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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad how big is his asshole Big ‘O’? Will the guilty be punished?

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad how big is his asshole Big ‘O’? Will the guilty be punished?

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad how big is his asshole Big ‘O’? Will the guilty be punished?

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 01:55 PM PDT

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– Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad criticised the US government today for continuing to support his former deputy Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is facing his second sodomy prosecution.

He said that if Washington officials wanted to meet with Anwar then the Obama Administration must allow Malaysian government representatives to meet with prisoners in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

"Just as they (US government) have a right to talk to Anwar, we have the right to talk to people in Guantanamo Bay. I mean if they are democratic, we are also democratic. What they can do, we can also do," he told reporters here.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent visit here had been surrounded by intense speculation she would meet Anwar, currently on trial for sodomy, in a charge many in Washington circles view as politically-motivated.

A face-to-face meeting could potentially have put the Najib Administration in an awkward position at a time of rapidly improving diplomatic ties, but the secretary of state appeared to be trying to avoid offending the government by only making a telephone call to Anwar instead.

However Dr Mahathir stressed that the US government must practice democracy before it preaches it.

"I think if we want to send delegations to see the people who are detained in Guantanamo over the last seven years without trial, without charges then we have the right to see what kind of justice system they have in America," he added.

The Guantanamo Bay detainment facility was established in 2002 by former president George Bush to hold prisoners from the Iraq war. However, the camp was expanded to hold anyone suspected of terrorist activities.

Clinton's visit marked a further warming in diplomatic relations with the world's last remaining superpower, after frosty ties under Dr Mahathir, who is widely known for his stridently critical views of the US that are often seen as bordering on anti-Western.

In April, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak held a bilateral meeting with US President Barack Obama, just one year after taking office.

Anwar faced his first sodomy prosecution in 1999 when Dr Mahathir was still PM.


1. When the 5th PM took over, it became obvious he was incompetent and unable to govern the country and grow its economy. He was seen as weak by the Malays as well as by the Chinese and Indians. He flipped-flopped, making decisions and policies and reversing them, arresting opposition members under the ISA and then releasing them shortly after, claiming that he wanted to protect them.

2. Extremists among the Chinese and Indians felt they could safely challenge the Government, particularly over racial issues. They demanded that provisions in the Constitution favouring the Malays and the NEP quotas be removed. Even Barisan Nasional partners took up the call.

3. Normally UMNO leaders and UMNO generally would take up the defence of the Malays. But Abdullah as UMNO President and PM was silent (elegant silence) causing the other leaders and members of UMNO to become silent also.
4. As the attack against the Malays escalated and UMNO remained silent, the Malay public felt they were being let down by UMNO. Losing faith in UMNO, they began to set up NGOs to take up the challenges by the Chinese and Indian activists.

5. Perkasa as an NGO gained the most support because the founder was more vocal and willing to take risk and to rebut the views of the Chinese and Indian extremists. 

6. Meanwhile Malay support for UMNO was silently eroding. In the 2008 elections the loss of Malay support for UMNO became evident. Many either abstained or voted for PAS.

7. Demands were then made for Abdullah to step down. Najib took over and he tried to regain Chinese support by apparently giving in to Chinese demands on several issues. The new UMNO leadership also opted to remain silent and failed to defend the Malay position. Instead of going back to support UMNO, Malays including UMNO members continue to flocked to Perkasa.

8. In the 2008 elections, many UMNO and BN candidates won only by small margins even in their strongholds. If in the next election defections by even a small number of supporters in some constituencies can result in a reduction of the Barisan Nasional majority or even cause the BN to lose altogether.

9. Because of the poor handling of the Perak crisis, the Chinese who considered the Pakatan Government of Perak as a Chinese Government, swore not to support BN anymore.

10. The situation of UMNO and BN looked bleak. They have not regained the Malay support lost in the 2008 elections and they face the prospect of the Chinese not supporting the Barisan Nasional in the 13th General Elections. Striving to regain Chinese support is not enough. They must also regain Malay support.

11. UMNO may think that all the Malays are supportive of the party. But UMNO cannot be sure of that. Their silence before the 2008 Election was deceptive. We now know that many supported the opposition. Can UMNO disregard or antagonise any Malay group? I think it would be dangerous to do so.

12. Perkasa has not indicated that it is against BN and UMNO. In fact it has hinted that it is for UMNO. Looking at the strength of Malay support for Perkasa antagonising them would not be to the benefit of the Barisan Nasional or UMNO.

13. Perkasa is accused of being racist and should be rejected on that ground. Is Perkasa racist? If anyone cares to study the statement by Perkasa he will not fail to note that it has confined itself to rebutting allegations that the non-Malays have been discriminated against, that the Malays need to retain their present position. If it is really racist then it would be demanding the abolition of the special treatment of the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia. This it has not done except when defending the Malay position.

14. It is illogical to expect that when the Chinese and Indian activists demand for the removal of policies and schemes to help the Malays, they, the Malays should remain silent or to agree. Surely the natural thing for them to do is to defend themselves. If their anointed protector, UMNO, refuses for whatever reason to voice disagreement against the demands of the Chinese and Indians, then the beleaguered Malays will have to find a champion elsewhere.

15. They could form a political party and undermine UMNO. But they did not. The Malays are already fragmented. And so they formed NGOs instead which leaves them with the option to support or not to support UMNO and the Barisan Nasional.

16. True there are a few Malays in Pakatan who seem to agree and support demands to do away with the affirmative action in favour of the Malays. But they are doing this simply to fish for Chinese support for their parties.

17. Whatever may be the feelings of UMNO, I have decided that the NGOs have a big enough following which could do damage to UMNO and the BN in the next election if they want to. Accordingly I have decided to stay close with Perkasa especially and to ensure that it does not swing over to the opposition. I would like to ensure that Perkasa supports the Barisan Nasional in the next election.

18. Does this make me a racist? I had at one time the opportunity and power to be a real Malay racist. But I won elections with strong non-Malay support. In fact in1999 it was Chinese support which gave me my 2/3 majority.

19. I was obviously not regarded as a racist then (except of course by the DAP). So why am I regarded as a racist now when all I want to do is to ensure Malay support for Barisan Nasional parties, especially UMNO.

BN ready for next PRU, says Najib

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 11:40 AM PDT

BN is ready for the next polls, said Prime Minister Najib. And the ruling party will not be intimidated by the ongoing sodomy trial of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

He made the statement a few hours before voters decide on who should represent them in two by-elections - Batu Sapi parliamentary seat in Sandakan, Sabah and Galas state seat in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

"We are willing to compete against anyone, this is democracy. Let the best party chosen by the people form the government," said Najib, who is also BN chairman (read here).

He made these remarks in a recorded interview on CNN's TalkAsia aired Wednesday night when asked by anchor Anna Coren whether Anwar, the former deputy prime minister, would be a threat to BN in the next general election.

Najib also refuted claims that the trial was politically motivated to keep Anwar, the current Opposition leader, out of the picture in the next general election, which some speculated would be held next year.

I must commend the premier for showing some guts, finally. He hardly comes down that sharp on Anwar and Gang.

I also hope what he said will have a positive impact on Batu Sapi and Galas. By the way, I dont think he simply chose the eve of polling for that interview...

"It's so Happen Anwar's Employee Made a Criminal Complaint" Najib on Sodomy 2

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 10:11 AM PDT

This is a clip of Prime Minister Najib Razak's Interview with CNN Talk Asia which will be shown on the network this Wednesday, Nov 3, 20.30; Thursday Nov 4, 11.30; Saturday, Nov 6, 19.00, 07.30; Sunday Nov 7, 16.30, 02.30.

This short clip is an extract of the interview where Najib talks about the sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim.

P185 New method”Sms Sabah”

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 08:49 AM PDT

Updated 11.50pm  from Sandakan:-The sms received are in chinese text so it is believed to be only aimed at the Chinese Voters in P185 Batu sapi.

This just in. Seems the Minister of IT Sabah Yee Moh Chai is coming up with the most ingenious way of splitting the voters in P185. The choice is up to them and it could backfire or gain inroads into the voters minds of already willing to vote for SAPP. The staunch BN voters will be in the bag and dividing the votes of SAPP and PKR is the only way for BN. 

The word on the ground on the sms" Apparently all registered voters of P185 Batu Sapi today received sms asking them to vote for PR as SAPP are trailing behind. It is believed this is the secret strategy that the BN candidate was saying that she had for the final day."

Isn't this reinventing…???

蔡細歷吁保持團結 共同努力建設中庸國

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 08:22 AM PDT








Chua: Liberalise more policies to bring in FDIs

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 08:14 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia needs to liberalise more policies and open up further to foreign investors to draw in the millions.

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who made the call, said that with the country's foreign direct investments dipping by 81% last year, the logical thing to do was to liberalise more sectors to remain competitive globally.

"Besides enabling the country to attract more foreign businesses and encouraging them to make Malaysia their regional hub, liberalising the market will also create more jobs for our people," he said in his keynote address at the 2nd World Chinese Economic Forum dinner at a hotel here.

He said the liberalisation of the services sub-sectors and removal of the 30% bumiputra equity requirement for newly-listed companies had made investment conditions less restrictive.

Dr Chua said the increase in the number of listings in Bursa Malaysia indicated that the moves were well received.

Based on Bursa Malaysia's records, a total of 38 new listings of companies were recorded between June last year (when the equity requirement for newly-listed companies was removed) and Oct 15 this year, he said.

He said that last year, there were a total of 14 new listings but for the 10-month period for this year alone, there were already 23 new listings.

Urging the Government to maintain consistent policies, he added: "We cannot have an ambiguous or flip-flop policy where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. If we need to simplify the way of doing business in Malaysia, by all means we have to make it happen."

Dr Chua said that with the oil and gas sectors reaching a stage where Malaysia was already an established player on the global stage, the Government should consider liberalising the two sectors.

This was to allow more non-bumiputra investors to be joint-venture partners, contractors and sub-contractors in areas such as exploration, platform construction, logistics, deep-sea operations and others, he said.

Likewise, he said, the telecommunications sector should also be liberalised as increased competition would ensure that consumers got the best deals and services they deserved.

The MCA chief said Malaysia should be ambitious and bold enough to initiate a China-Malaysia Economic Caucus to enhance economic relations and explore possible areas of collaboration and cooperation in trade, technology and science.

"The growing outflow of capital from China seeking investment opportunities in the region has begun, and in future years and decades, it could multiply into a flood,'' he said.

THE STAR (Wednesday November 3, 2010)

Chua wants more details on campaign incident

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 08:11 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR: MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek wants to hear both sides of the story of the incident involving Malaysians for Beng Hock Movement.

As of now, he said, the need to apologise does not arise.

He said he would listen to the views from Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Min ister Heng Seai Kie and the Gua Musang division secretary and not depend on what people said or what he had read.

"I need to get more details from Heng and the division secretary to get a clearer picture," he told reporters at the 2nd World Chinese Econ omic Forum here yesterday.

He said the Teoh Beng Hock issue had been used by a certain political party as a tool to attack the Govern ment.

"The fact that a political party has stooped so low to use this unfortunate incident as political capital, I would say is unfortunate.

"In politics, there must be some ethics, but this issue has been used to distract voters," he added.

He said the issue had been politicised because if the movement wanted to lobby for support from the MCA, they need not wait until a by-election to do so.

Last Saturday, members of the movement were said to be involved in an incident during a campaign event attended by Heng. Four people were arrested, although they were soon released on police bail.

In Gua Musang, MCA vice-president Datuk Chor Chee Heung said the party was confident of gaining 50% of Chinese voters' support for Barisan Nasional.

Feedback from Chinese voters in this by-election was more encouraging than the support shown during the 2008 general election, he said.

"The response from the voters has been very positive and they told me they would give Barisan a chance this time," he said after a visit to Kampung Baru Gua Musang yesterday.

MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai also agreed on Chinese support for Barisan.

"The villagers have long been dissatisfied with the PAS government's handling of the land lease extension issues," he said.

THE STAR (Wednesday November 3, 2010)

“Sabah Votes,Sarawak Develops..”

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 07:05 AM PDT

Bugi Wijaya sent to audie61 an email and said "This is one of the many PKR Propaganda pamphlets and election material to ensure that the People of Sabah will vote for their Candidate" His friend said Sabah has this what has Sarawak got? 

Sure Sarawak has got plenty and this picture tells us more than we need to know. It's a fact and travelling in Kota Sentosa areas are now a breeze.

Do We Need To Ask Who Has Done His Fair Share Of Work?

Voters in N45 and P185 will be going to the POLLS tomorrow and your VOTES are Crucial…. 

(Gambar) Ceramah Terakhir Pakatan Rakyat (PKR) Di Batu Sapi

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 06:29 AM PDT

Gambar menunjukkan Ceramah Terakhir Pakatan Rakyat (PKR) Di Batu Sapi yang bertempat di Sekolah Yu Yuen...

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Gambar Dipetik dari Elizabeth Wong Twitpic & Selayang97 Twitpic

Launch Of BERSIH 2.0

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 06:30 AM PDT


We, the BERSIH 2.0 steering committee, invite your organisation to join and unite with us to advance clean and fair elections in Malaysia. Much still needs to be done and BERSIH 2.0 needs your support and help to make the mission come true for a democratic Malaysia.

BERSIH 2.0 believes that it is only when elections are clean and fair, can citizens determine their own destiny and expect holders of public office to act accountably and effectively. The road to electoral reform is part and parcel of the democratic process to put into place the rule of law, human rights protection, good governance and sustainable development in Malaysia. As citizens, we can make this our reality.

The key issues of electoral reform include
1. A complete revision of the electoral roll to ensure that the existing irregularities are removed and a roll with full integrity is in place.
2. The use of indelible ink (as is done in Indonesia and India) to prevent multiple voting.
3. The reform of postal voting to abolish the existing separate electoral roll for postal voters and to make it flexible for all voters, at home or abroad, with valid reasons to opt for postal voting.
4. Free and fair media access for all contesting parties, which should include: (a) free access to state-owned media especially television and radio; (b) fair paid access (political advertisement) to private media; and (c) provision of the right of reply for all contesting parties and personalities who are covered negatively in news reports.
5. A meaningful minimum campaign period of 21 days.
6. Fair and professional practices in constituency redelineation exercises to minimise mal-apportionment, gerrymandering and consequent disproportionality in seats and votes.
7. Automatic registration of all eligible voters.
8. Reduction of the voting eligibility age from 21 to 18 years old.9. Reform in electoral financing to ensure transparency and limit the influence of money politics.
10. Administrative neutrality of all levels of governments before, during and after general and by-elections for the federal and state legislatures.
11. Affirming the right of all students of 18 years and above, to participate in politics inside and outside campus.

Bersih 2.0, whilst acknowledging the importance of the reform agenda of Bersih, is now relaunched as a fully non-partisan coalition of civil society groups. It is a movement of ordinary citizens asserting the right of all, to clean and fair elections as guaranteed by law. We must ensure our votes and voices count.

We, therefore, warmly invite you and your organisations to join us and extend your full support to ensure that the next election and future ones will be clean, fair and democratic.

The details of the launch are as follows:

Date: 10 November 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 8.30 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.
Venue: PJ Civic Hall, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya.

Please bring your members and friends to the launch. You can contact Nurul at 03-77844977 for more information. I

Yours sincerely,
Dato' Ambiga Sreenevasan

The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 comprises:

Dato' Ambiga Sreenevasan, (Chairperson), Andrew Khoo, Arumugam K., Dr Farouk Musa, Haris Ibrahim, Liau Koh Fah, Maria Chin Abdullah, Richard Y W Yeoh, Dr Toh Kin Woon, Dr Wong Chin Huat, Yeoh Yang Poh and Zaid Kamaruddin.

Remember the first BERSIH rally in 2007?

MCA accused of handing out RM

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 05:00 AM PDT

It is sad to see the level of politics today and how foolish Pakatan Rakyat's "value chain" can be. Right from the top of the Ketua Umum (sounds like Kim Jong Il equivalent by the way) down to the spin doctors led by the alternative media.

The public is against is public funds mismanagement and corruption ESPECIALLY electoral vote buying practices. Clearly, this was captured when Idris Jala's PEMANDU organized the Government Transformation Programme lab and acknowledged that corruption is one of the National Key Result Areas.

The people is more tech savvy these days and with the electronic media as well as the social networking sites, the truth is out there and no one can hide.

Now, put yourself in MCA's shoes and think rationally if MCA will go around telling the folks that "hey, we are giving out money if you vote for us!".

This is like telling the people "hey, vote for me and I pay you cold hard cash, tell the world!". In other words, this is no different than MCA shooting themselves with a gun.

MCA might have their weaknesses but will never commit to such corrupt acts - crystal clear corruption lah my friend! Siapa percaya?

I wonder who was paid to spread the rumour and who organized the trips for the people to queue up at MCA for this "payment". The fact that DAP reps were present at the "queue" is enough for me to have my own personal interpretation.

As proven over the past years in every election, Barisan Nasional has always adopted the "rakyat friendly policies" such as welfare payments to the poor, better infrastructure and facilities, religious worship places, and schools.

That is the level of intelligence Barisan Nasional has and clearly, the "I buy your vote" strategy has never taken place. You should ask if PKR, DAP or PAS practices that in their own Party elections. Itu saya tak tahu lah.

Having said these, this one might be a different story. See this (I am not and I did not say anything. Just see the picture!): What do you call this

If that's not enough, consider this - PAS Offers Transportation Cost For Galas Voters

Well, the number of outstation voters was said to be 1557 people. That is RM 250 x 1557 = RM 389,250 cold hard cash budgeted to be spent by PAS for the by-election in Galas. If you ask me, that is a lot of money and it is RM 250 per vote!

Rakyat mudah lupa. Kita maju bersama Barisan Nasional.

PERKASA lapor polis terhadap Nik Aziz

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 03:43 AM PDT

PERKASA membuat laporan polis di balai polis Gua Musang kerana mendakwa Nik Aziz memberi rasuah kepada pengundi di DUN Galas.
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Dah terdesak ...

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 03:34 AM PDT

300 brave heat for RM100

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 03:09 AM PDT

MCA Sabah chief Edward Khoo today denied allegations that they were handing out RM100 cash to Batu Sapi voters after 300 people were found loitering outside the party office in the hope of getting a payout. Full story
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Batu Sapi: Mahu zinc? Undi!

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 12:59 AM PDT

(source: PKR) Video shot by PKR rep at MPS flat Karamunting yesterday where residents told them only voters can get zinc from BN.
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Posted: 03 Nov 2010 03:22 AM PDT

In case you haven't viewed this video....Much to learn from it.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

A tribute to V Sarangabani @ Deepavali Carnival 2010

Posted: 02 Nov 2010 10:01 PM PDT

V Sarangabani, a veteran singer in Malaysia, well know for his talent singing Malay, Tamil, Hindi and even Philippines songs in the era of 80's honored at the Deepavali Carnival 2010 for his contribution to the local music industry. He was representing Malaysia for the Asian Music festival in early 70s and performed representing Malaysia in few countries including Switzerland. Video by Arvind Raj
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Posted: 02 Nov 2010 10:39 PM PDT

Oooh!...What an orgasm! The 'Little Pup' Omar Goh Wei Liang (right) shaking hands with his 'Hero' Mamak Mahathir Mohamed

By Tan Teik Lye

I can understand if an uninformed, less educated non Malay Malaysian continued to support Umno controlled BN by buying the spins of the MSM like Utusan Malaysia, Star or TV3 or being bribed to support the BN. However, what I can't understand is how an Australian PSD Scholar with a Master's in Economics can be so naive to continue to support a senile and racist Umno leader like Mahathir Mohamed. The moron I'm referring to is none other than the 'Little Pup' Omar Goh Wei Liang. Read his Blog Posting below:

The Opposition is actually heading down the wrong road. More often than not, the Opposition choose to link Dr Mahathir to every political issue.

Take for example, the recently announced Budget. As usual, it was DAP leaders who provide comprehensive review of the Budget and never PAS or PKR as they have sensational statements prepared even before the Budget is read out.

But DAP leaders were also clueless, such as Lim Kit Siang. The Budget was described as Mahathir-ish. Kit Siang must have been in the game for too long and spent his life opposing Dr Mahathir without considering whether Dr Mahathir was the right fit or not.

Kit Siang made "Mahathirism" sound bad. But in actual fact, Mahathirism is a good injection to a very crappy economy back then. Neither were Mahathir's Budgets and if Najib's budget is Mahathir-ish, then Najib is on the right track.

To understand what Mahathirism is all about, read

1.Mahathirism in my eyes
2.Mahathirism's pet projects
3.Mahathirism - Education and Foreign Relations

To add on, Dr Mahathir ensured UMNO's stability and indirectly the country's stability when he "politically managed" his former deputies such as Tun Musa Hitam, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Ghaffar Baba.

We cannot deny that under Dr Mahathir's years, the political arena was well controlled and ensured that the country's development and progress continued smoothly.

One phrase sums it all. Dr Mahathir was never wrong.

He was not wrong when he pressured Tun Abdullah Badawi to resign even though our friends in Pakatan Rakyat thinks he is a good Prime Minister (this shows what sort of quality we have in PR, hopefully they invite Pak Lah over to their party to lead them in 13 GE since he is so good).

I mean, seriously. Who in their right mind will want Pak Lah, Tun Musa Hitam and Anwar to be PM of Malaysia in the 21st century and expect them to lead us to be a developed and high income nation by 2020?

Now, Dr Mahathir finally sees results in Najib when the sitting Prime Minister announced his budget and launched the Economic Transformation Programme.

PM, heartiest congratulations. The word from the ground and the coffee shop stories I hear, the PM has successfully shown that he is a man who only care about getting the job done professionally regardless of race, religion or politics.

As a parting shot, the next time you read anything on politics, think if I'm right when I say the Opposition can never put aside race, religion and politics. It is in their blood.

Together we transform the nation.

This is Wenger J. Khairy's reply to the 'Little Pup' Omar Goh Wei Liang:

Wenger J Khairy said...
Mahathir is never wrong. Sure, can you answer any of these points

All Government contracts, privatization options, PFI projects given to Mirzan Mahathir

All Government contracts, privatization concessions, PFI projects given to Mokhzani Mahathir

All Government contracts, privatization concessions, PFI projects given to Mukhriz Mahathir

All communications, proposals and working papers relating to the purchase of MISC assets by Petronas

All communications, proposals and working papers relating to the repurchase of MAS for RM 8 / share by the Ministry of Finance, inclusive of the approval and working committe papers

Summary of all Contracts given for the development of Putrajaya

Summary of all Contracts given for the maintenance of Putrajaya

Summary of all Contracts given for the development of KLIA

The shareholding of the companies awareded contract sums in excess of RM 2 million for the development of KLIA

The shareholding of the companies awareded contract sums in excess of RM 2 million for the development of Putrajaya

The names of all Ketua Bahagian UMNO between 1993 - 2000. We will cross reference the list in 6-10 to prove that Dr. Mahathir did not give any contracts to his political cronies. This is a free service

A Legally Binidng Rights Waiver, enforceable in Switzerland that allows the holder to check against a list of Private Swiss Banks on any accounts held by the said individual. The individual will be named later in front of a Commissioner of Oaths

The working paper report behind the Maminco Scandal

The internal reports post the Bank Negara Forex loss

The entire volume of correspondences between the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance with the subject heading "Perwaja"

The terms and contracts of Solution Protocol Sdn. Bhd for the computerization of the Government Hospitals, with an annexure of shareholding of SP by companies and the director's of said companies

A list of all known business associates, proxies, partners of Mukrhiz, Mokhzani and Mirzan Mahahtir, if such a document exists, and if not go search for it.

The finalized audited statement of accounts for the Commonwealth Games

The terms and contracts behind the privatization of the IPP

The terms and contracts behind the privatization of tolls and highways

The working paper report, if any, which showed that the IPP was bound to lose money for Tenaga and bound to be a burden for the people. If it does not exist, then look harder

The list of all APs holders, with special focus on all holders directly related by marriage or by family to Dr. Mahathir

The total sum of credit exposures Malaysian registered Financial Intermediaries had with respect to Mirzan Mahahtir and Mokhzani Mahathir between 1996 - 2000

The detailed operational accounts of Danaharta

If not continue to live in la-la land

Saturday, October 30, 2010 12:00:00 PM

Bon Voyage, Pakac Luteb!

Posted: 02 Nov 2010 10:05 PM PDT

By Pakac Luteb

Just to inform everyone, my wife, children and myself have migrated
overseas to [UNDISCLOSED].

It was a decision that was difficult and took a lot of soul-searching,
because we love Malaysia, having been born and raised in Malaysia.

We feel that with the present situations of the education system,
political system, justice system, economy, police, crime rate, road
accidents rate, etc. that Malaysia is not a good place to live, in
particular for our kids with their young impressionable minds.

I give my thanks to the unknown person whose wireless router I would
use, apparently unknown to them, when sending letters, that is, when i
was not using Starbucks internet connection. I won't be stealing your
bandwidth any more.

I also say goodbye to the mystery person who would sometimes use my
wireless router to have free internet, sorry, you need to connect
elsewhere now.

I give my thanks to all Malaysians who have read my writing, I hope I
have been able to help you in some way.

My writing was always done because of how much my wife, children and
myself love Malaysia, also on behalf of the other Malaysians who have
vision of a better Malaysia.

My thanks to all the Malaysians who shared their vision with me and
encouraged me to write.

We are presently quite busy getting ourselves resettled in
[UNDISCLOSED], as you can imagine, new jobs, new school for the kids,
new house and such.

As such I don't have time to write further letters, from today until
some time in the future, I don't know when I'll write again but it
will be a long time, as we are so busy with resettlement.

Best regards,

Pakac Luteb

How I Die

Posted: 02 Nov 2010 09:44 PM PDT

This sounds morbid, but it really takes me to the dead end.

I have been contemplating for a while whether to get here or not. Now, I think it is necessary.

The grammar looks a bit wrong, but it is not. I don't think that the process of dying is in the future, although death is, for now.

But to die is a process that starts, to my mind, at the age of 40 years - the first indication being the loss of the elasticity of the muscle in the eye and I cannot quite see the subtitles on TV as I suffer from long sightedness - which the experts say is a sign of old age.

It takes a while for me to accept that I have started to die, although conceptually and philosophically it does make one feel heroic thinking and talking about dying.

The Tibetian Book of Living and Dying starts by saying: "To know how to live, one must know how to die."

It is a profound statement and puts life and death as two sides of a coin.

In mathematical economics, one is the prime and the other is the dual - as in: if the prime is profit maximisation, the dual is cost minimisation.

In simple English, it is: To live is to die.

This is all theory. The reality and the practical aspects of life makes things a bit hard.

How does one choose to die? How do I choose to die?

All things considered, the best way is the natural way - which translates into biology means the failure of the most vital organ, the heart.

Heart failure is very different from heart attack. Heart attack is a sudden and unexpected (in terms of timing) contraction of the heart muscle (akin to cramps) which jeopardises the circulation of the blood.

Heart failure is the failure of the heart as a muscle as a result of wear and tear over the years, just like the muscles in the eyes which gives long-sightedness; in this case, the increasing failure of the heart to pump and hence the slowing down of the circulation of the blood. Eventually, the decline of the blood circulation affects the whole body system and it shuts down. This is the natural way to die - and, in ordinary language, it is called "to die of old age."

I know a healthy old man who exercised everyday to keep his heart strong. He had a stroke of the throat, and couldn't eat properly and couldn't exercise. He sat on the wheelchair, and died three years after. Now, I know, it takes three years for a good heart to die. That is the down-side of having a strong heart - it just takes too long for the system to shut down.

The heart attack is a much more self-inflicted way of dying. One can have a heart attack by maintaining a nasty temper at every moment every day, eat plenty of fatty meat, drinks well, don't exercise (such as by having a big nice comfortable car), and be involved with tons of projects all at the same time as a sign of great busy-ness in life and a sign of doing well. Well, to live well is to die well. At the appropriate moment that one chooses, one can just fly into a temper and that's it. End of the line.

Not a bad way to go considering the alternatives. Internal organ failure is quite a nasty way to go - the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas, the prostate, the breast, the cervix. These are problematic because of the heart. If the heart fails first, nothing else matters.

Physical handicaps are tough because one has to contend with the disdain of others in society which as a result can really make an otherwise ordinary life quite uncomfortable by disqualifying the handicaps from the mainstream of society. One just can't get into the game, and therefore cannot participate in whatever everybody considers to be the good life.

Unless one is born with the physical handicap, one can become one by doing gangs that think that the way to live is to dismember each other's limbs as a normal form of everyday activity. Sometimes, they over-estimate their ability to maim and as a result kill which then gets them into trouble with the law which gives them life imprisonment which is really a slow death sentence with a full stop.

The conventional wisdom is that we die by the heart as a result of sedentary way of life and eating "good" food, by having a good degree and getting a good job that puts us in a nice air-conditioned room to sit down for eight good hours a day, except the weekend when we sit in the un-air conditioned room in our own house watching TV. Education therefore gives us an early death of younger than 80 (if 40 is the peak of bodily deterioration).

So those who are considered "poor" and "toil the land in the hot sun" gets to exercise as part of living, eat minimal, and stay slim and tough and hopefully not unhappy - unless badly advised by ambitious politicians whose only strategy to get votes and stay in power and become rich and taking from others is to convince these poor people who are doing well one their own that the grass is greener on the other side when in fact the other side is dying from obesity and internal organ failure of all sorts.

Well, of course, everybody dies and it is just a question of the style of leaving. We think we have a choice, but in the end it is Hobson's choice.

In the end, the only way to die is to die happy - by embracing whatever comes, and smile when the time for us to exit is here.

For those who are into this philosophy and thinking and the only moment is now, it means that now is the moment of life and now is only the moment of death. It's a fifty-fifty chance or, I prefer, a zero or one probability.

There is really much that we can think or do about death. Having realised it, to live. That's all. Death is a default, a fallback.

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