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Education without wisdom

Education without wisdom

Education without wisdom

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 07:00 AM PDT

By Stanley Koh

COMMENT The needlessly complex Malaysian education system has been drawing criticism and ridicule for decades. It deserves the bad press, for it produces curricula that bore students, it overworks teachers, it emphasises rote learning and downplays critical thinking, and it is geared towards producing citizens looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Still, this is not to say that everything about the system is bad. Perhaps, though, some things that are bad need not actually be.

Some say the system has just been plodding along with few meaningful modifications since it was inherited from the British.

Students are herded into barns masquerading as classrooms and are kept behind their desks for 10 to 15 years, learning what the authorities want them to learn. Little thought is given to dealing with individual needs and perhaps even less to encouraging individual creativity. Students are churned out like factory products to meet manpower needs in the demand and supply equation.

Everyone knows that education deserves all the attention it can get. That is probably why every new education minister wants new reforms and new approaches, as if students are guinea pigs.

The hard-hitting question should be: what good does the system do to our young? Is it enough that it should convert boys and girls into factory and office workers or, if they go through tertiary institutions, into bureaucrats, teachers, doctors, engineers, cyber troopers and other professionals?

Or should the system ensure that education, besides preparing citizens for gainful employment, also enables them to seek and recognise truth in all its manifestations?

Unfortunately that is a tall order.

Material world

Drug and chemical abuse, criminal misconduct and sexual irresponsibility have been increasing over the years.

Between 2000 and 2004, the number of juveniles in Malaysian prisons increased from 2,308 to 2,964. Statistics for 2005 showed that on average seven schoolchildren were arrested every day, three of them between the ages of 13 and 15.

According to the National Drug Agency's statistics, 78.67% of drug abuse cases detected between January and December 2008 were users who had dropped out of school at age 15.

The situation has not improved.

Will Hutton, former editor-in-chief of the Observer, wrote in 2008:

"Families are mini-civilisations. Experience and research show they are the best means of rearing our young into fulfilled adulthood."

He warned, however, that over-protective families could be like prisons that could deform young individuals for life.

In short, the debate continues over whether either or both the education and family systems have failed to guide children towards happy and fruitful lives.

"Money and material objects have become very important, often to the exclusion of social generosity and cooperation. Theoretical knowledge has become very important, often to the exclusion of adherence to religious beliefs." This was the consensus of a 1997 forum audaciously advertised as the Future of Malaysia.

Cardinal virtue

When the family institution breaks down and moral values erode in a rapidly changing society, the first victims are naturally the young.

Unlike modern-day parents who disapprove of physical punishment of schoolchildren, our forefathers used to thank teachers for dispensing punishment for misbehaviour and indiscipline.

In ancient China, the purpose of sending children to school was to prepare them to be good human beings, if not to become saints and sages. It was not to pave for them the road to material fortune or vain fame.

Teaching them young was critical in ensuring that they grow into well-disciplined and virtuous citizens.

Many educationists and social workers today acknowledge that there is a fatal departure in modern society from the values that were held sacrosanct in the olden days.

"Yi dai bur u yi dai," according to an old Chinese saying. Paraphrased, it means: each generation is worse than the one before it.

The fault in modern education can be summed up in another piece of folk wisdom: "shi nian shu mu, bai nian shu ren"— one can nurture a tree for 10 years, but it takes a hundred years to train a human being.

In ancient times, particularly during the heyday of Confucianism, Di Zi Gui was taught as part of the school curriculum. It was a guide to discipline and appropriate behaviour.

It was crucial to teach the young their role in the family and to guide them to be dutiful towards parents and teachers. Filial piety is a cardinal virtue in all traditional cultures.

According to the Di Zi Gui, "When my parents call me, I will answer them right away. When they ask me to do something, I will do it quickly.

"When my parents instruct me, I will listen respectfully. When they reproach me, I will accept their scolding and obey. I will try hard to change and improve myself, to start anew."

What happens when the parents are wrong?

The forgotten guidance

The guide has an answer to this. "When my parents do wrong, I will ask them to change. I will do it with a kind expression and a warm gentle voice.

"If they do not accept my advice, I will wait until they are in a happier mood before I attempt to counsel them again, followed by crying, if necessary, to make them understand.

"If they end up whipping me, I will not hold a grudge against them."

The guide also says: "When my parents are ill, I will taste the medicine first before giving it to them. I will take care of them night and day and stay by their bedside."

The Confucian teachings also show the young the different ways of behaving towards younger siblings, towards older siblings, towards relatives, and towards friends.

Today's debate on education overlooks the important objective of producing decent and upright human beings. It ignores what is common sense in Confucian thinking, "guo ren hen lan, guo hao ren ken lan," which can be rendered as follows:

"If it is difficult to conduct oneself properly as a human being, imagine how difficult it is to be morally upright and virtuous."

In truth, the role of education in modern times has lost sight of that glorious objective of providing a true guide to a happy life. When the family institution, as the smallest unit in a nation, gradually breaks down, society inevitably suffers.

What, then, is the price we are paying for this failure? The answer becomes obvious when we reflect upon the behaviour of the people who are supposed to be our leaders.

Stanley Koh is the former head of research unit of MCA.

STRONG WARNING TO THE AMERICANS Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that Malaysia practised UMNO democracy and had it own laws and well-managed legal system UMNO style,

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 03:09 PM PDT

Farah Azlina had no access to vital information'
The prosecution in the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial
has reiterated that it operates on a "need-to-know" basis.

TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2010 The damage is already done. Due to witness and prosecution involvement, the case will be viewed as a miscarriage of justice and must be thrown out -it will proceed until DSAI is removed forever.readmoreatest updated Farah Azlina Binti Latif, Deputy Public Prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif was dropped today from the team … Read more FARAH AZLINA LATIF SEX WITH COMPLAINANT AND CHIEF WITNESS MOHD SAIFUL BUKHARI AZLAN 'RUINS CREDIBILITY OF THE THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL'S CHAMBERS

"We are beyond repair"APCO is calling it quits," he sneered.
Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin stressed that Malaysia practised UMNO democracy and had it own laws and well-managed legal system UMNO style,
"We are beyond repair. Irreparable image if we can call our mess, image . Uncoachable.
More like what your friend Wenger J Khairy said: 'the problem is the Government for its part does not have a single "trustable" face to sell to the global community, whether it is for investment or to present the case of the Government vs. Anwar Ibrahim.'"

readmore Saiful insists 'truth will prevail' readmore HOW SHOULD YOU DECODE PIG HEADED SENATOR EZAM FLIRTY SIGNS… You can change the judge but you cannot change the law. That may be true in US and in a more civilised world. But not in Malaysia. Here, they change the law and keep the judge(s). And luckily nobody …Read more SAIFUL INSISTS 'TRUTH WILL PREVAIL' FROM TAXIDRIVER TO HISHAMUDDIN RAIS ; MAT EZAM IS NOT 'REKRUT ALLAH' HE IS REKRUT MAHARGURU MAHATHIR

"Back home in the US of A, APCO has lost loads of credibility associating with us. They can't get a credible blogger to malign DSAI. They got a nondescript hilly-billy instead. Even a hobo or even some street-people in Akron, Ohio, could have made a better attempt. They couldn't get either NYT or Washinton Post to do an op-ed for them. Washington Times did ……at worst a puppy-poo paper!"

Well En Latif, your daughter's courier tumbling down forever. To make it worse, Saiful may say that your daughter is the one to rape him! just like DSAI case. Be a good dad to do the right thing; make a police report now before your family name tainted. Unless you're as cool as Saifool's dad!my … Read more SAIFUL BUKHARI TO PRETTY FARAH THIS AG IS THE PRIME CANDIDATE FOR INSTANT DISMISSAL FOR FAILURE OF DUTY

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Thursday stressed that Malaysia would not bow to pressure from any quarters, including foreign countries, over the sodomy case involving Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.RELATED ARTICLE
He said such interference was a futile exercise and also showed that Anwar was desperate that he had resorted to using a "lifeline" by collaborating with his foreign friends to serve his own interest.
"It's a futile attempt, as no quarters in Malaysia will bow to the calls (for Anwar to be freed from the sodomy charge). As a former deputy prime minister, Anwar should know better but the question is — is he so desperate as to ask for help from his American friends? The answer is clear now," he said after opening the Perak Agrofest 2010 at Ladang Infoternak, here Thursday.
Muhyiddin was earlier asked by reporters on the statement by former United States vice-president Al Gore and former World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz published in the Asian Wall Street Journal which called for the US government to intervene in Anwar's sodomy case which is currently being heard before the Kuala Lumpur High Court.
In the statement, besides describing Anwar as "possessing qualities that encourage hope for the future", Gore and Wolfowitz said Malaysians should not be deprived of the opportunity to decide on who they wish to lead them by an abuse of judicial power.
They also urged their government "to make clear the importance the US attaches to the role of the law in sustaining a political process in which justice and freedom are natural allies".
Muhyiddin said such a call was inappropriate as Malaysia practised democracy and had it owns laws and well-managed legal system, which Gore and Wolfowitz should respect, like they did for their own country's laws and legal system.
"We obey our country's laws but while Anwar's case is still being heard in court, I'm surprised why he's turning to outside help, as though he's so desperate. Is it because he's not capable of standing up for himself or feels that he has a weak case?. I don't wish to be prejudiced as the case is still before the court," he said.
Muhyiddin said Anwar should know that no foreign power could interfere in Malaysia's legal system.
Why do we send monkeys to Washington to convince them that we are not monkeys? Come on, the law of the jungle does not work in Washington. Obviously to save the Malaysian reputation after some obvious dumb answers given by Nazri, the sponsor have to turn it into off the record to save face for Malaysia. The other 2 were so scare to face Washingtonians that they hide away from the seminar to let dumb Nazri be the fall guy.

I have said it before and I am saying it again: With this sodomy part II Najib will surely be the last PM of Malaysia from UMNO. The people will be the judge, not some hand-picked corrupted judges answerable only to the BN govt. Nazri being Nazri is a gifted but stupid clown. That's why the other two smart clowns pulled out at the last minute. Enough said!
Why do we send monkeys to Washington to convince them that we are not monkeys? Come on, the law of the jungle does not work in Washington. Obviously to save the Malaysian reputation after some obvious dumb answers given by Nazri, the sponsor have to turn it into off the record to save face for Malaysia. The other 2 were so scare to face Washingtonians that they hide away from the seminar to let dumb Nazri be the fall guy.
This is a total waste of taxpayer money. No amount of lobbying can change the perception of Malaysia in Washington unless the rule of law is not abused and blatant political prosecution is not conducted and the judiciary is purge off all those biased and unqualified judges
Seminar participant and former US envoy to Malaysia John R Malott told Malaysiakini that the seminar was the "strangest" that he had attended in Washington DC.
"I found it unusual that the session was off-the-record. This is very rare for a Washington think-tank," he said.
"The seminar was very strange because there were supposed to be three speakers, but throughout, only one person, Minister Nazri, was there. Abdul Gani never came at all."
Malott said he had hoped Abdul Gani would be present because he had specific questions regarding the conduct of the prosecution team in Anwar's sodomy trial.
He said that the prosecution is required by law to give the defence team whatever evidence necessary for the accused to mount a defence but prosecutors are doing the exact opposite.
"How can they convince us (that it is a fair trial) when they withhold vital information needed defend someone. In America there is no question about this. It will be certainly hard to convince us that this trial is fair," he said. UMNO overdone the perception thing. It is not all about perception. You must have integrity, you must have honesty. All of which UMNO has none.
The US has their mission in K.L. and UMNO think they are like the Malaysian mission overseas
Before he answered the question about the 'Allah' controversy, Nazri told the Malaysiakini reporter not to report his answer before his lengthy reply. why did the two guys missing in action? You remember najib and saiful in najib's office and then saiful and musa hassan in a hotel. Sth like sodomy comes into mind. Why all in pairs. Perhaps Gani and Hamid did the saiful thing the day they were absent from the CSIS dialogue. Who knows they are curious about how it felt to be screwed from behind. Saiful might have enlightened them the taste but they want to do it themselves to really get the feel.
This twit Nazri said Saiful is entitled to justice. Fine, then why is Anwar charge for consensual sodomy? Was Saiful a willing consensual partner and then magically became "victim" on whose behalf the whole apparatus of the Malaysian govt is seeking justice? Bah! The whole "seeking justice" bullshit is contradictory to the charge. and that ladies and gentlemen, was the sum total of governance and rule of law as sprouted by ernie bower and performed as droll display by two-bit actors some of whom disrespectfully bowed out while one not-so-valiantly exposed their critical depth of intelligence.That's the problem when thieves, liars and murderers are the ones doing the ruling. Is this still new to Malaysians?These UMNO shitheads have no shame. They carry around the mentality of the kampung folks talking behind closed doors. It's the world they're at or the 1st class seats they took to US was so sedating they walked around in a daze?
Double standards are the norms rather than the exceptions and that is the very reason why in certain societies, nations, like Malaysia,nation building and the idea of a melting pot is elusive and a farce. Only a dream ,which is tied down by myriad of government policies. And had not some who also had been strong proponents of this "divide and rule " policies themselves fell out of favor with the ruling elites of UMNO ,the fight for decency ,fairness and human rights that is currently going on would have never taken place. Called "change " for a more honest and peaceful Malaysia for all Malaysians irrespective of beliefs and racial identities.
your honour,
"due to overwhelming public pressure" we the Rakyat want the umno pm to be tried in court for the many scandals which even the international audience would like to hear, please your honour……why are we still waiting for your action???
also your honour,
"due to overwhelming public pressure" and 50 Australian MPs, the charges against Anwar for sodomy 2 to be discharged and marked NFA.
No further questions, your honour !!!
Antares said…
Art, I long gave up on Abdul Gani Patail and Musa Hassan. You know as well as I do why these two nitwits are still at their jobs! The entire Umno/BN rogue regime would fall apart without them keeping the outraged rakyat at bay with water cannons, teargas and fear of the ISA.
The then Selangor menteri besar, Abu Hassan Omar had illicit sex with his sex sister-in-law. A son was born out of this relationship.
Unfotunately, this abu fella had a quarrel with the then reigning prime minister, Mahathir Mohammed over the division of the loot i.e. the acquired land in Sepang and Putrajaya. Mahathir then engineered this abu's downfall by exposing abu's transgression in an obscure Indonesian newspaper, The Java Times. Utusan Malaysia then quoted widely the Indonesian daily's report.
It was revealed that abu not only had sex with his sister-in-law but had also coerced the Ampang MCA branch head to assume paternity of the boy and claiming to be a Muslim convert, using the name Abu Hassan Omar bin Abdullah, to obtain the boy's birth certificate.
After the exposure the abu fella had no choice but to resign. The madey fella got what he wanted so the matter was hushed-up.
Why was this abu fella never charged for illicit sex?? It is haram under the syariah laws to fuck your wife's sister.
Why was this abu fella never charged under the criminal laws for supplying false information to obtain the birth certificate??
Yet three women were caned for illicit sex just because they were weak targets.
Imagine, since when has public pressure altered the course of law? Can laws be suspended just because the public wants it to?(by the Public applying pressure) Can the A.G. and the Law minister comment please. We are all getting very confused and worked up.
My bet is that UMNO does not want any action to be taken against these Muslims, so that it can show that UMNO can protect the Muslims anyway it likes. This will make the Muslims support UMNO
An institutional overhaul is long overdue in Kuala Lumpur
"The Leopard," Giuseppe di Lampedusa's celebrated novel about the crumbling feudal order in 19th century Sicily, made famous the line, "If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change." That pretty much sums up the predicament of Malaysia's ruling elite today.
BY ALICE LLOYD GEORGE, Wall Street Journal
The sodomy trial of Anwar Ibrahim drags on in Kuala Lumpur, with the opposition leader's freedom and political career hanging in the balance. But the true significance of this anachronistic case does not depend on the outcome in the courtroom. The political assassination of Mr. Anwar aside, Malaysia is witnessing the death throes of a political machine that has run the country for over five decades. Mr. Anwar is a skilled politician who holds together an unlikely alliance of opposition parties—his conviction would certainly be a blow for the prospect of real political pluralism in Malaysia. But he also serves as a vessel for wider social forces and a disenchantment with the country's leadership. Another figure would surely take his place at the head of the reform movement.
The ruling coalition was founded on the principle that the three main races—Malays, Chinese and Indians—participate in politics through their own parties. Coupled with an elaborate system of affirmative action, this has allowed the United Malays National Organization to maintain a lock on power by protecting Malays from the winds of competition. After the opposition made unprecedented gains in the March 2008 elections, desperate tactics were called for, hence a rather tired repeat of the homosexuality charge first brought against Mr. Anwar a decade ago, now dubbed "Sodomy II" by a skeptical public. The government has denied that the trial is politically motivated.
That the political system and patronage network are under increasing stress is clear, but the prognosis is not yet apparent to all. Some in UMNO, like Prime Minister Najib Razak, think they can maintain the old system by merely tinkering around the edges. Mr. Najib has gestured toward loosening long-standing affirmative-action policies, but any good intentions are obstructed by entrenched interests in UMNO's conservative wing—to date the repeals have been cosmetic at best. Others are coming to a different realization—Malaysian society has matured and even Malays now recognize that outdated and discriminatory policies must give way to a more transparent and accountable system.
One such leader is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, a former finance minister of royal blood. Mr. Razaleigh has re-emerged as an outspoken critic of the government in recent weeks, though he strongly denies any intention of switching to the opposition. The 73-year-old party veteran has a history of challenging the leadership; in 1988 he left UMNO and formed a rival Malay party before returning to the fold in 1996.
Sitting in his Kuala Lumpur home—a remarkably exact replica of the White House's Oval Office—Mr. Razaleigh argues that UMNO politicians have not been responsive to calls for reform. "The young want to see a really multiracial organization, fighting on egalitarian issues, without having to fall back on race," he explains. "Unless the party system and the political system are reformed exhaustively, I think we are going to be pulled back into the same boat we have been in for the last 50 years."
Mr. Razaleigh believes that Malaysians want to move beyond identity politics, but UMNO is unable to break away from its Malay nationalist roots. Most recently, the government appealed a court ruling that allowed the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims. Though UMNO called for calm, the prime minister's statement that he couldn't stop protestors from expressing their opinions only served to fan the flames. The ruling was followed by a spate of desecration and arson attacks on churches and mosques. Mr. Najib further undermined the government's response to the crisis when he flew across the world for a 10-day tour of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and India, taking key cabinet ministers and senior officials with him.
By contrast, in a milestone decision, the opposition Islamic party PAS—which only 10 years ago campaigned to create a theocratic state with Sharia law—took a more moderate stance, urging Malaysians to respect the court ruling. The irony is that while UMNO continues to play race politics to out-Islam its opponents, PAS is appealing to a more progressive voter base.
Part of the reason for the electorate's change of heart is the realization that Malaysia risks being left behind economically if it doesn't climb out of its middle-income trap and eliminate the inefficiencies inherent in racial policies. These policies were formulated in the 1970s, when Malaysia was a tiger economy. Now its growth lags behind Southeast Asian neighbors like Indonesia—the new "i" in BRIC—and China and India increasingly pose competitive challenges.
The country has suffered from an acute brain drain over the last decade, as individuals seek education and employment in countries where talent is better rewarded. Now it faces capital flight, too, with foreign direct investment dropping to $2.7 billion in 2009 from $8.1 billion the previous year, according to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development estimates. One reason is the fear that UMNO will continue to play the race card and stir up tensions to keep itself in power. Another is the government's failure to undertake much-needed institutional reforms and address issues such as corruption, civil liberties and judicial independence. Malaysia's risk index, as calculated by Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, rose to 5.4 in January from 5.24 in December on a 10-point scale.
If there is a silver lining here, it is that even as UMNO has stoked tensions, by and large Malaysians have refused to be provoked—a stark contrast to the May 13 Incident in 1969, when rumors of ethnic slights quickly snowballed into massive riots and emergency rule. And that is one more indication that leaders like Mr. Anwar and Mr. Razaleigh are right that Malaysian society is ripe for change. If the current UMNO elite is to stand any chance of remaining in power, it needs to focus on remedying the very real challenges on its doorstep, rather than felling the opposition. Societal reform based on equality of opportunity is a change that is long overdue.
Ms. Lloyd George is a Princeton in Asia fellow at The Wall Street Journal Asia.

Posted by truthseeker

Umno is in deep shit!

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 11:07 AM PDT

To our leaders, especially in Umno - you dont have to bow to any kind of pressure, including foreigners who try to interfere in Anwar Ibrahim's court case. Dont give it a damn. This is our country and there is nothing wrong with our judicial system.

Similarly, dont also bow to mounting pressure from Umno grassroot members who wish to see major revamp to the party. No need to listen to them because your are the bosses. Just do whatever you think is right and only beneficial to you and your clans. Just sideline the members because they are nothing.

You are proud to make rhetoric statements now and then that 'Tanpa Umno, Siapalah Kita'. May I change that, at least for a point to ponder? Why not this time around we put it as 'Tanpa Ahli, Siapalah Umno' instead?

Who makes up a party and who choose the leadership? Are we denying the fact that Umno wont exist without membership? But the way you people at the top act doesnt reflect your appreciation for what the members had done.

The only thing that Umno leadership does is to keep good contact with Umno state chiefs. Good chiefs are hard to come by these days. Most of them are fighting for their own political survival. Their only concern is winning a general election and that is why they only keep a good rapport with division heads.

Most of this division heads are managing their own political empire. In some cases, an Umno division chief will install his wife as the Wanita head, his daughter as the division Puteri leader while his son leads the Pemuda. What do you call this?

But, please dont blame them. The top leadership has set the precedent. A useless son of a prime minister or a minister would one day become a prime minister and a minister too, no matter how bad his political performance is. No worry. Umno members are Malays. The Malays are well-known for respecting their leaders and will always make way for their sons and daughters to climb up the political ladder without any task.

And so it goes on and on and on. Dont be surprise if the cycle of Malaysian prime minister will be dominated by candidates from Kedah, Johor, Pahang and Penang ONLY. Other states wont have any chance at all. And dont be surprise if Muhyiddin becomes Prime Minister, his deputy would be a Johorian too.

Umno leaders are actually so proud of their rhetoric. When one starts talking about Anwar's issue, the rest will follow as nobody wants to be left behind and be accused of being 'ketinggalan zaman'. So, everybody talks Anwar. So much so, they dont feel comfortable anymore to discuss problems at their respective divisions.

Back home, the ordinary members are getting fed up and blase. Many division heads are the rich ones - getting one project after another, living in bungalows with a fleet of luxury cars park around it, getting snobbish day after day and only allow those they know to meet them.

Many divisions are having serious cracks. Division heads who were not elected to the State Assembly or the Parliament in the previous general election are at odds with their deputies who are now Yang Berhormat. There were cases during PRU12 when this division heads sent out SMS to Umno members not to vote the party candidate as they (the heads) were not selected.

Those with the idea that BN, notably Umno could notch easy wins should we call for a general election now, should swallow their own tongues. Call it now and BN would only win by a majority of less than 10 Parliament seats!

Yes, Umno is in deep shit. Dont ignore it. Bloggers have conveyed lots of message to its top leadership. Unfortunately, it often falls on deaf ears. The proud ones are still at their belief that Umno is in good shape, in perfect form to kick off Pakatan Rakyat from Selangor, Kedah and Penang.

I am writing this in a very simple language. If you dont understand it, its your problem... not mine. Have you forgotten what happened to Japan?

Slogan - walhasil balik asal.

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 11:11 AM PDT

Salah satu dari asas Rukun Negara ialah kesetiaan kepada Negara. Rukun Negara ini memang sudah lama tidak dijadikan fokus oleh yang memerintah, kerana sibuk dengan slogan-slogan yang tidak memberikan apa-apa faedah kepada rakyat.

Kalaulah negara ada pemimpin yang baru yang menggantikan DS Najib ramai yang sudah tidak mengharapkan apa-apa, cuma kalau boleh tidak payahlah memperkenalkan apa-apa slogan kerana terlalu banyak slogan yang satu pun tidak membawa kebaikkan yang diharapkan dengan slogan-slogan tersebut.

Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah yang diperkenalkan oleh seorang PM yang terdahulu misalnya tidak membantu dan tidak adapun Bersihnya, Cekapnya tiada dan jauh sekali untuk melihat sifat amanah terutamanya dikalangan yang berkuasa. Dizaman slogan inilah rasuah dan salah guna kuasa bermula dengan rakusnya dan efeknya kita hadapi sehingga kehari ini.

Slogan pandang ketimur tidak sampai kemana dan kempen 'buy British last' pun mati begitu sahaja. Kalau nampakpun hanyalah slogan dan pencapaian tahun 2020 sahaja yang masih boleh dianggap releven. Sogan ini dianjurkan oleh Dr Mahathir Mohammad dan rakyat sedang menanti kejayaan slogan itu. Hanya tinggal 10 sahaja lagi untuk menjadikan slogan itu sebagai kenyataan.

Apabila Abdullah mengambil alih maka timbul lagi beberapa slogan yang mengashikkan rakyat menyokongnya tanpa hala tuju dan akhirnya slogan itu menjadi sejarah. 'Bekerja dengan saya, jangan berkerja untuk saya' merupakan slogan Pak Lah pada hari pertama beliau mengambil alih kerajaan dari Dr Mahathir.

Akhirnya tidak ada apa-apa kerja yang dilakukan beliau dan beliau dilabel sebagai 'drowsy PM'; tidak boleh kepalanya tersandar kepada apa-apa sekali pun beliau tertidur.

Islam Hadhari merupakan slogan yang menjadi ejekkan oleh semua rakyat tidak kira dari bangsa apa sekali pun dan slogan itu sekarang sudah tidak ada lagi sesiapa yang menyebutnya.

Sekarang pula slogan 1Malaysia yang sehingga hari ini belum diterima rakyat kerana tidak mereka tidak faham dan tidak ada sebaris pun definasi yang diberikan kepada slogan ini.

Lagu 1Malaysia berkumandang dicorong-corong radio dan TV setiap hari. Walaupun lagu itu sedap didengar tetapi masih tidak faham lagi maksud slogan itu. Tun Mahathir sendiri belum faham lagi apa itu 1Malaysia. Jika Tun Mahathir pun belum faham bagaimana saya yang dikatakan 'bodoh' itu nak faham?

Yang saya boleh lakukan ialah meluruskan jari telunjuk saya dan menjeritkan 1Malaysia!!! Sekuat hati saya. Bila anak saudara saya bertanya apa itu 1Malaysia saya bermasalah untuk menjawabnya.

Saya berharap Khairy Jamaluddin boleh memberikan jawapan kerana beliau orang pandai. Saya menunggu bila Pergerakkan Pemuda memberikan kelas bimbingan kepada orang-orang seperti saya untuk memahami slogan 1Malaysia itru.

Khairy orangnya pandai dan tentu mudah untuk beliau nak berhadapan dengan rakyat untuk memberikan penjelasan tentang slogan yang tidak kunyung diterima oleh masyarakat yang ramai ini.

Isu slogan ini patut diselengarakan oleh Pemuda untuk memberikan penerangan jelas terhadap isu besar ini. Kita tidak boleh terus-terusan melaungkan dan menyanyikan lagu 1Malaysia tetapi tidak difahami oleh sesiapa.

Kalau Zainurin Md Dom menyanyikan lagu'Alah mak, kawinkan aku' itu jelas maksudnya, iaitu ia minta dinikahkahkan, tetapi menyanyikan lagu 1Malaysia ini susah hendak difahami.

Sekarang ini banyak wang telah dibelanjakan untuk memperkenalkan slogan ini dan itu merupakan pembaziran kerana masih belum difahami. Kalau slogan boleh memberikan impak negatif saya cadangkan supaya dilupakan sahaja slogan yang agak mengelirukan ini.

Tetapi jika maksudnya ialah sama untuk semua maka ianya berlaga secara 'head on' dengan perjuangan UMNO kerana UMNO ada perjuangan spesifik yang lain, iaitu untuk memperjuangkan hak keistimewaan orang Melayu dan Bumiputra yang lain.

Kita tidak boleh setakat memberitahu rakyat ianya tidak melanggar perlembagaan negara. Kalau perjuangan 1Malaysia samarata untuk semua maka perjuamgam yamg 'equitable' seperti yang disentuh oleh semangat DEB itu sudah hilang dan menghilangkan hak keistimewaan orang Melayu itu adalah bertententangan dengan perlembagaan negara.

Kita perlu insaf yang 1Malaysia ini dipersepsikan oleh orang bukan Melayu sebagai gimik politik seperti yang kita dengar dimana-mana. Orang bukan Melayu sedikit pun tidak dapat dijinakkan untuk mrnyokong BN dengan slogan ini.

Pendeknya slogan ini lebih menambahkan beban kepada rakyat dari mendapat apa-apa kebaikkan darinya. Perlu kita akui bahawa rakyat sudah terlalu 'kenyang' dengan slogan-slogan sehinggakan mereka sudah tidak berselera untuk dihidangkan dengan apa-apa slogan lagi.

Rupa-rupanya slogan hanyalah untuk pemimpin-pemimpin yang serba lemah dan mengharapkan slogan-slogan itu dapat menutupi kelemahan masing-masing.

Slogan tidaka membawa apa-apa kepada negara. Walhasil balek asal. That's it.

PKR to PCM..”21months later..”

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 09:04 AM PDT


N43 Ngemah now is about the hottest seat according to many in the political field. Firstly,it was won by an independant candidate Gabriel Adit formerly of  the defunct PBDS then SPDP,  moved to PKR and now is the PCM Sarawak Chairman.

PRS is confidently making inroads into this seat which they losts and the aspiring candidates are already quietly claiming within the BN circles that Gabriel Adit will be detrone.

 Is it so easy..??

We have to look back at this article in which we posted on November 2008 to have a better understanding of the whole situation. Though the whole political equation has changed we must be reminded of how it all started. 

Our November 13th 2008 article

Party Rakyat Sarawak Satok Division Deputy Chairman Tuah Idris Bin Bujang had the looks of a worried man when we first sat down for coffee.He said," Is it true that many of PRS Division members in the Rajang Basin meaning Bawan Assan,Bukit Assek,Ngemah,Pelawan,Katibas are joining enbloc." What is Satok PRS going to do? Tuah is the person instrumental in getting the membership of the 808 Malay majority members of Satok. He said most of his PRS Satok members are caught in the VOGUE WORD"CHANGE."  Don't worry I told him,"Lets just monitor closely and we will cross the bridge when the time comes."

Malaysiakini today carried this report It is learnt that many members of a Dayak-based state BN component party will also be handing over their application forms to  PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim during a 300-table dinner organised by 'Friends of PKR' in Sibu on Saturday. According to a PKR Senior member in Kuching they have received many enquiries from in and around Kuching and that the Groundswell is indeed encouraging. We are happy that many are embracing to the principles and visions of PKR and we welcome all support.

In a local tabloid Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Sarawak (PBB) deputy President Abang Johari said that Gabriel Adit was an independant and so he had the option to join any party of his choice. On BN's view of independants joining opposition parties he reiterated that they could joinany party saying," if they want to join PKR,let them join PKR then we'll face PKR in the next election. It was understood that Adit decided to join PKR after the State BN somewhat refused him into the fold.

As for James Masing he said that until Adit penned down his siganture to PKR,the news report should not be considered true."By the look of his gerak-geri(behaviour) maybe there could be some truth in the rumours that he willjoin PKR. But for now,we should treat it as rumours and we should not put too much weight on it."

Masing went on to say that he has heard about the PKR gathering on Nov 15th and that they will be crossovers were expected to happen. A PRS lawyer said ,"the fire has been lighted by someone." when pressed further by audie61 he said its not too difficult to say who and we know who is involved.  As for the rumours of James being BEING COLD SHOULDERED" by Pehin Taib he said don't read too much into it as it has been sensationalised by James's political enemies and those driven by jeolousy.

Malaysiakini also learnt that Beginda Minda, the ex-publicity chief of  PRS president Dr James Masing-led Balleh division who made the news recently with his call on Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud and Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu to resign, and his supporters are also expected to join PKR at the function.

Earlier we wrote that "BN ponders,PKR rejoices" and also we said everyone is talking about 'Change or be Changed" Malaysiakini report today has this ,"An opinion poll conducted after the March 2008 general election among the Dayaks in Sarawak indicated that their most popular party is PKR. There are several reasons why this is so, and among the concerns to Dayaks is the way the present Sarawak government handle the Native Customary Rights (NCR) land issue.

This has seen growing conflict on the ground between NCR landowners and plantation and logging companies and the government and increasing cases of litigation brought before the courts in Sarawak. It has been reported to that Adit conceded that there is a limit to what he can do, but by joining PKR he hopes to open the doors for other BN representatives to fight for change which he says looks inevitable, given the growing discontentment among Sarawakians against the state government.

He would not want to say more except that once he is officially in PKR, he will help his colleagues at state and national levels to build up the party's grassroots where it counts most ahead of the state elections.The question ahead of the huge Sibu gathering is after Adit's entry and that of his supporters applying to join the party at the same time, what significant impact will it have especially in the rural areas. 

There is no doubt that PKR has more to gain than to lose with more people joining the party and its cause.But PKR Sarawak should not veer from its original stand of wrestling the State and its ultimate objective. The colgate analogy remains the most simplest way of selling the party to the new members and voters. 'Every morning we use Colgate to brush our teeth and we buy it from the same supermarket in the neighboorhood. Suddenly this entrepreneur comes up knocking at our door and sells the same Colgate. Why would we buy..? He says he will DELIVER it to our door as soon as we call no matter what time of the day or night." Are we willing to buy just for a  CHANGE. ? Same colgate but different approach.

Will Colgate be flooding the market with more people talking about PKR Groundswell after they have brushed their teeth. What comes out will be,"PKR is FRESH and PKR is Your Choice"or will this come out,"BN will say obviously,"Politics of Development" Whatever it is, the people will determine which slogan they will buy and who they want to administer Sarawak for them after the next State Elections.



Anwar Ibrahim Adalah James Bond Malaysia?

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 08:40 AM PDT

Program Lawatan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim ke Pulau Pinang dan Kedah

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 08:19 AM PDT

By the Administrator

Program Lawatan Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim ke Pulau Pinang dan Kedah


7 Ogos 2010 (Sabtu)


           I) Pulau Pinang


1)      9.00 Pagi –  Perasmian Khalifah Umar Abd Aziz

                          International Integrity Conference 2010


     Lokasi – Eastin Hotel, Bayan Bay, Pulau Pinang


2)      12.00 Tghari – Merai Majlis Sukan Rakyat Seberang Perai


Lokasi – Padang Homestay Mengkuang Titi, Permatang Pauh


II) Kedah


1)      1.00 – 2.30 Ptg –  Perjumpaan tertutup dengan Ahli Majlis, Ketua Kampong

                                   /Komuniti dan GLC Kedah lantikan Keadilan Kedah


       Lokasi : Sungai Petani Inn @ Kelab Cinta Sayang


2)      3.00 – 4.00 Ptg – Majlis Hi-Tea dan Ramah Mesra bersama REFORMIS  Kedah


       Lokasi : Dewan Orang Ramai Jeniang


3)      4.30 – 6.00 Ptg – Perjumpaan Tertutup Dengan EXCO AMK, WANITA dan   

                                   MPN Kedah.


       Lokasi : Sungai Petani Inn @ Kelab Cinta Sayang


4)      7.00 – 8.30 Malam – Solat dan Tazkirah Maghrib di Masjid Kuala Ketil


5)      8.30 – 10.00 Malam – Majlis Makan Malam


Lokasi : Dewan Lip Seng Kor, Sungai Petani.


Tetamu Kehormat :

i)                    YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

ii)                  YAB Lim Guan Eng

iii)                YB Fakhrol Radzi Zawawi

iv)                YB Sivarasa Rasiah

v)                  YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Kassim



6)      9.00 – 12.00 Malam – Ceramah Perdana – Perkuat Kerajaan PR Kedah


       Lokasi : Dewan Orang Ramai Hock Teik Soo, Sungai Lalang, Merbok.



i)                    YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

ii)                  YAB Lim Guan Eng

iii)                YB Fakhrol Radzi Zawawi

iv)                YB Tuan Haji Ahmad kassim

v)                  YBhg Sdr Saiful Izham Ramli

Sime after Felda spins, what's next from Najib's regime?

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 08:13 AM PDT


Thursday, August 5, 2010
If it can happen at Sime, it can happen at Felda :PKR

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Pointing to news that Sime Darby was poised to report its largest losses ever, perhaps as much as RM2.5 billion, PKR leaders say they feel vindicated and justified in questioning troubled land settlers scheme Felda over the massive depletion in its cash reserves.

"It is a good thing that we persevered and did not allow the government to intimidate us," PKR Youth Chief Shamsul Iskandar Akin told Malaysia Chronicle.

"They can try to close our newspapers like Suara Keadilan and Rocket but we will continue to expose their wrongdoings especially when it involves the lower-income groups like the Felda settlers."

Where is the money?

Felda chairman Mohd Yusof Noor had a day ago insisted that Felda's was financially healthy and lambasted 'irresponsible quarters' of trying to fish for votes by making false claims that Felda was bankrupt.

But pundits were unconvinced. They pointed to the RM964 million cost overruns at Sime Darby that was reported last month. Even there was speculation losses could eventually total between RM2 to 3 billion. Malaysian Insider today reported that Sime was set to report losses that could hit RM2.5 billion next month.

As for Felda, last month, it reported a 67 percent plunge in cash reserves from RM4.08 billion in 2004 to RM1.35 billion in 2009. Although it also said RM2 billion was spent on replanting crops, investments in property here and overseas, including a swanky new RM662 million headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, few were convinced that the worst was over.

"Yusof should not try to talk like a politician. He should just answer the most important question, where is the money?" Shamsul said.

Under Najib's direct care

Of particular concern is the way Felda, which comes under the direct care of Prime Minister Najib Razak, has been spending its hard-earned cash on non-core activities, especially in overseas investments that could prove worthless if market prices plunged.

Those in the agricultural line also say the RM2 billion bill for replanting figure was excessive. Additionally, they questioned the need to spend on such a luxurious headquarters and wondered if the purchase was made because the building was developed by Naza-TTDI, a property firm with close connections to the Umon elite.

"Whether PKR is trying to fish for votes, the problem of misuse of Felda funds is still unanswered. So perhaps Yusof should look at his own backyard before he fires off at others," PKR strategic director Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

Meanwhile, PKR newspaper Suara Keadilan remains suspended by the Home Ministry over an analysis of Felda's financial situation in an article entitled Felda Bangkrap.

The government has also filed an RM200 million lawsuit against the publication and its owners, bolstering speculation it was trying to bludgeon down any closer look into Felda's books.

Related Stories:
Sime Darby to report biggest ever loss
Ahmad reveals tax data to prove Felda healthy, but doubts remain
Getting rid of Musa and the Sime board: What is really happening

Guan Eng: 'Arrest me if RM100 payout to senior citizens is corruption'

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 07:27 AM PDT

By Tan Teik Lye

The DAP led Pakatan Rakyat Government of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng must be doing a great job until BN bloggers have now gone paranoid with all things DAP or Pakatan Rakyat. These poor blokes are actually losing their marbles. Just read the following write up from a pro BN Blog below:

This Cheap Minister thinks he can buy votes with his RM100 gift to senior citizens . This is political corruption or political bribe , isn't it ?

To look at it from a different perpective , all senior citizens above 60 yrs old is entitled to this RM100 bribe , as to qualify for it you must register your name at only DAP service centers .

If this is indeed for everyone who qualify , why must it be only from DAP service centers ? Why not ask the MPPP who is within the state govt control to pay out these RM(political bribe) to everyone above 60 upon registration at the MPPP office ?

Is there any check and balance that these tax payers money is not paid to fictitious names or double payment or to unscrupulous fictitious accounts set up by the DAP govt for their own coffers ? Only they know since you have to register only at DAP offices or service centers for the entitlement to receive the RM100 bribe money .

You know why only at DAP offices or service centers ? They know that BN senior citizens would never go to DAP offices . In other words they are paying to PR senior citizens only .

They think that all senior citizens above 60yrs old are poor , helpless people . They forget that many senior citizens are still working and still able to look after their own welfare .

There are those who are still chauffered , driving around in posh and luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes , having breakfast along Gurney Drive , etc etc .

Then there are the drug addicts who fall into these category . Giving this money to them will allow them to have a few more jabs for their kicks .

Then there are the gamblers , how great the state govt giving them money to gamble to drink until drunk .

And there are those you really need the money are not given at all simply because they are BN supporters .

But what can you do with RM100 these days I wonder to buy enough sweets to sweeten ones mouths .

What this egoistic Cheap Minister should have done is to set up a fund for these senior citizens requiring medical aid to buy certain drugs not available in hospitals or to pay the deposits required by hospitals for medical teatment or admission .

This would have been a better idea or choice , rather than giving political bribe .

Read more of this crap here:

BN Perak govt spend RM30,000 to control the mass media!

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 07:26 AM PDT

In an act of desperation, the BN Perak government has thrown away about RM30,000 of public funds to embarked on a public relations exercise.

Following the contentious one-day legislative assembly sitting to pass a RM80 million supplementary budget bill, which the opposition claims was "rushed", the BN Perak govt took a two full-page advertorials explaining a RM117 million "windfall" for the state government, hence allowing it to come up with a balanced budget, appeared today in Umno-linked NST and Malay daily Sinar Harian.

When contacted on this, one of Zambry's aides refused comment.

paid advertisement written to look like an article - usually have a phrase to denote that they are merely advertising.

The ones that have been taken up by the BN government are deftly made up to appear as legitimate stories with the term "advertorial" missing.

Additionally, in the case of Sinar Harian, the page-11 article was distinguishable from other articles because the piece was contained within a border.

In the case of NST, the "article" which appeared on page-25 had tell-tale signs which include the omission of any indication whether the page was a home news item, interview, comment or analysis.

Normally, NST would either indicate "prime news" or "nation" on the "strap" at the top of the page. These were all absent.

The NST "article" also carried a quotation from Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir, along with a chart and photo-caption all in the newspaper's standard format.

In fact, the advertorial in NST carried a picture byline of their journalist, uncharacteristic for a paid advertisement.

NONEThe daily had also angled their "report", supplemented with quotes by Zambry (right), to state that the Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers staged a walkout in the middle of the assembly sitting when they were "caught with their pants down after the facts and figures on the supplementary budget were revealed".

"I guess they were really embarrassed as they had made numerous allegations against the BN state government on the supplementary budget," said Zambry as quoted by the "article".

Various sources have confirmed that the advertorials were paid for by the state government yesterday, amounting to nearly RM30,000 in total.


If the BN Perak Govt had not banned the press and recording devices in the state assembly, they wouldn't have to pay a single sen and the entire sitting would be covered by all the press!

It was previously reported that only journalists from national news agency Bernama and Umno-linked TV3 were allowed into the gallery.

The rest had to watch the proceedings through a window from an "observation room" and could only hear speeches through the PA system. NONE

Several Pakatan leaders had their microphones switched off mid-speech when the debate got too heated.

"They probably thought that TV1 and TV3 could satisfy the masses. And when this didn't work, they would fork out money to pay for it.

And you know that the money is not coming out from the MB's pocket," said Nizar (left).

Nizar himself was given marching orders by the speaker when he refused to obey Speaker R Ganesan's instructions to stop debating.

Nizar was allocated 15 minutes to debate on the supplementary bill but continued to speak for a further 15 minutes although his microphone was turned off.

It was only when Nizar finished giving his speech that he walked out, although he claimed that he was pushed out by one of the sergeants-at-arms, triggering a walkout by other Pakatan assemblypersons.

Source: Malaysiakini

From Around The Blogs - The Week of August 2, 2010

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 07:03 AM PDT

By Joe Fernandez

From around the websites

Salman will probably win given the judges we have
I have never come across even one good comment in malaysiakini about Mahathir. Probably, Mahathir wants to go to court to save Ling. When it suits him he will say that he cannot remember. Otherwise, he will say that Ling has never lied to the Cabinet. This is like the case of Salman Majid the Pakistani who was born in Pakistan & came to Ranau, Sabah, when he was 23 years old. Later he collected a MyKad by claiming that he was born in Ranau. It's only in M'sia that u can be born twice. When the Immigration Dept caught up with him in KL & wanted to deport him, he went to court. Harris Salleh testified on his behalf. He uttered the magic line that Salman had been a loyal voter for the Barisan Nasional. The court declared him a Malaysian & released him. Now, he's suing the Malaysian Gov't & the Immigration Dept for wrongful detention & the latter also for fleecing him of RM one million that he claimed he had in his bank account. He will probably win given the kind of judges we have.

Four emergency ordinances should be repealed
This country is run by four emergency ordinances which have not been repealed. Under these ordinances, the police have a licence to kill. No questions asked. Everything will be excused away on the grounds of "national security". No policeman has been brought to trial & hanged for shooting to kill anyone whether during or off duty. This explains why so many innocent people have been shot dead by the police who later go on to claim that the deceased were criminals planning something. The only inconvenience the police suffer is if a detainee dies in custody. This is what happened with Kugan and Teo Beng Hock (MACC). Even then the courts would be manipulated by the gov't to whitewash the criminals in uniform. The nearest are the extra-judicial killing squads in certain Latin American countries. The NGOs, the Bar Council of Malaya, the Sabah Law Association & the Sarawak Advocates Association should press for the four emergency ordinances to be repealed. Don't just think of business.

Baginda should return the RM 500 million
We can expect Mahathir to flog his theory that politics needs a lot of money. By implication this means it's okay for politicians, whether in gov't or outside, to award themselves gov't projects through nominees under the guise of development. So, gov't projects can ultimately cost twice, triple or even up to ten times the actual contract price charged by the actual contractor down the line from the gravy train. The purchase of the two submarines, which we don't need because our seas are too shallow, is a case in point. RM 500 million vanished into thin air because Najib decided his buddy Baginda (and wife) could be relied on to provide support services for the two submarines. This is simply outright theft from the public treasury by Baginda on behalf of Najib who appointed him as his nominee. No wonder Baginda fled to England, supposedly to study, fearing that the shit is about to hit the ceiling fan. This issue is not going to go away. Baginda should return the RM 500 million.

US dictionary for Ibrahim Ali the Clown
The US Embassy should have given Ibrahim Ali the Clown a copy of an English language dictionary. Ibrahim can then look up the meaning of clown, pitiful, militant, racist, terrorist, freeloader, scrounge, parasite, leech, blood-sucker, fat cat, apartheid, Nazi, illegal immigrant, bogus native, Malay language, affirmative action, out of Africa theory, Islam, ethics, plagiarism, Malayalee, absolute power, abuse, corruption, rentier economy, economic distortions, theft, stealing, robbery, plundering, scoundrel, grabbing, raiding, lying, bullshitting, cheating, scheming, conniving, pathological, congenital, hidden agenda, nouveau riche, living it up, running dogs, police state, ethnic cleansing, criminalization, demonization, dehumanization, isolation, neutralization, marginalisation, elimination, extermination, politics, propaganda, insane, mad, sedition, treason, instigator, agent provocateur, pig, kosher, democracy, freedom, doctrine of separation of powers, checks-and-balances, public accountability, transparency, good governance, label, tag, chop, lunatic fringe self-serving etc etc

No "protection" any longer for the Malay
Is this going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy? It was Sir Frank Swettenham who once wrote: "The Malay is an arrogant creature. Childish. He would not hesitate to injure someone even if it means that he will suffer even more injuries in the process. We have to protect the Malay from himself, from his own stupidity." Well the British are gone. Since independence, it was the leaders of the Indian & Chinese communities who assumed the "protector" role of the British & have been protecting the Malay from himself. This is evident in their willingness to go along with the deviations & distortions in the implementation of the New Economic Policy & wholesale plunder of the public treasury under the guise of development. Now, it seems no longer. Such Indian & Chinese leaders now lack credibility within their own communities -- all the more so given Perkasa -- & hence the demise of MIC, MCA/Gerakan. The younger generation of Indians & Chinese & Malays as well, is the future.

Don't create jobs for foreign workers
High-end investments are okay provided we have the right workforce which doesn't seem to be the case. But it still doesn't explain why the FDI plunged 81 per cent from the previous year's already miserable figure. Where are the high-end investments? Doesn't Mustapha even know how to lie properly? Also, if we are going for high-end investments, we should send home all the low-skilled foreign workers in the country. Instead, even more are coming over especially in Sabah & S'wak. There are already 1.7 million foreigners in Sabah, including illegal immigrants, compared with 1.5 million Sabahans. In S'wak, there are half a million foreigners including 260,000 illegal immigrants. S'wak's total population is 2.5 million including the half a million foreigners. The SCORE region in S'wak plans to attract 600,000 workers including 400, 000 foreign workers. Why create jobs if there are no workers? It's better for businessmen & investors to invest in countries where the labour comes from.

Umno must open its doors to all
These Umno buggers never learnt to count. That's why there are very few Bumiputera businessmen of note today. That's also the reason the FDI has plunged 81 per cent from the already miserable figure last year, the national debt burden is 54 to 70 per cent of the GDP (depends on who is talking) & Umno politicians are taking gov't projects for themselves through nominees at double, triple & even ten times the actual contract figure in order to continue milking the public treasury of the people's money. The award of the contracts for the two submarines, which we don't need because our seas are too shallow, is a case in point. Meanwhile RM 4 billion is missing from Felda. This is the money that Umno will be using during after the next General Elections to buy up votes, members of parliament & state assemblypersons. Umno has already decided that it can't win the next GE unless it resorts to even more dirty tricks. This is Umno's last gasp. Umno is finished unless it opens its doors to all.

Islam out of date
No wonder Nik Aziz said that teaching sex in schools is like teaching someone to steal properly. According to Chapter 3 of the Professional Ethics module used by the Open University of Malaysia, Islam is only applicable to present times if it evolves. This is the stand taken by Muslim scholars who have also noted that Islam is not an evolving religion (that means it's rigid), nor does it talk much about ethics. Neither is Islam a new religion, according to them, but a continuation of the divine revelations from Abraham to Mohd. Professional Ethics is a compulsory university course for all degree programmes in Malaysia.

Mahathir just a conman & scam artist
This is just a load of crap of the kind that u hear at the teh tarik stalls. Mahathir has always been a shallow thinker, given to extremist views & sweeping statements. One does not have to be an expert to take such a line. We must remember that he comes from the lunatic fringe. Anyone with even half a brain as a so-called statesman would not stoop so low as to be petty & hit below the belt. How much wiser are we about blogging after inviting this perpetual crank to spoil the day? At least Anwar had support within Umno unlike Mahathir who parachuted in from the top & hung on to power until he could hang on no more. Mahathir is driven by a self-serving hidden agenda based on capital accumulation -- to drive out the Chinese -- & living it up at the expense of the people. For this, he's prepared to twist & turn every issue into a racial issue in order to play to the gallery & hoodwink the Malay masses into gathering under the Umno flag, under the banner of so-called unity, so that people like him can live like royalty at the expense of the people.

Let 1Malaysia concept thrive, says Chua

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 06:45 AM PDT

SUNGAI BULOH: The Prime Minister's 1Malaysia concept must be given a chance to flourish to ensure continuous social harmony in the country, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

He urged Malaysians to accept differing values among the communities to maintain fairness.

Dr Chua said the Prime Minister had introduced the 1Malaysia concept because it reflected the fact that the rights of all communities, such as access to education and freedom of religion, were protected by the Federal Constitution.

He said it was because of religious and cultural intolerance that terrorism flourished in some parts of the world.

"Learn to accept the concepts of 1Malaysia to ensure fairness and harmony for everyone," he said, at the 29th anniversary gathering of the Choon San Temple here last night. Later, he gave RM10,000 to the temple.

Dr Chua said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's announcement that JPA scholarship was for all students who scored 9A+ in the SPM was a clear example of 1Malaysia at work.

He also warned Malaysians to be wary of those who use religion merely to gain political mileage and support.

"For example, PAS has admitted that it wants to impose Syariah laws if it forms the Government. Can you live in a multi-cultural country with Syariah laws?" he said.

THE STAR (Thursday August 5, 2010)

Pemuda UMNO Pejuangkan Diskaun Rumah Untuk Hartawan Melayu??

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 06:14 AM PDT

NOTA EDITOR: Pemuda UMNO Selangor membuat laporan polis bagi pihak hartawan2 Melayu seperti Suyed Mokhtar Al Bukhari, Tajudin Ramli, Daim Zainuddin dsbnya kerana mereka tidak akan dapat diskaun apabila mereka membeli rumah yang berharga jutaan ringgit.

Hmmmmm..... Hartawan pun kita kena perjuangkan hak mereka ye? Kalau dah mampu beli rumah berjuta, kenapa nak diskaun lagi???

Ini lah contoh kebodohan mereka yang berjuang Melayu macam Melayu

Pemuda Umno lapor polis terhadap Tony Pua
Wed, Aug 4, 2010, Dalam Negeri DSC_1326 Oleh Muda Mohd Noor

PETALING JAYA: Pemuda Umno Selangor hari ini membuat laporan polis terhadap kenyataan pemimpin DAP Tony Pua yang mencadangkan kerajaan negeri memansuhkan diskaun Bumiputera dalam pemilikan hartanah komersil dan rumah mewah di negeri itu.

Kenyataan Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara (PJS) itu disiarkan akhbar Utusan Malaysia pada 27 Julai lalu yang mendapat bantahan daripada beberapa pemimpin Umno di negeri itu.

Bekas Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo menyifatkan pemansuhan diskaun untuk Bumiputera tidak wajar kerana ia akan mewujudkan ketidakseimbangan dalam pengagihan serta pemilikan ekuiti di antara kaum di negara ini.

Setiausaha Pemuda Umno Selangor, Zurihan Yusof berkata, semua pergerakan Pemuda Umno bahagian membuat laporan di ibu pejabat polis daerah (IPD) di tempat masing-masing.

Katanya, Pemuda membuat laporan polis supaya pihak berkuasa menyiasat ucapan ahli parlimen berkenaan yang disifatkan mencabul hak keistimewaan orang Melayu.

Cadangan itu berbahaya

DSC_1363 Sementara itu, Ketua Penerangan Pemuda Umno negeri, Safarizul Mustafa ketika dihubungi berkata, cadangan pemimpin muda DAP itu berbahaya bagi masyarakat berbilang kaum di negara ini.

"Setakat ini, 10 bahagian Pemuda telah membuat laporan tersebut dan dijangka yang lain akan berbuat demikian selepas ini," katanya.

Safarizul menyifatkan cadangan itu sebagai berbahaya, sensitif dan berbentuk provokasi serta cuba menimbulkan bibit benci dan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap dasar pentadbiran negara ini.

"Beliau jelas mencabar dan mempersendakan peruntukan undang-undang…..cadangan yang dikemukakan beliau merupakan permainan politik yang berbahaya kepada kedudukan masyarakat berbilang kaum dan agama dalam negara ini.

"Saya membuat laporan ini supaya polis boleh mengambil tindakan sewajarnya terhadap pihak yang cuba menggugat kestabilan dan keharmonian rakyat," katanya yang membuat laporan di IPD Ampang Jaya pagi tadi.


Posted: 05 Aug 2010 04:23 AM PDT

Azhar: Will study judgement first before next step

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 03:40 AM PDT

Lawyer Azhar Azizan Harun representing Zaid said he was disappointed with the decision as they had the names of those who received the bribes, and would have brought the matter up in a full trial. "It's a Catch-22 situation as those receiving and giving the bribe would be seen as committing an offence. These people may not come out, unless the law is amended," he said. Nevertheless, he said justice Azahar had laid down the foundation on how and what the facts are to be included in the petition. The judgment, he said does not mean the court recognised that bribery did not take place. "But we have to prove the substance." Azhar said they have yet to make a decision on whether to appeal the decision. Full story here
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Hardcore poor in KL

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 03:24 AM PDT

Glad that my MP, Lim Lip Eng, is taking up the question of hardcore poor in KL.

There's lots of statistics and differing definitions, etc, but I think anyone who has ever walked the streets of KL knows that there is a real hardcore poor problem – regardless of what list we do or don't appear on.

I can only hope that BN run KL (even though all but one parliamentary constituency voted for Pakatan – and we won the last one, Setiawangsa, if you don't count postal votes) will take the right attitude towards this problem.

We should not be concerned primarily about saving face, or statistics that put us in good or bad light in the eyes of the world.

Our primary concern should be instead any human being forced to suffer immense poverty, even amidst all our mega-towers of plenty.

Banggarma seeking justice in the wrong place

Posted: 04 Aug 2010 04:43 PM PDT

From Ahyad Mat Nawi, via e-mail

As expected, cries of foul play will be hurled against Islam over the court's decision by those shallow minded bigots who do not seem to understand why the civil courts had decided in such a manner.

In fact, the court had not really made any decision on her religion but merely maintained the status quo. The point is, the civil court is not the right place for her to forward her application since it is clearly for the Syariah Court to decide. A simple case of going to the wrong place.

One does not go to the registration department to apply for a Malaysian passport. The right place would be the immigration department. And it would be deadly wrong for an Indian to reprimand the registration department for not accepting his application on the grounds that he is not a Malay.

More intriguing was that the lady and her lawyer probably knew this but went ahead with the intention of making a public outcry by twisting the civil court's decision into a racial or religious issue.

Already, those opportunists are already bashing the religion with ridiculous comments and that would probably be part of the scheme to influence the Syariah court's decision in their favour if they have to go to the Syariah court for the annulment application.


Banggarma is a Muslim, declares High Court

School gangsterism. Why blame students when parents are also involved

Posted: 04 Aug 2010 04:40 PM PDT

From AK Sellan, via e-mail

DPM Muhyiddin Yassin mentioned last week that there should be no compromise on gangsterism in schools. He is quoted as having stated that 'A cime is a crime and should be punished accordingly".

He also called upon parents and teachers to help the police combat this plague.

Now, what should we do if the parents themselves are gangtsers; as is the case of certain PTAs of Tamils schools in Selangor.

After watching the video on FMT called 'PIBG meeting ruckus at Shah Alam' and hearing from people who attended the meeting last Saturday, it is clear that eliminating gangsterism in schools especially among Indian students is going to be a herculean task.

Now if some PIBG heads are thugs, running around the hall trying to assault another PIBG chairman over differences of opinion, can we blame the children if they accept this as standard acceptable behaviour. Gangsters, sad to say, will breed gangsters.

The main antagonist in the above fracas is S Murali, the PIBG head of the Tun Sambanthan Tamil school at the Sekolah Wawasan Complex in USJ. He also claims to be the president of Tamil Schools Assosciation of Selangor.

Perhaps, it's apt that the general non-Tamil speaking public be appraised of what has been going on in SJK(T) Tun Sambanthan, USJ Subang, nestled among many middle class families.

I'm fully aware of the situation as I had a child who had previously attended the Wawasan school.

Murali was the PIBG chairman and he literally 'ruled the school'. The headmaster was powerless and the teachers either obeyed or were forced to do so. He and his cohorts would walk into any class and berate any teacher in front of the students. No one dared to question him.

Many police reports were made against this tough guy, Murali, mainly by parents and teachers of the Wawasan school.

The school was his fiefdom and any dissent against his 'rule' was neutralised either by phone calls threathening physical assault or transfer to other schools.

Many teachers have been transferred,even HMs. One teacher who was slightly courageous had a anonymous phone call describing exactly which apartment she stayed in and was told if she refused to play ball, she can be raped and thrown out of the balcony. The police reports did not amount to anything as he was said to have high political connections.

Murali was a MIC member then and was close to the top leadership at that time. His background as a 'tough guy' suited well to how MIC was managed. His services were called upon to manage MIC and Maika AGMs.

He and his band of 'tough guys' together with other muscle-men provided by other tough guys would always ensure that meetings were 'managed' well.

Then Murali had a fallout with S Samy Vellu. This was, among other things, due to Murali's assault of T Mohan, the current MIC youth chief, a blue-eyed boy of Samy.

The fissure widened and in 2007, the PTA of the school ws suspended under the request of Samy Vellu. Murali was out in the cold having been stripped of his fiefdom.

But just before the 2008 election, this MIC BN discard switched parties to Keadilan but did not switch his ways. He continued to be the tough guy.

Somehow, he and his cohorts managed to revive the PTA in 2009 and elections were held. This time there was competition for the post of chairman of the PTA including from a lady. This lady candidate, just before the elections was assaulted with 'curry powder". Who was responsible was never established.

The fracas that broke out at the SUK hall on Saturday during the Selangor Tamil schools meeting was clearly pre-arranged with many outsiders brought in. What was supposed to be an intelligent dialogue denigrated into a shouting match and resulted in another PTA chairman assaulted by Murali and his men.

Many of those who were near the podium, in the video claimed to be Pakatan members. It appears that Pakatan leaders condone such behaviour by allowing their pogrammes and initiatives being derailed by their own kind.

The party members lack discipline. Voters will most shocked to see blatant thuggish behaviour in the name of 'education'.

Why all this is being narrated is to raise a basic question? If the PTA head himself is a gangster, how is the school going to prevent gangsterism. This, the government, in this case the Pakatan government must answer as the culprit here is their party man.

The video clearly indicates assault and rioting. As our DPM had said, a crime is a crime and there should be no compromise.

I hope Muhyiddin would authorise a full scale investigation into the affairs of the Wawasan Tun Sambanthan Tamil school especially with regards to all those police reports made previously.

Teachers and parents will have their prayers answered to the tyranny they have endured for so long.

We cannot continue tolerating a reign of terror in schools. It does not matter if they are students or parents or for that matter whether they are Pakatan or BN. Gangsterism in schools has to be eliminated.


Video reveals chaos at Tamil school meet

Allow Christian pilgrimages to Israel

Posted: 04 Aug 2010 04:34 PM PDT

From A Malaysian, via e-mail

The joint call by DAP and MCA to rescind the 'Allah ban' to Home Ministry is definitely welcomed by not only all Christians but all Malaysians who value unity and harmony in our society.

Freedom of religion is enshrined in our constitution, and the government of the day must allow all religions to practise their faith. Religion must not be politised , or used as a tool to gain political mileage.

It is usually fear and ignorance that leads to misunderstanding among religious groups. Many who supported the Allah ban do not fully understand the issue. Just as many do not bother that there are significant differences between Christianity and Judaism, though both groups consider Israel as their holy land.

It was indeed a sad day for Christians in Malaysia when our government decided to impose a ban on travel to Israel. Before the ban, limited travel was allowed for religious purposes and pilgrimages.

When Malaysia did not recognise China, it still allowed travel to China for medical reasons. By the same token , it is the cry of Malaysian Christians to allow visits to Israel for religious purposes. A pilgrim to the holy land of Israel is as important to Christians as the Haj is important to our Muslim brothers.

Christians when they are in Israel strictly observe their pilgrimage and religious observances. Normally visits to places of importance in Jesus Christ's life and in the Bible are visited. Many people, for lack of knowledge, do not know that Jesus Christ is not recognized in the Judaism at all.  

At least in Islam Christ is recognized as a prophet. Christian pilgrimages and tours of Israel do not have an iota of political element.

From the bottom of all Christian hearts this appeal is made to our government, especially to our Prime Minister, to reconsider relaxing its rule on visits to Israel.

Please consider visits for religious pilgrimages and visits. Do not politicise religion, Be a Prime Minister to all people and all religions in Malaysia.

Withering Umno...

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 01:28 AM PDT

Umno has gone offensive again with all their available machinery.
That's about what they have left with to fight for their survival. If you have been following their maneuvers for the past months, you can see endless blatancy in power abuses. Pakatan Rakyat component parties publications has to be banned just to give their controlled mainstream media the advantage of churning and spinning lies in an all out media war.
Lets not go into our kangaroo judiciary, anti-corruption agency and the royal police force in handling certain high profile cases involving Pakatan Rakyat politicians and the people.
What really interest me was the endless propagandizing of Malay rights. They even have to stoop so low in instilling unwarranted fear of chinese dominance, malays losing their rights and land to other races and whatnot, with Perkasa in the foreground issuing seditious threats freely.
What is their underlying reason behind such maneuvers?
Umno does not have the domineering Malays support anymore. That's the main reason behind their recent outcries. Umno is desperately trying to win back the wavering and diminishing malays support and the only way they know how is to stoke racial tension.
Pakatan Rakyat may be a loosely form coalition but on the whole, they have managed to come to terms with one main aim: take over Putrajaya. Don't let the internal component party's politicking distract you..
On the other hand, what is Barisan National now? With MCA and MIC out of relevancy, eye opening revelations of the amassed wealth of Sarawak's chief minister and his family (go find out who owns Socfin Malaysia) and the shaky political situation in Sabah, BN is already dead soulfully.
Umno is still strong in terms of money and machinery. Their safe deposit at East Malaysia is beginning to waver.. The level of awareness among the East Malaysians is picking up strongly. And Najib cant afford to allow that to happen. His only way out is to call for a snap election fast while he still has the fighting chance with his safe deposit before this level of awareness become widespread.
Do expect a snap election within the next 6 months.
As for the people, I would like to believe that most of them have more or less decided on what to do with their votes...
Say No To Corruption: Say No To ISA

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