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Cherish, love and respect your mother! While she's still alive.

Cherish, love and respect your mother! While she's still alive.

Cherish, love and respect your mother! While she's still alive.

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 07:44 AM PST

May Allah bless our mothers! I no longer have my mother with me. All I have is my memories of the times I was with her.

Watching and listening to these videos just makes my tears flow and I feel for the kid here in this next video.

Cherish your mother if she is still alive and with you?

Remember, without our mother and father, we won't be here.

Doesn't matter as to who you are?

Love, cherish and respect your mom.

If you have lost your mom, like me, remember to say a prayer for her and also your dad after each of your solat, Insya Allah!

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蔡细历:马华不擦鞋 “一个大马”有助经济转型

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南洋商报 (14-10-2010)

Now that Suu Kyi is free...

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 05:43 AM PST

We laud the unconditional release of Myanmar democratic icon Aung San Suu Kyi by the junta yesterday and hope to see gradual changes to the country. Reforms should take place and the path to a democratic government and an open economy will augur well not only to Asean but to the people of Myanmar.

However, the march is still a long one. The junta needs to recognise international concern for the country, where social and ethnic problems are closely related to how it is being administered over the last 40 years, even before Suu Kyi came into the picture.

Democracy is the only solution for Myanmar to prosper. A free election must be held soon as to avoid concussion stemming from the the release of Suu Kyi and international pressure for Yangoon to adhere to democratic calls.

While the world lauds Yangoon, her release is still being monitored cautiously as the junta is known to reverse its decision should the pressure applied by the international community is treated as more in Suu Kyi's favor.

This may be all good and well for Aung San and her followers but before the celebrations carry us away we should realise that at any moment the regime can and no doubt will pull the plug and return her back under arrest.

The military regime have still very powerful and influentual backers that need them for their self interests and protect them accordingly. As they have done in the past they release her for their own reasons but watch her carefully and any moves that threaten them they react as they have done.

Not until this regime is removed by democratic reforms will any hope of a better future be possible for the Burmese people and its potential leaders.

Most important is how the United Nations can tag itself along with the junta in convincing them that what Suu Kyi champions is for the betterment of the country and its people.

A little bit about Suu Kyi:

The world knew little about this remarkable woman beyond her name. Now aged 65, she is the most famous political prisoner since Nelson Mandela and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate for standing up to the regime.

On Saturday, unbowed and as demure as ever, she was freed from years of house detention. She had been in prison or under house arrest for 15 of the past 21 years.

To the adoring crowds 22 years ago when her ordeal started, the name of Suu Kyi was very special. Her father, general Aung San, was Burma's national hero. The reason so many had camped out in the open all night was because they saw in the daughter of this most revered figure in modern Burmese history their greatest hope for change.

Suu Kyi was making a political speech for democracy and freedom at a critical juncture. Burma was in chaos after students had led an uprising against the military. Blood flowed in the streets from the crackdown that followed.

General Ne Win, the hated dictator who had dominated Burma for three decades of economic stagnation and isolation, had resigned. His successor, Sein Lwin, who had ordered troops to open fire on massed demonstrators demanding an end to military rule and the introduction of democracy, had also quit.

It was hoped that Burma's third president in a few weeks, Maung Maung, would make concessions. It turned out to be a vain hope. Burma is still in chains. Suu Kyi's speech that day, though, was a defining moment in her life. It marked the instant when she turned her back on her comfortable life in Britain and returned to her roots.

Asia has had its share of family dynasties, but nowhere has the idealism and sense of duty been as strong and principled as in the case of Suu Kyi, who that day took the heartbreaking decision to put her commitment to Burma above her family.

Until a few months before, she had been an Oxford housewife, living happily with her husband, academic Michael Aris and their two children Alexander and Kim, in a smart town house. Now she was deliberately entering the brutal and devious world of Burmese politics.

She has never emerged from it. Her lonely vigil, which began with her addressing the crowds that day in 1988 challenging the generals, has continued unbroken to this day, much of it under house arrest and at a tragic personal cost.

For as well as a political story, Suu Kyi's is ultimately a family tragedy. She arrived at Oxford in 1964 to study philosophy, politics and economics. Her contemporaries remember her beauty, a flower always in her long dark hair.

Aris met her at the university and courted her on a holiday in Bhutan, where he was teaching. At their wedding, Kipling's poem Mandalay was recited: "I've a neater, sweeter maiden in a cleaner, greener land! On the road to Mandalay."

Aung San was assassinated in 1947, on the threshold of gaining independence for Burma from Britain. Aged two, his daughter was too young to have known him. But she cherishes the photo she has of him holding her in his arms and, although she had left Burma at 15, she was never allowed to forget she was his daughter.

On that day in August 1988 she told the adoring crowd that the political uprising was a "second struggle for national independence" and, as Aung San's daughter, she could not remain indifferent.

And that's how it started....

read more about her here...


Posted: 14 Nov 2010 04:43 AM PST

What is an icon? I mean a non-religious one.

To understand what that could be, we need to return to the religious icon which is defined as a representation of Christ, the Virgin Mary, or a saint, especially one painted in oil on a wooden panel, depicted in a traditional Byzantine style and venerated in the Eastern Church.

From that, some modern use of the term embraces a person or thing regarded as a symbol of a belief, nation, community, or cultural movement, or even (degenerating further from a religious point of view) a sex symbol or as a symbol of the latest fashion trends.

Thus icons are adored, adulated and (not necessarily in a religious sense) revered.

Probably the western world's greatest icon at one time (I repeat, 'at one time') was Princess Diana. Since the so-called inquiry into her death, to confirm or reject allegations that her death was ordered by her father in law, her iconic status took a battering when her so-called secret lover, a Pakistani doctor in London by the name of Hasnat Khan, revealed very grubby salacious details of their sexual congress to the inquiry.

The private sex life of Diana was not crucial nor even relevant to the inquiry so the doctor's revelation was a surprise and conducted for some inexplicable reason (but explained away as a chance to probe into Diana's 'state of mind'). Hasnat Khan is now 'safely' in Pakistan.

What it achieved was for Prince Charles and his new wife Camilla to be better accepted by the British public, once Diana had been presented as a slutty lover of a dark-skinned Pakistani, unworthy of British love or respect. It's a remarkable achievement for Charles considering at one time the Queen was thinking of omitting (then unpopular and hated) him from the succession line and having instead his son William as the next British head of state. He and Camilla will now have no great objection from the British people when they ascend the throne of Britain as king and queen.

As in poor Diana's case, icons besides being created could also be destroyed.

For me personally, my two icons worthy of respect and admiration are Nelson Mandala and Aung San Suu Kyi, both of whom I believe to be the world's greatest symbols of heroic, dignified and tranquil resilience (without rancour) against oppressions.

Wakakaka, no no no, if I know what you're thinking, definitely not the man man lai man ;-).

Before I come to our local boy, I may mention in passing other notable icons - I use the term 'icon' without necessarily agreeing to the personalities being deserving of respect, adulation or admiration.

Mao Ze Dong continues to be an icon for some Chinese, though he was one of the world's worst leaders, being responsible for the deaths of millions of Chinese – for a brief description of his 'sins', please see my post Dreaming of Tiger Lily over at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok.

I suppose the present Chinese authority still has some use for him.

You've all read about the iconic Hang Tuah, the very epitome of Malay loyalty ..... well, at least until the 1950's when a man by the man of Kassim Ahmad wrote his doctoral thesis titled Perwatakan Hikayat Hang Tuah. Dr Bakri Musa commented on Kassim's thesis as follows:

In it he challenged the traditional interpretation and made the hitherto hero Hang Tuah as nothing more than a palace hack, and elevated the anti-hero Hang Jebat as the true hero, willing to kill even the sultan in defence of honor and principles.

The destruction of Hang Tuah as a Malay iconic hero took a wee while longer, and only became more pronounced and accepted when Dr Mahathir ripped into Malaysian royalty and de-fanged them. Hang Jebat was then rehabilitated and hailed as the new Malay hero.

But now that the current government finds use again of royalty, Hang Tuah has slightly regained his original iconic status.

What about our dear reformasi icon then?

He became an icon only after he was first incarcerated in 1999, initially for corruption and then for what is known today as Sodomy 1 [because there is now a Sodomy 2].

Prior to his 'beautification' as an icon he was DPM of Malaysia from 1993 to 1999. In 1994, as has been traditional with all DPM he was BN election campaign director in the Sabah state elections. The BN lost and PBS won.

When the head of PBS, Pairin, went to see the State Yang Di Pertua to claim he had majority rule, he found he couldn't meet the constitutional Sabah head of state ….. by which time he found to his astonishment that he had become the opposition leader instead of the CM-elect of the winning PBS party.

The winning PBS party was no winner anymore because Anwar Ibrahim had engineered sufficient number of defections from PBS over to BN to make the latter the winning party. By the wave of the Anwar fairyfroggy godmother (pun not intended wakakaka), he turned Pairin from Cinderella with the glass slippers into the ugly stepsister with the gross (Japanese) slippers. That ultimate perversion of democracy should have reminded us of what sort of person Anwar Ibrahim is likely to be, but alas, no.

During his political career he had told Chinese Malaysians to 'balik Tiong Sun' and threatened Indians that he might stop their temple bells from ringing. Under him, the Education Ministry forced non-Muslim school children to compulsorily perform the doa a la Islamic style. His ministry's appointment of non-Mandarin educated principals and headmasters to SRKJ(C) was the cause of the inter-ethnic brouhaha that led to Ops Lalang. And he boasted of UMNO Youth physically wrecking the APCET II forum in Kuala Lumpur like hoodlums, stating:
"Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that."


Then when he was kicked out of UMNO, he claimed he had a falling out with Dr Mahathir because he wouldn't support the bailout of the latter's son. What he didn't tell was his UMNO faction in the person of Zahid Hamidi (yes, our current one & only 'most patriotic' Defence Minister) had impatiently attempted to nudge Dr M out of office by badmouthing the PM of his cronyism and corruption. The wily old fox turned the table on Anwar and Zahid by revealing publicly a list of shares and assets to show that the two were in fact the ones in UMNO practicing (no, not reformasi but) corrupt cronyism.

When UMNO opened its headquarters in Penang, you should have read what the newspapers published of Anwar's tribute of sycophantic adoration for Dr Mahathir who was the guest of honour opening the building. Alas, Dr M's hatred for his gross treachery was by then too great, and Anwar's attempt to angkat the old man was a case of too little too late. Anwar by then had no future in UMNO.

If UMNO was that bad as Anwar subsequently claimed, then he should have left long ago to conduct his reformasi. Did he? He was in fact asked this question on a western TV which left him embarrassingly silent as to why he didn't leave UMNO.

No, unlike Zaid Ibrahim, he did not resign from UMNO but rather hung on for dear life, screeching, screaming and shrieking as he was dragged away, virtually leaving claw marks at the UMNO door sill.

Yet, on the day he went to jail his overnight created reformasi caught the people's imagination, despite the afore-going facts showing he was hardly the person to have intents of political reform.

Why then was he beautified as a refomasi icon?

Time, threads and opportunity!

At that time a confluence of several factors made that incongruity possibly. People were by then fed up with Dr Mahathir; their sense of fair play believed Anwar was hard done by, they were waiting for a Malay leader, etc. They believed what they wanted to believe for a long long time. As Chinese say, 'twas all gnam gnam for Anwar Ibrahim and his reformasi.

He became a convenient rallying point despite the nonsense of his claims of political reforms. Even today, we have some of his adoring fans claiming he went to jail for us, in some ways similar to the reverence with which Christians would say Christ died on the cross for us. It's sad they can't see he went to jail because he was fixed by his former UMNO colleagues in a tussle for power (of greed versus greed) which he lost. He fell on his UMNO keris in an UMNO factional stoush.

Of course it's not right for him to be jailed but to claim or believe he was incarcerated for our political salvation would be the most outrageous nonsense.

OK, leave aside his pre-reformasi days. Let's examine his post UMNO days.

Let me cut to the chase. Did his 916 reek of reformasi or deformasi? To boast of an invisible force of 30 BN MPs defecting to his side is not only an outrageous affront to the supremacy of the Malaysian voters' decision but an ultimate insult to democracy, exposing his reformasi as nothing more than a lip service sham.

Did his frog hunting all the way to Taiwan signal his reformasi? I shudder at the embarrassment of such a shameless gambit.

Was his (initial) praising of a revolving door ADUN in Perak the stuff of reformasi? Much as I hate the BN's thieving manipulation, I have to say PKR sure as hell deserved that padan muka sneer.

Earlier in his party intra affairs, was his instruction to Nallakaruppan not to contest against Azmin Ali in a PKR VP post the soul of reformasi? Nalla left, yes, every person who left PKR out of disgust for Anwar was automatically labeled a traitor, mole, Trojan horse or musuh dalam selimut. But Anwar on the other hand was the pristine, the teflonised, the impeccable icon, the one never ever wrong.

In those events PKR as a political party shows its inability to weigh issues rationally, proving it was just a cult movemnet, devoted to the worship of their icon, Anwar Ibrahim.

And currently on the PKR party polls, why should we be surprised by an outraged Zaid Ibrahim throwing in the towel in what has become a shameful PKR party election process. Even the other DP contestant, Mustaffa Kamil Ayub was so similarly outraged as to issue a 48-hour ultimatum for the party leadership to review the polling process, though he was subsequently persuaded to continue, only as he asserted, 'under protest', which means he's doing so just for the party's face.

Jonson Chong, a leading light in PKR, has also written to Dr Wan Azizah to address the questionable party election process - see his letter at Malaysiakini titled PKR polls: Please audit Libaran results. Alas, his appeal, like the other 169 complaints against the PKR polling, has been ignored. Perhaps sensing this, Jonson made his letter to Dr Wan Azizah an open one, published in a number of places like Malaysiakini and the People's Parliament blog of Haris Ibrahim so that we all may be aware that not everyone in PKR is blind to what's going on.

After this PKR fiasco, will Anwar be like Mao Ze Dong, still revered as a reformasi icon even though his records show otherwise?

Why not, when some of his followers can even believe he went to jail for us, which I mentioned was in ways similar to the reverence with which Christians say Christ died on the cross for us.

Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear notJeremiah 5:21 KJV

Dua kali lima = political apathy

Posted: 13 Nov 2010 06:31 PM PST

NEW Before dawn pried open the night skies on March 8, 2008, Malaysians had a choice – stick with Barisan Nasional or throw their lot behind an opposition coalition which promised a bed of roses.

Equality, transparency, justice, fairness, good governance were just some of the many slogans trumpeted by these strange bedfellows, cast in theological and secular moulds.

Two years on, disenfranchised Malaysians are slowly discovering that hidden amongst the roses, is a litany of thorns and pricks.

And the thorny pricks on the other side of the fence are dancing with glee to the tune of their rival's cacophony of internal wrangling and power tussles.

From a spiritual viewpoint, which is often pessimistic, the current situation hardly comes as a surprise since humans, by design, are flawed, and therefore susceptible to the trappings of fame and power.

In the absence of temptations, many can be righteous and cloak themselves in holier-than-thou garbs, but when seated in front of the cash till, or strolling along the corridors of power, it's a different ball game altogether.

As cracks began to appear on the walls of the poorly cemented Pakatan Rakyat fortress, the enemies baying for blood are quick to point out that these so-called "cleaner" politicians are just as tainted.

With Zaid Ibrahim washing tonnes of dirty linen in public, PKR appears to be inching closer to the edge, and is threatening to bring DAP and PAS crashing with it as well.

Even the magic surrounding Anwar Ibrahim appears to be fading and one wonders if the Reformasi spirit could be kindled with the same kind of fervour if he is to be thrown behind bars again.

On the BN front, Najib Tun Razak continues to croon racial unity, while his minions run beserk on the ground calling the Indians drunkards, and telling the Chinese to take the next ship back to China.

The nation's former premier continues to spew venom at the age of 84, sometimes even sounding like a member of the Klu Klux Klan hell-bent on lynching all those who oppose Malay supremacy.

Malaysians, especially the middle class, have become disillusioned and weary of the political climate and apathy is creeping in. Like the Malay phrase, it is simply a case of "dua kali lima".

So perhaps it is our democratic right not to exercise our democratic right to vote unless these political jesters get their acts together and put up a credible performance.

Anwar “Macam Tok Kah Zaid..??”

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 01:56 AM PST

Oooh la la ," TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.?"

 Zaid could not have described any better on Anwar Ibrahim. This was what was said about Anwar,""I do not know whether he tolerates (dissent) or not, but only his views count,"

Zaid when on to say this," Anwar made changes that he could not accept, and eventually discovered that it was difficult to work with the de facto party leader."

It's not so much on the article of Zaid Forming a new party but on Anwars way of governance which will be detrimental in so far as patching up the already leaked holes from within. True, every political party does have their own BLACK DAYS especially when it comes to internal party elections.


The internet portals article:-

It appears inevitable that former Federal Territories PKR chief Zaid Ibrahim will leave the party and set up his own, judging from interviews with two pro-Umno dailies published today.

NONEZaid (right) had previously announced during a dialogue in Kedah that he plans to form a "Keadilan baru" should he be sacked from PKR.

"I have announced this and I will do it on a small scale. No problems. I don't want politics that is meant just for power which adopts methods that are not beneficial to the people.

"The new party will be based on a struggle for democracy and a government that is accountable and transparent. If I win one or two seats, God willing, I will be very grateful," Zaid told Umno-owned Mingguan Malaysia today.

In the same breath, Zaid said that he has no major plans for politics and concedes that there are concerns that the new party would benefit the BN and weaken the opposition.

He claimed that the opposition now was no different from the BN and thus the new party has a role to encourage both sides to reform and transform.

"I am not interested in determining who rules the country, but how it is being run. If what I am doing will weaken the opposition, I don't know lah.

"But if the opposition is already weak and there is no cooperation or real struggle, then they really weak," he said.

He said that he has always based his politics on issues and policies and stressed that he has no intention of becoming prime minister or opposition leader.

'I want to be in Parliament by 2012′

In another interview with New Straits Times, Zaid said that he will leave PKR if the options present themselves, and said that he might even be sacked.

He stressed that he will continue to speak up for the public as long as his views are considered relevant, and that he will voice what he thinks the country needs.

"If can, I want to go back to Parliament in 2012. I will have to find a seat somewhere. If I have to form my own party, I will do it. Maybe not a big party. I will do what I feel," he said.

Zaid added that he will support Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on certain issues based on their merit, and that he was also free to criticise both the BN and the opposition.

Asked if he would consider contesting for Parliament as an independent, Zaid skirted the question and instead hinted that he may be following the footsteps of Labour Party founder Tan Chee Khoon.

"I remember Tan Chee Khoon, who was a respected parliamentarian. He was Mr Opposition because the opposition then was very small.

"But I will have my style if there is a place for that role in Parliament," he said.

'I don't see myself in PKR'

Zaid dismissed Mingguan Malaysia's question if he was interested in joining Pakatan Rakyat allies PAS and DAP instead of forming a new party.

"With my image now, no one wants to take me in. They will say that Zaid is a troublemaker. I don't want to join either party; moreover, I am old.

"I want my political career to end in a party which reflects my idealism. Whether this will come to fruition is another story.

"I would prefer that one day, I am seen as a reformist who tried to help bring maturity to the process of democracy in this country," he said.

To another question by NST, Zaid concurred when suggested that his days in PKR are numbered.

"Of course. I don't think I can work with (PKR de facto leader) Anwar (Ibrahim). That is why I suggested the solution; Anwar must go. But in reality, it is not possible.

"But I don't see myself in PKR. I just don't want to leave now because I want to see my friends around," he said.

'Anwar doesn't tolerate dissent'

Commenting on Anwar, Zaid said that the former deputy premier was not a factor in his decision last year to join PKR.

NONE"If I was mistaken about Anwar (left), so was (former premier) Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) and many other people, so you cannot fault me by that. I was just an ordinary Umno member.

"I did not join PKR because of Anwar, I joined a political party that suited my political beliefs and ideals. I thought PKR is the vehicle but I never joined with my eyes closed.

"It takes a while for you to be convinced of a person. I did not want to be hasty as well. I have heard a lot about him before and when you do not know the person, you give him the benefit of the doubt," he said.

Zaid said that he had never had a close relationship with Anwar, even during their Umno days.

While in PKR, Zaid said that he and Anwar used to discuss the direction of the party.

However, he said, Anwar made changes that he could not accept, and eventually discovered that it was difficult to work with the de facto party leader.

"I do not know whether he tolerates (dissent) or not, but only his views count," said Zaid.


Europe & America Impregnated With Islam

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 01:32 AM PST

"The Islamic Religion was born and arisen like a shining flame. It soon absorbed other religions as the fire burns the branches of a dry tree. To tell the truth this absorption was Rightly justified for Islam. Because other religions -the sections not confirmed and approved by the holy Qur'an- are in provisions of being void and null."

Europe and America is pregnant to the Islamic Religion. One day an Islamic State will be born there. Just as Ottomans became pregnant and gave a birth to a European State (like Turkey).


Editor Unknown

Some Notes Depending On Writings of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

1 - Some sections and parts concerning the topics and subject-matter have been extracted from the works of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (During 1930s in Turkey) drawing the attention of Islamic and Christian nations published after determining the required preferences based on Qur'an and Sunnah against the events and conditions arisen and developed in our century.

2 - However, one aspect should be emphasized and explained especially hereby. As it can be seen from the sections expressed here, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, classifies Christian world such as Europe and America in two divisions as negative and positive. It is expected from some verses of Qur'an and record of Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad that those who are from the People of the Book and extremely heedless and thoughtless having forgotten the next world in dissipation and corruption and being astray but without being connected to Atheism philosophy will be joining gradually to the positive Christians.

3 - In various places in his works, Bediuzzaman mentions these two parts of Europe. For instance, in a long topic addressed to negative Europe, he includes this statement:

"It should not be misunderstood:

Europe has two faces:

One of these: I am not referring and addressing to the Europe following scientific works and serving to justice and equity and useful and beneficial artworks for humanity and welfare of the people with inspiration and enlightenment learned from real Christianity and Islamic Religion.

However, I do refer and address to the depraved, corrupt Europe, in darkness of the naturalism philosophy that leads people to astray and corruption because it considers the evil acts and things of Civilization as Goodness."
(Lem'alar, page: 115)

By stating above-mentioned points, he puts forth the matter clearly.

4 - Following the preceding determinations, we can pass to some sections selected as taking examples from the explanations made by Bediuzzaman about Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Islam-Christian Unity, as mentioned in Sayings of Prophet:

"Question: After Jesus Christ kills Dadjal (Anti Christ) at the end of time, the majority of people join the right path of Religion. Whereas, it has been narrated that "As long as there exist people saying "Allah" "Allah" (Almighty God), doomsday would not occur. "(Muslim No: 234; Tirmidhi No: 2217 )

After having faith and believing in God, how the majority of people would go into infidelity and misbelieve'?

Answer: As narrated in authentic tradition "Those with poor faith and belief consider it improbable that Jesus Christ would come again and act in accordance with the canonical Laws of Islam and kill Dadjal. If the fact about this topic is explained, there should be no place for doubt and improbability. (Bukhari 60/49; Muslim 1/71)

Namely: In fact, the meanings expressed by those Sayings of Prophet about Sufyan (Anti Islam) and Mehdi (Rightly guided) are such as: in the end of time (in this century and next), two courses of Atheism will gain power.

First trend is that a terrible person called Sufyan (Anti Islam) will deny apostle ship of the prophet under the curtain hypocrisy in religion and pretending to embrace Islam and become the leader of persons acting with hypocrisy in Religion and will try to ruin and destroy the Canonical Laws of Islam. Against him, a person called Muhammad Mehdi descending from Prophet Muhammad's Family will lead Muslim believers and well-conducted people and kill and destroy this hypocritical trend and movement which is the ideology and committee of Sufyan. Second trend is that a Nimrodianlike movement and trend derived from naturalism and materialism comes gradually to a point of complete denial of divinity by the way of materialistic philosophy at the end of time. That is to, say in the similar way that a wild, savage men who does not recognize the King and officers and soldiers of the Army being the officers and soldiers of the King renders to everybody and each soldier a kind of sovereignty and realm. In that is so, in fact, members of that atheist trend, like little Nimrods, consider a kind of divinity in their souls. Their greatest leader, Anti Christ with skills and ability of spiritism and magnetism goes further and assumes his apparent rule and government a kind of divinity. It is apparent and well-known fact that proclaiming divinity by a destitute, incapable Human Being who is defeated by an ordinary fly and unable to invent and create the wing of a fly is such an act of foolish and ridiculous buffoonery.

At such a time, as that movement seems to be very powerful and strong, the true christianity derived and inspired from the spirit and morality of Jesus Christ will, subsequently arise and will come down from the sky of Divine Mercy. Eventually, Christianity will be purified and get rid of the all superstitions and misbelieves and will unite with the true Islamic Religion, thereby the Christianity will be in a way transformed into Islam, and by adopting guidance to Qur'an, the Christian community will become the follower of Islam and Islam Religion will be in the Leader position. The true Religion of Islam will gain a great power as a result of that unification. The Christianity and Islam being defeated by Atheism movement and trend while they were separated, will be able to defeat and destroy Atheism movement as a result of that unity, at that moment. A true Informer based on the promise from Almighty God has given the information that Jesus Christ is alive in heaven in his human body and will return and take the leadership of this true Religion. Since the message was conveyed, then it will be true and while it is conveyed as based on the promise of the Almighty God, then absolutely, it will be realized." (Mektubat, page: 56)

5 - In summary: "The secret in the Sayings of Prophet in respect with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ at the end of time and act according to the Laws of prophet Muhammad is as follows: After being purified and getting rid of all the superstitions and worldly interests for religion and exclusively devoting in order to stand up against the movement of Atheism derived and originated from naturalism, the spiritual body of Christianity will kill the spiritual leader of Atheism, Anti Christ. This means that he will root out the idea of Atheism." (Mektubat, page: 6)

6 - "There is a definite and obvious narration that "Jesus Christ will kill the great Dadjal (Anti Christ). "(Muslim 52/No: 94 -110 -116; Ibn-i Majeh No: 4075 )

The future is only in God's knowledge. Nevertheless, there are two reasons for this. The first reason is that: There must be only one wonderful, excellent, perfect person respected and accepted by majority of human beings who will be able to kill dreadful, formidable Dadjal who protects himself by magic, spiritism and magnetism and influences and enchants people with such temporary artificial acts. Such a person is Jesus Christ being the Prophet of majority of people and mostly concerned about this issue.

The second reason is that: Only Christian Spirituals will be able to kill and destroy the dreadful, terrible spiritual statue of Atheism and unbeliever ideology constituted by Anti Christ which was destroyed by the personal sword of Jesus Christ. Those Christian spirituals will combine the realms and realities of the Christianity and Islamic Religion and with the resulting power and strength of that unity will ruin and kill the ideology of Atheism. Moreover, the narration further states that "Jesus Christ comes and joins Mehdi during ritual worship" (Ibn-i Majeh No: 4077 ) pointing out this alliance and ruling and predomination of the Holy Qur'an." (?ualar, page: 587)

7 - "The blessed society of Mehdi will restore the destructive and reformist regime of Anti-Islam and thereafter they establish and found Sunnah (the acts and way of living of the Prophet Muhammad). This means that Anti-Islam committee which tries to destroy the right path of the Prophet Muhammad for the purpose and intention of denial of the Prophet's apostle ship, will be killed by the moral, spiritual sword of the Mehdi's rightly guided society.

The zealous and devoted Christian Society rightly deserving the title of "Muslim Christians" who will attempt to unite the true Christianity and Islamic Religion, will destroy and kill Anti-Christ committee that tries to destroy the holy and sacred things totally with the purpose of denial of Almighty God's divinity. This Christian Society will eliminate the Anti-Christ and save the human beings from Atheism (Communism) under the Leadership of Jesus Christ." (Mektubat, page: 441)

8 - "Since the strange, peculiar conditions and violent executions of Anti Christ Regime (committee and government) is narrated to be related to his personality so the real meaning keeps secret:

For instance: "It is narrated that he is so powerful that only Jesus Christ will be able to kill him." This means that a heavenly and blessed true Religion will arise throughout the Christian realm. Later on, this religion will respect and accept all the issues and provisions of the Holy Qur'an. Thereafter, Jesus Christ will come down and kill the trend and movement of Atheism. As for the mortal individuals of Anti Christ Leaders they can be killed by a simple microbe or flue." (Sualar, page: 581)

9- "The Christianity (Christian doctrine) will surrender to Islam:

Christianity will either be vanished or purified, and will surrender to Islam and give up weapons.

Repeatedly torn out, came up eventually to Protestantism, Christianity did not see real improvement and righteousness in Protestantism.

Curtain again torn out and fell into absolute corruption, however some of them approached to Unity of God and will have prosperity, there. Already prepared again and started to get torn up. If not fails, it will find purity and ingenuousness within the meaning of Islam.

This is a great secret symbolized as the prophet Muhammad said "Jesus Christ will act under Islamic Law and become a Leader of my Nation." (Sozler, page: 703)

10 - A warning from Bediuzzaman Said Nursi:

(One of the pupil of Said Nursi sends "Asa-yi Musa" (a book of Said Nursi) to an American and when he heard that he said the following):

"Missionaries and Christian spirituals as well as Nurcus (students of Light) must be very careful. The Northern movement (Communism) will try to upset the unity of Islamic and Christian missionaries in order to defend itself against the attacks of Islamic and Christian Religions. It may attract the common people by showing tolerance and giving alms and calling and inviting bourgeois to the help of poor people, it may deceive some muslims and force them to join to that trend and movement. Anyway, this time, I have violated my rules and principles for your sake and looked into the worldly affairs." (Emirdag Lahikasi-I, page: 159)

11 - Here is what Bediuzzaman said about benefiting of some Christians who suffered and died in the Second World War, from the matter of interregnum:

"That right religion of Jesus Christ together with Islamic Religion will prevail and dominate at the end of time, of course, some miserable Christians who suffered from disasters and wars can be considered as some kind of martyrs." (Kastamonu Lahikasi, page: 111)

12 - Bediuzzaman, indicates the necessity of making peace between two great, distinguished Religions (Islam and Christianity) for the reason of fighting against Atheism movements during the World War concluded this statement. "Because as two countries claim the Sovereignty of the world in this world war, then, two great religions' agreement phase and the fight between Atheists and heavenly Religions began." (Sikke-i Tasdik-i Gaybi, page: 191)

In the subsequent paragraphs and context of the writing, the attention has been drawn to that importance and emphasis should be given to strengthen religious life rather than wasting time by worldly struggles under such complex conditions and in such chaotic times.

Deep Note: Most of the Christian Priests have for long centuries made negative & unproved statements against Islam. Whereas Prophet Muhammad announced in his many Sayings that Jesus will return in the Last Century and will destroy the Atheism and rule over a wide portion of the world. Prophet Muhammad thus attracted the concern of his Followers onto Jesus. Hence, his Followers do look forward to the second coming of Jesus. In the past, some priests have acted conservative against Islam in order to protect their status, and rules... Nowadays True Christians are seriously trying to correct this past mistake...

13 - In his writing addressed to official authorities Bediuzzaman expressed that some positive Christian States and Nations would accept the alliance and unity of Islamic States and their getting stronger and more powerful against the intensiveness of such worldly fights and anarchy and terror. Consequently the necessity of Islamic Alliance will arise, to overcome these global problems:

"Kadir Night" issue in the Guide pamphlet.

At the present time, its result can be seen in both America and Europe. Therefore, our present Government's real power is to rely on the realm and realities of holy Qur'an and render good service accordingly. In this way, it can attract the friendship of all Muslims in the world as a Reserve Power by way of unity of Islam.

In the past the Christian States were not supporting and were not in favor of the Islamic Alliance. But, now both U.S.A. and European countries have to support the unity of Islam and holy Qur'an due to rising powers of anarchism and Communism." (Emirdag Lahikasi-II, page: 54)

14 - When Islamic Unity is formed and the person in charge of representing that unity will make alliance with Christian Spirituals, so is stated by Bediuzzaman and the following: "The third mission of this rightly guided person is to make an alliance with Christians by establishing caliphate of Islamic Religion on the basis of Islamic unification and serve to Islamic Religion. This mission requires great power and self sacrifice of millions for implementation." (Sikke-i Tasdik-i Gaybi, page: 9)

15 - The Muslim-Christian Alliance against assaulting and aggressive Atheism constitutes one of the significant issues of our century. It is stated in one of the Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad in respect with this subject:

"You will conclude an accord for peace with Greek-Romans in future to establish the security and then, you will fight against an enemy threatening both you and them.." (Tajj v.4 no: 960; Ibn-i Majeh No: 4089)

While this Saying announces the Muslim-Christian Alliance against international Atheism movements and anarchism, the expression of "Peace in Security" implies in opposite and announces anarchism which is seriously and critically violating and disturbing the overall peace and order. Because, as it is understood from opposite meaning, extreme need will arise to restore the general security from the violence of anarchism. In other words, it points out that to possess the required power to assure "Peace in Security" will only be possible by Muslim-Christian Alliance.

16 - The following points are explanations of the Sayings of Prophet Muhammad related to our present century with its comprehensive meaning:

"These days, the true believers must unite not only with their Muslim brothers, but even with pious Christian spirituals and unconsider all involving disagreements and disputes, because dreadful Atheism keeps attacking and aggression." (Emirdag Lahikasi, page: 206)

"Moreover, the Saying of the Prophet Muhammad further states that in the end of time, true pious, devout Christians will unite with Muslims and put a great fight together against the common threat Atheism. For the time being, true devout Muslims must unite not only with their correligionists, colleagues and fellow brothers, but also with true Christian believers by skipping any dispute, since they have to unite urgently against the common enemy, aggressive, dreadful Atheism." (Lem'alar, page: 151)

17 - "My heart feels very important anxiety and consolation and comfort in such way:

As a result of these wide-spread fights and struggles there would arise Anti Christ terror and fear to a great extent being more than the damage and harm sustained in the previous World War in Europe which is the source and cradle of civilization. But I am consoled and comforted by the fact that the New World (U.S.A.) will act in conformity with true Christianity teachings and unite with the world of Islam. Thereafter Bible will be cooperating with the holy Qur'an. So I do hope that this Alliance will stand up with heavenly resistance against these two movements attacking aggressively (Atheism-Communism & Freemasonry) and will be victorious. "(Emirdag Lahikasi, page: 58)

18 - Here is a verse from the holy Qur'an stating the principle of making Alliance with the people of the Book:

"Say: O! the People of the Book! Come to a common accord between you and us: so that, let us not worship and attach ourselves to nothing, but only the Almighty God. Let us not consider anything as a partner to Him and let some of us not assume some of us as God. If they turn their faces to the other side, then tell them in their witness "We are the true MusLims (Peace loving people)."

In that verse, it is clearly shown that how different, various consciences, nations, Religions and the Holy Books can be united in an basic "essential conscience" in a right world and that Islam is considering every issue in wide scope, clearly and in right direction and Islam is not exclusively confined to only Arabs and Persians any longer." (Elmali Commentary, page: 1131 )

19 - In a verse from the holy Qur'an, it is stated as follows in respect with fraternity and closeness of positive Christians towards Muslims:

"You will find out people saying that we, Christians are the ones most close to the Muslims than any other people." However, in fact, these people are not in general complete believers and sometimes they also feel hostility and animosity against Muslims. But when compared with Jewish hostility trend, these people has approach and ability to favor Muslims.

This means that, it is not of question they might feel fraternity towards the muslims. The fraternity approach is much more probable and their capability in Belief and sincerity to Islam is higher than others. The reason they feel in such way is that they have Christian priests, who are occupied with theology and worshipping and monks who mortify their lust in monasteries for the sake of the next world. One more point is that they are humble and friendly and good natured people and do not act arrogantly." (Same book page: 1791)

20 - Bediuzzaman says as follows in respect of a book sent by one of his pupils to the Christians:

"The letter of Salahaddin is important from some aspects of viewpoints. Of course American theologizes and scholars would not be in dif ferent and disinterested in Asa-yi Musa. In case it reaches to those who love religion for the sake of Religion, then it will make conquests. Otherwise, if it is owned by those similar in jealous character to our selfish teachers, it is very doubtful that it will be upgraded." (Emirdag Lahikasi, page: 160)

21 - While some verses of the holy Qur'an such as (2:121; 3:113, 114, 115, 199; 13:36; 28:52-55) mention the positive and constructive qualities of Christians and similar verses state the same remarks, many other verses, on the other hand, inform that majority of them went astray. (See, Qur'an 3:110) In the holy Qur'an (verse: 4:159), it is stated that the people of the Book will have faith in Jesus Christ before dying and the verse (4:90) concerns with inviolability right recognized to non aggressive, non-Muslims.

22 - The 4090th Saying the Ibn-i Majeh is as follows:

" "When the fights and wars occur, the Almighty God will dispatch such an army from non-Arabs equipped with most valuable horses (from breeding) and the best weapons and the Almighty God will support and reinforce Islamic Religion with such an army."

As it is understood from that Saying, the people to support Islam is announced as non Arabs. That implies in such a way that the people who will support Islam, would most probably be a nation other than Arabs." (Ibn-i Majeh v.10 p.354)

As it is understood from the remarks and references of this Saying, a Christian country possessing superior war technology with highly sophisticated war machinery will assist Islam. (It is under the knowledge of God).

23 - In an orational Sermon given by Him to a large religious community in Umayya Mosque in Damascus in the year of 1911 which was published in book-format later on, Bediuzzaman mentions about statements and declarations made by some European scholars and philosophers and asserts as follows:

"Here, some examples out of hundreds:

Firstly: Mr. Carlyle the most reputed and famous philosopher of l9th century and American Continent speaks louder to the philosophers and Christian theologizes without any hesitation in his publication and states the following:

"The Islamic Religion was born and arisen like a shining flame. It soon absorbed other religions as the fire burns the branches of a dry tree. To tell the truth this absorption was Rightly justified for Islam. Because other religions -the sections not confirmed and approved by the holy Qur'an- are in provisions of being void and null."

Mr. Carlyle continues his statement by asserting "The most significant and worthy-to listen statement is the words of the Prophet Muhammad. Because the true words are His Sayings."
Also, He further says that:

"If you feel doubt about the Rightness of Islamic Religion, then you necessarily feel doubt about Necessity of Science. Because the most necessary and definite realm and reality is Islam." This famous philosopher stated this fact in several chapters in his valuable book.

The Second Sample: Prince Bismarck, the most famous philosopher of Europe in the last century says that:

"I looked into and studied all holy and heavenly books. Due to some amendments and modifications made in all could not find the true wisdom capable to provide happiness and welfare and prosperity to human beings. However, I found the holy Qur'an of the Prophet Muhammad extremely superior to other books. I found divine wisdom in each word of the holy Qur'an. Such an excellent work could not be the words of a human being.

Those who claim that the Qur'an is the words of Muhammad are in the position of denying the necessity of science. In another words, it is very clear and obvious that the holy Qur'an conveys the words of God."

Thus as based on the products of genius scholars and philosophers as such intelligence field of America and Europe (Mister Carlyle and Bismarck) I can also say with my whole faith that:

Europe and America is pregnant to the Islamic Religion. One day an Islamic State will be born there. Just as Ottomans became pregnant and gave a birth to a European State (like Turkey).

You, my brothers in this Mosque of Umayya and my brothers in the Mosque of Islamic World half a century after now. Do not these expressions and statements illustrate and prove that Islam will dominate and prevail in the future of the World and provide welfare and happiness to mankind spiritually and materially in both worlds (here and hereafter) and Peace will be possible only via Islam and True Christianity which will join and be allied with the Qur'an." (Hutbe-i Samiye, page: 30)

"The Qur'an asks you to complete your faith, not to abandon it"

A Call to People of the Book

"And who believe in that which is revealed unto thee and that which was revealed before thee, and have the assurance of the hereafter."

Qur'an, 2:4

(1) The reference in this verse to the previous scriptures is, from one point of view, the attribution of the object of proof to the proof itself. Therefore the verse implies:

"O men! Believe in the previous scriptures just as you believe in the Qur'an, for they testify, and give evidence to the truth of the Qur'an."

(2) It is at the same time the attribution of the proof to the object of proof, and thus the verse implies:

"O People of the Book! Believe in Muhammad and the Qur'an just as you believe in the previous prophets and scriptures. For they all gave the glad tidings of the coming of Muhammad, and all that gives evidence to the truthfulness of them is truly and by all means found in the Qur'an and Muhammad. Believe, then, that the Qur'an is God's word, and Muhammad is His messenger, in the same way that you believe in the previous scriptures and messengers."

(3) Born out of Qur'an in the era of the Prophet, Islam resembles a tree: its roots are at the time of the Prophet; its veins spread and receive life and vigor from the springs of that time; its branches have extended to the sky of the future and there yield worldly and otherworldly fruits for humanity. With the past and the future in the shades of its wings, it brings about tranquillity for all alike.

(4) When inviting the People of the Book to faith in Islam, the Qur'an shows them in this verse a familiar aspect and a facility, That is, implies:

"O People of The Book! There is no difficulty for you in accepting Islam; do not let it appear hard to you. For the Qur'an does not order you to abandon your religion completely. It asks you, indeed, to complete your faith and build it on the fundamentals of religion that you already possess. Because the Qur'an combines in itself the virtues of all the previous books and the essentials of all the previous religions; it is thus a modifier and a perfector. As for its nature as establisher, this only concerns such details as are subject to change and alteration because of differences of time and place; and this is not illogical at all. With the change of seasons, food and costumes and many more things also need to be changed. Also the methods for educating a person change in accordance with his age. Similarly, the Laws of Wisdom and Benefit necessitate that Detail Principles (Regulations) should change in accordance with the phases of the Life of Human Beings. Because, one of these detail rules being useful & beneficial at one time, can be harmful at another time. A certain kind of medicine may be a fatal poison for a person while it heals another one. For this reason the Qur'an has changed some details of the previous religions, that is, it has determined that their time is over; now it is the turn of new edicts." (from the Signs of Miraculousness) (Isarat-ül I'caz, page: 49)

- Amazing Grace - yes, amazing, but I want road directions

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 01:23 AM PST

By Elsa

Amazing grace
how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost
but now am found
was blind but now I see

Okay, fine - so that describes the experience.

And I've come to lots of other descriptions of the experience. Eckhart Tolle - a big name at present in the spirituality movement. He was depressed and suicidal for years - then presto, woke up one morning and it was gone, those feelings of depression and all the rest of it. Inner peace. Stillness. Joy.

Byron Katie. Depressed for decades. Drug-addicted. One night, sleeping on the floor of a recovery place - she didn't feel worthy enough to sleep on a mattress - she had a break-through experience. She was suddenly somewhere else. The addictions were gone. The depression was gone. She went on to a wonderful marriage - before there was, if I remember right, abuse in the first marriage, and then things again not right in the second.

I am sure there are millions of stories of sudden grace.

And then there's the Eastern route - meditation for, finally, enlightenment. It can take decades to reach enlightenment - or never happen.

So, grace - definition of grace, the meaning of grace: sudden removal of inner pain, sudden access to total inner peace, often associated with divine intervention. Grace: the sudden complete inner transformation from stuff like depression, misery, suicidal thoughts, a sense of meaninglessness, rage, hatred. It may also include a sense of being forgiven for wrongs committed - so the person who wrote Amazing Grace was a slave trader - and went on to be an anti-slavery minister.


But what good does a definition of grace do me?

I want a nice clear set of directions - a road map. Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie were totally down in the dumps. Is that needed, to open the self up to a kind of cosmic inner clearing?

It doesn't feel fair, if that's what's needed - but then, as it's been pointed out, life isn't fair.


Grace - I'd rather have that, it's my guess, than happiness - though best to have both, and joy ... and so many other things.

The right to the pursuit of happiness - that's part of the American bill of rights, unless I'm mis-remembering. (That bill of rights - the right to the pursuit of happiness and the right to bear arms - 2 rights that have often worked against each other.)

Grace - I think we should add that in, in any worldwide bill of rights. The right to the pursuit of grace.

But that doesn't get us to come close to anything like directions.


So ... directions ...

I've done "work" to get toward grace..

I've gone the route of the West - personal growth through the talk approaches, such as therapy, Gestalt workshops, analysis, and more. Years ago, I got to what I felt was the end of that road. Way before that, Freud wrote about analysis terminable and interminable. I felt I had reached the interminable stage - knowing there was more to be done, but feeling I was on a road without any ending - and with a sense of things being just plain unchanging.

Years passed. This past year I've been doing body-centered approaches - meridian tapping, also called EFT (a kind of acupressure to release emotional blocks) - and also Taoist chi exercises (for more inner integration).

So, all that work - and I can feel changes, large inner shifts.

But no grace - not that state of inner peace I hear of from people like Eckhart Tolle.

Grace. How to get there? It isn't some temporary thing, like a high from a drug or alcohol. It isn't a numbing. Blocks disappear.


I remember I used to be so scared of dying. At some time in my late twenties, that evaporated. No near-death experience (or anyway, none that I remember) - though the most common route to fear of death vanishing is a near-death experience. I can still get scared of dying - but it's a much more distant fear.

But grace - so far that's eluded me.


There are 2 tools I've heard of that perhaps may help get one to grace. NLP - neuro linguistic programming - which, as far as I can make out, aims to reprogram the mind, away from destructive and limiting inner patterns.

Then there's something called karmic cleansing. That sounds like grace. A clearing of all the inner stuff - in this case, supposedly also from past lives upon past lives.


I'm still working on finding a road that pulls me.

There have been times when I've felt things come together - when I've been doing what I wanted to be doing, had a sense of getting somewhere. There have also been a couple of brushes with the in-love buzz. That felt a bit like grace, as if all that un-joy had melted away. But that wasnt grace, and didn't last like it doesn't for most people.


Some people turn their lives over to god - and for some it works, and for others, they spend decades tormented, say by longings of the flesh.

It doesn't feel right to me.

My road is somewhere else.

Okay, still no road map.


Suggestions welcome.

In the meantime, I have the sense I am nearing something essential.

Be inspired more


Posted: 14 Nov 2010 12:56 AM PST

Story to follow.
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PM Najib and the extremists

Posted: 17 Sep 2010 06:45 AM PDT

At a time where it appears as though Najib is caught between a rock and a hard place to openly state his views on Perkasa, he has instead shown that there is more to the issue than just being forced by some parties to choose between 'endorsing' or 'opposing' the vocal Malay rights group.

In a somewhat carefully delivered response, Najib made clear that extremists would not be tolerated, but fell short of naming any particular NGO or individual. To quote off TheMalaysianInsider;
"No, we do not want to be in conflict with any NGO," he firmly said.

Najib went further to play down Perkasa's significance as a pressure group, pointing out that as far as Umno was concerned, Perkasa was just like any other NGO.

"It is just like any other NGO. We have so many NGOs. There are times we can agree, and there are times we cannot agree," he said.

No doubt it's a political statement. But I think Najib has learnt something from Obama, or it could well just be a coincidence.

Remember Obama's well crafted statement on the controversial New York mosque issue? In sum, Obama was trying NOT to say it directly that he supports the New York mosque proposal, but reaffirms the principles of freedom of religion which allows the rights to build places of worship. Go figure. :-)

Perkasa, extremists and the media
My argument is simple. If you think that Perkasa is extreme, racist, irrelevant and whatnot, why not just leave them alone. Ignore them. The media is partly responsible for hyping them up so much. This reminds me of the case of the infamous Pastor Terry Jones who initiated a campaign to burn a Quran on 911, which left many asking how is it possible that a pastor of a small church in a small town of Florida was able to generate so much wave of publicity throughout the world? Why does the media gave so much attention over a moronic idea to burn a Quran?

Maybe the answer lies in the axiom, "bad news is good news". Hence, extremists rules over moderates in media coverage. Yes No?

In principle, there is nothing wrong about Perkasa's struggle. In fact, you can say it resembles closely as UMNO's. But the only problem with Perkasa, in my view, is Ibrahim Ali and his extreme views and rhetorics which has alienated many non-Malays. And being the President, his words is seen and accepted as the official words of Perkasa.

For instance, I disagree with his views that the economic equity of the Malays and Bumiputras should be increased to 67% as to be in proportion with the percentage of Malay and Bumiputra communities in Malaysia. I believe that to empower the Malays and to improve their socio-economic conditions, it must be done through empowerment and education, not by such quota proposals.

I'd like to point out another example. Ibrahim Ali's views on prohibiting non-Muslims from entering a mosque is just plain distasteful and stupid, if I may say so. It shows his ignorance about the issue. But if you think I am here to lend my support the Serdang DAP MP YB Teo Nie Ching. No. Read on.

I am saddened that many prefers to look at the issue based on their own political prejudice. For instance, PAS supporters would try as hard to do a damage control exercise to justify Teo's act of entering the surau in Serdang. As usual PKR people will only voice out if they have something to talk about. And on that same note, some pro-UMNO supporters who were bent on scoring political points tend to criticise Teo without looking at the issue objectively. Objective in the sense that one would say it is okay for Teo to enter the surau, but there are limitations as to which part of the mosque a non-Muslim should be allowed in. And secondly, it would be much better for Teo if she had at least wore a simple headscarf to cover her head. To me, the blame should go to the surau committee for not advising Teo properly about the adab of entering the surau.

Of course, my argument is subject to various religious or political interpretations, but at least my views are based on my simple understanding of how foreign non-Muslim tourists are treated when they visit the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur or the Putra Mosque in Putrajaya. In both mosques, non Muslims are allowed to enter but they may NOT walk in up to the main praying hall. Simple as that. And they are required to done a head-covered jubah for women and for men - if they are wearing shorts. Therefore, based on these counts alone, I believe the surau committee rather than Teo has made a mistake.

To sum up, the issue is not a simple Yes or No answer. It isn't about whether or not a non-Muslim can enter a mosque. But it is about the adab or etiquette of a non-Muslim when entering a mosque. There's more to the issue than what was being reported in the media and sadly I can't find anything similar to this simple explanation in the mainstream media to better inform the non-Muslims about the whole issue so that they won't be left confused by some politicians from both sides who were trying to score some political points.

I think I have diverted quite a bit from my original post. So I shall stop here, for now.

Four in five believe internet access is a fundamental right

Posted: 09 Mar 2010 08:07 AM PST

Four in five people around the world believe that web access is a fundamental human right, according to a new survey.

The poll, which collated the answers from more than 27,000 people across 26 countries and was conducted on behalf of the BBC World Service, found that 87 per cent of interne t users felt that web access should be a basic right. More than 70 per cent of non-users felt they should have access to the net.

In Japan, Mexico and Russia, nearly 75 per cent of respondents said they could not cope without their internet connection. Ninety per cent of those polled in Turkey believed web access was a fundamental human right, making it the strongest supporter of the widely held sentiment.

"The right to communicate cannot be ignored," Dr Hamadoun Toure, secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), told BBC News.

"The internet is the most powerful potential source of enlightenment ever created."
He said that governments must "regard the internet as basic infrastructure - just like roads, waste and water".

Seventy-eight per cent pollsters believe that the web gave them greater levels of freedom. This belief was most popular with the US respondents, who were also the respondents that were the most confident to express their opinions openly online. [Read more]

Some thoughts to ponder: Perhaps it's the time for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights be updated? Hehe. :-)

IRA strikes again!

Posted: 27 Feb 2010 07:23 AM PST

Bobby Sands was an Irish volunteer for the Provisional Irish Republican Army and member of the United Kingdom Parliament who died on hunger strike while in HM Prison Maze (Wikipedia)

Read all the Western media headlines below.
Not a single Western media outlet has mentioned the religion of the perpetrators. But imagine if similar event were to happen in the Middle East. For sure the media would mention the religion of the perpetrators and label them with names such as "Muslim terrorist" or "Islamic terrorist". It is never my intention to see the media headlines mentioning the religion of the people behind the latest bombing in Northern Ireland, but only to show how blatantly bias the Western media is, in their reporting.
Insurgency Rises in Northern Ireland - Wall Street Journal
A bomb that was just a blast from the past - Independent
Clinton condemns 'cowardly' N.Ireland car bombing
British PM condemns N. Ireland bombing - CNN
Northern Ireland car bomb blamed on dissident republicans - The Guardian
Ireland - Minister Martin deplores Newry bomb - ISRIA
Dissidents blamed for court bomb - Glasgow Evening Times
Republicans blamed for huge NI bomb -
Dissident IRA Car Bomb Damages Courthouse - TIME
Republican terrorists blamed for detonating car bomb near border - Times Online
Courthouse car bombers condemned - Hillingdon Times
Dissidents blamed for NI car bomb - Channel 4 News
Car bomb explodes at Newry courthouse - BBC News

This incident reminds of an Irish Australian tourist whom I met during my visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last month. (I still prefer the city's old name, Saigon) I can't recall his name but from our conversation, he is a retiree and now spending his free time travelling the world, alone (his wife died few years ago).

It was an interesting conversation we had. When I asked him the reason why he migrated from Europe down south to Australia, he told us (there were other Dutch tourist in the conversation) about the "prospect of free and good life" in Australia, in the late 1960s. Now that's news to me.

But anyway, the thing that caught my interest was the way he refer to his origin country. Interestingly, after more than 4 decades of living in Perth, Australia, he still refer Northern Ireland as the "occupied country". Though it's not really something new to me, but to hear such a statement coming from a native Irish guy is refreshing, indeed.

It is exactly the same way Palestine is being referred to as "Occupied Palestine" by every Palestinians today.

Nick Clegg's Messsage of Hope

Posted: 28 May 2010 11:49 AM PDT

Nick Clegg

I must say I am very much impressed with the statesman-like Deputy Prime Minister of the UK and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg. It's not about trying to be different from some others who supports either Labour or the Tories, by endorsing the third force, the Lib Dems, but perhaps I was one of the few who were caught up by the much-hyped "Cleggmania" during the UK election campaign.

Also read his inspirational first opening speech as Deputy Prime Minister on constitutional reform and "New Politics". New Politics: Nick Clegg's speech on constitutional reform

Below are some excerpts from the Lib Dems mailing list.
Dear Shahnon,

It's just over a week since I accepted the position of Deputy Prime Minister - and already we have achieved real change.

Changes that the Liberal Democrats have spent months campaigning for, are about to happen.

There will be no ID cards, no third runway at Heathrow, no more fingerprinting in schools without parents' consent, no more child detention.

Promises we were making a few weeks ago are becoming realities. Fair taxes. The income tax threshold will rise to £10,000. That is this Government's priority, not tax cuts for millionaires. The best start at school for every child. Extra money is now going to be targeted to pupils who need it most. That is a huge leap in creating a truly mobile society.

We're making Britain's economy fairer. The banks are going to be taxed, the bonus culture is going to be addressed. And we're cleaning up British politics. Fixed term parliaments are happening. People will soon have the power to sack corrupt MPs, and be able to vote in elections to the House of Lords.

But this isn't the end of the story.

Thanks to your support there are Liberal Democrat ministers in government, putting Liberal Democrat policies into practice.

I need you to take the next step and join the Liberal Democrats today.

We're going to be campaigning for real change in government just as strongly as we did in opposition. is back, again!

Posted: 27 Feb 2010 07:48 AM PST

Yes, is back with a new hosting and lots of new plans ahead! So, hopefully all's gonna be well, insyaAllah.

"Hail" the English Defence League!

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 11:46 AM PDT

English Defence League rally

Ten people were charged with public order and other offences today over clashes with police after the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism held protests in Leicester yesterday.

Supporters had arrived by the coachload since the early morning and were allowed to gather in four police-monitored pubs ahead of the protests in Hotel Street. Many wore EDL-branded hooded tops and some chanted "EDL, EDL''. Others carried banners bearing slogans such as "Sharia laws will destroy Britain and all our British values". [read more]

It's amazing to see that there is actually an anti-sharia movement in the United Kingdom even when the Muslims form only 3% of the population. So the fear of sharia being implemented in the UK is just mathematically absurd.

I think any sane citizen can easily comprehend that, but no, not the peoples of the English Defence League and its supporters.

It appears that far-right extremists spreading anti-Islam ideology is fast creeping across Europe and has now found its way across the English Channel. If the decades of the 60s and the 70s were often recognised as the socialist decades, then could it be possible that the next decade be dominated by extreme religio-political ideologies and far-right movements?

Is the modern world, or are we, getting less tolerant and accepting??

[pic source: Wikipedia]

Reflections on Merdeka

Posted: 30 Aug 2010 10:25 AM PDT

Some quotable quotes from our Bapa Kemerdekaan, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. Lest we forget.

I would like to remind you that the first Malay ruler who made an agreement with the British Government was my own grandfather. He ceded Penang to the British under a lease and they are still paying for the lease today. Now God has decreed that his grandson shall take back not only Penang but the whole of Malaya. - Padang Merdeka, Malacca, 20th Feb 1956

On Malayan youth;
"..To the youth of this country I have a message. You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Unlike us, you have a country free from any domination. You grow up with your heads held high as masters in your own country... The future of this country rests on you: Whether our star rises or falls, it will be due to you solely.
Therefore be ready to serve her, to build her up and to give your life in her defence. You and I must be determine to make Malaya a place which we shall all be proud to call our home.." - Kuala Lumpur, 30th Aug 1957

On Malaya's freedom;
"..Let freedom be secured for all law-abiding people. There shall be freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom of want, freedom of association, freedom of assembly and freedom of movement" - Kuala Lumpur, 30th Aug 1957

On Chin Peng's broken promise;
"Now Chin Peng, at our talks in Baling, you specifically stated that if I returned from London with complete control of internal defence and security you would lay down your arms. I have now obtained control of this Ministry and, therefore, I call upon you to honour that pledge you made and surrender all your weapons.." - Radio Malaya, 22nd Feb 1956

Source: Malaysia The Road to Independence - Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj (Pelanduk, 2007)

Hulu Selangor – An Expected and Surprising Win for BN

Posted: 26 Apr 2010 01:10 PM PDT

My take on the Hulu Selangor by-election result.

Hulu Selangor - An Expected and Surprising Win for Barisan Nasional

Terima Kasih 'Departemen Pendidikan Nasional'

Posted: 21 Aug 2010 12:20 PM PDT

What has this Indonesian textbook got anything to do with me?? Read on..

Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial - Kurnia Nandar Wati, Ratih Hurriyati (Departemen Pendidikan Nasional, 2009)

Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial, page 28 (original source: fotopages)

Today I found out that one of my favourite pictures was being used in an Indonesia textbook (above). So, I'd like to thank the Pusat Perbukuan Departemen Pendidikan Nasional or the (Indonesian) National Education Department for crediting my photo and adding my name in the textbook.

However, to my surprise I later observed that the entire pictures in the textbook were sourced from the Internet (!) - including blog sites such as Blogger and Wordpress; Wikipedia and Flickr. And I thought to myself, what a cheap way of sourcing images for publication! I mean, it's understandable if it was meant for desktop publication, or publication for private purposes, but sourcing images off the Internet for a school textbook? Now, that is something new. I have no idea if the same practice is being adopted in Malaysia, but I hope not.

It is amazing or rather frightening to see how fast things have changed over the years. Fifteen or ten years ago, people would scan texts or pictures and upload them on the Internet. Today, it is totally the opposite. Perhaps such practice would become a norm in the near future when everything in the world are connected and wired to the Internet, or when there are no more "real" books or newspapers or magazines in the market. Or am I imagining too much?

Well, if you're still reading this, thank you for your time. I don't really have anything decent to blog about other than to keep this blog updated. So, there. :-)

Here is another picture used in an Indonesian tourism website, WisataMelayu - Sebagian Besar Objek Wisata Sumbar Masih Bersifat Potensi (Bukittinggi, Indonesia, Aug 2005)

Quran-Burning and Freedom of Speech

Posted: 08 Sep 2010 08:16 AM PDT

"Shock the world into focus …get people to start asking hard questions …remind the world we still have freedom of speech … expose the truth … [and] force the world into action."

Showing no sign of backing down under growing pressure, the Florida church planning to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11 offered "five more reasons" for doing so on Tuesday. It also took a swipe at critics, including "U.S. generals," over freedom of speech.

An issue that has been simmering for two months sparked a fresh media frenzy following General David Petraeus' warning Monday that the planned Quran-burning by the Gainesville-based Dove World Outreach Center could endanger American troops in Afghanistan and be used to incite violence around the world.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday evening commented to a mostly Muslim audience on Dove World pastor Terry Jones' "plans to burn the Holy Quran on September 11." [Read more]

So there you have it.. When freedom of speech is being abused, when freedom of speech is being justified to do stupid things; what you get is some moron extremist planning to burn a Quran - Islam's most sacred book. But.. oh wait, maybe this is what freedom of speech means to some people in America?

Chinese premier calls for reform

Posted: 15 Oct 2010 09:39 PM PDT

Wen Jiabao

'People's wishes and needs for democracy and freedom are irresistible,' Wen Jiabao says. (full report)

Unbelievable! China for democracy?? The Chinese premier's statement has got to be one of the most, if not the most, revolutionary statements in the history of communism since the fall of the Soviet communist regime.

Would we be witnessing Wen Jiabao to follow in the footsteps of former Soviet Russia's Mikhail Gorbachev's perestroika & glasnost policy of openness, transparency and economic reform (which subsequently resulted in the collapse of the Soviet regime)?

This is certainly good news for the people in East Turkestan (Chinese Turkestan), Tibet and maybe Taiwan too. Though I do not foresee the secession of the conflicting provinces from the state of China, at the very least there will be a greater political autonomy ala Aceh in Indonesia in post-tsunami 2005 and better respect for human rights.

Politicians of the world must realise and seriously take into account that the new decade and the new century is the era of greater democratisation. The old model of top-down politics is outdated and no longer viable in the changing new world driven by the convergence of information and technologies.

While the call for greater freedom by Wen Jiabao is lauded, however, let us be reminded that democracy or democratisation is not and will never be absolute. Absolute freedom only leads to anarchy. Likewise, absolute power will lead to dictatorship and totalitarianism. Therefore the biggest challenge is to seek middle path and to balance between the changing socio-political environment, the increasing democratisation of the society and to maintain peace and public order.

So it would certainly be interesting to closely follow the political development in China in the coming decade. Is Wen Jiabao going to be the Chinese Gorbachev?

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