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Year-end Resolution -- UNCIVIL visitors will be thrown Ooooch!

Year-end Resolution -- UNCIVIL visitors will be thrown Ooooch!

Year-end Resolution -- UNCIVIL visitors will be thrown Ooooch!

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 03:41 PM PST

Desi is NOT going to entertain any FIRST-TIME VISITORS to this blog and as guests, don't behave civilly to the host. Such creatures don't stick to the TOPIC under discussion but instead throw profanities and labels at the writer.

I received some of these visitors because of my post wrt Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) who had responded with a CHALLENGE TO A "FIGHT". I thought Malaysians are aiming for "developed" nation status by 2020 -- with Bloggers and readers -- and RPK disciples too who come in to replicate their masters' profanities and playing doctor like ZORRO who I once respected -- Not Anymore! I am afraid Singaland continues to leapfrog ahead whileMalaysia remains or slides backwards with socalled civilleaders leading unciviltroops. HOW? To these nincompoop-visitors to Midnight Voices' abode, I say: hey, GO TO HELL!

So my year-end resolution is to tell Readers to practise some courtesy which Malaysians are noted for, especially worshippers of Zaid Ibrahim, RPK and co-founder of MCLM Haris Ibrahim.MCLM stands for Malaysian CIVIL Liberties Movement, and these socalled followers of "men of integrity" don't even understand the meaning of the core word "CIVIL". I advised one such commenter to go back to his sifu/s to learn CIVILEDUCATION101, and I have DELETED his comment. Just for the record, I republish it here and you be the judge: *************************

"BloggerTheWhisperer said...

Go search your own soul, asshole..

You can even sell your own mother for a song

11:49 AM"********************************

This portion enclosed within **************************** will be retained just for the next 24, and then will be DELETED after serving its purpose of what I mean by:



TO fRiends of Desiderata who have been having decent conversations here occasionally with me, wishing YOU "ap AP ap New Year 2011".

"Let's march forward to toppling the BN-UMNO Government at Putrajaya with confidence and commitment the 365 days ahead! If thou art down Furong way, email me or call and we will taste Temiang Corner tehtarik at recently raised price of RM1.30; or have the BESTa kambing at Lingam's,where prices remain same for most times even with sugar price increases....."


which can mean:

*** Come, let's eat!


*** Seeya later!

Godbless,however you deem that God to be. ~~ GreAtings from YL Chong, journalist, Desiderata, Blogger

Postscript @7.41:

Two nuggets recalled:):)

Narrative 5

Yeh, finally, here's MyStory, definitely embellished and dis-membered, with apologies to the original storyteller! I heard it on the cigarette maker Camel's grapevibes.

The Bedouin master in the wintry night out in the Zahara desert took pity on his Camel. He took the animal's two feet into the cover of the small tent, as the cold outside was becoming more bitter.
After some time, the Bedouin felt the cold biting into him, and being a kind soul, pulled in the Camel's body so that one half was able to enjoy some warmth of the inside of the tent.
After more time had passed, the master felt his body chilled, so he pulled the Camel further in, with only the Camel's neck and head now jutting out of the tent.
The cold blasts of winter wind and hailstorm became furiouser and curiouser. And being a warm-heArted soul, the Bedouin felt it was cruelty to animals to have his Camel freeze outside. So he pulled with all his might the last exposed anatomy of his Camel into the tent.
He then qietly went back to sleep.
Then suddenly there was a big and loud THUD from the tiny tent, inside!
The Camel had kicked its hind-leg so hard that the Master was sent flying out of the tent, and into the open arms of the Zahara desert, outside!

Waiting for WikiLeaks’ UFO papers

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 06:26 AM PST

By Stanley Koh

COMMENT UFO enthusiasts are likely to land themselves in a pool of deep disappointment if they are holding their breath for a WikiLeaks release of classified information on the highly controversial issue.

In a webchat with the Guardian about a month ago, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that there were "some references to UFOs" among the files in his organisation's possession.

Yet, although weeks have passed and more than 90,000 classified documents, including war logs, have been released in what has been referred to as the WikiLeaks Cabelgate, no information about UFOs has been forthcoming from Assange's outfit.

High hopes and great expectations are fast diminishing among UFOlogists and just about anybody else interested in the paranormal phenomenon.

According to Assange, WikiLeaks is an international service organisation that helps whistleblowers and journalists make public information that governments want to keep secret. The organisation is
four-and-a-half years-old and has an enormous range of sensitive documents from different countries around the world.

Assange is facing rape and assault charges in Switzerland, and many of his supporters allege that these have been trumped up to punish him for causing diplomatic crises around the world through his exposure of cover-ups, lies and secrets.

"Many weirdoes email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-Christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant," he said in the webchat. "However, as yet, they have not satisfied two of our publishing rules."

The rules are that the documents must not be self-authored and must be original.

"However," he said, "It is worth noting that in-yet-to-be-published parts of the Cablegate archives, there are indeed references to UFOs.

"WikiLeaks has also received a number of unsolicited tips on UFOs that seemed uncreditable or did not meet WikiLeaks's standard for publishing."

Raging debates

Does WikiLeaks really have documents on UFOs? If so, when will it release them?

In an email reply to FMT, Michael Horn, the official media representative of UFO contactee Billy Meier, said: "I think if there had been any important information, it (WikiLeaks) would have come out and/or commented on it."

In a recent online interview, Stephen Bassett, who is executive director of the Paradigm Research Group of ExpoPolitics, which partially focuses on UFO and related extraterrestrial activities,
acknowledged that UFO enthusiasts were indeed awaiting the release of the WikiLeaks information on the subject.

American bloggers are blazing their online activities with raging debates and commentaries on this latest development on the subject.

"In a recent online question-and-answer session, Julian confirmed that they did (have possession of information on UFOs and related matters), but he did not promise it will be released any time soon," said Billy Booth of

As time passes, the prospect of WikiLeaks releasing any such information is fading fast. The Guardian, which has invited readers to send in suggestions for an interactive search into the WikiLeaks archives, has put up this message for those intending to ask about references to the UFO issue:

"But before we go on, two housekeeping notes: despite what Assange said in his Q&A, there is no reference to aliens in the cables. Assange may have been having fun."

Many UFOlogists contend that whatever WikiLeaks may disclose will only serve to confirm what they already know – that UFOs are real.

"It should not really be necessary for WikiLeaks (to disclose information) on UFOs or aliens as we all know they are all too real but prefer not to be recognised or have open contact with humans.
Having said that, the leaks would make terrific reading indeed," commented an American blogger.

According to recent opinion poll, some 30% of Americans believe in the existence of UFOs.

Secrecy system

Will there be a catastrophic collapse in the secrecy system surrounding the UFO phenomenon if WikiLeaks finally does disclose information pointing to increased activities of extraterrestrials
around the globe?

According to experienced former top military officers, the secrecy and denial syndrome affecting governments around the world with regard to UFOs could be based on two factors.

First, the UFO phenomenon is a military embarrassment. The UFOs could just fly in and out with impunity, and governments are helpless to do anything about them.

Second, in exceptional cases as in the United States, there are suspicions that the top-level secrecy is related to the re-construction of military craft using advanced technology used by extraterrestrials whose ships had landed or crashed to earth. These visits and crashes are well documented, according to UFOlogists.

Some pundits say it is irrelevant to ask whether WikiLeaks will eventually release its UFO documents.

On April 22, 2009, public disclosures in Washington DC by prominent former astronauts, ex-military commanders and experts in space technology more than covered the ground.

In fact, there is so much compelling evidence and so many witnesses around the globe that any information WikiLeaks would release would probably be anti-climactic.

"Like Billy Meier, with his thousands of pages of transcripts of Pleiadian thought, UFO channellers have given rise to a considerable body of literature," according to Alien Encounters, a 2004  Time-Life publication.

Pakatan’s 100-day plan almost silent on Sabah, Sarawak

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 06:06 AM PST

By Joe Fernandez

COMMENT There is nothing particularly exciting for Sabah and Sarawak in Pakatan Rakyat's 100-day reform plan, hailed as a Complete Makeover for Malaysia, a National Recovery Plan, a Malaysia Revival Programme or any other such platitudinous expression it cares to articulate.

The plan is supposed to swing into action from Day One of Pakatan's capture of Putrajaya.

But except for the 20% oil royalty, any other benefit to the Borneo states is purely incidental.

PKR, similarly, has paid lip service so far to the Tambunan Declaration of Oct 7, 2006, under which the party pledged that it was committed towards the autonomy of Sabah and Sarawak as per the 1963 Malaysia Agreement. Instead the party, just like Umno and Barisan Nasional, has routinely observed the Tambunan Declaration more often than not in the breach.

It's high time that Pakatan, and BN too, thought along the following lines when cooking up something that is supposed to be good for the nation: "How will this be greeted in Sabah and Sarawak?" Neither coalition should announce anything until it has asked itself this question. This will spare it the blushes, if not red faces all around.

It's still not too late for Pakatan to amend its reform plan to include the Borneo Agenda. A start must be made within the 100-day period.

Meanwhile, BN should ask itself how it can better Pakatan in Sabah and Sarawak. It is more than apparent that it cannot be business as usual for the ruling coalition in Malaysian Borneo. However, media pictures of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak screaming his head off, hands raised, does little to inspire confidence. He comes across as one scared out of his wits and needing to put on a show of bravado.

As it stands, BN cannot better its 2008 performance in the two states. At least 10 parliamentary seats each will fall in the two states and this is sufficient to put Pakatan within striking distance of
Putrajaya. Sabah and Sarawak are in a mood to punish BN in Parliament even if they get nothing out of it. It must be remembered that it was the mood-creating effect of Hindraf's Makkal Sakthi wave that helped take down BN more than a peg or two in 2008.

Bleak spot

In addition, up to a third of the state assembly seats in Sabah and Sarawak will fall to the opposition. All this is assuming that the opposition alliance can get its act together and forge a one-to-one pact in Malaysian Borneo, as in Peninsular Malaysia, to take on BN.

Between Pakatan and BN, it's more than likely that the former will get a better hearing in Sabah and Sarawak, notwithstanding a troubled relationship so far, especially in Sabah. It's a fact that the bleak spot in an otherwise bright picture is that de facto PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim has been riding roughshod in Sabah on any number of issues. His pronouncements on the illegal immigrants, for example, don't augur well for the future of Pakatan in Sabah, if not in Sarawak.

Pakatan should keep on the safe side and rework its reform plan for Malaysia, this time keeping Sabah and Sarawak in mind.

Of particular interest to the two states is why the compliance mechanism for the Malaysia Agreement has fallen into disuse even before it can be implemented.

The suspicion is that the Malaysia partnership ceased to exist with the departure of Singapore from the Federation in 1965. This issue needs to be put to rest. It appears that the definition of Federation
in the Federal Constitution is as per the 1957 Federation of Malaya and not the 1963 Federation of Malaysia. In that case, both Sabah and Sarawak became independent of Malaysia at the same time as Singapore but were somehow retained illegally as the 12th and 13th states in the resurrected Malayan Federation, now masquerading as Malaysia.

Pakatan must be bold enough to announce that it will study whether the Malaysia Agreement still exists, and whatever the verdict, what's the best way forward.

Anwar's oft-cited flimsy excuse in private that "the Malays in Peninsular Malaysia will not stand for autonomy for Sabah and Sarawak" does not hold water. He seems to be almost conceding that Sabah and Sarawak are colonies of Malaya. Even the erstwhile Pakatanco-coordinator, Zaid Ibrahim, who has openly confessed his ignorance, echoed Anwar on the issue. No one is asking the Malays, or anyone else in Peninsular Malaysia, anything about the Malaysia Agreement. They
have nothing to do with the issue. This is an issue between Sabah and Sarawak on one side and the federal government on the other. The only other party which can enter the picture is the UN Security Council.

Pakatan must also include the Philippines' claim to Sabah in its reform plan. It is little known that the Sabah claim does not cover the whole of Sabah, but only the eastern seaboard, which was traditionally under the Sulu Sultanate, now in the Philippines Republic, and the northern third, which was handed by the Brunei sultanate to the Sulu sultanate.

Straightforward case

Sulu transferred its sovereignty over the northern and eastern parts of Sabah to the Philippines. These parts were leased by Sulu to the British North Borneo Chartered Company. The company sold the whole of Sabah to the colonial office in London for 1.2 million pounds after World War II as it was too broke to repair the war damage caused by the Japanese occupation. The rest is a brief British colonial history followed by Malaysia.

Sabah must be kept united and given the right to decide between Malaysia, the Philippines and independence. This will bring closure to the Sabah claim and the Malaysia Agreement.

Sarawak is a more straightforward case of non-compliance on the Malaysia Agreement and its fate will hinge more on which way Sabah moves. At one time, before Malaysia, Sarawak wanted a Borneo Federation with Sabah and Brunei. Unfortunately, Sabah saw Sarawak as a poor economic prospect and rejected the Borneo Federation. Malaysia entered the picture, but Brunei stayed out of the new federation at the 11th hour.

Sarawak was independent for more than 150 years before the cash-strapped Brooke Dynasty handed the kingdom over to the colonial office in London after World War II. As in Sabah, the government was too broke to repair war damage. The British should have returned Sarawak to independence and not force it into the Malaysian Federation.

The acceptance of Pakatan's 100-day reform plan in Sabah and Sarawak will undoubtedly hinge on the inclusion of the Malaysia Agreement and the Sabah claim and their resolution one way or another.

As the plan stands, there is little to quarrel with it apart from the non-inclusion of the Borneo Agenda.

Sound engineers wanted badly

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 06:00 AM PST

By Zefry Dahalan

COMMENT Malaysia may have among the best musical performers in the region and probably among the best concert equipment as well. But it is sorely lacking in good sound engineers, as the finale of the Double Trouble concert tour last Saturday proved loud and clear.

About 15,000 people packed Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach to watch the legendary bands Search and Wings do their stuff in what was probably the country's biggest rock concert of the year, but many went away disappointed with the performance of the production team, especially the sound crew.

This was the first time that any local performer was playing at Surf Beach, which has hosted many A-List international acts, including Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Flo Rida, Pussy Cat Dolls, Katy Perry,

Timbaland, Sean Kingston, Slash, Ne-Yo, Backstreet Boys, Tokio Hotel and MTV World Stage Live.

Search and Wings, particularly their vocalists Amy and Awie, had not lost any of the spark that made them once the rulers of the local music industry. Amy is in his 50s and Awie in his 40s, but they sounded no different from the way they did when they first hit the scene in the 1980s.

But all their hard work was nearly undone by the poor sound engineering.

It all began well enough in the first 15 minutes, when former Search guitarist Hillary Ang and former Wings guitarist Sham played in unplugged sessions. However, the poor sound became obvious after 30 minutes of the concert, when Awie started singing the fast number Opera Hidup. The guitars, bass, drums and keyboards were so loud that he sounded as if he was mumbling or gurgling.

The bands faced the same technical glitches a week before, when they played in Penang for about 10,000 fans.

But then, technical problems, especially in the sound system, are not new to local performers. The media and music fans have, off and on, have been complaining about this syndrome for years.

Sick sound system

The problem, apparently, is not in the quality of the equipment. The same hardware has been used to good effect for foreign bands performing here.

What we lack is expertise in sound engineering. A good sound engineer should be able, for example, to cover up for a vocalist, even if he is under the weather and unable to perform to his peak. But last Saturday, both Amy and Awie were fit. Only the sound system was sick, according to veteran rockers who attended the concert.

Mizy, lead guitarist of Laksamana, a popular band in the 80s and 90s, said he felt let down.

"We have excellent artistes performing," he said in an interview with FMT. "The venue is perfect. The equipment is not bad. But the overall performance was a big letdown. There was no proper synchronisation between the artistes and the sound system. And the lighting as well.

"There is no chemistry between the production team, sound engineer and the songs."

He said local production teams still had a lot to learn, especially in handling live concerts.

"To be fair to the production team and sound engineer, when you have two rock bands playing simultaneously, their task won't be easy. Imagine how many microphones you have to handle when you have two drummers, three gutarists, two bassists and two vocalists.

"Add to that a 10-piece orchestra and a keyboardist. Imagine how many microphones were active at one time."

He said such a big event would need a production team with a vast amount of experience.

Now, their backs are on me!

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 10:50 AM PST

I just want to wrap up my 2010 with a short and simple story - about a ministry, Rocky's Bru and me. How promises were made but not kept and how chummy they were when your service was most sought.

Nope, I am not raking the past. Neither do I take it personal but I believe Rocky shares my sentiment that some people at the top are just a nauseating lot!

About a year ago, a high ranking official of this ministry called Rocky and me to discussed something. The discussion centered along strategies, blogging, how bloggers could help the government and the nation... bla... bla... bla...everything positive. It lasted for 90 minutes and a packet of clove cigarettes.

We finally agreed on the agenda and left after the officer said: "Jai, dont worry..." I was not. Months later, nothing happened and when I told Rocky about it, he was shocked and said: "Waaaa... nak kena mamat ni!" However, I understood they were having some problems, so I just shoved it behind my head.

But at the height of Rocky-Rais 'crisis' a few months ago, they came back to me, trying to make me an arbitrator just because I posted 'Rocky and Rais: Shake hands!' on my blog. I knew they did their best to bring Rocky to the minister or at least to his secretary-general but failed.

They called me around the clock and met me on several occasion in PJ, Bangsar (Big Dog can testify this) and Angkasapuri. I didnt want to interfere, honestly but as 'friends' whom I knew for such a long time, I reluctantly tried. Why? Because I know what kind of a man Rocky is - he stands by his principles and hates broken promises.

They didnt give up when I told them that it would not work. They kept on calling again and again, even from overseas, irrespective of the hour. And finally when I told them to stop, they did just that.

Recently, I called few of them to verify something. Unfortunately, non of them answered my calls or replied my SMSes. Even a senior officer whom I met two weeks ago (in a jovial mood) refused my calls and text messages. My college buddy at the MCMC also 'got to attend a whole day meeting' everyday.

So, thats what this people are made of. Come 2011, I will opt for killing more snakes!


Books of 2010

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 10:42 AM PST

Here's a famous quote from Charles Jones;
"You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read."

I don't mean to brag but for the sake of keeping an online record for myself or whoever that might be interested - like I have always been doing for many years - here's my list of books read in 2010. My personal favourites are in bold. In total, I read an average of 2.25 books a month.

The list below does not take into account tonnes of other reading materials i.e. academic journals, textbooks and magazines.

1. What Your Teacher Didn't Tell You - Farish Noor
2. Malaya's First Year at the United Nations - Tawfik and Ooi
3. Malaysia: The Road to Independence - Tunku Abdul Rahman
4. Raden Saleh: Anak Belanda, Mooi Indie & Nasionalisme - Harsja Bachtiar, Peter Carey & Onghokham (Indonesian)
5. A Short History of the Revivalist Movement in Islam - Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi
6. Pengembaraan ke Kedah, Perlis dan Kelantan - Za'ba
7. Gedung Kuning: Memories of a Malay Childhood - Hidayah Amin
8. How to Think Like Mahathir - Dalina Ismail
9. Protector? - Chandra Muzaffar
10. Malaysian Maverick - Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times - Barry Wain
11. Perangai Bergantung Kepada Diri Sendiri - Zaaba
12. The Life in Writing: Syed Hussein Alatas - Masturah Alatas
13. Daulah Uthmaniyah dan Alam Melayu - edited by Farid Mat Zin
14. Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Dunia: Sejarah Ringkas - James T. Collins
15. The Writer: The Early Years 1947-1972 - Dr Mahathir Mohamad
16. 120 Malay Movies - Amir Muhammad
17. 13 May 1969: The Darkest Day in Malaysian History - Leon Comber
18. Quran and Cricket: Travels Through the Madrasahs of Asia and other stories - Farish Noor
19. The Art of War & The Book of Lord Shang - Sun Tzu & Shang Yang
20. A Plea for Empathy: The Quest for Malaysian Unity - Dr Chandra Muzaffar
21. Teguran Suci dan Jujur Terhadap Mufti Johor - Prof Dr Hamka
22. Unfinished Journeys: Adventures in Familiar Places - Ziauddin Sardar
23. Outliers: The Story of Success - Malcolm Gladwell
24. Persuasion - Tom Gorman (unfinished)
25. 1984 - George Orwell
26. The Information Society - Armand Mattelart (unfinished)
27. Post-Capitalist Society - Peter Drucker (unfinished)

Okay, that's all folks! I guess this must be my last post of the year. So, Happy New Year all!

Some of my bucket-list for 2011! And what I like to see happens!

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 02:39 PM PST

1) The trial of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) be quickly concluded and he be found guilty of all charges, including being a traitor to the country, and given a long solitary jail sentence!

2) Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) be brought back to Malaysia and to face the music for crime of lying to his "friends", to the country and to the world. When dealing with his crimes, he must not be given any leniency!

3) All corrupt government officials and all corrupt Cabinet Ministers aides be brought to justice and be given a stiff penalty, and all ill gotten gains made by them to be taken away!

4) Incompetent cabinet ministers be dropped from the line-up, and cabinet minister accused of raping any women be dropped then charged accordingly!

5) That the Prime Minister must seriously scrutinise his people, surrounding him, with a fine tooth comb to see whether these people are actually seriously serving him or just for self interest. And that the Prime Minister must do everything in his power to give credit when credit is due to all of his loyal people!

6) That God will finally give Nik Aziz some sense when dealing with sensitive Malay issues! And that God will finally give him some sense for him to resign for good!

7) That Ronnie Liu be struck by lightning while fondling Elizabeth Wong.

8) That Khalid Ibrahim be struck by an exposed electrical cord in a room where he was having sex with Elizabeth Wong, that will turn his small penis to be limp forever!

9) That God plays a cruel jike on Tian Chua by striking him with lightning and that will compel him to convert himself to Islam and to marry Wan Azizah, who has since divorced BABI!

10) That God will play another cruel joke by turning Karpal Singh and his whole family into a devout Muslim.....wouldn't that be neat to watch he, he!

11) That, finally, Malaysians will forget all the nasty people (including BABI) who have been influencing their lives negatively and to live happily ever after together and make this country, and its already working system, prosper!

12) And that I would like to be allowed to go to a casino at Genting without fear of being arrested by over zealous religious police, who had nothing better to do but arrest people for nothing, sometimes!

Meanwhile I would like to wish my friends and my great Malaysian people a very Many Happy New Year!

Rais Yatim needs to come out and defend himself against such accusation!

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 04:22 AM PST

The Prime minister at the time, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy, Najib Abdul Razak were privy to this distasteful revelation.

But true to fashion, they had to protect the 'good name' of Umno. And themselves.

The matter was serious enough and could have brought down a government, but no investigation was carried out to see if there was any truth in the allegation.

Perhaps, senior members of Umno already know that there are several rapists, murderers and psychopaths making up their ranks.

Justice for the rape victim was the last thing on the collective minds of these men. What mattered most was to protect Umno.

The leaders knew that under normal circumstances, the alleged rapist could have carried on with his job and play an important role in society, like nothing had happened. This is Malaysia, after all, where whitewashing is a favourite pastime.

The fact that this man had put his name up for nomination for the post of Commonwealth secretary-general complicated matters. The fact that Malaysia's bid was going to be successful did not help.

If this man was selected as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth that March 2008 he would have to be based in London.

If the girl who was raped managed to successfully press charges or if some stubborn journalist got wind of the story and unearthed the sordid details, this man's past and his crime, would have been exposed.

Scotland Yard or Interpol would have had to detain him and carry out investigations. The Commonwealth, Malaysia and Indonesia would have a diplomatic scandal of cataclysmic proportions. Our name would be "mud".

So Abdullah Badawi and Najib did the next best thing. They persuaded the candidate to withdraw his nomination and blame it on "personal matters". That way it would not tarnish the administration. They too, played their part and professed 'shock' at his 'sudden' announcement.

They must have told the alleged rapist that although they could easily protect him in Malaysia, their power and influence could not extend to the United Kingdom where the rule of law is adhered to.

But for Wikileaks and the cyberwhispers, all these rape allegations have blown out into the open.

This is the same minister who, in early 2010, warned Muslims to not immerse themselves in the Internet and told Malaysians that "….Twitter and Facebook are tools of the West that can erode Malaysian culture…"

No wonder he told us to be wary of the Internet. How ironic then that in the end it was the internet that brought about his downfall.

For more reading check out this website

Tenang - Not too 'tenang'

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 10:37 AM PST

The Tenang by-election scheduled to be held on the 30th of January is an acid test for BN's claim of supremacy in Johor and for Najib personally. This state by-election will be a clear barometer and indicator to his popularity as the PM. Bear in our mind that Labis is a strong fortress for UMNO and BN and any diminution of winning majority is simply a no-go for BN in the forth coming GE.

As for PR leaders they are admitting that this constituency is a stronghold of BN and loosing with narrower majority is certainly an indicator that PR is already having the feel of its existence in this UMNO based state and will be the moral booster for the alternative coalition to look at Johor seriously in the next GE.

None of the PR leaders are taking on Tenang with winning optimism but all of them conclusively envision that a defeat with thinner majority is not an unworkable goal. They stay and remain as underdog and winning with however simple the majority will be taken as conquering success and the talk that BN is going to loose substantial number of seats both the Parliamentary and the state seats in Johor in the coming GE is not a fallacy or empty talk.

The issues that surround the election campaigners will be similar to issues debated currently in public places. Among the issues are DS Rosmah's involvements in the national politics and administration, ETP, NKRA, racial issues, Intra-party problems within BN and numerous other relevant issues that relate to the daily life of Malaysians. In short this by election is the determinant of Najib's and BN's faith in future.

There are talks and gossips that Tenang is not as 'tenang' and the inroads made by PAS and PR are obvious, noticeable and quite invasive. BN may win but with thinner majority; and that is all the oppositions desire to proof in this by-election. Losing with narrower majority is as good as being a victor as this constituency is notably the among the strongest UMNO and BN stronghold in Johor.

The 2500 majority in the last GE was much narrower than the previous election (1999) when BN secured a majority of about 5000 votes. If BN is not able to at least preserve the 2500 majority this time around it simply means that BN is seriously loosing grasp in its own home and recognizable home turf. This election is also another test for MCA whether that party is still identifiable by the Chinese as the perception is that MCA is swiftly loosing grip of the Chinese support and heading for oblivion.

The acting UMNO head is facing encumbering problem to be accepted as a candidate as he is not local Tenang 'boy'. Like the late Dato Sulaiman Taha, the acting heads hails from NS while most of the twenty branches are having preference for local 'boy' as their candidate. PAS on the other hand is fielding a young local lawyer who is well liked by the electorates in Tenang.

In actuality the most crucial votes are the Malay votes. This is much so as the propensity of the Chinese leaning towards DAP may leave only the residual support of the Chinese towards BN. These days the Chinese do not have any high regards for Malay leadership like they used to and for that reason they are now mounting pressure and demands to the extent that they want everything the Malays barely have. The huge vacuum of leadership is a real and God knows how UMNO and Malay leaders can address this serious issue.

BN has to be in tight control of the mind of the Malays within this constituency in order to make up a marginal win over PR (PAS) candidate …..And bear in mind that a slim win for PAS is a huge loss for BN, particularly in this constituency. So what is the actual initial judgment of the situation in Tenang?

Some people say it's fifty-fifty. Let us wait until the 30th January, at about 10.30 PM. We should be able to get the answer by then.

PM Owes Christians An Apology For Aides’ Christmas Blunder, Says PR - By Debra Chong.

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 02:50 AM PST

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) politicians today called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to take responsibility and publicly apologise for his aides' gaffe at the Catholic archbishop's Christmas tea party here last Saturday.

The Malaysian Insider had yesterday reported that Najib's men had instructed church officials to remove crucifixes and other overt Christian symbols from being displayed at the party grounds in Bukit Nanas before the PM's visit in their zeal to protect his Islamic credentials.

Hymns and prayers were also barred.

Sources disclosed that the orders were issued without the PM's knowledge.

Leaders from the DAP, PAS and PKR urged Najib to act promptly and make clear his stand on the instructions, saying that further delay could harm Malaysia's still fragile interfaith ties.

PAS lawmaker Khalid Samad described the actions taken by Najib's aides as a "blatant act of religious intolerance" that reflected the prevailing attitude of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

"Christians have the right to celebrate their religious festivals as they see fit. I don't see why Najib's men had to go and give orders to remove this or that," he told The Malaysian Insider today.

"It would be just like going to Batu Caves and telling the Hindus to remove the statues there," he added.

"That's the problem with Umno-BN all this while. They do all these unnecessary things that are completely unacceptable," said the Shah Alam MP who has been derisively called "Khalid Gereja" by political rivals for his sympathy towards non-Muslims.

He explained that right-thinking Muslims understood that they were not celebrating the festival but showing respect and solidarity to followers of other creeds at such festivals.

"You're not celebrating that festival because you don't believe in that religion. You're there to show not animosity but respect and solidarity and acknowledge they have the right to practise their religion," he stressed.

Khalid noted that Najib could have easily avoided the ruckus if he had given clear directives to his staff on his personal policy regarding visits for religious occasions.

"If he felt that he was going to feel uncomfortable with all the crosses there, then he shouldn't have gone. Otherwise, if he understands that as a Muslim his faith won't be compromised... he should have told his men," the 53-year-old said.

"The logical way to treat the situation now is for him to apologise on behalf of his aides and put the matter right," said Khalid.

Selangor DAP chief Teresa Kok accused the prime minister of trying to curb religious freedom and demanded he take full responsibility and apologise.

"Najib should apologise to [the] Christian Federation of Malaysia for 'de-Christianising' their Christmas celebration," she said in a strongly-worded media statement today.

The Selangor state executive councillor insisted that Najib must have given the orders and was distancing himself from his men's actions in a bid to save face.

"Such an order from the Prime Minister's Office's (PMO) shows how insincere and ungracious Najib behaved as a guest at the celebration held at the Catholic archbishop's residence. It is doubtful that Najib could have been unaware that his office had issued such a directive and far more likely that he is back-pedalling after having been exposed and publicly shamed," she said.

Kok, a Christian, reminded Najib and the PMO that there is a "deeper meaning to Christmas beyond the Santa Claus and snow, and that that deeper meaning should be respected".

"Christians have a right to be offended," PKR's communications chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad told The Malaysian Insider today.

The Seri Setia state assemblyman echoed both Khalid and Kok in denouncing the PMO's tactless actions.

He said the conditions imposed on the Catholic church pointed to a deeply-entrenched system set up by Umno and the BN to keep the nation divided along religious lines.

"In Malaysia, because of Umno and BN, they [Muslims] don't know much. That creates schizophrenia and this problem among the Muslims and non-Muslims," said Nik Nazmi.

He said Muslims elsewhere were not fearful that their beliefs would be compromised if they shared in the festivities of followers of another creed.

"I think the PM should state clearly that they were wrong and it will not be repeated. It can get quite serious because ultimately the buck stops with him. He is the boss. He has to take accountability," he said.

Nik Nazmi hinted that the nation's tenuous religious situation may spiral out of control again unless Najib steps in quickly and addresses the issue.

Malaysia was rocked by a series of attacks against houses of worship in January this year following a controversial court ruling in favour of the Catholic church over the use of the word "Allah".

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

The Padang Serai MP do you want muslim to Genocide the HINDUS here the HINDUS Genocide of Muslims in INDIA

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 02:47 AM PST

The Padang Serai MP do you want muslim to Genocide the HINDUS here the HINDUS Genocide of Muslims in INDIA

Genocide in India: Never forget! Never Again!
Hinduvata genocide against Muslims in Gujarat, India

Modi and massacre of Gujarat Muslims expose Bharti designs
Mr. Modi the Chief Minister was implicated in these riots–supported by Indian Hotel Owners Association in America–the same group that supports Gov. Bobby Jindal
The Guardian writes.
'Five years ago this week, across the Indian state of Gujarat, the stormtroopers of the Hindu right, decked in saffron sashes and armed with swords, tridents, sledgehammers and liquid gas cylinders, launched a pogrom against the local Muslim population. They looted and torched Muslim-owned businesses, assaulted and murdered Muslims, and gang-raped and mutilated
Muslim women. By the time the violence spluttered to a halt, about 2,500 Muslims had been killed and about 200,000 driven from their homes.'
BABRI MOSQUE, 1992! Here is from BBC!!
BBC says, 'A mob (150,000) of HINDU militants has torn down a Mosque and attacked other Muslim targets in the north Indian town of Ayodhya, in one of India's worst outbreaks of inter-communal violence. The gathering at the mosque began as a religious procession organised by three right-wing Hindu groups, including the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).' Importantly, the rally organizers had given their word to the Indian Supreme Court' that they wont harm the Mosque!'
after the death of Mrs. Indira Gandhi
The triamphalist India media catering to Indian elite routinely will begin blaming Pakistan for anything wrong with the Indian union–however there are many suspects in the case.
The charred bodies of Muslim after the Hindus attacked, murdered and burned them in Gujarat in 2002. The fate of Mulsims in India
The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has placed India on its "Watch List" for New Delhi's largely inadequate response in protecting its religious minorities.
In a statement, USCIRF said India earned the "Watch List" designation due to the "disturbing increase" in communal violence against religious minorities — specifically Christians in Orissa in 2008 and Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 –-and the largely inadequate response from the Indian government to protect the rights of religious minorities.
Pogram against Muslim: A real genocide unleasehd by Narendar Modi
"It is extremely disappointing that India, which has a multitude of religious communities, has done so little to protect and bring justice to its religious minorities under siege," said Leonard Leo, USCIRF chair.
USCIRF's India chapter was released this week to mark the first anniversary of the start of the anti-Christian violence in Orissa.
Any country that is designated on the USCIRF "Watch List"
A democracy is supposed to protect its citizens. More than 100,000 Muslims have been killed by the security forces in Kashmir. The persistant and continued abuse of Islam and Muslims in the country called Bharat is reprehensible.
"Even today there is increasing ghettoisation and isolation of Muslims in certain areas,
"At the same time, organised groups based on religious ideologies have unleashed the fear of mob violence in many parts of the country," .. "This institutionalised impunity for those who exploit religion and impose their religious intolerance on others has made peaceful citizens, particularly the minorities, vulnerable and fearful."
Muslims persecuted in India' , Friday, March 21, 2008, By Our Correspondent
A LARGE number of Muslims have been arrested on ill-founded suspicions of terrorism in India, said United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief Asma Jahangir.
Concluding her mission to India in Delhi, Asma through a press release issued on Thursday observed that India was a diverse country where different religions and beliefs were duly respected in an established secular framework. She said that she had visited Amritsar, Delhi, Jammu, Srinagar, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhubaneswar and Lucknow during her mission. Asma said that she was deeply touched after hearing about the exodus of the Kashmiri Pundits in 1990s following a campaign of threats and violence in Jammu and Kashmir.
She said that they had remained dislocated even today despite the fact the de-escalation of violence in Jammu and Kashmir had a positive impact on religious tolerance. She said that many interlocutors confirmed continuing bias amongst security forces against Muslims, who had been facing problems with regard to issuing of passports and security clearances for employment purposes.
She said that there were also reports of discrimination against them outside of Jammu and Kashmir, such as the refusal of hotel bookings. The Muslims were disturbed that terrorism was associated with their religion despite various public statements from Muslim leadership denouncing terrorism, she said.
She acknowledged that she received high level of cooperation both from the Indian government and from the citizens as well. She maintained that concerning the legal framework, the political system of India was of a federal nature and that the States had wide powers and the level of action of the government to protect its citizens in terms of freedom of religion or belief varied according to the states concerned.

Read more:,8599,213670,00.html#ixzz19aLfGIVk

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 — N. Gobalakrishnan continued his onslaught against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today and called the PKR de facto leader anti-Hindu for failing the Indian community.
The Padang Serai MP has been on a rampage against the party leadership via
Gobalakrishnan (picture) said today that Anwar was showing his true colours by refusing to re-open the Sivan temple in Petaling Jaya and denying the Hindu community a state executive councillor in Selangor.

IMBAS KEMBALI: Soalan "Kerajaang Perpaduang" yang Tidak Mahu Dijawab Presiden PAS

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 02:41 AM PST

Soalan: "Berapa persen...berapa persen jaminan Tuan Guru bahawa PAS dan UMNO tidak akan bergabung di bawah pemerintahan Tuan Guru"

Tuan Guru Haji Hadi:"Wooh...bukan macam meniaga...hahaha...kalau meniaga bolehlah berapa persen"

Soalan: "Tuan Guru 100% Tuan Guru"

Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang:"Tak boleh, tak boleh, tak boleh...."

Soalan yang menggamit jiwa sesiapa yang menonton filem ini, mengapa Tuan Guru Haji Hadi tak boleh kata "100%"?

Tiba tiba kita didedahkan dengan berita "Pertemuan Dalam Gelap 2".

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Gobala to Anwar: Reopen Sivan temple, or else...

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 12:49 AM PST

Padang Serai MP N Gobalakrishnan is continuing his tirade against PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, and this time has challenged him to reopen a Hindu temple in Selangor. The fiery first-term MP issued an ultimatum to Anwar to reopen the Sivan temple on Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya, after claiming that Anwar was the one who personally instructed that the temple be closed down. Full story here:
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Santa Claus Tenang

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 12:49 AM PST

By Anak Mami

Let us make a simple calculation, Minimum yield is 8.01 tonnes/hectare and maximum incentive is for >17 tonnes/hectare.The country average yield for oil palm is 19 tonnes/hectare while good estates have an average yield exceeding 26 tonnes/hectare.

Something is terribly wrong with the management of the oil palm estates in Felda.

With the high prices of palm oil now, these settlers should be laughing all the way to the bank, unless yields are pathetically low!

RM100 million in productivity bonus to Felda settlers. What a petty sum. RM500 million or more should be the real figure if corruption is not involve .The Felda settlers need to be made know that this money was never Najib's or the BN's it was theirs the whole time and was being held back from them. Imagine the interest alone that the government would have been making off that amount of money!

For every RM100 million at least 50% or more goes to the corrupted and cronies pockets. Can't be, are you joking. Someone out there must be asking. Corruption comes in many ways. Business transaction take the largest amount of money. Land transactions, infrastructure, purchase of equipments and many others.

As a matter of fact, BN rotted to its core. Even the best medicine cannot cure its illness (Corruption, abuse of power). The only way is to show them they are history comes 13GE. Can't blame our neighbour country commented on our country system. I am proud to be a Malaysian but somehow sad to have such a lousy present government.

New government, new vision, new hope that is to be trusted and believe in. Hopefully that my wish will come true comes 13GE. May all gods of the world bless us. "Merry Christmas & Happy 2011 New Year

The confession Nobel Peace Prize Belgian priest has confessed to a child sex-abuse accusation

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 12:48 AM PST


BRUSSELS — A Belgian priest has confessed to a child sex-abuse accusation that came to light during a campaign to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work fighting globalization's impact on developing countries.
The confession was published in a Belgian newspaper Wednesday and confirmed by the organization the priest founded, deepening a sex-abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church in the country. After a spate of accusations this year, the church in September published the harrowing accounts of more than 100 victims of clerical sex abuse, some as young as 2 when they were assaulted. In October, after supporters of 85-year-old Francois Houtart began working to nominate him for the Nobel, a woman contacted the nonprofit organization he founded and said the priest had abused her brother 40 years ago, according to its director, Bernard Duterme.
Houtart resigned the next month from the board of Cetri, which publishes reports critical of developed nations' actions in the Third World, Duterme said.
Houtart told the newspaper Le Soir that he twice touched "the intimate parts" of his cousin, an incident he called "inconsiderate and irresponsible."
In her e-mail to Cetri and the committee to nominate Houtart for the Nobel Prize, the victim's sister also pointed to her testimony in the church's report, Duterme said.
There, she details the abuse of her brother, which she describes as "rape," by an unnamed priest.
She says the priest, who was a friend of her father, entered her brother's room twice "to rape him." "Before the third time, my brother went to tell his parents, who kept him in their room," she is quoted as saying in the report.
The priest isn't named in the report.
Houtart is in Ecuador and didn't immediately respond to phone calls and e-mail Wednesday, but he told Le Soir that he entered the boy's room, when he was staying with the boy's parents close to Liege, in eastern Belgium.
"Walking through the room of one of the family's boys, I effectively touched his intimate parts twice, which woke him up and frightened him," Houtart is quoted as saying.
The committee in November ended its campaign to nominate Houtart for the 2011 Nobel Prize, saying the priest had requested its termination because "his age and his personal projects would not allow him to fully assume the role requested in such circumstances."
In a statement, the committee said "thousands of people" in 74 countries had participated in the signature campaign, recognizing Houtart's role in the social justice and antiglobalization movement.
It has been a traumatic year for the Catholic Church in Belgium, beginning in April with the resignation of the Bishop of Bruges Roger Vangheluwe. Vangheluwe admitted to having sexually abused a nephew for years when he was a priest and a bishop.
In June, authorities seized hundreds of case files from a church and used power tools to open a prelate's crypt in Mechlin's St. Rumbold Cathedral, seeking evidence. The raid was condemned by the Vatican and later ruled excessive by a Belgian court.
However, the investigation into the abuse continued and in September the Catholic Church published an almost 200-page report detailing the testimonies of 124 victims of abuse by Catholic clergy over decades.
In the church's report, the victim's sister says her father went to talk to the priest about the incident a few days later and asked him to apologize, but the priest declined and "told my father that there wasn't anything more normal." Her father then cut off all contact with Houtart, the woman says.
In his letter to Le Soir, Houtart says he was "personally perturbed" by the incident, "since I was conscious of the contradiction it represented with my Christian faith and my function as a priest."
He says the boy's parents suggested he get in touch with a professor in Liege, who advised him to stay in the priesthood and concentrate on his work.
Francois Polet, a researcher at Cetri, said the organization decided not to go public with the reason for Houtart's resignation from the board at the victim's sister's request. He said the precise relationship between Houtart and the victim – whether he was a cousin, nephew, or more distant relative – wasn't clear.
"It was a big, big surprise and a big, big (disappointment)," Polet said of the revelation. "Directly for us it was very clear that we could not continue to have some kind of collaboration" with Houtart.READMORE The confession Nobel Peace Prize Belgian priest has confessed to a child sex-abuse accusation

PDRM boleh caya kah ??

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 12:45 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

Polis Kontinjen Kuala Lumpur mengeluarkan senarai talian hotline yang boleh dihubungi orang ramai.

Talian bagi Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Dang Wangi ialah 03-26977099, IPD Brickfields (03-90571086), IPD Cheras (03-92840083), IPD Sentul (03-62562325) dan IPD Putrajaya (03-88862144).

Bagi Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen Polis Kuala Lumpur (IPKKL) sendiri, orang ramai boleh menghubungi talian Hotline IPKKL di 03-21159999 yang beroperasi 24 jam.

Talian-talian tersebut membolehkan orang ramai menghubungi polis Kuala Lumpur dengan segera, demikian menurut IPKKL.

Rakyat harap harapkan Merdeka Center dapat buat kaji selidik atas
a) Sejauhmanakah rakyat percaya PDRM adalah anggota yang berkhimat untuk negara ? bukan khimatan untuk UMNO?

A beautiful game

Posted: 29 Dec 2010 03:45 PM PST

By Nurul Izzah Anwar

COMMENT Last night, Malaysians proudly celebrated the victory of our Harimaus in the AFF Suzuki Cup final. This is the first time we've hoisted this trophy, and I pray and hope that it shall not be the last.

As with all good victories, let us not forget that this was the result of months and years of hard work and dedication, not just of one or two individuals but by an entire team.

To K Rajagopal, our national coach, we express our deepest gratitude for the wisdom and faith you've placed in picking the best and brightest (not to mention, the youngest) players to represent our country. If nothing else, this proves that it is the young, guided by the wise and learned, who continue to create history for this nation.

To all our players, heartiest congratulations for the stunning performance you've put in particularly in the last few games. You deserve the country's accolades. I'm sure that you will continue this effort and dedication to take Malaysia's football to greater heights.

To the fans, let us continue supporting our team through thick and thin; through sweet victories and bitter defeats. Only with such sustained support can our young Harimaus continue to rise.

It is the youth, when given a nurturing environment to grow, who will create a change for the better. It is the youth, when given the chance to perform on a level playing field, who will turn an uphill challenge into a golden goal of an opportunity. It is the youth, when provided with the best kind of support and encouragement, who will bring glory to this nation.

Level playing field

But as we celebrate this joyous victory in the final days of the year, let us be reminded that this beautiful game is only meaningful because it was played on a level playing field.

Now, imagine if the matches had actually been manipulated to not favour our Harimaus; if the rules were bent as and when the referee and linesmen chose; if the goalposts were moved each time our strikers took a shot... How would Malaysians react to this disturbing scenario? Would this still be a beautiful game?

I imagine that for the majority of Malaysians, this disturbing scenario reminds us of our current political "game".

Well it is good to see that when our Harimaus won, all Malaysians, without regard for political affiliations, are united and proud in victory.

And just as our Harimaus worked hard together to rehabilitate Malaysian football, let us also work hard together to rehabilitate democracy for our beloved nation.

We can start by passing the Democracy Rehabilitation Act which is being offered by Pakatan Rakyat to the Barisan Nasional as a bi-partisan effort to be jointly tabled and passed in the next parliamentary session.

Because, like football, shouldn't Malaysian politics also be made a "beautiful game"?

Nurul Izzah Anwar is PKR's MP for Lembah Pantai.


Posted: 29 Dec 2010 11:55 PM PST

By Red Tomato 作者林武灿





         308给国阵的教训很大, 试想一个执政了约50年的政治联盟经历了12届的全国大选,如果人民不满的程度没有鼎沸的话,它那里有可能会失去国会2/3的大多数,及5州的政权呢?


          在2004年大选,亚都拉以崭新的形象问鼎联邦,各族选票回流国阵。但在上台后3年多,其"公务员"式的呆板表现令人民大失所望,终于在2008年大选兵败如山倒,造成有史以来国阵的最低谷表现, 以惨败自咎而告老还乡。


          首先是从吡叻州下手,在308后纳吉接手该州的国阵/巫统联委会主席的情况下,威逼利诱地拉拢了3位民联的州议员为"独立"议员, 使民联州政府跨台。最后更在法庭的判决下合法化, 而造成民联资源尽失、处于挨打的地位。










          第一虚虚实实,这是兵家常事。马哈迪作为纳吉的顾问作此预测定另有玄机. 第二,明年3月止国会议员服务了36个月,已有资格获得退休金, 所以纳吉不怕得罪其众议员们。第三,明年5月砂劳越州议会任满5年,国阵可能要它的州选跟全国大选仝时举行,理由很简单,它不想让民联东渡拉票,企图稳住其东马的`定期存款'或票源。




Posted: 29 Dec 2010 11:47 PM PST



作者:林武灿 英伦辩护士、经济学士、南京大学文学硕士







                纲领首先是强调要"以人民为主人"(Ketuanan Rayat)来达致一个真正的民主社会。这造成了强调"以马来人为主人"(Ketuanan Melayu)的巫统攻击民联(特别是公正党与回教党)典当了马来人的利益。



          难道"以人民为主人"也会是错的吗?虽然公正党与回教党的支持基本上是来自马来社会,但是今天它们都能够冒着丧失马来选票支持的危机,面对巫统的"以马来人为主人"的恶性挑畔与竞争,摒弃了种族主义色彩,高举以"人民为主人"或"以民为本" 的旗帜,这将有助于民联成员党的良好关系与健康发展,以及实现改革马来西亚的愿望。

                但是,巫统的"以马来人为主人"的论调也有它一定的市场或卖点。在殖民地时期,因为有`以白人为主人'(Ketuanan Orang Puteh)的政策,造成马来族群的反感及反对,因此,才会有巫统的组织和`以马来人为主人'的口号出现。

                50年代的巫统领袖东姑亚都拉曼,就是以这个口号来发动马来族群以争取独立,甚至抛出'马来人土地万岁'(Hidup Tanah Melayu) 的口号, 以摆脱英殖民主义者把这里当殖民地来统治,这是情有可原的。




它用的就正是`以马来人为主人'的藉口。而回教党内也有另一撮人也抱着因马来人即是回教徒, 跟巫统合作也等于符合回教统治的目标, 因此就对此献议心怀不轨而蠢蠢欲动。





Posted: 29 Dec 2010 11:42 PM PST

With all the anti-ageing products on the market today, it's becoming increasingly difficult to tell a person's age. We have often heard (or received) comments like "Oh, you look so young for your age!" or "Is that your mother / father? Looks more like your elder sister / brother!" Are these real compliments or mere flattery?

For me personally, I go by how my body feels when I get out of bed in the morning, and how I look in the mirror before I wash my face. There are days when I feel great, and there are days when I wish I were 30 years younger.

For a more reliable age indicator, you might want to take this series of tests published in The Daily Mail on 28 Dec. They are easy and fun to do. Here are the first three tests. Go to the website for the rest.

WHAT TO DO: Count backwards in sevens from 100. If you are under 40, it should take no longer than 20 seconds. If you are between 40 and 60, it should take no longer than 40 seconds.
WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: Take off two years if you're quicker than these times. Add two years if you're slower than these times.

WHAT TO DO: Place your hand flat on a table and pinch the skin on the back of the hand, grabbing as much as you can. Hold it for one minute, then let go. Watch how long it takes to regain its normal appearance.
WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: Less than one second: take three years off your age. 1-2 seconds: stay the same. 3-4 seconds: add one year. 5-10 seconds: add two. 11-30 seconds: add three years.

WHAT TO DO: Stand on one leg and hold on to the other by bending it at the knee back towards your buttocks. Place your hands on your hips and close your eyes. Time how long it takes you to lose your balance.
WORK OUT YOUR SCORE: If you last one minute, take off four years. For 30 seconds: take off two years. Less than a few seconds: add three years.

Or you could try this one at Real Age, designed by Dr Mike Roizen and Dr Mehmet Oz, authors of the best-selling series of health and wellness books YOU. The test is rather detailed. Working through the questions was a wake-up call for me to pay more heed to certain areas of my health. I will turn 63 next year, but my real age as determined by my answers in the test came as a shock to me.

Would you have the curiosity and courage to find out how old or young your body really is??

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