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The Poison iwthin PKR - Part III

The Poison iwthin PKR - Part III

The Poison iwthin PKR - Part III

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 03:27 PM PST

Concluding my final part to The Poison within PKR and The Poison within PKR – Part II:

Read The Malaysian Insider's PKR hits Mustaffa Kamil with show-cause letter.

Mustaffa was one of the disgruntled deputy presidential candidate in the recent party polls, where together with Zaid Ibrahim, he complained against irregularities in the party polling process. Zaid Ibrahim has since left the party to form his own, KITA.

Several others, like erstwhile Anwar-bodek-er but now Anwar-disparager, Gobala has similarly complained about what they perceived as gross dodgy-ness in the party polls. Then there was Badrul Hisham Shaharin, better known as Chegubard. Even leng chai Jonson Chong, a party moderate, exposed the party polling nonsense openly in his inimitable polite style. The list of party dissenters is fairly long, stretching all the way to Sabah.

Additionally, well-known political activist Haris Ibrahim has on several occasions presented evidence of the alleged party polling irregularities in his blog People's Parliament. So did RPK.

The most laughable part about Mustaffa's show cause letter must go to PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution, who when asked by the press, said he … could not "remember" if the party leadership had issued the letter on Mustaffa.

His excuse? The Malaysian Insider reported that … "He however indicated that the party could have issued show-cause letters to more than one dissident leader" and that he signed over a hundred of these show-cause letters, thus he couldn't remember if Mustaffa Kamil was one of them.

Bull! Mustaffa is not one of the party's hoi polloi. He was one of only three deputy presidential candidates, and post-election the party even offered him a position in the party hierarchy, presumably to mollify him. So, how could Saifuddin claimed he can't remember whether his secretariat had issued a show cause letter to a party personality like Mustaffa Kamil. Looks to me like a sad case of payback time!

Remember, Saifuddin Nasution was the person who claimed P Jenapala was sacked when the latter raised complaints about his denied candidature for the party's deputy presidential posts. Jenapala had followed due process and written 162 complaints to the party but none was entertained.

Then there was that 'notorious' letter supposedly testifying to Jenapal's sacking, which sent the normally moderate Jonson Chong ballistic. Jonson wrote in a long public letter of why that was sheer bull (my words, Jonson is far too refined and polite).

The disgraceful scandal of the so-claimed sacking of Jenapala was so notorious (in its alleged fabricated letter of dismissal) that former PKR sec-gen Salehuddin Hashim emerged to sign an affidavit on 23 Nov 2010 that he (supposedly the one who signed that letter of dismissal) had no knowledge of the letter dated 2 Feb 2009. Salehuddin stated in his affidavit that the letter of dismissal was 'not authentic' as (quoting) 'the language, format and style of the letter is not mine'.

Additionally, Salehuddin asserted that the party sec-gen did not have the power under its constitution to sack a member and that such power is exclusively vested with the party's supreme council. In other words, how could he (Salehuddin) have signed it?

So, when Saifuddin Nasution claimed he wasn't sure whether a show cause letter had been issued to Mustaffa, I merely yawned. It seems Saifuddin doesn't know much about letters wakakaka.

Recently, Gobala was also issued a show cause letter, numbering a 'War & Peace' sized 45 pages. He was given only 7 days to respond. When he ignored that as he claimed he wasn't provided a reasonable time to read and reply, he was given another 7 days (or so). Again Gobala understandably ignored it.

When a show cause letter resembles a tome, the least the party people responsible for its issue should have given Gobala at least a month if not 6 weeks.

Can you all recall how, in contrast, Anwar Ibrahim and the party leadership tap-danced around for agonizing months instead of issuing Zul Noordin such a show cause letter while that Kulim Wonder was running amok against party policies and undermining the party's stand? Yet they provided poor Gobala only 7 days to answer to a 45 page show cause letter!

Maybe there's some truth in Indians in PKR being discriminated – Nallakaruppan, Jenapala, Gobala - but let's leave them for a while and move on to Zaid Ibrahim.

In spite of my hero Karpal Singh condemning Zaid, I have written in support of the latter – see my previous post Zaid Ibrahim - suffers no fool gladly.

When he was in PKR at the time leading to the party polls (before he tossed his hat into the election ring) Zaid Ibrahim was criticised for being erratic because one moment he said he would not challenge the deputy presidential post IF (initially) Nurul Izaah took up the challenge* and (subsequently) Khalid Ibrahim did so. But when both didn't, he took up the challenge.

* Azmin Ali went into a panicky tizzy when Nurul causally mentioned her interests, and 'advised' Nurul against it because (allegedly) people would talk. Bet you Anwar had a few private words with Nurul

The standard cries against Zaid Ibrahim were his inconsistencies (in supporting Nurul, then Khalid before standing as a cndidate himself), and the accusations unimaginatively attacked Zaid for his lust for power.

But I didn't see any inconsistency in Zaid's manoeuvrings. In fact there was a very consistent objective in his support for firstly, Nurul, and subsequently for Khalid Ibrahim. That objective was to prevent Azmin Ali from coasting home on an Anwar-provided free ticket into the deputy president post. He wanted Azmin Ali stopped!

Yes, Zaid was invincibly against Azmin Ali, the man for whom Anwar Ibrahim instructed Nallakaruppan to stand aside in a VP challenge some years back, and which drove Nalla out of the party in angry frustration. Nalla would have easily won that VP position because of the strength of his Indian supporters in PKR.

Count Ezam in as well among those frustrated by the Anwar's blind support of Azmin Ali.

But no dount the anwaristas would say of Ezam and Nalla (and perhaps even Chandra Muzzafar) as they said of Gobala as this, using the Gobala's example which I wrote in The Poison within PKR – Part II:

Gobala might have hailed from MIC, supposedly a stigma that anwaristas have been hurling at him since he spoke out against Anwar Ibrahim. That's the infantile stupidity of anwaristas. They seem to have forgotten that their very own icon and his blue-eye boy hailed from UMNO, and as another example, Chua Jui Meng was from MCA, etc.

Dismissing Anwar's critics by pointing to their original political affiliations (Gobala from MIC, Zaid Ibrahim from UMNO, etc) while ignoring those of Anwar and Azmin (and Chua JM) is childish, double-standard, not objective, self deceiving, and can even eventually lead/escalate to accusing-stereotyping people like Gobala of being a "typical Indian". Bet you that label has already been voiced within some groups in PKR.

and also

And haven't party seniority and living the party's 'trials & tribulations' been the Azmin Ali camp's arguments on why Azmin was far more deserving than Zaid Ibrahim of the post of party deputy president?

The blind double-standard hypocrites they are, their argument of 'no to parachutist' in the Azmin versus Zaid Ibrahim election tussle obviously doesn't apply to the Gobala vs Surendran case.

Such double standard hypocrisy and Machiavellian manipulation to marginalize those members posing a threat to Azmin Ali have been the deadly ingredients which brew the poison with PKR.

Just double-standard fanatics, blind to their own follies.

Sure, the sad outcome of Nalla and Ezam has been that they joined the BN. But like the saying goes, 'Hell hath no fury like (someone) scorned' and Nalla and Ezam, both loyal to Anwar before the breakup, having suffered at the hands of BN because of him, were scorned by their former idol, in both cases because of Azmin Ali. They sought to vent their fury at him from a position in BN.

There's no doubt a judgement issue in them deciding to join BN but be that as it might be, let's not forget or dismiss the underlying motivation (the cause), namely anger, perhaps even hatred of an Anwar Ibrahim who was disloyal to them. Loyalty has to flow both ways, or it won't flow at all. But in Anwar's case, it didn't because of his non-negotiable support for Azmin Ali. He was seen to be only loyal to Azmin!

So Zaid tried his best to stop Azmin from becoming party deputy president, a post which is a mere heartbeat away from party president, which he would be when Anwar either retires, goes voluntarily into exile or is sent to jail. But Zaid withdrew midway when he saw he was going to fail because of questionable polling process, a process queried not just by him but by several neutral notables like Jonson Chong, Haris Ibrahim etc.

This is the poison within PKR. So long as Anwar Ibrahim exerts an overpowering authority in the party, or even by remote control from, say, within jail, and continues to 'clear the way' for his Azmin to ascend to the top of PKR or have his way within the party, the poison in the party will continue to exist.

As I often said that change in UMNO must come from within, thus I now say, change in PKR must likewise come from within. It's up to the PKR people to deal with this plague of theirs.

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God will protect me, says Normala

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 06:21 AM PST

Everywhere Normala Sudirman goes, heads turn for a glimpse of the former teacher, fielded by PAS to take on BN giant Umno in the by-election for northern Johor's Tenang seat. So mesmerising is the demure Normala that local villagers cannot stop taking pictures of her, even when she was eating meehoon during a walkabout in a Felda settlement several days ago. There was no place she would not go to, and very little she will not do; even distributing Chinese New Year cards with a picture of her wearing a 'halal' cheongsam - loose fitting and with long sleeves, with her tudung. Among the few things she will not do is to shake the hands of the male constituents - something that has pricked the fancy of her BN opponents.
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No two-thirds for constitutional change

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 06:15 AM PST

The Selangor government's move to amend the state constitution was defeated after a full day of debates today, with it failing to secure the two-thirds majority required to do so. The vote ended with 34 elected representatives for and 20 against the amendments that aimed to restore the power of appointing the state's top three civil servants to the Sultan of Selangor. Two-thirds, or 38 out of the 56 state assemblypersons are needed to support any constitutional amendment if the assembly is to proceed beyond the first reading.
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Speaker: S'gor assembly sitting valid

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 05:57 AM PST

Selangor legislative assembly speaker Teng Chang Khim maintained that today's special sitting of the assembly was valid in accordance with the state constitution and assembly standing orders. He said that though the notice was short of the required two weeks, the speaker could use his powers under Standing Orders 10 (3) usually cited at sittings of the legislative assemblies of the Commonwealth.
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Selangor may accept Khusrin as state secretary

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 05:51 AM PST

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said today the state government was keeping its option open on allowing Mohd Khusrin Munawi to take his oath of secrecy and start working for it. He said the state state executive council was mulling the possibility of letting Khusrin to take his oath of secrecy before it, the pre-requisite to his formal position as state secretary.
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Chua Tee Yong Like father like son Be his ‘sexy’ always

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 12:46 PM PST

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex, Third EditionThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex, Third Edition 

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Tee Yong sinks to dad's levels: PAS to sue over false beer claim
Loving Sex – Modern Kama Sutra 3 DVD & 3 CD GIFT SETLoving Sex - Modern Kama Sutra 3 DVD & 3 CD GIFT SET

Better Sex Video: The Tantric Guide to Better Sex DVDBetter Sex Video: The Tantric Guide to Better Sex DVDSoi Lek fights back: It's my duty to wallop PAS on Islamic state
Playboy – Making Love Vol. II – Tantric LovemakingPlayboy - Making Love Vol. II - Tantric Lovemaking

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek said he will continue to use PAS' Islamic state agenda as an issue for the Tenang by-election as it was his duty to do so as the party president.
Earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister and BN polls commander-in-chief Muhyiddin Yassin had ordered Chua to stop criticising PAS' candidate Normala Sudirman's refusal to shake hands with men. 

Asked about this evening during a press conference at the Labis Moral Uplifting Society office, Chua said that Muhyiddin should have communicated with him through internal channels.

"If the DPM doesn't want us to talk about the Islamic issue, then he should communicate to us. There is no need for the DPM or the media to communicate this to us.

"When we talk about the Islamic state issue, it is something that's not new, it's not something that's extraordinary or something that we pluck out from the air.

"It's something that's based on the (PAS) constitution which clearly states that they want to set up an Islamic nation.

"As a Chinese-based party, it is my duty and I'll be failing in my duty and MCA would be failing in its duty if we don't explain to Chinese the true agenda of PAS, because (PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang) has said this very clearly," he said.

The more conservative Muslims believe that shaking hands with non-mahram (un-marriageable men) is prohibited, but Chua and Gerakan Wanita chief Tan Lian Hoe have ridiculed Normala, describing it as a move towards Islamic theocracy.

MCA vice-president Liow Tiong Lai, in joining the fray, had said Normala's (left) refusal to shake hands with male voters reflects the conservative and theocratic ideology behind PAS.

However, Muhyiddin had called on for everyone to stop the debate, saying that BN should not exploit Normala's personal choice.

'Shaking hands is good manners'
tenang by election 220111 chua soi lek
Chua pleaded ignorance about the religious sensitivities involved, stating that he does not practice Islam.

"I have been in the public life for many years. It's part of the basic culture and manners to shake hands.

"So what is so great about that? That is your religious value which I don't know. How am I to know about the religious values when I'm not practicing that religion?" he said.

"For example, when I came in here, I shook everyone's hands. If I didn't do that, they would have said that I'm how lian (arrogant in Hokkien)," he said.

Asked if he would stop raising about the hand shake topic, he proceed to scold the reporter who asked him this but remained non-committal.

"As I've said over and over again, or were you pretending not to hear that? It's not an issue to me if they think it's their religious values not to shake hands.

"But I have the right to say that it's basic manners to shake hands with people. That's my values. Understand? You also must value my value, which is good manners, which includes shaking hands," he said.

- Malaysiakini
Johor PAS is looking into legal action against Deputy Agriculture Minister Chua Tee Yong for accusing the party's Tenang candidate of complaining to a Chinese coffeeshop owner for selling beer.
The accusation came as the MCA continues to exploit PAS's Islamic agenda to win the support of the Chinese voters who form 39 per cent of the Tenang electorate.
According to a China Press report today, Chua was quoted as saying that he received complaints that Normala Sudirman had asked a coffeeshop owner why beer was available in the shop.
The PAS camp, however, denied that the former teacher had made the remarks and challenged Chua, who is also the Labis MP, to back his accusation with details.
"Johor PAS has decided to give the Labis MP 24 hours to state where, which shop and when our candidate made the statement," said state PAS deputy chief Dzulkefly Ahmad.
"If he fails to do so we will proceed will legal action. Our lawyers are looking at the statement," he added.
Dzulkefly told a press conference here that PAS would let the matter rest if Chua denies that he had made the accusation.
"If he says the report was false then we will accept his explanation," said Dzulkefly.
Meanwhile, DAP publicity chief Tony Pua urged Chua to apologise, describing the accusation as baseless.
"I call on him to apologise to the candidate for making an irresponsible and baseless accusation," said Pua.
"I am disappointed that Chua Tee Yong has gone so low in politics by making such an accusation in order to scare the Chinese voters," he added.
When contacted, Chua refused to name the shop and stood by his remarks.
"Of course I cannot name the shop, the owner wants to remain anonymous," Chua told The Malaysian Insider.
Normala came under attack from the MCA previously for her refusal to shake hands with men, citing Islamic principles.
The Chinese party's president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek had described her practice as unacceptable to the community.
Normala is facing Umno's Azahar Ibrahim, the former Rengit assistant district officer, in the January 30 poll.

[Raja Petra] Mengapa Setiausaha Negeri Harus Dipilih Oleh Kerajaan Negeri

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 08:58 AM PST

Ketika pada 23 Januari 2011, saya telah bercakap tentang kepentingan bahawa Kerajaan Negeri untuk menentukan calon Setiausaha negeri dan bagaimana Setiausaha Negeri memainkan peranan penting dalam mensabotajkan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Perak.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

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This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

UMNO Tolak Usul Kembali Kuasa Raja. Kekalkan Warisan Mamak Bendahara

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 08:09 AM PST

Persidangan hari ini membuktikan dengan jelas dan terang bahawa UMNO adalah parti "Lidah Bercabang". Di satu sudut membuat tuduhan yang begitu ganas kepada Pakatan Rakyat kononnya kita ini tidak hormat dan derhaka pada Raja-Raja Melayu.

Tapi, apabila Pakatan Rakyat mahu mengembalikan kuasa Raja melantik SUK, UMNO dengan bangganya MENOLAK.

Ertinya UMNO mengutamakan undang-undang ciptaan Mamak Bendahara dari mengembalikan kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu.

Benarlah agaknya nasihat seorang kawan saya: "Kalau ada orang UMNO kata "Allah itu satu" pun kamu jangan percaya. Bukan kerana kata-kata dia itu salah tapi kerana yang berkata itu adalah UMNO"

Mulai hari ini UMNO tidak boleh lagi mengaku sebagai pejuang Raja-Raja Melayu kerana UMNO menolak pengembalian kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu dalam perlantikan SUK.

Tulang Besi

K'jaan S'gor gagal pinda undang-undang tubuh
Jan 24, 11 9:55am

Seperti dijangka, kerajaan Selangor gagal meminda undang-undang tubuh negeri bagi memberikan kuasa kepada Sultan dan menteri besar dalam pelantikan tiga jawatan tertinggi negeri.

Selepas pengundian dijalankan, hanya 34 ADUN mengundi bersetuju dengan pindaan itu manakala 20 lagi mengundi menentangnya.

Kerajaan Selangor memerlukan 38 undi (sokongan 2/3) bagi membolehkan undang-undang itu diluluskan.

BN mempunyai 21 kerusi yang mana kesemuanya sepakat menolak cadangan menteri besar itu.

Berikutan kegagalan untuk mendapatkan undi majoriti dua pertiga itu, mesyuarat pada hari ini ditamatkan dan Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim mencadangkan supaya sidang dewan ditangguhkan sehingga satu tarikh yang ditetapkan kemudian.

Sementera itu, Bernama melaporkan, dalam sidang akhbar selepas itu, Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Khim, yang juga Adun Sungai Pinang berkata speaker dalam keadaan biasa tidak mengundi tetapi undi speaker dikira sekiranya jumlah antara penyokong dan pembangkang seri.

"Timbalan Speaker Haniza Mohamed Talha (PKR-Taman Medan) turut mengundi. Majoriti dua pertiga ialah sebanyak 37 kerusi dari kesemua 56 kerusi di DUN Selangor," katanya.

Sebanyak lima wakil rakyat penyokong kerajaan membahaskan rang undang-undang itu iaitu Mohamed Azmin Ali (PKR-Bukit Antarabangsa), Saari Sungib (PKR-Hulu Klang), Shuhaimie Shafiei (PKR-Sri Muda), Ng Suee Lim (DAP-Sekinchan) dan M. Manoharan (DAP-Kota Alam Shah).

Di pihak pembangkang pula perbahasan dimulakan oleh Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman (BN-Sri Serdang), Sulaiman Abdul Razak (BN-Permatang), Datuk Shamsudin Lias (BN-Sungai Burong) dan Abdul Shukor Idrus (BN-Kuang).

ADUN Sungai Panjang Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo yang menghadapi tuduhan rasuah dan Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri yang baru dilantik Datuk Mohamad Khusrin Munawi turut hadir.

Perkembangan terdahulu:

ADUN dan para wartawan tiba awal hari ini untuk menghadiri sidang DUN Selangor yang akan membahas cadangan pindaan Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri untuk mengembalikan kuasa melantik tiga pegawai tinggi kerajaan kepada sultan dan negeri.

NONEDua trak anggota polis kelihatan berada di pintu masuk DUN manakala satu trak lagi berada berhampiran Wisma MBSA, ekoran kemungkinan berlakunya protes pagi ini.

Kedua-dua pintu masuk dan keluar DUN dibuka separuh, dengan ruang yang mencukupi untuk dilalui sebuah kereta.

Sidang DUN dijadual bermula jam 10 pagi di mana kerajaan negeri Pakatan Rakyat bercadang meminda Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri tersebut.
NONEBN sebagai pembangkang negeri bagaimanapun menuduh kerajaan merancang untuk menambah kuasa menteri besar dalam menentukan pelantikan pegawai tinggi kerajaan negeri.

Cadangan pindaan itu dibuat ekoran tindakan kerajaan pusat melantik bekas pengarah Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS), Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi sebagai setiausaha kerajaan (SUK) negeri yang baru.

Kerajaan Selangor membantah keras pelantikan tersebut dan menuduh Putrajaya mengetepikan kuasa negeri, apabila melantik Khusrin tanpa berbincang dengan menter besar.

Sultan Selangor bagaimanapun memperkenankan pelantikan Khusrin yang mengangkat sumpah pasa 5 Januari lalu.


9.30 pagi: ADUN Pelabuhan Klang Badrul Hisham Abdullah tiba di bangunan SUK, diiringi dua pembantu.

NONEBeliau disambut oleh silauan lampu kamera jurufoto, menyebabkannya agak terkejut.

"Wah, banyak peminat ni!" katanya berseloroh.

Beliau enggan menjawab sebarang soalan walaupun ditanya bertubi-tubi oleh pemberita, sama ada akan mencabar keputusan speaker Teng Chang Khim yang mengisytiharkan kerusinya kosong.

9.32 pagi: Kira-kira 200 berkumpul di Dataran Shah Alam bawa pengawasan ketat polis. Sebahagian peserta memakai ikat kepala bertulis GAPS (Gagasan Anti Penyelewengan Selangor). Empat unit pasukan polis berkawal di depan pintu SUK.

9.40 pagi: Didesak pemberita, Badrul Hisham Abdullah memberitahu akan memfailkan saman bagi mencabar keputusan itu tengah hari ini selepas menghadiri sidang DUN.

Bagaimanapun, masih belum jelas sama ada beliau dibenarkan memasuki dewan ekoran kerusinya telah diisytihar kosong.

NONE10 pagi: Dewan mula bersidang. Badrul Hisham Abdullah - yang kerusinya diisytihar kosong oleh speaker - duduk di bilik yang dikhaskan kepada petugas media, tingkat atas di dalam dewan.

Setiausaha dewan membacakan ucapan diraja bagi pihak Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Dalam ucapannya, Sultan bertitah supaya ADUN membahaskan cadangan pindaan itu dengan sebaiknya tanpa beranggapan perkenan yang diberikan baginda sebagai menyokong mana-mana pihak dalam dewan.

Baginda juga memberitahu ADUN supaya tidak menariknya sama dalam politik. Istana sentiasa tidak mencampuri urusan politik, titahnya lagi.

10.24 pagi: Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim membacakan ucapannya.

Berdasarkan perkara 10(3) peraturan dewan, kerajaan Selangor membentangkan pindaan terhadap Undang-undang Tubuh Selangor 1959 terhadap perkara 52(1), kata menteri besar.

Pindaan itu dicadangkan supaya generasi akan datang tidak lagi tertanya-tanya dan tiada pihak yang berani melanggar kuasa kerajaan negeri dan Sultan, kata Khalid.

Pakatan Rakyat memberikan komitmen menjunjung perlembagaan negara dan undang-undang tubuh negeri serta Rujun Negara, yang menjadi asas kepada kerajaan Selangor hari ini, tambahnya.

Pakatan juga, tambah Abdul Khalid, berhasrat menegakkan kedudukan dan peranan Raja-raja Melayu yang dinyatakan dalam perlembagaan persekutuan.

10.35 pagi: Selepas duduk di bilik khas media kira-kira 30 minit, Badrul meninggalkan bilik itu dan bercadang mengadakan sidang media di luar.

10.50 pagi: Dalam sidang media selepas itu, Badrul Hisham mengaku beliau masih merupakan wakil rakyat yang sah dan akan terus berkhidmat kepada rakyat.

Bagaimanapun, ditanya lagi sama ada beliau mahu memfailkan tuntutan di mahkamah, beliau hanya menjawab "mungkin".

Beliau juga memberitahu, setelah menunjukkan surat jemputan bertarik 11 Januari daripada speaker, pihak keselamatan masih tidak membenarkannya masuk ke dalam dewan.

11.20 pagi: Abdul Khalid selesai berucap. Ketua pembangkang negeri yang baru dilantik Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman (BN-Seri Serdang) berucap mempersoalkan tindakan Teng memanggil sidang DUN tanpa notis 14 hari.

Speaker menegur kembali Mohamad Satim supaya mengingat peraturan tetap dewan sebelum membangkitkan sebarang perkara atau beliau akan diminta keluar untuk mengingatinya.

Penyokong Pakatan ketawa besar.

NONE11.25 pagi: Mohamad Satim ketika membahaskan pindaan itu mendakwa kerajaan negeri 'syok sendiri'.

Katanya, Umno Selangor tidak akan sesekali menyokong cadangan itu kerana bertentangan dengan perlembagaan negara dan bermotifkan politik.

Menurutnhya lagi, kerajaan BN terdahulu tidak pernah membelakangi Sultan, berbeza dengan menteri besar baru yang didakwa tidak dapat menerima pelantikan Mohd Khusrin Munawi sebagai SUK yang telah mendapat pekenan Sultan.

11.26 pagi: Peserta perhimpunan di Dataran Shah Alam kini bertambah sehingga 500 orang.

11.41 pagi: Mohamad Satim mengulangi dakwaan bahawa wakil Pakatan biadan dan derhaka terhadap Sultan dalam banyak tindakannya, antaranya dalam isu penggunaan kalimah Allah dan tulisan dalam blog Shuhaimie Shafiei (PKR-Sri Muda) yang didakwa menghina Sultan.

azmin ali pc in parliament 020709 0212.10 tengah hari: Pengerusi Kelab penyokong kerajaan negeri Azmin Ali (PKR-Bukit Antarabangsa) membalas Umno yang derhaka kerana enggan menyokong cadangan pindaan undang-undang itu.

Katanya, walaupun Umno boleh menukar fakta menggunakan media arus perdana, mereka tidak boleh mengubah sejarah.

Azmin juga berkata Umno sudah lama menikmati kekebalan bawah pentadbiran 'Mamak Bendahara' dan pihak eksekutif, yang mengundang bantahan ADUN Taman Templer Subahan Kamal.

Subahan berkata Azmin berniat jahat dengan menggunakan perkataan 'mamak'.

Sementara bangun Shamsudin Lias (Umno-Sungai Burong) menyokong Subahan, mendakwa Azmin menggunakan perkataan itu dengan cuba merujuk kepada Subahan.

Azmin pantas membidas kefahaman "cetek" pembangkang negeri berhubung penggunaan prosa Melayu klasi di mana gelaran 'mamak bendahara' dirujuk kepada pembantu utama Sultan.

1 tengah hari: Sidang dewan ditangguhkan sehingga jam 2.30 petang ini.

NONE1.10 tengah hari: Sekumpulan 20 pemuda Pakatan Rakyat berhimpun di depan bangunan DUN bagi menunjukkan sokongan terhadap cadangan pindaan itu.

Mereke membawa kain rentang dan menjerit perkataan "Daulat Tuanku!" dan "Hidup Rakyat!" sebelum beredar sepuluh minit kemudian.

2.47 petang: Persidangan bersambung dengan Azmin menyampaikan hujahnya.

Satim mencelah meminta spekaer mengingatkan timbalan presiden PKR itu supaya tidak lari tajuk apabila menyentuh kenyataan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak rancangan 100 hari pentadbiran Pakatan.

Sulaiman says Azmin mulanya berkata bersetuju mengubahnya. Dengan sinis beliau berkata akan menukar perkaraan "Najib berkata" kepada "Rosmah berkata" yang menyebabkan ADUN Pakatan ketawa.

Selain Satim dan Azmin, sepuluh ADUN dijadual mendebatkan cadangan pindaan undang-undang tubuh negeri itu.

NONE3.25 petang: Sulaiman Abdul Razak (BN-Permatang) sifatkan cadangan itu sebagai rancangan menteri besar dan kerajaan negeri untuk menyingkirkan Khusrin.

Sulaiman sebaliknya memuji Khusrin dengan berkata, Khusrin terkenal dengan sifat tegas, profesional dan berintegiriti.

Katanya, bukan DUN tetapi di parlimenlah tempat yang betul untuk membahaskan pindaan sebegitu kerana ia pelantikan itu berkaitan dengan perlembagaan persekutuan.

4.30 petang: Khalid memohon sidang dipanjangkan sehingga jam 7 petang supaya semua ADUN mendapat peluang berbahas.

Sehingga sekarang, Shuhaimi Shafiei (PKR-Seri Muda) - dalam giliran kelima - sedang berucap.

6.25 petang: Usaha kerajaan negeri untuk meminda undang-undang tubuh Selangor tidak berjaya apabila gagal mendapat sokongan dua pertiga dalam prosiding bacaan kedua.

Seramai 34 ADUN mengundi bersetuju dengan pindaan itu manakala 20 lagi mengundi menentangnya.

BN mempunyai 21 kerusi yang mana kesemuanya sebulat suara menolak cadangan menteri besar itu.

Freak astronomical event witnessed in Langkawi?

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 07:41 AM PST

In a blog I read regularly I came across a paragraph in its latest posting which piqued my interest.

I thought I'd highlight the observation of the said "freak astronomical event" by the author here and wonder if any of our good folks on the island, or anyone of you I know personally who might have been there at the said time, also witnessed this phenomenon.

Based on the writer's description of the time of the event I would place it as the night of Tuesday, 18 January 2011. The paragraph in reference I quote here …

Finally, we would like to report another freak astronomical event. Last week during the full moon, this writer was on the Island of Lan[g]kawi in Malaysia where he saw the sun set at the same time a full moon rose in the East on the exact opposite side of the horizon from the setting sun.

This is interesting. Because this event adds to the other astronomical anomalies that were reported earlier. Apparently in Greenland recently the sun rose 2 days early than normally expected. And elsewhere it was reported in November last year that the moon had tilted! You can go here and here and check out the respective stories yourself.

Have you also heard? On 27 August 2011 expect the greatest earth event to take place – you'll see 2 moons in the sky! Go read about it here.

Tagged: 2 moons, freak astronomical event, Langkawi, moon tilted, sun rises 2 days early in Greenland

(Gambar) Ceramah Calon PAS, Cikgu Normala Di Tenang

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 08:35 AM PST

Menurut Twitter Tony Pua, ceramah PAS di kawasan Tenang semakin mendapat sambutan daripada penduduk setempat.

Selain itu, menurut laporan Malaysia Kini di Tenang, rata-rata pengundi Cina di Tenang tidak makan dengan taktik yang dimainkan oleh MCA iaitu membangkitkan isu sarung tangan.

Mereka mengganggap rakyat Malaysia harus memahami dan saling menghormati agama di antara satu sama lain, isu yang lebih dititikberatkan adalah seperti kualiti calon, kesanggupan calon berkhidmat dan sebagainya.

Baca disini:
P'raya Tenang: Isu 'jabat tangan' makan diri?

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Fitnah dan seranggan peribadi juga dimainkan oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab seperti disini:

PAS nafi calonnya tanya 'kenapa jual arak'

Taktik MCA itu juga dikatakan makan balik sendiri kerana pengundi Melayu semakin tidak berpuas hati dengan taktik MCA memainkan isu agama. Hal ini telah menyebabkan Timbalan PM meminta MCA berhenti bermainkan isu tersebut:

Muhyiddin minta MCA henti main isu salam

Tenang “Chinese Votes” In the Bag

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 07:15 AM PST

Campaigning for the 5766 chinese votes are at full swing. There are all sorts of methods and ways of campaigning to woo for the voters. A BN supporter said to audie61 we must be,"Innovative and yet Practical. The people will surely vote for sincerity.

It's Chinese New Year in a weeks time and if 5766 BN supporters do their part by helping to clean up and work their ways to the hearts of the Chinese Voters many will appreciate it. Only at this by elections can this "IDEA" be appropriate.

We must get rid of the Perception that BN only throw goodies and have "mee-segera" Pakatan has their ways and they will not 'resort" to campaigning of these sort.

Would they..??


Posted: 24 Jan 2011 06:46 AM PST



?? Dec07 Dec08 Dec09 Am10
??(??) 119.09 19.84 61.82 141.211
???? 1.43 1.57 1.65 1.54



???(??) ???(??) ?? ?? ??1????

1.68(?)2010?9?24? 2.06(?)9?29? +0.38 5? $3526.38
1.87(?)10?4? 2.06(?)10?14? +0.19 10? $1612.41
1.83(?)11?2? 1.95(?)11?8? +0.12 6? $922.86
1.84(?)11?16? 1.95(?)11?22? +0.11 6? $822.23
1.80(?)12?1? 2.32(?)12?24? +0.52 23? $4897.44
2.18(?)2011?1?5? 2.30(?)1?7? +0.12 2? $871.76








2008?6?,?Flipchip??(FCI)?Advanpak??(APS)??????,??FCI????????(Advanpak??,UAT)???,FCI???UAT????,??????CSP?Spheron TM??????????????????????????,?????????????????,?????????????????????




Read More... [Source: Stock Money?? - Posted by FreeAutoBlogger]

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now


Posted: 24 Jan 2011 06:46 AM PST






Actual market

Nov 2, 2009 1241.76 (-1.47)
Nov 3, 2009 1242.32 (+0.56)
Nov 4, 2009 1253.84 (+11.52)
Nov 5, 2009 1253.96 (0.12)
Nov 6, 2009 1260.76 (+6.80)

Read More... [Source: Stock Money?? - Posted by FreeAutoBlogger]

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Kosmo ~ Buruknya gaya bahasa wartawan dan pengarang akhbar ini!

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 06:48 AM PST

Tersentak saya apabila membaca tajuk akhbar Kosmo! ini!

Tak semena mena timbul perasaan benci dan marah sekali melihat betapa kejinya gaya bahasa wartawan Kosmo ini memuatkan tajuk yang sengaja dirancang untuk menarik perhatian pembaca!

Almaklum sahajalah zaman ini kan zaman dimana Fitnah dan Maksiat bermaharajalela terutamanya apabila ditaja dan dicanang oleh akhbar akhbar tabloid sebegini yang memang mencari berita berita sensasi untuk melariskan jualan akhbar!

Sila klik keatas paparan laporan diatas untuk melihat dengan lebih jelas lagi.

Terkilan dihati saya bilamana wartawan NORLIDA AKMAL IDROS, seorang wanita Melayu dan juga seorang ibu sepertimana terbukti digambar Facebooknya ini tergamak menyusun kata sebegitu gaya menyatakan 'Ayu usaha puaskan Zaquan!'

Beginikah cara wartawan Melayu sekarang menyusun ayat dan membuat tajuk artikel?

Artikel awak adalah tentang sepasang suami isteri yang baru bernikah! Awak tulis artikel dengan tajuk begitu dengan maksud apa?

'Ayu usaha puaskan Zaquan!'

Setiap pembaca dewasa akan sertamerta menafsir akan maksud disebalik tajuk ini dengan fahaman yang mendorong ke perhubungan suami isteri yang tersirat disebalik kata kata diatas.

Amat buruk sekali cara wartawan ini dan juga rakan setugasnya AHMAD SYAHIR KASSIM didalam cara penulisan tajuk akhbar ini.

Pengarang Kosmo yang meluluskan tajuk sebegini untuk disiarkan turut bersalah diatas gaya bahasa yang digunakan. Akal pergi mana beb?

Tak boleh kah digunakan 'Ayu usaha bahagiakan Zaquan'?

Apa susah benar ke nak fikir akan cara melaporkan sesuatu berita yang baik dengan gaya bahasa yang baik dan menepati tuntutan adat resam dan juga Syariat Islam?

Nak jadi wartawan bukan boleh main hentam keromo sahaja. Kena ambil kira akan natijah cara penulisan kepada orang orang yang dikaitkan didalam laporan kalian!

Teringat saya akan episod didalam filem P.Ramlee 'Seniman Bujang Lapok' dimana Benggali jaga membahasakan watak S.Samsudin kerna kasar didalam berbahasa.

Bahasa menunjukkan Bangsa!

Bawa bawalah bertaubat wartawan diatas!

Sia sia sahaja berbangsa Melayu tetapi lupa akan budi bahasa dan tertib didalam berkarya!

Memalukan orang untuk melariskan akhbar bukanlah pekerjaan yang terpuji!

Faekah: Selangor amendments will be a win for the rakyat

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 01:21 AM PST

Full story here:
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Muhyiddin ticks off MCA on 'shake hands' issue

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 01:10 AM PST

MCA has been slapped on the wrist by Deputy Prime Minister and BN deputy chairperson Muhyiddin Yassin for its attempts to ridicule PAS candidate Normala Sudirman for refusing to shake hands with male voters in Tenang. "There is no need to go on about this. I don't want to prolong this matter," the BN's polls commander-in-chief told a press conference in Tenang today. He said Normala has her reasons for not shaking hands - and than she has the freedom to do so - and that BN should not manipulate the issue.
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Rakyat Selangor terpaksa tambah 3 lagi kerusi

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 05:04 AM PST

Saya bersyukur kerana Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor telah mengemukakan usul untuk meminda fasal 52 perlembagaan negeri Selangor dan jika pindaan ini berjaya bermakna kita sudah mula mengembalikan premis kewujuddan negera yang berkonsepkan persekutuan. Pelacuran terhadap elemen persekutuan ini telah dialakukan dengan pindaan perlembagaan yang dibuat secara paksa oleh UMNO pada tahun 1993 dahulu.

Dengan pindaan itu dahulu segala kuasa telah dipusatkan kepada Perdana Menteri dan sebahagian besar dari peruntukkan dalam perjanjian persekutuan pada 2hb Februari 1948 telah dicabuli dan diperkosa tanpa sebarang 'mercy' terhadap institusi Raja-Raja Melayu, satu institusi yang penting dalam sebuah negara Raja Berpelembagaan.

Walaupun usul ini telah tidak dapat diluluskan dengan majority 2/3 tetapi hakikatnya kerajaan Selangor telah melangkah setapak kehadapan dengan berusaha meminda bab 52 pelembagaan negeri Selangor. Walaupun telah gagal ianya membawa erti yang sangat besar bagi rakyat Selangor yang berani tampil melaksanakan tanggunjawab sebagai rakyat dan menunjukkan kepada dunia bahawa masih ada rakyat yang sedar tentang pencerobohan kepada sistem sebuah negara Persekutuan yang telah ditanda tangani pada 2hb Februari 1948.

Usaha kerajaan negeri Selangor itu juga membawa erti untuk menentang usaha kerajaan persekutuan yang merampas kedaulatan kerajaan negeri pada tahun 1993 dahulu. Peristiwa itu masih jelas teringat dan semasa pindaan pada 1993 itu rakyat yang sedar sangat merasa sedih dengan tindakkan merampas kuasa negeri-negeri seolah-olah Malayan Union telah kembali datang kepada kita dengan nama yang lain.

Penolakkan dari ADUN-ADUN UMNO dan BN itu memang telah dijangkakan dan dengan tindakan Ahli-Ahli Dewan Undangan dari BN itu sekali gus menunjukkan yang mereka tidak mahu mengembalikan kuasa yang telah elok dibahagi-bahagikan semasa pembentukkan Persekutuan Malaya 1948 dan Perjanjian Malaysia pada 1963 dahulu. Sikap kita yang bermuka-muka ini sekarang sudah mula disedari rakyat bukan sahaja diSelangor tetapi juga seluruh Malaysia.

Sekarang UMNO tidak boleh lagi melaungkan slogan-slogan kedaulatan Raja-Raja lagi. Lagi pun UMNO hanya berpura-pura menghormati Raja-Raja semasa kes pengambilan alih kuasa diPerak 2 tahun dahulu dalam mana UMNO telah berselindung dicelah ketiap Sultan untuk mengelirukan rakyat. Sikap berdolak-dalik ini mulai difahami oleh ramai rakyat dan tentunya rakyat akan tahu bagaimana untuk bertindak semasa datangnya pilihanraya umum yang akan datang.

Dalam kes yang terakhir ini kerajaan Selangor telah berjaya membuktikan siapa yang berbohong dalam isu mendaulatkan Raja-Raja Melayu ini. Bagi saya kita mesti menolak mana-mana elemen yang menyerupai tindakan Malayan Union ini kerana kita berpandukan kepada konsep persekutuan yang kuat dan mantap. Seluruh rakyat telah berarak menuntut untuk Malayan Union dibatalkan pada tahun 1946 dahulu dan kita tidak sepatutnya membenihkan kembali sifat-sifat Malayan Union yang mencacatkan keluhuran perjanjian Persekutuan itu.

Walaubagaimana pun keputusan telah diperolehi. BN tidak menyokong pindaan itu dan kerajaan Selangor masih kekurang 3 undi penting dalam persidangan khas itu. Mengikut undang-undang Dewan Undangan Negeri tidak boleh melakukan bacaan kali kedua berhubung dengan pindaan itu.

Jika rakyat Selangor masih mahukan pindaan itu, ianya mestilah diusulkan didalam Dewan Undangan penggal yang akan datang. Seandainya rakyat Selangor serius untuk perubahan itu maka mereka terpaksa berusaha menambah sekurang-kurangnya 3 kerusi tambahan lagi semasa pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Usaha kerajaan Selangor menambah bilangan kerusi didalam Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor itu memerlukan ketabahan dan usaha yang gigih. Kata orang tua-tua, 'kalau tak dipecahkan ruyungnya, mana kan dapat sagunya'. Kejayaan akan hanya diberikan tuhan kepada pihak yang berusaha keras.

If you can't win my reason, then try money!!

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 04:19 AM PST

Recently Porn star Chua Soiled Lek made some stupid commence about the opposition candidate wearing gloves and not shaking hands with guys. I am not a Malay and I frankly don't think it is an important issue! In any case MCA has been going back on old issues to scare the Chinese with the Islamic state issue.

I think everyone in MCA is a dumb dinosaur! Don't they get it that those issue no longer scare the younger votes?!? Why can't they concentrate on real important issues like TBH case, the integrity of the candidate and etc???

Well I guess they went on to plan B!

Bribe the VOTES!! It is no surprise that Malaysian now call by-election, buy-election!!

This blatant act is terrible!!!

I hope the people of Tenang take the goodies but vote the opposition!!

The people of Tenang have been receiving windfalls since the by-election was called, including money and gifts from government agencies and related agencies, all claiming it is just business as usual. tenang by election hamper 230111 02BN representatives say the goodies are merely "regular assistance due to underprivileged residents" from the various government agencies. Regardless of the reasons given, how to receive "election goodies" has become the hottest topic in Tenang coffeeshop talk.

Malaysiakini interviewed several voters who had received such "assistance", based on tip-offs from the local people. A 40-year-old single mother residing in Labis, who requested she not be named as she feared reprisal, showed Malaysiakini a RM50 hamper, an ang pow packet with RM200 and 12 feet of fabric that she received in a function at the Labis municipal council hall last week. ""I don't know who was the organiser. I think there were more than 100 beneficiaries.

The organiser gave out RM200 cash, hampers and fabric. The cash was put in a white envelope," she said. According to her, Labis MP Chua Tee Yong and Johor exco Tan Kok Hong of the MCA were present as VIPs and one of them called on those present to support the BN candidate. Tan when contacted denied that the goodies were from MCA, saying that they were provided by the Welfare Department. "This is not vote-buying. We did not do so. These activities are carried out by the relevant government agencies throughout the year. How can we direct the department around?" he said.

Cash for flags
Another female voter also claimed that her neighbour was given RM1,000 cash for putting up four BN flags and a banner with Najib's portrait in his house compound throughout the campaign period. tenang by election 230111 1 malaysia group distribute goodies 1Another woman voter said her neighbour was given RM1,000 cash for putting up four BN flags and a banner with Najib's portrait in his house compound throughout the campaign period. She said the kindergarten in which her nephew is studying has called parents to inform them that families earning below RM2,000 are entitled to RM450 cash.

However Malaysiakini could not verify this claim with the relevant authorities. However, ever since the by-election for Tenang was called, it has been observed that many government agencies have focused their programmes and assistance schemes in the constituency. Tenang - Shafie Apdal giving goodies to orang asliNajib, in his visit to Tenang on Tuesday, announced an allocation of RM1.31 million to upgrade all the mosques, surau and religious schools in the three Felda settlements in the constituency.
Yesterday Rural and Regional Development Minister Shafie Apdal also promised 20 new free houses to tthe people of two orang asli villages in the constituency. What makes this even more interesting is that MCA president Chua Soi Lek - who holds no government post - has also announced that Tenang New Village will get a new basketball court.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported today that Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Noh Omar has dismissed the notion that the ministry's programmes in the Tenang state constituency were instant projects implemented because of the by-election.
He said the programmes were on-going, such as the ministry-with-the-people programme, which is held monthly. "For example, last year we had more than 15 programmes, none of which had anything to do with elections," he told reporters after launching a young entrepreneurs development programme at the Labis square in Tenang.

Explain Funds Outflow, Says Kit Siang - By Clara Chooi.

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 03:08 AM PST

DAP told Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders today to stop spreading "lies and falsehoods" in the Tenang campaign and focus instead on explaining Malaysia's staggering RM888 billion illicit capital outflow in the past decade.

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang said in a statement today that as the Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak should issue an immediate response instead of "passing the buck" to Bank Negara.

The large outflow of illegal money, he added, was clearly the result of corruption and poor governance under the BN leadership over the past decade.

"It is more than five days since the publication of the GFI (Global Financial Integrity) report but there has been conspicuous silence from the government, apart from the weak excuse by the PM, passing the buck to Bank Negara on Friday," he said.

Umno and MCA leaders, he added, should focus on explaining the country's losses instead of using its "scare and fear" tactics to woo Tenang voters.

BN's MCA kicked off its Tenang campaign over the weekend by harping on the Islamic state issue plaguing the opposition, in an apparent attempt to recapture the Chinese vote.

But Lim noted today that the ruling coalition should address bread-and-butter issues, pointing out that losses through illicit fund outflows would eventually cripple national development.

"The outflows will deprive the public coffer of tax revenues crucial for providing public goods like public security and high educational standards and drain capital needed for various investment projects, poverty alleviation and economic growth," he said.

Malaysia registered the fifth-largest amount of illegal money outflows among developing countries during between 2000 and 2009, according to a report by the US-based financial watchdog GFI released this month.

The report titled "Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2000-2009" said illicit financial outflows from Malaysia totalled US$291 billion (RM888 billion) in that period.

Illegal money outflows from Malaysia tripled to US$68.2 billion in 2008, from US$22.2 billion in 2000, said the GFI.

The transparency watchdog defines illicit financial flows as generally involving the transfer of money earned through illegal activities such as corruption, transactions involving contraband goods, criminal activities, and efforts to shelter wealth from a country's tax authorities.

On Friday, Najib had declined to comment on the matter but instead said Bank Negara would provide specific remarks.

The opposition have jumped on the issue, calling for an independent investigation on the report and urging for an immediate response from the government.

"There must not be a cover up. It is stealing from the country and keeping it in foreign banks, institutions," Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yesterday.

Before that, DAP had also urged the government to come clean on Malaysia's illicit money outflows, with its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng calling for a royal commission of inquiry.

China topped the list of 125 developing countries at US$2.18 trillion in that period while Philippines, in 12th, was Malaysia's closest regional neighbour at US$109.3 billion. Zimbabwe was 73rd at US$4.1 billion and Myanmar at 85th with US$2.9 billion.

GFI said its research indicates that political instability, rising income inequality, and pervasive corruption are some of the structural and governance issues that could be driving illicit capital from many developing countries.

The watchdog also noted that there have been media reports that large state-owned enterprises such as national oil company Petronas may be driving illicit flows.

The report further highlighted discrimination in labour markets as a factor behind migration and illegal money outflows.

The GFI also said increasing transparency in the global financial system was critical to reducing illicit financial outflows.

Najib has launched his New Economic Model (NEM) where some RM1.4 trillion will be spent in the coming decade for the country to achieve high-income status and generate some RM1.7 trillion in gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Oh. So now it is one year issit?

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 01:22 AM PST

From now on take 1 year only. Okay? 
You vote for us okay?
The minister of Home Affairs, Hishamuddin Hussein announced today that his ministry has set a 1 year time limit for the processing of applications for citizenship. He also said that the reason for the huge backlog was that...

"Previously, there was no time limit set for processing such applications and due to various reasons, we ended up with a huge backlog that included applications that went back decades."

This just tells me that the flers in the Home Ministry have previously been sitting on their collective ARSE doing shit-all and should all be fired! 

Just thought this 'translation' might help those of you in Tenang and Malaysians in general who don't understand "political-speak" lah.


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