat pergi kepada sipolan polan ini dan berkenalan terlebih dahulu sebelum kita berpeluang untuk menyampaikan nasihat secara berhemah tentang salah laku didalam solat mereka?

Bukan boleh kita semberono pergi menghampiri manusia manusia seperti ini. Silap haribulan mau di ajak bertumbuk! :P Kepala kepala 'istimewa' ni nak kena 'approach' yang sesuai. Nak kena ada 'PR' skit. 

Dah 'slow talk' baru boleh buka cerita bab kesilapan kesilapan didalam solat dan sebagainya. Kekadang 'el profesore' begini sensitif gila! Mahu melenting gamaknya jika ditegor. Sebab yang dok buat macam ni selalunya ada cerita disebalik 'solat ekspres'.

Mereka ini ada yang menuntut ilmu ilmu 'extra co-curriculum' yang di ajar oleh guru guru yang sama terlebih 'wiring'. Lebih hebat dari ullamak ullamak yang sedia ada didalam Mamluk al Malaisie. :P

Tak ramai ulamak muktabar yang ada didalam Mamluk al Malaisie ini yang sudi turun padang, bercampor gaul dengan orang kebanyakan, menyampaikan risalah agama dan membimbing masyarakat.

Takut jatuh 'standard' kerna berbicara dengan orang orang yang tidak setaraf dengan mereka. Kalau nak dengar ulama sebegini berbicara, maka nak kena sedia platform istimewa. Pentas eksklusif dengan liputan media segala. Baru ilmu ilmu khas yang dipelajari ullamak sedemikian mahu disampaikan. Itupun selalunya saya dengar nak kena ada fulus sebagai 'token'. 

Almaklum sajalah belajar kat luar negara bertahun tahun. Maka nak kena beri imbuhan. Jika tidak sorry aa, 'schedule ana penuh sepanjang tahun ini'.

Maka, berlangsung lah solat solat ekspres seperti ini. Kekadang yang mengaku diri begitu begini, sama sahaja dengan 'el profesore' seperti didalam video di atas. Pantang di tegor syeh!

Boleh meletus perang dunia ketiga didalam masjid atau surau berkenaan!

Saya musykil lah! Apa benda yang nak dikejar sangat ni?

Andainya Allahu Rabbul Alamin sudah menetapkan saat ajal maut kita, maka berebut kelam kabut nak 'settle' solat secara ekspres ni tak bawa kemana pun.

Keluar keluar masjid atau surau je, gedebamm!!!

Heart attack! Bedebapp jatuh tersungkur mencekak dada! Siapa nak tolong???

Tak tercepat barang sesaat ; tak terlewat barang sedetik!!!

Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut!!!

Bawa bawalah bertenang didalam solat dan menghayati maksud setiap bacaan didalamnya.

Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam telah bersabda:

"Sejahat-jahat pencuri ialah orang yang mencuri dalam solat." Sahabat bertanya: 'Bagaimana dia mencuri di dalam solatnya?' 

Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam menjawab: "Dia tiada menyempurnakan rukuknya dan sujudnya." Ada riwayat lain menyebut Nabi menjawab: "Dia tiada menegakkan punggungnya di dalam rukuknya dan sujudnya."

[H.R. Ahmad , At Thabarani dan Ibnu Khuzaimah dalam sahihnya dari Ibnu Qatadah]

"Bahawasanya Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam melihat seorang lelaki yang tidak menyempurnakan rukuk dan mematuk-matuk dalam sujudnya, sedang dia lagi bersolat. Maka berkatalah Rasulullah s.a.w.:"Sekiranya orang ini mati dalam keadaan begini, matilah dia di luar agama Muhammad."

Kemudian Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam berkata: "Perumpamaan orang yang tidak menyempurnakan rukuk dan mematuk-matuk dalam sujudnya, adalah seumpama orang lapar memakan sebiji atau dua biji kurma yang tiada mengenyangkan(tiada memberi faedah apa-apa baginya)."

Mudah2an para pembaca budiman sudi menyampaikan pada yang lain.

Insya Allah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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