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Begitu Teruk Korupsi Di Malaysia. Makanan Untuk Kanak2 Pun Hendak Disonglap

Begitu Teruk Korupsi Di Malaysia. Makanan Untuk Kanak2 Pun Hendak Disonglap

Begitu Teruk Korupsi Di Malaysia. Makanan Untuk Kanak2 Pun Hendak Disonglap

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 01:38 PM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Ketamakan manusia tidak bertepian. MAkanan untuk kanak-kanak sekolah pun hendak disonglap. Apa sudah jadi dengan Malaysia saya pun tak tau. YAng saya tahu sekiranya UMNO terus memerintah, budaya korupsi tidak akan hilang dari kehidupan rakyat Malaysia.

Apakah apabila Malaysia menjadi Indonesia baru kita hendak berubah?

TUlang Besi

'Sandwich kosong' for school kids, sardines missing Regina Lee Oct 25, 10 2:27pm

Imagine being promised a sardine sandwich, but given two slices of white bread with margarine.

This is what the Auditor-General found being supplied under the Additional Food Programme (RMT) designed for schoolchildren by the government.

In its report for the year of 2009, the Auditor-General found that SK Jeroco in Lahad Datu, which was supposed to provide the pupils sardine sandwiches with slices of cucumber, tomato and lettuce, gave them only margarine sandwiches.

auditor report sardine sandwich turn into white bread with margarine 251010Apart from the SK Jeroco, food suppliers in five different primary schools around Malaysia, who were checked out, were caught supplying food way below the quality of the recommended menu for the RMT programme.

"After the feedback from the dietician in the Health Ministry's nutrition department, we found that food from the menu provided can cause the schoolchildren to suffer from malnutrition," the Auditor-General's Report noted.

Six other outsourced school food suppliers have also been caught providing food completely different from the recommended menu in the RMT programme, often food that was of lower value.

The Additional Food Programme was started 30 years ago to give underprivileged children free food, at a value of RM1.80 (in Peninsular Malaysia) and RM2.05 (in Sabah and Sarawak), to supplement their daily diet.

However, the Auditor-General's Report shows that several contractors are still cheating in their supply of schoolchildren's meals.

auditor report bihun goreng kosong 251010Another of the many examples of irregularities in the programme was at SJK(C) Choong Hua 2 in Bidor, Perak. The supplier of canteen food provided packets of instant noodles to the pupils, instead of fried bihun.

And the common excuse by the schools, as well as the suppliers, was that "it is difficult to obtain the raw materials, especially when some of the schools are in the interiors.

Contaminated food in hospitals

The Auditor-General's Report also highlighted the poor quality of food in a number of hospitals.

"In our sampling, we found that Sultan Ismail Hospital provides low quality diet. The fried chicken is still bloody, while the Penang General Hospital served vegetable soup with fur/hair in it," said the report.

auditor general report 251010 chicken military"This can cause food poisoning and other diseases," it added.

The army has also not been spared from the supply of substandard food. The Terendak Camp in Malacca was found to be serving stale fish and vegetables to the soldiers.

It was later found that this was because the stale produce cost a lot less than the market price.

In another example, the report said visits to the army camps in Sungai Petani, Lok Kawi, Rasah and Terendak showed that the rations received were constantly in excess, with some foodstuff left untouched until they reached the expiry date.


Posted: 25 Oct 2010 08:54 AM PDT

I was at the launch of the PM's "Economic Transformation Programme: A Road Map for Malaysia" at PWTC this afternoon. Listening to his presentation and viewing the ETP video gave me a bad case of indigestion. Those astronomical numbers that he was throwing out were churning my stomach. Even when I tried to take them in with a pinch of salt, the numbers were still hard to swallow.

The PM was on a roll as he spoke of turning Malaysia into a high-income economy with a GNI of RM48,000 by 2020. "The ETP is not a plan," he emphasized. "It's a programme with projects already onstream", and to prove it, he listed at least 10 private companies both local and international that have committed hundreds of millions of ringgit to the ETP.

I've always considered myself an eternal optimist, but I can't help feeling that all this is mostly hype and aimed at winning over the rakyat's votes in the next election.

Mind-boggling numbers!

Numbers scare me especially when they have a string of '0's attached at the end. The PM is counting on Domestic Direct Investments (DDI) to fund the ETP. Will the private sector have enough faith and the ability to deliver?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Exclusive with Freedom Film Fest 2010 Winners

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 08:00 AM PDT

Exclusive with Freedom Film Fest 2010 Winners For more information, Visit FFF website
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Murugan: Last Hindraf man standing, Gunasegaran, “Drug Bust” victim horror story

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 06:46 AM PDT

Update 10.30pm: ?!?!? Tweet from lawyer Latheefa Koya: 1 of the 3 witnesses Gunasegaran's inquest, Selva has just bn arrested & beaten by the police wife called for help! What the hell!

So much on my mind, so little space/time for writing :( It may stay this way for a while, sorry! With some luck, there will be some explanation in the days to come.

Prelude: I also wanted to highlight this horror story of a 'drug bust' victim. This is far from the first time we've heard this kind of story, where ordinary Malaysians are bullied, put in jail for absolutely no reason, bullied, humiliated and extorted >:( This has been going on for years, and of course, the police continue to act with impunity – with a BN like attitude, as if they own the place >:(

For tonight, two stories, one on a Mr. Murugan, and the other on R. Gunasegaran. In both cases, I hope you'll pardon me for borrowing the words of others.

Basically, tomorrow morning, (8.30am Teusday 26 Oct 2010. Sessions Court 5 (jen) 3rd Floor,Right Wing Jalan Duta Court) the courts will process what is likely the very last case involving the Hindraf rally 3 long years ago. From an e-mail:

All but one of those arrested and charged for the assembly around KLCC on 25 th Nov 2007 in the HINDRAF RALLY have have been forced to plead guilty for various reasons and have paid fines from RM 500 and above.

However, the lone fighter says he has done no wrong and has vowed not to pay a penny in fine.

This gentleman is prepared to take on the prosecutor himself if he has to.

Hearing of his plight, some political circles have offered help, but he prefers to steer clear of them for now.

I think Civil Society owes this gentleman a duty to defend his right and the right of all who attend a peaceful assembly. After all, this is an exemplary case of a common man standing his ground against the might of the bureaucracy.

Whatever happens in court tomorrow, let us be there with Murugan.

Let him know we appreciate him standing up against the the might of a biased system.

Let the powers-that-be know , that they cannot bully him; that Murugan is not alone.

Sounds like a worthy cause to support.


The other case I wanted to highlight today was the findings of the Gunasegaran inquest. I reproduce below YB Siva's statement on this sad matter :(

I view with extreme outrage and concern at the Cononer's "open verdict" in R.Gunasegaran's death in police custody inquest – the latest in the long list of inquests where the magistrates acting as coroners have failed to discharge their duties to impartially inquire into the cause of death and find the perpetrators involved.

Coroner Siti Shakirah Mohtarudin like so many other previous coroners, went out of her way to protect the policemen and the hospital personnel involved in covering up for the police – in order to cast doubt into the cause of death so that an "open verdict" can be found. This effectively meant that the police are not to be blamed as the cause of death was not determined.

It is a scandal how she can arrive at an "open verdict" when there were 4 eyewitnesses to the deceased being assaulted by Lance Corporal Mohd Faizal Mat Taib. She even pondered whether the injuries could have been caused by efforts to resuscitate the deceased even though the medical officer testified that no effort was made at resuscitation!

It is shocking indictment of the poor standard of the country's criminal justice system and lawlessness of the PDRM when so many people, mostly young men in good health can be detained by the police but end up dead. The situation is made worse when the medical authorities in charge of conducting post-mortems normally do a poor job as did the Kuala Lumpur Hospital in this instance, had even failed to store the body properly causing it to rot.

The overwhelming majority of deaths in police custody cases are only investigated internally by the police themselves which are obviously unsatisfactory. The few cases that are subjected to inquests have shown to be very slow and ineffective e.g. the inquest into the death of Ulaganathan Muniandy, then 19 years old in 2003 – after numerous postponements, has yet to be completed.

According to the Royal Commission on the Police report in 2005, there have only been 6 inquests carried out for the deaths of 80 people while in police custody between 2000 and 2004.

This trend of hospitals colluding with the police in covering up crimes, and the coroners stamping "open verdicts" in inquests cannot be allowed to continue as I fear that the serious damage done to these key state institutions' credibility may be irreversible and may lead the rakyat into cynicism or worse take matters into their own hands as the rakyat simply cannot get justice.

The death of R. Gunasegaran, then only 31 years old at the Sentul Police Station, is neither an isolated incident nor the case of a few rotten apples but a wider and serious problem of the institutions' lack of accountability, transparency and independence that allow such deaths to be covered up with no justice for the rakyat.

We must stop this rot before it is too late.

Released by:

MP for Subang
Keadilan Vice President

P185 “Rose Among the Thorns”

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 06:38 AM PDT

It is just an idiomatic expression says Cindy of audie61 from Sandakan. The locals are warming up to Linda Tsen and many are saying that the BN coup "sympathy votes 'might see her winning comfortably.

It's going to be tough and hard work as SAPP Yong and PKR Ansari are not lightweights but the sentiments of the people might just be enough for BN to see her winning on the basis of her late husbands good work as MP.

The Batu Sapi nomination day has been set for tomorrow at the Sandakan community centre near here while polling day is on November 4.

Batu Sapi has 25,582 voters, including 1,535 postal voters.

The constituency near Sandakan comprises 15,099 Muslim Bumiputeras (59 per cent of the voters); 9,737 Chinese (38 per cent); 698 non-Muslim Bumiputeras (2.69 per cent); and 57 others (0.22 per cent).


Zahrain: May 13 should be in school history syllabus

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 05:42 AM PDT

Bayan Baru independent MP Zahrain Hashim, lauding the Education Minister's move to make history a compulsory subject in the school syllabus says that the May 13 incident should be included as a subject in lessons.
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Zul: PAS should contest Batu Sapi

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 05:19 AM PDT

Indpendent Bandar Baru Kulim MP, Zulkifli Noordin thinks that it is PAS that should be contesting the Batu Sapi constituency for the Pakatan Coalition and not PKR.
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DAP demands review on History subject

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 05:01 AM PDT

Opposition parliamentarian Tony Pua urged the government to do a comprehensive study on the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)'s History syllabus before making it a "must pass" subject beginning 2013. The Petaling Jaya Utara DAP parliamentarian raised concerns that the move could be an underhand tactic by the government to revamp the syllabus to emphasise Malay rights provisions and conveniently neglecting others. Story:
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蔡細歷:歷史應記載事件由來 英文科應列須及格

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 05:19 AM PDT













Posted: 25 Oct 2010 04:19 AM PDT

Story to follow.
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Deepavali Carnival 2010- A platform for local artists..

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 02:34 AM PDT

Story to follow Video by Arvind Raj
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Rakyat as a 3rd Force?

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 02:59 AM PDT

One of my visitor-commentators raises the issue of the rakyat as the Third Force. But I ask: who's the rakyat?

We cannot marginalize anyone, say, an UMNO member or supporter (and vice versa), from being a member of the rakyat – nay, far from it in a democracy, shaky as this political structure in Malaysia may be.

Therefore, talks about the rakyat rising up to form a 3rd Force gives the impression the entire Malaysian public is battling two foreign political forces, the 1st and 2nd Forces, from maybe Mars and Orion respectively?

No, my dear friend, in a democracy the (voting) rakyat is the one deciding who shall/should be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or umpteenth Force – there can be no other political force without the backing of the rakyat, or at least a segment of it.

As an example, note the political demise of the PPP*, once a powerful force in the Ipoh-Perak region.

* note: prior to its last breath in March 2008, the moribund PPP was only represented in the BN by a back door senator who, after being disowned by the PPP, became a MIC member, and only because he was personally sponsored by his godfather, Najib.

Another example of the rakyat deciding who would be or not be a political force has been the sad turn of fortune for the Gerakan. Once touted as the alternative ruling party, the Gerakan today lies mortally wounded because the rakyat decided so. That's people's power!

Thus, political parties exist as political forces but only for the express purpose of representing the rakyat. The politicians are the representatives of the rakyat, and only exist on our sufferance.

Of course in a non-democracy it's a different story.

Having said that, unfortunately in Malaysia, many politicians, once elected, forget those who elected them, believing they are, by their own birth rights, maharajas lording over their personal kingdoms. This delusion is not exclusively those of UMNO or BN politicians. Try and think who would not walk with the hoi polloi, but would 'arrive majestically' in a limousine only after his 'subjects' have been nicely positioned to await his magnificent entrance?

The other side of the Malaysian coin is that many of our voters (especially those who voted BN) think they're the subjects of these pseudo-maharajas, willing captives of the latters' delusions.

A simple example of this feudalistic relationship shows in the way supporters present our political leaders on visits with giant leis and corsages, apparently the bigger the more respectful, some so monstrously humongous that all the creatures of the Garden of Eden could easily exist within.

Some leaders have their hands and feet kissed (and like it too), when such Malaysian-style respectful adulations should really be for our parents, grandparents or usually aged elders* and of course rulers.

* yes, kids do kiss the hand s of older adults out of respect but we aren't talking about kids here.

So in Malaysia, democracy and its practices only appears before each election but disappears soon after (perhaps eclipsed by the brilliance of the maharajas), reappearing only before the next election. It's in our feudalistic culture, where the majority of our rakyat really don't quite understand their rights, believing every menteri or ketua this or that deserves due obedience and homage, at the risk of incurring those leaders' wrath.

Democracy is theoretically about people's power! But then, what to do if the people don't have any idea of democratic concepts and embrace those they elected as maharajas and tengku bendahara's?

In the end, it's for some worthy NGOs and righteous political parties to explain to the rakyat that in a democracy the rakyat, the voters decide who represents them, and that every citizen has an equal vote.

Nonetheless, let's be clear as to who decides which shall be a political force in a democracy, and that is the voters. So, don't go talking the rakyat as a 3rd Force – it's ridiculous on several counts.

Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Zaid Ibrahim, Raja Petra semuanya bersalah. Yang maksum hanya UMNO

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 05:41 AM PDT

"Putrajaya mesti dipertahankan dengan cara apa sekalipun," kata Najib dalam ucapan penggulungan beliau di perhimpunan Agong UMNO Sabtu lalu. Kata-kata ini membayangkan betapa jelasnya kepercayaan pimpinan kita sendiri bahawa pihak alternatif berkemampuan untuk mengambil alih pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan jika pilihanraya umum diadakan.

Buat kali pertama seorang PM membayangkan garis-garis pertahanan bagi UMNO untuk mengelak daripada PR mengambil alih Putrajaya dengan mengingati orang ramai bahawa jika mana-mana pihak bercita-cita untuk mengambil alih pentadbiran kerajaan mestilah mendapat perkenan Raja-Raja Melayu.

Peringatan PM Najib telah membayangkan bahawa beliau mempercayai Raja-raja Melayu itu hanya bertanggungjawab untuk mempertahankan UMNO sahaja untuk memerintah meskipun pemimpin-pemimpinnya melakukan perkara yang tidak baik dan tidak bermoral misalnya. Lain-lain perkataan memberikan taarifan bahawa Raja-Raja Melayu mesti mempertahankan UMNO 'at all cost'. Intepretasi ini amat mengelirukan.

Sudah menjadi persepsi ramai bahawa ucapan Najib menterjemahkan perasaan desperate UMNO kerana kekalahan UMNO lebih banyak kerusi dalam PRU yang akan datang merupakan suatu yang 'imminent' maka beliau secara terus dan terang mengajak ahli-ahli UMNO di setiap peringkat untuk melakukan usaha 'circumvention' terhadap cita-cita PR untuk menjadi pentadbir kepada Kerajaan Persekutuan selepas sahaja keputusan pilihanraya diumumkan.

Tetapi apa yang disebut oleh PM Najib 'at all cost' itu membuahkan pula persepsi baru, iaitu berbuat apa sahaja untuk mempertahankan Putrajaya walaupun dengan permainan kotor. Ramai yang berpendapat tujuan Najib untuk mengeluarkan isu kuasa Raja-Raja sebagai benteng terakhir itu merupakan satu momokan dan menakut-nakutkan pengundi.

Sekarang Najib dan UMNO sedang cuba untuk menggunakan benteng terakhir dan jika benteng ini juga tidak termampu untuk menolak PR 'marching' ke Putrajaya maka sampailah hayat UMNO ke penghujungnya. Raja-Raja Melayu yang dihina dan dinista pada 1993 dahulu ini kembali djunjung oleh UMNO kerana keterdesakan parti itu menghadapi rakyat yang ramai ini. Alhamdulillah parti kita sudah sedar bahawa Raja-Raja Melayu itu merupakan institusi penting bagi orang Melayu dan rakyat Malaysia.

Semasa kuat dahulu, UMNO dan pemimpin-pemimpinnya cuba untuk menghilangkan kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu seperti yang dilakukan oleh British untuk menubuhkan Malayan Union dahulu. Sekarang apabila sudah terdesak barulah hendak mencelah di bawah ketiak Raja-Raja Melayu.

Keputusan Muhyiddin untuk menjadikan sejarah sebagai mata pelajaran wajib, patut kita sokong kerana melalui sejarah itulah kita boleh memberikan pengetahuan kepada generasi muda bagaimana UMNO menghina Raja-rajanya sendiri semasa krisis perlembagaan 1993 dahulu. Tuliskan dalam buku sejarah itu bagaimana BN dan UMNO meminda Perlembagaan Negara, Bab 159 (5) dan 181 (2) dan waktu itulah bermulanya Melayu sedikit sebanyak kehilangan identitinya.

Satu lagi isu yang ditimbulkan oleh Najib ialah bagi UMNO untuk bersedia melakukan perubahan dalam kepimpinan UMNO di peringkat negeri-negeri. Blog ini dan banyak lagi pihak telah memberikan ingatan beberapa tahun dahulu betapa pentingnya transformasi kepimpinan negeri-negeri itu dilakukan dengan mengorbankan pemimpin-pemimpin yang tidak lagi berguna kepada parti.

Kejatuhan beberapa negeri ke tangan pembangkang pada pilihanraya yang lepas yang disebabkan oleh penolakan kepimpinan negeri adalah penyumbang terbesar sehingga UMNO/BN tidak mampu mempertahankan gelombang perubahan semasa itu.

NS merupakan sebuah lagi negeri yang amat merbahaya jika isu kepimpinan negeri tidak diberikan perhatian serius oleh parti. Zaman pucuk pimpinan untuk berseronok dengan ampuan pemimpin-pemimpin negeri yang tidak laku untuk terus menyambung kepimpinan mereka sudah berakhir. NS perlu perubahan besar jika mahu berselera untuk mendapatkan keyakinan rakyat terhadap BN khususnya UMNO.

Persoalannya sekarang, jika pemimpin-pemimpin ini diketepikan, siapa pula yang menggantikan mereka? Masalah mencari pengganti kepada yang hendak diketepikan ini merupakan isu yang sangat besar, kerana pemimpin yang sebenarnya pemimpin secara relatifnya berada di luar kepimpinan Bahagian dan Negeri.

Usaha untuk mencari benih kepimpinan di setiap Bahagian dan Cawangan sudah terabai sejak 3 dekad yang lalu sehinggakan sudah menjadi persepsi ramai bahawa pemimpin-pemimpin yang berkuasa di peringkat bahagian di seluruh negara merupakan mereka yang tidak mempunyai 'legitimacy' sebagai pemimpin.

UMNO di setiap peringkat sudah hilang segala 'connectivity'nya dengan rakyat pengundi. Sifat angkuh yang tidak mahu menerima pandangan berbeza selama ini telah terbukti menghasilkan UMNO yang kita lihat pada hari ini. Siapa yang hendak melakukan transformasi yang diidamkan oleh pucuk pimpinan pada hari ini? Siapa?

Bagaimana mereka yang perlu ditransformasikan itu melakukan transformasi? Setiap pemimpin di setiap peringkat wajar ditransformasikan dan saya tidak nampak bagaimana ianya hendak dilakukan sebab yang hendak melakukan transformasi itu pun perlu untuk direformasikan.

Persepsi rakyat sudah tidak dapat diperbaiki lagi dan secara logiknya jika transformasi hendak dilakukan pemimpin yang diperlukan untuk melakukan transformasi itu mesti datangnya dari luar barisan kepimpinan di setiap peringkat. Rakyat perlu ditunjukkan bahawa parti serius untuk berubah.

Jika pucuk pimpinan hanya meminta orang dan kepimpinan di peringkat bawahan melakukan transformasi itu ia tidak akan menjadi. Ianya akan terhempas sebelum terbang. Manusia yang patut diberikan tugas transformasi itu mestilah seorang yang dihormati masyarakat berbilang kaum dan budaya di negara ini.

Isi kandungan ucapan Presiden parti baru-baru ini banyak yang tidak perlu disebut kerana semuanya sudah lengkap di dalam Perlembagaan negara. Yang salahnya oleh kerana kepimpinan parti tidak lagi mendapat penghormatan yang sepatutnya maka masing-masing pemimpin dalam BN telah dibiarkan membuat kenyataan-kenyataan yang membayangkan BN itu tidak bersatu dengan baik.

Soi Lek dengan jelas membayangkan ketidakpuasan hati beliau terhadap kandungan ucapan Presiden UMNO itu apabila beliau meminta tidak diungkit lagi tentang bab 151, 152, 153 perlembagaan yang telah sama-sama dipersetujui oleh semua kaum semasa bekerja keras untuk mencapai kemerdekaan kita dahulu.

Soi Lek jelas mahukan peruntukan yang melibatkan keistimewaan orang Melayu itu dipinda dan diubah. Soi Lek jelas mahu perlembagaan kita patut dan perlu diubah dan dianjak. Nampaknya sikap dan pemikiran pemimpin parti kaum Cina itu tidak lagi menyokong perlembagaan kita secara terang-terangan. Mempersoalkan Perlembagaan serupalah tidak menghormati negara dengan terang kerana setiap negara akan melengkapkan Perlembagaannya setelah mendapat persetujuan ramai.

Kalau dahulu bab-bab dalam perlembagaan ini tidak dipersoalkan kenapa sekarang pula dipersoalkan? Kita bukan tidak tahu jawapan kepada soalan itu. Jawapanya ialah parti itu dan pemimpinnya sudah tidak relevan kepada bangsanya sendiri. Kenapa orang Cina tidak memberikan sokongan kepada parti itu lagi?

Jawapannya ialah kerana orang Cina memerhatikan bahawa MCA adalah parti yang bersekongkol dengan UMNO yang menjadi tunjang kepada BN tidak mempunyai kekuatan lagi, dan tidak dihormati sebagai parti yang parti yang didukung oleh orang Melayu sendiri.

Orang Melayu pula tidak lagi mahu memberikan sokongan padu kepada UMNO kerana terlalu ramai orang Melayu yang mereka tidak mempunyai faedah kepada mereka kerana faedahnya hanya diperolehi oleh hanya segelintiran orang Melayu yang mempunyai hubungan dengan mereka yang berkuasa. Walaupun mereka mempunyai keistimewaan dalam dasar-dasar yang tertentu mereka dapati yang mereka hanya mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan mereka yang berkuasa sahaja yang dapat memanfaatkan keistimewaan itu.

Pendeknya, mereka berpendapat bahawa pembahagian rezeki dan peluang bukan didasarkan kepada dasar yang ada itu, tetapi dasar itu dimanipulasi oleh mereka yang ada hubungan istimewa dengan yang berkuasa. Keadaan sudah terlalu parah sehinggakan orang Melayu sudah tidak lagi mempercayai kata-kata dan janji-janji pemimpin walaupun dasar yang digubal untuk mereka itu ada dan nyata kewujudannya. Mereka tidak salah jika membuat tekaan yang apa-apa dasar yang disebut oleh Najib dalam perhimpunan agong UMNO itu tidak akan terlaksana seperti apa yang dijanjikan.

Sebenarnya rungutan ini sudah lama kita dengari, tetapi pemimpin kita mengambil segala-galanya 'for granted'. Oleh kerana sejak berdekad orang Melayu memberikan sokongan tanpa berbelah bagi tetapi mereka dikecewakan satu demi satu. Justeru ucapan yang berbunyi seperti halalintar sekalipun amat payah untuk meyakinkan rakyat yang sudah mempunyai persepsi yang buruk terhadap kerajaan pada hari ini.

Jadi cara yang paling cocok untuk dilakukan ialah pengorbanan pimpinan yang ada pada hari ini. Jika terpaksa memberikan kepada seorang pemimpin yang mampu setidak-tidaknya untuk membawa pimpinan dari parti-parti yang berbagai di negara ini untuk berunding dan menggubal segala dasar-dasar yang baik untuk semua pihak maka ianya mesti dilakukan segera.

Kata-kata Najib yang memberikan ingatan yang kita mesti lakukan apa sahaja untuk mempertahankan Putrajaya itu merupakan satu ugutan kerana Najib tidak menyebut apa maksud beliau apabila mengatakan 'akan berbuat apa sahaja untuk mempertahankan Putrajaya' memberikan gambaran yang yang berkuasa yang akan melakukan perkara yang tidak diingini ramai asalkan sahaja kuasa berada di tangan kita.

Kata-kata itu bagi saya merupakan kata-kata yang amat merbahaya. Ianya membayangkan bahawa beliau tidak sanggup menerima keputusan rakyat dalam pilihanraya.

Kalau tidak sanggup menerima keputusan yang tidak memihak kepada kita maka cari sahaja jalan supaya kita tidak mengadakan pilihanraya lagi. Itulah sebabnya pemimpin-pemimpin kita patut dari dulu lagi mendekati perasaan rakyat dan bukannya menggunakan kuasa eksekutif semata-mata untuk kekal berkuasa.

Jika rakyat menolak kita, kita wajar menerimanya kerana kesalahan letaknya kepada kita. Kita tidak mahu menerima teguran dan terus menerus melakukan perkara yang tidak disukai orang ramai.

Apabila rakyat menolak kita kita menyalahkan semua pihak dan tidak mahu menyalahkan diri kita sendiri. PAS salah, PKR salah, Pak Lah salah, Raja Petra salah, Nik Aziz salah, Kit Siang salah, Guan Eng salah dan semua pihak salah. Yang tak pernah salah hanyalah UMNO dan BN.


Posted: 25 Oct 2010 01:16 AM PDT

From Special Weekly VOL. 510

Special Weekly 1Special Weekly 2

Najib mahu ikut Hang Tuah atau Mat Jenin?

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 11:55 PM PDT

Najib mahu ikut Hang Tuah atau Mat Jenin?

Oleh Nurul Izzah Anwar

Saya mengalu-alukan ucapan dasar presiden Umno dalam Perhimpunan Agung Umno 2010 yang menjelaskan hasrat parti itu untuk memegang ideologi yang lebih sederhana. Saya harap ahli-ahli Umno turut sama komited memegang agenda Melayu yang progresif.

Umno nampaknya mengiktiraf pendirian dan hala tuju Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Sayang sekali, cadangan indah yang dilontarkan pada pembukaan perhimpunan tidak pula disusuli dengan arus pemikiran yang sama, tetapi terbatal pula apabila Perdana Menteri menjamin penerusan agenda Melayu yang hanya memanfaatkan kumpulan tertentu dengan pengumuman penubuhan Majlis Tertinggi Agenda Bumiputera.

Sebelum ini saya pernah mencadangkan penubuhan kaukus Parlimen tentang agenda Bumiputera yang akan berperanan mengkaji dan mengeluarkan laporan penuh tentang dasar-dasar pro-Bumiputera dan juga penerima faedahnya.

Saya akan terus memanjangkan perkara ini dalam persidangan parlimen akan datang kerana saya percaya rakyat, melalui Parlimen perlu dimaklumkan hasil dasar-dasar ini. Ia bukan hak eksklusif Umno. Sebagai contoh, orang-orang Melayu ingin tahu siapa yang menerima saham-saham DEB bernilai RM53 billion. Dan mengapa pula hanya RM2 billion yang tinggal.

Siapa Melayu terpilih yang menerima majoriti kontrak kerajaan, komisyen, projek dan konsesi tol dan kemudahan awam? Adakah mereka kumpulan yang sama.

Mengapa pinjaman PTPTN tidak boleh ditukar kepada biasiswa? Saya pernah membuat cadangan ia mampu dilakukan dengan menggunakan 30 peratus keuntungan tahunan Petronas dan pembahagian semula ekuiti Bumiputera untuk dana pendidikan kebangsaan. Adakah keuntungan Petronas hanya untuk Melayu yang sudah kaya? Siapakah mereka sebenarnya? Ucapan itu akan hanya kekal sebagai satu lagi propaganda untuk menipu rakyat.

Ucapan Najib juga penuh dengan puisi, laungan perang parti, momokan dan yang paling penting pengakuan politik bahawa hak keistimewaan Melayu itu sudah termaktub dalam Perlembagaan dan kuncinya dipegang oleh Raja-Raja Melayu.

Maknanya, hak keistimewaan Melayu tetap terjamin walaupun apabila Pakatan Rakyat menjadi kerajaan.

Bagaimanapun, demi menegakkan keperluan wujudnya Umno, Perdana Menteri mungkin berasa sudah terlepas cakap dan tanpa segan silu mengisytiharkan hanya Umno yang melindungi hak Melayu dalam ucapan penggulungannya. Seperti yang disebut Perdana Menteri bahawa beliau dan para pemimpin Umno akan turun padang untuk menjelaskan kepada rakyat bahawa 'kunci istimewa' itu dipegang Raja-Raja Melayu. Itulah juga yang akan dilakukan pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat dan hakikat ini akan dijelaskan dengan lebih mendalam lagi, khususnya kepada orang-orang Melayu.

Perisytiharan terbuka tentang terjaminnya kedudukan Melayu itu telah membuka pintu politik harapan dan kebebasan dan menenggelamkan usaha menakut-nakutkan rakyat. Inilah permulaan kepada perjuangan sebenar memenangi hati orang-orang Melayu.

Dalam ucapannya juga Perdana Menteri menyebut dua nama penting dalam kebudayaan Melayu. Pahlawan Hang Tuah dan Mat Jenin yang suka berangan-angan itu.

Perdana Menteri memetik kata-kata Hang Tuah, 'Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia'. Hang Tuah pada saya adalah simbol keberanian, keadilan yang sebenarnya selari dengan pandangan Ketua Wanita Umno yang mahu mempromosikan Kemuliaan Melayu. Laksaman Hang Tuah tidak sekali-kali akan memukul curi lawannya.

Oleh itu dalam persidangan Parlimen yang masih berjalan ini, saya menggesa Perdana Menteri untuk menterjemahkan ucapannya kepada tindakan. Beliau telah berkata "Hak istimewa Melayu itu terkunci rapat dan termaktub dalam Perlembagaan." Beliau boleh sahaja meminta Parlimen menghapuskan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA), Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti dan Kolej Universiti (AUKU) dan Akta Penerbitan dan Mesin Cetak. Bukankah Umno yakin terhadap kebijaksanaan Raja-Raja Melayu yang memegang kunci perlindungan untuk seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Perdana Menteri juga berkata yang orang Melayu sudah boleh bersaing dengan yang terbaik. Maka bertindaklah untuk memastikan pilihan raya berjalan dengan adil dan bersih. Bukankah ini rentak pahlawan Hang Tuah yang bertempur dengan musuh secara adil?

Perdana Menteri turut mengisytiharkan bahawa dalam era moden ini, orang Melayu berada dalam persaingan idea. Jadi moleklah kalau kebebasan akhbar diberikan jaminan bagi mewujudkan masyarakat yang berpengetahuan. Disinilah akan berlakunya tempat pertembungan idea.

Biarlah ketiga-tiga perkara ini menjadi ujian kepada Presiden Umno sama ada dia ingin mengambil sifat berani dan adil Hang Tuah atau sekadar mengikut jejak langkah Mat Jenin. Mengikut ceritanya, Mat Jenin terjatuh dari pokok kelapa kerana sibuk berangan untuk membina istana (yang mungkin diubahsuai dengan kos RM65 juta).

Kalau Mat Jenin yang dipilih Perdana Menteri, eloklah Umno simpan sahaja Putrajaya, biar rakyat mengambil semula negara mereka.


Program di Bayan Baru sebelum balik ke KL :)

Posted: 23 Oct 2010 11:38 PM PDT

Bergambar dgn wanita keadilan di Bayan baru, sebelum bergegas untuk maghrib dan perjalanan pulang

Ulamak muktabar wajib bersuara menegur pemimpin politik!

Posted: 25 Oct 2010 08:33 AM PDT

"Ulama tak mahu campur politik!"


IPOH 24 Okt. - Sikap membisu kebanyakan ulama di negara ini adalah disebabkan mereka tidak mahu terlibat dalam mana-mana parti politik.

Mufti Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria (gambar) berkata, sebagai pihak yang menjurus kepada soal-soal keagamaan, adalah lebih baik jika mereka tidak dikaitkan dalam urusan itu.

"Saya pun tidak suka bercakap soal politik, saya bercakap tentang perpaduan orang Melayu," katanya ketika dihubungi di sini, hari ini.

Beliau diminta mengulas kenyataan wakil Perak, Datuk Rosli Husin ketika membentangkan usul agama dan pendidikan dalam Perhimpunan Agung UMNO semalam yang mahu institusi agama bijak menangani isu berkaitan agama terutama yang ditimbulkan parti pembangkang agar mereka tidak dilihat seperti dilanda 'sindrom bisu.'

Rosli bimbang, jika isu-isu yang dibangkitkan itu tidak segera diperjelaskan kepada rakyat, ia boleh menimbulkan perpecahan umat serta persepsi negatif terhadap Islam.

Dalam hubungan ini, katanya lagi, Majlis Agama Islam di negeri-negeri perlu agresif dan senada ketika memberi penjelasan berkaitan soal hukum dan fatwa agar difahami umum.

Menurut Harussani, beliau sering menjadi sasaran parti-parti pembangkang apabila berusaha membantu menjelaskan sesuatu isu.

"Bila saya kena hentam, tiada siapa pun bantu saya. Tetapi disebabkan saya bercakap atas kepentingan Melayu, saya tak kisah," katanya.


Begitulah laporan suratkhabar tentang ulasan Mufti Perak Sahibus Samahah Tan Sri Dato Dr Harussani Zakaria tentang kenyataan Wakil UMNO Perak Datuk Rosli Husin bahawa para ulamak haruslah memainkan peranan yang lebih aktif menangani isu berkaitan agama yang di timbulkan parti pembangkang agar para ulamak tidak kelihatan sebagai terkena sindrom bisu!

Bagi saya, pendapat Tan Sri Harussani bahawa para ulama mengambil sikap membisu terhadap isu isu yang ditimbulkan oleh parti parti politik supaya mereka tidak mahu terlibat didalam mana mana parti politik adalah salah.

Salah kerana peranan ulama muktabar melangkaui kepentingan politik baik yang melibatkan pemerintah mahupun pembangkang.

Ulama sebenar wajib berdiri teguh memperjuangkan kalimah Allah dan Ad Deenul Islam tanpa memperbezakan mana mana pihak yang menyentuh apa apa perkara yang berkaitan dengan kesyumulan Islam dan sebarang perkara yang bersangkut paut dengan hal ehwal Islam dan kehidupan umat Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Tidak bererti bagi seseorang alim ulama untuk terus memegang mana mana jawatan ketua jabatan atau kementerian yang memantau hal ehwal Islam mengambil sikap berdiam diri atau memejamkan mata, memekakkan telinga dan diam membisu bilamana timbul sebarang permasaalahan berkaitan Agama Islam kita dipersada kebangsaan tanpa membezakan akan siapakah dia yang mengutarakan masaalah tersebut samada dari pihak pemerintah sendiri, pembangkang mahupun badan badan bukan kerajaan atau individu?

Ulama yang mengambil sikap berdiam diri dan tidak mahu ikut campor didalam menangani apa apa isu berkaitan Agama Islam kerna tidak mahu terlibat didalam politik hanya ulama su'.

Ulama su' yang mengkhianati amanah dan kepercayaan ummah terhadap mereka dan hanya bersuara bilamana merasakan selamat bagi mereka untuk berlaku demikian di atas dasar tidak mahu berselisih faham atau pendapat dengan pemerintah. Didalam lain pengertian inilah dia 'Ulama Cari Makan'.

Salah silap pemerintah dia buat tak tahu je. Takut kena pecat jika berani bising. 

Apalah gunanya ada 'ulama 'rubberstamp' begini? Asyik dok 'Na`am Na`am' memanjang?

Kita tidak perlukan ulama sedemikian.

Ulama begitu eloklah meletakkan jawatan kerana tidak ada gunanya ia memegang jawatan sebagai mufti atau ketua jabatan agama Islam tetapi diam membisu seribu bahasa dari bersuara menegakkan yang makruf dan mencegah yang mungkar tak kiralah samada kemungkaran dan kemaksiatan itu dilakukan pihak pemerintah ataupun Baginda Tuanku Tuanku Sultan dan Raja Melayu sekalipun!

Ulama yang diam tidak bersuara menyatakan yang hak terhadap mana mana pemerintah yang tersasar tersilap didalam pemerintahan mereka sama sama bersyubahat didalam kerja kerja maksiat tersebut dan tidak layak memimpin umat Islam didalam hal ehwal mereka.

Saya sudah seringkali menulis menegur para pemerintah supaya mengemaskan hal ehwal rumahtangga mereka terlebih dahulu sekiranya mahu rakyat jelata mengikuti suruhan mereka tetapi sayangnya amat sedikit diantara mereka yang kononnya 'Ulul 'Amri kita yang mahu memerintah isteri masing masing menutup aurat dan menjalani kehidupan sebagai Muslimin dan Muslimat sebenar di tanahair ini.

Para pemerintah negara dan negeri serta kementerian itu dan ini kokok berderai derai di pentas politik tanahair berpekik bagaikan panglima Melayu dan Mujahidin Islam tetapi isteri masing masing bertabarruj macam nak mampos, rambut dikepala masing masing bagaikan singa Afrika semberono terjongos dengan jambul mengalahkan mendiang Elvis Presley!

Tak ada seorang pun mufti atau mereka yang menggelarkan diri sebagai ulama Melayu Muslim seMalaysia pernah diberitakan menegur kekhilafan pemimpin politik seperti ini sekian lama ini.

Sila tunjukkan pada saya dan sesama Islam di Malaysia ini akan bukti teguran mufti atau ulama muktabar Malaysia jika ada?

Saya sedia menarik balik artikel ini dan menyusun jari sepuluh memohon maaf kepada ulama berkenaan secara umum di sini!!!

Ramai yang mengirim emel kepada saya meminta saya menulis menegur isteri Perdana Menteri Malaysia kerna menjadi peneraju Festival Fesyen Islam yang tak seIslam mana pun malah menjadi bahan maki hamun kebanyakan umat Islam yang tersinggung dengan cara pendedahan aurat para model antarabangsa di Monte Carlo memperagakan dada dan aurat aurat yang lain secara paling biadap tetapi di raikan sebagai 'fesyen Islam'!!!

Islam siapa?

Jika penerajunya sendiri sudah togel rambut macam singa Afrika macam mana lah nak di harapkan penganjur festival fesyen 'Islam' itu nak memastikan fesyen fesyen yang diperagakan itu menepati piawaian apa yang kita semua sudah terima sebagai busana Muslimin dan Muslimah?

Tengok lah siapa penganjur nya?

Macamanalah intipatinya hendak menepati Syariat Islam jika acuannya sudah memang tidak memenuhi ciri ciri fesyen Muslimin dan Muslimat itu sendiri?

Mana ada suara mufti memperbincangkan perkara ini secara terbuka dengan kedudukan dan kuasa yang diperuntukkan baginya menangani perkara perkara melibatkan maruah ummah seperti ini?

Tak ada kedengaran apa apa pun!

Maka tidak salahlah sekiranya ada yang menuduh para mufti dan ulama kita sebagai mereka yang makan gaji buta!!!

Apa mufti mufti kita mahu digelar begitu?

Setakat dunia ni bolehlah nak membisu, tunggulah sahaja akan azab Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bilamana meninggal dunia nanti?

Di dunia ini boleh lah nak glamor macam itu dan ini, siap sampai ke tanah kubur pun tak hendak kalah didalam menonjolkan kedudukan duniawi masing masing.

Kat Tanah Perkuburan Mont Kiara dan Jalan Ampang, gah kubur kubur orang yang kononnya VVIP dan VIP, siap meninggikan dinding kubur masing masing dengan marmar itu dan ini, batu nisan siap berukir dengan pangkat dan kedudukan masing masing selama dok hidup, dengan gelaran gelaran kebesaran berjela dipahat sebagai tanda prestij simati, siap dengan 'carpet grass' nya dan bunga bunga hidup ditaruh didalam pasu kristal diganti saban hari oleh penjaga kubur yang dibayar upahnya!

Hello brader! Bilamana sahaja kita yang mengiringi jenazah beredar pergi dari kubur tuan tuan mufti, ulama gitu gini, maka akan datanglah Sayyidina Mungkar dan Naqir menghampiri tuan.

Dia tak ambil 'pot' tentang siapa tuanhamba?

Tan Sri ke Tun ke, dia peduli apa?

Maka akan di soal siasat lah akan tuanhamba, para mufti yang tak mahu mengambil tahu akan hal ehwal duniawi selama memegang jawatan sedemikian dan alpa terhadap tugas dan tanggungjawab memimpin ummah dan menegur para pemerintah selama tempoh tuan tuan bertugas?

Jawablah nanti 'Ana tak campor politik!'

Tengok apa respons mereka kelak?

Bertugas lah kerana Allah!

Jangan dok buat raplah!

Anti-logging protest: Govt must be sincere

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 02:30 PM PDT

From Lawrence, via e-mail

I refer to the report, 'Ibans defending NCR land accused of arson'. The fire has definitely created a big issue and is difficult or messy for the poor longhouses folk to explain.

If the government is sincere in helping the rakyat and the company concerned to clear the air and to identify the culprits, a forensic team from Bomba and a third party should be deployed to conduct detailed investigations before the evidence is destroyed.

Those businessman and politicians who have muscles and mountains at their back normally just bulldoze through to get what they want, without much attention to the rakyat's grievances and suffering.

The logs disaster in Rejang river is a classic example. Till now, none of the nominated Wakil Rakyat has the guts to speak up for the people.

They would rather play 'wayang kulit' to show their concern through photos appearing in the news without an answer to who is the culprit is and find a solution to the problem.

The intensive legal and illegal logging has brought down this beautiful and exotic Land of Hornbills near to extinction.


Ibans defending NCR land accused of arson

Web-based polls not an accurate barometer of public sentiments

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 02:28 PM PDT

From Charles F Moreira, via e-mail

I refuse to have a Facebook account, so my signature is not there. However, I object to this 100-storey tower and will sign a paper petition with full name and IC number if it's organised by DAP, PKR, PAS, PSM or a non-Sorosite NGO for formal presentation to the prime minister.

I also wonder what official basis this petition on Facebook has compared to a formally signed petition delivered to the authorities, apart from demonstrating that over 100,000 people oppose the tower.

Based upon past experience of web-based polls, the BN government should have lost the elections a long time ago but it has not, even though it lost its two-thirds majority by a small margin in March 2008.

So web-based polls aren't all that accurate a barometer of public feeling, but rather is an indication of the feelings of people who have online access, who visit a certain site and who bother to take part in any polls there.

Anyway, some may argue that the funds for this tower come from PNB and is not taxpayers' money but with PNB being a GLC the money or much of it indirectly is taxpayers' money.

However, citizens of Malaysia such as myself, have every right to object to construction in our areas.

For example, I was one of the residents of Section 14, PJ who objected to the construction of Millennium Square nearby, albeit unsuccessfully, especially as the then Petaling Jaya Town Council was under a BN state government of Selangor.

I attended public meetings (taklimat) with the Petaling Jaya Town Council (then MPPJ) and it had representatives of the developer there to give all their excuses, and the MPPJ clearly seemed to favour the developer.

Some argued that such residents are 'short sighted' as they do not see the appreciation in the value of their properties as a result, but for people like myself, money isn't everything. Instead I place greater value on the peace and serenity of my neighbourhood.

For example, now that Millennium Square is built, there is much traffic congestion, with cars parked, quite often illegally, along Jalan 14/15 (Dato' Abdul Jamil Rais) and on the corners of adjoining roads, as the eateries and pubs in the building attract lots of patrons.

Unfortunately, even the now Pakatan Rakyat government of Selangor hasn't done much about it either. However, I for one don't patronise these eateries and bars, unless to meet a friend when requested to, which is rare.

In another case, the residents around the Jalan Telawi, part of Bangsar, objected to the nightlife activities going on there and it's very much reduced today, thanks to the residents' opposition.

Back then, that Bangsar was a 'hip, hype and happening' place for wannabe-yuppies, many from outside the area to be seen in but thankfully, it's pretty dead now, thanks perhaps to the hard economic times as well.

When I was a boy back in the 1960s, there was a delightful children's playground close to what was called Jalan Davidson and a nice litle gazebo with a sundial across the road from Stadium Merdeka.

If the government wants to build something there, why not a public park or a green space instead of this building.

In the 1990s there was talk about the lepak (loafing) problem among youth in shopping malls. Well why is that, if not that the youth increasingly have fewer and fewer open places to go for healthy recreation.

Look at that vacant piece of land in Brickfields next to the YMCA, which has been fenced up since the late 1990s, supposedly for some building. That was a field owned by a club once but why not it be turned into a public field (padang).

Look at Sentul West, a huge vacant piece of land where Malayan Railways used to be. It's now a gated area on which some old buildings and the KL Performing Arts Centre now stands at one end of it. Why not that space be used as a public park for the people of Sentul?

Look at the former grounds of the Bukit Bintang Girl's School on which the Pavilion shopping mall now sits. Why was that not made into a public park or green space for the people of Bukit Bintang?

Yes, we should get rid of the self-serving BN government but at the same time, besides the high-profile 100-floor tower, the opposition parties don't seem to be making an issue about these other places either.

On another note, most unfortunately, based upon my past experience, there will be public opposition to these building projects but once they are built, the opposition soon abates.

Back in the early 1980s, there was opposition to the construction of Dayabumi but now it's not only forgotten but quite often not even noticed, well not by me at least.

There was opposition to the construction of the Petronas Twin Towers but look now how popular Suria KLCC is with locals and tourists. Also look at how young people hang out at Pavilion.

People soon forget or the people who don't protest are the ones who end up going there and the BN government knows this.

The only solution is to get rid of the BN government and make sure that its replacement lives up to its promises to serve the interests of the people and above all listens to the people, not to business interests.


No tower please, we're Malaysians

Think carefully and act wisely, the future begins now

Posted: 24 Oct 2010 02:27 PM PDT

From Pakac Luteb, via e-mail

Individual social responsibility is the concept that each of us who is of sound mind, whether we act alone or as part of a group, is responsible for our actions (or inaction) and the resultant consequences to ourselves and others.

If we want the consequences to be a peaceful with a harmonious society which can flourish economically and socially, there are certain guidelines: Don't be smug, even if your mind is blazingly fast, and your intelligence is about twice average and you're a member of Mensa.

Don't be smug, even if you own hundreds of hectares of prime land. Don't be smug, even if your nett worth exceeds the GDP of some countries.

Don't be racist, people don't get to choose their skin colour or shape of their nose. Don't be anti-gay or anti-lesbian, others don't choose their sexual orientation any more than you chose to be straight.

Don't be xenophobic, the world has many countries and cultures. Don't be misogynist, people don't choose their gender. Don't obey unlawful orders. Do listen to other's opinions, you don't have a monopoly on good ideas.

Do help a blind person cross a busy road. Do use resources wisely, earth is not growing any larger, therefore earth's resources are finite and fixed. Already people use too much of earth's resources, for example the population of fish in the ocean that we depend on for our food has already declined by 90%!

It's obvious that as population increases the quantum of resources available to each person decreases. Do have small families, one or two children. I wanted one, my excuse for the second one is the condom broke. Sorry.

Much of the resources individuals depend on is not controlled by the individuals dependent on the resource, more often the resource is controlled by corporations and governments. That's particularly true in the case of rivers, upstream activitieswhich impact people downstream.

With control of a resource comes responsibility for the welfare of the people dependent on the resource. For example, Taib Mahmud, his family and the timber companies in Sarawak are responsible for the welfare of the Penan.

They are also responsible for any consequences, such as environmental damage, resulting from their actions or inaction.

People in corporations and politicians are accustomed to thinking short-term, the next quarter, year or election. They have no choice but to think that way, but they must also consider how their actions will have an impact over the next 50 years at least.

Their old age and the lives of their children and grandchildren will be affected by their decisions.

Think carefully and act wisely, the future begins now.

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