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Much to ask about Warisan Merdeka

Much to ask about Warisan Merdeka

Much to ask about Warisan Merdeka

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 07:00 AM PDT

By Maclean Patrick

COMMENT Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has told Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) to go ahead with the RM5 billion Warisan Merdeka development project, saying that the project is not going to be funded by the government.

Telling PNB to "ignore the critics", who have been raising concerns about public money being used to fund the mega project, Muhyiddin soldiers on for a project many see as totally unwarranted.

The centre-piece of the argument against the project is this: Will public funds be used to develop the 100-storey tower?

Herein lies the puzzle in this whole episode from the day the project was unveiled. Very little is known about it, beyond the obvious facts.

It will be budgeted at RM5 billion and we know (much later) that the project will be managed by PNB in which both Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Muhyiddin are members of the board of trustees and that the money would be from "private" funding.

Apart from the obvious, little is known about this mega project. Too few answers and too many questions create an atmosphere ripe for speculations and skewed inferences.

To say that everything is correct by simply stating that PNB will use private funds to finance the project is erroneous. Even if the project is "privately" funded, then why was it included in Budget 2011?

Taxpayers' money

To my limited understanding, everything in Budget 2011 tabled in the Dewan Rakyat is taxpayers' money. It is presented to Parliament to get its approval so that public money can be used from the Treasury.

If Warisan Merdeka project is not using taxpayers' money, then it should not have been mentioned when the budget was unveiled.

What or who then is really funding the Warisan Merdeka development project? And why was it included in the Budget 2011?

Is this then a ploy to siphon money out of the Treasury in the guise of a legitimate development project?

Is not PNB a trustee to investors who are everyday Malaysians like you and I? Would it not be appropriate to first ask the investors whether they agreed to have their money being used to finance a RM5-billion project?

It is true that the investors trust PNB to put their money in viable projects but is the construction of a mega tower a wise investment?

Is the government now backtracking on an obvious misstep? Or worse still, by pushing PNB to start development work, does this not show that the government is turning a deaf ear to the voices of the public?

It surely does contradict the slogan, "People First, Performance Now".

Viable working plan

Hence, it is better that Najib explains himself beyond the obvious. He should present a viable working plan on how public money will be used to fund the development of this project.

The prime minister should show the public a clear plan as to how the returns-on-investments will come about. He should also submit a projection plan as to how Warisan Merdeka would generate income well after it has been completed.

Another question that begs an answer is, why PNB? Why is it that PNB was asked to undertake the development of this project? Is there no other developer capable of undertaking this mammoth task?

It does not take much imagination to wonder whether the privileged position of Najib and Muhyiddin in the board of trustees has anything to do with the decision to pick PNB.

It is one thing to have the prime minister table the budget and another for his deputy to order PNB to "go ahead and build". Is not this clearly a fishy situation? This again needs to be explained to the people or else they will start throwing allegations of corruption at the country's top two leaders.

Hence it is now in the hands of Parliament to decide on the fate of this project. The budget still needs approval and it is never final until it is endorsed by our parliamentarians. Thus, here lies the greatest irony of all.

How can the deputy prime minister order PNB to start work on a project that has yet to be approved and endorsed by Parliament?

Remember everything in the proposed Budget 2011 has to be endorsed and approved, yet Muhyiddin has superceded the elected members of the house. Even if there is objection by the Dewan Rakyat to the proposed plan, would the house want to embarrass the deputy prime minister by striking down his order? I don't think so.

And so, we will have a 100-storey tower, touted to be the country's tallest, coming up in 2015. It will be a symbol to an establishment that refused to listen to people's queries and objections. It will be a symbol to how a select few could act independently from the majority to satisfy their own hidden agendas.

Maclean Patrick is a webmaster based in Sarawak

Haris Ibrahim Brutus – The Most Famous Backstabber at The People’s Parliament

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 11:13 AM PDT

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For one, admitting an error and apologizing for it enables both the victims and the perpetrators to move on. Germany, having expressed profuse repentance over Nazi excesses, was able to move on. Japanese, on the other hand, continue to live with guilt of World War-II. Also, admitting a mistake opens the way for making amends. If we continue to live in denial, we shut the door for reforms. We are forced to justify the unjustifiable again and again making us look that much more cynical. The wounds go on festering.

Things do go wrong as they undoubtedly did in Bhopal case, or in Emergency, or in Gujarat. Governments and parties caught in real politik do things in a given circumstance. Passage of time and evolution of thought make them look despicable. A correction of records then is in order. If one were to take more recent example, the British government has apologized for Bloody Sunday carnage in Northern Ireland 38 years after the event. The Canadian government is preparing to say sorry to the victims of Kanishka disaster now. Even Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods were not above saying sorry after terrible personal transgressions.

Have we lost our ability to mock people, to see through those who posture and preen and puncture these pretensions with a dose of sardonic irony? We seem to live in a time when we either glorify people or denounce them, when we are either filled indiscriminate awe and reverence or with disgust and anger. And yet, there is so much to mock as the short list below, which is by no means objective or complete, demonstrates.

Prophets of doom and gloom are having a field day. I have nothing nice to add.

The third force Warrior RPK helped BN takes Galas and Batu Sapi Live In At Your Own Risk!


Elections in Malaysia are rigged, have always been and will continue to be rigged. Malaysia is no land of the free. Not even the hornbill is free.

BN under the leadership of UMNO will not make the same mistakes they made in the last election. Then they never expected it to happen. Their leaders were cocky, had their heads in the sand, but since then it has been a humbling experience for many and today they know better than to take things for granted. Come next election, expect a landslide.
Internal power struggle, party hopefuls jockeying for elbow room within the party etc is part of the game. But it should not weaken party unity. PKR as a political party may be in its infancy but many of these leaders are not newbies but old hands who know the game well. Labelling a veteran politician like Anwar Ibrahim as 'stupid' reflects more the writer's own lack of grey matter. Many do not profess to know to this day what actually prompted Anwar Ibrahim to announce what he viewed as the winning political strategy in the way he did. Arrogance? Maybe. But certainly not stupidity.
There are at least two ways to view all that is happening. One way is to gloat freely and frankly, for after all two of India's biggest egos face the prospect of being cut down to size. The other is to marvel, bemoan or rail at the spectacle of the naked hunger of those who have everything in the world. Of course there is always the possibility of some sort of compromise that ensures that no one loses. In which case, the gravy train might just pick up speed.

We can view and argue about the results (Galas and Batu Sapi) in any manner we feel right, but isn't it sad to see fundamental issues still remain intact. Here is one: Are we getting that 'fair' election which we have been demanding? In that respect, it is heartening at least to see that 'Bersih' is very much alive. ( 

In this respect, we feel that all parties especially Pakatan must be consistent in their struggle for a free election. Pakatan cannot be selective in voicing the actual role (antics?) of the SPR ― for example, keeping very quite every time its component wins an election. Does it mean that during such an election, there were no elements of rigging, 'pengundi hantu' etc and that the referee has done a good job?

To be fair to our future generation, we need a referee who behaves/acts like one. Are we moving in that direction? Lest we forget, this referee of ours ― like any instrument, does not stop thinking, scheming, revising, thinking and manipulating… and worst, it is paid to do just that.

Or, am I imagining? How come, we always have that impression ― that this referee is a component of the ruling elite?

By the way, for every election it participates, it is not possible for Pakatan to have its own form of independent report on the performance/non-performance of our referee? One day, let us perhaps organise a seminar on the non-performance of our very own democratic institution, our good referee.

This is just one issue, of course there are other issues.


Why is it every politician accused of a scam, however big and ugly, always protests his innocence, asks for an inquiry, and states (without the slightest embarrassment, even though he may be caught with not just his hand but his arm, elbow and shoulder in the cookie jar) that he is clueless about the crime and therefore finds no reason whatsoever to give up his office?


Politicians and activists constantly propose new rights — the right to work, to education, and now to food. The word "rights" is being twisted to mean entitlements, and there is a big difference.


Rights are freedoms from oppression by the state or by society (through ethnicity, religion and gender). These rights do not entail government handouts. Entitlements, however, are welfare measures entailing government handouts. Rights are not limited by budget constraints, but entitlements are. So, rights are universal but entitlements are not.



The British Bill of Rights in 1689 created a constitutional monarchy. The rights included freedom from royal interference with the law, from taxation without parliamentary approval and from martial law in times of peace; and free elections and free speech. These were all rights, not entitlements.


In 1776, the US Declaration of Independence said all men were equal with a fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The US Bill of Rights in 1789 provided for freedom of religion and speech; for the right to due process of law and peaceful assembly; for freedom against military confiscation in peacetime, unlawful seizure and arrest, excessive bail, torture, self-incrimination and excessive or cruel punishment; for the right to bear arms in a militia, to public trial by a jury, and to legal counsel.

The French Revolution produced its own Rights of Man. This declared that men are born free and equal, and have inalienable rights to liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression. It provided for equal civil participation by all, due process of law, freedom of speech and religion.

These three countries spearheaded the concept of fundamental rights. In all three, rights were about freedoms, not entitlements.

In subsequent centuries, people said this was not enough, and proposed entitlements — which some called second-generation rights. Marxists declared that rights to free speech, elections and personal freedom were bourgeois illusions that did not empower the poor. So Lenin proposed a dictatorship of the proletariat that took away all basic freedoms, and instead offered the right to food, shelter and work. Mind you, nobody could sue Lenin for poor provision. Nobody could throw out Mao for the Great Leap Forward that killed 30 million people. Nobody could topple Stalin for murdering four to six million peasants in the Ukraine.

The communist experience shows that giving welfare rights priority over basic freedoms is the road to serfdom. And the capitalist welfare state now shows that entitlements, although desirable and inevitable in democracies, must be limited and targeted at the needy, so that they do not hog all spending or bankrupt governments.



What is the purpose of politics? In the desperate scramble for power, in the midst of Machiavellian moves to form and break coalitions, to buy a party nomination for an electoral contest, to cut a rival down to size and induce a wavering independent to defect, while staring in awe at the fortune some successful politician has amassed, while gloating over the queue of businessmen and their lobbyists bearing blandishments, politicians have forgotten why they are where they are in the first place.
Their job is to pursue the commonweal, to act as the link between the people and the state, to mediate power to solve the citizen's problems. This does not mean just representations and petitions. It could well mean mobilising the people to enforce their rights before a reluctant administration. It could mean making the people aware of their rights in the first place. It could mean imagining new solutions to age-old problems, creating new institutions and laws to tackle the new challenges of unprecedented growth and the wrenching social change associated with it.
If a political party served as a live link between the people and the state, it would know what to do, it would attract the intellectual resources to forge appropriate strategies and would not have to outsource policymaking to any third party.
Unfortunately, a dearth of politics imagined as mediating power for the welfare of the people has left our political parties bereft of ideas and ideals, of talent and reforming zeal. In that situation, a body like the NAC is most welcome, indeed.
But is such outsourcing of political imagination to non-political bodies inevitable? Interestingly, there are two trends, albeit weak, which show promise.
The first chapter of the second volume of Democracy in America begins with the phrase "I think that in no country in the civilized world is less attention paid to philosophy than in the United States." While these words may be interpreted as a mark of European arrogance, Tocqueville goes on to explain that Americans have developed their own individual methods by which they tackle philosophical questions. These are characterized by attempts "to evade the bondage of system and habit, of family maxims, class opinions, and, in some degree, of national prejudices; to accept tradition only as a means of information, and existing facts only as a lesson to be used in doing otherwise and doing better; to seek the reason of things for oneself, and in oneself alone; to tend to results without being bound to means, and to strike through the form to the substance…".

In Tocqueville's view, the lack of philosophical education of the American public was therefore not necessarily a weakness, but also allowed Americans to achieve results and socio-economic prosperity. Some may consider this 19th century analysis to be outdated for evaluating the modern day American society, but I think that many aspects of Tocqueville's analysis are very true, especially when applied to contemporary American Muslim culture. There are, of course, a few American Muslims who participate in literature, philosophy or the arts. However, the priority of educated American Muslims seems to be the pursuit of economic stability as well as social and political equality, instead of actively engaging in the intellectual domain.

WHY does the ruling coalition need the services of ZIONIST APCO? Because politics obsesses about power to the exclusion of everything else, including to what end that power. The ruling coalition needs an advisory body to tell it what to do. The APCO as an institution is standing testimony to the bankruptcy of our political parties (not just those who belong to the ruling BARISAN Alliance), to the distance they have acquired from the common people and to their abdication of the responsibility to find new solutions to new challenges in MALAYSIA's fast-changing economic landscape.
This might seem completely uncharitable, considering the identity of the members of the APCO and the contribution the body made to formulating policy in the UMNO's previous stint. There is no gainsaying that the APCO members are all extremely decent people, most of whom have made sterling contributions to IN DESTROYIND THE PALASTINIAN society, contributions far more robust than any newspaper columnist who presumes to sit in judgement over them can hope to make. And there is no gainsaying that the ideas that came out of the APCO in its earlier avatar were sound in theory and practice. The problem is not with the NAC or its members. The problem, rather, is that our political parties should outsource their core activity to any agency, howsoever meritorious.
One trend Even as the mainstream Left has moved away from the people and now see the people moving away from them (and how!), sections of the also by the police. In the climate of hostility to left wing politics created by the umnoputraas, security forces have been clamping down on Such suppression of grassroots political mobilisation hurts democracy and makes our politics authoritarian.
The other redeeming trend is within the UMNO, represented by its first family. ROSMA and MAHATHIR display certain characteristics alien to the average VOTERS, such as an ability to stay aloof from office. While Ms ROSMA's own political convictions seem limited to the need to keep MISUSE POWER and the UMNO, together, commitment to inner-party elections hold out more than public relations. If he cannot so much bring Congressmen close to the people as create Congressmen out of the people who need political mobilisation the most, there is still hope for politics.
Till then, we might as well make the most of the talent available in the NAC. Outsourcing, after all, is increasingly a hallmark of MALAYSIANS existence.

Muslim Pig Seller in PKR Sarawak

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 10:06 AM PDT

This is the first clue of a scandal that will break PKR Sarawak

It is a sign of how desperate PKR is that they are willing to use their children to create political issue

Wait for it...

In the next few days one of Anwar;s henchman will be unveiled as the real muckraker that he is

Nurazman Abdullah is the name Beginda ak Minda uses when he contested under PKR but according to Sarawak Update, his child takes fried rice with pork sausages to school and when it was discovered that the chikd was bringing non-halal food, which apparently was not allowed...they tried to make it into a political issue...

How can someone who claims to be a Muslim, allow their child to take pork to school?

Clearly someone thought that it could be used as political capital...

was it planned?

more will come out in thecoming days

蔡细历:华人票回流 国阵是时候履行承诺

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 10:03 AM PDT












南洋商报 05-11-2010

MCA thanks voters for supporting Barisan Nasional in Galas and Batu Sapi

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 10:01 AM PDT

PETALING JAYA: The MCA thanked Chinese voters for their solid support for Barisan Nasional in the by-election in Galas and Batu Sapi.

Party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said the results had been very obvious, especially in Galas, where there was a noticeable swing of Chinese support to the Barisan.

The are 2,317 Chinese voters in the Galas state seat, or 20.06% of the 11,553 voters. Dr Chua said Barisan had won by some 200 vote- majority in the four voting streams (saluran undi) with Chinese voters in Galas, compared to losing 400 votes in the last general election in 2008.

"There is an increase of between 40% and 60% of Chinese support this round," Dr Chua said.

Barisan won Galas with a 1,190 majority on Thursday. PAS won the seat in the last general election.

The MCA president said the solid Chinese support showed the community had realised the importance of supporting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and programes like the Economic Transformation Programme and 1Malaysia policy under his leadership.

The Chinese had also taken note of a more united and stable MCA; a party working and serving the people as a team, and one that was worthy of their trust and support, he added.

Dr Chua, who had been in Galas for four days during the campaign period, said he had taken note of all the problems in the area, and would resolve them as agreed in principle.

"The people are very friendly, willing to talk about their problems and aspirations, and also listened attentively," said Dr Chua when asked whether there was any indication of the Chinese swing to the Barisan during the campaign period.

He said the entire team in MCA also made sure the voters made informed decisions; from distributing adequate publicity materials to meeting as many voters as possible to provide them with more indepth explanations on matters affecting them. "We do this in small gatherings in Galas, as well as Batu Sapi," he said.

Dr Chua said the two by-elections, were the first two since the last general election, where there was an obvious increase in support from the Chinese.

He also noted that there was increasing awareness among the people that the Opposition was good in making promises but not delivery.

Meanwhile, MCA vice-president Datuk Chor Chee Heung said the people's support for the Barisan in Galas and Batu Sapi showed that they were confident that the coalition would be able to bring development to them, and also solved their problems.

Chor, also Alor Star MP and Housing and Local Government Minister, said the more serious floods which affected more areas in Kedah currently had also shown that the Pakatan state government had not been able to handle the problems affecting the people in an effective manner.

THE STAR ( Friday November 5, 2010 )

GALAS: Apabila Pemimpin2 PAS Membantu Kemenangan UMNO

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 11:24 AM PDT

Sepanjang waktu, fitnah "PAS diperkudakan DAP" menjadi ungkapan lazim UMNO selepas keputusan pilihanraya 2008. Malahan, kempen di Galas dimulakan dengan tuduhan yang sama. Gambar di atas adalah salah satu contoh.

Adalah malang seribu kali malang bagi PAS kerana senjata UMNO ini turut diungkap oleh kepimpinan PAS sendiri di kalangan ahli-ahli PAS.

Jangan percaya cakap Tulang Besi, sila dengar ucapan Dr Harun Din, Timbalan Mursyidul Am PAS Pusat sendiri dengan klik di sini(Ucapan Dr Harun Din di Rumah Dato Hasan Ali)

Soalan saya kepada pemimpin2 PAS ini: Mengapa Memanjangkan Fitnah UMNO di Kalangan Ahli2 PAS? Mengapa mudahkan kerja UMNO untuk menjahanamkan PAS?

Hasil terbaru adalah kalahnya PAS di Galas. Adakah kita hendak tunggu kekalahan PAS di seluruh Malaysia baru kita hendak mula bertindak?


Saya nampak sepanjang ucapan beliau ini, hanya satu contoh sahaja yang beliau ulang-ulang untuk menunjukkan kononnya DAP ini anti Islam: penolakan Karpal Singh terhadap hukum hudud dan negara Islam.

Saya hairan mengapa DAto Harun Din dan Hasan Ali tidak menyebut kebaikan DAP dan perubahan DAP dari segi menyokong agenda Islam. Misalnya, wakil2 rakyat dan pemimpin2 mereka sanggup berbuka puasa bersama-sama umat Islam seluruh Selangor di serata masjid dan surau. Satu perkara yang TIDAK PERNAH dilakukan oleh MCA ataupun mana-mana parti komponen Barisan Nasional.

Juga, bagaimana pula ehya Ramadhan di Selangor yang JAUUHHH lebih meriah berbanding sewaktu DAP menjadi pembangkang di Selangor dahulu. Hakikatnya, ramadhan menjadi JAUUHHH lebih meriah sewaktu DAP berada di DALAM KERAJAAN NEGERI SELANGOR.

Bagaimana pula tindakan Guan Eng yang menyambung semula bantuan kepada Sekolah Agama Rakyat yang mana bantuan tersebut diberhentikan oleh UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. ||

MEngapa Dato Harun Din cuma mengulangi satu contoh negatif sahaja berkaitan DAP, yakni kenyataan Karpal berkaitan dengan hukum hudud?

Perubahan yang ditunjukkan oleh DAP kepada Islam adalah kejayaan dakwah PAS kepada orang bukan Islam. Sepatutnya Ustaz HArun Din berbangga dengan kejayaan ini dan bukannya memaki DAP macam mereka adalah musuh PAS.

Adakah tindakan Guan Eng mengharamkan judi bola juga satu tindakan yang buruk mengikut UStaz Harun Din?


Apakah Dato harun Din sudah lupa bahawa DAP ini BUKAN ISLAM? Apakah mungkin DAP menyokong agenda Islam? Apakah mungkin orang bukan Islam menyokong hukum Islam? Kalau mereka menyokong hukum Islam, ertinya mereka sudah menjadi Islam.

Apabila naik sahaja isu hudud, sudah tentulah DAP harus MENOLAK agenda ini secara terbuka.

Kalau DAP mengisytiharkan sokongan kepada hudud, maka habislah kesemua orang bukan Islam meninggalkan DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat. Adakah Dr Harun Din tidak terfikir perkara ini?

Adakah apabila orang bukan Islam meninggalkan Pakatan Rakyat, maka hukum hudud dapat dilaksanakan di bawah UMNO? Adakah hukum hudud diterima oleh UMNO?

Bukankah lebih "HIKMAH" kita rapatkan hubungan PAS dengan bukan Islam terlebih dahulu sebelum kita mengenegahkan hukum hudud kepada mereka?


Saya minta Dato Harun Din berterus terang. ADakah hubungan rapat beliau dengan korporat2 UMNO seperti Dato Osman/AMONA bukan sebab utama beliau membenci DAP?

Kalau nak tau kesah AMONA dan DAto Harun Din dengan lebih lanjut, dipersilakan bertanya YB Nurul Izzah Anwar. Bagaimanakah seorang Timbalan Mursyidul Am PAS boleh melobi YB Lembah Pantai menyokong projek milik korporat UMNO seperti Dato Osman dan Amona.

Saya minta sangat YB Nurul Izzah membuat pendedahan perkara ini yang saya dapat maklumatnya dari sumber saya di Lembah Pantai.

Saya tidak relah ahli Majlis Syura PAS menjadi pengempen untuk korporat2 UMNO.


Saya pun hairan mengapa harus dinaikkan sentimen anti PKR dan DAP seminggu sebelum pilihanraya kecil Galas?

Mengapa harus menaikkan sentimen benci PKR dan DAP sedangkan musuh PAS adalah UMNO? Kerusi2 yang PAS tanding majoriti adalah kerusi yang sama dipertandingkan oleh UMNO?

Mengapa tidak membincangkan kaedah dan cara untuk menjatuhkan UMNO serta meletakkan PAS sebagai pengganti UMNO? Lebih baik PAS bincang bagaimana hendak menjadi pengganti UMNO.


Saya tak tahu sampai bila pimpinan2 PAS ini akan terus membantu agenda UMNO seperti ini.

Jelasnya, sikap anti DAP dan PKR ini telah menyebabkan PAS kalah di dua kerusi: Galas dan Bagan Pinang. Berapa banyak lagi kerusi PAS akan hilang disebabkan oleh aktiviti2 anti DAP dan PKR dalam PAS ini? Terpulang kepada para pembaca untuk menjawab.

Saya nak tahu apa untungnya Islam setiap kali PAS kalah pilihanraya kecil ataupun umum?

Sila jawab wahai Dr Harun Din dan Hasan Ali....

Tulang Besi

Obama will not get any coconut in India

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 08:49 AM PDT

I had a good laugh. I dont know about you people. However, the Indian Government was serious... dead serious. A few days ahead of Barack Obama's visit to Mumbai, the authority has removed all coconuts from the trees around the Gandhi Memorial Museum as to avoid one from falling on the US leader's head.

Such action was chided by some American media. NY Daily News said, "While President Obama may have taken one on the jaw in Tuesday's elections, officials in India are seeing to it he doesn't take one on the head during his upcoming visit..."

City officials in Mumbai have ordered the removal of all the coconuts from the trees around a museum dedicated to Gandhi for fear one could come loose and fall on the President's head. CBSnews also made fun of it, saying 'Obama's head is already swollen with problems, and the coconut is not a threat'.

Similarly, Atlantic Wire published a comment, "...Okay, so the Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi didn't go so well. Not to worry. When Obama visits India on Friday, all will be made right. Local officials don't want any screwups this time, so to make sure the appropriate areas are secure, they are removing coconuts from nearby trees. Why? They're worried, reports the BBC, that a coconut might fall on the president's head, killing him..."

I think if Obama plans a visit to Iraq or other Arab states, the host will have to consider other safety precaution to safeguard the US leader. However, knowing how good India is at winning the Americans, they are more than willing to paint their face white to impress him.

And what about his planned trip to Indonesia? Will Jakarta order the Merapi to stop erupting?

What would our leaders do if Obama comes to Kuala Lumpur? What extra measures do you think Najib and his team might take?

I just hope Malaysia will not play so many balls!

Lessons in Debunking Money

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 08:05 AM PDT

Here's an education about money you would not get anywhere else. The reason being those handful of people (the elites) who control the creation of electronic digits on a computer screen and the fiat paper money bills do not want you to know. If the secret is revealed, the ruse will be up and the game will be over. Well, the game is ending soon and you might as well learn how "the working class," the majority of us making up a high over 90%, gets royally screwed. In place of whips and guns, the control of money is just as effective in reducing the vast majority of us into modern-day slaves. Which begs the question why massive households today which have dad and mum working their butts off are still faced with a life of struggle! My view is that those who control money have the power to control our income and numerous other taxes, public utilities rates, the price of petrol, goods and services, inflation rate and, above all else, banks' interest rates. Whether one cares to admit, we the common folks are like batteries providing the energy to engines of growth and prosperity for the select few!

After these lessons, also go re-watch The Matrix and the movie will make even more sense than before.

Welcome to class …

Tagged: debunking money, the matrix

Padanlah bah ...

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 06:16 AM PDT

... pueh teman mikio, Yob. Rupe-rupenya pasai jalan keretapi.

Pelik juge teman memikio. Padang Rengas sampei buat lubang gelap nak bagi keghetapi lalu kut Bukit Berapit. Takde pule ayor bahnye. Ate ngape sampei Alor Setar dan Kuale Kedah tenggelam dengan ayor bah?

Beda'ah beno mike ni Azizan. Itu le kome lain kali ada duit bagi-bagi le zakat kat orang asli.

Islam - A False Religion of Lies, Hate and Violence - Part 2

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 04:16 AM PDT

by A. Sayer



Let us pick up where part 1 left off:


"Retribution": used 369 times (!)

"Painful retribution": used 64 times; often at end of verse.

"Terrible retribution": used 17 times

"Severe retribution": used 21 times

"Humiliating retribution": used 4 times


The fact that "retribution" appears 369 times in a 450 page book, clearly reveals Muhammad's hatred, jealousy and evil intent, when HE invented "Allah" and forged the UN-holy Quran.


Muslims Desire Hell (for everyone else)


"Hell": used 167 times

"Hellfire": used 33 times

"Hellish" (drinks; water): used 8 times


From looking at the use of the various forms of the word "hell" in the Quran, Muhammad's desire for all who are not Muslim to go to hell becomes evident. He seems to have been preoccupied with hell and the desire to see people in it, having used the word no less than 167 times (meanwhile, Scripture, a MUCH larger book, only uses "hell" 54 times).


Today's Muslims are great at describing what they want to happen to their enemies. When it comes to tormenting people, Muslims possess a certain "Evil genius". One Muslim went so far as to post his hatred, on an Islamic news group, for those who question or oppose Islam. It was a seething rant, telling how "they" (Islam) want to take people, wrap their feet in barbed wire and lower their heads into pots of boiling camel dung. (That Muslim was reported to the FBI and has long since "vanished" from sight). This is similar to what they say is happening to Jesus in hell right now. To actually WANT the things to happen to non-Muslims that the truly devout Muslims want to happen (want to DO!), is nothing short of criminally insane; it should NOT be tolerated in any modern society.


This kind of Muslim cruelty can be traced right straight to the Quran:


[22:19-22] Here are two parties feuding with regard to their Lord. As for those who disbelieve, they will have clothes of fire tailored for them. Hellish liquid will be poured on top of their heads. It will cause their insides to melt, as well as their skins. They will be confined in iron pots. Whenever they try to exit such misery, they will be forced back in: "Taste the agony of burning."


[44:45-46] Like lye, it will boil in the stomachs. Like the boiling of hellish drinks. Suras like these show forth the Muslim penchant for torturing all those who reject Islam. This is why people like Saddam Husein were such torturous men - he was a truly DEVOUT Muslim. Agony and torture like these is what Islam desires for ALL who are not Muslim. They delight in the suffering of any who are not like them, and understand no other way. This is what makes Islam such a dangerous religion.


Use of Forcefulness


[41:11] Then He ("Allah") turned to the sky, when it was still gas, and said to it, and to the earth, "Come into existence, willingly or unwillingly." They said, "We come willingly."


Notice the forceful nature Muslims ascribe to "Allah" (NOT the God of Scripture). They seem to think that God doesn't do anything but by brute force, so they emulate this attitude and can only do things by brute force themselves.


Notice also how Muhammad ascribed "thought" and "will" to inanimate things like gas, and the earth which have no mind of their own one way or the other; things like this have a natural, God given quality - some things, they can be made to do, and some things they can't. Though he easily COULD, God doesn't usually violate the nature of His created elements, nor does he have to "fight" with them to get them to do things he didn't design them to do. The elements do NOT speak back to God or "argue".


If you read the Genesis account of creation (Gen. 1:1 - 1:14), you will find that the real God did it by merely saying "Let there be...". He didn't have to grunt, toil or fight with the elements, as "Allah" did, to accomplish it. The Quran is full of speculative comments like this, not only about creation and the elements, but many topics, none of which are corroborated by Scripture or scientific fact. Recently, during some of the fighting in Iraq, one radical Muslim Cleric was heard to say that "Allah had sent 'giant spiders' to help fight the Americans", yet, no one can provide the slightest evidence of such event. They "said" they had video of them, but something "happened to the tape..." Yeah, RIGHT! How convenient.


Actually, I think I know what happened, and it makes perfect sense. Anyone who has watched shows like America's Funniest Home Videos has seen it themselves: A small insect got ON the lens! When this happens, the insect looks HUGE. In this case, it was a tiny spider. The only difference is, most people have the sense to quickly realize what it was; but, a deluded Muslim doesn't. This shows just how easily deluded a Muslim mind is. Then, when they realized that it was NOT "giant spiders sent by Allah", the tape was suddenly "lost" or something.


So, since they think that others are just as feeble minded as they are, they figured that they might as well use it to try to scare us into backing down. Therefore, they invent the lie that Allah's "giant spiders" are here to help the Muslims win the war. Well, it didn't work! Ironically, there is bound to be countless Muslims who have also heard this bogus account, who now subsequently believe that Allah actually did send giant spiders.


Muhammad suffered greatly from such delusions, and this can be clearly seen in the Quran, Ahadith and in Muslims themselves.This is a perfect example of the severe delusion Islam habitually causes in it's subjects.If you look in the Ahadith, you will see numerous more delusions, many of which have been PROVEN completely wrong by not only science, but by just plain common sense as well. It becomes nothing more than total fiction, not to mention that it is downright HILARIOUS to read! It becomes not only amazing and amusing at the same time, to think that ANY sane person could believe such fabrications, but it also becomes quite disturbing, to realize that (MANY) people will actually ACT on such "spiritual" advice (i.e. towards violence).


"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness". 2 Thessalonians 2:11,12


This Scripture shows forth God's ability and willingness to delude the deludable; it is about those who willingly follow and are deceived by Antichrist. Though Islam doesn't fit certain critical aspects of Antichrist, nor do I give them ("it") credit for such, there's nothing that says God won't share the strong delusions with deludable Muslims as well. They certainly look eager to invent and believe delusions to me. This Scripture is both fulfilled and will be fulfilled by today's Islam. They have some nerve saying of others (ALL who are not Muslim) that their minds are "diseased" - it's clear where and what the real disease here is: IT IS ISLAM.

A Deepavali challenge to Government by leading writer

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 02:43 AM PDT

MyGOoDfriend KimQuek resident in Johor Baru, and now facing a ban for his recent second released book -- "The March to Putrajaya -- has spiritedly his case tothe courts, and hopefully, he can still get a "fair hearing"....This government allows, maybe even encourages the ilks of PERKASA President toady Ibrahim Ali and cohorts like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, to publish all sorts of RACIALLY INCITEFUL articles and statements, and yet they don't receive any "ban", but clear thinking and insightful penmen like KimQuek, are hounded, for being bold and civil minded to ponder on issues that our nation faces.

Malaysia, Quo Vadis?
-- YL,Desi

Kim Quek's Press Statement

5th November 2010

I have taken steps to challenge the legal legitimacy of recent government action to confiscate and ban my book "The March to Putrajaya".

My lawyers, Kanesalingam & Co., applied to the High Court at Kuala Lumpur on Nov 4 for leave to apply for judicial review to a) declare the police seizure of my books null and void and b) to remove the Home Minister's subsequent order to ban the book .

On 19th August 2010, police swooped on bookshops in various parts of the country to seize and remove my books without proper legal ground. My lawyers wrote to the police on Sept 15 to request for the return of the books. Then, without any announcement, the Minister signed an order on Sept 22 to ban the book, followed by gazetting the ban on Sept 27. But it was not until Sept 30 that Bernama announced the book ban, quoting the Ministry's Secretary General for the various reasons for the banning. I promptly rebutted in a press statement the next day – Oct 1 – that the reasons given were unfounded.

Yes, my book contains criticism of the Barisan Nasional government, but these are comments and analysis based on facts that are already in the public domain and facts that have not been properly refuted by the criticized parties.

I have also advocated a change of government due to the lack of meaningful reforms by the incumbent political power.

All these are legitimate political discourse and I have only been exercising my right under the constitution to express my views.

Should any party consider himself injured by what he considers as fraudulent presentation and malicious slander by me, then it is for the party concerned to sue me. But to let loose the police on a rampage to harass the bookshops and worse, to arbitrarily ban the book simply because it is deemed detrimental to the political fortune of the ruling party, is the height of lawlessness that must be unequivocally condemned by every democratic society.

There have been far too many instances of wanton harassment of bookshops, publishers and writers and whimsical banning of books by the authorities, now that the show down between the two political protagonists appears to be imminent. It is high time that people who still cherish the democratic way of life make a concerted effort to put a stop to this stifling of free aspiration of our people.

Facing such brutish treatment from the executive, where can citizens seek their recourse other than the Judiciary, which is the third independent pillar of our system of governance that is entrusted to safeguard the citizens' rights?

It is with this in mind that I have embarked on the present legal course with the earnest hope to make a contribution towards the democratization of our country.

Kim Quek.

Empat Faktor Kejayaan Berganda BN Di Batu Sapi Dan Galas

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 01:19 AM PDT

GUA MUSANG, 5 Nov -  Ketua Penerangan UMNO, Datuk Ahmad Maslan menggariskan empat  faktor kemenangan Barisan Nasional (BN) pada pilihanraya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Galas dan Parlimen Batu Sapi.

Pertama kata beliau kemenangan di kedua-dua kawasan adalah disebabkan rakyat yakin dengan kepimpinan negara yang diterajui Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan Timbalannya, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Malah katanya kemenangan di Galas dan Batu Sapi kerana rakyat terutama pengundi percaya dengan kemampuan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Datuk Seri Mustapha Mohamed, Datuk Seri Musa Aman serta pimpinan UMNO dan BN yang lain.

"Kedua mereka mula hilang keyakinan kepada pimpinan pembangkang Pas, DAP, PKR dan SAPP. Ketiga mereka menghargai segala pembangunan dan kemakmuran yang dilakukan BN selama ini dan mengharapkan ianya diteruskan lagi.

"Manakala keempat  ialah dasar utama negara seperti Gagasan 1Malaysia, Pelan Transformasi Kerajaan dan Ekonomi adalah menarik dan menyakinkan bermanfaat untuk rakyat terbanyak", katanya.

Tegas beliau pendekatan politik sederhana BN ternyata diterima baik rakyat yang jelas menolak budaya ekstrem, fitnah dan politik kebencian. -MediaUMNO

Happy Deepavali

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 10:58 PM PDT

Wishing all Malaysians of the Hindu faith
A Very Happy Deepavali

Bala! Another case with No Further Action Taken!

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 10:46 PM PDT

There will be no further investigations on private investigator P. Balasubramaniam's conflicting statutory declarations (SDs) as the case is now closed, according to the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Defacto Law Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, in a written reply in Parliament, said that the A-G's Chambers' decision to close the case was because Balasubramaniam's conflicting SDs did not affect the high-profile trial of murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu. (That is the most lame reason I have ever heard!)

Under Section 199 of the Penal Code for providing "false statements.", offenders are liable to a maximum jail term of three years and a fine.

"Although there are contradictions between the two SDS, the contradictions do not affect the outcome of the trial of Altantuya. Moreover, the individual (Balasubramaniam) is still believed to be abroad," said Nazri.

The investigations against Balasubramaniam took place after he retracted a statutory declaration in July 2008, which implicated Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak and wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the murder of Altantuya.

Balasubramaniam, a private investigator hired by Abdul Razak Baginda, who was also Altantuya's lover, has made many controversial allegations including linking Najib to Altantuya's murder.

According to Bala's lawyer Americk Sidhu, the Attorney-General's decision to close the file was aimed at halting embarrassing information from surfacing to implicate Nizam, Rosmah's business associate Deepak Jaikishan and his brother and a police officer named Inspector Suresh.

This group is believed to have acted with the motive of trying to protect Najib, then the deputy prime minister, and destroy the credibility of the information contained in a previous statutory declaration.

"The A-G can't afford to investigate further as a whole can of worms would be opened up. That is the reason why he AG closed the file," Americk told Malaysia Chronicle.

"Nothing is going to happen to the culprits because they are all sitting on the correct divide of the political fence. I don't think it is a good outcome. It is another attempt at sweeping stuff under the carpet again. This is something they are experts at."

Powerful hands behind her killing

The murder of the beautiful 28-year old Altantuya, whom Bala had revealed in his first statutory declaration was Najib's mistress before he passed her on to his close associate Razak Baginda, has gripped Malaysians for years now.

She was killed in a remote jungle clearing in Selangor in 2006 in a most horrific way. Despite telling her killers she was pregnant, two of Najib's former bodyguards shot her in the head and blew her body with C4 explosives to prevent identification.

Months after the discovery of her body, rumors began circulating of powerful hands behind her killing. Altantuya, who speaks four languages including Russian and French, had played a role in helping Razak Baginda close a multi-billion ringgit submarines purchase for Najib, who was then the Defense minister.

Bala had been hired by Razak Baginda to stop Altantuya from harassing him for what she had said was her share of the submarines commission paid by French vendor DCNS. It amounted to US$500,000 while Baginda's firm was allegedly benefitted with a 214 million euros side-deal.

In 2008, after harassment over his police statement which had contained some of these details, Bala decided to blow the whistle. With the help of his lawyers, he made a statutory declaration detailing all the information that had come to his hand while working for Baginda.

For more details!

Analisis GoMalaysian Terhadap PR Selepas Pilihanraya Kecil Galas Dan Batu Sapi

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 09:49 PM PDT

Pada saya, saya gembira dengan keputusan kali ini setidak-tidaknya ia boleh mengejutkan PR sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum supaya ia masih belum terlambat. Sedikit analisis saya terhadap Pilihanraya Kecil di Galas dan Batu Sapi...

Sedikit analisis saya terhadap Pilihanraya Kecil di Galas dan Batu Sapi:

1) Pertandingan banyak pepenjuru langsung tidak menguntungkan Pakatan Rakyat. Hal ini juga diketahui pemimpin Pakatan namum sikap mementingkan parti sendiri tetapi tidak melihat kepada gambar yang lebih besar akhirnya mendatangkan kesan buruk kepada PR sendiri. Pertandingan banyak pepenjuru telah memberikan imej kepada rakyat bahawa PR tidak bersedia untuk mengambil-alih kerajaan kerana mereka juga tidak dapat menyelesaikan masalah dalaman mereka.

2) Pelan mee segera yang juga ditawarkan oleh Pakatan ternyata tidak akan mendapat sambutan dari orang ramai, pemberian tanah pada saat terakhir tidak mendapat penghargaan daripada rakyat. PR harus mempunyai satu pelan yang berkhidmat kepada rakyat pada bila-bila masa, bukannya menyelesaikan masalah tersebut pada saat pilihan raya sahaja. Perkara ini hanya memberikan imej kepada rakyat bahawa PR adalah sama seperti BN.

3) Kekecohan dalam parti komponen Pakatan sendiri mencemarkan imej PR. PAS yang kecoh dengan pro-UMNO dan pro-PR, perebutan kuasa dalam parti DAP seperti insiden di Perak dan Selangor, pemilihan parti PKR sedang giat berlancar dimana pemimpinnya bukannya berbahas dengan matlamat dan bagaimana mereka membawa parti mereka ke satu tahap yang lebih tinggi sebaliknya menghentam antara satu sama lain. Nyata-nyata pemimpin parti komponen berasakan apabila mereka dapat memenangi jawatan penting dalam parti bermakna mereka mungkin diberikan jawatan penting di Putrajaya kerana mereka percaya pada satu hari kerak PR akan memerintah Malaysia, malangnya perkara yang sebaliknya kini berlaku, hal ini merupakan permulaan kejatuhan PR.

4) Sokongan penduduk asli ternyata tidak mengalakan. Bukan sahaja itu tetapi sokongan penduduk yang tinggal di kawasan pendalaman tidak berpihak kepada PR. Ada juga penduduk asli seperti di Hulu Selangot masih ingat kerajaan selangor sekarang masih diperintah oleh BN. Apakah strategi PR? Adakah PR mengambil langkah untuk berkenalan dengan mereka bermula dari hari ini? Kerana ramai sudah berasakan Pilihan Raya Umum akan berlangsung kelak.

5) Cara promosi PR tidak langsung ditingkatkan. Media masa masih dikontrol oleh satu pihak sahaja. Rata-rata berita negatif terhadap PR sentiasa muncul ketika pilihanraya kecil. Ramai juga yang tidak tahu apakah langkah yang diambil oleh kerajaan PR di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor dalam meningkatkan kualiti hidup rakyat seperti biasiswa untuk pelajar universiti di Selangor, wang untuk warga emas dan seterusnya. PR harus menubuhkan satu pasukan sama ada radio atau surat akhbar untuk mempromosikan PR kepada rakyat terutamanya penduduk di kawasan luar bandar. Media PR bukannya hanya menghentam BN tetapi harus memberitahu rakyat bahawa apa yang telah dilakukan oleh PR. Peratusan penduduk yang dapat mengakses kepada Internet masih kurang di Malaysia dan hanya tertumpu di kawasan bandar sahaja maka PR harus memikirkan untuk menenbusi kawasan luar bandar kerana kebanyakan kerusi Parlimen di Malaysia adalah kerusi kawasan luar bandar.

6) Menerima kritikan daripada blogger ataupun penganalisis semasa. Jangan sekali-kali menuduh pengkritik PR bahawa mereka khianat kepada PR kerana rakyat mempunyai hak untuk mengundi sama ada PR atau BN. Harus diingatkan rakyat memilih PR pada pilihanraya yang lepas bukan kerana PR melakukan polisi yang mendapat hati PR tetapi kerana rakyat tidak mahu mengundi BN. Siasat sama ada dakwaan blogger seperti Raja Petra dalam blognya mempunyai kebenarannya ataupun tidak. Sejak awal lagi Raja Petra telah menjangkakan PAS akan kalah di Galas kerana rasa tidak puas hati penduduk terhadap kerajaan pimpinan PAS seperti isu ketua kampung, merobohkan gereja orang asli dan sebagainya.

7) Strategi terbaru BN dengan menggunakan 1Malaysia untuk menarik undi dan menganggu jumlah penduduk yang hadir ke ceramah PR nampaknya berjaya. PR harus memikirkan strategi baru untuk menangkis taktik ini. Pakaian 1Malaysia dan perarakan 1Malaysia yang dilancarkan sedikit sebanyak memberikan keyakinan kepada rakyat.

8) Sikap sesetengah PR yang hanya menyalahkan orang lain ketika kekalahan. Mereka tidak sedar keperluan rakyat dan hanya salah rakyat kerana tidak mengundi PR. Sikap ini harus diubah.

9) Janji-janji yang ditaburkan oleh PR tidak dilaksanakan. Rakyat masih menunggu janji PR seperti Pilihanraya ketiga iaitu Pilihanraya Tempatan. Sekiranya ia tidak dilaksanakan, rakyat akan menyalahkan kerajaan negeri atas ketidakberkesanan majlis dalam sesuatu urusan kerana ia dilantik oleh kerajaan negeri.

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10) Isu negara tidak mendapat sambutan di luar bandar. Isu yang digunakan oleh PR kali ini tidak mendapat menarik undi dari penduduk luar bandar kerana pada mereka, isu seharian seperti mencari makan dan sebagainya lebih mendapat perhatian mereka.

11) Sikap PR yang selalu menyalahkan BN dalam segala hal. PR asyik menyalahkan BN dalam kesilapan mereka dan tidak melihat kepada diri mereka sendiri. Mungkin taktik ini boleh digunapakai pada masa dulu tetapi kini PR merupakan kerajaan di 4 negeri maka selalu menyalahkan BN tidak akan mendapat sambutan daripada pengundi. PR harus membandingkan BN dengan polisi mereka di negeri perintah mereka dan menunjukan kepada rakyat bahawa mereka lebih relevan kerana mendengar suara rakyat.

12) Strategi BN lebih berkesan. Rata-rata rakyat dapat melaungkan slogan 1Malaysia walaupun ia dilaksanakan atau tidak. Ia memberikan satu imej yang mendalam kepada pengundi. Tetapi apa imej yang ada dengan PR? Rakyat masih kabur dan cuma tahu mereka merupakan kerajaan di beberapa buah negeri sahaja. Saya mencadangankan PR menggunakan Perpaduan Kaum dalam strategi mereka.

Beginilah pendapat saya terhadap PR. Harap pemimpin PR memikirkannya. Senario BN mendapat semula sokongan rakyat sekiranya tidak diambil berat maka ia boleh merebak ke satu negara. Pada saya, saya gembira dengan keputusan kali ini setidak-tidaknya ia boleh mengejutkan PR sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum supaya ia masih belum terlambat.

Sekian Terima kasih,

Yang Benar,

BN “Gods are Smiling On Them”

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 08:03 PM PDT

Natasha was talking to her former colleague and she said,"BN has learnt their lesson the hard way and it seems the Pakatan are embroiled in too much infighting that they have forgotten the basic needs of the people."

You can make your own analysis and deliberate until the cocks crow in the morning but the facts are all there to see. Below are some interesting indepth analysis  from a number of  internet portal the day after where the "GODS SMILED ON BN FOR NOW…….


The writing is on the wall. BN will win the next GE. It's now a matter of whether it will be a landslide.Please click here:-








Thank you Raja Petra Kamarudin says Muhyiddin Twin wins endorsement of Najib’s leadership

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 06:25 PM PDT

The so called third forces in Malaysia remain as discredited in Sabah as in GALAS. Today the Pro-The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) and President: Haris Ibrahim leading the movement to destroy PKR for Mahathir
The fact on the ground and the heat from the fire on the GROUND have sent the so called "liberal and "secular" forces scurrying for cover. Instead of accepting the mandate of the VOTERS is as represented by the PARTY, the apologists of THE THIRD FORCE find venues to try to sabatage the legitimate rights of the MEMBERS and PKR unfinished businessPOLITICS.
One such apologist is Mr.Chairman: Raja Petra Kamarudin who writes for MALAYSIA TODAY newspaper It espouses the MAHATHIR point of view as evidenced by the latest rhetoric of. Raja Petra Kamarudin a opinion columnist write against the interests of the country and get prime space in a new media
What type of "Secularism" and "Liberalism' is it he speaks for

Imagine being at a community gathering with your family. The gathering lasts for hours. Everyone is laughing, clapping and seemingly enjoying themselves, but you have no idea what's going on. You are isolated, despite the fact that you are in a room full of family and friends. This is the reality for many deaf people, including deaf Muslims.

How many Deaf Muslims are there, and how many of them are able to practice Islam to as full an extent as the rest of the Muslim community? How many have left the faith due to a lack of accessibility to the mosque and other resources?

Deafness by itself is not a barrier to learning one's faith. Deaf people in North America communicate using their own language, American Sign Language (ASL), which is often their first and only language. Deaf Muslims are also often unable to socialize with hearing Muslims due to the language barrier. Communication with English speakers requires the assistance of an ASL interpreter, which can be difficult to arrange for events and is not readily available during the normal course of the day. For Muslims, sign language interpreters are very rarely available at Jumah prayer, Sunday school, Islamic conferences, Muslim student organization meetings, Eid prayer or other gatherings.

Closer to home, Deaf Muslims are often unable to communicate with their own families. I once met a 13-year-old Deaf Muslim child who could not tell me the names and ages of his siblings because he had never communicated with them. This young man was born deaf and had no ability to communicate his wants or needs with members of his own family because his family never learned sign language. Imagine the mental health issues one could suffer while not being able to communicate with one's own family. It would be helpful if hearing Muslims could learn ASL in order to break down barriers of communication. Sign language classes are offered at many community education programs and Deaf schools, free of charge, and fee-based classes can be taken at local colleges and universities.

Deaf and hard of hearing Muslims who are able to read would benefit greatly from educational programs and videos that are captioned; however, Islamic videos and educational programs often do not have captions. Many believe that it is expensive to caption videos, but it can be done for free by a computer savvy individual with free software obtained online, and fee-based captioning can be done for as little as $25 per video hour. Individuals who are computer savvy and are able to caption videos can donate their time in order to provide educational information that is subtitled, closed or open captioned. Those who are not computer savvy can donate money to support this effort in order to create access in this area.

Global Deaf Muslim (GDM), an international advocacy organization for the deaf is working to improve the situation for Deaf Muslims by educating the Muslim community on the needs of Deaf Muslims.

GDM works with Muslim organizations to facilitate the provision of sign language interpreters at Mosques and Islamic events. The hearing Muslim community can support this by making donations to their local mosques or Islamic organizations, and should specify that their donation should be allocated only for sign language interpreters at events. GDM is also working to provide free sign language classes for hearing family members of Deaf Muslims in several states throughout the country.

One of GDM's priorities is to make the Quran accessible to Deaf Muslims by translating it into American Sign Language. Though many deaf people can read English, it is often their second language and they are often not fluent and can only obtain a limited understanding of the Qur'an. In order to fully understand the beauty of the religion, Deaf Muslims need to see the Quran in sign language.

The hearing Muslim community has the power to open doors of knowledge for Deaf Muslims and the ability to alleviate frustration and isolation, and make the ummah a reality for a group of people that have been excluded from it for too long.

At a time when our nation is seeing a rise in intolerant behaviour, crossing every cultural line, whether based on race, religion or sexual orientation, we seem simultaneously stuck with a national news media that is preoccupied with conflict and controversy when we desperately need one that weighs facts and reports fairly. A recent national news programme reinforced these concerns. Let me explain what I mean.

Imagine a respected television show or news magazine article with the title, Should Americans Fear Black People?

Imagine staccato hip-hop music for the teaser, with clips of black gang members toting guns, hanging around urban scenes, looking scary. Imagine the zoom-in close up of a shoulder tattoo, proclaiming "Thug for Life".

As the host (some household name) opens the show, imagine that the white expert opining about the root causes of urban decay is a nationally recognised racist like, for instance, David Duke, a former Louisiana State Representative and a leader in the Ku Klux Klan – a once widespread white supremacy movement. With a straight face, and no sense of irony, the host solicits Duke's views, and he proceeds to declare, "When the American people saw the Los Angeles riots, they received a peek into their future", referring to the 1992 riots that erupted following the acquittal of four white police officers who were on trial for beating Rodney King, an African American motorist.

Imagine the television cameras going in search of voices of "real" black people. Where do they go? The 'hood of course! I mean, where else do black people live?

The intrepid host invites regular Americans to ask the experts to explain black pathology: "Why is their rap music so degrading to women?" Cynthia from Wyoming wonders. "Why are so many blacks at the bottom of the economic and educational ladder?" Chuck from New York muses.

Is this starting to get a little uncomfortable? Of course it is. Just ask Don Imus, an American radio host fired in 2007 for making racist and sexist remarks, about the wisdom of indulging in racial stereotyping against blacks. Add Jews, Catholics, gays and others as well. Not a good idea.

Now replace black with Muslim, and that's just about how ABC News treated Islam and Muslims on the recent television shows 20/20 and This Week with Christiane Amanpour.

There were the obligatory clips of terrorist training camps, the planes flying into the Twin Towers, the victims of so-called "honour killings". The Muslim experts – looking officially "Islamic" in their long beards and hats – included one who declared that one day the flag of Islam would fly over the White House. The non-Muslim experts – Robert Spencer (a leading anti-Muslim advocate in the Park51 Islamic centre controversy), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a prolific anti-Muslim writer) and Franklin Graham (who has said Islam "is a very evil and wicked religion") – are well known, even famous, for spewing anti-Muslim hate.

Of course, these characters emphatically agreed with the caricatures with long beards and white hats, repeating the propaganda that Islam requires its adherents to dominate people. Among the "normal" Muslims interviewed were a woman in niqab (fewer than one per cent of Muslim women in America wear the full face veil and accompanying robes), and Muslims in the Muslim "hood", cities like Dearborn, Michigan and Patterson, New Jersey.

Do some Americans fear black people? For sure. But we don't validate those fears by allowing them to be expressed with fake innocence on respected news shows. Why are fears of Muslims validated by television airings?

Are there criminals in America who are African American? Yes, again. But they're not presented as representative figures of the community by reputable news programmes. Why do such shows go out of their way to find the scariest, most cartoonish Muslims possible and present them as spokespeople for Muslims?

No serious journalist would ask a random black guy with a briefcase on the street to explain the pathology of an African American criminal because of the coincidence of shared skin colour. But serious journalists called on ordinary Muslim Americans to explain the behaviour of homicidal maniacs and extremists, thereby making the link between the crazies and the mainstream community.

Are there people willing to offer all sorts of racist theories about black crime, from problems in black genes to deficiencies in black culture? Plenty. But the only time they show up on mainstream news shows are as examples of racism, not as experts on race.

We are having a national conversation about belonging. The threatened Qur'an burning in Florida and the controversy over the proposed Islamic centre in lower Manhattan are examples of this national conversation about whether America can stretch her arms wide enough to embrace Muslims too. Irresponsible and sensational depictions of Muslims in the popular media are not the cause of Islamophobia, but they certainly can make it worse. Recent news shows and media reports do nothing to shed light or understanding on this national conversation, which is too bad.

But the conversation must continue. And I hope it continues in our mosques, churches, synagogues and other holy places, with Americans of all faiths talking face to face about differences and about our shared humanity – free of the stereotypes that lately are so prominent in our television shows and magazines.

By Clara Chooi
November 05, 2010
Muhyiddin (left) considered the two wins as a signal that the politics of development was still viable. — Picture by Jack Ooi

BATU SAPI, Nov 5 — Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has described Barisan Nasional's (BN) double victory in Batu Sapi and Galas yesterday as the people's gift to the prime minister and their endorsement of his leadership.

The deputy prime minister said the results were proof of the people's support for Datuk Seri Najib Razak's development initiatives and his 1 Malaysia platform.

"I would like to congratulate the prime minister, who is at home resting now. This is meaningful for his leadership and we can count it as an acceptance of his 1 Malaysia concept, his development efforts in the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), the New Economic Model (NEM), the 10th Malaysia Plan and all his initiatives.

"This is an endorsement for what he has done as the prime minister," said the Umno deputy president.

Muhyiddin further claimed that the victories were reflective of the people's improved support for BN, despite the political tsunami of Election 2008 when the ruling coalition lost its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament.

"This double victory is a gift to the prime minister. I believe this new development will affect changes in the people's attitudes, they want to be with us more now.

"And I see this happening everywhere, in both the peninsular and here. Additionally, Galas is an opposition stronghold held by PAS," he pointed out.

BN sailed to a victory in both the Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections held concurrently yesterday.


The voting results showed Najib's 1 Malaysia was now accepted, said his deputy.

In Batu Sapi, Muhyiddin expressed satisfaction that BN had not only scored a win in its traditional stronghold areas but had also toppled the opposition parties of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) and, more significantly, PKR of the Pakatan Rakyat pact, in other areas.


"It is clear that the people in Batu Sapi not only support BN but they want the coalition to play a bigger role in caring for their welfare," he said.

He noted that he had directed Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman to lead a committee that will look into ensuring that all promises made during the by-election period would be delivered.

Among others, the government had pledged a RM16 million allocation to upgrade the busy Jalan Sibuga road here into a dual carriageway beginning next year.

"We will fulfil our promises 100 per cent," he said.

For BN's Galas win, Muhyiddin said that its significance was due to the fact that the constituency was in a PAS stronghold, under the 20-year-old PAS-led government of Kelantan.

"We won by a majority of more than 1,000 votes, even more than the majority won by PAS in the last election. This is a sign of pride for us and proof that although people say that Kelantan is PAS's fortress, we still won," he said.

Muhyiddin noted that the twin successes also showed that BN was beginning to strengthen and was fast regaining the people's confidence.

"We have regained the people's confidence in our leadership under the prime minister. Also, in both areas, I see the prime concern is that they both want development so this notion that the politics of development is outdated is inaccurate," he said.

Asked if he believed that the 2008 election tsunami was over for good, Muhyiddin said, "Well, the last time, perhaps the opposition came in with their issues. I always called them the 'raja putar alam'… they are good at twisting things around. But we have explained to the people and there is a new understanding between us. That is why they gave their support to BN."

Yesterday, BN's Abdul Aziz Yusoff wrested the PAS-held seat in Galas when he polled 5,324 votes against the Islamist party's Dr Zulkefli Mohamad's 4,134 votes and sailed to victory with a 1,190-vote majority.

In Batu Sapi, BN's Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin clinched the seat with a 6,359-vote majority when she polled 9,773 votes against PKR Ansari Abdullah's 3,414 votes and SAPP Yong's 2,031 votes.


A Deepavali Message

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 06:14 PM PDT

File:Candle decorations for Diwali.jpg
Dear friends and fellow Malaysians.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all, and especially our Malaysian brothers and sisters from the Indian community – all Hindu worshippers, a Happy Deepavali. As we all know, Deepavali is known as the festival of lights whereby darkness is vanquished, serving as an eternal symbol of good triumphing over evil.

This oft-told tale is an enduring sign that we as Malaysians can always come together, despite our many differences, to celebrate these moments as one nation, as one family. We see on the streets, in the shops, and in the homes of all Malaysians the welcoming smiles and warmth of friendship that show us that this nation, that this family, can endure and prevail over the darkness and difficulties that lie around and ahead of us.

A few days back, I paid a visit to the bazaar at Little India, Brickfields. Amidst the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelleries, and other mouth-watering delicacies, one can easily feel the love we have for our food, our people, and our cultures. This made me realize again that each and every one of us has such an important part to play to ensure that our Malaysian way of life can be sustained for many generations to come.

Oh, and I want to personally thank all the shopkeepers for your kind hospitality. Romba nandri!

For those travelling over this long weekend, please be extra careful on the roads. For those who have chosen to stay at home, now is your chance to catch up on some well-earned rest and so please enjoy yourselves. Better still, take some time to get to know your neighbours.

Once again, Deepavali Valthukel and Happy Holidays. Thank you.

Nurul Izzah bt Anwar
MP Lembah Pantai

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