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Arman Azha Abu Hanifah hey you have a damage asshole you wanna make we Malays a begging race you mother fucker!!!!!!!

Arman Azha Abu Hanifah hey you have a damage asshole you wanna make we Malays a begging race you mother fucker!!!!!!!

Arman Azha Abu Hanifah hey you have a damage asshole you wanna make we Malays a begging race you mother fucker!!!!!!!

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 03:18 PM PST

Arman says Dr Wan Azizah's remarks are an attack on the constitutional position of the Malays. — File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 — Perkasa Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah described PKR leaders as desperate for non-Malay votes, calling Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail a "political prostitute" for rejecting the concept of Malay supremacy.



You see Ibrahim shaking hands with Najib? Looks like he's about to join UMNO, for this we have to thank PAS.

Only racist hypocrites and mouthpieces of Barisan Najis like Ibrahim Ali understand and loves the concept of 1Malaysia lies ! !

Mahathir next step was to clip the wings of the Malay Rulers, which he succeeded in doing with the support of the majority of Malaysians. Thus, he established himself as the "supreme feudal leader".


I wonder if Ibrahim Ali and his Malay Supremacists would be able to claim their supremacy through Meritocracy instead of rent-seeking entitlement. Until that happens, it is rather comical for them to demand others to "squat down", so that these "supremacist hobbits" can appear to stand "tall". There is no reason why anyone would be jealous of Perkasa. Every one of my Malay friends describe Perkasa as nothing more than "samsengs" or thugs. Life is not easy for anyone in these hard times. It is no different for the non-Malays. Non-Malays do not have any special privileges and have to work hard and take high business risks just to survive. To the Perkasa members, instead of crying, bitching and threatening others in order to get your special favors and treatment, concentrate on working hard and getting your self-respect back so you can take pride in your work.

Many of us are poor but there is no shame in being poor since it is not a permanent condition. With hard work, we can still get a reasonable life. It is hard to be rich regardless of how hard we work and what conditions we find ourselves in. This is the same for everyone, regardless of race. So get off your high horse and start focusing on working hard, learning new skills and knowledge and stop bitching! are always asking for handout they are always asking why the goverment didn't help them. When are we going to see them standing on their own?

MALAYSIA appears to be on the verge of COLLAPSING as a functioning Constitutional Democracy, with primacy of laws and constitution that has eluded MALAYSIA THANKS TO BARISAN'S for 51 years of its checkered history RIP OFF THE PEOPLE'S RIGHT

read more DONT PUSH THE NON MALAYS TO THE WALL Dr M: Don't pick on bumi issueCivil Revolution May Usher A Constitutional Democracy

He also likened Dr Wan Azizah's remarks to an attack on the constitutional position of the Malays.

The constitution lists down the special position of the Malays and other Bumiputeras, but there is no mention of Malay supremacy, a rallying cry popularised by Umno since the early 1980s.readmore Blind Loyalty? Re-Reading the Taj-us Salatin of Buchara al-Jauhari Malay Reservations = Mahathir democracy vs ONE NAJIB APCO democracy?READMOREHEADLINE NEWS MALAYSIAKITA ONLINE: Malay Reservations = Mahathir ..Arman told a press conference here today that Dr Wan Azizah had failed to understand the history and context of constitutional provisions that accord the Malays with what he said were special privileges.

He also claimed Dr Wan Azizah's criticism against Malay rights was a rejection of the Malay Rulers' sovereignty.

"Supremacy is not becoming master to enslave others. The term Malay supremacy refers to the history that this country was once under direct rule of the Malay Rulers," said Arman.

"In according special privileges to the Malays other races are also to fight for their own privileges," he added.

Did mahathir piss at Malaysia's Royals?, !

The 'Bisa Diatur' Factor

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 03:05 PM PST

Well-known UMNO blogger Sakmongkol AK47 or Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Hj Abdul Aziz (Pulau Manis assemblyman 2004-2008) wrote a good article in The Malaysian Insider titled Further notes on the 700MHz spectrum issue.

He lamented that MCMC* shouldn't have given YTL the 700 MHz band for free when that facility could have been auctioned for a large sum. I agree with him.

* MCMC subsequently claimed YTL was only permitted hybrid communications (whatever that means)

However, where I disagree with him or, to be precise, where I need to call a spade a spade lies in his unhappiness with Lim Kit Siang for stating that if the Chinese dominated the economy it was the Malay leadership who allowed that to happened.

Datuk Ariff stated: This state of affairs is the result of those in power mostly Malays giving Chinese hongs the opportunities. But there's the added twist. In the hands of these people, so claimed the triumphalist, they can become more competitive etc. The Chinese triumphalist is so oversensitive when criticized.

Datuk, while I'm not a smart person like you who knows lots about politics, economics and modern communication issues, I am aware of two pieces of locally-known knowledge, social-political-business folklore if you wish, that may be related to the 700 MHz spectrum controversy you raised as well as many other lucrative businesses that have gone to Chinese. For this discussion, let's leave aside those Chinese truimphalists. We can discuss that another time.

Yes, I still do recall one Chinese developer, Datuk or Tan Sri Liew (at that level, those Chinese towkays are usually Datuks or Tan Sris) who trumpeted openly, presumably to support PM Najib's 1Malaysia and new economic policies, that the Chinese have benefitted humongously from the NEP or whatever.

Much as I want to inform Datuk or Tan Sri Liew (hope I have his name correct) I am not one of his Chinese who have benefitted humongously and he had no right to claim so on the behalf of Chinese Malaysians, I have to put my angry temptation aside and just say here, that therein in this Liew's grandstanding broadcast lies the real story of the relationship between UMNO leadership (including Tun Dr Mahathir when he was PM) and Chinese towkays. The nasty word, I believe, is called cronyism. That's the first known local folklore that I mentioned.

The second, still a popular, prevalent and pervasive folklore, though like most laypeople I can't or don't have the means and time to prove and thus must leave this to (no, not the MACC wakakaka) Raja Petra Kamarudin to expose for our knowledge, is the 'Bisa Diatur' factor.

'Bisa Diatur' is a beautiful Indonesian term that is even more powerful than our Malaysian 'Boleh', as it is endowed with characteristics that may be described as cheeky (or sinister, depending on our individual perception), and mysterious (or shady, again depending on our individual take). I suppose our local Chinese (Cantonese) would call it 'can kowtim one'.

What is it then? Think Vincent Tan and his recent failed (maybe only temporarily) attempt to secure a monopoly on sports gambling, and in the face of strong public opposition especially from the Penang (Pakatan) State government, his readiness to donate RM500 million to set up some kind of scholarship foundation. RM500 million is certainly no small lolly, but indirectly providing us a glimpse of the staggering and lucrative potential to be harvested from sports gambling.

Anyway, the point is he was provided the no-tender okay from the federal government (how? why?), before Najib found it politically too hot to handle and (temporarily?) withdrew or denied the licence was even promised to Vincent Tan.

We know that the lotteries and 4-Ekor business, apart from other monopolies or near monopolies with goldmine-like profits, have gone to Chinese cronies of UMNO leadership.

What I want to say is I support Lim Kit Siang's erudite summarization of the unhealthy relationship between UMNO leaders and their Chinese cronies. It's not that UMNO leaders love the yellow skin a$$ of those Chinese towkays. In this world, nothing is free. There is a price or a 'bisa diatur' factor to consider. I'll leave it at that.

Incidentally I heard there is a Chinese towkay nicknamed Datuk Roast Lamb who has been waiting patiently in the corner for Anwar Ibrahim to become PM wakakaka.

At the end of the day, it's UMNO top leaders who want the relationship.

Azmin Ali Emerged As Heir Apparent At The 7th Keadilan Convention

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 08:37 AM PST

Azmin Ali, the newly elected Deputy President of Keadilan, emerged as the successor of Dato Seri Dr. Wan Azizah as decided by the democratic election of the party.

In any event, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim remains as the de facto leader of the reformist party since its inception by way of a resolution.

Zaid only started to attack Anwar in the open when re realised that the de facto leader was giving his quiet campaign by thowing his weight for Azmin, his former political secretary and also a former Youth leader.

Despite of the vicious attack as launched by the sour loser Dato Zaid Ibrahim, who now attempted to be the leader of so-called "The Third Force" in the country, Keadilan's 70,000 members took part in the first ever one-member-on vote direct election of their national committee during he last 3 months.

Keadilan is the first party not just in this country, but in Central Asia, that have conducted a dirct election of the national leadership.Zaid thought that he could easily beat Azmin especially with the votes he could garnish from Sabah state. But after a few rounds of Sabah state division results, he preempted that he will lose in the end. But instead of accepting the outcome of a democracy which he cried for, he alleged rigging of votes and pulled out not jut from the election, but also the party.

There are always a loser and a winner in any election, as they are 2 sides of a coin. If a person cannot accept defeat, it is better for him not to involve in election, or for that matter, in politics altogether.

It is a sad thing to see that Zaid is now played to the tune of UMNO/BN and the main stream media that is under their manipulation  to destroy Keadilan. But the people will see through their gimmicks soon, as they could notice which side is The Third Force on when issues involving the rakyat cropped-up.

(Pictures with the courtesy of Carolyne Korr)

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Di Hawai Judi Haram. Di Malaysia, Judi Halal

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 09:26 AM PST

NOTA EDITOR: Artikel ini telah diemailkan kepada Tulang Besi. Kandungan yang sangat2 menarik bagaimana Hawaii boleh mengharamkan semua bentuk judi termasuk judi yang bersifat kebajikan masyarakat. Ertinya seluruh pulau Hawai, tiada sebuah pun kedai judi. Tapi, kalau pergi pekan Rembau, pekan Kuala Pilah, bersepah kedai judi. Tapi, di Malaysia ni ngaku Islam sebagai agama rasmi sedangkan Hawaii ni negeri bukan Islam.

Saya suka cara Hawaii mengawal aktiviti judi dalam suasana negeri tersebut bukan negeri Islam. Mereka hanya mengizinkan judi yang bersifat sosial, yakni tiada siapa yang diizinkan membuat keuntungan dari aktiviti judi sama sekali. Mengapa konsep yang sama tidak boleh dipraktikan di Malaysia?

Ke hulu ke hilir UMNO mengaku memperjuangkan Islam tapi negeri Hawaii yang kafir lebih mulia dari segi aktiviti judi berbanding UMNO.

Terdedah lagilah kemunafikan UMNO.

Di Hawaii tiada kasino, tapi di Malaysia ?

Tahukah kita bahawa kegiatan perjudian adalah diharamkan sama sekali di sebuah negeri di Amerika Syarikat ? Di Hawaii tiada satu pun kasino. Malahan kasino atas kapal pun dilarang masuk ke perairan Hawaii. Maju saja Hawaii tanpa judi. Siap ada siri TV Popular Hawaii Five O lagi. Tahu tak apa makna Five O itu ?

Five O ialah FIFTY atau Limapuluh, iaitu negeri yang ke 50 menyertai Amerika Syarikat.

Bandingkan Hawaii dengan Malaysia, tak malu ke ? Hawaii yang terkenal satu dunia tak ada kasino, Malaysia ada Genting. Hawaii tak ada kedai judi berlesen, tapi pekan kecil Kuala Pilah, pekan kecil Rembau pun ada kedai judi.

Bukan sahaja kasino tak dibenarkan di Hawaii, loteri pun tak boleh. Silap haribulan cabutan bertuah Sijil Simpanan Premium pun dianggap judi di Hawaii.

TAK PERCAYA ? Buatlah search sendiri, buatlah penyelidikan sendiri.


Hawaii is one of the two remaining states in the US where all forms of gambling are considered illegal (the other being Utah). There are neither casinos nor state lotteries in Hawaii. Any form of betting or pari-mutuel betting is not considered legal. Even games and raffles for charitable purposes are outlawed. So long as there's an element of chance involving a reward or an item to be won, Hawaii Gambling Laws deem all of these as illegal


Hawaii: Not a Gambler's Paradise

Close your eyes and think Hawaii – endless beaches of pristine white sand, lush tropical trees, luxurious hotels, exciting evenings, world class casinos…. STOP. You'll have to backtrack a bit because the casino bit doesn't fit into the classic Hawaiian fantasy. Did you know that there are only two states in the US that frown on any form of gambling… and Hawaii is one of them?!

The State of Hawaii doesn't allow any form of games for rewards or money – and that includes bingo! And if you think the police turn a blind eye, think again. According to the state's authorities, anybody contravening these laws are up against stiff punishment. Even cruise ships with casinos on board are barred from entering Hawaii's waters.

But that's not to say that Hawaiians are living in a little gambling-free bubble. It is a known fact that hundreds of thousands of residents from the Aloha State visit Vegas casinos each year, meaning that even though they can't play on home turf, top-notch gambling entertainment is only a plane-ride away. Of course, online gambling is also an option, despite the grey area in the legality of doing so from Hawaii.

So how do Hawaiins get their gambling fix in a state that doesn't even have a lottery in place? Thankfully, what is know as social gambling is allowed in the state, as long as everyone is on level terms and the house doesn't get a cut. This gives enough leeway for impromptu social gambling games to be set up in private homes, and there are even services offered that set up a mini-Vegas in a location of your choice – as long as it in within the limits of the law.

Another thing to note is that Hawaii's flower industry is literally flourishing thanks to demand from an interesting source – Las Vegas casinos and casino cruise ships. This means that even though casinos and gambling are outlawed in Hawaii, the state is still managing to make a killing from this very industry thanks to the demand for its exotic flowers.

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By reneek November 2, 2010

Fine Wine, Fine People and Simple Food

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 08:26 AM PST

Enough of blurry politics? Just remember to savior the simple things in life... Good simply food with people of refined wisdom and fine wine to go.

One of the days of your life when things just blend in to generate an explosion of the senses.

There were a great blend of fine Bordeaux wines of red with great men of wisdom of companions of fine gentlemen contributing to the Malaysian society at a fine age In their 70s.

Our host a gentlemen of the time 2 year short of 60 made this event possible, a great blend of wine food and people.

They were all successful Malaysians of great humility and at their age still highly productive in contribution to the Society at large. There were 6 of us, 3 in their 70s and 3 others in their 50s including me. The conversation of politics and recent happenings were truly enlightening which I will share with you in another posting as this is written from my old 1st generation iPhone.

Never once were they loud, never once were they boastful of their great achievements never the slightest hint of EGO and Arrogance... Truly men of great wisdom which is quite a rare sight in the Malaysian Society.

They were highly successful individuals in life, working and contributing at their golden age, feeling useful, helping out where they can when they can without a care whether they are known or recognized for their contributions.

They were all millionaires and great philanthropist, working silently and expediently seeking not fame or name. Their satisfaction lies in just being able to contribute and helping out the society at large.

The wines were great just like the company we had, neither were they famous brand names or popular brands but it all just blend in with the great mee goreng, chicken and kambing curry.

This is a must try! Local curry and fine Bordeaux wines just simply amazing!

The chateau Fontenil 2000 deserve special mention with a great silky tannin and a creamy finish, a rare sensory to the taste buds... Must be the fine blend of fine people and the simple taste of local fares!

Sometime you just need to take time off.., and when you return the view just seems clearer.


Good blogs are helpful, says Naoto Kan

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 06:30 AM PST

"It will be nice if this blog helps lead to these outcomes..." Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said at the end of his e-mail Q & A to local and foreign bloggers who e-mailed him a question each a month ago.

Blogs (the constructive ones) are getting recognition from his Cabinet as they provide good inputs to the government in administering the country and in improving diplomatic relations.

Excerpts of the Q and A:

Q: Your supplementary budget is entering its final phase. What is the main thrust of it?

A: Economic Growth Policies Will Not Be Put Off. Employment will be a decisive key factor for the Japanese economy, particularly to break free from the current deflation. That's how I basically see it.

Q: You have placed employment measures for economic growth at the top of your policy agenda leading up to the formulation of next fiscal year's budget. How do you attend to it?

A: The first is the dispatched workers' village. Two years ago, in Hibiya Park, I met people there who told me they had absolutely no prospects. As I listened to them, I felt once again how disconnected people have become. I thought, we need to have a society that can somehow lend a helping hand to them. That was one of the things that ignited my passion.

Q: From this emerged the following slogan "1. Employment, 2. Employment, 3. Employment!" Please elaborate.

A: Some people interpreted my call for more employment as a call for a public works program to absorb the unemployed. They imagined a lot of money would have to be poured in. This is not at
all what I have in mind.

Q: You are saying creating employment by pouring money into public works programs is outdated?

A: Even after basic infrastructures were in place, a lot of money was used for public works programs to flow money into businesses, which became the goal in and of itself. Sure, this led to employment and to income while money was flowing in the short-term. But once the program was finished, only bears and boars were walking on the completed road. I call this the "First Way".

Q: The "First Way" trod by bears and boars. Who then chose the "Second Way"?

A: Mr. Koizumi and Mr. Takenaka wanted to make the economy stronger, to streamline. What happened, simply put, is corporate restructuring. But this causes the unemployment rate to
increase and disparities to widen. Then people with little income cannot get married and also hardly spend any money. In other words, what may be good for each individual company is, on the whole, really bad for the entire country.

Q: These two approaches are both outdated today. What should Japan do then?

A: What is needed is the "Third Way." We must focus on areas where there is demand, generate employment in these areas, and increase production including services. That is what we have to
be thinking right now.

Q: The Government should target areas where there is demand and support them with policies. For example...

A: Look at nursing care, or child care, or medical care, they all generate a useful service, i.e., the
caring of people. Caregivers can feel happiness and joy. This in and of itself is a positive thing in terms of how a society ought to be, and will prompt nursing care to grow as a new industry. In
Japan, there are still many more areas with such possibilities.

Q: However, to increase employment, the companies must be willing to employ new people. The Prime Minister explained how difficult this was based on real life experience.

A: It costs a small-to-medium sized company quite a lot to recruit people. And, as you know, it is quite difficult to know which person is the right match from just one interview. There is a lot of risk involved.

Q: You say it is difficult to hire one person at a small business. Is this also how you felt back when you ran your own patent office?

A: Of course.

Q: In your younger days, you were a certified patent attorney, actually ran a microenterprise, Kan Patent Office, which had only one other staff member. In light of your experience, how do you discuss the equation from employment measures to economic growth?

A: There are people who work as or want to be caregivers, but due to the low salary, they tend not to stay in this work very long. For example, if public finances are used to help increase the salary, this will generate service, i.e. production. Then the unemployment rate will go down, which will help wages go up. Such a model can also be a path to break free from deflation. Further still, GDP will increase, in other words, the economy will grow. At the same time, if people who are not working start to work and earn a salary, they will be paying taxes.

Q: The agency in charge of the theoretical work to support this policy is the Economic and Social Research Institute of the Cabinet Office. Its president and economist, Dr. Yoshiyasu Ono, directs the work.

A: Once a convincing model is developed, I want to incorporate it into one of the mainstream approaches to the budget formulation.

Q: On the first day of the current extraordinary session of the Diet, the Prime Minister vowed to take on this challenge.

A: I said, we will bolster the creation of demand and employment! This Cabinet will not hand down the major issues which have been put off for the past 20 years to the next generation. I said this Cabinet will tackle these issues, that it will stay true to its word... (and) it will be nice if this blog helps lead to these outcomes. Thank you.


Posted: 29 Nov 2010 06:09 AM PST

By Red Tomato




槟州工业化尚未开始前,他先解决了地点与土地的问题,令那时候的大地主们闻风色变。目前峇六拜自由贸易区的一大片地段,原属于丹斯里骆文秀,但是在州政府援引了土地徵用法令下被国有化了。区区的赔偿金只能叫丹斯里骆满口怨言, 心有不甘。


民政党被讥为`拆屋党'的风波,在槟州政府徵用丹绒区一带民宅以展开光大城市重建计划时尤甚,因为它所牵涉的面积很广, 而且受影响的层面也多:从业主、房东、到三房东等,一时怨声载道。

在1974年的全国大选,民政党开始以国阵天秤的标志参选,当时苍佑医生受三面夹攻。行动党的邱思和、退出民政而加入社会正义党的陈朴根律师、以及人民党的李国良律师一并来到林医生的巴当哥打区叫阵。后来主要在反对党选票的分散之下, 林医生才险胜过关。

当时的反对党领袖为叶锦源律师。曾有人听说他在群众大会发出豪言, 说如果在1969年大选时民政党所承诺的槟城大桥能建峻,他将从大桥上跳下大海。不过后来叶氏否认有说过这样的话,他并举证说槟州立法会议也不曾有他讲过这句话的记录,这件事就不了了之。


当大桥终於在1987年建峻,我老爸第一次跟我仝车过大桥。当司机把车子驶到桥中央时,他突然叫煞车,我还以为他要做啥,他一声不发,只说你把裤袋的铜钱通通给我。一接过手后,他就匆忙下车将铜钱全部丢下大海。过后我才了解这是华人的一种旧风俗,他是在发`买路钱'咯! 他也好像是在表现说"我终於了却一大心愿!"

当州政府吸引外资来槟投资时,厂家所关心的是素质劳工的来源问题,毕竟当时比较像样的工厂,就只有在麦曼珍生产白糖与面粉之类的那几间而已,而州内的工厂工人也的确很少。电子工厂的第一批员工那里来呢?原来是苍佑医生从看车员中挑选去读夜课训练出来的, 因为那时候也都还没有像槟州技术训练学院等的设立。








苍天作弄苍佑医生的还不只这一次。当槟州行政议会挑其长子建安为上议员人选时,槟州党要发文告攻击他在搞"林氏皇朝" 。苍佑医生愤然辞去党顾问职,也正中一些人的下怀。

在1990年大选前,民政党全国主席敦林敬益医生有意撤换槟州的首长职,毕竟苍佑医生已当了5届。就在该党巴当哥打分部的一项与民庆中秋节中,党主席不请自到,并俏俏地坐在人群中,以`衡量'苍佑医生是否应该在那将来临的大选再披甲上阵.虽然最后还是由苍佑医生参选并内定为首长人选, 惟他不敌"丹绒二役"的攻势, 败在行动党全国总秘书林吉祥的手上。

在江山依旧,人事已非的情况下,林医生从此息影政坛,他并守诺在退休后不公开谈论政治,只有在1999年全国大选后,当其长子退出民政时,召待记者并引用林氏祖先比干的"死谏非不忠"以挺之。当时建安与我退出民政, 被喻为"双林出走",正是出於万般无奈的那种"主过不谏,非忠也;畏死不言,非勇也,即谏不从且死,忠之至也"的比干处境。


苍佑医生对其属下相当疼爱,当我老爸於1991年仙逝时,他一共来了两晚.第一晚他刚从北京办事回槟, 从槟国际机场直奔丧家。并在其停柩周围绕了一圈。







Monday funny

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 03:09 AM PST

Read between the lines. Corruption is bad.

I was looking in the Monday papers for something to have a laugh at this morning and was almost going to give up until I turned to page M8 of The Star's Central Metro section.

Tuned to fight corruption 

The story goes on to say that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has launched an MACC jingle aimed at creating awareness on the evil of corruption.

Yes your eyes read correctly. An MACC jingle! And I know. You're asking WHO it is that needs more awareness of the evils of corruption? Us or THEM!

The MACC jingle is titled "Let's Make A Difference" and will be sung in English, Malay and Chinese. Personally, I can't wait to hear it on radio. When is it going to be aired? And the MIC should rejoice as Indians are obviously very aware of the evils of corruption.

Since its inception the MACC seems to be doing everything wrong doesn't it?  The public's perception of their effectiveness is not really very flattering to begin with and now they announce that one of their big efforts in the department is a musical jingle! Wow!

And of course, the chief commissioner cannot be outdone so he had the last word when he announced that the publicity was not to glorify the commission but to warn people that corruption was wrong and they would be punished for it. I think the average Malaysian will only glorify the MACC if he manages to grow another head without discounted plastic surgery. Corruption is wrong?  Oh really? No wor. WE didn't know that.

Thank you for the music. The song  you're singing. Now do your job instead of whining...(to the tune of Abba's song)


The Felda issue: 'Anak' meets 'Bapak'

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 01:29 AM PST

Disgruntled Felda settlers meet deputy minister in the PM's department, Ahmad Maslan to deliver a 20-point memorandum ...
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Cut salary of Works Minister says Khalid Samad

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 01:09 AM PST

Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) proposes that the salary of the Works Minister be cut by RM10.00 for failure to respond to the MP's querries.
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Family of 3rd police victim makes report

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 01:00 AM PST

The father of Hanafi Omar, 22, who was recently shot dead by police for alleged robbery, does not believe his son was killed in self-defence. Omar Abu Bakar, an ex-serviceman, said the wounds on his son's face are not consistent with gunshots fired to ward off a charging assailant. The 57-year-old recounted his firearms training while with the army, and stressed that the two bullet wounds on the right side of his son's face are quite odd.
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Did my son beg for mercy before being shot?

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 01:43 AM PST

Malaysiakini photo

Malaysiakini's 'Did my son beg for mercy before being shot' reported (extract):

Norhafizah Mad Razali just cannot help thinking of her son's last moments before he was shot dead by police.

"I keep thinking what he was thinking, how he felt before the fatal shot. Did he plead for mercy? Was he crying in pain?" she said in tears, while her husband, Shapiei Zainal Abidin who in spite of his own wet eyes tried to offer comfort.

What can I say? How could I ever comfort you?

How would I even imagine your sorrows, the sorrow of a mother whose son was cut down in the flower of his youth, taken away from her without warning?

What does it matter to her who's right or who's wrong!

From Malaysian Digest on a PKR Rising Star...

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 01:04 AM PST

Last updated on Monday, 29 November 2010 13:55
Nurul Izzah: Since When Was Eating Cake a Crime?
by YL Chong

On the second day of the 7th Annual Congress which ended on Sunday, this thirty-something first-term MP for Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah had the party's members, young and old, and the members of the 'Fourth Estate' literally eating out of her warm hands at the main entrance to the party's annual meet with a "Marilah Kita Makan Kek" party at lunch break.

altThe young mother of two, in my opinion, is an "incidental politician" like her mother Dato' Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. They were both thrown into the deep end of the pool of politics infested with sharks and crocodiles from mainly Umno in 1988. This was when Datuk Seri Anwar, father to Nurul Izzah and husband to "Kak Wan" (as party members would fondly call the chief) were forced to play a political role just as soon as Anwar was sacked as Umno deputy president and deputy prime minister by then Umno head Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I had personally met Nurul Izzah when I was still a member of DAP and we were speaking at the same mini stage at a three-storey building displaying a large signboard that said: 'Pusat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim' in Jalan Loop, Seremban. It was on an April 14 night to mark the infamous "Black Eye" sustained by the present de facto PKR leader while under the custom (read as "custody" ~ Desi)of the Malaysian Royal Police. Even then I was pretty impress (read as "impressed"~ Desi:) by Nurul Izzah's social skills, exuding always a warm smile to her young admirers who dub her in the early years following Anwar's incarceration in prison by the BN government as 'Puteri Reformasi'. She was also outstanding in her oration – inherited from dear daddy, I presume – and soon she was polishing up her PR savvy-ness by speaking in Mandarin to charm the Chinese members who were growing in numbers at PKR gatherings.

Winning the highest number of votes among the four elected vice-presidents in a field crowded by many party elders absolutely marked another milestone in her sure and steady rise in the 12-year-old party. And she planned a most media-friendly event by hosting the "Let's All Eat Cake" party last Saturday afternoon. Surrounded by adoring fans that was not gender or age-differentiated, Nurul Izzah recalled that last Oct 16, a small movement began on Facebook that, in just over a month, became a small phenomenon that had attracted over 260,000 'likes' on Facebook. One month later, the "1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower" group had hoped to take their work one step further beyond cyberspace by marking their one month anniversary on Nov 16 by celebrating with Malaysians by eating cakes at various public places.

"But, as we know, the authorities, be they the police, security guards, or even the university administration had decided that: Eating Cake Is Wrong!" Nurul Izzah said.

In thinking aloud, she asked: But is it really wrong? What is wrong: The calories? The absence of Jakim's halal stickers? The lack of permit to eat cake in public? Or, is it wrong to be open minded to envision a Malaysia that is better, that is more rational, that is more equitable?

"Is it wrong by law to think for one's self? Surely NOT!" she answered to her own questions addressed to the cheering audience who later fought to pose for photographs with the rising star of a potential prime minister of Malaysia and the first woman at that too.

Nurul Izzah then invited one and all to open and free their minds from the "Politics of Fear and Fatigue", and aspire towards the "Politics of Hope and Liberation". Even though much that has taken place in this country may have kept the people's spirits down, she stated that there is in fact much for the citizens to celebrate and have hope in. Some of the recent positive events highlighted by Nurul Izzah were:

* The release of Aung San Suu Kyi, who had been faced with Myanmar military regime ceaselessly these past 20 years! How brave and noble her spirit is.
* The peaceful completion of the PKR party polls, even though there is surely much that still needs to be corrected
* The end of a year full and fraught with challenges, yet still productive, which has made us hungry – hungry for positive change, hungry for economic equality and so forth… and also… hungry for the right to eat cake without hindrance or harassment from anyone!

"And so, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby invite you to join me to eat cake in Putrajaya on the Jan 1st 2011!" Nurul Izzah added, prefacing more such joyful events to come with the dawn of a new year.

"Let us start this new year with new dreams, new spirit, and these delicious cakes that will surely give us new energy with which we can realize all these aspirations!" she concluded, readily adjoining to photo sessions to an eagerly awaiting audience.


AND updated @5.00PM with report from the

Sunday, November 28, 2010
Nurul: No place for prima donnas in PKR
Nurul Izzah
PETALING JAYA, Nov 28 — Newly elected vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar reminded party delegates today that PKR is a party of principles and not personalities.

Nurul Izzah said that the party's struggle had always been based on principle, and personalities should not be the basis of its identity.

"PKR is a party with dignity because we have struggled based on the principle of honesty and high moral values and not based on personality alone. We must distinguish between personalities with principles which mould personalities. Only principle and not personality should be institutionalized within our party," she said during her winding-up speech at the party's national congress here today.

Nurul Izzah (picture) stressed that the public wanted transparency from its party and state leaders.

"We must speak the truth even though it may be acceptable by others. People want to hear what we can and are able to offer. People want us to be honest and transparent in charting our struggle which is free from fraud and abuse in our actions. Including the election process of party leadership, party policies, and plans to develop the country and evaluation of states which are governed by us," she said.

"We must speak the truth and have a culture of honest politics; honest in our actions and to the people as honest politics is the basis for any political struggle," she added.

She also said that the party had only completed the first phase of its journey.

"We have been successful in the first phase of making PKR a party that is credible. However the next phase is ensuring the continuity in the management of our success," she said.

She stressed that the public could no longer trust Barisan Nasional (BN) as the ruling continued to mismanage the country's economy.

"We must realize that household debt as of August amounted to RM560 billion, an increase of RM44 billion in just one year. This is compared to RM150 billion in 1998.

"The percentage of debt to disposable income is 140 per cent which is the highest in Asia. This means that the people owe more than their income," she said.

Nurul Izzah added that the country must rid itself of corrupted leaders.

"We must realize that our country is rich with resources and has the capability and expertise to make Malaysia into a country that is rich for all the people and escape from the verge of collapse. But this can only be possible if the country is led by leaders that practices honest politics. This is the call that PKR must follow," she said.

Nurul Izzah, who led the race for the four elected vice presidencies with 13,211 votes, was named as one of four elected vice presidents, along with Tian Chua, Fuziah Salleh, Mansor Othman.

The Jenapala story

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 01:17 PM PST

From Jonson Chong, via e-mail

Please allow me to paint a concise picture about Jenapala and his alleged sacking. As far as I know, of course.

I first met him during the March 2008 general election. He was one of those asked to speak at a ceramah I organised in Brickfields (whilst I was the election agent of the candidate for Lembah Pantai, none other than Nurul Izzah). I had no clue who he was then. All I knew was that somebody up there wanted him to speak on that occasion. So he did.

Anyway, the next time I saw him was when both of us were appointed as deputy secretaries-general (together with two others) after the "successful" election campaign by Keadilan. I was happy to continue working with Saleh (Salehuddin Hashim, who was the election campaign manager for Nurul Izzah).

Later, we discovered that Jenapala was an undischarged bankrupt. When Anwar was informed about this, he said someone is supposed to pay off the debt for Jenapala. Thus, Saleh was asked to KIV the matter and keep Jenapala for the time being.

Then, at some point, after a long delay, Saleh quietly asked Jenapala to resign because he didn't want both the party and Jenapala himself to be embarrassed. Jenapala resigned as suggested.

Conveniently, in April or June 2009, when the new deputy secretaries-general were appointed (I was replaced and "promoted" to Communications Director), Jenapala was left out of the new line-up.

Later, for reasons unknown to me, Jenapala decided to agitate against the party and apparently announced the formation of a new party at a press conference. (The new party didn't take off.)

Nevertheless, the Biro Politik decided in August 2009 that, if Jenapala was really involved in forming a new party, he must be sacked. The matter was not conveyed to the disciplinary committee although they were tasked to act on that decision.

So, unfortunately, no one followed up on this decision; i.e. check whether Jenapala was involved and recommend to the MPP to sack him (the MPP is the only body with the authority to sack members). You can see the minutes of the meeting at Malaysia Today.

So, yes, it's true, there was an intention to sack Jenapala. But not in February 2009. The decision was made only in August 2009, after it was reported in some Tamil newspapers that Jenapala announced that he was forming a new party.

Yes, it's also true that Jenapala is not fit to be a deputy president of the party. But he is entitled to contest if he is still a member of the party.

And, finally, yes, that is Saleh's "digital signature" on the letter. But it was printed on that letter without authorisation. It was neither drafted by me (as the then deputy sec-gen in charge of disciplinary matters) nor approved by Saleh, the former sec-gen (and my boss at that time).

If there was no forgery, then some tiny people must have cobbled that letter together for the current sec-gen, Saifuddin, to show and tell at the press conference. Jokes aside, it is pertinent to ask why the lawyers for the party attempted to retract the letter as part of the evidence after it was filed in court.

P.S. I am willing to help the party officials, or even the police, if they choose to investigate these "technical" details. Of course, I'd prefer the former to call me first.


Azmin: I did not win because of Anwar

After 53 years, what now?

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 01:16 PM PST

From Jaindian, via e-mail

There is a war brewing very near us in Korea, this time it will not be with mere firearms, it could be with nuclear power. If that happens, the devastation could be disastrous to mankind, and we are very close.

North Korea, being a recluse and controlled by a dictator, is a poor people's country due to dictatorship rule that has destroyed the livelihood of its people unlike South Korea.

If the North decides to go to war it is not because its people want it, but because of one person's bruised ego. The same can be said about history all through time. It was always because someone thinks about himself more than the people that destroys the country.

It's the same here. After 53 years of BN rule we are a wasted lot. What happened to the Muhibbah spirit of the 70s? What happened to Rukun tetangga? Where is the comradeship between races in schools, work places?  All gone down the drain with the BTN preaching Ketuanan Melayu.

What is BTN and what is its role? It is a tool for Umno-BN to divide and rule the Malays against other races, to be in control with unfettered power. When did this happen? A long time ago. It started from the dissection of the school system.

It started with getting rid of circular schools and installing standard schools. It started with changing the school syllabus. It started with changing history. In history books in school, it started with the indoctrination of teachers' mindset, and eventually led to the current issues of racism in schools.

Why did this happen? One man's ego and greed for obsolete power, here we do not need nuclear power to finish us all, just the ego and greed of certain individuals will destroy us. Are we going to sit and let this happen after 53 years?

Do we need to gamble our children future with these people? Are we going to do something to change this? The answer is with us  C H A N G E. Let's change the government, let's change the system, let's change our mindset, we need a check and balance.

So let's give Pakatan a chance now, let's see how they fare, let's wait for one term. It's not good to  'change to BN' for another term, then we change again.

If we continue this rotation for a several terms, automatically the check and balance will fall in place and these politicians will not have the time to be corrupted and have huge egos. So let's change…

It's time Indians reevaluate support for PKR

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 01:16 PM PST

From V Muniandy, via e-mail

At the turn of the last century, our forefathers were kidnapped from India by the British and brought to this land as indentured labourers.

They formed the bulk of the tappers in the rubber estates, coolies working on roads and rail-building gangs and menial workers in the local councils.

Later they were joined by other immigrants from the sub-continent to serve in the civil, health, education, legal services and the police force.

Together with the other communities, they built this nation which we now call home. Today, ethnic Indians make-up 7.1% of the total population. A minority but a sizable one.

There is no Indian-dominated parliamentary constituency. However, there are many constituencies where Indians hold the decisive votes.

Indians are 6.8% of registered voters but they do not have an effective political representation.

MIC has been hijacked by the Samy Vellu mafioso, Gerakan regard Indians as a joke. Indians are second-class members in DAP while IPF, PPP, HRP, Makhal Sakti, etc. are only interested in vying for the Indian quota on the BN gravy train.

Events after the Hindraf-sponsored demonstrations in 2007 raised our political consciousness. We were made aware that we did not have political representation.

We discarded MIC, rejected BN and looked to PKR in particular, and PR in general to represent us politically.

We registered in droves as PKR members such that 25% of PKR members now are ethnic Indians. Cometh GE12, we threw our support behind PKR and PR.

Two and a half years after the tsunami, the political fortunes of the Malaysian Indians have not changed for the better. The Indian underclass is still ignored. The grievances of the Indian community are still summarily dismissed.

Even in PR controlled states, Indians fare no better: Hindu temples are demolished in Selangor, Indian squatters are evicted without proper compensation in Penang.

The idea of a multi-racial political party was appealing. We hoped that in such an environment the minority would be given enough space.

We prayed that a leader who had suffered injustice would empathise with the injustices we are facing. Alas, our hopes and dreams are dashed.

Events in PKR lately have proven that Indians are still marginalised. No Indian was elected to the MPP in the recent party elections.

Token Indian leaders would be appointed to fill the quota: Self-serving leaders whose primary interest is to hang-on to Anwar's coat-tail in the march to Putrajaya.

The future of the Indians in PKR is bleak. A PKR where the incoming deputy president had brazenly called another PKR leader of Indian origin, a pariah.

It is time that we Indians, as a community, re-evaluate our support for PKR. Indian members of PKR should not be taken for granted.

We should suspend our membership en-masse until the leadership of PKR makes serious amends to earn our support.

Being a direct member of BN, by-passing MIC, PPP, Gerakan and the likes, is always a viable alternative.

The so-called 'Third-Force' could be an option too, but it is an option we should carefully evaluate.

Menuntut keadilan dari PKR akan dianggap perbuatan penderhaka

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 01:15 PM PST

Dari Abdul Aziz Anon, via e-mail

Mengkritik atau mempunyai perasaan tidak puas hati terhadap perjalanan pemilihan PKR, atau mendakwa JPP dan Sekretariat Ibu Pejabat Parti tidak adil dalam pengendalian pemilihan '1 ahli 1 undi' dengan memberi bukti salahlaku JPP dan Sekretariat Ibu Pejabat, adalah sama hukumnya dengan mengkritik Anwar Ibrahim dan Azmin Ali. Oleh itu, sesiapa yang bertindak demikian akan dianggap pengkhianat.

Menuntut keadilan, memperjuangkan kebenaran dan mencadangkan penambahbaikan kepada organisasi parti akan dianggap durhaka. Mustaffa Kamil Ayub, Zaid Ibrahim, CheGu Bard, Jonson Chong, Dr Suraya, Animah Ferrar adalah antara kumpulan pemimpin yang dianggap pendurhaka atau pengkhianat parti.

Begitu juga dengan ahli parti. Kita diminta untuk menjadi ahli yang paling setia. Ahli yang disayangi Anwar Ibrahim dan Azmin Ali dengan memberi sokongan tidak berbelah bagi kepada kedua pemimpin itu walau dalam apa keadaan sekalipun, meskipun menutup sebelah (atau kedua-dua) mata, bertoleransi dengan salah laku, asalkan tidak menyusahkan Anwar Ibrahim dan Azmin Ali atau sebaliknya.

Apakah sudah menjadi satu kesalahan besar apabila ahli menuntut keadilan daripada Parti Keadilan?

Menuntut keadilan tidak lagi terpakai dalam parti. Ianya hanya terpakai kepada kerajaan Umno/BN. Ramai ahli parti telah tampil mengemukakan bukti yang nyata lagi jelas mendakwa salah laku JPP dalam mengendalikan pemilihan PKR baru-baru ini tetapi langsung tidak mendapat layanan sewajarnya oleh pucuk pimpinan.

Saya sedih tetapi tetap menaruh harapan bahawa parti wajib digerakkan dengan menjunjung prinsip-prinsip keadilan dan kebenaran. Walaupun kadangkala ianya memberi gambaran negatif kepada parti, tetapi keadilan dan kebenaran akan sentiasa adil dan sentiasa benar dalam apa keadaan sekalipun. Dalam mempromosikan politik nilai sebagai budaya politik PKR, tindakan pimpinan parti akan sentiasa menjadi teladan kepada ahli-ahli biasa.

Ingatan saya kepada pimpinan parti bahawa setiap tindakan ada tindakbalasnya. Jangan terkejut jika ahli parti mula meninggalkan parti kerana hilang kepercayaan kepada pucuk pimpinan. Ini kerana pimpinan parti tidak mahu melayan ahli parti dengan menghormati hakikat bahawa setiap ahli mampu berfikir secara rasional dan mempunyai maklumat yang cukup (maklumlah zaman internet ini) untuk membezakan apa yang betul dan apa yang salah.

Kita marah sebab Umno/BN sedang membonsaikan pemikiran rakyat. Akan tetapi apa bezanya dengan tindakan pimpinan parti yang juga bertindak seperti Umno/BN mahu membonsaikan pemikiran ahli parti supaya menjadi ahli yang setia biarpun membuta tuli.

Jikalau kita tidak mampu untuk memberi keadilan kepada ahli sendiri, bagaimana kita mahu meyakinkan rakyat Malaysia bahawa kita mampu memberi keadilan kepada mereka?

Surat palsu atau setiausaha agong ciplak?

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 01:14 PM PST

Dari Reformis Jalan TAR, via e-mail

Terkejut beruk tengok sidang akhbar Setiausaha Agong PKR minggu lalu. Bila reporter tanya pasal repot polis yang dibuat oleh bekas SUA mengenai surat pemecatan palsu, dia jawab sambil lewa saja: "saya bukak fail jumpa surat... mana saya tahu palsu atau tidak".

Ini standard mat rempit kantoi beg tangan jumpa dalam raga motor jawab: "saya jumpa beg tangan... mana saya tahu siapa punya".

Ini kes berat, beb. Kalau polis siasat, betul surat itu palsu: parti boleh diharamkan. Presiden, Timbalan Presiden, SUA boleh masuk jel. Janganlah jawab acuh tak acuh aja, walaupun tengah menipu. Gunakan kepala hotak bukan kepala lutut.

Kalau mamat ini SUA ori, dia mesti tahu surat itu surat palsu. Sekali tengok format dan isi kandungan surat dah tahu ini surat palsu. SUA mana ada kuasa nak pecat ahli, pulak mamat Jenapala ini Timbalan SUA. Kalau macam itu senang ler, kalau SUA tak suka Ketua Umum, dia pecat aje. Ketua Umum itu ahli biasa je.

Kalau "kami" yang pecat, siapa "kami" itu? Di mana "kami" buat keputusan? Bila "kami" buat keputusan? Mengapa minit mesyuarat "kami" tidak disebut dalam surat pemecatan?

Dalam surat kata mamat Janapala ini dipecat sebab mengkritik parti secara kasar dan terlibat dengan penubuhan parti baru. Dekat sidang media, dia kata mamat ini dibuang sebab bankrap. Mana satu yang betul ni?

Lagi pun, parti mana boleh pecat sebab ahli bankrap. Yang boleh hanya lucut jawatan dalam parti kalau ahli itu bankrap. Guna akal sikit lah, beb.

Kuasa Ketiga (3rd Force) Adalah Gerakan “Anti Islam”

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 07:59 PM PST

Saya nampak sebuah corak mula terbentuk. Kumpulan yang diketuai oleh Haris Ibrahim dan Raja Petra ini sudah mula melaungkan ketidak puasan hati mereka kepada PKR dan kepimpinan Anwar Ibrahim. Pada pemilihan baru2 ini, mereka ini dilihat menyokong Zaid Ibrahim secara terbuka.

Kepada mereka yang mengikuti media2 berbahasa Inggeris di Malaysia ini sudah tentu mengenali penulis seperti Helen Ang and laman web "". Pembaca sudah tentu akan melihat betapa kumpulan ini memusuhi apa sahaja agenda yang berbau ataupun bernama Islam. Haris Ibrahim sendiri terkenal sebagai tokoh yang terang-terang menolak hukum syariah dan hukum jenayah islam. Malahan, beliau cuba untuk meng"halal"kan murtad di Malaysia dengan kumpulan "Artikel 11" mereka.

Semenjak tertubuhnya Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di beberapa negeri, kumpulan "Haris Ibrahim" ini dilihat amat kritikal dan bechok sekali memaki DAP kerana beberapa polisi Pro Islam yang dilaksanakan oleh DAP. Malahan, laman web "Hartalmsm" ini secara terbuka memaki Guan Eng kerana menjadikan Saidina Omar Abdul Aziz sebagai rujukan beliau.

Juga, tidak dinafikan laman web Hartalmsm ini adalah pro Israel dan pro zionis.


Amat bodoh bagi sesebuah parti yang mengekalkan agenda "elitis" mereka yang semata-mata mahu memuasakan nafsu serakah mereka sahaja tanpa mengira perasaan, kebimbangan serta hati nurani majoriti rakyat Malaysia.

Itulah sebabnya PAS Terengganu kerapkali kalah pilihanraya. Kepimpinan PAS Terengganu lebih suka bercakap pasal wala' dan ketaatan kepada pemimpin dari menyelami perasaan serta hati nurani rakyat Terengganu yang tidak semestinya anti Islam atau menolak Islam. Tak hairanlah, Pesuruhjaya PAS Terengganu di sorak (di boo) oleh penyokong sendiri di Kemaman.

Begitu juga DAP. Mereka sedar mereka harus memikat hati orang Melayu dan Islam. Oleh sebab itu, pegangan politik mereka yang "ekstrem" satu masa dahulu, mereka korbankan. Mereka memulakan langkah memahami hati nurani dan sanubari pengundi Melayu dan Islam bermula dari pengundi2 Melayu PAkatan Rakyat.

Maka, pegangan ultra secular DAP semakin hari semakin longgar dan pegangan Islam mereka semakin hari semakin ketat. Tak hairanlah UMNO melalui agen mereka Khusrin Munawi kelam kelibut cuba menghalang wakil2 rakyat DAP berbuka puasa di masjid2 dan surau2.

Mana pernah dalam sejarah Barisan Najis wakil2 rakyat MCA dan MIC buka puasa di masjid2 dan surau2. Tapi sejarah dicipta di bawah pentadbiran Pakatan Rakyat. Wakil2 rakyat DAP berpusu2 menghabiskan ramadhan bersama-sama orang2 Islam dan orang Melayu berbuka puasa bersama.

Saya dapat laporan, wakil rakyat DUN SUbang Jaya, berbuka puasa bergilir-gilir surau di dalam DUN beliau untuk KESELURUHAN RAMADHAN. Ertinya, besok nak raya, beliau masih lagi berbuka puasa dengan penduduk Islam di salah sebuah surau di DUN beliau.
Ertinya, DAP lebih mudah dilentur dan dirapatkan kepada kefahaman Islam yang sebenar berbanding MCA ataupun MIC. MCA dan MIC berkawan dengan UMNO dan UMNO sendiri menolak Islam dan menolak hukum Allah. Mana mungkin MCA dan MIC mampu memahami Islam?


Sebenarnya, inilah sebab mereka marah sangat dengan Anwar dan menolak Azmin sebagai Timbalan Presiden seterusnya menyokong Zaid Ibrahim. Bukanlah mereka ini suka sangat Zaid Ibrahim tu, tapi mereka melihat peluang mereka memanjangkan agenda ultra sekularisma mereka dapat dilaksanakan dengan sokongan kepada Zaid Ibrahim.

Namun, apakan daya, pengaruh Zaid dalam PKR tidaklah setinggi yang diharapkan. Hatta di Sabah sendiri Zaid ditolak oleh ahli-ahli PKR. Sokongan dari Jeffery yang diharap-harap tidak kesampaian kerana Jeffery sendiri tidak sepopular yang disangka di Sabah.

PKR sepatutnya memikirkan tokoh lain yang tiada sejarah hitam untuk Sabah. Ikuti contoh yang ditunjukkan di Sarawak. PKR menaikkan pemimpin dari kalangan mereka yang tiada rekod buruk dan bermasaalah.

Maka, dengan gagalnya projek mereka menaikkan Zaid Ibrahim, maka terpaksalah mereka mencari platform baru untuk mengenengahkan agenda ultra sekularisma mereka. Maka keluarlah cadangan "Kuasa Ketiga" (3rd Force) dari orang-orang seperti Haris Ibrahim dan Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Mereka ini tidak lain sedang mencuba untuk mewujudkan kumpulan pendesak yang komited kepada ideologi ultra sekular mereka.


Saya tak terkejut kerana Najib sendiri bukanlah pemimpin yang hiraukan halal dan haram. Najib dengan mudah telah meluluskan lesen judi bola tanpa sedikit rasa dosa atau risau. Maka, bagi saya, hanya menunggu masa sahaja geng2 Kuasa Ketiga ini memberikan sokongan mereka kepada Najib TUn Razak. Mereka akan sedar bahawa agenda anti Islam mereka lebih sesuai dijalankan di dalam Barisan Nasional dan UMNO berbanding Pakatan Rakyat.

Dalam Barisan Nasional, KESEMUA parti menolak hudud dan hukum syariah Islam. Parti2 ini termasuk UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan dsbnya. Mereka juga menolak apa sahaja usaha memartabatkan Islam serta mereka menyokong apa sahaja usaha yang diharamkan Islam i.e. Judi Bola.

Kumpulan Kuasa Ketiga ini hanya menunggu masa menjadi barua dan budak suruhan UMNO serta Barisan Nasional, pada pendapat saya. Mengapa? Kerana ideologi (akidah) mereka adalah sama dengan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional = Anti Islam.

Tulang Besi

ps. Allah SWT telah beri nikmat kepada TUlang Besi kerana Tulang Besi telah bertemu secara pribadi dengan kesemua Presiden/Yang Dipertua Agung PAS kecuali Dr Burhanuddin Helmi dan Tuan Haji Ahmad Fuad.

Tulang Besi sendiri pernah bertemu dengan Dr Abbas Alias, Presiden/YDP Agung PAS yang kedua sewaktu beliau menjadi Pengerusi Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur. TUlang Besi masih ingat arwah Dato Asri datang ke rumah Tulang Besi kerana jemputan makan malam oleh arwah bapa TUlang Besi dan TUlang Besi masih ingat Arwah Yusuf Ar Rawa datang ke kedai TUlang Besi dan arwah bapa TUlang Besi bawa beliau berjalan dengan menaiki lori 1 tan.
Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat kepada Allah SWT.

Post-PKR congress: Do or die for Anwar

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 10:59 AM PST

COMMENT Can PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim steer PKR forward and keep its members together, following a bruising party election?

Following a three-day congress, Anwar – described as a God-sent leader by his wife and party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail – is clearly facing the biggest challenge to keep the party from falling apart.

One political analyst said it was "a do-or-die" situation for the man.

Failing to patch up the disgruntlement among its members would cause more members to ditch the party, particularly after some delegates began raising the issue of a "Gang of Four" dominating the party.

Many leaders have left the party in the past but it did not pose any serious threat. However, political observers said the situation was very much different, this time around, as dissatisfaction over the party elections has rocked it to its core.

Therefore, whether Anwar can pull it through this time remains to be seen as he is facing a more severe challenge after several big names – deputy presidency candidates Zaid Ibrahim and Mustaffa Kamil Ayub – along with Youth chief candidate Badrul Hisham Shaharin, made broad accusations of irregularities in the polls.

Zaid has since resigned from the party and is in the process of forming a new party by January.

The soreness over the party election results was still evident during the congress as some delegates called for the party leadership to conduct a thorough investigation into the complaints.

Sensing the mood, Anwar promptly addressed the issue last night when he openly admitted that there were some weaknesses and that he would take action if it was proven that there was fraud in the recently-concluded party election.

Daunting task

Political analysts have pointed out that Wan Azizah failed to address the issue in her opening speech on Saturday, by simply diverting the issue by praising Anwar as a God-sent leader.

"It is not his loyal supporters they should be concerned about but those who are outside the party, who are not party members but supported PKR in the last general election. How can this support be granted again in the next general election?," asked Sivamurugan Pandian, a political analyst at Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Anwar is also facing a daunting task to pacify young voters who are not happy with the way the party handled the direct elections. They played a crucial role in helping PKR win more seats in the last general election.

Apart from that, Anwar who is Opposition Leader in Parliament, is also facing the crucial issue of who, among leaders of the opposition pact of PKR-DAP-PAS, should be the prime minister, should they come to power at federal level.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution has said that the opposition pact had yet to address the issue and they were still working on having a clear manifesto and building on the party's common platform.

This left some party supporters wondering whether their leaders would be chosen to lead the country, should they come to power.

"It is really a 'do or die' situation... Anwar is the captain who can steer the ship. We don't know whether the captain is heading in the right direction."

"If not, many passengers will make a U-turn and go back to the status quo," said a supporter who refused to be identified.

He said the party leadership could not just sweep important issues under the carpet and blame the Barisan Nasional for all the challenges they faced.

"If you observe carefully in this congress, you will see that some delegates are more critical. You did not see that in the previous congress. This shows that, to a certain extent, they want some convincing answers from the top leadership. Otherwise, they will be wondering over PKR's future," he said.

- Bernama


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