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Khir: Perkasa 'bigger' than Umno Youth

Khir: Perkasa 'bigger' than Umno Youth

Khir: Perkasa 'bigger' than Umno Youth

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 05:29 AM PDT

EXCLUSIVE Defending the interests of Malays and Muslims is the "heart and soul" of Umno, says Mohamad Khir Toyo, the former menteri besar of Selangor. But of late, he said, it is Malay rights NGOs like Perkasa that "have a greater voice" on such "sensitive issues", indirectly hitting out at Umno Youth, which has traditionally been in the forefront in championing such matters. Full story here:
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Malaysia is “Top” in power distance index

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 10:21 AM PDT

I received an email while on the go, and i thought Wow! Malaysia has finally made it to the top of a world index. This is called the Power Distance Index and I shall post the link as well as the index below here:

The link is

For your convenience , this is part of the table: (go to the link for the full table and the map)

Hofstede's Power distance Index measures the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and institutions (like the family) accept and expect that power is distributed unequally. This represents inequality (more versus less), but defined from below, not from above. It suggests that a society's level of inequality is endorsed by the followers as much as by the leaders.

For example, Germany has a 35 on the cultural scale of Hofstede's analysis. Compared to Arab countries where the power distance is very high (80) and Austria where it very low (11), Germany is somewhat in the middle. Germany does not have a large gap between the wealthy and the poor, but have a strong belief in equality for each citizen. Germans have the opportunity to rise in society.

On the other hand, the power distance in the United States scores a 40 on the cultural scale. The United States exhibits a more unequal distribution of wealth compared to German society. As the years go by it seems that the distance between the 'have' and 'have-nots' grows larger and larger.

Power Distance Index
1-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-100 101-120


Malaysia 104 26 50 36
Guatemala 95 6 37 101
Panama 95 11 44 86
Philippines 94 32 64 44 19
Mexico 81 30 69 82
Venezuela 81 12 73 76
China 80 20 66 40 118
Egypt 80 38 52 68
Iraq 80 38 52 68
Kuwait 80 38 52 68
Lebanon 80 38 52 68
Libya 80 38 52 68
Saudi Arabia 80 38 52 68
United Arab Emirates 80 38 52 68
Ecuador 78 8 63 67
Indonesia 78 14 46 48
Ghana 77 20 46 54 16
India 77 48 56 40 61
Nigeria 77 20 46 54 16
Sierra Leone 77 20 46 54 16
Singapore 74 20 48 8 48
Brazil 69 38 49 76 65
France 68 71 43 86
Hong Kong 68 25 57 29 96
Poland 68 60 64 93


Posted: 16 Sep 2010 07:28 AM PDT

Story to follow.
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We were once ‘Malaysians’

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 08:52 AM PDT


By Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

The following keynote speech was given by Gua Musang parliamentarian and former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah at the 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS) today.

I have played some small role in the life of this nation, but having been on the wrong side of one or two political fights with the powers-that-be, I am not as close to the young people of this country as I would hope to be.

History and the 8 o’clock news are written by the victors. In recent years, the government’s monopoly of the media has been destroyed by the technology revolution.

You could say I was also a member of the United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC). Well I was, except that I belonged to the predecessor of the UKEC, by more than 50 years, the Malayan Students Union of the UK and Eire. I led this organisation in 1958/59.

I was then a student of Queen’s University at Belfast, as well as at Lincoln’s Inn. In a rather cooler climate than Kota Bharu’s, we campaigned for decolonisation. We demonstrated in Trafalgar Square and even in Paris. We made posters and participated in British elections.

Your invitation to participate in the MSLS was prefaced by an essay that calls for an intellectually informed activism. I congratulate you on this. The youth of today, you note, “will chart the future of Malaysia.†You say you “no longer want to be ignored and leave the future of our Malaysia at the hands of the current generation.†You “want to grab the bull by the horns… and have a say in where we go as a society and as a nation.â€

I feel the same, actually. A lot of Malaysians feel the same. They are tired of being ignored and talked down to.

You are right. The present generation in power has let Malaysia down. But also you cite two things as testimony of the importance of youth and of student activism to this country, the election results of 2008 and “the prime minister’s acknowledgement of the role of youth in the development of the country.â€

So perhaps you are a little way yet from thinking for yourselves. The first step in “grabbing the bull by the horns†is not to require the endorsement of the prime minister, or any minister, for your activism. Politicians are not your parents. They are your servants. You don’t need a government slogan coined by a foreign PR agency to wrap your project in. You just go ahead and do it.

At ease with himself

When I was a student, our newly independent country was already a leader in the post-colonial world. We were sought out as a leader in the Afro-Asian Conference that inaugurated the Non-Aligned Movement and the G-77.  

The Afro-Asian movement was led by such luminaries as Zhou En Lai, Nehru, Kwame Nkrumah and Soekarno. Malaysians were seen as moderate leaders capable of mediating between the more radical leaders and the West. We were known for our moderation, good sense and reliability.

We were a leader in the Islamic world, as ourselves and as we were, without our leaders having to put up false displays of piety. His memory has been scrubbed out quite systematically from our national consciousness, so you might not know this or much else about him, but it was Tunku Abdul Rahman who established our leadership in the Islamic world by coming up with the idea of the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference) and making it happen.

Under his leadership, Malaysia led the way in taking up the anti-apartheid cause in the Commonwealth and in the United Nations, resulting in South Africa’s expulsion from these bodies.

Here was a man at ease with himself, made it a policy goal that Malaysia be “a happy country†. He loved sport and encouraged sporting achievement among Malaysians. He was owner of many a fine race horses. He called a press conference with his stewards when his horse won at the Melbourne Cup.

He had nothing to hide because his great integrity in service was clear to all. Now we have religious and moral hypocrites who cheat, lie and steal in office, who propagate an ideology that shackled the education system for all Malaysians, while they send their own kids to elite academies in the West.

Days when we were on top

Speaking of football – you’re too young to have experienced the Merdeka Cuphe 60s and 70s. Teams from across Asia would come to play in Kuala Lumpur: teams such as South Korea and Japan, whom we defeated routinely.

We were one of the better sides in Asia. We won the bronze medal at the Asian Games in 1974 and qualified for the Moscow Olympics in 1980. Today our FIFA ranking is 157 out of 203 countries.

That puts us in the lowest quartile, below Maldives (149), the smallest country in Asia, with just 400,000 people living about 1.5 metres above sea level who have to worry that their country may soon be swallowed up by climate change. Here in Asean we are behind Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, whom we used to dominate, and now only one spot above basketball-playing Philippines.

The captain of our illustrious 1970’s side was Soh Chin Aun, R Arumugam, Isa Bakar, Santokh Singh, James Wong and Mokhtar Dahari. They were heroes whose names rolled off the tongues of our schoolchildren as they copied them on the school field. It wasn’t about being the best in the world, but about being passionate and united and devoted to the game.

It was the same in badminton, except at one time we were the best in the world. I remember Wong Peng Soon, the first Asian to win the All-England Championship, and then just dominated it throughout the 1950. Back home every kid who played badminton in every little kampung wanted to call himself Wong Peng Soon.

There was no tinge of anybody identifying themselves exclusively as Chinese, Malays or Indian. Peng Soon was a Malayan hero. Just like each of our football heroes. Now we do not have an iota of that feeling. Where has it all gone?

Capital flight troubling

I don’t think it’s mere nostalgia that makes us think there was a time when the sun shone more brightly upon Malaysia. I bring up sport because it has been a mirror of our more general performance as a nation.

When we were at ease with who we were and didn’t need slogans to do our best together, we did well. When race and money entered our game, we declined. The same applies to our political and economic life.

Soon after independence, we were already a highly successful developing country. We had begun the infrastructure building and diversification of our economy that would be the foundation for further growth. We carried out an import-substitution programme that stimulated local productive capacity.

From there, we started an infrastructure build-up that enabled a diversification of the economy leading to rapid industrialisation. We carried out effective programmes to raise rural income and help the landless with programmes such as Felda.

Our achievements in achieving growth with equity were recognised around the world. Our peer group in economic development were South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, and we led the pack. I remember we used to send technical consultants to advise the South Koreans.

By the late 90s, however, we had fallen far behind this group and were competing with Thailand and Indonesia. Today, according to the latest World Investment Report, FDI into Malaysia is at a 20-year low.

We are entering the peer group of Cambodia, Burma and the Philippines as an investment destination. Thailand, despite a month-long siege of the capital, attracted more FDI than we did last year. Indonesia and Vietnam far outperform us, not as a statistical blip but consistently. Soon we shall have difficulty keeping up with the Philippines.

This, I believe, is called relegation. If we take into account FDI outflow, the picture is even more depressing. Last year, we received US$1.38 billion in investments but US$8.04 billion flowed out. We are the only country in Southeast Asia that has suffered net FDI outflow.

I am not against outward investment. It can be a good thing for the country. But an imbalance on this scale indicates capital flight, not mere investment overseas.
Time to wake up

Without a doubt, Malaysia is slipping. Billions have been looted from this country, and billions more are being siphoned out as our entire political structure crumbles. Yet we are gathered here in comfort, in a country that still seems to ‘work’ – most of the time. This is due less to good management than to the extraordinary wealth of this country.

You were born into a country of immense resources, both natural, cultural and social. We have been wearing down this advantage with mismanagement and corruption. With lies, tall tales and theft. We have a political class unwilling or unable to address the central issue of the day because they have grown fat and comfortable with a system built on lies and theft.

It is time to wake up. That waking up can begin here, right here, at this conference. Not tomorrow or the day after but today. So let me, as I have the honour of opening this conference, suggest the following:

1) Overcome the urge to have our hopes for the future endorsed by the prime minister. He will have retired, and I’ll be long gone, when your future arrives. The shape of your future is being determined now.

2) Resist the temptation to say “in line with†when we do something. Your projects, believe it or not, don’t have to be in line with any government campaign for them to be meaningful. You don’t need to polish anyone’s apple. Just get on with what you plan to do.

3) Do not put a lid on certain issues as 'sensitive' just because someone said they are. Or it is against the 'social contract'. Or it is 'politicisation'.

You don’t need to have your conversation delimited by the hyper-sensitive among us. Sensitivity is often a club people use to hit each other with. Reasoned discussion of contentious issues builds understanding and trust. Stress test your ideas.

4) It’s not 'conservative' or 'liberal' to ask for an end to having politics, economic policy, education policy and everything and the kitchen sink determined by race. It’s called growing up.

5) Don’t let the politicians you have invited here talk down to you.

Don’t let them

Don’t let them tell you how bright and 'exuberant' you are, that you are the future of the nation, etc. If you close your eyes and flow with their flattery, you have safely joined the caravan, a caravan taking the nation down a sink hole.

If they tell you the future is in your hands, kindly request that they hand that future over first. Ask them how come the youngest member of our cabinet is 45? Our Merdeka cabinet had an average age below 30.

You’re not the first generation to be bright. Mine wasn’t too stupid. But you could be the first generation of students and young graduates in 50 years to push this nation through a major transformation. And it is a transformation we need desperately.

You will be told that much is expected of you, much has been given to you and so forth. This is all true. Actually much has also been stolen from you. Over the last twenty five years, much of the immense wealth generated by our productive people and our vast resources has been looted. This was supposed to have been your patrimony.

The uncomplicated sense of belonging fully, wholeheartedly, unreservedly, to this country, in all its diversity, that has been taken from you. Our sense of ourselves as Malaysians, a free and united people, has been replaced by a tale of racial strife and resentment that continues to haunt us. The thing is, this tale is false.

Reclaim your history

The most precious thing you have been deprived of has been your history. Someone of my generation finds it hard to describe what must seem like a completely different country to you now.

Malaysia was not born in strife but in unity. Our independence was achieved through a demonstration of unity by the people in supporting a multiracial government led by Tunku Abdul Rahman.

That show of unity, demonstrated first through the municipal elections of 1952 and then through the Alliance’s landslide victory in the elections of 1955, showed that the people of Malaya were united in wanting their freedom. We surprised the British, who thought we could not do this.

Today we are no longer as united as we were then. We are also less free. I don’t think this is a coincidence. It takes free people to have the psychological strength to overcome the confines of a racialised worldview. It takes free people to overcome those politicians bent on hanging on to power gained by racialising every feature of our life including our football teams.

Hence while you are at this conference, let me argue, that as an absolute minimum, we should call for the repeal of unjust and much abused Acts of Parliament which are reversals of freedoms that we won at Merdeka.

I ask you in joining me in calling for the repeal of the ISA (Internal Security Act) and the OSA (Official Secrets Act). These draconian laws have been used, more often than not, as political tools rather than instruments of national security. They create a climate of fear.

I ask you to join me in calling for the repeal of the Printing and Publications Act, and above all, the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA). I don’t see how you can pursue your student activism with such freedom and support in the UK and Eire while forgetting that your brethren at home are deprived of their basic rights of association and expression by the UUCA. The UUCA has done immense harm in dumbing down our universities.

We must have freedom as guaranteed under our constitution. Freedom to assemble, associate, speak, write, move. This is basic. Even on matters of race and even on religious matters we should be able to speak freely, and we shall educate each other.

Make BN multiracial

It is time to realise the dream of Hussein Onn and the spirit of the Alliance and of Tunku Abdul Rahman. That dream was one of unity and a single Malaysian people. They went as far as they could with it in their time. Instead of taking on the torch, we have reversed course. The next step for us as a country is to move beyond the infancy of race-based parties to a non-racial party system.

Our race-based party system is the key political reason why we are a sick country, declining before our own eyes, with money fleeing and people telling their children not to come home after their studies.

So let us try to take 1Malaysia seriously. Millions have been spent putting up billboards and adding the term to every conceivable thing. We even have ‘Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia’. Can’t take a normal holiday anymore. This is all fine.

Now let us see if it means anything. Let us see the government of the day lead by example. 1Malaysia is empty because it is propagated by a government supported by a racially-based party system that is the chief cause of our inability to grow up in our race relations.

Our inability to grow up in our race relations is the chief reason why investors, and we ourselves, no longer have confidence in our economy. The reasons why we are behind Maldives in football, and behind the Philippines in FDI, are linked.

So let us take 1Malaysia seriously, and convert Barisan Nasional into a party open to all citizens. Let it be a multiracial party open to direct membership. Pakatan Rakyat will be forced to do the same or be left behind the times. Then we shall have the vehicles for a two party, non-race-based system.

If Umno, MIC or MCA are afraid of losing supporters, let them get their members to join this new multiracial party. Pakatan Rakyat should do the same. Nobody need feel left out. Umno members can join en masse. The Hainanese Kopitiam Owners’ Association can join whichever party they want, or both parties en masse if they like.

We can maintain our cherished civil associations, however we choose to associate. But we drop all communalism when we compete for the ballot. When our candidates stand for elections, let them ever after stand only as Malaysians, for better or worse

Grand Canyon

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 09:23 AM PDT

Was in Vegas the last few days. This is the first time i am in vegas even though i have visited North America a few times. My main purpose is not to gamble, since i dont, but to go to the Grand Canyon.

I stayed in Bellagio, one of the big hotels on the Strip (the main blvd). Vegas hotels are not expensive , Bellagio is a five starred hotel but it is even cheaper than some of the smaller inns in Time Square New York.  The place is huge. every hotel is a big complex as big as a Genting, and everywhere you go, there are machines and tables for various types of gambling. There are so many shops too. There are many theatre shows, all sorts in fact, if you know what i mean. I went to see David copperfield; he made a car apear out of  thin air; he is still the best illusionist , in my opinion.

I went to Grand Canyon by a plane tour. A small plane from a big company called Papillion. There is a hotel pickup, and the pick up took us to Boulder city outside vegas, where there is a small airport full of small planes and helicopters to do the air tour. The plane was so designed that each seat can see so clearly outside, since it has a big window, like those tour buses, and unlike those commercial planes where you get only a small oval window. The plane flew over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead at quite low level, and slowly so that passengers can take video and shots. The flight took one and a half hour (actual flight back is only half hour, which means that for one hour, you fly over the whole Canyon area( and we landed in an airstrip near the West rim, where a bus took us for a 3 minutes ride to the SKYwalk in West rim. Skywalk is a specially built structure, made of laminated and extra strong glass (it took 4 years to do that , and not by American but rather German architect), that protruded out into the Canyon,few thousand feet above the canyon base,  so that we can see the bottom of the canyon through the glass that we stand on. The Canyon is real spectacular. If South island is scenic , Switzerland is picturesque, Grand Canyon is grand and spectacular. Mother nature is real great, and we humans just do not know how lucky and insignificant that we are, fighting over small issues like colours and faiths.

After the skywalk, a bus took us to an American Indian setup for a free lunch, and a bus (the buses are running like a chain from the airstrip to the skywalk because there are so many planes and helicopters coming from vegas to this air strip). took us back to the airstrip to board the plane back to vegas. All in , it took only 7 hours. A bus tour from vegas will take 13 hours and you can either do the south rim or the west rim tour by bus, and would not be able to see the whole canyon so clearly, and u cannot really have a panoramic viewl ike a plane tour. The cost for the plane tour is only slightly more expensive than the bus tour, (the bus tours is about 180 or so and the plane tour is 229 including lunch). I would recommend the air tour for those going to vegas. You can book thru internet or your hotel in vegas.

I am glad that i come to the Grand Canyon, it makes me feel how small actually we are, and how we should really appreciate protecting all these natural heritage that Mother Nature has given us.. I also feel how lucky i am; many people have come to the Grand Canyon and many more will come in future, but even if we add up all the tourists who have been or who will come in future to this spectacular place, it is and will always be still only a small proportion of the world population.

For those of us who can afford to travel, please be thankful that  we are so much luckier than so many others in the world, and for that, we should try to assist more those less fortunate than us. even though we are not Warren Buffet, we should do our part as best as we can. Touring the canyon makes me more humble, and that is why i posted this.( I normally do not write about my travel)

GIF Model Search 2010 Final Part 2

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 06:47 AM PDT

Global Indian Festival Model Search 2010 finals in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre on the 11th Sept 2010, organised by Agenda Suria Communications in conjunction with the Global Indian Shopping festival.
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Q&A: 'I deserve more perks than I got'

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 02:39 AM PDT

EXCLUSIVE Working 18-hour days for the eight years is no joke, said former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo. And for this hard work, he feels that he not only deserve the perks that he received during his tenure in office, but that he should be getting even more. Full story here:
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Ente bukan pakar sakit puan

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 07:52 AM PDT

Ya Khalifah Umar 'Abdul 'Aziz!

Apa ente sudah bikin?

Ente Khalifah. Ente bukan gynaecologist atau pakar sakit puan.

Ana kenal ente sama-sama jual orang. Ente suami isteri kena jual cheap cheap di Melaka. Ente guna bapak ente kasi tendang keluar DAP itu orang yang kasi ente kalah. Heee ente banyak main kotor.

Kenapa ente umum itu orang pompuan punya sakit dalam ente punya kenyataan? Ente mesti ingat ente bukan suaminya.

Kenapa ente kasi malu sama itu perempuan?

Ini mesti ente mahu tutup malu pasal itu perempuan tak mahu nyanyi dalam konset untuk ente jual orang Melayu.

Jadi ente jangan putarbelit kata ada orang kenakan tekanan dan ugut itu prempuan jangan nyanyi.
Pasal orang sudah tidak minat sama itu perempuan. Dia bukan lagi anak dara sunti yang mengisi idaman lelaki.

Ana tengok itu perempuan, ana terbayang Dato K dengan misai tipis kaki penipu kasi cium-cium, cumbu-cumbu, pegang-pegang, raba-raba, dan ...

... ana banyak geli. Banyak jijik. Tak sanggup ... tak sanggup lagi angan-angan sama itu perempuan.
Ente boleh putarbelit kata The Star suratkhabar komunis. Itu ana percaya.

Bodoh punya suratkhabar!

Ingat orang tak nampak dia mahu putarbelit kasi tutup malu sama ente. Baca sepenuhnya di sini. Mana boleh campur aduk laporan kenyataan ente dan perihal sakit itu perempuan jadi satu?

Ana pun tak tahu kenapa ana panggil ente Khalifah Umar 'Abdul 'Aziz.

Khalifah Umar satu orang baik dan pentadbir yang cekap. Ente orang jahat. Rambut saja lurus. Hati banyak hitam. Sikap banyak sombong dan angkuh. Pemikiran begitu cauvanis. Cakap kuat bohong dan putar satu alam.

Ente lebih layak di panggil Pinochio Lim.

PKR - Parti Peribadi Anwar Ibrahim/Azmin?

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 11:58 AM PDT

Semangat untuk kepentingan sesuatu pertubuhan dan negara itu merupakan sikap dan nilai yang tersangat penting jika kepimpinan dan ke'relevanan' pertubuhan badan siasah itu untuk dipandang tinggi dan dihormati oleh orang ramai. Jika kedapatan banyak elemen untuk menjaga kepentingan diri dan individu masing-masing maka pertubuhan itu akan akhirnya menjadi tidak relevan dalam masa waktu yang panjang.

Dalam isu ini saya nampak sikap buruk yang ada dikalangan kepimpinan UMNO sejak 3 dekad dahulu sudah mula menular didalam PKR dan jika sikap itu sama, maka akhirnya PKR berkemungkinan besar menghadapi masalah yang sama seperti yang dihadapi oleh UMNO sekarang.

Sikap kepimpinan yang tidak 'magnanimous' adalah penyebab yang asas dan besar yang menyebabkan sesuatu pertubuhan termasuk pertubuhan politik itu menjadi lemah dan tidak mampu bertahan dalam jangka yang lama. Kekuatan sesuatu parti politik misalnya adalah berdasarkan kepada asas dan landasan penubuhannya.

Penubuhan UMNO (yang asal) adalah kerana untuk menyatukan puluhan pertubuhan orang Melayu sebelum tertubuhnya Persekutuan Tanah Melayu pada 2hb Februari 1948 dahuu. Kesemua perubuhan-pertubuhan orang Melayu yang wujud berkehendakkan penyatuan bagi tujuan mencapai kemerdekaan dari kuasa asing. Lain-lain perkataan UMNO (asal) itu wujud diatas niat dan maudhuk untuk bersatu.

Tetapi penubuhan UMNO (baru) adalah diatas perpecahan ahli dan pemimpin-pemimpinnya. Parti yang bari didaftarkan itu hanya diwujudkan diatas dasar untuk menyambung kerakusan seorang pemimpin yang sudah hampir hilang pengaruhnya untuk terus berkuasa dan tidak mengambil kira etika dan moral dalam melakukan penubuhan parti yang baru dan membiarkan parti yang telah menaikkan beliau secara peribadi ketahap yang tertinggi mati tanpa kubur.

Lain-lain perkataan UMNO (yang baru) itu wujud diatas perpecahan orang Melayu dan bukannya kerana ingin penyatuan umat Melayu. Apabila sesebuah parti seperti UMNO (baru) wujud diatas landasan perpecahan bangsanya maka parti itu sendiri tidak mampu bertahan sebagai parti yang dihormati dan disanjungi rakyat yang ramai.

Contohnya kepentingan peribadi dalam UMNO (baru) it uterus berluas-luasa dan tidak terkejut bagi mereka yang sentiasa berfikir kewujuddan PKR yang diasaskan oleh Anwar Ibrahim apabila Dr Mahathir bertindak menyingkirkan belaiu dari semua jawatan Kerajaan dan parti pada tahun 1998 dahulu. Anwar disingkirkan dan beliau serta pengikutnya bertindak menubuhkan parti PKR yang sekarang menjadi tunggk utama dalam 'coalition' Pakatan Rakyat yang telah menukar wajah dan scenario politik negara sekarang ini.

PKR bersama rakan kongsinya telah sedikit sebanyak merasakan kuasa dan orang ramai beranggapan parti ini bersama PAS merupakan parti bagi orang Melayu untuk berlindung sebagai ganti kepada UMNO (baru) yang semakain hari semakin tenat itu.

Seperti seorang kanak-kanak PKR juga ada sedikit sebanyak mempunyai mirip ibu bapa mereka. Kanak-kanak itu juga melambangkan mirip dan perangai ibu bapa mereka dan itu adalah natural. Bak kata perpatah 'bapak burik anak rintik'.

'Bagaimana bentuk tuangnnya begitulah bentuk kuihnya'. Anwar Ibrahim adalah dari UMNO dan sudah biasa dengan cara UMNO mentadbir parti dan perasaan serta nilai yang sebati dalam UMNO. UMNO adalah tuangnya maka cara melaksanakan politiknya didalam PKR juga sudah terbayang jelas cara dan budaya UMNO.

Dalam pemilihan parti Keadilan Rakyat yang beliau menjadi pemimpin de factonya Anwar bertindak semacam beliau didalam UMNO semasa bersama pemimpin lain yang berada diatas dan puncak pimpinan semasa itu.

Anwar mempunyai sifat 'limau masam sebelah'; memberi sokongan dan dokongan terbuka kepada Azmin dalam pertandingan yang bakal diadakan diperingkat Timbalan Presiden PKR menentang Zaid Ibrahim.

Inilah yang terjadi dalam sejarah pemilihan didalam UMNO dahulu. Presiden UMNO memihak kepada salah seorang yang menawarkan jawatan tertinggi didalam parti dan dengan kuasa yang ada kepada Presiden UMNO kuasa itu dipergunakan untuk menyokong dan berkempen untuk calun-calun tertentu. Akhirnya Perdana Menteri mendapat siapa yang beliau kehendakki tetapi tidak menjamin berkemampuan untuk bertugas dengan baik kepada rakyat dan pengganti kepda beliau.

PKR dengan kepimpinan bekas ahli-ahli UMNO itu nampaknya berpolitik secara UMNO juga. Sebagai pemimpin utama sepatutnya Anwar membiarkan ahli-ahli partinya memilih dengan bebas tanpa permainan politik yang merbahaya bagi parti. Anwar sudah banyak pengalaman yang dirasinya didalam UMNO maka jika beliau melakukan perkara yang sama dalam PKR maka PKR dalam jangka yang singkat akan menjadi UMNO yang terbaru.

Jika Anwar terus terusan memihak maka pemimpin yang naik dalam PKR akan tergulung dari mereka yang ditunjuk oleh pucuk pimpinan dan bukannya yang dipilih oleh rakyat.

Tidak salah jika Anwar ada 'preferences' beliau sendiri tetapi janganlah sampai berkempen dan berkumpul untuk menaikkan orang beliau kasihi secara terbuka. Akhirnya PKR akan mendapat pemimpin yang lemau kerana pemimpin yang baik dan berguna kepada parti akan tersisih. Akhirnya nanti parti ini akan mendapat pemimpin-pemimpin cacar marba yang tidak berguna kepada perjuangan seperti yang sedang dialami oleh UMNO.

Lihat sahaja UMNO; ianya sudah menjadi parti yang mudah ditekan oleh pihak lain dan melupakan perkara asas yang sepatut diperjuangan oleh mereka. Untuk mengambil hati semua pihak pemimpin utamanya terpaksa bermuka-muka dengan setiap pihak yang memberikan tekanan dengan tuntutan yang bukan-bukan.

PKR akan menentukan nasib masa depannya setelah berlalunya pemilihannya tidak berapa lama lagi. Jangan pula nanti tertubuh PKR (baru) seperti yang berlaku kepada UMNO.

Whom cops dread having behind bars

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 07:14 AM PDT

Actually, they took no action against ASP Noor Azizul Rahim Bin Taharim, the ADC of IGP Musa Hassan, because they know that the allegation is true. And if ASP Noor Azizul Rahim was arrested and charged in court then the truth would surface. So they chose to do nothing at all.

Ask a cop to nab a self-styled godman boasting of supernatural powers or a druggie or a vagabond having visible irritation on skin or someone suffering from contagious diseases. You are sure to get a disenchanted stare from him or her.

The constabulary fears that godmen would land them in soup by hypnotizing them and escaping from their clutches. The cops keep advising each other not see such men in the eye or listen to their gibberish too attentively. Recently, cops at Hudkeshwar police station found themselves in such a situation when people caught a so-called godman Vijay Dhondge misbehaving with a woman.

Dhondge claimed supernatural powers and is learnt to have created a panic in the police station with policemen reluctant to spent time with him. "The fear of unknown had kept a section of superstitious cops away from Dhondge. They could be seen washing hands or face every time they had to interact with him," chuckled a cop.

Several druggies in custody, recalled an anti-narcotic cell cop, would often ask policemen for their regular fix to avoid withdrawal symptoms. The cops furtively complied with such demands to ensure the druggies do not suffer any convulsions and, in worst case, perish in their custody which would launch a probe against them.

"The drug addicts and peddlers often create a ruckus for drugs. They are usually in such poor health that using usual tough measures with them can backfire. So we sometimes actually purchase drugs for them," said a constable. He said he prayed every morning to the Lord to ensure he did not have to deal with a druggie.

The cops are also uncomfortable whenever there is an accused with medical history like heart attack or blood pressure. "The fear of aggravating his illness and face legal music is so much that we pray that he either gets bail or gets admitted to a hospital. We are left to take care of him and ensure he does not fall sick in custody," said a senior cop on condition of anonymity.

Ask the cops from social service branch (SSB) of crime branch about frustration of netting beggars and vagabonds from streets and sending them to government shelter home. They have all sorts of experiences of being abused, cursed and even bitten and scratched by the beggars.

"The stink is lesser of the pains. We have to wrestle with people who haven't bathed for days or washed after going to toilet. Sometimes they have wounds with maggots on their hands with which they catch us. I am trying to get myself transferred out of this branch," said a SSB cop.

Curiously, the arrested Naxal leaders are also avoided by cops like a plague. It was said after the arrest of Naxal commander Ashok Satya Reddy, alias Murli, that cops in jail would not go before him without covering their face fearing that Murli might get them kidnapped by his supporters. 'Under the uniform, we are human beings after all," said a cop.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

When I signed a Statutory Declaration back in June 2008, they arrested me and charged me for Criminal Defamation. And my Statutory Declaration is just against two junior army officers plus the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The wife of the Deputy Prime Minister is not a government employee or an official position. She is just that, the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, of no ranking in the Malaysian government structure.

When P.I. Balasubramanian signed a Statutory Declaration two weeks later, they threatened the safety of his family and made him retract what he alleged by signing a second Statutory Declaration the following day. His second Statutory Declaration 24 hours later contradicted his first one.

This means one of the two Statutory Declarations is false. They did not, however, arrest Balasubramanian and charge him for Criminal Defamation. They did not even charge him for the more serious crime of signing a false Statutory Declaration under the Statutory Declaration Act 1960. Instead, they whisked him out of the country.

A year later, on 28 August 2009, ASP Noor Azizul Rahim Bin Taharim, the ADC (aide-de-camp) of IGP Musa Hassan, signed a Statutory Declaration alleging many damaging things about his boss the IGP. (See the copy of the Statutory Declaration below).

A copy of this Statutory Declaration was given to one-time Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who in turn gave it to ex-IGP Tun Haniff Omar. ASP Noor Azizul Rahim also informed many other people about this matter, as mentioned in his Statutory Declaration.

Either ASP Noor Azizul Rahim is lying or he is telling the truth. Either ASP Noor Azizul Rahim signed a false Statutory Declaration or IGP Musa Hassan is guilty as alleged in ASP Noor Azizul Rahim's Statutory Declaration.

Either way we will never know because nothing was done about the allegation. No investigation was launched to determine whether IGP Musa Hassan is really guilty as alleged or, instead, ASP Noor Azizul Rahim is guilty of the crime of signing a false Statutory Declaration.

Now IGP Musa Hassan is bellyaching, whining, grumbling and bitching like a crybaby about interference in the police force and about how 'they' directed him on how he should run the police force.

Actually IGP Musa Hassan is not totally wrong. The only thing is, according to the ten or so Statutory Declarations signed by various police officers as well as two underworld figures, it is the underworld that directed IGP Musa Hassan on how the Malaysian police force should be run.

Why were these many Statutory Declarations never investigated? If the Statutory Declarations are false then why did they not arrest and charge these police officers and underworld figures for Criminal Defamation like they did me?

More importantly, the Statutory Declaration below was signed by IGP Musa Hassan's own ADC, not by just any police officer. And many senior police officers plus the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia were given copies of this Statutory Declaration and are aware of the matter. But still nothing was done.

If the Statutory Declaration below is true then IGP Musa Hassan should by now be sitting in jail. If, however, they are implying that the Statutory Declaration below is false then why was the maker of the document not dragged into court and charged like what they did to me?

Note that my Statutory Declaration is against someone who is merely a wife of the Deputy Prime Minister and therefore someone of no official standing in the government. ASP Noor Azizul Rahim's Statutory Declaration is against the top cop in Malaysia, the IGP. This makes it more serious and is covered under both the Criminal Defamation law as well as the Statutory Declaration Act 1960.

Let me repeat that. Rosmah Mansor, the wife of the then Deputy Prime Minister, has no official standing in the government. On the other hand, IGP Musa Hassan is the top police officer in Malaysia. You can't be charged for Criminal Defamation for making an allegation against someone who is not holding a government post (although they did in my case). But you can be charged for Criminal Defamation if you make an allegation against Malaysia's number one policeman.

Actually, they took no action against ASP Noor Azizul Rahim Bin Taharim, the ADC of IGP Musa Hassan, because they know that the allegation is true. And if ASP Noor Azizul Rahim was arrested and charged in court then the truth would surface. So they chose to do nothing at all.


Musa's allegation not to be taken lightly

(Sin Chew Daily) – Outgoing Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan has made an allegation before leaving the office that there is a third party interference in police work.

Why didn't he mention it during his term of office as the IGP over the past four years? In addition, Musa also admitted that there are different factions in the police force and he has actually eliminated many of them.

Since the problems have existed for a long time, and an external force has prevented him from reforming the police, causing him to implemented only 48% of his five-year restructuring plan, as the head of a professional disciplinary force, Musa should report to the higher level once he found out the problems. It is because of the lack of a channel, or poor communication?

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and Home Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam have both denied Musa's claims of third party interference in the police force.

However, it is a very serious allegation. The cabinet should make a thorough investigation to see whether there are people interfering in police work in the name of the Home Ministry. The police must carry out its tasks independently and freely. Any interference might prevent the cause of justice.

The inquiry should not only investigate the police but also extends the scope of investigation to protect the independence and professionalism of all law enforcement agencies.

For example, former Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) director-general Shafee Yahya claimed that former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had prevented the ACA in 1998 from investigating the then director-general of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister's Department.

In addition, former Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Datuk Ramli Yusuff, who has been acquitted of a charge of being involved in business when he was a civil servant, claimed in October 2007 that the high level officers in the ACA, the Attorney-General's Chamber and the police were unfair.

Ramli had accused the ACA of framing his subordinates while the police did not protect them. Three policemen were accused to have involved in forgery when conducting an investigation on a Chinese loan shark in Johor. Ramli claimed that the Commecial Crime Investigation Department took actions against the suspect based on the instructions given by the then deputy minister of the Internal Security Ministry (the current Home Affairs Ministry).

On the other hand, PAS has said that the police had received reports in 2002 and 2005 claiming that former Malaysia Airlines (MAS) chairman had involved in the RM8 billion loss. Ramli had suggested charging the person involved but the authority took no action.

The inquiry must investigate all similar allegations and incidents and develop a set of guidelines and laws to prevent third party interference in law enforcement and prosecution units.

Undeniably, the police has established a professional image, particularly in intelligence gathering, since the British colonel era. In particular cases, such as the destruction of religious places, the police have shown its capability in solving the cases and maintain social stability. In terms of wiping out violent criminals, the police have also shown a high efficiency.

The Malaysian police force is doing much better if we compare it to the error-prone approach used by the Philippine police in rescuing Hong Kong hostages on a bus hijacked in Manila.

However, the role of the police has been on dispute after the March 2008 general election. The government must uphold the images of the police force and other law enforcement units to restore public confidence.


Truth behind expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 04:11 AM PDT

While I respect Lee Kuan Yew for his intellect, leadership and astute management of Singapore into what the Island State is today, a 1st World nation of immense wealth, I don't his egotism.

I was also very much disappointed to discover in his autobiography his coo-ing over an honours award (The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George) by the Queen of Britain. My esteem of him immediately took a dive on learning that this near superman could/would even be thrilled by a mere meaningless trinket handed down to a former colonial by a foreign monarchy.

So … he is not the complete super great man after all.

LKY, the egoist he is, regaled us via the New York Times on how different things might have been if "the Tunku had kept us together", referring to the expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia – yup, 'twas expulsion and not separation - Malaysiakini Terence Netto agreed on this fact in his article Two different versions of Singapore's expulsion.

LKY pontificated: "Well, first I regret having been turfed out of Malaysia. I think if the Tunku had kept us together, what we did in Singapore, had Malaysia accepted a multiracial base for their society, much of what we've achieved in Singapore would be achieved in Malaysia. But not as much because it's a much broader base. We would have improved inter-racial relations and an improved holistic situation."

"Now we have a very polarised Malaysia, Malays, Chinese and Indians in separate schools, living separate lives and not really getting on with one another. You read them. That's bad for us as close neighbours."

While there's much truth in what he said in the second paragraph, I doubt keeping Singapore in Malaysia would have the outcome LKY claimed in the first paragraph, but then it's his usual ego talking.

There was a different and perfectly good reason for Tunku Abdul Rahman to expel Singapore from the Malaysian union just a mere two years after its formation, a merger which led to both Konfrontasi with Indonesia and an acrimonious relationship with the Philippines. The former wanted the entire Kalimantan Island, while the latter wanted Sabah.

The truth of the root cause for Singapore's expulsion was in fact LKY the politician. There's never any doubt LKY was super intelligent, a double starred first class honours from Cambridge. But one can only be too clever by half in a Malayan environment because the style of his assertive and aggressive politicking didn't go down well with Malay culture and its more genteel style of politics. Tunku was also aware of his covert (though well-known) intention to replace MCA in the Perikatan (the BN's predecessor coalition).

The Malay right wingers were getting so heated up with LKY that Tunku thought a cooling period, via a 'temporary' expulsion of Singapore, would be good for everyone.

Tunku imagined that Singapore outside of Malaysia would be so helpless alone by itself that LKY would come crawling back, begging to be let in again, though this time on Tunku's terms. That was Tunku's plan.

When LKY had no further choice but to accept the expulsion he actually broke down during a televised press conference, stating emotionally:

"For me, it is a moment of anguish. All my life, my whole adult life, I ... I believed in Malaysian merger and unity of the two territories. You know that we, as a people are connected by geography, economics, by ties of kinship ... It broke everything we stood for ....... "

But LKY, despite his initial consternation over the expulsion, did not fall to pieces. Au contraire, he must be admired for his resolve to stay out, stay steadfast, strategize and systematically develop Singapore into a prosperous nation.

To be frank, if LKY (and Singapore) was allowed to remain in Malaysia, May 13 would have happened much much earlier.

But it must be said that Penangites (then mostly Chinese) didn't take well to him. He must have imagined he could win over the predominantly Chinese Island State in his 1964 campaign but in many ways, he was a lot like Anwar Ibrahim, an interesting political curiosity but not well trusted. His PAP campaign turned out to be a flop in Penang.

Actually LKY wasn't all that popular in Singapore too because prior to Malaysia, he was outflanked and would have been outvoted by the pro-communist Barisan Socialis.

We are told that 35 of the 51 branches of PAP and 19 of its 23 organising secretaries went over to the Barisan Sosialis. His government lost a couple of by-elections to the Barisan Sosialis, and was near to monumental defeat.

LKY quickly seized on Tunku's concept of merger for Singapore, Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak as a successful campaign to remove British colonialism (a popular factor with Singaporeans), and with that, to defeat the Barisan Socialis.

In other words it was the concept of Malaysia which saved him from being trounced by the pro-communist party, and possibly being reduced into a political nobody. What a frightening thought for Malaysia if the communists had taken hold of Singapore, when there was a pro communist Indonesia under madman Soekarno.

To be continued ...

“When will they ever learn..??”

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 01:55 AM PDT

It just disgusts me when those so called Little Napoleans start to throw names about.  There is a time and a place for everything but somehow these people loved to be associated with the song which many will whistle now. One ,two,three together now," …..Did you..??" again to the lyrics "Where have all the flowers gone…??" You managed did you.Give yourself a pat as you are not one of them…..

In the corporate field many will just use names and stay close like chewing gum to achieve the impossible. They know themselves that they are not capable of achieving great success but somehow or rather they will do their utmost bests to ensure that 'the person" does not make it too. They will get and derive full satisfaction when they see the BIG ELEPHANTS meaning the ones in power tussling over certain issues which are not relevant but someone was made significant. Mountain out of a molehill.

Will they ever learn….??

In the political sphere there are many tussling for positions and with it comes power and the ability to command respect. In PKR now the power struggle has just begun with Azmin Ali (Vice President) throwing his name into the hat for the No.2 Position in the party against Zaid Ibrahim(Supreme Council). Will Christmas come too early in November for the supporters of either man? This battle will be closely watched by the  BN politcal strategists and spin doctors. 

The almost quiet waters within the ruling component BN Sarawak coalition of PBB ,SUPP and SPDP does not mean that their  Ninjas are not at work. There is a time to open ones mouth and most times it is more appropriate to just sit back and watch. Some will learn while others will still fall in the category of

"When will they ever learn..??"

If there is no wind obviously the tree will not sway and it will not take a learned man to point out  "Watch the AXE.." Of course most advises given during times of engagement will not be seriously taken notice of. It is only usual to hear from the defeated parties that "If Only…."

Mosts political watchers will just say point to the realities of the political game. if you do not want to be involved in the first place your hands will not get dirty and your name will still be intact. However with winning the power will be enhanced to another level where every command and instruction will certainly be followed. There might be some reluctancy but in mosts cases mosts will point to the stomach section. "NAK MAKAN hik hik hik"

 You would wouldn't you…??

The most stubborn person with principle too will also look at their own surroundings to ensure that their "sacrifice" will not be in vain. Of course,their families will stand behind them if the pointers are for GREATER GOOD. We will not just get ourselves knocked and hit by not looking at an oncoming car or lorry. But in most cases, time and time again we will still fall for similar tricks.

When will WE ever learn…?? 

It just goes to show that this song will have a place in our heart and we will whistle to it if we have made a genuine mistake.  Don't feel sorry for yourself be in politics or in the corporate field and as we in audie61 love to instill in our staff,"MOVE ON…and lets whistle the bad away…….."


More media guidelines? NO< YOU DON'T NEED THEM!

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 11:53 PM PDT


No double standards, even triple standards, ONE for Utusan Malaysia and its UMNO ilks, one for The Star and MCA-linked papers, and yet another for what is deemed Oppositionleanig media, both old and new.

In fact, Desi proposes that it's time for the federal Government to repeal the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984; also introduce a Freedom of Information Act that is now being enacted by the Selangor State government. Yes, BIG brother of 53 years can learn from junior of two years old.

The Malaysian Mirror reports:

Home Ministry: Media editors to get new guidelines


Wednesday, 15 September 2010 19:49

lee-che-leong-newspaperPETALING JAYA – The Home Ministry will be drafting new guidelines to ensure that editors understand and are better informed of their roles and responsibilities.

This will be a more comprehensive and up-to-date set of publication guidelines for the media, said Deputy Home Minister Lee Chee Leong in a statement here Wednesday.

He said there would be a clearer definition of the rules and regulations of the publishing permit and the provisions under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

"Such changes will ensure that editors perform their roles better and issues that can affect the country's stability can be overcome at an early stage," he said.

According to him, the guidelines came about following the recent tendency among newspapers to sensationalise news reports, and feature stories and readers' letters that touched on sensitive issues, without considering the effects and consequences to public security and peace.

"The approach by some editors who made racial and religious issues as the basis of their debates and disputes has created unrest and worries among the rakyat.

"If such a situation continues, it will only disturb racial and religious disharmony in the country and affect public security," he said.

He said the attitude of some editors, who were insensitive to the people's reaction towards their publications, especially those that had caused social, religious and racial tension, was most regrettable.

"Editors need to realise that they must return to responsible journalism to ensure the national agenda's success, and play their role in maintaining stability and harmony in the country.

"Even when the Government aims to be open-minded, the freedom given all this while is not appreciated but has caused worries instead among majority of the rakyat," he said.

Lee said the ministry had called up these editors by stages and it would evaluate the insensitive and irresponsible publications.

"With the new guidelines, I hope the ministry can prevent cases involving editors who purposely create tension and worries among people in this multiracial, multi-religion and multi-cultural society," he said.

Selamat Meyambut Hari Malaysia

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 11:44 PM PDT

16 September 2010
Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia
Happy Malaysia Day

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Rakyat Selangor Pun Tak Hingin Khir Toyo Jadi MB Kembali

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 11:39 PM PDT

Khir dilaporkan oleh MAlaysiakini berkata beliau sudah tidak mahu lagi menjadi MB Selangor kerana beliau mendakwa negeri Selangor sudah hancur kerana diperintah PAkatan Rakyat.

Saya sebagai anak jati Selangor ingin menyatakan kami pun tak hingin Khir Toyo kembali jadi MB Selangor. MAlahan, saya meminta Khir Toyo menjual villa mewah beliau Glenmarie dan pindah ke negeri lain. TIada tempat untuk orang macam Khir Toyo di negeri Selangor ini.

EXCLUSIVE There will be no return to glory for former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

Ousted in 2008 when Pakatan Rakyat wrested the state in a surprise general election coup, Khir said he is no longer interested in the post because he cannot bear the damage done to the state which he had led for eight years.

khir toyo interview 150910"I will tell you honestly that I have no interest in becoming an MB any more because the damage done (by the current government led by Pakatan Rakyat) is too bad [sic], it is un-repairable in a short time," he said.

This is not because he is shirking the tough job, he said, but because he thinks others should be given a chance.

After all, he said, when he was first-appointed MB at the age of 33, the state reserves were down to RM200 million and all the government-linked companies were in the red.

"Alhamdulillah, not many people have criticised me about the development of the state of Selangor, on procedures, etc. But politically, people say I am not a good leader. That's why (I say) give it to other people," he said.

As is the case of the Selamatkan Selangor (Save Selangor) campaign, he is happy to just follow in the shadow of Selangor BN deputy chairperson Noh Omar and recently appointed BN senator Ezam Mohd Nor.

"Noh Omar firsNONEt, then Ezam and then me," said Khir, who is now Opposition Leader in the state legislative assembly.

His stark absence during the roadshow, however, marks what some believe is an increasingly steep downward slide for once high-flyer.

According to Khir, his choice to "trail" Noh and Ezam is less because he is a liability to BN, and more because he feels guilty for BN Selangor's defeat in 2008.

"When (BN fell in Selangor), of course I felt guilty. The responsibility was mine. I met with (then deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak) and said that I did not want a large responsibility and that I would rather get to know my supporters in my constituency.

"I had only served as a state assemblyperson for eight months when I was appointed MB. I was not close to my constituents. I felt guilty of this too, so now I am rectifying my faults."

Asserting that he is out of the spotlight by choice, Khir discounts talk that he is has been 'sidelined' as he is now a liability to BN, what with the incessant allegations of graft against him.

"I am not a liability. I don't feel that. When I speak people still listen. If I am really a liability then (Pakatan) doesn't need to get so personal with me.

"If people don't like me, then they don't have to worry so much about me. But they get so personal with me. Whenever I make a statement, they have to attack back."

Why he stays on

He also said that, ever since he became Opposition Leader, Pakatan representatives have tried hard to scare him into submission but he remains unfazed by this brand of "mafia" and "childish politics".

"So many people have come up to warn me, some came themselves, and then sent representatives (to say), 'Don't make too much noise. We have more (on you)'.

"I am not worried. I am responsible (for criticising the state government) because I am the Opposition Leader. If I don't point it out (their mistakes), then who will?"

But his efforts to keeNONEp the state government in check, he said, have not gained much support from the media, not even the Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia.

"When the 'opposition coalition' became the government, I found that there has been a tendency for the media to not criticise them. That's what I see. I don't know why. As if criticising the government is an offence. This is not right. We have to change our attitude," he said.

Nevertheless, he admitted that this was probably the case when he was in government as well, with the exception of "social media".

Unlike DAP, PAS and PKR which enjoyed much support from this medium, said Khir - who is also a blogger - social media have snubbed the opposition (BN in Selangor) this time around.

Not getting much love either from his party (albeit by choice), the media or the state government, one wonders why this former top politician is still in the game.

Already raking in RM50,000-60,000 in monthly pay before he was made MB - he is a dentist by profession - it is also not the state assemblyperson pay-cheque that he is playing for.

At the end of the day, he said, it is a question of loyalty.

"I don't want people to say that I am a leader who forgets his party. I will be with the party forever. I will serve my party well, I will serve my leader well," he said.

Srikandi dan Sayap-Sayap Putih

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 08:06 PM PDT


13 September, 2010, 11:31 am

Nurul Izzah ketika berucap di atas pentas kempen © Damak/Photomalaysia

MENYAKSIKAN paras nan lembut itu bergulat dalam sebuah pengadilan politik yang entah bila akan berakhir, menjadikan kaca mata awam seperti saya tidak sanggup mencerna deras dan pekatnya arus kezaliman yang sedang bergolak di negara ini. Ada raut-raut wajah yang haus publisiti, terus mencemuh dan menggugat kebenaran yang cuba disampaikan oleh wanita ini pada warga nusa. Begitu; paras ini didaulat sebagai pendurhaka!

Masih terlalu awal untuk saya berbicara mengenai sosok wanita ini. Saya tidak berhak untuk menulis tinta-tinta perumpamaan tentang dirinya untuk disampaikan pada dunia, walaupun pada hakikatnya saya ingin sekali berbicara mengenai dirinya. Ingin sekali.

Dia sudah menjadi seorang srikandi semasih gadis. Di pundaknya kala itu sudah terpikul perhitungan Tuhan buat dirinya. Beban yang belum tentu mampu untuk dipikul oleh gadis di usianya. Pendampingnya, pemimpinnya yang juga Bapanya difitnah dan dijatuhkan dari landasan pimpinan kerajaan, memaksa dirinya menggalas tanggungjawab yang bukan ringan.

Di lorong-lorong, di jalan-jalan, di mana-mana yang mampu dilaluinya, di dadanya tetap dengan satu kalimat – Reformasi! Tidak ada malu yang mendatangi dirinya saat itu, dia hanya mahu mengembalikan keadilan buat Bapanya; suami buat Bondanya; dan Bapa kepada lima adiknya.

Kerana keharuman pribadinya, telah menjadikannya sebagai vote getter (pengumpul suara rakyat) di kawasan Lembah Pantai dalam pilihanraya umum lalu. Kerana hubungan dialogis dengan rakyat kebanyakan, dia bisa mencuri perhatian mereka yang dahagakan perubahan. Keakraban dengan atmosfera politik semenjak kecil ternyata banyak membantunya menjadi dekat dengan warganya.

Nyata, dua tahun menjadi pemimpin membuktikan dia adalah pemimpin wanita yang memiliki potensi luar biasa. Darah politik yang mengalir dari Bapanya, disempurnakan dengan harapan melaksanakan yang terbaik buat rakyatnya, ke gerbang kesejahteraan yang lebih tinggi. Dialah Nurul 'Izzah; Puteri Reformasi.

Sebagai puteri kepada kepala oposisi (Anwar Ibrahim), kepimpinannya seringkali teruji dan kemampuannya acapkali diukur. Pertempuran di gelanggang politik yang terpaksa dihadapi tidak kurang panasnya. Bukan sedikit rencana perubahannya yang disekat. Bukan sedikit kadang-kadang aktivitinya yang terkait birokrasi. Benar, itu lumrah.

Namun apabila pengabdiannya pada dasar keadilan dan kebenaran yang cuba dihidupi dipijak, sudah cukup untuk memaksa saya menoktahkan evaluasi terhadap kerajaan. Tidak perlu lagi bukti bahawa negara ini ditadbir oleh golongan yang kosong nurani. Ya, memang mereka tidak berhati. Mata mereka terbuka, namun hakikatnya mereka buta.

Bukan calang-calang pemimpin negara yang mencanang Nurul 'Izzah warga durhaka. Wanita ini berdosa buruk pada negara kerana merendahkan keupayaan sebuah kapal selam. Hanya kerana mendedahkannya semasa sesi wawancara di luar negara, dia dianggap mencalarkan maruah negara. Belum reda mereka menuduh Bapanya pengkhianat negara, kini puterinya pula menerima status pendurhaka!

Aneh, cukup aneh. Dalam berbagai-bagai realitas sosial dan permasalahan negara, bonda kepada sepasang anak kecil ini yang menjadi mangsa. Pada saat seisi dunia sedang bergulat dengan krisis kesenjaan ekonomi, ada pihak yang menyeleweng janji dan menghalalkan korupsi. Pada saat kemiskinan dan pengangguran kian beranjak dewasa, kerajaan masih belum boleh bertindak nyata bagi meringankan beban.

Paling sedih, pada saat golongan belia dan remaja kita sedang nazak dengan krisis identiti, pemimpin-pemimpin tinggi kerajaan ini memilih untuk menjatuhkan hukum "durhaka" kepada Nurul 'Izzah, yang selama saya mengenalinya dia merupakan wanita yang dipercaya kerana kejujuran dan keikhlasannya berjuang menentang kezaliman para pemerintah. Durhaka kepada negara – itulah harga sebuah kebenaran di nusa Malaysia.

Sebetulnya, bukan kapal selam yang menjadi asas pertimbangan pihak-pihak tersebut dalam menjatuhkan hukum "durhaka" kepada wanita ini. Di mata mereka, dosa Nurul 'Izzah bukan kerana merendahkan keupayaan kapal selam milik negara, tetapi dosanya kepada mereka hanya satu – dia puteri Anwar Ibrahim; langsung membuktikan kesempitan minda berpolitik para pemimpin kerajaan. Asyik sekali mereka menuduh pihak oposisi sebagai pendurhaka, tanpa disedari kedurhakaan mereka sendiri kepada negara melampaui apa yang mampu mereka fikirkan.

Begitulah ceritera politik Malaysia yang mampu dikisahkan oleh para pemimpinnya. Rencana mereka jauh berganda menjauhi orbit awlawiyat (keutamaan). Kes-kes korupsi yang membarah seolah-olah tidak membawa apa-apa makna buat mereka. Begitu juga dengan kegiatan-kegiatan salah laku moral di kalangan anak muda, langsung dipandang sebelah mata. Paling tidak, hanya mampu mengusulkan cadangan yang belum dikupas sempurna inti baik buruk pelaksanaannya. Membiarkan ibu bapa, guru dan para ulama' mencari solusi buat merawat golongan muda yang semakin caca merba.

* * *

Biar didaulat sebagai pendurhaka nusa, wanita ini begitu tenang menjawab setiap tanya; tanpa ragu dan gugup. Tanpa ekspresi khuatir jika jawatannya sampai terlepas. Tentu; kerana dia tidak termasuk dalam barisan yang berlumba mengejar mahkota dunia itu. Dan wanita ini tidak bersembunyi di balik dunianya. Dia hadapi segala tuduhan dan cemuhan itu dengan jiwa besarnya.

Kerana hidup harus memilih, maka dia telah memilih. Dia memilih untuk menyampaikan kebenaran. Memilih untuk menyelamatkan yang lebih besar dari kerajaan, iaitu rakyat kebanyakan.

Jiwa besar dan keberaniannya mempertahankan kebenaran terpancar jelas di dalam bait-bait ucapannya. Tasbih kejujuran terus erat dalam genggamannya. Arah jalannya cuma satu; melawan ketidakadilan dan kebobrokan pemerintah yang zalim. Ketika hukum tidak lagi sanggup bersuara dan nilai-nilai kebenaran menjadi musuh, maka katakan apa lagi yang masih tersisa untuk dirinya?

Jangan tanyakan nilai setitik kebenaran itu pada mereka yang telah – dan sedang mengenggam dunia. Mereka yang telah berhasil menimbun pasir, akan merasa kebenaran itu laksana ombak yang justru itu bisa meruntuhkan istana mereka. Namun bagi mereka yang berjuang demi meletakkan keadilan kembali di tempatnya, keberanian menyampaikan kebenaran adalah angin sorga.

Betapa ironis wanita ini dikecam hanya kerana hegemoni sebuah kepentingan. Hanya kerana ego pribadi oleh golongan yang merasa terancam kekuasaannya. Agar kuku-kuku kekuasaan itu kejap terpacak, mereka sanggup melakukan segala-galanya.

* * *

Nurul 'Izzah, srikandi yang luhur budi dan pekerti, dilihat cukup tabah dalam persada politik negara biarpun terhujat dengan bermacam-macam halangan. Dilengkapi dengan naluri kewanitaannya yang halus, di samping teguh berpegang pada prinsip menentang kezaliman, dia mampu dinobat sebagai salah seorang ikon wanita dan generasi muda yang berpotensi menjadi pemimpin peringkat nasional.

Biarpun tertampar pedih dengan kemelut situasi yang tercetus, tetap saja dia menerus kesinambungan legasi kepimpinan waja Bapanya. Benarlah, biar kebenaran itu cuba disembunyikan, namun gemerincingnya tetap hadir menggegarkan.

Ainis Azreen, gadis yang optimis terhadap perubahan. Gemar menyusun peristiwa-peristiwa dari hakikat pengalaman.


Posted: 15 Sep 2010 06:04 PM PDT

---->蔡细历与马新咖啡茶业联合总会及马来西亚杂货商联合会的交流会上,探讨业者面对的多方问题。蔡细历与吴仕文握手象征交流会顺利进行,右2:连兴泉。 (图:光明日报)



































Mengingati 16 September: "I got the power"

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 06:07 PM PDT

[Sila baca dengan nada macam iklan Merdeka oleh Pengarah arwah Yasmin Ahmad. Cuma lagu iringan "I Got the power" agak rancak. ]

Semasa itu, ana masih muda. Blog ini baru tahun kedua.

Perniagaan menjual orang belum lagi untung dari menjual unta. Ana perlu menampung pendapatan dengan bekerja sambilan dengan kumpulan media Agensi Husin Lempoyang. Kerja pun tidak tentu, wartawan bukan, dan jurugambar pun bukan.

Pada malam September 15hb, 2008, ana dapat tip untuk sembunyi di Istana Negara kerana Anwar Ibrahim akan angkat sumpah jadi Perdana Menteri. Dia sudah janji, kalau tidak jadi PM, dia akan berhenti lusa September 18hb.

Kami diberitahu Anwar akan angkat sumpah pada pukul 5:45 pagi sebelum wartawan lain sempat berkumpul di istana. Muhyiddin ada buat penafian di TV3, tapi kami lebih percaya sumber kami.

Sampai pukul 5:45 pagi, tak ada lagi orang depan istana.

Pukul 6:45 pagi pun tak ada orang. Gaduh pasal siapa layak jadi imam solat subuh antara sesama pemimpin DAP, PAS dan PKR.

Tunggu 8:30 pagi, ada lagi cekadak. Masih lagi nak tubuh kerajaan baru.

Pukul 12:30 tengahhari, gaduh pasal siapa nak jadi PM dan TPM. Belum gaduh pasal projek untuk kroni lagi ni.

Sampai masa 1:40 tengahhari, Tian Chua pula mengaruk buat stunt. Dia tuntut jadi Yang Di Pertua Dewan. Tuntutannya pasal dia bersusah pergi ke Taiwan untuk dapatkan orang lompat.

Akhirnya, Anwar Ibrahim angkat sumpah depan Agong pada pukul 2:30 tengahhari. Cuma dia angkat sumpah depan gambar Agong. Dia tak angkat sumpah di Istana Negara tapi di Tropicana pejabat PKR.

Hingga hari ini ana tidak akan lupa hari yang penuh bersejarah ini.

Selepas ini nasib ana bertambah baik. Ana bertambah famous. Bila kawan-kawan jumpa, mereka tak panggil nama ana, mereka panggil ana sebagai Husin.

Ana dijemput jumpa Perdana Menteri, Timbalan Perdana Menteri, dan Menteri-Menteri lain. Tokoh korporat, penulis polisi kerajaan, dan macam-macam orang mahu jumpa ana.

Ada bakal Sultan pun nak jumpa, tapi ana tidak dapat hadhirkan diri. Sekali sekala, bila sudah famous, kenalah jual mahal. Sebenarnya malu pasal tak ada baju, seluar dan sepatu yang sesuai untuk mengadap.

Anwar Ibrahim pun ana dah jumpa, tapi sebelum dia "jadi" Perdana Menteri.

Terima kasih Anwar Ibrahim.

Tanpa Dolah dan kemudian hari, tanpa mu, tiada orang yang dapat menggantikan mu ... untuk bahan lawak ku.

Selamat hari Malaysia. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Wow! Jual orang pun boleh jadi famous.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Mengapa saya ajak Perkasa berdebat?

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 03:44 PM PDT

Oleh Nurul Izzah Anwar

Semenjak tulisan saya menjemput Perkasa untuk berdebat tentang kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu pada 31 Ogos lalu diterbitkan, bermacam-macam tohmahan telah dikeluarkan terhadap saya.

Saya dipanggil pengkhianat, dituduh cuba mengelirukan rakyat, tidak matang, buta sejarah dan juga kini dilibatkan dalam siasatan polis kerana dituduh menghasut.

Hairan, kerana orang yang mencadangkan supaya pemilikan tanah Kampung Baru dibuka sebanyak 40 peratus kepada bukan Melayu tidak pula mengalami nasib yang sama seperti saya.

Saya sudah jelaskan bahawa bukanlah niat saya untuk meminda peruntukan Perlembagaan Persekutuan tentang kedudukan orang Melayu, tetapi sekadar untuk mencari penjelasan tentang apa yang dilaung-laungkan oleh Perkasa tentang perjuangan mereka untuk melindungi orang Melayu.

Yang saya hujahkan dalam tulisan saya sebelum ini adalah bukan kedudukan istemewa orang Melayu dipersoalkan tetapi PELAKSANAAN dasar-dasar yang hanya menguntungkan segelintir orang Melayu dipersoalkan?

Sayangnya, jemputan saya itu ditolak mentah-mentah oleh pimpinan Perkasa dengan alasan soal kedudukan orang Melayu tidak boleh didebatkan, sedangkan yang saya mahu bincangkan hanyalah pelaksanaan dasar-dasar yang dikatakan dibuat atas peruntukan perlembagaan.

Kerana jemputan saya sudah ditolak, biarlah saya jelaskan sahaja di sini, apa sebenarnya menimbulkan kegusaran saya tentang perjuangan Perkasa dan soal kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu.

Pertama soal kuota dalam perkhidmatan awam. Mengikut statistik tahun 2009, 78.2 peratus daripada kakitangan awam adalah Melayu, dan Bumiputera lain membentuk 7.7 peratus. Selebihnya adalah bukan Melayu dan bukan Bumiputera.

Namun, kerajaan juga sedang berusaha untuk merekrut lebih ramai bukan Melayu dalam perkhidmatan awam, kerana keperluan menyampaikan perkhidmatan kepada warga pelbagai kaum.

Bagaimanakah dasar kuota ini selaras dengan keperluan untuk menunjukkan kepelbagaian dalam sektor awam?

Kedua, soalan yang sama juga boleh ditanya dalam hal kuota biasiswa kepada orang Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Saya mahu melihat lebih banyak biasiswa diberikan sebagai usaha memastikan kesaksamaan yang boleh tercapai dengan pendidikan yang menyeluruh.

Oleh itu, bukankah lebih baik sekiranya semua pinjaman Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) ditukarkan kepada biasiswa penuh sebagai memenuhi semangat Fasal 153 Perlembagaan persekutuan?

Saya juga percaya Perkasa sudah tentu akan bersetuju dengan saya kalau saya cadangkan sebahagian pendapatan Petronas, 30 peratus keuntungan tahunan misalnya, disalurkan kepada satu dana pendidikan untuk membiayai biasiswa anak-anak kita.

Perkara ini tidak mustahil kalau akaun Petronas didedahkan kepada umum melalui parlimen. Usaha melaksanakan tadbir urus yang cekap ini semestinya selaras dengan perjuangan mempertahankan hak-hak orang Melayu.

Ini sebenarnya lebih bermanfaat daripada melaung-laungkan meminta orang Melayu mendapat lebih banyak biasiswa daripada kaum lain. Dalam bahasa mudah, apa gunanya orang Melayu mendapat tujuh biasiswa, dan kumpulan lain mendapat tiga tempat sahaja. Yang saya perjuangkan adalah banyakkan biasiswa menjadi 100 tempat, contohnya, sudah pasti ramai orang Melayu mendapat manfaat.

Kuota kemasukan ke universiti juga sebenarnya sudah diubah pada zaman pentadbiran Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pada tahun 2003, supaya lebih bersemangat meritokrasi. Bukankah ini mencabuli hak keistimewaan orang Melayu, kalau mengikut apa yang telah dilaung-laungkan Perkasa?

Saya juga tertarik dengan usaha Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak untuk meliberalisasikan 27 sub-sektor dalam sektor perkhidmatan.

Perkara 153 (1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan jelas menyatakan "Menjadi tanggungjawab Yang di-Pertuan Agong untuk melindungi kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan anak negeri mana-mana antara Negeri Sabah dan Sarawak dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain mengikut peruntukan Perkara ini."

Kepentingan ini termasuklah dalam keutamaan lesen-lesen perniagaan. Jadi adakah ini bermakna liberalisasi ini bertentangan dengan perlembagaan?

Tidakkah ini memberi kesan kepada "hak Melayu"?

Oleh kerana kedudukan Bahasa Melayu juga dijamin perlembagaan, bagaimana pula dengan usaha Dr Mahathir pada tahun 2003 memperkenalkan dasar Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Ingggeris (PPSMI), yang kini sudah dihapuskan? Soal Perlembagaan tidak dibangkitkan ketika itu. Jelas, peruntukan Perlembagaan itu bukanlah kaku, sebaliknya ia fleksibel dan boleh disesuaikan dengan tuntutan zaman.

Mahkamah Tinggi pada Mei lalu juga telah mengisytiharkan bahawa PPSMI tidak bertentangan dengan perlembagaan kerana sekolah-sekolah masih mengekalkan Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa pengantar.

Dan perkara paling besar dalam soal kedudukan orang Melayu ini tentulah pegangan ekuiti Bumiputera yang ditetapkan pada kadar minimum 30 peratus.

Inilah dasar yang begitu kuat dipertahankan Perkasa dan sekutunya Umno.

Dasar ini pada saya cukup kabur sekali, kerana tidak jelas apa yang dipertahankan sebenarnya. Adakah memperuntukkan minimum 30 peratus itu akan mengayakan keseluruhan orang Melayu? Adakah ia akan menaikkan taraf hidup orang Melayu? Adakah ia dapat menyelesaikan masalah kemiskinan bandar, yang mangsanya kebanyakannya adalah orang Melayu?

Dan data-data berkenaan polisi ini juga sebenarnya terlalu kabur. Kajian terbitan Universiti Malaya pada 2002 mengatakan pegangan orang Melayu sebenarnya sudah mencapai 33.7 peratus, Institut Kepimpinan Strategik Asia (ASLI) pada 2006 pula meletakkan angka 45 peratus. Sementara pihak kerajaan pada 2006 juga mengatakan pegangan ekuiti Bumiputera hanya 18.9 peratus.

Perbezaan-perbezaan angka dikatakan berpunca daripada masalah metodologi. Namun yang pasti, walau apa angkanya, orang Melayu terbanyak tidak mendapat faedah daripada dasar ini.

Jika Perkasa bersungguh dan ikhlas, saya menjemput Perkasa untuk sama-sama mencadangkan satu dasar 'Pengagihan Semula secara Adil Kekayan Ekuiti Bumiputera' sediada didalam syarikat-syarikat tersenarai dan bukan tersenarai yang memperolehi projek kerajaan dan pengswastaan dari kerajaan, konsesi lebuhraya dan penjanaan elektrik, dan syarikat berkait dengan kerajaan (GLC) untuk dijualkan 30 peratus daripada saham milik individu atau syarikat bumiputera dengan menggunakan nilai saham 'par-value' yang menjadi metodologi penilaian saham rasmi kerajaan kepada seramai mana orang Melayu dimana 25 peratus saham tadi dimasukkan kedalam Tabung Biasiswa Pendidikan dan selebih 5 peratus kepada koperasi pekerja syarikat penyumbang tadi. Dan baki 70 peratus pegangan asal masih didalam tangan pemilik individu dan syarikat bumiputera tadi.

Untuk menguji keberkesanan dasar ini, saya cadangkan kita mulakan dengan syarikat Kenchana Petroleum, Scomi, CIMB, Perimekar, APCO dan sebuah syarikat pembinaan yang menerima kontrak membina sebuah jambatan di Pasir Mas satu ketika dahulu.

Apa yang saya cuba bangkitkan ini sebenarnya bukanlah perkara baru. Kerana itu saya terkejut apabila bermacam-macam tohmahan ditujukan kepada saya.

Debat yang saya cadangkan ini sebenarnya adalah sesuatu yang telah dijangka oleh sesetengah pengasas negara kita.

Bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Ismail sendiri pernah mengatakan bahawa kedudukan istimewa adalah satu penghinaan kepada kemampuan orang-orang Melayu. Jangan lupa Allahyarham adalah juga anggota Kabinet pertama Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Maka Tun Dr Ismail mengatakan kedudukan orang Melayu ini akan ditentukan oleh orang Melayu sendiri. Beliau meramalkan dengan semakin ramai Melayu yang berpendidikan dan mendapat keyakinan diri, mereka sendiri akan menghapuskan kedudukan istimewa ini.

Walaupun bukanlah tujuan saya di sini untuk menghapuskan peruntukan perlembagaan itu, kerana yang saya persoalkan adalah dasar dan pelaksanaan.

Tapi apa yang hendak saya katakan adalah proses perubahan seperti yang diramalkan bekas timbalan presiden Umno itu hanya boleh bermula dengan muhasabah melalui perdebatan.

* Penulis adalah ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai. Beliau mengalu-alukan maklum balas di

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