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Fw: Fwd: Erro! Reply very very fast !!

Fw: Fwd: Erro! Reply very very fast !!

Fw: Fwd: Erro! Reply very very fast !!

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 12:54 PM PST

I received this message in my gmail. Is this true? Anyone else hada receive this?

From: Admin <>
Date: 20 November 2010 03:36
Subject: Erro! Reply very very fast !!

Dear Email account owner,
we have sent you emails 3 times regarding the error in your email
account. Note that this is the last time and if you do not reply and
act accordingly, your email account will be closed permanent.
Your account was deleted from our database and this is the last notice.
Confirm the following data so that we can use it to correct this error

Your full name:.........
Your Age:........

Reply instantly and provide the above detail
Database admininstrator.

Meet the stars of 1Sex 1Money 1Scandal: The Virus Returns

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 12:16 PM PST

Meet the stars of 1S1M1S! Malaysiakini presents Jo Kukathas, one of the most talented, versatile and charismatic performers of our time. Check out our exclusive interview with Ribena Berry and Jo's other alter egos from 1S1M1S in Produced and edited by Indrani Kopal and Rentakini crew - Calvin Cheah, Arvind Raj and Maran Perianen Special Thanks to: Jo Kukathas Shegar Chandra Sekaran *** Note: 1Sex 1Money 1Scandal: The Virus Returns Missing jet engines, missing mistresses, missing evidence and missing memories. When everyone in the country muda lupa who better to remind you than those flers from Instant Cafe-- with their infectious new comedy 1S1M1S! Join the multi-faceted Jo Kukathas as she and some of Instant Cafe's most hilarious and iconic characters - YB Deputy Minister of Panic, Actress Turned Mistress Ribena Berry, Uncivil Servant Puan Badariah Minah Periok, and Judge Mental Singh find love in all the wrong places. Very wrong places. Starring Jo Kukathas With Shanthini Venugopal, Junji Delfino, Edwin Sumun, Maya Tan Abdullah, Zalfian Fuzi, Tria Aziz, Nish Tham and Kuah Jenhan. DATES/TIMES: 24 -- 28 November 2010. 24 -28 November 830pm & 28 November 3pm VENUE: PJLA Theatre, Jaya ONE Block K, Jaya One, Section 13, No.72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor TICKETS: Call 03- 7960 0439 or E-mail Ticket Prices: RM55 Wednesday and Thursday and Matinee Shows RM65 Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evening Shows RM25 for Students <b>...</b>
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Posted: 19 Nov 2010 09:10 AM PST

I sold my Chrysler Alpine in 1998, and have not driven since. I still hold a valid driving license, in case I ever decide to get behind the wheels again.

My friends often wonder how I get around. Well, I'm fortunate to have lots of friends who drive. So there's no shortage of rides. But mostly I rely on public transport to take me where I want to go.

As each year passes, I feel less inclined to drive. I've gotten so used to being a passenger. I'm told that driving is a breeze now - no more changing of gears and with the GPS, no more worries about getting lost.

It's been 12 years since I last drove. The roads have changed, and cars have gone high tech. I sit in my son-in-law's BMW and I'm confused by all the gadgets and buttons. Will I ever be confident enough to start driving again? Would I be a danger to myself and to other road-users? My uncle is 77 and he still drives, and rather well too, I must add. The other day I met an 83-year old lady who proudly told me she drives herself and her husband everywhere! 

Is there a maximum age limit for drivers here? How safe are elderly drivers? At aged 70+, how good is their eyesight, their hearing? How quick are their reflexes? How fast can they react in an emergency? What about those with early signs of Parkinson's or Alzheimer's?

Are there any restrictions placed on older drivers above 75? Do they have to take a road test and a medical examination before they can renew their license? Apparently, in Malaysia, anyone with a valid driving license is free to drive as long as he feels he is competent enough to do so, regardless of how old he is. He is his own judge.

For those who have been driving for as long as they can remember, public transport is an anathema for them. They will continue renewing their driving license, regardless of whether they are fit to drive, or are a hazard to others on the road.

Scary thought.

Why RM65m to refurbish Seri Perdana?

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 08:34 AM PST

A whooping RM65 million to renovate Seri Perdana? That's too much, sir... too much money going to waste! Why such a big budget and what are there to be refurbished? The master bedroom? Or the guest rooms? Gold toilet bowls, perhaps?

During Pak Lah's era, the PM's official residence spent RM15 million of taxpayers' money for some 'improvement works'. And now its Najib's turn.

Many think it was not Najib who asked for the renovation budget. Then, who? Such a budget could produce another Seri Perdana elsewhere!

I hope the Prime Minister call it off or ask for a smaller budget instead. That RM65 million could may as well be spent on more important projects i.e establishing a special training centre for local maids (and we dont need to depend on the Indonesians and Filipinos again).

Its really beyond comprehension, thou. Its a habit that each time new ministers, deputy ministers and other high-ranking officials take over a new portfolio, they will ask for some refurbishments to be done to their office.

They will ask for new desk and chairs, new cabinet, new wooden paneling and all sorts of items to replace the 'not so old' ones used by their predecessors. I dont think its necessary. And in some cases, their spouses became their advisor when it comes to choosing what furniture to buy, and of course, some are imported!

This is a waste of money, the government's and the taxpayers'. We should control this 'bad' habit...

Dont you think so, sir?

Malaysiakini's Smear Campaign on Zahid Hamidi ~ What's their problem?

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 08:54 AM PST

When I first started reading about the way Malaysiakini started twisting what Zahid Hamidi stated in Parliament with regard to the low numbers of Non Malays in our Armed Forces, I dismissed it off as just another of those 'bad news browns' ala Harakah and The Rocket who to date have yet to publish a 'feel good' news or report with relation to the government of the day in their publications online or offline?

I know that it would be a bloody miracle if these naysayers were to one day get so sick of the daily swill that they have put out without fail from day one of their operations and start publishing something that would really make our day and be glad that we all live here in relatively peaceful Malaysia?

So I stay clear of these nasty doomsayers and shitstirrers for obvious reasons ~ keep my mind free from having to read dirt about people they clearly have an agenda against.

But it is getting to be so sick to realize how these anti-establishment media keep on twisting the facts and start to demonize the Minister of Defense for stating what is so crystal clear as to the numbers of Non Malays who pale in comparison to the statistics of Malays in the armed forces service?

Now, if we are to read what Malaysiakini has reported here, it will seem as if the Defense Minister has questioned Non Malays who had served in the Armed Forces about their patriotism when obviously he hasn't!!!

Why do retired military officers need to be so bloody offended when Zahid Hamidi wasn't questioning their patriotism in the first place? They have served in the military proving that they are patriotic in the first place, haven't they? 

Where has Zahid Hamidi said anything with regard to the retired Non Malay military officers lack of patriotism as spun by Malaysiakini in its report?

He was just stating the number of Non Malay military personnel currently in service in response to a question from YB Dato Mohd Jidin Shafee [Setiu] who asked about the number of military personnel who had signed up from the past 2 years and as to the percentage of the various ethnic background of the intake and as to the reasons for the low intake of such ethnicities?

Here's an excerpt of the Parliamentary Hansard in concern:
Please click on to the document to read it in a larger and clearer version. You will need to click again on the image when it opens in a new window to view it better.

If the Non Malays here in Malaysia know and understand the meaning of the underlined word 'berkemungkinan' which means 'most probably', they wouldn't have fallen victim to Malaysiakini's spin that the Defense Minister has insulted them by stating the obvious which is that the numbers of Non Malays compared to the Malays serving in the Malaysian Armed Forces NOW are as stated!!!

No where has Zahid Hamidi insulted all these retired officers of having no sense of patriotism as they have swallowed hook, line and sinker as to this online portal's venomous spin on his having insulted any of them in the first place!!!

Open up your eyes as wide as you possibly can and read the bloody Hansard!!!

Where is your proof that Zahid Hamidi has slurred your ethnicity's patriotism?

Are Non Malay Malaysians so clueless about what he has stated or what he is purported to have said?

The excerpt of the Malaysian Parliamentary Hansard dealing with this said offensive statement that Zahid Hamidi is accused of having said is here for all to see?

Those retired Military Officers ought to know better than to fall victim to Malaysiakini's devious ways to create unrest in this country by falling for their spin!

It is these retired officers who owe Zahid Hamidi an open apology and not the Defense Minister who is truly a victim of false reporting by this obviously anti establishment so called news portal!

Its more of a gossip spreading and rumor mongering online trash portal for harboring so many foul mouthed cybersniping cowards hiding behind vulgar and crass anonymous constant critics of the Federal Government since its inception!

Go and learn the National Language properly before jumping to any conclusions as to this and that, you clueless ones.

Ben 'Baca' Bradshaw and his friends 'Belacan & Paku' might just be able to teach you Bahasa Melayu if you are up for it?

Those fellows would make damn good Malaysians anytime for their love of the National Language and the way they cherish the traditions and values of this country.

What a bloody shame for some folks who were born and bred in this country but obviously have exposed their weakness to fall prey to the machinations and evil designs of a portal such as Malaysiakini to spread disharmony amongst the citizenry through such malicious reports demonizing a man who was just stating the obvious? 

Shame on you guys!!!

Harap belajar Bahasa Melayu didalam ertikata sebenar benarnya sebelum melenting tak tentu pasal!

Raja Petra Kamarudin the SIN doctoring Londonstreet Medicineseller

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 08:22 AM PST


Is Zaid Ibrahim the new political clown prince of Malaysian politics? I think he is. And I am not saying this in a negative way, but most affectionately. Many in Malaysia would also agree.

So what's new with him?

He is no politician. He is definitely no leader. He climbed up the ladder in national Malaysian politics on the premise that he was open and broad-minded.

He was immediately allowed into the inner sanctum of Umno and Barisan with an appointment as minister in the prime minister's department. It turned out to be a place for him to feel displaced. So he opted out, not because he did not like those around him, but the fact that he could not be himself.

He did not aspire to rise any further in the Umno and Barisan hierarchy. So he got stuck. And he felt restless. And he had to find fault to allow him to get out of the sanctums he had placed himself in.

How could a person of his stature not know if the sanctums were good for him when he decided to accept the post in the prime minister's department in the first place? Can we then say he had vision?

He didn't realise being in the cabinet does not allow anyone to be open and broad-minded as one's role in it has been chipped to fit into just a small part of the system. So one cannot claim the high horse to make one's own pronouncements on anything.

Being in the cabinet therefore has its pitfalls and disadvantages, in that one loses oneself to one's particular role that one has been assigned to. They do not brook duplication. So Zaid could not speak like he is the prime minister.

A minister in the cabinet can be akin to an advisor with the cabinet forming the team of advisors of all disciplines that the prime minister creates to allow him to get the best views and matters for him to formulate his grand plans. So a member of the cabinet's views on anything is just one of the many views the prime minister has to take into account.

Zaid's personal and official views on the law for instance had been taken into account, but they were all seen in the context of those that the prime minister then had, which caused Zaid's own views to be discarded.

This is the game they play in Putrajaya. Only the greenhorns in the cabinet did not know this.

So this is what had created the Zaid Ibrahim that we now know. He is just someone who, so young, could distract the media and public.

He could not fit in Barisan. He thought he could serve the country better by joining PKR. In no time he felt restless.

He is not allowed to return to Umno and Barisan – unless he wins a state or parliament constituency as an independent and becomes 'friendly' towards Barisan, which can pave his way back to Umno. But alas Umno and Barisan cannot change simply to meet with his 'high demands' on openness, etc etc.

Zaid is therefore the new political clown prince of Malaysia; this is not an understatement. And it is a compliment as not many in Malaysia can achieve this. Anwar Ibrahim did it once before.

Personally I don't think Zaid can be of any use to Umno, PKR or PAS. The problem with Zaid is he is a man unto himself; he does not know how to fit in. He gets into a fit if no one or any party does not toe his line of thinking and concept of democracy, etc, etc.

He is not a team player. He wants everybody to agree with him.

Well, in politics, one agrees with the majority. It's the views of the majority that matter. So rarely do individuals take charge in the shaping of any group of political party's struggle unless one wants to fashion oneself as a dictator.

Maybe Zaid is a dictator wannabe. If he cannot go with the flow, then the flow will hit back on him.

Zaid has nothing to lose; either way, he wins, with the media and the unofficial support from Umno and Barisan behind him since he has not become their 'spokesman'. He has an advantage because he is an outsider who was an insider, so those in PKR and Pakatan know him well to try not to provoke him further.

This is Zaid. I am not enamoured with him. I heard his speech at a Suhakam seminar at the Rennaissance Hotel once and he did not impress me the least.


That is what spin doctoring is.In short, they are lies presented by people with titles in front of their names and which are passed off as the truth. And because of their titles the lies are accepted as true.who lies are this Raja Petra Kamarudin? are saying you are not spinning readmore Zaid is total crap! He wants to be No.2 after not even a year in PKR, and that's seriously power crazy.Reformasi is Anwar and Anwar is reformasi. Without Anwar UMNO would have squandered the country completely instead of stopping at the RM400 billion mark. Western countries are not bothered because they want to see a failed state in Malaysia. Remember Zaid we have the confidence that Anwar is not a temporary man he is permanent man whether physical or in soul. Beware UMNO even when you imprisoned this man he marched staraight from the jail to where he is today. TGNA and LGE can never be shaken as they strongly believe in justice. Gopalakrishman will the man from the Indian community who will fight to the last. UMNO and their third front prostitutes can take heed in this. UMNO and Mahathir will be looked upon as dirty words in Malaysia.

"Fugitive" blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has also accused Najis Tun Razak as the One behind Altantuya Shariibu's death, and Rosmah was present at the bombing site. In addition, "Fugitive" blogger RPK also said Beng Hock's death at the hand of MACC because NAJIS ordered the downfall of Selangor. Now report this big big at your front page, but i guess you won't coz although your name have chun doi, i doubt you have any left. Obituary for Zaid by Athi Shankar FMT–the passing great political snitch the wolf in sheep clothing This guy have already decided to resign the day he join PKR. Its planned things altogether. The problem with PKR, they simply take in all the rubbish and go into unnecessary problem.

The maverick politician, who recently made headlines when he announced his decision to quit the PKR deputy presidential race, also declared that he would "definitely" contest in the coming general election, expected to be held early next year.

ZI you are a hyprocrit. I ask you who would vote for in the next GE? Try contesting in KBlah and see for yourself where you stand. You claim to be a person who wants transformation you could do it while in the governt how could you do it outside? AI too have failed here as compared to you. AI was the DPM before being sacked for his owning doing. Now you-what a joke. Melayu said "cakap tak serupa bikin"

He, however, stressed that the formation of a new party would depend on his resources and his support base.



The art of spinning

19 Sep 2010 If you want to spin then you had better first learn the art of spinning. For example, Satu Hala talks about me found lying beside a drain at…/34628-the-art-of-spinningCached

Open your mind to change





Pix: Star by Low Lay Phon

Umno has played this game well. Plant a mole, and then you have the 'I don't trust Zaid' camp and the 'I don't trust Azmin' camp, and a 'Keadilan Baru' in the horizon. Umno has played the 'divide-and-rule' game for more than 50 years, so they are specialists in this field Zaid Ibrahim must go. He has hurt a young and fragile party
. He is shown to be power crazy and very irresponsible with his personal attacks against PKR leaders. Zaid is not a team player. He has burnt his bridge and crossed the Rubicon. Goodbye Zaid.There is no turning back now even if he admits his mistake and apologises. We cannot afford to allow people with BN's attitude to stay in the party.Zaid had a poor childhood. The physical aspects of reformasi took place in 1998. Those fellows who are back in Umno today were there on the streets then. The mental reformation must be on-going,



Raja Petra Kamarudin

I once attended a talk in the Perdana Leadership Foundation back in 2007 where Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad commented that nowadays politicians employ spin-doctors to do spin doctoring. "I don't know how to do spin doctoring," said Dr Mahathir, and he went on to say that when he was prime minister he never applied this method.

When Dr Mahathir said this, Tengku Razaleigh Hamazh, who was in the audience, turned around and looked at me and smiled. Dr Mahathir also stole a glance at me, which prompted many in the audience to also look my way.

I happened to be standing up at that time so I stood out like a sore thumb. Clearly Dr Mahathir aimed that comment at me while Tengku Razaleigh was trying to tell me, "He is talking about you."

Anyway, for the sake of Dr Mahathir, I will show him an example of a classic piece of spin doctoring. And the piece by Syed Jaymal Zahiid and Rahmah Ghazali, published in Free Malaysia Today, which you can read below, is spin doctoring.

The way to do it is to get armchair political analysts with impressive academic titles in front of their name — like Professor Shamsul Amri and Ong Kian Ming — to make a statement and then pass this off as the gospel. Since they are lecturers and professors of universities then no one will question their opinion.

So, if they say that Zaid Ibrahim is going to lead this phantom movement called the Third Force then it must be true. After all, these are big names from so-called leading organisations and universities that don't appear in the top 100 list.

Now it's confirmed. Zaid Ibrahim is going to lead the Third Force. Who are those in the Third Force I don't know, but these armchair analysts do. And I don't know whether those in the so-called Third Force, if it does exist, want Zaid to lead them, but these people do.The enemy within HARRIS IBRAHIM BRUTUS the Endhiran RPK & MAHATHIR'S Weapons Of Mass Desperation

However, since these people have big titles in front of their name then it can only be true.

That is what spin doctoring is. In short, they are lies presented by people with titles in front of their names and which are passed off as the truth. And because of their titles the lies are accepted as true.

蔡細歷:接納為成員 國陣之友沒投票權

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 07:34 AM PST

(吉隆坡19日訊)馬華總會長拿督斯里蔡細歷指出,國陣領袖在國陣管理委員會會議上,一致接納"國陣之友"(Rakan BN),可是他們不可以擁有投票權。









蔡細歷:協助配合 馬華不干預拉大行政

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 07:31 AM PST










Menangis Taib Mahmud

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 04:15 AM PST

Bagaimana boleh kalah Tan Sri Taib Mahmud?

Menurut penganalisa politik Unimas, Faisal S Hazis, hanya ada 12 kerusi dari 71 kerusi yang dianggap marginal seat di Sarawak. Peralihan 5% undi kepada pembangkang hanya akan memberi mereka 5 kerusi. Peralihan 10% hanya memberi 21 kerusi saja.

Itulah dia. Politik di Malaysia tidak boleh dilihat terlalu saintifik. Kadang-kadang kala, seni politik boleh membawa perkara diluar jangkaun.

PKR Seri Aman sudah menemui formula. Bayangkan dengan kehadhiran hanya 30 orang, Jimmy Donald boleh dapat 450 undi jawatan MPP yang ditandingi. Itu pengganda sebanyak 15 kali.

Menurut Flying Kick, penganda power sedemikian tidak memberi ruang untuk Taib Mahmud fikirkan cara untuk menangkisnya. Undi popular BN yang sekuarang-kurangnya 55% tidak cukup untuk menewaskan PKR.

Bukan senang Taib Mahmud hendak naikkan ke angka 94% untuk menjamin kemenangan untuk BN.

Wow! Pak Sheikh, tak inginkah nak jadi Ketua Menteri?

Law Of The Jungle

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 03:59 AM PST

I really haven't a clue what the object of all that anger did.

But what is so wrong is that the police merely stand by and watch him get beaten bloody.

There is no more law and order in this country.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Radio Free Sarawak

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 03:43 AM PST

I listen to the radio on my way to work everyday.

Music is great. Sometimes the DJs are hilarious, sometimes they are just plain annoying.

For the sake of free music, I put up with the imminent (and sometimes incessant) commercials.

But what I really cannot stand is the news. It is nothing but more government propaganda bullsh!t - as if we don't already get enough.

At least I have the internet. I have friends from all over the world. I'm exposed to different cultures - enough to form opinion and receive the truth.

Not so for the people who live in the rural interior, like Sarawak.

But you know what? There is now hope for them to be told the truth.

Something called RADIO FREE SARAWAK.

Send the following sms, or a shortened one, to every Sarawakian you know, and urge them to send the same out to every other Sarawakian.

"Untuk siaran radio yg sampaikan berita benar, telus & bebas, dengarlah Radio Free Sarawak, berfrekuensi 7590kHz pagi jam 6.30 – 7.30 dan 15680kHz petang jam 6 – 7, setiap hari. Sebarkan kepada semua rakyat Sarawak
I frankly haven't a clue what they'll do now that they have access to real news.

But at least give them the opportunity.

Army and Navy Veterans answer back our Defense Minister! With style!!!!

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 03:23 AM PST

When Rear Admiral (Rtd) K Thanabalasingam ascended to the position of the nation's first ever local chief of Navy, it would have never crossed his mind that his loyalty to the country would be questioned.

Having spearheaded the Navy's mission to protect Malaysia from numerous threats that arose in the 1960s-1970s period, the former naval chief spoke in disbelief at Defence Minister Zahid Hamid's recent statement that patriotism among non-Malays was "not strong enough" for being reluctant to sign up with the Armed Forces.

NONE"I don't understand how such a statement came about... I've been through a lot, and I don't care who says it, it hurts me. I am a Malaysian born and bred, and I intend to die here," Thanabalasingam (left) said when contacted by Malaysiakini.

The 75-year-old veteran who retired in January 1977 after holding the top naval post for nine years and one month, stressed that there has never been a lack of patriotism among non-Malays in defending the nation from threats within, and without.

He recounted how they, along with their Malay brothers-in-arms, fought side-by-side regardless of whether they were in the navy, air force, army or police field force to push back the communist insurgency that spanned some three decades from the 1950s until it ended in 1989, and the perils they braved over the four years of the 1963-1966 Confrontation from Indonesia.

us navy frigate warship 030709 03"Even during the Confrontation, there was a lot of action in the Singapore Straits and Malacca Straits.

"At that time, two of my officers were awarded the PGB (Panglima Gagah Berani), which is the highest award for bravery, for blowing up KKOs (Indonesian Korps Komando Operasi) during an attack.

"One officer was an Indian who eventually retired as a commodore, and the other a Eurasian who also later retired as a commodore too.

"Why were they awarded PGBs? Because of their bravery in the line of duty," he said in driving home his point.

Zahid's barking up the wrong tree

NONERetired airman, Brig Gen (Rtd) Goh Seng Toh (right) was more severe in his rebuke of Zahid's statement, calling it "unfair, stupid and racist".

Goh, 65, said before anyone starts accusing non-Malays of being unwilling to serve the country in the military, the nation's leaders themselves should set an example if they insist on such talk.

"He's (Zahid) barking up the wrong tree... if you talk of patriotism, then I have one question; do any of our ministers have children in the Armed Forces?

"If not, then the same argument applies to them, so why only look at the Chinaman?

"I was shot at twice by communist terrorists in Betong at the Thai-Malaysia border. I nearly lost my life on more than one occasion, and I never chickened out. If anyone queries my patriotism, I get very angry," said the 35-year veteran.

All about being practical

Both men, however, agreed that the crux of the matter lies not in the loyalty of non-Malays to the country, but the challenge of surviving in the modern world.

military tentera askar soldier malaysia 260307 wataniahThanabalasingam stressed that far from being an issue of patriotism, what concerns non-Malays when it comes to enlisting in the Armed Forces is their career prospects should they choose to lay their lives on the line for the country.

He pointed out that public perception of the armed forces is mired in the notion that non-Malays, more often than not, are left behind when it comes to career advancement.

"Today people are more interested in careers. Gone are the days when you just join and follow orders.

"People want to see what's in it for them, can they raise a family, educate their children... they want to be able to raise their family comfortably instead of having to struggle to make ends meet

"If the conditions are correct, they will join. It has to be proven that they have got a good future and prospects, and there is no discrimination in promotions or selection for senior defence posts or special courses overseas," he said.

Goh went so far as to say that the Armed Forces have done nothing to disprove the perception of race being a key factor for advancement.

"There is an element of truth, unless you say all the Chinese who join the Armed Forces are sub-standard. But this cannot be true, because there are many good people, but they leave because they do not see their career path being very bright."

'You must be Malay'

military malaysia army tentera 131106 dress uniformGoh, who earned his one star in 1997 - three years before retirement - blamed the low ratio of non-Malay soldiers on the current make-up of the Armed Forces, the bulk made up of the Royal Malay Regiment.

"Not a single non-Malay can be part of it. No Chinese, Indians, Ibans, or any other can join these regiments. You must be Malay.

"I can't say exactly how many regiments there are, but assuming that they take up around 50 percent of our forces, that only leaves 50 percent open to multi-racial (participation), and this would only be for the services and supporting arms," he said.

No matter what the situation, however, Thanabalasingam said he believes that Malaysians will stand up and be counted among the country's defenders when needed, regardless of race or creed.

"If we had a war today, I would volunteer to do whatever I can, even with my condition with a walking stick... many would rally to the cause to defend the nation," he said.

Zaid: Anwar is not the great saviour

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 02:25 AM PST

Zaid Ibrahim's entrance into the PKR, following his resignation from the cabinet for opposing the abuse of the Internal Security Act had been greeted with much fanfare. About one and a half year on, the self-professed man of principles departure from the PKR has garnered just as much public attention. The man of the hour this morning spent 45 minutes fielding questions from a packed room of reporters, after announcing that his resignation will be effective as of Dec 16. More stories :
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A Third Force on the Near Horizon...

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 01:18 AM PST

In Malaysia, this will spell doom for the emergence of a two=party system. The Pakatan Rakyat -- consisting of 12-year-old PKR plus two veteran Opposition parties DAP and PAS -- has hardly served one full elecotal term and now a third force is being formed?

Whose agenda are these politikus serving?

To serve some "failed" politicians' egos? OR to serve some syiok sendiri bloggers?

Or are we continuing to give Barisan Nasional the Open Sesame to continue to rob Malaysia and Malaysians in broad daylight?

Desiderata will give his Take tomorrow or day after, InsyaAllah if I still have breaths to take after reading about most worshippers of a cilvil rights lawyer in town. I think he's just a Johnny-cometh-lately in Malaysian politics.

How SYABAS is stealing billions of our money from under our noses

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 12:46 AM PST

Here's a basic simple write-up. If you can afford the time, do swing by a briefing:

Date : Saturday, 20th November 2010
Time : 2.30pm – 5.00pm
Venue : Bilik Gerakan, 1st Floor, MBPJ Headquarters, Jalan Yong Shook Lin

In 1997, the Barisan Nasional state and federal governments began privatising the water industry in Selangor. Then Menteri Besar Muhammad Taib chose the treasurer from his Umno division, Tan Sri Rozali Ismail to be the main beneficiary of this privatisation exercise.

By 2010, the amounts of losses generated by leakage and corruption in the private water companies  have now run into the hundreds of millions. Amongst the many questionable financial practices found in the private water companies are:

1. An audit report on Syabas showed more than 72% of contracts, worth RM 600 million in total, was awarded to companies chosen through direct negotiation not by open tender process. Also, RM 325 million was found to be 'missing' in discrepancies between Syabas' public accounts and the records of contracts awarded from 2005 to 2007.

3. In June 2005, Syabas contravened the terms of their concession when they imported RM 375 million worth of pipes from an Indonesian company instead of sourcing them locally. The Indonesian company was owned by Tan Sri Rozali Ismail, the CEO of Syabas.

4. Tan Sri Rozali Ismail's salary is RM 5.1 million a year or RM 425,000 a month.

5. The four water companies have a combined debt of RM 6.4 billion. The federal government has given Syabas a soft loan of RM 320 million. The total interest on this 20 year loan is RM 250 million, and Syabas will not be required to pay a single sen of this amount. Instead, this cost will be fully borne by Malaysian taxpayers.

In light of this appalling financial mismanagement, the Selangor state government has prevented Syabas from raising water tariffs by 37%, and is now endeavouring to reacquire all water concessions from the private water companies. Their goal is to eliminate the element ofprivatised profit and socialised losses, stop the corruption and leakage, and ensure quality delivery of water at affordable rates. This move requires public and support and pressure to succeed.

Loh Gwo Burne & Gobala - one-term MPs?

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 12:19 AM PST

Malaysiakini - Gwo Burne, Gobi not following Zaid

That Loh Gwo Burne became the PKR candidate for Kelana Jaya and eventually its MP had been a brilliant example of how Anwar Ibrahim treated (and seemingly still is treating) PKR like his personal fiefdom.

Can Anwar Ibrahim justify how he came to nominate Loh for the federal seat when there were more qualified and senior PKR members, more so when Loh was nominated just a week or so after he became a party member?

In February 2008 I wrote in PKR's Kelana Jaya sweetheart deal? (extracts):

Loh's only fame (If you can term his coming to public notice that) was a
Malaysiakini revelation of him as the bloke responsible for recording the controversial phone conversation of VK Lingam.

Here's a person, who until the Lingam tape, was a PKR nobody but now suddenly being rewarded with the party's nomination for a parliamentary seat while hardworking, dedicated PKR member and a human rights lawyer, Elizabeth Wong, gets a state seat.

Yes, Elizabeth has been denied a parliamentary seat unlike HRH the Crown Princess and the Royal Video Cameraman, thanks to the de facto leader.

Now, Haris Ibrahim, PKR about Loh Gwo Burne's nomination in
PKR, why, why, why? He wrote:

I've had e-mails from Kelana Jaya registered voters asking this time and again. Why Loh Gwo-Burne?

He was unheard of until just before the Royal Commission proceedings began. There's talk now about giving a protest vote to the independent, Billi Lim!

Have we missed something? Pray tell, PKR.

Indeed, but Haris should ask Anwar Ibrahim, not PKR because there are decent people in that party who are still furious with Loh's nomination.

Tough luck for them in having a dict…. de facto leader.

Fortunately for Pakatan, Loh won. As they said, the tsunami would have swept a monkey holding a froggy toy into Parliament if it wore a PKR badge.

Strangely for a political nobody, Loh had recently supported Zaid Ibrahim rather passionately, to the extent of writing a letter to Malaysiakini lambasting Azmin Ali.

Now that Zaid has left and Azmin is about to become PKR deputy president and the real power, Loh is likely to find himself a one-term MP. Gobala is also at the sort end of the stick for supporting Zaid. In these two, I feel Zaid has not done the right thing by them and his other supporters in not discussing with them his intention to quit.

Additional reading: Bahasa Mělayu - a letter to Yang Běrhormat

Lim GE konk-ed Kong CH

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 11:53 PM PST

Malaysiakini's Transport minister blasts Guan Eng for U-turn reported"

Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha criticised the Penang government today for its U-turn in lifting the stop work order on the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrified Double Track Project (EDTP), blamed for the worsening floods in northern states. [...]

Kong said the state government should not have used the stop-work order as a cheap publicity tool, but instead should work with the federal government on mega projects that benefit the state and the country as a whole.

Isn't that typical of an MCA minister towards governance and public accountability? Isn't the PKFZ mess an outcome of a MCA minister's poor monitoring?

All Lim Guan Eng wanted from MMC Gamuda was a letter of guarantee that it would reduce the impact of flooding caused by the rail double tracking (after the horrendous kedah experience) and that flood damage to the properties of Penangites must be compensated.

Kong should have insisted on that letter of guarantee in the first place and not leave it to Lim to do the necessary hard yards. But alas, Kong is MCA and that's what you can expect of an MCA minister (probably with the sole exception of Ong Tee Keat).

Anwar, you are dead wrong

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 02:27 PM PST

From Richard Loh, via e-mail

I'm not a PKR member but a strong supporter for Pakatan Rakyat which PKR is part of,  hence it gives me the right to make a comment about the inferno inside PKR.

I'm not going to say, between the two rivals, who is right or who is wrong because that is not for me to judge as I have nothing to do with PKR.

Anwar Ibrahim should know better how to handle the situation. But from what I can see, Anwar Ibrahim is dead wrong in the way he handled it. When a leader allows such a situation to grow to such an extent, there is really something very wrong.

A leader cannot and must not take sides when dealing with infighting nor join in the tit for tat mud-slugging.  From the onset of the problem Anwar was already seen to be leaning to one side.

You can support anyone you like but when there are problems emerging, as a leader you must order a full investigation into it and not challenge it and let the fireworks rage on.

A leader must put an immediate stop to such an ugly situation, but not Anwar. He seems happy to allow it to ferment, adding more fuel to the raging fire.  

Even if there is no evidence of any wrong doing, a leader, after consulting and gathering the correct information will call in the rival teams to resolve it internally.

Although one rival may claim there are discrepancies and persists in making everything in public, a good and capable leader will know how to control the situation and not join in the fray by rebutting openly.

Anwar may want to think that he still has great support, may be he has, but if he continues to do nothing and allow the party to burn here and there, the fire will eventually burn down the whole house.

I am not the least bit concerned about that but my worry is that the fire will spread to Pakatan Rakyat as well.

So, my advise to Anwar, look into the problem and solve it, be a fireman for once and put out the fire.

If you can't, then it's about time you give up the leadership. Sorry for what I had said but PKR must really put the house in order or you can kiss goodbye to Putrajaya not only at the 13th GE but forever.


Anwar: Zaid failed to understand party's struggles

It's a strange coincidence

The truth about illegal immigrants in Sabah

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 02:26 PM PST

From Mhho, via e-mail

I visited my hometown, Sandakan, in Sabah two weeks ago. The number of illegal immigrants (Indonesians/Filipinos) seemed to have increased tremendously.

More than 20 years ago, they dominated our town where they started their illegal businesses and also constructed their homes along the coastal areas.

Today, they have expanded their shelters to all parts of Sabah, especially in major towns along the coast.

Quite a number of children are employed at hawker centres, restaurants, shops, etc.  At least three to four are employed by one hawker because labour cost is cheap (about RM5 to RM10) a day. I learnt that most of them were born in Sabah.

Can't our government act immediately to solve the illegal immigrants problem? One day, I believe that the state will fully be dominated by Indonesians and Filipinos.

The politicians in Sabah are merely enjoying their power and not doing their jobs. If you have an opportunity, visit Sabah and the coastal areas to acertain the truth.

The Penang Church dilemma

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 02:25 PM PST

From Maxwell B, via e-mail

The Jelutong PPP man, Andrew Rajah, is using the plight of the residents who are on church land for his own political mileage.

The church has allowed the residents' ancestors to live on its land as part of its charity but let me offer you this perspective.

The residents have made it seem that they have been staying on the land since the beginning whereas the actual time frame of them staying there is only 100 years.

I do not understand how in that time period, these squatters were not able to better themselves and fend for themselves financially. They are still occupying buildings on church land in a rent-controlled environment.

The Catholic Church has been faithfully doing its duty to serve the poor, the sick and the imprisoned for a long time and I do not see why should these people continue to attach themselves parasitically on the church's charity.

The Catholic Church in Malaysia is not rich. We may be sitting on prime real estate land but most of what we give to the church goes to maintenance of church facilities and for charitable work.

I do realise that the people concerned are old folk but these houses are not an old folks home. Let their children take over the responsibility to their parents.

I'm not being cruel here, but using the church's charity and being parasitic for the last 100 years just sickens me.


Unkind, uncaring, un-christian

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