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Merry Christmas - By Blog Admin.

Merry Christmas - By Blog Admin.

Merry Christmas - By Blog Admin.

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 08:50 AM PST

The administrator of this blog would like to wish all readers, "Merry Christmas" and have a great new year. Enjoy the holidays!

Beaten and robbed by cops over expired road tax

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 06:19 AM PST

For being frank with the police, 34-year-old Chia Buang Hing was detained for five days and beaten up until he vomited blood. The businessman, who is frame-maker, narrated the "horrific" incident today, saying that the police bashed him up, threatened and robbed him of RM13,000 in cash he was carrying - all for the expired road tax of his wife's car that he was driving. Edited by Indrani Kopal Camera: Amir Abdullah Reporter: Pathma Subramaniam Full story @
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Amal Syiah di S'gor :Warga asing terkecuali

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 04:10 AM PST

Walaupun ajaran Syiah difatwakan sesat di Selangor, warganegara asing yang menetap atau berkunjung di negara ini dibenarkan mengamalkan ajaran tersebut selagi tidak menyebarkannya kepada rakyat Malaysia. Full Story :
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Is nurul ready?IOO reasons Why Najib should think of quitting

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 06:05 AM PST

My friend, like me I presume, has no claim to fame as activist. We are normal, working, struggling mothers of twos fighting hard to survive with dignity in a migrant situation, where even bringing up your kids also is a lonely struggle, a dependent situation on strangers, or the occasional elderly in the family, who would themselves, do better with care and company

A leader is a person who inspires, by her actions, her followers to dream and do the impossible. A leader is a person who makes extraordinary things happen. A leader is a person who is very influential and has a high degree of influencing skills. A leader is inspiring by his thoughts, his deeds, his words, his actions. A leader by definition, makes things happen and does not stand by on the side while things happen.

Take any leader and you will see that this is so. If these things are not happening, then I would doubt very much if the said person is a leader.

A leader takes responsibility for the actions of the persons he supposedly leads. A leader does not say, "I don't know". The leader knows that the buck stops at him and takes full accountability for the same. Two examples from Indian history stand out in my mind.

Mahatma Gandhi (the original Gandhi) undertook a fast unto death after the Chauri Chaura incident. Why did he do that? It was because he felt (and this is important) he was culpable for his followers actions with resulted in the burning down of a police chowky and many deaths.

Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1956, offered his resignation after a railway accident at Mahbubnagar that led to 112 deaths. However, Nehru did not accept his resignation. Three months later, he resigned accepting moral and constitutional responsibility for a railway accident at Ariyalur in Tamil Nadu that resulted in 144 deaths. While speaking in the Parliament on the incident, the then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, stated that he was accepting the resignation because it would set an example in constitutional propriety and not because Shastri was in any way responsible for the accident. Shastri's unprecedented gesture was greatly appreciated by the citizens.[Wiki entry, here]

Look at history and you will see that leaders rarely share credit for victories but share all the blame when anything goes wrong. And incidentally both these leaders are with the party that today heads the government.

Today the two people from this very same party who head the government - one official, one unofficial – are leaders of a different nature. One has no idea what is happening under his watch or atleast claims to have no knowledge of what is happening under his watch. He has the certificate of integrity provided by all concerned. And the person he reports to, unconstitutionally, has nothing to say, except take potshots
at the opposition. What about the billions looted? Why was your government sitting on all these scams? And these reports were out by atleast one newspaper in 2008 itse

It beats me – a government that is reportedly the "readmore IOO reasons Why Najib should think of quitting


In Mumbai, Dr Mahathir needed S,R,K’S help How to Get Noticed

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 03:47 AM PST

Bernama reports Dr Mahathir will head to Kerala after his visit to SRK house,to visit his father's home..

A celebrity is blessed with good fortune in many ways. A reporter, for instance, has to search for news. A celebrity merely has to look into the mirror. Such self-obsession requires sensational amorality and phenomenal lack of judgment. Ordinary, guilt-obsessed mortals do not possess these virtues.
A celebrity must have talent, of course, but brains are useless without gall. It requires courage to fall irrevocably in love with your image. It must be dreadfully tense to watch each step you take with such missionary commitment, but the rewards are probably worth the effort. The tiniest twitch now resides beside perceived, or stolen, wisdom, on Twitter, the miracle technology of celebdom. Pseudo-gods seek the pseudo-faithful as fervently as the reverse.
You have to be sure-footed to walk on air. The smallest ethereal miscalculation can bring you painfully down to earth. Shah Rukh Khan mobilized the resources of the Government of India when American customs and border security authorities treated him as just another human being.
This is not his first visit to the States, so there must have been some reason for the fact that this was the first time he was detained. As it turns out, the US government did have some reasonable questions about Shah Rukh's hosts.
Old royalty used to treat an insult as high treason. What is fit punishment for the humiliation of modern divinity? A finger-wagging press conference by a mere cabinet minister seems inadequate for a mobile genius who charges crores of rupees for dancing at a wedding. Frenzy across content-starved TV channels is more like it, but we must not fetter our imagination. Perhaps India should recall its ambassador from Washington and abandon the nuclear deal unless the American secretary for homeland security is sacked?
No one likes racial profiling, even when done by an arbitrary computer. The incomparable computer seems to have not only altered the dimensions of time and space in our lives, but is now beginning to create a classless society of victims as well. Karl Marx would have been delighted by this communist child of capitalism. Shah Rukh has no complaint against the computer, however. He was furious at the inflexibility of the customs officer. Indian celebrities have created such a self-mesmerizing caste system of egos that they find any challenge difficult to comprehend.
Every celebrity is famous, but everyone famous is not a celebrity. Former president Abdul Kalam did not turn his cellphone into an advertising agency when confronted with an overzealous American security drill while boarding a commercial aircraft in Delhi, although he may have been within his rights to do so. President Kalam lived in the real world even when he was in Rashtrapati Bhawan. He knows that life is cluttered with glitches and inconsistencies. He shrugged in silence and boarded his flight.
Nor is racial profiling unique to the US. Every marital advertisements page in an Indian newspaper throws up multiple instances of colour-profiling. On the darker side, to stretch a metaphor, there is the unadvertised community-profiling in housing. People who are otherwise perfectly reasonable dread the possibility of conflict, micro or macro, with a neighbour who is not 'One Of Us'.
Shah Rukh Khan was quick to deliver a slightly pompous sermon when his colleague in the film industry, Emraan Hashmi, complained recently that he was being denied a flat in an exclusive part of Mumbai because of his religious identity. Shah Rukh could have kept quiet, of course. But there are no brownie points for silence. You cannot be a celebrity if you do not celebrate your own importance at every opportunity. The superstar told the star to stop crying, grow up and so on. Why did Shah Rukh forget to give himself such advice when his imperial procession to Chicago was marginally interrupted? Instead, he wailed loud enough to be heard in Delhi.
Celebrities, who need a course in a National School of Drama, do need to be reminded that it helps to appreciate the limits of drama, particularly when you have arrived on the national stage. Acting becomes the only reality for some superstars, and their mind turns into an assembly line production house for scripted sentences. The dazzle of arc lamps blinds the star to the slippery ooze from the ego. You can slip so easily on it.
There will surely be more than one view on Emraan Hashmi's search for upward mobility, and all sides will argue their case with perhaps more vigour than rigour. Hashmi is not yet capable of buying an independent bungalow, so all he can dream of is a better flat. But he is only pleading for a home. Shah Rukh Khan was demanding homage from the world. The difference is more than one of degree.
After Mumbai, Dr Mahathir will head to Kerala, the last stop on his tour of India..Bernama readmore Bernama reports Dr Mahathir will head to Kerala after his visit to SRK house,to visit his father's home..


Greetings of the Season

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 03:24 AM PST

Merry Christmas & A Happy New 2011!

Courtesy of pix from here.

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Posted: 24 Dec 2010 01:52 AM PST


By Admin

Christmas is upon us again. While we go about in merriment let us not forget those who go to bed hungry. Those who are lonely and rejected. Those who are in prison. Those who are empty in Mind, Body and Spirit. We pray especially for those who are unjustly persecuted for their beliefs. We pray for those especially in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Sudan, Somalia who are either persecuted for their faith or are unable to celebrate the Savior's Birth. We pray also for an end to the subtle persecution of Christians in Malaysia by the Evil BN/Umno Regime.

The Scribe and the MARGEEMAR Blog Team takes this opportunity to wish everyone a BLESSED CHRISTMAS & A PEACE FILLED NEW YEAR. FELIZ NAVIDAD!


Posted: 24 Dec 2010 01:35 AM PST

By Kesava Rao

The first and founding vice-chancellor of University of Malaya was the world-famous British-Jewish mathematician Datuk Alexander Oppenheim (pic above). He came from a Jewish family, Yiddish-speaking, born in Salford outside Manchester in 1903. Oppenheim's most famous contribution to number theory is the "Oppenheim conjecture". He became vice-chancellor of the University of Malaya in Singapore in 1957, and of UM in Kuala Lumpur in 1962, and served in that capacity until 1965. As VC of both universities, Oppenheim worked closely with Tunku Abdul Rahman in organisational questions, private fund raising and the like. Yet Oppenheim's memory at UM is barely recorded, even though he is the most famous mathematician ever to have been connected with the university.

Admin Note:

It is not surprising that the Malaysian BN/Umno Regime have re-written Malaysian History only to glorify all things Malay and Muslim. It's unthinkable that a Regime that tacitly supports atrocities by the likes of Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban etc against non Muslims would want to offend their Muslims Brothers like the sadistic and bigoted Saudis that Malaysia has links to Jewry. After all, Malaysia like most other countries refer to the barbarians mentioned above as Martyrs and Fighters instead as thugs, assassins and cold blooded murderers which they really are.

Santa Claus ala Islam

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 01:23 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

(Berita Harian) - Mufti Johor, Datuk Tahrir Shamsuddin menasihatkan umat Islam supaya tidak memakai pakaian atau perhiasan yang menyamai 'Santa Claus' kerana ia bercanggah dengan seruan Nabi Muhammad.

Katanya, kebanyakan umat Islam di negara ini tidak sedar dan kurang pengetahuan mengenai ilmu agama hingga menyebabkan mereka turut serta meraikan perayaan Krismas yang disambut penganut Kristian.

Setiap kali menjelang 25 Disember, ada antara orang Islam memakai pakaian itu. Bagi saya, hukumnya haram kerana ia boleh mempengaruhi dan memesongkan akidah seseorang Islam itu.

"Baru-baru ini, saya ada menerima aduan daripada orang ramai yang prihatin mengenai perkara ini malah ada yang meluahkan perasaan sedih kerana ada segelintir masyarakat Islam sanggup berpakaian seperti Santa Claus," katanya kepada Berita Harian di sini, semalam.

Tahrir berkata, ada sesetengah masyarakat Islam yang bekerja di pusat beli - belah terpaksa memakai pakaian atau perhiasan berkenaan atas kehendak tugas.

"Pihak atasan organisasi berkenaan seharusnya sedar dan sedia maklum mengenai sensitiviti masyarakat Islam. Mereka sebenarnya boleh mengarahkan pekerja lain dan sebagai contoh pekerja yang beragama Kristian untuk memakai pakaian terbabit," katanya.


Tanya Agent Allah Mufti johor bila orang Melayu pakai baju Santa Claus? Itu bukan Santa Clause tapi itu Syaitan Clause.
-Memang pun Melayu diharamkan pakai macam Santa Claus, bila pilihan raya kecil Menteri Menteri Melayu aksi macam Santa Claus, ...Kah kah kah
- Santa Clause Melayu ini hanya aktif pada musim pilihanraya . dia bukan bagi sebarang hadiah macam Santa Clause tapi bagi cash......... derma untuk Melayu yang lapar duit.
- Kita tanya pula pada mufti Johor, Pakaian Santa Clause lebih penting atau Santa Claus yang beri rasuah lebih penting ??
- Agar Hairan, kenapa Melayu Islam tak menciplak Santa Claus ala Islam??? Pakai Kopiah atau songkonk tinggi, berjanggut kambing, gemok gemok, bulat bulat, pakai baju bewarna Hijau tua, membaca doa sambil berjalan jalan , menunggang lembu masuk kampung, lantaran memberi hadiah untuk kanak kanak??
- Rasanya Ibrahim Ali berkelayakan jadi Santa Claus ala Melayu. Memang pun Ibrahim Ali qualified !!
- Upacara ini hanya dkendalikan pada 13 May setiap tahun.
- Bukan kah budaya Melayu kekurangan Santa Clause. elok lah ambil idea ini dan modify ala Islam Kah kah kah ..

Pejuang Islam d tukar jabatan

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 01:16 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

Alamak kawan yang pakar dalam Islam kena pula tukar jabatan
Mungkin jambatan sudah runtuh.....Kah kah kah

Ini lah pejuang Islam yang termasyur di bumi Selangor
Panglima Islam Sunnah wal Rasuah
Pejuang Islam yang dihormati oleh penganut UMNO Islamiah ...
Yang berdosa dapat dikreditkan
Yang Pahala dapat didebitkan
Semuanya pasti boleh

Panglimah Islam bukan sahaja berana menentang Mufti Loudspeaker DR MAZA
Malah berani mengistiharkan penganut Syiah adalah haram ..... Khalifah cap kentot. Kah kah Kah

Kalau di tanya kenapa ditukar jabatan ??

Jawapan yang akan diberikan:
Manusia pandai merancang, Allah yang menentukan segala...kah kah kah

Kenapa sekian lama dapat duduk kerusi JAIS ?
Sebab pandai merebut mayat kaum India。

Apakah syaarat dapat menduduki sekian lama di Jais?
Jawapan Pandai bodek. pandai bagi arahan untuk Mufti ... pandai bodek .
selain itu mengkehendaki kerjasama dengan Melayu Islam cap UMNO .

Wajib dengan kriteria berikut :
a) Amanah (Al-Amanah/Trust)

b) Keikhlasan (Al-Ikhlas/Sincerity)

c)Persaudaraan (Al-Ukhuwwah/Brotherhood)

d) Ilmu Pengetahuan (Al-Ilm/Knowledge)

e) Keadilan (Al-Adalah/Justice)

Kesemua kriterianya diaatas amat memadai kehendak dan syarat syarat Sunnah Wal Rasuah.
Jadi kena disunat UMNO dulu, cakap Islam mulut berbuih buih....
Waktu syarahan .... dermakan air liur berkoleh koleh supaya mencuci otak Melayu . Kah kah kah

Muka Pukimak MACC

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 01:12 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

Inilah ... MACC
Macam mana rakyat boleh percaya MACC ini boleh betul adil . cekap dan berintergriti ??
Nampaknya kakitangan MACC kaki penumbuk, kaki pemukul dan kaki pendera saja.

Kes Teoh Beng Hock rakyat hilang keyakinan terdahap MACC, tambahan pula pegawai penyiasat muka samseng, adakah mereka ini perlukan otak untuk memikir cara professional untuk menjalankan urusan ?? Muka pukimak macam gangster dari Suratani. Muka macam ini pun layak dapat datuk ? menjawat dalam bahagaian penyiasatan? Selain dari menggunakan kekerasan mendera dan memaksa, mengakui kesalahan. Apa yang lain pegawai pegawai MACC dapat lakukan?

Memang tidak dinafikan pegawai MACC telah menyeksa ramai orang, mendera tapi atas ketakutan si mangsa tidak berani menyuara, tidak berani memberitahu masyarakat bahawa MACC ini kumpulan samseng yang berlesen.

Kalau kita fikir dengan matang, kakitangan MACC adalah kuli rakyat, mereka ambil gaji dari rakyat , kalau lah mereka salah laku, elok lah kita sumbatkan mereka kedalam penjara, atas alasan lawan Taukeh. Rakyat adalah taukeh, bukan lah bangsat yang didera.

Selagi kes Teoh Beng Hock tidak memberikan jawapan, selama itulah MACC dianggap penjenayah di kacamata rakyat.

FirstLife Advertisements In The KOSMO! Online

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 01:12 AM PST

Click on the image:

A new dawn in Malaysia, hopefully

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 02:26 PM PST

From Malaysia First, via e-mail

The next general election when called is going to be a watershed election and may turn a new page in Malaysia's history. It is now or never and the people have to decide whether they want to maintain the status quo or as cautioned by the Prime Minister, take a gamble with our vote and hand the head of government to an alternative coalition that do not have any experience governing at the federal level.

Already we have seen the bickering among the so-called coalition-of-willing. Do we trust they will govern to our expectation. That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question.

Changing of guard naturally comes with high expectations, but at the same time, the new guards too marvel at the sudden power that is bestowed on them. What guarantee do we have that our new guardians will not be entrapped in the same failings as the administration they seek to replace?

Considering that we already have 53 years of the same recipes, from the same kitchen, it might not be a bad idea after all to see a change of chefs. Yes there are risks but heck, if there are no changes, will there ever be any changes at all.

Many a times our leaders have forewarned us not to gamble away our future. The irony is, will the future be better if we continue to stick with the current leaders who have failed us or throw our weight behind new leaders who claimed to be more capable and ready to lead. In Malaysia, I do not believe only the current government has capable politicians.

Winning an election is one thing but governing is a totally different ball game altogether. We may want to take a leaf from Taiwan. After governing Taiwan since 1949, the Nationalist Party or Kuomintang (KMT) ceded power to the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the 2000 Presidential Election.

The DPP swept into sudden power, no thanks to the split among the rank-and-file in the KMT but at the same time the Taiwanese were also fed up with their current government which had grown too arrogant, corrupt and out-of-touch with the common people.

So the time was right to have a change of guard after 51 years which saw the deterioration of governance towards the tail-end of KMT rule.

As I mentioned, with change, comes high expectations. The DPP came into power campaigning on one key platform, to rid KMT of corrupt rule. We now know the rest of the story; the new power became even more corrupt than the old.

So, after being in the wilderness for so long, when one comes to power, one could not simply resist the taste, not to mention the temptation of power. The Taiwanese people learned their lesson and elected the KMT back to power in 2008 with a landslide victory.

And if you think this is unique to Taiwan when there is a change of government, similarly in Japan it was no better when the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) fell to the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ).

Not only that, in just five short years, between the LDP and DPJ, Japan already had a change of six prime ministers and what followed is their roving door policies as termed by the media.

Till today, Japan is still stuck in their economic doldrums. And our nearest neighbour Indonesia had high expectations too when president Yudhoyono took over from Golkar but his new administration was also beset with corruption and he was personally implicated but no charges could be proven.

Still, I take my hat off to these countries whose citizens have the guts to make the change. Do you think Malaysian voters have what it takes to make the change? Yes and no. Yes for the educated and global-minded urbanites and no for the forever-comfort-zone rural population.

The kampung people live and swear by the good patronage of the current government. The kampung folk are not interested in the big picture. Globalisation maybe a buzz word for the young and mobile but is alien to the rural folks. The young generation may not live without internet access but the kampung folk get by with real-time gossip among themselves.

The current government is too entrenched at the grassroots level of every kampung. So what if the urban elites are internet-savvy and are exposing the current governments' wrong-doings in cyberspace, what counts is the number of kampung folk who are continuously latched and 'trained' to vote the current administration. Needless to say, our pakciks, makciks, apeks, ah-sohs, uncles and aunties outnumbered the ultra-modern and cyber-surfing young Turks.

Come GE13, will Malaysia wake up to a new dawn? Yes, momentum maybe building in the opposition camps. And by the way, momentum is mass multiply by velocity. I think we have the velocity with exposes after exposes daily in the cyber-space on the current administrations' excesses.

Unfortunately there is no mass because the audiences, that is, potential voters, are confined to a small part of the society and not far-reaching enough that would turn the tide to the opposition camps. The battle ground is not in the cities but in kampungs and villages.

Having said that, I'm 100% for a change in government. I'm willing to take the risk and gamble my future for the sake of my future generations. As in the case of Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia, it serves as a wake-up call to the current government not to take the people for granted (or should I say for a ride).

I also believe there is no such thing as a perfect government. Whichever political parties that comes into power, we will eventually see abuses of power and corruption and all the ills of a governing party. The option before us given the current scenario is to simply choose the best among the worse.

If the alternative coalition professes that they could govern better than the current slate of leaders, I'm willing take a ride with them. If they think there are cleaner than the current politicians, I stand to be proven wrong. If they think they can make Malaysia a more just society, I stand to be convinced.

And if the alternative coalition is not worth their salt, I'm willing to bring back the previous administration. That is what happened to Taiwan. After kicking out the KMT and realising that the DPP is even worse that the one they replaced, the Taiwanese people decided to give the KMT another chance. True enough after eight years in political wilderness, the KMT re-invented themselves where they are brought back down to earth and engage the population with their more people-friendly policies.

I wish our time will come too where we send the current government into reflection mode with the hope they too will re-invent themselves and serve the common rakyat, not to line their pockets with immoral wealth.

I believe we can write a new chapter in Malaysian history when the next general election is called.

It is not called a watershed election for nothing. This is the best opportunity that we have. The dawn of a new era is before us and we must convert this opportunity into a reality.

With you and the rest of you who are reading and sharing this, together we can make history. Do it now ! Are you with me?

Disneyland versus PKNS land

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 02:25 PM PST

From Pieter D'Cruz, via e-mail

It has been three days since the exposé of the shady dealings between Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor Menteri Besar and Azmin Ali, the deputy president of PKR over a piece of PKNS land in Section 52, Petaling Jaya.

Since the news broke out, there's not been a single word from either of them. The silence is deafening.

When Khir Toyo, the previous menteri besar, was alleged to have used state funds to pay for a trip to Disneyland, PKR leaders went to town crying thief.

Yet when the current menteri besar gave away PKNS land to a crony, the PKR leadership chooses to be quieter than a church mouse.

If the trip to Disneyland was brought to Selcat, then shouldn't the giving away of PKNS land merit the same treatment?

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Unless, of course, one believes that corruption is kosher once blessed by a leader sent by God.

And they have the audacity to promise 10 reforms within 100 days if given the powers to govern the country.

The only change to Selangor, a state that they have ruled for more than 1,000 days, is a new line-up of cronies.

Yes, it's the season for giving and forgiving but, no, giving away a piece of land owned by the rakyat is not on my gift list and hypocrites are not on my list of people to be forgiven.

Wishing Malaysians of the Christian faith, A Merry X'mas and to all Malaysians, A Happy New Year. May the Good Lord bless and protect our beloved country.


A case for Selcat: RM2 firm gets rich contract

Non-Muslims left in a limbo by judicial system

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 02:24 PM PST

From A Vaithilingam, via e-mail

I'm surprised with the views expressed by the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Gen (R) Ismail Khir Bahrom that a non-Muslim lawyer cannot represent a non-Muslim in the Syariah court.

The only reason a non-Muslim has to go to the Syariah court is because the civil court has, in my opinion, shirked its responsibility by deciding that a decision on a non-Muslim's case on something perceived to be an 'Islamic' issue must be decided by the Syariah Court.

Non-Muslims are therefore left in limbo. They are stuck with civil court judges who refuse to hear their case on the merits and politicians who refuse to change the laws to avoid these injustices.

Now, they are told they must go to the Syariah court but that they cannot have their non-Muslim lawyers represent them!

The reason cited by the minister – that non-Muslim lawyers cannot be cited for possible contempt of court – shows clearly that non-Muslims should not be forced to go even as litigants to the Syariah court.

The confused and confusing reply by the minister shows clearly that the government knows the injustice it is forcing on non-Muslims, but it is simply refusing to help provide opportunities for these helpless souls seeking proper justice!

The writer is the former president of Malaysia Hindu Sangam

MCLM idealistic and a conceited bunch

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 02:23 PM PST

From Karim Tarmizi, via e-mail

The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) or the third force is an idealistic concept. It would be realistic for the people in MCLM to take note of the voter profile, election boundaries and also the current make up of the political parties and structure in Malaysia.

There are many individuals and personalities in this country who can be a wakil rakyat - perhaps better than the ones currently elected. In other countries, there are many private individuals who can outshine the MPs, congressman and senators in the American and British political system. No political system is perfect but such imperfections are manageable.

This is in no way suggesting that our Parliementry system is inferior to what they have in other countries.

Elected representatives of the people are there because they went through the whole process of selection, nominations and elections at grassroot, divisional, state, regional, levels, etc.

Malaysian MPs just like their British and American counterparts go through the same process, a vigorous, taxing and revealing process and usually takes them a considerable amount time to be recognised.

They are there because they went via the grassroots process to ensure they acknowledge, understand and relate to the issues affecting the rakyat. They are not there because just they are intellectually qualified, speak up on human right fights and whatnot. They, from the beginning, have been with the people.

That is why we have political parties. It is a mechanism for us to be sieved, to be tested, to contest, to feel the pulse of the party members and see if we are appropriate leaders. The system is there.

There are so many parties available, or if one is not happy, one can create your own party and test yourself in the market so to speak.

So this idea of MCLM nominating candidates to the various Pakatan component parties smacks of a certain obnoxious assumptions that :

1. That existing candidates in the Pakatan coalition are not good enough or do not have capable cadres of candidates to be MPs and ADUNs. To me this is too presumptious a thought.

2. That Pakatan parties do not have a mechanism to select appropriate candidates for the general election. No grooming, no sieving, etc. being done. Again it smacks of so much self importance on the part of MCLM.

3. It is a total ignorance of the fact that Pakatan candidates have gone through the mill within their party system to be tested and qualify as candidates.

What MCLM is proposing is a free ride for the so call self-confessed super candidates - by passing the grilling, schooling, training and exposure that the usual Pakatan candidate goes through in his baptism of fire to be a wakil rakyat.

This is a shortcut way and cannot be comparable to the struggles one has to go through via the party sysytem. It is also the route for people who do not have the grassroots touch and refuse to take part in party politics.

They can be easily seen, like many of PKR's so called well-known and highly regarded contenders who fail to make any impact at all at the cabang and national elections. People like the Sivarasas, the Elis, Zaids, presume their so call intellectual prowess and closeness to DSAI is enough to carry them to the echelons of power within the hierrachy.

They are not leaders but coattail riders. We do not want these characters to represent the rakyat. If you want to be a political leader, take part seriously in politics. If you do not agree with conventional political parties, form one for you to indulge in.

But to stay out of the mainstream politics and at the same time expecting mainstream political parties to absorb them based on their so-called prowess is an act of selfishness. You want the easy way. But don't forget the thousands of cadres within the Pakatan fold.

You thing they will welcome you. You are a most stuck-up bunch, thinking your human rights causes, performance in court and intellectual knowledge is enough to make you an excellent wakil raakyat. This is the height of arrogance.

You are becoming spoilers for the next general election. You will split the opposition votes  no matter what Pakatan does or will do. If they accept some of you, it will create bitterness, disharmony and be a major distruption in the internal preparations of each of Pakatan's component party.

There may even be boycotts by supporters in running the election campaign. If rejected, you profess to contest on your own. Again you are going to split opposition votes assuming you have a big support so to speak. You all will be a bunch of spoilers in the march to Putrajaya.

If you are serious about contesting for public office, start with the grassroots, go through the cabang, bahagian, national executive council, portray and build up your image and then you have every right to contest. There is no shortcut.

We will respect you for that. But we know most of you don't have the stomach for that. You all want it on a silver platter. What a conceited, selfish, righteous and egoistic bunch. Perhaps you all should just do what are good at - cyber warfare.


'RPK and Zaid not the real third force'

Tenang voters, please don’t endorse shame

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 02:22 PM PST

From Jackson Ng, via e-mail

The coming Tenang by-election in Johor is not only about electing a competent and more sincere assemblyman. It is also a test of how Malaysians, particularly the Tenang folk, value good morals.

Let us pray and hope that Tenang voters are not as idiotic as the 1,000 MCA central delegates who voted for an adulterer, one who cheats on his wife, as their leader.

The moral issue has unwittingly become significant because Tenang is one of the two state constituencies under the Labis constituency, the other being Bekok.

Both the Labis parliamentary constituency and the Bekok state constituency are held by the MCA.

The current Labis MP is Chua Tee Yong, the son of sex-video-tainted MCA president Chua Soi Lek, who was its former MP.

For the Tenang folk to continue giving their ballots to Barisan Nasional (BN) in the by-election is akin to endorsing BN's lack of value for high morals.

Use your ballots to tell the government to stop with its numerous unacceptable behaviour and injustice.

Giving this one state seat to the BN will not make any difference to the state government. But to continue giving it in this by-election is to endorse shame and adultery.

It is also endorsing BN's arrogance and selective persecution. Voting BN is telling the BN: Please continue to victimise Malaysians.

Parliamentary Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was charged with engaging in unnatural sex and the case is ongoing. So was a JB tutor recently.

But, the MCA president is still not prosecuted after more than two years. If this is not a clear cut case of BN's lopsided sense of justice, what is?

The Tenang folk, especially the Chinese and women folk, will have to decide whether they value high moral leadership.

The by-election is not about electing a state government. It is an opportunity for Malaysians to send the right message to all, especially the government, that we uphold high moral values.

WIKILEAKS: A minister and his maid

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 10:45 PM PST

Penghulu bloggers, Dato's Rocky and the Flying Kick psoted about a minister and his maid.

After a bit of digging I was told that the case is indeed an old case, about three years old and that the maid had worked with the minister for eight years before the incident happened.

The only thing I cold not get confirmation on was the name of the minister.....I was informed that it is a senior minister.

If the case had happened three years ago then it must have been covered up by the previous PM, Mr Sleepy, Tun Dollah.

However I do wonder why Tun Dollah would help to cover up this minister....he must have been really close to him...

Anyway, if Dollah had indeed covered up the case, I think SPRM should investigate him and find out whether this alleged abuse of power had actually taken place.

Of coruse I say this assuming that the rape, if it was rape, had taken place....If the minister had raped his maid then he should face the law like anyone else

If it was consensual sex, well then that is quite another matter. I mean the less would be no les sensational but it would not have been rape and the case would probably go through the syariah courts

All this made me wonder if the maid looked like J-Lo in Maid in Manhattan or perhaps she looked like that picture on top ....or was she always dressed in a short skirt like the French Maid that made regular appearance in men's sexual fantasies?

Either we find out soon or we never will...I am not holding my breath but it certainly is interesting to see how even the mighty can fall for theri maid.....wait a minute....there is another one fo this falling for maid story,,,even got married to her...who was it ah? I can't seem to remember lah pulak,,,it's lurking outside my memory.....


Posted: 23 Dec 2010 09:47 PM PST



DS Anwar Ibrahim's Statement on APCO

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 09:06 PM PST


APCO's deep involvement in the Prime Minister's administration is the
clearest proof of UMNO/Barisan Nasional's hypocrisy.

For more than a decade, it has deafened the country with incessant
propaganda to portray me as a Jewish agent when surreptitiously it
hires a firm known for its strong link with the Israeli intelligence
and political establishment to manage one of the most influential
functions of the administration i.e. messaging and communication.

Therefore, the bulk of my contention when I first raised this issue in
Dewan Rakyat was directed at the Prime Minister's hypocrisy and
carelessness in hiring a firm with a track record such as APCO's. It
is only natural that Pakatan Rakyat MPs requested for the government
to come clean on the extent of APCO's involvement in the formulation
of policies and messaging under the current Prime Minister.

There are numerous records available publicly to substantiate APCO's
unhealthy track record of working for regimes with penchant for
stifling human rights and democratic space. YB Tian Chua (Member of
Dewan Rakyat for Batu) had written extensively on this in two articles
("APCO: In Mercenaries We Trust" and "APCO & Najib: Beneath the PR
Veil"). Both articles; published by Malaysiakini provide insights into
the workings of APCO and its cosy relationship with regimes or causes
that are deemed to be detrimental to the promotion of democracy and
public interest.

Thus, the issue was never about the simplistic question of who came up
with 1Malaysia. It is about holding the government of the day
accountable for its haphazard behaviour in spending the public money
(to the tune of RM77 million for a one-year service) to hire a firm
for its own image building. More importantly, it is about the lack of
responsibility of a Prime Minister in ignoring APCO's track record and
potential security risks posed by the latter.

Unfortunately, UMNO/Barisan Nasional was never prepared to be engaged
on these two critical issues. It went on an over-kill drive from the
beginning which culminated in the suspension of four members of Dewan
recently. It trampled on every known ethics and norms including
the natural process of allowing an accused to present and argue his
case before a fair and just panel.

The fact that I was not allowed to present evidence to the
Parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee speaks volume of Prime
Minister's intention to avoid the fundamental issues of accountability
and negligence on his part in hiring APCO. In the end, UMNO/Barisan
Nasional created another first in the history of Dewan Rakyat when it
orchestrated our suspension without a debate and based on a simple
letter of denial from APCO.

I must also respond to UMNO/Barisan Nasional's latest claim that a
mere letter of denial from APCO and a statement from one Robert M
Shrum constitute an undisputable proof that APCO was not involved in
the conceptualisation of 1Malaysia; neither was 1Malaysia adopted from
One Israel campaign. In a normal court of law, such "evidence" would
have to stand the scrutiny of cross examination to ensure that they
are credible and acceptable for the purpose of a case. No court or
parliamentary committee of a respectable standing would have dismissed
a case and arrived at a biased verdict purely on an account of two
letters produced by the prosecutor.

Going by the same UMNO/Barisan Nasional's logic, a statutory
made by P Balasubramaniam on his allegation of the Prime
Minister's relationship with Altantuya Sharibu would have been taken
as an undisputable proof. Likewise, the two contracts signed by APCO
with the governments of Malaysia and Israel respectively that are in
my possession would have to be taken as an undisputable proof of a
link between the 1Malaysia campaign with other campaigns that APCO or
its personnel had worked on previously.

Fortunately, the due process of law and natural justice administered
in the fairest manner will dictate that any evidence produced will be
subject to the highest scrutiny. It is in this respect that I have
been vocal in my criticism because UMNO/Barisan Nasional is determined
to avoid any scrutiny of its relations with APCO to the point that it
would not allow the Parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee from
going through the proper motion of its proceedings.

Therefore, UMNO/Barisan Nasional's release of the two documents is
nothing more than an orchestrated media play that ensures no scrutiny
of the "evidence" it claims to have. Anyone who is familiar with
UMNO/Barisan Nasional's history in orchestrating character
assassination campaigns that often involve the manufacture of "false
evidences" would naturally be sceptical of the latest trial by media.

In the end, the country must go back to the fundamental questions that
Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak is so keen to avoid.

The most fundamental question arose from a report by news portal The
Malaysian Insider dated 28 July 2009 entitled "Money Being Splurged To
Boost Image of Najib's Administration". I reproduced here the key
contents which had never been denied officially by the Prime Minister:

"It is understood that the services of Apco Worldwide was brought in
by Omar Mustapha, the close aide of the PM who was recently embroiled
in controversy over his proposed appointment onto the board of
national oil company Petronas.

Apco Worldwide is understood to have had an official based in Najib's
office since the early days of the administration.

Apco and other public relations specialists from the United States
have also been helping Najib craft his 100 days strategy. This
includes his 1 Malaysia message and other key platforms of his

If this is indeed true, the Prime Minister must then be prepared to
explain the other fundamental issue – his trigger happy attitude in
using taxpayers' money to hire a firm for the sole good of his party;
especially one with such a questionable track record that could have
compromised the country's security.



24 DECEMBER 2010

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