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GALAS: UMNO Mulakan Kempen Dengan Memfitnah Calon PAS

GALAS: UMNO Mulakan Kempen Dengan Memfitnah Calon PAS

GALAS: UMNO Mulakan Kempen Dengan Memfitnah Calon PAS

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 12:17 PM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Saya tak sangka UMNO begitu desperado sehingga sanggup memfitnah calon PAS di Galas berkhalwat dengan ibu beliau sendiri.

Kalau duduk sebilik dengan ibu sendiri, tu namanya ziarah, bukan berkhalwat.

Perangai UMNO kuat memfitnah sehingga sampai tahap begitu buruk macam ni.

Calon PAS: Tuduhan khalwat fitnah semata-mata
Abdul Rahim Sabri Okt 22, 10 3:54pm

Tidak sampai 24 jam selepas diumumkan bertanding dalam pilihan raya kecil DUN Galas, calon PAS Dr Zulkefli Mohamad menjadi sasaran media rasmi Umno - Umno Online - yang melaporkan bahawa beliau pernah ditangkap berkhalwat.

Media rasmi Umno yang memetik laporan beberapa blog mendakwa Dr Zulkefli pernah ditangkap khalwat dengan 'isterinya' sekarang, Ramelah Mat Jusoh.

Dalam reaksinya terhadap laporan itu, Dr Zulkefli yang juga pemangku Yang Dipertua PAS Gua Musang menafikan perkara itu.

Malah, katanya, Ramelah yang dilaporkan itu adalah ibunya.

Dr Zulkefli, sebaliknya menjelaskan isterinya bernama Zainab Jalar.

"Fitnah semata-mata, - boleh buat semakan di mana-mana pejabat agama di Kelantan dan seluruh Malaysia," katanya dalam jawapannya melalui SMS kepada Malaysiakini.

Selain mendakwa Dr Zulkefli pernah ditangkap berkhalwat, Umno Online juga memperlekehkan Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang sebelum ini mengenakan syarat untuk menjadi calon adalah bukan perokok dengan memberikan gambaran seolah-olan beliau adalah perokok.

"Saya tidak merokok. Semoga Allah mengampuni dosa mereka yang membuat fitnah," kata Dr Zulkefli.

Dr Zulkefli diumumkan sebagai calon PAS oleh Nik Aziz di Gua Musang malam semalam.

Beliau adalah bekas calon PAS yang bertanding menentang Ketua Umno Bahagian Gua Musang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dalam pilihan raya umum 2008 tetapi tewas.

Berusia 44 tahun, Dr Zulkefli merupakan anak ketujuh daripada 10 adik beradik.

Beliau adalah lulusan ijazah sarjana muda perubatan dan pembedahan, Universiti Malaya pada tahun 1992.

Dr Zulkefli mengendalikan klinik sendiri di Chiku 3, Gua Musang.

Kerusi DUN Galas kosong selepas kematian penyandangnya, Chek Hashim, 48, akibat barah usus pada 27 September lalu.

Pada pilihan raya umum 2008, Chek Hashim, berjaya merampas DUN Galas yang terletak dalam kawasan pilihan raya Parlimen Gua Musang daripada BN, dengan mengalahkan calon BN Mohd Saufi Deraman, dengan majoriti 646 undi.

Chek Hashim mendapat 4,399 undi, menewaskan penyandang dari BN, Mohd Saufi Deraman 3,753 undi.

Selain Nik Aziz yang juga mursyidul am PAS, turut hadir di majlis pengumuman calon tersebut ialah ketua umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim; presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang; timbalan presiden PAS, Nasharuddin Mat Isa dan pengerusi DAP Perak, Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham.

Menurut Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya, 11,553 pengundi layak untuk mengundi dalam pilihan raya kecil itu iaitu Melayu 7,125 orang atau 61.7 peratus, kaum Cina 2,317 atau 20.06 peratus, India 185, Bumiputera Siam 10 orang dan Orang Asli 1,889 orang atau 16.35 peratus.

Najib, Can You Crush This Body?

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 11:32 AM PDT

Najib had warned of 'crushed bodies', 'lost lives' and even 'ethnic cleansing' such as in Rwanda and Bosnia in defence of Putrajaya.

"Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya," Malaysiakini reported Najib as saying.


Posted: 24 Oct 2010 08:49 AM PDT

By the Administrator

In the recent UMNO's General Assembly, the party's President and the Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak argued that constitutional provisions on non-Malay citizenship as well as Article 152, 153 and 181 – provisions on the Malay language, Malay special position and Malay rulers respectively – cannot be amended.

He said that even with a two-third majority in Parliament, no political force can amend these provisions without consent from the Malay rulers. In a way, he implicitly predicted that the rulers would not acquiesce to any change to existing provisions. 

According to Najib, this made any debate on non-Malay citizenship and provisions concerning the status of the Malays redundant and the laws were designed in such a way to prevent any discussions on such topics altogether. 

Utusan Malaysia , an UMNO mouth-piece, have repeatedly warned that the Malays must rise up and unite in view of an increasing vocal opposition, that is supported by the majority of non-Malays. 

But this argument is likely to fall given that UMNO –  as the self-proclaimed absolute protector for the  Malays – now claims that the constitutional special position of the Malays can never be challenged or amended in the first place.

Najib has even gone further then that. He further commented that even if the opposition were to form the federal government with a two-thirds majority in Parliament, the Federal Constitution could not be amended in respect of those special provisions.

This argument somewhat echoes PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim's campaign message that the special position of the Malays will remain even if the opposition ascends to power.

Najib's assertions put into question Umno's claim that voting in the opposition would put Malay rights in jeopardy.

In fact, all the Pakatan Rakyat component leaders already signed a document whereby assurance was given not to amend the Federal Constitution so far as the Malay special previlages, the Malay language as the National Language, and the Royalty as an Institution are concerned.

PERKASA, an over-jealous body  that is led by Ibrahim Ali, and its strong backer, Tun Dr. Mahathir, the former Prime Minister and the advisor to Najib,  if are not blind to this document, are, in fact, out to mislead the Malay masses.

Given that Dr. Mahathir still got a strong influence over UMNO delegates, Najib is now walking on a tight rope even if he wished to woo the non-Malay voters which have basically abandoned BN after the last General election, as he would risk to attract criticism and attack from within his own party and thus eroding his won political base.

Crime Against Women: City Survival Training Program

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 08:22 AM PDT

Yayasan Bakti Nusa in collaboration with Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development and 1 Malaysia Social Caring Initiative today organised the second workshop directed for women who are subjected to occupational hazards such working on night duties or isolated areas. The workshop was conducted by Captain Balasupramaniam, a safety activist and expert in crimes against women entitled "City Surviving Skills". Video by Indrani Kopal
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Datuk Najib the subject here is not ‘corruption’ is special privileges.we will defend it with ASSHOLE

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 08:26 AM PDT



Laws are meant UMNOPUTRASI who has virtually no say in the system, whether politically/ monetarily/ or physically.

In a country where the law makers are the biggest law breakers. Will or can there be a rule of Law?
There are many sons of Powerful people who are moving freely despite been convicted by the courts; Will that happen?
To obey or abide by the law: This is expecting too much from the privileged class.

yes in our country we cannot give equal status to every one and when the term equality comes then the so called vvips gets the major portion and least comes to other citizens. so when we are talking about equality every citizens should be same in the eyes of law not in writen rather in action and this changes can be possible if so called vvips will change their attitudes.

Absolutely correct.UNless and untill Our socalled leaders themselves exemplify with their own conduct there would not be any hope of improvement.But is it possible when we electthem on the basis of RACE or some other considerationother than merit,?

a truthful article. It is true in all aspects. Who can change? The people instead of being passive and fatalistic should be active and change the game the politicians play.They need not vote for the same leadership decade after decade.They need not vote for the same family. They need not be quiet and accept the corruption passively. If the people want a change they can protest en mass and bring changes.We people of India need not tolerate corruption,petty divisionist politics and bureaucracy. People have to raise their voice and say enough is enough and change the leadership.The games of dirty politics should be stopped.
At the end of the day its the people who elected the super citizens to power. The voting masses arnt powerless just dumb. Its naive to think that in a democracy the voters can be absolved of all responsibility.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders have claimed the axe has fallen on Datuk Seri Najib Razak's New Economic Model (NEM) following his vows to uphold the pro-Bumiputra New Economic Policy (NEP) over the weekend.

In his winding up speech at the Umno general assembly yesterday, Najib (picture) assured his party faithful that he would not backtrack from the principles of the NEP introduced during the administration of his father, Tun Razak Hussein, the second prime minister.

"I do not think he has the political will to continue the NEM," PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail told The Malaysian Insider today.

"To continue means the end of his political career. The risk that he'll face is from Umno itself with its continuous rent-seeking culture," he added.

The Machang MP pointed out that the Umno president's stand on maintaining NEP-style policies was an about-turn of his NEM that boldly proclaimed an end to rent-seeking and patronage through merit-based economic reforms.

"Datuk Najib's statement on continuing the NEP but stating his commitment to do the NEM is an obvious flip flop. Datuk Najib plays to the gallery because his stand on maintaining the NEP was done during his winding up speech at the general assembly," he said.

"Najib's promise to continue the NEP will not bring long-term benefits," he added.

Saifuddin cited the pervasive rent-seeking culture and race-based affirmative action in the NEP as characteristics that harmed the country's competitiveness and alienated foreign investors.

But BN leaders insisted that the NEM was scheduled for implementation but claimed it was an extension of the NEP.

"I think the NEM will go ahead. The NEM is a continuation of the NEP," said Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

"I don't think he will take off the Bumiputra equity in the NEM. It may be 30 per cent, maybe higher," he added.

Tengku Adnan also pointed out that Malay privileges did not necessarily slash the country's competitiveness.

"If you give some Bumiputras some percentage, will it deprive you of competitiveness? I don't think so," he said.

"The NEM is to make sure that we are in a competitive society. We can't be a competitive society when certain segments of the society are still struggling," he added.

Malaysia dropped two spots in the World Economic Forum (WEF) competitiveness index this year to a ranking of 26 out of 132 countries, while foreign direct investment in the country plunged by 81 per cent last year.

There is widespread acknowledgment that four decades of affirmative action have hurt the country's competitiveness and economic prowess since the inception of the NEP in 1971.

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal echoed Tengku Adnan's views and stressed that the NEM protected the Malay agenda.

"NEM doesn't mention that (30 per cent quota), but the interests of the Malay community is there," said Shafie.

The Semporna MP also expressed confidence that Najib would translate the NEM into action.

"It doesn't mean he will stick to the NEP. We must move forward and the future is RMK10 (10th Malaysia Plan), NEM, and ETP (Economic Transformation Programme)," he said.

MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai claimed the NEM had already been kick-started.

"I think the NEM is already launched and we'll make sure the NEM is a success," he said, adding that Najib had also scrapped the 30 per cent Bumiputra equity target in 27 services sub-sectors in 2009.

The health minister, however, appeared to contradict his Umno colleagues when he stressed that meritocracy was crucial in determining aid to the poor.

"We are not against helping the poor, but it has to go through the meritocracy system," said Liow.

DAP Socialist Youth chief Anthony Loke pointed out that the NEM was a moot point as Najib had said that his brainchild economic plan — which was meant to transform the country to a high-income nation — was not an official policy.

"The NEM is irrelevant. Even Najib concurred openly saying that the NEM was not an official policy of the government," said Loke.

"NEM is definitely not on Najib's plate. What is the point of continuing debate on the NEM when Umno's not willing to talk about meritocracy? They are still talking about the 30 per cent quota," he added.

Malay rights groups led by Perkasa have voiced strident views against the NEM for its aims at making affirmative action more market-friendly until Najib was forced to backtrack and call the policy a "trial balloon".

The second part of the NEM has yet to be launched since its unveiling seven months ago on March 30.

PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar derided Najib's "hypocrisy" in proclaiming Umno's fight for Malay rights which contradicted the needs-based NEM that sought to eradicate poverty irrespective of race.

"Najib has shown his hypocrisy during the general assembly when he said that Malay rights will be defended as in the Constitution, but at another point, he wants to introduce the NEM based on the 1 Malaysia spirit for all races," said Mahfuz.

"He gives the message to non-Malays that the NEM that is based on the 1 Malaysia spirit will not happen. Maybe the NEM will be administered, but it will be done within the constraints of a narrow racial agenda," he added.

The NEP, put in place in 1971, officially ended in 1990, but many of its programmes continue.

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has defended the policy and spoken out against the NEM, signalling fears that Malays and Bumiputeras would stand lose out the most if the Administration were to implement a 100 per cent meritocracy-based system.

Najib's brother Datuk Seri Nazir Razak — who is the CIMB group chief executive officer — however has lambasted the NEP for being "bastardised" and argued for economic reforms.

On paper we may all be equal citizens, but in reality there are multiple categories of citizens. Some who need to obey the rules and some who don't need to obey any rules. Living in a country means that everybody should have the same rules. By this I mean that everybody in India regardless of status, position, caste, creed and religion would necessarily have to live by the same rules, that would make life a lot easier.

Today however, that is not the case. The law is like a spiderweb. The insects get caught while the sparrows fly through. And sparrows are the big fish today. The policeman on the street who enforces a simple parking law will think twice before issuing a challan to the Red Lighted vehicle or a swanky Merc. Why? Because he fears that doing his duty might end up with him losing his job and livelihood apart from physical harm.

Think of the police officers who have knowledge of a criminal activity. But they hesitate to act because they know that the criminal in question is helped, tacitly or otherwise by somebody who holds a high office.

Think of the policemen in a raid who find that a film star (or a politicians kin) is involved. They are asked to hush the matter. If they don't, hell is their fate in the form of threats, delayed promotions and a stagnant career. The policeman who stops a politicians (or his lackeys) vehicle faces a similar predicament.


Ditto for the railway ticket inspector. Does he take on the thugs in the absence of protection or does he fine them travelling without a ticket? What does he do when a minister travels without a ticket?

Ditto for the honest petroleum company employee. Does he wink and nudge adulteration or does he stand up to them. After Shanmugam Manjunaths case how many such officers will you see?


The law which will send me an income tax notice for mixing up an addition and a subtraction sign is still sitting over someone who is supposedly Indias biggest tax defaulter. The Hasan Ali Khan case is what I am talking about.


The truth is that we have different rules for different people. Our VIPs do not need to follow traffic rules nor stand in the queue like an ordinary person. We take it for granted that there are super-citizens who can bend and break the law at will. Our super-citizens can loot the exchequer of a few thousand crore and sit pretty because not even the law can get them.

If we solve this single problem, our country will be a better place to live in. And not just by getting at the high and mighty, but by ensuring that every person who is doing his job from a rules enforcement perspective – from the beat constable to the traffic cop to the marketing officer to the ticket checker has a secure job regardless of which fish (or his kin or chamcha) he might net while breaking the law.


蔡細歷:女公僕有“小約瑟芬” 刁難商人牽怒政府

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 07:29 AM PDT








此外,蔡細歷說,首相同意大馬是時候落實最低薪金制,因為國家出現人才外流現象,並吸引大批"沒有料"的外勞(意即低教育程度或沒有技術) ,對國家長遠不利。





OTK: Baby Hatches are here to save lives

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 07:05 AM PDT

Story to follow.
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Israel and the meaningless 'peace' talks

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 07:01 AM PDT

The so-called 'peace talks' between Israel and the Arabs ("Palestinians") are going nowhere.  Which should not be a surprise.  The local Arabs believe in their hearts, and teach their children about the need to destroy Israel.  These taqiyya-spewing deceivers give lip service to 'peace' when they talk in English for the Western media or glad-hand naive Western diplomats. But in Arabic, they preach and clamor for war, death and destruction:

The current round of peace talks, sponsored by the United States, continues to produce nothing. Palestinian officials, when speaking in Arabic, openly describe the talks as just a propaganda opportunity to make Israel look bad. These same Palestinian officials repeat the same goals they have been pushing for decades, that of destroying Israel, not making peace deals. Officially, most Western nations refuse to recognize this reality, although, off-the-record, they are scrambling to figure out how to deal with the Arab intransigence. The fixation on destroying Israel is another manifestation of the "Arab disease" that the Arabs are not eager to deal with at the moment. But so many Arab nations have, for so long, backed the "Israel must be destroyed" line, that it is seen as too difficult to change now. So the Arab world continues down the path to nowhere, and the rest of world generally stumbles along behind them.

Here in Malaysia, there is no change--and why would there be--from the official government position to support the Arabs and their goals of destroying Israel.  Although the Malaysians will never quite come out and say this (officially). Meanwhile, Malaysia's ally in Tehran continues arming their Palestinian proxies, building their nuclear bomb and evading sanctions, all aided and abetted by their allies in Beijing and Putrajaya.

Saboteurs within Umno

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 06:29 AM PDT

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said in Galas on Sunday that Umno members should stop sabotaging their own party, especially during by-elections if the leaders of their choice are not made candidates.

"I give my assurance that there wont be any more acts of sabotage during campaign for Galas state constituency by-election." (read Bernama).

I dont know what he meant. Were Pemuda members involved in such acts in the past or whether he acknowledged that such activities had taken place somewhere during the previous 12 by-elections.

However, I agree to the fact that there are many saboteurs in Umno, and those involved are not only members at the grassroots but also at the mid and top levels. In previous general elections and by-elections, there were reports of such activities but no severe actions were taken.

We got to admit the fact that there are 'sour grapes' within the party. Those denied a place at a branch, division and other party position may lose their heads and will form their own groupings while remaining as party members.

I know some cases where Umno division heads launch a backstabbing policy to ousted their own deputies or secretaries elected as State Assemblymen or Members of Parliament. Most division heads are of the perception that since they head their respective divisions, they should be elected to a State Assembly or the Parliament.

I think Umno President Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak failed to tick this issue during the just concluded general assembly. He should realise that this 'virus' is spreading and could at anytime ruin the beloved party.

Yes, we should not be ignorance of saboteurs within Umno. We lost a lot of seats during the last general elections, partly because Umno members chose to vote the Opposition. And there are still too many of them out there.

Nope. It is not an easy task but if we fail to contain such acts, it would turn into a tumor and Umno would be very much affected later on.

However, have we ever wondered why these 'sour grapes' are going all out to secure a position in the party, by all ways and means? The answer is POWER and MONEY!

Do I have to say more?

Gua Musang Umno sec Aziz Yusof to run for Galas

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 05:23 AM PDT

The BN candidate for the Galas by-election is Gua Musang Umno division secretary Abdul Aziz Yusof, 47, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced this afternoon. The Gua Musang local is currently the Sungai Tengah operations office manager of the Southern Kelantan Development Board (KESEDAR), but will leave his government post in order to contest. Muhyiddin made the announcement at the BN operations centre in Bukit Cekati, near Gua Musang.
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Muhyiddin: RM7 billion untuk Kelantan

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 04:50 AM PDT

Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin petang ini mengatakan bahawa kerajaan pusat ada peruntukan RM7 billion untuk pembangunan Kelantan. Video dari Amir Abdullah
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I am Malaysian

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 03:39 AM PDT

I am Malaysian and proud of it!

Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, at the Umno general assembly, proudly announced......

"My late father was Bugis.My late mother was a Javanese. I am Malay."

After reading that I thought I would join in the light-hearted exchange by declaring......

"My late father was born in Malaya. My late mother was from China. I am Malaysian!"

Come on, join the fun. Shout it out! Be proud. And be part of the Malaysian root.



Posted: 24 Oct 2010 02:06 AM PDT

Muafakat Rakyat

Pakatan Rakyat menyediakan suatu rencana dasar dan kebijakan untuk membawa keluar bangsa dan negara dari kemelut yang semakin meruncing.

Agenda pembangunan bangsa telah tergelincir akibat dari faham perkauman sempit, politik adu domba dan "demokrasi otoritarian". Ekonomi merudum akibat dari keruntuhan akal budi, kerakusan rasuah dan kebijakan-kebijakan usang yang menyebabkan Malaysia tercicir ke belakang dari ekonomi-ekonomi rancak serantau.

Ketidakadilan ekonomi semakin ketara dengan melebarnya jurang antara golongan kaya dengan miskin, antara bandar, desa dan pendalaman antara Semenanjung dan Sabah dan Sarawak.

Peningkatan jenayah mengancam keselamatan nyawa dan harta rakyat kerana pasukan polis disalahgunakan untuk tujuan politik sempit. Kewibawaan dan kebebasan sistem kehakiman terus digasir oleh campur tangan politik dan kepentingan perniagaan.

Setengah abad Malaysia merdeka dan berdaulat sewajarnya mendewasakan. Ini diterjemahkan manakala rakyat dari pelbagai kaum mempamerkan semangat baru meleburkan kerangka pemikiran usang dan jumud, menolak kerakusan kuasa, merebaknya rasuah, merompak khazanah negara dan menginjak hak rakyat.

Menginsafi semangat rakyat tersebut maka Pakatan Rakyat mengikrarkan iltizam kami untuk menghayati dan melaksanakan agenda politik baru ke arah menggembleng tenaga rakyat dari pelbagai kaum, agama dan budaya yang dilihat sebagai satu kekuatan.

Malah kami yakin; kita mampu berubah dari dasar perkauman sempit kepada kerukunan hidup beragama, nilai kemanusiaan, berlandaskan prinsip akhlak dan etika hak asasi, prinsip negara hukum tanpa memilih darjat, kaum atau kelompok. Dasar yang terpasak dari kepatuhan kepada Perlembagaan dan prinsip-prinsip keadilan sejagat akan menjamin keluhuran undang-undang dan kebebasan sistem kehakiman, sebagaimana ia menjamin hak-hak asasi manusia dan maruah rakyat kekal terbela dan dimartabatkan.

Pakatan Rakyat berkeyakinan bahawa ekonomi Malaysia mampu dipacu dengan lebih pantas melalui dasar ekonomi pasaran yang manusiawi yang mengarah kepada pembangunan manusia seutuhnya. Kebijakan ekonomi harus menjadikan Malaysia mampu berdaya saing, iklim pelaburan yang sihat, percukaian progresif, tetapi kukuh dengan hasrat mencapai keadilan melalui kaedah pengagihan ekonomi yang adil terutama bagi kelompok miskin dan terpinggir.

Pakatan Rakyat menolak dasar yang membuka ruang kepada rasuah dan lain-lain jenayah kewangan serta penyalahgunaan kuasa. Demi memastikan pertumbuhan yang mapan, dasar menindas yang hanya memperkayakan segelintir perlu digantikan dengan sebuah dasar yang memastikan bantuan kepada golongan miskin di Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum.

Berdasarkan latar belakang ini kami mengajak rakyat Malaysia mencipta suatu muafakat baru yang berteraskan keadilan untuk semua dan prinsip-prinsip perlembagaan. Ini adalah agenda yang mesti dilakukan untuk mengembalikan maruah bangsa, kebebasan rakyat dan kemuliaan insan. Hanya dengan keadilan semua rakyat akan makmur dan bersatu padu.

19 Disember 2009

UMNO - 100-storey building yes, school bus fare no!

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 02:40 AM PDT

Malaysiakini - PSM: 70% Malay support vital for Putrajaya win.

PSM's sole MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj revealed that in his Sungai Siput constituency, some Malays can't even afford to pay their electricity bill and some can't send their children to school because they can't afford the bus fare. Thus he warned Pakatan that an issue like 'meritocracy' frightens rather than impress these people. He advised Pakatan to back off from promoting the meritocracy issue because it's meaningless to the poor.

It reminds me of a lecture on the Vietnam War where the USA talked about democracy and freedom to a deaf Vietnamese population who were more interested in the basic 3 bowls of rice each day.

As a real socialist, Dr Jeya knows what he's talking about, though of course it doesn't mean Pakatan shouldn't continue promoting meritocracy; however Pakatan should also highlight more effectively its affirmative action programs for the needy, especially the poor Malay peasants and fishermen.

The state of such extreme poverty among Malay in Sungai Siput is also a terrible indictment on UMNO. After 53 years of its rule, it's a disgrace for UMNO and a repudiation on its nonsensical claims of being a party for Malays when there are still Malays who can't afford bus fares for their childrent to go to school or to pay for their electricity.

Yet UMNO talks about the importance of building 100-storey tall building, while in the past it had squandered billions building Petronas Tower, Putrajaya, bridge to nowhere, sending astronauts into space, adventure jollies to the Poles, Mt Everest and god knows where else, and generally wasting billions and billions of soon-to-be-depleted petroleum revenue. The list of UMNO profligacy goes on and on, while the poor Malays fell through the cracks left behind by UMNO's high rollers.

Unfortunately most of those Malays in Sungai Siput Malays and elsewhere will continue voting for UMNO because they believe UMNO's propaganda that it's the party to protect Malays, when the truth of course is UMNO is a personal profit (profiterring) club, of UMNO members for UMNO members by UMNO members - or why else would there be such heavy corrupttion of money-politics in UMNO party elections?

And regretfully, nothing will ever change in UMNO, based on what Najib, Muhyiddin and the UMNO crowd have said at their annual meeting. It's going to be business, UMNO business, as usual!


Posted: 24 Oct 2010 01:59 AM PDT

By the Administrator

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has demanded Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to explain why he needed RM65 million to renovate his residence.

He said this at a fund-raising speech of the Penang Parti Keadialan Rakyat's Annual Dinner at the Equatorial Hotel last Friday.

The federal government has been ignoring the controversy surrounding the upgrading of the Prime Minister's residence, one of the proposals of the 2011 Budget.

He also compared the cost of the proposed renovation to the RM17 million spent during the premiership of Najib Abdul Razak's predecessor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Anwar described the proposal as a reflection of Umno's sheer arrogance.

Earlier, when meeting the newly elected division chairmen of the state, Anwar, the de facto leader of the party, whose nomination to such post was by way of a party's resolution in 2007, also advised members to close-rank after the party's divisional election in view of the challenges ahead.

"Members should not provide platform to anyone who attacks the party, and that those who betrayed the party were not worthy to be friends."

Don't Fall For BN/Umno's Version Of History!

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 01:55 AM PDT

By Admin

The BN/Umno regime of Najib Razak is going to make it compulsory for SPM students to pass their History Paper if they want to get their SPM Certificate. The Regime is also going to introduce History as a subject to Primary school children as well. As it is now, SPM students must pass their Malay Language Paper if the want to get the SPM Certificate.

The rationale for the BN/Umno Regime's action is that the Government believes that by making such a move the Government can make the younger generation understand what they (BN/Umno) consider to be the true History of the country i.e. Malay Supremacy, Islamic Supremacy, the supremacy of the Malay Rulers, Umno's sacrifice and struggle in winning independence, the notion that Malays arrived here first and non Malays as Pendatang (Immigrants) while at the same time 'exposing' anything contrary to the above as lies.

BN/Umno wants to propagate their perverted version of History in the minds of the younger generation as a means to hold on to power. The fact is if you want to make History compulsory, why not start telling the Truth, though the Truth might hurt.

Our History textbooks talk about how the British manipulated and intervened in the Malay States and colonized it. What they don't tell us is the fact that the British actually colonized the Malay States due to the greed and the craze for power on the part of the Malay Rulers. In fact, it was the Malay Rulers who invited the British to 'Campur tangan' (intervene) in their affairs. The British never came with guns blazing like the Spaniards did in Latin America. If the British did what the Spaniards did in Latin America, the Malays today will be Christians and have English as their mother tongue. In fact, Malaysian history textbooks conveniently leave out the fact that the Japanese brutalized the Chinese in Malaya but gave preferential treatment to the Malays and their Sultans. If there were any real heroes to talk about it would be Bintang Tiga which comprised of all the three main races in Malaya who fought not only the Japanese but also the British. They were made to be the 'Bad Guys' by the British because they were Communists. The Malays never really suffered as did those who were under the yoke of colonial rule by the Spaniards and French. In fact, there wouldn't even be Malay Rulers today. Some of the Malay heroes such as Datuk Maharaja Lela and Raja Haji are nothing but thugs and assassins who were paid mercenaries.

Even the current SPM History syllabus has 5 chapters on Islam alone with just a sprinkling about other religions. If you want to teach about history why not teach World history in it's fullest? To find out about the TRUTH of Malaysian History, please read the following links:

ISR (Individual Social Responsibility)

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 01:12 AM PDT

By Pakac Luteb

ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) is the concept that each of us
who is of sound mind,
whether we act alone or as part of a group, is responsible for our
action (or inaction) and the
resultant consequences to ourselves and others.

If we want the consequences to be a peaceful, harmonious society which
can flourish economically and socially, there are certain guidelines:

Don't be smug, even if your mind is blazingly fast, your intelligence
is about twice average and you're a member of MENSA.

Don't be smug, even if you own hundreds of hectares of prime land.

Don't be smug, even if your nett worth exceeds the GDP of some countries.

Don't be racist, people don't get to choose their skin colour or shape
of their nose.

Don't be anti-gay or anti-lesbian, others don't choose their sexual
orientation any more than you chose to be straight.

Don't be xenophobic, the world has many countries and cultures.

Don't be misogynist, people don't choose their gender.

Don't obey unlawful orders.

Do listen to other's opinions, you don't have a monopoly on good ideas.

Do help a blind person cross a busy road.

Do use resources wisely, Earth is not growing any larger, therefore
Earth's resources are finite and fixed. Already people use too much of
Earth's resources, for example the population of fish in the ocean
that we depend on for our food has already declined by 90%! It's
obvious that as population increases the quantum of resources
available to each person decreases.

Do have small families, one or two children. I wanted one, my excuse
for the second one is the condom broke. Sorry.

Much of the resources individuals depend on is not controlled by the
individuals dependent on the resource, more often the resource is
controlled by corporations and governments. That's particularly true
in the case of rivers, upstream activities impact people downstream.

With control of a resource comes responsibility for the welfare of the
people dependent on the resource.

For example, Taib Mahmud, his family and the timber companies in
Sarawak are responsible for the welfare of the Penan. They are also
responsible for any consequences, such as environmental damage,
resulting from their action or inaction.

People in corporations and politicians are accustomed to thinking
short-term, the next quarter, year or election. They have no choice
but to think that way, but they must also consider how their actions
will have impact over the next 50 years at least. Their old age and
the lives of their children and grandchildren will be affected by
their decisions.

Think carefully and act wisely, the future begins now.

Updates:-BN/PKR P185 Batu Sapi

Posted: 23 Oct 2010 10:17 PM PDT

Sabah Political Correspondent Bugi Wijaya ( Sunday 1.00pm)

Sandakan :  Reliable sources has confirmed that the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the parliamentary seat of P.185 Batu Sapi will Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin, the wife of the late MP Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah.  The announcement which will be made at 2.00pm  by the BN Sabah Chairman YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman will pit a new comer against a giant in Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee who will also be contesting the seat.

Sandakan has been a hive of activities with Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan) having its Sabah State National Delegates Conference at the community centre here. BN leaders and supporters have also been arriving to lend a hand in the campaign for the by-election.

Pakatan Rakyat Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is also expected in Sandakan to announce their candidate in making it a minimum three corner fight for the seat which fell vacant following the fatal accident of the incumbent.

It is believe Sabah Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) has reach a consensus on who will be their candidate for the parliamentary seat P.185 Batu Sapi. The de factor leader of PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who arrived in Sandakan on the earliest flight are in a meeting with PKR DIrector for Election Fuziah Salleh, PKR Batu Sapi Chief Hasnar Ibrahim, Sabah PKR Chief Ahmad Tamrin. Also in the meeting is PKR Tuaran Chief Ansari Abdullah who is expected to be the chosen one for PKR.

Najib's speech 'an admission of Umno's irrelevance'

Posted: 23 Oct 2010 12:05 PM PDT

By Mohd Ariff Sabri Azizz

COMMENT The Umno annual general assembly was just another round of an orgy of self congratulatory pats and a a contest to come up with the most banal, the most stupid and the most outrageous thinking.

One such banality was the call to end the advertisement of ladies sanitary pad because such advertisements lead people astray. Malay or non Malay, missy?

Then there is this joker from Malacca, who within a short space of 10 minutes pronounced the evils of the free market.

He called for bigger government and bigger intervention. He wants bigger penetration. Hello, towkay, it's this sort of strategy that led to the highest GINI indices within the Malay community.

Why should Malay economic well-being depend or not depend on the help of non Malays. Malay economic wellbeing MUST be the outcome of own doing and the doing of a Malay led government.

But I am slightly ahead of myself. More of the not exactly mainstream thinking will come later. For now focus is is on (premier) Najib's 95-point speech.

What was I expecting?

I thought this would be the best opportunity for Najib to close the disconnect between his ideas and bring his ideas directly to the Umno warlords and leaders.

They would then disseminate his ideas down the line, making his ideas, shared ideals.

Sadly, his ideas are the making of consulting firms, fabricated in the several labs overseen by Pemandu.

He didn't bring his ideas to the people that matter most- the Umno foot generals.

There were only brief remarks about GTP, ETP , 1 Malaysia, NEM and NPM (New Political Model).

I was expecting Najib to elaborate on his NPM. Instead he talked in terms of generalities hoping Umno people will fill in the blanks. They can't, if their heads are blank too.

So while his speech was good in the manner it was presented, in terms of its efficacy to get the desired objectives, to paraphrase the infamous words of Mukhriz son of Mahathir- there's nothing new.

Why nothing new? Talk about the history of Umno struggles. Been there, done that. Talk about the Monarchy? Been there, done that.

Talk about Umno working hard? Been there and done that too.

We have heard the themes repeated over and over again, varying only in the manner of presenting them.

PAS bashing, Anwar bashing, non Malays bashing?- same old stories. Nonsensical speeches, open display of idiocy? It's a permanent feature of Umno GA.

So, what's new pussycat? Whoa, whoa, whoa…

Let's see what's new

When listening to speeches, I prefer not to see the faces of those who speak. I want to avoid making subjective judgments.

Because if we do see, we are more often than not, likely to be influenced by the nuances, the condiments to the speech-flailing of arms, grimacing of the face to stress a point, the shouting and shrieking.

Sometimes artful rendition of a speech hides the substance by which we must judge the speech.

But if we are not concerned about the substance, we must judge the speech by another measure. Efficacy of the speech. Did the Najib speech of 2010, achieve its objective? Rallying the troops, burning the spirit etc?

Najib has an history of shouting when making agitated speeches. The shouting may elevate any of the speeches to a stature more than it justly deserves.

And judging from the response from the worked-up crowd, Najib's speech was successful in its efficacy. Even the speaker who is supposed to be neutral and officious joins in hallelujah-ing the speech.

Watch out people,- as we near the end of the Umno general assembly, expect a few bawdy and sexist jokes from the permanent chairman.

Sample….ok pembentang ucapan, biak renkas ucapan hang ya…kaum ibu dah tungu 4 hari ni dah..alahai… aduih….

I prefer to read the text of the speech. To avoid being emotional. That's why we saw many who wept listening to the Umno president's speech.

A few of my friends who were on the golf course, stopped for some good few minutes to cry. They cried when hearing people cried.

But I want to say at the onset, it was a fairly good speech. The comments by the former PR MB of Perak on Najib's speech are irrelevant.

First the speech has no bearing on what the PR wants to do.

They want to capture Putrajaya and Najib is rallying his troops to defend Putrajaya. PR is stupid if they expect Umno to hand it over on a silver plate.

That is expected. Second, the speech is made by an Umno president designed to first, capture the imagination of Umno faithfuls and hopefully, embraced by the majority of Malaysians.

This time his researches have done an above average job. It was a speech tailor-made for the audience. These are Umno delegates.

People who are easily agitated if there is a maverick or a firebrand amongst them.

It was also a personal victory for Najib. His image has taken a beating as someone who is easily compromisable. He has seen as too accommodative and his Maleness Malayness has somewhat been dissipated.

Much of his thunder was stolen by Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali. The NGO led by Ibrahim Ali has been vocal on the articles of the Constitution which Najib now is strangely playing up.

Articles 152 and 153

What is new, is the explicit acknowledgement of the role of Malay rulers.

As the ultimate protector of Malay privileges and Malay rights. They are the final adjudicator notwithstanding articles 152 and 153.

Najib has now elevated the stature of the Malay Rulers. Now, this is very surprising. In the past attacks on the Malay rulers hadn't come from opposition parties what more from non Malay parties. The attacks and assault came from Umno itself.

Now the Umno president is saying the Royal Institution is a Godsend. It's the final bulwark against the erosion of Malay rights and privileges.

Hence Najib said even if the government and constitution is changed, any attempt to dislodge Malay rights and privileges will have to get pass the consent of Malay Rulers.

But I am saying, our Kings are Kings of also non-Umno subjects. That means if other non-Umno people get to Putrajaya, they are still bound by the Malay Rulers proviso.

If the Malay Rulers represent the final authority on Malay interest and Malay special privileges, it is also, by way of Najib's admission, an acceptance that even Umno is not relevant.

That would also mean, Umno is dispensable and the Malays, because Malay rulers are there, will be none the worse off.

Furthermore, Najib of course assumes that Malay rulers are all Umno members.

The BN non-Malay member parties have nothing to fear..Chua Soi Lek said many things can be discussed further behind closed doors. No worries, we yam seng together maa - everything boleh kautim.

He was expressing disagreement on certain points raised by Najib. Rest assured, he will be assured by Najib, the speech was targeted at essentially a Malay audience.

It wasn't a call to arms. It wasn't an incendiary speech asking Malays to brandish kerises and kill of enemies.

The whole speech contained 95 points. The few last points included a demand for a pledge to defend Putrajaya at all costs. It was dramatically worded to have the desire effect of galvanizing the Umno faithfuls.

I am not going to deny in saying, on the whole this was a good speech - provided of course the Umno people, not just the 2,300 of them gathered in the main hall of PTWC, but the whole 3.5 million understood.

More important, whether the 3.5 million Umno members under the correct leadership of the leaders, understood what is being asked of them.

This view-point first appeared on sakmongkolak47. Mohd Ariff is a former state assemblyman for Pulau Manis in Pekan.

Sejarah satu keluarga Cina

Posted: 23 Oct 2010 08:16 PM PDT

Ini kisah satu keluarga Cina beranak lima orang di China pada akhir tahun 1920an. Nama anak-anak mereka ialah Chu, Bu, Hu, Su dan Fu.

Keadaan negara China yang berkrisis semasa itu membuat mereka mengambil keputusan untuk berhijarah ke Ameriak Syarikat.

Untuk memudahkan mendapatkan visa tinggal, anak-anak mereka mengambil nama orang Amerika. Chu menjadi Chuck. Bu bertukar menjadi Buck. Hu ambil nama Huck.

Su dan Fu tak jadi berhijrah, lalu ambil keputusan pulang balik ke China ...

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