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He’s unelected UMNO President, So will we let him get away after all?

He’s unelected UMNO President, So will we let him get away after all?

He’s unelected UMNO President, So will we let him get away after all?

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 11:27 AM PST

Nurul Izzah Anwar was voted PKR vice-president with the highest number of votes, while Jenice Lee and Hannah Yeoh were elected committee members of the Selangor DAP, at the top two positions.
READMORE Get involved Go Guerilla if you want the public perception of Pakatan Rakyat, rejuvenated Expose the hypocrisy of BARISAN'S Muslim government

Welcome to Malaysia – the land of the doublespeak

One of the many spoofs in cyberspace

Thanks to an all pervasive media, scams, corruptions, sleaze and grafts are being exposed everywhere — in the capital, all over MALAYSIA. The media has its fault as it tends to showcase eye-ball grabbing "breaking-news."
If there are dissent voices then it largely emanates from quarters that have been left out of the loot and once these marginal parties are inducted no time is lost in shamelessly fitting into the system that believes only in squandering public money and securing posts and privileges
The exoticization of a Barisan romance with the non Malays


The fear of "revenge killings" is so deep that the politicians, otherwise so vocal in demanding a probe into many other scandals, are keeping their mouths shut, least a bruised journalist take on them at "an appropriate time'sThe media empire, the grand old houses of money and power protect each other. They have the platform to reach millions, but not a single one has tried to discuss it threadbare with the same savage ferocity they show in ripping apart their ideological opponents after having tasted a good French wine in a vineyard. They often use papers and channels for their political vendettas and abuse every other person they dislike without showing any civility. Then their outfits shut their doors for the other voices. No, the censorship is not by the state. It's by the media houses. They invite guests to their shows and use them to have their own "super Oprah" image projected at the cost of the other voices and other viewpoints. Look what they have done, which made A nation where looters become members of the ruling class and whistleblowers turn to be schemers asking the corporate agent "Tell me what should I tell them?"READMORE

At the heart of all problems lies the politics of the country. We opted for democracy as our political system. But I have been wondering for quite some time – how democratic is polity?

UMNOBARISAN polity has failed to provide solutions to the common man's problems. If a government teacher plays truant or does not teach properly, can the parents do anything about it? Or if a doctor in a government hospital does not treat properly or does not give medicines? What can a poor person do if Or what can any one of us do if the policeman refuses to register my FIR or registers a false case against us?



Feb 13, 2010
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We cannot do anything about it. We can only complain to higher authorities who do not act upon our complaints. So, the citizens do not have any control over government employees.
We also do not have any control over government funds.

But the government says there are no funds. But the government made a few years back. Obviously the people did not need fountains. These fountains did not work for a single day, even on the inauguration day, because there is no water!

Likewise, we see that the same footpaths and roads are broken and repaired again and again. But the road in front of my house never gets repaired.

So we, the citizens of India, do not have any control over government funds. Government money is our money. We pay taxes. Even a beggar on the street pays tax – when he buys a piece of soap, he pays sales tax and many other taxes. All this money belongs to us. And we have absolutely no control over it?

We also do not have any control over government policies or the kind of laws passed by our legislatures. Recently, the government introduced we, the people of MALAYSIA, have no say in it?

So, we have no control over government employees, government funds, government policies. Is this democracy? Just vote once in five years and then plead before the same people who you voted to power? Or plead before the officials who take salary out of your taxes?READMORE

We have a democracy of elections to elections. After winning an election, the parties become brazen and arrogant. They would do all wrong things and if you question them, they would say – why don't you change the government next time? But that would be five years later. What do I do right now? I am suffering right now.READMORE Warning to Raja Petra Kamarudin art of a good conversation! Two words in truth and in fiction

Right to Information is a small concrete step in making our polity more democratic. In this bizarre democracy of elections to elections, it has given power to the people to "just question" the governments. Is it not time to move a step forward and demand some kind of direct participation in government decision making? Is that possible?

The Fixer and Evidence Fabricator



If there are dissent voices then it largely emanates from quarters that have been left out of the loot and once these marginal parties are inducted no time is lost in shamelessly fitting into the system that believes only in squandering public money and securing posts and privilegesREADMORE

The fear of "revenge killings" is so deep that the politicians, otherwise so vocal in demanding a probe into many other scandals, are keeping their mouths shut, least a bruised journalist take on them at "an appropriate time'sThe media empire, the grand old houses of money and power protect each other. They have the platform to reach millions, but not a single one has tried to discuss it threadbare with the same savage ferocity they show in ripping apart their ideological opponents after having tasted a good French wine in a vineyard. They often use papers and channels for their political vendettas and abuse every other person they dislike without showing any civility. Then their outfits shut their doors for the other voices. No, the censorship is not by the state. It's by the media houses. They invite guests to their shows and use them to have their own "super Oprah" image projected at the cost of the other voices and other viewpoints. Look what they have done, which made A nation where looters become members of the ruling class and whistleblowers turn to be schemers asking the corporate agent "Tell me what should I tell them?"

Yet, the truth is that the meek and weak put up with every wrong unleashed on a repetitive basis. At the same time, some amongst us switch sides from the wronged to the wrong doer to fit in a system that perpetuates these ills.
Had it not been for a callous, laid-back/ 'ONE MALYSIA' attitude the disease wouldn't have gained such a strong grip on our socio-economic-politico culture.
Lack of urban planning, with no regard to the present and future population numbers and its diverse requirements highlights an utter disregard for lifeREADMORE.
Infrastructure such as roads, flyovers, metro-links, basic drinking water, green-spaces, power, educational and medical institutions, security, recreational centers, etc remain woefully inadequate.
Each day we witness lack of planning and coordination that results in absence of basic civic life. Not to talk of corruption and ill execution that makes this all the worse.
Still we as citizens who do not mind jumping red lights at every street are never in rush to break away from our ' mode.

s — forget about a proactive stance, we react only when the situation is out of control.

Dinesweri Puspanadan, Malaysia Chronicle

It's amusing to see UMNO is barking about 'Ketuanan Raja'. Don't you think UMNO should flip through history. Who was the one who withdrew the Sultan's power? Welcome to Malaysia!

MIC is busy bashing Selangor state government for being racist for denying Indian students rights for Selangor state scholarship. Ironically, what MIC has been doing for past 52 years when every year UMNO denies PSD scholarship for many excellent Indian students?-Welcome to Malaysia!RELATEDARTICLE

The exoticization of a Barisan romance with the non Malays

UMNO has been championing 'Ketuanan Melayu' for ages, yet 96 percent of poor are Malays- Welcome to Malaysia. 

Police force is indulging in 'trigger-happy acts'. Fatal shootings involving minors and innocent civilians is rampant, yet Home Minister claims that we are 'safe' – again, Welcome to MalaysiaREADMOREThose who should set a good example and educate the younger generation are spreading racial slurs. However, when complaints are lodged against them, the tables are turned against the complainants. Deputy Minister of Eduction reprimands them lightly', while on the other side, PM is sending a 'strict warning' against extremists? Welcome to Malaysia

Luxury summits, conferences, and forums are organized without fail but when it comes to action, everything also fails. Public money is wasted to boost some individuals' public relation. Welcome to Malaysia.

Efficient PEMANDU introduces NKEA, ETP, NKRA, KPI and etc but no database has been set up to date to prove the efficiency of those plans. All remains beautifully on white pieces of paper. Welcome to Malaysia

Attorney General is hiding relevant documents from the defendant in Sodomy II, but PM claims that Anwar is getting a fair trial despite a slew of international calls to drop the case. Welcome to MalaysiaREADMORE

Parliament's roof is leaking and a 'Prophet' pointed out that it is an act of God. Horrifying accidents occured in the past few months and flash floods hit some states recently. Are these also acts of God? Welcome to Malaysia

They can't even admire a satirical piece yet they plan for some big nuclear thingy and charcoal plants. Welcome to Malaysia.

There are families saving and scrimping to try to make ends meet while SYABAS's CEO is comfortably receiving RM425K salary every month. Welcome to Malaysia

Malaysians' grouses about poor public transport fell on deaf ears but when a YB tried using public transport and ended up going to Parliament by foot after his trial failed, he was highlighted in a mainstream media. Welcome to Malaysia.

Technically Malaysia is in recession and every Malaysian with average knowledge is aware about this. Yet, it is surprising that some dim-witted people fail to see how Warisan Merdeka could be disastrous. Especially when KLCC is not fully occupied still.

First Lady is preaching about rescuing children from poverty as poverty will rob their basic rights to education. On the other hand, taxes on luxuries items are removed. Are you able to make sense of this? If you know what I mean that is, but welcome to Malaysia!

READMOREAs they play the final curtain the desperate R.P.K says PKR's Salehuddinwhy loves to have oral sex with PKR

Warts and all Malaysia is our 'unique' country. In Malaysia, we do not go for quality but follow the majority. Some think that we are we are dim-witted. We are ignorant, yet we dream to be astronauts. But an astronaut must be a genuine one who really makes it to the moon or bring back valuable scientific specimens for testing. And not 'wayang wayang' – if you know what I mean.

But, welcome to Malaysia!

SC boss under 'inside' attacks

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 10:20 AM PST

I came across this 'a kind of a blog' accusing SC boss Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar of committing another big mistake in accepting the registration of PriceWaterhouseCoopers under the AOB on April 1 this year when the amendment to the Securities Commission Act 1993 for the Audit Oversight Board only comes to force on April 15.

The owner(s) of also claimed that Zarinah signed the amendment on April 8 while the Second Finance Minister only approved it on April 13, meaning that the registration was not at all valid.

"How on earth can you register a auditor and collect the fees on the 1st of April when the lay only allows it on the 15 of April? It is a fraud and illegal and we in the SC know it, and we know a lot more and we will share it.

We are here to ask that Tan Sri Zarinah accepts a pay cut of RM100 every month for letting this big wrong decision take place under her watch We hope Datuk Seri Najib will see that the SC remains an institution that is strong and not open to attack by anyone..."

So, the URL belongs to 'inside people', it seems. I wonder what else will come out as the SC has been under tremendous bloggers attacks over the pass few months.


Posted: 03 Dec 2010 09:14 AM PST

Whenever I am in Singapore I love eating at the food courts in the malls. The selection is almost limitless, even for a vegetarian-to-be like myself. Among my favourites are laksa, yong taufoo, rojak (both Chinese and Indian varieties), carrot cake, fried oyster omelette, thosai and economy rice. For snacks and desserts, I confess to a weakness for yu-tiao (deep fried breadsticks), tau suan (green bean in starchy syrup), and ice kacang. (above: a bowl of tau suan with yu-tiao pieces

Unfortunately for me and my fellow hawker food lovers, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore has warned that consuming hawker fare is potentially hazardous to our health because of the high salt, fat and/or sugar content.

A yong tau foo outlet in Taipei. Too much salt?
In Taipei, it's called China Pizza. In Singapore and Malaysia it's better known as roti canai or prata. Too much oil and saturated fat?
I had lunch at this economy rice outlet in Taipei. HPB's advice: select more vegetable dishes.

It takes a certain amount of will power to resist the lure of these 'danger' foods. The good news is an increasing number of food outlets and even public hospitals are now offering healthier food items on the menu. Brown rice, low-fat milk, purple wheat noodles and whole grain bread are fast becoming the preferred choice for better nutritional value.

At food outlets, it is now common to hear customers asking for less sugar in their drinks, or less salt in their food. They are opting for more vegetables and smaller amounts of rice or noodles.

The HPB introduced the Healthier Dining programme in 2003. Under the programme, more than 2000 hawker stalls have committed to offering healthier dishes. In addition, more than 150 restaurants, with over 200 outlets are participating in the HPB's Healthier Restaurant Programme. These food establishments have earned the right to display the Healthier Choice Symbol (see logo). For more information on making healthy choices when eating out, check out the HPB website here.

Time to make wise choices in our food intake.

Hak Istimewa melayu bukan ketuanan

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 04:00 AM PST

Seramai 50 ahli Perkasa yang diketuai oleh yang Dipertua Perkasa Kedah telah berhimpun di Bandar Sungai Petani untuk menunjukan rasa tidak berpuas hati terhadap pemimpin-pemimpin politik yang menggunakan ayat-ayat suci Al-quran semasa ucapan politik mereka. YDP Perkasa itu juga menyebut bahawa Keistimewaan Melayu bukan Ketuanan melayu seperti yang termaktub didalam "Malaysian Federal Constituition".
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Gaps: Lucut Anwar sebagai penasihat ekonomi S'gor

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 03:34 AM PST

Kira-kira 200 anggota Gagasan Anti Penyelewengan Selangor (GAPS) berhimpun hari ini bagi menuntut supaya ketua umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dipecat daripada jawatan penasihat ekonomi negeri. Tuntutan tersebut terkandung dalam memorandum enam perkara yang diserahkan kepada wakil Sultan Selangor selepas perhimpunan selama kira-kira setengah jam. Full story
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New date for court appearance order

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 11:00 PM PST

The High Court in Kuala Lumpur today adjourned to Dec 6 the habeas corpus hearing of K Selvach Santhiran, a witness who implicated police in the R Gunasegaran death-in-custody inquest. This is to allow federal counsel Zafran Zafri Mohd Zaini, representing the respondents the Home Minister and inspector-general of police, the opportunity to respond, as it has not yet been 14 days since his party received the sealed application. He submitted that the sealed application was sent to the Attorney-General's Chambers on Nov 23 and that this was extended to his party on Nov 26. Full story here:
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No such thing as bowing out as exco for Ronnie

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 09:57 PM PST

Nevermind the several calls for this resignation, Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu who lost in the state party last Sunday, is adamant that there is no reason for him to do so as it is a state government position. Als ohis record shows that he has in fact been good at his job, which would in turn reflect well on the party. "I am a competent exco member, I am transparent and I am accountable for whatever that I do. I am a believer of the competency-accountability-transparency (CAT) model. Full story here:
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Perubahan yang bakal diumumkan Najib - penentu survival UMNO/BN dalam PRU 13.

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 05:49 AM PST

Orang ramai sedang menunggu dengan penuh kesabaran apakah yang akan dilakukan oleh UMNO dalam usaha untuk mengubah kepimpinan UMNO Perhubungan seperti yang diumumkan oleh Preisden parti selepas mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi parti pada isnin yang lalu.

Bermacam-macam spekulasi dibuat oleh banyak pihak. Orang ramai lebih menumpukan kepada perubahan yang aka berlaku di3 buah negeri, NS, Trengganu dan Pahang dalam mana UMNO sedang menghadapi potensi untuk ditewaskan oleh PR selain dari perubahan yang akan dilakukan diSelangor, Perak, P Pinang, Kedah dan Kelantan. Perlis, negeri yang terkecil juga tidak terlepas dari spekulasi yang bermacam-macam.

Apa yang diharapkan ialah perubahan secara 'structural' yang akan menghasilkan persepsi positif dengan 'facet' yang melambangkan transformasi yang besar dan serius untuk menghadapi Pilihanraya Umum yang dijangka akan tiba selewat-lewatnya pada pertengahan tahun hadapan (2011).

UMNO wajar mengaku yang kali ini merupakan Pilihanraya yang paling getir yang bakal dihadapi oleh parti pemerintah. Setakat ini kita nampak parti pemerintah lebih bersifat defensif dan 'underdog' dan jika pimpinan kerajaan tidak mampu menunjukkan dengan serius usaha kearah perubahan dan rombakkan yang besar maka risiko menghadapi kekalahan bukanlah satu isu yang mustahil lagi.

Kita faham untuk melakukan perubahan kepimpinan diperingkat perhubungan bukan satu usaha yang mudah untuk dilaksanakan. Kita ambil contoh diTrengganu. Spekulasi hidup mengatakan yang Ahmad Said akan mengambil alih kepimpinan Perhubungan yang kini dipegangang oleh Hishamuddin Tun Husein.

Bekas Menteri Besar Idris Jusuh dikatakan akan diberikan tugasan diperingkat pusat untuk memegang jawatan tinggi didalam UMNO; setengahnya mengatakan yang beliau akan diberi tugas untuk menjadi Setiausaha Agung UMNO atau Ketua penerangannya. Jika spekulasi ini benar dimana dia yang dikatakan perubahan?

Bukankah mereka berdua ini merupakan mengepalai 2 pihak yang bermusushan yang telah membawa perpecahan yang begitu nyata dinegeri tersebut? Pernahkah pucuk pimpinan cuba untuk memikirkan seorang yang lain yang belum terlibat dengan kontroversi kepimpinan. Jika apa yang dispekulasikan menjadi kenyataan maka Trengganu tidak ada perubahan dari segi hakikatnya dan UMNO tetap akan menghadapi risiko tertewas dalam banyak kerusi diTrengganu.

Tetapi kalau pun pucuk pimpinan ingin mengambil batang tubuh yang luar dari yang ada boleh kah sesiapa memberikan cadangan kerana UMNO sudah ketirusan kepimpinan disetiap peringkat. Maka kita terpaksa akui yang usaha untuk membawa perubahan diTrengganu akan menghadapi kegagalan.

Boleh kah atau tidak UMNO mencadangkan satu nama yang akan mengambil alih kepimpinan kerajaan dinegeri-negeri yang perlukan perubahan drastik itu? Kita mesti akui yang usaha mencari penyelesaian ini adalah satu usaha yang amat sukar kerana kerosakkan kepada kualiti kepimpinan disetiap peringkat didalam UMNO sudah sampai ketahap yang amat rumit untuk dilaksanakan.

Penyelesaiannya hanya akan dapat dilakukan jika semua pemimpin sanggup berkorban untuk parti walaupun terpaksa menarik diri dari kepimpinannya. Masalahnya inilah yang amat sukar untuk dilaksanakan dan ramai pemimpin perhubungan yang masih inginkan jawatan masing-masing walaupun mereka dan rakyat tahu yang mereka sudah tidak lagi diterima oleh keseluruhan ahli dan rakyat yang mengundi.

Situasi ini dihadapi oleh hampir kesemua negeri-negeri dalam semenanjung ini dan itulah sebabnya saya berulangkali mengatakan yang perubahan yang berani dan drastik mahu tidak mahu perlu dilakukan. Malahan blog ini telah mencadangkan supaya dimulakan cara politik yang baru berdasarkan kepada apa yang terkandung didalam perlembagaan negara.

Blog ini pernah mencadangkan supaya 'we start this nation anew'. Kita duduk kembali berunding dengan semua bangsa melalui pimpinan mereka untuk mewujudkan politik baru seperti yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin kita sewaktu memulakan politik tanahair dahulu. Keadaan kini sudah berubah terlalu jauh dan ianya memerlukan 'adjustments' untuk mempastikan kewujuddan negara yang aman makmur dan sebagai negara yang mempunyai 'consequence' yang besar didalam politik antarabangsa.

Untuk melaksanakan itu ianya perlu dilakukan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin yang mampu diterima oleh semua pihak dan tidak ada masalah peribadi yang besar seperti masalah peranan oleh ahli keluarga dan tidak ada teribat dengan isu jenayah dan moral yang diketahui umum. Dihadapan kita ialah masalah kekusutan politik negara yang besar. Ianya perlu diselesaikan dengan kaedah yang berani. UMNO wajib berubah, bukan setakat memenuhi dan mentadbir sentiment seperti yang lazim dilakukan oleh pemimpin hari ini.

UMNO bukan setakat membaikkan sakit, tetapi yang perlu dilakukan ialah untuk memperbaikki penyakit. Kita tidak hanya berusaha untuk menghilangkan sakit tengkok atau sakit kepala atau menghilangkan sakit telinga. Mungkin sakit-sakit itu boleh dibaikki dengan memakan panadol atau 'pain killer' yang lain. Yang terpenting ialah untuk menghilangkan penyakit darah tinggi. Jika penyakit darah tinggi itu berjaya disembuhkan maka tidak ada lagilah sakit tengkok, sakit kepala dan sakit-sakit yang lain.

Penyakit yang dihadapi oleh UMNO ialah krisis keyakinan. Walaupun Dr Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi sudah bersara tetapi Najib merupakan pemimpin yang terbit dari kumpulan yang berpenyakit yang sama. Najib adalah dalam barisan kepimpinan yang itu dan mempunyai budaya pimpinan yang sama. Oleh itu persepsi rakyat kepada parti itu adalah persepsi yang sama.

Itulah sebabnya kita selalu mendengar orang yang mengatakan sesiapa sahaja yang mengambil alih keadaan akan sama sahaja. Pendeknya UMNO sudah hilang kehilangan keyakinan rakyat pengundi. Imej UMNO sudah terabai sekian lama dan persepsi buruk itu sudah menular keakar umbi rakyat.

Jadi setakat menggantikan Mohammad Hasan dengan seorang pemimpin lain diNS atau menggantikan Adnan Yaacob dengan salah seorang exco Kerajaan Pahang atau memberikan jawatan pengerusi Perhubungan Treangganu kepada Ahmad Said tidak akan membawa apa-apa kebaikkan kepada parti.

Yang perlu dilakukan ialah untuk menukar imej serta persepsi rakyat dengan melakukan perubahan yang 'structural'; maksudnya kita terpaksa mencari seorang yang lain dari barisan kepimpinan tertinggi yang ada yang tidak terlibat dengan isu-isu yang lazim kita hadapi sekarang supaya UMNO dapat membawa imej baru dengan kepimpinan yang baru. Seorang itu mesti tidak ada dalam barisan Kabinet dan barisan kepimpinan tertinggi parti untuk menghindarkan persepsi dan stigma buruk rakyat terhadap UMNO itu.

Tetapi tidak mengapalah. Kita tunggu sahaja dengan penuh kesabaran, apa yang hendak dilakukan oleh Najib. Beliau telah berulangkali berjanji kepada kita untuk melakukan perubahan.

Pastinya perubahan yang akan beliau lakukan merupakan perubahan yang terakhir sebelum pilihanraya yang akan datang. Jika apa yang diumumkan beliau itu tidak mampan maka kita hadapilah pilihanraya akan datang dalam kegetiran. Perlu diingatkan yang meletakkan pemimpin-pemimpin ditempat yang lain diantara mereka yang ada sekarang bukan dinamakan perubahan dan tidak akan menambah baik persepsi negatif rakyat.

Kali ini Najib tidak mampu tersilap lagi. Itu pasti. Survival BN bergantung kepada PRU 13 yang akan datang. Jika UMNO tumpas parti ini tidak akan pulih lagi. Jangan segan dan silu; akuilah hakikat ini.

我印象中的苍佑医生(三)- 我为敦林蓋棺定论

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 01:01 AM PST

载自红番茄 红人馆      作者:林武灿

我印象中的苍祐医生(三) – 我为敦林场蓋棺定论







    国州两政府,两朝槟州首长就在两面国州大旗的开路下,浩浩荡荡由槟州大会堂起步到沓田仔思明药房散队。我老爸维雄曾当了20 多年的槟州大旗鼓龙狮游行委员会主席,如果在天上看下来也应感欣慰。一路上不少民众在观礼的同时,也不忘记对三个'朝代'的首长作些比画。就有听闻有路人以英语放话:林苍祐21 年的功绩,全被许子根的17年所毁了。当然此评语虽不尽实,却已反映一般民情,有308为证。



鲁迅曾弃医从文,理由是他能医好人却医不好社会的病。孙中山也弃医从政,林苍祐也跟着办,理由也是一样。接着下来马哈迪、依斯迈、曾敏兴、林敬益、旺亚兹沙也依样画了葫芦。连王力宏也学会这一招,却是个'弃医从娱' 当歌影双栖之星去了,因他想满足的却又是另一类的社会需求。












当前在华裔选民倾向民联的大格局下,联邦的国阵政府的确善于玩弄敦林这张皇牌,并深具政治议程。 而槟州民联在林冠英的主导下,也见招拆招,甚至以退为进地来共享敦林往生后所带来的恩泽与余震。


Ibrahim Ali needs to do a reality check

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 02:50 PM PST

From Tang Loon Kong, via e-mail

I have been a Malaysian for almost 50 years. I have friends from all races. Many of us grew up together and attended the same schools. The May 13 incident came when I was a seven-year-old in Penang. It was a tragedy because some disgruntled and demonic people wanted to change history.

But now somebody like Ibrahim Ali is telling Malaysians that there should be people, Malays, specifically, who are a 'higher' class than the rest of others, like Orang Asli, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, and others.

The clarion call of 'Ketuanan Melayu' by Ibrahim Ali is inundated by herd mentality, as would be in a political party. Therefore, there is no need to debate with Ibrahim Ali and his likes on this issue because they have drugged themselves with a conundrum.

There is no possibility that the 'Ketuanan Melayu' was even implied in the Federal Constitution. At the time of independance (before I was born), the number of non-Malays were more than the Malays, and the startling fact was that the Malays were not as economically well off like the non-Malays, particularly the Chinese.

It is therefore concievable that the founding fathers decided that a special position was needed for the Malays so they can improve econmically, and move along progressively, as one of the factors of economic well-being for Malaysia.

This proves that there is no 'Ketuanan Melayu', and that 'non-Malays are not welcome'. The non-Malays were already constituted in the Federal Constitution, and that was what mattered. Ibrahim Ali is harping about a time when the Malays were a recognisable race, were a majority. This would be more than 100 years ago. But at the time, there was no official definition of who a 'Malay' was.

One loose defintion could be the Miao tribe in southern China. They have dark skin and are famous for their silver jewellery. 'Miao Lay', could have been pronounced as Malay by the westerners.

Anyway, there is a kind of drum they call gelendang (gendang in Bahasa ) and they have the shining sun as their cultural symbol at the sides of their geledang. (I'm using this supposition because when I studied history in primary school and secondary school, it was said the Malay people migrated from Yunnan, southern China, many thousands of years ago).

Once the clock struck at midnight on Aug 31, 1957, everybody became Malaysians. Their respective racial origins can only bear cultural appendages that make Malaysia a uniquely multiracial country.

Ibrahim Ali is trying to move the clock back before Aug 31, 1957. Maybe if Umno supports him on his cause, it can get somebody to make a time travel machine like the one we see in 'Back of the Future', or travel through some black hole we see in 'Star Trek'. Until then, Ibrahim Ali's clarion call of 'Ketuanan Melayu' insults Malaysians who are moving towards globalisation, just for economic 'survival'.

Make no mistake that Malaysia is a relatively small country. We have to ride on the wave of globalisation, and no amount of rethoric can avert this reality. Ibrahim Ali is an isolationist and he will destroy the country if he and his likes are allowed to gain prominance, because Malaysia is also about Sabah and Sarawak.

Combined with the other states in the peninsula, the concept of 'Ketuanan Melayu' cannnot logically stand. The natives of Sabah and Sarawak would not stand for it. They could not have joined Malaysia if this concept was present and accepted at that time when they joined to form Malaysia.

The concept of 'Ketuanan Melayu' is in fact quite dangerous for the Malays. It tells the Malays to concentrate on land ownership (good only if agriculture was the only industry, which constitute a small population), but Malaysia is a very small and crowded place.

The concept also suggests to the Malays not to go out of Malaysia and embrace globalisation and some Malays may become xenophobic underpinned by kampung-style politics.

When a race is self-serving and xenophobic, it self implodes, and becomes cannibalistic. In other words, it will self destruct. And in today's world of cut-throat competition, there is very little possibility for second chances.

Ibrahim Ali is showing siege mentality like the Red Indians. Perhaps, he has watched too many cowboy movies where the Red Indians lose their land to the whites. This is the lousiest model he can ever use. He is saying there is only one way of things happening, that is the western way. He is absolutely wrong. The cultures of the East and West are quite different, and he should come out of his Plato's cave, as he has been there whilst many things have changed.

The Chinese and Indians do not come and sieze land of others. Their culture and philosophy do not encourage that. The Chinese came to this area and contributed to its economic and cultural development. Settling down in these areas meant that they decided to make a more permanent contribution.

Often, to many Chinese and Indians, it is how much one can give indicates power, and not how much one can take. If everybody gives in Malaysia and for Malaysia, it would be a better world.

This is the significant difference. For starters. Ibrahim Ali should watch more than just cowboy movies from Hollywood.


No apologies for ketuanan Melayu, says Ibrahim

Ketuanan Melayu: A case for UN Security Council to consider?

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 02:50 PM PST

From He Zi Li, via e-mail

Frankly, the non-Malays deserve it because they keep voting for those BN non-Malay component parties. Their votes are all split up into various ethnic based parties with leaders who are self centered, power hungry individuals more interested in self gratification than the interest of the non-Malays.

And the non-Malays are so stupid that they actually split up to follow these splinter groups. As such it makes it so easy for the the neo colonial master, BN, to follow the former colonial master's divide and rule policy.

On the other hand the Malays are so dumb that they really believe in all these fake Malays (check the pedigree of all the Umno and Perkasa leaders) that their poverty is the making of the non-Malays instead of these corrupted fake Malays.

What non-Malays are really concerned about is the rampant corruption that is ruining the country they love. Loyalty and patriotism is not defined by race or loyalty to the ruling party, but by the love for the country.


Ketuanan Melayu: A case for UN Security Council?

Third force the way to go for Indians

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 02:49 PM PST

From Anak Malaysia, via e-mail

The emergence of third force, first suggested by Hindraf/HRP was initially received with lukewarm response, but after one year even the Umno-BN prime minister is keen to invite them to join BN.

Parties in East Malaysia find the third force appealing because HRP is steadfast in its stand against BN, the rootcause of problems faced by the downtrodden Indians  in the country.

The third force is also needed to teach Pakatan, which is arrogant in its thinking that the Indians have no other choice but to vote for them while Umno assumes that Indians can be hoodwinked back to BN with its wayang kulit and peanut handouts.

BN may think Indians are dissatisfied with Pakatan and have no choice but to return to BN.

Whether Ravana or Rahman rules, the Indian are not  going to get anything unless a third force exerts pressure and speaks up for the poor Indians.
We know that PKR started off as a multiracial party but it has emerge less multiracial as reflected in the recent election outcome, with 90% of its leaders Malays and the Indians totally side stepped.

In a scenerio such as this, who  will the Indians support? They must either back the evil-monster Umno-BN or abstain from voting. But now they have a third force in Hindraf/HRP to teach both Umno-BN and  Pakatan a lesson.

They cannot take the Indians for a  ride. If HRP wins at least two seats in every state, that will be good enough for them to bring Indian issues at state and parliament level. HRP will not hesitate to put pressure if serious injustices are inflicted on Indians.

It's all about fighting for posts

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 02:48 PM PST

From Charles Joseph, via facebook

PKR should just fold up and current members join either DAP or PAS. Both these parties have been around for decades.

Zaid Ibrahim should join DAP with Chua Jui Meng, only then can change take place. It all comes down to 'fighting for posts' when in fact, they should be fighting for the rakyat.


The Reformasi that never was

Cyber sedition law bodes ill for freedom of expression online

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 02:47 PM PST

From Chuah Siew Eng, via e-mail

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) is greatly concerned at Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's references to a new law that will be introduced to govern sedition in cyberspace.

The minister reportedly said that it would be based on the existing Sedition Act (1948) and would assist in determining what can be prosecuted on the Internet.

CIJ finds this highly disturbing since the much-abused existing law is already applicable online, as seen in the charging of top blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin and his peers.

Further, the government's formulation of this new sedition law, targeted at online expression, seems to be a deliberate act to censor the Internet.

This is despite the 'no Internet censorship' promise laid out in the Bill of Guarantees of the Multimedia Super Corridor.

Sedition is a draconian, antiquated concept that poses a serious curb on the freedom of expression guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.

In the interest of democracy and the attendant freedom of expression, the federal government should be working to abolish the existing law instead of drafting new ones to assist in the prosecution of 'seditious' online content.

Any measures taken to curb the already limited freedom of expression in Malaysia only demonstrates the government's unwillingness to engage in genuine public discourse and to be held publicly accountable.

CIJ is also extremely concerned at the manner in which this new law is being introduced. It has been referred to as 'guidelines', 'regulations' and now, a 'cyber sedition bill', which will be tabled to Cabinet tomorrow.

In a democracy, anything that affects the fundamental freedoms in the Federal Constitution, including the drafting of laws, should be open to comment and input from all interested parties. Yet, there was little information and no public consultation on this matter.

CIJ, therefore, calls on the government to be open and transparent in the formulation of new laws and to refrain from enacting this 'cyber sedition bill' or any legislation that will further curb freedom of expression in Malaysia.

The writer is CIJ's programme officer.

“The most evil man in the world”

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 11:06 PM PST

Came across this article and it should be interesting reading for those who want to know who really controls the most powerful man in the world – the president of the United States of America who is Barak Obama currently.

This same man had tried to destroy our economy in 1997 during the then infamously known Asian Financial Crisis but was out-smarted by the ingenuity of our then PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who took the unprecedented step of rejecting the poisonous IMF financial package and pegged our Ringgit to the US dollar with a fixed rate.

The 'evilness' of this man knows no bounds apparently. All he hungers for is "absolute power," which sums up, quite frankly, his burning desire and motivation to destroy any country or economy without any hesitation. Is he also one of the detestable ring leaders of the dark cabal that is currently wreaking financial terrorism throughout the world? Read on and judge for yourself.

The article I referenced was posted by John MacHaffie in a blog here. (Emphasis mine.)

Monday, November 29, 2010, John MacHaffe writes …

The Most Evil Man In The World (And it's not George H.W. Bush, he directs Bush)

This needs to be read by everyone in this country, especially members of Congress

The Most Evil Man In The World:
by CBS writer, Steve Kroft:

Some time ago I wrote an article questioning who might be the power behind Barack Hussein Obama. It has to be someone because of his meteoric rise to power, with experience at virtually nothing, with questionable wisdom, and with a mysterious past that has been carefully erased and hidden where no one can check it. The puppet master apparently paid for Obama's education and his travels to Pakistan for some mysterious purpose, and promoted him into Illinois , then national politics.

I once suggested it might be billionaire George Soros. I now believe that to be the case more than ever. George Soros might be the most evil man in the world, with intent to destroy America and every value we have held dear. Obama seems to be in lockstep with Soros' philosophies and simply a tool in Soros' world-changing strategies.

The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the "United States" ~~ George Soros

What we have in Soros, is a multi-billionaire atheist, with skewed moral values, and a sociopath's lack of conscience. He considers himself to be an elitist world class philosopher, despises the American Way and just loves to do social engineering (change cultures).

Gyargy Schwartz, better known to the world as George Soros, was born August 12, 1930 in Hungary. Soros' father, Tivadar, was a fervent practitioner of Esperanto a language invented in 1887, and designed to be the first global language, free of any national identity. The Schwartz's, who were non-practicing Jews, changed the family name to Soros, in order to facilitate assimilation into the gentile population, as the Nazis spread into Hungary during the 1930s. When Hitler's henchman Adolf Eichmann arrived in Hungary, to oversee the murder of that country's Jews, George Soros ended up with a man whose job was confiscating property from the Jewish population. Soros went with him on his rounds. Soros has repeatedly called 1944 "the best year of his life." "70% of Mr. Soros's fellow Jews in Hungary, nearly a half-million human beings, were annihilated in that year yet he gives no sign that this put any damper on his elation, either at the time or indeed in retrospect."

During an interview with "Sixty Minute's" Steve Kroft, Soros was asked about his "best year:"

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

SOROS: Yes. Yes.

KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from your fellow Jews, friends and neighbors.

SOROS: Yes. That's right. Yes.

KROFT: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

SOROS: Not, not at all. Not at all, I rather enjoyed it.

KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

SOROS: No, only feelings of absolute power.

After WWII, Soros attended the London School of Economics, where he fell under the thrall of fellow atheist and Hungarian, Karl Popper, one of his professors. Popper was a mentor to Soros until Popper's death in 1994. Two of Popper's most influential teachings concerned "the open society," and Fallibilism. Fallibilism is the philosophical doctrine that all claims of knowledge could, in principle, be mistaken. Then again, I could be wrong about that. The "open society" basically refers to a "test and evaluate" approach to social engineering. Regarding "open society" Roy Childs writes, Since the Second World War, most of the Western democracies have followed Popper's advice about piecemeal social engineering and democratic social reform, and it has gotten them into a grand mess.

In 1956 Soros moved to New York City , where he worked on Wall Street, and started amassing his fortune. He specialized in hedge funds and currency speculation. Soros is absolutely ruthless, amoral, and clever in his business dealings, and quickly made his fortune. By the 1980s he was well on his way to becoming the global powerhouse that he is today.

In an article Kyle-Anne Shiver wrote for "The American Thinker" she says, "Soros made his first billion in 1992 by shorting the British pound with leveraged billions in financial bets, and became known as the man who broke the Bank of England . He broke it on the backs of hard- working British citizens who immediately saw their homes severely devalued and their life savings cut drastically, almost overnight."

In 1994 Soros crowed in "The New Republic" that "the former Soviet Empire is now called the Soros Empire." The Russia-gate scandal in 1999, which almost collapsed the Russian economy, was labeled by Rep. Jim Leach, then head of the House Banking Committee, to be "one of the greatest social robberies in human history." The "Soros Empire" indeed.

In 1997 Soros almost destroyed the economies of Thailand and Malaysia . At the time, Malaysia 's Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, called Soros "a villain, and a moron." Thai activist Weng Tojirakarn said, "We regard George Soros as a kind of Dracula. He sucks the blood from the people."

The website Greek national Pride reports, "[Soros] was part of the full court press that dismantled Yugoslavia and caused trouble in Georgia , Ukraine and Myanmar [ Burma ]. Calling himself a philanthropist, Soros' role is to tighten the ideological stranglehold of globalization and the New World Order while promoting his own financial gain. He is without conscience; a capitalist who functions with absolute amorality."

France has upheld an earlier conviction against Soros, for felony insider trading. Soros was fined 2.9 million dollars.

Recently, his native Hungary fined Soros 2.2 million dollars for "illegal market manipulation." Elizabeth Crum writes that "The Hungarian economy has been in a state of transition as the country seeks to become more financially stable and westernized. [Soros'] deliberately driving down the share price of its largest bank put Hungary's economy into a wicked tailspin, one from which it is still trying to recover.

My point here is that Soros is a planetary parasite. His grasp, greed, and gluttony have a global reach.

But what about America ? Soros told Australia 's national newspaper "The Australian"

"America , as the centre of the globalised financial markets, was sucking up the savings of the world. This is now over. The game is out," he said, adding that the time has come for "a veryserious adjustment" in American's consumption habits. He implied that he was the one with the power to bring this about.

Soros: "World financial crisis was" stimulating" and "in a way, the culmination of my life's work."

Obama has recently promised 10 billion of our tax dollars to Brazil, in order to give them a leg-up in expanding their offshore oil fields. Obama's largesse towards Brazil, came shortly after his financial backer George Soros invested heavily in Brazilian oil (Petrobras).

Tait Trussel writes, "The Petrobras loan may be a windfall for Soros and Brazil , but it is a bad deal for the U.S. The American Petroleum Institute estimates that oil exploration in the U.S. could create 160,000 new, well-paying jobs, as well as $1.7 trillion in revenues to federal, state, and local governments, all while fostering greater energy security and independance."

A blog you might want to keep an eye on is This blog is dedicated to all who have suffered due to the ruthless financial pursuits of George Soros. Your stories are many and varied, but the theme is the same: the destructive power of greed without conscience. We pledge to tirelessly watch Soros wherever he goes and to print the truth in the hope that he will one day be made to stop preying upon the world's poor; that justice will be served.

In 1997 Rachel Ehrrenfeld wrote, "Soros uses his philanthropy to change or more accurately deconstruct the moral values and attitudes of the Western world, and particularly of the American people. His "open society" is not about freedom; it is about license. His vision rejects the notion of ordered liberty, in favor of an PROGRESSIVE ideology of rights and entitlements."

Perhaps the most important of these "whistle blowers" are David Horowitz and Richard Poe. Their book "The Shadow Party" outlines in detail how Soros hijacked the Democratic Party, and now owns it lock, stock, and barrel. The Shadow Party became the Shadow Government, which became the Obama Administration. (another good source) writes, "By his ['Soros'] own admission, he helped engineer coups in Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, and Yugoslavia . When Soros targets a country for "regime change," he begins by creating a shadow government-in-exile, ready to assume power when the opportunity arises. The Shadow Party he has built in America greatly resembles those he has created in other countries prior to instigating a coup."

November 2008 edition of the German magazine "Der Spiegel," in which Soros gives his opinion on what the next POTUS (President of the U.S. ) should do after taking office. "I think we need a large stimulus package …" Soros thought that around 600 billion would be about right.

Soros also said that "I think Obama presents us a great opportunity to finally deal with global warming and energy dependence. The U.S. needs a cap and trade system with auctioning of licenses for emissions rights."

Although Soros doesn't (yet) own the Republican Party, like he does the Democrats, make no mistake, his tentacles are spread throughout the Republican Party as well.

Soros is a partner in the Carlyle Group where he has invested more than 100 million dollars. According to an article by 'The Baltimore Chronicle's' Alice Cherbonnier, the Carlye Group is run by "a veritable who's who of former Republican leaders," from CIA man Frank Carlucci, to CIA head [and ex-President] George Bush, Sr. In late 2006, Soros bought about 2 million shares of Halliburton, Dick Cheney's old stomping grounds.

And I must not forget to mention Soros' involvement with the MSM (Main Stream Media), the entertainment industry (e.g. he owns 2.6 million shares of Time Warner), and the various political advertising organizations he funnels millions to. In short, George Soros controls or influences most of the MSM.

As Matthew Vadum writes, "The liberal billionaire-turned-philanthropist has been buying up media properties for years in order to drive home his message to the American public that they are too materialistic, too wasteful, too selfish, and too stupid to decide for themselves how to run their own lives." Richard Poe writes, "Soros' private philanthropy, totaling nearly $5 billion, continues undermining America 's traditional Western values. His giving has provided funding of abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage and other radical experiments in social engineering."

Some of the many NGOs (None Government Organizations) that Soros funds with his billions are:, the Apollo Alliance , Media Matters for America , the Tides Foundation, the ACLU, ACORN, PDIA (Project on Death In America ), La Raza, and many more. For a more complete list, with brief descriptions of the NGOs, go to DiscoverTheNetworks .org.

Poe continues, "Through his global web of Open Society Institutes and Open Society Foundations, Soros has spent 25 years recruiting, training, indoctrinating and installing a network of loyal operatives in 50 countries, placing them in positions of influence and power in media, government, finance and academia." America stands at the brink of an abyss, and that fact is directly attributable to Soros. Soros has vigorously, cleverly, and insidiously planned the ruination of America and his puppet, Barak Obama is leading the way.

Soros was the original funding behind the Global Warming Hoax. For every 10 million Gore makes, Soros makes a billion.

This may explain what has been happening in our country as well as around the world. George Soros may well be The Most Evil Man In The World.

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Why was there no protest at the Shah Alam mosque today?

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 10:47 PM PST

So, it looks like no protest materialised at the Shah Alam mosque today.

There are at least 2 possiblities:

1. The information received was true, but when details were exposed on Twitter and elsewhere, the organisers started to get intimidated by the immense pressure and backlash, and decided to cancel the protest.

2. The rumour was unfounded, and there were no such plans afoot to begin with.

At time of writing, I cannot say which of these (if either) are true.

I do accept responsibility as being one of the first few to suggest that this was happening. This information did not originate from me, and was forwarded by others, but I found the sources credible, the story more than plausible, and in my judgment, the likelihood of it being true high.

Again, I cannot say for sure at this point whether the lack of any protest materialising was a result of elements within Syabas making a U-Turn on their plans or whether there were no such plans in the first place.

I think there has been far too much blind partisanship and refusal to admit mistakes – potential or confirmed – in Malaysia today, and I should like to try and do what little is in my power to do to buck this trend.

I hope you will not consider compromised the credibility of others who may have acted on this information as a result of my/our judgment.

If it is proven conclusively that there were indeed no such plans, my humble apologies to one and all. In the meantime, let's wait and see what other information comes to light.

My feelings about Syabas and their piratisation of the water industry remain unchanged.

Follow hilarious exposes on Syabas:!/search/syabas

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 06:12 PM PST

Update 11am: I've been told that Syabas and Jalur Cahaya (contractor of Syabas) are organising a meeting at 12pm – 1pm, Masjid Shah Alam TODAY (3/12/10), to protest against Selangor's move to take over the water industry. They are forcing all their employees to attend. If they don't attend, they are being threatened to be sacked.

I should have blogged this much earlier, but I only hope better late than never.

There's a growing movement in TwitterJaya to raise awareness about the piratisation of water.

Our endgame is to try and expose some mega-corruption and pressure Syabas and co. to sell their water concessionaires back to the Selangor state government.

Tweeps have been doing a great job, and you should see what they're saying here:!/search/syabas

and then sign the petition:

or at the mirror site:

and come for the rally at Masjid Negara, 5th December, 12pm, to handover a memorandum to the Agong.

I here reprint some background to the case. Please help spread the info, thanks!!!

In 1997, the Barisan Nasional state and federal governments began privatising the water industry in Selangor. Then Menteri Besar Muhammad Taib chose the treasurer from his Umno division, Tan Sri Rozali Ismail to be the main beneficiary of this privatisation exercise.

By 2010, the amounts of losses generated by leakage and corruption in the private water companies  have now run into the hundreds of millions. Amongst the many questionable financial practices found in the private water companies are:

1. An audit report on Syabas showed more than 72% of contracts, worth RM 600 million in total, was awarded to companies chosen through direct negotiation not by open tender process. Also, RM 325 million was found to be 'missing' in discrepancies between Syabas' public accounts and the records of contracts awarded from 2005 to 2007.

3. In June 2005, Syabas contravened the terms of their concession when they imported RM 375 million worth of pipes from an Indonesian company instead of sourcing them locally. The Indonesian company was owned by Tan Sri Rozali Ismail, the CEO of Syabas.

4. Tan Sri Rozali Ismail's salary is RM 5.1 million a year or RM 425,000 a month.

5. The four water companies have a combined debt of RM 6.4 billion. The federal government has given Syabas a soft loan of RM 320 million. The total interest on this 20 year loan is RM 250 million, and Syabas will not be required to pay a single sen of this amount. Instead, this cost will be fully borne by Malaysian taxpayers.

In light of this appalling financial mismanagement, the Selangor state government has prevented Syabas from raising water tariffs by 37%, and is now endeavouring to reacquire all water concessions from the private water companies. Their goal is to eliminate the element ofprivatised profit and socialised losses, stop the corruption and leakage, andensure quality delivery of water at affordable rates. This move requires public and support and pressure to succeed.

Humans, Environment & Investment

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 05:09 PM PST

I have taken several minute steps in the last few posts to put humans in proper context, and to show how the many invisible layers have been built up over the millennia as the human specie struggle for survival in this world.

I must say what a woeful lot we humans are! It is the madness of crowds, the whole colossal folk dashing here and there migrating and spread like cancer in search of its own preservation but only find itself painted in the corner. That paint is the deforested environment which becomes uninhabitable to all but sand and a few lizards.

The race out of the garden of eden into the big wide and wild world has set the rate of growth of the human population against (a) the rate of growth of agricultural output and (b) the rate of decline of the forest and wild life. Thomas Malthus was right. The size of human population on earth will be limited by agricultural output ultimately. That limit may be a long stretch away. In the meantime, there is a dynamic interaction between the two: population surge following new discovery of food production which encourages the population to overshoot food supply, adjusted by hunger and disease and famine.

Probably with such a history embedded in our genes, we find ourselves unwittingly living in perpetual fear of inadequate food. This great search for certainty in an uncertain world creates the world and society as we know it to be today. The incessant urge to save and investment in the future that is already here.

In the world of goods, to save is to set aside some portion of the current output for future consumption such as by salting or sugaring or fermentation. That preserved food can actually be eaten tomorrow when it become rainy. There is no waste. When there is overproduction in the current period, and when the preserved food is in huge surplus, the most logical response is to take a break from work, do some maintenance work, and spend the leisure drinking and dancing and telling stories - activities which are collectively called "culture." There is a constant adjustment between output and consumption and saving and investment.

If food is taken out of the forest, the most logical step is to protect and preserve the forest so that it can continue to sustain the community. But we know that a finite forest can only support a finite community because hunger and war break out. At this limit, Malthus is spot on. This means that, at the limit, there is so much preservation of the forest can do for humans. In the meantime, any limit that is felt is determined by technology and human knowledge of how to extract more from less. This can be seen as a fact, and we simply just have to accept it. But even so, the community must protect the food source from selfish greedy individuals who may have no qualms about destroy the food source thinking that he or she can stored it off somewhere purely for his or her own consumption. In nature, any other method of storage apart from leaving nature alone is foolhardy.

This problem of the short-seeing long-sighted selfish person is compounded in a world of tokens (paper or commodity money) where its special quality of not decaying physically (because it's a computer number or a piece of metal) may create the illusion that accumulation of pile of metal or paper or a larger number on a computer is the way to go into the future for generations. All things lie in the present, this accumulation of uneatable assets is being balanced against the liability of persistent destruction of the environment (by chopping down trees or digging up stuff or polluting). This is being gleefully done today by warlords with the collusion of multinational firms and global finance.

At the same time, the overproduction of goods (unsold inventory) or services (unemployed workers) is being happily ignored and misinterpreted - with the later overproduction (unemployment) probably from good agriculture or bad education is being used as a basis for further overproduction (of goods) which floods the world both in terms of huge quantity, low price and bad quality. And central banks continue to churn out the tokens.

In this world of mindless pursuit of economic growth, we are drowned in a sea of useless constructs. The rich becomes very rich and the poor becomes very poor, all within the economic system that we have immersed ourselves. We have to get out.

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