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PKR No. 2: Azmin shocked that Khalid wants in

PKR No. 2: Azmin shocked that Khalid wants in

PKR No. 2: Azmin shocked that Khalid wants in

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 11:11 AM PDT

PKR deputy president hopeful Azmin Ali expressed "shock" over Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim's announcement that he too is interested in the position. "I am shocked by Khalid's announcement. Based on feedback from friends and leaders including his senior staff, he had given commitment not to contest (as his) focus is on running the state. "It is not my preference but what was decided by the party at (the retreat in Shah Alam)," he said. He added that the "spirit of the decision" made in Shah Alam last June, was for him to concentrate on the party while Khalid kept his eyes on state development. Editing: Shufiyan Shukur Cameral: Mohd Kamal Ishak
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Bloggers! Stay away from Rais, Galas and Batu Sapi!

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 12:13 PM PDT

After reading Rockybru, Outsyed the Box, House PK and Big Dog about Rais Yatim and his police report against Rocky, I came to understand that this minister is untouchable. He is more than a king who controls and dictates others to the extreme. He practices corporate and legalistic entity.

Being the first minister to lodge a police report against a blogger, he is tearing apart the close collaboration given by this group of top bloggers to the government. Even Rais has plunged himself deep into trouble.

Much has been said about him since the last general election. Some accused him of mobilising the ministry's staffs and vehicles to assist his campaigns. I dont know how true was it but some people at the Istana Budaya and his former ministry told me. I am also not sure whether it was the right thing for him to do.

And this police report shouldnt be made in the first place. He could have at least summon Rocky to his office for clarification. I met his DG Datuk Tiger at the Sultan Abdul Samad building around 5pm yesterday. As Rais was also there, I did ask Tiger whether I could see the minister for a few minutes. I guess Tiger tried but Rais was in a furious state. So, I had the answer for his reaction over Bru's posting (here).

But still, I cant believe he would lodge a police report. What ministers or politicians normally do is to issue a statement of denial or requesting an apology from the writer. We are talking about pro-government bloggers here, who are suppose to work hand in hand with Rais' ministry.

If he didnt lucre from the dealings with MCMC, why cant he just deny it? But he chose to complicate the matters.

And as such, I would like to call on all pro-government bloggers to stay away from Galas and Batu Sapi. Let Rais and his officials attend to it. Let him proof that the ruling party can withstand the pro-Opposition bloggers onslaughts, and that he is the king and key to BN's victory.

I believe he has forgotten the role of pro-BN bloggers in the previous 11 by-elections, how most of us had voluntarily entered the campaigns, working hard to woo the voters and spent our own money to help the ruling party. Yes, we won some, we lost some but when Prime Minister, his deputy and other ministers recognise the importance of blogs, Rais is putting up a fight with us.

So, let him be another Hishammuddin Hussein who treats pro-government bloggers like dirt. Let's watch Rais and people like Hisham in the next general election...

R.P.K’s dream team Zaid Ibrahim and formation of a new third bloc.Seeking loyalty in times of dog-eat-dog politics

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 11:08 AM PDT

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Bernard Khoo and harismibrahim their Street Creditblity has vanished into thin air! both has no right to speak on our behalf the taxidriver


The thirdforce cartel think tanks have gone bonkers.masterwordsmith-unplugged's paranoid threat preception So
Sometimes alliance parties find it convenient to simulate conflict, but this is public posturing to satisfy populist opinion before an election. Raja Petra and Harris Ibrahim are the new templates of posture-politics.
The scale of B S Yeddyurappa's exasperation was evident last week in his remark, "Whether a dog is born in a hut or a palace, it's always loyal to its master. A dog is more loyal and faithful than these dissidents." Faced with the sudden betrayal of 17 MLAs just when he thought he was finally done with repairs in ministry-making, he was justifiably maddened. But how was he expressing his vexation?
The conduct and language of realpolitik has turned coarse in these days of crass opportunism where there's brazen disregard for probity. In barely weeks, ministerial berths were sought as if they are rightful property. Legislators were whisked away by groups to faraway places and resorts. Greedy ones among them were enticed with obscene amounts of cash. Elected leaders were hopping in and out of camps like frogs — one even plumbing the depths with his backward somersault into the BJP. Some resorted to sorcery and mumbo-jumbo, sprinkling the roads leading to Vidhana Soudha and Raj Bhavan with lemon, turmeric and vermilion. And those who mounted a revolt last October were suddenly playing troubleshooters. The James Bond of the emissaries, Janardhan Reddy, wouldn't give up. "I've never lost even a game of marbles… I'll save the government," he said.
Yet, in all the desecration of democratic norms, every camp was seeking the definition of loyalty, shepherding its members to distant destinations. At stake wasn't an issue of public concern but merely a ministerial gaddi. Unlike Brutus, the "noblest Roman of them all", none — rebel or loyal — was torn between loyalty to Caesar and public duty. Loyalty to many meant a one-way street, leading to those who bought their allegiance and, in turn, could get them a cabinet berth. Those who snatched away legislators were asking, "But didn't this game start when the CM's party launched Operation Lotus to wean away members from other groups? He's getting a taste of his own medicine."
It's a story that began six years ago after the exit of the S M Krishna government. A fractured verdict had Karnataka plunge into coalition politics and soon, parties publicly swearing at each other were caught in an unholy embrace. Not too later, the tail was wagging the dog. The prolonged parody of government-making continued till the coalition experiment ran aground with the betrayal of the BJP by the JD(S).
Matters came to the brink again when the BJP won in 2008, but fell a whisker short of majority. Independents and men from other parties were lured into its fold in a show of outrageous politics. When the new men won in by-elections to five of the eight assembly constituencies in December 2008, Yeddyurappa called a halt to Operation Lotus. But he could barely expect fairplay later with the JD(S) lurking in the background. Our elected representatives were already neck-deep in the game of abusing the vote. We just saw its climax.


Q String 3: In the scam-ridden BJP government under Yeddyurappa in Karnataka who do you think had the cleanest image?

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

As PKR officials confirm that fast-rising star Nurul Izzah Anwar has not qualified for the deputy presidential contest, speculation is rife that FT chief Zaid Ibrahim will challenge her mother for the No. 1 post – which he is bound to lose but insiders say is part of a final plan to leave PKR in a blaze of self-perpetuated glory and to cart away as much sympathy as he can.

"He knows he has burnt his bridges and he will go. Isn't it better to be remembered as having quit PKR after failing to win the presidency rather than to be remembered as just another loser in a four or five-cornered No. 2 race?" a veteran PKR watcher told Malaysia Chronicle.

In the past weeks, Zaid has shocked his PKR colleagues by unveiling a sinister side of himself that previously was hidden by his liberal speeches and remarks that struck a chord with a small but vocal group of mainly urban Malaysians .

Initially, PKR members thought Zaid's aggressive behavior was a combination of overreaction and a cat-and-dog rivalry against Azmin Ali, his main rival for the PKR No. 2 post. But as it became clear that he would fail to overcome Azmin, who received 102 nominations versus his 38, his behavior took a turn for the worse.

From Azmin to Anwar and even Nurul

Nurul with dear old dad

Suddenly, he and his supporters began attacking de-facto head Anwar Ibrahim and even dragged Nurul into their verbal jousting against her dad. The 30-year is the daughter of Anwar and PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, and has been making waves of her own with a controversial but widely-praised series of articles entitled Malaysia or Malaysaja.

It was actually Zaid who put the idea in the public's mind that Nurul was after the No. 2 post when he gave a press conference offering to withdraw if she wanted to contest. His offer took the party by surprise because Nurul had only just upgraded her ambition to go for one of the party's four vice-presidencies. Previously, she had only targeted the Lembah Pantai division chief's post.

Supporters of Zaid added to the commotion by hurling accusations that she was eye-balling the post as part of her father's 'greater plan' to perpetuate 'dynastic politics'. Pundits expect Zaid to use this as an excuse for leaving PKR.

"I don't know how some people got the idea that Nurul Izzah received three or four nominations. We even checked with her and she too did not know," Malaysiakini reported election administrator Raden Shamsulkamar Raden Shamsudin as saying.

The die is cast

Indeed, Malaysia Chronicle reported on Monday that Nurul would not go for the No. 2 post, but would focus on the vice-presidency. She is up against party titans such as Fuziah Salleh, Lee Boon Chye, Tian Chua and Shamsul Iskandar Akin. It will be a surprise if she wins, although it may arm her with good, front-line battle experience for the future.

Wan Azizah – not easy to beat at all

"If Zaid wants to chicken out of the No. 2 race, he will have to do so without using Nurul as a stepping stone. I can assure you she will only go for one of the four vice-presidencies. Zaid can as usual try to make himself more important than he is by announcing he will go the No. 1 post rather than slug it out and lose in the No. 2. But he is welcome to try. Wan Azizah is not in any danger at all," said a party insider had told Malaysia Chronicle.

Some PKR watchers had speculated that Zaid was trying to tarnish or even intimidate Anwar by hinting that he might go for Wan Azizah's post. Critics say the former Umno leader was becoming more like a loose cannon by the day, especially as the PKR historic direct election shifts into the voting phase.

"Zaid can say whatever he wants, but I can only base my decision on the official announcement from the headquarters on the eligible candidates," Nurul told reporters at the Parliament lobby on Tuesday.

Resignation soon

But the die is cast. It is impossible for Zaid – who is known for his pride and ego – to retrace his steps. Many PKR pundits believe his loyalties are no longer with their party or even the Pakatan Rakyat. They believe he will soon resign from PKR and announce the formation of a new third bloc.

Initially touted to be Azmin vs Zaid

"The signs are clear – it is impossible he can't even make up his own mind whether he wants No. 2 or No. 1 position. Frankly, both are beyond him and he knows it but he is very ambitious still. To be someone's deputy is not good enough for him. Even to head a party is not enough, he must have his own coalition," the insider said.

"We believe he has been very badly advised or influenced. But whichever devil is driving him now, we expect him to go for No. 1 and not No. 2. Either post, he will lose but after that he will announce his resignation. Of course, he will try to get as much sympathy as he can to further damage PKR and Pakatan. That is a given."


Posted: 12 Oct 2010 10:09 AM PDT

Successful applicants showing their citizenship award letters (The Star)

It is not uncommon for many people to wait decades for their citizenship application to be finally approved. Take the case of Chen Shunhao, 57 (right). He has waited 45 years in vain to receive his citizenship paper. But he has not given up hope although he knows his chances of obtaining citizenship are slim. He has to pass the Bahasa Malaysia test first.

Born and bred in Malaysia, Chen has no problem communicating in colloquial BM, but with only a Standard Four education, he shouldn't be expected to answer questions about current affairs in formal BM, especially questions on names of royalties of the various states. I bet even the most educated among the citizenry would be hard put to provide the correct answers!

When our country gained independence on 31 Aug 1957, people born here (and in Singapore) and aged 18 and above were required to apply for citizenship. My parents applied for and got their citizenship papers, but there were thousands who, either through ignorance or procrastination, did not send in their applications and ended up being issued with red identity cards. Bear in mind that most people in those pre-independence days did not have much of an education. Having been through difficult times during the Emergency and the Japanese Occupation, many had lost their birth certificates and other documents.

It has been 53 years since independence, and 47 years since the formation of Malaysia, but for many of these Malaysian-born elderly folks, their applications  continue to be rejected for arbitrary reasons. They may re-apply but only after two years. That hasn't deterred seniors like Leong Chwee Chun, 64, (left, seen hugging the Home Minister) who has been re-applying since she was 28. She is among the lucky ones. Many have passed on while waiting. Yet others have given up and opted to emigrate.

These seniors are accorded permanent resident status. They hold red identity cards which set them apart from Malaysian citizens who hold blue ICs or MyKads. As is obvious from the photos sourced from The Star and Sin Chew Daily, the majority of these red IC holders are Chinese and Indians. Which does give rise to allegations that there is some degree of racial discrimination in granting citizenship.

 The 92 new citizens taking their oath of allegiance at the National Registration Department in Putrajaya last year.

What problems do red IC holders face?

  • they pay higher medical and education fees
  • they have difficulty buying property, starting a business, opening bank accounts or getting credit cards in their own names
  • they also face problems getting well-paid jobs
  • they are not entitled to EPF retirement savings
  • they are subjected to restricted travel
  • they pay double for their passport which is valid for one year only

Lee Siok Bee, 91, finally received her Malaysian citizenship in June 2010 after 50 years!

Here's what the Constitution says:

Citizenship by registration (persons born in the Federation before Merdeka Day)

16. Subject to Article 18, any person of or over the age of eighteen years who was born in the Federation before Merdeka Day (31 Aug 1957) is entitled, upon making application to the Federal Govemment,
to be registered as a citizen if he satisfies the Federal Government—

(a) that he has resided in the Federation during the seven years immediately preceding the date of the application, for periods amounting in the aggregate to not less than five years;
(b) that he intends to do so permanently;
(c) that he is of good character; and
(d) that he has an elementary knowledge of the Malay language.

What are the reasons for the long delay in citizenship application? I quote from the ministry's homepage:
  • Each application shall be studied thoroughly
  • Each application will undergo Security Clearance process by PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police Force)
  • To ensure each application is genuine.
Note this: Citizenship status represents the highest award granted by the Federal Government to foreigners.

Foreigners? We are talking about people who were born and bred here. Do any of these grandmas and grandpas look like they are security threats to the country? What sort of criminal records might they have that would require the police 30-40 years to clear them?

Under the government's transformation programme, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein. has assured that the ministry would try to resolve every application between three and six months and not exceed more than two years.

The number of stateless people in the country has reached the 90,000 mark. You will need a miracle, Mr Home Minister, to clear this huge backlog.

Freedom FilmFest 2010 is back!

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 06:50 AM PDT

The annual human rights film festival FreedomFilmFest2010 (FFF2010) is back this year, premiering the FFF2010 winning documentaries and screening international award winning documentaries. More story to follow. Freedom Film Fest website Trailers by FFF A/V team. By Indrani Kopal and Shufiyan Shukur
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Tmn.Molek community moon cake festival

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 06:46 AM PDT

Story to follow.
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Teaser....secret new car...

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 06:15 AM PDT

You guys can probably guess the car..but if you want to read my impression of this secret pre-launch focus group test drive, read all about it  in the Malay Mail's Mail Motor
section on Friday..... if you live outside of the Klang Valley, please point your browser to

GANI PATAIL THE dog born in a hut or a palace is always a paraiah dog

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 06:12 AM PDT

"Whether a dog is born in a hut or a palace, it's always loyal to its…

» Part 12: Surat terbuka Dato Mat Zain bin Ibrahim

The AG-IGP tag-team fabricated evidence
Reproduced at CPI
Affidavits in Mat Zain's defamation suit against Anwar Ibrahim
Malaysiakini report (at ckcounterpunch blog)


Have you noticed how we have, in recent times, institutionalised the art of cheating? In fact, we have built so many successful enterprises around it that we have now actually forgotten why these industries first came up. Botox was initially not about enhancing our looks, as we have now come to believe. It was to allow us to lie about our age. Lipstick was not initially about making lips look bright and pretty. It was about hiding black, chapped, smoker lips or covering up thin, pursed, ugly lips and giving a woman a more inviting, more pleasant look. This was fine as long as you did not take the woman home and wake up the next morning beside her in bed and discover that, in the bright light of morning and minus her make up, hair extensions, coloured lenses and double push up bras, she looked nothing like the woman you had dated the night before. We are all constantly in the business of creating expectations we can never fulfil. That is the lie.

Advertising is built on that premise. (That's why most of us don't believe them any more.) Movies are marketed on that premise. (That's why so many of them fail.) Marriages are built on that premise. (That's why divorces are so rampant.) Consumer purchases are built on that premise. (That's why consumer courts are so busy.) Increasingly everything is built on lies. Promise more than you can or ever intended to deliver. That explains continuing shifts in brand loyalty, and frequent breakdowns in relationships of trust. In fact, trust is the first casualty in the Age of Consumerism. Every consumer today is shopping for new options because the existing ones always end up in disappointment. When that happens in terms of unimportant stuff, it's fine. You live and learn. But when you are cheated about things you fantasise about, that's when real problems begin. You can't buy a Ferrari and find out that it doesn't do more than 40. You can't lust for a woman and then discover her gorgeous assets are silicon-based. You feel not just disappointed. You feel cheated.

British retailer Marks and Spencer are now marketing pants for men with sagging bums as if selling bras for women to boost breast size was not enough. Imagine the mutual disappointment (and outrage) when both sides take their clothes off to make out for the first time. It's like hiring a Michelin chef and discovering that all he can cook is a greasy omelette. But the best is yet to come. M&S will now be offering frontal enhancement pants for men that will them a bigger bulge! The reasoning is simple. If women can get away with clothes and cosmetics that flatter their appearance, why can't men get away with a similar lie? Thus begins a new battle between Mars and Venus. If you can cheat me about your assets, why can't I? That's the new argument between lovers. At least Viagra enhances your performance. But frontal enhancement pants are a clear and flagrant lie. It's a promise without any ability to deliver. It creates expectations that can never be fulfilled.

The Bodymax Collection, as this range is being called, offers to make men look sexier. The $25 bum lift underpants promise not just to raise the posterior by 20% but also give women the false impression that the men they are dating have bigger, fuller sized bottoms. The $15 frontal enhancement pants claim to result in a 38% visual enhancement in the size of a man's assets as the result of what is euphemistically described as "an integral shelf". The M&S underwear boss claims that their "technologists have worked hard to engineer styles that are comfortable to wear and give real results". Kindly note the expression "real results". What real results can lying underwear give? That's my simple query. Real results can only be given by real men with real assets, not lying men wearing fake assets.

This is why banks go under, when bankers bankroll fake assets. This is why nations go under, when Governments issue paper based on unreal assets. This is why relationships go under when people realise that what impressed them most about the other person simply does not exist, never did. They were sold a blatant, shameless lie.

One may not expect the whole world to live by the truth of Yudisthira. And even Yudhisthira once lied at the most critical time of battle to unfairly allow the murder of Drona. But to build a consumer society based almost entirely on the edifice of lies is perhaps not such a great idea. It can only lead to more disappointments, more heart breaks, less faith. Not just between men and women who keep failing each other but also between brand and consumers in a world where truth has become so scarce that we wouldn't recognise it even if we bumped into it in broad daylight.


A former top cop has described the criminal justice system as being in a mess and laid the blame on Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail and ex-IGP Musa Hassan.

He said the two allowed the falsification of evidence in the 1998 black-eye case involving Anwar Ibrahim and also lied about an investigation into alleged abuse of power by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In an open letter posted at Raja Petra Kamarudin's Malaysia Today blog, former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ismail said he wrote last May to then Deputy IGP Ismail Omar and to Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein for a review of the investigation into false evidence produced in the black-eye case, in which he was the chief investigating officer.

He noted that Musa and Gani had claimed in press reports that investigation papers on the Mahathir case had been sent to the then Attorney-General in February 2000 and that the latter had decided that there was no case.

Mat Zain said the statements were absurd because the investigation of the Mahathir case began only in June 2000 and the investigation papers sent to the AG's chambers the following November.

Mahathir had been accused of abuse of power by ordering a halt to corruption investigations against Ali Abul Hassan Sulaiman, head of the Economic Planning Unit. During that investigation, RM1 million in cash was found in his office, Mat Zain said.

Mat Zain's long open letter is addressed to Kalsom Taib, wife of Shafee Yahya, former head of the defunct Anti-Corruption Agency, in response to questions asked in her biography of her husband

KUALA LUMPUR: A former top cop has described the criminal justice system as being in a mess and laid the blame on Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail and ex-IGP Musa Hassan.

He said the two allowed the falsification of evidence in the 1998 black-eye case involving Anwar Ibrahim and also lied about an investigation into alleged abuse of power by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In an open letter posted at Raja Petra Kamarudin's Malaysia Today blog, former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ismail said he wrote last May to then Deputy IGP Ismail Omar and to Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein for a review of the investigation into false evidence produced in the black-eye case, in which he was the chief investigating officer.

He noted that Musa and Gani had claimed in press reports that investigation papers on the Mahathir case had been sent to the then Attorney-General in February 2000 and that the latter had decided that there was no case.

Mat Zain said the statements were absurd because the investigation of the Mahathir case began only in June 2000 and the investigation papers sent to the AG's chambers the following November.

Mahathir had been accused of abuse of power by ordering a halt to corruption investigations against Ali Abul Hassan Sulaiman, head of the Economic Planning Unit. During that investigation, RM1 million in cash was found in his office, Mat Zain said.

Mat Zain's long open letter is addressed to Kalsom Taib, wife of Shafee Yahya, former head of the defunct Anti-Corruption Agency, in response to questions asked in her biography of her husband


Former CID chief Mat Zain
says Musa Hassan and Gani Patail
destroyed criminal justice system

Musa Hassan and Gani Patail were accused today as being the cause of the destruction of the criminal justice system by having allowed falsified evidence against Anwar Ibrahim in 1998 and later lying about an investigation of Mahathir Mohamad for abuse of power.

In an open letter published at Malaysia Today, former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ismail disclosed that he had written in May this year to Ismail Omar, then deputy IGP, and to Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the home minister, for a review of the investigation into false evidence produced against Anwar in the "black eye" case of 1998.

(Mat Zain headed the investigation into the case and recommended that the Inspector-General then, Rahim Noor, be tried for criminal assault on Anwar Ibrahim in the lockup at police headquarters. Rahim was found guilty and sentenced to two months' jail.)

He said Musa and Gani had claimed in press reports that investigation papers on the Mahathir case had been sent to the Attorney-General in February 2000 and the AG (the late Mohtar Abdullah) had decided that there was no case.

Mat Zain said the statements were absurd. The investigation papers in the Mahathir abuse of power case were only opened in June 2000 and sent to the AG's Chambers in November that year.

Questions raised in Shafee Yahya book

In his letter dated 8 October, Mat Zain accuses Musa, recently-retired as Inspector-General of Police, and Gani, the Attorney-General, of lying about the Mahathir investigation.

Mahathir, then prime minister, had been accused of abuse of power by ordering a halt to corruption investigations against Ali Abul Hassan bin Sulaiman, head of the Economic Planning Unit, during which RM1000,000 in cash was found in his office.

Mat Zain made these revelations in a letter to Datin Kalsom Taib, wife and biographer of Shafee Yahya, former head of the Anti-Corruption Agency, in response to questions asked in her book of her husband's life and career.

She had asked: "What happened to the probe on Dr Mahathir?"

Mat Zain quoted from the book, which referred to press statements by Musa and Gani about the investigation:


The IGP confirmed that an investigation on Dr.Mahathir was carried out. (NST 9 April 2008)

"Our recods show we had submitted the investigation papers to the AG Chambers on 15 February 2000. The decision made by the AG at that time (the late Tan Sri Mohtar Abdullah) was that there was no case."

In The Star of the same date (9 April 2008), it was reported that Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail confirmed,

"The Chambers received the investigation papers from the police sometime in February 2000 and after studying it carefully, found no evidence to suggest that Dr. Mahathir had interfered in the investigations"

Mat Zain said the statements by the two men did not make any sense and were false.

It is impossible for the investigation papers to be sent to the Attorney General's Chambers on 15 February 2000.

Gani Patail and Musa Hassan: they destroyed the criminal justice system, says Mat Zain

"The investigation papers were only opened on June 13, 2000 based on a police report made by Anwar Ibrahim on that date.

"In fact, the investigation papers together with ACA investigation papers seized from the agency were only sent to the Attorney General on 9 November 2000."

Mat Zain suggested that maybe the IGP and AG meant the 15th of February 2001.

However, even if Musa Hassan and Gani had said 15 February 2001, it would be even more unreasonable.

Photo: MohtarTan Sri Mohtar Abdullah could not have examined and dismissed the case on that date as he was no longer the Attorney General.

He had been succeeded by Datuk Ainum Mohammad Said on January 1, 2001.

Mat Zain suggested that Musa Hassan and Gani Patail had not bothered to amend the date because the person named, Tan Sri Mohtar Abdullah, had since died. "The dead cannot speak. Maybe they forgot that many of those are still alive who know these things and can question the fact."

"If Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Tan Sri Gani Patail did not make the absurd statement then this case will not be sustainable. The fact is it is they who have opened the flood-gates for more questions to be raised about the integrity of the police investigation," Mat Zain said.

They both had undermined police investigations in this case, he said, as well as having allowed falsified evidence in the Anwar Ibrahim "black eye" case when Anwar was beaten up in the Bukit Aman lockup by Rahim Noor (righta), then the Inspector-General.

Mat Zain decided to retire from the police force in 2001. He has since been embroiled in suits involving the several Anwar Ibrahim cases, and has also alleged that he is being victimised by the police force.

» Part 12: Surat terbuka Dato Mat Zain bin Ibrahim

The AG-IGP tag-team fabricated evidence
Reproduced at CPI

Affidavits in Mat Zain's defamation suit against Anwar Ibrahim
Malaysiakini report (at ckcounterpunc

50 years of Malaysian Islamization

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 05:32 AM PDT

From Malaysian Indians Today

Compiled by Aneel David Kannabhiran

1957: The Reid Commission drafted the Federal Constitution, and at the behest of one of the Commission members, Mr. Justice Abdul Hamid of West Pakistan High Court, Article 3 (1) was formulated as such: "Islam is the religion of the Federation …"

1966: Restrictions were placed on the employment, entry and residence of priests and religious personnel. This led to the reduction of religious personnel in mission schools.

1974: The Red Cross Society was re-named Red Crescent Society.

1974 to present: The airing of Islamic television and radio programmes began increasing. From 1974 onwards, prime time television programmes were paused to air the Azans [Muslim prayer]. In 1982 Islamic content on TV stood at 10 per cent; in 1988 it rose to 17.5 per cent.

In 2007, new station TV9 was launched, which features mainly Islamic programming. There is no coverage of non-Muslim religious programs, save for during the respective festivals.Songs that contain the word 'Jesus' have been banned [eg: "Jesus to a Child" by George Michael], as well as movies depicting prophets [eg: "Prince of Egypt", a film about the life of Moses].

1979: The Islamic Revolution and revivalism in Iran had a direct effect on Muslims here. Muslim clerics began exhorting their faithful to return to the fundamentals of the faith. The Angkatan Budaya Islam Malaysia [Malaysian Islamic Cultural Force] (ABIM) led by Anwar Ibrahim started the dakwah [the call] movement mainly among government college and university students.Muslim women, for the first time, were seen donning the tudung [head covering]. Over the years, wearing of the tudung has become the norm amongst Muslim women.

1981: The Indonesian translation of the Bible – "Alkitab" was banned under the Internal Security Act. The ban was later lifted on condition the books were restricted to Christian use.

In 2000, the Bahasa Malaysia translation of "Alkitab" was confiscated by the Special Branch from the Daughters of St. Paul bookstore in Petaling Jaya. The then Deputy PM Abdullah Badawi later released the books on condition that the words "for Christians only" were printed on the cover.

1984: It became illegal for non-Muslims to use 49 'Islamic' words including Allah [God], Alhamdulilah [Praise be to God] and Insya Allah [God willing].

1985: The then Deputy Prime Minister [PM] Datuk Musa Hitam said, "The government has set up a committee to co-ordinate the various aspects of Islamic Syariah and civil laws in line with efforts to infuse Islamic values into the Administration." [New Straits Times (NST) 9 March '85]

Aug 1986: ABIM proposes to government that, "Islamic laws be the basis of legislation in Malaysia." [NST 25 Aug '86]

Sep 1986: The Federal and State governments agreed to the integration of Syariah and Civil Courts. The then Lord President Tun Salleh Abas said this integration was a first step toward the Islamisation of laws in the country. He also said that changes should not be made drastically … the best changes are those which are imperceptible. [The Star 25 Sep '86].

The above situation led to a written protest by the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism [MCCBCHS], and a nationwide church and temple signature campaign denouncing the plans.

1988: The then Minister of Education Anwar Ibrahim, directed all Principals, aged fifty-five and above who were religious, to stop service with immediate effect. The Principals who took over were mostly Muslim.


Moral Education replaced Christian religious education in these schools. The majority of Moral Education teachers were Muslim.
Crucifixes in mission schools were removed.
School history textbooks glorified Islam and Islamic civilisation over other religions.
"Islamic Civilisation" was introduced as a compulsory subject for all university students.

1988: Article 121 of the Federal Constitution was amended by Art. 121 (1A), to state that, the Civil Courts "shall have no jurisdiction in respect of any matter within the jurisdiction of the Syariah Courts."

The result of this amendment led to the Civil Courts being unable to adjudicate in cases where the Islamic ingredient is present notwithstanding the fact the person seeking judicial relief or remedy is a non-Muslim, especially in matters related to conversion, matrimony, children's custody and burial.

Over the years, case law has shown:

a person who converts to Islam can get his/her civil marriage dissolved by the Syariah court, automatically gains custody of children and is allowed to convert them without the non-Muslim parent's consent [Subashini v Saravanan].
a person who converts out of Islam cannot change religious status on his/her Identity Card without permission from the Syariah Court [Lina Joy case].
a person who applies to the Syariah Court to convert away from Islam is forced into rehabilitative detention [Revathi Masoosai case ].
State Islamic authorities are given power by the Syariah Courts to claim, exhume and bury deceased persons who they deem as Muslims, regardless of the insistence of family members to the contrary [Moorthy Marian and Rayappan Anthony cases].

1980s: In line with Article 11 (4) of the Federal Constitution: "State and federal law may restrict the propagation of any other religious doctrine among Muslims", the Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non-Islamic Religions Enactment was passed in six states. The penalties for such violations are a maximum RM10,000 fine or one year's jail, or both.

Five persons including a former Muslim were detained without trial under the ISA for allegedly performing missionary work amongst Muslims.

During the 80s the print media attempted to portray that Christian evangelism was a threat to the Muslim faith. As an example, on 9 Oct '87, the NST reported that, "Christians attempted to convert Muslims with bribe money". On 5 Oct '87 Mingguan Islam alleged that US$100bil was provided by the "World Federation of Churches" for the Christianisation of Muslims. The Malaysian Consultative Council on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism [MCCBCHS] asserted that both these stories were false. Furthermore, there is no such body as the "World Federation of Churches".

1980s to present: Approvals for building of non-Muslim places of worship became increasingly difficult. Unusual conditions were imposed – height restrictions on steeples, design restrictions temple domes – Sikh gurdwaras are barred from building their traditional domes for fear that it may cause confusion for looking too mosque-like.

The Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam took no less than 28 years to be approved and built due to vexatious bureaucratic delays and protests from residents.
To date, over 10 Hindu temples have been demolished by local councils on grounds that the structures were illegal.
1980s to present: Muslims by virtue of paying their tithes [zakat] are allowed a tax rebate of the amount tithed. This has resulted in Muslims having a lower effective tax rate, while non-Muslims with the same level of income are taxed a higher percentage.

1993: Banks and finance companies were allowed to offer Islamic banking services.

1993: Kelantan State Legislative Assembly, which is under the control of opposition Parti Islam SeMalaysia [PAS], passed the Syariah Criminal Code [II] Bill, which included Hudud laws that call for stoning to death and chopping of limbs – these laws could be applied to those from any religion. [As the Federal Government does not recognise these laws, to date, they have not yet been enforced.]

1999: The ruling Barisan Nasional [BN] party suffered its biggest setback in its history when apart from Kelantan, also lost the state of Terengganu to PAS in the General Elections.

PAS, with its vision of setting up a Syariah-based Islamic State, replaced the Democratic Action Party [DAP] as the main opposition party in Parliament.

This led to a race between the BN and PAS to try and 'out-Islamise' each other by posturing themselves to appear more 'Islamic'.

2001: In an apparent attempt to thwart support for PAS' plans of an Islamic State should it come into power, the then PM Mahathir Mohamed declared that Malaysia was already a "model Islamic Country". Despite public outcry from the non-Muslim population, the non-Malay component parties within the ruling coalition were either compliant or silent on the issue.

2002: The policy "Absorption of Islamic Values" into government administration was launched. According to the booklet, "Malaysia is an Islamic Country", the "policy will be implemented on a continuous basis until the goal of entrenching Islam into the nation's system is fully achieved." The booklet was later withdrawn but the policy is arguably still in force.

2004: PAS was ousted by the DAP as main opposition party in Parliament when it lost Terengganu to the BN and retained Kelantan by the narrowest of margins in the General Election. The BN, helmed by new PM Abdullah Badawi, experienced its biggest victory to date winning nine tenths of the contested Parliamentary seats.

Badawi then introduced the new concept of Islam Hadhari [Civilisational Islam].

2005: Plans to set up an Interfaith Commission, a statutory non-adjudicative body to assist the government in shaping coherent policy pertaining to religious harmony, were scuttled by widespread protests from Muslim activists who alleged the Commission would "interfere with the holiness of Islam".

2005: City Hall enforcement officers arrested a non-Muslim couple for hugging and kissing in a public park. The couple appealed to the Federal Court, which ruled that City Hall was correct. The decision has now empowered local council authorities to act as morality police.

2006: An elderly American couple on holiday in Langkawi were harassed and humiliated by State religious enforcement officers who raided their apartment on suspicion they were Muslims committing khalwat [close proximity] – an offence under Syariah law.

2006: A coalition of non-governmental organisations [NGOs] formed "Article 11" [named after the constitutional provision which enshrines freedom of religion], with the intention of reminding the government to defend the Federal Constitution and reaffirm the country's secular nature. Their nationwide fora were repeatedly disrupted by Islamist activists. The PM stepped in and assuaged the protestors by putting a halt "Article 11's" activities.

2006: The Attorney General's Chambers now has a Syariah unit whose functions, inter alia, are to "take steps toward the realisation of a set of laws and specific body that will be responsible for the harmonisation of civil law and syarak [laws of Islam]".

This could be seen as a resumption of the 1985-1988 initiative towards the integration of Syariah and Civil Courts.

2007: Islamic authorities have been observed to have grown more tyrannical in their enforcement, as evidenced by the recent Revathi Masoosai case where they forcibly took away her child on the grounds that she was a Muslim who illegally practised Hinduism, despite her claim that she had been a practising Hindu since childhood.

A "Building Bridges" seminar of prominent Muslim and Christian scholars under the auspice of the Archbishop of Canterbury scheduled for 7-11 May 2007 was abruptly postponed by officials of the Prime Minister's Department. No new date has been yet fixed.

July 17 2007: Deputy PM Najib Abdul Razak said Malaysia has never been a secular state as the government has always been driven by the fundamentals of Islam, according to state Bernama news agency.

'Sg Besi airbase deal inked without letter of intent'

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 04:30 AM PDT

A Parliamentary written reply by the Defence Ministry on the redevelopment of the Sungai Besi airbase has raised more questions about the ambitious and controversial project. According to the ministry, the government had in principle accepted the proposal by 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), in which its board of advisors is chaired by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. However, no letter of intent (LOI) has been issued, said Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (left) in his written reply to Tian Chua (PKR-Batu). Full story here: www.malaysiakini.com
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Gov't withdraws bill to amend labour law

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 04:26 AM PDT

The government has abruptly withdrawn from Parliament the Employment (Amendments) Bill 2010, which has been heavily criticised by human rights groups and trade unions. Just before question time in the Dewan Rakyat this morning, Deputy Human Resource Minister Maznah Mazlan told the House that the Bill had been withdrawn. The government has been touting the amendments as a major boon for workers as they would expand the law to cover part-time workers, sexual harassment, provide wage protection and include more clauses on welfare and annual leave. Full story here: www.malaysiakini.com
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PM: Chinese not 'pendatang', but loyal citizens

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 12:34 AM PDT

Najib Abdul Razak today said Malaysian Chinese were not "pendatang" (immigrants) but loyal citizens of the country. Opening the 57th MCA General Assembly at Wisma MCA in Kuala Lumpur, the prime minister said such a derogatory term and negative sentiments should be discarded. "I agree with you that Malaysian Chinese should not be described as 'kaum pendatang' (immigrant community). Full story here: www.malaysiakini.com
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Pakatan or BN Capitalising on this..??

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 12:45 AM PDT

Seems the analytical  report is already out. Statistics don't lie. Who amongst the two political  coalitions are making use of this New Media? Someone out there is left behind.

One of your Own In BN or Pakatan ..??

Article courtesy from an internet portal

Believe it or not – Malaysians have the most friends and are also the heaviest users of social networking sites on the planet.

This is according to the latest survey by global market research firm TNS in its largest ever study into people's online activities and behaviour.

Malaysians have an average of 233 digital friends, followed by 231 in Brazil and 217 in Norway.

On the other end of the spectrum, Japanese have the fewest with 29, followed by 38 in Tanzania and 50 in South Korea.

NONETNS chief development officer Matthew Froggatt said that the results could suggest "a culture that embraces fewer but closer friendships" in some countries.

"Chinese consumers only have an average of 68 friends in their networks despite being heavy users of social networking sites," said Froggatt.

In addition to having the most friends, Malaysians are also the heaviest users, spending an average of nine hours per week on social networking sites.

Russians ranked second with an average 8.1 hours per week online, followed by Turkey where 7.7 hours a week are spent on social networks.

Malaysiakini, the country's top news portal, has to-date a total of 72,954 Facebook fans, with its Chinese section garnering the most with 36,022, followed by the Malay section (22,131) and English section (13,901).

Mobile phones increase access

The study also found that consumers are now spending more time on social networking sites than using e-mail, in part fuelled by the rise in Internet access through mobile phones.

"In rapid growth markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and China, the average time spent per week on social networking is 5.2 hours compared to only four hours on email.

"Online consumers in mature markets remain more reliant on e-mail, spending 5.1 hours checking their inboxes compared to just 3.8 hours on social networking."

The TNS survey covers nearly 90 percent of the world's online population through 50,000 interviews with consumers in 46 countries.

Froggatt also said that digital sources are overtaking TV, radio and newspapers as the media channel of choice.

"Sixty-one percent of online users use the Internet daily against 54% for TV, 36% for radio and 32% for newspapers."

Third World leapfrogs technology

It also found that Internet users in growth markets have overtaken mature markets in terms of engaging with digital activities.

For example, Egypt (56%) and China (54%) have much higher levels of digital engagement than mature markets such as Japan (20%), Denmark (25%) or Finland (26%) despite better Internet infrastructure in more advanced countries.

The TNS study, which the researchers hope will become an annual project, also found that countries newer to the digital world are embracing online activities at a faster rate to those in more mature markets.

In China, four out of five users have written their own blog while half in Egypt have similarly done so, compared to only 32% in the United States.

Malaysia also ranked high in photo sharing on social networks.

"The number of online consumers who have ever uploaded photos to social networks or photo sharing sites is 92% in Thailand, 88% in Malaysia and 87% in Vietnam, whilst developed markets are more conservative.

"Less than a third of online consumers in Japan (28%) and under half of those in Germany (48%) have uploaded photos to such sites," said Froggatt.


Posted: 12 Oct 2010 12:24 AM PDT

Is Prime Minister Najib Razak being openly sabotaged by Level Four? The question arises after it became clear 'his' New Economic Model (NEM) and the recently unveiled Economic Transformation Plan (ETP) are based on very big bucks for super-mega projects to run the country into a high income economy by 2020.

The ETP costs about RM 1.4 trillion from 2010 to 2020 without a minimum wage for workers, with no subsidies and affirmative actions allowed that can or may distort the operations of the market economy and which will also see many of the Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) privatized.

In short, it is a promised Laissez-faire Shangrila seeded at a time when the leading capitalist nation (USA) is slapping tariff protection on a large number of Chinese goods and while the USD and the Euro are likely to collapse at any time, the PIIGS in the EU having become bankrupt and Greenland recently busted too, giving a sum of 17 countries unable to service their external debts so far.

People with money are hedging themselves against the impending Depression and currencies collapses. They pushed gold price above USD 1,360. Yet some in Malaysia wanted to trade the Ringgit in the money market. What for?

There's a currency war going on. Some say it is due to the cheap Yuan. But that is clearly only one of numerous reasons - money printing on hitherto unknown scales in a few countries is another.

We know when too much money is printed and flushed into the market and lots of loans are given to trail huge stimulus packages, the ensuing inflation will become a depression should production fall.

Now we are told the 33 industrialized (OECD) countries have collectively run a 0.1 percent negative growth in August 2010.

A world depression follows should that become a trend. Truth is, economic experts have all been saying that depression is already a swinger in the neighborhood and should claim a space on your bed the next time you blink.

Hence, we need to ask what is Najib's RM 1.4 trillion 10-year injection to bring in high income about in a world economy that is already going down once again?

He is an economist and he must himself know the NEM with its ETP (Economic Transformation Plan, or whatever) is seriously a threat, not merely to the 40 percent of households in Malaysia that earn RM1500 or less per month but to the reality of households that cannot make ends meet earning twice that amount because of (present) rising prices. More than 70 percent of these are Bumiputras.

Was there anything in the ETP or the NEAC's NEM that suggested the price spiral of essential items can or will be contained?

There are plans for FELDA to produce food and for some pharmaceutical industries to produce an assortment of drugs. But will that contain the inflation that is rising on the back of stimulus packages, money printing, unwinding of subsidies and bubble-making like in the case of housing where prices suddenly leapt 35 percent in the space of three months?

Neat packets of projects have already been given out in principle to the country's mega companies, the Gamuda-MMC rapid-transit trains alone said to be worth more than RM43 billion, much of the money to be raised by issuing bonds.

YTL will be building a high-speed (280 kmph) train from Penang to Singapore, a much needed facility no doubt but most of that money must be quickly mopped or it will add on to the burdensome inflation.

MMC, which is reported to be already super-geared, want to develop some pieces of government land for some tens of billions while it also wishes to buy out UEM, which owns the lucrative cash-cow, PLUS, that built, maintains and runs the North-South Highway with the right to raise the toll every few years, and it does that.

This is assets sale. It is rumored MMC along with a few other companies are also interested in buying over PNB, the largest Bumiputra trust company.

We are now running into "super-mega projects" to raise the per capita income to more than US15,000, projects that make the RM12 billion KLIA and the RM19 billion Putrajaya look like penny buns.

The seven entry-point projects of the ETP alone, which are earmarked for takeoff before the year ends, cost RM118 billion, you see. It does not include the 10th Malaysia Plan spendings.

People, therefore, find the NEM and ETP a big threat. Until now this writer has not read a single positive acceptance of both anywhere in the pages of Internet discussions. Even economists writing to the government-inclined mainstream media have been highly skeptical.

What's up then? Can it be true Najib is stuck with a Level Four that's making him look like a super-dreamer compared to his predecessor and find himself knotted into a rot in less than a year or is Najib so aloof he believes he can stand above the impact of another world depression?

The world is certainly going into a Depression again. Is the ETP and the NEM really some kind of a solution to that? Is the Laissez-Faire economy magic?

Every critical writer on the subject has decided the NEM and the ETP are threats to the larger body of Malaysians and this writer joins the chorus. It will fail. Vision 2020 was far better.--- a. ghani ismail, 12 September, 2010.

Kes anggota Polis dan Pemandu Wanita Cina Malaysia ~ Satu Perbincangan

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 11:13 PM PDT

Siapa yang bersalah sikap?

Bagi pandangan saya, kedua anggota polis ini tidak berlaku profesional didalam mengendalikan kejadian ini.

Saya tengok ramai para pemberi komen didalam Facebook dan blog mencaci maki wanita warganegara Malaysia berbangsa Cina ini kerana berani merakam video ini dan mempertahankan haknya sebagai seorang rakyat negara ini.

Sebagai contoh blog ini, ini, ini dan ini. Inilah kelebihan blog dan media alternatif. Masing masing boleh berhujah meluahkan rasa. Namun selaku pengguna internet, kita semua harus sedar akan natijah berkata ikut suka. silap cakap, maka tanggung sahaja padahnya?
Apa yang salah sangat bagi seorang wanita muda sepertinya mempertahankan dirinya dari menjadi seorang lagi mangsa jenayah yang semakin menjadi jadi didalam negara ini?

Dari apa yang saya faham dari kandungan percakapan kedua anggota polis ini dan wanita muda Cina Malaysia ini, ia telah di tahan oleh anggota anggota polis ini diatas kesalahan bercakap menggunakan telefon bimbit semasa ia sedang memandu.

Masaalahnya adalah sikap. Sikap kedua anggota polis muda ini yang berlaku kurang profesional didalam menangani pesalah trafik ini.

Salah macamana?

Salah 'approach'.

Mereka harus sedar bahawa mereka berhadapan dengan seorang wanita muda yang sudah tentu takut menjadi mangsa penyamar / perogol bersiri / pembunuh / perompak / dsbnya?

Ini bukan perkara main main.

Sudah banyak kes kes kejam sedemikian berlaku ke atas kebanyakan wanita wanita muda warganegara kita tak kiralah bangsa atau agama apa sekalipun!

Masih ingat kes mendiang Canny Ong? Nur Suzaily Mokhtar

Bayangkan diri anda berada didalam keadaan mangsa mangsa rogol dan pembunuhan kejam itu?

Pamela Lim didalam video ini dipersalahkan ramai di atas sikap berhati hatinya  yang mungkin boleh dikatakan sebagai lebih kuah dari sudu didalam beberapa ketika didalam kes ini tetapi dari segi aspek keselamatan, saya tak persalahkan ia seratus peratus.

Sekarang ni mudah sangat nak dapatkan pakaian seragam polis atau mana mana agensi keselamatan. Pergi sahaja ke pekan lama Sungai Besi. Tukang jahit Bangla dengan gembiranya akan menjahitkan pakaian seragam apa sahaja untuk anda dengan bayaran tak semahal mana?

Pamela Lim hanya berwaspada kerna sudah ada banyak kes terjadi sebelum ini. Ia berhak merakam video ini demi keselamatannya. Ia tidak ingin menjadi satu lagi statistik jenayah kejam angkara penyamaran penjenayah.

Anggota polis muda kita ini perlu belajar cara cara berinteraksi dengan orang awam secara lebih professional tetapi diwaktu yang sama menjaga keselamatan diri mereka juga.

Ikut protokol dan garispanduan sedia ada. Insya Allah tak akan jadi kes macam ini.

Adab, sopan santun, berbudi bahasa dan sikap profesional akan membezakan hasil berinteraksi dengan pesalah pesalah trafik macam Pamela ini.

Saya syorkan kedua pihak ~ anggota PDRM dan rakyat Malaysia saling hormat menghormati diantara satu sama lain.

Prejudis berasaskan perbezaan bangsa, agama dan kedudukan sosial harus dilenyapkan dari kehidupan seharian kita.

Melayu, Cina, India, dan lain lain keturunan tetap akan ada didalam negara ini. Sampai bilakah kita nak bercakaran sesama kita?

Setiap manusia itu ada peribadi yang berbeza dan tak akan memuaskan hati dan sanubari mereka yang berkanta rasis semata mata.

Jenayah tidak membezakan sesiapa.

Biar anak orang alim tara mana pun tetap terdedah kepada gejolak hawa nafsu dan kehilangan pertimbangan dan rasional?

Masa dan keadaan menentukan segalanya.

Belajarlah dari kes kes sebelum ini dan bersama sama lah kita mencari kerukunan dan keharmonian diantara pihak keselamatan negara dan warga awam.

Insya Allah selamat!

Saya sarankan kedua Pamela Lim dan anggota anggota polis berkenaan sama sama meminta maaf dan selesaikan kemelut ini.

Pamela Lim, sila mengaku kesalahan bercakap menggunakan telefon semasa memandu, bayar saman dan dapatkan alat 'handsfree' untuk telefon anda bila memandu.

Habis cerita. :)

Untuk membaca pembelaan diri Pamela Lim mengenai kes ini, sila ke sini

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Remove all bad apples in Penang Gerakan youth

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 01:55 PM PDT

From Gerakan's Penangite, via e-mail

As a member of Penang Gerakan, I am extremely disappointed to see how things are turning out in our state party.

Recent incident by two Penang Gerakan Youth members had caused great embarrassment to our party in Penang and the whole country.
Without investigating, they have accused a senior and loyalist of our party as attempting to bribe them.

Worse still, they have gone to the media immediately to seek personal publicity. The damage they have done cannot be repaired.

Chin Fook Weng had been a loyal and backbone of Gerakan's foundation in Penang for a very long time. It is absurd to suggest that he would bribe someone with a coordinator's post.

For those two who had accused people bribing them, they must see their own qualifications first.

Are they suitable to be party's candidates in the next general election in the first place? What are their education level? What are their current occupation level?

To me, their action without proper investigation shows that they are not mature politically.

This incident had shown the reason why Penang Gerakan had been struggling to regain its footing in Penang.

There is clearly lack of talents and quality among its young leaders. For those highly qualified candidates, I hear these people had been sidelined in the Penang Youth. One highly talented youth had even left the party recently.

Penang Gerakan youth is now made up of desperate and unqualified people and too ambitious to take up high posts.

I think time is up for a total revamp for Gerakan to make sure the quality of the leaders and candidates in Penang.


Gerakan EGM: No vote-buying

Dr Chua is a victim of circumstances

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 01:54 PM PDT

From Betty S, via-email

I am neutral in every sense.  I feel the Chinese should be more open and learn to accept defeat with a happy heart rather than to take revenge and condemnation.

Whosoever wins or losses, there is always a reason behind it.  To me the most qualified person to lead the Chinese is Dr Chua Soi Lek although I don't know him personally.

Chua is more responsible, mature, reasonable and sensible.  I salute him for admitting the mistake he made and took responsible and repented.  This is what we call a real gentleman.

Which man did not do what Chua has done in private life, including some of our top leaders?

Although I am very much against men having sex scandal but which man did not have one?

My own husband has a thousand but what can I do to stop him when other women are tempting him into it.

If Chua was not famed, the case will not go public.  He is a victim of circumstances. Forgive him and let the Chinese live on in a place where they are not being very welcomed.

If the Chinese  continue to fight amongst themselves do you expect the others not to bully you?


Racing against time to heal MCA's wounds

Only lazy and low performing teachers get their transfer

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 01:52 PM PDT

From Suffering Lady Teacher, via e-mail

I have worked in a secondary school in Pahang for the past five years.  Recently I applied for transfer back to my home state Kelantan to join my husband and my nine-month-old baby.  

Unfortunately my principal apologized as he did not support my application although I work very hard and have a very high performance evaluation.  

I was awarded APC last year. The Pahang Education director has "ordered" that principals can only support (sokong) low performing applicants, lazy, uncooperative and NOT needed.

He further explained that his hands are "tied" although I am very deserving as he has been warned by the district education officer he is sure to receive a "show cause letter otherwise".

This policy is absolutely negative as it encourages teachers to be lazy, uncooperative and low-performing to guarantee the golden opportunity to return to one's home state after working very hard and "korban" for our adopted state.

I sincerely appeal for justice and fair play. Help!

Kerajaan tidak serius tangani masalah sosial

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 01:51 PM PDT

Dari Ahmad Syazwan Muhammad Hasan, via e-mail

Masalah buang bayi yang berleluasa sudah cukup menjadi bukti keparahan sosial masyarakat kita.

Namun barah yang ada ditambah lagi dengan racun yang bakal dibawa oleh pemerintah sendiri, iaitu budaya 'gay' yang bakal ditonjolkan melalui artis remaja Amerika, Adam Lambert dalam konsert yang bakal berlangsung pada 14 Oktober ini di Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

Sangat mendukacitakan apabila gejala sosial semakin membiak, usaha menyuburkannya digiatkan lagi. Tidak ada guna membina sekolah untuk remaja hamil yang terlanjur (sekolah harapan), ataupun lawatan ke Belgium untuk mendapatkan sistem pencegahan masalah ini sekiranya dalam masa yang sama budaya negatif ini dibawa masuk.a

Seperti sedia maklum, Adam Lambert merupakan penyanyi yang amat tidak bermoral sehinggakan rancangan televisyen Good Morning America terbitan ABC di Amerika Syarikat pun membatalkan penampilan Adam di udara kerana menolak budaya liar penyanyi gay itu.

Nampaknya warga Amerika lebih sensitif dalam soal budaya dan sosial sedangkan mereka bukannya sebuah 'Negara Islam' seperti Malaysia.

Kesan daripada konsert ini akan menjadi suatu wabak dan ikutan untuk remaja kita untuk meng'halalkan' budaya yang dilaknat dalam Islam itu sendiri. Ambillah iktibar dari sirah kaum Nabi Luth yang akhirnya dtimpakan bala bencana yang dahsyat oleh Allah dan kesannya boleh dilihat hingga hari ini.

Kerana itu Allah menyeru untuk kita bermusafir melihat kesan penderhakaan dan pemesongan dari perintah Allah sebagaimana firmanNya dalam surah Al-An'am,ayat 16 :
" berjalanlah diatas muka bumi ini maka perhatikan dan saksikan bagaimana kesan kesudahan orang-orang yang berdusta "

Sepatutnya Rosmah Mansor, isteri perdana menteri pergi melawat tempat-tempat yang diturunkan azab atas kemurkaan Allah ini, dan bukannya melawat tempat lain seperti Belgium untuk mendapat formula menangani masalah sosial.

Lawatan tersebut hanyalah retorik kerana usaha untuk menangani gejala sosial yang tidak serius ditambah pula dengan konsert Adam Lambert yang akan berlangsung nanti yang pastinya akan menambahkan masalah sosial yang makin parah dikalangan remaja dan anak muda sekarang.

Maka, Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam Se-Malaysia (Gamis) membantah sekerasnya konsert yang akan dianjurkan ini dan memohon pihak kerajaan untuk menarik balik permit yang diberikan.

Jika tidak mampu berbuat demikian, saya syorkan agar mahasiswa dan masyarakat umum memilih kerajaan lain yang berani dan boleh menghalang budaya liar dan jijik ini pada masa akan datang. Selamatkan generasi muda kita sebelum terlewat.

Penulis adalah presiden Gamis

Is PKR that desperate?

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 01:50 PM PDT

From Anti-LCM, via e-mail

Does PKR really need people like Lee Chong Meng?  Do you remember how he robbed DAP of its Bukit Bintang MP seat?  

Even BN thinks he is corrupted. Then why accept his application and worse, elect him as Bukit Bintang chief?

Don't you know he is a liability to Pakatan? Man, am I disappointed with PKR!


'Doktor ayam' Chong Meng quits MCA, joins PKR

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