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"I shall be around still" - Taib.

"I shall be around still" - Taib.

"I shall be around still" - Taib.

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 03:30 PM PDT

Taib Mahmud is not stepping down. "His family members do not want him to stop serving the people" he said. "l shall continue on as the people want him to continue, and therefore I must not disappoint the people" he said it aloud to some 6500 people at Hornbill Skyhawk hangar in Kuching recently.

The statement by this 74-year old Sarawak BN leader ends the speculation of whether he stays in the feverish political ambience of Sarawak. In other words he is telling everyone that he is indispensible and does not have the time to retreat and retire. He still remains as the one and the only leader available to serve the people among the 2 million odd population of Sarawak.

The heavy issues against him that led to the defeat of SUPP candidate that represent BN in Sibu by-election months ago does not shirk his urge appetite to stay at the helm like an emperors the Chinese dynasties. The Chinese dynasties ended with the Qing in 1910 when the people initiated 'the people revolution'.

He insists that he stays while the process of forming a new team is in progress. No one knows how the up-to-the-minute team is like but this can be another justification for him the stay on in the subsequent election as by then this new team would still be ill-equipped to take on the mantle. So Taib's plan is meandering towards reassuring him to stay on even in the subsequent state election in 2016. Hence he is not retiring; as no one in Sarawak is fit replace him, at least within his life time.

The multi-ethnic and multiracial attribute of population in Sarawak make up for Taib to rule with tight fist that anyone that he sees as a threat to him will always encounter with problems which in the end be shown exit door and consequently be in political oblivion. Names like Abang Abu Bakar, Adnan Satem, Effendi Norwawi and numerous others within PBB were taking turn to be ostracized unceremoniously.

Hence the leadership vacuity in Sarawak became so unambiguous and Taib stands tall all alone without fearing anyone outdoing him within Sarawak BN. Now the dummy god Taib is now under tremendous pressure from the public instead of the leaders. The voting public feels that he has been over staying and that sentiment over his obsession to cling to power is unbearable to some.

BN Sarawak has more or less identical problem to that of the Peninsula. SUPP represents the Chinese and that party's support from the Chinese is dwindling and it is going to affect all the urban and sub-urban constituencies. The rejection in Sibu by election was an obvious indication that the Chinese are taking DAP as an alternative party for them. George Chan has mountable problem in demanding to contain the support from the Chinese as had always been before.

If MCA members are deserting BN because of UMNO, in Sarawak SUPP is rejected because of PBB leadership, in particular Taib himself. Of late Taib is facing rejection as his time to call it a day is long overdue.

The voting public is waiting anxiously for a new leader to sit on the driver's seat as Taib has lost all his appeal and effectiveness to steer the state to a greater height. The voters in the urban and sub-urban are some what ready for political adjustment.

However Taib and his PBB/BN is still confident of getting the majority votes in the hinterland as BN will be more advantageous with their easy accessibility to the voters. BN has all the means to reach the Rumah Panjang with Iban domination.

It is expected that the ruling party will disallow the opposition to get to the hinterland by not allowing helicopters and small planes flying the opposition leaders to fly within the state during the election period. The state government had done that before and nothing can stop from doing it again.

With the power of money of Taib, the voters in the hinterland will incline to give their votes and support for Taib and his party. If the opposition election workers are serious of getting to reach these groups of voters they have to travel by land days or week before the voting date to stay near to them.

Now can Taib and his party win the government by just having the support deep rural voters? Even if Taib wins the whole rural voters the losses in the urban and sub-urban with Chinese majority may only give back the government with razor-thin majority in the State Legislative Assembly without the two third majorities like what is faced by NS State Assembly and Perak dubious State government. BUT some quarters are more inclined to believe that BN is going to experience a simple defeat in this coming crucial State Election.

The wind of change is ever growing in Sarawak and many quarters believe with Taib's intention to loiter around still, to the best BN will almost loose the government. OR the whole chunk of winning BN candidates will be at the opposition bench.

Malaysian to be first ‘space ambassador’ to greet alien visitors!

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 12:05 PM PDT

UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'

A space ambassador could be appointed by the United Nations to act as the first point of contact for aliens trying to communicate with Earth.

Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, is set to be tasked with co-ordinating humanity's response if and when extraterrestrials make contact.

Aliens who landed on earth and asked: "Take me to your leader" would be directed to Mrs Othman.

Go read the full story here. Malaysia Boleh!

Wah lau eh.

Najib Luluskan Lesen Kasino di Sabah?

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 11:26 AM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Mengikut kenyataan terbaru YB Saifuddin Nasution, Najib Tun Razak baru sahaja meluluskan lesen kasino yang baru di Sabah. Mengikut laporan Harakahdaily:

Kasino itu dikatakan sebahagian projek pelancongan hijau di Karambunai yang turut membabitkan pembinaan pusat rekreasi air atas tapak 500 ekar dan dicadangkan oleh Unit Pengurusan Prestasi dan Pelaksanaan (Pemandu), sebuah unit di bawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

Kalau benarlah dakwaan ini, saya menunggu alasan apa yang akan digunakan oleh Najib Tun Razak kali ini selepas beliau meluluskan lesen judi bola untuk Vinsetan tempohari.

Tulang Besi


Dasar Umno jadikan Melayu, Islam lemah

MARANG, 26 Sept: Sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam di negara ini menjadi lemah akibat dasar Umno yang sekular dan tidak mahu mengambil cara hidup Islam sebenar.

Menurut Ahli Parlimen Machang, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, dua hujah dan fakta mudah yang jelas menyokong dakwaan tersebut adalah berhubung isu melulusakan lesen judi, dan menyekat bantuan dan peruntukan kepada Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR).

Berucap pada satu majlis ceramah di sini malam semalam beliau berkata, terbaru Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak pula didakwa meluluskan cadangan membina sebuah kasino di Sabah sebagai sebahagian daripada ETP (Program Transformasi Ekonomi).

Kasino itu dikatakan sebahagian projek pelancongan hijau di Karambunai yang turut membabitkan pembinaan pusat rekreasi air atas tapak 500 ekar dan dicadangkan oleh Unit Pengurusan Prestasi dan Pelaksanaan (Pemandu), sebuah unit di bawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

"Baru ni kita dah lawan dah judi bola yang diluluskan pada zaman Tun Dr Mahathir, sekarang Najib lulus pulak lesen kasino di Sabah.

"Adakah yang lulus ini Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh atau Tian Chua? Yang lulus ini adalah Umno, maka Umno lah yang merosakkan Islam dan menodai kesucian Islam," katanya yang juga Setiausaha Agung PKR.

Hujah kedua, jelasnya adalah berhubung penarikan semula bantuan kepada SAR yang juga dibuat pada zaman Dr. Mahathir yang didakwa terpengaruh dengan pidato Presiden Amerika pada waktu itu, George Bush.

Bush dalam pidatonya pada satu ketika dulu mengkritik sekolah agama di Pakistan yang didakwa sebagai tempat melahirkan pengganas yang kemudiannya turut dipercayai Mahathir.

Mahathir kemudiannya bertindak mengarahkan kerajaan menarik balik peruntukan kepada SAR.

"Yang tarik bukan Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh atau Tian Chua, tetapi yang tarik peruntukan dan bantuan SAR tempat anak kita kenal Allah, kenal Rasul, kenal al-Quaran kenal adab, adalah pemimpin Umno," katanya.

Dalam pada itu beberapa pihak telah mendesak Najib menjelaskan kebenaran dakwaan bahawa kerajaan akan membina kasino di Sabah tersebut.

Mereka berpendapat, rakyat berhak untuk mengetahui hala tuju negara ini yang dilihat gemar mempopularkan judi.

Herstory: Malaysian women's films on Desire, Sex, Love

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 07:34 AM PDT

HerStory Malaysia: A Showcase Of 5 Short Films on Desire, Sex, Love The first ever Malaysian women's film fest is coming to town! Screening will be held in KL, Penang, and Sabah this October. HerStory will unveil stories of women's desires on film, by five women filmmakers. They are the multi-talented Bernice Chauly, award-winning filmmaker Crystal Woo, HerStory co-founder and filmmaker, thespian Mislina Mustaffa, and, making her directorial debut, film and TV star Sharifah Amani. Reported by Christine Chan Video by Indrani Kopal (Opening montage from 'Pengkid' video by Lydia & Azreen)
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Helen Ang: Sedition Act abused

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 10:11 AM PDT

Researcher and columnist, Helen Ang recounts her experience of being investigated under the Sedition Act after a police report was made against her for 'being anti-Malay and insulting Islam'. Ang related her experience at a press conference organised by civil rights activists and NGOs held as a show of solidarity, for political cartoonist Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque, popularly known as Zunar.
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PKR “Balai Ringin Ketua Cabang”

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 06:16 AM PDT

It goes without saying "An hour in politics is certainly a long time for the rural voters."The PKR supporters knows that they need to be patient in the heat of the election. The intensity and the commitment shown by the candidates in garnering support was second to none. There were close calls of "eruption of fireworks" and also just  a minor skimish of "shouts of disgusts"heard but cool heads by the PKR scrutineers prevented the cancellation of voting according to a PKR spokesman to audie61.

Balai Ringin the first Iban Majority Seat and Constituency saw a three way tussle on who deserves to head the division. PKR Wanita Chief Ibi Uding was challenged by Sarawak PKR Vice President Jimmy Donald and PKR Member Cobbold John.

The final tally of results Jimmy Donald heads the division with 84 votes with Udi Uding polling 76 votes while Cobbold only managed 10 with 2 spoit votes.

It is indeed a severe blow for the PKR Sarawak Wanita chief as she will need to reassess her strength on the ground.She will need to close ranks and remain hopeful that she will still be picked to stand as a candidate for the upcoming state elections in N25 Balai Ringin.


Civil activists, NGOs stand behind Zunar

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 04:22 AM PDT

In a show of solidarity, a group of civil rights activists and NGOs fighting for media independence and freedom of expression, showed their support for political cartoonist Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque. Yesterday Zulkifli better known by his pen name of Zunar, was picked up by the police and copies of his newly published book 'Cartoon-o-phobia' were seized by police. "Enough is enough," said One Muted Malaysia coordinator Josh Hong during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) today. Full story here:
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Posted: 26 Sep 2010 04:50 AM PDT







中国报 26-09-2010

Tak Rasa Bersalah Ke Buang Sampah Dari Kenderaan Anda? Syabas JKR!

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 07:50 AM PDT

Pepatah Inggeris ada yang berbunyi ' A picture is worth a thousand words!'. 

Baru baru ini semasa saya dan isteri pulang ke Kuantan, saya terpandang papantanda 'sindir pesan' dari JKR Pahang yang sangat tepat sekali cara memperingatkan para pengguna jalanraya supaya tidak sesuka hati membuang sampah keluar dari kenderaan masing masing, mengotor dan mencemarkan bukan sahaja alam sekitar tetapi juga pandangan kita!

Alangkah moleknya cara Jabatan Kerja Raya menyampaikan nasihat ini walaupun ianya berupa satu sindiran yang amat bagus sekali untuk melempang secara perkataan segelintir dari masyarakat kita ini yang memang sudah acapkali saya lihat dengan perasaan marah bersulam geram kerana semberono sahaja membuang puntung rokok, sampah sarap dan sebagainya keluar dari kenderaan mereka!!!

Jika dah tahu benda benda buangan itu akan membusukkan kenderaan masing masing, apakah alasan bagi maarof sintok yakpur salamus otak wal samdol untuk buang sampah mereka ke atas jalanraya yang sudah tentu bukan hakmilik peribadi mereka atau harta mak bapak atau datok nenek biarpun moyang mereka sekalipun???

Memang buruk benar perangai manusia manusia seperti ini yang dengan tidak berperasaan prihatin bahawa jalanraya itu milik awam dan mereka perlu menjaga kebersihannya bersama sama agar selamat dan bersih setiap masa untuk diguna semua?

Saya sering melihat cara pemandu yang merokok membuang puntung rokok mereka ke atas jalan raya atau di tepian jalan. Jika diturutkan hati, mahu saya hon kereta didepan saya itu tetapi nanti percuma sahaja ada yang mungkin bermalam dilokap atau dibilik mayat!

Apa punya pengotor lah masyarakat kita yang berperangai jelek seperti ini?

Nak kita kata tak berpelajaran, masing masing ada yang akan mendabik dada mengaku belajar di universiti sana dan sini dengan ijazah bergulung gulung tak cukup dinding rumah nak dipamerkan kejayaan akademik mereka tetapi otak macam lembu yang berak merata rata!

Cumanya mangkok hayon sebegini suka benar buang puntung rokok mengikut suka!

Ini kalau bangsa Melayu atau yang faham bahasa Melayu sahaja yang mungkin terasa dan mungkin mahu menjaga kebersihan alam sekitar seperti disindir pesan JKR Pahang itu?

Macamana pulak dengan mereka yang jenis tak reti bahasa ni?

Saya rasa JKR kena buat papantanda sindir pesan ini didalam Bahasa Mandarin, Tamil dan Inggeris sama.

Baru adil bro!

Malaysia Boleh...maju kalau semua faham Bahasa Melayu di atas....:)

Attacks on Christine O'Donnell helps expose ruling elite's constitutional ignorance

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 03:30 AM PDT

By Richard Viguerie

Attacks on Christine O'Donnell helps expose ruling elite's constitutional ignorance
American Thinker (blog) - Mark Fitzgibbons was stunned to see what highly educated Slate senior editor Dahlia Lithwick had to say about an answer Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell gave during a debate recently - and you will be, too.

Are the winds of change for Republicans even blowing through the windy city?
American Spectator - Robert Stacy McCain profiles Republican Isaac Hayes, a Pentecostal minister who's running opposite Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (lifetime ACU rating 2.92%) in Illinois' 2nd district, normally a place where the GOP wouldn't even have a chance.

For those revolting against government spending, Republicans aren't innocent -- Daily Caller

"Truces" are unnecessary for believers in limited, Constitutional government --

The GOP's "Pledge" offers refreshing silence on foreign affairs -- American Conservative

Bobby Eberle: Time for all sides to take a "chill pill" and focus on November -- GOP USA

Noemie Emery: Tea Party's takeover of the GOP is for the best -- Washington Examiner

Today's youth are finally recognizing the value of conservative ideas -- Pajamas Media

GOP cash fills coffers of 'tea party' hopefuls -- Washington Times

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continues run as YouTube sensation -- Hot Air

Badminton: Chong Wei Beats Lin Dan For The Japan Open Crown.

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 03:24 AM PDT

World number one Datuk Lee Chong Wei defeated archrival Lin Dan of China in the final of the Japan Super Series 2010 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan today.

According to Chong Wei took an hour and 22 minutes before finally overcoming Lin Dan in 22-20, 16-21, 21-17.

The championship offered total prize money of US$200,000.

Meanwhile, Malaysia's top doubles pair Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong lost to Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng of China 21-18, 14-21, 12-21 in the men's doubles final.

Other Malaysians consisting of men's singles Muhammad Hafiz Hashim and men's doubles Mak Hee Chun/Tan Wee Kiong had an early exit in the championship.

Courtesy of BERNAMA

Ong Chew Tee might just be getting a new roof soon thanks to YB Kamalanathan

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 01:34 AM PDT

Do you remember Ong Chew Tee, the Kg Gurney, Ulu Yam Baru, Mukim Batang Kali, P94 Hulu Selangor Parliamentary poor villager who is living in a leaking house because he can't afford to replace the zinc sheet roofing?

Well, today, I received a direct message from YB Kamalanathan, the Hulu Selangor BN Member of Parliament who responded to my tweet message asking when is the MP going to assist Ong?

I called YB P.Kamalanathan's mobile number which he gave me in the direct tweet message and we spoke about this case.

YB P.Kamalanathan promised to help Mr.Ong Chew Tee with his leaking roof problem soon. 

I asked YB P.Kamalanathan to let me know when the zinc sheet roof replacement will take place for me to go and cover such work in action?

Alhamdulillah! At last, I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Mr Ong Chew Tee is finally going to get to live in safety and get his home dry once more.

Thanks to the promise and commitment of the BN Hulu Selangor Member of Parliament YB P.Kamalanathan that he will look into this matter and do what he can to make sure Ong Chew Tee finally gets to sleep with peace of mind and a dry home very soon.

If only there are more hardworking MP's like YB P.Kamalanathan, our country will surely be the best place to live in the world.

Problem is that there are way too many 'makan gaji buta' so called YB's wasting time there in Parliament talking cock and pontificating as if they are the God sent champions of the long suffering people?

I don't give a rat's ass whether any MP has been there in Parliament for umpteenth years? What the hell have these hot air spewing politicians done for the poor Malaysians like Ong Chew Tee and millions other suffering Malaysians all over the nation and in their respective constituencies?

What has Nazri, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Anwar Ibrahim and all other media attention loving politicians done for their constituents all these years? N.A.T.O.? No Action ; Talk Only?

Come the 13th General Elections, I hope that the national voters of Malaysia will only vote for people like YB Kamalanathan who practice what they preach and promise?

Failing which, we know how to teach all these rhetoric spewing narcissistic airheads?

Don't we?

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Cartoon-o-phobia launch a hit despite author's arrest

Posted: 24 Sep 2010 10:43 AM PDT

Just hours earlier the police arrested political cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque and seized over 60 copies of his latest work, Cartoon-o-phobia. But despite setbacks, the launch of satirical publication proceeded as scheduled last night at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) under close observation of the police. Full story here:
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A Trojan horse with no name, Dato?

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 01:50 PM PDT

By Haris Ibrahim

COMMENT "…the criticism that there is an emergence of "Umno Culture" in the campaign for party positions is unfounded. At the same time, we cannot rule out entirely the possibility of Trojan horses having found their way in." – Anwar Ibrahim in a press release two days ago. Found their way in, Dato', or long time sleepers from the very inception of the party?

No names, Dato'?

Or should we expect, like your promise to produce evidence, ala Bollywood fashion, of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's involvement in the Altantuya affair and the alleged RM2 million paid to each of the most recent of the PKR defectors, nothing more from you?

I'm awaiting evidence, Dato', of one such Trojan horse, and when the evidence is in hand, I'll name him. That's a promise to you, Dato'.

Meanwhile, Dato', how about cutting this charade of not backing any of the horses, Trojan or otherwise, in the ongoing PKR party elections that is turning out to be the dirtiest yet?

I understand that your relentless phone calls to Grenda Aing may have led you to believe that you have secured support for Azmin Ali from the Bidayuh faction in Sarawak.

'New high in dirty politics'

I am told, though, that whilst you may have the nomination in hand, the members on the ground who will ultimately vote will roundly reject the "divide and perpetuate Muslim rule in Sarawak" politics that you and your anointed one are harbouring.

And your numerous calls to various other divisions today to throw their lot behind Azmin have, I am told, been enough for you to have made calls to certain quarters this afternoon to announce : "Zaid will lose".

Have you already factored into your calculation the surreptitious outcome of the Jeli division elections today?

First count, nomination to Zaid.

Second count, nomination to Zaid.

Secret ballot, Azmin gets the nod.

I hear your buddy Dato Soon from Sabah is dishing out the goodies in Hulu Selangor to buy nominations for Azmin and Khalid Jaafar.

Is this payback for the banana plantation that you helped secure for him in Ulu Bernam? On 700 acres of PKNS land, Dato'?

No emergence of Umno culture, you say, Dato'? Too right! PKR has just reached a new high in dirty politics!

Lawyer Haris Ibrahim writes his thoughts at The People's Parliament blog. This article first appeared in his blog.

Flamboyant 'dealmaker' could drag Najib down

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 01:30 PM PDT

By Kadir Jasin

COMMENT From Abdullah Ang of the Malaysia Overseas Investment Corp "fame", who made waves and finally ended in jail during the opening days of (former premier) Dr Mahathir Mohamad to today's Taek Jho Low, every Malaysian prime minister seems to have such a character in his orbit.


These are dealmakers or people who believe that the best and the quickest way up the corporate ladder and stardom was to engage in high-profiled activities or to be in sync with the top men, their spouses, children and clans, their favourite projects and charities.

These are people who entered through the back door or can call on the boss anytime they like without prior appointment. Not even the civil servants and the security staff can stop them from marching in a out of the big man's office and residence.

But for some of them, their grand entrance did not always secure them a permanent place on the pedestal. Many fell when their mentors and protectors left office. Some were disgraced while others have to endure years of ridicule.

Now is the turn of Taek Jho Low aka Jho Low. When I asked Yahoo "Who is Jho Low?", I found 299,000 results that relate to that name compared to Mohd Najib Abdul Razak (163,000), Mahathir Mohamad (586,000), Siti Nurhaliza (171,000) and yours truly (172,000).

One was a New York Post report of Nov 8, 2009, which, among other things, has the following to say about this new Malaysian dealmaker.

"Diddy lived right below me, and that's where his [Low's] security staff is now," Hirtenstein said. "I know because I tried getting a friend in there. My friend offered $17,000; Jho Low came in with $20,000."

But Low's flashy ways during a time of economic hardship have appalled Park Imperial residents, who complain that the building's entire staff acts like his personal servants. Every day, shopping bags get delivered from the city's biggest stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman.

And Low's caravan of Escalades constantly crowds the area outside the building, several sources said."

The Singapore Straits Times, has the following to say about Joe Low (sic): "Another low-profile businessman (in Mohd Najib's list of advisers), he was a key architect of a multibillion-ringgit sovereign wealth fund established by the state of Terengganu.

The fund, called the Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA), has sparked controversy because it will be created using borrowed money and not existing capital held by the state. It will raise capital from a RM5 billion (S$2 billion) bond issue, which will be guaranteed by the Malaysian government.

PM should be transparent

Little is known of Penang-born Low, who a TIA official said is an adviser to Malaysia's King, Sultan Mizan, and has close ties with several Middle East investment funds."

Malaysia Today news portal: "Mystery" man Jho Taek Low, who reportedly secured the RM500 million contract to redevelop the Sungai Besi airbase (Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia), is back in the spotlight, this time in France.

The millionaire businessman, who is closely linked to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's family, was detained together with famed Hollywood star Paris Hilton by French police.

According to the French newspaper, Corse Matin, Hilton was detained at the Corsica airport after police dogs sniffed out her marijuana loot.

The paper reported that Hilton travelling with a personality who was "closely linked to the top Malaysian authorities" when she was detained.

A website called has the following to say about this mystery man: "Taek Jho Low has been Group Advisor and Non Independent & Non Executive Director of UBG Berhad since September 19, 2008. Low serves as group advisor of several international firms, involved in global private equity, mergers & acquisitions, buyout, government-to-government offset structured investments and financing, networking and financial aid. Low graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics majoring in Finance from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania."

Whoever he is, if indeed he is linked to the prime minister or members of his family, Mohd Najib has to come clean for the sake of the credibility of his administration.

The prime minister should be transparent about the relationship with Jho Low. There's a strong lesson to be learnt from his predecessor's entanglement with similar dealmakers.

(The original version first appeared in

The sorry state of dinosaur thinking

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 12:52 PM PDT

By Kee Thuan Chye

COMMENT In just two days – Sept 23 and 24 – three developments summed up the sorry state of the ruling establishment. And caused sensible Malaysians to lose further faith in the government. In the first, the deputy prime minister played the role of Pontius Pilate by washing his hands of a responsibility the public had expected him to fulfil.

In the second, a former prime minister showed his racist true colours and desperation when he said Malays would lose power if Pakatan Rakyat took over the government.

In the third, the police arrested a cartoonist, just hours before the launch of his latest book. On what charge? Wait for the government to decide.

What we are witnessing is not surprising. These three events are manifestations of dinosaur thinking, which by now should be extinct. But those who adhere to them seem to think they're still effective, which must mean they cannot be qualified to lead a progressive nation.

Muhyiddin Yassin may have some fine print in some rules of procedure to back him up in regard to the Kedah school principal who uttered racist remarks to his students. On Sept 23, he said any action against the principal can only be taken by the disciplinary board of the Public Services Department (PSD), headed by the director-general.

However, the public is asking: "But you are the education minister. And also the deputy prime minister. Surely, you have certain powers to act on something as heinous as racism, to send out a positive message to the people?"

The public is also asking why the report by the Ministry of Education team investigating the incident is taking so long to be considered. It was given to the PSD on Sept 4. Has the time been mostly spent instead on digging up the PSD regulations to provide Muhyiddin with an escape clause?

If you asked any sensible Malaysian, they would tell you Muhyiddin has simply "copped out". He is not thinking like a Malaysian Leader No 2, one who must do the right thing in the Malaysian interest regardless of other factors.

His action shows he is thinking as a party leader, bound by considerations of race. On that score, you might be able to excuse Umno – and Muhyiddin – for thinking that no action against the principal means no loss of votes for the party. Better that than appeasing other races and risk losing Malay votes. That's dinosaur thinking of the second highest order. Very un-1Malaysia.

Meanwhile, what has happened to the case of the Johor school principal who allegedly told her Chinese students to go back to China and insulted the religion of her Indian students? It seems all quiet on the southern front. Which also happens to be Muhyiddin's territory. And Umno's.

Dr M, the top dinosaur

I alluded earlier to dinosaur thinking of the second highest order. What about dinosaur thinking of the highest order?

That honour must go to Dr Mahathir Mohamad. On Sept 24, he said that if Pakatan Rakyat came to power, even if the resulting prime minister were Malay, he would be a tool of others. As an analogy, he said when  Mohamed Nizar Jamaluddin was menteri besar of Perak, "he followed the DAP's orders". He was heading "a Chinese government".

This is actually nothing new from Mahathir. He has expressed these views before, in his bid to instil fear in the Malays that they will lose power and be overrun by non-Malays. Lately, however, he has been stepping it up. He is working more and more on conditioning the Malay mind into believing who the enemy is, even if it's imagined.

This is dangerous divisive politics, but does Mahathir care? This is regressing to the politics of fear, which he generated when he was prime minister, but which many voters rejected during the 2008 general election. Again, does Mahathir care?

What seems clear from his recent sustained onslaught is that he's getting more desperate in wanting to keep Pakatan out of Putrajaya. He apparently fears the consequences of Pakatan in government. From all the talk that has been circulating about aspects of his administration – and we've seen just an example in the recommendations of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the VK Lingam case – he might be hauled up to answer some questions. Understandably, he would not want to live through that ordeal.

Meanwhile, Nurul Izzah Anwar of PKR has challenged Mahathir to a debate "to clarify if his 'fear' for the Malays is really about loss of power or, in reality, loss of wealth for the chosen few". Would the old man of the past have the guts to take on the young leader of the present and the future?

Govt cuts  off its nose

As for the third event, the arrest of cartoonist Zunar (Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque) has merely created a new popular hero in the movement for a better Malaysia. And it has made the government look worse for stifling free expression. Which is why it doesn't make sense that it should resort to

What's even more damning is that there was no clear indication of what Zunar was being arrested for. According to his lawyer, Latheefa Koya, the authorities were not sure whether to charge him under the Sedition Act or the Printing Presses and Publications Act.

In this age of the Internet and speedy communication, arresting someone for producing a book of political cartoons is reflective of dinosaur thinking. Even if the cartoons are critical of the government, it speaks better for the government to tolerate its right to be published and disseminated, and to acknowledge that its creator enjoys the freedom of expression.

This is guaranteed in the Constitution, and we are supposed to be living in a democratic state. So let a thousand flowers bloom, let a thousand voices vie for attention in the marketplace. Perkasa is given their voice, why not Zunar?

Is it due to the fact that he is Malay and therefore more of a threat, because his ideas might appeal more to the Malay masses? Is it because cartoons transcend language and can express in one picture what a thousand words might not?

Whatever the reasoning, it overlooks one crucial point. Zunar is not alone. There is a resistance movement. Not an organised one, but it's there. And it's like the mythical Hydra. If you cut off one head, another will grow to take its place. Perhaps more.

So, to put it idiomatically, the cutting that has been done in the Zunar arrest is not quite what was intended. It is more a case of the government cutting off its nose to spite its face.

That's what happens as a result of dinosaur thinking.

Dramatist and journalist Kee Thuan Chye is the author of 'March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up'

Muhyiddin takes Kit&Sons to task for spreading lies and discord

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 09:20 PM PDT

KitSiang is known for his sweeping statements and baseless allegations, this time he accused TS Muhyiddin of sabotaging 1Malaysia.

Well Muhyiddin would have none of DAP Dynasty patriarch's nonsense and said so.

Below is his statement on the matter

SOALAN DARI TV3: Tan Sri, ada dakwaan daripada Lim Kit Siang yang mentadsir kuasa eksekutif tu.. boleh jelas sikit?

Saya nak ambik peluang sikit nak jelaskan, disini KSU dan Ketua Pengarah pun ada, perkara ini dimainkan berulang kali sehingga saya diberikan gambaran seolah-olah saya tidak menyokong 1Malaysia, seolah-olah saya bersubahat dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh guru besar atau pengetua, apa yang disebutkan oleh Kit Siang, kata-kata hasutan dan sebagainya.

Saya nak jelaskan bahawa walaupun perkara itu sudah dibangkitkan dalam media semua sekali, termasuk media Cina lebih lagi, tentang apa yang berlaku di Kulai Jaya dan Bukit Selambau di Kedah, tajuknya sama lah, tapi keadaan berbeza diantara kedua kes tadi, tapi melibatkan guru atau pengetua yang sudah lama berkhidmat dalam kerajaan.

Pengetua-pengetua ini berjawatan tetap. Dan oleh sebab mereka berjawatan tetap, mereka sudah menjadi pegawai kerajaan. Maka segala bentuk tindakan-tindakan tatatertib terhadap pegawai ini mestilah bersandarkan kepada aturan-aturan yang sudah ada dalam perjawatan kerajaan.

Dalam soal ini bukan hanya guru, tetapi semua penjawat-penjawat awam akan tertakluk kepada peraturan yang sama. Samada ia berkaitan dengan kes disiplin biasa ataupun berkait dengan kes hasutan dan sebagainya yang berkaitan dengan undang-undang ia akan tertakluk kepada peraturan yang sama, yang terkandung didalam aturan disiplin. Mungkin KSU boleh Bantu saya jelaskan lagi perkara ini. Jadi oleh sebab itu, bila timbul kes sebegini, saya harus bersifat waras, rasional, tidak emosional, walaupun saya sedar ia sudah menimbulkan pelbagai polemic tentang soal kata-kata hasutan atau seditious yang tidak seharusnya diungkapkan oleh pengetua-pengetua tadi. Tetapi kita yang bertanggungjawab dalam soal urusan pentadbiran kewajaran yang saya sebutkan tadi dan harus faham dan jelas kerana tindakan tatatertib kepada pegawai kerajaan berjawatan tetap ada aturannya. Dan aturannya ialah, ada peringkat-peringkat kalau pegawai itu
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Gambar Himpunan Raksasa PERKASA 50,000 Penyokong Di Kelanatan

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 09:16 PM PDT

Himpunan besar-besaran yang telah diadakan di Kelantan dan akan diperluaskan ke seluruh negara sedang giat dilancarkan.

Gambar telah menunjukkan himpunan besar-besaran 50,000 orang penyokong yang diadakan di Kelantan semalam...

Ruang Bicara Pria Malaya

1. Memalukan! kehadiran tokoh ulung negara yang kononnya disegani dlm dan luar negara langsung tidak mampu menarik orang ramai ke majlis perhimpunan PERKASA di Kelantan..

2. Hanya sekitar 1000-2000 orang yang berkumpul walaupun telah mendapat publisiti yang meluas dari media arus perdana..

3. Jumlah ini tersangat rendah berbanding ketika kehadiran Mahathir ketika memegang kuasa dahulu..nampaknya pengaruh beliau semakin merudum di Kelantan..

Baca selebihnya di

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A good piece on Malaysia written by an American journalist!

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 05:24 PM PDT

By Rachel Motte - writing for the Daily Caller.

Today, President Barack Obama addresses the US-ASEAN summit taking place in New York City, concurrent with the United Nations General Assembly. Among the heads of state he will speak with is a familiar acquaintance — Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, whom the president last saw at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C., this past April. Though he's not a flashy newsmaker on par with some of the other ASEAN figures, Najib is no less newsworthy — and in some ways, the country he represents is one of the most important to the United States in an era where the meeting of Islam and democracy seems less a union, and more a collision.

In Najib's Malaysia despite some real challenges, the future of majority-Muslim, multiethnic democracy is slowly taking shape. This past Sunday Najib joined with his country's minister for unity, minister for religious affairs, and others in endorsing the work of Malaysia's Inter-faith Relations Working Committee. The committee, which is composed of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Taoists and Sikhs, was formed in February in response to the widely publicized racial and religious tensions that plagued Malaysia in early 2010. In endorsing the committee, Najib is affirming his commitment to Malaysia's unity and diversity, and he's doing so at the expense of his own political standing.

If there's one thing Najib wants, it's national unity — and that's not something he's going to get easily, especially if his political opponents get their way. Fifty-three years after declaring independence, Malaysians are still unsure of what it means to be Malaysian. With countless political parties and coalitions, dozens of cultural barriers, and the geographical imposition that is the Java Sea, it's difficult to discern what sort of unifier will serve to carry the country forward. To further complicate matters, only the nation's Muslims are subject to Sharia law; the 40% of citizens who hold different beliefs are all served by a separate court system. Far from asking his countrymen to adopt a homogenous national identity, however, Najib has set for himself the harder task of fostering and encouraging Malaysia's differing societies while simultaneously working toward a concrete sense of national unity.

It's not an easy task. The Borneon states of Sabah and Sarawak, for example, present a particular challenge. They joined the union in 1963, only a few years after Malaysia declared independence from the British in 1957. Even so, peninsular Malaysians are still getting used to their Eastern neighbors, and many feel the island states have not yet been fully incorporated into the union. While the mainland boasts the highly-developed capital at Kuala Lumpur with its famous Petronas Towers, Sabah and Sarawak

are still home to hunter-gatherer societies, and poverty in the island states is rampant despite long-standing efforts to correct economic imbalances.

Najib's extensive and ambitious 1Malaysia campaign proves that he will go to great lengths to achieve Malaysian unity despite the obvious difficulties. A new national holiday, celebrated for the first time this past September 16, commemorates the addition of Sabah and Sarawak to the Malaysian state and adds to the existing August 31 Independence Day celebrations. His plans for Malaysia's economic future include significantly updating Malaysia's schools, creating 3.3 million jobs by 2020, and helping Malaysia make the difficult transition from a middle-income nation to a high-income nation. His New Economic Model aims to do away with racially-grounded affirmative action policies in favor of need-based assistance, and his newly-reaffirmed commitment to religious diversity ensures that Malaysia can move forward without sacrificing its own unique heritage.

Read more:

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