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You say yes, I say no

You say yes, I say no

You say yes, I say no

Posted: 07 Aug 2010 09:59 AM PDT

What a farce. While the DAP is holding on to its view that the rights and privileges of the Malays/Bumiputeras should be abolished, its sparing partner in Pakatan Rakyat thinks otherwise. Pas says such rights and privileges should be retained as the Malays make the major bulk of the poors.

Its president Hadi Awang said what DAP Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara, Tony Pua was absurd and cannot be accepted (read here).

In his proposal to the Selangor PKR government, Tony said it is time to abolish the Bumiputera discounts for purchase of houses costing more than RM500,000 and commercial properties costing more than RM2 million.

Looks like the political pact is having some loosen screws. While one says yes, the other says no.

That reminds me much of a Beatles song 'Hello, Goodbye'. A few lines which I remember are 'You say yes, I say no... you say high, and I say low, low low... You say goodbye, and I say hello..... hello hello, I dont know why you say goodbye I say hello...'

Nice song... and I think Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Nik Aziz, Anwar, Tony, Hadi and others should find a fine day for a karaoke session. Hope they like this song...


Posted: 07 Aug 2010 09:19 AM PDT

When it comes to gadgets, I go for functionality and practicality. None of those fancy top-of-the-line gizmos for me. There are applications on my pc and my cell phone that I know I will never use, and others that I can't figure how to use! I'm just one level better than my 85-year old mother. Her ability to use electronic devices is limited to only the ON/OFF button.

Until or unless we are in that age-group, we won't understand why Mom doesn't seem to like wearing that expensive sweater with the row of buttons down the front that we got for her birthday. Or why Dad has yet to read that best-seller we gave him last Christmas.

Whether we are buying a gift or designing a household product for the elderly, we must bear in mind they may have problems with limited vision, hearing, strength and mobility.

>60 Design Centre of Singapore recently announced the Global Age-Friendly Design Awards 2010. Students, design professionals, design firms and the general public are invited to submit their ideas on products that can change and enhance the lifestyles of the elderly.

If you are interested, find out about submission regulations and prizes on the website. On-going registration began on 14 June. Closing date is 26 September 2010. There is no entry fee for the competition.

Here are more ideas to trigger off the creative juices in you.

Know why sales of iPad easily topped one million in just 28 days after its launch? My guess is it has features and apps that appeal to BOTH young and old. Design with that in mind and you'll probably have an edge over entries that focus exclusively on the elderly.

Lim Kit Siang A PHILANDERER???

Posted: 07 Aug 2010 06:21 AM PDT

Mummy Foo Yue Chuan???

Philandering father???

Forgotten son???

By Tan Teik Lye

Yesterday we had MCA President Chua Soi Lek making disparaging remarks towards the Muslim Ummah just when the Holy Month of Ramadan is around the corner. Now, we have his Rabid Running Dog Justice4OTK sladering the DAP and it's leadership. This mongrel has the audacity to claim that Lim Kit Siang is a philanderer. He claims that personalities from MarGeeMar have been making personal attacks on him and his family. Didn't it occur to him that this could be the work of Umno CyberTroopers pissed with MCA Pornstar President Chua Soi Lek? Justice4OTK also claims that these attacks are the work of the DAP. He is now threatening to expose Lim Kit Siang and the DAP.

For your information, Justice4OTK gets his information from pro-Umno Blogs such as UNSPINNERS! I believe Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng need to take legal action against this scumbag Justice4OTK. This is a sample of Justice4OTK's outrageous claims:

Looks like this blog is finally getting the right message to the people of Penang . These people from the Margeemar blog is feeling threaten by this blog exposing Lim Guan Eng that they have now resorted to posting all sorts of ridiculous things about my daughter .

I do not have any teenager daughter , Period ~!

It only goes to show how desperate they are , these DAP moorons with a double O .
Resorting to attacking one's siblings just show how low , low class Guan Eng has in his team of bloggers and how pariah these Dogs Anjing Pariah is .. truly low , low class .

Obviously I have now become a serious threat to them . I will keep on posting and exposing all the crap committed by Guan Eng .

The more they attack me , the more I shall expose that Cheap Minister fit for the rubbish dump .

See the rest of the Justice4OTK crap here:

S Banggarma's case ~ Has she ever been a Muslim?

Posted: 07 Aug 2010 04:09 AM PDT

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!
May peace be upon you with the Mercy and Blessings of Allah!

I refer to the case of Banggarma Subramaniam whose late father Subramaniam Banggaraiah is said to have converted to Islam including his wife and children way back in 1983.

After going through the various reports on her case as reported by the media here, here and here, I find her case to be nothing more than a case of circumstantial officialdom screwup and overzealousness on the part of paper pushing officials who lack the care and compassion in dealing with the conversion of Non Muslim minors into Islam.

Its not like I have come into such a conclusion after only going through the above 3 reports. I have been following her case for quite some time in my capacity as a Muslim blogger.

Let's discuss the definition of being or becoming a Muslim?

What defines a Muslim?

First and foremost, one has to believe in Allah. If you believe in something else, you are not a Muslim. Straight and simple.

Why go confuse yourself with this and that?

This is the fundamental base principle of Islam.

You are not a Muslim if you go believe that this idol or that is your god. You are not a Muslim if you don't have faith in Allahu Ta'ala.


For some cloistered mind to come tell a Non Believer that he or she is a Muslim when the person is obviously not is a clear injustice as far as I am concerned.

Do we need such Muslims in name only?

Is our faith now reduced to be a numbers game? Having a billion over Muslims in name only?

What good would that do for our faith?

Have we forgotten Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam's prophecy regarding the state of the Muslim ummah in these Akhirul Zaman ?

That we would be numerous in numbers such as the froth of the ocean waves but be weak as to the state of the foam?

Forcing this obviously Hindu woman to be a Muslim when she has no such wish goes against the very nature of our Islamic principles.

Just look at her face and those of her husband and children.
banggarma n family.jpg
Are these the faces of Mukmins?

Obviously not!

Banggarma is no Azlina binti Jailani to be refused apostatizing from Islam! She was born as a Hindu. Her father deserted her when she was a kid. Picked up from the streets and sent to a welfare home. Converted into Islam by God knows who is the irresponsible official?

I deem the person irresponsible because if he or she had converted Banggarma into Islam because of her interest in our faith, that would have been acceptable IF he or she had followed through and seen to it that the child became a true Muslim and adopted our faith in totality ; not just be another unwilling statistic in our country's list of converts to Islam.

Helen Ang's article is insulting to the Islamic institutions of this country. She makes it seem as if they have nothing better to do and that their only job function is to go around converting babies and children of the Non Muslims into Islam as they damn well please?
Helen Ang Malaysiakini Article Defaming Islam.jpg
I do not agree with her article and think that she ought to be charged with inciting hatred against Islam, the religious departments and the authorities per se. Problem is, do the authorities have it in them to go after her?

Or will they do a 'catch & release' mini drama episode as they did with Teresa Kok before?

That is up to the Malaysian government presently under the jurisdiction of the two cousins. As far as I am concerned, the Islamic authorities must decide once and forever as to the actual status of Banggarma and her Hindu family?

Its obvious that they are not and never have been Muslims in the truest sense of the word. These are Kaffirs and as per the commandments of Surah Al Kafirun ought to be left to live as they wish and remain as Hindus.
That's what I think.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

'Accountability' - terlalu asing kepada pemimpin negara

Posted: 07 Aug 2010 10:31 AM PDT

'Accountability'; itulah resepi terpenting dalam mentadbir negara. Jika kesemua barisan kepimpinan yang dipilih untuk memimpin ada sikap 'accountability' masing-masing nescaya apa yang berlaku pada hari ini tidak akan kita alami.

Saya tidak pandai nak menulis secara ilmiah seperti seorang ahli politik besar yang bernama dan bergelar, atau seorang professor dalam bidang politik. Tetapi saya tahu apa yang perlu wujud dalam kepimpinan, bukan kerana saya orang pandai, tetapi oleh kerana saya sudah melalui penghidupan selama hampir 60 tahun. Justru itu maka saya ada sikit-sikit pengalaman belajar secara 'applied learning'.

'Responsibility' dan 'accountability' merupakan nilai yang terpenting dinegara-negara maju didunia. Itulah sebabnya dinegara-negara maju kita melihat isu-isu yang dialami oleh rakyat dapat deselesaikan dalam tempuh yang pendek kerana pihak yang bertanggungjawab membawa isu itu akan mengambil 'responsibility dan 'accountability' terhadap isu itu.

Selalunya pemimpin-pemimpin yang bertanggungjawab terhadap isu itu, akan mengambil tindakkan berundur dari tanggungjawab itu untuk mengelakkan parti atau kerajaan yang diperintahnya akan tumbang ditangan rakyat yang tidak berpuas hati.

Samada orang ramai khususnya ahli UMNO bersetuju atau pun tidak saya tetap dengan pandangan yang UMNO dan semua sekutunua didalam BN akan menghadapi masalah besar untuk mendapatkan kembali sokongan dari rakyat.

Isunya ialah isu keyakinan terhadap kepimpinan. Yang menyebabkan hilangnya keyakinan rakyat itu ialah kerana isu-isu rasuah yang keterlaluan, isu salah guna kuas dan penghakisan system kehakiman yang begitu dipandang serong oleh rakyat.

Politik ini merupakan 'game of perception' dan jika persepsi rakyat tidak mengormati kepimpinan yang ada maka kepimpinan wajar memberikan rakyat dan didalam kontek UMNO memindahkan tanggungjawab kepada ahli-ahli UMNO untuk membuat pimilihan untuk mencari gentian kepada kepimpinan yang sedia ada.

Jika kepimpinan hari ini tidak ada semangat demokrasi dan terus sahaja menghadapi rakyat dalam keadaan sekarang ini kemungkinan BN itu tumbang dalam pilihanraya amat besar sekali.

Jika keadaan ini berlaku, maka kekalahan BN nanti jika benar-benar berlaku adalah tanggungjawab kepada kepimpinan terakhir UMNO dan BN kerana tidak mahu untuk mengambil 'accountability' yang sangat diperlukan sebelum menghadapi pilihanraya itu.

Contohnya dalam isu PKFZ yang kini sudah mula terungkai, sangat menyayat hati rakyat yang membayar cukai. Rakyat nampak yang kepimpinan khususnya kabinet tidak mahu mangambil 'accountability' yang seharusnya diambil.

PM Najib, Muhyiddin, Rais dan ramai lagi ahli-ahli jemaah kabinet sekarang ini masih berada didalam kabinet semasa Tun Ling yang dituduh melakukan 'deception' terhadap kabinet untuk menaikkan harga tanah PKFZ dengan berlipat kali ganda itu.

Dalam isu ini Tun Ling mesti bertanggungjawab dan kabinet mesti mengambil 'accountability' tentang kesalahan ini. Ini bukan isu yang kecil dan ianya merupakan isu yang terbesar dalam sejarah negara sejak mencapai kemerdekaan. Isu ini merupakan isu besar yang setanding dengan isu kerugian Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) yang melibihi RM30 billion dalam kes pembelian dan penjualan matawang asing dibawah pentadbiran Dr Mahathir dulu.

Kita tidak mengambil indah tentang isu 'accountability' ini langsung. Semasa kerugian besar BNM dulu Dr Mahathir tidak mahu mengambil 'accountability' itu dan Nor Mohammad Yakcop yang semasa itu menjadi ketua jabatan "treasury' BNM tidak diambil apa-apa tindakkan malahan Nor Mohammd Yakcop dinaikkan pangkat sehingga menjadi seorang ahli jemaah kabinet yang kanan pula.

Dr Mahathir terus memerintah mengikut sesuka hatinya sehingga selama 22 tahun lamanya. Beliau tetap menjadi idola banyak pihak kerana rakyat belum lagi dilatih untuk mengambil 'accountability' terhadap apa-apa kesalahan yang dilakukan.

Baru-baru ini tertangkap pula Setiausaha Politik Nor Mohammad oleh MACC dengan jumlah wang yang bermillion didalam rumahnya dan kita masih tidak tahu lagi samada perkara ini akan dibawa ketengah atau pun tidak. Nor Mohammad Yakcop masih bercakap tentang ekonomi negara dengan fasihnya walaupun rekod peribadinya sedemikian buruk.

Jika kerajaan mempunyai 'accountability' keadaan yang kita hadapi hari ini tidak akan kita alami. Dalam proses membangunkan negara elemen 'accountability' ini merupakan elemen yang terpenting supaya rakyat boleh memberikan keyakinan terus kepada kerajaan tadbiran sekarang.

Walaupun Dr Mahathir enggan mengambil 'accountability' terhadap kerugian yang dialami negara yang jumlahnya puluhan billion ringgit itu, tidak semestinya pemimpin-pemimpin yang menggantikan beliau itu mengambil sikap yang sama kerana sikap itu merupakan sikap yang pada jangka panjangnya menjahannamkan negara.

Apabila barisan kabinet melakukan kesalahan maka kabinet itu mesti berundur. Jika PM Najib contohnya meletakkan jawatan keseluruhan ahli jemaah kabinet itu mesti meletakkan jawatan, bukan digantikan denga mana-mana ahli kabinet yang lain, kerana ahli-ahli kabinet itu adalah kabinet DS Najib.

Itu etikanya dan itulah dia apa yang dikatakan sebagai mengambil 'accountability' yang menjadi pakaian politik dinegara-negara maju. Jika kita mengaku ingin mencapai ketahap negara maju pada tahun 2020 maka kita mesti belajar untuk mengambil sikap 'responsibility' dan 'accountability' ini terlebih dahulu sebelum tindakkan-tindakkan yang lain.

Selagi tidak ada nilai dan sikap 'accountability' ini selagi itulah negara kita akan terus menerus manghadapi krisis keyakinan dan akan membawa kehancuran kepada politik dan temaddun itu sendiri.

Perkara yang saya sebutkan ini memang tidak disukai oleh ramai pihak yang berkepentingan kerana budaya 'accountability' ini tidak ada dikalangan pemimpin dan penyokong-penyokongnya.

Mereka akan mengaggap isu ini sebagai isu yang 'alien' bagi kita tetapi elemen 'accountability' ini memang sudah dipakai oleh negara yang maju sejak berzaman yang lalu.

Pemimpin-pemimpin kita tidak mahu mengambil 'accountability' kerana ianya memerlukan pengorbanan diri dan meninggalkan kehidupan yang glamour yang disambut dengan bunga manggar dan pukulan kompang-kompang dengan disangkutkan bunga malai dileher.

Tetapi sekarang ini masih boleh dilakukan jika kita memulakannya dari sekarang tanpa tangguh-tangguh lagi. Berfikirlah untuk generasi kita yang akan datang.

Outcry As Terengganu Tops 2010 Budget To RM2.1b - By G. Manimaran.

Posted: 07 Aug 2010 12:57 AM PDT

The Terengganu government is expected to table an RM220 million supplementary supply bill at tomorrow's state assembly, which will push its 2010 budget to a record high of RM2.1 billion, said to be the peninsula's highest.

The state had initially allocated RM1.88 billion for the 2010 budget, which was just a shade higher than its RM1.8 billion budget for 2009.

During the sitting tomorrow and day after, the House is expected to debate proposals for additional allocation of RM157 million for development and RM63.2 million for miscellaneous public services, which total RM220.3 million.

Seberang Takir assemblyman Ahmad Razif Rahman will table the first motion (for RM157 million) while Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said is scheduled to debate the Supplementary Supply Enactment (for miscellaneous services) of RM63.2 million.

The additional allocation of RM220.3 million will bloat Terengganu's budget to a record RM2.1 billion, the highest so far among the states in the Malay peninsula.

This latest move by the state's Barisan Nasional (BN) government has however earned the wrath of opposition lawmakers, who are expected to use the expanded budget as campaign fodder during the coming 13th general election.

"The issue is not whether we (from Pakatan Rakyat) agree or disagree (with the additional budget) but where is the source of the additional funds and how will it be spent... we do not have income from oil, none from royalty money, maybe from compassionate payments. This is a very high budget for a state like Terengganu. I do not have the details but although the budget allocation has risen, the people are still poor and do not enjoy the benefits from any project," Terengganu PAS deputy commissioner Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut told The Malaysian Insider.

The Wakaf Mempelam assemblyman referred to several incidences of failure in public projects, including the recent stadium collapse.

The RM292 million Stadium Mizan Zainal Abidin collapsed a year after it was completed for the 12th Sukma games in June 2008.

Ladang assemblyman Datuk Tengku Hassan Tengku Omar, a former government servant, criticised the proposal for the additional allocations, pointing out that it would be the first time in Terengganu's history to see such a huge budget sum.

"The additional allocations for the budget means that the state's expenditure has also risen... this is how the state government manages taxpayer's money. It also shows that the state government spends without planning, with hopes that it would get allocations from the Federal government," said the PAS leader.

He added that the opposition would definitely raise questions over the issue.

During last year's budget debate, PAS' Batuk Burok assemblyman Dr Syed Azman Syed Ahmad Nawawi had said the 2010 Budget of RM1.88 billion was too high and did not match the living standards of Terengganu residents.

He had said that the budget was "simply shocking" and that there was a high likelihood it would become the highest budget in the country, surpassing Selangor, Johor and several other states.

"This allocation of almost RM1.9 billion is not suitable with the living standards of the people in this state for it does not yet include additional allocations. It needs to be further explained. It is also not in line with the theme 'Merakyatkan Pentadbiran dan Pembangunan' (people-friendly administration and development) for like last year, it has failed to solve the people's problems," he had said.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider

Dire need for Unfair Contracts & Terms Act

Posted: 07 Aug 2010 12:19 AM PDT

It's time we had an Unfair Contacts and Terms Act (UCTA), along the lines of the United Kingdom's UCTA 1977.

For too long now, the public has been at the mercy of the exploitative, ruthless and profit-driven motives of capitalist businessmen and local authorities.

The sad fact is that many an average member of the public does not know his rights and the legal reasoning behind them.

A few examples of unfair terms:

i) "Park at your own risk" or "Operator will not be held liable for loss, theft or damage …" This goes against the principle in Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking, whose principle holds that the above clauses cannot be announced on signboards after a person has taken a ticket and entered into a parking lot because "a clause cannot be incorporated after a contract has been concluded, without reasonable notice before."

Further a person who pays to park can reasonably expect the owner of the lot to take steps to ensure the safety of his vehicle. Under the UCTA '77, any exclusion of negligence liability for personal injury (and damage to property) by businesses is prohibited.

ii) Astro employs a policy whereby a customer's service can be "interrupted" "anytime" and "at random" (quoting from a customer service representative whom I spoke to) for failure to pay any overdue amount. It is submitted that this is arbitrary, as a debtor should be given a finite grace period after the overdue date – say, ten days, before the service is interrupted.

As it stands, depending on the computer program's random selection, some customers could get their service cut one day after the due date, while others, a week or even ten days later. A customer should be also given a chance to inform Astro if payment has been made in order for them to acknowledge and 'stay execution'.

As it stands, if I settle an overdue amount, my service can still be interrupted while payment is being processed, as I was told by the above customer service representative that, Astro's "computer is not programmed to defer service interruption while payment is being processed".

An UCTA would require interruption and termination schedules to be clearly spelt out and also allow for a debtor's notice of payment made to be duly recorded.

iii) Parking summonses written out and left under one's windshield wiper goes against two important principles: "You are only bound by what you sign." (L'Estrange v Graucob Ltd) and "Silence does not amount to acceptance." (Felthouse v Bindley). A person who has flouted parking laws should be made aware that he is being summoned and accept/acknowledge this vide his signature. These principles also apply to "saman ekor" speed trap cases.

There have also been cases where an owner's vehicle has been towed away for flouting parking laws. This, it is submitted, is ultra vires as it is a disproportionate action (Associated Provincial Picture Houses Ltd v Wednesbury Corporation) unless the vehicle in question is obstructing traffic flow or posing a danger to other road users.

It is therefore submitted that legislation be tabled to address the above issues in order to better protect a citizen's rights under the Law. An Unfair Contracts and Terms Act would thus be timely and appropriate.

The first salvo from N to M

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 09:51 PM PDT

I find that this article from the Malaysia Chronicle a very good read. It is informative and analytical…click here. i will quote part of the article here.

Many Umno watchers believe that the only way for Najib to restore public confidence in his administration and more importantly reclaim his mandate to lead the nation, via his 1Malaysia plan, is to neutralize Mahathir and the ultra-Malay groups that Mahathir patronizes such as Perkasa and MPM.

"I think it no secret at all the Chinese in the PKFZ scandal are the small fry. Even Ling, with all due respect, he was just an order taker. But how does one go after a man the stature of Mahathir without causing an irreversible split in Umno. If Umno is shaken, the rest of nation will also be shaken. This is a fact and the non-Malays must be sensitive and patient," the Umno watcher said.

"It is very hard to fight off accusations you are betraying your own race, especially hot-head groups like Perkasa and MPM – they politicize and racialise everything you say. Can Najib remain president of Umno if he is seen to be anti-Malay? Does it make sense? To nit-pick and argue at this point in time is wasteful."

The big picture

According to the Umno source, if Najib were to openly challenge Mahathir and Perkasa, too much effort would be spent on unnecessary racial and political bickering and the economy would plunge to zero.

The better way out was to get the big picture right and then gradually fill in the new power equation. And getting the big picture right meant the first order of the day for Najib must be to reclaim his power. And finally get his 1Malaysia off the ground.

Right now, Najib is unable to move because of Mahathir, who after 22 years of ruling with a fist of iron, does not like the system of governance he set up to be changed. Also, his legacy of vested interests and his bevy of cronies needs to be protected, hence the enormous resistance to let go and let Najib rule as he sees fit.

"This is what the PKFZ is about – to show Mahathir who's the boss at Umno and to tell Malaysians that he will keep his promises to reform and unify the races. But first of all, he has got to solve this huge problem called Dr M and his legacy from the past," the watcher said.

Indeed, this opinion piece corresponds to what i said in my post "bring in the other Big Fish too!" a few days ago, after a meeting with N. He did mention that he was facing stiff  resistance over his reform, and he has to move cautiously to bring change.  Indeed i have warned of this in my other article: The ascendancy of the right wing politics.

Pantun cinta buat Perdana Menteri

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 07:55 PM PDT

Oleh Barisan Pendekar Melayu Haprak

Buat Datuk Seri yang sedang bercuti,
bercuti pula di luar negeri,
doa semoga diselamat Ilahi,
bahagia bersama anak isteri.

Datuk Seri yang sedang bercuti,
bercuti di mana tidak diketahui,
sedang rakyat susah sana sini,
datuk pula bercuti di luar negeri.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia kempen diberi,
rakyat jelata jangan membaziri,
semua ada di Malaysia ku cintai,
tapi Datuk Seri bercuti di luar negeri.

Tatkala Datuk sedang romantis bercuti,
hadiah 5 dalam 1 telah diberi,
minyak gula dan gas ditarik subsidi,
katanya, bukan harga dinaiki,
tapi penyelarasan subsidi.

Rakyat kampung diam sepi,
memikir apa makna penyelarasan subsidi,
sedang kabinet tersenyum hepi,
rakyat telah ditipu lagi,
sedang PM bercuti di luar negeri.

FDI merudum diam la diri,
Tib-tiba adik Datuk Seri bagi pendapat sendiri,
apa dia tau hanya ceo CIMB,
nak jadi juru cakap Datuk Seri,
kepimpinan dinasti Najib al-Maliki.

Tembelang PKFZ sudah dijumpai,
Cina MCA kepala pencuri,
sedang Umno ditipu lagi,
rakyat pula terus dibodohi,
tapi Datuk Seri bahagia bercuti,
bercuti pula di luar negeri.

Sedang PAS DAP bersatu hati,
Umno terus mencemburui,
perpaduan Melayu jadi misi,
tapi PAS serik ditipu lagi.

Sedang rakyat sengsara hati,
merasa tawarnya kopi,
naik basikal mencari rezeki,
dapur kayu membakar api,
Sedang Datuk Seri pergi bercuti.

Curi pasir menjadi-jadi,
Selangor Penang ditunding jari,
apabila sudah kaya si kroni,
maka RTM tv3 mula mensensasi,
sedang ini projek Umno beri,
rakyat tersilap marah PKR DAP.

Pening sudah rakyat memerhati,
sosial ekonomi tak menjadi,
termenunglah mak cik siti,
menunggu pencen arwah suami,
300 sebulan menggigit jari.

Rakyat terus memerhati,
melihat kerakusan kabinet Datuk Seri,
gila talak tidak sudah lagi,
cukup Perak, Penang Selangor dimimpi,
tapi rakyat tidak bodoh lagi,
Datuk Seri pergilah bercuti.

Pulang nanti membawa isteri,
jangan dilupa duit rakyat beri,
akan dituntut suatu hari nanti,
untung rugi tanggung sendiri,
jangan dikata rakyat tak mengenang budi.

Wahai Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri,
jasamu ku kenang sampai ke mati,
tukar kerajaan bukun kerana sakit hati,
tapi amalan demokrasi jadi tradisi,
cukuplah parti perdana menteri,
cap kopi kapal api tidak diminati.

Kerajaan baru bakal dinanti,
kita lihat dan perhati,
revolusi dan transformasi bakal direalisasi,
Malaysia tercinta terus memacu ekonomi.

Sekian dari suara hati,
jangan disekat dengan akta menteri,
moga terus kekal ukhuwah ini,
Salam revolusi dari rakyat Datuk Seri,
Pakatan Rakyat membawa transformasi.

Lonesome Road

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 07:41 PM PDT

I plod one
down lonesome road
wishing I had been born a cowboy
in Nashville Tennesee, US of A

Eh, lonesome cowgal
how about buying this p'or bloke a bir?
and I sing for you "Whispering Pines"...

Before I go out shootin' at the baddies
messing up dear Peyton Placesque Furong
and frightenin' all my cowgal clones
we may not wear cow blue denim jeans from Chicago

But we do sing wellA Hank Williamses' lonesum blues
the tall ones even do an Elvis' rock-and-shake
the short wans like Desi just sing the red-eyed blues
ala Your Cheatin' Heart
and "Do not forsake me oh my darlin'..."
but there is no Nashville wedding dae awaitin'

Before heading for the gunfight at OK Corral
and like John Wayne ridin' into purple-red-and-blues sunset
tho' I prefer to die another day
so I head back to TC Mamak for my tehtarik
or A&W rut bir that's closesyt I get to Nashville...

Goodnite, sweatheart, dream of me fondly
but that would be so-operaesque
or Kristin Chenowethesque
would wake Desi up from my American dreamscape
not for gOod
but steal badder than dead!

or izzit K rah rah OK style?
No rolls, only hugs and kisses

PS: XoXo from Desi
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The speech that wasn't delivered

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 06:05 AM PDT

P Ramakrishnan was supposed to deliver this address before an anti-ISA vigil in Penang on 1 August 2010, but before he could speak, four activists were arrested and police dispersed the crowd.

Rama at an impromptu anti-ISA protest outside the Jelutong Police Station

That's Rama (centre) at an impromptu protest outside the Jelutong Police Station, where the four arrested were taken to.

Gov't snuffs out anti-ISA candlelight vigil protests

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 01:58 AM PDT

The Abolish ISA Movement (UK) has criticised the Malaysian government's crackdown on Malaysians protesting against the repressive law.

Who is my boss?

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 03:00 AM PDT

kah chengMy boss is the Rakyat of Penang Island, not the State Government, says Penang Island Municipal Councillor Lim Kah Cheng in response to Chinese newspaper reports that criticised her.

Stay calm, stick with the crowd, avoid trouble-makers

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 02:15 PM PDT

Saya yang dibankit shares with us his fearful and disappointing experience at the anti-ISA vigil in Penang on 1 August and gives us some sound advice.

'Malay-ism' will stay even if Umno dies

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 08:00 AM PDT

By Mohd Ariff Sabri Abd Aziz

COMMENT I think many Umno people miss an important point. Just as we (Umno) say that Islam is not the exclusive province of PAS or any other party posturing on its religion, image and perception, people can also say that Malay-ism is not the exclusive property of Umno. Just because Umno has fought on the basis of Malay nationalism and interests for so long, it is by no means its exclusive domain.

It does not own the fight. Malay interests and Malay causes will not evaporate if today, Umno disappears.

This is Umno's biggest problem: It thinks Malay causes and fight are theirs by divine right.

This kind of thinking breeds self-conceit and arrogance which probably translate into the everyday behaviour of its members.

For example, look at the smugness that comes along with labelling Malays as liberal Malays, just because we disagree with your methods.

Hello kawan, lu ingat lu seorang sahaja Melayu ke? You ingat, your methods sahaja yang betul ke? If others are liberal Malays, what are you -- Malay's Malay? The purest of the pure?

Some of those championing this purest of the pure nationalism are not even Umno members.

What is more damaging is that this kind of thinking destroys the awareness that the allegiance to its (Umno) causes must be earned and worked at.

It's the height of haughtiness and arrogance to have this idea that if Umno dies, then the Malay is finished. We'd better get this into our heads quickly.

Similarly, isn't it also arrogance of the first degree to say that Islam is finished if PAS goes under?

Both Islam and Malay are bigger than the political vehicles that carry them. Once we become aware of this point, we commit ourselves to the reality that allegiance to our cause must be earned over and over again.

We should now realise that the original bright red fire that propelled us initially are turning into amber flashes. We are running on reserves.

The permanency of this political reality in Malaysian politics will always have to come to terms with the Malay question. It removes at once any conceited idea by anyone, including Umno, that it can forego having to accommodate Malay politics.

Taken for granted

In the case of Umno, it has been taken for granted. No one comes into power without embracing this reality -- not Umno, not PAS, and not any other non-Malay political parties.

I am an Umno man. If possible I want all Malays to support Umno.

Malay support for Umno has always been a qualified support. I know it has to be earned, not expected to be had as of right.

It was, is and will never be unquestioning support and a "as-of-right property".

In the past, from 1946 to the time of Tun (Abdul) Razak, Malay support for Umno was founded and grounded on a general and deserved belief that Umno was the best political vehicle to secure the community's objectives.

But I say it's delusional to state that it's only Umno which fights for Malay interests.

It still does, but there appears to be something fundamentally wrong with the methods it uses for securing the community's loyalty to its causes.

The slogan "Melayu this and Melayu that" has not been effective lately, signifying the need to re-engineer the foundation. Unless you can convince me otherwise, then I say Umno cannot even stand up to say it represents the Malays.

We delude ourselves further by claiming that because Umno has 78 parliamentary seats, therefore we have more Malay support. Dispute this then.

In the 2008 election, Umno candidates got 2.38 million votes. Mind you, not all of that came from Malay voters.

Take away 380,000 non-Malay votes, and you are left with two million Malay voters who elected Umno candidates.

In that year, there were 5.7 million Malay voters. This means 3.7 million Malay voters didn't vote for Umno candidates.

If more Malay voters, including Umno members, didn't vote for Umno candidates, how can Umno say it represents the Malays?

The 78 parliamentary seats won by Umno, therefore, didn't reflect the true extent of Malay support for Umno. Which simply means that Umno people have to work harder to regain the trust and allegiance of Malay voters.

You have done it the old way and style -- raising the spectre of Malay marginalisation and all that. You raised this in spite of having Article 153 of the Federal Constitution (safeguarding the special position of the Malays) and despite being numerically larger than any other races combined. How is that defensible?

That old way hasn't worked.

Why have more Malays voted for non-Umno parties? Personal disaffection, animosities, vengefulness cannot fully explain the loss of confidence.

After Umno and the government lost badly in the 2008 general election, Umno leaders went to a retreat and produced a laundry list of all the shortcomings they could think of.

What happened to these? They have not been acted upon. I see no rain even though there was much thunder about it.

Maybe I have not made myself clear on this issue. Who fights for the Malay question in Malaysian politics is a non-contentious issue.

Liberated minds

Every political party will embrace, define and manage it. The way they do it will earn them trust and support of the Malays.

Since 1946, Umno has built a mousetrap that has proven to be very good. It has continued to be the federal government for Malaysia. The party controls a number of state legislative assemblies. It's still the party to beat.

It would be foolhardy to discount the party as a has-been.

The fundamental causes upon which it built its struggle and eminence are very much ingrained in the majority of Umno supporters. I hope they still are.

Except that Umno (now) needs to realise that the way to harness support is no longer through the traditional method. This includes the appeal to the latent primal fears of the Malays being swamped by other Malaysian ethnic groups.

Wasn't Umno formed to serve as a bulwark to protect itself from being marginalised by immigrant races? That fear has always been manipulated.

Since then, Malays have made progress in many areas. We gained self-government and independence in 1957.

We developed the economy and brought much development to this country. The accomplishments were obtained not through the efforts of Malays only but also by all Malaysian races who now call Malaysia their home.

With economic development comes liberated minds. The experience that came along with economic achievements, political awareness and national confidence resulted in new understanding, new expectations and ever-emerging values.

What is probably happening now is that many Umno fighters have not come to terms with these political realities.

Mohd Ariff is the former Pulau Manis state assemblyman from Pekan, Pahang. This first appeared on his sakmongkol AK47 site.

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