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Universiti Sains Malaysia shitbrain dickface Sivamurugan Pandian Dr.of idioticlogy

Universiti Sains Malaysia shitbrain dickface Sivamurugan Pandian Dr.of idioticlogy

Universiti Sains Malaysia shitbrain dickface Sivamurugan Pandian Dr.of idioticlogy

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 03:14 PM PST

Urban Dictionary: Idiotology

Pronounced id·i·ot all o gee This is a school of thinking that is particularly appealing to dumb asses. No matter what happens Republicans will not..
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Toothless and aimless rivals are only beefing up UMNO BARISAN
Isn't it surprising that UMNO, though ridden with dissension, intrigues, greed and scams, has managed to remain in power? In all the politicking, government work has slowed down. Voters are feeling let down. And the image of the state has taken a severe beating.
Still the UMNO forays into newer areas, keeps winning elections and thumbing its nose at rivals. Where does it PAKATAN that all their strategies to nail the FAILED have failed. They keep digging graves for the UMNO, only to fall into them themselves. Each is so suspicious of the other that they fail to put up a united fight.

UMNO and Barisan couldn't decipher what went wrong.It was as if a tsunami had hit them. The non Malays didn't fetch them votes. Their traditional vote banks, which included the minorities,had moved away Party leaders couldn't do much than accuse the umno of having used moneybags to defeat their candidates. Some blamed it on the failure of the leadership to cement an alliance with the team A and B. Some felt the choice of candidates was wrong. Others saw the handiwork of detractors.What umno and Barisan cannot accept was that the party had lost to connect with the people. The rank and file was demotivated. The leadership failed to inspire. The high command left the party to drift. And Pakatan took advantage of this, started spreading its base..
The game is turning dirty. The UMNO and BARISAN appears to have an edge, thanks mainly to mindless strategies the DAP and PAS


"Wan Azizah has to be firm, in her role as president so Azmin does not use his position to make Wan Azizah a puppet president utilising his relationship with Anwar to manipulate and strengthen his position instead of the party's position," said Universiti Sains Malaysia senior lecturer Dr Sivamurugan Pandian.
He added that it would be interesting to see what Wan Azizah will say when she addresses the party's 7th National Congress next weekend (Nov 26-28)
He added that Zaid might also become the third force to split the support for both PKR and BN. "Zaid's followers might turn down PKR," said Sivamurugan.


Jai Ho (You Are OUR Destiny)


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Is the PKR party polls, which ended today all about one man who isn't even contesting? That has been the million-ringgit question since the first ballots were cast for the top leadership in the nationwide party election on Oct 29.

Just like the attacks against him by former PKR Federal Territories chief Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has remained stoic over his refusal to contest the seat. According to one Barisan Nasional (BN) leader, he's "hiding behind his wife's party president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail kain" as Anwar fears that the euphoria of Reformasi has dissipated where even a slim win will be interpreted as his waning popularity.

Without holding any significant post in the party, the former Deputy Prime Minister is party adviser and leader of the opposition by virtue of his name only. However one cannot deny that it was his sacking and incarceration that plotted the current renaissance in Malaysian politics. Hence many supporters feel that it is their moral obligation to ensure that Anwar continues to spearhead the march to Putrajaya.

However are the 364,098 PKR members who are eligible to vote on the same page? It is perhaps this uncertainty that forced Anwar to remain a safe distance where he can have his cake and eat it as well.

Now, many feel that his daughter Nurul Izzah's lead in the vice-presidency with 11,042 (as of Nov 14) votes is a tacit endorsement of Anwar's leadership.

However observers feel this may not be the case as "Puteri Reformasi" has managed to come out of her father's shadow and hold her own as first time Lembah Pantai MP where the plight of urban poor Malays have been her main focus.

But she has also been the alleged division in the Anwar household with her apparent alliance to Zaid and her disenchantment with current vice president Azmin Ali whom her father supports.
In spite of her denials of supporting anyone, observers and party members are aware of her personal issues with some of her colleagues – even her own father at times.

If this is fact, then the voting trend so far indicates a division among supporters where Azmin is certain to win the race for No.2 with 14,751votes against Mustaffa Kamil Ayub's 3,401.

The path was cleared for Azmin when Zaid threw in the towel and quit all party posts and also the party on Dec 16, citing "malpractices and electoral fraud" by several PKR leaders in the party's first direct election.

He is not the first. Several members have claimed that the process were marred with irregularities and biasness since day one and urged the elections to be halted.

But here-in lies the paradox. Some feel if Azmin wins, Wan Azizah, who won unopposed, will be a puppet president.

"I don't know why Anwar is adamant in supporting Azmin.

"Wan Azizah has to be firm, in her role as president so Azmin does not use his position to make Wan Azizah a puppet president utilising his relationship with Anwar to manipulate and strengthen his position instead of the party's position," said Universiti Sains Malaysia senior lecturer Dr Sivamurugan Pandian.

He added that it would be interesting to see what Wan Azizah will say when she addresses the party's 7th National Congress next weekend (Nov 26-28)

He added that Zaid might also become the third force to split the support for both PKR and BN. "Zaid's followers might turn down PKR," said Sivamurugan.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia's Prof Datuk Dr Shamsul Amri Baharuddin however poured cold water over the idea of Zaid becoming the third force.

"Zaid is no match to Anwar politically, rhetorically and strategically. He just has money. His attempt to make the third force is a non-force or 'false- force'. I don't think he has friends politically," said Shamsul.

He added that Anwar has built a political career based on his charisma and international connections.

"This is Anwar's image in Pakatan. That is why people like Lim Kit Siang (DAP stalwart) and (PAS spiritual leader Datuk) Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat are advisers and not the boss of Pakatan.

"He (Anwar) does not want to be anything less than a boss in the party," said Shamsul.

However, with Zaid out of the picture and Mustaffa trailing, it seems that Azmin is the clear victor. This also means that Anwar's position, albeit not contesting for any is also secured.

The real question is what is the next move for the party? Where does it go from here with a new leadership? Can Azmin strengthen the party and regain some of the confidence it lost, thanks to the dilemmas that often seem to stir up and pose questions on its leadership? The clock is ticking for PKR's leadership to close ranks after this hotly-contested party poll and aim for the war – the general elections.

With all the problems it has been facing, a stronger and united PKR is what the party should be striving for.

This means proving to the voters that it has put its house in order and introduces a leadership that can survive the tests of time, as well as endure beyond the realm of several personalities.


Latest PKR Leaders Election Results Available

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 08:57 AM PST

Terkini Nama Calon Naib Presiden

2 TIAN CHUA 9,524
8 R. SIVARASA 4,690
10 BARU BIAN 3,900
13 JAMES HJ. GHANI 2,122

趁补选捷报为大选铺路 内阁近期或改组(星報報導)

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 08:34 AM PST

by Red Tomato Penang on Sunday, 21 November 2010 at 23:40


 (八打灵再也21日讯) 随着国阵在最近两场补选中连传捷报,首相拿督斯里纳吉有意乘胜追击,放眼明年举行全国大选,并可能在近期内进行内阁改组,为大选"铺路"。































“Pakatan/BN People Power..Elections after March..!!”

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 07:53 AM PST

It could just be that these two dates would be very significant for GE13th and Sarawak State Elections.

  • 1.March 8th 2011- MPs especially those first timers must serve at least three years before they are entitled for pensions.
  • 2.March 26th 2011-CM Taib will have served his 30th year as CM of Sarawak.

Rubbish and just Mere Speculations to Some right..The truth though { If SNAP polls is called there is however a provision for the MPs to be given pensions}

It seems the feel good factor is beginning to show for the BN and also the internal problems of the Pakatan coalition gives the strategists in BN more confidence rather than the hopefulness of the People coming back towards the BN coalition.

Former PM Mahathir has even said that the Najib administration might just wrestle back one or two states but will still find getting back the 2/3rds majority in Parliament a daunting tasks. He could be proven just right as two wins in a byelections doesn't mean that the People are back with the BN. There are still one too many wrongs which needs to be put right.

BN and Pakatan states knows where they have gone wrong and even if the elections are called now it will still not be so clearcut on who will form the majority government. BN does have the East Malaysian States of Sabah/Sarawak to ensure that they will remain in power.

Unless there is a major shift in the Peoples Mindset or have given up on the BN government.Pakatan will still need to play second fiddle to BN.

Peoples Power cannot be taken forgranted.Their patience might run out with seeing familiar faces at the helm overstaying themselves. The over overcomplacency by the government thinking that all is well at the groundzero.

 The People have sent the warning signs during 308 and BN and Pakatan propaganda machinery needs to send the right message. Overzealous misconception on any of the coalition part will be more detrimental than they can imagine.

To quote a government retiree ,"The People will not be FOOLS ALL THE TIME.In the end the FOOL might just surprise you. Too many uncalled political statements from both houses will give the mandate to the FOOL."


Wahai Zaid. Belajarlah dari Tulang Besi

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 08:47 AM PST

Wahai Zaid, mengapalah kamu begitu angkuh dan sombong sehingga kamu sanggup meninggalkan PKR sekaligus?

Tulang Besi sendiri mempunyai banyak masalaah dengan parti yang Tulang Besi telah menjadi ahli semenjak zaman Arwah Ustaz Yusuf Rawa menjadi Presiden. NAmun, tidak sekali-kali Tulang Besi akan meninggalkan PAS.

Ini kerana, Tulang Besi tidak menyokong PAS kerana kepimpinan mereka. Tulang Besi menyokong PAS kerana perjuangan dan pegangan hidup (akidah) Tulang Besi.

Sebagaimana ramai orang2 PAS marahkan Tulang Besi, namun Tulang Besi tidak berhenti menegur dan mendedahkan kebobrokan segelintir pimpinan PAS yang selama ini menjadi onar dan menjalankan aktiviti2 yang menguntungkan UMNO.

MAlahan, di Padang Arafah baru2 ini pun, TUlang Besi mengangkat tangan yang tinggi di bawah sinaran matahari yang terik memohon Allah SWT (antara lain) membersihkan PAS dari anasir2 UMNO ini supaya PAS suci dari kesyirikan yang selama ini ditaja oleh UMNO.

Maka, adalah sangat2 bodoh bagi Zaid untuk merajuk dan keluar parti. Ia hanya menunjukkan betapa tidak ikhlasnya perjuangan Zaid dan komitmen beliau kepada parti.

Sudahlah bukti pun tak berapa jelas dan segala dakwaan yang beliau buat, rakyat umum masih tertanya-tanya akan sebab sebenar perginya Zahid.

Apa salahnya Zaid kekal sebagai ahli dan kalau ada bukti dedahkan bukti tersebut. Berapa kali Tulang Besi membuat pendedahan dan Tulang Besi membawa bukti bertulis, audio dan video.

Jangan kerana nila setitik, habis rosak susu sebelanga, kata orang tua-tua.


Apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Tulang Besi selama ini MEMASTIKAN Tulang Besi TIADA HARAPAN untuk menjadi calon PAS dalam pilihanraya umum, pemimpin ataupun apa2 yang berkaitan PAS.

Dan, ada tawaran kepada Tulang Besi untuk menjadi calon parti2 lain, pun Tulang Besi tolak. Tulang Besi istiqamah dalam PAS dan Tulang Besi tidak akan mengorbankan cita2 perjuangan PAS yang diasaskan oleh perbincangan ulama di Seberang Perai pada tahun 1951.

Biarlah Tulang Besi tiada balasan walau sedikit pun dari PAS. Yang penting bagi Tulang Besi, adalah kesyirikan yang ditaja UMNO mesti dihapuskan. Ingat, pada tahun 60'an dahulu, bukan PAS yang mengkafirkan UMNO tetapi Tok Guru2 Pondok dari Kelantan dan Kedah. Tiada satu pun ucapan dasar PAS semenjak Merdeka yang mengkafirkan UMNO. Saya cabar sesiapa sahaja membawa SATU Ucapan Dasar PAS yang menyatakan UMNO Kafir.

Masa PAS jatuh tersungkur dulu pun selepas ditendang BN, berapa banyak wang yang dibelanjakan oleh arwah bapak Tulang Besi di dalam usaha membina balik PAS yang menjadi terlampau lemah hasil dari pengkhianatan UMNO. Sikit pun Tulang Besi tak mintak PAS membayar balik segala pengorbanan ayah Tulang Besi dahulu.

Segala usrah dan kuliah anjuran arwah ayah Tulang Besi yang setiap minggu berulang alik dari KL ke Rembau semuanya memakai ongkos pribadi arwah bapa Tulang Besi. Sampai bapa Tulang Besi meninggal,sedikit pun dia tak minta PAS ganti wang dia.

Kalau siapa nak tau cerita Ayah Tulang Besi berusaha membina PAS Negeri Sembilan pada masa itu, dipersilakan bertanya Ustaz Azizan Abdul Razak, MB Kedah yang ada sekarang. Ini kerana antara ustaz2 yang dibawa oleh arwah abah dahulu menjelajah Negeri Sembilan adalah Ustaz Azizan sendiri (pada masa itu beliau pensyarah UKM).
Takut orang kata TUlang Besi ni pembohong dan mengada-adakan cerita.

Wang yang sepatutnya boleh dibelanjakan untuk keperluan keluarga dibelanjakan untuk membina semula PAS. Terpaksalah Tulang Besi dan adik2 memakai kasut sekolah yang sama untuk 2 tahun berturut-turut. Tulang Besi masih tidak boleh lupa betapa peritnya hidup pada masa itu.

Apabila seorang ayah berjuang PAS, maka seluruh keluarga beliau berkorban sama. Seluruh keluarga beliau berjuang Islam sama.

Yang penting apa yang TUlang Besi buat ini diredhai Allah SWT. Yang penting segala pengorbanan arwah bapa Tulang Besi dibalas dengan syurga oleh Allah SWT terhadap beliau.


Di mana Hasan Ali pada masa itu? Duduk atas kerusi empuk dalam pejabat berhawa dingin di pejabat kerajaan. Gaji tiap2 bulan masuk. Tak perlu risau pasal duit dan sebagainya.

Di mana Nasaruddin Mat Isa masa itu? Sorang pun tak tau, tapi yang pasti beliau tidak merasai keperitan membina PAS yang telah hancur

Di mana Dato Harun Din pada masa itu? Duduk di kerusi empuk sebagai pensyarah UKM duduk di dalam pejabat yang berhawa dingin.

Di mana Roslan SMS masa itu? Takda siapa pun tahu. Barangkali beliau sebuk bermain dengan anak2 polis di kuarters Polis yang beliau diami pada masa itu. Sekarang ni, dengar khabar dah beli kereta baru dan rumah baru nampaknya kawan kita ni.

Sekarang ini, mereka inilah yang terkehadapan mahu PAS bersenggama dengan UMNO. Hakikatnya, mereka sendiri tidak pernah merasa keperitan membina balik PAS sewaktu PAS jatuh tersungkur dulu.

Esok kalau PAS kena tendang, kena khianat lagi, merekalah yang pertama kali cabut. Tinggalah keluarga Tulang Besi dan seangkatan yang berhempas pulas membina balik parti yang telah hancur itu. Nauzubillah.


Sekarang ini, Tulang Besi lihat, apabila sudah menang, ramailah yang berpusu-pusu ke PAS. Baru setahun jagung dalam PAS sudah berani menuduh Tulang Besi tidak pandai wala', tidak tahu berkorban, tidak ikut tarbiyyah dan sebagainya. Padahal, Tulang Besi ikut tarbiyyah PAS masa mereka ni kencing dan berak dalam lampin lagi. Ada tu, belum lahir lagi.

Budak hingusan seperti mereka ini, sejarah PAS pun mereka tak khatam. Yang mereka tahu hanya zikir "wala", "wala", "wala". Dalam pada tu, boleh tukar kereta baru, tukar rumah baru dsbnya. PAtutlah galak sangat wala' nya.

Pada ahli2 PAS semua, cubalah faham sebab sebenar Tulang Besi menentang usaha bersenggama PAS-UMNO ini. Kamu tak pernah rasa perit membina PAS sewaktu PAS jatuh tersungkur dulu.


Perkara ini lah yang perlu dipelajari oleh Zaid. Kadang2 kita terpaksa menjadi ahli biasa sahaja demi memastikan perjuangan parti kita kekal di atas landasan yang benar. Itulah pengorbanan kita kepada Malaysia dan rakyat Malaysia (dalam kes PAS pengorbanan TUlang Besi kepada agama).

Wallahualam bissawab.

Tulang Besi


Posted: 21 Nov 2010 05:35 AM PST

Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it.

PKR fracas continues, gain momentum

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 08:48 AM PST

SALAM! The ongoing fracas in PKR has caught the attention of so many people. The street protests appear to have gained momentum. The various party elections too have attracted much protests and counter protests. Last Friday, top PKR leader Datuk Zaid Ibrahim decided to leave the party. His actual date of departure is set for Dec 16. I wrote about the recent goings-on in PKR in my newspaper column which appeared in the New Sunday Times Nov 21.

Zaid, Leha, – PKR not for us anymore!

LEHA is way down in the PKR food chain. For many years, this young mother held on to her hope that the party would form the next Government. Jaafar, her husband, had harboured the same hope too.

The couple has a small flat in Kondo Rakyat in Kg Kerinchi in Lembah Pantai. During the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri and last week's Hari Raya Aidiladha, the couple sold lemang to supplement their income.

They make excellent lemang. At RM8 per stick, it's a good buy. But events in the PKR in last few months have made Leha and Jaafar frustrated, angry, disappointed and disillusioned. Leha has made enquiries about joining Umno, and is anxious to sign up as soon as possible.

While Leha and Jaafar are at the lower end of the PKR hierarchy, top leader Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is just as frustrated. He couldn't take any more of the squabbles within the party and announced his departure on Friday.

Lawyer Zaid is not likely going to join any other party, having burned his bridges with Umno when he jumped onto the PKR bandwagon. He harbours a different ambition – that of forming his own political party.

Leha and Jaafar are not following Zaid in his new venture. Zaid, as far as the couple is concerned, is but one of the many reasons for the internal squabbles in the party. The PKR crisis shows no sign of easing off, which leaves the likes of Leha and Jaafar seething.

Leha said:"The PKR leaders are ungrateful. In the last general action, I worked liked a dog to help Nurul Izzah, Anwar's daughter, beat then incumbent MP Datuk Seri Sharizat Abd Jalil in Lembah Pantai.

"Nurul would call me very often. If no calls, there's always SMS. As a grassroot leader, I have my own circle of friends. With very little sleep but plenty of sweat, we helped sent Nurul Izzah to Parliament.

"Today, I hardly get calls from her. No SMS too."

For the record, Nurul Izzah garnered 21,728 votes compared with 18,883 for Sharizat. The likes of Leha and Jaafar helped gave Nurul Izzah the 2,895-vote majority.

Leha has some very unsavoury words about her MP but I chose not to share them with everyone. Her husband was a bit more dramatic. At a press conference last week, Jaafar brought along a pair of tombstones to show everyone that they were meant for PKR's grave when the time comes.

I later found out that the tombstones were actually meant as replacement tombstones for his late sister-in-law who died many years ago. Asked to explain why he brought out the tombstones, Jaafar said:

"Saya benci PKR. Saya dah tak tahan lagi. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Penuh dengan janji-janji manis tetapi kosong. Parti ini tiada perinsip, tiada maruah." (I hate PKR. I can't stand it anymore. No action, talk only. They make empty promises. They have no principles, no dignity).

Zaid, too, have had enough of the PKR squabbles. Political observers had concluded much earlier that Zaid would leave the party sooner or later for the simple reason that he won't fit into the PKR framework.

Zaid's entry into PKR was met with a massive drumroll and warm greetings. Many had high hopes that Zaid's entry would strengthen the party. But as Leha, Jaafar and senior party leaders later found out – this was not to be.

Zaid was seen as a troublemaker, of trying to subvert and challenge the leadership of Anwar. Battle lines were drawn and it was only a matter of time before matters came to a boil. Zaid didn't do all that well in PKR too, having lost to Barisan Nasional's P Kamalanathan in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election earlier this year.

Zaid was beaten by the friendly Kamalanathan with a majority of 1,725 votes. If PKR had hoped that Zaid would strengthen the party, this defeat was certainly not the way to go. Zaid's critics said this was the start of Zaid's problems in the party.

Zaid's departure from the PKR may not be the last, at least from the top end of the hierarchy. Others may follow. At the lower end of the scale, a leader like Leha is already making their way to join Umno. This is really a testing time for members who are still in the party.

More Chinese join Rela

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 04:48 AM PST

More Chinese, Indians and Orang Asli aged between 18-30 have joined Rela over the last 10 years or so, according to records with the Home Ministry. This is very encouraging although their participation in the Armed Forces was put to question.

At least, they are showing strong spirit of patriotism. The youth, especially is engaging themselves more in such volunteer forces rather than 'makan gaji' by becoming a full-time policeman or soldier.

As to date, Rela has registered about 2.1 million members, setting it to be 2.5 million by year end. Out of this, about 25 per cent is non-Malays, especially Chinese and Orang Asli. In some areas, the number of Chinese is more than that of the Malays although the population ratio in such areas is 55:45 in favor of the Malays.

Rela or Volunteers of Malaysian People was formed on Jan 11, 1972 under the Special Emergency Act. Under the Government Trans­formation Programme's (GTP) Crime National Key Results Area (NKRA), Rela is listed as one of the enforcement units that assists the police in combating crime.

At the early stage of its formation, Rela was joined mainly by ex-army and ex-police members and the kampung folks. The trend, however, took a more positive mode when youth at the age of 18 (at least) has shown more interest in it.

However, what happened to a government plan last year to uplift Rela's position by making it a special task force unit under the Police?

Kota Gelanggi - Umno's Inconvenient Truth.

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 01:12 AM PST

By Admin

About 50 people from the Komtar Merchants Association (KMA) and Penang Umno Youth gathered and protested aggressively at Komtar walk to counter a civil society forum discussing the Internal Security Act (ISA). These Umno led protesters were invited to join the forum but refused to do so. They instead chose to behave in an unbecoming manner to intimidate those attending the Forum. Once again, the BN/Umn0 subservient Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) stood by and did nothing even though the protesters had no Police Permit.

This is the kind of Institutional Racism propagated by the BN/Umno Regime to create racial and religious strive in order to topple the popular Pakatan Rakyat Penang State Government. It is such behavior that gives Islam a bad name as the Internal Security Act (ISA) is against the teachings of Islam but yet is continued to be used by the BN/Umno Regime to detain government opponents and secure its hold on power.

The BN/Umno Regime is also guilty of altering Malaysian History in order to create Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy) in order to get the support of ethnic Malay Muslims and make non Malay Muslim Malaysians beholden to the Malay Muslims for granting them citizenship which the discovery of Kota Gelaggi shows otherwise that the BN/Umno Regime wants to sweep under the carpet.

Archeologists found a long lost city in Johor. And all historians can't even begin to speak about the possible implications. Could the city really predate Borobudur and Angkor Wat? Could it really be the Kota Gelanggi alluded to in Sejarah Melayu? All history books on the history of the Malay people may become obsolete, and some of the theories which are at the moment on the periphery of historical discourse may be validated.

Could Kota Gelanggi be yet another kingdom that vied with Sri Vijaya and early polities for the position as the inheritor of the ancient Melayu kingdom? Or could it be just another Sri Vijayan capital before the flowering of Palembang? An inscription in Southern India enumerates a list of kingdoms that were pillaged and attacked by the Chola kings. Which one of them was Gelanggi? What kind of people lived in Gelanggi? Were they even ethnically Malay? Or only had cultural allegiance to the long-lost kingdom of Melayu?

The answers to the above can be found below courtesy of National Express Malaysia:

A small piece of History for our future generation.. Why Kota Gelanggi (lost city) touted as earliest civilization in Malay Peninsula news were banned as they were Buddhist The Johor find of 2005 which was quietly dropped was none other than Kota Gelanggi lost city reflecting Srivijaya and its Buddhist splendour.

But they deliberately disregarded it because that would have sidelined Malacca Empire and Islam which was smaller and came some 500 years later. I met Dr Lee Kam Hing, a former History prof at MU in Singapore recently at a seminar. Dr Lee, who is now Star research director, told me he was
trying his best to highlight Kota Gelanggi, but that the govt killed it off. This is clearly another case to cover up the real history of Malaya and fool the younger generations into believing that our history only began from Malacca

1400.. Not only that, they try to show Parameswara as Malay and Muslim, but actually he was Hindu! If one were to condemn these UMNO scumbags on how they distort history, it will never end....the condemnations will more than cover 10 PhD thesis!

A small piece of History for our future generation Hitler's public relations manager, Goebbels, once said, 'If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.'

Once again our government wiped out any references to a famous Melaka prince as being Hindu and
belonging to the powerful Hindu empire Sri Vijaya.

So all of a sudden our museums, school text-books etc. all refer to Parameswara as a Malay prince.
What race ruled or did not rule is besides the point. What is important is not butchering history to create your own truths. You cannot change your race even if you convert - Parameswara could have been responsible for Umno's proud heritage of ' Ketuanan Melayu '.

If this is what it is based on, there is no ' Ketuanan Melayu '. The lineage of Melaka Sultans are Indians, not Malays. It is no secret that Parameswara was an Indian and a Hindu prince. It is clear from records that Parameswara never converted to Islam. He was an Indian Hindu who fled Palembang in Sumatra to eventually found Melaka circa 1400 AD. It was Sri Maharaja who converted himself and the court of Melaka to Islam, and as a result took on the name of
Sultan Muhammad Shah sometime after 1435.

The most famous of Indian Hindu Kings were Raja Chola and his son Rajendra Chola who invaded Southern Thailand, Kedah, Perak, Johor and Sumatra about 1000 AD. This is Raja-raja Chola - the Indian/Hindu kings and not Raja Chulan - a Malay king. But what is really sad is that our children are
taught as though Malaysian history suddenly began in 1400 with an Islamic Melaka. We are led to believe that the Indians and Chinese first arrived on the shores of Malaysia in about 1850 as desperate indentured labourers, farmers and miners . Nothing could be further from the truth.

The cultural influences of India in particular, and China, in South East Asia span over 2,000 years,
starting with the arrival from India of the Brahmanical prince/scholar - Aji Saka in Java in AD78, through to Vietnam, Cambodia (Indo China), Thailand,Burma, Indonesia, Bali, Borneo, Brunei and beyond.

The findings at Bujang Valley speak of an ancient Indian/Hindu presence in Kedah. There were Chinese settlements in Pahang and Kelantan around the 13th-14th century and in 12th century in Singapore. The early Brunei Sultanate had a Chinese Queen. One need not ponder at length the implications of Angkor Wat and Borobudur or that 40%-50% of Bahasa Malaysia comprises Sanskrit/Tamil words.

To illustrate, some of these word are :
bumi = boomi
putra = putran

raja = rajah
desa = thesam
syakti = sakthi
kolam = kulam
bahaya = abahya
jaya = jeya
maha = maha
aneka = aneha
nadi = naadi
kedai = kadai
mahligai = maaligai
mantra = manthrum
tandas = sandas
(This list can go on)
An extremely important archeological find that pointed to one of the greatest empires in history

- the Raja Cholan empire that ruled from the Maldives through India, Sri Lanka and right down to South East Asia found deep in the jungles of Johor a few years ago and made headlines in the mainstream newspapers in 2005, suddenly disappeared from the news…..

The time has arrived for us to record our history as the facts tell us and not as we would like to wish it.

Logo, Warna Lambang BN Akan Berubah – Najib

Posted: 20 Nov 2010 10:05 PM PST

KUALA LUMPUR  21 Nov. – Logo dan warna dacing pada lambang Barisan Nasional (BN) mungkin akan berubah. Ia antara kejutan yang bakal diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pada Konvensyen BN, 28 November ini.

"Perubahan-perubahan lain akan kita umumkan pada hari konvensyen itu. Ada sedikit perubahan dari segi logo dan warna. Saya akan umum pada hari itu," katanya kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Dewan Tertinggi BN di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra di sini hari ini.

Najib berkata, segala persiapan konvensyen yang akan diadakan di Wisma MCA di sini sedang berjalan lancar mengikut jadual.

Temanya nanti, katanya, akan berkisar kepada konsep mendahulukan rakyat selaras dengan gagasan nasional, 1Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan Pencapaian Diutamakan.

Ini kerana, jelas beliau, dalam amalan demokrasi berparlimen, rakyat merupakan kelompok terpenting dan BN sebagai parti memerintah mestilah sanggup berkhidmat, berjuang, membela rakyat pada setiap masa dan ketika.

Dalam pada itu, Perdana Menteri berkata, kemenangan BN merampas kembali Galas dan mengekalkan kemenangan di Batu Sapi tidak akan sesekali meletakkan parti dalam zon selesa.

"Memang kejayaan itu membawa maksud sokongan rakyat kepada BN sedang meningkat. Bagaimanapun Dewan Tertinggi BN mengambil ketetapan bahawa usaha melakukan pembaharuan dan perubahan secara positif akan terus digiatkan.

"Usaha menambah keyakinan rakyat akan diteruskan iaitu selaras dengan dasar BN yang mengutamakan rakyat, akan terus menjayakan pelbagai program dan aktiviti yang dapat mendekati dan menyentuh hati rakyat," katanya.

Najib berkata, secara sebulat suara semua parti komponen juga akan memastikan sebarang permasalahan sama ada antara parti komponen atau sesama sendiri dibendung bagi mendorong kepada sifar masalah.

"Apabila kita dapat capai perkara ini, maka rakyat akan lebih yakin bahawa BN bukanlah parti yang suka berbalah sesama sendiri tetapi sebuah parti yang akan terus bergerak, berjuang dan berusaha demi kesejahteraan rakyat," katanya.

Paku-Paku Terakhir Buat Keranda PKR!

Posted: 20 Nov 2010 10:02 PM PST

KUALA LUMPUR 21 Nov. – Ahli Parlimen Kulim-Bandar Baharu, Zulkifli Noordin menyifatkan tindakan Datuk Zaid Ibrahim mengumumkan keluar dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) semalam dan mahu menubuhkan parti baru sebagai 'paku-paku terakhir untuk keranda PKR'.

Katanya, perkembangan terbaru itu menunjukkan PKR kini berdepan dengan krisis keyakinan kepimpinan serius yang akan membawa kepada berkuburnya parti itu.

"Apabila mendengar Penasihat PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Naib Presiden, Azmin Ali membelasah Zaid sampai rapat ke lantai termasuk dalam rapat umum di Dewan MBSA semalam, teman dapat melihat betapa desperadonya (terdesak) mereka sekarang.

"Sebenarnya mereka tahu hari-hari akhir mereka makin dekat," katanya dalam entri terbaru di dalam blognya

Zulkifli berkata, kenyataan Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang baru-baru ini bahawa parti itu perlu berdiri dan membina kekuatan dalaman adalah satu isyarat hilang keyakinan kepada hala tuju dan kepimpinan Anwar dalam pakatan pembangkang.

"Teman tahu tidak semua kepimpinan Pas boleh menerima kepimpinan Azmin. Kritikan dan teguran terbuka oleh penyokong tegar, terutama di kalangan blogger seperti Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Hishamuddin Rais, Haris Ibrahim dan lain-lain membuktikan trend sokongan terhadap kepimpinan Anwar mula dipersoalkan.

"Mereka sudah nampak apa yang teman sudah nampak, PKR ini adalah kuda tunggangan Anwar. Berpaksikan kepada politik pembohongan dan cakap tak serupa bikin, hanya untuk memahkotakan Anwar sebagai Perdana Menteri!" katanya.

Zulkifli turut hairan di mana suara Presiden PKR, Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail semasa semua kemelut kepimpinan dan krisis parti itu berlaku.

"Adakah Kak Zah sudah terpinggir atau dipinggirkan. Sepatutnya seorang Presiden yang menang tanpa bertanding akan menjadi suara yang sangat perkasa, digeruni dan dihormati. Namun Kak Zah langsung tidak kedengaran, malah langsung tidak kelihatan," katanya.

Beliau berkata, peranan Wan Azizah sudah tidak sama seperti semasa PKR mula-mula ditubuhkan dahulu dan penglibatannya dalam gerakan reformasi amat jelas sekali ketika itu.

Zulkifli berkata, Wan Azizah sendiri tahu bahawa selepas pemilihan parti itu selesai, semua keputusan penting hanya akan dibuat oleh Anwar dan Timbalan Presidennya sementara Wan Azizah hanya akan menjadi pengumum keputusan-keputusan itu.

"Justeru, saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menasihatkan Wan Azizah, betulkanlah kemungkaran yang sedang berlaku. Masih belum terlambat untuk beliau bertindak," katanya.

"Nasihatkan Anwar dan selesaikanlah masalah peribadi yang dia hadapi tanpa perlu korbankan kebajikan rakyat dan kepentingan negara," katanya.

Janji Bela Nasib Orang Asli Akan DiTunaikan – Tengku Razaleigh

Posted: 20 Nov 2010 10:01 PM PST

GUA MUSANG 21 Nov. – Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, memberi jaminan akan menunaikan janji membela nasib kaum Orang Asli yang banyak membantu kemenangan Barisan Nasional (BN) pada pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Galas, 4 November lalu.

Tengku Razaleigh berkata kaum itu yang setia dengan perjuangan UMNO, sudah memberikan sokongan padu bagi membolehkan BN menebus semula maruah selepas kekalahan kerusi DUN Galas pada pilihan raya umum lalu.

Saya fikir sekiranya tidak kerana sokongan padu daripada kaum itu sudah tentu kita daripada BN amat sukar memperoleh kemenangan dengan majoriti besar.

"Oleh itu, saya tidak akan mungkir janji ketika pilihan raya kecil lepas dan tetap melaksanakan apa yang saya kata (pada kempen pilihan raya itu)," katanya berucap pada majlis sambutan Aidiladha sempena meraikan kemenangan BN bagi kerusi DUN Galas pilihan raya kecil di Bukit Chekati, di sini, malam kelmarin.

Hadir sama pada majlis itu anakanda Sultan Ismail Petra, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra; ADUN Galas Ab Aziz Yusoff; ADUN Paloh Datuk Nozula Mat Diah dan ADUN Nenggiri Md Yusoff Ab Ghani serta wakil-wakil kaum Orang Asli dan pemimpin parti komponen BN.

Tengku Razaleigh yang juga Ketua UMNO Bahagian Gua Musang berkata, beliau bersedia berbincang dengan pemimpin kaum Orang Asli mengenai perkara yang dijanjikan dalam masa terdekat ini kerana ia penting bagi kemajuan masa depan mereka.

Ia turut membabitkan hal berkaitan dengan kerajaan negeri terutama mengenai tanah kerana kaum itu wajar diberi keutamaan dalam penyelesaian berkenaan, katanya.

"Kita begitu kagum dengan sokongan 90 peratus Orang Asli pada pilihan raya kecil berkenaan di samping kaum lain terutama Melayu, Cina dan India juga. Saya menghormati segala usaha hingga mencapai kemenangan," katanya.

Selain itu, katanya, BN Gua Musang kini perlu bersedia menghadapi pilihan raya umum ke-13 yang akan datang.

"Langkah itu bukan bertujuan untuk kita membanggakan diri atau riak diatas kemenangan besar BN pada pilihan raya kecil berkenaan (Galas), sebaliknya untuk faedah rakyat di Gua Musang juga," katanya

Akidah Muslim seMalaysia ~ Tergugatkah dengan misi Ben Bradshaw, Belacan & Paku?

Posted: 20 Nov 2010 09:52 PM PST

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Saya sudah sedia maklum akan siapakah dia Ben 'Baca' Bradshaw ~ Si Gigi Putih yang mengaku bahawa ia seorang guru gereja dan ditugaskan ke Sarawak dahulu.

Begitu juga dengan Belacan & Paku, dua warga Amerika yang turut bersama datang berhijrah ke negara ini dan mereka juga menginap di Sarawak, mungkin rakan segereja dengan si Ben ' Gigi Putih'.

Saya tak ada masaalah untuk berkawan dengan siapa sahaja, walaupun dengan paderi atau pastor biar Pope sekalipun kerana akidah saya mantap 100% tetap bertuhankan Allahu Rabbul Alamin.

Yang saya hargai akan Ben 'Baca' Bradshaw @ Gigi Putih, Belacan & Paku adalah kesungguhan mereka mempelajari Bahasa Melayu untuk mereka mendekati warga disini. Soal mereka menjadi mubaligh Gereja Mormon tidak menjadi hal kepada saya kerana saya tetap akan menjaga keimanan saya dan tidak sekali kali akan terpesong akidah saya berkawan dengan Mat Salleh Mat Salleh ini.

Ada pembaca yang mengirim komen pada saya menyatakan kerisauan nya akan nasib umat Islam di Malaysia ini yang semakin tergila gila dengan mubaligh Gereja Mormon ini yang sudah begitu fasih didalam Bahasa Malaysia dan lama kelamaan mungkin menyuntuk jarum jarum halus kepercayaan Kristian mereka kepada para penyokong dan pengikut Facebook mereka yang semakin hari semakin ramai mengikuti mereka termasuklah orang tua ini! :D

Bagi pihak diri saya ini, tak jadi hal kerana saya adalah seorang Penyeru kepada Al Islam.

Saya belum lagi berkesempatan menemui Ben Bradshaw, Belacan & Paku secara bersemuka. Seandainya ada peluang sebegitu, Insya Allah akan saya mengajak mereka memeluk Agama Islam!

Lebih mudah bagi kita mengajak mereka kepada Hakikat Islam dari kita terpesong kepada kefahaman palsu yang lahir dari ilham manusia.

Muslim seMalaysia yang benar benar yakin terhadap Allahu Ta'ala tak mungkin akan tergadai akidah mereka jika bersahabat dengan Ben Bradshaw, Belacan & Paku atau sesiapa sahaja?

Berpegang teguh lah kita kepada Al Quran & Sunnah Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam dan dalami lah ilmu agama kita dengan berguru kepada Mursyid yang sebenar dan janganlah kita begitu rapuh sekali kefahaman Ad Deenul Islam sehingga boleh berubah akidah hanya kerna seseorang mubaligh atau Tok Sami fasih berbahasa Melayu?

Tak logik berpendapat begitu!

Berapa juta rakyat Malaysia bukan Islam serta bukan Melayu yang fasih berbahasa Malaysia tinggal hidup bersama sama kita sekian lama ini. Berapa keratkah diantara warga Malaysia berbangsa Melayu, beragama Islam sudah murtad masuk ke agama agama mereka?

Bagi saya, kerisauan sebegini adalah satu penghinaan kepada umat Islam seMalaysia terutamanya yang berbangsa Melayu!

Jika tidak ada Ben Bradshaw, Belacan & Paku hadir disini fasih berbahasa Melayu akan ada pula nanti seribu satu manusia kaffir yang lain yang sama fasih berbahasa Melayu dan mungkin lebih beradab sopan santun mengikuti resam dan budaya Melayu datang muncul di khalayak kita?

Apakah begitu rapuh sekali tahap keimanan bangsa Melayu yang lahir sebagai umat Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam untuk tergugat tahap keimanan mereka dengan hanya bercampur gaul dengan mubaligh Kristian, pendeta Hindu atau Sami Buddha?

Memang amat memalukan sekiranya ada yang terpesong terbabas turut sama pergi menyembah sesuatu selain dari Allahu Ta'ala!!!

Bagi saya, soal Ben Bradshaw, Belacan & Paku bertugas sebagai mubaligh Gereja Mormon tidak menjadi hal bagi saya. Itu hak mereka untuk jadi siapa sahaja. Yang saya hargai adalah kesungguhan mereka menguasai Bahasa Melayu untuk berkomunikasi dengan kita.

Kukuhkan lah akidah masing masing dan berpegang tegohlah kamu dengan Tali Allah dan tetapkan diri di Jalan Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

Tak jadi sebarang masaalah bagi kita untuk bergaul dan berkawan dengan sesiapa sahaja walaupun dengan orang orang kaffir sekalipun!

Saya berkawan dengan orang orang seperti Pastor Ben Eder dari New York yang amat berbudi bahasa turut menghayati akan apa apa yang saya tulis mengenai Keagongan Allahu Ta'ala didalam Facebook. 

Saya turut bersahabat dengan Cikgu Murali, seorang Brahmin, warga Malaysia beragama hindu yang pakar didalam Ilmu Matematik.

Ramai lagi sahabat sahabat saya yang bukan Islam, turut fasih didalam Bahasa Melayu mahupun Inggeris yang berkawan dengan saya atas dasar persahabatan ikhlas sesama manusia.

Tak jadi hal bagi saya.

Mungkin pembaca saya itu khuatir kan kemungkinan segelintir dari para peminat Ben Bradshaw, Belacan & Paku akan terpengaruh di belakang hari seandainya Ben dan rakan rakan mubaligh Gereja Mormon nya ini mula menindoktrinasikan para pengikut tegar mereka ini kejalan Kristian?

Mungkin saja?

Namun saya ingin menyoal warga Malaysia yang berbangsa Melayu, beragama Islam sekelian?

Apakah iman tuan puan begitu mudah tercalar?

Begitu rapuh sekali sehingga boleh dipengaruhi sesiapa sahaja asalkan mereka fasih berbahasa sama seperti kamu dan berperwatakan kacak dan bergigi putih seperti Ben?

Jika ada yang mengangguk bersetuju iya, maka jangan persalahkan Ben Si Gigi Putih, Belacan & Paku di atas kelemahan anda sendiri!

Salahkan diri anda sendiri kerana begitu lemah mempertahankan akidah kamu dan kegagalan kamu sendiri untuk mempelajari dan menghayati akan agama hakiki Islam yang satu satunya diperturunkan Allahu Rabbul Alamin kepada sekelian manusia bermula dengan Ayahanda Kita, Nabi Adam Alaihi Salam dan kemudiannya disambung misi dakwah kepada setiap kaum di setiap zaman oleh nabi nabi dan rasul Allahu Ta'ala sehinggalah sampai kepada Sayyidul Mursalin, Khataman Nabiyyi, Rasulullah, Muhammad al Mustafa Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!!!

Apakah begitu lemah sekali tahap keimanan umat Islam seMalaysia sehingga boleh diganggu gugat dengan kehadiran orang orang bukan Islam seperti Ben 'Baca' Bradshaw, Belacan & Paku hanya kerna mereka sudah fasih berbahasa Melayu sama seperti kita?

Iman kertas tisu ke umat Islam yang berkenaan?

Janganlah mudah terpengaruh dengan sesiapa sahaja yang ada 'udang disebalik batu'.

Perkukuhkanlah iman dan akidah masing masing dan kalau boleh ajaklah Ben serta rakan rakannya ke arah Islam.

Kongsikan lah kesyumulan Islam dengan mereka dan tunjukkan lah ketinggian budi bahasa orang orang Melayu dan serulah mereka ke jalan Allah!

Insya Allah, Mahaguru58 akan turut membantu anda melaksanakan tugas murni ini.

Marilah kita mengajak sekelian manusia untuk menghayati kesucian dan kebenaran Islam.

Tidak ada tuhan selain Allahu Ta'ala, Rabbul Alamin.

Kepada sesiapa sahaja umat Islam seMalaysia yang tak faham akan apa apa sahaja tentang Islam, emelkan persoalan anda kepada saya.

Insya Allah akan saya jawab mana yang saya tahu dan akan menyusul kepada para alim ulamak kita yang sedia ada, sudi membimbing dan membantu kita hidup sebagai Muslim dan Mukmin sejati tidak akan goyah dengan kehadiran sesiapa sahaja, walau 'handsome' dan 'comel' macamana sekalipun! :D

Akidah Muslim seMalaysia harus kukuh, utuh, kekal bertuhankan hanya Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala dan berpandukan ajaran Nabi Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam sampai bila bila , sehingga Yaum al Qiyamah dan terus ke Akhirat nanti!

Saya yakin umat Islam Malaysia tak akan begitu mudah menyembah sesuatu yang lain dari Allah melainkan seseorang itu memang jahil tahap gaban, jahil muraqqab, kosong kefahaman agamanya sejak lahir kerana ibubapanya juga seperti itu, tak pernah ambil tahu akan agama yang ia sendiri lahir kedalamnya!

Jika ada yang seperti itu, maka wajiblah kamu belajar. Belajarlah tentang hak kamu sebagai Muslim. Tak faham? Tanya!

Jangan berikan sebarang alasan bahawa tidak ada sesiapa yang mahu membimbing kamu!

Hendak seribu daya beb!

Tak hendak seribu satu dalih!

Jangan dok sembang merapu seperti itu. 

Ratusan ribu para pendakwah dan alim ulama seMalaysia sedia membantu dan membimbing kamu.

Yang bulat tak datang bergolek ; yang pipis tak turun melayang.

Carilah ilmu agama Islam sementara masih hidup dan waras.

Kalau dah kematu dan di pintu ajal, sorry beb! Too late for u bro / sis!

Jangan dok persalahkan orang lain di atas kekurangan dan kelemahan sendiri.

Masing masing ada akal bukan?

Maka gunakan lah akal yang di anugerahi ALLAH! Bukan mana mana yang lain!

Hayatilah maksud Surah An-Nasr, Surah ke 110, Al Quranul Karim :

Itha jaa nasru Allahiwalfath
Sahih International
When the victory of Allah has come and the conquest,
Muhsin Khan
When comes the Help of Allah (to you, O Muhammad (Peace be upon him) against your enemies) and the conquest (of Makkah),
Apabila datang pertolongan Allah dan kemenangan (semasa engkau wahai Muhammad berjaya menguasai negeri Makkah), -

Waraayta annasa yadkhuloonafee deeni Allahi afwaja
Sahih International
And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes,
Muhsin Khan
And you see that the people enter Allah's religion (Islam) in crowds,
Dan engkau melihat manusia masuk dalam ugama Allah beramai-ramai, -

Fasabbih bihamdi rabbika wastaghfirhuinnahu kana tawwaba
Sahih International
Then exalt [Him] with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of repentance.
Muhsin Khan
So glorify the Praises of your Lord, and ask for His Forgiveness. Verily, He is the One Who accepts the repentance and forgives.
Maka ucapkanlah tasbih dengan memuji Tuhanmu dan mintalah ampun kepadaNya, sesungguhnya Dia amat menerima taubat.

Kepada yang berminat mengetahui akan aktiviti Gereja Mormon didalam negara kita, boleh sahaja ke sini dan membaca laporan terkini pencapaian mereka.

Kita sedia maklum bahawa yang ramai memeluk kefahaman Kristian didalam negeri Sabah dan Sarawak adalah mereka yang terdiri dari kaum Cina. Satu dua Melayu yang murtad seperti si Badrul Hisham @ Benjamin Stephen terpaksa lari ke pedalaman Indonesia seperti di Pontianak kerana ianya sudah menjadi buruan pihak berkuasa Malaysia.

Segelintir wanita Melayu yang murtad ke fahaman Kristian terdiri dari kalangan wargakota yang membesar didalam keluarga yang jahil tentang Islam dan buta agama secara total!

Jamaah Islamiyyah yang melenting menghambur kata nesta, ugutan bunuh terhadap golongan seperti ini pada peringkat jatidiri mereka sendiri gagal mentarbiyyah masyarakat kita sendiri supaya menggunakan pendekatan kasihsayang dan prihatin terhadap keperluan orang orang seperti ini.

Jika berkasih sayang pula selalunya menjadi kes 'harapkan pagar ; pagar mentekedarah akan padi!'

Lain yang di amanahkan; lain pula yang dia melingkupkan!

Jadilah keadaan dimana para paderi dan mubaligh Kristian seperti Ben Bradshaw dan rakan rakan gerejanya mengambil peluang mendalami Bahasa Melayu dan adat resam warga Melayu Malaysia untuk menawan dan menambat hati mana mana umat Melayu Islam yang lemah pegangan akidah mereka dan kemungkinan berjaya menarik segolongan umat Melayu yang jahil terhadap agama Islam yang di anuti mereka secara lahiriyyah ke jalan mereka?

Jadi saya harap, para pendakwah Muslim Malaysia supaya meningkatkan usaha mengajak sesama Muslim untuk menghayati ajaran ajaran Islam kita dan menzahirkan kasihsayang sesama kita didalam ertikata sebenarnya dan janganlah mengkhianati kepercayaan ummah!

Insya Allah!

The Camel story worth re-sellling...

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 03:34 AM PST

Knotty Desiderata is a mousey writer, so this wickedend he's going to the flea market to try re-sell this seven-story tail.WHY 7 you ask? Well, if nobody asked, I wouldn't tell, but since my mind did, here/hear's the reply/rebutt!:(

If Sdr Anwar can have his 916, and Zaid his 1216, why knot Desi his se7en???

Friday, August 12, 2005


Narrative 5

Yeh, finally, here's MyStory, definitely embellished and dis-membered, with apologies to the original storyteller! I heard it on the cigarette maker Camel's grapevibes.

The Bedouin master in the wintry night out in the Zahara desert took pity on his Camel. He took the animal's two feet into the cover of the small tent, as the cold outside was becoming more bitter.
After some time, the Bedouin felt the cold biting into him, and being a kind soul, pulled in the Camel's body so that one half was able to enjoy some warmth of the inside of the tent.
After more time had passed, the master felt his body chilled, so he pulled the Camel further in, with only the Camel's neck and head now jutting out of the tent.
The cold blasts of winter wind and hailstorm became furiouser and curiouser. And being a warm-heArted soul, the Bedouin felt it was cruelty to animals to have his Camel freeze outside. So he pulled with all his might the last exposed anatomy of his Camel into the tent.
He then qietly went back to sleep.
Then suddenly there was a big and loud THUD from the tiny tent, inside!
The Camel had kicked its hind-leg so hard that the Master was sent flying out of the tent, and into the open arms of the Zahara desert, outside!

Narative 1
From Mr Coww in his Chinese Classic wisdom.

Forewarning: in these days of haze,if Desi's re-tell suffers from embellishment or deception, blame it on Indunesia, or on the Ministry of Environs.


A poor farmer was paying due respect to his God one early morn, praying dutifully at the family shrine. An angel appeared before him, saluting his filial duties and hard work on the farm serving the community with his humble produce.

"Today I bring thee good fortune, the Angel said. Look at that boulder, I'll point my index finger at it, and it will trun to gold and it's all yours." The Angel then pointed his finger at the boulder, and hey presto, it became a rock of gold, glittering in the sun's rays.

The Farmer was amazed, yet his face continued to show disappointment.

"Why my Friend, do you not celebrate? This gold rock is yours, all yours. You are rich now, Go and enjoy thy life – but for your wife gems and perfumes, and for the children, food and drinks," the Angel advised.

The Farmer looked crestfallen.

Maybe he wanted more, so the Angel pointed his finger at a stone next to the boulder. The stone was immediately transformed into gold.

Yet the Farmer's face did not light up. So the Angel asked: "Ok, what would make you happy – I'll try to grant thee thy wish."

The Farmer looked the Angel in the hand, and pointed to the index finger, imploring: "I want this finger.";)

PS: A fairy also appeared before me when I was SEVEN, and said he would grant me any wish I wanted. I must have shouted excitedly at the vision -- or isit epiphany? -- to a seven-month old baby: "Mummy, Mummy! – and the fairy obliged with an endless supply of that brand of instant noodles. Hence, my nickname until I was SEVENteen was Mamee-Boy!
I've now grown up, would kill anyone who'd still w'isper Mamee-Boy 'cos I've progressed to seeing Ursula Undress in all her morning glory coming out of the sea, running away from DR NO, and dashing towards Gold Finger.

Narative 2
from theSUN, August 11, 2005, page 10

SPAM king pays RM26m to settle suit

SAN FRANCISCO: A man once known as the king of spam has agreed to pay Microsoft USD7million (RM25.9million) to settle the software giant's lawsuit, the company said on Tuesday.
Scott Richter, whose company Llc. bombarded millions of Internet users with unwanted emails, was sued by Microsoft and New York Attorney-General Elliot Spitzer last year.
Under the terms of the settlement, Richter agreed to halt bankruptcy proceedings that would have protected his assets from litigation. – dpa

PS: I've been spammed tsunami-style too. Can Malaysians take a class-action suit against anybody?If any coolcat here wishes to proceed with one, make me a partner, OK? I offer myself as a WEAKness, I have all the evidence logged up in mySOFTbank©.

Narrative 3
from theSun, page 4 of its Business Section

Yahoo to buy a 3rd of Alibaba

CHINESE e-commerce operator is in the last stages of talks to sell a 35 percent stake to Yahoo Inc in return for USD1billion (RM3.75billion) and Yahoo's entire China's operations, a source close to the discussions said yesterday.
The combination would create an e-commerce giant by bringing together Alibaba's business-to-business and consumer online auction sites with Yahoo's search operations, China's second largest after leader
A deal would mark an end to Yahoo operating a venture in China on its own. Swapping its country operations in exchange for a structure more similar to Yahoo Japan Corp, in which the US giant holds a 33percent stake while Japan's Softbank holds a controlling 42percent. Softbank is also an investor in Alibaba, and is said to have been a broker in the current China talks. – Reuters

PS: I picked up this item feeling mighty 'proud' that a Malaysian-originating company has made it BIG in China. No, Desi's mistaken, only Malaysia-sounding-lah. Now I realise my country has been made to look like Mickey. How dare these people steal this Alibaba trademark rightfully from Malaysia?:(

Narrative 4
From theSUN, yes, again, page 9

Colourful graft buster charged – with graft

BEIJING: A Chinese official who said he had to wear a bullretproof vest for six years and hire bodyguards after receiving death threats during his fight against corruption has been charged with … corruption. Huang Jingao, who in a letter to the Communist Party's newspaper a year ago styled himself as a graft-busting pit-bull terrier, has been accused of taking bribes of nearly USD1million in cash, gems, jewellery, a gold brick and a laptop computer, Xinhau news agency reported.The one-time party chief of Lianjiang county in Fujian province also kept four mistresses and was fond of prostitues, media said. - Reuters

PS: This story is qite familiar to Malaysian rakyat, admit it-lah! PAGAR MAKAN PADI, remember, or we choose what we want to remember. That's ESCAPISM!< I of10 told Mr Coww, No, it was Mr Coww telling Desi, 4 so haz4 today.

When we discuss philosophy, Mr Coww also of10 observes that Man Proposes, God Disposes. Desi, in his great vicedom, sometimes crackfully adds: and ... Woman Exposes(c):((And brudder Mack, I assure you, this is NOT impolite, maybe verse, or fun, or pun, but definitely not profane language – it's a play of words, remember? ;)

DESIDERATA: My take in all the above narratives is that humans all over the world are born with common frailties. Basically we are the same, except for the external skin colour of black and white, brown and yellow, and all the shades in between. CHIAROSCURO, remember, I dunno why I've become besotted with this WORD, since I looked up the meaning in the dictionary (I'm sorry I used the short of "'ick' in Mack's weblog, See;) nd it created some MIS-understanding to which I apologized, so I shall refrain …), Indeed, Malaysians and Londoners, Iraqis, Americans, and Japanese, and Chinese all are human. We were all born IMPERFECT, although it's religiously preached that all humans are born in the image of God. Luckily, some human beings are amendable to change under the right teaching and influence; some are incorrigible, like that camel, or that graftbuster, or mayhaps my own wont to make fun of others, and pun of Coww, once-in-a-blue-moon on myself. And of course, as mGf know very well, Desi is AlWays guilty of claiming a defence in -- IGNORANCE is BLISS!;) to Mr Coww, whom I always pun with, and ALL mGf in the plural, who I AlWays have FUN, PUN and WON with! ENJOY!

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POSTSCRIPT added on Nov 21, 2010:

My Camel story is a follow-up to Yesterday's ramble/rumble/tumble. I guess another piece of writing I sighted in blogosphere last week resembled the Bedouin mater and his Camel, except it happened in Malaysia Bolehland, knot in the Sahara desert! Here's re-copy with no copyright or left royalty paid, YL, Desi:)

From ~~ ENJOY!


He was welcomed into the house in the hope that like most others who crossed the treshold of your home he would be part of the family. You treated him not as a guest but a family member. He had family rights. You gave him big roles to play within the family. Not token or cosmetic but high-level positions, important work that was key to your family's business. He was entrusted such big roles that even those who became family members much much earlier than him were not priviledged to have until today.

But it was never enough for him.

His attention was not on those tasks assigned to him. Even important family meetings he often felt wasn't worth his attention nor attendance. He had the opportunities to make progress in the family life and gain admiration and gratitude if only he were willing and able to perform his duties. Even his criticism would have found hearing ears at home if only he had earned respect to be listened to by fufliing his domestic assignments. (You are asked to wash the plates not leave it in the kitchen sink or worse still, break it.)

As it turned out, after just a year in the family home, he wanted to be second only to the patriarch and matriarch of the family. Which was fine too by the family rules except for the way he went about it.

By his own admission, he loved calling "a spade, a spade". That was as long as he was the one doing the calling. But when others started calling a spade, a spade in regard to him, he cried foul and took great exception to the fact that the spade which was his favourite tool of choice when found in another person's hand and turned against him became what he called 'sabotage', and 'lies'.

I need to check, before I next pick up my garden tool, but could it be that he was the fellow who did the world the favour by inventing the spade? Only he had the right to use a spade?

So it was that from his behaviour, it was alright for him to say anything about anyone but no one must say anything about him. He termed himself as the "messenger of truth" and those who disagreed with him were therefore to his mind snipers who were out to shoot the messenger of truth.

Even that was fine and within his rights.

But even this much wasn't enough. Before he started to go about the process of becoming second only to the patriarch and matriarch of the family, he was saying that he would make a good match to them. Then, when it appeared that he might not after all be favoured by them, he (and I hesitate to say this in front of the children and young in the family and I am counting till ten…) said it was high time the patriarch should leave the house! Yes you heard me right, the patriarch was the problem for the ills of the family and unless he went, the family would never prosper.

It was alright to find a corner of the house to sulk in. But it seemed that even that wasn't enough for this guest (since he would not conduct himself as a family member). He is now going about burning the house down. It looks and sounds like: "If I can't get what I want, then others can't have it either" or "A house without me isn't worth keeping".

In any family, there will be disagreements, complaints and any family will do well to do some spring cleaning from time to time. Not sweep everything under the carpet, mind you, but spring cleaning.

But it is not alright to burn the house down!

What is the moral of this story? When you next open the doors of your house to the next person who comes a-knocking, be sure to have the call number of the nearest fire brigade handy.


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