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PD, a town in the throes of death

PD, a town in the throes of death

PD, a town in the throes of death

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 07:00 AM PDT

By Zefry Dahalan

SPECIAL REPORT PORT DICKSON: The signs of decay are everywhere in this once thriving holiday town. Crumbling unfinished buildings are scattered all over the place.

Among these are many hotel projects that were started during the economic boom of the early 1990s and abandoned during the Asian financial crisis at the end of that decade.

"They are an eyesore," said M Ravi, the state assemblyman for Port Dickson.

He called on the state government to do something towards reviving these projects, saying they could help give new life to the dying town and beckon back the tourists.

Speaking to FMT, Ravi lamented the tourism authorities' lack of imagination in their planning for Port Dickson and the once-popular Teluk Kemang Beach not far from the town.

"There is hardly any entertainment even for local folks, not to mention tourists," he said.

"Believe it or not, there is not even a cinema in the entire town."

As a result, he said, youngsters ended up at the beaches at night and the chances were high that a lot of hanky-panky was going on.

"Port Dickson is a place for retired people; there is no place you can go for the kind of fun that young people enjoy," he said.

He also complained of the lack of variety in hawker fare along the beaches.

There are nearly 400 hawker stalls on the stretch of beach from Port Dickson to Teluk Kemang, but you can't find a single one selling Chinese or Indian food.

"Is this what you call 1Malaysia?" asked Ravi. "Why can't you have a few Chinese and Indian food stalls to reflect a true Malaysian culture?"

Ravi also attributed the unpopularity of Port Dickson to a lack of local crafts and local foods that could be seen as unique to the area.

"When you go to Langkawi, you can find cashew nuts coated with honey that you can't find anywhere else in Malaysia," he said.

"In Penang, you can find sweet pickled nutmegs. In Terengganu and Kuching, you can find many crafts.

"But here in Port Dickson you don't have anything to offer to tourists that they can't find anywhere else in Malaysia."

Army Town

In a bid to revive Port Dickson's popularity — or perhaps to win votes — Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak declared last September during campaigning for the Bagan Pinang by-election that the town would henceforth be known as "army town" because of the presence of a large number of army camps in the area.

He said the government would launch a number of major development projects to benefit the army folk of Port Dickson.

No significant development has been seen since, except for a plaque depicting an armoured car at the Sua Betong junction on the Port Dickson-Seremban Expressway.

Ramli Ismail, a retired army officer, scoffed at the idea of an army town status for Port Dickson.

"Apart from the armoured car plaque, there is nothing new to show that we're an army town," he said. "Even if we're an army town, how's that going to pull in tourists?"

He said he disagreed with Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who suggested last March that the army open up their barracks as accommodation for tourists.

"The rules clearly say that you cannot even take photographs inside the camp for security reasons," said Ramli. "But now you're allowing tourists to live in the camp?

"If I were a foreign spy, I'd pretend to be a tourist. I would take my mobile phone into the camp, take pictures with it and gather important information like the exact locations of ammunition and bombs.

"The very idea is a threat to national security."

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Activist hauled to court in Penang

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 06:03 AM PDT

Ong Jing Cheng reports on the fate of activist Lau Shu Shi, who was hauled up on 1 August 2010 while attending an anti-ISA vigil in Penang.


Disability rights treaty ratification an ‘important step’

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 06:43 AM PDT

Malaysia's ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities can help bring real improvement in the lives of people with disabilities in Malaysia, Human Rights Watch said today. But Malaysia should withdraw its formal reservations to the treaty that will undermine its efforts to protect and promote those rights, Human Rights Watch said.

East Asia’s excessive dependence on exports

Posted: 15 Aug 2010 09:00 AM PDT

Due to the global crisis, China and other East Asian nations have to rethink their economic strategy, writes Martin Khor.


Stirring demand for electoral reforms

Posted: 15 Aug 2010 09:00 AM PDT

We, the undersigned civil society groups, hold that the only formula for stability, progress and prosperity in Malaysia is a vigorous and healthy multi-party democracy.


Will UMNO jilt MCA and woo DAP?

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 05:59 AM PDT

A couple of weeks ago, noted UMNO blogger (one of the rare sane versions) Sakmongkol AK47 wrote that neither the MCA nor the Gerakan Party has any more credibility with Chinese Malaysians [I am paraphrasing Sakmongkol's words to the best of my memory].

What Sakmongkol didn't mention of course was that these two Chinese-based parties lost their credibility with the community they claimed to represent for two main (and related) reasons, namely, their passivity and/or timidity in the face of UMNO aggressive accusations and ethnocentric abuses against the Chinese (pre and post 2008 general election) and their preference to preserve their self interests ahead of those of the Chinese community by remaining silent.

One has now crawled out to support Najib assert how magnificently he and the Chinese have benefitted from the NEP – hullooooo, were you speaking for us, those you no doubt considered as the hoi polloi?

Well, why don't you f* read the story of Loo Moy Shan which I blogged on in June 2005 in a post titled
The Lotus Will Not Bloom For One Man and then come tell us again that Chinese like Loo and his daughters have 'benefitted' from the NEP.

Sakmongkol advised UMNO to dump MCA and the Gerakan and engage with DAP as a far more productive venture for its (UMNO's) political future.

Ironically, this was what Lee Kuan Yew was angling for when Singapore was part of Malaysia in the new Federation's early days. Lee wanted the PAP to replace MCA as the Chinese component of Tunku Abdul Rahman's Perikatan (Alliance Party), but Tunku would have none of that. Tunku was of old world charm where courtesy and loyalty to friends such as MCA leaders mattered very much to his personal values. Compare Tunku's values to those of contemporary UMNO leaders like Muhyiddin Yassin.

Mind you, not that we (independently of Sakmongkol's views) weren't aware of the pathetic situation the MCA and Gerakan are in, but nevertheless today proves the first part of Sakmongkol's words in a poll survey that must have dismayed, demoralized and destroyed Chua Soi Lek and the MCA.

Glump gloomy Godzilla – The Malaysian Insider reported that according to a Merdeka Centre survey,
only 9% of Chinese Malaysians consider Chua Soi Lek as a capable leader (of the Chinese community).

And I'll be merciful and compassionate to my Penang larng Koh Tsu Koon, president of Gerakan and world renowned 'Headmaster for Report Cards' for Najib. His leadership rating is best kept a national secret because relatively it would make Chua look so popular (Reminder: 'relatively' of course wakakaka) that some may be mistaken into believing Chua is the Nelson Mandela of Malaysia [with apologies to the real one in South Africa] ;-).

The second part of Sakmongkol's advice, for UMNO to engage with DAP, remains on the surface doubtful but as they say, everything in politics is possible. Necessity is the mum of all inventions, and the greatest necessity of all that's now facing UMNO is no doubt its political survival, namely, to remain as the ruling party after the next election.

Watch out for signs that the federal (UMNO) government is showing chumminess to Lim Guan Eng's state government, like Najib putting his arm around Guan Eng's shoulders or Rosmah serenading Lim Kit Siang with her fave Chinese song,
The moon represents my heart wakakaka.

But I can't say what the DAP will do should that happen – ask Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, who knows everything including telling Malaysian citizens to bugger off from Malaysia wakakaka.

Another letter from Teoh?

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 06:00 AM PDT

Malaysiakini - Pornthip arrives amidst tight security.

Current rumours, for which we Malaysians are renowned since the days of May 13, have it that, coincidental with the arrival of Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand in KL this afternoon, a new letter has been discovered in the sling bag belonging to the late Teoh.

It was written 10 months ago in the Thai language and addressed to Dr Pornthip. Renowned Thai linguist kayteemoc (f*, isn't that me?) revealed only a small portion of his erudite translation, but it was a very important portion.

Translated, that part states: Doktor, sawadee krap (greetings), mai pen rai (no worries), I committed suicide. Yes it's true! Hulloooo, I am writing this letter, am I not? Don't believe me? Alamak, ask Gunny Pariah Tale lah. Karp barn (go home ler).


Posted: 17 Aug 2010 09:13 AM PDT








東方新聞網 17-08-2010

Jay Chou’s The Era 2010

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 08:27 AM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Jay Chow – Night’s Seventh Chapter

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 08:11 AM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s statement – MCA is sensitive of its role in BN but it has its role to play as a Chinese-based party

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 08:13 AM PDT

MCA is disappointed with Deputy Prime Minister and Umno Deputy President Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin bin Mohd Yassin for raising the specter of May 13 incident.

If Malaysia wants to achieve the target set up in the 10th Malaysia Plan and New Economic Model to become a high-income nation by 2020, it has to attract domestic and foreign investment.

In order to attract RM115 billion of private investment per annum under the 10th Malaysia Plan, we must ensure that our economy is competitive and vibrant.

We can only achieve the target by liberalizing sectors such as oil and gas as well as telecommunication; rationalizing subsidy and opening tender with price preference to Bumiputras.

An expanding economic cake is like rising tide that lifts all boats, so that all Malaysians will have a fair share of wealth distribution.

In a multi-racial country, growth should not be a zero-sum game as there are reasons to worry that we will continue to be trapped as a middle-income country if we do not liberalize our economy and boost investment.
At no time, we talk about the special rights of the Malay community.
We reaffirm that affirmative action should be based on needs, merits and be market-friendly.

We advocate that Bumiputras should be given price preference in certain economic sectors when the economy is liberalized for open tender.
To enable the Bumiputras to compete on a more equitable basis, hence, we propose for gradual reduction of the 30% Bumiputra equity and the introduction of price preference.

MCA is sensitive of its role within the Barisan Nasional but we have a role to play as Chinese-based party so that we can continue to be relevant.

The loyalty of the MCA towards Barisan Nasional should not be questioned as it has gone through good and bad times when Umno suffered setbacks. Back then MCA had delivered support to ensure its victory in the general elections.

The socio-economic condition in Malaysia today is totally different from that in 1969 as Malaysians are capable of having rational discussions without beating the racial war drum.

All we ask for is fair share. Rest assured the MCA has no plans or interest to deprive other communities of what is rightfully theirs.

MCA President
Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek


When disaster strikes, Muslims do (next to) nothing

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 08:14 AM PDT

By the Anti Jihadist

2010 is shaping up to be a dismal year in Pakistan. The numbers to describe their latest disaster are numbing if not overwhelming. Twenty percent of the country is underwater. Ten percent of the population of the country—some twenty million souls—is indirectly or directly affected. It will take billions and most likely decades to rebuilt infrastructure that was flooded or washed away. The UN is passing the hat to get the hundreds of millions needed right now to help the beleaguered people of Pakistan. And with hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland and crops now inundated, hundreds of millions more will be needed in the coming months just to provide basic supplies and avoid mass starvation.

So far, according to Wikipedia, countries making donations for Pakistani flood relief to date include the following:

Malaysia: US $1 million
Sri Lanka: US $3 million
Australia: A$10 million
India: US $6.8 million
Germany: 2 million euros plus a $13 million aid package
United Kingdom: £31.3 million
United States: US $84 million
Saudi Arabia: $100 million

Notice that many of the richest Muslim countries are conspicuously absent from the list, or are on record with comparatively paltry sums. Yes, every bit of aid helps. But consider that the oil-drenched sheikdoms of the Gulf are not exactly lacking for capital or funds. Saudi Arabia alone makes an estimated US $1 billion per day, every day from oil sales. Can they not afford a measly sum of, say, several hundred million for their struggling co-religionists? And what of the rest of the 1.3 billion Ummah? Where is their compassion?

It seems to me that the latest calamity to strike a Muslim land amply demonstrates that 'Islamic charity' is an empty phrase. This Islamic inaction comes at a time when more wealthy Muslims seem far more concerned with building a mosque in Lower Manhattan than caring for suffering Muslims who are in dire need of assistance (and no, I am not referring to Gaza). And in irony of ironies, the one Muslim organization that seems to be most involved with Pakistani humanitarian relief seems, for the moment, to be the Taliban.

Muslims, have you no shame?

Di Zi Music – The New Herdsmen’s Song

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 07:52 AM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Ching Hua Che – More Than Just A Song

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 07:28 AM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now


Posted: 17 Aug 2010 04:42 AM PDT

Story to follow.
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NEP bastardized - Nazir Razak......(continuation)

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 06:15 AM PDT

I am continuing what I was writing yesterday about the issue of bastardizing the NEP that was raised by Nazir Razak the brother–in-law of Rosmah Mansor. Nazir sounded very thankful being the product of the NEP and that policy made him where he is today.

Resulting from Nazir's strong statement Ibrahim Ali of PERKASA reacted muscularly against Nazir and called Nazir as inexperience and Ibrahim was just short of saying 'you shut up' to Nazir.

I appreciate Ibrahim for speaking on the Malay gallery and that is fine with me and everybody. The Malay issues that PERKASA is resting its laurel on are fitting to some extent. The Malays are certainly in need of a 'shoulder' to lean on as the party which is supposed to care for them is flirting around with others leaving their members without lead and pointer. Hence the NGO Ibrahim is leading becomes an expedient premise for the disgruntled UMNO members and Malays to get associated with.

PERKASA has been overt and explicitly doing the tetchy job for what the Malays is at today. Ibrahim has been wailing and has been putting the government leadership on trial for negating from the original role of observing the Malay rights and protecting other races as provided by the Federal Constitutions.

I must say it loudly that in effect what Nazir has said concurs with the struggles of PERKASA. Both are not happy with the Malay's progress. The difference between these two personalities is the position or angle they look the issue from.

Nazir was talking about the contributory factors that made the NEP a failure and he chose to blame the successors to the NEP inventors for bastardizing the well thought policy. Ibrahim on the other hand is looking from the angle of ill fated Malays who have been the victim of bastardizing the NEP done by the successors of NEP founder.

Ibrahim is no more young and if he cares to recollect history which is still recent, he must remember how the prostituting the NEP started and he must also admit that what he (Ibrahim) is complaining today is the result of dismantling the NEP which Nazir has rightly said.

The introduction of direct negotiations on the gigantic fast tract projects was the killer for the NEP. Development projects with the tune of big billions destroyed the basic fabric of the NEP. Bumiputra was not able to participate as the recipients of those projects were already predetermined and more often than not, the same faces within the cronies secured the jobs.

Let us be reminded that the 'Unit Penyertaan Bumiputra' which was set up in every bank and government department was unceremoniously set aside and not many people remember it any more.

The government went on with express project and was very proud of GDP growth of almost double digit so on and so forth. The late Tun Dr Ismail told the last General Assembly he attended in 1972 that we were able to grow with double digit growth but the slowing down of the growth was for national purpose; that Bumiputra was not yet ready and if the economic development growth was too fast it might leave the Malays and other indigenous far behind. Hence that would bring political instability. BUT that caution was not remembered and appreciated. Our leaders wanted what they wanted to do very quickly.

Hence the marginal growth of Malay and Bumiputra equity holding was so insignificant. A day before Dr Mahathir stepped down from power he mentioned the official figure of Malay equity as at 2002 as 19 percent.

It simply means that during the period of 1984 until 2002 there was only an increase of 0.8 percent Bumiputra equity. For this I don't know what to say about Daim Zainuddin who took the mantle of the nation's economy. BUT he was and still is appreciated by the exclusive cronies who were able to secure project by billion of ringgit then.

1990s were the period when all the special 'Bumiputras' with big names were flying in personal executive jets, some of them even had 2 jets, one of which to be used to fly PM, DPM and Senior Ministers and exclusive heads of GLCs and related personality within the corridors of power.

The spirit of NEP was swiftly forgotten. Our corporate guys within PM and Daim's circle were spending the ill gotten money more than the expenses of the CEOs of world's big corporation like Toyota, Honda and other gigantic names in the world class corporations.

BUT of late we don't see the jets anymore. I am told that all those were repossessed and many are back to flying commercial flights. If that is true, then what a close friend of mine said has been proven right. "Owning a jet is only two-time happiness; one is when we get the delivery and the other is when we are able to sell it". So that is the reason why we only see Dr Mahathir who flies in and out of the nation in a white Global Express.

The operative Malay businessmen were slowly thinning in numbers as almost big opportunities were taken away by the 'special bumiputras' who worked hand-in--glove with the powerful power house for negotiated tenders where prices and costs of the development projects were determined by a 'cartel like' apparatus. They were not worried because the forgiving ralyat and in particular the Malays continued on supporting them.

They took the Malays and others as donkeys with one responsibility, i.e just support them. They would be telling the people, we have Putrajaya, we have KLCC, we have the tallest flagpole in the world so on and on.

So Nazir is very close to telling the truth but may be he is the wrong person to talk about the issue. He is certainly together with some others who enjoyed being within the corridors of power right from his infant age until now.

I never had the opportunity like Nazir has, as my father was a policeman, not the PM of this nation. Like many others I have no capacity to be a social climber.

Hawker sues police, gov't over 'brutality'

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 02:23 AM PDT

A bystander at Bersih's November 2007 rally has filed a suit against the police and government over the injuries he sustained while being arrested. Aleyasak Hamid @ Hassan (left), 34, is claiming RM2 million in damages for a broken knee-cap, allegedly caused by police officers who were sent in to disperse the crowd. His lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri said it is the responsibility of the police and government to protect the public, and not to engage in a "violent and arbitrary show of force". Full story here: www.malaysiakini.com
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遗憾慕尤丁重提513事件言论 蔡细历否认马华质疑土著特权

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 08:29 AM PDT






" 他强调,华人经济大会通过的宣言也没有质疑土著特权,我们重申和关注的是,我国必须调整和采取与时并进和更开放的政策,以适应及配合全球市场自由化的脚步,这也经济大会通过逐渐收回土著拥有30%股权的硬性规定的原因。

"为确使土著有能力竞争和参与投标,马华建议为土著投标商家提供一定数额的折扣价格,这也反映马华正视和了解土著的情况;在多元种族的社会里是不能存在'零和游戏' ,我们必须扩大经济蛋糕,让每一个族群都有机会分享,这才是治国之道。

" 蔡细历指出,如果我国要在2020年成为高收入国家,每年必须吸引高达1千115亿令吉的私人投资,这才能达致第十大马计划及新经济模式所预订的目标。




" 他声称,马华对国阵的忠心是不应受到质疑,因为是巫统过去在面对问题时,马华对国阵是不弃不离,马华在过去多届的大选中,也协助国阵取得耀煌胜利。


Malays must unite, the Chinese must not...

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 05:29 AM PDT

update - The rumble between Umno and its Chinese allies in the Barisan Nasional has escalated, with the Umno-linked newspaper Utusan Malaysia dedicating pages of articles focused on flaying the MCA following its bold calls for economic liberalisation. Read Free Malaysia Today...

earlier posting...

DPM Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday told Chua Soi Lek not to make any statements that are prejudicial to other races, and advised the MCA president to be 'open minded and more concern about the sensitivities of other races' (here).

I am not so sure what prompted the Umno deputy-president to snub Chua as I dont see anything WRONG with what the latter has said at a Chinese Economic Congress on Saturday, that MCA would not be afraid of sharing similar views with the DAP in terms of the interests of the Chinese community or choose to run away from making a stand.

Why do I think so when deep inside I am also against what Chua has said?

Its all about the Malays and the Malays, the Chinese and the Chinese, and soon Indians and the Indians. Right?

When Perkasa proposed for a 'Malay unity party' comprising of a dissolved Umno and Pas, many Umno leaders came forward to second it. In fact, statements by some Umno Supreme Council members opened the floodgate to racial sentiments - that such an idea was not impossible.

What is Pas to Umno and Barisan Nasional? And what is wrong if MCA is to adopt the same approach mooted by Ibrahim Ali and then being seconded by people like Ahmad Shabery Chik and others?

The Malays are Malaysians. The Chinese are Malaysians... and so are the Indians and other races. So, what is wrong if they work for the common interest of their own race, just like what Umno and Pas are working on?

I rather not call this double standard as there is no 'standard' at all to tell others to shut up when we ourselves keep on talking nonsense.

And on Sunday, the president of United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko), Bernard Dompok said raising matters that need the attention of the country's leadership is the responsibility of every citizen and should not be seen as going against the government (read here).

"BN should resolve basic issues to strengthen the BN itself...But we don't give ultimatum, we are here. We have always been loyal to BN for more than a decade, and we feel we must do our part as responsible citizens of this country and explain to the leadership of this country how we feel about the issues, how it should be settled, this is what we have been doing all this time."

So, what is 1Malaysia? IMelayu party? 1China party? 1India party?

Think about it, bro!

'Ganggu' ceramah: PAS buat aduan pada Suhakam

Posted: 17 Aug 2010 02:47 AM PDT

PAS menyerahkan dua memorandum kepada Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) berhubung dakwaan berlakunya 'gangguan dan keganasan' polis terhadap dua programnya di Johor dan Perak baru-baru ini. Memorandum itu diserahkan oleh ahli jawatankuasa pusat PAS Mazlan Aliman - bagi pihak penganjur program himpunan warga Felcra di Pasir Salak - dan Ketua Pemuda PAS Johor Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil. Full story here: www.malaysiakini.com
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