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UFO and Rais - among the believers

UFO and Rais - among the believers

UFO and Rais - among the believers

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 10:17 AM PST

One of Singapore's senior politician recently claimed that he saw UFO in 1999. In his article published on sgpolitics on 3 Jan, 2011, the secretary-general of National Solidarity Party (NSP) Goh Meng Seng said he has seen the alien craft and described it as "no human technology can explain or did what that object did" (here).

"Such image is still imprinted in my mind deeply. Just too bad I didn't have any video camera back then to record the whole process. From then on, I always keep an open mind about UFO sightings. Some UFO sighting reports around the world coincide with my own witnessing experience… such objects just zip and zoom out of sight within seconds..."

Well, he believes in what he claimed he saw... at least.

And back home, many people still believe in what they didnt see. The same people who believe Rais Yatim did rape his Indonesian maid about 4 years ago although the latter has confessed that such an 'orchestrated incident' never took place.

This people are the same humans who believe in angels and devils but cant proof their existence. The same mouths who keep on telling others that Rais may have 'bought' his innocence by paying an amount of money to the maid. Still, they dont have anything to proof.

Someone who claimed that he/she saw the UFOs are described as nutty. However in Goh's case, he said he did see it although he produced no alibi. In Rais case, nobody saw him raping his maid but they stood by their theory that he actually did it.

Even after the maid's confession, they went on spinning the issue - that Rais or someone paid the amah to shut her up. And they do believe that money was involved in order to safe Rais' family and the government of all the blushes.

And to support their theory, they will keep on digging. They wont give up easily as they, too want at least a single tangible evidence to support their claim and safe them from the blush of being called 'liars'.

Well, what else should we dig apart from Rais case? Have they quit on the submarine commission issue, the actual story behind Ali Rustam and KJ found guilty of money politics, Malaysian politicians who have savings with Bank of Israel, Zarinah Anwar of the Securities Commission, Nor Mohd Yakcop and Kalimullah linkages, etc?

Or why not help the court to implicate Anwar Ibrahim in his 'everlasting' legal proceedings? How about the Altantuya murder case!

I used to write unpleasant things about an African nation in the mid 1990s, based on twisted Western foreign reports to belittle its government and people. However, my perception changed when I was there...

Huaarrrggghhh!!! Am really worn out and sleepy but I cant sleep. This nightmare of seeing Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin battling for the No.2 post in the next Umno elections keeps on coming... I didnt like it initially...

Tunku ABdul Aziz, MySinChew has a confused fan’s dilemma as an independent writer not as a party hack.then resign now as SENATOR,

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 08:25 AM PST


Pete's London Conspiracy
Last week when my article on the ban imposed by the Selangor state government on the use of the 1Malaysia logo on advertising material, I was inundated with hostile reactions which led me to conclude that the Age of Reason, at least in political terms, has bypassed Malaysia. "My party right or wrong" must have no place in the larger reckoning of our plan for Malaysia.
As for airing my party sensitive criticisms "through proper channels", my detractors need to be reminded that I comment as an independent writer, and not as a party hack.
As a Pakatan SENATOR the one person whose appeal cuts across party lines and who is a highly regarded statesman amongst the public at large. a distinguished parliamentarian who conducted himself with dignity and discharged your responsibilities as a senator with honesty and skill. Even for those opposed to your politics, must a divisive figure and earned a certain amount of warmth from most sides. will be much more meaningful, It creates goodwill, without any great cost and sends out a signal that politics can rise
thisAnd the tyrants looked at them and desired what they owned
And the tyrants looked at them and desired what they owned
And plotted and planned to take it.
"Dispossess them!"
"Massacre them!"
"Use all necessary force to bring them to submission!"
And the dispossessed cried for mercy.
Yet, no one heard.
" reformasi" They yelled.
And the tyrants cried "ISA THEM KUGAN THEM!"
"Starve and beseige them!"
"Use all necessary force to bring them to submission!"
And to the world the tyrants raged: "Security!"
And the sycophants cried in defense of the tyrants.
Then Conscience spoke and asked.
"Who will secure the starved, beseiged and dispossessed?"
Corrupt political leadership does not attractive men of outstanding integrity; neither can it be expected to enact effective laws to maintain high integrity in government. That truism has practically reduced our options to only one – a change of political leadership. That is, if we are still serious about restoring the rule of law and the pursuit of excellence for the country. "He is not immune from action under the law. Investigation can be made if he had acted beyond the scope of his official duties," MACC's Legal and Prosecution Division Director Datuk Abdul Razak Musa told reporters.
Fear is, and has always been, the hallmark of political tactics. The people will only willingly submit to tyranny if they are made to believe that without government a fearful state of affairs might obtain. No other emotion can bypass rational argumentation, grab allegiance and push people to violence like fear.
Since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved.
Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince
Machiavelli was writing for kings and emperors. Nowadays, of course, politicians have the loyalty of the people, and no longer need to be feared. Rather, they use fear for the further purpose of expanding their power.
The very existence of government is predicated on fear, the fear of chaos and general violence of all against all. Never mind that government itself is the greatest creator of chaos and violence; never mind that Anarchies have always been less violent than their contemporary societies; government propaganda and Big Media have been successful in implanting the belief that Anarchy equals chaos and violence by constantly making this correlation. Now we are stuck with the laughable absurdity of a society of people who fear that, if we remove the entity which causes wars, outlaws victimless crimes and takes over vast swaths of said society, we will have widespread violence and chaos.
The dishonest usurpation of the Articles of Confederation, and its thuggish replacement by the US Constitution (a document which deserves a place alongside the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf as rallying points for the enemies of freedom), was based on fear of widespread chaos, using the Shay Rebellion as the case in point. Very often, fear is generated by taking one or a few isolated cases and letting people's imagination run wild. "What if we get rebellions all around? What will we do without a strong central military to protect us?" These scenarios are always outlandish, but as long as people believe that it might just happen, they will fear it, no matter how improbable it is (see, for instance, the tactics of global warming fearmongers).
Now think of all the areas in which government takes over, intervenes or legislates, and you will find a tactic (if not all tactics) based on fear. Fear of terrorism, fear of other "countries," fear of "immigrants" taking over, fear of losing one's culture, fear of being attacked, fear of being sick, fear of dying, fear of accidents, fear of having to take responsibility for one's actions, fear of losing control over other people.Fear, of course, is rarely the actual reason underlying any government policy. The actual reasons for government policies are generally more mundane: corporate favours, popularity, interventionist foreign policy, expansion of the tax base, control over prevalent ideas, and so on. But fear is the most powerful tool that they possess in order to get those policies accepted and supported by the general population.
Take the "War on Terror." The WoT has been a tremendously powerful and efficient tool in expanding the power of government. Why? Because the fear tactics underlying it became ridiculously easy to implement after 9-11. This operation made it easy for everyone to swallow the party line that "terrorists want to kill you for your freedom." Never mind that the 9-11 attacks came after a concerted strategy that aimed to attack US military assets in the Middle East, and that the enemy of the terrorists is the interventionist policy of the US Empire, not "our freedom." Never mind that we are not free. Never mind that the attacks that came afterwards had absolutely nothing to do with stopping terrorism.
Most FEAR MONGERING start with government lies and deceit, and the 9-11 attacks really illustrated the power of fear. Unthinkingly, the American public bought the lies completely, because they were gripped with fear and the desire for revenge. Fear overrides discourse and thought. Fear is primal, visceral, animalistic, a similar overwhelming feeling to the one primitive man must have felt when he faced a saber-tooth tiger. A man experiencing fear either flees or fights. If he cannot fight himself, then he will cheer on those who can. Thus the terrorists' strategy of sinking the US government in war debt predictably won out, because their terrorist attacks were so spectacular that they had the expected effect.
Fear is, and has always been, the hallmark of political tactics. The people will only willingly submit to tyranny if they are made to believe that without government a fearful state of affairs might obtain. No other emotion can bypass rational argumentation, grab allegiance and push people to violence like fear. he always remind me not be vulgar but street is my university ,
The most Unfit Prime Minister says if let needle you in the front i promise to needle you at your bud

related article Malaysia Utusan to ZAID AND HARIIS are you afraid of Zionist APCO 1 Malaysia
As celebrities are made and unmade each day with impunity, the pressure increases on the rest of us to be stars in our own right!
One of the pressing social needs of our times is the need to be a star! Nobody is happy being just an ordinary human being. In fact, an interesting fallout of self-help books and gurus has been that all are convinced we are extraordinary beings living an ordinary human life.
No longer can you be just a journalist, bureaucrat, teacher, manager, filmmaker, designer or model. You have to be the best! And since all cant be the best, you fan out in other spheres, still in search of that elusive star status.
An explosion of media and peep-hole journalism has ensured celebrities are no more starry specks on the firmament, but an everyday reality within our living rooms. Gossip columns, television footage and now mobile updates give us minute by excruciating minute updates of every move a celebrity makes. You may not be aware that your neighbours have been blessed with a grandchild, but you will have every detail of the labour pains Sanjay Dutts wife Manya underwent and in what order her twins decided to enter the world!
With an overload of celebrity information, where we get to examine not just the starry moments of our icons, but also their feet of clay, is it surprising that each one of us is encouraged to nudge awake the star within us Till the time celebrities were shrouded by mystique, those beyond the charmed circle could only sigh and admire. But once market demands forced celebs to step out and mingle, public aspirations for celebrityhood skyrocketed.
And media has gallantly risen to meet the public demand. Numerous reality shows on television give all an equal chance to win their spot in the sun. Fancy yourself a singer Try your luck with the many shows that promote singing talent. Proud of your intelligence and general awareness Get to sit with Amitabh Bachchan on Kaun Banega Crorepati!
An out-of-work, struggling star who wants to shoot to prominence Get yourself locked up in a house with similar wannabes for Big Boss. No talent and yet want some fame Why, its easy! Just wash your dirty linen in public on Emotional Attyachar. Who cares if you lose a girlfriend or boyfriend in the process! At least you are seen on television, even if at your most ridiculous ! Then you too can strut around like a star and have people do a double take when they see you in public. Facebook, Twitter and other social media too allows an easy path to celebrityhood.
Get onto Facebook and count more virtual friends than you can ever hope to have in your real life. Join Twitter and almost instantly gain some followers just like any celebrity or spiritual guru! Suddenly, the most ordinary person can find himself engaged in a dialogue with Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan! You could be consoling Sonam Kapoor or Deepika Padukone on the failure of their last movies or congratulating Hrithik and Aishwarya on their brilliant performance in Guzarish! The stardust that rubs off with such interactions is exciting and leaves you craving for more.
It sure is easy today to get your spot in the sun, but not all can handle it well. How many of us can stay grounded after we receive some adulation or public attention Even the toughest slip up. Look at what happened to Barkha Dutt. On TV, she was this feisty anchor who won her laurels reporting from Kargil. On Twitter, she showed the chinks in her armour by indulging in inane and flirtatious interactions for all to see with stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. Her tweets revealed a person drunk on power who was further exposed by the Radia tapes, spelling the end of an extraordinary love affair with the public, so far as journalists go. And there is nothing crueler than a public cold shoulder after you have been encased in their hearts.
It is perhaps this need everybody has to be a star that results in the glee with which we strip our icons the moment they falter. People on the lookout for opportunities to grasp their own celebrity moments, jump with extraordinary and cruel enthusiasm to pull down celebrities from pedestals they seated them on. Brickbats fly with much more enthusiasm than bouquets did. Drawing room conversations gleefully take apart the fallen celeb bit by bit. People relish the idea of the pain the fallen celebrity experiences, for it gives them one good reason finally to celebrate their own unsung lives.
Perhaps there is a strange comfort in unseating icons. For when an idol is discovered to have feet of clay, the pressure on the rest of us lessens to a great degree.
Just a thought I leave you withIsnt it far better to live an ordinary life well, minus the pressures and insecurity of celebrityhood Amongst all the clamour for stardust, doesnt a peaceful, content-with-your-lot existence seem an exciting proposition Is it even a possibility any more.


by Tunku Abdul Aziz @ Sin Chew Daily
The banning of the 1Malaysia logo is an act of mindlessness. It is an exercise in absurdity of the kind becoming all too common in Malaysian politics.
The real Idiot is in the Red
The decision to proscribe the display of the 1Malaysia logo within the jurisdiction of the state of Selangor is childish to say the least, and that is putting it as charitably as I can. It reflects particularly badly on the maturity of the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Selangor.
It was clearly a decision made without reference to the top Pakatan Rakyat national leadership whom I know would not have countenanced such action.
This one rash, potentially suicidal, political decision is bound to reinforce, and lend credence to, the growing conviction among many Malaysians that some Pakatan Rakyat politicians are totally incapable of shaking off their doctrinaire attitudes, including that of opposing anything and everything for its own sake. Even as they now don the mantle of the ruling elite in the Pakatan Rakyat governed states, they continue to behave in much the same way as they used to under less favourable circumstances.
The logical question to ask is whether the Pakatan Rakyat, with its politically imbecilic camp followers in tow, could really be trusted to do a proper job of taking on a bigger and more demanding show – that of administering the Government of Malaysia.
On current showing, I should be less than honest if I did not say that they would have to be more savvy and sensible before they would get my vote of confidence. I should be careless in the extreme if I did not consider hedging my bets. The Pakatan Rakyat leaders have their job cut out for them – like knocking a modicum of common sense into some of their colleagues in the Selangor state executive council.
There is, to me, nothing fundamentally wrong with the express aim of 1Malaysia. Surely it is not a bad thing to want to unite all Malaysians. My quarrel with 1Malaysia, as articulated by Najib, with or without APCO's hidden hand, is in its shallow, barely scratching the surface superficiality. It lacks focus, with the result that its true potential for serving the public good has been severely crimped, making 1Malaysia sound like one gigantic con job.
Najib would do well to remember, before throwing more good millions after bad, that the first syllable of the word "consultant" including APCO, is CON. But I digress. I am on record as being a fierce critic of 1Malaysia but I have not allowed my personal distaste for Najib's cheap, hollow slogan to turn me into a foaming at the mouth, saliva dripping, bulging eyed, raving demagogue.
There are surely more important issues that the Pakatan Rakyat politicians can think of doing for the benefit of the people of Selangor. Instead they chose to fall over themselves to indulge in petty, immature grandstanding. The timing could not have been worse.
Their supporters and sympathisers, who had hoped for more sober and responsible behaviour after the very ugly public exhibition of unremitting internal squabbles in the recent PKR leadership elections, were, in the event, enormously disappointed.
While the crusade against the display of the 1Malaysia logo in Selangor is being justified on the ground that it is all part of the BN political propaganda, a message has arrived, via my mobile, as if on cue, as follows: "DAP cannot have double standards. The bylaws should apply to ALL."
The sender alludes to the fact that DAP has used its party logo to publicise its Rocket Cafe in Petaling Jaya. Why, asks the gentleman, was no action taken by the local council? A fair point that requires an official response in the interest of transparency and accountability.
Pakatan Rakyat politicians have no business to claim the moral high ground and portray themselves as ethically and morally superior if they do not renounce hypocrisy and act strictly in accordance with the high ethical standards of behaviour expected of them by their supporters.
Putrajaya is many things to many people, but it is more than a shiny political trophy to be won by hook or by crook.
On balance, I daresay BN has made a reasonable go of it given the internal weaknesses inherent in a system of patronage with its infernal attendant preoccupation with rent seeking and cronyism. That system is set in a solid bed of unbridled corruption.
I understand the Pakatan Rakyat has its demolition team in the wings ready to smash the very foundation of corruption in our society. The Pakatan Rakyat has every right to set its sights on that glittering prize, but it first has to review and change, as appropriate, its whole range of attitudes before it can change Malaysia for the better. Otherwise Putrajaya will be a destination too far. It will merely be aspirational, a gleam in the eye, and a forlorn dream.
Lim Kit Siang's "one-term wonder" should be taken to heart and reflected upon. It is a sobering thought and the best advice there is for the Pakatan Rakyat to act on.



Takut Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Dipanggil "Tuang Guru Samseng"???

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 07:14 AM PST

Selepas peristiwa pembantaian Aduka Taruna seperti diceritakan di bawah, saya amat takut dan seram Tuan Guru Presiden kita akan digelar "Tuan Guru Samseng" di masa hadapan. Kalau peristiwa ini berlaku di luar Masjid Rusila takpa juga, tapi kalau dah berlaku dalam perkarangan Masjid Rusila, dah jadi cerita lain dah.

Saya dah cakap lama dah. Songkok Putih dan BatuApi@Suhaimi Embong ni penipu. Mereka kata nak tolong, rupanya tolong nak belasah Aduka Taruna. Bangsa Munafik macam diorang ni mana boleh percaya. Tulang Besi pernah bawa FAKTA BERTULIS bukti kedua-dua orang ni pendusta dan penipu. Itulah agakanya tarbiyyah "ulama PAS". Menjadi penipu dan pembohong.

Contoh penipuan Songkok Putih: Klik di sini

Contoh penipuan Batu Api@Suhaimi Embong: Klik di sini
Apa nak heran, kemuncak tarbiyyah PAS sejak akhir-akhir ni adalah masuk UMNO.


Kronologi Peristiwa Aduka Taruna Di Rusila
1. Pukul 12.30 Aduka Taruna dan rakannya sampai di Rusila. Bersarapan dan makan tengahari (merangkap dua dalam satu) di sebuah restoran berhadapan dengan Masjid Rusila.

2. Makanan boleh tahan la sedap.. dan tak mahal mana... Aduka Taruna offer nak belanja tapi akhirnya dibelanja oleh gua.

3. Hampir pukul 1 tengahari... Aduka Taruna dan kawan-kawannya sampai di Masjid Rusila ... Tiada siapa perasan akan Aduka Taruna walaupun agak lama Aduka Taruna berlegar di kawasan mengambil wudhu' dan di pintu masjid... Malah BatuApi dan Unit IT Pas Rusila pon tak kelihatan dimana-mana... Nak kata Aduka Taruna tak dikenali agak mustahil... sebab... hanya Aduka Taruna dan rakan-rakannya sahaja yang tak berbaju Melayu serta berjubah.. Aduka Taruna dan rakan-rakannya berpakaian jaket serta berseluar jeans... Takkan susah orang nak perasan dan kenal kot???

4. Aduka Taruna kemudian membuat solat sunat Tahhiyat'ul Masjid terlebih dahulu sebelum Azan pertama Jumaat dilaungkan. Aduka Taruna dan rakannya berada di saf tiga bahagian tengah masjid.

5. Setelah Azan pertama berkumandang agak lama.. dan setelah ramai orang usai melakukan solat sunat .. barulah kelihatan TGHH masuk ke ruang solat dan naik keatas mimbar untuk melakukan solat sunat..

6. Seusai solat sunat.. TGHH naik keatas mimbar dan memberikan salam (pembukaan) khutbah Jumaat. Suasana dalam masjid agak kelam.. Banyak lampu tak dibukak... Maybe nak menjimatkan elektrik... Kelihatan ramai jamaah berada dalam keaadaan mamai dan separa mamai, maybe sebab suasana dan pencahayaan tak kondusif... Masjid kalu suasana tak best mesti orang mengantuk dan tidor masa khutbah jumaat.... hahaha

7. TGHH memberikan Khutbah Jumaat ... tapi nampak macam tak bertenaga... tambah pulak suasana hujan antara renyai dan lebat diluar ... ramai jemaah terlelap disudut Masjid...

8. Seusai khutbah Jumaat...solat Jumaat pon diadakan... Suara TGHH membaca surah tak berapa kelihatan... Maybe sistem siaraya Masjid Rusila tak bagus.. atau Unit Siaraya PAS Rusila tak buat kerja... Suara TGHH langsung tak kedengaran time baca doa lepas solat... tau-tau abis jer doa tue...

9. TGHH dan ramai lagi buat solat sunat lepas Jumaat .. Aduka Taruna bergerak ke saf 5 untuk menunaikan solat sunat.

10. Setelah selesai solat sunat.. TGHH terus beredar di satu lorong hadapan mimbar untuk terus kerumah beliau. Dikala ini Aduka Taruna telah sempat menahan TGHH untuk meminta memberikan ruang masa 5 minit untuk Aduka Taruna menanyakan beberapa persoalan. Rakaman video ada dilakukan kala ini. TGHH mengatakan bahawa beliau tiada masa dan ada urusan lain yang lebih penting. Dengan lajunya TGHH bertindak mencapai payung dan terus keluar dari kawasan bangunan Masjid.

11. Aduka Taruna dan rakannya berkaki ayam telah mengejar TGHH sambil meminta diberikan sedikit ruang masa untuk bertanyakan beberapa soalan. TGHH dengan suara yang agak tinggi menolak permohonan tersebut atas alasan sibuk. Walaupun begitu sibuk kononnya... sempat pula TGHH bersalaman dengan beberapa jemaah Masjid ketika itu...

12. Ketika Aduka Taruna dan rakannya berada di depan sebuah rumah (disebelahnya ada sebuat kereta SUV), terdapat beberapa orang penyokong PAS disitu yang nampak macam tercengang-cengang dengan kehadiran pemuda (Aduka Taruna) yang dengan sopannya beberapa kali meminta peluang untuk bertanyakan soalan kepada TGHH. Namun selepas mereka melihat TGHH dengan suara yang tinggi berkata "tak boleh.. tak bolehlah" tak semene-mene penyokong PAS tersebut menahan Aduka Taruna.

13. "Mu lah cakap banyak dalam blog.. Mu lah buat fitnah banyak" kata seorang penyokong PAS disitu sambil tangannya dengan kat memegang tangan Aduka Taruna. Dalam pada masa yang sama seorang lagi penyokong PAS telah mengarahkan supaya rakaman video tidak dilakukan... malah dengan kasarnya mengugut untuk merampas kamera video. Pada masa tersebut pemuda yang telah memegang Aduka Taruna telah berjaya merampas telefon bimbit Aduka Taruna dengan tujuan supaya rakaman audio yang dibuat oleh Aduka Taruna dapat dipadamkan.

14. Aduka Taruna kemudian diarakkan kembali (ditarik jaketnya) oleh beberapa penyokong PAS kembali kearah perkarangan bangunan Masjid. Kedengaran suara suara jahat yang menyuruh dibelasah sahaja Aduka Taruna. Upacara tarik baju dan pegang sana sini Aduka Taruna lu orang jangan kira la.... nasib tak koyak baju tue... Malah ramai yang menuturkan kata-kata "PAS tak perlukan bloggers la", "Bloggers Tak Penting", "Pergi mampus sama bloggers", "Takder Bloggers pon PAS boleh menang" .. Yang paling lawak tue rupa-rupanya ramai yang tak tau blogger itu apa dan siapa Aduka Taruna.... memang kayu la penyokong PAS nih... buta IT... hahaha

15. Rakan Aduka Taruna yang mengambil rakaman video juga dikepung dan ditarik bajunya oleh beberapa penyokong PAS... Nasib baik kamera video tidak jatuh atau rosak...

16. Aduka Taruna dikepung lebih dari 100 orang penyokong PAS didepan pintu masuk Masjid .. dikala ini Aduka Taruna dihamburkan dengan kata-kata kesat malah ada yang mengambil peluang menerajangnya dari belakang. Masa ini rakaman video tidak dapat dilakukan kerana jurugambar telah diasak dan dipegang kamera video... Walaupun begitu .. ramai jugak penyokong PAS yang mengambil video sama ada dengan telefon berkamera mahupun dengan camcoder...

17. Seorang jurugambar (kemungkinan Unit IT PAS Rusila) telah berada didepan sekali dan membuat rakaman. Permintaan masa 5 minit oleh Aduka Taruna untuk bertanyakan soalan kepada TGHH masih lagi disuarakan oleh Aduka Taruna.. namun semua pihak dengan kasarnya tidak memberikan kerjasama dan layanan.. TGHH ntah pi mana... makan tengahari kot... BatuApi langsung tidak kelihatan.. malah tidak ada seorang pon bloogers lain selain Aduka Taruna dan C++ (gua la tue) yang berada disana... Wei BatuApi.... takdak telur ka? Hahaha...

18. Dalam keadaan kelam kabut itu ada seseorang memberikan telefon bimbit Aduka Taruna kepada gua untuk dipadamkan rakaman didalamnya. Gua beri alasan tak pandai nak padamkan. Masa ini gua cuba buat rakaman video sekali lagi namun dihalang sambil ditarik baju. Gua dengan pantas mengeluarkan kad memori dari dalam camcoder dan disimpankan ditempat lain. Gua masukkan kad video kosong kedalamnya sebagai ganti sebab gua saspek yang mesti ada pihak akan rampas kad memori camcoder gua nih.

19. Tetiba ada seorang datang rampas kad memori camcoder gua... gua bagi jer dier amik sendirik... tapi yang kad memori kosong la... hahaha... dier mintak gua kasi telefon Aduka Taruna tue... gua kasi la.. tapi bukan telefon Aduka Taruna.... hahaha.... gua kasi telefon spare yang gua ader... jenama cap ayam yang takder simcard langsung tue.... hahaha... dier ambik tanpa banyak songel ... nasib la lu... hahaha .. Siapa yang amik tue gua langsung tak kenal... tapi dier pakai vest warna hitam (maybe biru gelap)....

20. Masa nih Aduka Taruna dibawak ketingkat atas bangunan Masjid Rusila... dan disini juga Aduka Taruna dibelasah secara curi oleh penyokong PAS... er.... time beramai berani la diorang nih... kalu sorang-sorang sure takder telor kot... Kalu BatuApi kata dier ader di Tingkat 1 selepas solat Jumaat tue... memang la dier nih munafiq... sebab takkan dier tak tau Aduka Taruna ader kat Tingkat 1 masa tue... kecoh bhai masa tue...

21. Dalam kelam kelibut tue... gua menyelinap blah dari kawasan masjid... camana gua chow... jangan tanya... dan gua selamatkan kad memori video (tak banyak video dapat amik sebab banyak kali kamera ader kat tangan penyokong PAS) dan jugak telefon original Aduka Taruna... gua pas kat member sorang lagi pada mulanya... tapi kemudian amik keputusan untuk letakkan kat satu tempat yang selamat... hehehe

22. Gua dapat dikesan oleh penyokong PAS dan diarahkan masuk balik kedalam kawasan Masjid... tapi masa ini semua rakaman dan telefon Aduka Taruna dah takder kat tangan gua... letak kat tempat yang selamat... Dekat pukul 3 Aduka Taruna diarahkan keluar dari Masjid dan Aduka Taruna mengambil keputusan chelah pi balai polis buat laporan...

23. Dekat pukul 3.30 baru gua dapat chow dari kawasan Masjid biler mana penyokong PAS nih tak dapat cari apa yang diorang nak cari dari gua... Gua drive arah ke Kuala Terengganu... ader kereta dan motorsikal mengekori.. cadang asal nak pi Maidin... tapi adjust pusing masuk kat Pantai Batu Buruk... masih ada yang mengekori... gua chelah pi pusing kawasan bandar.. dan rempit kat area bandar kawasan traffik light... dapat lepas dari diekori... pas tue ikut jalan lain pusing dalam bandar... ubah ikut laluan kawasan rumah orang kaya-kaya kat Batu Buruk dan akhirnya chelah pecut balik kawasan gua...

24. Aduka Taruna call ke henfon dier... Gua angkat.. dier kata dier ader kat balai polis Marang,... buat report... pastue akan pi HKT untuk medical checkup... dier mintak gua antar barang dier ke balai.. tapi gua saspek mesti ader yang akan cuba tahan gua serahkan barang tue ... jadi gua terus chelah... dan selamatkan mana yang ader...

25. Video rakaman yang tak banyak tue ader ... urusan upload dan sebagainya biarlah Aduka Taruna tentukan sendirik... bukan aper.. gua tak nak memandai mengupload... sebab nanti maybe akan merendahkan kredibiliti TGHH dan PAS... hahaha... sebab perangai budus penyokong fanatok nih.... Pasai tue la PAS kalah di Terengganu dalam keadaan ditempat lain PAS menang.... hahaha

Aper-aper pon ... pandangan peribadi gua.... "mengata dulang paku serpih".... "mengata orang kita jugak lebih".... gua tujukan kepada para penyokong fanatik PAS yang keterlaluan tiada adab sopan di kawasan masjid .... selama nih kita kutuk penyokong UMNO fanatik melampau... tapi tak sangka... penyokong PAS pun 2 kali 5..

Kalu belum menang pon dah susah nak bertanyakan soalan ... dan banyak helah... tentulah akan jadi "kaduk naik junjung" biler dapat jadi Menteri Kabinet kalu Pakatan Rakyat menang besar dalam PRU13... mmm... ini macam kalu.. jangan mimpilah nak humban BN dari Putrajaya.... Lupakan sajer....

Lagi satu.... ramai-ramai beranilah diorang nih belasah Aduka Taruna secara sembunyi... tapi kalu one to one... for sure takder telor punya... macam BatuApi yang langsung takder telor nak jumpa Aduka... Alasan ada di tingkat 1 dan perjumpaan pukul 3 sure tak valid... sebab Aduka Taruna ader pi Tingkat 1 dan berada di perkarangan Masjid sampai pukul 3 lebih.. Gua pulak ader sampai pukul 3.30...... poodah la BatuApi... tulur yillekk.... hahaha

Akhir kalam... tak professional langsung Presiden PAS nak handle siri terjah... itu baru Aduka Taruna dan kengkawan dier..... kalu CNN dan sebagainya buat siri terjah macam mana lah pulak... hahaha... CNN, Al Jazeera dan lain-lain cukup suka buat siri terjah nih... hahaha..

Gua rasa aaa.... patut lepas nih Aduka Taruna dan kengkawan gunakan khidmat Nas Ahmad (Melodi) atau Karam Singh Walia (Aduan Rakyat) biler time buat siri terjah akan datang...

Oh yer... Program Langgar Hadi tue adalah program "TERJAH"... ini gua nak kasi penyokong PAS yang tak pass SPM tahu la... sebab pada diorang Program Langgar Hadi nih adalah program bawak kereta untuk langgar Hadi.... hahahaha... budus...

Sekian terima kasih... hehehe

Wei... gua pon ahli PAS gak... seumur hidup.. tapi takder la berperangai budus dan tak bertamadun macam nih... buat malu ahli PAS yang lain nih... hehehe .. PAS perlu di reformkan... PAS Reform adalah perlu..... untuk terus relevan... atau tenggelam terus tak relevan... sekarang nih takder nampak macam nak lead... Buat malu Ustaz Fadhil Noor jer... Arwah dulu selalu singgah cybercafe gua tiap kali lalu area gua punya cybercafe...
Ngomelan SysOp pada 3:58 AM
Label : AdukaTaruna, Belasah, Budus, Pakatan Rakyat, PAS, PAS Reform, Projek Langgar Hadi, Pukul Curi, Rusila, Telor, Terjah

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[Raja Petra] Wakil Rakyat Yang Berfikiran Berdikari

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 04:15 AM PST

Apa yang dimaksudkan oleh saya apabila saya mengatakan Wakil Rakyat yang 'berfikiran berdikari' dan bagaimana Ahli Parlimen atau ADUN yang tidak dapat berfikiran berdikari disebabkan parti yang diwakili.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

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Gatco settlers feel abandoned

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 03:28 AM PST

Kampung Serampang Indah is located in Jempol Negeri Sembilan some 40km from Bahau and about 60km to its North is the border town of Triang in Pahang. This was once a sugar cane plantation in a land resettlement scheme of more than 4000 acres. Settlers here are former NUPW (National Union of Plantation workers) members and estate workers who paid RM 7500.00 in 1979 to be part of this scheme. On their first sugar harvest season, the sugar processing factory which was owned by GATCO was closed due to financial difficulties. Then rubber trees were introduced but the settlers were not allocated with the 10 acres of land that they had been promised earlier. This problem has not been solved until today and the settlers are left without any options as the land that was supposed to belong to them has been bought over by a private company without their consent and knowledge. Today, settlers are worried that the private company that bought over the land will chase them out at anytime and their almost 30 years efforts and dream to own a land will be shattered. Most of the settlers here do not know on what will happen to them or where will they go if they are chased away from this settlement.
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No Need For RCI To Probe Teoh’s Death, Says Soi Lek - By Boo Su-Lyn.

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 01:54 AM PST

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek today dismissed calls for a royal commission to probe Teoh Beng Hock's death, whose scope has been limited to anti-graft investigation methods.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced the formation of a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to review the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigation procedures.

"The Attorney-General already said he would file for a revision (of the verdict) to look into the cause of death," Dr Chua told reporters today.

On Wednesday, the Coroner's Court returned an open verdict in Teoh's inquest, which means it could not ascertain how the 30-year-old DAP political aide had fallen to his death in 2009.

The PM said Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had expressed his dissatisfaction with Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas's verdict and would file for a revision soon at the Shah Alam High Court.

Najib has also said the RCI could not look into the cause of Teoh's death as the law mandated such investigations to be done through the coroner's office.

Teoh's family, the Bar Council and the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam), however, have demanded the PM to expand the powers of the RCI.

The Teoh family's lawyer, Gobind Singh Deo, said yesterday it was meaningless and a waste of public funds to set up an RCI that could not investigate how Teoh had plunged to his death.

Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan also stressed that the Najib administration was obliged to give the family closure.

Teoh's sister Lee Lan accused Najib yesterday of failing to honour his promise that the Teoh family would know how her brother died.

She expressed her disappointment with Najib's announcement of setting up an RCI that lacked the powers to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding Teoh's death.

Lee Lan pointed out that the coroner had noted there were pre-fall injuries and had singled out the injury to Teoh's neck.

She also said when the family met Najib two years ago after Teoh died, the PM personally pledged he would see to it the family will know how Teoh fell nine floors to his death.

The former political secretary to Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah was found dead on the fifth floor service corridor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam on July 16, 2009.

MACC officials had earlier interrogated him overnight at its then-Selangor headquarters on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam on allegations that his former boss had abused state funds.

Today however, Dr Chua questioned Lee Lan's claims of Najib's vow to the family.

"Do you know what the prime minister said to the family? Were you there?" he asked a reporter who had highlighted Lee Lan's claims.

"It is not fair to say what the family said is true and what the prime minister said is not true," added Dr Chua.

He also stressed that Teoh's death should not be used to gain political mileage.

"We extend our fullest sympathy but it should not be politicised," he said.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Biznews post for a Change! -- PART 2

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 11:09 PM PST

This forms the background to yesterday's post, hence same title, PART 2...

In my DESIDERATA comments, I thought aloud if there would be some hurdles in the way of a JV by local company with a subsidiary of Bank of China in trying to take over PLUS. What I had in mind is a recall of a Time Engineering's takeover bid that was almost done by Singtel, but aborted at the last minute.

I "googled" and here's a good summary of that episode from (now defunct)

ASIAWEEK weekly magazine:

MAY 26, 2000 VOL. 26 NO. 20 | SEARCH ASIAWEEK

Chan Looi Tat for Asiaweek
There is now talk that Time may yet merge with market leader Telekom Malaysia

Keep Out
That is one message in Kuala Lumpur's restructuring of Timedotcom

When is a deal not a deal? For those watching Asia's takeover-happy telecommunications sector, the answer may well be: when it's a deal with Singapore Telecom. Earlier this year, SingTel lost Hong Kong's main phone company, Cable & Wireless HKT, to entrepreneur Richard Li (No. 14 in the Asiaweek Power 50 - see page 49), even though Britain's Cable & Wireless had initially agreed to merge with SingTel. Now, the state-linked Singapore giant has seen its proposed investment in Malaysia's Time Engineering infrastructure group and its debt-ridden telecom unit, Timedotcom, fall through barely a month after it got the nod of Time's parent company, Renong.

In the battle for HKT, SingTel could not match the $38 billion in cash and stock that Li plunked down then (the deal's value has since dropped). However, for one-fifth of Timedotcom and 14.5% of Time Engineering the Singaporeans were willing to pay higher-than-market prices - a total of $579 million - without insisting on management control. No wonder Renong boss Halim Saad was quick to agree. But the dealmakers did not count on Malaysian politics, nationalism and feelings toward Singapore.

Soon after the SingTel-Time deal was announced in April, there were grumblings in the dominant United Malays National Organization about letting a Singapore government-linked corporation take a big chunk of a major telecom enterprise. When UMNO party polls came around in early May, an informed source said the word from "the top" - read Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - was that "a Malaysian solution would be preferred" for Time's financial woes. On May 12, Time called off the SingTel deal. Three days later, Malaysia's Khazanah state investment trust, chaired by Mahathir himself, began talks to buy up to 30% of Timedotcom, which has more than $1.3 billion in debt to restructure.

Foreign investors and market analysts watching all the toing and froing got pretty much the same message: Kuala Lumpur has a big KEEP OUT sign for foreigners eyeing key sectors. "The collapse of the SingTel-Time deal doesn't bode well for Malaysia," says Peter Millicom, a Lehman Brothers analyst in Hong Kong. "While the rest of the world is throwing its doors open, Malaysia is shutting them. While others are busy privatizing, Malaysia is effectively nationalizing Time."

"Commercial considerations were not paramount," fumes Lim Guan Eng of the opposition Democratic Action Party. "Emotional and nationalistic factors were important. This has an impact on the attractiveness of Malaysia to investors." The head of a foreign brokerage house said his European clients were dismayed and wondered: "Why did [Malaysia] go so far as the brink of signing and then announce [the deal] was off?" Foreign investment, after all, is vital to telecommunications development; investors would have welcomed SingTel's entry.

"Already we are being criticized for not restructuring properly," says Lim. "This adds to that." Indeed, in the aftermath of the Asian crisis, Malaysia Inc. is seen as having used connections and state funds to avoid drastic restructuring and management changes. The nation's refusal to sell distressed companies - so-called "national treasures" - to foreign buyers suggests that Kuala Lumpur lacks the will to force necessary, though painful, business decisions.

For his part, Mahathir said of the SingTel no-deal: "We are not against anybody." But around the time of the UMNO polls, deputy finance minister Shafie Mohamed Salleh told Parliament that nationalism had to be considered in the sale of Time Engineering. After all, the company, which built and operates Peninsular Malaysia's North-South Expressway, is 46.8%-owned by Renong, which is in turn tied to UMNO. The Timedotcom subsidiary, formerly Time Telecom, boasts an estimated 5,200 km of fiber-optic cables laid alongside Time's highway projects. It is now rolling out the country's second fixed-line phone network, for which it is licensed until 2018.

To let a major Singapore state-linked company into such a valued enterprise proved disconcerting to Malays, to say the least. It didn't help SingTel's case that when its deal hit the headlines, the share price of Telekom Malaysia, the state-controlled main phone company, plummeted. Analysts and investors had expected the Singapore tie-up to enable Timedotcom to pose serious competition to the market leader. Telekom's fall also dragged down the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange - right in the week of UMNO's elections.

Further complicating the politics was the role played by Mahathir's long-time associate, Finance Minister and UMNO treasurer Daim Zainuddin. Halim Saad is a protégé of Daim's, and throughout the negotiations with SingTel, Halim was to have briefed the finance czar, who was then expected to have kept the PM in the loop. Evidently, crucial bits of that communications chain broke down. Indeed, to others, the failed deal stirred up more talk of a rupture between Mahathir and Daim.

For one thing, SingTel's entry was opposed by Shamsuddin Kadir, one of the few top tycoons who, being close to Mahathir, can afford to displease Daim. Shamsuddin is chairman of Sapura Holdings, one of Timedotcom's big creditors, which made an offer for 40% of the telecom unit. When Halim refused, Sapura lobbied Timedotcom's creditors to oppose the restructuring of its debt if SingTel got in. Daim is said to be so incensed at Sapura's meddling that he maneuvered to keep it out of Time by bringing in Khazanah.

Those who see Mahathir and Daim falling out also note that the PM made two major appointments that seem to undercut Daim's economic clout -just a day before the SingTel deal fell through. The PM named a new economic adviser for himself and another for the Finance Ministry. Morever, seasoned observers note that Daim and Mahathir had differed on another restructuring exercise last year. Daim wanted to consolidate the financial sector into six anchor banks, but Mahathir decided there should be 10, after lobbying by some institutions slated for merger.

"There may not be a real rift," says a close source, "but taken together, the signals are hard to ignore." While dismissing speculation, Mahathir allowed: "Once the economy is turned around and brought to the usual old pace, I think he [Daim] may want to resign. That was the condition when he came into the government."

So what's next? As far as Time is concerned, Khazanah is in the final stages of talks to sell its 10%-15% stake in Telekom Malaysia to Japan's NTT. This deal, officials hope, will give the trust enough cash to solidify the Time rescue and restore foreign investor confidence. After all, Mahathir says the Khazanah tie-up "isn't a bailout." Timedotcom, meanwhile, needs a strategic partner that can provide expertise, technology and capital. Some speculate that NTT could be it, though its executives in K.L. know of no such plan. There is also talk of a Telekom-Timedotcom merger.

As for SingTel, one local fund manager thinks it is running out of targets: "Best bet might be India." Neil Juggins, a telecom analyst with Prudential-Bache in Singapore, sees the HKT and Time failures as "symptomatic of an inability to close deals. They must broaden their list to Europe and Australia." He also urges the state to sell down its stake, possibly to Deutsche Telecom, with whom SingTel has been talking "for years." Besides adding expertise, bringing in a foreign private company may help calm nations wary of a government-linked entity taking control of their telephones. Like Malaysia.

DESIDERATA: I will further comment later, InsyaAllah, on the past and present, wit' the Q ringing in my ears:



Posted: 07 Jan 2011 08:50 PM PST

As I commented in my last post, I am really very disappointed that the RCI to be set up would not look into the cause of death of the late Teoh Beng Hock.

The RCI that is to be constituted would not look into the cause of how TBH died, but rather the procedural aspects of MACC.

Anyone  would have thought that by looking into the cause of death of a witness ( not even a suspect, but just  a witness , mind you) in the custody of a law enforcement unit such as MACC, the RCI would have cover the procedural aspects of how that enforcement agency acts.

For a witness to die in the custody of a law enforcement, no stones must be left unturned to find out the cause of why and how he died, otherwise people would simply lose all faith in the system.

No one is above the law. So if there is any wrong doings  that had resulted or contributed in the death of a witness helping an investigation, then whoever  was involved in the wrongdoings must be found and made to face the  music.  This is the basic of rule of law and a country can only reach the rank of the advanced nations by practicing rule of law. Without this, there will never be accountability and credibility.

A RCI is an very powerful tool, if allowed to function independently and if its findings are made to be binding. If it is not allowed to find out the cause but just to overhaul the procedural aspects of MACC, then i think most Malaysians will be disappointed.

All these disappointments are going to cost the ruling coalition dearly in terms of urban support in the next GE.

Tiada rotan akar berguna - Satim pun Satimlah!

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 07:48 PM PST

Dato Satim Diman, itulah nama yang telah diangkat menjadi Ketua Pembangkang diDewan Undangan Negeri Selangor menggantikan Mohd Khir Toyo yang telah melepaskan jawatan itu. Satim juga dikatakan adalah orang yang akan menjadi Menteri Besar Selangor jika BN dapat mengembalikan kuasa mentadbir Negeri Selangor dalam PRU yang akan datang.

Saya tidak mengenali Satim ini, tetapi pernah mendengar namanya dan setakat ini belum pernah ada kesempatan untuk saya bercakap dengan beliau untuk memahami beliau secara peribadi. Jika benar Satim adalah orang yang akan menjadi MB Selangor jika BN kembali berkuasa tentulah pemilihan beliau itu telah diselidik, dikaji dan diteliti oleh pimpinan tertinggi kita tentang kewajaran memilih beliau sebagai calun Menteri Besar jika BN memenangi pilihanraya umum nanti.

Selangor merupakan negeri yang terkaya dalam Persekutuan kita ini maka untuk mentadbir negeri kaya ini ianya memerlukan pemimpin yang kaya dengan sifat jujur, amanah dan 'wisdom' kepimpinan yang tinggi. Kita mesti ingat yang salah satu sebab kenapa Selangor tersungkur didalam pilihanraya dahulu ialah kerana bukti-bukti jelas yang kerajaan pimpinan UMNO sebelum 2008 dahulu adalah kerajaan yang tidak bersih dan kita sudah pun mendengar dan melihat buktinya.

Dulu untuk meninggalkan dan membelakangkan UMNO ini amat susah; ibarat memisahkan kulit dengan daging. Tetapi sekarang cemuhan terhadap UMNO oleh orang ramai sudah menjadi perkara biasa dan tindakan keluar dari UMNO ini sudah menjadi lazim. Contohnya didalam PRU 12 yang lalu lebih kurang 1.4 juta ahli UMNO meninggalkan UMNO dengan mengundi PR didalam peti undi. Apabila seseorang ahli mengundi dan menyokong parti lain ia bermakna mereka telah meninggalkan UMNO.

Itulah sebabnya menamakan Satim Diman untuk dijadikan MB Selangor jika BN menang mestilah benar-benar pilihan yang betul dan diterima rakyat. Jika Satim adalah nama yang baik bagaimana pula calun-calun yang lain? Kita mesti terima hakikat barisan yang ada didalam UMNO Selangor ini adalah barisan yang amat dicurigai oleh rakyat setiap bangsa. Sesungguhnya dalam UMNO Selangor seperti juga dinegeri-negeri lain tidak ada lagi pemimpin yang boleh diyakini untuk menggantikan pimpinan negeri yang sudah menjadi 'spent force' itu.

Saya lebih cenderung untuk mengatakan yang Satim bukanlah calun yang terbaik kerana beliau belum terbukti sebagai 'leader with distinction'. Tetapi dia sahajalah yang UMNO boleh ketengahkan diSDelangor setakat ini. Kata seorang kawan dari Petaling Jaya kepada saya, "Tiada rotan akar pun berguna. Satim pun Satimlah!". Begitulah keadaan UMNO diSelangor…tiada pemimpin yang benar-benar mempunyai pemimpin yang berwibawa.

Apa pun yang nak dikatakan oleh siapa pun tentang PR, mereka telah pun memerintah Selangor dan asimilasi PR telah mula berakar umbi diSelangor. Jika dahulu BN yang telah memerintah berdekad-dekad lamanya dinegeri ini boleh ditumbangkan oleh mereka, untuk mengekalkan pimpinan mereka adalah agak mudah.

Kehadziran mereka telah sampai kestruktor pentadbiran kerajaan yang terendah, iaitu penguasaan mereka diperingkat Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampong (JKKK) dimana sebahagian besar rakyat ditadbir. Jika kerajaan negeri PR diSelangor ini menggunakan JKKK ini dengan berkesan maka peluang BN untuk mendekati rakyat secara fisikal adalah amat sukar dan terbatas.

Jika Satim dipilih untuk mengetuai BN dalam melakukan tugas berat ini, satu persoalan penting yang perlukan jawapan ialah samada Satim boleh memberikan impak yang berkesan dari pengundi-pengundi kaum-kaum yang lain. MCA bukan lagi seperti MCA yang dulu. MCA terbukti tidak mampu bertahan dengan perkembangan pengaruh DAP yang kian hari kian besar dikalangan pengundi kaum Cina. Tidak keterlaluan jika orang ramai mempunyai pendapat yang 80 peratus dari kaum Cina adalah penyokong DAP.

Kalau dulu media perdana berjaya memomokkan DAP dimata orang Melayu, sekarang ini ramai orang Melayu telah memberikan keyakinan terhadap DAP jauh lebih besar dari MCA. Media perdana pula sudah kurang diyakini oleh orang ramai kerana rakyat telah mempunyai persepsi yang begitu rendah terhadap media perdana sekarang ini kerana rakyat sudah mempunyai persepsi yang media perdana adalah alat propaganda UMNO semata-mata.

MCA tidak dapat bertindak untuk mendapatkan sokongan kaum Cina kerana kaum itu menganggap yang MCA adalah semata-mata 'stooge' kepada UMNO malahan didalam pilihanraya yang lalu MCA telah dengan terang-terang menuduh UMNOlah yang menyebabkan sokongan kaum Cina berkurangan terhadap MCA bagi membawa kemenangan yang lebih besar kepada BN.

Kewujudan PERKASA pula dianggap sebagai duri dalam daging oleh kaum Cina kerana 'political NGO' ini dituduh memainkan isu-isu perkauman yang menebal dan ramai diantara ahli-ahlinya adalah juga ahli-ahli UMNO. PERKASA dilihat oleh kaum bukan Melayu sebagai perisai kepada UMNO dan salah satu cabang kepada UMNO untuk memainkan isu perkauman luar dari UMNO. Justru itu kaum Cina tidak lagi segan dan silu untuk berlindung dibelakang DAP yang juga lebih diyakini oleh orang Melayu daripada MCA.

Semua komplikasi yang dihadapi oleh politik seperti ini terutamanya diLembah Kelang akan memberikan banyak halangan bagi Satim untuk menjadi ketua yang berkesan bagi membawa Selangor kembali ketangan UMNO dan BN. Satim masih lagi belum mempunyai kredibiliti yang secukupnya untuk menentang arus perubahan yang sedang berlaku dalam politik dan siasah negara.

Dalam pada itu kita tidak boleh hendak menolak Satim kerana bak kata kawan saya tadi, "Tak tak ada rotan, akar pun berguna. Satim pun Satimlah! Apa nak buat?"

Kalau itu keadaannya saudara buatlah kira-kira sendiri; Mampukah UMNO kembali keSelangor sebagai pemerintah? Tentu saudara tahu jawapannya. Tidak perlu bersusah payah untuk memberikan jawapannya.

WikiLeaks U.S. Warns Hundreds Could Be At Risk Relocations Possible For Exposed Sources,

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 05:17 PM PST

The State Department on Friday warned foreign governments not to retaliate against human rights activists or others whose dealings with American officials were disclosed in secret diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters that certain governments have been told that if they take what Crowley called "adverse actions" against sources cited in the cables it would harm relations with the United States. Crowley didn't say which governments have been warned, or describe any specific instance of retaliation. The State Department has as many as 60 people poring over the leaked cables to assess potential damage, Crowley said. So far they have identified several hundred individuals thought to be at risk, he said.
"We are focused on people that have been identified in documents and (assessing) whether there is a greater risk to them of violence, imprisonment or other serious harm, particularly in repressive societies around the world," he said.
In a few cases, he said, individuals have been moved to safer locations since WikiLeaks began releasing sensitive State Department cables in November.
Crowley declined to provide more details, saying additional information could further jeopardize the safety of people believed to be at risk.
Wikileaks on the Grand Chessboard
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Cover of "The Grand Chessboard: American ...
Cover via Amazon
The Case for Wikileaks;
We those willing to look beyond the manufactured War on Terrorhave always been aware that the American war in AfghanistanIraqand other strategic hot spots were not only illegal. However every time we raised our disgust with the war we faced the same common response "the guilt trip" – 9/11 and the tragic deaths.
Somehow by citing this number in the United States of Americasomehow legitimized the gross human rights violations, indiscriminate killings more than often reported as insurgents killed. Time and time again people who attempted to question the facade of WOT were labeled conspiracy theorists, un-patriotic, traitors and in my case everything under the sun has been called because I am a Muslim and thus without an opinion or able to display logic. It was important that people especially in the United States who were oblivious to the cold blooded killings and brutalities in Iraq and Afghanistan were made aware of what was taking place. Here was a war that was motivated for economic reason, Imperial reasons based on the nonsense written by the likes of Zbignew Brzezinski and the Project for The New American Century. This benefited, nations like Israel and India who now felt the world may somehow ignore their state terrorism and look onto them as victims as they quickly aligned behind the Neocon vision for American Imperialism.
Wikileaks proves that behind the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were geostrategic objectives that benefited America and all those aligned with the USA with economic superiority by suppressing sovereign nations. Suppressing their ideas of freedom and questioning their ideas of governance and installing proxy puppet regimes by force to maintain their hegemony for a new century.
Central Asia has always been a chessboard and Zbignew Brzezinski calls todays conflicts the Grand Chessboard because this will decide the fate for American Superiority for another century. A bloody brutal chessboard where conflicts are played out inside Afghanistan the buffer state created by The British who played the last great game here.
Wikileaks lay bare the reasons for war in Iraq, the way decisions were made and question the moral and ethics of these cold calculative decisions that sealed the fate of millions of innocent people. Let me draw you on how conflict is communicated to Americans and in The Western Hemisphere – where cold blood killings are declared counter terror attacks against Al Qaeda and resurgents. The witness statements of American soldiers are somehow more credible than the actual eyewitness survivors – but at least those survivors lived to tell their story. What of those who have been indiscriminately killed and declared insurgents, terrorists, killers – killed like ants by gung ho trigger happy American and Coalition soldiers.
Back in July this year – the 6th of July 2010 to be precise, Private Bradley Manning aged 22 years of age working as an intelligence analyst with the United States Army in Baghdad was charged disclosing the following video;
Unfortunately the brave private entrusted a spineless journalist. The whistle-blower behind the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, has called Mr. Manning a 'hero' and rightly so. Private Manning is currently imprisoned in Kuwait after being court martialed while the heartless, cold blooded unprofessional inefficient Apache crew and those behind the cover up depicted in the video have yet to be charged. To assist Private Manning, please see
It corroborates what brave soldiers enlisted in the United Sates Military have long said;
The wikileaks corroborate private Manning – 5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad this included two Reuters news staff.
Reuters has been trying to attain the video through the Freedom of Information Act however with little success ever since 2 highly decorated Reuters staff in Iraq were slain indiscriminately in Baghdad. The video captured from an Apache helicopter gun-sight provided Reuters and everyone willing to question the indiscriminate belligerent killing sin Iraq. The above video shows the unprovoked murder of a wounded Reuters employee and those he came to see as well as his courageous rescuers. Even the two young children involved in the rescue were not spared and were clearly seen. This not only provide a chilling insight into the nature of unlawful killings in Iraq and Afghanistan but the contempt the Americans have for these wrongfully demonised people. by and large the fault comes from the media who have long been given a free hand at demonising the Iraqis and Afghans to the point their deaths are very easily overlooked. This is another charge to be brought against the Neocons in the way the war was not only crumpled together but also in the way it was carried out. Reading into wikileaks brings a new dimension into the causes and reasons for war and the way politicians play nations off against each other. Whistleblowers within the army are swiftly silenced and reliance on journalists as in the case of Private Manning is not credible. Wikileaks provided this additional dimension and channel to expose the wrongdoings in these manufactured tragic wars.
The unexplained of millions of innocent has to be accounted for and there is enough evidence in the wikileaks to hold the architects of this barbaric war namely The Neocons and Tony Blair accountable in an International War Tribunal at the Hague.
Der Spiegle sums up the importance of wikileaks at exposing the strategies and machinations of war.
Never before in history has a superpower lost control of such vast amounts of such sensitive information — data that can help paint a picture of the foundation upon which US foreign policy is built. Never before has the trust America's partners have in the country been as badly shaken. Now, their own personal views and policy recommendations have been made public — as have America's true views of them.
It is important we all support wikileaks and a great gratitude needs to be extended to it for exposing America and her allies and we may just might learn "what actually happened on that frightful day of 9/11?


Tiger Woods, Golf Digest End 13-Year Relationship and Elin Nordegren Is A Single Rich White Female With Topless Modeling Pictures

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 04:33 PM PST

Tiger Woods has one less endorsement deal, ending his 13-year relationship with golf's biggest magazine when they couldn't agree on how many hours he should devote to the job.

Golf Digest, with a circulation of 1.65 million, announced Thursday the mutual end of a relationship that began at the 1997 Masters. He made his debut in the magazine in June that year, and the endorsement had been his second-longest, behind Nike. "We appreciate the insights Tiger has provided to our readers," Jerry Tarde, chairman and editor-in-chief of the publication, said in a statement. Woods' articles mainly were instructional tips.

Golf Digest never disclosed terms of the deal, although it was believed to be among the smallest financially for Woods – no more than $2 million a year. The value came from exposure, along with some content provided for Woods' website.

"The reality is his deal was up at the end of the year," said Mark Steinberg, his agent at IMG. "Because we're living in this digital world, they needed more time from him. He wasn't ready to commit to any additional time at this point with everything going on – trying to work on his swing and other things."

The announcement comes two weeks after Gillette said it would not renew its contract, which expired at the end of 2010. That brings to five the number of endorsements Woods has lost since he was caught in extramarital affairs. The other three are Accenture, AT&T and Gatorade.

Golf Digest put his column on hold last February while Woods took time off to sort out his personal life, resuming the column in September.

Woods' last column will be in the February issue, an indication that both sides had been negotiating a new deal.

Other playing editors at Golf Digest include Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Phil Mickelson.

"I enjoyed my relationship with Golf Digest," Woods said in a statement released by the magazine. "But we have decided it's now time for a break. I wish my friends at Golf Digest continued success."

Six years ago, Elin Nordegren married Tiger Woods. They got married on October 5, 2004, which didn't dissuade Tiger in any way from banging tons of random whores, pornstars, sluts, professional mistress and cocktail waitresses before, during, and since. During that time, Elin sat at home, look pretty, got impregnated twice, and clapped on the golf course. So today they met in a courtroom in Panama City, Florida, to finalize their divorce and she is now at least $100 million richer.RadarOnline report:

It was ice cold between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren at the courthouse as the couple finalized their divorce on Monday. "Tiger was sitting down when Elin walked in the room," a source told "Publicly they didn't say a word to each other." "They didn't even look at each other."At approximately 3 p.m. ET Elin was heading back to her Orlando-area home. She was subdued after the divorce was finalized in Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Florida. The couple lives in Orange County. In Florida a couple is allowed to file for divorce outside of the county where they reside. Tiger and Elin married October 5, 2004. The divorce petition says the marriage is "irretrievably broken." The divorce papers reveal that Tiger and Elin reached a settlement on July 3 and 4th. The Martial Settlement Agreement they signed also includes a parenting plan.

The financial terms were not disclosed, and past reports have been all over the place, claiming her deal will range anywhere from 100 million to 750 million. Tiger marrying Elin might go down as one of the biggest blunders of all time. Just think about it, he could have been a richer version of Derek Jeter, fighting off blowjobs everyday of his life but no, he just had to go and get married. Now he has an ex-wife who he will have to write the biggest check in his life to and two kids that will most certainly grow up to hate him. ESPN report:

"Tiger Woods and his Swedish-born wife officially divorced Monday, nine months after his middle-of-the night car crash outside their home set off shocking revelations that the world's most famous athlete had been cheating on her through multiple affairs.

The lawyers for Woods and Elin Nordegren said in a statement that the divorce became official Monday in Bay County Circuit Court. Terms of the divorce were not disclosed, except that they will share parenting of their two children, ages 3 and 1."

Reporters tried to talk to Elin Nordegren after the divorce proceedings, but she was unavailable for comment due to the fact that she was dancing on top of a car throwing diamonds into the crowd and doing that thing with her hands where she pretends to make it rain. Ever the emotionless robot, Tiger posted this statement on his website:

"We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future. While we are no longer married, we are the parents of two wonderful children and their happiness has been, and will always be, of paramount importance to both of us. Once we came to the decision that our marriage was at an end, the primary focus of our amicable discussions has been to ensure their future well-being. The weeks and months ahead will not be easy for them as we adjust to a new family situation, which is why our privacy must be a principal concern."


Then after that it says, "Ms. Nordegren was represented by…", and lists a bunch of law firms. It's really touching. And Tiger was represented by his long time general counsel, just like at the ending of a fairy tale. Anyway, apparently Elin Nordegrens' divorce to Tiger Wood became official today. Oh really? I didn't even know they were having problems. LOL… Now Tiger can have all the whore pussy his heart desire.Click on pictures to enlarge.


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