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Hindraf failed to send Memo to Anwar

Hindraf failed to send Memo to Anwar

Hindraf failed to send Memo to Anwar

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 08:11 AM PST

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The Zaid-grassroots disconnect

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 06:00 AM PST

By Zefry Dahalan

COMMENT Zaid Ibrahim's tragic flaw is a curious combination of condescension and a tendency to assume that ordinary PKR members have acquired enough political maturity to see that the party, to strengthen itself, must move beyond sentiment towards pragmatism. He has failed to appreciate that PKR still draws its strength – at least at the grassroots level – from the gamut of emotions that led to its founding.

This seems to be the consensus among several key leaders and ordinary members in different states whom FMT randomly chose to interview for their comments on Zaid's withdrawal from the contest for the PKR deputy presidency and his resignation from party posts.

A key leader from Nibong Tebal said Zaid's popularity slumped quickly as soon as he started attacking Anwar Ibrahim through the media.

"I too disagree with Anwar on certain issues," said the young leader, who declared that he was a Zaid supporter. "But it's totally wrong to attack our own boss and party, especially through one of the most controversial mainstream Malay dailies." He was referring to Utusan Malaysia, the paper that opposition supporters love to hate.

"He may think that by talking to the media he could make grassroots members understand his reason for entering the contest for deputy president. But he has failed to understand that Malaysians generally have a long way to go before acquiring the political maturity associated with citizens of advanced democracies."

He said the majority of veteran PKR members joined the party out of anger over the persecution of Anwar.

"Grassroots members can be Zaid supporters, can be Azmin supporters or even Mustaffa Kamil Ayub supporters.

"But they all have something in common. They will be with Anwar through thick or thin. When you attack Anwar, they hate you and you lose their support. It's as simple as that."

Zaid apparently erred again when, in a recent Harakah interview, he said PKR was wasting its energy by focusing too much on the Anwar trial. According to some PKR insiders, the comment turned off many of his supporters and they decided to swing their votes to Mustaffa Kamil as a sign of protest.

Zaid told Harakah that the judge handling the current sodomy trial was not as unfair as the judge in Sodomy I, the late Augustine Paul.

PKR and even PAS members have commented that Zaid, as a lawyer himself, should know that many Pakatan Rakyat supporters felt the current trial has been unfair from the beginning, with the judge denying Anwar crucial documents held by the prosecution.

Insulting comments

Pakatan leaders have consistently expressed their lack of confidence in the judiciary, especially when it comes to Anwar's case. And Zaid's expression of confidence in the judiciary, said the PKR insiders, was an insult to their intelligence.

Another perceived insult was a comment he made after announcing his pullout from the election. Even his own supporters have taken offence at the sarcasm in his reference to "those adoring fans of Anwar Ibrahim" who, according to him, saw him as a "spoiler" standing in the way of their march to Putrajaya. They said their support of his candidacy did not mean that they should abandon Anwar.

Zaid, said the commentators, failed to take into account that most members of any political party in Malaysia are not at his level of political sophistication and will take a long time to get there because the flow of information is not as smooth as in mature democracies.

Many in PKR said Zaid appeared too ambitious when he announced his candidacy for the deputy presidency. According to them, the political culture in Malaysia is such that a newcomer to a party should not aim that high.

"He has been in the party for just two years; it is not ethical to go against someone like Azmin, who has been with us from the beginning," said a key leader from Jempol, adding that he strongly supported Azmin for the deputy presidency.

"We would have had no problems supporting him if had gone for one of the vice-presidential posts."

He said Zaid had only himself to blame for not getting enough support from the grassroots. Most of these members, he added, did not understand what reforms he planned to introduce and what damage he was going to repair.

"Zaid didn't have time for meet-the-people sessions or to carry out intensive campaigns to ensure that he reaches ordinary members," he said.

In Negri Sembilan, for instance, Zaid had only one session with grassroots leaders and members.

By contrast, Azmin, who already has his hands full with his duties as state assemblyman, MP, and an official of a Selangor government-linked company, visited the Negri Sembilan divisional leaders and members at least three times in just one month.

Lone ranger

Zaid also handicapped himself by his failure to form a dream team. He was seen as a "lone ranger", said one grassroots leader.

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar, Padang Serai MP N Gobalakrishnan and former PKR communication chief Johnson Chong were seen as aligned to him, but there was no official announcement to make this clear to voters.

If he had made such an announcement, he might have received votes from hardcore supporters of the three, said one grassroots leader.

Azmin too did not announce his dream team, but he had the advantage of having many PKR leaders who are either MPs or state assemblymen declaring their support for him at a press conference two months ago.

God is on leave

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:41 PM PST

The Malaysian Insider's PKR turmoil: Sign from God, says Shafie reported:

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said the turmoil and latest controversy in PKR were signs from Allah for the people to reject the opposition party and continue to choose Umno and Barisan Nasional to rule the country.

Well, I disagree with Minister Shafie because God is actually away on holidays.

How do I know that?

Because of the rampant cheating, lying, corruption and double-crossing going on in UMNO. Admittedly not all UMNO members have been involved, but a sufficient number, especially at the top echelon are, so one can only conclude that these self-claimed god-fearing people would only have done all these wicked stuff because they must have known God is not around to see them being wicked.

However my disagreement with Minister Shafie only covers his ludicrous assertion that "the turmoil and latest controversy in PKR were signs from Allah".

Let's please leave the holy name of Allah swt out of grubby political one-upmanship, and just say wicked deeds have been and are being done in PKR, because their leaders too must be aware God is on leave.

Pengangguran Kelantan PALING RENDAH di MALAYSIA - Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 11:20 AM PST

NOTA EDITOR: Dalam sebuk2 UMNO menyebar fitnah kononnya Kelantan mundur dan kelantan paling tak maju, rupanya kadar pengangguran di Kelantan adalah paling rendah di Malaysia.

Teringat saya kepada komen member saya, Topeng Perak satu masa dahulu. Beliau kata beliau pulang ke Kelantan tak sampai 2 minggu dah dapat kerja. Teman baik beliau, si Aduka Taruna, dalam kena hambat dengan polis pun boleh dapat kerja.

nah terbukti kebenaran. Negeri yang tidak mementingkan projek2 gajah putih, tidak mementingkan menara 100 tingkat, tidak mementingkan menara berkembar rupanya keraaan Kelantan telah menjalankan projek2 yang membantu peniaga2 kecil dan sederahana.

Kesannya, peniaga2 kecil dan sederhana di Kelantan mampu mengambil ramai pekerja menyebabkan kadar kemiskinan Kelantan adalah antara yang terendah di Malaysia. Projek2 membantu kroni ditolak, tapi wang kerajaan negeri digunakan membantu rakyat yang majoritinya peniaga2 kecil dan sederhana.

Perkara yang sama kita lihat di Amerika sekarang ini. Didapati 90% dari syarikat2 yang mengambil pekerja baru di saat jatuhnya ekonomi Amerika adalah perniagaan2 yang bersifat kecil dan sederhana. Dikatakan peniaga2 kecil dan sederhana inilah yang akan menyelamatkan ekonomi Amerika dari kehancurkan dan kemusnahan.

Saudara boleh baca sendiri statistik ini di sini ("Kadar Pengangguran Kelantan Paling Rendah di Malaysia- Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia").

Jangan kita terpengaruh dengan pembohongan UMNO/BN. Sememangnya mereka ini bangsa penipu dan pembohong.

Tulang Besi

Percaya atau tidak Laporan Kadar Pengangguran mengikut negeri di Malaysia untuk suku tahun pertama 2009 mencatatkan bahawa kadar pengangguran di Kelantan ialah yang terendah di Malaysia iaitu sebanyak hanya 2.2%, manakala yang tertinggi ialah di Sabah iaitu 6.1% iaitu ke 14 tertinggi di Malaysia.

Sementara itu untuk Negeri Sembilan kadar penganggurannya ialah ke 11 tertinggi di Malaysia , iaitu sebanyak 4.4%.

(Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mahu UMNO serta semua sayap parti mengadakan lebih banyak program berbentuk mendampingi rakyat di kawasan-kawasan yang dikuasai pembangkang dan bukannya di kawasan selamat.- Utusan Malaysia 17 Okt. 2010)

Sumber pada pautan berikut http://amkns.blogspot.com/2010/11/kadar-pengangguran-sabah-tertinggi.html

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Posted: 09 Nov 2010 09:38 AM PST

In politics Nothing is Impossible. A WIN IS WIN.

BN Sarawak will go all out to protect the candidates that will bring them success. Our SPDP Privelege source said to audie61,"You see N45 might just be swapped with  N66. Both are Assistant Ministers and it might just work for both parties concerned since SUPP has declared in a PC today that they have not considered Larry Sng to contest in the 19 seats allocated to SUPP"

Even in the Borneo Posts for the last few days this issue has been played up where the SPDP President William Mawan said,"We have the areas but we don't mind swapping or exchanging areas so long a Barisan wins. That is the most important thing,"

Meanwhile PRS President James Masing has said,"

'Pelagus not open for talks'

The floodgates opened when the Chief Minister last weekend at a function in Miri in his speech put it out openly,"(Even) if they are not party members, as long as they support the government, as long as they got something to contribute, bring them in (and) get them to be candidates,"

There will be a solution and it might just be this N45 and N66 Swapping symbols and seats.

Can we rule this out ?

Our Privilege source insists that when CM Taib calls it during the BN meeting for the winnable candidates no one would even dare to challenge him unless they are prepared to face the consequences.

 Then again at that particular time BN might just LISTEN or….


Did the US launch an ICBM off the Pacific Coast to warn China

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 09:52 AM PST


Found this on Reddit

looks like US Military may not be telling the truth or owning up to event
On closer inspection this NOTAM (Notice to airmen) is dated a day too late to explain the Nov 8 event....

the mystery continues


You have to see the video, it was captured just after 5am on Monday Tuesday morning by an LA local CBS station KCBS

the video clearly shows a very large contrail, unlike a plane's contrail, this is more like a space shuttle contrail, the hydrogen-oxygen fuel mix leave behind a huge column of vapour and at the head you can see a bright flame that conclusively prove that it is a rocket contrail

Since it was launched in the middle of the ocean, it can only be an ICBM or Inter-Continental Ballsitic Missile... from a submarine...

either that or some unknown sea launch of a rocket

the sub explanation seems most plausible right now and all US agencies are denying knowledge

forme US Defence Secretary Robert Ellsworth thinks it is a sub-launched missile

Airtime scandal...

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 08:00 AM PST

Its all about this guy again, and the TV station he controls. Maybe its not his fault (in this case) but he should know and apply some controls here.

(I dont want to mention his name here as I dont want any police reports be lodged against me). I just want to ask him - does he know about one ANUAR who gets a few hundred hours of airtime with the TV station?

This ANUAR is close to a high ranking officer in-charge of signing the airtime's letter of award (LA). And this ANUAR fella is getting rich by selling the airtime (which easily costs RM25k per hour) to film producers who are so hard up of having their production being aired on the TV station but find it difficult to get the airtime.

Looks like ANUAR is monopolising the airtime business to the extent that some movie/drama producers have to beg from him.

The story about ANUAR and this Datuk goes back a few years back. If I am not mistaken, the same ANUAR was responsible in introducing an attractive broadcast journalist (known as 'ZZ') to this Datuk as a 'token' for such a lucrative airtime.

And their meeting place, among few, is an exclusive restaurant in Jalan Langgak Golf.

Was this the same Datuk nabbed for 'khalwat' with the lady not long ago?

Actually, I dont care much about their affair or why ANUAR was given such a 'big' airtime. I just want the boss to know that such a malpractice is not healthy, not only to the government but also to him and the organisation he leads...

It is also not fair to others...

PS - pls do not lodge a police report as I didnt mention any names, thank you

(Video) Video Yang Menceritakan Bangunan Warisan 100 Tingkat

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 06:38 AM PST

Anti Mega Tower Part 1

Anti Mega Tower Part 2

Video ini diubahsuaikan oleh tsami87 (http://www.youtube.com/user/tsam87) dan telah diuploadkan ke youtube.

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蔡細歷:建3000屋華裔佔多 華小保留地明年或落實

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 03:52 AM PST










MCA aims to raise RM10m for medical fund

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 02:41 AM PST

----->For all races: Dr Chua (centre) speaking to the press at the Wisma MCA in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. With him are (from left) MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu and party vice-president Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai.

KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA plans to raise at least RM10mil at the 1MCA Medical Foundation dinner to benefit Malaysians of all races, says party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

He said the amount of donations currently stood at RM8mil and donors were welcome to join the dinner to be held on Dec 13.

"The funds collected is for all, regardless of race. It is given just as long as you are a Malaysian," Dr Chua told reporters after the MCA central committee and presidential council meetings at the Wisma MCA here yesterday.

Dr Chua added that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak would be the guest-of-honour at the dinner.

"The party has set criteria or guidelines on how we can channel the money to needy patients. A committee, headed by Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, has been formed to select the recipients of the fund," he said.

The committee was made up of both private and government officers, he said, adding that there was a set of guidelines on speeding up the approval process.

THE STAR (Tuesday November 9, 2010)

The top 175 global economic entities in 2009

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 02:06 AM PST

The world's largest economic entities in 2009, as measured by Gross Domestic Product and Total Revenue, reveal some interesting facts. The most telling for most Malaysians being 6 corporations / multi-national corporations which include Wal-Mart (ranked No. 23), Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum, Toyota Motor and Japan Post Holdings are "bigger" than Malaysia (ranked No. 47).

With reference to Asian countries, Thailand (ranked No. 36) and Hong Kong (ranked No. 43) are ahead of Malaysia while Singapore (ranked No. 52), Philippines (ranked No. 61) and Vietnam (ranked No. 111) are  trailing us. In the same report, our Petronas is ranked No. 171.

The following is an excerpt of the above report by D. Steven White whose work I have referenced for this post … (emphasis mine)

Seven of the top 50 economic entities are multinational corporations (14 percent). In the second tier of 50, 37 are corporations (74 percent) and in the third tier of 50, 88 percent are corporations (44). In total 62.3 percent (109) of the top 175 economic entities are corporations.

Not listed are 129+ countries with levels of gross domestic product (GDP) lower than Oman's.

The total revenue of Wal-Mart (23rd on the list) is 2.24 times larger than the GDP of Singapore (52nd on the list) and 6.77 times larger than the GDP of Oman (175th on the list). From a marketing and international business perspective, this illustrates the level of success achieved by multinational corporations.

D. Steven White's blogsite is here.

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Zaid Ibrahim tidak akan keluar PKR

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:03 AM PST

PETALING JAYA: 09 Nov - LAPORAN LANGSUNG DARI SIDANG AKHBAR DATUK ZAID IBRAHIM DI RUMAHNYA DI TROPICANA DEKAT PETALING JAYA 11 PAGI INI – hadir sama di sidang akhbar itu ialah seorang lagi calon Timbalan Presiden PKR,Mustapha Kamil Ayub.

Calon Naib Presiden N Gobalakrishnan yang juga Ahli Parlimen Padang Serai,Kedah ada dalam rumah itu tetapi tidak sertai sidang akhbar.Zaid antara lain menegaskan beliau TAK AKAN KELUAR PKR.

Katanya kenapa beliau perlu keluar parti.Menurut Zaid beliau hanya menyuarakan rasa tidak puashati akar umbi terhadap kepincangan pemilihan PKR.Dakwannya hanya puak Azmin Ali saja yang puashati dengan proses pemilihan.

Mustafa pula memberitahu ada 162 aduan terhadap Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Parti. Beliau memberi tempoh 48 jam untuk supaya batalkan pemilihan jika tidak akan mengambil tindakan lebih tegas.

Menurut Zaid mereka mempunyai bukti lengkap tentang kong kalikong dalam proses pemilihan.Ia dalam bentuk video,gambar dan lain-lain.

Katanya ia akan diserahkan kepada parti.

Beliau juga menegaskan PKR nak buat reform Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Azmin harus keluar dari parti.

Dakwannya kedua merekalah punca masalah dalam parti itu.Zaid juga dengan nada sinis dan tertawa mendakwa Anwar ada banyak masalah peribadi.Beliau tidak menyebutnya.

Azmin pula ada banyak isu.

Katanya Anwar harus lepaskan memimpin PKR manakala Azmin tarik diri dari pemilihan jawatan Timbalan Presiden PKR.

Azmin: Not up to Zaid whether I stay or leave

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:08 AM PST

PKR vice-president Azmin Ali said his fate in the party will be decided by the party members and not Zaid Ibrahim. Brushing off Zaid's calls to step down this morning, Azmin said members who voted in the ongoing party polls clearly do not agree with the former. "I must say I am happy to note that in the last few weeks of part elections I have received very encouraging support, even from Sabah. Video by Hazlan Zakaria Full story here: www.malaysiakini.com
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Anwar: I won't entertain sore losers

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:39 AM PST

Anwar Ibrahim has downplayed the criticism levelled against him by Zaid Ibrahim, who has starkly told him to step down as PKR de facto leader.At the same time, he questioned if this is linked to a "concerted campaign" to discredit him as Opposition Leader. "That is his (Zaid's) personal opinion. If there is consensus from the leadership then I would take heed, but I've never heard of this before," said Anwar when asked to comment on Zaid's stinging remarks at a press conference earlier today. Video by Hazlan Zakaria Full story here: www.malaysiakini.com
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Pulling out to give Azmin a hollow victory?

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 04:26 PM PST

By FMT Staff

ANALYSIS While most Malaysians were in deep slumber in the wee hours on Monday, former PKR supreme council member and party Federal Territories chief Zaid Ibrahim was busy making phone calls.

At 3am, the former minister in the prime minister's department was telling friends in the media that he had put up his jottings in his blog, announcing his withdrawal from the party deputy presidential race and that he was resigning from all party positions.

As the hours passed and the nation awoke, the announcement sent shock waves not only in the party but also to leaders from both sides of the political divide, revealing that all was not well within PKR, formed after the sacking of its now de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim as deputy prime minister in 1998.

Some political observers and analysts were quick to point out that the lawyer-turned-politician's latest move would not have a major impact on the opposition party and that Zaid's action could win him the title of being a sore loser.

The reason for Zaid's drastic action is not a secret anymore. He was disgusted with the way the party was run. He was also in utter disbelief that PKR, which was supposed to champion justice, good governance, openness and all that comes from a good political organisation, turned out to be the opposite.

To his dismay, Zaid realised that all these sweet-sounding words were mere words and nothing more when it came to action. PKR, he claimed, was there to champion the cause of one man, Anwar in particular, and he wants this to change.

The former minister, who threw away all perks that came from holding a ministerial post by ditching Umno and joining PKR a year ago, realised that to change the party he had to hold a senior post and his choice was to go for the PKR deputy presidency.

Anwar's blue-eyed boy joins the race

The problem is, the post was also contested by Anwar's blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali and another vice-president Mustaffa Kamil Ayub. Even from the start, things did not look well for Zaid. He was attacked from all corners for taking the plunge with all sorts of name-calling.

The last straw was when Anwar openly backed Azmin for the post. The de facto party leader had in one of his meetings with PKR members warned them of a "Trojan Horse" in their midst and many interpreted it as a hit on Zaid.

While Zaid was grappling with this, efforts were already underway to "slaughter" him in the election. Even in the first week of voting, discrepancies were showing. Earlier results showed Zaid in the lead but this was reversed just a few hours later, when party secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution announced that Azmin was leading the race.

Saifuddin, known to be a close ally of Azmin, gave various reasons for the reversal, including "human error".

Zaid, on the other hand, even when he was in the lead for the short period, wanted the election process cleaned up after being informed of various mismanagement in the running of the polls.

PKR is the first political party in the country to introduce the unique "one-member, one-vote" system, where ordinary members are allowed to vote to pick national leaders. Voting is held on a staggered basis on weekends state by state. It is expected to come to an end by the third week of November.

Unofficial results after voting in 87 divisions showed Azmin in the lead for the deputy presidency with a thumping 2,650 vote majority. He has amassed 6,525 votes compared to Zaid's 3,905 votes and Mustaffa's 1,215 votes.

Mustaffa sings the chorus

While Zaid was seen as the only leader coming out in the open to cry foul, now he has an ally in Mustaffa, who over the last two days had been asking the PKR central election committee to call for fresh election due to the various irregularities.

Speaking at a joint press conference at Zaid's residence today, Mustaffa renewed this call and announced that he would submit a memorandum on the running of the polls to party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and the party election committee today.

He also gave the party 48 hours to rectify all the mistakes made in the election process. He, however, stopped short of revealing his next course of action, if the party and its leadership did not make any changes to its election practices and halt the polls.

The fact that these two leaders held the press conference together is in itself an indication that they were united in seeing the party conduct its polls in a healthy manner without tarnishing its image by indulging in irregular election practices.

Mustaffa, who has been in the party since its formation, is certainly disappointed with the way Anwar had been conducting himself in the run-up to the polls. Azmin's alleged action of manipulating results and using underhand tactics to secure the numbers have just added fuel to fire.

While Mustaffa is wishing for fresh election, it is unlikely to materialise. The party leaders, especially Anwar and Azmin, are unlikely to heed the call, preferring to bulldoze through the motion and ensure Azmin is crowned as number two at the PKR convention scheduled for Nov 26.

Political observers are, however, keen to watch Mustaffa's next move. If he decides to abandon his quest for deputy presidency, which is increasingly looking like a lost cause by the day, then Azmin would clinch the position without proper election.

While Anwar and Azmin would celebrate victory and pat each other's back for successfully conducting the election using the "one-member, one-vote system", it would definitely be marred by a spate of pullouts.

This in itself would make Azmin's sweet victory hollow. He would not be able to function as an effective deputy president until and unless he redeems himself when the party conducts a clean and transparent election, accepted by all PKR members and leaders alike.

Azmin will also fail to command the respect of grassroots members with the growing number of election malpractices. In the end, it would indeed make his victory hollow.

Also read:

Zaid wants Anwar out, Azmin disqualified

Mustaffa renews call for fresh elections

Isu MB Dato Nik Aziz ~ Md Nor Deris Bertelagah ~ Tak kena cara menegur

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 01:31 AM PST

Bilamana saya melihat video rakaman pertelegahan kedua Muslim di atas, saya merasa sedih dan terkilan kerana terjadinya peristiwa sebegini melibatkan seorang yang mengaku ustaz mewakili UMNO memaki hamun Menteri Besar Kelantan Darul Naim yang berkedudukan sebagai Mursyidul Am PAS padahal kedua mereka adalah tetamu dikediaman bekas ADUN Galas (Semangat 46) Haji Omar Mohamad pada 30hb Oktober lalu semasa sedang berlangsung kempen pilihanraya kecil di kawasan Gua Musang baru baru ini.

Dari rakaman awal video ini, sudah terang lagi bersuluh bahawa bekas calon BN Pengkalan Chepa Mohd Nor Deris sudah memang merancang bertikam lidah dengan MB Kelantan tentang perkara kenapa PAS mahu bersekongkol dengan parti DAP dan PKR?

Mohd Nor bin Deris merupakan bekas pensyarah Fakulti Syariah, Akademi Islam, Universiti Malaya,Nilam Puri, Kelantan. Beliau juga bekas anggota dewan ulama' Pas '81 – '88, masuk UMNO 1999 hingga kini.

Saya tidak mahu memperkatakan apa apa tentang latarbelakang beliau dan juga menyentuh soal beliau kini mahu kelihatan sebagai juara UMNO menentang Nik Aziz seperti yang kita semua sudah lihat didalam rakaman rakaman video berkaitan.

Yang ingin saya bertanya adalah kenapa beliau mengambil sikap berkeras dan kasar sebegini terhadap seorang tamu yang lain dirumah orang?

Dimanakah adab dan akhlak beliau selaku seorang yang dikatakan sebagai bekas pensyarah Fakulti Syariah didalam Akademi Islam, Universiti Malaya kampus cawangan Nilam Puri, Kelantan?

Saya berpendapat bahawa beliau telah mendatangkan bencana besar kepada imej parti UMNO diKelantan dengan sikap kurang beradab beliau semasa bertembung dengan MB Kelantan di rumah bekas Adun Galas (S46) Tuan Haji Omar Mohamad itu!

Saya rasa tak ada lagi sebelum ini mana mana wakil UMNO bersikap sebegini biadap terhadap Nik Aziz walaupun kita semua sedia maklum bahawa ada percanggahan pendapat baik dari segi politik mahupun agama dengan MB Kelantan ini.

Sikap kurang adab Mohd Nor Deris hanya mengundang musibah terhadap perancangan penyatuan ummah di Malaysia ini.

Beliau tidak menang apa apa didalam konflik beliau terhadap Nik Aziz didalam peristiwa ini malah reputasi beliau kini hancur dek kerna terikut nafsu amarah yang bergejolak membakar diri didalam pertembungan ini.

Sayang! Segala ilmu pengetahuan agama yang ada pada manusia ini hilang sia sia sahaja bila membiarkan amarah didalam jiwa menguasainya didalam insiden yang mendukacitakan ini.

UMNO dengan PAS perlu menjauhkan diri dari peristiwa ini. Jangan kerna seorang manusia yang hilang pertimbangan dikala itu dek kerna kepentingan diri mahu dilihat sebagai juara entah apa apa membakar jambatan pertalian ikhwanul muslimin yang senantiasa wujud diatas dasar sesama Islam.

Perbezaan pendapat dan pegangan politik semasa itu hanya rintangan semasa yang dibiarkan merenggang ukhuwah al Islamiyyah diantara dua parti Melayu Muslim yang terbesar didalam negara.

Ada yang cuba menangguk di air keruh perhubungan diantara kedua parti ini. 

Sebagaimana kita semua lihat, disebalik pertelagahan politik diantara PAS dan UMNO, pihak pihak bukan Islam tidak kira samada dari BN ataupun PR, mengambil kesempatan membangkitkan isu isu yang menyentuh hak umat Islam dan mereka bersama sama mempertikaikan itu dan ini tentang kedudukan Islam didalam negara kita?

Yang ruginya siapa?

Sesama Muslim, bukan?

Inilah akibatnya jika manusia seperti Mohd Nor Deris lupa bahawa berkeras dan bertelagah seperti yang dilakukannya sesama pemimpin umat Islam hanya merugikan kedua dua pihak UMNO dan PAS!

Saya rasa sikap sebegini tidak disokong oleh pucuk pimpinan UMNO itu sendiri kerana para pemimpin mereka seperti PM Dato Seri Najib sendiri tidak bermusuhan sebegitu rupa dengan MB Kelantan Dato Nik Aziz. Kita nampak bagaimana beliau pergi menziarahi Nik Aziz semasa MB Kelantan itu sakit tidak lama dahulu?

Tuan Mohd Nor Deris harus bersikap lebih berhemah seandainya beliau mahu bermuzakarah dengan Nik Aziz bukannya menyerang melulu seperti didalam rakaman video berkaitan.

Mana perginya segala ilmu pengetahuan beliau didalam menyampaikan ilmu agama kepada para pelajarnya didalam Fakulti Syariah dahulu?

Dimanakah tercicirnya rasa kasih sayang sesama Islam sekiranya itu yang dihajatinya ketika bertemu muka dengan Nik Aziz?

Berulang kali ia menyuarakan tentang perintah Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bahawa perlu dirapatkan perhubungan sesama Islam tetapi tidak pula diamalkannya semasa berdepan Nik Aziz?

Macamanalah Nik Aziz hendak terima hujah hujah Tuan Mohd Nor Deris jika hanya maki hamun yang dihamburkan terhadap beliau oleh 'wakil' UMNO ini?

Jangankan Nik Aziz, Presiden Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pun akan ca alif but dari berada dekat dengan Tuan Mohd Nor Deris!

Inilah masaalah manusia manusia Muslim zaman sekarang.

Cakap berdegar degar tentang Islam dan begitu fasih menuturkan ayat ayat suci Al Quranul Karim tentang perpaduan Islam tetapi didalam hati penuh dendam kesumat berapi dan diluahkan kata kata nesta tanpa ada rasa mahabbah dan cinta sesama saudara seIslam dengan kita?

Macamanalah umat Islam didalam Malaysia nak bersatu?

Dah sia sia lah peluang untuk Tuan Mohd Nor duduk berbincang, berkenaan dengan isu perpaduan ummah!

Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh semua akan ketawa terbahak bahak melihat kelaku Tuan yang sembang deraih tentang perpaduan ummah tetapi sebaliknya maki hamun seorang MB Kelantan didepan khalayak umum kerana video video berkaitan kini ditonton seluruh negara mahupun dunia!!!

'Practice what you preach brother before you talk about unity!!!'

Rumusan saya tentang peristiwa ini adalah ' Menang jadi arang ; kalah jadi debu!'

Terlajak perahu boleh diundur ; terlajak perbuatan tanggunglah sendiri.

Hai lah manusia!

Memang tepat sungguh Surah Wal Asr!

Demi Masa!

Inna al-insana lafee khusr
Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian -

Illa allatheena amanoowaAAamiloo assalihati watawasaw bilhaqqiwatawasaw bissabr
Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Blogger Papa Gomo Buktikan bahawa Parpukari penipu !!!

Posted: 09 Nov 2010 12:41 AM PST

Gambar Hari Pengumuman Calon BN di Coman Centre
24hb Oktober 2010
( Bazlan Baharuddin Dalm Bulatan Kuning)

Gambar 26hb Oktober 2010 Di Pusat Penamaan Calon
( Bazlan Baharuddin bersama Dato Ahmad Maslan)

Pemuda UMNO Gua Musang Mengangkat Calon BN
Aziz Yusof Selepas selesai Penamaan Calon.

Gambar 28 Oktober jam 12.15 pagi bertempat di Kedai Mamak
Berhampiran Coman Centre bersama Belia Kaum India.
( Bazlan memakai Baju Putih Merah)

Gambar di hadapan Sek Keb Indra Petra
30 hb Oktober 2010
Pelepasan rombongan penyokong Pasukan
Bolasepak Kelantan ke Bukit Jalil

Gambar ini di rakamkan pada 30 hb Oktober juga
Yang Mana Bazlan Baharuddin menaiki Bas Rombongan bersama
Penyokong Kelantan Ke Bukit Jalil.

Gambar 30 hb Oktober bersama Dato Razali Ibrahim
jam lebih kurang 4 petang di Sg Terah.
( Bazlan Baharuddin sebenarnya tidak menaiki Bas rombongan ke Bukit Jalil tetapi hanya menumpang bas tersebut sehingga sampai di persimpangan jalan dan kemudiannya turun.)

Program Kementerian Pertanian Di Lepan Jaya
2hb November 2010 Jam 5 petang
Gambar malam bersama TEKUN di Dataran Kesedar
2hb November 2010 Jam 10.00 Malam

Gambar Hari Terakhir Kempen
3 hb November 2010
Bertempat di Kg Baru Cina

Inilah dia jika terlalu obses dan terlalu fanatik kepada seorang pemimpin sehingga buta pintu hati . Kata peribahasa dahulu , kalau suka biarlah berpada jika benci biarlah berpada. Inilah berlaku jika terlalu ghairah untuk membuktikan kepada dunia  konon nya dengan tulisan aku semua orang boleh aku tumbangkan. Akhirnya hari demi hari berbagai bagai cerita yang direka ditulis hanya dengan nawaitu untuk menjatuhkan seseorang pemimpin yang tidak disukai hanya kerana pemimpin yang disokong tewas dalam pertandingan untuk merebut jawatan yang diinginkan.

Akhirnya penipuan ini dapat juga dibuktikan yang mana tuduhan ini sebenarnya fitnah yang kotor yang dilakukan dengan niat jahat untuk menjatuhkan seorang pemimpin. Mungkin sehingga hari ini tuhan masih menyanyang pemimpin ini dan walaupun hari hari penulis anjing upahan Mukhriz dan juga Menteri Besar Perak Dr Zambri ini cuba menjatuhkan Khairy Jamaluddin , Khairy tetap utuh dan terus melaksana kan tugasnya dengan baik dan sehingga hari ini pemuda UMNO tetap bergerak ke hadapan dengan banyak program program dan akhirnya membuktikan bahawa Pemudfa UMNO berjaya membantu memenangkan PRK Galas dan Batu Sapi dengan baik nya.

Sungguh memalukan , kuncu kuncu ini dan sungguh meluap luap malah perasaan mereka apabila melihat setiap kejayaan Khairy. Apa sahaja yang dilakukan oleh Khairy tentu akan mendapat tentangan oleh juak juak ini. Alhamdulillah sehingga hari ini Khairy telah berjaya melaksanakan tugas nya dengan baik. Macam inilah kalau anjing tetap anjing.

Petikan dari sebuah Blog : http://1-mal.blogspot.com/

"Dia hanya dilihat bersama blogger-blogger UMB yang ditaja KJ mengekor Khairy ke sana sini. Masa malam final bola. Bazlan boleh ikut sama dalam bas turun ke Kuala Lumpur."

Isy isy isy….Blogger UMB di taja KJ? Apa nak buat nama pun Blogger Elitis, biasalah tu…….

Gomo nak betulkan keadaan di sini yang mana ramai menyatakan Pemuda UMNO Gua Musang Boikot PRK Galas dan kata itu ini. Lagi yang Gomo nak betulkan adalah kenyataan Blogger Elitis ini yang menyatakan UMB di taja KJ.

Patut yang Tulis tu tanya diri….Broadband dan Laptop yang di pakai dulu tu bukan UMB bagi ke? Mewah lah jugak dari Gomo yang mana UMB tak pernah bagi kemudahan selama ni.

Memang tak di nafikan sentimen PRK Galas ni lain macam, lain dari PRK yang sebelum nya. Sentimen orang Kelantan ni agak lain dan Gomo orang Kelantan memang peka dengan hal sebegini.

Blogg tersohor Parpu Kari menyatakan Pemuda UMNO Gua Musang tak turun membantu PRK Kali inil. Dan kemudiannya disusuli Blogg lain yang mana penulis pun lebih kurang sama jugak.

Gomo dari awal lihat media pembangkang memainkan isu KP Gua Musang tidak menyokong calon BN. Semua Blogger dan facebookers mereka jelas menyatakan Calon di Boikot dan sebagainya. Tapi realitinya? Hanya Tuhan yang tahu……

Sebab itu sejak hari pertama lagi Gomo cuba seberapa upaya dengan rakan rakan Blogger yang lain cuba menjejak KP UMNO Gua Musang Bazlan baharuddin ini. Gomo cuba sedaya upaya nak mendapatkan gambar nya bersama calon untuk di keluarkan dalam Blogg bagi menempis dakwaan Pembangkang yang KP UMNO Gua Musang tidak menyokong calon dan tidak membuat kerja dalam PRK Kali ini.

gambar gambar di atas adalah gambar yang Gomo sempat ambil dalam sepanjang PRK Galas yang lalu dengan menggunakan Fone Blackberry dan Camera Coolplix milik Gomo sendiri. Gambar hasil kerja tangan Gomo dalam PRK Galas kali ni.

Tapi tak sangka bila habis PRK ni ada pula dari rakan sendiri yang memberikan fakta tidak tepat dan ianya Fitnah sama sekali. sebab tu Gomo nyatakan, Hanya Tuhan sahaja yang tahu apa yang berlaku dalam PRK Galas ini.

Isu Bazlan ke Kuala Lumpur dengan mengikuti Rombongan Penyokong juga satu Fitnah. Macam mana pulak si Bazlan tu boleh di katakan naik Bas ke Bukit Jalil walhalkan petang itu beliau berada bersama sama Dato Raali Ibrahim di Sg Terah?

Gomo harap kita ni kalau nak BALUN pemimpin UMNO biar lah bertepatan dengan Maklumat dan Berita yang Sahih. Kita ni lah yang tinggal untuk perjuangan di Alam maya.

Ops…sebelum Gomo nak tutup artikel ni Gomo nak cakap sikit. Gomo keluarkan Artikel ini atas sebab ingin memperbetulkan kenyataan yang Pembangkang dok mainkan bahawa KP UMNO Gua Musang tidak membantu Kempen PRK Galas.

Jadi harapnya selesai sudah jawapan yang Gomo sampaikan ini. Kalau nak kata Bazlan Baharuddin bayar Gomo ke apa terpulanglah kerana sepanjang di sana UMB dah jaga sebaik mungkin di bawah Tun Faizal Exco Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia melalui Eizwan Kelate.

Tugas di sana di bawah UMB, Unit Media Baru UMNO yang mana Presiden UMNO adalah Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak. Gomo buat kerja atas nama Parti UMNO. Pelik dengan kenyataan UMB milik KJ. isy isy isy….

Perjuangan Belum Selesai……..Matlamat Menang PRU 13. FOKUS!!!

Psssttt….Jangan Fitnah…tak baik…..biar ada Fakta kalau nak cerita tu!!!



Petikan dari sumber:  1-mal.blogspot.com


Posted: 09 Nov 2010 12:34 AM PST

By the Administrator

PKR Bukit Geligor going all out to campaign for Azmin Ali and Dato Mansor Othman, who stand for the party's Deputy President and Nsaib Presiodent posts respectively.

The Division Chairman Lim Boo Chang said it when chairing mthe third meeting of the Division Committee on 6th November.

"Members are encouraged to come out to vote for the above two leaders, with the freedom of voting for the other 3 Vice-presidents and 20 members of the Central Commiittee," he emphasised.

Voting day for Bukit Gelugor Division falls on this Saturday 13th November from 10am to 4pm, and the place of voting will be at Dewan JKKK Taman Brown, Jalan Permai, 11700, Penang.





Jeffrey should revisit the 1963 merger to safe Sabahans

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 03:14 PM PST

From KS, via e-mail

I'm a bit concerned about the elections result in Batu Sapi. Isn't there a machinery that can explain to the people of Sabah that they are the scapeogoats and sacrificial lambs of Umno-BN and the political elites?

Each time an election happens, many foreigners and illegals are asked to vote. New IDs and citizenships are given out at the expense of the local Kadazandusun/Murut. More so, the Muslim population is increased many fold.

I think that Jeffery kitingan can change that by re-visiting the 1963 merger. The DAP and PKR must work in concert and ensure elections are not rigged and the locals not cheated.

We can leave PAS out of this. This is a serious matter as it eradicates the rights of the locals.

Non-halal food in St Thomas

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 03:13 PM PST

From KSChin, via e-mail

Don't settle the issue internally. Demand satisfaction. Don't do the teacher a favour by transferring him to KL.

Transfer him instead to Ulu Sarawak where he has to live with a population of Iban majority and where non-halal food is everywhere.

Settling internally would allow further injustices to be inflicted elsewhere in Sarawak schools.


Student caned for having non-halal food

Non-halal food: Teacher hauled over the coals

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