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Rozali Tak Datang Mesyuarat. Lepas tu Tuduh Kerajaan Negeri Tindas Kontraktor Melayu

Rozali Tak Datang Mesyuarat. Lepas tu Tuduh Kerajaan Negeri Tindas Kontraktor Melayu

Rozali Tak Datang Mesyuarat. Lepas tu Tuduh Kerajaan Negeri Tindas Kontraktor Melayu

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 02:30 PM PDT

Pengerusi Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Selangor, Tan Sri Rozali Ismail baru-baru ini membuat kenyataan kononnya kontraktor Melayu ketinggalan dalam projek-projek pembangunan di negeri-negeri yang diperintah Pakatan Rakyat.

Sebelum ini Malaysiawaves telah pun mendedahkan betapa Tan Sri Rozali Ismail ini men dapat gaji yang lebih tinggi dari CEO Bank of China kerana beliau adalah CEO SYABAS. Soalan saya kepada Tan Sri Rozali adalah duit siapakah yang membayar gaji beliau RM5.1 juta setahun? Bukankah itu duit dari Kerajaan Negeri Selangor? Bagaimanakah beliau boleh kata beliau dipinggir?
(Nota: Bank of China adalah Bank yang ketiga terbesar DI DUNIA. Namun, gaji CEO mereka JAUHHHHH lebih rendah dari gaji Tan Sri Rozali Ismail di SYABAS)

Pendedahan terbaru YB Teresa Kok menunjukkan Tan Sri Rozali TIDAK HADZIR dalam kesemua mesyuarat yang dianjurkan kerajaan negeri bersama DPMMS. Soalan saya seterusnya, bagaimanakah kebajikan dan suara para kontraktor Melayu hendak didengari oleh kerajaan Negeri Selangor sekiranya Tan Sri Rozali ponteng semua mesyuarat dengan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor?

Hakikatnya, untuk menutup pekung sendiri biasanya puak2 UMNO akan menuduh orang lain jahat. Perkara yang sama kita lihat dalam isu2 yang ditangai UMNO sebelum ini. Misalnya, dalam isu peniaga2 MElayu di KOMTAR. Isu yang dibawa UMNO adalah isu penindasan orang Melayu. Hakikatnya, isunya adalah sewa yang tidak dibayar.

Bagi saya, 10 benda orang UMNO cakap, 10 kita tak boleh percaya.

TUlang Besi

And here is the rest of it.

The Nation My Country

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 02:25 PM PDT

The Nation My Country
The chinese written language is one of the oldest language in the world which had been traced back to more than 3000 years ago of the oracle bones inscription from the Shang dynasty and its origin is today still widely debated as some scholars are of the opinion that written language has existed in China much more earlier.

There are many archaeological evidence of earlier written language of China like the discovery of the "Ningxia" cliff carvings of some 8000 different characters dating back to 6000 to 5000 BC (about 8000 years ago) which are reported to be similar to the oracle bone writings of the Shang dynasty.
The earlier written characters are progressively describe as pictogram, ideograms and logograms and basically means that the characters developed from pictures and images to represents an entire idea, concept or precept.

Today psychological studies has proven that pictures or images could deliver and carry an influencing and lasting message much more so and is faster than words. The student of political strategies should understand this concept, remember that "A Picture Paints a Thousand Words". This brings me back to the year 2004 in the USA in the Presidential Election between George Bush and John Kerry where Bush emerge the clear victor. There is this debate during that time amongst students of strategy on the Bush campaign where for the first time in an election there was no main campaign Slogan but lots of very subtle images were used all throughout the campaign that mostly went unnoticed by the John Kerry camp. (We will discuss this strategic approach in other postings and for now we shall return to the history and philosophy of chinese writtings).
What is unique and distinct to the chinese language is that they are cognates and are pronounced differently from different languages or dialects, the dialects are actually a language by itself. So, the written language would be spoken differently like in Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew, Hainan and etc.

The "Chinese Almanac" states that there are 90 over different races in China and in 1998 a study was initiated and lead by the chinese academy of medical science which conducted generic samples of the major races and their studies show that there are generic differences of the 56 ethnic groups especially of the people in the north and south of the Yangtze river.

China is of multi ethnicity and languages with the written language as the unifying medium, a written article in China would be universal and understood by all different races and yet today in China all are known and recognised as a Chinese. However the modern chinese will still describe themselves as a northerner or a southerner chinese but a chinese they will call themselves and nothing else. The people of China will not identify themselves as a hokkien or a cantonese but at most say that they come from Fujian (Hokkien) or Guangchou (Canton) region, the chinese in china will never say that they are a hokkien or a cantonese.
The written characters or text of the chinese language are a picture word or as my preference description as an image word. The written characters records historical events and are of philosophical inclination and should be read in context unlike the western alphabetical system where it is read word for word.
In 1956 and 1964 the Chinese government promoted the use of simplified texts of the written characters and as todate you will find the simplified text used in China and Singapore and partly used in Malaysia whereas Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau still use the Traditional texts. The traditional text are where you will find the intrinsic or essential historical and philosophical values or qualities.

And as such let us examine the philosophical qualities and the wisdom of the chinese character for a "Nation and Country". The character of a nation/country is a compound word of the combination of the character for "State" and "Family" as follows:


The first character on the left with the box is the character for "guo" meaning state/country and the other character is "jia" the character for family. And in combination they literally mean a country of families which gives you the compound word for "Nation".

We could break down the characters further to see what wisdom lies in within as follows:


The character for state or country "guo" consist of an outer square or box signifying the boundary of a country and in within this boundary the character on the right is "ge" meaning spear or signify weapons that is required to protect the country.


There are two other character in "guo" and they are mouth (kou) and the other character is one or single (yi).

The character "guo" reads as a country requires defence (spear or "ge") of its boundary to protect the people in within who are united as one (mouth "kou" signify the people above one "yi" meaning in unity as one people of the country).

Lets look at the character for family "jia".

The etymology for "jia" (family) is quite simply; A pig under a roof . The top character (mi) meaning cover as in roof and the character below "chu" (pig) that makes up the word for "jia" or family.

You see, the pig is one of the earlier animals domesticated in ancient china and it has been estimated that more than 7000 years ago the pig live in the house with the families. The interpretation is that the pig symbolizes happiness,intelligence, good health, productivity and prosperity as a representation of an ideal family in a nation.

The word for Nation or Country is "guo-jia" that is significant of good governance that brings all the people together as one big family under the peaceful protection of those who rule according happiness and prosperity to all within its borders.

The chinese philosophy is that the country comes first and without a country there will not be much of a family.

"There lies my country and in there lies my home (family) where you will find my farm on my land where I toil."
"It matters not what I am or who I am but it matters where my family am and where they are is where my home is and there lies my country and I will die for my country."
"The Strength of a Nation is Derived From the Integrity of the Family" - confucius-
Note: "Guo-Jia" is commonly refers to as country.

That Anarchist Namewee Again! Part 2

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 12:54 PM PDT

I am not particularly a fan of Khairi Jamaluddin but in the case of Namewee I seem to be in agreement with his opinion. My position on Namewee remains the same; two wrongs do not make one right. 

My previous blogpost on Namewee was posted before KJ's comment on the same appeared in Malaysiakini about 2 hours later. 

I concur that Siti Inshah and her other colleague must be made accountable and more importantly Malaysians at large must be told how those comments came about. They give the teaching profession a bad name and the incidents must not repeat. malaysian children are after all 1Malaysia children.

As for Namewee, lets make an example of him as a lesson for all the Chinese racists in Malaysia.

This was what KJ said:

KJ nails down contentious line in Namewee's song
Sep 1, 10 5:36pm

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin believes that Wee Meng Chee @ Namewee's overt insinuation that Malays played a minor role in Malaysia's economic growth was racist in nature.

The lyrics to the song 'Nah' which had landed Wee into trouble with the police contains a line in Malay which reads: "You tak baca? Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?" (Don't you know? Who made Malaysia prosperous?)

In a statement today, Khairy (right) said that Wee's assertion in attempt to criticise school principal Siti Inshah Mansor for recently uttering racial remarks against Malaysia's minorities were inapproriate.

"The implication (here is) that the Chinese are the reason for Malaysia's prosperity and as such Malays like Siti Inshah have no business asking the Chinese to 'return' to China.

"The same message could have easily been conveyed by stating that no one should be telling anyone else to 'return' because Malaysia belongs to all its citizens without suggesting that a particular ethnic group has contributed more or less," he said.

"Malays not being too sensitive"

Khairy argued that Wee's actions has instead now exposed himself as a racist.

"Now, my position on the Siti Inshah matter is crystal clear. If she did utter the words as claimed, she should be severely punished.

"But let there be no doubt, Namewee's insinuation that the Chinese are solely responsible for this country's growth is just as blatantly offensive.

"Neither is it a question of Malays being too sensitive. Hurt and anger are to be expected when one community is essentially told they play a minimal role in this country's progress," added Khairy.

Citing an example on how Wee's (left) argument was counterproductive, Khairy said others may be inclined to say that the Chinese should be eternally grateful to the Malays for their citizenship.

"He or she would be mistaken of course, but the point is we cannot allow dis-empathy to feed on itself. We cannot let this vicious cycle go on in perpetuity.

"We cannot play the game of the extremists and the racists on both sides of the spectrum if we are to forge a better path than what they offer,"
he said.
We know he won't vote BN, but...

"I am utterly against extremism, dis-empathy, insensitivity and racism of any kind - I have spoken out against the likes of Perkasa, Al-Islam magazine and Siti Inshah, often at great political risk.

"And today I am speaking out against Namewee, not because of his race, religion or even the probability that he will not vote BN. But because he was explicitly insulting."

Wee's latest video has sparked a deluge of complaints and slew of police reports.

Last night, he was grilled for nearly three hours at a police station in Petaling Jaya where his statements were recorded.

According to the police, Wee is being investigated for sedition.

Listen to Yudhoyono

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 10:36 AM PDT

We wont go to war with Indonesia. There wont be any. Malaysia and Indonesia are like brothers. We share many special and common assets. Issues pertaining to our border dispute can be ironed out anytime and without prejudice.

So, why must there still be protest in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta? This time around, it involved thousands of university students. And why didnt Malaysians 'reciprocate' by hurling human feces to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

And why didnt there any reports about any Indonesians became victims of tit-for-tat in Malaysia?

There are more than two million Indonesians in Malaysia - some entered the country legally while the rest through back doors. They are safe, their security guaranteed not only by the government but also by Malaysians. So, we just dont understand why they are still against us.

Let's listen to Presiden Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono who described Indonesia-Malaysia relations as most important (read

Yudhoyono said the two nations have historical and cultural relation and "We have the responsibility to nurture and continue this brotherhood," a relation which Yudhoyono claimed as the important pilar in the big family of ASEAN on which the four decades of robust growth of the region is based.

"At least two million of our fellow countrymen work in Malaysia, about 13,000 Indonesian students are studying in Malaysia and about 6,000 Malaysian student study in Indonesia. Malaysian tourists are the third largest coming into the country, and Malaysia has 285 investment projects in Indonesia in the last five years worth US$1.2 billion," he said in an address to his irritated nation last night.

So, to Indonesians and Malaysians - listen to Yudhoyono. He is among the best leaders both countries ever had.

Bersihkan tahi-tahi , hilanglah ulat-ulat tahi

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 11:41 AM PDT

Untuk membawa perubahan kepada sesebuah negara bukan setakat mengubah dasar yang mungkin diterima rakyat tetapi yang lebih penting lagi ialah siapa yang hendak melaksanakan perubahan kepada dasar-dasar tersebut dengan betul.

Jika dasar yang sudah ditolak rakyat ia tidak semestinya boleh diubati dengan hanya mengubah haluan dasar yang tertulis diatas kerta secara hitam putih. Banyak dasar selama ini adalah dasar yang baik, tetapi perlaksanaannya tidak dilakukan dengan baik oleh pelaksananya maka dasar itu gagal untuk mencapai matlamatnya.

Dalam zaman sekarang ramai ahli-ahli politik dan penggubal dasar telah lari dari fungsi mereka yang sebenarnya. Disetiap Kementerian misalnya Ketua Setiusaha Kementerian itu adalah ketua kepada pelaksana itu dan dialah yang bertanggungjawab untuk melaksanakan apa yang telah digubal oleh penggubal dasar khususnya dasar yang berkait dengan Kementeriannya.

DiKementerian yang sama, ada Menterinya serta Tmbalan-Timbalannya dan mereka ini adalah wakil kepada penggubal dasar tersebut. Tugas seorang Menteri ialah untuk memantau pegawai-pegawai pelaksana mereka itu menjalankan tugas selari dengan dasar yang telah digubal oleh penggubal dasar yang mereka adalah diantaranya.

Menteri itu ditugaskan untuk mempastikan tidak ada perkara yang tidak baik seperti rasuah dan salah gunakuasa dilakukan oleh pelaksana dibawah mereka. Mereka merupakan mata dan telinga kepada rakyat agar pelaksana tidak melanggar dasar yang telah digubal dengan niat yang baik itu.

Jika tata cara pelaksanaannya dilaksanakan dengan baik maka tidak akan ada elemen-elemen yang tidak baik sperti kegiatan rasuah dan salah guna kuasa berlaku disetiap Kementerian dan jabatan-jabatan kerajaan. Tetapi kenapa rasuah tetap juga berlaku sedangkan disetiap Kementerian ada Menterinya yang mewakili rakyat bagi menjaga serta memantau harta benda rakyat tidak dicuri melalui rasuah dan salah guna kuasa tadi?

Menteri-menteri mesti ingat yang mereka diletakkan oleh rakyat untuk memperjuangkan nasib mereka sekarang dan masa depan untuk mereka dan melindungi mereka dari apa-apa yang boleh merosakkan kehidupan dan masa depan mereka dan generasi yang akan datang dalam negara ini.

Mereka diletakkan diKementerian-Kementerian itu dengan dibayar upah yang besar; gaji yang lumayan. Minyak kereta rakyat yang bayar, sewa rumah rakyat yang bayar, pemandu rakyat yang bayar serta bibik-bibik dan pekerja buruh dirumah pun rakyat yang bayar. Pinjaman rumah yang besar diberikan tanpa membayar faedah keatas pinjaman tersebut.

Perjalanan menggunakan pesawat duduknya dikelas pertama. Cuti tahunan kelas pertama juga dibayar oleh rakyat. Malahan semuanya ditanggung oleh rakyat yang telah mengeluarkan darah dan keringat mengisi kantung kerajaan.

Tetapi pemimpin ini yang diangkat menjadi Menteri untuk memagar harta rakyat tidak melaksanakan tugas malah mereka bersekongkol dengan pelaksana yang rasuah untuk projek-projek besar rakyat sambil mengambil kesempatan untuk menagih keuntungan peribadi bersama. Maka berlakulah apa yang dikatakan oleh perbilangan, 'harapkan pagar, pagar memakan padi'.

Oleh kerana itu pegawai kerajaan pun tidak lagi memberikan penghormatan kepada mereka walaupun mereka adalah diantara penggubal dasar dan undang-undang negara. Keadaan seperti ini sudah berlarutan sehingga tidak ada kawalan atau pun tidak ada siapa yang layak lagi untuk mengawalnya. Maka pegawai-pegawai dan kakitangan kerajaan juga merupakan sumber sokongan pembangkan didalam beberapa pilihanraya yang lalu.

Apabila rasuah itu sudah menjadi 'kemestian' dan seperti 'kemestian mengambil sarapan pagi, maka wujudlah satu budaya rasuah yang diterima oleh masyarakat dan kerja hina ini sudah tidak dipandang hina lagi. Bagi mereka yang berkuasa, bernama dan bergelar kerja rasuah mereka kadangkala di tutup oleh pihak-pihak penguat kuasa kerana kuasa besar yang ada pada mereka.

Mencuri wang rakyat melalui projek-projek runding terus terus berlaku sehingga sekarang. Rasuah idak boleh lagi dipisahkan dari sanubari mereka dan ia tidak mungkin dapat dihapuskan dengan mudah. Jika mereka tidak mengambil rasuah mereka dianggap tidak pandai menggunakan kuasa kononnya. Hidup mereka tidak boleh lagi berada dalam keadaan dan 'environment' yang bersih lagi. Kehidupan mereka sudah seperti ulat tahi.

Ulat tahi tidak boleh hidup dalam keadaan bersih dan ulat-ulat ini hanya selesa hidup didalam tahi yang kotor itu sahaja. Kalau ulat-ulat tahi ini dikeluarkan dari tahi itu ianya akan mati dalam sekelip mata.

Itulah sebabnya kalau kita hendak menghilangkan ulat-ulat dalam tahi itu maka kita mesti buang semua tahi-tahi ini sehingga bersih. Hilang tahi hilanglah ulat-ulat tahinya.

The Little Prince on Desi's mind...

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 09:44 AM PDT

At midnight this writer somehow is bugged by recollections of The Little Prince...I believe he's trying to say something to Desiderata. I'll ruminate over it for today,but meanwhile, I reprise:

Friday, April 08, 2005
The Little Prince

To that Special Someone on writing A Beautiful Mind this morning, I recall:

"And now here's my secret, a very simple secret. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." *** from The Little Prince

“Loyalty Betrayal”

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 09:19 AM PDT

In politics there has always been "The Truth of Inconveniece' There are many things which should not be hung for public viewing and in mosts cases it will be swept and covered literally.

The trusts of the chief executive of the state upon his fellow colleagues to abide within the boundaries of the law should never be questioned. But when ones term of office is nearing the end and cracks are seemingly visible there will be some who will suddenly be seizing upon the opportunity to be "turncoats"

In the case of Sarawak and Sabah CM in the past few months the people who both of them trusted are beginning to look elsewhere and has begun to show their true colours. They had FAITH in the very institution they believe in and for mosts of them "survival' means to disclose the acts of their present paymasters and maybe they might just even escape being strunged up with a noose on their necks.These are mostly for their SELFISH ENDS or a big paycheck.

The dirty world of politics does not take any prisoners. Most legislators would have to stand out and be counted. There is also NO SUCH THING AS BEING LOYAL. It doesn't take much for any one to figure how the opposition or the MACC get hold of the official or secret documents. Most of the people involved would just cut FLAK in order to live to fight another day.

The present Chief Minister of Sarawak and Sabah are facing their toughest battle but they are both very useful and commands respect due to the present political scenario. The ones who has so far been seen to betray the loyalty of both of them will soon be FLUSHED OUT.

The detractors will know that there is only one hiding place for them to feel safe. Figure this one out yourself. Until both of the CMs get a new mandate from the people of Sarawak and Sabah with overwhelming majority and confidence the act of betrayal will still rear its ugly head.

BN and Pakatan leaders are watching both these states with eagles eyes and ready to pounce at the slightest opportunity which presents itself. LDP Sabah now is beginning to show its colours against Musa while certain factions within SUPP are not too happy with Taib. The faith shown by PMNajib to these two under attack CMs has been very clear. He will not betray both of them for the benefit of the some opportunists within the coalition itself.

The BN and in fact Pakatan are playing the same tune that they will stick and swim with the loyalists instead of those who play to the tune and sound of "A Betrayer' The undercovers also have their shelflife and those who show their colours especially with "Loyalty Brand " will be the toss of the people and the parties concerned.

So who amongst the ones in Sarawak and Sabah will earn the Tag of a loyalists. So who will be the betrayer.


Blogger to do battle in court tomorrow?

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 07:34 AM PDT

Blogger Hassan Skodeng is to be charged in court tomorrow. Wish i can attend the court proceedings to see what the whole thing is all about. Its not often that bloggers are charged in court. If I can get away from the morning meeting, I'll make my way there. I must admit that I've not been following the young man's musings in his blog but I understand that it's full of satire. If so, being charged in court is not a funny thing. Whatever it is, let's not pre-judge the matter. Let's see what the court says. Once the charge is known, then we'll form our own opinion. Rockybru have more details.


Posted: 01 Sep 2010 04:46 AM PDT

Story to follow.
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The 'dirty' business of menstruation?

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 05:26 AM PDT

Great stuff! As an ignorant male I've just learnt a few stuff about menstruation, yup, the women's period, menstruation, a word that Hishamuddin Tun Hussein didn't have the guts to lay out in plain language.

Our dear Minister, who has a natural flair for putting his foot into his own mouth every time he opens it, had condemned Serdang ADUN Teo Nie Ching (DAP) as too 'dirty' to enter a surau (mind you, at the invitation of the mosque authority) to present some money to her constituency.

Everyone knows what he meant by the label 'dirty' though of course we wonder how he (Hishamuddin, scion of an illustrious family) knew Teo was then having her period– no no, no thank you please, I don't want to know how Hishamuddin knew.

There seems to be a fascination by UMNO pollies for the subject of menstruation. Do you recall the Bocor-ites?

The notorious one-eye arsehole bloke from Jasin and his fellow bocor-ite Bung Mokhtar Radin harassed DAP MP Fong Po Kuan by uttering sexist remarks of the bocor kind in Parliament, which led me to post MP's menstruation mesmerised motherless monkeys [well, Martin Jalleh, guess who's still King of alliteration? wakakaka].

I then wrote: Both slimy sexist simians did not deny making the unbelievable comments.

Sadly, no lady MP from the Barisan Nasional protested against their unparliamentary intrusive insults. [...]

But when Fong, the lady directly insulted by those crude crass comments called for a motion under the Standing Order 26 (1P) to refer the two BN MPs to the Committee of Privileges, predictably Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib dismissed the motion.

This was what renowned Malaysian philosopher Dodgee Dimsum ;-) had to say about the DAP insensitivity for making mountains out of 'puddles' - read Apology - A letter to the minister.

And do also read my June 2007 post Bocor business - AAB misses the whole point.

As mentioned, menstruation is more commonly referred to as 'monthly period'. It seems it's governed by the lunar cycle, which may explain why it makes some UMNO MPs mad (lunatic, you know, from the word 'lunar').

Apparently, in Mayan mythology, the Moon Goddess (Po) slept with the Sun, one sizzling hot stud, so they say. When her dad found out about the illicit gambol, he killed her (as usual, like in the case of the 'baby dumping' scandal, the bloke got away) - I was assured no stone was thrown during the execution.

The blood she shed was the origin of menstruation. Her blood was considered evil because she was disobedient, not unlike Eve and her predecessor Lilith.

But there's more – Mayan myth has her menstrual blood stored in 13 jars, enough for several generations of Hishamuddin to comment on.

This is the part which Malaysians like – the first jar's blood was transformed into creatures such as snakes and insects like scorpions, centipedes, and not forgetting UMNO's favourite pets, the tebuans. 'Twas also the source of the original poison and diseases – we may take it that Malaysia's Jabba the Hutt was created from there. Sorcery was associated with the blood in the first jar – maybe that's how Hisham knew about Teo's 'dirty-ness'?

However, some jars also hold medicinal plants, but I suspect most of these plants are growing in Columbia, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Turkey. The thirteenth jar is the lunar jar, from which the Moon Goddess was reborn alongside many lunatics who have since been obsessed by the bocor business.

Unfortunately most religions consider menstruation and its blood unclean. Chief among these religions are Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Shinto-ism and even Jainism.

Only Buddhism and Sikhism don't give a rat's fart care about menstruation or the consequential blood.

In Theravada Buddhism, menstruation is viewed as "a natural physical excretion that women have to go through on a monthly basis, nothing more or less". Guru Nānak condemned the practice of treating women as impure while menstruating – good onya, Guru.

We know that every human being, except those descended from slugs, was born bathed in menstrual blood.

Unlike the 'dirty' blood which Hisham knew Teo was excreting, corruption, lies and racism are not dirty in Malaysia. Whoever considers racism as 'dirty' are racists themselves.

Teoh inquest to continue on Sept 20

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 04:28 AM PDT

The note said to be the 'final testament' of deceased political aide Teoh Beng Hock will be tendered as evidence in the inquest into his death on Sept 20, along with a translation of the note and some notebooks. Also to be called on that day will be the investigating officer and document examiner from the Chemistry Department, Wong Kong Yau. Full story here:
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Tanding AMK: Generasi Reformasi sedia debat

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 04:27 AM PDT

Ahli majlis pimpinan pusat (MPP) PKR Mohd Rafizi Ramli dan barisan regunyanya - dikenali Generasi Reformasi - sedia berdebat dengan tokoh dan pasukan lain yang merebut jawatan tertinggi dalam Pemuda PKR (AMK). "Kami bersedia turut serta," kata calon timbalan ketua Pemuda kumpulan itu Amiruddin Shari. Beliau yang juga ADUN Batu Caves dan naib ketua AMK berkata, program anjuran gabungan penulis blog - dikenali sebagai Universiti Terbuka Perak (EUREKA) - itu akan diadakan pada 18 September di sebuah resort di Taiping, Perak. Full story here:
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Rafizi tanding ketua AMK, umum regu

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 04:27 AM PDT

Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat (MPP) PKR Mohd Rafizi Ramli hari ini mengumumkan menawarkan diri bertanding jawatan ketua Pemuda PKR (AMK). Beliau turut mengumumkan barisan regunya - dikenali sebagai Generasi Reformasi - yang akan bertanding jawatan utama dalam AMK. Rafizi akan berganding dengan ADUN Batu Caves Amirudin Shari yang akan bertanding jawatan timbalan ketua AMK. Full story here:
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PAS, pembangkang Indo bincang isu pendatang

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 04:26 AM PDT

PAS hari ini dikunjungi wakil pembangkang Indonesia bagi membincangkan isu hak asasi manusia melibatkan pendatang republik itu dan hubungan semasa kedua-dua negara. Dalam pertemuan di Parlimen, PAS diwakili timbalan presidennya Nasharuddin Mat Isa manakala pembangkang berpengaruh daripada Parti Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDI-P) pula diwakili anggota Dewan Permesyuaratan Rakyat Rieke Diah Pitaloka. Full story here:
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MCA President Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek’s press statement on Koon Yew Yin’s donation offer

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 02:26 AM PDT

1 September 2010

MCA President Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek's press statement on Koon Yew Yin's donation offer

Since I took office as Party President , I was neither consulted nor approached by businessman Koon Yew Yin, who purportedly wanted to donate RM30 million to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

I have also spoken to UTAR Council chairman, Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik regarding the matter and the university will soon issue a press statement to explain on Koon's offer.

MCA leadership welcomes donations from all philanthropists to UTAR.

Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek
MCA President








Posted: 01 Sep 2010 01:42 AM PDT

Teachers in Malaysia have been getting a lot of flak lately, no thanks to some black sheep in the profession who have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, from making racial slurs to peddling sex enhancement products.

Teachers in Singapore, on the other hand, must be feeling on top of the world as the republic celebrates Teachers Day today. Here are some announcements that caught my attention. I think it's wonderful that both the Ministry of Education and the corporate sector show their appreciation and gratitude to teachers for a job well done.

Having been in the teaching profession for more than 30 years before I retired in 2004, I feel for the teachers when they complain about the stress and the workload. But still they soldier on, knowing that they have been entrusted with the huge responsibility of educating young minds.

This one's for pre-school teachers who have the unenviable task of teaching our children their 1,2,3s and A,B,Cs. If you have ever tried to teach your little ones how to read, write and count, you will appreciate how challenging that can be.

The Ministry of Education published this form in The Straits Times so that students or parents can create a message for teachers. What a great idea.

A little appreciation like this goes a long way to revive flagging spirits and jaded souls in the profession.

Stupid will do as stupid does: Sue a blogger over a piece of satire!

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 01:33 AM PDT

I thought we only have ministers who can make us look stupid and get the whole world laughing. (Remember for instance Zam on Aljajeera not that long ago?) Now we have a CEO (a British-educated one at that it seems!) of one of our world-class GLCs following suit and whoever is leading the charge from MCMC in tow going to make us look like dungu-s again on the world stage! Malu lah kita from the stupidity of the Bodoh kind!

My question, will the Honourable Judge tomorrow save us the disgrace and our face or …

Read here and here for the full story.

Will stupid know stupid when one stares oneself in the mirror? That's the question.

Tagged: Che Khalib Mohamad Noh, MCMC, TNB CEO

Bloggers and Politicians Go to Bed...

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 01:08 AM PDT

Often it's also the MONEY at stake that is the sole determinant. Like the oldest profession.

You want to know what I mean, buy me endless rounds of tehtarik at Temian Corner, just behind KFC, Jalan Templer, FURONG. from 8.30PM onwards. You can catch me wit' some PAS Club or PKR or even MCA (by card-holding not necessarily Voting for BN in GEs!:( kaki downing Journos' brew. No, cant afford beer or whiskey -- that's forLing Snr, Jnr and their clones who wish to become BILLIONAIRE at 27!:(

Cheers, gooddae:) to my kakis, and good die to the Lings and coy:( YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

REPRISE or reprisal, YOUR DESISION!:) or :(

Wednesday, September 01, 2010
Holy mother CRAP!

I have written about how Tenaga Nasional Berhad or some people in TNB could not see the light from the bright. Please see my article titled No joke please, we are TNB!!!

And today, I learned from Rocky's Bru that Malaysia has again been dragged into legal infamy by some really bright spark in the Multimedia and Communications authority in Malaysia.

Yes. The author who wrote that TNB parody/satire is going to be charged in Court tomorrow, apparently under section 233(1)(a) of the Multimedia and Communications Act 1998, for allegedly "creating and spreading lies with the malicious intent to hurt others." Please go to his blog, Nose4news for this story.

We have lost the plot so many times.

Submarines which could not dive. Slaughtered a cow in the Parliament. An MP got semput after eating durian and mutton in the Parliament. Jet engines from the Royal Air Force were stolen and nobody knew about it for yonks. A reporter was detained under the ISA to protect her own safety. Jean Todt became our ambassador for tourism (what the heck has happened to him, by the way?).

Then of course we have Ibrahim Ali and his Taming Sari wielding followers around town lodging police reports after police reports while posing in front of cameras holding the police report for everybody to see their stupidity. Latest I heard a police report is going to be lodged because telur ayam had naik harga.

Recently, we have a pronouncement of legendary proportion that meritocracy is racist. And non-Muslims cannot be in a mosque. Teenage baby dumpers should be sentenced to death. A Chinese MP is deemed dirty. Headmistress spewing racist remarks. A rapper insulting the headmistress in a video. A top legal man demonstrating in Court how to strangle oneself.

All are classic Malaysian-esque display of moronic orgies. It's like we are all living in a porn of stupidity, where everyday, everyone of us tries hard to outdo each other's stupidity.

For God's sake, that article by Hassan Skodeng WAS A JOKE! Which part of the word "joke" which we do not understand? Have we all become wet blankets? Or incorrigible kill joy?

I hope the Judge would see the light and dismiss this utterly laughable, ludicrous and not to mention ridiculous charge. ~~ By Art Harun



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Wednesday, September 01, 2010
The Skodeng Satire: PJ Sessions Court, Thursday 2 Sept, 8.30am

Bloggers For Satire. Many people have been asking me, who is Hassan Skodeng? Well, Skodeng is a journalist and cartoonist who started a blog not too long ago to help readers not to take themselves too seriously. You may have seen and enjoyed his cartoons published by The Malay Mail. He is no LAT but he's as easy-going, unattached (to any political party), and right now quite down. As an executive editor of The Malay Mail, he also writes the column Uncommon Sense for the afternoon daily.

Last night, we found him a lawyer willing to take up his case for almost nothing for now. The whole of today, Skodeng will be busy trying to raise money for bail tomorrow. But money is not what he's asking from you. He needs you to lend him support with your physical presence tomorrow at the PJ Sessions Court.

I'll see you there.

Skodeng is being charged under Section 233 (1) (A) for sending out false news/info with the malicious intent to hurt. He could be jailed for ONE year and fined up to RM50,000.

Bloggers have come out strongly in support of Skodeng and satire.

1. Holy Mother Crap! by lawyer Art Haron (read also his posting earlier this year No Joke please, We are TNB)

All are classic Malaysian-esque display of moronic orgies. It's like we are all living in a porn of stupidity, where everyday, everyone of us tries hard to outdo each other's stupidity.
For God's sake, that article by Hassan Skodeng WAS A JOKE! Which part of the word "joke" which we do not understand? Have we all become wet blankets? Or incorrigible kill joy?
I hope the Judge would see the light and dismiss this utterly laughable, ludicrous and not to mention ridiculous charge.

2. When Satire is crime, Comedians beware by could-be-lawyer Shamsul Yunus

Did he say that TNB is a corrupt monopoly? No
Did he say that YNB victimised Malaysians? No
Did he take personal potshots at TNB bigwigs? No

3. Are Brit-educated Che Khalib and AG and MCMC officers too "bodoh" and insular to understand satire? by A Voice aka Husin Lempoyang

Anyone with any ounce of intelligence would notice that the blog header indicate it is not a serious blog. Immediately upon reading any of it's postings, one can sense Nose4news is a satire blog, just like Husin Lempoyang.

Yes, let me admit that Husin Lempoyang is mine. It is for that not so serious moments. Go ahead Monsterball, go after me if you are still around!

4. Cyber Police Running Wild! by Apanama

I bet you could laugh over and over again, over this latest fiasco by our very own Cyber Police plus the supporting act of the Attorney General's chambers.
5. AG's inconsistency or version of parody by Big Dog

... Hassan Skodeng's charge is about inconsistency and probable the practice of selective prosecution. Unless, probably the AG is doing his version 'parody'. It is not likely. Neither it is funny.

6. No Joke! by Op-ED

I remember in mid-1990s enjoying on video the Instant Cafe comedies - someone recorded them for posterity. One was making a comedy out of Anwar Ibrahim the then deputy prime minister as a girly-man, and Dr Mahathir as a haughty boss. This was before 1998 when Anwar became entangled with the courts with sodomy accusations and Dr M became 'MahaFiraun'. Hearty laughter for the paying audience.
No harm done, except perhaps to make everyone loves politicians more because they seem more human rather than idiotic robots.
Errr but now, I think some people cannot take a joke anymore.
Benda gini pun nak bawa gi court. Are you see-rai-ous?
Apa nak jadi nih?

7. Lawak Jenaka adalah Jenayah di Malaysia oleh Amin Iskandar

Sila baca sendiri tulisan berkenaan (maaf, tulisan dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Tak faham? Siapo suruh ekau lawan PPSMI dulu?)

8. Sebab nama dia Hassan, kalau nama dia Ah San ... oleh Sheih Kickdefella

Apakah orang Melayu yang duduk di atas-atas sana tak boleh diusik oleh orang Melayu sendiri? Saya tidak mahu ke situ, tetapi nampaknya itulah jalan yang hendak dituju oleh pihak berkuasa kita. Sebelum apa-apa, saya mintak maaf dulu ya. Wee Meng Chee pun boleh berhibur dengan Negarakuku dan mintak maaf….

9. Stop intimidating bloggers! by Ashraf Abdullah

Have our authorities lost their sense of humour? Or is this an attempt by the Attorney-General and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to intimidate bloggers?

10. Neighhhh! by Amir Hafizi

IN A WORLD, where laughter is SIN! ONE MAN, or rather, a baboon, dared to make fun of TNB, and TNB has taken him to court for lese mejeste, or something like that. I don't know. I never studied law. All this French-kissing and Latin terms confuse me. Maybe I should refer to the paginarum fulvinarum.

If TNB can sue this baboon, Hassan Skodeng, they can sue anyone. In the interest of preserving freedome of speechless, I say, neighhhhhh!

The Danger of Putting Politics Before Economics

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 12:52 AM PDT

It is true that economics is not without its shortcomings, being the study of human behaviour in contact with each other to provide goods and services to each as each person searches for happiness in this troublesome and, sometimes, too long a life.

The difficulty of the study arises because the behaviour of human beings, individually but usually as a whole, changes as their operating environment changes which, in turn, bring on new sets of behaviour. From this perspective of dynamic change that we see a tendency for collective human behaviour, and hence the economics (and the politics), to ascend (becoming more optimistic) or descend (becoming depressive).

Malaysia is in a unique situation of having a potent mix of many colourful ethnic people in an economic cauldron with the fire underneath being gently stoked by the clever few. If the fire is gentle long enough, Malaysian will meant into a homogeneous entity, probably reluctantly. However, if someone decides to stir the pot with a stick as well, the different little bits and pieces will spin in their own little eddies round and round the pot, knocking against each other as if in violent agitation.

The New Economic Policy was a policy attempt at creating a new economy. While poverty is, rightly, a universal concern, the other concern was in regard to wealth distribution.

Poverty (or wealth creation) and wealth distribution are both social as well as economic problems. Poverty is a social problem when the family unit breaks down or when people are physically or mentally handicapped. It becomes the duty of a moral community to help the unfortunate. It can be an economic problem, through lack of (proper) education. It can be a systemic economic problem, when an economy goes into a recession or when it is not creating sufficient (good) jobs.

Wealth is distributed as a product of the peculiarities of an economic system. An economic system is created to produce wealth, either for the masses, for a select few, or for the top leader. The economic system is invented by human beings, which means of course it can be changed. Different economic systems (or models) will create different results, with regard to wealth creation and wealth distribution.

Several economic systems have been tried out in the economic history world, and they are still being tried out - including the one in Malaysia. The models go from the Garden of Eden, robbery, subjugation (enslavement and forced labour), conquest, and colonialisation. Apart from the Garden of Eden model (which is favoured by roaming natives in thick jungles), all the other traditional models are based on the labour of others for the benefit of a few.

The current more popular model that is being widely promoted by academicians and practitioners of all persuasions is the model of free enterprise based on free competition and free movement of capital and labour. This is argued on the basis that it benefits more people (than other more coercive models), as they compete with each other to provide goods and services for each other in order to survive, with the incentive to labour in the form of perceived wealth.

It is argued that people are more given to hard and harder work, which is not a chore to them, because they have a choice, a choice to do the things they want to do, or a choice to do the things they do because they have a noble goal to pursue (such as a better future for their children) - which could just be their meaning in life, their raison detre for existence. But, they may not be happy to work that hard if they feel that they are being forced (directly or indirectly) to work that hard because of an artificial quirk in the system which they have no choice to get out of.

In the design of any good economic system, the thing to watch out for is the incentive to hard work now in order to reap long-awaited much-desired fruit in the future. It may just not be wealth, but education for their children.

The hidden fire under the cauldron of life is the fear of uncertainty, the fear of failure, the fear of having to beg from others, the fear of desertion, the fear of being disrespected - that drives normal sane people to slogging their hearts out, as if to expiate some unaccounted-for sins of theirs (demons, I call them).

Remove that fear and uncertainty, you have removed the incentive to hard work.

The availability of opportunity for everyone of all abilities to climb the economic ladder is arguably the most value asset of an economic system. As more individuals climb, society improves.

When the people are demoralised and despondency sets in, society crumbles.

It may be necessary to discuss economic issues in racial terms, in order to have a clear picture of which particular groups are in trouble and why. When politics gets in to solve economic problems on racist terms, by blaming economic problems on particular groups, then the stage is set for policy to take on a more racist solution, if the rhetoric is left unchecked.

The world has seen before how nasty racism can become.

Malaysia's economic problems today may simply be that old policies did not allow it to adjust to the new world economic order, as in the case of many countries, that the old economic system is obsolete. The challenge therefore is to find new economic ideas. This is also a great time for political agitation, with no one having any answer and each blaming the other.

These are indeed dangerous times, as sentiments harden into logic in narrow minds. When logic fails to persuade, as people talk at cross-purposes, emotions may just rupture, if care is not taken.

That Anarchist Namewee Again!

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 01:21 AM PDT

Too much has been written about this little prick who is essentially a publicity hound. I found his previous clip on TNB revolting and attracted quite some flak from certain Muarians (residents of Muar) when I blogged about it.

Don't get me wrong, I am against racism as he says he is, but he could have applied his obvious creativity in a less vulgarly controversial but perhaps more effective way. By this I mean, he could have chosen to write a rap song as coming from the young, impressional students of Siti Inshah. The lyrics could say, depict them asking their headmistress whom they respect why she let them down? What is really in her heart? What should they learn from her? What kind of adults does she want them to become? What is 1Malaysia then? Something like this would certainly tug at the heartstrings of and resonate better with more Malaysians than his profane clip.

He posted his clip on You Tube and that made it public. I went through his clip again:

What did he seek to achieve? Was he just venting or was he trying to incite? One thing is for sure though, he was seeking attention but was he being racist? Many people do not think so but I beg to differ.

Racism is also about stereotyping and profiling. Namewee also showed himself to be a racist by just one line in his clip. See below:

"Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?" Does he mean only the Chinese made Malaysia rich? Or does he imply the Malays (and others) count for nothing in adding to the nation's economy? Namewee, your arse is showing and it is on the line. I hope it gets whipped!

And congratulations! You have effectively directed the Siti Inshah racial slur limelight directly to your sorry arse and away from the main issue; what made her do what she is alleged to have done? How many are talking about what Siti Inshah is alleged to have said now? You selfish dumb ass!

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

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