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Self-discovery and weird encounters

Self-discovery and weird encounters

Self-discovery and weird encounters

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 07:00 AM PDT

By Stanley Koh

COMMENT Popularly known as the Heavenly City, Nakhon Sawan, about 240km north of Bangkok, is a favourite midway stop for tourists heading further north to Chiengmai.

It was in Nakhon Sawan in 1978 that I had my first encounter with a ghost. I had just begun my spiritual apprenticeship as a Buddhist monk at a temple called Wat Kiriwong.

After that encounter, I had many more weird experiences through these 32 years, including the time when I was under the guidance of Taoist masters belonging to the ancient and legendary sects of the Golden Eagle School and White Lotus.

My ghostly experiences were in fact part of my spiritual training.

As a Buddhist monk, I was taught many esoteric lessons about the human spirit and the evolutionary stage at which the spirit becomes what we call a ghost. This learning has had a tremendous impact on my outlook on life.

I spent two years at Wat Kiriwong in strict discipline, following the daily monastic routine of meditation and occult studies.

Wat Kiriwong is famous for its 600-year-old pagoda, built in the 19th century. It is located at the foot of the low-lying Bawa Dung Hills, a cluster that stretches further than the eye can see.

But let us return to 1978.

I arrived in Nakhon Sawan late in the night on April 9 after a six-hour bus ride from Bangkok, where I had touched down from an afternoon flight from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

A week later, I realised I had fallen in love with the temple and its surroundings. The monastery's premises stretched over more than a hundred acres of undulating land, hosting numerous buildings for worship and temple administration.

Next to a cemetery was a secluded area for meditation training, reserved for forest monks donning dark saffron robes that looked almost brown. This was where I had my residence.

Quiet and secluded, the area had eight small individual wooden huts. Each of these kuti, as the locals called them, could accommodate only one monk. It had a simple bathroom and a floor that was just wide and long enough for one to sleep on.

The huts were arranged in a circle around a large bodhi tree. Bodhi, in the Pali language, means tree of wisdom. It got the name after the historical Gautama Buddha, having attained his spiritual enlightenment, paid it his respect and gratitude for sheltering him throughout his struggle for the Truth.

The Encounter

The night of Aug 17, 1978, began like any ordinary night. I had sat in meditation with my spiritual master in his kuti, which was adjacent to mine.

The night was still and humid, and moonlight illuminated the area. It was the dry season in Nakhon Sawan, and there had been hardly any rain for days. In the distance, crickets and other insects sang in chorus.

We emerged from meditation at about 8pm. We had some tea and decided to check for small scorpions wandering around inside the master's hut, particularly around the mattresses. We had to use a torchlight because a small light bulb was the only electrical supply available for all the huts. It was not bright enough for anyone to trace the small light brown insects known for their painful stings.

We had to put the scorpions we caught in small plastic bags and release them at a distance away from the huts since the first Buddhist precept is the prohibition of killing.

We then decided to look for scorpions inside my own hut.

I opened my kuti's flimsy wooden door, and as I walked in with my master following, we both saw in the dimly lighted room a young woman sleeping on my mattress. She wore a long flowing dress of yellowish white.

My jaw opened wide and my whole body felt like it was rooted to the ground. My heart probably stopped a second but instantly started to race through several beats. I also lost my voice, but I darted a look of shock in the direction of my master, who stood beside me with an incredibly calm expression.

There was this instant disbelief inside me, but the woman was real and there, lying on her back with both arms resting on my pillow, which supported her head. She was probably in her early 20s and had an oval face and a look of calmness about her.

She vanished out of sight moments later, but stayed long enough for us to know that our eyes were not playing tricks on us.

Her body floated with ease and flew out through the window of the hut.

As I stood there frozen with my feet unwilling to move despite signals from my brain, my master smiled at me, gesturing with his hand that I should follow him back to his kuti.

I could not comprehend how my master could be so calm. As we sat together, my mind was blank, but I wanted an answer from my master.

From my diary recording of this episode, the conversation between us went like this:

"What happened? Was it a ghost?" I asked, expecting an affirmative answer.

"I am not sure. It could be a deity testing your courage and guts or probably urging you to study occultism," my master replied.

I knew that it was not the real answer, as spiritual masters are sometimes known for their strange ways of teaching. Sometimes they deliberately say the stupidest things or just play dumb to provoke critical thinking.

Impatience was getting the better of me. But before I could utter another question, my master asked, "Could it be a mountain spirit?"

I stared at my master, probably with bloodshot eyes, and thought to myself, "Come on, you must be joking, a lady mountain spirit dressed in yellowish white?"

"Do you have any relative who recently passed away?" my master asked.

"No," I replied.

I also searched my conscience and cleared it, for I had not caused anyone's death to justify a ghostly revenge.

Lessons to learn

Years later, I learnt that this was how some spiritual masters would teach their disciples. Hardship and experience are your teachers, but you often realise your lessons only much later.

In my younger days, I was sceptical of the existence of spirits and ghosts despite my wide reading on paranormal existence.

Years later, I learnt of two security guards of a high-rise building who had resigned abruptly due to a frightening encounter with a female ghost in the wee hours.

The guards insisted that they heard noises of children playing football along a corridor of an office building and water running from closed faucets after midnight, when nobody was around.

The lesson learnt from my Taoist masters was simple. Man is a multidimensional being, composed of earth, air, water, fire and metal. Man and animals are constantly generating electromagnetic vibrations in which the character, personality, mentality, psyche, thoughts, feelings, impulses and different types of consciousness come into being.

All cultures and civilisations speak of the existence of ghosts in folklore as well as formal records. We celebrate Halloween, All Souls' Day and other occasions to affirm our belief in the world beyond the physical. We enjoy comedies like Happy Ghost, Casper the Friendly Ghost and the Ghost Whisperer, but know -- or suspect -- that the belief in the existence of ghosts is no laughing matter.

"Ghost stories have probably been around as long as humans have had a language," says an article posted on "A person's spirit continues to exist in some form after the physical body has died."

According to enthusiasts, ghosts exist because these beings refuse to leave the physical world for the spirit world in the process of evolution because they have unfinished business. They say some places are haunted if they are the location of violent or traumatic deaths or if some dead persons have strong attachments to those places or people living there.

Advanced technology and scientific progress have made it possible for unmanned spacecrafts to explore faraway frontiers of the galaxy. In decades to come, perhaps, paranormal scientists will be able to explain in scientific terms how hauntings take place and why ghosts exist. More than likely, these explanations will be in the language of complexities relating to man's spiritual existence and layers of consciousness.

Stanley Koh is a political observer who use to head the MCA's research unit.

MOB RULE is alive and well in PKR

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 02:19 PM PDT

Rahimi Osman, former special assistant to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim called for a Press conference earlier today but before he could say one word to the Press, a group of thugs came in to stop the PC.

I am not sure what Rahimi was going to tell the Press but the burly and very loud and abrasive Indian men shouted non-stop and told him to cancel the PC.

They even threatened to 'reveal' what Rahimi was up to with Saiful... they alluded to 'makan burger..ummm...makan hotdog dalam bilik'... hmm

but this is the first time that a Press conference was stopped by thugs from a political party just because they don't agree with the reason for the PC, whatever that may be.

Suresh Kumar is special assistant to Anwar - in charge of Indian affairs and contesting for VP in the upcoming PKR elections.....future PKR leader tuu......

when asked what he thought Rahimi would reveal, he said nothing, there is nothing to reveal... well if nothing why so kecoh one?

Since there are no condemnation or dissociation of the actions of these men who openly claim that they are PKR members and candidates in the party elections and made it absolutely clear that they represent the interest of Anwar Ibrahim, one can only imagine that Anwar and PKR approves of this thuggery and gangster tactic

I suppose the next time Anwar or any PKR leaders wants to hold a PC and someone doesn't like them to hold a PC, it is perfectly acceptable to go and crash on the PC and shout them down

This is an act of aggression that is a reflection of the kind of thuggery and mob rule that exists within PKR, a party that is now clearly a magnet for extremists and the lawless...note that at one point, the thug even touched a reporter to ask her to leave but she told her in no uncertain terms that he should not touch her.

Anyway just watch this video lah and decide for yourself

It makes me really want to know what Halimi has to say now...

Well from what little info that has I have gleaned from sources, it seems that Halimi wanted to make a clarification on a Statutory Declaration that he had made earlier....

Apparently he was forced to sign an SD to implicate Prime Minister, DS Najib in the Sodomy trial

Well RPK is the grand-daddy of fake SDs so one can guess who had forced Halimi to sign the said SD

Thuggery and MOB RULE in PKR is not limited to just physical violence, the likes of which we have seen happen in several division elections but now extends to the party's administration.

Hardcore Opposition supporter and self-proclaimed human rights lawyer, Haris Ibrahim revealed in his blog that Saifuddin Nasution and Azmin Ali have usurped the role of the party's own elections steering committee by announcing that the Hulu Selangor and Penampang division elections are null and void.

BTW according to Haris Azmin's man lost in both

In Hulu Selangor Khalid Jaafar lost to Naza Yakin but I am not sure who won in Penampang

This breathtaking disregard for their own party rules and hierarchy is a preview of how they probably will run the country, perhaps Selangor is already being run like a gangster kwongsi mining town

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now


Posted: 06 Oct 2010 11:45 AM PDT

Comments from a very senile man. Singapore is more racist than any country in the world. Singapore system is based on meritocracy. The smartest and best goes to the top regardless of race, religion, citizenship, etc. Many Malaysian Chinese are holding top position in multinational companies in Singapore.
Definitely a bad move. He's trying hard to tell a memorable story of his "low profile" wife in a "big" way. Bad move. Is he saying that only the Lee's are the smartest around to rule Singapore and even his Law Minister was foolish not to take care of those menial matters like water agreement? He was damn lucky he was dealing with Tunku Abdul Rahman's led government. It was Tunku Abdul Rahman's graciousness and sense of compassion that enabled LKY to remain as a PM of Singapore back then by asking them to leave the federation.related article
I wonder what would have happened to him if TDM was around at that time. Ops Lalang in 1963? Why not. Just arrest that big-mouth lawyer and see what else he can do eating curry everyday. Even better? Charge him in a sodomy case and get the IGP to punch his eyes. That will teach him that he is not the only hardball around. He is getting senile for sure. No wonder TDM always say that Malaysian are too soft and rule by a half-past-six government. Get kick around like an idiot school kid during negotiation. How true ….KY is such a jerk even at his wife's funeral. Malaysian who supported what he just said is just kicking themselves in their own butts! Wake up, this is the talk of an old sly fox! What rubbish is he talking about. The nonsense his wife had been feeding him in the past is just typical of a kiasu Singaporean.
Listen to the assertive new Indian woman M J Akbar
Sir Harcourt Butler was a great civil servant of the British empire, an icon who understood India, befriended Indians like the Raja of Mahmudabad and advocated causes like the Aligarh Muslim University. As a former governor of United Provinces (today's Uttar Pradesh), he offered a word of advice for the Viceroy, Lord Hardinge, in a letter sent from Rangoon on January 16, 1916. The most powerful influences in India, said Sir Harcourt, were priests and women. As long as any political organization was unable to mobilize both, the government had little to fear.
Mahatma Gandhi, who had no shortage of priests alongside, jolted the British during the non-cooperation movement in 1920 and 1921 precisely because he brought women out of their ancient closet, promising Hindu women the end of Ravanraj (British rule) in six months if they wore homespun and spurned luxury just as Sita had rejected Ravana's temptations. There was a similar contemporary upsurge among Muslims. Maulana Muhammad Ali's redoubtable mother Bi Amman was the first Muslim woman to address the Muslim League without a veil, and the wives of Hakim Ajmal Khan and M A Ansari set up the Women's Khilafat Committee in 1921.
Nine decades later, priests and women remain the most powerful engines of political mobility, with one huge twist in a long tale. The influence of women now far outweighs that of priests. Social development is not even. There are sharp differences both between communities and within communities. But the dominant voice of the next decade will be an assertive new woman with a modern spine.
The Muslim vote remains powered by the exhortations of the ulema, but the queues of women in ballot order, even if in hijab or burqa, are evidence of a new dynamic. They have understood the power of the secret vote and exult in exercising it. The Congress, a principal beneficiary in the last general elections, may want to check why it lost a safe, minority-dominant seat in a Delhi by-election. Did veiled women register a protest against rising costs in the kitchen, or rediscover questions about the Batla House deaths last year?
One reason why the BJP's Ram temple campaign succeeded in the late 1980s and the early 1990s was because it energized women, and made them stakeholders in the proposed temple by asking them to contribute a brick each. But that model has dated, or is in the process of becoming passe. A girl born in 1989 would have voted in 2009.
The BJP's stagnation, or slide, can be partly explained by its disconnect with the changing profile of Hindu women. This is not limited to metropolitan India. The very presence of imitation brands in small towns is proof of the spread of aspiration. This is not a passing fad or fashion; it is rooted in a new mindset. The most powerful weapon in the armoury of the modern woman is choice. Choice is liberating at both the individual and collective level. Imposition, disguised as obedience, stability and security, is yesterday's story. Today's woman wants the final say, whether in dress, marriage, lifestyle or the vote; she does not want to be told that she cannot wear jeans or enjoy Valentine's Day, or go to a pub of an evening if she so chooses. Indian women can see the suffocation of fundamentalism in the neighbourhood. That is the last thing they want in India.
Much is being made, in Delhi, of the fact that the Kashmir valley celebrated one of the most peaceful, happiest Eids in memory. Don't overdo the celebrations. This may have less to do with India than with Pakistan. Even a cursory look at Pakistan tells the Kashmiri young — and particularly young women — that whatever its faults, India just might be the better option. How many young men would want to live within gunshot distance of the Taliban? How many young women would seek a future in a land where the clergy insists on twisted gender laws? As they might put it, India is ''less worse''.
Pakistan's favourite Kashmiri leader, Jamaat-e-Islami's Syed Ali Shah Geelani, pleaded with every Kashmiri Muslim to sulk along with him on Eid; he was ignored. Geelani was a teenager in 1947. The teenager of 2009 does not recognize the teenager of 1947. There are no jobs in conflict, unless of course you want early retirement from the burdens of existence. The young want life; old warmongers offer death.
The happiness of life, the joy of individual liberty, will define the politics of India in the foreseeable future. Those politicians who do not recognize this are condemned to irrelevance. Who understands life better than a woman? Women give life. Men take it.
Women have listened to priests in every age of recorded history. It is time for priests to listen to women.
Singapore system is based on meritocracy. The smartest and best goes to the top regardless of race, religion, citizenship, etc. Many Malaysian Chinese are holding top position in multinational companies in Singapore.
Malaysia can never compete with them in brain powerThis is what you Melayus are all about. Sit around in your rumah and bitch about being outsmarted four decades ago while having grand delusions that Umno's rickety army can hold off an attack from anyone. LKY is merely stating historical fact while reminiscing at his wife's funeral. Perfectly reasonable. Stay put in your rumah, Johan. Minum teh and stop spewing nonsensical vitriol.How do you retain productive men and women in the workforce for the long haul when they also have to play the role of the loyal spouse who would rather tag along with their partners posted to a distant country.
Rather than lose them, many Indian companies have now taken a cue from their counterparts abroad and are transforming the workplace into a family friendly world with ideas like expenses paid family relocation, in-house marriages and spousal hiring.
Since this is largely a man's world still, more males are transferred than women. But it also means if they are married, their wives might follow suit.
This has got the HR divisions in companies thinking. The new trends in hiring and retaining staff are particularly visible in core-growth industries like IT, where 30 to 40 per cent of the entry-level workforce is made up of women. This robust percentage dips alarmingly within a few years though.
For instance, at Wipro, India's third largest IT firm, women constitute 40 per cent of the entry-level workforce, but drop to 15 per cent in 3-8 years.
What explains the sharp drop Family responsibilities are the traditional villain of the piece. But, of late increasingly, a substantial number of women opt out of work to join their perambulatory husbands, often transferred with promotions to Europe and the US.
Says Suresh Vaswani, joint-CEO,IT Business, at Wipro, "We have a fairly young and vibrant workforce, where many of them meet their life partners in a Wipro campus. We also have a matrimonial site within our intranet. We have close to 2,000 couples in Wipro right now. And we encourage the trend as we could offer them a kind of package deal."
Vaswani is particular that a career at Wipro should not act as a wedge between couples. The kind of work that we do requires a globally mobile workforce. If the employee is likely to be away for an assignment for more than six months, we bear the expenses of sending the family with him. Wipro is extremely sensitive in granting transfers to employees who have their spouses (even if the spouse is not with Wipro) working in other locations.
Infosys Technologies HR says it has lots of couples living apart simply because the nature of its business involves frequent travel. But for any medium or long term assignment, the company has a policy to allow the family to travel with the employee. The company provides help in terms of visa and travel. If it is within the country, Infosys HR tries hard to locate couples in the same city.
A good number of IT firms are actively trying out spousal hiring particularly popular in American universities as well. At Infosys though, spousal hiring is encouraged so long as one of the partners does not work in a direct supervisory relationship, or in job positions in which a conflict of interest could arise.
Read more:

Watching them die...

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 09:36 AM PDT

-- A child dies every six seconds due to hunger
-- 22 nations face protracted food crises

-- Almost 1 billion people worldwide still face hunger

We keep on getting this figures every year from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Over the past few decades, international effort to reduce the figures did not show much improvement (read here).

Why? The super powers are embroiled in international crisis. They used what was supposed to be 'funds for the poors' to finance wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Major donor nations such as the United States, UK, France and Germany were more keen in giving aides to Israel and the West-installed regimes of Iraq and Afghanistan rather than committing seriously to the FAO programmes (read here).

Countries in protracted crisis require targeted assistance, with the focus not only on emergency relief but also on longer-term tools, such as providing school meals or implementing food-for-work programmes, according to a FAO report, which used three measurable criteria to determine whether or not a country is in a protracted crisis.

The criteria are the longevity of the crisis, the composition of external aid flows, and the inclusion of the country on FAO's list of low-income food-deficit countries (LIFDCs).

A total of 22 countries currently meet all three of these criteria, namely Afghanistan, Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Haiti, Iraq, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

I like watching Malaysians eat. I had a friend who died of eating too much in 2004.


Posted: 06 Oct 2010 07:56 AM PDT

You can't even Woo my grandmother from coming back to Malaysia lest not talks about wooing the Professionals from overseas.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that the country's Talent Corporation will start its operation in January 2011 in a concerted effort to Woo Malaysian talents from overseas.

What does Malaysia has to offer other than an oppressive atmosphere of fear and threats, anyone who is not within the inner ruling power of UMNO will be constantly subjected to threats from the arsenal of unjust and archaic laws. Even talented cartoonist are handcuffed, harassed and detained in jail like a criminal.

The country ruled by Barisan National for over 50 years has today degraded to a nation mired by acute corruption, cronyism and nepotism, corrupt practices has become a part of political culture of the ruling government with gross malpractices constantly being swept under the carpet. After more than 50 years the people are much more divided as a nation of people due to the the wilful mal-influence brought about in a bid to hold on to perpetual power.

All fundamental institution has today been compromised and is no longer independent, these institutions have become subservient to the ruling executive of UNMO, they are extremely corrupt and work only for monetary benefit and in order to benefit they will have to protect and serve their ruling master.

The institution from the media are all controlled by the ruling political parties, the printed press (newspapers and etc), the broadcast of radio and television all run by cronies or aligned to the ruling elite. The institution of the judiciary, the most important institution is no longer independent with all important appointments made or manipulated by the executives. The attorney general, chief of police, the anti corruption agency are all appointed by the political masters and only act to protect their own interest and that of their master.

The political leaders preach of attaining meritocracy but are actually meretricious with politicians prostituting their alliance for the pitiful moral state of monetary self benefit from a share of the grossly unthinkable quantum of stolen loot, stolen from the nation, from the people whilst the masses of people are made to suffer a life of hardship or poverty and their children exposed to extreme propaganda brain washing with low quality education slanted towards an extreme view of division whilst instilling a fear and suspicion of the other.

Why will any overseas talent wants to come back when most locally bred young professionals has made it an ambition to obtain a second home or a second citizenship out of this berated country.

The Prime Minister use of slogans and rhetoric are mere pretentious gesture to placate a public outcry against the rising rants of racism and is evidenced by contradictory statements. A clear example will be the hypocritical call of unity on the one hand and at the very turn you will hear the call for race supremacy which is made much more malicious with superlative warnings of enmity, enmity made real by the installation of additional forces as in formation of the territorial army, initiating training of youths of their political parties to handle weapons and calling on youths of a particular community to stand up to the challenge of protecting their sovereignty. This is instilling a mindset of hostility within the people and is highly evil as this is an extremist call of instilling a violent mind-set and to project an aura of fear to others.

The Prime Minister has called on youths to be united to defend their political power to ensure the success. "Political Power" is an insinuation on the use of aggression. One of the most famous references of political power comes from Mao Zedong saying that "Political Power Grows from the Barrel of a Gun". Read NST report of the Prime Minister call to defend their political power HERE.

Talent Corporations - boleh ke berjaya?

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 07:10 AM PDT

Talent Corporations; begitulah bunyinya nama badan yang baru ditubuhkan oleh kerajaan sebagaimana yang diumumkan oleh DS Najib diBrussel dua tiga hari yang lepas. Ini merupakan pengumuman yang terbaru selepas begitu banyak pengumuman yang dilakukan oleh PM kita sejak akhir-akhir ini.

Mengikut PM badan ini ditubuhkan untuk mecari professional-professional nrgara yang bekerja diluar negara untuk kembali dan berkhidmat dinegara ini untuk memberikan impak yang baik terhadap usaha pembangunan negara pada masa yang akan datang.

Persoalannya sekarang adakah seseorang yang bekerja dan berkhidmat dinegara lain itu sanggup pulang ketanah air kerana mereka akan pasti mendapat imbuhan yang jauh berkurangan jika dibandingkan dengan pendapatan mereka berkhidmat dinegara asing yang menilai kebolehan 'professional' mereka dengan sewajarnya.

Apakah 'incentive' menarik yang mampu kita berikan jika mereka kembali ketanah air kita ini. Mereka juga tahu yang professional dinegara kita sendiri kehausan pekerjaan dan khidmat yang sesuai kerana peluang untuk mereka meningkatkan ke'professional' an mereka dinegara ini amat terhad.

Mereka juga tahu ramai 'professional' dinegara ini mati begitu sahaja dengan campur tangan politik yang keterlaluan sehinggakan kemahiran 'professional' mereka tidak dapat dimunafaatkan. Keputusan politik menyebabkan mereka yang benar-benar professional itu tidak mampu melaksanakan professionalisma mereka.

Semasa saya menemani anak-anak saya semasa mereka belajar diUK dahulu memberikan saya kesempatan bergaul dan berbaik-baik dengan anak-anak Malaysia disana dan dinegara Eropah yang lain. Setengah dari mereka tidak mahu kembali kerana pendapatan mereka yang lumayan dan mereka mengambil kesempatan dalam usia muda mereka untuk mengumpulkan wang simpanan mereka untuk hari tua mereka.

Setengahnya mereka betul-betul bersikap professional dan mereka menganggap dinegara ini keputusan politik lebih berkuasa dari keputusan professional. Mereka menganggap semua keputusan dinegara kita adalah keputusan politik dan tidak kena-mengena dengan professinalisma mereka. Mereka merasakan profesionalisma diMalaysia tidak akan membangun, maka mereka lebih rela bekerja dinegara asing.

DiMalaysia 'it's whom you know' yang boleh menjamin kemajuan indididu tetapi dinegara maju seperti diUK dan Eropah yang lain ianya berdasarkan kepada 'what you know'. Oleh kerana mereka tidak mempunyai 'connection' yang baik, lebaik bermakna lagi jika mereka bekerja dinegara-negara tersebut.

"Saya tidak mahu baleklah bang, sebab diKL saya tak kenal sesiapa. Disini kalau tidak mengenali sesiapa pun kita boleh maju kerana mereka menilai kemampuan kita melaksanakan kerja dan tidak payah membina 'political connection' untuk maju. Kalau saya balek saya akan jadi lemau dan tidak bermaya" kata seorang yang berumur dalam lingkungan tiga puluhan.

Satu lagi sikap yang mereka anggap buruk kerajaan dan industri diMalaysia ialah, mereka lebih memberikan sanjungan kepada professional Mat Salleh dengan imbuhan yang begitu tinggi kepada mereka dan memandang rendah kepada kemampuan rakyat negara kita sendiri.

Jika dua konsultan, seorang dari Eropah dan seorang dari Malaysia sendiri, konsultan dari Eropah itu akan dibayar hingga tiga kali ganda dari yang dibayar kepada konsultan tempatann sedangkan mereka melakukan kerja yang sama dan hasil kerja yang sama.

Dalam sekim pembayaran gaji sektor awam pula, pentadbir memperolehi gaji yang lebih tinggi kerana sekim gaji disediakan oleh pentadbir yang kebayakkannya berkelulusan Liberal Arts sahaja. Seorang jurutera akan hanya mempraktikkan ilmu professional mereka hanya semasa mereka menjadi Jurutera Daerah sahaja. Tetapi apabila mereka dinaikkan pangkat mereka akan hanya jadi pentadbir dan tidak lagi melaksanakan 'skill' professional mereka.

Mereka ini tidak dapat terus mempraktikkan iktisad mereka kerana jika masih menjadi jurutera didaerah mereka tidak akan dapt imbuhan yang setara untuk mereka sebagai seorang professional.Selagi keadaan ini tidak diperbetulkan sampai bila pun professional didalam sektor awam tidak sampai kemana.

Tetapi DS Najib belum lagi memberikan apa-apa 'detail' tentang penubuhan Talent Corporation ini. Kita hanya berharap ada formula yang benar-benar bernas dan praktikal dalam penubuhan Talent Corporation ini.

Kita tunggu penerangan selanjutnya. Kita berharap kali ini DS Najib tidak akan mengumumkan perkara yang susah hendak difahami dan dipraktikkan seperti pengumuman yang sudah-sudah. Janganlah hendaknya kita dilemaskan dengan jagon-jargon yang sedap didengar sahaja tetapi tidak pergi kemana-mana.

Group: We are defending Anwar

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 06:09 AM PDT

"We are here to stand up for Anwar. There is nothing to expose," said Sureshkumar, who is also Anwar's special assistant in charge of Indian affairs. Speaking to reporters later, Suresh said he and his group came to protect Anwar from any false allegations. "We don't know what he was going to expose but we know it's something bad. But he's the culprit. I know very well what he did to Saiful, I met his father also." "Suddenly he comes out, definitely he got something from the government. So there's no story, there's nothing. Now the case is in court, why now? Who is Rahimi, why suddenly come out?" he asked. Full story: Another ex-aide turns on Anwar? Editing: Indrani Kopal Camera: Mohd Kamal Ishak
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Time: 02:26 More in News & Politics

Arranged Marriages Can Work - A Look at Modern Relationships

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 06:16 AM PDT

NOTE: Hollywood and TV is actively promoting promiscous and value free lifestyle when it comes to men and women relationship. In truth, what is promoted by Hollywood and the West is the ruination of humanity. In order to protect their lies, the West uses labels such as extremists and "Dark Ages" for those advocating traditional values and lifestyles. Hollywood will not stop until every women in the world becomes "Free Whores".

It's time we filter what we get from the West. In fact, everything in the West is disintegrating right now, from morality, economy even political systems. Liberals in Malaysia should rethink their position because their ideology is not as attractive as before. Liberalism is failing right in front of our eyes.

Arranged Marriages Can Work
October 5, 2010

by David Richards

Reading in a cafe, I feel a tug on my jacket. I look up. A little Indian girl with pigtails and a flowery dress stares at me. She waits for my reaction, bursts into laughter and runs away.

The Mum nearly faints with embarrassment and scolds her daughter. I'm fine, I tell her. I'll recover. We start talking and she tells me her name is Fashiya.

During the conversation, she mentions her Muslim faith and I ask if she had an arranged marriage. Not quite she says, it was a 'modern arranged marriage.'

It is an important distinction. Unlike agreements where girls can be sold off to the highest bidder, a modern arranged marriage gives the child a selection of people to date and the final say over whom they marry.

Fashiya told me she had no boyfriends as a teenager and would lie in her bedroom and daydream of the perfect romance. Then, in her early twenties her parents presented her with photos and files of men they thought were suitable. After studying them she chose a handsome man with a job in law.

They met for dinner and the chemistry between them was intense. She felt warm and tingly all over: it was surreal to be living the dream. It only took three dates to decide he was the one. Soon, they were standing hand-in-hand in the eye of an enormous marriage ceremony with hundreds of family and friends all with beaming smiles and enjoying a great feast.

He has proven to be a wonderful husband and fantastic with their two children.

This took place here in England. Fashiya feels sorry for her English friends whose romantic endeavors seem lifted from soap operas. Everything has been made so easy for her.

I had assumed arranged marriages to be barbaric and cruel affairs. They are practised by Muslim and Hindu minorities in Britain and have a famously low divorce rate, which I took as a sign of oppression. But the modern twist was new to me, and this coupled with Fashiya's positive experience made me wonder if they contained any lessons for us.


What a contrast to the lifestyle of my generation. I remember parties when I was 15. Some girls would be drunk, combining bouts of vomiting with petting and fondling with different guys through the night. How can they be viewed afterwards other than tramps?

Getting drunk and fumbling in the dark is the start of many English relationships. This understandably confuses those from more functional cultures. Arranged marriage advocate Mrs. Rahman says, 'You wouldn't buy a car or house drunk, so why would you expect to find a life partner like that?'

For me and my friends, the innocence of young romance was quickly replaced by cynicism and distrust. It is shocking to hear the wholesome intentions of traditional Indian girls.

Here an Indian woman called Anjali Mansukhani describes her pre-marriage rituals;

"The wedding was preceded by six days of partying, each one centering on a small religious ceremony, plus a social gathering featuring fireworks, feasting, music, and Bollywood-style dancing. Each day required a different outfit, jewelry, hairdo, and makeup... I partook in a henna hand-painting ritual to beautify me for my future husband.
After the Henna ceremony, two of my cousins took me aside and gave me a talk on the birds and bees. Despite blushing profusely and begging them to stop, I completed the crash course, and we all laughed."
Many young Indian girls in the west succumb to our hedonistic culture.

Anita Jain is an Indian woman who grew up in America and turned her back on the traditions of her parents. She writes, 'after a decade of emotionally bankrupt boyfriends and short-lived affairs with married men and, oddly, the most painful of all, the guys who just never call, [an arranged marriage] no longer seems like the most outlandish possibility.'

I perceive her reaching her mid-thirties, single, with her body quickly degenerating. In the mirror she sees herself as an 80-year-old woman, spending the last years of her unfulfilled life alone.

She may now be changing her mind, but with her promiscuous past will anyone want her?

I am reminded of two friends of mine who were in a relationship for three years. Before they got together she had played around and he knew about it. Even though he loved her, it would eat away at him and he would sometimes insult her in public. It tore them apart.

He could never accept her slutty past, and I can sympathize; why should he work for something she had given away in the past for free?

As I mature, it seems reckless that many parents don't guide their children. The men seem devoid of self-respect; they work all their lives providing for their family only to let their daughters become sluts! And if they don't have any personal pride, don't they feel protective?

The modern arranged marriage seems like an effective way to maintain the social fabric of society. It ensures young couples have a shared cultural and religious background, a shared understanding of gender roles and strong social disapproval against divorce. Most importantly, it offers constant support and involvement of two large and resourceful families, asAnjali Mansukhani found:

'I firmly believe that our marriage works because it is blessed and supported by our families. The strength we get from their advice (solicited and unsolicited) helps us overcome difficult times. Had I found my own mate, I'm sure my parents would have come around, but I'd have to live knowing that they wouldn't be truly emotionally invested in the success of the marriage.

At one percent, India has the lowest divorce rate in the world because of arranged marriages. In UK 42% of marriages end in divorce. In the US, it is 54%

I have come to the conclusion that a reason so many British marriages break up is because they play out in the context of an atomized society. Ideally, couples should love each other and procreate within the context of wider family and community networks to support them.

PKR members reminded to boycott Utusan

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 05:05 AM PDT

PKR members have been reminded to follow the party's decision to boycott Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia and its weekend edition Mingguan Malaysia. "It is part of party discipline to respect decisions that the party has made," PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution told reporters at the party headquarters today. He said that once an individual joins the party, any political move made by members must be in accordance with the party leadership's decisions. More in
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Sodomy PC: Another ex-aide turns on Anwar?

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 04:53 AM PDT

Rahimi appeared unfazed by the tense atmosphere at the restaurant, which was packed with reporters and later joined by the group which tried to stop the press conference. "Call off the press conference. How much were you paid? We know what happened between you and Saiful," yelled a member of the group, identified as M Jayabalan, repeatedly. Rahimi calmly replied: "This has nothing to do with (the court case). How can I negotiate with you when you are shouting?" "We are here to stand up for Anwar. There is nothing to expose," said Sureshkumar, who is also Anwar's special assistant in charge of Indian affairs. Several police officers were also at the premises. Rahimi is Saiful's former schoolmate. He was believed to have referred Saiful to Anwar in 2008. Saiful later replaced Rahimi who left sometime that year to pursue a career in business. Editing: Indrani Kopal Camera: Mohd Kamal Ishak More in
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Hanya Segelintir Pemilihan Cabang PKR yang Bermasaalah

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 05:09 AM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Hakikatnya, pemilihan PKR telah beraya. PKR mencipta sejarah sebagai parti pertama memberi hak kepada ahli mereka untuk mengundi pemimpin mereka secara terus.

Dari statistik yang diberi di bawah, hanya 4 Cabang sahaja yang menghadapi keadaan huru hara sewaktu pemilihan. 8 cabang yang lain ditangguh pemilihan kerana bilangan pengundi yang melebihi jangkaan. Pihak JK Pemilihan PKR terpaksa menangguhkan pemilihan kerana tidak dapat menampung jumlah pemilih yang terlampau ramai.

Di 188 cabang yang lain, pemilihan berlaku dengan aman damai dan tiada apa-apa masaalah.

Ertinya PKR telah berjaya mencipta sejarah dengan mengimplementasi konsep "Satu Ahli Satu Undi".

UMNO dan media UMNO cuba memburukkan perjalanan pemilihan PKR kerana mereka sendiri amat tertekan dari permintaan ahli-ahli mereka yang mahu perkara yang sama. Mereka takut, kalau ahli2 UMNO juga mahukan pemilihan secara terus ini.

Maka, media2 UMNO dipergunakan untuk memburukkan tindakan murni dari PKR ini.

TUlang Besi

Keadilan Division Elections: Putting Things in Perspective

The Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat (JPP) has come under much criticism in relation to the conduct of party elections at the division level and it is important at this juncture to put things in perspective.

Of the 204 divisions eligible to conduct the annual general meeting (Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan Cabang) contests took place in 145 divisions. The JPP is happy to announce that in the vast majority of divisions, elections proceeded in a calm and orderly manner with minimal complaints.

Out of 145 divisions, the election process was interrupted and elections were called off or remained uncompleted in a total of 9 divisions. Elections were called off for a variety of reasons including the sudden unavailability of pre-arranged venues, disruptions caused by non-members, the inability of volunteers to cope with the large number of voters who turned up and a few instances when members became unruly.

Despite the great amount of media attention given to divisions where elections supposedly descended into chaos we wish to point out that this happened in only 4 divisions.

The JPP acknowledges the various criticisms that have been leveled against it and admit that there is room for improvement.

The large voter turnout in many divisions in Selangor in Week 2 (24 – 26 September) took the JPP and its volunteers on the ground by surprise. We had difficulty coping with the large number of voters and elections were called off or interrupted in 8 divisions. Following the lessons learnt in Week two we revamped some of our internal processes and took steps to ensure that we were more ready; we faced much less problems with elections in Week 3 (2 – 3 October) as a result of this.

The "one member one vote" newly implemented internal electoral system has energized the party. The intense competition that we have witnesses these past few weeks at the division level, is an indication that democracy is alive and well in the party. That 8570 candidates offered themselves for positions at the division level and that ordinary members were prepared to contest against senior leaders in the party is testimony to the healthy democratic culture that exists within the party.

We do not condone the excess of a small minority who have in their exuberance resorted to acts of unruliness or violence. But neither this nor some minor hiccups along the way should cause us to lose sight of the major advance the Party has make – the implementation of an electoral system that puts power in the hands of hundreds of thousands of party members and gives them a direct say in determining their leaders at the division and national level.

We urge all members who have concerns about the conduct of elections at the division level to raise their concerns with the JPP in a formal manner so that these concerns can be given the attention they deserve. Individuals dissatisfied with the conduct of the elections should use this channel rather than making allegations in the media against either the JPP or the Keadilan secretariat. Open attacks in the media on the conduct of the elections and the JPP undermines the work that we do and discredits the Party.

The JPP is currently looking at post election complaints and we will not hesitate to invalidate results at the division level if we are convinced that the election process was compromised or if there were acts of intimidation or violence that distorted the conduct of the elections.

We will also not hesitate to recommend strong disciplinary action against party members if we are presented with evidence that they had been involved in acts of violence or through their high handedness disrupted the smooth conduct of elections on the ground.

Dr. Molly Cheah


Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat (JPP)

6 October 2010


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No. 1, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1
47410 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603 7885 0530
Fax: +603 7885 0531

Galas by-election set for Nov 4, nomination on Oct 26

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 03:41 AM PDT

The Election Commission (EC) today set Nov 4 as polling day for the Galas by-election, as the nation witnesses its 12th by-election since the watershed March 2008 general elections. EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said they have set Oct 26 for nominations in the Kelantan state seat, which fell vacant after PAS assemblyperson Che Hashim Sulaima died of cancer on Sept 27. More in
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Bloggers from PR4 “This is Real..?”

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 02:33 AM PDT

How does one counter allegations,lies,misconception and perception.? Simply by "TAKING THE BULL BY THE HORN"BN4 and Taib Mahmud the Chief Minister especially has been under so much surprise attack which are similar by nature to the Japanese attack of"Pearl Harbour" during the 2nd World War. Then the Japanese woke up the sleeping giant USA.

It seems now the CM is leaving nothing to chance and also will not let his army rests until they see off the common enemy in PR4. There is the "realistic manifesto" that he is spelt out but the one that catches the eyes of the cyberworld  has come down to these few words which there is more than a HIDDEN meaning to it.

Taib said the state government planned to compile information about the state government as a channel to disseminate information to the people in the next five years.He said there was no proper channel to distribute information to the people and that had created a misperception that there was a lack of dissemination of information from the government.

"We are going to emphasise this. In the next five years, we are going to build up information about the government, even through the Internet. Then most probably it will improve the situation," he said.

It appears that BN4 is ready now to engage in the cyber warfare with PR4. The BN Sarawak cybertroopers is already readily equipped to withstand the cyber attacks. PR4 will be wondering what hit them and they will need to reinvent and restrategise their "almost perfect and tested formula"

The People will not only be flooded by allegations,lies,perceptions but they will be able to judge for themselves what is REAL and What is GOOD for Sarawak and in turn what will benefit them.

A political analysts said,"If the economy is vibrant,the bread and butter issues are looked into the people will not just want to change the government for the sake of just CHANGES.

The big picture is that their immediate family needs to be in a country where it is safe and stable instead in one where BULLETS ARE FLYING OVER THEIR HEADS. Is that real..??


related article:-

How I Think

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 02:29 AM PDT

I think intuitively.

Let me explain.

Early in my life as a student, when I was learning to think, it dawned on me, in the late hours in the dead of the night, that intuition is nothing but logic operating very quickly as if instantaneously. I think it was after reading Bergson.

Deduction, Induction

Logic is nothing but a very mechanistic way of thinking. There are two major approaches. Deduction is from the general to the specific. Induction or inference is from the specific to the general.

While these two approaches to logic look fairly simple and straightforward, their proper application requires a lot of practice so that one does not fall into the trap of "gross" generalisations or pedantic "frog in the well" or "frog under the coconut shell" mentality.

The common illustration of the problem of logic is the story of the black swans. In England at a time when they were beginning to think, they saw and concluded that "All swans are white" until they discovered Australia and discovered they are wrong when they saw black swans there. The truth is seldom neat and tidy.

Logical, No Truth

But logic is never the path to truth. Logic is just a method to ensure that a view or an argument is properly constructed and laid out - so that it can be communicated clearly to other people (most often for the purpose of trying to convince others to share or take up one's view). This is a very tedious thing to do - to work out each and every little step very clearly and linearly along a line (not necessarily a straight line). In modern day example, this is nothing more than just a circuit board.

What is arrived at is not the truth, but a logical conclusion. "If you build it like this, it will end up like that." And the "that" is not the only "That" but one of many possibilities that can be done if the logical sequences are constructed differently. A different route, a different destination. (In modern day religious endeavours, different routes, same destination, hopefully.)

So, then, what is truth? How do we know truth?

My proposal to myself is to be learn to think logically first - to be stringent in my logic.

This requires absolute honesty. Polite society calls it bluntness. It is very hard to be bluntly honest in the complex world of networking today. Each person holds a conclusion that is personally meaningful to him or her. It is dangerous to shake their confidence in the truth they hold for themselves. That truth may be proven to them by the beneficial effect that position they hold has on them - even if the logic of that conclusion may be very difficult or impossible to prove - on the basis of existing tools and concepts and understanding.

Completeness of thought requires us to accept that there are conclusions that logic can prove and there are also conclusions that cannot be proved by logic. It is the logic of all possibilities: the propositions and the null propositions.

The totality of things or everything is the truth or the reality. It is the most general theory or view that is the truth of things.

It may be a fool who tries to assimilate this total view, but to me this is absolutely necessary in order to be able to understand where I am today and to accept things as they are and to be able to anticipate where things will go in future and how things will transform from moment to moment.

The nature of each and every thing determines how each will develop as time goes by, by itself. The person who has understood the nature of things knows how each thing will develop and how everything will interact with each other. Laozi calls this the Tao or the Way. Some other clever chap even says "I am the Way."


How I think therefore is very simple and basic. First, learn to think logically. Then after, let the thinking go by itself and think intuitively without boundaries.

The mind will expand and then assimilates all that it sees and perceives. The processing of everything simultaneously and completely requires the mind to be undirected so that it is unprejudiced - and this can be done by letting thoughts disappear. The subsequent realisation is the end-result of that alchemical processing called meditation - the highest of which is a condition called no-mind. (I am reluctant to say "zen" because it is a well-known term that is easily misunderstood.)

Discrete and Continuum

Simple thoughts are usually categorical and boxy. "He is good." "She is bad." But all generalisations are false, including this one (as someone once said).

The reality is that we have everything in each of us - it is just a matter of cultivation and emphasis. But all blankness and all possibilities will be narrowed as we exploit our opportunities and take on a specific direction or path. Statisticians call this reducing "the degree of freedom." I call it "using up one's bullets." E.g. "You have three bullets. You have fired two. What are you going to do with the last one." Or, "you have one bullet, but you have multiple objectives to achieve. How are you going to achieve them all?"

We see the wonderful variety of life on earth and we wonder who create them all. But they may just spring into existence when conditions are right for things to come into being. Furthermore, this is only what we can see. How about those we cannot see - even with a microscope - the wind we create with the move of a hand. The Great One asked, "Where is the light when the flame is gone."

There is further room for thought when we realise that even the things we can see today are only those we can see today. It does not mean that other things did not exist just because we do see them today (dinosaurs). Things we see may just be things that have come to prominence as a result of long process of historical selection or preferences.

There could be a continuum of infinite human types in the male-female combination, including unisex and non-sex and everything in between. It is just a matter of the degree of maleness or femaleness in each of us.

If we extend this perception and think of the human race, we therefore realise a commonality among ourselves the variation of which can only be due to conditioning to external factors. We are all subject to the same kinds of concerns and problems. In the end, everything boils down to the issue of survival.

It is only by being able to think in a more general form can a person reach out and touch the universe. Be at one with the universe. At this point, we follow our hearts. It is only when our hearts are pure that we know truth.

William Leong: Who is Evelyn Salt in PKR?

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 12:01 AM PDT

Since this was discussed in TwitterJaya a bit, I figured I would make available this statement by William Leong, a man I quite like and respect.

It's long in some parts, but some of the insight and details I think are worth sharing.

My own thoughts (and movie analogies :) will hopefully be out soon :)

Who is Evelyn Salt in PKR?

Four PKR divisions postponed their elections due to fighting and disruption. Losing candidates called press conferences accusing the party headquarters of complicity in fraud and irregularities. The Deputy President aspirant Dato' Zaid Ibrahim's comments drew a retort from incumbent Deputy President Dr Syed Husin Ali, sparking an exchange between senior party leaders. The mainstream media lapped at the fracas and accusations. The public mourned in grief while BN leaders gleefully pointed out that disharmony were not confined to their political parties. Anwar Ibrahim said there were Trojan Horses out to cause chaos and disruption.

Who are the Trojan Horses? Adopting the tagline in the movie, "Who is Evelyn Salt in PKR?"

Angelina Jolie is a CIA agent, Evelyn Salt who swore an oath of loyalty to her country, the United States of America. She turns out to be a Russian spy, a sleeper. She is a spy embedded in America having infiltrated the CIA. She waits for decades before being activated to carry out her mission, to assassinate the Russian President visiting the USA thereby wreaking chaos and discord. The latest action in the Keadilan Party elections has turned out to be just as exciting as this blockbuster movie. Are the events unfolding in PKR an indication of PKR imploding or is this the work of a sleeper that has arisen to wreak havoc?

The public is rightly concerned whether the party has lost its direction with infighting reported amongst the leaders. The present discord and disruption is an unfortunate but necessary growing pain PKR must undergo and overcome it, if it is to lead the way to Putrajaya. The party is made up of members from diverse ideologies and backgrounds. It needs to be bound and cemented by the common goal of removing racial politics, injustice and corruption and to articulate its policies in concrete terms. Although there are many selfless and tireless activists and reformists, it also has its share of ineffectual and indifferent members as well as opportunists. The party needs to clean up the deadwood and flush out the Trojan horses. The party acknowledges its weaknesses. It has hitherto a comparatively small membership. There is a lack of depth and quality in its leadership, both at the senior and middle level.

One of the criticisms made against Keadilan is the weaknesses of some of its elected representatives. It has suffered the ignominy of having the highest number of turn coats crossing over to the other side. It is imperative that the party take steps to improve the quality and quantity of the members, machinery and leaders.

Advocates of intra party democracy argue that political parties using internally democratic procedures are likely to select more capable and appealing leaders, to have more responsive policies and as a result, enjoy greater electoral success. Further, it is believed that political parties that "practice what they preach", strengthen democratic culture generally. The party made two major decisions. The first was to embark on a membership drive. The second to amend its constitution to allow for direct election of party leaders by grass root members at a special congress on 26 February 2009.

The reason for the first decision is that the party must improve the quantity and quality of its members. The reason for the second decision is that if the party is to fight for democracy then it must lead in the practice of democracy. A democracy needs strong and sustainable political parties with the capacity to represent citizens and provide policies that demonstrate the political parties' abilities to govern for the public good. Since the Mahathir era, there has been a disconnection between the citizens and the elected leaders of our country. This is due to a deliberate design to keep the people in the business of seeking a livelihood separate from the people seeking to maintain themselves in the business of politics. From students to businessmen and housewives, the people have been cowed to stay out of politics. Keadilan seeks to change this and to re-establish the connection between the people and government. A government of the people must be by the people and not by a select few.

The direct election is part of the transformation Keadilan seeks to create in re-establishing this connection. Keadilan seeks a more open political environment in which citizens can actively participate in the democratic process. No ordinary UMNO member has ever voted to elect his president. The UMNO President is elected by the handful of delegates and becomes the Prime Minister. No ordinary MCA member voted in the recent contest for the President. No ordinary MIC member voted even once for Samy Vellu to be President in the thirty-one years since he took over on September 13, 1979. By these party elections, every Malaysian who is a member of Keadilan has a right to vote for its President. Every Malaysian who becomes a member will be able to participate in the abolishing of unjust laws and formulating the new agenda for the nation in Keadilan's division meetings. The ordinary citizen will be an active participant in determining the direction and policies of the nation.

There were valid concerns that the two decisions will lead to trouble in the party. The first is resistance from incumbents threatened by the new blood. The second is the opening of floodgates to opportunists and infiltrators into the party. There is no doubt that by opening its doors and in allowing direct election, the party earned the ire of ineffectual leaders and allowed infiltrators to slip through to wreak havoc; spreading misinformation and disinformation, sowing dissent and discord among the rank and file. Evelyn Salt was embedded or slipped in during this process.

With full cognizance of these concerns and dangers, the party leadership and grassroots took the brave step to unanimously approve the amendments to the party constitution. It was decided that if the battle for a better Malaysia is to be won, it would only be by Malaysians standing up for justice and freedom. It would be by Malaysians rejecting injustice and corruption. In the same vein, if the party is to transform and lead the fight, it can only do so if the members choose good leaders and not be misled by infiltrators, moles and Trojan horses. The party put its faith in the grass roots' ability to make the right choice, reject deadwood and not be misled by the Trojan horses.

Evelyn Salt has been activated in these party elections.

Is Evelyn Salt the persons who assaulted the members in the division meetings, attacked reporters and destroyed the ballot boxes? No! There is a method to the madness. The goons and louts were agent provocateurs. The party disciplinary committee will take appropriate action against them. They were instigated by Evelyn Salt.

Is Evelyn Salt, Janapala a/l Perumal, the former assistant secretary who suddenly took upon himself the role of being a gadfly like Socrates did in ancient Athens. He started to hold press conferences to disclose the party's alleged wrongdoings during these elections. The Athenians executed Socrates by ordering him to drink hemlock. Janapala too will have to answer for his deeds. But no, he is not Evelyn Salt. His allegation that he was wrongfully prevented from contesting in the party elections cannot hold water. He had been sacked more than a year before for forming a new political party. Sacked members cannot stand for elections. He has further admitted that he is an undischarged bankrupt. Bankrupts cannot hold party posts. In any event, the Official Assignee will be interested to find out how an undischarged bankrupt is able to afford holding a press conference in a hotel.

Students having difficulty in learning Science and Mathematics in English should ask Janapala for tips as to how he improved his English overnight. He not only spoke the Queen's English but used verses that will turn William Shakespeare green with envy when he read the prepared text at the press conference. He sounded more like an Englishman looking up to the figure of the famous admiral in Trafalgar Square and not the Malaysian English he used in the party meetings in Merchant Square. He is not Evelyn Salt but Evelyn Salt gave him misleading information such as claiming 800 immigrants with false identity cards were allowed to vote in the Kudat division. Records confirmed that only 268 members attended and voted. The claim of 800 illegal immigrants voting is false and a complete fabrication.

Is Evelyn Salt one of the candidates for senior party positions, making public statements in the mainstream and alternative media? No! Candidates making speeches and comments that the party will be doomed if they failed to be elected may have said or wrote things in the heat of the campaigning. They are more likely to have acted out of impetuous exuberance. Dr. Molly Cheah, Chairman of the Party Election Committee is there to keep their fervour in check. However, if despite the warnings candidates persist with rhetoric that burnt bridges within the party then the members will have to be wary of them. The candidates cannot adopt a slash and burn tactic in an internal party election. Such candidates even if they win will end up with pyrrhic victories. One who is sincere in seeking the job to look after the house cannot in the process of seeking that job burn down the very house one he is aspiring to manage. None of the candidates is Evelyn Salt but some may have been provoked and baited by Evelyn Salt to embark on a misguided scorched earth strategy.

So who is Evelyn Salt? He or she is not acting out of naïve exuberance. He or she is carrying out overt actions for a covert design. The members and public will be able to detect Evelyn Salt as the elections move to the next phase. The running dogs and the sleepers will reveal themselves eventually. He or she is the one who spreads misinformation, disseminates disinformation and instigate agent provocateurs to sow dissent and discord.

Misinformation is incorrect information. One of the most popular forms of misinformation on the internet, especially email is the passing along of urban legends. Urban legends are untrue stories that are passed along by sincere people who believe them and feel the need to inform others. The allegation that the headquarters is involved in irregularities in the party elections is an example of this misinformation. Due to weaknesses in previous administrations, the list of members for each division is incomplete. The Secretariat instructed each of the divisions to check the accuracy of the members' list for the 2009 annual general meetings in preparation for these 2010 party elections. However, because there were no division elections, there was a lack of interests by both division leaders and the members to confirm the accuracy of the list then. As a consequence those whose names were not in the list of members were not able to vote at the present elections.

Disinformation is the lowest of the low. Never underestimate the evil intentions of some individuals or institutions to say or write whatever suits their particular purpose to the extent of deliberately fabricating false information. Propaganda is generally an appeal to emotion not to intellect. It shares techniques with advertising and public relations. Propaganda seeks to change the way people understand an issue for the purpose of changing their actions and expectations in ways that are desirable to the interest group. Propaganda is part of political warfare. Psychological warfare is one of its weapons.

Propaganda can be classified according to the source and nature of the message. White propaganda generally comes from an openly identified source. Information provided by openly identified BN biased blogs and media is white propaganda. Black propaganda is identified from one source but in fact from another. This is most commonly done to disguise the true origins of the propaganda. Black propaganda and disinformation is fabricated by organizations purporting to convey information in a neutral or impartial manner but is in fact propaganda slanted insidiously towards its own interest group and its personal agenda.

Many associate the special branch as the men in black monitoring opposition party members. It must not be forgotten that the special branch is acknowledged as one of the best agencies in the world. Its ability to infiltrate the Malayan Communist Party ("MCP"), feed false information back to the MCP and to have a special branch agent not only infiltrating the MCP but elected as the second highest ranking official are legends in the world intelligence community. It is the special branch that taught the Americans in the Vietnam War the tactics now known as "Winning the Hearts and Minds of the People".

The infiltrators into Keadilan have taken the playbook from the special branch manual in spreading misinformation, disinformation and black propaganda.

Democracy depends on a sufficient portion of the electorate having adequate and reliable information so that they can make well informed decisions. The crucial key to a successful democracy is not the quantity but the quality of information provided to voters. Little attention has been given to the role of misinformation, disinformation and propaganda in a democracy. There is misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and finally censorship. The withdrawal of Suara Keadilan's license by the Ministry of Information, the sacking of radio and television broadcasters for airing news unfavorable to Barisan Nasional speaks volumes on the use of these tactics in Malaysia.

Winston Churchill said: "A lie travels half way around the world before the truth puts on its shoes."

A television broadcast or a newspaper article with misleading or even false facts can be seen by millions long before a statement countering the false allegations can be printed in some remote alternative media. Malaysians must be aware that the country is now in the midst of a political war. Barisan Nasional and its supporters are not fighting according to Queensberry Rules. Deception disinformation and propaganda are not new subjects in politics. As early as the 16th century Machiavelli concluded that there were two means for a nation to gain its objective from an unwilling adversary; force or fraud. Since the application of force entailed expending resources and taking serious risks, Machiavelli strongly recommended that a ruler should "never attempt to win by force what he might otherwise win by fraud". The Chinese strategist, Sun Tzu wrote in the 4th Century B.C.E. that all warfare is based on deception and devoted an entire chapter on the use of spies. Do you expect Barisan Nasional to ignore Machiavelli and Sun Tzu in their attempt to retain control of their political powers?

An example of the disinformation and black propaganda is the story of the Keadilan leadership being undemocratic and that the headquarters is manipulating the party election by fraudulent means. The Headquarters appointed 120 volunteers to supervise the division elections. The volunteers are from a different state from the divisions holding the elections. They have no interest in the particular division elections and do not even know the members of that division. The allegation of fraud made against these volunteers who man the polling booths from 10.00am to 4.00pm and then count the votes for the 3 senior division posts and 15 committee positions and the same number of positions for the Women and Youth Wings would only be completed by 3.00 am or 4.30 am. This accusation is the unkindest cut of all.

The story of infighting amongst leaders such as Tian Chua with Chua Jui Meng is another piece of disingenuous disinformation. Disinformation can be detected when one compares the story with known and reliable facts. When a story is inconsistent with the known and established facts it must be viewed critically. This story is irreconcilable with established facts. Anwar who was imprisoned for more than six years for an offence that he did not commit, Dr Syed Husin Ali who was incarcerated in solitary confinement for eight years under the ISA, Tian Chua and others who have been detained without trial, can it be conceivable that they would all suddenly changed from waging a struggle for justice and freedom to a struggle for personal power? Chua Jui Meng has not declared any interest in vying for an elected position, so how can there be any disharmony between Chua Jui Meng and Tian Chua?

Malaysians need to be able to discern true information from propaganda, disinformation and deception. This means that one must learn to read, hear or view articles and information from the mainstream media, alternative media and even emails critically. We must analyze the stories with a clear awareness of the point of view they embody, recognizing the attempt to influence our thinking and beliefs. One must be vigilant that one sided presentations are not the truth. We must seek viewpoints that are dismissed or ignored. One must always ask oneself who is the author of the story, whether the article identifies the source of the information or whether it is from an anonymous source, the purpose for the statements and whether such a story is consistent with the known and trusted information on the person or subject matter of the story. In this information age, it is vital to know how one can be manipulated if one is not sensitive to verifying sources, determining quality, assessing plausibility and apprehending "effects".

The same tactics used by Barisan Nasional against PBS in Sabah are now employed against Keadilan. It had turnover PBS leaders and lured them to cross over with offers of Ministerial positions and the establishment of new political parties. The most effective tactic of overcoming a strong opposition is to use the trusted method of "divide and conquer". The people of Sabah were split when the PBS leaders established new political parties. In the end PBS loss control. It was rendered impotent by defections and establishment of what was deemed as third forces. Sabahans live to regret it to this day.

Those who proposed the formation of a third force on the excuse that Keadilan and Pakatan are weak or ineffective or are purporting to expose its weaknesses to champion the formation of a third force are in fact employing the same tactics used against PBS. These tactics are part of political manipulation. This tactic is commonly referred to as creating a "controlled opposition". This is where the opposition to a party is infiltrated and manipulated until it is taken over and used as a foil to the benefit of the subverting party. It operates either by making a caricature of the opposing party through antics and scandals or by channeling popular opposition to an ultimately futile and demoralizing direction.

The people must remember the saying: "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me."

The people must not be fooled again. The people must have faith that the majority of the Keadilan members will have the wisdom and the acumen to choose the right leaders. The people must believe that Keadilan is a rough diamond that will be polished in the crucible of fire by these party elections. It has started its detoxification process. It will overcome its shortcomings and mature into the party needed to lead this nation to a new dawn. Just like our computers, we must install in our minds anti-virus programmes to filter the information received and block disinformation. It is when the people can detect the lies and deception would the Evelyn Salts and Trojan horses be neutralized and wiped out. The American propaganda failed in Vietnam and those who try the same tricks in Malaysia should fail too. Keep the faith.

William Leong Jee Keen
Parti Keadilan Rakyat

6th October 2010.

Turning out to be a hilarious week

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 11:51 PM PDT

(Sob, sob, sob) Please lah. Respect sikit.

Have you noticed that of late there has been a lot of talk about "respect"? The police flers are asking for respect. The YB's constantly demand of us respect for this, that and the other. And now the DPM has said that PKR's Azmin Ali was being disrespectful to Mahathir when the former referred to the ex-PM as a 'fallen leader'. The DPM said that the action was 'contradictory to our values...'. What I don't understand is, what the fuck are our values these days? Perhaps if the DPM would explain that to us first before demanding respect for this, that and the other we might be more receptive. I mean, at the rate that respect is demanded of us Malaysians we might as well wear a collar round our necks, a serial number on our foreheads and replace the Indonesians on construction sites for no pay! You know what I mean? One day we might even be building pyramids to house the remains of the people that we "respect". Oh what the hell! Let's go all the way lah. Call Malaysian prime ministers Pharoahs instead. Then it will be RESPECT or else! Errr......isn't it like that already? Hmmm....

Another funny from the MSM is the announcement from Muhyiddin when he launched the 1Malaysia Milk programme in Kota Kinabalu. He said, "We want to see a future generation that is smarter, stronger and bigger." Huh? I thought that would require good schools an education system that works, sports and good nutrition. No ah? Oh I see....just drink 1Malaysia Milk issit? WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Damn good man! Then later in the same speech he said that Malaysia only produces 4% of the milk it needs while the rest is imported from New Zealand and other countries. What??? You mean our children are drinking milk from those decadent Western countries who don't subscribe to our VALUES ah? How can man? After that our children grow smarter, stronger and bigger and then don't respect us then how?

You must have read about the BTM fler who alledgedly uttered racist remarks at a Puteri Umno closed-door function. The fler, Hamim Husin supposedly used words like SiSepet and SiBotol to describe Malaysians of non-Malay origin. Cannot, right? Not nice, right? Well Perkasa said it was okay because Hamim's speech was in a closed-door event. That's right. HUH!!!??? Motor-mouth, Nazri said it was just remarks from an individual. Yeah! And that individual just happened to be the assistant director of the Biro Tata Negara. Anyway, my point was this. You would think that an incident like this would warrant quick investigation into the allegations of racism by a senior government officer, right? But apparrently, the fler Hamim has now lodged a police report against the online news portal that broke the story. Apparently, the reporter broke the law when he/she entered the closed-door event without permission. Laughable isn't it? Want to Tai Chi also do properly la. Maybe that's why the fler is only Assistant director. Hahahahahaha......

Okay, perhaps the funniest headline in a newspaper story, unless Najib or Muhyiddin or Hishammuddin come up with something before the end of the week, is the one in yesterday's Star page N14.

"I won't interfere in MIC affairs, says Samy Velu"

Funny, right? Many flers have used that sort of line before. Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir and now good old Samy. Next may be Kim Jong Il when he hands over North Korea to his son.

And then ah, before we all become too harsh with Ng Yen Yen perhaps you might like to know that several countries are now seeking our help to develope their own tourism products. Who? Well, Laos is getting our "technical" help for Visit Laos Year 2012. And you thought making leaky roofs was a cinch. Ha! Who else? Brunei is also asking us for help with tourism development. And right away, being a person who knows tourism products like the back of her hand Yen Yen announced that Brunei has much to offer tourists with its beautiful mosques and museums. Chad and Sudan are queueing up for our pertolongan (help). Your apologies for doubting Yen Yen's talents may be sent through your local MCA branch. Thank you.

Are there ghosts haunting the site
where cosmetics millionairess Sosilawati and others were murdered? This question was asked of our brave men in blue. The police la. "No!" was the reply from Dep Comm Khalid Abu Bakar. "No, I did not hear anything like that. In fact, I have gone to the location many times during the day and late at night. Never once did I or my men hear or see anything peculiar."

Wah! Now the PDRM are ghost-busters too?

Here's an obscure but scary statement that is buried in page N27 of The Star today.

Assoc Prof. Dr. Rozmi Ismail, the head of the Perkasa Camp Centre for Youth Empowerment says, "Rempit is an unstoppable activity. We can only hope that the youngsters will become responsible once they have passed adolescence." Shit! That's not funny.


Syed Hamid bawa teksi

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 10:30 PM PDT

Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar baru dilantik Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam. Selepaskan digugurkan dari kabinet, dia mengharapkan jadi Pengerusi GLC tapi belum dapat lagi.

Pencen manalah cukup. Itu yang dia nak cilok aset MAYC masuk ke Yayasan yang dia kuasai. Dapatlah masyuk sikit untuk menampung pencen.

Syed Hamid berazam untuk lakukan jawatan Suruhanjaya ini supaya adalah peluang-peluang lain. Kalau dia fail, mesti dia tidak ada peluang lagi. Banyak orang tak suka dia.

Masaalahnya dia tidak ada pengalaman langsung dalam sektor pengangkutan, terutama sekali pengangkutan awam. Pengalamannya dalam pengangkutan hanya selalu menaiki kapalterbang semasa memgang jawatan Menteri Luar Negara.

Sebaik saja dilantik, Syed Hamid bertemu Dato Nazri Aziz untuk memahami isu-isu pengangkutan awam.

Nazri yang mengharap jawatan itu agak terkilan kerana tidak dilantik. Yang dilantik pula, yang tidak tahu apa tugasan Pengerusi Pengangkutan.

"Habib ... gini aje, kau bawak teksi aku seminggu. Sekejap aje you faham masaalah pengangkutan awam.

"Aku kasi kau guna satu dari ribuan permit teksi aku. Kau cuma bayar sewa seminggu."

Nazri beri cadangan.

Syed Hamid setuju kerana cara hands-on yang membolehnya meihat sendiri masaalah pengangkutan awam. Dia terus bayar sewa untuk seminggu pada Nazri.

Masuk hari keempat, Syed Hamid dah bosan. Dia sudah faham masaalah pengangkutan awam. Tapi dia perlu bawak sampai hari ke tujuh pasal nak cover balik sewa yang dia dah bayar pada Nazri. Siapa tidak tahu Syed Hamid ini Arab yang kedekut.

Sedang dia memandu-mandu berlegar mencari penumpang, dia terserempak seorang jururawat yang rupanya macam Syahrizat menahan teksi. Segera dia berhenti dan jururawat itu masuk. Dia pandu ke tempat yang ditujukan.

Sambil memandu, Syed Hamid asyik tengok cermin belakang. Dia teringat mesyuarat kabinet pada hari Rabu. Dalam mesyuarat, dia selalu jeling-jeling tengok Syahrizat.

Selalu sangat dia jengok cermin untuk tengok jururawat itu sampai dia sedar. Dia hairan lalu bertanya, "Kenapa encik asyik tengok kat saya?"

Tersentak Syed Hamid termalu ditanya jururawat itu. Merah blushing muka dia sebentar.

Dengan rasa termalu, dia berkata, "Maaf. Tak ada apa-apa. Awak mengingatkan saya pada seorang yang saya pernah ada hati ... "

"Oh ye ke ...," jururawat itu berkata.

"Siapa dia tu?"

"Dia teman sekerja saya. Kami biasa berkawan dan berborak tetapi belum sempat saya berpeluang menyuarakan rasa hati, saya sudah diberhentikan kerja oleh majikan."

Temberang Syed Hamid.

"Rupa dia macam awak. Bibir dia pun bengkak dan cantik macam bibir awak. Teringin saya nak cium bibirnya."

Bertambah berani Syed Hamid.

"Oh begitu! Kesiannya ...

"Kalau begitu, untuk melepaskan rindu Encik, saya sedia beri Encik untuk cium saya," jururawat itu menawarkan.

Pucuk dicinta ulam mendatang. Kecil tapak tangan, nyiru aku persembahkan. Melonjak-lonjak hati Syed Hamid kesukaan.

Dalam hatinya, padanlah Nazri playboy itu nak sangat jadi Pengerusi Pengangkutan Awam. Rupanya banyak peluang-peluang sedemikian.

"Tapi Encik .... saya ada syarat. Encik mesti masih single," kata jururawat.

Syed Hamid terus mengaku bujang.

"Iya iya ... saya masih single. Walaupun saya nampak tua, saya tak pernah kahwin lagi."

Teksi itu berhenti di satu jalan sepi di Taman Tasek. Syed Hamid pergi ke belakang dan terus mencium jururawat yang rupanya macam Syahrizat selama 10 minit.

Sebaik selesai, mereka pun meneruskan perjalanan kembali.

Tiba-tiba Syed Hamid teresak-esak.

"Maafkan saya Cik. Saya merasa bersalah. ...

"Sebenarnya saya sudah berkahwin. Cucu pun dah ada."

Mendengar pengakuan pemandu teksi itu, jururawat itu pun tersenyum.

"Sudahlah Encik. Tidak ada apa-apa yang perlu di bimbangkan. Saya juga rasa bersalah."

Sedap hati Syed Hamid.

"Saya juga bukanlah seorang jururawat...."

Cepat Syed Hamid menjawab, "Takpa ...

Jururawat itu meneruskan, "Sebenarnya saya seorang Mak Nyah yang suka memakai baju jururawat ..."

Pengumuman Tarikh Pengundian N45 DUN Galas

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 10:14 PM PDT

SUPP, the sunset party

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 01:37 PM PDT

From Lawrence, via e-mail

Since the retirement of Dr Wong Soon Kai as president of SUPP, the party's strength and dignity has gradually eroded in the successor and his cronies.

Lots of wrong decision has being made out of one's own arrogance or under the influence of the cronies rather than understanding the real scenario or respecting the voice of the party members and people at large.

One of the classic huge mistake made was the placement of a totally inexperienced young girl who has joined the party as an ordinary member for only five months as a candidate for Meradong district in Bintangor and lost the seat to a DAP candidate in the last state election.

The young female Foochow candidate could hardly address a crowd neither in Mandarin nor Foochow, what more to say in Iban dialect. And yet, the majority voters were are Chinese and Iban.

From the beginning till the end, we were 100% sure that the seat was to be given away unconditionally.

One of the saddest happening was when a veteran political secretary to the then Minister of Science, Technology & Environment who has been assisting the former minister serving the people in the area for almost 20 years was not considered as the candidate for the seat.

With such a wrong and silly decision, the people of Meradong district, including SUPP members, turned to totally reject the young lady as a strong message to the leaders.

I'm afraid for the next state assembly election, such a mistake is going to be repeated not only in Meradong district but in many other areas under the current leadership and people at large will once again again reject most of them.

Till today, I respect the late Stephen Yong the most. He was a man of principles and he worked hard for the party, not for himself. Looking around the current leaders in the party, how many of them are carrying 50% of what late Stephen Yong had? I doubt any do.

So, a change of leadership for this sunset party is crucial but looking around again, are there any potential leaders from the existing group?

God save Negaraku

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 01:27 PM PDT

From Prologic, via e-mail

Unless there is strong resentment, one would embrace his school, state and national anthems just like he embraces his parents – no matter what, how and who they are.

You may see it as a non-issue. After all, unless you are a public servant or student, how often do you get to hear the play of Maju dan Sejahtera (Progressive and Peaceful), the Federal Territories anthem which is going to be replaced come next Feb 1.

Make no mistake, though. There is more to the change of a song than meets the eyes.

Well, if truth be told, it will continue to be Tomorrow is Another Day for you and me even if they could give us a song that rivals Queen's We'll Rock You or John Lennon's Power to the People.

We, however, do have cause for concern, for to say that the proposal to do away with the existing anthem is a result of one man's desire to boost his ego is one thing; it is quite another when we are told that the change has got the green light of the Cabinet.

At the very least, we now know that we don't just have one, two, or three ignorant, narrow- and shallow-minded yes-men in the Cabinet. The fact that such a redundant move could get the nod of the Cabinet only goes to show that the country is being run by a bunch of incompetent and parochial people who cannot tell black from white, or right from wrong.

Gazetted and launched by the former Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail on Aug 20, 2006, Maju dan Sejahtera has been here for more than four years. Not a word of discontent had been made in the media prior to the recent report by the Star about having a new anthem for the three Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, and Putrajaya.

Why is there a sudden need to fix something that ain't broke? Are those who said "YES!" to Maju dan Sejahtera back in Badawi's Cabinet now dancing to the different tune of Najib's administration?

I'm quite sure a large majority of those who followed the Star's relatively more extensive coverage on this unnecessary and unwanted episode would feel that the Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Ministry's reasons for the change simply can't hold water.

In fact, they are so superficial that I would fear for its minister Raja Nong Chik, its secretary general Ahmad Phesal and Labuan MP Yusof Mahal if they were to form a three-member debate team to go up against a team of three 15-year-olds.

Do we need another three more clowns to amuse the world after one MACC lawyer has recently done that by demonstrating to the world how one could strangle himself?

They say that the anthem is too slow. They must be too lonely and detached in their own tempurung to know that even rival fans have to concede that Liverpool Football Club's anthem, the slow and melancholic You'll Never Walk Alone, can sometimes make the hair on the back of their necks stand.

I may be bias, being a Liverpool fan: but can they be so naïve not to realize that songs like Auld Lang Syne and Happy Birthday can gain universal recognition without having to be upbeat?

They say the anthem is lacking in patriotic spirit. They must be so patriotic to even have the cheek to question the value of a song that has been approved by the Cabinet, sanctified by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and accepted by the public.

Any students, primary or secondary, know that they have to embrace their school anthem once they step into the school. Don't people of their stature know that an anthem is an anthem and it will grow in you if there is love and pride?

They want a new anthem with lyrics that is in line with the 1Malaysia concept. Uh-huh! That could be the real reason behind the change. One smart alec must have seized the opportunity to curry favour with the Prime Minister and convince him to discard the anthem, seeing that the Prime Minster is now going all out to promote his brainchild.

There is nothing wrong with 1Malaysia as a concept. But there is something very wrong about Malaysians and concepts. Many of us, especially those in the government, seem to think that we can turn a concept into reality just by thumping our chests – or showing our index fingers in the case of 1Malaysia -- and crying out slogans.    

To suggest that a new anthem be introduced to go in line with the1Malaysia concept only goes to show how low some in the government are willing to go when it comes to apple polishing. Our real concerns, however, come from the fact that the Prime Minister has bought into such a shallow idea as this.

If our Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, is sincere about making a success out of his 1Malaysia concept – which includes the promotion of a culture of excellence and the value of meritocracy, among others – wouldn't it be wise for him to get rid of all these losers and surround himself with more capable and sincere personnel?

If the Prime Minister can't see this, God save Negaraku.

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