Sunday, February 6, 2011

“I wish I am a lesbian. It would be so much easier to be with a woman.

“I wish I am a lesbian. It would be so much easier to be with a woman.

“I wish I am a lesbian. It would be so much easier to be with a woman.

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 12:21 PM PST

The last straw could be something as absolutely cliché as driving around, lost, while your boyfriend or husband refuses to stop and ask for directions. Or noticing that you, not your husband, change the poopy diapers. Every single one of them.
"I wish I were a lesbian."
Imagine men of any age saying, "Dude, I wish I were into other guys. Becky just told me that she can't come to the football game, again, because she has to wash her hair."
Inconceivable. But women go there. Especially when a relationship ends.
Ah, yes…Calgon, take me away from this brute hetero world, and plop me into a hot tub with awesome…women. Women are so thoughtful and sensitive. Women will rub your feet and listen to you talk about your childhood without their eyes glazing over. Women will make you a cup of hot chai and sit next to you on the porch swing, wearing chunky cable-knit sweaters and warm, understanding, empathetic smiles. And they don't mind stopping to ask for directions. If only you could get down with the va-jay-jay, you'd be so golden!
Many women are just really, really straight. More than one woman has seen fit to share some variation of the following with me, since my own transition: "Women are beautiful and sexy, and I enjoy feminine energy, but nothing beats getting down and dirty with my man's junk." That's so awesome! Could you please pass the salt?
They happen to be sexually fluid. That means that they can spend the first 25, 30, 40, 50 years of their lives identifying as straight. They aren't bi, or closeted. But bam…one day they meet a woman and have hot sexy feelings about her. Or maybe they have a wonderful, close friend, and something shifts; a sexual dimension enters the relationship and they fall in love and/or lust.
This often happens as a woman's hetero relationship is winding down, or when a woman is already divorced. When everything you took for granted has gone up in smoke, it's a lot easier to imagine new possibilities and see where they lead.
It happened to me. I did some same-sex experimenting in college, but nothing lasting came of it. I dated men in my twenties and happily settled down with the man who became my husband. But seven years later, when we both admitted that our marriage was over, I was ready to really explore being with a woman. I put my profile on, clicked "woman seeking women" and began to go to women's dances and events. A year later, I met my partner, Laura, and I've never looked back.
And so let me take a stab at separating myth from reality.
I'm going to tell you the ways that being a lesbian totally rocks, and also address some fantasies you might have about why being with a woman would be so much better than being with a man.
5 ways being in a relationship with a woman is, in fact, preferable
Aesthetics: as many Old Masters have noticed, women's bodies are beautiful. Their skin is soft and opalescent. Their breasts and hips are curvy and alluring. For the most part, they are not hairy, sinewy, or wiry. And they have been socialized not to wantonly stink up the joint after eating one too many jalapeno poppers.
Cleaning/living together: Women tend to be cooperative. They aren't aping a "man against the world" paradigm. They take turns, and team up, to get various unpleasant jobs done, so that they can don their cable-knit sweaters and get back on the porch swing and drink steaming chai. Or get it on.
Cuddling: women love to cuddle, but men tend to think that cuddling should always lead to sex. There's something lovely about cuddling for cuddling's sake. That's why marriage counselors advocate non-sexual touching sessions for embattled hetero couples. "Just cuddle for a half hour a day with no expectations." Women actually really appreciate the warm and fuzzy without the rude and sweaty. News Flash: it actually paves the way to more rude and sweaty.
Versatility: Sometimes I do lots of laundry and pull lots of weeds. Sometimes my partner vacuums and mops and also cooks us enchiladas for dinner, after she re-jiggers the lighting system in the garage. We can flow into different roles, because we're not constantly negotiating our actions in relation to conventional gender roles. They are a really hard thing to shrug off.
Imagine sex without that inescapable timeline. You know, the one that has to do with the man's erection, how long he can sustain it, if you can climax before him, and then…lights out.
I know, this is a very reductive scenario. Lots of men are like Sting. They don't orgasm for hours…it's awesome…it's all about your pleasure. But for the rest of you who do resonate with this description, it's really wonderful to have long, open-ended, languorous sex. Instead of the orgasm being like a period at the end of a sentence, the sentence itself is a run-on, and the orgasms are commas. Not that we can't have quickies. We can do that, too.
5 Myths About Lesbian Relationships
Myth #1. Women are so much safer than men.

During my first year of dating women, I got completely blown off after spending the night with a woman I really liked. No phone call, no email. Crickets. It was classic cad behavior. Women can be cads, too. (Hello, Shane.) That's kind of a big revelation, and it takes a while to digest. By dating women, you are not escaping from the possibility of being jilted, or to put it bluntly, used. Especially in the beginning, you have to be as watchful as you would be at the beginning of any dating relationship. Guard your heart.
Myth #2. It would be so much easier to be with a woman.

I do think that the everyday, daily experience of being with a woman is easier. But it's not "easy" to actually meet and get into relationships with women. There aren't as many queer, available women as there are straight, available men. And when you meet them, you still have to click in the areas of chemistry, values, tastes, compatibility…it's a tall order. Plus, the rules are different.
Straight-identified women have spent their whole lives being groomed to be the re-active ones in a dating scenario. In general, men hit on women, call women, pursue women. We might do lots of subtle stuff to encourage the guys we like, but generally it's expected that men will make the first move.
When you're looking for a relationship with a woman, passivity is not an option. You have to be an equal participant in the getting-it-started. I actually loved this part. It was always so frustrating for me not to be the one who courted the boys I used to like. So, it was a lot of fun for me to be emboldened to approach other women. It's very empowering to woo someone. And sure, it's disheartening to be rejected, but that's part of putting yourself out there.
Myth #3 Men are such icky slobs, and women are so clean and tidy.
Um. I wish. Why do I wish? Because I am a little bit of a slob. My ex-husband was very tidy. My partner, Laura is also a little bit messy. The woman I dated before Laura was organized-tidy…but her whole house had a sort of filmy haze over everything. I don't think she knew how to deep-clean. And she was a slob in other kinds of ways you'd expect from a guy: she didn't close the door while going to the bathroom, she hocked and spat out of her car window. If she could have peed on the seat, she would have. Ew! I was horrified. So I'm sorry, it really depends.
Myth #4 You wouldn't get pestered for sex.
Men often have stronger sex drives than their wives or girlfriends. This leads to a dynamic that can be no fun. You don't want to feel like you're a witholding, frigid wretch, but there's also something beautiful about having sex when you uncomplicatedly want to. Not because he wants to, or because it's been x many days since the last time.
Well, all that is true, but let me tell you this: it's really weird to be in that guy's shoes–as the one who wants more sex than your partner does. Women's desires are more chimerical than men's. There will come a day when you want to, and your girlfriend does not. When I was in relationships with men, that never happened. They were always up for sex. Even when they were tired, or had a headache, or a bad day, or a good day, or felt energetic, or had a pulse.
It was kind of a gift to go through that experience as a woman, because it gave me compassion for men. I understood how my they felt–cut off from the most amazing ecstatic experience, while only being inches away. It forced me to confront what I needed. Did I need to feel desired, irresistible? Did I need to feel intimate, loved? Did I need to affirm the sexy part of our relationship, because it was starting to feel too platonic? What exactly did I need, and what did I need to ask for? I had to ask. I had to show up. I never had to go to those places when sex was always available at a moment's notice.
#5 Men are commitment-phobic. Women aren't–and that's preferable.
Sure, men are cagey about settling down, and women tend to bond much more speedily. Hence the jokes about lesbians bringing U-Hauls on their second dates. But as someone who rushed into a relationship with her former husband, and waited 2.5 years to move in with her female partner, I have some insights to share.
Be wary of the person who wants to move in after two dates. Why is this person in such a rush? Are they worried that if you get to know them more thoroughly, you'll be turned off, after you find out that they have a huge stash of furry porn videos, or an addiction, a rage problem, or talk to their mom three times a day?
You also need to know how this Mr. or Ms. Right responds to the miserable curve balls life throws their way before you're fully cohabiting. It's such a drag to have to kick someone out of your abode because they committed a relationship deal-breaker. It's even more of a drag to move out because you're not on the lease. Commitment-phobia is unpleasant, but not as unpleasant as having to take five giant steps backwards because you assumed too much about the goodness and compatibility of your sweetie.
There's a middle ground, and whether you decide men truly do it for you, or women do, you're going to have to define what feels healthiest.
So take a moment to check in and notice whether you're fantasizing about an escape from the annoying elements of any relationship, or if you truly have the hots for sweet Sapphic action. Relationships are work, and switching teams is not a short cut to relationship bliss. Maturity is.
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K'jaan tanggong kos selamatkan penuntut

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 09:22 AM PST

Salam! Rupa-rupanya ada juga segelintir masyarakat yang cuba menafikan kerja baik yang dibuat orang lain. Dalam hal ini, mereka menyebarkan khabar angin dan pembohongan yang jahat dan tidak bertanggongjawab. Ini berlaku dalam kerja membawa pulang penuntut kita di Mesir. Walaupun PM DS Najib Razak sudah memaklumkan bahawa segala kos membawa penuntut ini ditanggong Kerajaan, ada orang kata Ibu bapa akan diminta membayar tiket penerbangan dan kos yang berkaitan. Ini membuat Ibu Bapa risau dan gelisah. Namun, kerja jahat ini tidak mendapat tempat di hati Ibu Bapa akhirnya. Mereka kini yakin bahawa kos menyelamatkan anak2 mereka sebenarnya ditanggong Kerajaan. Syabas PM dan Kerajaan - itulah kandungan email yang diterima sejak PM memaklumkan bahawa Kerajaan tanggong kos ini!

CNY Open House Activities In Penang

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 06:23 AM PST

Pics with the the courtesy of Ng Chek Siang

Penang State Governments's Open House in Balik Pulau, followed by Parti Keadilan's Bukit Mertajam Division's and YB Dato Tan Hock Leong's, and YB Abdul Malik's.

pg state govt open hse cny

macg bubok open hse cnyabdul malik open hse cny

Update on PKR in Sabah via

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 08:48 AM PST

Desi hopes won't mind my repro of its news item. For the record, I was proud to serve one year as News Editor in the early days of Reformasi. I missed those heady days -- over the past week the TV pix of Egyptians by the millions taking to the streets remind Desi of thousands of brave Malaysians taking to the streets in Kuala Lumpur following the "sacking" of DS Anwar Ibrahim by Dr Mahathir Mohamad late 1998. IF ONLY the judiciary had not been debaucherised later...Malaysia's history would have been quite different. IT'S STILL NOT TOO LATE THOUGH...(THINKING BACK: Where were the likes oflawyers such as Zaid and Haris in those days that followed when then PM Mahathir sacked the Lord Prez and five senior judges? Ah, never mind, I digress! ...)Folks, Let's stay the course, though there be hurdles along the way, from within PKR or from outside PR!

Sunday, February 6, 2011
Anwar: 75% of Sabah PKR leaders asked Azizah to drop Pajudin

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim took pains to explain to reporters the resignation yesterday of the party's Sabah chief Pajudin Nordin from the party.

The 40-year-old Pajudin, who became Sabah head of PKR less than a month ago, left the party yesterday, claiming that he was disappointed with the leadership of Anwar and his wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the party president.

He has applied to join Umno.

Speaking to reporters at the end of his two-day visit to Sarawak today, Anwar said:"Azizah was scheduled to go to Sabah this morning. The trip has nothing to do the sudden resignation of Pajudin as it was planned a long time ago.

"Her trip was to meet the divisional leaders of the party in Sabah and to announce the temporarily freeze on Pajudin's appointment as the Sabah chief.

"Before she could make the announcement, he resigned.

"She was supposed to take over the Sabah chief from Pajudin on a temporary basis, possibly for a few months, until things are properly organised," Anwar told a packed press conference.

"Maybe he considered the freeze as a big slap for him so he left," the Opposition leader asserted.

'Three-quarters not in favour'

Anwar said Azizah's temporary appointment was agreed to by the central leadership of the party, but Pajudin took it as an affront and he felt bad, disappointed and dejected.

Anwar said three-quarters of the Sabah PKR leaders had appealed to Azizah not to appoint Pajudin as the Sabah chief.

"They felt that his calibre and credibility as a leader was not up to the mark," he said.

Anwar said Azizah then brought up the grouses of the Sabah leaders to the party political bureau which agreed to form a special committee to deal with the matter upon the request from the Sabah leaders.

"Two weeks ago, we have asked for the views of the central leadership and it agreed that Azizah lead the special committee," he said.

He explained Azizah had proposed Pajudin's name to lead the Sabah PKR not because he was a divisional leader, but it was thought that he could attract young people to the party.

He said the Sabah leaders appealed to Azizah not to appoint Pajudin for a number of reasons.

"I am not giving any excuse for his resignation, and that it is not something we would like to welcome.

"But the facts must be clear, "he said.

Anwar said the party did not face problems when native customary rights (NCR) land lawyer Baru Bian was appointed to be the Sarawak chief.

"There was a general agreement among the party leaders in Sarawak for Baru to the chief.

"They wanted Baru to have a stronger and formidable team, and we said "fair enough" and that was why we agreed. But in Sabah, it was different," he said.

What blow to PKR?

Asked whether Pajudin's resignation was a big blow to PKR, Anwar said sarcastically:"Well, according to Utusan Malaysia, it is."

Sabah PKR leaders expressed surprise and shock when Pajudin was appointed the chief as he was picked from among the branch heads before this.

Pajudin was vice-chief of Tuaran.

Eighteen of the 24 branch heads protested against the appointment. - Malaysiakini

Cina Bodoh dan Pariah.

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 04:48 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Kedah Tan Keng Liang (foto atas) mengecam PAS dan PKR hari ini kerana mengadakan demonstrasi pada hari kedua sambutan Tahun Baru Cina (CNY)." Tan Kheng Liang

Hari kedua Tahun Baru Cina merupakan hari cuti umum untuk semua rakyat Malaysia," katanya dalam satu kenyataan hari ini. Tan Kheng Liang

Oppps .... pendatang ni nak ajak kaum Melayu PAS dan PKR mendaulatkan budaya Tionghua. Sebelum bermedostrasi mesti bilang hari supaya tidak bergeser degan hari besar oang Tionghua. --- Wa kah kah

Ini lah pendatang yang tidak segan malu tanpa memahami dirinya kaum pendatang. tidak mengeri siapakah dirinya. beliau cuma ikan bilis dalam parti Gerakan, Taukeh beliau pun ikut pintu belakang masuk kabinet.

Sebagai ketua Gerakan Kedah. dia telah lupa apa Mamak Mahathir kata??

- Dr Mahathir berkata, rakyat Malaysia mesti mengakui negara ini adalah milik orang Melayu dan oleh itu, mereka mesti menerima budaya dan bahasa masyarakat itu.
- Bekas perdana menteri berkata nenek moyang negara ini memberikan orang Cina dan India taraf kewarganegaraan sebab mereka mengharapkan kedua-dua komuniti itu akan menghormati kedaulatan orang Melayu.

- Manakah letaknya Maruah Cina Pariah ini? dia tidak faham selepas Mahathir keluakan ugkapan ini, Najib sudah tidak terima jemputan open house dari NGO Cina. NGO Perniagaan Cina telah reject dan tidak menghirau kedatangan Najib . Tengok lah Tv 123, RTM. NTV 8 9...mana ada tunjuk muka Najib menghadiri majlis Kong Xi Fa Cai yang dianjurkan oleh kaum Tionghua Malaysia. Ini lah silent protest !!

Malangnya Tan ni gila glamour, sebagai seorang penguam yang bertauliah tetapi enggan menerima dirinya sebagai pendatang. Wa kah kah kah
Kenapa tidak membidas Mamak Mahathir?? atau menjemput Najib menghadiri jamuan Gong Xi Fa Cai ke rumahnya?

- Tan Juga lupa Raya Orang Cina tiada sangkut paut dengan demonstrasi, tiada kena mengena dengan Tanah Arab, mereka mendemostrasi demi keadilan dan kemanusiaan tapi bukanlah isu politik di Malaysia, mereka berdemonstrasi ukan lah mengejar keluar kaum pendatang di Malaysia.

- Tan telah lupa bahawa dalam budaya Cina, Raya Cina bukan 2 hari tetapi 15 hari. upama. hari ke 7 adalah hari raya manusia, hari raya ke 9 adalah hari raya Maha esa. manakala hari raya ke 15 adalah Chap Goh Meh. So adakah logik Tan ini nak membudayakan Melayuikut lunas budaya Cina?? jawapannya Gila!!

Perompak berlesen mula hasut kaum Tionghua

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 04:44 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

-Ini lah perjuangan Mamak Mahathir, Tnah ini Tanah Melayu , bangsa lain cuma lah kaum pendatang
- Ini lah perjuangan Berita Meloya dan berita Hairan , dimana Kaum pendatang hanya penumpang di Malaysia.
- Ini lah semangat perkauman yang membara di hai Melayu Islam, mahupun beruniform atau tak beruniform. Semangat membenci kaum Pendatang semakin hari semakin panas. Semangat benci membenci dihati mereka semakin hari semakin panas membakar.

Malaysia..... Kaum Tionghua yang berjuang untuk sesuap nasi, tapi pihak polis yang beruniform atau tak beruniform lantas ambil tindakan sesuka hati, menghasut dan menganayai mereka yang tidak berdosa. Entah mana datang nya kuasa Polis?? semakin hari semakin kasar hingga terlupa kerja dan tanggung jawap mereka, hingga terlupa keamanan dan kesejaterahan adalah tanggung jawap mereka. Merampas merompak . menganayai dan sebangainya ikut sesuka hati mereka.

Kita tanyakan pihak polis...... Adakah mereka mempunya kuasa untuk menyiasat arak yang tidak bayar cukai?? jawapannya skop pekerjaan Polis sudah ganti pihak kastam, siapakah yang memberikan kuasa untuk merampas arak tidak bayar cukai??? Kalau lah kes dadah, kenapa sim kad pun rampas balik? kenapa tidak tunjukkan surat mahkamah atau waran sebelum melakukan penyiasatan??

Cuba kita tanya, adakah pihak polis suka suka ikut hati boleh masuk ke premis dan lakukan penyaisatan ?? jawapannya mereka telah melanggari undang undang, Mereka tidak berhak untuk lakukan sedemikian, kalau disaman oleh tuan rumah, mesti PDRM kena bayar kerugian.

Cubalah tanya, seorang wanita yang hamil, kenapa ingin menghasutnya ? atas kes dadah, kenapa tidak tunjukkan dadah dirampas tetapi wang sebanyak 20 ribu dirampas??? kenapa dan mengapa ? adakah kepala agung yang mendorong pihak polis menganayai seseorang? APa salahnya kalau seseorang perniaga berupaya menyimpan 20 ribu ringgit ? adakah logik polis merampas 20 ribu untuk menyaisat?? Amat hairan, tiada bukti dan tiada apa apa dadah, tetapi kenapa ketua Polis diam diri? tak berani keluarkan statement tentang salah laku polis? .

Dimanakah rakyat dapat hidup senang? kalau menjalankan business sering kali diganggu oleh pihak polis yang berotak penyamun. Ini lah adat istiadat Melayu Islam yang diwar warkan oleh UMNO supaya melakukkan penindasan keatas kaum Tionghua di Malaysia. Ini lah tanda tanda Melayu Islam ingin menghalau kaum Tionghua menghijrah kenegara asing. Ini lah tanda tanda ketidak perikemanusiaan yang dilaungkan oleh UMNO.

Kes Chia BUang Hin belum selesai, timbul pula kes kedua yang nampaknya pihak polis Melayu Islam ingin berjuang untuk poket dirinya. Bila kes ini diangkitkan , taukeh penyamun mereka akan nafikan segala galanya . Cuba kita tanya kepada Penolong Pesuruhjaya Arjunaidi Mohamed , kenapa anak penyamun mereka mengambil CCTV , ini adalah membuktikan, memang mereka ingin menghasut dan merompak tuan premis itu , kenapa CCTV di angkut balik? jawapannya anak penyamun ingin hapuskan bukti bukti !!!

Ini lah golongan Melayu Islam, kalau sebut keimanan, taqwah, rukun Islam..... mulut berbuih buih , tok arab pun kalah . tetapi kalau kes rasuah, menindas kaum pendatang merekalah champion. Ini lah Melayu Islam yang ditauliahkan oleh UMNO. 。。。。polis tidak mungkin dihormati rakyat kalau bersikap perompak dan penyamun,

Lanciao .... Pukimak lah hadiah utama untuk polis kalau mereka lakukan kekerasan. .

Dunia Arab mula bankrap.

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 04:39 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

Kalau diteliti dengan serius, kebanyakkan negara yg bermasalah dan teruk itu semuanya negara islam... Tunisia, Mesir. Yamen, Jordan , Syria….sedang dilanda tsunami pemberontakan rakyat. Ini satu lagi revolusi rakyat menentang pemerintah Islam. Kenapa kes ini boleh terjadi? Kenapa rakyat Islam mula menganas menentang ?

1) Masalah perang, sosial & kestabilan politik serta ekonomi dan mcm macm lagi... termasuklah kebuluran dan kemiskinan.. juga salah guna kuasa spt rasuah dan sebagai...

2)Ini yg buat dunia bukan islam tak respek langsung dengan Negara Islam. Dimana Negara Negara Non Islam percaya kepada demokrasi. Pertumbuhan ekonomi. Industrialisasi boleh membawa pembangunan, Negara Negara Non Islam cukup sensitive keatas hak rakyat, tetapi Negara Negara Islam hanya percaya takdir Illahi, cakap agama mulut berbuih buih, perut lapar pun sanggup Islam lagi. ..

3) adakah islam dewasa kini sdh menyeleweng dari islam yang asal ??? Jawapannya YES, kenapa tidak? First first lady di Tunisia , Mesir pun bawa harta keluar Negara, simpan dinegara Non Islam. Ini bermakna kebanyakan pegawai tinggi kerajaan itu Islam celup yang gunakan Islam untuk menipu rakyatnya, atas diri sendiri hidup mewah..sebenarnya penyelewengan agama islam telah lama berlaku sejurus saja selepas kewafatan nabi muhammad !!

4) Kalau di ikut pandangan penganut Islam, mereka akan melihat dari sudut Allah, Meraka akan kata Allah tunjukan kita satu persatu negara kerajaan yang zalim terhadap rakyatnya kerana bencinya rakyat terhadap peminpin yang rakus tan kerdarah khazanah negara , adakah ini pendapat yang rasional? Jawapannya bukan, ini sesuai untuk manusia yang berotak nipis. Pegangan Agama adalah hak individu, tetapi politik adalah untuk rakyat, terlalu mempercayai agama hingga terlupa hak politik, maka mudahlah bagi peluang untuk Perompak pemerintah merampas khazanah Negara.

Ini membuktikan corak pemerintahan Islam bukan lah sempurna, bukanlah boleh standing dengan perkembangan dunia semasa, dunai materialislitk tidak secucuk dengan agama. Tidak boleh menari dengan nada yang serupa. Di Malaysia kita dapat lihat UMNO dalah mempertuhankan tuan, tuan boleh diganti jadi kuasa Allah, asalkan ada kuasa Islam dilengkupkan begitu mudah.

Bagi Melayu bodoh haprak tetap mengatakan Isreal yang memusnahkan Negara Islam, Amerika yang menceroboh Negara Islam, Ini semua strategi anti Islam. ini adalah Negara kerja Yahudi, pemberontak di Negara Islam adalah disokong oleh Negara bukan Islam….. pordah. Jawapan yang paling ringkas adalah Kalau Negara Islam pun tak erti jaga perut rakyat, rakyat menganggur, rasuah. Tidak henti henti,, tidak kenyangkan perut rakyat Apakah gunanya Islam??

maka awaslah wahai ummah !!!

Hormatilah “Peluang Politik Keemasan”

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 03:09 AM PST

FANCY THIS..Isn't this just great? 

Senior Sng with his band of brothers meeting Anwar in Kuching at the Grand Continental for Breakfast while Junior Sng partyless but a true blue BN assemblyman meets up with PM at the Marriot in Miri sweating it out and needing to carefully pick his words to stay relevant for the BN. What did he Whisper..??

The comments from the article which has been uploaded is enough to make one think.

Broken Foot:-It cannot be denied that Anwar has every right to have breakfast with any one he chooses. More so it is done in the glare public. He must also remember he is the 'defacto' head of a political organisation. Thus he's every move is watched by both sides of the political divide. Rumors are bound to spread. In the Malaysian context, most rumours has turned out to be true.

Sarawakian_3ff9:- Anwar should be aware that Sng is a die-hard opportunist who never miss a chance to promote himself and his son Larry. And in the process, he doesn't give a damn whom he step over. His fingerprints are all over whenever the party he was involved in ended up in shamble. He doesn't mind footing the bill as long as he is handsomely rewarded. He's still buddy-buddy with many figures in the BN because of business opportunities. I won't touch him with a six-foot pole.

audie61 made a number of calls after receiving a number of smses many of which with similarities,"What do you think of the breakfast meeting.?" One staunch Anwar ally for now said,"Sng always does that and he will wait for Anwar and impose himself" while another analysts said,"He wants to win no matter what happens and will do whatever to protect himself and family at the expense of others.

Blood is thicker than water and don't believe when people say that son and father are not on talking terms."

Once a Party President even said to a friend ,'These type of people are in short supply and no matter what you have to respect their actions and making opportunities work in their favour. They are useful in times of Chaos and penetrating the enemies fortress and they will not even BLINK an eye when its done.


Credit where credit is due

Posted: 05 Feb 2011 11:28 PM PST


A big heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS and SYABAS to all the Malaysians who worked tirelessly to get the thousands of Malaysian students in Egypt to safety. The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Air Asia among others. 10,000 students from Egypt's capital of Cairo are safely evacuated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The operation to evacuate all 11,319 Malaysian students out of harm's way is expected to be completed by Monday.

And of course, we must not forget the efforts of FLOM, Rosmah who said she had also made some calls because she could not stand by and watch the students suffer "as some of them had nothing to eat".
"As a mother, how could I not act? I feel for all the mothers whose children are studying there. I am glad I could help.
"Some of the Malaysian officials, aware of my Saudi connections, also asked me to assist. My husband was busy so that was why I helped," she said.
"I could not afford to take any risk by waiting as every minute matters in a situation like this. Waiting a minute could cost lives. That's why I made the call to the Saudis," she said.
"Of course, I reported to him (Najib) what I did later."

So it was FLOM who made the call to the Saudi's. But at least she told Najib afterwards.


Haris Ibrahim, a non-PKR member, Still Pontificating

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 01:02 AM PST

From his bastardised moral high ground...

First, the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) which he commands with blogger-in-exile-in-UK whom I call a "Liar and a Coward" RPK is still blowing with the wind in Malaysian politics. The civil-rights-lawyer with lots of posturings and pontifications is finding he has enough fulltime occupation as Commentator on PKR's affairs -- financed by the RM10million now at his and RPK's disposal?

Second, now he wants to poke his long nose growing longer-by-the-week like Pinnochio's into Parti Keadilan Rakyat's affairs, still singing the departed Jeffrey Ketingian's high praises as IF HE KNOWS SARAWAKIAN AFFAIRS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE FROM PENINSULAR MALAYSIA TOMAKE HIS OWN FINDINGS AS THE FINAL AND ABSOLUTE TRUTH. LIKE THE GREAT RPK...

Just ponder on Haris' latest questions he asks of the Opposition Leader, as if as MCLM President, he holds the mandate of a supra-governing body, who adds on his self-anointed role of selecting candidates for PKR/DAP use in GE13 to also calling for an accounting from DS Anwar Ibrahim.

I had written an article earlier, which will reprise later ****, asking of "Haris Ibrahim, Who Art Thou in Malaysian Politics?"

Quoting from People's Parliament:

"In my earlier post where I posed the question if the end days of PKR in Sabah was at hand, I had closed the same with three questions and one message for Anwar.

I repeat the same now below.

First, how the *#@* did you ever dream of taking the federal government last September 16th, apparently counting on the support of Sabah and Sarawak when, it would seem, you haven't a clue of how to win the hearts and minds of their locals, leaders or otherwise?

Second, is your 'Ketuanan Rakyat' any less sloganeering than Najib's '1Malaysia'? Is it from the heart or just skin deep?

Third, are you truly the changed man from your UMNO days, or are you now a closet Malay nationalist, because you see it as politically expedient?

The message.

I want to repeat here something I had said in my letter to Anwar on 18th August last year.

"On Black 14, I heard you use the phrase 'Ketuanan Rakyat' for the first time.

Do not waver from this.

End race politics.

End the politicisation of Islam.

You must be brave enough to tell the Malays that this country belongs to all the anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia, to remind the Malays again and again that UMNO's ketuanan Melayu is unIslamic and has been their evil tool to enrich themselves and divide this nation.

Do this, and be assured of the strongest support from the majority of anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia who, by far and large, are decent people.

…A final reminder.

The rakyat today are not like that of 16 years ago.

We understand national issues better, we are better informed, and we have a greater sense of commitment to the ideals of justice and equality.

And we have a newly found self-belief to pursue these ideals and to pursue change.

Understand and remember that we are no longer afraid.

We fully understand today that governance of this nation was intended to be in the hands of the people, and that when you and your party leaders offer to govern, it is with a view to serve us.

Therefore, understand and remember that it is we, the rakyat, who govern through those who have taken oath to serve us.

It is only by abiding by that oath that you might honourably be called a leader of men.

Any less and you would have proven yourself to be no better than those whom you now endeavour to displace".
(ends quote from PP)



Saturday, November 20, 2010
The Third Force -- Or Is It The Third Farce?

Self-appointed leader of the Third Force in Malaysian politics, civil rights lawyer Haris Ibrahim, has taken on the mantle of shortlisting candidates to stand under the banners of PR components, Part Keadilan PKR Rakyat (PKR), and Democratic Action Party (DAP). I don't believe either of the two PR party leaders have sanctioned Haris' initiative, for I can't imagine two key components in an alternative-government-in-waiting would surrender or privatise this important role.

In another article I had indeed asked of Haris,who also leads the online NGO People's Parliament, "Who art thou in politcs?", chiefly wondering why he was so "involved" in PKR inner politics when he was NOT even a card-carrying member, and that his writings were/are mainly in favour of two then appointed "top" PKR leaders who only recently abandoned the BN banner to join PKR.

In the Star print edition of Nov 17, 2010, a news report headlined
"Azmin's faction blamed for pushing Zaid to a tight spot", it was reported that:

"Meanwhile, Barisan Rakyat coordinator Haris Ibrahim denied that it was a "third force" or that it was backed by Zaid.

The blogger, who said the group aimed to supply Pakatan Rakyat with MPs that would not abandon it after securing enough seats to form the Federal Government, said it hoped to contest 30 parliamentary seats in the next general election.

"So far, we have 16 potential candidates. We will contest using PKR and DAP banners but in Parliament, we will serve as independents.

"We do not want to form a new party as we want to do away with politics of patronage where division chiefs expect to be nominated." (news report excerpt ends here)

A PKR strategist told this writer that an outsider like Haris who is not even a party member is being too presumptious to think PKR would surrender this role of selecting candidates to outsiders.

"Why would PKR or DAP want to pass on to a third party to select candidates to contest under our banner?

"And who is to tell that these socalled men/women of integrity picked by Haris will permanently follow his mandate based on his own set of principles and ethics?"

Indeed, I think Haris, drunk on commenters' cheering squad on his blog, has arrogated for himself a status justified by the cheering squad -- that status befitting a demi-god? On what criteria has Haris followed to shortlist these 16 candidates for the next general elections (GE13)?

A fellow blogger when asked about Haris' initiative, said as far as he knew, Haris was definitely very close to Zaid. "And this Third Force could turn out to be a Third Farce," he merrily added.

For people new to bloggers' world, Haris was a civil rights lawyer who shot to prominence in the high profile case of defending two bloggers, Jeff Ooi,now a DAP MP, and Ahirudin Attan aka Rockybru, now a Datuk, in a defamation suit by the NSTP and several top executives. In an olde post Haris went public in expressing differences of opinion with Rockybru on some issues, and I chipped in as a commenter that it was not professional for a lawyer, still acting as counsel for his client, to go public with this open show of differences.

I recently checked with Rockybru, who I worked pretty well in organising the annual Bloggers Universe Malaysia (BUM) events for four outings -- although we hail from different political philosopical backgrounds -- told me recently that in the NSTP suit case, he and Haris had indeed "parted ways".

I give Haris benefit of doubt that he might have good intentions, but to get involved so "intensely" in PKR activities while not willing to join up as a member, it raises many reservations in my mind. Is he acting on behalf of key players like Zaid and Jeffrey Kitingan?

In fact, as I had observed in an earlier article, Haris and some socalled Barisan Rakyat bloggers got pretty involved in PKR party elections, having concurrently started a campaign named "BLOGGERS FOR NURUL" just as deputy presidential candidate Zaid Ibrahim had advised the MP for Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah Anwar to accept the nomination for deputy president candidacy (which Zaid had confirmed contesting, but would make way for Nurul. What I have noted is that Haris has consistently "supported" Zaid's and Sabah leader Jeffrey's stands, in the duo's politicking in PKR. If either Zaid or Jeffrey have been feeding PKR "insider information" to an outsider like Haris, then it reveals much of their leadership as far as integrity is concerned.

As Haris' initiative is officially reported by the MSM, I have sighted an article written about this socalled Third Force previously on his blog, but Nov 17's Star report is the first time where DAP and PKR are dragged into the picture.

Third Force would be new impediment for change at Putrajaya

I have written that a Third Force is premature on the Malaysian political landscape when even the Pakatan Rakyat comprising PKR, DAP and PAS -- the latter two having proven records of some 50years of struggle to boast of, with PKR only a 12-year teenage growing up period -- for the first time have given Malaysians the hope of a two-party system, hence the most viable coalition to replace the BN government.

At this junction, do we need a third force of "Spoilers" who would likely make the next GE13 see more three- or more-cornered fights, mainly to the benefit of the incumbent BN regime?

Who's to guarantee that some or all of this core group of some 20 "persons of integrity" when elected into Parliament would not sell their souls in a "hung Parliament scenario? Ask the electorate if they had felt cheated when three PR assemblymen in Perak caused the downfall of the PR government when they deserted PKR and DAP and "became independents". Independents, my foot! It's the almighy dollar/ringgit you frogs are looking at, no? RM4million for Hee Yet Foong, yes?

The next question arising is: Haris, where are the funds coming from to finance the election campaign for GE13 for these candidates under your Third Force?

Zaid who Haris adores as seen from his blogposts had yesterday stated he might set up a new political party once his resignation from PKR takes effect coming December 16.

The Case of froggie Wee Choo Keong

Let's digress a bit here and examine PKR banner-elected MP for Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong. In gist, he was once a DAP elected MP but fell out with party leaders, He and some cronies then set up the Malaysian Democratic Party (MDP). He and several others stood as candidates under the MDP banner in two general elections, and I believe all contestants lost their deposits.

Just before the March 2008 GE We managed to squeeze himself a seat, contesting under PKR banner BUT REMAINING AN MDP MEMBER, and the rest is history.The man -- ah, another lawyer! -- then jumped ship and is now an Independent-friendly-to-BN. Independent, my foot! Another case of staring at the almighty dollar/ringgit sign!

Maybe Zaid can team up with Wee -- their common enemey now is PKR, is it not? -- and can take part in GE13 under MDP? I bet it would turn out to be another farce. Oops, another real force in Malaysian politics. Zaid may even win enough support from BN-friendly MPs to be elected Opposition Leader, and Wee the Whip?
Though another writer claims on Zaid's behalf that it's presumptious of certain writers to link any of Zaid's moves to finally connect with Haris' latest initiative, it is a possibility that it finally would transpire that way. Zaid might not get enough support to register his new party, these two new forces would converge into one? So to contest in GE13, Zaid becomes another "man of integrity" by Haris' definition to add onto to his short list?

Am I going to be surprised? That's a RM64million question I may get to answer six months from now should PM Najib Tun Razak receive inspiration to call for an early GE13, one I believe could lead Malaysia down that slippery slope into another failed state. And a Third Force would not in any way help the PR's road to Putrajaya to prevent Malaysia becoming another Zimbabwe.

posted by desiderata


Some months ago, I wrote: "I give Haris benefit of doubt that he might have good intentions, but to get involved so "intensely" in PKR activities while not willing to join up as a member, it raises many reservations in my mind. Is he acting on behalf of key players like Zaid and Jeffrey Kitingan?"

BUT TODAY, I DON'T GIVE ANY MORE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT TO HARIS.I believe Haris and his gang have sold out the Rakyat's wish to see Paktan Rakyat's takeover from the Barisan Nasional the federal government seat at Putrajaya. Malaysia after 54 years of independence is finally seeing the BIRTH OF A COALITION -- consisting of PKR, DAP and PAS, may expand to include others -- STRONG AND VIABLE TO GIVE THE MALAYSIAN ELECTORATE A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE OPTION TO BN IN A TWO-COALITION SYSTEM THAT WE LONG FOR. MCLM et al will only be "SPOILERS" to our dreams and aspirations for a two-coalition system.

I URGE FELLOW MALAYSIAN NOT TO ALLOW MCLM or Hindraf clones or any third force from Sabah led by Jeffrey Kitingan to DERAIL OUR HOPES FOR A CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT IN PUTRAJAYA.

My counter message to Haris': "DEAR ESTEEMED READERS, Stay focused. Stay the course with PR on their March toPutrajaya cometh GE13!" -- YL, Desi

4th Rabbity Day of CNY Celeb...Desi's Glad to be...

Posted: 05 Feb 2011 11:41 PM PST

Alive&Kicking', able still to be singin' the blues
And Waling The Line wit' Johnny Cash
Or rockin' and rollin' serenading Sweet Caroline
Wonderin' if there's some sweet melody sublime
E'en among the coarse thorns and bitter wine

You ask Desi what's this "bitter"?
I say with a wry question you don't know?
Then you should learn some Hank Wlliams' laments
Broken hearted, lonely lonseome hearted moments

Of each and everyone who once was a cowboy
Singin' in the rain
Or bathin' in the wines of pain
Cos the curtains of sweet sweet sorrows have fallen
Awe o'er you, awe o'er me,
Awe o'er Malaysians who can feel the pain
Of efforts to walk tall, all in vain

'Cos of bastardised teachers
and Leaders
most of all

Leading the Fall,
And there's no sign of the Fireman
To douse the huge fire-ball
Swallowin'us all

So in the never-endin' Fall
I can only strum along wit'
Johhny Cash hummin'
I Walk the Line
To taste the wine
One last time
Before the Call

Knot so kind Sunday rumInation, still knotty enuf for Desi!

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Get rid of Taib, says Anwar

Joseph Tawie

The PKR chief says that if Taib continues to rule Sarawak, he will only enrich himself further.

KUCHING: The people of Sarawak should learn from Egyptians to demand for their Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down after 30 years as head of the state government, said Anwar Ibrahim today.

"Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt for the last 30 years and now the people want him to step down. Likewise, in Sarawak, Taib has been Chief Minister for 30 years.

"So it is up to the people of Sarawak to bring Taib's regime down in the coming election," added Anwar.

"If Taib continues to rule Sarawak, his wealth also goes up and prices of commodities also go up. He will enrich himself first, his family members second and his cronies third, and nothing for the ordinary people," he said.

"Thirty years is enough for Taib and the state Barisan Nasional. Let us change the government to Pakatan Rakyat," he said at a Chinese New year gathering at 3rd Mile Bazaar here in Kuching.

Earlier state PKR chief Baru Bian reminded party members, supporters and the public that this year was both the 'Year of the Rabbit' and the state election year.

"When I think of rabbit, I also think of carrots which rabbits like to eat. And I know the state Barisan Nasional will also use carrots – money carrots and project carrots – to entice you to support them.

"For sure, carrots and promises will be dangled in front of you. We have been duped for the last 30 years and I hope we will not be duped again," Bian said.


Dear (ER) and comrades4CHANGE:

Maybe the syrian/lebanese beauty is doing national service for US! ~~ she works him overtime forthe dimes, and he calls too many hakf-times the sun refuses to rise for HIM alone:) b4 the State erections.

God save us all from Sarawak CM-ala-Egytian Prez:) Amen.YLwhite-airedwritHer poses!/"ahWoeman" the white-hairedMONKi sighs...DesiFOOLofEROTICA

Interlok - My tots AFTER reading it :)

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I finished reading the book yesterday.

It is a good book and one who has read it will wonder how the hell this controversy became what it is in the first place. Our 17 year olds must think we adults are really screwed :)

Politicians on both sides have managed to hoodwink us further going deeper into partisan positions, as such entrenching their places within their own supporters and sympathisers. In time for the next elections? They must be worried about those who are in the middle. But, the cheap trick seems to be working. We are indeed a nation with wounded hearts, and as such it is so easy to rile us up.

I have strong convictions you will change your stance once you have read the book. It is not only good for 17 year olds, but to all in the country – perhaps to mend the wounded hearts.

The book and the education ministry have an AGENDA – it is written at the back cover of the book, it reads..

"Interlock covers the period from the early 20th century to Malaya's independence from British rule. The main theme in this novel is the integration of the various majority races of Malaya and how the Malays, Chinese and Indians, represented by three families, have contributed towards this sovereign nation"

The fiction showed that our lives are interlocked with each other. My wish is someone like Yasmin Ahmad is around to make it into a movie:)

Cheers, anas .

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