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ASAMtv LOVE STRIPS No.1 By Lutfi Hakim and Jiayueh Choong for ASAMtv. Like ASAM on Facebook!
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Suku-Hali Timor-Leste: Timor-Leste's first soap opera

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 04:26 AM PST

Synopsis: A news feature on Timor-Leste's first 20-part fiction television series, entitled Suku-Hali Timor-Leste, presented by Singaporean video journalists Jeanette Tan, Pamy Tan and Karen Xin. Final-year students of Nanyang Technological University's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, the girls travelled to Timor-Leste in August 2010 with eight others to experience overseas reporting as part of an advanced journalism course. Check out more of their work on
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Despite price hikes, MP still betting on early polls

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 04:05 AM PST

Despite the recent price hike of essential goods still sour in the public's mouth, Tony Pua believes that the public may taste a general election within six months. "I think it will be soon because the BN is confident," said the DAP member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara. "You can tell from the convention that they just held, and the by-election victories. Full story here:
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'NEM-2 forgettable, hopeless and meaningless'

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 03:49 AM PST

Three years down the road, muses Petaling Jaya Utara parliamentarian Tony Pua, no one will remember what the New Economic Model (NEM) is all about. "It is a tremendous disappointment, a document riddled with contradictions, which is hopeless and meaningless," was how Pua described Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's much-touted policy in an interview with Malaysiakini. This, he said, was because the NEM was no different from the New Economic Policy (NEP) and the policies implemented by the BN-led federal government before this. Full story here:
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Zahid Hamidi slept with an Indian

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 02:04 PM PST

One month ago I posted Patriotism - a useful UMNO word where I wrote: Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi stated in response to a question in Parliament that the low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military could be due to the Chinese and Indians [being] 'not patriotic enough'.

Zahid Hamidi, once a very close ally of Anwar Ibrahim and the man who accused Dr Mahathir of corruption and cronyism in an apparent impatient move by the Anwar faction in UMNO to nudge then-PM Dr M out for Anwar's final ascendancy to the PM's post, but who has since abandoned his allegiance to Anwar to be allied to Najib, is hardly an appropriate person to talk about patriotism or loyalty. But Zahid is certainly the very model of treachery in UMNO or, if one really wants to be kind to him, a mercenary unprincipled opportunist.

DAP's Kulasegaran was the man who called Zahid a patriot coward wakakaka when he scooted out of the Dewan Rakyat to evade opposition questions after delivering his 'non-Malays lack spirit of patriotism' controversy.

Since then, Zahid has made some half-hearted back-down, trying to spin his way out of his self created bigoted mess in much the same way as he had spun his way back into mainstream UMNO after deserting the Anwar Ibrahim camp.

Clever bloke and a potential general in the art of tactical redeployment wakakaka.

Yesterday in Parliament, Kulasegaran latched on to him and fired several barrage of HE (high explosive) artillery shells, passing a motion to deduct a symbolic but very indicting RM10 from Zahid's pay. That forced Zahid to come out in girlish defence of his 1Malaysia credentials. Why 'girlish'? I'll come to that shortly.

After reversing his earlier comment on non-Malays lacking spirit of patriotism, and in a shameless 180 degrees direction, praising the contribution of non-Malays in the armed forces during the emergency period and the Indonesian confrontation (he failed to mention their contributions on overseas missions) who had "given their limbs and lives for this beloved country", Zahid claimed the
following as proof that he wasn't racist:

"I have many Indian and Chinese friends and voters in my area who are non-Malays. Did you ever have friend in university who are not of your race?

"I used to share a room in the dorm with an Indian, in my final year in University Malaya. I shared a room with an Indian."

The roar of wakakaka's from the opposition bench shook the foundations of the already unstable Parliament building. Kula sneeringly commented: "What does that have to do with anything? That does not explain the statement you made as a minister."

I too have been overwhelmed by a bout of heavy wakakaka-ing at Zahid's resort to a very girlish reply.

Two years ago, as I posted in
Racist Malaysians, a sweetie blogger by the name of (ironically) Sammy wakakaka (no relation to that Samy), made a very hurtful racist comment against Indians. I wrote:

Blogger Sammy, alas a sweetie, of Life is a Drama is certainly living up to her motto of 'A life without a dash of conflict and colour will not be a complete one', except she chose the theme of colour a wee too literally, and consequentially is now reaping the ugly conflict.

According to Malaysiakini, Sammy went ballistic when two alleged Indian youths snatched her mobile phone left on a table while she was having lunch. She did the silly thing by resorting to cynical stereotyping of Indians in the worst ways, and then made things worse for herself by posting the entire racist raving rant on her blog. […]

After she had 'woken' up from her rage she realized the enormity of what she had done and apologized, but when I read her blog this afternoon I thought she could have closed the whole issue (or at least most of it) by making an unreserved apology, instead of qualifying it by stating she apologized to 'educated' Indians, whatever that meant.

Much later in another post she admitted being told that her apology had been 'grudging'. She posted:

I realised this is getting way out of hand. I was also dubbed as 'grudgingly apologised' in my later post. Since text has no tone and emotions, I don't know how to make it sound sincere but I do hope to get this out as sincere as I can. Again, I will apologise and say sorry to those I've offended, Indian or no Indian. I hope this official apology does not sound 'grudgy' again.

I was not racist and was acting out of my anger the last few days. If i've to face the police, then yes i will to explain the whole situation. If i were to hate indians, I would not wear saree on my Indian friend's birthday party because that would be ridiculous.

Sammy's proof of her non-racist attitude towards Indians was that she wore a saree, not unlike Zahid's sharing a room with an Indian. That's why I said Zahid was 'girlish'. Pity Zahid didn't claim he wore a dhoti wakakaka.

But at least Sammy unlike Zahid made a full apology the second time.

But it's amazing that these people dare expect us to accept their claims of mere superficialities as proof that they aren't bigots. It certainly reflected on the superficial nature of their characters.

He’s the PRIME MINISTER, but how big is the Big ‘O’ COMPARED TO SAIFUL

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 01:38 PM PST

(Harakah Daily) – Writing in his regular column on his Malaysia Today blog, self-exiled blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has revealed that the government's image consultant APCO Worldwide was heavily involved in arranging the US itinerary for prime minister Najib Razak, his wife Rosmah Mansor and Defence minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi during their separate visits earlier this year.

In what appeared to be a disclosure to US's Department of Justice, Petra published a document showing APCO's task to take care of their programmes.

APCO was appointed as the government's image consultant in July last year and to advise it on Najib's 1Malaysia concept.

The giant US-based corporation however found itself in the middle of a storm following revelations by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim this year that several Israeli political leaders were on its board. The company had also undertaken a similar "One Israel" campaign for Tel Aviv not long ago.

In August, Indera Mahkota member of parliament Azan Ismail revealed Malaysia was paying RM77 million in annual fees to APCO, making the country APCO's highest paying client.

APCO does everything

According to documents revealed by Petra, APCO said it had arranged for photography and videotaping of functions involving Rosmah, who the company referred to as "First Lady", for use of the Malaysian government.

It also helped in organisation of a think-tank roundtable and post-event dinner hosted by Zahid.

DREAM COME TRUE … APCO arranged for the much sort after handshake with the US leader

According to the disclosure, during Najib's visit in September, APCO was instrumental in arranging meetings with various representatives of the press, academic institutions, the US government and policy organisation, as well as appointments with the media.

"During Prime Minister Najib's visit to the United States at the end of September 2010, the Registrant provided logistical support for meetings and interviews between the Prime Minister and the New York Times editorial board, representatives of CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the Council on Foreign Relations. The Registrant also attended the Prime Minister's speech at the Council on Foreign Relations on September 28, 2010," it said.

Najib spent RM76.8 million to be with Barack oba



Welcome to India, Obamaji! Now, now… calm down everyone. The Big 'O' isn't what your wicked mind is thinking. The reference is to 'Obama', but yes, his virgin visit to Bharat can definitely be dubbed orgasmic. When was the last time Superman flew into town accompanied by a designer-clad Lois Lane? Bill Clinton's visit in 2002 doesn't really count – he was a disgraced, Lewinsk-ed ex-president at the time, and even his embroidered, bandmaster-style bandgala could not salvage the tattered image. This one is the real biggie.

The most powerful man in the world (take a walk, Putin, and don't forget your black belt) is all set to wow the most powerful democracy on earth – it is likely to become the ultimate power fest. A team of 1,500 honchos, US warships in our waters, fighter planes in our skies. God knows what else, where else. Let's see who blinks first. As the Americans would put it, "We have issues." Nothing all that serious, nothing that cannot be resolved, nothing that could embarrass either administration.

But— and that's an important 'but' – Obamaji has to 'get' India. That needs a certain instinct, a certain mindset. India is unique. And it's high time world leaders understood and accepted our uniqueness. It is also high time we stopped over-explaining ourselves, or apologizing for being 'like that only'. If Obama listens to his mind and heart rather than his minders, perhaps the dialogue that emerges will be more meaningful. He is an astute and clever man. Right now, his ratings are tanking almost as dramatically as Tiger Woods'. Yes, his image is taking a battering back home. And yes, Biwi No. 1 Michelle is loved and adored while he is watched and judged. But that's how it goes —it ain't a fair world. The India he will airdrop into may delight and surprise him, if he allows himself to respond and react to the country minus political blinkers. We really are good guys – annoying and impossible —but essentially good. Not that Obama has to pick at his point, but a visit on this level says a hell of a lot through non-verbal communication.

Obama has not been perceived as a 'friend of India'. His harsh comments about outsourcing have not gone down well, even though we know they were made for domestic consumption. His position on Pakistan sponsored terrorism has been more wishy-washy than we would have wished. But the timing of his visit couldn't have been better.

And it is upto us —not him – how we leverage it. At the time of writing, his exact programme remains unclear (security concerns). People in South Mumbai are starting to mew a little about the inconvenience his visit will cause them. They should be told to shut up and put up. It's a small price to pay if the trip pulls off a coup or two. Strategically speaking, his visit is expected to send out a strong and powerful signal to our neighbours.

But more than that, it is expected to boost our morale via a couple of juicy commercial deals. Obama's visit comes at an auspicious time —Diwali. We should pull out all the stops and let the guy experience the 'festival of lights' in all its dazzling glory. Instead of marching him off to predictable and boring destinations to 'pay homage' to assorted oldie goldies, let him hang out with the young of India.

Mumbai is one of the most buzzed cities on earth —a city as much about survivors as achievers. Let's hope someone up there has the imagination and guts to get the Obamas to meet the asli Mumbaikars once he's done bonding with the usual suspects. The Obamas are young, hip, cool and very today. Let them check out the electric scene for themselves – show them the real illuminations —the earthen diyas that light up the entrance of every humble shanty in Mumbai's throbbing slums. Why make our poor invisible? Leave that trick to the Chinese. Why not let Obama look into the shining eyes of our street urchins at traffic lights —share a few genuine smiles with them rather than schmooze with the fake smileswallas? Not likely, right? No matter. The Big O is coming to woo India. Let us coopt him into the Great Big Indian Family, Bollywood–style, with naach gaana, band baaja and an 'item number' composed in his honour. And no, the lyrics definitely can't go, "Barack badnaam hua, Darling India ke liye."



They're sneaky. They lie. They're evil. They think everyone else is an animal and therefore without souls. They're the most despicable people on the planet to say the least. These evil doers are behind Hollywood, the porn industry, race mixing,the homosexual agenda …. you name it … and they're the ones orchestrating it.
Before this only 2or 3 countries spoke up. . Now 145. Thousand thanks to the Parliamentarians for the deep concern and firm stand.





Semua Rakyat Malaysia Harus Naikkan Banner Protes Kenaikan Harga Barang

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 12:32 PM PST

Ketua Penerangan PAS telah mengarahkan semua cawangan PAS menaikkan banner memprotes kenaikan 4 dalam 1 tajaan Barisan Nasional dan UMNO. Tulang Besi ingin mencadangkan supaya tindakan ini dilakukan oleh SEMUA rakyat Malaysia yang mampu. Tidak perlu tunggu cawangan PAS atau Keadilan atau DAP untuk melakukannya. Kita sendiri boleh mengeluarkan sedikit wang dan membuat banner memprotes kenaikan harga barang ini.

Kita wajib ingat, bahana naikknya harga barang ditanggung oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia, tidak hanya ahli dan penyokong PAS.

Maka amat wajar sekiranya rakyat Malaysia sendiri mengambil inisiatif menaikkan banner, banting, poster etc sendiri tanpa menunggu cawangan2 PAS.

Ayuh marilah kita bertindak bagi menyelamatkan masa depan kita dari kerakusan UMNO dan kroni2 mereka.

Antara slogan2 yang dicadangkan oleh Ketua Penerangan PAS adalah:

"Terima Kasih BN Kerana Naik Harga Petrol, Diesel, Gas dan Gula"

"Barang Naik,Rakyat Kena Dulu"

"Beri Kuasa Pada Pakatan Rakayta Kalau Tidak Boleh Jaga Rakyat"

"Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Teruji Dan Terbukti Membela Rakyat"

"Pemimpin Kaya Rakyat Terseksa"

"Pemimpin Joli Rakyat Tidak Dipeduli"

"Jangan Biarkan Anak Cucu Kita Melarat"

"Tolak BN Anda Mampu Mengubahnya"

"Kami Rakyat Bermaruah Akan Tolak BN"

"Barang Naik, BN Tidak Pandai Memerintah"

"Tugas Kerajaan Jaga kebajikan, Bukan Tekan Rakyat"

"Selamatkan Negara Daripada Muflis"

"Mana Wang Petronas Dihabiskan?"

"Negara Malaysia Bukan Padang Pasir Yang Tidak Ada Hasil"

"Ke mana hasil Balak, Kelapa Sawit,Getah, Mutiara, Pasir Dihabiskan?"

"Pemimpin BN Bela Kroni Dan Anak Bini"

"Anda Sayang Keluarga, Bangkit Tolak BN"

KETUANAN MELAYU: BIl Letrik Bakal Naik????

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 10:52 AM PST

NOTA EDITOR: Pertama sekali, laporan di bawah menyatakan harga arang batu dan gas asli bakal naik. Namun, sekiranya TNB menaikkan "tarif"(bil letrik) hanya 1%, hanya cukup-cukup menampung kos kenaikkan harga arang batu dan gas asli.

Dengan kata lain, kalau TNB nak buat untung, kenalah TNB naikkan tarif LEBIH dari 1%.

HAKIKATNYA, TNB mesti menaikkan bil kerana kalau tidak keuntungan TNB akan jatuh dan ini akan membuat pemegang2 saham TNB kurang laba mereka. Demi memastikan laba yang tiggi bagi pemegang2 saham TNB, terpaksalah mereka menaikkan bil letrik kita.

Tak heranlah laporan itu juga menyatakan, secara prinsipnya, Kabinet telah bersetuju untuk kenaikkan tarif ini:

It said this in its company report, in response to news that the cabinet had agreed in principle to a revisison of electricity tariff.

Kenaikkan harga arang batu dan gas asli itu TIDAK DAPAT DIELAKKAN oleh TNB. Saya tak nampak jalan TNB untuk menampung kos tersebut selain menaikkan bil letrik kita. Semuanya demi kesejahteraan kroni.


Tulang Besi

TNB profits from tariff hike 'offset' by rising fuel costs
Dec 9, 10 2:05pm

Tariff hikes may not fully benefit utility giant Tenaga Nasional Bhd as a possible increase in the fixed natural gas price, currently set at RM10.70/mmbtu or coal price will offset it.

"We estimate that a one percentage point increase in tariff could raise TNB's 2012 earnings by eight per cent.

"But this could be fully offset by a six per cent increase in the fixed natural gas price," said a research house.

It said another factor could be the rise in coal costs, which accounted for 48 per cent of its 2010 financial year fuel expenses.

It said this in its company report, in response to news that the cabinet had agreed in principle to a revisison of electricity tariff.

Newcastle coal price has risen to US$109 per tonne currently from the US$85 tonne (US$=RM3.61) incorporated in TNB's existing tariff structure.

"We estimate that a five per cent increase in coal prices above the 2012 financial year forecast assumption of US$100 per tonne, could offset a one percentage point increase in electricity tariff," it added.

The research house said with the Melaka liquefied natural gas regassificiation plant on a fast track development by mid-2012, a new pass through electricity gas tariff regime would be required.

"In our view, the key obstacle to the implementation of a tariff revision is the current political climate, as the government appears to be gearing up for an election next year," it added.

As for the letter of understanding between TNB and the National Trading Company (NATCO) to cooperate on specialised activities in Yemen's power industry, the research house said:

"If the development materialises, TNB is expected to start with operation and maintenance services in Yemen.

"We are neutral on this venture, which is unlikely to generate a significant contribution to the group in the near to medium term,".

The research house reiterated its "hold" call on TNB's shares with a fair value of RM9.00.

- Bernama

With airtime, you can afford a helicopter!

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 08:51 AM PST

Believe it or not!

This 'Anuar' who got filthy rich by winning a few hundred hours of television airtime from a TV station was contemplating to buy a helicopter worth at least RM5 million!

After successfully making his resorts/chalets dream in Linggi a reality, his buddy whom I met earlier today said he is also planning for a budget hotel somewhere in Sepang (competing or complementing the Gold Coast, perhaps).

Now, that is the real power of airtime. This 'broadcasting gold' which nobody gave much attention before (as so many people were after the car approved permits or APs) offers the recipients quick and big bucks.

What's the helicopter for? To fly the senior officer who awarded him with that gold mine?

This Anuar got his office in Jalan Genting Klang. His company, 'M V' Sdn Bhd was once a small contractor with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL). However, for his good rapport with the senior official and the 'gifts' he invested in, he was awarded with few hundred hours of airtime over the last three years (that is since the officer took office).

I was told that the MACC visited the senior officer on two occasions recently, spending a few hours with him and digging into some files. Of course it is his prerogative rights to give it to whoever he likes but the bottom line is, he is not a fair person and denying those who really need the airtime from getting it.

From more than 600 applicants for the airtime, only selected few were given, including Anuar who is not directly involved in local movie/film production.

You want his address, phone number and other details, MACC? Call me!


Posted: 09 Dec 2010 07:12 AM PST

(Source: Straits Times 9 Dec)

Know what to do when someone chokes on food. Learn how to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre for CHOKING ADULTS.

A choking victim can't speak or breathe and needs your help immediately. Follow these steps to help a choking victim:

1.From behind, wrap your arms around the victim's waist.

2.Make a fist and place the thumb side of your fist against the victim's upper abdomen, below the ribcage and above the navel.

3.Grasp your fist with your other hand and press into their upper abdomen with a quick upward thrust. Do not squeeze the ribcage; confine the force of the thrust to your hands.

4.Repeat until object is expelled.

If you prefer to view the procedure, this YouTube clip shows you how.

For more on how to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre on choking infants, and on yourself if you are alone, visit the Heimlich Institute website.

Do's and Don'ts:
  1. Chew your food properly before swallowing.
  2. Avoid laughing or talking loudly while eating.
  3. Avoid taking overly large mouthfuls.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

蔡細歷重申 “馬華效忠正副首相”

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 06:14 AM PST







BN/Pakatan”Knowing the Truth..??”

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 04:53 AM PST

Everyone of us loves to be shown factual and truthful accounts. There are instances when some are put together to create a "perception"where it will captivate the audience and readers into believing what they read are nothing but the truth.  


 Certainly not and we are educated enough to judge the legitimacy of reports filed and not purely written to exploit the Naiveties of us Poor readers out in the blogsphere. Every action there is a reaction and our minds must not be polluted into caving into any article which does deserve to be given even a glance through again.

The Pakatan likewise the BN has blamed many spin doctors and unethical journalists from spreading unnecessary lies,allegations and a hosts of stories. There are truths too but many are not willing to FACE THE MUSIC AND THE CONSEQUENCES.

Over the past few days the attacks on CM Taib has been incessant and it seems the Chief Political Secretary Abdul Karim Hamzah has been dragged in and he has been the subject of much ridiculed,blamed and even called a moron by some. We will posts the following articles below and you will be the judge of it all. 

In order to do justice to our article though we do not have much journalistic background as commented by some but we would like to share what we know. The truth of every reporting is to seek a statement  from those who are aggrieved or wrongly perceived.

No point in just making it "rolled over a hundred fold" as according to a veteran editor it will be forgotten very quickly. The "SHELF LIFE" is short but political parties tend to overuse and most do not know how to create diversions or a NEW PAGE.

Are we with Karm Hamzah? He is a friend in politics and we do disagree on a lot of issues but when we see wrong we try to put it right.

We are not righteous as we told the PKR Information Chief See Chee How yesterday and we also do not want to be termed the "Third Force'.It is our right to fight for the right justice and the truth. We do not want to over sensationalise as if we do many say our articles are 'not like a spade is a spade".

We know that Politics is Perception but there are limits too.

We sms Karim Hamzah at 1607 today and this was what we wrote,"YB u must hv been informed that u are the main topic of discussion at the moment"

He replied at 1653,"audie61 I never give an interview to Free Swak Radio or Msiakini but I did was interviewd by a reporter from a National Paper.The Msiakini article was very much distorted."

Many have earlier called and said to us,"Your friend is really in hot water now and is he doing this to be given a state cabinet posts in the next reshuffle? He is apple polishing too up the wrong tree? These and a lot of other rude and other unpublishable words which can and could ruin many a good man.

 He is no angel we know but please accord due respect to some who tries to do his job well. We always say," If you are a streetsweeper do it well as the whole world will bestow upon you,"Here once lived a streetsweeper who swept it so clean that we can walk without shoes and it is because he puts dedication and commitment to his work."


The articles which has circulated and has been on the tongues of many who follows politics closely:- 

We listen to the hilarious interview with YB Karim Hamza, the Chief Minister's spokesman, explaining how he is not worried by blogs describing Taib's wealth. He says he thinks it is "only fair" that the Chief Minister should take the opportunities of his office to become rich. {

This interview is unbelievable, unforgivable and unforgettable. Taib's political secretary Abdul Karim Hamzah is saying that it is okay to amass wealth in office. Well, we need to tell him "No, it is not okay!" It is a crime, no matter whether he is in office for one day or 100 years.

{ }

Obviously Abdul Karim Hamzah is either a MORON
So, after 40 years in the government, don't you think he deserves to have some level of satisfaction, or some level of wealth that he could accumulate in the right way? Are you trying to tell me politicians must be poor? Only businessmen are allowed to be rich? That's very unfair!

{ }


Nasib sabut timbul, nasib batu tenggelam

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 04:09 AM PST

Hari ini saya ingin menyambung apa yang saya tulis sebelum ini dan saya rasa ianya tidak akan begitu panjang, Hanya ingin menjawab persoalan yang ditanya oleh kenalan dan ahli-ahli politik yang agak serius tetapi tidak memahami apa sebenarnya yang berlaku. Tetapi jika seseorang itu faham masalah tetapi tidak terfikir cara dan kaedah penyelesaiannya.

Inilah yang paling menyedihkan kerana penyelesaiannya itu ada tetapi tidak siapa pun mahu mengambil jalan itu kerana ianya memerlukan pengorbanan dari pimpinan yang ada pada hari ini. Sebenarnya masalah yang timbul asalnya adalah dari keyakinan rakyat terhadap pimpinan itu sendiri.

Tetapi jika pimpinan itu sendiri yang ingin melakukan perubahan itu maka ianya tidak akan dapat diterima kerana mereka sudah terlalu biasa dengan kuasa dan budaya kepimpinan yang mereka lalui itu. Pimpinan yang selama ini tidak meyakinkan jika berbuat sesuatu perancangan, bagaimana baik pun tidak akan lagi diterima rakyat ramai.

Itulah sebabnya krisis kepimpinan merupakan penyebab utama kenapa parti-parti pemerintah dimana-mana negara yang mengamalkan sistem demokrasi akan tersungkur didepan mata rakyat yang mereka pimpin selama ini. Itulah sebenarnya masalah yang dihadapi oleh UMNO dan kebanyakkan parti-parti komponen didalam BN; baik MCA, GERAKKAN, UMNO , MIC dan lain-lain parti diTimur Malaysia yang menganggotai BN itu.

BN ibarat sebagai seorang tua yang sedang sakit. Seseorang tua yang sakit selalunya memerlukan pujian untuk memberikan keyakinan semangat untuk sembuh, tetapi orang yang melihat sipesakit itu boleh menjangkakan samada sipesakit itu mampu untuk sembuh atau sebaliknya bergantung kepada jenis penyakit yang dihinggapinya.

kebanyakkan pemimpin-pemimpin parti yang besar didalam BN sedang dihimpit oleh krisis keyakinan oleh ahli mereka sendiri. Penghijrahan kaum Cina kepada DAP membuatkan pemimpin MCA terperangkap dengan isu perkauman untuk menarik perhatian kaum Cina dan seterusnya mendapat sokongan Cina kepada MCA.

Apabila pemimpin MCA memainkan isu perkauman untuk mengajak bangsanya memberikan sokongan kepada MCA maka pemimpinnya memainkan isu perkauman yang akan ditentang pila oleh orang Melayu. Apa orang Melayu mendengar isu-isu perkauman dari MCA ini maka mereka akan melemahkan UMNO dan akan terus menuduh pemimpin mereka tidak mempertahankan keistimewaan bangsa Melayu mereka. Akhirnya BN itu akan beransur-ansur menjadi lemah kerana anggapan orang Melayu tidak mampu dipertahankan oleh UMNO parti yang mereka sokong selama ini.

Itulah sebabnya dari 3.3 juta ahli UMNO seramai sejuta ahli UMNO sendiri memberikan sokongan kepada parti-parti pembangkang didalam kotak tempat mengundi itu. Baki jumlah itu pula tidak mengambil kira mereka yang belum mendaftar sebagai pengundi. Jadi besarnya jumlah keahlian parti itu tidak memberi faedah kepada UMNO malahan keahlian yang besar itu lebih membawa beban kepada parti tertua negara ini.

Kita sebut dahulu tentang barisan kabinet yang akan diumumkan oleh PM Najib tidak lama lagi. Ramai merasakan beberapa orang disebut untuk dibesarakan. Rais Yatim memang satu nama yang rakyat sudah tidak memandangnya lagi kerana sudah terlalu lama mendudukki Jemaah Menteri negara.

Rais yang menjadi isu hangat berhubung dengan isu ketidak telusan dalam kementerian yang diketuainya memang sepatutnya menjadi orang pertama untuk dibesarakan. Dikawasan beliau sendiri beliau tidak dapat menguasai sokongan pengundi-pengundi diJelebu kerana masalah beliau dengan pemimpin-pemimpin tempatan disana.

Nor Mohammed Yaacop juga adalah seorang lagi ahli Jemaah Kabinet yang dikatakan sudah patut berundur sebelum nasi menjadi bubur. Entah apa sebabnya Nor Mohammad masih didalam barisan Kabinet lagi sedang isu terhadap beliau memang jelas susah untuk diperbaikki dari persepsi pengundi yang buruk sejak akhir-akhir ini.

Nazri Aziz memang sudah menjadi nama yang membawa liabiliti kepada parti dan kerajaan dan blog ini tidak berminat untuk membuat ulasan terhadap beliau ini kerana persepsi dan keyakinan ramai terhadap beliau memang sudah jauh jatuh dan beliau akan hanya membawa nasib buruk kepada kabinet negara kita. Hanya membuang masa sahaja menghabiskan masa untuk menulis tentang pemimpin ini.

Ada beberapa orang yang lain lagi yang sepatutnya faham dan perlu berhenti sebelum diberhentikan. Jangan marah kepada pimpinan kerana tidak disambung jawatan 'glamourous' itu. Ingat dan berterima kasih kepada apa yang telah mereka perolehi semasa pentadbiran Dr Mahathir, zaman rasuah mula berputik dengan pantasnya. Malahan persepsi kerajaan yang rasuah ini bermula dari zaman itu. Tidak mungkin rasuah bermaharajalela sampai ketahap ini hanya dalam masa 5 tahun pemerintahan Pak Lah dan 2 tahun pemerintahan Najib.

Sekarang ini siapa yang akan dibawa masuk oleh PM Najib kedalam kabinet? Adakah yang akan mengambil alih yang dibesarakan itu lebih baik dari yang ada? Bukankah jika dipilih dari yang ada sekarang ini, mereka juga adalah juga dari kumpulan yang terlatih dari kumpulan budaya yang sama. Mereka akan mengambil giliran untuk melakukan amalan yang sama kerana itulah yang mereka lihat dan praktikkan oleh siapa juga yang mendapat kuasa dalam kerajaan.

Mungkin Mukhriz Mahathir boleh diberikan percubaan untuk mengetuai mana-mana Kementerian yang sesuai, asalkan sahaja beliau itu lain dari Dr Mahathir dari segi pemikiran dan sikapnya. Nampaknya beliau boleh dibawa bersama. Saya tidak memberikan tentangan jika Khairy Jamaluddin diberikan tugas salah satu dari kementerian yang ada diatas sifat beliau sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.

Ramai yang akan tidak seronok dengan pandangan saya ini tetapi kalau dibandingkan dengan salah laku pemimpin yang lain maka menyenaraikan nama Khairy bukanlah menjadi perkara yang ganjil dan asing. Hanya Khairy perlu menjadi lebih matang dan tidak meletakkan hidung didahi jika diberikan tempat dalam barisan kabinet yang baru itu. Saya yakin beliau boleh memperbaikki diri beliau. Yang beliau perlukan hanyalah diberikan kesempatan.

Razali Ibrahim mungkin satu lagi nama yang agak baik dari pandangan umum. Sekarang ini beliau adalah Timbalan kepada Ahmad Shabery Cheek yang namanya agak berada didalam 'border line' untuk digugurkan atau dikekalkan. Tetapi jika beliau dibersarakan maka UMNO tidak akan menghadapi apa-apa kerosakkan kerana beliau hanyalah sebagai 'passenger' didalam barisan yang ada pada hari ini. Jika beliau digugurkan beliau tidak akan memberikan apa-apa 'negative consequence' kepada kerajaan yang ada pada hari ini.

Saya rasa kalau ada pun yang baru untuk dinaikkan, nama saya yang saya sebutkan tadi sahaja yang ada yang berpotensi. Siapa lagi? Dan nama-nama yang saya sebutkan untuk digugurkan itu juga adalah nama-nama yang paling menesabah untuk dibersarakan. Siapa lagi yang lain? Mungkin Noh Omar. Tetapi siapa pula yang hendak mewakili Selangor dalam barisan kabinet negara? Tiada….!

Begitulah peritnya kesusahan yang bakal dihadapi oleh Najib dalam penysunan semula barisan kabinet negara. Tetapi apakan daya. Itu sahaja yang kita ada. Kalau untung sabut ia akan timbul, kalau untung batu tenggelam. Bak kata mat-mat rempit, 'nasib lu lah PM'.

Tetapi untuk memperbaikki kepimpinan UMNO isu penukaran Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO itu wajar dilakukan sekali gus untuk memberikan keyakinan baru kepada rakyat. Tetapi persoalannya sama. Nak dibuang yang ada siapa pula yang akan mengambil alih? Contohnya diNS Mohammad Hasan perlu digantikan tetapi siapa yang boleh memikul tanggungjawab itu? Tetapi kalau tidak ditukar yang hampir pasti UMNO akan kalah lebih banyak kerusi lagi. Yang ada disisnya hanyalah TS Isa nyang terbukti telah membawa 100 kemenangan semasa UMNO dalam keadaan teruk dahulu.

Siapa pula nak ketuai UMNO Selangor? Adakah Noh Omar. Jika Noh mengambil ali elok kita jangan letak calun terus dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang. Dr Zamri diPerak sedang bermasalah untuk mendapat dokongan dari ketua-ketua Bahagian. Tetapi ketua-ketua Bahagian pun bukan ada yang boleh memikul serangan dari pembangkang yang ada pada hari ini.

Kedah, Pahang, P Pinang dan juga Johor bagaimana? Ramai pemerhati politik diJohor berpendapat sebanyak 8 kerusi Parlimen akan jatuh. Itulah yang didengar merata-rata disana. Pendeknya, kita jangan hanya pandai nak membuang sahaja. Pimpinan kena pandai mencari gantinya juga.

Itulah hasil UMNO yang nyata hasil dari permainan politik yang tidak baik yang dilakukan oleh pimpinan sejak hampir 3 dekad yang lalu. Jangan marah-marah dengan pandangan saya ini. Berfikir sedalam-dalamnya sebelum melompat memarahi saya atau orang-orang seperti saya.

Takut-takut saya akan buktikan apa yang saya katakan itu benar belaka. Kalau tak benar tak apa. Jika tidak benar maka baiklah masa depan UMNO itu.

Hikayat Seri Rama in 5 scenes

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 03:27 AM PST

Scene 1 - [Chua Soi Lek enters stage]

Seri Rama talks tough [also practise shooting an arrow at someone, so happens 'twas a DVD seller].

applause applause by Lagur-Katagina mob

Scene 2 - [Hishamuddin enters stage]

Hisham Rawana says Soi Lek Sri Rama has upset Umno Lankan leaders [tempted to wave his cakra but suppresses that urge]

boo's by Lagur-Katagina mob

Scene 3 - [Lok Seng Kok enters stage]

MCA Lakshman fights back over 'ketuanan Melayu Lankans' and junior partner role

applause applause by Lagur-Katagina mob

Scene 4 - [Koh Tsu Koon enters stage]

Tsu Koon Siti Dewi backs Soi Lek Seri Rama in junior partner row
[keeps an eye on Rawana to see whether backing Seri Rama would be okay]

even Lagur-Katagina mob wakakaka

Scene 5 - [Ong Tee Keat enters stage]

Tee Keat Kumbakarna says Soi Lek Seri Rama backed 'ketuanan Melayu Lankans'

50% Lagur-Katagina mob applause, another 50% boo

Meanwhile, Pak Haji Nik Aziz [in the audience] warns actors that Kelantan has banned the staging of the Hikayat Seri Rama.

PAS audience applause

MCA Fights Back Over ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ And Junior Partner Role - By Yow Hong Chieh.

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 02:57 AM PST

The MCA hit back at Umno today in an escalating row over Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek's remarks about "Ketuanan Melayu" and unhappiness at having to play second fiddle to the ruling Malay party in Barisan Nasional (BN).

MCA deputy publicity chief Loh Seng Kok said today Dr Chua had only been conveying the views "held by many people" when he cautioned BN leaders against using words like "pendatang" (immigrants), "penumpang" (passengers), "terhutang budi" (indebted to), "kurang patriotic" (unpatriotic) and "Ketuanan Melayu" (Malay supremacy) at last weekend's BN convention.

The MCA president had also taken a direct swipe at Umno by pointing out that the MCA was not in agreement with how important government policy decisions were made during Umno supreme council meetings instead of in the Cabinet.

This prompted Umno vice president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein to claim yesterday that Dr Chua had upset a good number of leaders — including those in the MCA — with his speech.

Similarly, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Puad Zarkashi said Dr Chua's statements were untrue, unnecessary and not in tandem with BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak's views or those of other BN component party leaders.

Today, Loh hit back at the two and questioned how they could govern the country if they could not accept "messages from the public".

"BN leaders including Datuk Seri Hishammuddin and Datuk Dr Puad Zarkashi must display an honest and humble attitude and accept the facts," he said in a press statement.

"As leaders, we must be always ready to accept public criticisms and questionings."

The MCA man claimed Dr Chua was merely being self-critical when he made the speech, in "consonance" with Najib's warning to coalition leaders to avoid the "diseases" of delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance.

He further urged BN leaders to be more self-critical in order to learn from their mistakes and win the hearts and minds of the people.

"At the BN convention, BN should not only be singing praises to manufacture a peaceful occasion, but also continue to motivate members within BN on the coalition's principles and struggles," he said.

Loh also singled out "self-contradictory" Hishammuddin for going to the media after telling BN leaders not to air their dirty laundry in public.

"On one hand, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin states that such statements should only be brought up during BN meetings rather than in public. But on the other hand, he publicly criticises the MCA president through the media. This is simply a case of double standards!" he said.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Leaky ethics – the revelation Raja Petra Kamarudin P.R job Malaysian roadside medseller vs The London Street Medicine Seller.

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 02:15 AM PST

online medical care

what Mahatir has been giving the Malays in 22 years as Prime Minister?


There could be more to that innocent-looking drink from a Malaysian roadside hawker.

Tun Dr Mahathir


MALAYS in Malaysia are FEED these drinks


They down these beverages, in plastic packets or cups.


But there's a hard truth about these beverages.


They are actually drugs and can give addicts the same high as opium.


Known as air ketum (Malay for ketum drink),




The bitter drink is made by boiling the leaves of the ketum plant for about two hours in a pot.


The main component of ketum leaves is mitragynine, which works on brain receptors in the same way as opium, according to several websites.


It is a stimulant and can cause hallucinations. Some drug addicts also use it as a substitute for readmore

If we love those who make us feel good, isn't it normal to avoid those who make us think badly of ourselves?


I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you." For years this line has spelt the epitome of romance for me. Love is what you become when you are with a loved one.related article
Remember melting into sheer gooey chocolate, being able to hear the blood sing in your veins, having your heart leap into your throat? That lightness of step and body? That thrill? The tingling of your fingernails? All this and more at just the sight of your loved one! When time seems to fly and hours become seconds? When you live for the next meeting, and, when the sound of the loved one's voice feels like drops of rain on parched desert sand!

A special forces policeman stands guard as confiscated illegal drugs are burnt in Panama City October 8, 2010. – Reuters pic



You know you love him or her. And yet, you know you actually love the way your loved one makes you feel. After all, could you ever love a person who dislikes you, makes you feel small, or humiliates you? Why do we always love the people who make us feel we are beautiful and 10 feet tall

The Fixer and Evidence Fabricator



And why just romance? An appreciative boss, a genuine friend, a proud parent, a doting spouse or an adoring child has a similar effect. All of them can make you feel on top of the world and ready to slay a few demons as you go on your way with a smile on your face and a skip in your step!



All of us love to love ourselves. And appreciation from those we love and admire can have a very therapeutic and rejuvenating effect. And naturally having tasted the heady feeling, we are drawn to people who make us feel in love with ourselves.


Is not the reverse just as true? We tend to dislike people who bring out the worst in us and generally avoid them. They bring out a dose of negativity in us that is best avoided. When you know someone thinks badly of you, being in their company lowers you in your own eyes. Also when you know someone is envious of you or dislikes you, being with them can only put you under a lot of stress readmore.

Clearly there are people who bring out the best in us and those who bring out the worst. Some people in our lives can make us break into spontaneous laughter, while others can at best inspire jaw-aching artificial smiles. There are those in whose presence we absolutely relax and let our guard down and those who make us feel tense and on edge. We talk to some without thought or fear and measure every word with some others. There are those whose presence relaxes you and others who stress you out just by being with them.

related article

There is obviously a certain chemistry at work. Reincarnation experts insist this is a connection from another life. Under hypnosis Brian Weiss and others claim to have regressed people to past lives that explain how experiences with certain souls in earlier lives can explain away certain instant likes and dislikes we form in this life



I cannot comment on past life connects; but what we all can confirm is that there are moments in life when we instantly like or dislike someone without any clear reason. And, most of the time these instant likes and dislikes are mutual. In a scenario where both give each other positive strokes, the relationship grows steadily since a source of mutual admiration has been found. And so when you fall in love, you end up creating an illusory world for yourself where you feel exclusively loved and admired. You seek more and more of the good vibes and the attraction grows. And then when love sneaks away and admiration gives way to a reality check and some criticism, the adrenaline just doesn't pump as hard as earlier. You no longer feel as beautiful, as loved or cared for


It is natural to love and seek people for the good they bring out in you. And so, it is equally natural to dislike and avoid them when they bring out negative emotions such as envy, jealousy, anger,

aggression or hatred

.related article

We love the people who love us and couldn't care less about those who don't. And there is nothing wrong with that. Why waste time with those who rather than help with your growth, drag you back a few steps? Any two people who really care for each other will always help each other grow.relatd article

"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out."

Malaysian Government CORRUPTED TO THE CORE
Malaysian police CORRUPTED TO THE
Malaysian main stream media SPIN Lies
All because of The
Headed by A MURDERER & BONELESS WOLF with a Cabinet of Thieves &
Why are Malaysians still stomaching this Evil Abuse ?
Or do you all
just ask for it ?
Time for PEOPLE POWER !!!
Wake up !
Get Together !
Support Group
Think – Brainstorm
Rise & March
Topple the EviL BN
and Once n for all
Place People of
Very High Integrity
in Power and


Change the Fate of the Nation
Make a Decision
Dont just Leave it to fate

yes ¤DESIGN¤

Fairly & Justly
its Now or Never
Just Do iT


Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim marches in protest of ISA




MP keluar Dewan Rakyat ~ Potong elaun mereka!!! Jika mahu tegak keadilan!

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 01:48 AM PST

Saya sudah lama memerhatikan gelagat ahli ahli parlimen Malaysia yang suka benar keluar Dewan Rakyat bilamana tidak setuju dengan Speaker Parlimen yang tak tunduk akur dengan kehendak mereka yang berkenaan!

Bilamasa pilihanraya umum dan kecil berlangsung, macam nak rak mereka ini sanggup bergolok bergadai, berhempas pulas mahu bertanding berebut nak jadi Ahli Parlimen!

Bila dah diundi oleh rakyat dan angkat sumpah menjadi Ahli Parlimen dan dibayar elaun yang lumayan dan diberikan segala macam kemudahan untuk mereka, mereka bertingkah laku mengalahkan budak budak tadika berteriak terpekik terlolong berperangai macam beruk kat dalam zoo.

Bilamana mereka ditegur Tuan Speaker, mereka berlaku biadap dan cabar mencabar dengannya.

Bila Tuan Speaker tak akur dengan kehendak mereka yang kadangkala begitu ghairah mahu dipotong gaji menteri itu dan ini walau dengan jumlah sekecil RM10, maka bertindaklah mereka seperti kita baca hari ini dan didalam beberapa peristiwa serupa sebelum ini.

Apakah begini cara seseorang Ahli Parlimen yang dipilih para pengundi kawasan parlimen berkenaan bertindak?

Apakah gunanya mereka ini terus memegang jawatan sebagai Ahli Parlimen jika mereka bertindak tidak matang dan kebudakbudakan?

Apa guna mereka ini digelar 'Yang Berhormat' begitu begini jika mereka tidak mempunyai jatidiri untuk berhujah dan berdebat secara budiman dan dengan penuh kesedaran bahawa adanya mereka disana bukan diatas kapasiti diri mereka sebagai seseorang individu tetapi mereka mewakili setiap pengundi dari kawasan kawasan parlimen yang telah memilih mereka sebagai jurucakap dan wakil mereka di Parlimen Malaysia?

Ini bukan Kedai Kopi Pak Mat di Kampong Pinang Sebatang, boleh sesuka hati angkat kaki dan berjalan keluar meninggalkan Dewan Rakyat seperti ianya rumah mak bapak mereka?

Hello!!! Ini Parlimen Malaysia!

Sebuah institusi perundangan yang tertinggi didalam Negara Malaysia ini. Bukan rumah Tok Wan nak keluar ikut sesuka hati!!!

Jika rasa diri itu tak mampu nak berhujah menegakkan pendapat atau pendirian mewakili kawasan masing masing, seelok eloknya letak jawatan sahaja dan kosongkan kerusi masing masing supaya boleh dipertandingkan jawatan berkenaan bagi sesiapa lain yang mampu dan layak?

Jika Ahli ahli parlimen yang berkenaan tak mampu untuk memenuhi tugas dan tanggungjawab mereka sepertimana mereka mula mula bersumpah dan berikrar menjunjung Al Quran dan sebagainya, maka eloklah berhenti jadi Ahli Parlimen.

Saya nak tanya samada boleh ke tidak dipotong elaun mereka ini setiap kali mereka bertindak biadap mengengkari Tuan Speaker Dewan Rakyat dan keluar mengikut nafsu amarah mereka?

Tang gaji menteri mereka beriya iya nak potong itu dan ini...elaun sendiri boleh pula ngap diam diam walaupun tak buat kerja?

Iyalah! Bila dah berjalan keluar dari Dewan Rakyat, serupa macam ponteng kerja, kan?

Atau ada 'double standard' ke?

Macam mana cerita ini?

Kokok bukan main berderai derai...tetapi ekor bergelumang ..najis!

Aiseyman YB YB! Yang Berhormat ke?

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Lu sakit gua ada chance menang

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 01:06 AM PST

Oleh Anak Mami

"Dakwaan yang menyatakan beliau sakit tenat dan dikejarkan ke hospital itu tidak betul," katanya yang juga ketua penerangan Pemuda PAS Kelantan.''

ini lah harapan kaum UMNO terhadap PAS
Kalau lah orang kuat PAS meninggal dunia , ini seupama hadiah keistimewaan terdapa UMNO

Begitu juga , Kes Liwat Saiful
Kalau UMNO dapat gantungkan Anwar memasuki parlimen atau menyekat Anwar bersuka ria di khalayak ramai untuk membuat kempen maka ini lah hadiah keistimewaan kurniaan Tuhan ...
- tetapi malangnya

Klau lah Lim Kiat Siang silap silap kena cancer , UMNO akan menganggap Allah maha esa memberi bara terhadapnya Tuhan akan menyebelahi pihak UMNO / BN

Tanya lah UMNO atau BN apakah sumbangannya terhadap rakyat ??
selain rasuah, songlap merempat hartanah , tipu sini tipu sana , mereka juga mengharapkan kemenangan dalam pilihan raya , pihak cerdikiawan yang bertitle DR juga turut cari makan, bersuara untuk rakyat . kalau tiada peluang maka minta lah Tuan Allah Maha Esa memberikan bencana terhapad pihak pembangkang., dengan harapan ini sahaja,, sekurang kurangnya satu harapan yang di mimpi mimpikan .

Kini ,senario politik Malaysia semakin berunsur keagamaan, UMNO juga ingin kuasa Allah menyebelahinya. dan berikan pandangan bahawa Allah adalah milikan Melayu yang beragama Islam .
Semamangnya menang kalah dalam pilihanraya itu adalah dibawah tangan rakyat , Rakyat adalah tuhan kepada prinsip demokrasi. Rakyat lah menentukan nasib parti pemerintah .

Will Masing play ball?

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 02:13 PM PST

From Patrick Anek Uren, via e-mail

I refer to the 'Third Force by disenchantment of PKR's members to the party' as claimed by Najib in a recent newspaper report. I'd like to comment once again on the issue and also to explain my recent statement on the same subject, and on Larry Sng and Johnical Rayong.

Larry Sng is an assemblyman in Pelagus, a Sarawak state constituency in the Kapit parliamentary constituency, while Johnical Rayong is an assemblyman in Engkilili. Before him Toh Eng San, a member of SUPP, was the assemblyman for several terms. Both state constituencies have majority Iban voters.

In the state election of 2006, Rayong stood against SUPP's Krai Pilo, who replaced Toh on the two considerations:

(i) that the latter was not a local but a resident of Sarikei, several 100km away who would not be able provide effective representation, and
(ii) that the former, a Dayak Iban, a local of Sri Aman Division could better represent the majority Dayak Iban voters in that constituency.

Rayong won and now he is a member of SUPP. A strange twist but one made possible as politics is an art of the possible. Not everybody is happy with that move. It has been reported that Toh, being unhappy at not having been consulted over the admission of Rayong to SUPP has resigned from the party he had been a member of for decades.

He has also declared his intention to challenge Rayong in the coming general election, and if he wins, would rejoin SUPP. Rayong's admission to SUPP has opened up possibilities. If he fails, of course the BN direct membership is another avenue as well for him.

In Pelagus, Larry, who took over from his father Sng Sing Hua, hails from a famous family of many generations of Kapit. The elder Sng started his career in politics by joining PBDS where he formed a strong comradeship with James Masing.

This went on until PBDS was deregistered due to intra party struggles between the one camp led by Daniel Tajem, and the other led by James Masing with the support of Sng. Masing's camp had the upper hand, more or less due to the fact he was, and still is, a cabinet minister.

PRS was registered in the wake of PBDS' deregisteration and Masing became its first president. He still is. Larry became a candidate replacing his father and won in Pelagus. The relationship between Masing and the Sngs which was good for decades turned sour.

Two rival camps emerged in PRS. Larry's camp, however, soon lost the wind and Masing's camp is now the main force in PRS. With Masing in full control of PRS, and a senior minister in  Taib's cabinet, he has laid claim to Pelagus as PRS' and wants a PRS candidate nominated to contest the seat in the coming election.

Larry cannot contest in a PRS's seat because he has left the party. He was once praised by Taib as a promising young leader. He is currently a state assistant minister, holding two portfolios, one of which is 'assistant minister in the CM's department'. After the launch of BN's direct membership policy, Taib was reported to have directed Larry to join BN as a direct member.

In recent days, there have been reports in the local dailies of the locals in Pelagus calling on Larry to be a BN direct member and offer himself as a candidate for the coming poll.

Masing's camp insists on a PRS-nominated candidate to contest in Pelagus on the grounds that PRS, representing rural voters, is made of Dayak Iban and therefore has a right to represent Pelagus.

A tacit form of racial politics, this, and similar to the call which returned Rayong to victory over SUPP's Krai Pilo in the 2006 election in Engkilili. Such racial politics don't hold any water these days. More over, the need to win all seats, and the less tussle over candidates intra BN,  is overriding all other considerations.

I believe that the overall reason that might prevail is that BN must win, in particular in Sarawak.

The call by Najib to defend Putrajaya "with crushed bodies and limbs" in the recently concluded Umno assembly underpins this, surely.

On the Sarawak front, the possibility of many of SUPP's Chinese candidates losing in the Chinese majority urbans seats looms large. That has led to the concern that the next state government might be without a Chinese minister. With that scenario in mind, Larry is likely to a BN candidate in Pelagus.

It follows that if a Chinese BN candidate can win in Pelagus, a Dayak majority voter constituancy cannot that be translated likewise for Engkilili. If in order to pre-empt a 'without Chinese minister state government', two Chinese candidates are elected in two predominantly Dayak constituencies, it might just work.

I'm sure Rayong could be given a senatorship and made a deputy minister, and he would/could support the idea. After all he is full pledged member of SUPP, and must toe the line.

If Larry is a BN candidate in Pelagus, an Iban majority constituency, Masing's call to let PRS represent Pelagus on the basis of 'PRS being a party of rural people', Rayong's claim to represent Engkilili constituency, for the reason he is an Iban, can be thrown to the wind.  

At best Masing can use that to bargain for better developments to be delivered to Kapit and Baleh in exchange for giving up Pelagus, couldn't it?

All of these will be put in place in line with Najib's 1Malaysia policy. And I might add that the policy of inclusiveness, if properly implemented, will gradually allow people to discard their racial identification over time.

Malaysia will become a nation where everbody is free to practise his own religion and take part in entreprises as Malaysian. For the Dayaks in Pelagus and Engkilili, even if both are represented by Chinese in BN, and both will be members of the state cabinet giving them the means and facilities to bring development to the two areas, they will be in for better time.

Of course the big question is: Will Masing play ball? And will Rayong insist on representing the voters in Engkilili despite being already in SUPP, a multi-racial organisation that it is claimed to be?

Let's wait and see.


Emergence of 'Third Force' a boon, not a bane to democracy

It's either the gun or 'duit rasuah'

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 02:12 PM PST

From Charles Joseph, via facebook

I refer to your report, 'Youth beaten black and blue by 'tensed' traffic cop'. Fantastic Job! We can boast of having the best force in Southeast Asia...that's what the brainless morons are good for.

We can never have a decent dialogue or conversation with their likes. It's either the gun or 'duit rasuah', terms they understand so well. Syabas 1Malaysia! Now, where we do we go from here?


Youth beaten black and blue by 'tensed' traffic cop

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