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Abdul Aziz Bari: Jangan ikut rentak orang luar

Abdul Aziz Bari: Jangan ikut rentak orang luar

Abdul Aziz Bari: Jangan ikut rentak orang luar

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 10:52 AM PST

Pakar perlembagaan Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari yang turut memberi ucapan dalam pertemuan tertutup Rapat Anak Muda berkata, beliau menasihatkan anggota parti berkenaan supaya bersabar dan "tidak mengikut rentak orang luar." "Walaupun ada kelemahan saya tengok ini satu keberanian di pihak parti untuk kemukakan cara baru (melalui pemilihan langsung) "(Memang) ada masalah tetapi itulah sebenarnya kekuatan dia supaya pemimpin itu naik dengan cara yang terbuka yang telus. Walaupun saya tak nafikan ada pemimpin yang gunakan cara yang tak sihat tapi lama kelamaan orang ini akan terkeluar juga. "Mungkin sekarang tidak, jadi saya katakan tadi kena bersabarlah, jangan sampai bakar kelambu kerana ada satu dua masalah. Kena bersabar dan gunakan saluran yang ada, saya katakan tak ada benda yang tak ada kelemahan. Ini kali pertama, kena bersabarlah. Tambahnya, PKR perlu menghadapi masalah yang timbul dalam pemilihan kali ini "dengan berani."
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Posted: 10 Nov 2010 10:19 AM PST

Ya, sebelum ini bila 10 YB PKR keluar jadi Bebas (5 ADUN, 5 MP) kita gelar PKR Parti Keluar Ramai2.. Dengan kes terkini, PKR ialah kini sebuah Parti Kian Rebah.. Kenyataan bahawa cuma sedikit ahli yang mengundi untuk pemilihan berkaitan ( cuma 6 ribu ahli ) menunjukkan yang PKR sudah kehilangan sokongan dari ahli2 mereka sendiri..

Ratusan rekod tidak puas hati tentang sistem pemilihan yang dikatakan penuh penipuan adalah suatu yang memalukan kepada sebuah parti yang mencanangkan konon menjunjung keadilan & ketelusan.. Pastinya ahli2 PKR sekarang ini keloh kesah, gundah gulana..

Saya ingin mencadangkan agar mereka yang sudah muak, sudah bosan dengan PKR, maka silalah masuk ke mana2 komponen BN, UMNO dll.. Untuk pihak pimpinan PKR, jika ingin masuk, akan kami bincang dalam Mesyuarat Pengurusan dan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO..

Dengan pendedahan Dato Zaid & Sdra Mustafa Kamil itu, PKR sebenarnya adalah parti pilihan terakhir jika ada sesiapa ingin menyertai pembangkang, yang pastinya bukanlah cadangan saya.. Saya cadang, bersatulah di bawah BN & UMNO kerana kamilah sebenarnya parti yang membela rakyat, mendahulukan rakyat & menjuarai kehidupan rakyat.. Zaid sebut bahawa PKR parti yang penuh kepalsuan..

Mustafa beri kata dua, ultimatum.. Wahh ini sudah suatu pembongkaran bangkai politik yang amat busuk dan mesti dijauhi sejauh-jauhnya oleh rakyat terbanyak.. Apa lagi, tinggalkan sahaja PKR itu.. Parti serpihan untuk matlamat peribadi dalam sejarah memang tak akan bertahan lama.. Parti jalanan yang dulu sibuk dengan laungan reformasi, skrng sibuk membaling kerusi (kata Presiden UMNO dlm ucapan Penggulungan Perhimpunan Agong baru2 ini), bukan parti yang patut dijadikan pilihan..

UMNO untuk alif ba ta, agama bangsa tanahair, perjuangan yang amat murni..BN pula utk membangunkan semua rakyat M'sia tanpa mengira kaum..PKR kini adalah sedang retak menanti belah..Sebelum kapal berlubang-lubang ini karam, eloklah selamatkan diri..

Tinggalkan nakhodanya yang Zaid sebut punyai masalah peribadi yang dia perlu selesaikan sendiri.. Mari kita bantu PM & TPM dalam bahtera 1Malaysia yang menuju kemajuan untuk semua rakyat di kota & di desa, berdasarkan prinsip keadilan sebenar.. Salam

YB Datuk Hj. Ahmad bin Hj. Maslan

The Reformasi that never was

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 06:00 AM PST

By Stanley Koh

COMMENT Malaysians generally have had enough of politicians. What they crave is real leadership. Over the last 20 years or so, their distrust of their representatives has been growing but their aspiration for true democracy has never waned.

The opposition gains in the 2008 general election – the so-called political tsunami – did sweep in a breath of fresh air, but it has since turned stale.

What went right in 2008? How did the Pakatan Rakyat coalition succeed so dramatically and why did Barisan Nasional receive the blunt end of the electoral sledgehammer?

Many have attributed the tsunami to the charm of the youngest Pakatan component, PKR. They say that the message it hammered out – "reform is my goal" – was in complete harmony with the Malaysian dream.

So what does "being PKR" entail?

Let us go back 12 years.

"It all began on a Sunday evening, Sept 20, when the authorities stationed baton-wielding riot police outside Anwar Ibrahim's residence.

"Two police helicopters hovered overhead, bathing the area with powerful searchlights. Then, at around 9pm, balaclava-clad men with bulletproof vests and submachine guns broke down the front door and stormed into the house where Anwar, 51, was conducting a press conference.

"The raiders, who belonged to the elite Special Action Force, manhandled some of the journalists and confiscated their notebooks and tape recorders before throwing the hacks out of the house.

"The arresting officer told Anwar he was being detained under the charge of unnatural sexual acts. Anwar was taken to a maximum-security prison outside Kuala Lumpur."

This report, filed for Asiaweek, summed up the dramatic events of the day of reckoning for Anwar, currently PKR's de facto leader.

Any magic left?

Anwar's arrest came a day before the Commonwealth Games closed and not before the sacked deputy prime minister was able to address thousands of people – 60,000, according to disgraced top cop Abdul Rahim Noor – from a roof of the National Mosque. After the speech, he led the crowd in a march to Merdeka Square, and the chant "reformasi" reverberated across Kuala Lumpur.

"Reformasi" became the rallying cry of pro-democracy activists throughout Anwar's incarceration and beyond.

It continues to be the mantra of PKR.

But many in the public have begun to wonder whether the word – or Anwar himself – has any magic left.

Indeed, will PKR itself survive the next general election or fade away and be remembered only as a fairy tale or parable?

PKR's ongoing internal elections have turned out to be a ruthless affair, according to many critics within and without the party. They are at a loss to explain why the elections do not reflect the qualities and standards for which the party claims to be fighting.

The leadership has made no serious attempt to counter allegations of fraud and other irregularities. All we get are unconvincing denials.

To many observers, PKR's direct elections have turned into an absurd drama instead of a demonstration of true democracy in action. The protagonists in all the contesting sides have failed to show enough patience and imagination to resolve problems fairly and squarely.

The party's top leaders say criticisms about the conduct of the elections are unwarranted, but there seems little attempt to civilly and considerately investigate the various allegations originating at ground level.

Some party insiders say PKR's drawbacks lie in the horrible reality that a few upper crust leaders are like leopards that cannot change their spots. This is a reference to their old Umno mindset.

The public is asking whether PKR is genuinely seeking reform in public policy.

A manifestation of vanity

In a common manifesto with other opposition parties, entitled "Towards a Just Malaysia", it criticised the ruling power for "not respecting the differing views of others; instead they are vilified including with fabricated accusations."

It said that in Barisan Nasional "blind loyalty to the leadership is expected, even when the leadership is wrong, and the principles and practice of public accountability are ignored". In the process, it added, public institutions are undermined.

In the public mind, most of those words can now be applied to PKR as well.

Indeed, evil comes in many guises in the political arena, regardless of the political divide.

Pretty much of party electioneering and power play are carried out away from the public eye.

The on-going PKR elections have done much to blur the lines between its promises and the realities on the ground.

The party, no doubt, can give the excuse that the election, being an experiment in the one-man-one-vote system, is massive and slow. But the public is less interested in the suspense than in transparency and fairness.

How this election process links to the reformasi mantra is critically important.

PKR is expected to keep its promise to be an institution that identifies with and belongs to all Malaysians sharing a will and determination to bring positive changes to the nation.

It should not be a personalised party. It should not be a property belonging to and controlled by a hierarchy of cronies loyal to any particular individual or individuals.

It is politically indecent for any leader to impose upon others his biases and prejudices and to practise favouritism so that his cronies can dominate the power play.

Bearing all these in mind, we can say that PKR's direct elections are merely a manifestation of vanity. It wanted to the first party to use the system, but it has failed to do it justice.

Mad, bad and sad

Allegations of political point scoring, character assassination, irregular and unjust practices have marred the party's image and undermined its call for reform.

As far as ordinary supporters are concerned, the only adjectives that can adequately describe the state of affairs in PKR are "mad, bad and sad".

Many are indeed mad and sad that the leadership appears to have destroyed itself and become bad by throwing away the golden opportunity that voters handed to it in the 2008 tsunami.

In short, Malaysians are still crying out for effective leadership.

The conclusion:

Malaysians rallying to new causes may have to resort to a third force. With traditional models of political participation running out of steam, perhaps new forms of expression and political engagement can emerge, freed from shabby, sleazy and corrupt leaders.

Stanley Koh is a veteran political observer. He was the former chief of MCA's research unit.

Reject Shop plans largest outlet in Penang

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 08:43 AM PST

After conducting extensive survey, Reject Shop decided on Penang for the location of their largest store, according to company chiefs, Penangites have a strong propensity for discount reject items.

"Well, if they are willing to take a Malacca reject for their Chief Minister, I am sure they will find our factory overruns and rejects with minor defects easy to accept.

"We see a market and we want to take advantage of it," said the executive who wished to remain magnanimous.

Zahid Hamidi is right!

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 07:34 AM PST

I have to come in support of Zahid Hamidi, our Defense Minister and Umno vice-president. Like it or not, the conservative mind of most Malaysians still lingers on the believe that the Malays' duty is to defend the country, the Chinese shape up the economy while the Indians flourish the commodity.

No, sir! I am not racist. Facts are facts. Zahid is neither a racist nor a Malay warrior. But what he said at the Parliament yesterday should not be misinterpreted, especially by MCA President Chua Soi Lek and the non-Malays.

Zahid was talking about the pathetically duty of the Armed Forces, the no-interest shown by the Chinese and the Indians. He was not questioning the loyalty and integrity of the non-Malays but their poor response to new intakes in the armed forces.

There were only 903 non-Malays in the Malaysian Armed Forces who had joined the service within the last two years. They comprised 82 Indians, 26 Chinese, while the remaining 795 were from other ethnic groups from Sabah and Sarawak (read here).

He was not being insensitive by attributing the 'less sense of patriotism' among the non-Malays for their poor response toward calls to join the armed forces.

"There was also a possibility that it was because of the fear of the strict discipline in the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), less attractive pay compared to the offer from the private sector, lack of encouragement from family members, and that there was less encouragement to join the ATM among the ethnic community because of the various negative prejudices," he said.

The Chinese is the second largest community in the country compared to the Indians but their participation was the least. Why?

Such a question normally draws simple answer - that majority of the Chinese are more keen in business and building up their own economy. Making money and getting rich is their utmost objective in life, no matter where they are.

Indonesia, the United States, Australia and Canada where many Chinese from the mainland had migrated a long time ago, the same pattern thrives. They are less concern in national security matters. When communal riots erupted in many parts of Indonesia in the late 90s, many Chinese millionaires fled the country for Singapore, Hong Kong and other nations.

So, what Zahid said is nothing new. He was reminding the needs for Malaysians (rpt, Malaysians) to come together in defending the country. I guess this is one of few major issues Prime Minister Najib got to address before he can claim success in his 1Malaysia. The other is to introduce 'Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua'.

There is no need for Chua and others to make a fuss out of it. It is a fact that the Malays are more concern for national security and defending the country. The number of Malays and Chinese in Malaysia is almost compatible, yet the Chinese is not keen (except for defending their money and property).

We cant blame them because they are such. In fact, its a good practice. The Malaysian Chinese have been sentimental in developing Malaysia's economy, and so are the Indians. The Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races of Malaysia have been living together with that 'understanding'.

But please dont accuse the police (where most of its members are also Malays) of being racist too. As records show more crimes are committed by the non-Malays, they (the non-Malays) are drawn to a conclusion that they police is always bias and racist in expediting their duty.

Lets not rekindle the past as to why their ancestors came to this country a long time ago. Did they come to defend Tanah Melayu, if one may ask? As far as I can recall, the Gurkhas did help defend Malaya!

My apology... but let us think about it.

(Video) Sidang Parlimen Kecoh Dengan Isu Sosej Babi

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 06:52 AM PST


Sidang Parlimen kecoh dengan isu Sosej Babi...


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Malaysian Insider

Zul Noordin accuses PAS MP of supporting Muslims eating pork

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 10 —The Dewan Rakyat was in uproar today after Zulkifli Noordin accused PAS MP Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad of supporting pork consumption among Muslims.

The ex-PKR MP had earlier defended the actions of a school teacher in Sarawak who had caned a 10-year old school student Basil anak Baginda for bringing non-halal food to school.

Pork is considered a non-halal (non-kosher) meat, to Muslims and Jews.

Zulkifli alleged that the father to Basil, Noor Azman Abdullah @Baginda is a Muslim, therefore that would make Basil himself a Muslim, justifying the teacher caning him.

"I know for a fact that the father of the student, Noor Azman Abdullah@ Baginda is a Muslim. He was a witness in Permatang Pauh's case not too long ago.

"Noor Azman was also a PKR candidate in the past," said Zulkilfi, although he did not elaborate on his sources.

This led Kuching MP Chong Chieng Chin to refute Zulkifli' claims, saying that he had spoken to the boy's mother and she had confirmed that he was not a Muslim.

Zulkifli persisted with his attacks, saying that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) endorsed pork consumption among Muslims.

This led PAS MP Dzulkefly Ahmad to stand up to urge that the matter be taken up another time, as Parliament "was not the forum to raise the issue, as the matter had to be discussed thoroughly".

Zulkifli, the Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP then riled up Dzulkefly and the rest of PR MPs in Parliament.

"Inilah PAS, menggalakkan anak Muslim makan babi (This is PAS, encouraging Muslim children into eating pork)," said Zulkifli.

A shouting match then ensued between PR and BN MPs when PR MPs demanded Zulkifli retract his remarks.

However, Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Jaafar ordered PAS MP Dzulkefly instead to be kicked out of Parliament for refusing to sit down.

Zulkifli was then seen moving towards the PAS MP and insulting him, but Wan Junaidi did not take any action.

"The reason why I stood up was because I could not stand it, this religious bigotry being perpetrated by Zul Noordin. We do not want this to go on, at a time where racial fault-lines are very tense.

"This is the kind of extremist practice we do not want to see," said Dzulkefly.

The Kuala Selangor MP said this during a press conference where he was accompanied by 10 MPs from PAS, PKR and DAP.

DAP MP Tony Pua said that he was disappointed that Wan Junaidi had not done anything despite the fact that "everyone" had seen Zulkifli's actions in Parliament.

"Kulim Bandar Baharu taunted, made fun of and provoked YB Kuala Selangor right in front of the Speaker," said Pua.

蔡細歷吁販總與各屬會投報 勿姑息外勞小販

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 05:35 AM PST










Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim you must repent and to seek forgiveness!

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 05:32 AM PST

You are untrustworthy and have oversell your self sir!

The time has come for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) to repent and then to disappear into the political oblivion so this country can again prosper without his annoying evil megalomaniac, self aggrandizing and rabble rousing irritation in disrupting this country's stability.
It is sad to see very many of his so called strong supporters are now making public statements for him to step down as the leader of the opposition. We also know that his strongest supporter, the US administration and many US congressmen and senators that have now decided to distance themselves from this dangerous chameleon of a man.
All of his American friends, the Clinton included, now know that BABI is not to be trusted. No existing US administration can run a risk of being denied Jewish voters for any election.
Take the B'nai Brith, the worldwide Jewish community service organization that is the US national and global leader in the fight against antisemitism and anti-Israel bias, for example that have accused BABI, with pr0of, that he is a man with many faces.
While on the one hand he supports human rights abuses around the world, BABI on the other hand also condemns the Jews as being the world's trouble makers.
While he wined, yes wine, and dined with many prominent Jewish leaders in cities like New York showing his liberalism as a persecuted Malaysian politician, he will switch his stance when he met with his strong allies, like Islamist and anti-Western, Dr. Hassan al-Turabi of Sudan, and together they will planned the destruction of the "loathsome American Imperialism".
Clearly a man that is now being shown to be cunning, evil and untrustworthy, a man that no one wants to be associated with and a man no none wants to touch not even even with a ten-foot pole.
For a man who will go to the extend of tearing the sacred social fabrics of our society and institutions for his own personal agenda and ambition, including trying to sell Malaysia to the World Bank and to the International Monetary Fund, during our darkest hour of recent world currency crisis, I think Malaysians have to reject such man.
He is now slowly wilting and sucked away into the abyss of the international and national political black hole and hope he will never come out or be rescued. I just hope that he is aware of these facts, so he can still repent and to try to make good for the remaining of his pathetic life.

Pembangunan PAS (rakyat) vs Pembangunan UMNO (kroni)

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 05:29 AM PST

Berita kadar pengangguran di Kelantan yang terendah di Malaysia mencerminkan wajah sebenar falsafah pembangunan PAS berbanding UMNO. Pembangunan PAS adalah berdasarkan kepada menjaga rakyat miskin dan rakyat susah. Maka, setiap program pembangunan PAS Kelantan adalah mengarah kepada membantu rakyat yang banyak.

Program pembangunan UMNO adalah bertujuan mengkayakan kroni. Kroni kaut sebahagian besar hasil kerajaan dan majoriti rakyat terpaksa berhempas pulas merebut bahagian kekayaan kerajaan yang kecik.

Tu sebab di negeri BN, bukan sahaja kadar pengangguran tinggi, tapi yang ada kerja pun tiap2 bulan sesak. MAcamana tak sesak, harga barang makin hari makin naik. Tapi, gaji tak pernah naik.

Harga barang naik sebab pentadbiran UMNO tak pentingkan rakyat. Mereka pentingkan kroni. Jadi, bila kroni nak duit lebih, harga barang dinaikkan dan UMNO tak buat apa2 untuk menghalang.

Hasilnya rakyat semakin menderita duduk bawah UMNO. Dan negeri miskin papa kedana macam Kelantan lebih terserlah keupayaan membantu orang miskin dari UMNO yang kaya raya.

PKNS: Selangor Tidak Lindungi Para Koruptor

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 05:03 AM PST

NOTA EDITOR: Syukur alhamdulillah, Kerajaan Selangor TIDAK AKAN MELINDUNGI mereka yang menyalahgunakan kuasa dan kedudukan mereka. TAPI, kena siasat dulu tak boleh ambik tindakan melulu.

Kalau Selangor di bawah UMNO dan Barisan Nasional, konfirm pegawai2 PKNS ni tidak akan disiasat. Nak buat macamana, bapak borek anak rintik la katakan.


Skandal PKNS: Khalid arah siasat, PAS nafi sabotaj Pakatan
Oleh Dzulfikar Mashoor
November 10, 2010

SHAH ALAM, 10 Nov — Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim hari ini menubuhkan jawatankuasa audit profesional untuk menyiasat pendedahan Adun Hulu Klang Saari Sungib bahawa wujud salah guna kuasa dalam Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) termasuk menaja jamuan majlis perkahwinan angkasawan negara bulan lalu.

"PKNS sudah ada perjanjian integriti, jadi kita sudah tubuhkan satu jawatankuasa audit profesional di MBI (Perbadanan Menteri Besar Selangor)," kata Menteri Besar Selangor pada sidang media di lobi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Selangor.

Khalid (gambar) yang juga salah seorang ahli lembaga pengarah PKNS memberitahu, jawatankuasa itu akan menyiasat dakwaan PKNS menaja Jamuan Makan Malam Angkasawan sempena majlis perkahwinan Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor di Pusat Konvensyen SACC.

Jawatankuasa audit itu turut akan menyiasat anasir kronisme apabila sekumpulan pegawai kontrak di bawah anak syarikat PKNS Holdings diberi gaji lumayan berbanding pegawai-pegawai tetap.

Khalid berkata, jawatankuasa audit itu turut akan memberi perhatian pada beberapa memorandum, termasuk daripada Timbalan Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor Dr Che Rosi Che Mat.

"Oleh kerana banyak sangat memorandum itu semua, saya suruh (jawatankuasa) audit berfungsi sekarang, sekarang dia mula menjalankan (siasatan ke atas) kenyataan-kenyataan itu, saya menyuruh dia (jawatankuasa audit) mendengar kedua-dua pihak," jelas Khalid.

Beliau turut tidak menolak kemungkinan bahawa kes PKNS akan dirujuk kepada Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Selangor Mengenai Keupayaan, Kebertanggungjawaban, Ketelusan (Selcat).

"Dalam masa yang singkat, saya beri dia (jawatankuasa audit) masa selama dua minggu untuk buat keputusan," katanya.

"Jika kita mendapati perlu (merujuk pada Selcat) kita buat, kalau kita dapati tak perlu, tak payah, kita akan buat semua ini apabila kita mendapat keputusan (siasatan) dari jawatankuasa audit profesional kita," kata Khalid.

Seorang lagi ahli lembaga pengarah PKNS, Iskandar Abdul Samad pula selain sependapat dengan Khalid, beliau turut menafikan dakwaan umum kononnya tindakan Saari itu adalah sabotaj PAS negeri.

"Saya rasa kalau wujud unsur sabotaj, kalau mereka (pemberi maklumat) nak jatuhkan kerajaan, mereka tidak memberi kepada YB Saari, mereka akan beri pada (Datuk Seri) Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, Ketua Pembangkang.

"Dunia tanpa sempadan, sesiapa pun boleh buat semua ini, saya rasa mereka buat (dedah) semua ini untuk kebaikan PKNS," jelas Iskandar yang juga Exco Kerajaan Selangor.

Yang Dipertua PAS kawasan Pandan ini mempertahankan tindakan PAS Selangor membuat desakan terbuka ke atas pentadbiran Khalid supaya menyiasat kes tersebut.

"Memang tindakan yang wajar, sesiapa yang melakukan kesalahan maka perlu dihukum," tegas Iskandar.

Semalam, Saari ketika sesi perbahasan Bajet 2011 mendedahkan beberapa pegawai kontrak dibayar gaji lumayan sekitar RM10,000 hingga RM24,000.

Shaari turut membangkitkan soal kos sewa, kos perpindahan, kos ubah suai pejabat korporat PKNS yang melebihi RM15,785,552.

Malah Saari turut mempersoal kaedah pelantikan Prof Erman Papzian sebagai perunding PKNS selama enam bulan dengan bayaran RM450,000.

Khalid dijangka akan memberi penjelasan khusus berhubung skandal di PKNS pada sesi penggulungan Bajet 2011 esok.


Posted: 10 Nov 2010 04:40 AM PST


The MCA wishes to express its regret over a report in The Malaysianinsider that the MCA is bidding for the gaming unit of Tanjong Bhd.

The report is purely speculative because we have no interest in bidding for Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd.

The MCA is open to any investment opportunities but it has no intention to be involved in gaming businesses.

The MCA regrets that the DAP has jumped the gun by attacking the Party without verifying the accuracy of the news report. It should get its facts right.

The MCA will seek legal recourse against any party that continues to speculate this issue that has no basis at all.

The DAP, being part of the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor should instead explain the mushrooming of cyber cafes, "health centres" and "reflexology centres" in the state.









Zul: Malaysiakini putar-belit

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 01:50 AM PST

Independent MP for Kulim Bandar Baharu claims that Malaysiakini has 'putar-belit' (twisted) the apparent apology to PKR de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim by former Perlis Mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin. Asri had suggested that Anwar resign from leadership of the party and national poltics. Asri's statement: "Justeru, sebagai saudara Muslim, saya sekali lagi -- seperti kenyataan awal - pohon kemaafan atas pandangan tersebut. "Namun saya masih mempercayai pandangan itu ada kebenarannya, melainkan Allah SWT mendatangkan hal yang sebaliknya. Dia Maha Mengetahui segalanya," katanya.
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Malaysian Nanban reporter alleges assault

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 02:03 AM PST

Malaysian Nanban reporter alleges assault by persons connected by self-immolation patient, M Chakragunasegaran who burned himself in protest at the demolition of a structure which stored deities from a nearby temple.
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Pakatan MPs visit self-immolation patient

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 02:05 AM PST

M Chakragunasegaran who burned himself in protest at the demolition of a structure which stored deities from a nearby temple was visited by Pakatan MPs Teresa Kok and Gobind Singh Deo at the general hospital today.
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Samy visits Chakragunasegaran

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 01:08 AM PST

M Chakragunasegaran who burned himself in protest at the demolition of a structure which stored deities from a nearby temple received visits from MIC's top leadership including president Samy Vellu.
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Patient seeks remedy over 'hospital blunders'

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 04:00 AM PST

A patient, who claims that medication from a government hospital has had adverse effects on her, is demanding compensation from the Health Ministry. Chow Chooi Mei, 45, who suffers from tuberculosis (TB), alleged that the adverse medical condition she is currently experiencing was due to the side-effects of medications prescribed by a doctor while she was seeking treatment for TB at the Ipoh Hospital. In a press conference today, Dr D Jeyakumar (PSM-Sungai Siput) said that Chow was diagnosed as having TB on Sept 2, 2004, and she was administered a dosage of medications for an adult weighing 60kg despite only weighing 32kg. Full story here:
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Bagaimana acuan, begitulah bentuk kuihnya

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 03:33 AM PST

Akhirnya PKR bergolak kerana krisis dikalangan pimpinan parti itu sudah melebar dan pemimpin-pemimpinnya sudah tidak seiringan dan seirama. Perpecahan ini memang dijangkakan akan berlaku sejak beberapa ketika dahulu. PKR harus dan wajar menyelesaikan masalah secara drastik jika parti itu ingin menjadi parti yang relevan sebagai alternatif kepada UMNO dan BN yang juga sedang menghadapi krisis kepimpinan yang agak serius.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim telah mengambil keputusan menarik diri dari pertandingan Timbalan Presiden parti itu kerana didapati ada banyak ketidak telusan dalam proses pemilihan jawatan dalam parti anjuran Anwar Ibrahim itu. Walaupun Zaid menyatakan yang beliau akan berada dalam PKR sebagai ahli biasa tetapi dengan tindakkan beliau akhir-akhir ini tidak lebih dan tidak kurang adalah petanda yang beliau akhirnya akan keluar dari parti yang 'controversial' itu.

Rungutan tentang tidak ketelusan kaedah pemilihan ini bukan sahaja di suarakan oleh Zaid tetapi juga oleh Mustafa Kamil Ayob, seorang lagi calun Timbalan Presiden dan ramai lagi pemimpin tertinggi didalam PKR. Apa yang dilakukan oleh Anwar itu adalah nilai dan budaya warisan dari UMNO semasa beliau seorang yang memegang kuasa didalam parti itu sebelum dia dipecat oleh Dr Mahathir pada 1998 dahulu. Begitu juga lah Azmin yang merupakan orang yang terhampir dengan Anwar semasa pemimpin ini dibuai oleh kenikmatan berkuasa semasa itu.

Sekarang ini penyakit yang 'contagious' itu merebak didalam PKR. Sesiapa juga yang dianggap membayangi kekuasaan mereka berdua akan menerima nasib malang. Ramai pemimpin asal parti itu seperti Ezam Mohad Nor, Ruslan Kasim dan yang lain-lain terpaksa meninggalkan PKR kerana 'berlaga angin' dengan Azmin yang gila kuasa itu. Anwar nampaknya tidak berminat untuk memperkuatkan partinya tetapi sebaleknya hanya hendak menggunakan parti itu untuk memperjuangkan nasib peribadinya untuk menjadi PM negara.

Anwar tahu PM Malaysia adalah jawatan yang paling berkuasa; malahan lebih berkuasa dari Presiden Amerika Syarikat. Anwar tahu PM Malaysia boleh memasukkan sesiapa kedalam penjara dan mengeluarkan mereka dari penjara sesuka hati. PM Malaysia adalah pemimpin yang punya 'immunity' terbesar, malahan 'immunity'nya lebih besar dari seorang Raja. Jika jenayah dilakukan oleh ahli keluarga PM jenayah itu tidak akan membawa mereka kedalam penjara. Malahan PM Malaysia boleh melakukan apa sahaja yang dia suka tanpa batas.

Inilah yang diidamkan Anwar; oleh itu beliau akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk mendapatkannya walaupun terpaksa menggunakan politik yang kotor terhadap jemaahnya sendiri. Jika pemimpin UMNO sudah luntur perjuangan mereka PKR juga dipenuhi dengan pemimpin seperti itu. Kalau sudah sampai begini ahli-ahli legislative dari PKR patut membina kembali asas perjuangan dengan memilih premis perjuangan yang lain.

Saya bersetuju pengunduran Anwar dan Azmin adalah jalan terbaik untuk yang lain kekal berjuang dalam parti itu. Jika Anwar masih berada didalamnya maka pandangan saya yang mencadangkan agar ahli-ahli legislative dari PKR mencari premise perjuangan diatas landasan yang baru amat-amat perlu dilakukan dengan segera. Ahli-ahli legislative ini mesti menjadi pemimpin yang memberikan makna kepada negara dan bukannya untuk memperjuangkan nasib seorang pemimpin yang berada dalam masalah yang beliau sendiri lakukan.

Jika Anwar tidak bersedia untu berkorban untuk PKR maka hayat PKR tidak akan kekal lama walaupun rakyat tidak memberikan sebelit mata kepada parti pemerintah. Kemungkinan besar PAS dan DAP akan bertambah kuat kerana mereka yang menyertai parti PKR itu adalah dari gulungan yang tidak menggemari UMNO atau parti-parti dalam BN.

Perpecahan dalam PKR tidak semestinya memperkuatkan UMNO tetapi akan memperkuatkan dua parti dalam komponennya iaitu PAS dan DAP. Apa yang berlaku dalam PKR sekarang ini akan memaksa PAS dan DAP untuk menuntut kerusi yang lebih dalam pembahagian kerusi didalam PRU yang akan datang kerana PKR sudah dilihat sebagai parti lemah dan sudah kehilangan sedikit sebanyak sokongan dari orang ramai.

Pengunduran Zaid dari semua jawatan dalam parti ini melambangkan usaha untuk memperkayakan budaya berdemokrasi dalam parti itu sudah gagal. Dari sekarang ini PKR akan berada ditapak tangan Azmin Ali. Anwar akan mendengar segala apa yang diperkatakan oleh Azmin dan akan tiada lagi semangat demokrasi didalamnya.

Budaya 'patronising' didalam UMNO kini sudah merebak kedalam PKR dan tidak ada bezanya PKR dengan UMNO kini. Tetapi ini tidak menghairankan kerana pemimpin PKR adalah dari UMNO dan mereka mempunyai budaya yang sama. Bak kata perbidalan, 'bagaimana acuan, begitulah bentuk kuihnya'.

DAP bantah hasrat MCA beli firma judi, Tanjong

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 03:04 AM PST

Ketua Pemuda DAP, Anthony Loke hari ini mempersoalkan rancangan badan pelaburan MCA - Huaren Holdings Sdn Bhd - untuk mendapatkan pegangan saham ke atas firma perjudian Tanjong PLC - syarikat perjudian ketiga terbesar di Malaysia selepas Berjaya Sports Toto dan Magnum. Full story here:
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Loke: Belanja perjalanan menteri bercanggah

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 02:56 AM PST

Jawapan bertulis terbaru Menteri Pelancongan, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen berhubung butiran perjalanannya adalah RM300,000 kurang daripada jawapan yang hampir sama diberikan dua minggu sebelum ini. Full story here:
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Desak Anwar dan Azmin Berundur dari PKR

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 02:41 AM PST

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Nov – Selepas membuat kejutan dengan meletak semua jawatannya dan menarik diri daripada bertanding Timbalan Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), kelmarin, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim semalam secara terbuka pula menggesa Penasihat PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Naib Presidennya, Mohamed Azmin Ali, berundur kerana kedua-duanya didakwa menjadi punca segala masalah dalam parti itu.

Dalam pada itu, Setiausaha Perhubungan PKR Sabah, Mursalim Tanjul, turut mengesahkan meletak jawatannya yang dipegang sejak kira-kira setahun lalu.

Mursalim ketika dihubungi Berita Harian semalam, berkata pemberitahuan rasmi secara bertulis berhubung tindakannya itu akan dihantar ke pejabat Perhubungan PKR negeri dan Pusat dalam masa dua tiga hari lagi.

Ditanya sebab beliau meletak jawatan, Mursalim yang juga Ketua Cabang PKR Kudat memberi alasan mahu memberi tumpuan terhadap perniagaannya. Beliau bagaimanapun, mengakui campur tangan Anwar yang banyak berlaku sehingga ke peringkat akar umbi menyebabkan parti kini porak peranda.

"Bagi saya sebagai pemimpin dia (Anwar) kena ikhlas, jujur dan telus.
Sekarang dia banyak campur tangan, itu yang berlaku, dia tidak seharusnya berbuat demikian," katanya.
Sementara itu, Zaid pada sidang media di kediamannya di sini, semalam, menjelaskan perubahan kepemimpinan dalam PKR perlu dilakukan segera bagi memastikan parti itu terus relevan dalam politik negara.

"Bukan kita tidak hargai pemimpin macam Anwar, kita hargai, tapi masa sudah berubah, masalah sekarang sudah berbeza. Jika PKR mahu bergerak ke depan, Anwar dan Azmin mesti pergi sebab mereka punca kepada semua masalah.

"Anwar banyak sangat isu peribadi, begitu juga Azmin, mereka perlu diketepikan. Kita tidak harus ada pemimpin yang lemah, yang asyik menyalahkan orang lain… 16 September (hasrat PKR ambil alih kerajaan) gagal, kita salahkan Barisan Nasional (BN). Kita tewas di Perak, kita juga salahkan BN, anggota Parlimen kita lompat parti, kita salahkan BN, sudah tiba masanya kita mesti akui kita lemah.

"Hakikatnya kita tidak dapat menganjurkan satu pemilihan parti yang baik, menunjukkan bahawa kita lemah. Saya mohon maaf kerana cakap ini, tetapi inilah masalahnya yang hendak saya luahkan.

"Saya harap penyelesaian baru yang lebih radikal ini dapat mengubah parti dalam memperjuangkan masa depan yang lebih baik untuk rakyat," katanya.

Zaid berkata, PKR perlu membuat perubahan kepemimpinannya supaya dapat bergerak ke depan, terutama dalam menghadapi pilihan raya umum akan datang.

"Perlu ada fokus baru, kepemimpinan baru. Anwar sebagai ketua umum gagal memastikan parti bersatu. Pakatan Rakyat tidak akan berkembang dengan Anwar sebagai terajunya," katanya.

Ditanya sama ada pemimpin pakatan pembangkang dapat menerima pandangannya supaya Anwar dan Azmin berundur, Zaid berkata:

"Saya cuma cakap bagi diri saya, saya tidak boleh kerja dalam sistem yang ada hari ini, ini tak ada kena mengena dengan PAS atau DAP, mereka mahu Anwar pimpin mereka, itu hak mereka, tapi saya cakap hak saya.

"Jika semua anggota parti tidak menerima apa yang saya suarakan ini, saya akan fikirkan pilihan lain," katanya.

Ditanya siapa calon yang sesuai untuk menerajui PKR jika Anwar dan Azmin berundur, Zaid secara berseloroh berkata beliau boleh menjadi pemimpin yang baik, tetapi terpulang kepada rakyat menentukannya.

Zaid turut mendakwa Azmin tidak layak bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden PKR kerana terbabit dengan penipuan dan penyelewengan pada pemilihan Majlis Pimpinan Pusat (MPP) parti yang sedang berlangsung.

"Saya fikir Azmin hendaklah dilucutkan kelayakannya (bertanding Timbalan Presiden PKR) kerana anda tidak boleh, kalau di cabang itu yang tidak memihak kepadanya, maka disuruh cabang itu bermesyuarat semula. Orang yang menyalahgunakan kuasa mesti dilucutkan kelayakan," katanya.

Ditanya mengenai tahap kepincangan dalam parti itu, khususnya pada pemilihan MPP, Zaid berkata: "Saya fikir ramai yang kecewa, bukan saya dan Mustaffa Kamil saja, semua calon yang disenaraikan dalam pemilihan kecewa, tapi apa yang mereka boleh lakukan."

Zaid juga menafikan dakwaan Anwar bahawa beliau menarik diri daripada bertanding dan melepaskan semua jawatan dalam PKR kerana tidak menerima undi yang banyak di Sabah.

"Tak betul saya bangkitkan perkara ketidaktelusan ini selepas saya kalah undi di Sabah. Perkara ini saya bangkitkan lama dulu," katanya.

Zaid turut menegaskan beliau tidak akan keluar daripada PKR dan bersedia menyerahkan bukti berhubung kepincangan dalam proses pemilihan seperti yang dicabar Anwar.

"Kalau ikut tidak perlu tunjuk bukti sebab semua tahu, ahli dan calon, tapi kalau saya kena buktikan, saya akan beri pada badan bebas, kalau itu tidak mencukupi terpulang sebab yang tidak puas hati ini bukan saya seorang, semua kecuali Azmin, takkan kita nak reka cerita, Anwar kena hadapi masalah ini," katanya.

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