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Mahathir’s take on Anwar flawed, self-serving

Mahathir’s take on Anwar flawed, self-serving

Mahathir’s take on Anwar flawed, self-serving

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 06:00 AM PST

By Joe Fernande

COMMENT Now pushing 90, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad continues to live in a make-believe world, oblivious to the contempt that many Malaysians have for him. This is especially true whenever he has something to say about Anwar Ibrahim, his former deputy.

This week, Mahathir has outdone even himself. He told the media in Kemaman on Tuesday that the federal government should not prevent Anwar from going abroad. Mahathir thinks – or so he says – that no one will now believe Anwar even if he continues to badmouth the country abroad. Besides, he added, the people will get angry if Anwar is prevented from going abroad.

Left unsaid is the truth that the federal government in the post-Mahathir era has never prevented Anwar from going abroad. This must make us all wonder whether Mahathir is for real.

It seems that Mahathir is suggesting to the federal government, in reverse fashion, that it should prevent Anwar from going abroad. So when it does happen, which is unlikely, he can turn around and say that he did advise the federal government against it.

It is not true to say that Anwar has been badmouthing the country. Mahathir deliberately makes no distinction between the country and the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

As the opposition leader, Anwar is duty-bound to give the international community the true picture of the ruling Malay elite and Umno. Investors should not turn up in Malaysia and find that the situation is not as ideal as made out by the BN's propaganda mills.

Some pressure from the international community can help take Malaysia onto the right path of respecting human rights, the rule of law, ensuring public accountability and transparency and respecting the judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

In return, the international community counts on Muslim leaders like Anwar to help foster a dialogue between the West and Islam. This is a key plank in the long-running war against global terrorism.

Social contract

The international community would also want to know what the social contracts, both written and unwritten, and Article 153 of the Federal Constitution are all about. Then, there's that bizarre notion of ketuanan Melayu (Malay political dominance and supremacy).

It was Mahathir who dismantled Tunku Abdul Rahman's unwritten social contract – that the Malays stick to politics and the Chinese to the economy – when he unilaterally extended Article 153 to every facet of life in Malaysia, claiming in the process that the Malays had special privileges.

Article 153 of the Federal Constitution (the written social contract) provides a special position for Malays and natives by reserving for them a reasonable proportion in four specific areas: intake into the civil service, intake into institutions of higher learning owned by the government, government scholarships and training privileges, and opportunities from the government to do business.

Mahathir put the terms "special position" and "training privileges" together and came up with the idea that the Malays had "special privileges" and hence could ride roughshod over everyone else.

Such a line only served a handful of people, that is, those who, like him, belong to the ruling elite. To ensure such abuse of power, as well as the exercise of absolute power, he needed to make sure that there were no Malay-led political parties in the opposition. This effectively held the Malays to ransom; they are forced to subscribe only to Umno.

Ever since, Umno has been twisting and turning every issue in Malaysia into a racial issue. The idea is to camouflage the fact that while the people are drawn into the rhetoric, polemics and public debates on "racial" issues generated by Umno, the ruling elite can continue to plunder the public treasury at will under the guise of development and the Bumiputera economy.

Not surprisingly, Mahathir has trotted out the usual tribal arguments against Anwar, that is, he is a traitor for setting up a party and dividing the Malays further. He wants PKR to disappear and all Malays united under Umno. This is a self-serving argument which can only benefit a tiny minority like him at the expense of the people and the Federal Constitution.

It was Mahathir himself who pushed Anwar into the situation that both men find themselves in today. Had he paused to reflect, he could have just reshuffled the Federal Cabinet in 1998 and left Anwar out. Instead, he not only took the extreme step of sacking him but also removing him from Umno. Anwar could have just been suspended from Umno pending the resolution of the corruption and sodomy charges against him. The rest is history.

Breath of fresh air

Between Anwar and Mahathir, the former is like a breath of fresh air although he has his skeletons in the cupboard too. The people would rather believe Anwar than Mahathir. The latter, everyone knows, is loaded and can continue to create trouble in the politics of the country.

So far, Anwar has held his peace. If the de facto PKR chief ever decides to go after Mahathir, he can easily make mincemeat of him. Mahathir is perhaps more than a little depressed by the fact that Anwar continues to ignore him, considering him an anachronism and irrelevant in the emerging politics of Malaysia.

Anwar's setback in the country's politics is that he has been unable to woo and rally the people of Sabah and Sarawak to his agenda for change and reform. Malaysians on the other side of the South China Sea see nothing for themselves in Anwar's crusade.

Even in Peninsular Malaysia, Anwar has a fair share of detractors who, like many Sabahans and Sarawakians, see PKR as just another form of Umno but with non-Malays as members. This is something that Umno could easily do as well if it can ditch its racist mindset, which has since been sub-contracted to Perkasa, an extreme right-wing Malay NGO.


Court throws out Jenapala's suit against PKR

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 04:27 AM PST

The Kuala Lumpur High Court has dismissed the suit brought by former PKR deputy secretary-general P Jenapala against the party. High Court (Appeals and Special Powers division) justice Aziah Ali said the court does not have the jurisdiction to intervene in matters affecting political party. Full story here:
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Dzulkefly: Property figures worrying

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 03:05 AM PST

Dzulkefly Ahmad (PAS-Kuala Selangor) warns of property overhang worth RM5.3 billion, with climbing figures of unsold properties especially in areas like Kuala Lumpur.
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MACC urged to probe dubious paddy firms

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 02:50 AM PST

Opposition parliamentarian Mahfuz Omar has urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to probe contracts awarded by the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Ministry to padi processing companies without the necessary facilities. He accused the ministry of giving out such tenders to a company identified as Haji Md Nor Sdn Bhd. "There were initially just four companies such as Padiberas Nasional Bhd and Syarikat Perniagaan Peladang (Mada) Sdn Bhd. But the ministry expanded that to 10 more companies and I was told that these companies have no padi processing plants," he said. "Why give to those without processing plants? What good comes out from it if they have to send the padi somewhere else to be processed?" he asked.
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Liew Vui Keong.another master of idiotology, PKR Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh keep fighting maybe drrafick and his gang to know what P.K.R is fighting for

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 01:18 PM PST

The government's inability to combat corruption is merely a perception and does not reflect reality, said Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Liew Vui Keong.

One of the greatest tragedies and ironies of our country is that most of the 10% who fill their coffers, do so with the hard-gotten gains of ordinary people who work tirelessly and pay their taxes. They do so, not because they have any faith left in the system, but they do so, because they have no choice.
People who are/were in power, ALWAYS get away with the most outrageous of crimes and swindles, but heaven help the ordinary citizen, who commits the unforgivable crime of filing his tax returns a little late, rest assured the Demand Notice will be at his door

"The result of the survey is based on people's views of corruption in political parties in their countries," he told the Dewan Rakyat today.

BARISAN NATIONAL are fullfledged corrupts and also supporters and abettors of corruption.The way in which they manipulate and support the corrupt colleagues shows that they are part and parcel of that big "corrupt club".Until and unless we remove these guys permanently from this planet or put them behind the bars Malaysia will remain a corrupt nation for ever. people ofMalaysia are also equally responsible for this mess. Unless you bribe village voters, they don't even come to polling booths. millions are spent in every election by Barisans in bribing voters. How would recover this? They obviously have to be corrupt. If you observe, most of the sincere politicians are getting elected from urban MALAYSIA where educated class votes. Rural MALAYSIA is almost entirely corrupt. I believe educating rural voters to be sincere and also make them financially more stable would bring better politicians to power.

Liew was responding to PKR Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh's question on Malaysia's low score in the Transparency International's Global Corruption Barometer Survey 2009.has been taken over by a well organized all party Mafia politicians.Mahathir According to the report, 64% of Malaysians felt that the government was "somewhat or very ineffective in the fight against corruption". Only 27% appeared to be pleased with the government in this area.pretending that he did nothing wrong. But any sensible wise person knows that he is a part of corruption bribes to get our job done. This not our fault but our helplessness under the circumstances of the BARISAN country Believe when thesecrooks defends their party on the tv? These crooks are very efficient convincing poor people that all is well and only their party is a corruption free.

The Fixer and Evidence Fabricator

In comparison, Fuziah said that 97% of Singaporeans and 76% of Indonesians were confident of their government's ability to combat UMNOt Companies whose main purpose is to avail subsidy from Govt for special Schemes and vanish thereafter.Scams in MALAYSIA are for ever,involving generations. Please do not oversimplify.corruption has become a part o UMNOBARISAN DNA. political systems is corrupted "Perception is formed with experience, interaction and contact," she said, adding that Malaysians saw the government as highly corrupt.ruling party"people get the politics they deserve"- its we, you and me who are responsible for what the hell has happene May be MALAYSIA is aiming fIts very true what he has said about the silent majority who are really living hard lives but are courageous and diginified in their ways. The venal system has been perfected by these 10% to keep the others down so that they continue to enjoy and rule others. To break into the system one has to turn oneself into another MALAYSIA is still strong despite the loot by these 10%. I wish a revolutionary change occurs which brings in change in the way Governance is delivered in India where the silent, hardworking majority truly get support and recognition to pursue their dreams of creating wealth with honest means.Journalists are complicit when they follow corporate dictates. They can lead in exposing corruption

or the top 10 ranking of the most corrupt countries in the world.

The report also said that 42% of Malaysians considered political parties as the most corruption-inflicted organisations in the country. The civil service was also panned, with 37% considering the sector most affected by corruption.

Fuziah said that confidence in the government's efforts to combat corruption would be strengthened if Cabinet members agreed to disclose their assets.

"But their refusal to do so has caused the perception (of Malaysians to see the government) as not doing much (to combat corruption)," she said.

What about Pakatan?

Displeased with Fuziah's comments, Liew accused the Kuantan MP of attacking the ruling government and asked her how Malaysians perceived Pakatan Rakyat.Thanks for keeping our traditions i.e. self petting and blaming others. This is amzing to read 90% of us are not corrupt. The truth is most of us, if not all of us, never hesitate to pay under the table as long as our work is done fast. While paying the bribe do we think ~ no only we paying the bribe but someone is being deprived of his or her belonging.

The corruption does not happen only due to persons in power, we all paying under the table are equally responsible. Normal excuse for paying the bribe – oh what can be do, no other way to get the work done.
Until and unless we the common decide not to be part of corruption i.e. ready to sacrifice easy way of getting things done ~ there could be thousand articles but corruption will continue to grow dayin and dayout.

"I agree that perception is shaped based on experience, so what is the perception of the people about the PKR elections?" he asked, alluding to complaints of irregularities in the party polls.Everywalk of life where money is charged without fair return of services is corruption / cheating and thats why the number you have quoted doesnt give correct picture

"You only picked on factors that insult the Barisan Nasional government," he added.

He also said the report was outdated as it was released in February 2009, before Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak took over the reins.demonstrate exemplary courage, dignity, faith.


But what lets them down is the ruling elite, the 10% India which grabs all the loot. They are the ones in control

everywhere and they are so supremely networked that it's almost impossible for the rest to break into that club of bandits

and robber barons. Look around you and you will see it everywhere. It's this 10% India that manipulates politics and

policy, and protects each other when the chips are down. They are all connected to each other as in a feudal protectorate.And even in rare cases where they are not, there are enough pimps around, to help them schmooze. That's why parties change,leaders change, voting patterns change but no one can break the nexus of the corrupt. They are all partners in crime evenas they throw muck at each other in Parliament. Occasionally, when they are caught with their hand in the till, they areallowed to melt away. They are never punished.Supporting this exclusive club in politics is a bunch of venal bureaucrats. They have no political affiliations. Theyswitch sides in a blink. They sense where power lies and they inveigle their way there, to make their own fortunes as wellas the fortunes of their Teflon-clad political bosses. Sure, there are many bureaucrats I have known who are honest,upright, impossible to corrupt. But most of them live a difficult life. Some suffer silently, waiting for retirement orbetter postings. Others quit the service. A few have risked standing up to their political bosses and paid heavily for it.

The same is true for businessmen. A large number of Malaysin businessmen may not exactly be models of great rectitude but the exact opposite is also true. There are many hardworking entrepreneurs, many amazing professionals who have created world class companies that do us proud. But the tragedy is that The System, the netas and babus, compel them to make compromisesthey could otherwise avoid. Some are brave enough to refuse and bear the consequences. Others succumb. Scared, manysquirrel away their money overseas because they don't know when the next bolt from the blue will strike. As a result,

"The introduction of the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) to weed out corruption in the civil service was also not taken into consideration," he said.

Persepsi negatif rakyat: Mampukah UMNO memperbaikkinya?

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 10:44 AM PST

Membersihkan persepsi yang tercemar merupakan satu usaha yang jarang mendapat kejayaan didalam masa yang singkat. Seseorang yang tercemar imejnya memakan masa yang panjang untuk dilupakan oleh masyarakat walaupun seseorang itu sudah memperbaikki dirinya dari segala kesalahan dan noda.

Lama kelamaan masyarakat dalam kariah atau daerah dan negeri itu akan melupakan zaman sejarah silam yang buruk dan ditambah pula dengan kerja kebaikkan yang dilakukannya terhadap diri dan masyarakat sekelilingnya itu akan memadamkan segala prasangka buruk terhadap dirinya.

Begitu jugalah halnya dengan pertubuhan dan kepimpinannya. Jika pertubuhan dan kepimpinannya sudah dirobekkan imejnya maka ianya akan memakan masa yang sangat lama untuk memulihkan kembali keyakinan orang ramai terhadapnya. Pertubuhan politik tidak terhindar dari mengalami keadaan ini dan banyak pertubuhan politik dalam dunia ini jatuh kerana persepsi buruk rakyat yang mengundi didalam pilihanraya.

Persepsi buruk sesebuah parti atau pertubuhan politik itu tidak timbul dengan sendirinya. Buruk atau baiknya pandangan sesebuah parti itu adalah bergantung kepada pemimpin-pemimpin serta sikap ahli-ahli yang menganggotainya. Maksudnya disisni ialah sikap dan nilai perjuangan pemimpin-pemimpin dan ahli-ahlinya yang memberikan persepsi yang baik atau sebaliknya dari rakyat jelata.

Sesungguhnya inilah masalah yang dihadapi oleh UMNO dan komponen yang berada didalamnya. Persepsi buruk seperti rasuah dan salah guna kuasa merupakan elemen yang telah menjejaskan UMNO dan BN sehinggakan parti pemerintah itu telah mendapat amaran yang begitu kuat dari dari rakyat dan telah hampir tersungkur didalam pilihanraya dahulu. Mujurlah Malaysia Timur (Sabah dan Sarawak) telah menyelamatkan keadaan dan BN mampu lagi memerintah kerajaan pusat walaupun dengan majoriti yang tipis.

Apabila kepimpinan negeri-negeri yang BN telah ditewaskan, usaha untuk kembali mendapat kepercayaan merupakan perkara yang amat getir dan sehingga sekarang belum lagi kita melihat kemajuan yang dicapai oleh pimpinan UMNO dinegeri-negeri tersebut. Ini adalah disebabkan oleh rakyat yang bertindak menolak mereka kerana sudah hilang kesabaran mereka melihat segala tindakkan pimpinan negeri-negeri tersebut yang semuanya diambil 'for granted' oleh pemimpin-pemimpinnya.

Apabila pimpinan yang membawa kejatuhan parti pemerintah itu juga untuk dijadikan ketua untuk merampas kembali negeri-negeri yang telah jatuh ketangan pembangkang itu, maka keberangkalian UMNO akan diterima kembali amatlah tipis. Kita mesti ingat rakyat menolak UMNO dinegeri-negeri tersebut kerana kepimpinannya, maka jika dipergunakan juga pemimpin yang sama untuk dipertanggungjawabkan untuk merampas kembali pemerintahan tindakkan itu merupakan tindakkan yang boleh dianggap silap dan penolakkannya akan terus menerus dilakukan oleh rakyat.

Sekarang ini pun masih ada kepimpinan negeri yang tidak dihormati ramai tetapi UMNO masih tidak mahu membesarakan mereka kerana permainan politik ampu mengampu yang tidak terbatas. Semua orang mempunyai persepsi yang Negeri Sembilan dan Pahang perlukan bayangan yang Pengerusi Perhubungan mereka wajar dibesarakan tetapi UMNO masih berdegil dan rela mengambil risiko menghadapi kekalahan dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Itu diperingkat negeri. Bagaimana pula diperingkat pusat pula? Formulanya sama. Kejatuhan banyak kerusi Parlimen merupakan indikasi jelas yang pimpinan kerajaan pusat itu lemah. Rakyat akan tetap melihat UMNO itu berkepimpinan yang lemah walaupun pemimpin utamanya telah meletakkan jawatan dan bersara.

Ini disebabkan orang yang mengambil alih itu adalah dari kumpulan pemimpin yang telah bersara itu dan pemimpin yang mewarisi kepimpinan lemah itu memang sepatutnya mengambil 'accountability' bersama. DS Najib merupakan pemimpin yang menjadi Timbalan kepada pemimpin yang bersara itu dan beliau wajar mengambil 'accountability' bersama. Begitu juga Muhyiddin Yassin, Muhyiddin adalah salah seorang jemaah kepimpinan yang ditolak walaupun beliau diterima dikawasan beliau diPagoh.

Saya memilih untuk menulis isu ini kerana dengarnya kita akan menghadapi pilihanraya umum tidak berapa lama lagi, maka isu persepsi rakyat yang mengundi itu amat penting untuk diperbaikki. Tetapi seperti yang diperkatakan tadi persepsi ini amat rumit untuk melalui pembaikkannya.

Selain dari rakyat menghadapi muka dan pemimpin-pemimpin yang sama, cakap-cakap tentang kegiatan rasuah dan salahguna kuasa masih lagi menjadi isu dimana-mana. Imej itu masih tidak mampu dibersihkan. Walaupun pimpinan sedang mencuba berbagai cara seperti mengumumkan berbagai bagai pelan pembangunan banyak diantara yang diumumkan dan dirancang untuk dilaksanakan telah mendapat tentangan rakyat yang ramai.

Contohnya rakyat menolak cadangan PM untuk membina Warisan Merdeka setinggi seratus tingkat ianya telah menjadi bahan kritikkan ramai. Jika membina bangunan tinggi-tinggi itu boleh menjamin kemenangan maka elok setiap kerajaan negeri membina bangunan seratus atau dua ratus tingkat dan seterusnya memenangi pilihanraya. Tetapi itu bukanlah keadaannya.

Ketinggian bangunan bukanlah modal yang baik untuk menjadikan UMNO dan BN terus menerus mendapat mandat rakyat. Yang penting ialah apa faedahnya yang didapati oleh orang ramai dan ketelusan pembinaan itu dari segi kos dan siapa yang mendapat faedah darinya. Tidak ada dalam dasar perjuangan UMNO untuk membina bangunan tpencakar langit. Yang ada ialah menyatukan bangsa Melayu dan bangsa-bangsa lain seperti yang termaktub dalam Bab 3 perlembagaan parti.

Perlu diingat apa-apa juga cadangan pembangunan yang ingin dilakukan mesti pastikan yang rakyat tidak terhidu potensi berlakunya rasuah yang menggunakan wang rakyat yang keterlaluan. Sekarang rakyat sentiasa memerhatikan tidakkan pemimpin kerajaan kerana pengalaman yang sudah-sudah. Rekod penyalahgunaan kuasa yang keterlaluan dahulu menjadi igauan rakyat dan mereka tidak ingin lagi perkara-perkara seperti iu berulang kembali.

Terlalu banyak 'express project' yang besar-besar yang dilakukan oleh pimpinan lapan puluhan dahulu telah membuahkan budaya rasuah yang terancang dan sejarah kepimpinan Dr Mahathir pasti akan dihakimkan oleh 'magnitude' kegiatan rasuah dizamannya. Ramai orang mungkin tidak bersetuju tetapi jika sama-sama kita berusia panjang sama-samalah kita saksikan apa yang saya nyatakan ini berlaku.

Budaya buruk ini diwariskan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin seterusnya sehingga kehari ini. Semakain hari semakin berani saya menyatakannya kerana bukti-bukti kehancuran yang diwarisi oleh kerajaan yang rasuah sudah mula dilihat dan dirasakan oleh rakyat jelata amnya. Segala rancangan yang cantik dan molek yang diumumkan tidak mungkin dapat memperbaikki imej kerajaan kerana rata-rata rakyat tahu perlaksanaannya tidak akan serupa perancangan yang diumumkan kepada rakyat.

Banyak pihak ragu-ragu terhadap perlaksanaan segala rancangan-rancangan pembangunan itu. Amalan rasuah merupakan penyakit yang sukar dihapuskan kerana penyakit itu sudah terbiar sejak lebih dari dua dekad yang lalu dan telah merebak tanpa mampu dibatasi. Perancangan yang baik tanpa sistem 'delivery' yang baik tidak akan membawa apa-apa makna kepada rakyat dan negara. Justru rakyat tetap akan menghakimkan kepimpinan kita tidak berapa lama lagi.

Walaupun masa sudah tinggal sedikit kita masih mempunyai waktu untuk merobah imej dan persepsi parti dan kerajaan yang memerintah dengan melakukan perubahan yang 'structural'. Mahu tidak mahu UMNO dan BN wajib berwajah baru untuk menghadapi pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Tunjukkan kepada rakyat yang UMNO mempunyai kudrat untuk berubah dengan menampilkan 'facet' yang baru dengan kepimpinan yang diketuai oleh orang yang tidak berada didalam jemaah kepimpinan yang sedang diragui oleh rakyat. Pemimpin yang melakukan kesalahan dan kesilapan besar adalah mustahil untuk dipaparkan sebagai pimpinan yang baik.

Wajah baru wajib ada kepada UMNO. Kita terpaksa lakukan seolah-olah kita memulakan sebuah negara baru yang berbentuk politik yang baru yang diasaskan oleh perlembagaan negara yang kita ada pada hari ini. Jika pemilihan Perdana Menteri selama ini dilakukan mengikut 'convention' yang ada, iaitu Presiden UMNO menjadi PM, kali ini kita lakukan dengan memilih seorang ahli Legislative Melayu yang lain yang mendapat keyakinan majoriti Dewan Parlimen.

Insya Allah UMNO dan BN akan kembali sembuh seperti sediakala. Yang lebih baik lagi kita adakan 'unity government' yang mewakili setiap kaum dan parti seluruh negara.

Rakyat sebenarnya mahukan harapan baru untuk kemajuan pembangunan segala bidang dalam negara kita. Untuk menghilangkan persepsi yang buruk ini UMNO perlukan imej dan rupa bentuk kepimpinan yang baru yang agak asing dari apa yang kita lihat hari ini.

Jika ini dapat kita lakukan maka wajah yang baru ini akan mudah untuk diterima rakyat keseluruhannya. Tentunya ramai dan banyak pihak perlu melakukan pengorbanan. Jika ramai pemimpin terpaksa berundur dan bersara mereka mesti lakukannya dengan penuh kejujuran semata-mata untuk menyelamatkan UMNO dan BN pada masa yang akan datang. 'Anything less' akan membawa kehampaan untuk melihat UMNO it terus dihormati dan didukung rakyat.

The man behind Penang’s economic transformation

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 08:04 AM PST

Dr. Lim, your contributions will never be forgotten.

GEORGE TOWN: Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu, 91, who served as Penang Chief Minister for 21 years, was a towering leader who presided over the remarkable economic transformation of the state.

He led a simple life despite a political career spanning 39 years, shunning awards and titles, and only accepting a Tunship after retirement from politics.

When he took over as Penang's second chief minister in May 1969, the state was going through a difficult period after the withdrawal of its free port status, with unemployment rising to 16.4%.

He implemented the Free Trade Zone concept in Penang – the first state to do so – wooed foreign investments and built one of the largest electronics manufacturing bases in Asia, earning Penang the tag as Silicon Valley of the East.

Dr Lim also presided over Batu Ferringhi's transformation into a tourism belt, cleared pre-war houses to build the iconic 65-storey Komtar and built the Penang Bridge.

Born in Penang, Dr Lim attended Penang Free School. In 1937, he was a King's scholar at Edinburgh University in Scotland and graduated in 1944 with a medical degree.

Formerly a medical officer with the Chinese Armed Forces, he founded the Radical Party in 1951 which won the first municipal council elections in George Town.

In 1954, he joined MCA and was a member of the Razak Commission for Education.

Despite defeating the late Tun Tan Cheng Lock for party presidency in 1958, he quit MCA a year later following differences with Umno over the allocation of parliamentary seats in the 1959 general election.

He formed the United Democratic Party in 1962 and co-founded Gerakan in 1968, which swept the Alliance ruling coalition out of office in the 1969 general election, leading to his appointment as Chief Minister.

However, in 1973, Gerakan, together with the Alliance Party, formed a coalition called Barisan Nasional.

In 1980, Dr Lim stepped down as party president, saying there were "many young and promising leaders in the party just as capable to hold the post", and was succeeded by (Tun) Dr Lim Keng Yaik in 1980.

He continued as Chief Minister but retired after losing the Padang Kota state seat in the 1990 general election. He was succeeded by his former political secretary, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, as chief minister.

His message to the party then was to "always remember its roots and humble beginnings".

After retiring from politics, he became a passionate horse breeder and turned his attention to business as chairman and adviser to several large corporations.

In 2007, he was named founding chancellor of Wawasan Open University in Penang.

Lim's legacy will not be forgotten, especially by Penangites

MELAKA: Ibu Ayam Lacurkan Pelajar Sekolah

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 06:50 AM PST

Dalam sebuk2 Ali Ketam isytihar Melaka sebagai NEGERI MAJU (atau lebih dikenali sebagai Syok Sendiri), rupanya tertangkap beberapa ibu ayam yang melacurkan pelajar2 sekolah.

HAirannya, Melaka adalah negeri di mana UMNO memerintah dengan 2/3. Bila saya sebut UMNO bererti wakil rakyat UMNO sahaja sudah 2/3 dari DUN Melaka. UMNO boleh memerintah Melaka TANPA Barisan Nasional. Kalau tak percaya, lihat di sini.

Maklumat pelajar melacur diri mereka di Melaka saya dah pata lama dahulu dah. Ada ahli keluarga saya yang mengajra di Melaka memberitahu guru2 besar di Melaka telah lama diberitahu untuk mengawasi aktiviti pelacuran cikalangan pelajar sekolah.

Akhirnya tertangkap juga. Jelasnya, apa guna majoriti 2/3 untuk UMNO kalau agama sendiri mereka tidak dapat jaga, seperti yang jelas dilihat di Melaka. Nak harap UMNO laksanakan hudud, jauh panggang dari api.

UMNO sendiri tolak hudud, halakan judi.

MELAKA – Akibat melacurkan pelajar sekolah, dua ibu ayam muda menerima balasan apabila masing-masing dijatuhi hukuman penjara 10 tahun oleh Mahkamah Sesyen di sini semalam. Hakim Zaharah Hussain menjatuhkan hukuman itu terhadap Siti Normaslinda Mohamad Masrol, 22, dan Roslina Md. Snor, 23, selepas meneliti semua fakta kes yang dikemukakan oleh Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Mahmoodah Abdul Latiff. Kedua-dua tertuduh dijatuhi hukuman selepas Normaslinda dan Roslina membuat pengakuan bersalah terhadap dua pertuduhan untuk sebutan kes kali kedua...

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) menafikan badan tersebut mengiktiraf Melaka sebagai negeri maju. OECD mengesahkan bahawa badan tersebut tidak mengiktiraf Melaka sebagai negeri maju kerana ia tidak mempunyai kuasa atau tidak berautoriti untuk membuat pengisytiharan seumpama itu. Apa pula kata Ali Rustam.Putar belit Ali yang mendakwa OECD sebagai badan bebas telah memberikan pengiktirafan bahawa Melaka telah mencapai status negeri maju pada 20 Oktober lalu. Ali menipu rakyat Melakalah kalau begitu.Ali mendakwa Melaka maju, yelahhh maju dari negeri-negeri lain. Melaka maju dengan sekolah hamil, itulah juga yang diiktiraf Rosmah. Negeri-negeri lain mana maju sebegitu. Pelajar-pelajarnya maju dengan perutnya ke depan, majulah tu....

drrafick Dr.of idioticlogy your friend Raja Petra Kamarudin has been begging in Londonstreets

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 07:05 AM PST

Raja Petra Kamarudin the SIN doctoring Londonstreet Medicineseller

Aidila Razak | Nov 25, 10 6:04PM
UPDATED 6.40PM The High Court dismissed the suit by former PKR deputy sec-gen P Jenapala against the party. He was ordered to pay costs of RM15,000.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Just when you thought it is safe to go into the water, an allegation of fraud has now surfaced that may cause even more embarrassment for PKR. The latest controversy involves the onetime Secretary General of the party who filed an Affidavit alleging that his signature was forged.

An encounter with Raja Petra Kamarudin his evil intention the third force

    readmoreI have been receiving quite number of hate mails for my continuous engagement on the subject of PKR recent election. I am not an UMNO member or any BN direct or indirect coalition member. Therefore I cannot be considered as anti PR or anti PKR. I am critical because I have a high expectation and want something better for the country. Strong PKR supporters say that there were no fraudulent activities or abuse in the recent election but rather shortcoming in view of the shortage of man power and lack of experienc readmore.I am here not to convince the non believer but rather to convince myself. In my assessment, the election process was flawed, abused, hacked and whatever suitable term you can use to ensure that de-facto leader position is not being compromised.READ MORE An encounter with Raja Petra Kamarudin his evil intention the third force
    free flow of money. was heady enough to keep them going. Besides the occasional drink, they did not need much. Of course, there were exceptions: stories did the rounds in the early nineties of political journalists who would drop a word to the minister in the Central Hall of Parliament that this summer was particularly hot. The neta would get the hint and next day an airconditioner would be installed at the home of the exalted scribe, free of cost.related article hey mother fucker Anuar Shaari, are still alive where is the 10million you stole?
    Then there was this NEW MEDIA MALAYSIA TODAY who controlled the coveted THE THIRD FORCE beat. It was a cartel that had three ring leaders. What was printed in the entire media about THE THIRD FORCE) was decided by these ring leaders. They were the kingpins who got into action the moment Mahathir click his mouse READ MORE Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's hitnman Raja Petra Kamarudin HAS FAILED MAHATIR P.K.R CANNOT BE DESTROYED
    The idiom of corruption changed with the advent of liberalization what with opening up, private enterprise and free flow of money. As an example, even the cartel journalists became bolder. It must have been were running a series exposing the murky goings-on . After failing to influence me through many intermediaries, the cartel chief one day accosted me at a function.Shall we meet in London over the weekend?..?" to journalists to buy their silence. The smart London street medecine selle did not want to expose himself to all and sundry, so he had identified a few ring leaders of the journalist community through whom the money was distributed.

    Bernard Khoo and harismibrahim their Street Creditblity has vanished into thin air! both has no right to speak on our behalf the taxidriver




  • In the process of commenting many people get things mixed up. Some attacks the commentator because they felt the comments was directed against PR readmore.
    It is known fact that Anwar was instrumental in bringing PAS and DAP to sit together and was able to move forward a more stable coalition. For that we must be grateful to Anwar as well as for his years of service in the government. However we cannot live in the past. We must live today for tomorrow.



  • Today, it has shown beyond doubt that PKR has failed to do the most honorable thing in running an election.readmore This reflects badly on them. I think if the JPP or the party had admitted their shortcomings and decided to re-do their election or maintain the present statreadmore
    . I am still waiting for Saifuddin Nasution to reply
    the money bag man free flow of money. meets in London over the weekend?..?" to journalists to buy their silence.

    The smart London street medecine seller did not want to expose himself to all and sundry, so he had identified a few ring leaders of the journalist community through whom the money was distributed.

    Haris Ibrahim on "Pink ballot paper" which Haris received hours before the election. Suddenly he went into a silent mode. In my mind PKR has betrayed PR and the rakyat of this country who had voted for them.


  • Between jumping frogs, sex scandals and non performing ADUN's and MP's from PKR, I think it is time that PR supporters and voters at last GE demands that a greater seat allocation is given to PAS and DAPreadmore.
    From a moral and acceptable values proposition, I believe both DAP and PAS are far more ahead. PKR cannot be made the leader in running PR until they do things honorably. At the moment PAS elected reps do not suffer from "diseases" that is afflicting the PKR elected reps readmore.


  • PAS should now take control of PR.
    They need to work with DAP and educate the non Muslim that there is nothing to fear about PAS. Most of PAS elected members are professionals in their own rights. Many are doctors, engineer and lawyers. This people are open-minded and yet they are steadfast to the values of Islam which carries the universal values of human rights.


  • For BA, I proposed that PAS put in a candidate for the next General election. I will write officially to PAS Selangor to put forward my proposal. who the fuck you are?

  • 最后一位独立世代开国元老 “槟州发展之父”林苍佑逝世 槟州政府将赋予州级葬礼

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 05:47 AM PST

    by Red Tomato Penang on Thursday, 25 November 2010 at 05:39















    曾在1990年大选"丹绒二役"中击败林苍佑的行动党强人林吉祥在向其家属致哀之余,更感叹生命的短暂及赞赏林苍佑是"独立世代最后一位倖存巨人"(Last surviving giant of Merdeka era)。 



    林苍佑于1919年5月28日出生在槟城。早年先后就读哈珍学校(Penang Hutching School)和槟城大英义学,并于1937年获得英国皇家奖学金(King's Scholar)。1944年,他在英国苏格兰爱丁堡大学获得外科医学学位。 

    林苍佑于1951年开始从政生涯,合创槟城急进党(Penang Radical Party)。1954年,他将槟城急进党改名为急进党及以个人名义加入马华,并在隔年首次赢得选举,成为槟州立法议会的议员之一。 




    1968年,林苍佑与陈志勤、赛阿拉达( Syed Hussein Alatas )和王赓武等成立民政党,并在隔年的大选中执政槟州,当上首席部长。但在513后,民政与联盟(巫统)组槟州联合政府,并于1974年合组国阵。 







    槟州发展之父 敦林苍佑与世长辞

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 05:39 AM PST

    by Red Tomato Penang on Thursday, 25 November 2010 at 03:19








    1955年,他赢得选举成为槟州立法议会的议员之一,并为联盟首席议员(Federal Legislature)。











    Things I learned today

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 06:07 AM PST

    I knew there was a reason why I still spend money buying MSM newspapers like The Star. (Well, I don't buy the NST because my maid says they weigh less when she sells them.)  Almost every single day in the newspapers I find world-class comedy or fantastic facts that I would otherwise miss.

    For example today's front page of The Star announces that Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud has given the clearest hint yet that state elections will be held soon.  The CM said he had an inspiration on the date.  "I have my inspiration but I won't tell you when," he said. Wah! Terror or not? Taib had recently returned from a pilgrimage to Mecca. Maybe that had something to do with his uncanny power of foretelling the future.

    Here's a quiz to test your general knowledge.

    Which is the next Asian country to have a) a leaky parliament building, b) cracked highway over-passes, c) a public transport system with LRT's, MRT's and buslines that don't connect to each other d) collapsible stadiums, e) lots of empty very tall buildings? 

    Answer:  Laos


    The Star reported today that PM Najib announced that Malaysia has offered its expertise in the construction of infrastructure to Laos. Poor flers!

    A funny story on page N3 of The Star says that the Negeri Sembilan JPJ chief has been transferred to Putrajaya following a probe my the MACC on charges of power abuse by his officers. I am sure this is something very uniquely Malaysian.  Some government official screws up and gets caught or is accused of doing something really bad.  What happens? He gets transferred! In the private sector he'd be suspended with no pay or his ass would be fired if allegations of wrongdoing were true. But the Kerajaan flers get transferred.  Why ah?

    Now when you stuck in the Mid Valley/1Utama/Sg.Wang/Pavilion traffic jams and are cursing under your breath you can do so in the comforting thought that tourists shopping contributed RM15.1billion to the country's coffers last year and is set to increase to RM16billion in 2011.  Tourism minister, Ng Yen Yen is suitably proud of this fact when she also announced that from January 1, 2011 Malaysia is going to be a "duty-free" country where, except for cigars and cigarettes, liquor and imported cars everything else will be duty-free. With such announcements from the BN government being published in the MSM almost everyday how can the Opposition hope to win the next general elections?

    And speaking of the Opposition, Anwar Ibrahim may be suspended from parliament for saying that the 1Malaysia concept may be linked One Israel. Apparently, Anwar was supposed to have misled (don't you love that word when applied to our YB's) the House by linking the 1Malaysia concept to the One Israel campaign.  Wah! Like that also grounds for suspension ah? Oh. Oh yeah I forgot Anwar is the Opposition mah.  Understand now.

    There is this very funny report today about condominium Joint Management Bodies (JMB's) and disgruntled owners/residents.  Dep. Housing and Local Government Minister Lajim Ukin told the Dewan Rakyat that 10,640 complaints against JMB's were received by the ministry in 2009.

    "We have forwarded the complaints to the respective JMB's for further action", he said. Huh?  I assume that residents/owners would have been fed up dealing the JMBs and therefore they brought their grouses to the ministry. No? So you send the complaints back there for what, YB? Very expensive to maintain your ministry to act as courier service isnit?

    And finally, the Seremban court complex has been burglarised for the 2nd time in 3 months.  But the funny thing is that the report in The Star said that investigators could not ascertain whether the CCTV cameras at the complex were functional at the time of the burglary and that during the previous break-in the CCTV's were "under maintenance" (read NOT WORKING).  How convenient. Previously the preferred method used to be the reliable "pre-dawn blazes"


    Negara Membangun tapi Poket Rakyat Kosong...Apa Faedahnya????

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 05:26 AM PST

    Ikutilah rintihan seorang rakyat Malaysia yang sedang menikmati "Pembangunan" tajaan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional di Malaysia. Dalam pemimpin2 UMNO galak melaungkan mentera pembangunan, nikmat pembangunan pula hanya dirasai oleh segelintir UMNOPUTRA dan kroni2 UMNO.

    Rakyat umum terpaksa "kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang" kerana nikmat pembangunan hanya dinikmati oleh kroni dan UMNOPUTRA. Pembangunan UMNO ini hanya mengisi poket2 para kroni dan UMNOPUTRA dan pada waktu yang sama mengambil duit keluar dari poket rakyat MAlaysia.

    Nikmatilah falsafah pembangunan UMNO dan BArisan NAsional ini, wahai rakyat Malaysia.

    Tulang Besi

    Mari Kita Makan Kek!

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 03:10 AM PST

    Walaupun nampak seperti banyak yang berlaku di Malaysia dewasa ini mungkin membuat kita berasa hilang semangat, tapi sebenarnya banyak perkara yang harus kita raikan:

    - pembebasan Daw Aung San Suu Kyi setelah lebih 20 tahun ditahan dan dibuang dari arena politik negara Myanmar, yang mana suara lantang beliau untuk reformasi politik secara aman serupa seruan kita di Malaysia
    - tamatnya proses pemilihan PKR secara aman walaupun dipenuhi ranjau dugaan
    - tamatnya suatu tahun yang cukup produktif yang membuatkan kita lapar… melaparkan reformasi, melaparkan perubahan, melaparkan… KEK!

    Oleh itu, saya dengan cukup bangga menjemput saudara-saudari pembaca dan pengamat blog ini untuk menyertai saya dalam satu kempen perayaan: "Mari Kita Makan Kek!"

    Nak turut serta? Mudah bak a-b-c!
    1) Mari sama-sama turun ke Dewan Sivik MBPJ pada 27hb Nov 2010 ini, pada jam 12:30 tengah hari untuk makan kek PERCUMA!
    2) Kalau tak dapat hadir, belilah kek sendiri (cukup bajet, kan??) ajak kengkawan, dan ambik gambar lalu hantar ke

    Gambar-gambar anda akan dimuatnaikkan ke


    Marilah kita sama-sama mara ke depan, menuju Politik Harapan dan Pembebasan, meninggalkan Politik Ketakutan and Kelesuan.

    (Acara ini menerima ilhamnya dari para pelajar UTAR dan kesemua mereka yang telah makan kek pada 16hb Nov 2010 yang lalu)


    Even though there is much in Malaysia that may be making us feel down, there is also a lot that we should be thankful for:

    - the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi after 20 years of being in the political wilderness and detention, whose calls for peaceful democratic reforms we Malaysians also share
    - the relatively peaceful yet challenging effort at setting the high standards for democratic practice through PKR's inaugural "1 member, 1 vote" party polls
    - the end of a very productive year which has made us more hungry for reform, more hungry for change, more hungry for… CAKE!

    As such, I would like to invite one and all to join me in a small campaign of celebration: "Let's All Eat Cake!"

    How to join? Easy-peasy:
    1) Join us on 27th Nov 2010 at PJ Civic Centre at 12:30pm for FREE cakes!
    2) Buy yourself a cake, ajak a friend(s), makan je anywhere and send the pic to

    We'll then post all the pics up on


    Let us all move forward, towards the Politics of Hope and Liberation, and leave behind us the Politics of Fear and Fatigue.

    (This event is inspired by the UTAR students & all those who ate cake on 16 Nov 2010)

    Cosmological Sense of Humour

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 02:19 AM PST

    "There is no God, the universe is ordered and liveable for sentient life by pure, random and godless chance."


    Via AoSHQ, from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day.

    The Power and Influence of Sarah Palin

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 02:05 AM PST

    Yeah, that nobody has-been unpopular among Conservatives nobody from nowhere… Right, liberals?

    Via Neo-neocon:

    His voice dripping with exasperation, the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said to me one July afternoon in his office: "If I would have told you that I could open up a Facebook account or a Twitter account, simply post quotes, and have the White House asked about those, and to have the entire White House press corps focused on your quote of the day on Facebook — that's Sarah Palin. She tweets one thing, and all of a sudden you've got a room full of people that want to know…" – The New York Times

    On a tip from hutchrun.

    Penang Gives Chong Eu A State Funeral.

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 02:55 AM PST

    Penang will give a state funeral for its longest-serving Chief Minister Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu, who died at his home in Tanjong Bungah late night, after a stroke a month ago.

    "The Penang State government shall accord a state funeral to Tun Dato Seri Utama Dr Lim," said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

    Guan Eng, who is away in Hong Kong on a business promotion trip, has cut short his trip and will be in Penang later today.

    Chong Eu, called the father of Penang's industrialisation, turned the free port that used to serve US GIs into a world centre for electronics products.

    The 91-year-old was the second MCA president who later helped found Gerakan to trounce the Alliance.

    He had earlier been warded at the Penang Hospital for almost a month following a stroke and was brought back to his residence yesterday evening.

    Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, when contacted, confirmed Lim's demise and said an official announcement would be made.

    Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

    Loke: Seats to be in odd numbers

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 01:11 AM PST

    Anthony Loke (DAP-Rasa) wants the Elections Commission to implement number of seats in Parliamentary and State constituencies to be in odd numbers to avoid 'hung' Parliament or State Assemblies.
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    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 12:28 AM PST

    Story to follow.
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    Speaker shoots down motion on police shooting

    Posted: 25 Nov 2010 12:09 AM PST

    An emergency motion to debate the shooting of three males - aged between 15 and 22 years - in Glenmarie, Shah Alam on Nov 13 was rejected today. The motion filed by R Sivarasa (PKR-Subang) under Standing Order 18(1) was denied in chambers yesterday by deputy speaker Wan Junaidi Jaafar. Sivarasa (left) wanted to debate the incident which had claimed the lives of Mohd Shamil Hafiz Shapiei, 15, Mohd Hairul Nizam Tuah, 20, and Mohd Hanafi Omar, 22, as it had worsened the image of the police. The Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker had rejected the motion on the grounds that the motion was not specific, urgent and of public interest. However, Sivarasa said that he will bring up the issue during debate on the Supply Bill 2011.
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